Mommy’s faggot son

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“I bet it wont be to long before he has a girlfriend” Julie said with a
sly smile to her long time friend Brian.

“Evan?” Brian laughed as he pondered Evan ever being with a girl.

“Why is Evan having a girlfriend so funny?  I know he’s only 10, but I
think he will probably be interested very soon.”

“I hate to break this to you Julie, but Evan is gay.”

“Why would you say such a thing about my baby.  Evan might be a pretty
boy and have some feminine qualities, but I doubt that makes him gay.”

“Fine have it your way, I’m sure I was just imagining things.”

“Imagining what things?” Julie was getting flustered now and just could
not imaging her little boy being gay.

“Well for one thing Evan always gets real shy and quiet and stares at me
in weird ways.  Like he is a school girl with a crush.”

“That’s just his way.  He is like that way with most men.  That doesn’t
make him gay.”

“If you say so, but I would bet my last dollar that boy of yours is a


“Ha, ha sorry.  Just saying he has all the makings of one and I swear I
have smelled cum on that kids breath before.  Its made me jealous a couple
of times to be honest.  A boy that pretty is a gift from heaven.”

Julie was half mortified and half titillated by this conversation.  She
was not exactly an old prude.  Quite the opposite actually, she prided
herself on how open minded she was.  She always kept gay friends like Brian
around cause they made her feel hip and cool.  Like she was better than
everyone else.  But, now with Brian talking so openly about her son this
way she was doubting exactly how open she way.  Brian shared with her in
the past how he and his boyfriend Harry picked up a young boy in Amsterdam.
He explained in detail how the kids mom was a red light district prostitute
and had been willing to hand her little 8 year old son over to these two
for a mere 200 Euros.  Brian and Harry took turns fucking both the boys ass
and mouth until they each had spent 3 loads into the child.  Brian had a
cell pictures of a cute little boy with light brown hair, brown eyes and a
small little cock.  In all the pictures the boy had cum on him.  The first
one of cum covering the boys face, the second of cum coating his little
cock and belly, and the last with reddish cum dripping out of the kids ass.
Julie was high, drunk and horny at the time and found herself wildly
excited to see and hear about such a taboo adventure.  Harry told her that
when they returned the boy they paid the mom an extra 50 euros to spank the
little tyke in front of them.  He explained that she quickly agreed and
spanked him hard and merciless.  When they told her to hit his balls she
complied without a thought.  While the boy did not enjoy that exactly,
Brian said that the boy didn’t mind most of what happened that night and
even relished getting his own little dick sucked and played with.

So now here she was.  Drunk, high, and horny again as Brian kept telling
her that her little angel was a gay boy.  She could not stop her mind from
picturing Evan in one of those pictures with cum dripping off of his cheek
and spilling out of his mouth.  She finally came back to her senses and
admonished Brian.

“Evan can be whatever he wants, I really don’t care.  I am sure someday
we will both find out if he is gay or not.”

“Oh hes gay alright and if you really want to know you don’t have to
wait that long.”

“I can’t ask my 10 year old son if he prefers dick Brian.  Ewww now I’m
getting grossed out.”

“Relax Julie.  Trust me I wish my parents would have known I was gay at
10.  By 11 I was out there hanging around bathrooms and parks just hoping
that some guy would be willing to show me something.  I can’t tell you all
that happened to me, but not being able to tell my parents I was gay and
having to feel ashamed by it was worse than anything else that could have
possibly happened to me.”

“Well I guess you make some good points there, but I’m still not going
to accuse my boy of being gay”

“You don’t have to.  I’ll tell you what, just setup the nanny cam in
here, take the monitor and go hide somewhere and leave the boy alone with
me.  I guarantee you that you will see Evan come on to me like white on

“Ha I don’t know if I want you alone with Evan now.”

“Hey I’m just saying I wish I had support at his age.  If you knew for
sure he was gay you could help him and make sure he doesn’t go looking for
info like I did.  Trust me from someone who knows, men don’t go gently on
young boys looking for cock at the local park.”

“I don’t think Evan is out there looking for cock, but you do have a
valid point that it would be nice to know if he was gay.”

“Don’t take offense Julie, but I would bet my paycheck that Evan has
already been out there looking for something from men.  And trust me with
his blue eyes, blond hair and cute little body and ass he will have no
shortage of men willing to share their cocks with him.”

Now Brian didn’t know any of this for sure, and he wasn’t even sure Evan
was gay.  All he knew was that Evan was probably the cutest boy he had ever
seen.  The boys hair was blonde and long causing Evan to constantly walk
around doing the Bieber hair flip.  Evan’s face was angelic if not a little
girlie, bright blue eyes, a small nose – not so small as to be a button
nose, but still cute.  His teeth were perfectly white and aligned and were
framed by bright red lips that just begged to be kissed.  He was small for
his age, having just turned 10 he could have still passed for an 8 year
old. He was bony in places, like in the shoulders and hips, but that just
made him all the more desirable.  His ass, which Brian got to see
completely naked on three occasions was the stuff of legends.  Pale,
muscular with just a hint of flesh to it.  Like a 12 year old girls tits,
Evans ass seemed to jet impossible straight out from his slender form.  He
did not possess a bubble butt, but rather a perfect boy butt that was just
made to be worshiped by both cock and tongue.  Brian pictured that ass many
times as he fucked Harry or jacked himself off.  The boy they fucked
together in Amsterdam was a direct result of the frustration they both felt
at having to be so close to a boy like Evan.  They even called the boy Evan
as they fucked him.

“Well I don’t know what the harm would be in just watching how Evan
behaves around you.  I guess that would be alright.”

“Go get the nanny cam and set it up.  I am going to go make myself more
attractive to your son.” What Brian was really doing was heading out to his
car to get some xtasy to slip Evan.  Brian wanted to make sure that even if
Evan wasn’t a little cocksucker, that he would be tonight.

Julie gets her nanny cam and sets it up with a view of the couch.  She
can watch the picture through her ipad which she grabs and checks to make
sure she has a good view and can hear the sound as well.  Evan was across
the street at a friends so she calls and tells him to come home.  Once home
she tells him that she is going out for a while and Brian would be watching
him.  She sees a huge smile spread on Evan’s mouth causing her to think
that Brian just may be right.  The weed and vodka had gone to her head more
than she was willing to admit and felt ashamed at herself when she gave
Evan a lingering kiss as she imagined she was kissing cum off of his rosy
lips.  As she was leaving Brian handed her a few more joints and a pill
that he promised would be worth the water to take it.  She told him she was
going to go park outside of the local bookstore so she would have wifi and
could watch them.  She thought about giving Brian warnings and rules to
follow, but before she could say anything she felt herself being pushed out
the door.

Brian gives Evan a drink containing his secret recipe.  It is a
guaranteed recipe to leave anyone as horny as possible and for them to lose
all inhibitions.  He never used it on a young boy before, but figured it
would work all the same.  He had not needed to worry to much though.  Evan
was actually starting to flirt with him.  Brian felt his cock harden and
his face flush as he realized that Evan might actually be a little gay boy
out looking for cock.

Julie drove fast and reckless to get to the bookstore.  She parked
around the back in a secluded spot, but was pleased to see she still had a
strong wifi signal.  She pulled out her iPad and opened the camera feed.
Her living room couch came to life as she opened a flask and took a long
drink of vodka to calm her nerves.  She started to doubt what she had just
done and the lunacy of it all.  What was she thinking leaving her little
boy alone with this man.  She knew damn well from his cell phone pics that
Brian had a thing for little boys.  She remembered quizzing him about what
it was like to fuck that little boy in Europe.  Brian’s answers were cold
and heartless.

“It was like fucking anything else, you just have to hold the little
fucker down and do your business.  Boys are the most fun because their
asses are so tight and you are not only ruining their little shitters, but
also you’re mind fucking them as well.  Boys who have dicks in their asses
and mouth will never be the same.  They are set on a path that can only
lead them to more dick.”

Julie remembered Harry telling her how he fucked his 7 year old cousin.
The boy was a cute little thing according to Harry.  With dark black hair
and a nice body.  Harry said that the boys dad told him that if he could
get his entire 7″ cock into the boys mouth he would pay Harry $100..
Challenge accepted and without mercy or compassion Harry told Julie how he
hung the boys head backwards over chair and rammed his hard pole harder and
harder into the boys throat until his balls were resting on his cousin’s
little nose.  The boy passed out from lack of oxygen as Harry’s nuts
emptied their cum directly into the boys stomach.  After the boys dad waved
a smelling salt in front of the child’s nose to bring him back he and Harry
took turns fucking the boys ass.  Harry said that for well over an hour the
boy was pounded into by their cocks.  After Harry came deep in the boys
ass, the boys father flipped his son over on his back lifted his legs and
resumed the hard and brutal fucking.  As he sped up his thrusts and came
closer and closer to orgasm the man put his hand around the child’s neck
hold him down with such force that he was choking him.  With the boy on the
verge of blacking out again the man finally came and let go of his son’s

Julie remembered being riveted at this part of the story.  On the edge
of her sit to see how far the man was willing to go with his son for his
own pleasure.  She tried to act cool as Harry and Brian told their sordid
tales of taboo, but inside she was a whirling durbish of emotion.  She
wanted to slap, chastise and yell at Brian and Harry for their callousness.
She wanted to scream rapist, pedo and sicko at them.  She also wanted to
see video and hear more.  It was this part that she hated.

“How could anyone get off on this kind of stuff and why the hell am I
dripping wet at hearing about boy rape?” she would ask herself.

To set her mind at ease and relax her spirit she told herself that these
were just the boastful claims of young men.  Neither Harry nor Brian would
ever do anything like they have claimed.  She believed that the truth was
probably more like they paid some 15 year old boy in Amsterdam for a suck.
And that Harry and his cousin just fooled around and maybe jacked each
other off.  The way Brian and Harry would look at each other and laugh at
her reactions told her that they were just messing with her to try and get
a reaction.

Now her she was sitting in her car.  A little drunk, a little high, and
more than a little horny.  She stared at the screen again wondering what
the hell she was doing.  Her son was not gay he talked about girls all the
time.  Sure he was a pretty child and she knew damn well that adults, both
men and women, looked at her son in a longing way, but she always
attributed that to his youthfulness not to his sexiness.

“Is that was he was” she though “sexy?”

Julie startled as a figure appeared on the screen.  Brian walked over
the couch and sat waving for someone off screen to come over.  The pit in
Julie’s stomach widened as she say Evan walk over and stand in front of
Brian.  She saw Evan’s shorts she laid out for him that morning.  She saw
how his ass made his shorts curve and how the shirt she laid out for him
was obviously to small for him now.  She stared at her sons tight little
buns, seeing them in a completely different light now.  His ass by all
accounts was sexy.  She watched mesmerized as her son appeared to behave
like a nervous school girl in front of Brian.  Swaying back and forth,
crossing and uncrossing his legs.  She could not hear anything, as
unbeknownst to her Brian taped over the mic on the cam, but she started to
get the sense that Evan was indeed flirting with him.

Back at the house Brian was playing Evan and his mom like a fiddle.
Evan was now starting to feel the effects of the drugs Brian fed him.  His
little cock was half hard and Evan had the strange desire to rub it on
anything.  Evan could not help but to cross his legs trying to squeeze his
nuts to make them feel better.  He had no idea that the feeling building
deep inside him was a horniness like nothing anyone has ever experienced.
Evan would soon be willing to do anything if someone would just be willing
touch him even for just a second.

Brian sat and stood at this dream boy.  Mesmerized by his beauty and by
the situation he now found himself in.  His cock wanted to grab the slender
lad, bend him over and ravage his sweet ass until all of the seed inside
him was planted.  Brian’s mind however knew that it was a dangerous game he
was playing and one that each move had to be perfectly played.  He needed
to keep Julie horny and show her that it was Evan and not him that wanted
everything that was about to happen.  Brian knew that if Julie saw her son
coming onto him she would not be able to fault Brian nor would she mind
getting herself off watching her son be molested.  Brian just hoped that he
didn’t give Evan too much of the x like drug.  The last thing Brian needed
was for Julie to suspect that Evan’s desires were anything but sincere.

Brian suggested Evan, who seemed to be lost in his own world at this
point, sit down next to him and Evan quickly complied.  Brian stared into
Evans eyes seeing a blank and starry stare, luckily for him Julie saw this
as well and figured it to be a puppy love gaze.

The drug in Evan’s system made his androgynous zones like his little
cock, balls, ass and nipples come to life with desire.  This drug also had
a similar effect on the rest of his little body as well though.  His entire
body begged to be touched.  Even sitting on the couch was providing him
pleasure or relief depending on your viewpoint.  Evan kept pushing his leg
into Brian’s to feel that touch of pressure.  Brian was well aware that
Evan’s entire little body was now essentially as sensitive as a clitoris.
Brian just needed to figure out a way for it to look like Evan was a cock
crazed little fag, and not as it were a boy on Xtasy.

Brian put his hand on Evan’s knee just resting it in place.  Evan
shivered at this welcome touch and quickly put his hand on top of Brian’s.
Julie watched as her little boy started to rub Brian’s hand up and down his

“Fuck me, my son is a horny little fag” she thought

Evan continued in his drug induced coma rubbing Brian’s hand higher up
and down his legs.  Higher and higher Brian’s hand went as little Evan’s
pelvis started to slide lower and lower.  Brian was scared now that Julie
would certainly know that her son could not just become this uninhibited on
his own.  Brian’s cock however ceased to care what Brian thought.

Julie was in a state of panic.  Her head was filled with vodka, weed,
impure thoughts and motherly instincts.  A voyeurs urge to watch as her son
worked to seduce this man was winning at the moment.  She finally realized
that she had forgotten to breathe in the last minute and gasped as she
refilled her body with air.  She put the iPad down and started the car
putting it into gear and taking one last look at the iPad’s screen before
racing home to stop her son from being molested.  What she saw however was
a very horny boy writhing and humping his little penis into what looked to
be a surprised and embarrassed Brian.  Brian’s hand was now held in place
over Evan’s cock by both of the boy’s hands.  Evan’s eyes were closed and
his hips were humping frantically into the man’s hands.  Julie saw Brian
look into the camera with almost a pleading look.

The look Brian was giving the camera was one of worry and fear that
Julie now must know that her son was drugged.  He jumped as a txt message
beep filled the room.  Looking down at his phone he saw a message from
“do me a favor and let him continue, Evan’s obviously done this before

and I want to know how far he’s gone and how much he knows”

All of the worry and fear left Brian as he replied back to Julie:

“ok, but this boy of yours is very randy, if I dont stop him soon my
cock won’t let me until I’ve finished”

A moment after sending the reply, Brian;’s phone beeped again.

“do what you need to do, obviously the little slut isn’t as virginal as
I thought”

Brian smiled as he set the phone down.  His plan worked and he now had
express permission from the boy’s mother to molest her little son.  Brian
was going to do just that and make sure Julie got a good show.  He asked
Evan if he would like to sit in his lap and without waiting for a reply
pulled the boy on to him.

Julie finally looked up from her phone wondering who just sent that txt
telling Brian to continue so she could see how much her son knew about sex.
Her hands were visibly shaking.  Like a virgin whose pussy is touched for
the first time she could not explain why her body was so hypersensitive.
She finally looked back at her iPad and saw her son sitting on Brian’s lap,
their mouths joined together in some heavy french kissing.  Brian had his
hand inside Evan’s shirt and was apparently rubbing or maybe even pinching
the boy’s nipples.  Julie watched open mouthed as she saw her son alternate
from humping the air to rubbing his little bottom into Brian’s lap.  She
found herself growing angry at having raised such a little slutty fag.  It
was obscene watching him hump the air and grind his little ass like some
Peruvian whore.

Brian looked into Evan’s eyes and saw the vacant stare as he ordered the
boy to put his hands in the air.  With one deft motion Brian removed the
kids tshirt revealing a marvelous, muscular boy chest.  Brian wasted no
time in attacking boys nipples biting and sucking each in turn.  This new
sensation on the boys heightened androgynous zone sent shock-waves through
his body.  He felt like crying and laughing at the same time from the
intense sensations.

Julie, without having realized it, had her hand between her legs and was
rubbing her pussy.  She felt like she was outside her body while only lust
remained inside.  Painfully aware that everything about this was wrong, she
was mollified by the inherit un-realness of it all.  Her breathing and
heart stopped when she watched what happened next.

Brian stood the boy up and with trembling hands unfastened the boys
shorts.  Time stopped as he fumbled to slowly lower the zipper unveiling
the paisley boxers underneath.  Slowly Brian opened and then slid the
shorts over Evan’s slim bottom and down to drop around his ankles.  Brian
grabbed the boxers with both hands, one above each hip bone.  Evan, finally
having some realization of what was happening quickly grabbed Brian’s hands
to stop him.  To Julie, it looked like Evan was helping Brian as the boxers
quickly came down revealing her sons small, hairless, hard cock.

Brian wasted no time sensing that Evan was coming out of his drugged
state.  He quickly swooped in and slid his mouth over the boys cock.
Keeping the whole thing in his mouth, Brian swirled his tongue around the
boys cock, then feeling the boy shudder started to suck and slide it in and
out of his mouth.  Evan quickly put both hands on top of Brian’s head,
humping his stiff little cock into the waiting mouth.  The sensation was
unbearable as it felt like a thousand feathers all tickling his cock at
once.  Finally, as the sensation became to overwhelming for Evan to handle,
the boy tried to pull his cock out and away from the sucking mouth.  Brian
quickly grabbed the boys ass and held him in place.  Finally feeling the
muscular yet soft cheeks he had been fantasizing about for the past years.
He finally let the boy pull his cock away from his mouth.  Quickly and with
deft precision, Brian pulled the boy so that Evan’s legs straddled one of
Brian’s.  Evans body laid across the other leg facing him backwards into
the couch.  Julie now had a splendid view of her sons ass.

Julie saw his tight little hairless nuts pressed into Brian’s leg, she
saw his tightly puckered asshole rosy and clean just waiting to be used.
Brian used his elbow to hold Evan in place freeing both hands to start to
kneed and rub the boys perfect ass.  Each caress became harder and harder
grabbing and pulling the boys cheeks with building desire.  Not being able
to bear it any longer, Brian wet a finger and started to circle the boys
rosebud with it.

The touch on Evan’s most intimate place sent him into a frenzy.  Brian
smiled when he heard the boy moan and press his little ass back into the
finger.  Brian did not want to deny the little boy and gladly pressed his
finger inside Evan’s body.  Brian spit down between the boys cheeks and
after adding this extra lubrication he was able to start finger fucking
Evan.  with his right index finger he thrust in and out of the boys ass up
to knukle.  Tight tight ring that circled his finger felt like a fist
tightly squeezing him.  Only after minutes of slowly but shallowly fucking
the kid did he feel Evan’s ass relax its grip slightly.

Brian wasted no time once he felt this and quickly pushed his whole
finger into Evan.  The boy lifted his head and let out a half moan half
cry. Brian used his left hand and elbow to hold the boy tighter as he now
fully finger fucked the boy.  Harder and faster making sure he fully buried
his finger each time into the boys ass, Brian fucked him.

Julie was fingering herself in the same rhythm as Brian was Evan.  As
soon as Brian buried the entire finger and she saw her baby boy lift his
head in ecstasy she came.  Her pussy was flowing with sex and was calling
out for more.  She had a deep need now to see more, to take this depravity
as far as it would go.

Brian looked into the camera as he pulled his finger out of the boys
ass. Brian held up his index and middle finger to the camera.  Julie heard
herself moan with pleasure as she knew what Brian was planning next.  She
heard herself exclaim yessss as she watched Brian force both fingers into
her boys tight ass.  Again Evan’s head popped up and she could only imagine
the boy was also moaning with delight.

Brian held fast onto Evan as the boy screamed feeling the two fingers
ripping him apart.  Not even the powerful X drug he was given could mask
the pain in having his virgin ass opened up so wide by Brian’s large
fingers.  After a few deep and hard fucks with his fingers, Brian started
to scissor them to open the boys ass for what was to come.  Hearing the boy
start to whine let out a demon living in Brian’s gut.  It was always the
whining that did it to him.  Hearing any child use that whiny voice sent
blood into his cock and fire into his belly.  He instantly wanted to break
the child, to fuck, to conquer the whimpering object.  It was like hearing
a whore moan with fake passion.  The sound became fuel for the raging
desires that lived within.

Hard and wider Brian scissored his fingers.  Causing the boys ass to
stretch wider and wider.  Every once and a while Brian added some spit
which he fucked into the boys ass with hard and deep strokes with his
fingers.  After a hard and brutal few thrusts by his finger he offered Evan
a deal.

” I will stop hurting your ass if you will suck my dick like I did

With what sounded like a whine to Brian’s ears, the boy responded with a

“ok, but i don’t know how”

“Don’t worry Evan i will show you, just come in front of me on your
knees and I will guide you.  Its fun and you know how good it feels.  If
you suck me for a little i will do it to you again.”

Evan went down to his knees in front of Brian.  Julie watched in
anticipation as Brian stood up and started to undress.  Maybe all cocks
look huge on an iPad, but Brian’s looked enormous.  In reference to the
boys head it appeared to be longer than Evan’s entire head.  The girth
seemed to match the boys arm and Julie saw with fascination as precum
dripped out of Brian’s cock like it was a leaky faucet.

Julie watched as Brian said something to her son and he quickly got up
on his knees and took Brian’s cock into his pretty little mouth.

“fuckin cocksucker” Julie said out loud as she saw her son start to blow
Brian.  After a few seconds she saw Brian’s hands on Evan’s head.  She
wasn’t sure if they were there for balance or not, but she felt herself get
closer to orgasm when she saw Brian pull Evan’s head deeper onto his cock.
Harder and faster she watched Brian pump his cock into Evan’s mouth.  She
had the absurd thought that here was a boy who wouldn’t even eat broccoli
but was more than happy to suck precum from a man’s cock.

As Brian looked down at the boys face he saw that the boy had tears in
his eyes.  Brian felt some remorse and eased up on the hard plowing he was
giving the kids mouth.  He knew that the drugs would make the kid want to
be touched and felt, but they wouldn’t exactly make him a cocksucker.
Feeling his balls starting to boil over, Brian decided that this was enough
foreplay and it was time to deflower the kid.  He knew that if Julie saw
the boys face she would instantly know that Evan wasn’t as wiling as she
thought.  Brian pulled his cock from Evan’s mouth and stepped over the
kneeling boy.  Once behind him he pushed the boys head down into the sofa.
This gave him Brian a great position to fuck the kid in and Julie a nice
shot of her sons ass without her being able to see his face.

Julie watched in growing trepidation as she saw Brian preparing to mount
her son.  His ass looked so small now in comparison to Brian.  Seeing his
head pushed down into the sofa, ass up and legs spread she could not help
but think back to the times she was fucked in this same position.  She was
first fucked anally at age 23 and it hurt so bad she made the guy stop
after just a few seconds.  She could not comprehend how her little boy
would even take such a large cock in his ass, much less enjoy it.  She
assuaged her mounting guilt and fears by reminding herself that Evan
obviously knew what he was doing.  The boy was as randy as anything and
looked comfortable and ready in his fuckable position.

Brian wanted to fuck Evan dry with only the spit from before to help
lube the boy.  Unfortunately knowing the boy was indeed a virgin and how
tight his ass was, Brian understood that KY was absolutely essential.  Not
really for the boys comfort, mind you, but just to make sure the skin on
his own dick wasn’t rubbed off.  Brian had no qualms about hurting little
boys when it came to fucking.  That was actually part of the fun for him,
he always wanted to make sure the little cum rags knew that they were used.
That they had pain in their minds that could linger and remind them what
they were worth and what their asses were for.

Julie watched as Brian produced KY and covered both his cock with it and
pushed some into Evan’s ass.  Her mouth watered as Brian walked close by
the camera, she seemed to see his cock for a full second before the rest of
his body appeared.  Long, thick and as hard as they come, Julie wanted to
be on the couch next to her boy waiting for her turn with such an
impressive phallus.  She saw Brian finally bend down using his knees behind
Evan.  Brian didn’t drop to his knees, he just bent them to be able to line
up his cock with the boys ass.  With one hand on the boys back to steady
himself, Brian used the other to rub his cock around the boys tight anus.
Using a trick he was taught by the mom of an 11 year old boy he once had
the pleasure of fucking, Brian slapped Evan’s back hard.  In the moment
Evan took to be stunned and then yell out in pain he forgot about his
asshole.  Without the boy actively clinching, Brian was able to quickly
shove the head of his cock into the small boy.  Evan started to struggle
and writhe beneath him.  With his only option being to back up away from
the couch, Julie only saw her son try to get more and more of the cock
inside him.

Julie watched as Brian’s cock and Evan’s Virginity disappeared.  With
raw power and determination Brian pushed past the kids remaining anal
protests and bottomed out inside the child.  Evan screamed and cried his
heart out.  Bucking wildly like a bull whose nuts have just been clamped,
Evan felt his world turning to blackness with pain and dis-pare.  Just when
he thought his body could not take anymore, Evan felt a hand start to rub
and gently pinch his nipples.  Still sensitive from the drug he was fed
earlier the sensation acted as a counterweight the pain he was feeling.

Brian gently started to jab at Evan’s ass with tiny thrusts.  Like
testing the water with a big toe, Brian would push just a little before
retreating.  As he felt Evan relax some and even heard the boy moan in
pleasure from the treatment his nipples were receiving, Brian started to
pull out further developing longer thrusts.  With each thrust Brian felt
Evan’s ass stretch more and the lube start to do its job.  Easier and
easier the thrusts became and before he knew it he was essentially long
dicking the little faggot.

Julie was desperately trying to get her hand shoved inside her pussy.
She too wanted to be stretch to the max like her little slut son.  She
watched as Brian grabbed her sons small hips with both of his hands.  After
taking what looked like a very long break she saw Brian gently slide his
cock almost entirely out of her son, then with the power of Thor’s hammer
she watched as he slammed his cock back in.  Again and again Brian pummeled
her sons ass and again and again she orgasm-ed.  She saw Brian spank her
sons ass occasionally as he continued to power fuck him.  Julie’s thought
of “why don’t I ever get fucked this hard” was so out of place that she
started to laugh at the absurdity of it.  She was actually jealous that her
little boy was getting fucked harder than she ever had.  After the string
of orgasms subsided her senses started to come back to her.  She looked at
her sons face now, turned sideways on the pillow she was able to see that
the boy looked to be yelling.  She saw that he seemed to have red eyes and
perhaps those were wet streaks from tears on his face.

“What have I done?” Julie thought out loud.

Brian was in a trance now, fucking harder and harder his only goal was
to thrust so hard on of these times that his whole body would enter the
beautiful boy in front of him.  Seeing the boys face now as he turned his
head sideways put Brian over the edge.  The boy was just to cute for his
own good.  With a final thrust Brian’s cock started to pulse and spew cum
deep into the boy.  Pushing into the boy harder and harder as he came Evan
let out a final wail in pain.  Brian gave a few final strokes with his cock
before pulling out.

Julie watched as Brian sat down on the couch while her son stayed on the
floor.  She looked closely at the boys used asshole and saw when the cum
started to flow and drip out of it.  She saw the redness to it which she
finally realized was blood.  Her motherly instincts were returning and
tears started to stream down her face.  Just when she was about to start
the car and go tell her baby how sorry she was, she saw Evan get up off the
floor and go and sit in Brian’s lap.  She saw Evan grab Brian’s hand and
pull it down onto his little cock.  Her son started to hump the air again
as Brian stroked his cock into a hardened state.

Julie’s pussy started to spasm once again as she saw her little boy turn
back into a faggot.  She knew there was money to be made here and only
hoped Brian would have the answers on how to get paid for having raised
such a cute little boy whore.

The Dresser Files Ch. 3

The Dresser Files Ch. 3


I awoke to the sound of talking. I opened my eyes and just glancing around, I realized I was in the hotel bed. Then I remember the activities hours before. The voices I heard over my shoulder were from Jan and her son, Curt. Though they were talking softly, I could tune into all their conversation.

“So when did you start wearing my panties?” she asked him. “About the same time I saw you and Kelly laying in bed naked.” He replied. “What? You saw us?” she said with a gasp. “Yes mom, you were lying in your bed and I just peaked through the open door.” He said. “You watched us?” she questioned him. “Oh yes. From the time you stopped kissing her until the time you buried your face between her legs to eat her pussy.” He said with a slight laugh. “I watched you both go down on each other.”

“After Kelly left and you went into the shower, I went into your bedroom and found the panties that Kelly was wearing.” He continued. “I pressed them to my face and smelled her wet juices. Then I saw yours lying next to the bed. I took both pair and put them in my pocket and left.” “And?” Jan asked. “I went to my room, put on Kelly’s panties and lay in my bed and pressed your panties to my face to smell your sweet pussy.” Jan sighed loudly at that comment. “Since then, I not only wore your panties, I took other lingerie from you. I love the feel of dressing as a woman and as dressed as a woman, I started getting feelings for guys. Don’t get me wrong though, I still love tits and pussy too.”

“I saw you with Glenn at our house the first day.” She said to Curt. “You did?” he said surprised. “Yes, and it made me so hot. I knew you must have been taking my panties. I found a pair in your closet one day while doing laundry. It made me hot to think of you wearing my panties. And, I am sorry to say, it made me hot for you.” She said. “And, during an email conversation with Glenn, I told him about my thoughts and you. He is a dresser too you know?” she said. “Yes, he told me. Those were his clothes I was wearing at the house. And he was my first guy, mom.” “Oh sweetheart.” She replied.

Then the conversation ended and the room got quiet. I slowly turned over on my other side and propped my head up on my hand and elbow. Curt was leaning over his mother and was kissing her. It was very passionate. Jan was moaning as he kissed her and I assumed from her sighs, he was playing with her tits or pussy. His back blocked my view. Jan’s hands were holding him close and one hand slid down to cup his panty clad ass. I was getting a boner.

Lying there I watched them grind their bodies together. Jan started sighing and moaning more. It was evident she was getting hot by watching her grip his ass hard and pull him into her. They broke they’re kiss. “Fuck me, Curt.” Jan said a moan. “Please fuck me now.” As Curt sat up and pulled Jan up, she caught me watching. She just smiled with a glazed look of lust on her face. Curt undid her blouse and pulled it off. He unhooked her bra and threw it across the room. Then with one hand, he yanked her thong off. He pushed her back on the bed and her nipples were hard and reaching for the sky. He leaned down and sucked one into his mouth. “Oh yes, suck my nipple. Oh yes.” Jan said rolling her head side to side. “Bite it, Hon, bite it.” Curt must have done the right thing because Jan moaned a loud, YES!

As Curt was devouring her tits, she reached into his panties and was grasping his hard cock. Her hand frantically caressed his shaft and balls. He had enough. He leaned back on his hunches, pulled his chemise off over his head and pushed his panties down off his hard cock. He grabbed her legs and pushed them back. Her thighs opened wide and her wet pussy was his target. Her cunt shined with her wet juices. She reached down between them, grabbed his hard cock and pulled it to her cunt. She rubbed the large head up and down her wet slit, coating it with sheen of slick wet pussy juice. Then she pulled it to her cunt and bucked her hips up. She gasped as the big purple cock head penetrated her pussy. “Oh yes.” She gasped. Curt needed no prompting. He just shoved forward and his hard cock split her open and buried itself deep inside her wet hole. “OOOHHHH GOD.” She cried out. She grabbed his ass with both hands and began slamming her cunt on and off his wet cock. “Yes fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!!!!” she said loudly as her hips rose to match his slamming ass.

I reached down and grabbed my hard cock. I stroked it watching a mother and son fuck each other to death. It was so hot. I could smell the scent of sex filling the air. Pussy musk permeated the room. The bed shook with they’re motions. “Yes, yes, yes.” Jan said over and over as Curt jammed his bloated cock in and out of her wet soppy cunt. It was all I could take. I needed some of that action. I sat up and put my hand on Curt’ shoulder. He looked at me. “Pull out.” I said. Reluctantly, he did. Jan opened her eyes pleading for the cock to return. I pulled her into the middle of the bed and onto her side facing me. “Fuck her from behind.” I said to Curt. He lay behind his mom and I lifted her leg. He slid up behind her and I grabbed his cock and pushed into her cunt again. She groaned as he filled her hot need again. He snuggled up to her and began to slowly fuck her again. He kissed her neck and ears as his cock moved in and out of her. I slid down into a 69 position and pressed my tongue up against her open cunt. Her clit was bright red and erect. I whipped my tongue back and forth across it. Her cunt smelled wonderful. I could feel Curt’ cock brush across my forehead as I sucked on her clit. I pushed my cock to her face and she immediately drew my bone into her mouth with a moan. Her lips surrounded my cock and her tongue danced around my shaft. I began to match my own in and out motions with Curt’ cock.

It wasn’t long until she pulled her mouth off my cock and frantically said to Curt, “Harder, faster.” “Yes, fuck me, fuck me.” Curt increased pushing and pulling his hard cock in and out of her hot pussy. She jerked and twisted as he fucked her. “YYYYYEEEEESSSS! she screamed as she came. He continued to fuck her as her body shook in spasmodic tremors. She jerked one more time and her body slumped back against his chest. She was drained, sated and soundly fucked. I looked at Curt and then down to his still hard cock. “Come over here.” I said to him. His cock slid out her used pussy as he climbed out of bed and walked around to my side of the bed. “Take off your panties.” I said to him. He stepped out of them and lay down beside me. He still had on his garter and stockings. He pressed his hard cock against mine and I leaned in and kissed him. His mouth opened to accept my tongue. I ran my tongue around his and pressed my cock to his cock. I reached down between us and grabbed his wet sticky cock. I slowly caressed his shaft and then cupped his heavy balls. “I want to fuck you.” I whispered in his ear. He pulled back from me and looked directly into my eyes. I mouthed the words again, “I want to fuck you.” He closed his eyes and just nodded a, yes.

I pushed him on his back and slid down his hot sweaty body. I lay between his legs, feeling the silk stockings on both sides of my face. His cock and thighs smelled of pussy juice. I licked up his thigh and took one of his balls in my mouth. I rolled it around in my mouth until it was wet with my salvia. His moaning told me he was enjoying all my love. I slid my mouth off his balls and pushed his legs up back. He helped by reaching down and pulling them back. Then I spied my target, his sweet little virgin rosebud. I drew my tongue down one ass cheek and up the other. Then inched my way to the bottom of his ass crack. Slowly I moved up, licking my way and smelling his musky ass. My tongue then touched his hole. He jerked as I rotated my tongue around and around his hole. I pulled his ass to my face and pressed my pointed tongue against his asshole. He pulled his legs back further to give me more access. I pressed the tip of my tongue into his hole. He smelled of sex and I got harder as I tongued his tiny hole.

I pulled my mouth away, put one of fingers into my mouth and coated it with my salvia. Then I pressed it to his hole and pushed it slowly in. He moaned softly as my finger invaded his ass. I pressed my finger in until my entire knuckle disappeared. I pulled it out slowly, smelling his ass scent. I pushed it back in again. I slowly finger fucked him. Once he accepted my one finger, I pushed a second finger in. Again, a groan came from his lips. As I finger fucked him, I felt a mouth on my cock. Jan had been watching and turned around to suck my cock. Her mouth felt hot and wonderful. Here I was finger fucking her son and she was sucking my hard cock. I turned my head and looked down at her sucking my cock. She looked up at me with a lusty glare. “I’m going to fuck him.” I said to her. Her eyes closed with a sigh. “Get me good and wet.” I continued. She devoured my cock and was coating it with her sticky salvia. She sucked and pumped my cock. I was getting close and had a better place to put my cock.

I patted her on her head and she pulled away. I slid away from her and in between Curt’ legs. As I was lifting his legs up, Jan pushed her head between us and went directly to his ass. She pulled his cheeks apart and slid her tongue to his hole. She kissed, licked and covered his ass with her love and her spit. Then she slid out and I moved again between his stocking clad legs. I put his legs on my shoulder. As I got ready to press against him, I felt Jan put her hand around my cock and guide it to his ass. She used her other hand to spread his ass cheeks and pushed my cock to his hole. I pushed slightly and Curt groaned. Jan watched intently as the head of my cock slowly stretched his wet hole. I hoped my fingers had helped to loosen his ass muscles. One push and the head popped in. “OOOhhhhhh, wait.” Curt said in a panic tone. “Wait, it hurts.” Jan moved quickly up to his face and said, “I know my darl’n, but it will be wonderful soon.” She leaned down and locked her lips to his and shoved her tongue into his mouth.

As she kept him occupied, I pushed again, sliding a little more cock meat into his hot ass. He groaned and his ass muscles tightened. “Relax, relax.” I said to reassure him. He calmed down and I pushed a little more of my cock in. I waited until his muscles became accustomed to my size and then pushed more in. He kept sighing and moaning into his mother’s mouth. Then with one more push, my cock was all the way in his hot ass. I slowly withdrew a little and then pushed forward again. Then withdrew and then forward. Little by little I withdrew more of my cock until I was fucking him with long slow strokes. Jan moved away from his mouth and sat back on the bed. She watched as a man was fucking her son. One of her hands was pinching one of her hard nipples and the other hand was between her legs and she was rubbing her clit with her finger.

Curt lay there with his eyes closed and breathing fast. His soft sighs and moans told me he loved being fucked. I looked down and watched my cock sliding in and out of his stretched hole. His asshole was like a vacuum sucking me in. The room smelled of sex. I began pumping my cock in and out of his hole a little faster. I knew I was going to cum soon. “Yes, fuck me.” Curt said opening his eyes. He looked down between his legs to watch my hips push in and out of his thighs. He could not see my cock going in him, but I know damn well he could feel it. “Fuck me good.” He said. He turned his head sideways towards his mother. He watched his mother slide her own fingers in and out of her cunt as she watched her son getting fucked. Her son who had just fucked her the hour before.

I was very close. I grabbed his thighs with both hands and slammed my cock deep into his bowels. “Oh god.” He moaned loudly. I began slamming my hips forward to drive my hard cock deep into his hot hole. Over and over I fucked him. Fucked him. Fucked him. Curt groaned and his cock shot cum on his chest and stomach. He really came a lot. His sperm covered his body. Jan slid down and began to lick up his hot sticky juice. Her cum covered face bounced each time I slammed into Curt’ ass. Watching her just sent me off. I pushed my cock deep into his ass and came. I shuttered as my sperm filled his ass. Over and over my cum spurted out my cock. His asshole gripped my cock and milked me. It was liked someone gripping my cock with they’re hand. As I pushed and pulled my cock in and out of his hole, the last of my cum was milked out. I was totally spent. My cock slipped out of his ass, leaving a gapping hole leaking cum. I moved away and lay on the left side of Curt. I watched as Jan continued to lick up his sperm. Her nose, cheeks, chin and lips were covered in a white film. She continued to lick and swallow. She moved down to his limp cock and sucked it into her mouth. As she sucked him dry, I moved up and kissed him. I kissed him softly.

“I loved it.” He said as I kissed his cheeks. “Me too.” I replied. We both looked down at his mom cleaning house. She let his cock slip from her lips and she moved to his ass. She licked up the cum running down his ass. I knew she needed help. I moved down, pushed Curt’ legs up and together, we licked up my sex juice. Then I leaned over and kissed her. Her lips were so soft and coated with cum. I still wanted to fuck her. It was a very hot kiss. So wet, soft and meaningful. She was very hot. I actually felt my cock stir with just her kiss. Or maybe it was just the thoughts of what just happened over the past few hours.

But I still had three more days in Texas and a lot of thoughts ran through my devilish mind. Let’s see. There was still Jan to love. Maybe Jan and her girlfriend Kelly. Oh, and I wanted some more time with Curt. This time I would be dressed in my femme attire. I wonder what Curt’ girlfriend would think. Or hey, I wonder what she looks like and what fetish might be in her mind closet?

Well, “Happy trails to you. Until we meet again.”

For The Girl

For The Girl

“I think this is the main entrance,” said a pale young man standing out on the concrete sidewalk of a large, newly constructed gym. The young man was slender, with short blond hair, and not a hint of body hair on him. He was wearing brown shorts with a black polo shirt and pair of flip flops. The young man tapped on the door with his finger.

“No shit Benny,” snapped an equally young girl. The girl was short with dark curly hair and long pink fingernails. She was wearing a white tank top which showed a fair amount of her ample cleavage. “I’m so glad this place is open now, I was on the verge of being one of those… fat people, ugh,” she ranted. “And you need to start bulking up; I hate feeling like I am dating some little boy. I want to be with a real man.”

Benny began to object but stopped himself before he could complete the first word. She did sort of have a point. He didn’t have a lot of muscle tone. But he was planning on changing that by joining the gym. He always had wanted to get bigger like much of his friends but Benny could never afford a gym membership. “Ok Stacy,” he spoke. “I promise I will get bigger for you.

Stacy walked up to the door and hurriedly grabbed the handle and pulled the door open. “Come on Benny,” she said. She walked through the door, her chest swaying back and forth in her tank top.

An older man noticed the two coming in. He was tall and had tan skin and short, dark hair. He looked to be in his mid to late 30s and was wearing a red t-shirt and jeans. He sauntered over to the two with a clipboard in hand. “Hello you two, why don’t we go get you two weighed and I can show you around and you can see what we have to offer you,” he began his sales pitch.

“Actually,” Stacy interrupted him. “I was reading something in the like news.” She swiveled a bit causing her boobs to bounce around a bit in her shirt. “Something about this new gym like displacing some public housing or something, and you have to let some residents work out here for free. I brought a copy of my lease.” She held out a stapled piece of paper.

“Hmph,” the older man sighed and grabbed the piece of paper. “Come follow me to my office and we can file the paperwork.” The older man walked slowly over to cordoned off area of the gym with large glass windows surrounding it with the exception of a door that was sitting open. The older man plopped down into his chair and motioned the couple to sit in two leather chairs infront of his desk.

Benny along with Stacy sat down into the two chairs facing the man’s desk. Benny looked around the sparsely populated room. There were not many things around. Benny thought to himself it must be on account of it being new. The only thing that stood out to Benny was a set of business cards on the desk. The name listed on the cards was “Mr. Brock Morelli.”

Brock dropped the lease copy on his table with a thud. Brock noticed Benny’s gaze was focused squarely on his thick, rough hands. “Well, I am sorry to break it to you two but your apartment is just out of the boundary for qualifying you for a free gym membership,” Brock explained. “Membership fees for a couple would end up being around $400 a month, if you’re still interested” Brock concluded.

“What?! I don’t believe this,” exclaimed Stacy. Stacy hesitated for a moment and then cleared her head. She lowered her head so more of her cleavage was showing. In a sweet voice she spoke, “Well, maybe we can work out some kind of deal or something? We don’t have the $400 but we really need this gym membership. If you give us a free membership, maybe I can rub it for you”

“Stacy, you can’t do that!” Benny exclaimed. He couldn’t imagine his cute girlfriend massaging this older man’s throbbing cock. He shuddered at the thought of her dainty hands wrapped around the sweaty folds of skin. God forbid he orgasmed and some of it got on her hands, or stuck under her fingernails.

Brock raised his eyebrow at her proposition. Slowly he looked her over. He then shook his head back and forth to the right and to the left. “I am sorry ma’am, but this is a business and I can’t accept that as a payment,” he explained.

“Are you kidding me?” Stacy said angrily. She aggressively shook her chest to make sure the older man got a good look at her cleavage. Finally, she calmed down and spoke softly, “Fine, this is the most I can offer. If you give us the free membership, I will give you a onetime blowjob. I give excellent blowjobs and I desperately need this membership.”

Brock looked at her through bored eyes and shook his head and started a refusal, “No Ma’am, I am sorry but I just…” But then Brock suddenly stopped himself. “Well, maybe we can work something out. If you’re desperate enough, I would accept payment in the form of that young boyfriend of yours giving me head.”

“That’s disgusting!” Benny exclaimed. “I’m not sucking a man’s dick, that is so gross. I am straight I don’t do stuff like that and I won’t. We should leave Stacy; I don’t like this. I’m not gay”

Brock stood up from his chair and spoke loudly but not enough that his voice carried out into the gym, “Calm down. Look, you’re gay if you like men and want to have sex with them. You would just be sucking dick to save you and your girlfriend a whole lot of money. No one is going to know and it’ll just be a slightly unpleasant few minutes.”

“Benny, maybe you should listen to him,” Stacy reasoned. “I go down on you all the time even though I don’t want to. It’s for the relationship. It is just moving your head back and forth; it doesn’t even taste bad.” Stacy put her hand on his knee. “And you would spare me having to do it.”

“No, I am not doing it,” Benny said sternly. “I am not sucking a man’s dick. I am not gay.”

“Ok, ok,” Brock said. “Well, we can work something else out then. But I don’t want to keep talking about sexual favors here where customers can hear about it. There is a closet in this office where we can have some privacy.”

Benny looked at Stacy who was nodding. “Ok, but I am not sucking your dick.” Benny reluctantly walked into the open closet. There wasn’t a whole lot of space for the two men but they did have at least a few feet that could separate them. A small window was on the door and let in a surprising amount of light.

Brock walked into the closet and closed the door behind him. He then turned and faced Benny. Without saying a word, Brock’s fingers grasped the bottom edge of his own t-shirt and he slowly lifted it up and over his head. Brock then discarded the t-shirt on to the ground of the closet.

Benny watched Brock silently. He had to admit he was a bit impressed with the older man’s physique. Brock was quite muscular. He was not completely chiseled, there were pockets of body fat here and there but Benny couldn’t help but notice his large, muscular arms and chest.
Brock took a step forward. Gently he spoke, “Don’t worry about all this. It will be over in a few minutes and you’ll have your gym membership.” Brock began unzipping his pants.

“Wait a minute, I didn’t…” Benny spoke before gasping at what was in front of him. As Brock’s jeans dropped to the floor, a huge limp cock came tumbling out. It was longer than Benny’s dick had ever gotten and far thicker. Brock had the hair trimmed low on it, increasing the spectacle of the huge fleshy appendage. And attached to this beast were the most massive pair of balls Benny had ever seen. Each testicle was easily as big as one of Benny’s fists.

“Hold on a second, I’ll get it warmed up for you,” Brock said confidently. His thick, meaty hand grabbed the base of his enormous cock and he began rubbing it up and down. Amazingly, what once was big only became bigger. Pretty soon it stuck out straight with no help at all from Brock’s hand and it looked absolutely enormous.

Stacy peaked through the window of the closet. When she saw Brock’s cock she nearly gasped. It was the biggest she’d ever seen and she had definitely slept around. “Oh my gawd,” she whispered. She wondered if Benny would really go through with it and suck Brock’s cock.

Benny tried to think of an objection but his mind kept on hitting blanks. Brock began to walk forward causing Benny to take a step backward. Unfortuantly, Benny tripped over a small box in the closet and fell straight on his ass, his back now up against the wall. Brock continued to move forward, his giant cock swaying like pendulum, hypnotizing Benny and keeping him paralyzed in place. The cock was aimed straight for Benny’s gaping mouth and within dangerous range when all of a sudden Brock stopped. His cock was merely inches away, just dangling there. Brock grasped the base of his massive pole and raised it so the large pulsating head touched his stomach. He then inched forward and released it. This caused it to come thundering down right on to Benny’s face.

After being struck with the cock, Benny saw stars and his vision faded and then slowly blurred back into focus. The picture that began to form for him was horrifying. Through his right eye he could see Brock’s massive cock just resting on his face. The cock managed to easily rest upon the full length of his face. With it so close Benny could see every vein and wrinkly bit of flesh. When he looked up he could only see Brock’s muscular body towering above him.

Brock grabbed the base of his cock once again and brought it up to the stomach. He then began swinging it, hitting Benny in the face with it over and over again. With each hit, it would make a loud thumping noise. Brock’s cock was so hard, Benny felt as if he were being struck repeatedly by a steel pole.

The huge cock smacking against his face caused Benny to regain some focus. “Please, Mr. Morelli, don’t make me suck it,” Benny pleaded in-between thuds. “I am not a cock sucker.”

Brock used Benny’s pleadings as an opportunity rather than a reason to show mercy. While Benny had his lips open, Brock slid the tip of his cock head just in-between his lips. The bulging head just rested there, not yet penetrating Benny’s mouth but keeping his wet, salivating lips open.
Benny felt shivers down his spine as Brock’s flesh pressed up against his lips. He couldn’t imagine he was in this position. All he could do was stare down at the long, full length of Brock’s shaft and take in its musky scent.

Brock studied Benny as he towered over him. He was confident that Benny would suck it. He just didn’t seem like the resisting type to Brock. Slowly, Brock moved his hips, pushing his cock into Benny’s mouth. He moaned as he felt Benny’s lips sliding across his dick and Benny’s tongue sloshing around, desperately trying to avoid contact with it but failing.

Benny was mortified as Brock’s cock entered his mouth. It just felt so wrong. Before this moment, he could proudly say he never had a man’s cock in his mouth but that was no longer the case. He was, at least for the moment, a cock sucker.

Brock stuck around a third the length of his cock into Benny’s mouth and then slowly pulled it back. Using his hips, he began sliding the upper part of his cock back and forth.

Benny sat there and just allowed Brock’s cock to use and abuse his mouth. He stopped trying to prevent his tongue from touching it and instead just allowed the meat of Brock’s cock to slide back and forth across it. After a while, Brock grabbed the top of Benny’s head and began pushing his head on and off of his dick. “Mmf, oomph,” Benny grunted as Brock aggressively face fucked him.

Brock held Benny’s head tightly in place. Slowly he moved his cock deeper and deeper down into Benny’s throat. The massive rod vanished from view slowly, inch by fleshy inch.

Benny gagged as Brock shoved his dick down his throat. He could feel its monstrous head throbbing up against the back of his throat. It was all he could muster not to vomit.

Brock pulled his cock out from Brock’s throat and looked at the gagging young man in front of him. “Sorry for getting carried away there,” Brock said. “You’re mouth feels so good.”

Benny breathed heavily. He remained completely silent. He didn’t even look up at Brock.

“Well,” Brock said thoughtfully. “Why don’t you take over a bit? I already broke in your mouth with my cock. While it’s in there, you might as well take advantage of it. It’ll go faster that way, trust me.”

“I don’t know anything about giving head, I am not gay.” Benny responded.

“It’s not rocket science Benny,” Brock explained as he brought his cock up closer to Benny’s face. “Why don’t you just start out by kissing it?”

Benny moved his face forward as if leaning in to kiss the tip of Brock’s cock. As he got closer he looked at the bulbous, flesh cock head, oozing with precum that he was about to kiss and stopped himself. “This is just weird, Mr. Morelli. You kiss your girlfriend, not some man’s cock.”

“Nonsense,” Brock replied. And with that, Brock pressed the tip of his dick up against Benny’s lips, smearing precum on them. “Just kiss it.”

Benny nearly turned purple he was so grossed out. But he wanted to get this over with, and Brock was right, he’s already had a mouthful of cock so whatever gets this over with faster. Benny leaned forward and began kissing and licking the cock head and shaft.

“That’s great Benny, “ Brock said as he squinted his eyes. “You’re getting to be a pro at this. Now just slide your lips over the tip and start sucking.”

Benny did as he asked, accepting the big cock into his mouth again and moving it in it out so the shaft slid back and forth across his wet lips.

“While it’s in there, try to stroke it with your tongue if you can,” Brock said. “You really get a flavor for the cock that way.”

Benny did his best to rub his tongue along the shaft as he bobbed up and down on it. The taste and texture was very odd but not unpleasant he had to admit. He also admittedly thought it was fun darting his tongue around, trying to catch a taste.

“Oh yeah,” Brock grunted. “That’s great. Just keep on sucking my cock, Benny.” Brock breathed heavily as Benny sucked his giant dick. “Don’t be afraid to use your hands as well. I know it’s pretty big so there is a lot of surface area that needs stimulation.”

As Benny continued to engulf the giant cock, he extended his hands and grasped the base of Brock’s staff. It felt warm and rock hard in his hand. As he sucked, Benny began to also run his hands up and down the shaft, massaging it.

Stacy looked into the window again and saw Benny bobbing back and forth sucking Brock’s cock. “Oh my gawd,” she said. She couldn’t believe Benny was sucking a dick. “This is going to be a great story to tell my girlfriends,” Stacy said to herself. She immediately busted out her cellphone and started texting.

Brock shivered as he felt Benny’s hands rubbing his cock as well. “That’s great, Benny,” he said encouragingly. “Don’t forget my balls though; I really need you to rub those balls for me.”

Benny held tightly on to the base of Brock’s cock and pushed his head deep down on it. Once again he nearly gagged as he felt it toward the back of his throat. As he pulled his head back, he shifted his hands from Brock’s shaft to his balls. He had trouble even getting a good grip on them on account of their size.

“Ohhh, yeah, Benny,” Brock said. “Ok, about those balls, just start pulling on them, one at a time. It’s like you’re milking a cow.”

Benny followed instructions and began alternately squeezing Brock’s giant testicles. It almost seemed like he was expected to milk the sperm straight out of Brock’s cock. Benny began wondering whether Brock intended to cum on him. Benny didn’t think he could handle another man’s cum touching him. Surely it would be too disgusting for Brock as well.

“Hey Stacy,” said a petite girl who was walking into Brock’s office. The girl had brown hair pulled back into a ponytail and was wearing a tanktop and sweatpants. “I was just working out here when I got your text message. What is going on?” The petite girl batted her eyelashes curiously.

“Oh, hey Amanda,” Stacy replied. “It’s so crazy, go look through the window of that door over there. You have to see it to believe it.” Stacy extended her finger and pointed to the small window in the closet.

Amanda daintily walked toward the closet door. When she looked through it she gasped at the sight of Benny sucking the cock of an older, muscular man and playing with his large balls. Amanda didn’t know what to say and just started laughing nervously. “Holy shit,” she said. “I would have never guessed Benny sucked cock. I always thought he was straight.”

“He IS straight,” Stacy responded strongly. “He is just sucking that guy off so he can get a free gym membership here for him and me. It’s a good deal for giving a little bit of head.”

“I guess” Amanda said reluctantly. “But there is really nothing little about that man whose cock he is sucking. I hope Benny can handle the situation. Things like that can sometimes get out of hand.” Amanda took another look through the window.

“Unh, ugh,” Brock panted as Benny continued to aggressively suck his cock. It was throbbing rapidly now and Brock quickly pulled it out of Benny’s mouth. “Hey Benny, I need you to do something else for me.”

Benny almost felt disappointed when he felt the cock slide out of his mouth. “What do you need Mr. Morelli?” he asked politely.

“You’re doing great but I think I know something that could help get this over with real fast,” Brock explained. “It would just be hotter and sexier for me if you got naked while sucking my cock. I mean, it’s not like it’s any more embarrassing then the position you’re already in and it will just make things go by faster.” Brock ran his tanned meaty fingers through Benny’s short blond hair. “I promise, if you do this, I won’t cum in your mouth.”

Benny hesitated but then when he thought about it, agreed with Mr. Morelli. With trembling fingers, he fidgeted at removing the button to his collar, eventually managing to push it through the hole. He grabbed the bottom of one of his sleeves and slid his arm through it until it was resting against his side. He then grabbed the bottom of his shirt and yanked it over his head. He threw the discarded shirt on to the ground. His pale skin and slender frame lacking in muscle tone contrasted with that of Brock’s tan muscles. Benny noticed Brock was intensely staring at him. Benny couldn’t help but blush, his cheeks turning a bright shade of pink.

Benny next set to work on his shorts. Wanting to get things over with as quickly as possible, Benny simply yanked them down, boxers and all. Benny was shocked to see that as soon as the material of the shorts glided down his legs; his own rock-hard erection came bouncing out. How could he be turned on by doing things that were so disgusting and wrong? “Uhh, yeah, I have been imagining fucking chicks to make this easier,” Benny lied unconvincingly. Before Brock could say anything, Benny quickly put his lips around his big dick and resumed sucking and tonguing Brock’s cock.

Brock was delighted to see Benny so hard and turned on. He knew it meant he could push things further with Benny. Brock saw Benny at this point as breakable. Brock allowed Benny to suck his cock for a while and then pulled it out of Benny’s mouth. Before Benny could object, Brock violently swung his hips around, smashing Benny in the face with his massive cock.

Benny fell over and saw stars once again. When he began to regain sight he felt someone holding his hips tightly and something else pressing against his ass. As his mind readjusted to the new situation, he realized the horrible situation he was in. Brock’s large, strong hands grasped his hips as Brock towered over him from behind. Brock’s cock was resting on the crack of Benny’s buttcheeks. “No!” Benny pleaded. “Not that, anything but that! Please, I am a virgin and straight, don’t do it. You can cum in my mouth or beat me up or whatever but not this!”

“Relax Benny-boy,” Brock began. “Today is a day for you to try new things. Nobody is going to know about it and it’s not like you are choosing to get fucked in the ass.” Using his hips, Brock rubbed his cock up and down the slit of Benny’s ass. “You have a great ass, Benny. If you only saw it from the back like this, you’d think it was a girl’s ass.”

Benny shivered as he felt the tip of Brock’s cock sliding across his ass. “Please Mr. Morelli, this isn’t part of our deal,” Benny pleaded. Benny tried to pull away but Brock’s strong arms kept him firmly in place.

“I know Benny, I am throwing this in for free,” Brock said chuckling. He pushed his cock up to Benny’s asshole and slowly began to move inside, using Benny’s saliva to lubricate.

Benny could feel every inch of Brock’s huge pole entering him. It hurt so badly and it felt so weird to be impaled by it. Benny felt truly powerless and dominated by Brock. “Uhh, ugh… it hurts so bad,” Benny complained. Benny’s virginity was a thing of the past. From this moment, he had been fucked by a man.

“Take it like a man,” Brock responded. When he reached as far as he could go, Brock pulled back and brought his cock back towards the entrance and then when it was nearly out, he reversed course. At first Brock fucked Benny slowly but overtime he assumed a more moderate pace. With every thrust, a loud smacking noise could be heard as Brock’s large balls smacked up against Benny’s ass.

“What’s that noise?” Amanda asked. She walked back over to the closet and looked through the window. She found herself once again gasping. “Holy shit, Stacy. Your boyfriend is getting fucked by that man.”

“What!?” Stacy responded. She quickly ran over to the closet and looked through the window. She was shocked to see Benny bent over, taking it up the ass by Brock. “What the fuck! Benny!” Stacy banged on the door. “What the hell are you doing? This wasn’t part of the deal.”

Benny exclaimed through grunts, “Don’t, ugh, look at me, mmph, Stacy! I am being… violated. You have to, oooh, help me! It’s so, gah, weird and it hurts sooo bad.” Brock’s pace quickened, the pumping becoming faster and harder.

“I’ll upgrade you to a premium membership for free,” Brock said as he fucked Benny’s asshole. “Free yoga classes and personal training sessions. Just let me finish up in here with your boyfriend. He’s a great fuck; I’d hate to stop now.”

“Baby, I know it hurts but just stick with it for a few minutes,” Stacy spoke to Benny. “You’re doing a great job, I promise to give you some really enjoyable sex in exchange for what you’re doing for me today, for us.”

Amanda was surprised by Stacy’s quick change of tone. As the two stepped away from the door, Amanda asked Stacy “Would you ever let a man fuck you in the ass?”

“Of course not, oh my gawd,” Stacy responded. “That is so disgusting. I am so glad I have Benny here willing to do it for me.”

Brock looked down to see Benny with a hopeless expression on his face. “Don’t worry Benny,” he said. “Things are about to get better for you. I think you’re loose enough. Just give me a second to get in there.”

“Get in where?” Benny asked. Benny was beginning to feel the pain subside and be replaced with a much milder feeling of soreness. He still felt the weird sensation of Brock’s giant dick smashing in and out of his tight asschamber. It was bizarre to feel the tube pressing up against his insides. It wasn’t just pressure, he could tell by the feeling alone it was a cock.0 All of a sudden Benny started feeling waves of pleasure coming from somewhere in his butt. “Oh my god,” he moaned. He wondered how it went from feeling so bad to feeling so good.

“Oh yeah, Benny, here we go now it’s you and me together,” Brock replied cryptically. He squeezed Benny’s sides and began to pump faster.

Benny found himself moaning after his body experienced waves of pleasure. “This is so wrong, ohhh,” Benny moaned. “I shouldn’t feel this way.” Benny suddenly felt like he was going to take an explosive shit. Instead he felt an intense burst of pleasure and some water came out of his ass. “Ohhhh, whattt the fuckk,” Benny cried. When Benny looked between his legs he saw that is cock was rock hard again.

“Congratulations on your first anal orgasm, Benny,” Brock said with a big smile on his face. “I am sure it won’t be your last for today.”

Benny felt like some transformation was occurring to him. He was enjoying the sex so much more now. He even realized he was unconsciously moving his hips to slam his asshole up against Brock’s cock. His lust for being fucked by the older man’s massive dick was becoming insatiable. It was not long before he experienced another orgasm in his ass.

Amanda looked through the small window and into the closet again. “Jesus, it’s getting intense,” Amanda remarked. “This is crazy; I need to get this on video or something.” Amanda turned on the video function of her phone and held it up to the window.

“What’s going on now?” asked Stacy as she joined Amanda at the window. Stacy was shocked to see Benny rock hard as he was being fucked in the ass. She could hear through the door how loud and intense he was moaning and how much he had gotten into it. There was water running down his ass and the side of his leg. She even noticed that Benny was doing his fair share of the work by pushing his ass back on to Brock’s cock whenever he pulled back.

“What the fuck are you doing to him?” Stacy asked loudly through the door. “You let him go, this is getting out of hand and we’ve done more than enough for you. It’s time to leave Benny alone.” Stacy began banging on the door.

“Excuse me ma’am, but I am not finished with him yet, and we had a deal,” Brock responded. He did not letup on the pumping into Benny’s ass in even the slightest.

The banging and yelling caused some gym patrons to walk into the office to find out what was going on. As soon as they entered the office, the moans made it obvious what was happening; a man was being aggressively fucked in the closet.

“Benny,” Stacy pleaded. “Whatever he’s doing to you, you have to resist it. I know I told you to let him fuck you but this is too much. I don’t care about these gym memberships anymore.”

Benny was in a daze from all the orgasms he was receiving in his ass. At this point, it just seemed like what was happening was a dream to him and like it didn’t even matter or couldn’t be taken seriously.

Brock grabbed Benny and pulled him back so that
Brock’s body fell to the floor. Brock’s ass cushioned their fall but as a result Benny slipped of the tip of Brock’s mammoth cock. Brock quickly grabbed Benny and spun him around but before he pulled Benny’s ass on to the head of his cock, Brock let go of the boy.

“Now’s your chance Benny,” Stacy yelled. “Get out of there and away from this old pervert.”

Benny began to lift up and away from Brock’s massive tower of a cock. However, to Stacy’s horror, he repositioned himself above it and slowly began to slide down the meaty pole. Stacy was forced to watch as her boyfriend voluntarily slid inch by inch down the biggest, thickest cock she had ever seen.

“That a boy Benny,” Brock said while smirking. “I knew you’d love the cock the moment I laid eyes on you. Now I want to see you ride that cock.”

“I’m sorry Stacy,” Benny yelled out with tears in his eyes. Benny used all of his remaining strength to give himself the ride of his life on Brock’s cock. He felt inescapably impaled on it but he was willing to stay up there as long as he kept feeling so much pleasure.

Brock allowed Benny to ride for a while but eventually began bucking his hips. After a little while, Brock bucked so hard, he lifted himself on the ground and slammed Benny on to the floor.

The resulting slam caused Benny’s dick to slam up against his stomach. “Oh shit, no, no, not that,” Benny shouted. The slam had been enough to send his dick into an orgasm. Cum began shooting out of it like an automatic shotgun. Benny had never came so much in his life. It was at least three times as much as his previous best. It soaked his body, his face. Some even flew up and hit the window that Stacy and the growing crowd was watching from.

The sight of Benny’s massive orgasm was too much for Brock. He immediately pulled out and braced himself against the back wall of the closet. Moaning loudly, he began having a massive orgasm.

Benny screamed as he saw Brock’s cock explode like a nuclear bomb. He found himself bombarded with thick ropes of semen. One glob went straight into his screaming mouth; his taste buds were immediately assaulted by the saltiness. The cum spraying seemed almost unending. Benny endured dozens upon dozens of cum blasts and even after that, Brock grabbed his balls and milked them using the method he had shown Benny before, resulting in an equivalent second serving of semen. By the time it was over, Benny was absolutely soaked in cum. The whole room reeked of sex and cum.

“I can’t believe I got that on camera, that was amazing,” Amanda said in-between gasps of the other gym members who were watching through the window. “This video is going to be a legend.”

Benny didn’t know what to do so he just grabbed his clothes and used them to cover his genitals. After such a vigorous fucking, Benny could barely walk. Blushing bright red, he quickly limped straight out of the closet and past Stacy and the rest of the crowd. He exited the door he had just come through moments earlier, now a changed man.
Brock got dressed and walked outside to the office. He quickly shooed away Amanda and the remaining members of the crowd. He then sat down at his desk. “I can do that paperwork for you and your boyfriend now,” he addressed Stacy.

Stacy angrily walked up to Brock’s desk. “What the fuck did you do to my boyfriend, you filthy pervert!” Stacy responded angrily. “A straight guy wouldn’t act like that. You must have given him drugs or something. Why the fuck did you even pick him to do it. I should have been the one you picked to suck your dick.”

Brock shook his head and smirked, “Look, whatever your boyfriend was before, he is not straight as of today. I hope you enjoy your free membership here. I look forward to providing your boyfriend with many one on one personal training sessions. I expect to see him here often.”

“Well, well…” Stacy stammered. Not knowing what to say, she angrily walked out. “Oh my gawd! What a perv,” she said as she walked out of the gym.

Sexual Healing

Sexual Healing


My parents had changed. I could feel it. I could see it in their appearance and in their behavior. Only three months ago they were fighting constantly. Their problems got so bad that they had to start seeing a marriage counselor. I figured that it was because of the ten-year age difference between them.

My dad was a very handsome man and in a very good physical shape. At thirty-six he was ten years younger than my mother. My mom was also in good physical shape and she looked at least ten years younger than her age; but from what I overheard when they fought she did not need as much sexual attention as my dad did.

I felt sorry for my dad. The poor guy was frustrated and did not know what to do. He would come home with flowers and wine and still would get into a fight with my mom at the end of the night. He was so frustrated that he started asking me for advice, his eighteen-year-old son. As awkward as it was at the time I am glad that he did that.

“I don’t know what to do anymore buddy,” he said to me once with tears in his eyes. “It’s so tough to have a beautiful wife, knowing that she doesn’t want you anymore.”

“Well dad as you may have noticed I’m no Romeo myself,” I replied to him, “but you could use some help from a marriage counselor or therapist or whatever they call themselves these days.”

My father’s face lit up at my suggestion. I could see hope in his sad eyes. He told me that he would do that depending on how willing my mom was to go see a therapist with him. Well I guess that my mom was as willing as my dad to solve their problem because the very same week they went to their first session with a therapist. They did that for a couple of weeks until I saw the first major changes in my mom’s appearance and behavior.

She started dressing in sexier outfits and got blonde highlights in her beautiful brown hair. She started acting like a teenager in heat around my now very happy dad. They would kiss openly right in front of me and at nights I could hear them fuck passionately in their room.

After a while they started spending Friday nights away from our home and when they got back on Saturdays around noon they looked happy and exhausted. They were very openly sexual with each other, and me being a shy teenager always ran away when I saw where their flirting was going to lead. I was a shy boy and admittedly a bit sexually confused. I liked girls very much, but I also liked looking at my schoolmates’ naked bodied in the shower.

I had only one girlfriend in my entire eighteen years of existence, but she was more of a plutonic love interest than a lover. Yes I was a virgin and being extremely shy I was in no hurry to lose my virginity. I was waiting for the right time, the right girl or boy. My mom and dad started fucking with their bedroom door completely open, and I would jerk off to the sound of their passionate lovemaking.

“Buddy I don’t know how to thank you for your advice,” said my dad as we were having breakfast once. “Your mom and I went to a marriage counselor and she introduced us to an unconventional sexual therapist.”

“Yes honey,” my mom said looking directly at me with her fiery brown eyes. “Her name is Gina and she has changed our lives profoundly.”

“She is coming to stay with us tonight,” my dad continued. “We were thinking maybe she could help you out too.”

“Yes baby. We will ask her tonight if she can help you get over your shyness,” my mom said with a smile.

“Yes son. You are so young and handsome. But you are so shy. You are wasting your youth. One session with Gina and you will be a completely different man,” my dad said very seriously.

“I…I don’t know dad,” I replied shyly, “I’m glad that she has helped you guys. But I seriously don’t know.”

“Oh don’t worry about it honey,” my mom said, “leave it to your father and me!”

As shy as I was I was extremely excited about my parents’ offer and concern. They were going to set me up with their therapist, the woman who had worked magic with their own relationship. I was shy but not a fool. I had no idea what they were going to tell her and what she was going to do for me, but I was still very excited.

Gina walked through our door at around 6 pm. As soon as I saw her my heart melted like an ice cube on a hotplate. Gina was probably thirty-years-old. She was tall with beautiful legs, long blonde hair that came all the way down to her perfectly shaped butt and big firm boobs. Her eyes were sky-blue and she had the cutest full lips. She smelled like a rose garden and her voice was mesmerizing.

That is what a good and successful sexual therapist ought to look like, I thought to myself. She walked gracefully to my mom and dad and kissed each of them passionately on their lips. Then she turned to me.

“Oh you must be Nick,” she said in her enchanting voice and kissed me on my mouth. “You are so much more handsome than I’d imagined.”

I was so thrilled by the unexpected kiss that I could not utter a single word.

“Oh you’re so cute, look at his face he’s turned completely red!” Gina told my parents and they all looked at me with smiles on their faces.

As shy as I was I still could not look away from this Nordic beauty. Her golden hair seemed to glow with a source of energy of its own. This was the perfect woman. No other woman could compare to her eternal beauty. I had no idea what to do, to stay there or to go upstairs to my room. I stayed.

“I absolutely adore your house,” Gina told my mom. “It’s so nice to be here. Of course you know that I’m here as your friend not as your therapist. So whatever we do tonight is not necessarily by the book.”

“Oh that’s very nice of you Gina,” my mom said to her, “but we insist on paying you for tonight’s session.”

“Oh no way Angie,” Gina replied, “I really like you and Dave. So let’s not waste anymore time and go to your bedroom.” Then she turned to me and said, “Do you want to come and watch Nick?”

What the fuck? What could she ever mean by that? I was trying to find the right words. But what were they? Yes I want to watch my parents and you fuck each other’s brains out? No I can’t possibly do that? Yes I would love to? No I can’t? It was too late.

They had already started going upstairs to my parents’ bedroom. I was left alone in the living room like an idiot. I went to the kitchen to get a nice cold drink. My mouth was dry and my heart was beating fast. The thought of seeing my mom and dad…and Gina naked sent shivers down my spine. I was so hot. Even the coldest drink did not have the power to cool me down. What the hell were they doing upstairs? I had to find out.

I started climbing the stairs. I heard loud moans coming from my parents’ bedroom.

“Yeah suck your hubby’s beautiful cock Angie,” I heard Gina’s voice urging my mother. “Yes that’s it honey!”

I felt my cock moving in my shorts. My dad had a beautiful cock and my mom was sucking it right now, with Gina at their side, guiding them and telling them what to do! This was out of this world, a dream perhaps. No I should not picture my dad’s “beautiful” cock, or my mom’s pretty mouth wrapped around it. I should chase these forbidden thoughts away. But I most definitely could not!

The door to my parents’ bedroom was completely open. I stood outside their bedroom, unable to move. My beautiful mother was sucking passionately on my father’s big cock. Gina was right; it was a beautiful cock. Gina was completely naked, so were my mom and dad, she was fondling my dad’s big balls as my mom sucked his cock. Gina raised her head for a few seconds and gazed directly into my eyes; she smiled.

“Now start fingering his asshole Angie,” Gina told my mom. “Remember how much he likes that?”

Gina lowered her head and spat a few times on my mom’s fingers before she inserted them into my dad’s asshole. My dad’s eyes were closed and he was moaning with pleasure. He was stroking my mom’s lustrous hair with one hand and Gina’s golden hair with the other one. My cock was throbbing painfully in my shorts. I had to let it out. I unbuttoned my shorts and let my cock free from my shorts and underwear. It was still throbbing although I doubted that it would get any harder or bigger than it already was.

“Oh look at your son’s cock guys,” Gina said to my surprise and both my parents found me standing by the door.

I had no idea what to do. I wanted to run away and hide in my room, but my legs were weak. My mom after a short pause started pumping her fingers in and out of my dad’s asshole again, though she was still looking at me. No, she was looking at my hard cock. Her eyes were glued to my throbbing cock. My dad smiled at me.

“Come closer to the bed son,” he said in a kind tone, “there’s no reason to be shy anymore. You can stroke your cock while you’re watching us. It’s ok!”

My mom definitely agreed with my dad because she started pumping his asshole harder and sucked his cock faster than before. Gina looked at me and smiled.

“Come on over here baby. Take your clothes off and get on the bed right next to me,” she told me lustfully.

I obeyed her as if I were hypnotized. After I dropped my clothes on the floor I sat next to her on the bed. She told me to spread my legs wide open and face her. I did as I was told again. Gina moved me to the center of the bed and told my mom and dad to sit at each side of me.

“You guys sure that he’s a virgin?” she asked my mom and dad and they nodded yes. “Ok then I will first give him a hand job. He will be too sensitive to last more than a second inside my pussy right now!”

She leaned over my cock and spat on it. A big glob of saliva landed on my hard cock. Then she wrapped her exquisite fingers around it and started stroking slowly and gently.

“Tell me baby, why are you still a virgin? Don’t you like girls?” she asked me softly.

“Umm yeah. Oh your hand feels so good on my cock!” I replied.

“But tell me honey, you like boys too! Am I right? It’s ok to tell me the truth. You are naked on a bed with your hot parents. It’s ok!”

“Umm ok. Yes I like cocks too. I mean I like girls more than boys, but I like to feel a cock in my hands, my mouth and maybe even my ass!”

“Look at your dad’s hard cock. Do you want to touch it? Do you want me to rub your dad’s strong cock on your nipple?” she said as she grabbed my dad’s cock in her hand.

I swallowed hard and said, “Oh God yes…he has a gorgeous cock!”

Gina started rubbing the tip of my dad’s cock on my stiff nipple. Some pre-cum oozed from the tip of his cock and it felt fantastic on my nipple.

“Do you want me to slap your face with this big cock?” she asked me but did not wait for me to answer the question. She started slapping my dad’s cock on my lips and cheek. “Take your tongue out and lick it like a good boy!”

I stole a look at my dad’s face. He was looking at my face and had a smile on his. I took my tongue out and carefully licked the tip of his cock. My mom’s mouth closed around my nipple and she started sucking it noisily. I took it as a sign of approval from her. It was important to me that my parents approved of what was going on between us. They obviously did.

“Ok are you ready for this? I’m going to shove your dad’s cock into your mouth now. I want you to suck it for me baby,” Said Gina and pushed the tip of my dad’s cock into my cock hungry mouth.

I felt the texture of my dad’s thick cock with my tongue and closed my lips around it. My dad started to moan softly. Gina went back to stroking my cock.

“Angie, come on over here baby. I want you to finger your son’s tight asshole for me!” Gina ordered my mom.

My mom got in between my legs and put her fingers in her mouth, but Gina stopped her.

“No Angie, I want you to spit directly into your son’s asshole. That way it’s more fun for both of you!”

Gina lifted my butt from the bed and told my sexy mother to put her mouth directly on my asshole.

“Now stick your tongue up his asshole Angie. That’s it. Good girl. Spit into it. Push your ass into your fucking mother’s face Nick. Yeah, this is so fucking hot. Oh my God!”

My dad’s cock in my mouth and my mom’s wet tongue up my tight asshole; I was in Heaven! Gina was stroking my cock harder and faster now.

“Finger his fuckinng asshole now. Do it hard with three fingers all the way up his asshole, and suck on his balls. I want to make him cum hard!” Gina directed my mom.

My mom power fucked my asshole with three fingers as directed by the sexy therapist. I was sucking my dad’s cock harder too. He suddenly grabbed my head and started pumping my mouth with full force. After just a few thrusts he grunted and shot his hot cum inside my mouth. My own cock started shooting cum in Gina’s hand. My mom’s face was covered with my thick and creamy cum. Gina started licking my hot cum off my mom’s face and spitting it into her mouth.

My cock was still hard. Gina held it up and helped my mom straddle it. Her pussy felt hot and wet as she lowered it down on my shaft. My hot mother was riding my cock. I could not believe it. She went up and down my cock forcefully. Gina stroked my mom’s hair and put her hand on her swollen clit. Her mouth took one of my mother’s nipples in and she sucked on it noisily.

“Oh my fucking God! I’m cumming on my son’s God damn cock!” my mom exclaimed as she climaxed on my hard shaft.

She collapsed on top of me. Her big breasts felt wonderful upon my chest and she kissed me deeply on my mouth.

“Ok guys, it’s my turn to cum. Angie I want you to lick my pussy. Dave put your cock in my mouth. I want to suck you hard again, and Nick…you help your mother!” came the orders from our hot therapist.

My mom lay in between Gina’s spread open legs and started sucking and lapping on her beautifully trimmed pussy. She told me to take her clit in my mouth and suck as hard as I could. I loved the taste of her pussy. I instinctively started biting gently and sucking on her enlarged clit. From time to time I would stop and kiss my mom, licking Gina’s tasty pussy juice off her face.

Gina came, and she came hard. She pushed her pussy into our sucking, licking and biting mouths. Then her body went stiff for half a minute as she announced that she was cumming again.

“Wow, that was great. You are a fucking natural at this Nick!” she said with a content smile on her face. “Do you still want to try a big cock up your ass? I think I have one ready for you right here!”

“I sure do. I just hope that it doesn’t hurt too much.”

“Oh don’t worry baby, I won’t let your dad’s cock hurt you. Trust me!”

As I lay on the bed Gina and my mom lifted my butt again. They started by spitting a lot into my asshole and with their loving fingers they worked their hot saliva all the way up my hole. My dad got into position in front of me. He also contributed to the ladies spitting frenzy. Then my mom and Gina each inserted two fingers up my asshole and started fucking and stretching it. This went on for about fifteen minutes until Gina announced that I was ready to take in my dad’s big cock.

Gina grabbed my dad’s cock and put its tip on my anus opening. She pushed the tip gently in and it went past my already stretched opening without a problem.

“Ok Dave, push your cock gently up your son’s asshole. Very slowly.” Gina told my dad.

I did not expect his big cock to feel so fucking good inside me. When his cock was all the way in it massaged my prostate and my cock got immediately harder than steel.

“Are you ok buddy?” my dad asked me worriedly.

“Yeah I’m fine dad. Start fucking me now. I want you to fuck me hard. I love the way your cock feels up my asshole!”

He started fucking me forcefully. My dad was a wonderful ass fucker. He fucked me with short strokes, long strokes and half strokes, changing his tempo as he fucked away. Gina played with my balls as my mom sucked my hard cock. My mom looked at me with her beautiful brown eyes from time to time. The bored housewife was no longer present in her. She was a hot and sexual vixen now.

Gina moved down to my face and started kissing my mouth. Her kisses were wet with her hot saliva. She opened my mouth with her fingers and spat into my mouth at least a dozen times. I drank her saliva eagerly and wanted more.

“Oh God…look Nick! Your fucking hot parents are fucking the shit out of you. Is it cool or what?”

“Yes Gina…oh mom I’m gonna cum in your mouth. Shit!”

At the same time as I shot my load into my mother’s mouth my dad announced that he was cumming. He filled up my asshole with his hot juice.

“So guys now you see why I’m here as your friend and not a therapist. I never recommend incest to my clients. But it’s way too fucking cool not to recommend it to my good friends!”

My dad woke me up by smacking my lips with his hard and heavy cock. I also felt my hot mother’s tongue licking my big balls. Gina was gently stroking my stomach and looking at me with a smile on her pretty face.

“Good morning handsome,” she said with her musical voice. “Open your mouth and let your dad fuck it for you honey.”

I did as the sexy therapist told me. My dad grabbed the back of my neck and pushed his cock into my open mouth. He started fucking my mouth with passion. Gina took one of my hard nipples into her mouth and started sucking it.

“That’s it Dave. Fuck your sexy son’s mouth. I can tell how much both of you love it,” Gina urged my dad.

My mother was taking my balls into her mouth, first one by one and then both of them at once. Her nose was resting on the bottom of my cock and I loved the feeling of her hot breath on the underside of my sensitive shaft. I started moaning as Gina reached out for my cock with her warm and tender hand, stroking it very gently.

“Yes baby. I know you like this. The three of us will make you cum like you’ve never cum before. Just relax and enjoy the treatment,” she told me lovingly and then continued sucking my nipple.

My mom was now licking my asshole. Her tongue went up my hole as far as it could. The feeling of her wet tongue swirling inside my asshole was out of this world.

“Angie, look at your son’s face. Isn’t it beautiful the way his sucking his dad’s cock?” Gina asked my sexy mother.

“Mmm, fuck yes. Gina may I ride his cock? I really want my boy’s big cock up my pussy!” my mom replied.

“Ok honey. You can fuck him just a little bit. Don’t make him cum, we’re saving that for much later.”

Gina held my hard cock upright as my mom straddled it. I felt the hot wetness of my own mother’s pussy as she slowly lowered herself on me. When my cock was finally all the way up her hot pussy, my mom tightened her vaginal muscles around my cock and started clenching it.

“Oh God, I love your cock up my pussy baby. It’s so fucking hard and big. I’m going to ride you hard now, but if you feel that you’re about to cum please tell me and I’ll stop, ok?”

She did not wait for my reply and started riding my big cock like crazy. She started moaning and breathing heavily as she rode me. Gina let go of my nipple and took one of my mother’s nipples in her mouth instead. At the same time she started rubbing my mom’s clit with two fingers. I watched my mother ride me while the sexy blonde played with her to help her cum on my cock faster as I sucked my father’s big cock.

“Fuck him Angie. Ride your son’s cock faster. Cum on it baby. Cum all over it!” Gina urged my mother.

“Oh fuck! I’m cumming on your cock Nick. I’m cumming so fucking hard!”

I felt my mother’s pussy loosen and tighten around my cock as she lay motionless on top of my body. Her juices flowed around my cock as she started kissing my lips, forcing me to stop sucking my dad’s cock. I kissed her back and played with her soft hair. Then Gina joined us and started kissing both of us. She made my mom open her mouth and started spitting into it.

“Swallow my fucking spit you sexy bitch. Swallow every drop of it. It turns me on so fucking much. Dave come over here and spit on this bitch’s face!”

My dad joined us and started spitting on my mother’s flushed face. Gina licked up his spit and spat it into my mouth.

“Gina, can I fuck his ass now?” my dad asked our perverted therapist.

“No Dave. You need to give him a good rimming first. Get your tongue up his asshole and lick as hard as you can. Then you need to spit and finger his asshole for a few minutes.”

My mom rolled off of me and let my dad get his face in between my legs. He lifted my butt and got into the business of rimming my asshole at once. His rimming was harder and more masculine than the one my mom had given me. I absolutely loved it. He licked and sucked my tight asshole for a few minutes then Gina ordered him to start fingering me. When he had two fingers up my stretched asshole Gina joined him and slid two fingers alongside my dad’s. My mom was now biting and sucking my nipples for me and played with my cock at the same time.

“Ok Dave. He’s ready. I want you to fuck the shit out of him now!” Gina ordered my dad.

My handsome father put a pillow under my butt, aimed his cock at my asshole and pushed it up inside me with one powerful thrust. At first I could not breathe. The pressure and pain were too much to handle. Gina told my dad not to move inside me until I got used to his intrusion. We were all motionless for about a minute.

“Fuck him now Dave. Show him no mercy. Fuck your son’s tight asshole as hard as you can. I want you to cum up his asshole really fast!”

My dad started banging my asshole with such power that his face turned red. His big balls banging and slapping against my butt cheeks each time he went all the way inside me.

“Raise your head Nick and suck your dad’s nipple. I want you to make him cum fast. Clench his cock with your asshole if you can!”

My dad was sweating all over me now as he fucked me hard and fast. He was a man on a mission. Gina and my mom were cheering him and urging him to go faster and fill me up with his hot cum. He finally slowed down and started grunting. I felt his hot cum fill my asshole. I loved the sensation of the hot fluid filling up my hole.

“Ok baby. Now it’s our turn to cum. I want you to fuck me now. My pussy is all yours. You can take your time fucking me. Do it anyway you want. I’m all yours!”

These words were music to my ears. I asked Gina to take my place on the bed and spread her legs wide open. I could not believe this hot blonde woman was all mine to fuck anyway I wanted. I wanted to see her pretty face and kiss her as I fucked her senseless. She lay in a half-sit position, balancing herself on her elbows. I started kissing her full lips as my cock entered her hot and very wet pussy. When my cock was all the way inside her I asked her to fuck it for me. She started milking my shaft by contracting her muscles around it.

“Oh fuck Gina. I think I love you!” I whispered sincerely to her.

“Oh you’re so sweet baby. Do you like the way I’m milking your cock with my pussy?”

“Shit Gina. I love it. You’re so fucking hot!”

All of a sudden Gina’s sweet face got covered in sperm. I had not noticed that my dad was jerking his cock watching us fuck. I kissed her and licked my dad’s hot cum off her angelic face. I started pumping Gina’s pussy furiously and she bit and sucked my nipples very hard in return.

“Oh God I love watching you two fuck. It’s like you were made for fucking each other,” said my mom as she reached out for Gina’s pointy breast and fondled it lovingly.

Gina started grinding her swollen clit against the base of my shaft each time she raised her hips to meet my thrusting cock. My dad was now behind me and he slid two or more fingers up my asshole. I stopped moving inside Gina and she took over the action by fucking my cock as hard as she could. Then she let out a faint cry and announced that she was cumming. Both of us came at the same time. Her pussy was pushing against my cock and my mother reached out for her clit and pinched it between two fingers. As my hot cum filled up Gina’s pussy I felt her squirt juices all over my balls and stomach.

“Oh my God. Look honey. She’s fucking squirting all over you!” my mom announced delightfully. She then leaned forward to take Gina’s clit between her teeth.

I took out my cock and squirted more cum on my mother’s face. Gina also squirted more pussy juice and covered my mom’s face and hair with it. My dad suddenly put his face on the blonde angel’s pussy and started lapping and licking passionately as my mom still sucked and bit her clit.

“Oh fuck! I’m cumming again…” screamed Gina and squirted one more time all over my parents’ faces.

With their faces drenched in cum and pussy juice my mom and dad kissed each other lovingly. I lay beside Gina and embraced her warm body.

“Oh Nick. You and I are going to have so much fun. I have plans for you and I guarantee by the time I’m through with you, you will be the best lover who ever walked the Earth!” Gina said to me with a smile and kissed me.

Two days later I was invited to Gina’s parents’ house for dinner. Gina warned me though that there was hardly going to be any actual dinner. Her mother was a very attractive blonde woman in her mid-fifties. She had big boobs, a slightly plumb but very nice figure and was very charming. Her dad was sixty-years-old and had the ragged looks of a handsome sailor or cowboy. He also had blonde hair, a handsome grey mustache and a very muscular and fit body. Before they even said hello to me they took turns kissing me deeply on my mouth. Gina’s mom Clara put her hand on my pants and started rubbing my erect cock through them. Her husband Gio went behind me and pulled my shirt up and threw it on the floor. Gina stood there watching her parents undress me with a smile on her face.

“Oh look at the cock on this handsome boy Gio. Look at his fine young body. My pussy is so wet it’s dripping,” Clara announced with much enthusiasm.

“Bend over and spread your legs my boy. I need to fuck your nice and muscular ass. Gina honey. Get the lubricant from the bathroom and make his hole ready for my cock.” Gio ordered his daughter.

A minute later I felt the cool lubricant filling my tight asshole followed by Gina’s intruding fingers. Clara started kissing me and stroked my cock. Then I felt Gio grabbing my hips with his firm grip and his big cock entered my asshole.

“Take it easy on him daddy. He is new to this. His own father has fucked him only three times.”

“I don’t give a fuck Gina. I am going to pound his ass hard and he better get used to it fast!”

Gina’s dad followed his words with strong action. He started pounding me hard and fast, showing absolutely no mercy. Clara started undressing in front of me and then sat on a sofa spreading her legs. Her blonde bush was wet with droplets of pussy juice. She ordered Gina to kneel in front of her and to lap on her pussy. Gina undressed and did as she was told. Her pretty tongue lapped at Clara’s large pussy lips while her fingers fucked her mother’s pussy hard and fast.

“Oh fuck. You are the best pussy eater I have ever had Gigi. Lick my fucking clit too. Yeah that’s it my angel. Make mommy cum hard. Fuck the pretty boy’s ass harder Gio. I want to see your cock come out of his mouth! Yeah harder, that’s it honey.”

Gina’s face was wet with her sexy mother’s pussy juice. Every now and then she would stop to watch me get fucked by her brutal father, but Clara would grab her hair and push her face into her pussy again.

“Gigi I’m fucking cumming baby. Fill the boy’s ass with your cum Gio. Cum with me. I’m fucking cumming!”

As Clara’s body tensed under Gina’s expert mouth, Gio filled my asshole with his huge load of hot cum. He grabbed my hips harder and stayed all the way up my asshole for almost a minute until his cock unloaded the very last drop of cum.

“Now go fuck my hot wife boy. Gina has told us that you can fuck like a pro. I want you to prove it to my slut of a wife!”

Gina moved to her mother’s side as she grabbed my hard cock and placed it on her pussy. I looked directly into Clara’s dreamy blue eyes as I thrust my cock up her hot pussy.

“Oh fuck. Oh shit. Fuck me baby. You’re so fucking handsome and young. I love it. Fuck me hard honey!”

Gina took her mother’s long and erect nipple in her mouth and started sucking noisily. Clara reached out for both my nipples and started pinching and twisting them between her fingers. Then I felt Gio’s hands on my hips once more.

“Don’t move for a second. I am going to fuck you again while you fuck my wife. Here it comes!”

His big cock filled my entire asshole once more. It was double pleasure: I loved the feeling of a big cock pounding my asshole and massaging my prostate as I pounded that hot pussy. Clara came twice on my cock before I had to squirt my sperm up her pussy. After I was done it took her husband five minutes of hard fucking to fill my asshole with his hot and gooey sperm again.

“God that was a nice appetizer. Now let’s go to our bedroom to fuck the shit out of this boy!” Clara announced playfully.

Once we were on the huge bed Clara ordered me to sit on her daughter’s face and let her suck her father’s cum out of my asshole. As Gina sucked eagerly on my asshole her parents started sucking my cock. One of them would suck the tip of my cock while the other one licked my shaft and balls and then they would switch. It took them about two minutes of expert sucking and licking to get me all hard again.

“Ok Nick I want you to spread your legs and sit here…yeah now put your nice cock on top of my husband’s. I want to suck two cocks at once.” Clara instructed me.

She rubbed our big cocks against each other. My balls were resting on top of Gio’s warm and big balls. Clara started taking our cocks into her mouth, slapping them on each other from time to time and spitting on them.

“Nick baby. I want you to fuck my dad now. Then my mom and I will take turns riding his shaft as you fuck him.”

Then Gina took my cock and guided it up her dad’s asshole. It was the first time I was fucking a man’s ass and it felt wonderful. The older man looked at me and smiled with pleasure as I started moving my big cock inside his hot asshole. Then Gina straddled his cock and impaled herself very gently on it. She started riding her own father’s cock. She moved up when I pumped my cock in and down when I pulled back. She balanced herself by holding on to my shoulders.

“Yeah Nick that’s it honey. Fuck my daddy’s asshole. Daddy I love your big fat cock up my pussy. Your little girl is gonna cum all over your big cock. Oh God…I’m fucking cumming!”

“Oh my little angel. Yeah that’s it. Squirt all over my cock and balls baby!”

As soon as Gina was done cumming her mother replaced her. She held on to my shoulders as well and I started sucking on her big warm boobs. Gina played with her mother’s clit as she rode Gio’s cock harder and faster.

“Oh God. Fuck my husband pretty boy. Fuck him harder. Shoot your cum all the way up his hot asshole. I’m gonna cum too. God damn it…I’m cumming!”

Gio clenched my cock with hiss anus and I finally shot my cum. Clara dug her fingernails into my shoulders as she came too. We finally collapsed on the bed, exhausted. We needed a while to recover from all the hard fucking, but the night was still young.

A few days later Gina introduced me to her best friend, Mitra and her children. Mitra was a Persian beauty. She was thirty-five-years old with long and wavy black hair, a knock out body, delicious big breasts that had stiff dark nipples. Mitra lay on her bed as her handsome son Cyrus fucked her with his big cock. I was fucking Gina doggy style right next to them. Mitra’s daughter, Mina lay on the bed with her legs spread wide in front of Gina. Gina lapped on the pretty girl’s dark pussy as I fucked her very hard from behind. Mina’s head was resting on her mother’s arm and she reached out and cupped her mom’s breast with her little hand. Mina was very petite and had the dark good looks of her mother.

“Oh Mina. Your pussy tastes so salty. What have you been eating you naughty girl?” Gina asked the girl teasingly.

“Shut up and lick me faster Gina. Yes bite my fucking clit. You know how much I love that!”

I pulled out of Gina’s pussy and put my face on Mitra’s pussy. As I watched her son fuck her pussy passionately I took out my tongue and started licking the hot woman’s clit. Then I made Cyrus stop fucking his mother for a moment and took his pussy-drenched cock into my mouth. After I sucked his cock clean I put it back into his mother’s pussy and continued licking her clit as he resumed fucking her.

“God yes Nick. Lick my clit. Fuck me harder baby boy. Mommy loves your big cock so fucking much. FUCK ME!”

“Nick come over here and fuck this hot slut for me a little bit,” Gina asked me.

I stopped what I was doing and moved over to Mina’s side. I positioned myself between the hot teenager’s legs. As I pushed my cock up her pussy Gina put her hand on my abs and pushed me back.

“Not her pussy baby. Her hot box is mine. I want to eat her as you fuck her ass,” said Gina as she grabbed my cock and guided it up Mina’s extremely tight asshole.

“Oh Fuck Gina you slut, his cock is too big for my ass. What the hell are you doing to me?”

“Shut up bitch. Don’t play innocent virgin with me. You know that you’ve had bigger cocks up your shithole before!”

Gina lifted the girl’s butt and made her push herself up my intruding cock as she started lapping on her dark pussy. She ate her pussy with such force that I thought she would actually bite it off of her and swallow it. Mina was screaming with pleasure and pain now. I followed Gina’s lead and fucked the girl as hard as I possibly could. Watching us, Cyrus picked up his pace and fucked his mother with such force that the woman screamed loudly.

“Oh my fucking God. I’m cumming all over my son’s cock. Oh God. I’M CUMMING SO HARD…OOH!”

Then Mina’s body tightened and she came hard into Gina’s devouring mouth. Gina’s pretty face was drenched in hot pussy juice as she smiled at me with satisfaction. I pulled out of Mina’s tight asshole and lied down on my back, spread my legs wide open and invited Cyrus to come and fuck me. The handsome boy accepted my invitation eagerly and positioned himself in between my legs. His cock was already lubricated with his mother’s sticky pussy juice and slid up my asshole easily.

“Yeah fuck me man. Fuck me like you fucked your mother. That was so fucking cool!”

The three women gathered around me as Cyrus started fucking me hard. They kissed me, played with my nipples, sucked and stroked my cock as the handsome boy pounded my tight asshole.

“Oh fuck. I’m gonna shoot my cum up your tight asshole Nick. Here it comes…FUCK!”

As soon as Cyrus pulled out of my asshole Gina mounted my cock. Mina and her daughter guided my cock up Gina’s hot asshole and helped her ride my cock. They fingered her pussy and rubbed her clit as she rode my cock like crazy with her asshole.

“God Gina I’m cumming up your asshole you pretty slut. I’m FUCKING CUMMING!”

“Oh Nick. I’m cumming too. Shoot your hot cum up my asshole baby. FILL ME UP!”

After Gina came she collapsed on top of me. She kissed me tenderly and lovingly. I pulled her hair back from her beautiful face and looked into her beautiful blue eyes. I was such a lucky guy

Playing with My Mom


This is a revised version of my previously published story, Playing With My Mom. Please do not read if you are offended by hardcore male bisexuality and/or extreme watersports action.


I woke up in the middle of the night with a hard on. It was a hot summer’s night and I had gone to sleep after masturbating twice, wearing absolutely nothing. My bedroom window was open and I could feel a very soft breeze teasing my hard cock and playing horny tricks with my horny eighteen-year old mind.

Earlier that day I had watched my mom sunbathing topless beside our swimming pool. As she took her bikini top off right in front of my eyes she had explained that from then on we were going to be proud of our bodies and that we had nothing to hide from each other. I figured that this was only one more change in a series of changes that she was going through since my dad left us.

My dad was a very successful realtor and had made sure that mom and I kept living comfortably in our luxurious villa in south of Spain. Only one month after dad had left us mom started spending a lot of money on gym and spa equipment. She hired a personal trainer, a masseur and a Yoga instructor as well.

In my opinion she did not need any of that. She was only thirty-six with a smoking hot body, long golden blonde hair, mesmerizing blue eyes, beautiful full lips and perfect white teeth that could melt hearts when she smiled her perfect smile. I had already masturbated twice thinking about her gorgeous breasts. They were large and firm with pink and stiff nipples, which grew even longer and stiffer as I looked at them shyly.

“Do you like my breasts honey?” she asked me with a smile.

“Yeah mom,” I replied shyly. “They’re absolutely perfect.”

Now I looked at my hard on and felt that I was too sleepy to masturbate again, so I decided to pour some cold water on my cock and go back to sleep. I did not bother to put on my underwear and headed towards the bathroom completely naked.

The bathroom light was on which was normal since my mom always left the door ajar and the light on after she used the bathroom at nights. I entered the bathroom squinting my eyes and trying to get used to the light. I wanted to go directly to the sink, which was on the left, but from the corner of my right eye I noticed that my mom was sitting on the toilet.

My immediate reaction was to turn and face her completely with my hard on exposed to her. She was wearing a black bra but no panties and she was not peeing. Instead she was holding her clit in between two fingers of one hand and with her other hand she was fingering her pussy.

It was as if time stood still for a few seconds. She lifted her head and looked directly into my eyes with her lusty blue eyes. Then her gaze shifted to my hard cock. “Oh!” was all she managed to say before I turned and ran out of the bathroom.

I jumped into my bed and covered myself with a thin bed sheet. My heart was beating fast and my mouth went dry. I was extremely aroused and nervous at the same time. I could feel my heart pounding through my chest and my cock throbbing through the sheet. The images of my mom looking down at her golden bush, her fingers playing with her clit and the wetness of her pussy were burnt into my mind.

I had no idea what was going to happen next. Was she going to lecture me and give me a hard time or were we supposed to forget about what had happened and move on? The answer came much sooner than I expected. The door swung open and my mom walked into my bedroom. She switched on the light and to my amazement she was still wearing no panties. She sat down on my bed right next to my hard cock and put her nice and warm hand on my face.

“Oh Tommy honey…it’s ok baby. It really is,” she said in a very nice and comforting tone.

She was smiling and running her fingers through my hair now. I finally dared to look into her beautiful blue eyes. Her eyes were dreamy and void of anger. All I could see was love…and lust! She looked so amazingly beautiful at that moment that I just wanted to jump on her and make love to her right there and then.

She moved her hand to my chest and started going all the way down to my hard six-pack abs and up to my chest again. Then she put her fingers on one of my stiff nipples and started pinching. I let out a soft moan at her playful touch and started moving my hips gently with my hard cock rubbing against the bed sheet.

“Baby you have such a beautiful cock. It’s so big and thick. I have been wondering for a while about how it looked like.”

“You mean you’re not mad at me mom?”

“Mad at you? Don’t be silly honey. You are such a handsome boy, strong and athletic. I just can’t get enough of looking at your body!”

“Thanks mom. You look like a Goddess. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I mean it! Lately I have seen more of you, and I like it.”

“Yes baby. I have a few new friends and they have opened my eyes to a whole new world of sexuality. Your dad could never understand me. He is way too square.”

I knew which friends she was talking about. A woman named Kari was my mom’s new best friend. They spent a lot of time together lately. Kari had a son and a daughter. I found their behavior a bit strange.

Kari’s son Nick once offered to give me a blow job which I had politely refused. Nick’s sister Linda also offered to give me a blow job on one of their visits to our house, which I gladly accepted. She mentioned that my cock was bigger and nicer than her brother’s. At the time I thought that she was only saying that to test my reaction. Now I knew that there was more to Kari and her family than I had suspected.

Mom leaned over me and brought her pretty face right above mine. Her warm breath against my skin felt amazing. She put her lips on mine and kissed me very softly.

“Open your mouth honey. I am going to put my tongue inside your mouth,” she said very softly and darted her tongue gently into my mouth.

Her tongue went over my teeth and found my tongue. As her tongue started playing with mine I grabbed my cock though the thin sheet and started stroking it slowly.

“Get up baby. Let’s go to my room and play. My bed is bigger than yours,” she said as she removed the sheet from me.

We sat on her queen size bed facing each other. She told me to unhook her bra for her and I obeyed her gladly. She got as close to me as possible and put her legs behind my back. Her wet pussy was resting right on top of my balls and my hard cock pushed against her flat stomach. Her big breasts were resting upon my upper chest and the feeling of her stiff nipples against my skin was driving me insane with lust.

“Mom, my balls are soaking wet with your pussy juice! It feels so fucking nice!”

“Oh I know honey. I get really wet when I’m horny, and I squirt when I cum! Just wait and see how wet we’re both going to get!”

I held her body tightly against mine and took one of her erect nipples into my mouth. I twirled my tongue around it and then started sucking on its tip gently. Then I sucked harder and noisily on the entire nipple.

“Fuck, that feels so good. Suck mommy’s nipple baby,” she said moaning and started rubbing her swollen clit against my shaft.

I took breaks from sucking her nipples to kiss her hot mouth. Her tongue and saliva tasted better than any treat. Her hot breath against my face made me move my balls up and down her pussy. Her both hands were behind my neck as she started rubbing her pussy harder and faster up and down my shaft and balls. She was moaning louder and louder and getting wetter by the second.

“Ah God damn it baby…I’m gonna fucking cum!” she exclaimed loudly and I felt a hot splash of fluid hit my cock, balls and abs.

She grabbed my shoulders with both hands as her body tensed one more time. I felt another stream of juice hitting me as she started kissing and tonguing my mouth forcefully. There were a few more short squirts and mom started to relax.

“Fuck mom…that was intense. Do you always cum like this?”

“Oh honey…more or less. Depending on how much I’m enjoying the fuck. It’s your turn to cum baby. Lie down with this pillow under your ass.”

I lay on the bed, my ass elevated by the pillow underneath me and mom lay on her stomach with her beautiful face right in front of my cock and balls.

“Start jerking your big cock in front of my face baby. I want to watch,” she said as she put two fingers on my balls and pulled on my ball sack.

“Mom my mouth is dry. Can you spit on my cock?” I asked her and held my cock close to her mouth.

She smiled and spat on my cock three or four times. A film of saliva now connected the tip of my cock to her pretty mouth. I started stroking my shaft slowly and put my other hand on mom’s soft and silky golden hair.

“I am going to fuck your asshole with my middle finger baby. Tell me if you like it.”

“Isn’t that gay mom? I mean gay men like their assholes fucked…”

“Ssh baby…first off, no it’s not gay. Second, I love watching men fuck each other. I can’t wait to see you and your buddy Nick fuck each other’s brains out. You’ll do that for mommy…won’t you honey?”

I was not sure if I would go that far to please her, but I told her that I would. She thanked me and kissed my balls. Then she slid her warm tongue into my asshole and started licking and twirling. The feeling was so intensely wonderful that I almost came right away. I stopped stroking my cock for a few minutes to avoid cumming. She then spat into my asshole a few times before she slid her middle finger into it.

“This way you’ll cum much harder baby!” she said and started finger fucking my tight asshole hard and fast.

She was absolutely right. The feeling was incredible and I begged her to put one more finger inside me.

“I told you you’ll love it. I am sliding one more finger up your asshole baby, three fucking fingers…that’s it honey. Just imagine having Nick’s big cock in your asshole. Oh I ‘m getting all wet again.”

“Have you seen Nick’s cock mom?”

“Yes, he has a beautiful cock. He has fucked me more than a dozen times already. I have fucked Kari too!”

“Oh mom, fuck my asshole harder. Ah you mean you fuck girls too?”

“Yes and I love it. I am so fucking bisexual. You can cum on my face whenever you’re ready honey!”

I was ready and when I heard my mom say that, I exploded all over her pretty face. I shot four heavy loads of cum all over her face and hair. When I was done she climbed up the bed and lay down next to me. She kissed me with her cum covered lips and played with my hair.

“Oh honey, you and I are going to have so much fun together. This is just the beginning!” she said smiling and kissed me again.

“Good morning sleepy head,” I heard my mom’s sexy voice say and slowly opened my eyes.

It was an absolutely beautiful morning. The bedroom window was open and I could hear the morning birds singing joyfully. A gentle summer breeze was caressing my naked skin. I looked at my beautiful mother’s face and smiled at her. She smiled back at me and ran her lovely fingers through my hair.

I turned and lay on my side to face her directly and started caressing her golden hair. She moved her body closer to mine and embraced me tightly. Our bodies were completely aligned now. She pulled my face upon hers and started kissing my lips softly. Her sight and her smell were driving me crazy with lust.

She pushed her firm breasts tighter into my chest, wrapped her leg around my back and started grinding her wet pussy against the length of my hard shaft. She moaned as she bit my lower lip and sucked it gently into her mouth.

“Mom, oh mom. You are so fucking beautiful. I love you mom!”

“Mmm baby. Oh your cock feels so good rubbing on my pussy. I love you too honey.”

“Mom…I mean it. I think that I really love you. Not just because you’re my mother. It’s different. I love everything about you. Everything you do. Your voice, your smell, your hair, absolutely everything!”

“Oh, you’re making me cum so hard by telling me all these nice things. I love it honey. Don’t stop loving me. Shit…I’m cumming all over your cock!”

I felt her warm juices flow all over my cock, balls and thighs. She kissed me deeply as her body tensed and relaxed a few more times. Then she wrapped her well-manicured fingers around my cock and started stroking it firmly. I loved the feeling of her firm grip and started moving my hips.

She made me lay on my back and sat on my legs, facing me. She was pumping my big cock like a woman on a mission.

“Cum for me baby. Shoot your hot cum for your mom,” she said as she looked at me with her lusty blue eyes.

I came really hard and shot my cum all over her big breasts. She started rubbing my creamy cum with two fingers into her skin, then put her fingers into her mouth and licked them. She smiled at me with satisfaction and announced that she was going to take a shower. I got up and went to the kitchen to grab something to eat.

Later that evening mom asked me to go and buy some groceries. On my way back from the supermarket I stopped by at a flower shop to get my mom some flowers. The lady working there was very nice and helpful. She was a very sexy Latina, probably my mom’s age with straight black hair, black eyes and a very hot body. I noticed that I was looking at women in a more sexual way. I was also much more self confident in my approach.

This was a new me, and I liked it. I felt that the flower lady was checking me out, and doing it not so very secretly. I was wearing shorts and a T-shirt that revealed my lean and muscular shape. I also had a hard on that showed through my shorts. So it was only natural that this very hot woman was checking me out. By the time I was ready to check out she was staring directly at my bulge and licking her pretty lips.

“A dozen red roses…very nice. Are these for a special occasion?”

“No…they are just to say I love you!”

“Your girlfriend is very lucky. Getting flowers from such a handsome and sexy young man. I wish that my husband would do this just once.”

“They are not for my girlfriend. They are for my mother. I am hoping to fuck her for the first time tonight!”

I had no idea why I said that to her. She looked at me strangely at first, but then smiled and said, “You are a very strange young man. What kind of a pick up line is that? Was that supposed to turn me on?”

I felt courageous and confident again and replied, “Well…you can take it anyway you want. But that was the honest truth!”

“I don’t know what it is about you, but I believe you! I have no idea why the fuck what you said has made my pussy dripping wet either. Would you fuck me if I closed the store for a few minutes?”

I told her that I would and she immediately went and locked the door. She came back and lifted up her summery dress and sat upon the cashier’s counter. She moved her panties to the side and revealed her nice pussy which was covered with thick black hair. I pulled my shorts down, took my cock out and put it on her pussy.

“Before you fuck me…my name is Angela. What’s yours?” she asked.

“I’m Tom. Nice to meet you Angela,” I said as I slid my cock into her hot pussy.

I kissed her full lips as I thrust my cock forcefully into her. Angela moaned loudly and kissed me back.

“Shit…your cock is so fucking nice and big. Fuck me. Fuck me harder with that beauty of a cock!”

“Fuck Angela. Your fucking pussy is so wet and hot. It’s so much nicer than girls my age. I’m gonna cum soon!”

“Oh shit…I’m cumming too. Oooh fuckin’ cum inside me baby. Fuck yeah!”

I felt her warm pussy clench my cock three or four times and I came with a grunt. I looked into her fiery black eyes and kissed her softly. She gave me her business card and told me to call her soon.

As I was leaving through the door she said, “Have fun with your mom tonight!” and winked at me.

“Thank you. I definitely will,” I said to her and left her store.

As soon as I entered our villa I heard loud moans coming from the living room. I put the groceries in the kitchen and hurried to the living room with the roses in my hand. There in the living room my fucking sexy mother was wearing nothing but a strap-on dildo and fucking her best friend from behind while pulling on her beautiful brown hair.

Kari was wearing a light summery dress that was pulled up to her waist and moaning loudly. Her bare ass and shaved pussy looked wonderful with my mom’s dildo sliding back and forth into it. She was leaning over a table and balancing herself on her elbows as my mom pounded her from behind. Kari turned her face and saw me standing there.

“Hey Tom…shit. Tell your fucking mother to fuck me harder!” she said almost shouting. Mom looked at me as she started fucking her friend even harder.

“Hi baby. What took you so long? Are those beautiful flowers for me? Come over here honey and give me a kiss,” she said almost out of breath.

“Yes mom they’re for you. You look fucking amazing. Fuck her hard mom. It looks so fucking good!”

“Oh baby…if I fuck this sexy bitch’s pussy any harder it’ll catch on fire! Take your clothes off and come and take over for me while I go and put those flowers in water.”

I undressed quickly and went and stood next to my mom with my hard on ready to pound Kari’s hot pussy. I gave my mom the flowers and as soon as she pulled out of her friend’s pussy, I replaced her with my big cock. My mom went around the table and pulled on Kari’s hair while facing her.

“Look bitch…my fucking son got me these. Aren’t they pretty?”

“Fuck yeah honey. He is such a good son. He is a good fucker too. He is fucking me so good with that big cock of his!”

“Open your fucking mouth Kari. I want to spit into your mouth and I want you to swallow my spit. I know that you love this shit bitch.”

“Ooh Maria…you’re so fucking nasty. Yes honey. Let me drink your spit!”

As I watched my mom spitting into her hot friend’s mouth my cock got even harder and I pounded Kari’s wet pussy even faster. My mom disappeared into the kitchen for a few moments but quickly returned and stood by my side. She put her mouth on one of my nipples and gently bit on it. Then she spat on two of her fingers and forcefully inserted them into my tight asshole.

I started pulling on Kari’s lustrous hair as she screamed and announced that she was going to cum. My balls were hitting against Kari’s thighs noisily each time my cock went all the way inside her. My mom now ordered me to open my mouth so that she could spit into it. I just loved the kinkiness of my mother’s actions and gladly opened my mouth for her. I swallowed her spit and asked her for more.

Then my mom’s fingers started fucking my asshole harder and she urged me to cum inside her friend’s pussy. I grunted and came intensely inside the beautiful brunette’s hot pussy.

“Good boy Tommy. Now it’s my turn to cum. Let’s go upstairs to my bedroom,” said my mom before she kissed me on my eager lips.

Mom lay on her bed and spread her legs wide open. Kari and I lay on the bed right between her legs, facing her blonde-bushed pussy. Kari smiled at me and put her thumb on my mom’s clit. She then slid two fingers into her pussy and started fucking them back and forth as her thumb played with her clit.

“Watch me carefully Tom. This is how she likes her pussy played with. Now you finger her pussy while I lick her clit,” she said to me and waited for me to replace her fingers with my own.

Then she put her mouth on mom’s clit and started licking and sucking noisily. I was fingering my mom’s pussy with three fingers of one hand and placed my other hand on top of her bush and pushed down gently.

“Oh shit Tom! I love the way you’re pressing down on my stomach. Finger my wet pussy for me. Kari you fucking bitch…suck my clit harder!” my mom exclaimed loudly.

Kari replaced her moth with her thumb again as my mom started pushing her pussy against my fingers. Her waist and legs started jerking violently.

“Tom are you ready? Here it comes. She’s gonna squirt her juices all over our faces any second now!” and before she finished her sentence my mom started squirting. Both of our faces were drenched in my mom’s pussy juice. The sexy brunette told me to open my mouth. She then spat out my mom’s pussy juice that she had held in her mouth into mine and told me to swallow. Then she locked her mouth on mine and started French kissing me deeply.

Then she moved up the bed, took one of my mom’s nipples in her mouth and started sucking like there was no tomorrow. I was left alone with my mom’s gorgeous pussy right in front of my face. I started lapping on the length of her pussy, up and down, like a hungry kitten. Then I locked my mouth on her swollen clit and sucked on it. My mom came once more, drenching my face and hair in her pussy juice.

“Look Maria. Doesn’t he look cute? Your own fucking son dripping wet with your cum. Wow…I need to get fucked again. I’m so fucking wet!”

“Yes…my baby knows how to please his mommy. I can’t wait to see your son fuck you. Have I told you what a fucking pretty bitch you are lately Kari?”

“Yes honey many times. Will you slap my fucking face and boobs while your son fucks me?”

“You bet you fucking slut. I’ll slap you senseless. I’ll even make you cry. Then I will lick your tears off your fucking pretty face!”

Listening to this conversation had made me very hard again. I slid my cock inside Kari’s wet pussy and started pounding her hard.

Next day my mom invited Kari, Nick and Linda over for dinner. I knew that mom and Kari had plans for Nick and Linda. Mom and Kari looked fabulously sexy, even more so than usual. Linda who was my age was the rebel type. She was always up to date with the latest Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera fashion and looks.

That night she was wearing a tight T-shirt that made her firm boobs look bigger than they were and exposed her pierced belly button. Her sexy thong was sticking out of her very low cut jeans that also exposed the tattoo of a butterfly on her well-tanned skin right above her pubic area. She had the face of a dirty little angel, blue eyes and jet-black hair that came all the way down to her sexy small waist.

She was giggling, laughing and joking as usual at the dinner table. Her hunky brother Nick who was one year older than her was sitting right next to her. He was muscular and athletic like me with dark brown hair and blue eyes.

As my mom was pouring white wine in everyone’s glasses Kari looked at Nick and said, “So Nick I hear that you’ve been fucking Maria!”

Nick’s jaws suddenly dropped and he froze completely. Linda started giggling uncontrollably and spilled some of her wine on the table.

“I mean fucking my best friend without my permission is one thing, but I also hear that you exposed your cock to your sister!”

“Mom…I…don’t know. I don’t know what to say mom!”

“You’re a spoiled little shit Nick! You have the audacity to fuck my best friend under my roof and show your hard on to your sister. Did you think you could just get away with that shit?”

“Geez…no mom. I mean I don’t know. I’m sorry mom.”

“Sorry doesn’t cut it. Get up and take your fucking clothes off.”

“What? Here? Come on mom…”

“Right fucking here and right fucking now! Get up and take your fucking clothes off. I want you to be butt naked in thirty seconds!”

We all watched as Nick got up and started stripping his clothes off right in front of us. His mother and sister were watching his every move intently. My mom would look at me from time to time with a devilish grin on her face.

Kari got up and went around the table, standing behind her naked son. She ordered him to bend over and pushed his neck down with one hand. My mom also got up from the table and pulled a large black dildo out of a drawer. She applied what appeared to be a lubricant to the dildo and then handed it over to Kari.

“Spread your fucking legs for me Nick. Keep your head down. I am going to punish you. I’ll fuck your spoiled ass with a big dildo. I f you can take it like a man, I’ll let you fuck Maria, your sister and even me as much as you want. Do you understand me?”

“Yes mom. I’ll do anything you say mom.”

Linda also got up and moved around the table to watch her mother fuck her brother’s asshole.

“Oh mom. I love this. You are so fucking nasty!” she exclaimed to her mother.

“Shut up you fucking slut. You will get your punishment too. Now just be quiet and watch!” she replied to her horny daughter and put the tip of the dildo on her son’s asshole.

She told him to relax and let the latex cock slide in. When the thick tip was finally inside Nick’s asshole, she twisted the dildo and pushed it inside. Nick almost screamed at the violent penetration, but swallowed his cries of pain.

“Oh fuck yes. It looks so good. Do you like the way I’m fucking your asshole baby?”

“Mom it hurts. But it’s ok. I can take it. Fuck me with that big cock!”

“That’s my boy. That’s exactly what I want to hear honey. I’m fucking you so good. This dildo looks so nice up your tight asshole!”

My mom started clearing up the dinner table. When she was done she walked over to Linda. She grabbed the sexy girl’s T-shirt by its collar and tore it off of her with a violent yank. Linda was still in shock as my mom tore her bra off too. She then ordered her to take her jeans off. Then she grabbed the side of the girl’s thong and tore it off.

“Sit up on the table next to your brother and spread your legs wide open for me you little slut!” my mom ordered her sternly and the started taking her own clothes off.

When she was naked she was wearing only a gold necklace and a gold waistlet. The waistlet made her look incredibly sexy.

“Now open your pretty little mouth. I’m going to spit into your mouth and you will swallow. Do you understand me?” she told the sexy teenager.

Linda nodded her head and opened her mouth. My mom grabbed her by the hair, pulled her head close to hers and started spitting into her mouth. When she was sure that Linda had swallowed every drop of her spit, she told me to strip my clothes off and come over to spit in Linda’s mouth. When Linda finished drinking my spit my mom started slapping her pussy.

“Aw…that hurts Maria. Not so hard. Fuck…please! Maria!”

“Shut the fuck up you sexy slut. I’ll slap your pussy until it’s all red and puffy. Then I’ll slap your tits and have Tom fuck your ass!”

“Yeah Maria…fuck that bitch’s asshole really good while I fuck my son’s ass with this big cock!” Kari urged my mom as she pounded Nick’s asshole hard.

My mom applied some lubricant on my hard cock and on two of her fingers, then she started fingering Linda’s little asshole while she continued to slap her pussy with her other hand.

“Come on honey,” my mom said to me. “Fuck her tight asshole for me!”

I put the tip of my cock on Linda’s tight asshole and pushed it in. To my surprise my entire cock slid in with one hard push, but Linda screamed in pain. I did not move for a while so she could get used to my cock’s intrusion. My mom was slapping the sexy girl’s clit now and had taken one of her nipples into her mouth.

All four of us were moaning, sucking and fucking loudly. Kari stopped fucking her son’s asshole, then looked at me and said, “Baby come over here and fuck your friend’s asshole for me. I want you to cum up his shithole.”

I was reluctant at first, but then realized that in this game I had no choice but to obey these two horny women’s orders.In less than a minute later I was fucking my handsome friend’s asshole like there was no tomorrow. I grabbed him by his waist and delivered short and hard thrusts into his tight butthole. I realized that all three women were watching my performance intently.

“Hey Nick, are you ok? I’m not hurting you am I?”

“No man. Shit your cock is big. Fuck me harder man!”

“If I fuck you any harder my cock’s gonna come out of your mouth you nerd!”

Everybody started laughing at this point. A minute later I announced that I was going to shoot my cum. My mom was licking Linda’s clit and the girl exploded with pleasure before I did. I shot massive amounts of cum up my friend’s asshole. When I pulled out of Nick and he turned around, his face was drenched with sweat. He said that he was thirsty and went to get a glass of water. My mom and Kari had satisfied looks on their faces.

“Fuck girl…this is so much fucking fun. I love it!”

“Yeah you sexy slut…I told you that it was going to be fun. Now let’s go for a swim before we fuck our sons!”

Linda worriedly asked my mom, “What about me?” and pouted her lips.

“Of course we’re going to fuck you too baby. I will also fuck you with my favorite strap-on. So don’t worr,” my mom said as she winked at her.

Nick was pounding his mother’s pussy on a poolside mat while his sister sucked on her nipple and rubbed her clit. My mom and I were lying on a double poolside lounge next to each other, watching the horny trio fuck and enjoying the scene. My mom was smoking a cigarette and I was stroking my cock gently. I turned my head and looked at my mother’s fucking pretty face. She looked so adorable, fuckable and sexy. She looked back at me, reached out with her hand and cupped my swollen balls.

“Look at the way he’s fucking his mother so hard. This is a nice show. Don’t you think so baby?”

“Yeah it’s the best mom. It makes me want to fuck you even more!”

“Not yet honey. Not tonight. I am saving our first fuck for a more special occasion. Which reminds me…on Saturday I’m introducing you to a group of my friends. There will be a group sex party. After tonight you’re not allowed to play with your cock until Saturday. I want you to save your cum until then.”

“Ok mom. I’ll do whatever you tell me.”

“Ah fuck I need to pee so bad, but I don’t want to miss the show. I guess I’ll have to pee right here.”

She then spread her legs wide open putting one of them on top of mine. I started stroking my cock harder and faster automatically. She put her fingers above her pretty pussy and started peeing. Her stream of hot piss went up and landed on my legs and feet.

This unexpected act made me horny beyond belief. When she finished pissing on my legs she put her mouth on my nipple and started sucking hard. I came harder than ever and shot my cum all over the place. I could not wait to see what else my perverted and sexy mother had in store for me.

It was finally Saturday and I had not played with myself or fucked anyone for five long and torturous days. Being around my sexy and constantly teasing mother made the matter all the more difficult. On Friday she had asked me to help trim her dark blonde pubic patch and there after she had shaved my balls for me. Having her fingers on my cock and balls had been pure torture, but also very exciting at the same time.

She enjoyed playing this game of delayed gratification with me and I let her play as much and anyway she wanted to. Once she attacked me while I was watching a movie and we made out for almost one hour. Another time she woke me in the middle of the night and rimmed my asshole with her tongue for almost an hour.

But Saturday had finally arrived and this waiting game was soon to be over. She was going to introduce me to her swinger friends and in my mind I was calculating all the possibilities that joining a group with my own sexy mother would bring. She told me that I had to go through a rite of initiation into the group. This was an exclusive club and I had to satisfy the hosts that I was worthy of joining their group.

She said that there were going to be tests that I had to pass in order to become a full member. When I asked her what sort of tests they were she just smiled and told me to just be myself, and that she was going to be there to help me get through the most difficult test. But the nature of the test itself remained a mystery to me.

That evening at around 5:30 my mom finally finished applying the last touches of make up to her face and announced that she was ready to go. I had been ready for a while and was admiring my mother’s exquisite beauty quietly as she blow dried her hair, got dressed and put on her make up. We arrived at Hans and Nadia’s villa at 6 o’clock. They were a German couple that hosted these group sex parties twice a month.

A petite Asian beauty dressed in a French maid costume opened the door for us and guided us to a huge living room. There in the room sat at least ten couples of different ages and races. Everyone was fully dressed except our host couple. Hans who was probably fifty years old looked muscular with blond hair, blue eyes and a huge cock. He was wearing a leather corset, leather wrist-bands and a leather cap.

His wife was about ten years younger than him. She was a very attractive woman from Lebanese descent. She had long wavy black hair that came all the way down to her waist, deep black eyes, beautiful lips and medium sized breasts with stiff dark nipples that were held up by a 1/4-cup leather bra. She was wearing leather suspenders and black stockings but no panties. Her pubic patch was black and full, glistening with beads of juice.

I only recognized one person in the crowd. A young black man named Lorenzo who was my mother’s personal masseur. He was standing in his boxers in the middle of the room right next to a massage table. My mom and I were welcomed by Hans and led to the middle of the room where the massage table was.

Nadia came to me and stood right by my side and announced aloud, “Hi everyone. Welcome to the party. Today Maria has brought us his son Tom. As usual we will have a little induction ceremony right here before we go to the orgy room downstairs,” then she turned towards me and my mom and said, “Tom, Maria…take your clothes off. Lorenzo you take your boxers off too.”

As I was getting naked my eyes caught the sight of Lorenzo’s big black cock. This man’s cock was at least eleven inches and very thick. My own big cock looked small comparing to his.

When the three of us were completely naked Hans ordered me to lie on my stomach on the massage table. From the corner of my eye I saw Lorenzo pouring some massage oil on his hands. Then he put his strong hands on my shoulders and started rubbing them. I felt a bit embarrassed to be rubbed down by another man in front of an audience. Then I felt my mother’s loving hands first touching my hair but soon going down to squeeze my buttocks.

Then I heard Hans order the Asian maid, “Mai take off your clothes and get on top of Tom. Rub his back with your pussy.”

I felt the pretty girl’s weight on my back and the nice feeling of her warm and wet pussy rubbing on my back and my butt. My mom’s and Lorenzo’s hands were still applying oil and rubbing where Mai was not rubbing at the time. Then I heard Nadia order Mai to get off my back and start rimming my asshole. I felt her little tongue go up inside my butthole as far as it could, then I felt her fingering my hole with her lubed up fingers.

The sensation of the two pairs of hands working on my back and the petite girl playing with my asshole was out of this world. Then I was ordered to turn around. Mom and Lorenzo massaged and oiled my chest and abs as Mai still fingered my asshole diligently. She had three fingers all the way up my asshole now and was turning and twisting them.

Then the exotic and beautiful Nadia lowered her face upon mine and started kissing my mouth deeply. Hans put his hand on my head and ran his fingers gently through my hair as his hot wife darted her tongue into my young mouth. He then reached out for my stiff nipple and started pinching. I was moaning aloud now. Five people working on different parts of my body was pure heaven.

Mai’s little mouth closed around the wide tip of my big cock. She started sucking it while she slid a fourth finger into my now very stretched asshole. Her fingers were small and thin but still four fingers could do a lot of stretching, especially the way she was twisting them gradually inside me and going in as deep as possible.

Nadia started spitting into my mouth in between kisses and her husband took his cock in his hand and started slapping it on my nipple. The feeling of his cock on my nipple was a bit weird, but I did not mind it at that moment. It actually felt good. Mai’s mouth was taking in my cock in deeper and deeper.

Then Nadia stopped kissing me and announced loudly so everyone could hear her, “Attention everyone. If you want to gather around the table please do it now. Tom is going to fuck his own pretty mother for us. This is the first time we are doing this in our club and I hope that it’s not the last. So if you want to bring your children to join our group you are more than welcome to do so. You are allowed to masturbate while you watch Tom and Maria fuck each other, but no one is allowed to cum. That goes for you too Tom honey. Do not cum without my permission.”

I got off the massage table and my mom sat down at the end of it. She spread her legs wide open. Hans and Nadia were on each side of her and they lifted her legs up, running their tender hands back and forth on her inner thighs. Lorenzo sat behind my mom applying massage oil to her back and then front.

My mom started moaning aloud while looking at me with her horny blue eyes. Mai grabbed my cock and guided it to my mom’s beautiful and eager pussy. She rubbed the tip of my cock against my mom’s swollen clit for about two minutes before putting it inside her pussy. “Ah Jesus fucking Christ mom. Your pussy is burning hot! Are you ok?”

“Baby…oh baby Push it in deeper. Ooh I’m fucking cummmming!”

People around us gasped in disbelief when my mom squirted her pussy juice all over me. Some of them where applauding and some of them where yelling words of encouragement at us. When she stopped jerking her hips I leaned over her and kissed her pretty mouth. At the same time I pushed my hard cock all the way into her wet pussy. Then I stood on my toes so I could fuck her from a steep angle. The top of my shaft was grinding her clit each time I pumped my cock in or out.

“Oh shit. Where did you learn how to do that? You are fucking me like a fucking pro!” she said looking at me with amazement.

I was just following my instincts and was fucking her as hard and as good as I possibly could. Mai was now sucking on one her nipples and pinching the other one with her fingers. All of a sudden my mom’s eyes were filled with tears. She started crying and thrashing her head from side to side with tears running down her beautiful cheeks.

“Oh…God…I’m fucking cumming again!” she shouted and squirted all over my stomach one more time.

I stopped pumping my mom’s pussy and looked at her blushed face. Her mascara had run down under her pretty eyes. I leaned over and kissed her again.

“God damn boy. That was the hottest fucking I’ve ever seen!” I heard someone shout from behind my back.

Nadia and Hans lowered my mom’s legs and told her to get up. They ordered me to take her place on the massage table.

“Ok son, now it’s time for Lorenzo to fuck your ass. Spread your legs wide open for us!” Hans ordered me in a stern tone.

I could not believe that they wanted Lorenzo to fuck me with his gigantic cock. It was too late to back out of the deal. Everyone’s eyes were pinned at me. Nadia and Hans lifted my legs just like they had done with my mother’s. Mai was lubing up Lorenzo’s huge cock.

The handsome black man got in between my legs and Mai put the tip of his cock against my shithole. I looked over at my mother, she was smiling and looking down at Lorenzo’s black cock as he pushed it past through my anus opening. I took a deep breath and held it in as the wide cock-head assaulted my asshole.

“Oh fuck!” was all I managed to say when Lorenzo pushed deeper into me. Then he stopped pushing and to my relief he pulled back a bit. I managed to exhale.

“Oh God that’s so fucking beautiful. Look at his big cock hanging right above Lorenzo’s black dick!” I heard a woman exclaim from my right side and heard another one say, “Push it all the way in Lorenzo. Start fucking the boy’s asshole!” Lorenzo pushed his cock as far as it could go inside me with one hard thrust.

My asshole was in agony and I almost screamed, “Shit…easy man. Take it easy for God’s sake. It’s my first time!”

He put his hands on my shoulders and started moving his hips. He was fucking my poor asshole now. I looked down at his black cock as it pumped in and out of my white ass. Mai grabbed my balls with her little fingers and started fondling them.

I could feel beads of sweat running down my flushed face. Then Hans ordered Lorenzo to stop fucking me and to pull out of me. He wanted me for himself. His cock slid much easier into my asshole. He leaned over and started kissing my mouth. I started to enjoy being fucked up my asshole. It was a completely new sensation for me and I loved it. I found myself tightening my anus around his stroking cock. I was milking the older man’s cock for what it was worth now.

“Shit yeah. Fuck me Hans. I love it. Mom do you hear me? This is so fucking cool. Fuck meeee!” I was begging Hans.

Hans was pounding my asshole as hard as he could. He suddenly slowed down and grunted. His cock shot load after load of hot cum up my asshole. When he was done cumming he kissed me and said, “Welcome to the club son. We’re honored to have you here.”

Everybody started applauding and congratulating me. After Hans pulled out of me I sat down and his hot cum started leaking out of my asshole. Mai and Nadia kissed me too. My mom had a proud look on her pretty face as she winked at me. I got up on my feet and walked towards my mother. My ass was hurting and I could not walk straight. Hans announced that it was time for everyone to go downstairs to the orgy room.

“Why don’t you and I take a break honey and join them later? Let’s go outside on the terrace.”

“Mom you are such a fucking whore! Why didn’t you tell me that they were going to fuck my ass like that?”

“Oh shit! I love it when you call me bad names like that. Well if I had told you, you probably wouldn’t have come with me.”

“No mom! You know that I would do anything to make you happy. I would’ve resisted at first, but I still would do it for you. I did like it anyway. So you must be very happy right now. But my ass hurts too much.”

“Ah I’m so sorry baby. Maybe we should go home then. Would you rather go home and rest? We can come back in two weeks and have some more group fun.”

I told her that it was a good idea to go home and get some rest. We needed to find Nadia or Hans first to let them know that we were leaving. We found Nadia outside on the terrace, sitting on a chair and smoking a cigarette. A beautiful young blonde had her head in between her legs and licking her pussy wantonly.

My mom leaned over the chair and kissed Nadia on her dark red lips. She told her that we needed to leave and Nadia understood perfectly. I was standing behind my mom and looking at her pussy from behind. It looked very wet and my cock got hard immediately. I grabbed her hips and pushed my cock into her pussy forcefully.

“Ah fuck…you horny son of a bitch. I love that. Fuck me hard!”

“Oh mom I need to cum so bad. I love your fucking wet pussy!”

My mom started moaning loudly and pushed her perfect ass back. I pounded her pussy as hard as I could and soon I was ready to cum. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and shot my cum all over her sexy back.

“Oh my darling baby. I loved it…so much! Now let’s go get dressed and go home baby.”

It took me three days to fully recover from the hard ass fucking I received at the sex party. My mom was very happy to hear that my ass was no longer off limits and started incorporating more ass-play into our daily sex games. She was beautiful, perverted and obsessed with my asshole. There were no words to describe how much I loved this woman.

One night as she was shoving a set of anal beads up my asshole she said, “Your dad called me last night and he was drunk. Apparently the twenty-year old bimbo he was with has left him and now he misses me. He was such a boring lover, never wanted to try new things. He had absolutely no sense of adventure and it was killing me inside, but I have to admit that I do miss the bastard sometimes!”

I did not know what to think of her confession. I loved my dad and a part of me felt guilty for having sex with my mom, his wife. I did not want to be the one to ruin their chances of getting back together.

“Mom…I really think you should give him another chance.”

“But what about us baby? I don’t want to lose what I have with you.”

“Maybe you don’t have to. I have a plan and if it works you will have both of us!”

“Ok honey. I want to hear all about your plan after I finish sucking you off.”

Then she shoved the last bead into my asshole, put her hot mouth around the tip of my cock and started sucking.

Nick’s new girlfriend was an extremely hot Norwegian girl called Tora. She had golden blond hair, blue eyes, full lips and big firm breasts. Her well-tanned skin was caramel-colored and created a nice contrast against her shiny golden hair. In other words she was a twenty-year old version of my own mother.

She was now sitting in my mom’s lap completely naked. My mom was rubbing her clit from behind and pinching one of her stiff nipples. Nick had my balls in his mouth and stroking my steel-hard shaft with his hand right in front of them.

“Maria rub my fucking clit harder please. Look at the way Nick is playing with your son’s big cock. It’s so hot. Make me cum please Maria. I can’t take it anymore!” she was begging my mom.

My mom stopped rubbing the wild girl’s pussy instead and replied, “No you little slut. You can’t cum yet. We are saving that for later. I have a guest coming over and I need you to be really horny when he fucks you.”

It was a very nice day and the four of us had rubbed each other’s bodies with suntan lotion. The sun was caressing our hot and glistening bodies as we continued playing at the poolside. I grabbed my hard cock and started slapping my handsome friend’s face with it. Then I grabbed the back of his head and pushed my cock into his warm mouth.

“Oh fuck yeah. Fuck his mouth. It looks so damn good. Pump his mouth with your big cock Tom!” Tora kept instructing me.

This was Tora’s second visit to our place and we were very happy to see that this amazingly hot girl was also a bisexual nymphomaniac who loved to watch men having sex with each other. Nick and I walked to the poolside lounge where my mom and Tora were sitting. He leaned over the two sexy women, making his cock accessible to them. I positioned myself behind him and shoved my big cock into his eager asshole. I started fucking my friend as I grabbed his hips with my hands.

“Do you like the way I’m fucking you Nick? Your tight asshole feels so good.”

“Oh fuck yeah man. Fuck me. Fuck me hard!”

I did not need his encouragement to start fucking him harder. I was amazed at how much I had changed in only a few short weeks. Now I considered myself fully bisexual and absolutely loved it. Tora reached out for Nick’s cock and started stroking it, making him moan even louder.

“What the fuck is this? What the hell are you doing…Tom?” I stopped pounding Nick’s ass and turned my head and found my dad standing only a few steps away from us.

My mom had called him earlier that day and asked him to come over to talk things out. Of course we wanted him to catch us fucking Nick and Tora, hoping that he would join us. If this plan worked we would welcome him back to the family. If not then things would stay the same as they already were between us.

“Hey Carl. You’re late. We had to start without you! Come and fuck this little whore for me hubby. I hand picked her for your glorious return to your lovely wife! This is my welcome back present to you,” my mom said to my dad, popping her head up from under Tora’s sexy body.

It was as if time stood still for a few moments. My dad was just standing there looking at us in shock. It was a good sign that he had not left already. He would have left very quickly if he were not considering his options. My dad was a rational guy. He would not get physical when he was angry, he would just leave.

“What on earth is Tom doing fucking Nick’s ass Maria…and right in front of you?”

“You are asking too many questions baby. If I were you I would just take my clothes off and join the party!”

There it was…the moment of truth. Dad started unbuttoning his shirt. The suspense was over. One minute later he walked completely naked over to my mom and Tora. He took Tora’s hand and helped her get up. He leaned over my mom and kissed her on her lips.

“You are a fucking whore…and I missed you so much!”, he told my mom lovingly.

My dad was a tall and handsome man. He was also in a very good physical shape. His cock was as big and thick as mine, and it was very hard. He told Tora to lie down on a mat and spread her legs open. He did not waste any time getting in between her legs. He shoved his big cock into her wet pussy and started pounding her very hard.

My mom also lay on the mat with her face right above Tora’s pussy and started licking her clit. Tora moaned loudly as my dad’s hard dick pounded her forcefully. Every now and then, my mom stopped my dad and sucked his cock before putting it back inside Tora’s pussy.

“Tom come over here and lie down next to me.”, my mom ordered me.

I lay on the mat right next to mom with my face extremely close to my dad’s cock. Mom grabbed dad’s cock, took it out of Tora’s pussy and held it in front of my mouth.

“Suck it Tom. It tastes so fucking good. Lick her juices off your dad’s cock first!” she told me and smiled.

I took my tongue out and carefully licked the very tip of my father’s cock. Mom was right. It tasted and smelled fantastic. I looked up straight into my dad’s eyes as I wrapped my lips around his huge cock. Then I started taking the whole length of his cock into my mouth. He started moaning and fucking my mouth slowly. My mom went behind my dad’s muscular butt and started tonguing his asshole.

“Oh shit that feels so good Maria. Tom I don’t know what to say son. Suck my fucking cock boy!” he said as he continued fucking my mouth.

I could not believe that I was sucking my own father’s cock. My heart was beating fast as his manly meat pounded my mouth. I cupped his big balls with one hand and started fondling them gently.

“Ah God damn…I’m gonna cum in Tom’s mouth Maria. Fuck my fucking asshole with your tongue you perverted whore!” my dad exclaimed and started shooting his load into my mouth.

I swallowed as much of his hot cum as I could. My mom licked those few drops of cum that had spilled out of my mouth with her tongue. Then she darted her tongue into my mouth. I could taste my dad’s asshole on her tongue.

Then she positioned herself in between Tora’s legs and started licking and sucking her pussy. She came really fast from my mom’s expert treatment of her pussy. Then mom held my dad and started kissing him lovingly. Nick who was left out for a while got on all fours in front of me and asked me to fuck him. I fucked him good and hard and came inside him. Then I jerked him off until he came all over my face.

“Tom it looks like you really enjoy sucking cock and fucking guys. Do you like women at all?”

“Well dad, you can ask mom that question. She tells me I am even better than you.”

Then to prove my point I lifted my mom’s leg while she was still kissing my dad and shoved my cock up her hot pussy. I fucked her harder than I ever had before right in front of my dad’s eyes. He played with her nipples and kissed her wildly as I pounded her pussy. Then I came inside her with a grunt but did not stop fucking her. She announced that she was cumming too and squirted all over my dad’s leg.

“Oh Maria…I missed your hot squirting so much. I will never leave you again honey. I promise you I won’t.” said my dad and kissed my mom deeply.

Later that evening Nick announced that he was beat and his cock hurt from fucking too much. So he went home but Tora stayed with us. We ordered Pizza and after we ate we returned to the poolside for some more fucking action. My dad started fucking Tora on a mat and mom squatted over the pretty girl’s face.

Tora lifted her head and licked my mom’s pussy as my dad pounded her hard. I sat down next to mom and played with Tora’s nice hair as she fucked her tongue in and out of my mom’s pussy. My mom looked held on to my shoulder for balance as she started cumming all over the blonde’s face and mouth. Tora opened her mouth and it got filled instantly with my mom’s hot juices. She swallowed some of it and spit out the rest.

“God damn I need to pee!” my mom announced but did not move to go to the bathroom.

Tora realized what my mom had in mind and surprisingly said, “You can pee all over my face Maria. Just do it. Pee on me!”

My mom did not wait a second longer and let out a stream of golden piss that hit Tora right on her pretty lips. I still had my hand on the girl’s hair as my mom lifted her pussy and pissed onto her hair and directly on my hand. Something about this made me go wild and I lied down kissing Tora’s face and mouth.

Tora shouted that she was cumming as mom continued to piss on both of our faces. I swallowed my mom’s hot piss as fast as it went into my mouth.

“Fuck Maria that’s hot. I need to pee too. Guys is it ok if I pee on you too?” asked my dad.

Both Tora and I said yes as we gurgled mom’s hot piss. My dad’s piss hit mom’s pussy and ricocheted on our soaking wet faces and hair. Then he pissed directly into my mouth. I held his hot pee in my mouth and then passed it onto Tora. When my parents were done pissing on us all four of us got up and went for a swim…and some more fucking inside the pool.

“So what do you think about my mom Brad?” I asked my handsome friend.

“Well…I don’t know man. She seems like a very nice lady,” Brad replied somewhat shyly.

“Come on man. You can do better than that. Don’t you think that she is one sexy bitch?”

“Umm…yes she is definitely very beautiful. What’s your fucking point anyway? Do you want me to call your mother names and tell you how hot she is? Is that what you want me to do so you can say anything you want about my mother?”

“No…that’s not the point at all dude. Although we both know that your mother is a hot slut. My point is that your mom brought you here tonight so you would finally get to fuck her!”

“What the fuck are you talking about?”

“Ok…let me spell it out for you. Your hot mother knows all about your dirty secret fantasies. She knows that you like reading those dirty incest stories on the net. Luckily for you she told my mom about this and now she is waiting for you in my mom’s bedroom. Carpe diem bro! Here’s your chance at fucking your mother’s brains out. While you’re at it, you can fuck my mom too.”

Barbara was one of my mom’s best friends. Two days ago she had told my mom what she had found out about Brad’s secret interests. My mom in return had told Barbara all about our dirty family secrets. She saw this as a great opportunity to expand our own little family fuck group. Brad followed me to my mom’s bedroom as if he were sleepwalking.

Barbara was a sexy 39-year-old brunette. She and my mom were both naked on mom’s bed. My mom was frantically fucking Barbara’s wet pussy with a silver vibrator as she sucked on her stiff left nipple. Barbara’s both eyes were closed and she was moaning at my mother’s fast and hard pumping action. Brad looked wide-eyed at the scene playing in front of him. He looked as if he were hypnotized.

“Oh shit Maria. He’s here. My Brad is watching us,” Barbara said when she finally opened her eyes.

“What took you so long Tom? I’ve been fucking her pussy for half an hour,” said my mom as she smiled at us.

I took off my T-shirt and shorts, exposing my already hard big cock. When I saw that Brad was not even flinching I grabbed the bottom of his T-shirt and pulled it over his head. Then I pulled down his shorts, grabbed him by his half erect cock and pulled him closer to the bed. I stopped at the edge of the bed and started fondling Brad’s big balls as I looked at his handsome face. He was my age, athletic, tall and blonde. His eyes were deep brown like his mother’s. I kissed his butt cheeks as I started stroking his nice cock.

“Oh yeah Tom. Play with my son’s cock. Get it nice and hard for my hot pussy. Maria…stop fucking me so hard. I don’t want to cum before Brad fucks me.”

My mom stopped fucking Barbara’s pussy. But she continued sucking on her nipple noisily. She closed her full lips around Barbara’s stiff nipple, sucked it into her mouth and held it in between her pearly white teeth.

I took Brad’s cock into my mouth. I twirled my tongue around the tip and let it slide down my throat as deeply as possible. Brad finally started moving and moaning. His cock was fully hard now and he was slowly fucking my mouth, back and forth. I fondled his big full balls with one hand, and with the other hand I squeezed his muscular butt cheek.

“Ooh…my God. I can’t take this anymore. I need my son’s cock in my pussy,” Barbara was begging me.

“Tom bring him over here and put his cock in his mother’s mouth,” my mom ordered me.

I helped Brad straddle his mother’s face. I grabbed his cock and put it on her eager lips. She opened her mouth and took her son’s cock in between her lips.

“That’s so fucking beautiful. Move him a bit to the right so I can get my face in there and suck his balls. That’s it. Now I want you to lick your friend’s asshole for me baby,” said my mom right before she took Brad’s big balls into her pretty mouth.

I stretched Brad’s asshole with both hands, spat into it a couple of times and started licking. He started moaning louder and moving his hips slightly and slowly. All of a sudden I felt a movement behind me. I turned my head and saw my dad standing by the bed. He was naked and stroking his big hard cock.

“Sorry I’m late everyone. Work…you know. I hope it’s ok if I join in now,” he said playfully.

“Jump right in honey. I know that Brad and Barb wouldn’t mind. Come fuck my pussy. It’s steaming hot. Just the way you like it,” said my mom as she spread her legs wide open to welcome my dad’s big cock.

He jumped right on the bed and quickly put his cock into mom’s pussy and started fucking her hard. Brad took his cock out of his mother’s mouth and moved down. He positioned his cock in between Barbara’s legs. She grabbed his cock and led it into her wet pussy.

“Fuck me now baby. Fuck me as hard as you can. I want you to fill my damn pussy with your nice cock,” she told Brad, looking straight into his eyes.

“Mom…this is so fucking wild. I’ve been dreaming about fucking you for such a long time. I can’t believe it’s going to happen now.”

“You better believe it! Now stop talking and start fucking me baby.”

My mom and dad were watching the mother and son as they fucked each other right next to them. Brad started pumping Barbara’s pussy slowly at first, but soon he started fucking her fast and hard to match my parents’ fucking speed. I started fingering my friend’s asshole and pinching his right nipple with two fingers.

“Man that feels so good. I’m gonna cum so fucking hard. God damn!” exclaimed Brad and started cumming inside his mother’s pussy.

He jerked his hips wildly for a few seconds and then stopped. I told him to take his cock out and replaced him with my tongue. I lapped at Barbara’s wet pussy like there was no tomorrow. She grabbed the back of my head and announced that she was cumming. When her pussy stopped contracting I scooped up as much as Brad’s hot cum as I could with my tongue and saved it in my mouth. Then I went over to my mom and spat the cum into her mouth as I kissed her.

“Let me taste some of that honey,” said my dad and leaned forward to kiss my mom’s mouth.

They swapped Brad’s hot cum in between their mouths for a few minutes. Then my dad grabbed my mom’s head and fucked her even harder. They both came almost at the same time. I kissed both of them on their cum covered lips. Next to us, Brad had started fucking Barbara again. We watched them and smiled happily.

“Honey I have a surprise for you,” my dad said to my mom.

“Oh really? Tell me baby. What is it?”

“Your parents an your sister are coming to visit us. I have already bought their tickets and arranged everything for them.”

“Oh Jesus baby,” my mom almost screamed with excitement, “you have really changed. I adore the new you! Thanks honey.”

“Well I guess that I am a newborn sex maniac and I absolutely love it. You know that before this past week I did not understand your parents. Now I know first hand how much fun it is to be sexually liberated like your old folks. I am excited to have them here. I bet we’ll have lots of fun with them.”

I had never met my grandparents or my aunt. They lived somewhere in Sweden. My grandmother owned a modeling agency and my grandfather was a retired stockbroker. My aunt who was only one year older than me still lived with her parents.

“My parents are swingers,” my mom explained to me, “and when I told your dad that they had taught me everything I knew about sex, he got angry and did not want them in our lives anymore. I have seen them only five times since I married your dad.”

She kissed my dad and thanked him again. Barbara and Brad were still fucking and totally oblivious to our conversation. My dad slid his cock into my mom’s pussy and started fucking her again. I went over to Brad and started playing with his nipples. I still had so many questions to ask about my grandparents. But I could wait a few more hours. I put my lips around Brad’s right nipple and started sucking on it as I fingered his tight asshole.

My grandparents and aunt arrived on Friday afternoon. I was amazed at how hot and young my grandma looked at age fifty-three. My grandpa was also very good looking and youthful. My aunt Erika took my breath away at first sight. She looked a lot like my mom, but her hair was a darker shade of gold and her skin was darker too. I could see that she was a wild party girl even though she was wearing an innocent looking summer dress with pastel flower patterns. My mom and grandparents kissed and hugged, cried and laughed for about half an hour.

“Carl you have been such a fucking pain in the ass for so long,” my grandma said to my dad, “Poppa and I will punish you tonight!”

“Ok Momma. I deserve it. You can punish me anyway you want,” my dad replied joyfully.

My mom told me to take Erika’s luggage and show her to my room where she was going to stay. I obeyed happily and told aunt Erika to follow me upstairs. I put down her luggage next to my bed and told her to feel free to use anything she wanted and to feel like home.

“Thanks nephew,” Erika said with a giggle, “now come and fuck your auntie quickly before we go back downstairs.”

She went to my computer desk and put her elbows on it, sticking her beautiful round butt upwards. I went over to her and lifted her summer dress. She was not wearing any panties. Her pussy looked moist and hot. I took out my hard cock and entered her forcefully from behind. My hot aunt gasped and started moaning.

“Fucking hell! Your cock is so fucking big. It feels so nice. Fuck me harder Tom,” she begged me.

I fucked her hot pussy as hard and fast as I could. I came after about two minutes of hard pumping action inside her pussy. She turned around and kissed me really hard on my mouth. Her tongue found my tongue and her hot breath caressed my flushed face.

“Oh Tom that was so fucking nice. You are such a handsome boy!”

“Thanks auntie,” I giggled, “you are a fucking hot slut yourself.”

I kissed her again, took her hand and led her downstairs. My grandpa was sitting on the sofa and my mom was riding his big cock, facing him. My grandma was wearing only a black bra. She was pinching one of my mom’s nipples and caressing her back. My dad sat on a chair next to them, watching intently and fondling his hard cock through his shorts.

“Poppa I missed you so much. I’m so glad that you’re here. I love riding your big cock,” said my mom as she rode her father’s big cock, and then started crying like a little girl.

I looked at Erika. She had tears in her eyes. She went over to her sister and licked her tears off her face then she kissed her deeply on her mouth. I was moved and extremely aroused by this erotic family reunion. I took my clothes off and sat on the sofa next to my grandpa. I ran my hand through the blond hair on his chest, found a nipple and started pinching it with two fingers. I reached out and fondled his big balls with my other hand.

“Give me a kiss Tom,” said my grandma as she leaned over my face, “you are such a fucking pretty boy. After your mom is done I will have Poppa fuck your sexy ass. Would you like your grandpa to fuck your ass?”

“Fuck yes Momma. He can do anything he wants to me,” I replied with excitement.

“Oh he will do lots of things to you, but most of all he will fuck your perfect ass. Your grandpa loves fucking young boys.”

She then ordered Erika to find some lube and start getting my asshole ready for grandpa’s cock. My dad told Erika where to find the lubricant. She ran to the bathroom and came back within a minute.

“Good girl Erika. Now start lubing up your nephew’s asshole with two fingers. Don’t forget to stretch his hole really good.”

“Yes Momma,” said Erika and started working on my asshole from behind.

I felt Erika’s soft and warm lips on my butt cheeks. She started finger fucking my asshole very gently to begin with, but as my mom announced that she would cum soon Erika picked up her pace and fingered me very hard. My mom finally came and squirted her juices all over grandpa and me.

“Carl get over hear and lick your wife’s cum off Poppa’s cock and balls,” grandma ordered my dad.

“But Momma I have never sucked a cock. I don’t think I’d like it,” answered my dad reluctantly.

“I don’t give a fuck if you like it or not. Get in between his legs and start licking him clean,” she told him sternly.

My dad finally got up and went over to the sofa. He put his face in between grandpa’s legs and cautiously licked the tip of his big cock. Then he licked the length of his shaft and went down to his balls. He licked and sucked his balls gently and looked at grandma for her approval.

“That’s right son. You’re doing great for your first time. Now suck my cock,” Poppa ordered my dad.

My dad took about half of grandpa’s cock into his mouth. Grandpa put his hands on my dad’s head and forced him to take in more of his cock. When he saw that my dad had tears running down his cheeks he eased up his grip on his head and let him come up for air. My dad had decided to do a good job sucking Poppa’s cock. He soon started sucking him again and this time apparently with no trouble.

“Get up Tom. I want you ride Poppa’s cock like your mom did,” Momma instructed me.

I put my knees on the sofa and straddled Poppa’s big cock. My dad guided the tip of it into my asshole. As soon as the tip of Poppa’s huge cock was inside me I pushed myself down on it.

“Oh good God! Tom you took my whole cock in with one push. I guess your mom has been training you well. Now ride me son,” said my grandpa excitedly.

I put my hands on Poppa’s broad chest and pushed myself up. I squeezed my asshole around his cock, relaxed and pushed down again.

“My God. I have never had a boy fuck my cock like this. I am going to cum soon Tom.”

I was riding his massive cock fast and hard now. I could feel his cock contracting inside my asshole. Two more pumps and Poppa shot his warm and heavy load up my asshole. When I stopped riding Poppa my grandma grabbed my cock and pulled me off of him. She lay on the floor with her legs wide open.

“Fuck me now. I am so fucking horny and I want you to fuck me as hard as you can,” she said as she looked directly into my eyes.

I obeyed happily. Once I was inside her I started kissing and fucking her very hard. She was an absolutely gorgeous woman. My mom and Erika also got on the floor on each side of Momma’s and started sucking on her huge nipples.

“You are such a wonderful fucker. Fuck me harder you handsome son of a bitch. Cum inside your grandmother’s fucking pussy. Maria, rub my clit for me. Make me cum,”

My mom started rubbing her sex-crazed mother’s huge clit hard and fast as I continued fucking her. My dad took his cock out and started stroking it as he was watching us.

“No Carl! You’re on probation. Put your damn cock back in your shorts. You have to prove tonight that you are worthy of our family. That is after I finish punishing you,” Momma yelled at my dad.

I looked at the three beautiful women on the floor. I was about to cum. This fuck session was about to be over soon and I was already looking forward to the night’s sex party. It was going to be such a blast.

I watched from up-close as my grandpa shoved his entire big cock up my dad’s asshole with one powerful thrust. On this warm and sunny day my grandpa’s muscular body was glistening with sweat and suntan lotion, drops of sweat were falling down from his soaking wet hair upon my dad’s grimacing face.

“Oh fuck Carl!” Poppa said to my dad. “Your God damn asshole is so fucking tight. I love it.”

“Ah Poppa, it hurts!” my dad replied in pain. “Your cock is too big. Please go easy on me!”

“Shut up Carl and take it like a man. This is your punishment for being a jerk for so many years. Remember? It’s supposed to hurt!” said my grandpa and started pounding my poor dad’s asshole forcefully.

My dad lay on a mat next to the pool with his head resting upon my grandma’s lap. Nick, Brad,, Lorenzo and I were all waiting in line to fuck dad’s asshole on my grandma’s orders. Mom, Erika, Kari, Linda, Tora and Barbara were all watching intently as we proceeded to punish my dad.

“Carl I will punish you even longer if you don’t stop complaining,” said my grandma as she grabbed Lorenzo’s big cock and slapped my dad’s face with it. “Do you understand?”

“Yes Momma,” my dad replied in agony. “God damn it. Fuck me Poppa!”

Suddenly my aunt walked over to my dad and straddled his chest facing my grandpa. She parted her beautiful pussy lips with two fingers and exposed her pee hole. After concentrating for a few seconds she let out a strong stream of golden piss that hit my grandpa’s stomach first and then landed on my dad’s cock.

“Good girl Erika,” said my grandpa. “Piss all over him honey!”

“Oh shit!” exclaimed my mom. “He likes being pissed on. His cock is getting hard!”

Erika was now pissing all over my dad’s hairy chest and stomach. My grandpa kept fucking him harder and by the expression on his face I could tell that he was about to reach his climax. Erika rubbed her wet pussy on my dad’s chin and walked away from him.

“Oh fuck! I’m gonna cum soon,” Poppa announced and pulled out of my dad’s asshole. He then moved up and put the tip of his big cock right above my dad’s lips. My grandma opened my dad’s mouth with both of her hands and waited for Poppa to shoot his cum into his mouth. I went behind my grandpa and started licking his sweaty asshole for him.

“Ah Jesus Tom,” said my grandpa. “Shove your tongue all the way up my shithole and stay there. God I’m cumming so hard. Swallow my hot load Carl, every drop of it. Yeah that’s it. Good boy!”

“Start fucking your dad Tom,” Momma ordered me. “Fuck him as hard as you can!”

I shoved my cock up my dad’s stretched asshole and started pounding him hard and fast. My fucking beautiful mother came over to us and straddled my dad’s cock. She parted her pussy lips with two fingers just like her sister and immediately started pissing all over my dad’s cock.

“Look Tom,” said my mom, “he has a full hard on. I wish Momma would let me fuck him.”

“It’s ok honey,” replied my grandma. “Go ahead and ride his cock!”

“Oh fuck! Thank you Momma,” said my mom and pushed her pussy down on my dad’s hard cock.

My mom put her hands on my shoulders and rode my dad’s cock as I pounded his asshole. She started kissing me with her hot mouth. Her face looked horny, happy and prettier than ever as she went up and down her husband’s shaft.

“Oh my God!” exclaimed my dad “That feels so fucking good. Ride me baby Fuck me harder Tom!”

I pounded my dad’s asshole for two more minutes then I exploded up his asshole and filled him up with my hot cream.

“Maria, don’t let Carl cum. Get off his cock. Now!” ordered my sexy grandma.

My mom stopped riding my dad’s hard shaft reluctantly and started rubbing her pussy with two fingers, staying right above my dad’s cock. I pulled my cock out of my dad’s shithole and aimed my pee slit at my mom’s clit. My mom gasped loudly as my stream of hot golden piss hit her right on her cunt and clit.

“Oh yeah honey. It feels so good. Piss on mommy’s pussy and your dad’s cock baby. Oh shit! Yeah!”

I pissed on my parents’ hot bodies for about one minute. Then I had to give way to the rest of the guys to fuck my dad’s asshole. They all fucked my dad hard and came all over his face or into his mouth. Lorenzo was the last guy who fucked my dad. After he came all over his face my grandma leaned over and kissed my dad’s cum covered lips.

“Welcome back to the family Carl,” she said to him. “Your punishment is officially over now honey. We forgive you.”

“Thanks Momma,” my dad replied and kissed her back. “I’m so fucking happy that you are here. You can stay with us as long as you want to.”

“Oh sweetheart. Thank you. Now come and fuck your horny mother-in-law.”

As my dad started thrusting his cock into grandma all the other men in the group gathered around her and she became the center of a hot and nasty gangbang. I watched as Brad and Nick started pissing on grandma’s face while my dad was kissing her deeply. My grandpa and Lorenzo were pissing directly on my dad’s face.

Inspired by the hot action around my grandma and dad, the ladies started gangbanging my mom. One by one they started taking turns licking her pussy in hope of getting her to squirt into their mouths. My mom did not disappoint any of them. Every time she came she squirted heavily on whoever was licking her hot pussy.

“May I fuck you mom?” I asked her politely after Erika was done with licking her pussy.

“Yes you may son,” giggled my mom and all the other ladies laughed joyfully.

I quickly put my cock on her asshole, thrusting my cock forcefully into her. Then I leaned over her and kissed her deeply on her mouth as I started pounding her tight asshole.

“Oh Tom,” moaned my mom. “You fucking naughty boy! You didn’t say that you were going to fuck my asshole honey.”

“Oh sorry mom. Do you want me to take it out and fuck your pussy instead?”

“No it’s ok baby. Fuck my asshole. Fuck me hard!”

Tora and Linda were each sucking one of my mom’s nipples. Kari started licking my asshole and Erika rubbed my mom’s clit for her.

“Ladies look at the guys over there,” Barbara announced. “They are pissing all over Momma. It looks so fucking hot. Let’s piss all over Tom and Maria here. All of us together at the same time!”

“Oh fuck yes girls. Piss all over us. Please!” my mom shouted joyfully.

All five women started cheering and laughing as they gathered around us and aimed their pussies at our faces and bodies. A few seconds later the first streams of hot piss started hitting my mom’s pretty face as I was kissing her deeply. Erika straddled my head and started pissing directly on my neck. I felt two hands stretching my butt cheeks and a strong stream of piss hit my asshole directly.

“Open your mouth sis,” Erika said to my mom as she straddled her face. “I’m gonna piss into your hot mouth and I want you to swallow every drop!”

I could not believe that my mom was swallowing her hot sister’s piss with such pleasure. The sound of Erika’s piss going down my mom’s throat made me explode inside my mother’s asshole. I came inside her as I had never cum before.

Later on that night mom, dad and I were getting ready to go to bed in my parents’ bedroom. This was the first night that the three of us were going to sleep together as a family. My mom had just taken a shower and was putting her hair up in front of the mirror. She was wearing just a black bra and nothing else. My dad was massaging her delicate shoulders gently. He was completely naked and was sporting a huge hard on.

“Wow baby!” my mom said to my dad. “You still have a hard on? Even after all the hard fucking action earlier today?”

“Yeah babe,” my dad replied. “How about that orgy? Your parents are really fucking nasty. I guess I’m trying to catch up with all the lost time!”

“Hey tom honey, are you up for a nice threesome?” my mom asked. “Just the three of us?”

“I’m always up for anything that involves you mom,” I replied. “I can fuck you all night if you want me to!”

“Oh you’re so sweet honey. Ok then. Let’s fuck each other’s brains out!”

My dad and I lay on the bed side by side in a 69 position. I licked back and forth between my dad’s big balls and his nice asshole. I would stop to bite gently on his ball sacks and then darted my tongue into his asshole. My dad did the same to me. Then I felt my mom spitting into my asshole and gently inserting her middle finger into it. She stroked my hard cock softly with her other hand.

“Carl why don’t you put a finger up his asshole too baby? He loves it. Yeah suck your son’s big balls honey.”

They were both treating my asshole nice and gently. I loved the way they started fingering my asshole together. Then they removed their fingers and I felt two tongues going up my sensitive asshole. They spat into it together and started fucking me with their loving fingers again.

“Keep fucking our son’s asshole honey,” I heard my mom say. “I’m gonna go get my strap-on!”

When she came back she put a pillow under my butt and positioned the tip of her strap-on in between my spread open legs. She pushed the tip of the dildo up my asshole and started fucking me slowly. My dad sucked on one of my erect nipples and fondled my balls.

“Oh mom yeah,” I moaned softly. “Fuck my asshole you fucking pretty bitch!”

“Don’t talk to your mom like that son,” my dad said playfully and bit my nipple. “Although I do agree with you. She is a fucking beautiful slut!”

“Oh shut the fuck up both of you,” my mom laughed. “I am concentrating here. It’s not an easy job you know, fucking someone with a fake cock!”

“Then move over honey and let me fuck him with a real cock!”

“In a few minutes baby. You have to wait for your turn.”

My mom held my legs up and started pounding my asshole forcefully. She smiled at me lovingly as she fucked me with her strap-on. Then she pulled out of me and let my dad take over for her. My dad started fucking me hard from the moment his cock entered my asshole.

“Oh Jesus baby,” she said to my dad. “Take it easy on the boy!”

“No mom. I love the way he is fucking me. Fuck me harder dad. Cum up my asshole…please!” I begged my dad.

My dad pounded me hard for a few more minutes. Then he shot his hot load of cum up my asshole. My mom and I switched places and I started fucking her pussy with a vengeance. She dug her fingernails into my chest and thrashed her head from side to side as I pounded her pussy fast and hard.

“Ooh fuck me you son of a bitch! Fuck meeeee! I’m gonna fucking cum all over your fucking big cock. Fuuuuuck!” she screamed and squirted all over my stomach.

It was my turn to cum now. My dad started sucking and licking my balls as my mom sucked my hard shaft forcefully. I ran my fingers through their hair and jerked my hips back and forth.

“Oh shit!” I exclaimed. “I’m fucking cumming!”

I shot my hot and creamy load all over my parents’ flushed faces. When I was done cumming they embraced each other and kissed. They swapped my gooey cum in between each other’s mouths. I put my arms around both of them.

“I love you mom. I love you dad.”

“We love you too son,” said my dad.

“We love you very much,” said my mom and kissed me passionately.

Hotter Than July

Hotter Than July


This story contains hardcore male bisexuality, incest and pissing. If any of this offends you please move on to another story.

Hotter Than July

It was the hottest night of the year and I could not sleep. The humidity was overwhelming and it did not help much that I had my bedroom window and door open.

There was no breeze.

I got out of my bed and went to the window. The smell of ocean and wet grass filled my nostrils. I tried not to think about the sounds of sex coming from my parents’ and my sister’s rooms.

My sister was as loud as usual, begging her boyfriend to fuck her faster and harder.

“Fuck my goddamn cunt you beautiful sonofabitch,” she shouted. “Fuck my fucking brains out! Give it to me harder. That’s it baby … right there … pound my fuckhole with that big cock … ah shiiiiiit! Make me come … make me come … make me … fucking … come!”

I imagined her beautiful and sexy body lying there on her bed, her long blond hair all over her pillow and bed sheets with her legs wide open and her handsome boyfriend driving his big cock into her hot pussy, pounding her pretty cunt slit harder and faster, just the way my hot twenty-one-year old sister liked it.

This was not the first time I was imagining her in that way. As soon as she turned eighteen she started dressing like the sluts on MTV. Sexy halter-tops, cut off T-shirts that showed her sexy flat stomach and low cut jeans that revealed her thongs, her lower back tramp stamp and even the top part of her pubic hair, were her favorite pieces of clothing.

I assume that if my parents had not been so liberal and relaxed about sexuality my sister would have driven them crazy.

But they did not mind a bit how my sister dressed or how active her sexual life was.

After all my parents are very active swingers.

I loved watching my sister’s antics and as time went by I became more and more fascinated by her, almost as much as I was fascinated with my beautiful mother.

Everyone says that my sister is a younger version of my mother and I absolutely agree, although they should add sluttier to younger … and definitely much crazier.

They also say that my mom looks exactly like Sharon Stone. I can see the resemblance, but I think that she is much hotter than Ms. Stone.

Age has been very kind to my mother. In her late thirties she looks much more youthful and hotter than most sexy twenty-year old women and she knows how to look good. She has perfect teeth and a lovely smile, always uses the perfect amount of make up, not too much and not too little.

Her breasts are the perfect size, not too small and not too big and naturally firm. She always gives credit to my father and their loving marriage when people ask her how she manages to look so good.

My parents always discussed their lifestyle openly with my sister and me. They always said that having sex with others in a group setting had allowed them to discover and love each other more deeply.

Up until that night and the events that followed I did not completely understand what they meant by that.

I stared into the dark of night trying to get the images of my mother and sister naked and having sex out of my head, but the more I tried the clearer those images became.

I was so fucking horny!

My cock started throbbing and in less than a minute became as hard as a rock. I thought that my parents must have left their bedroom door open because I could hear my mother’s soft moans in between my sister’s louder cries of ecstasy.

I wished that I could call my girlfriend to come over, but she was out of town for a few days. My heart started beating faster and I felt light headed.

I was getting too damned hot and needed to cool down. I left my room to go to the bathroom down the hall. I was right. The door to my parents’ bedroom stood ajar and it looked like that they were having sex with the lights on.

In the bathroom I splashed some cold water on my face.

It did not help much.

I looked at myself in the mirror. My face was flushed and my cock was about to rip my boxers open. I pulled down my boxers and splashed some water on my cock. For a short moment I admired my own body and my big throbbing cock.

I have inherited my parents’ extremely good looks and my father’s muscular genes. Just like my father I have a very muscular and well-toned body, dark blond hair, blue eyes, six-pack abs, big biceps, broad shoulders and pecs, strong legs and an eight and a half inch cock.

I left the bathroom and started towards my room. I glanced at my parents’ bedroom door. The image of my naked mother popped into my head once more. Before I knew what I was doing I was right next to the open door of my parents’ bedroom. One more step and I would be able to look inside.

I took that step.

I saw my father’s muscular butt going back and forth, up and down. He was holding my mother’s ankles wide apart and fucking her very slowly.

His muscular back and buttocks were glistening with sweat. His movements were glorious and rhythmic. Every few pumps he would lie on top of my mother silently and kiss her, making her moan into his mouth. My heart was pumping too fast and my head felt dizzy with thick and pure lust.

For less than a second my legs turned to mush, I lost my balance and stumbled head first into the bedroom. I caught the doorknob and prevented a complete fall.

When I finally regained my balance inside the bedroom and was able to look up, I found both my parents looking directly at me.

My father had turned his head and my mother had lifted her upper body using his shoulders. Seconds passed as if they were minutes.

My parents looked surprised but to my relief they did not look angry at all.


“I … I’m sorry,” I managed to mumble. “I’ll … I’ll leave now.”

“No!” I heard both of them say in unison.

I thought that I must have heard wrong. I turned and started to leave when I heard it again. First my mother and then my father, “No!”


“Don’t leave honey,” my mother said softly.

Impossible, I thought, they want me to stay?

My father was smiling faintly. He was definitely not angry with me … and he was staring at my hard on, so was my mother!

I had forgotten about my hard on, but now I was painfully aware of it. I tried to cover it with my hands and it must have looked funny to my parents because they both started laughing.

“It’s ok baby!” my beautiful mother said, grinning impishly.

I found myself laughing nervously as well and removed my hands from my hard on.

“That’s more like it,” my mother said. “No need to hide that beauty from us.”

“No there’s no shame in having a nice healthy hard on son,” my dad added. “Come on closer and watch. You might learn a thing or two from your old man.”

“Or you can give your old man a few pointers,” my mother chuckled and playfully licked my father’s nose.

This is too fucking crazy, I thought.

I knew that my parents were cooler and much more relaxed about sex than most other parents, but to invite me to watch them fuck was not something that I expected in a million years.

They kept watching me intently as I slowly stepped toward their bed. As I got closer I finally could see my mother’s beautiful body, her nakedness in all its glory.

My fucking hot mother is naked!

Her bare breasts were the most beautiful breasts that I had ever seen. Her long nipples stood erect gloriously and her dark blond cunt bush was covered with beads of sweat and possibly her own cunt juice.

The hot pink lips of her pussy had engulfed my father’s thick cock and I could see her erect clit throb wildly like a miniature cock that was about to harden.

I was standing so close to the bed that my legs were touching the side of it. My dad started to pump my hot mother’s pussy slowly but firmly again. His cock started to make wet sounds as he pumped it back and forth inside her.

Squish! Slurp! Splash!

“Wow!” my father exclaimed. “Where did this flood come from?”

“Mm … what?” my mother whimpered, looking straight into my eyes.

“You weren’t so fucking wet a minute ago,” my dad panted.

“What’s your fucking point?”

“No point. Just an observation!”

“Sounds more like an accusation,” my mother giggled throatily.

“Maybe you’re right.”

“Say it!”

“You’re a sexy little pervert … getting so fucking wet because our son is watching!”


“Shame on you!”

“Shut up and fuck me harder!”

My handsome father’s big balls started slapping against my mother’s butt cheeks. His shaft looked very wet. My mother’s brow furrowed as she turned her attention to my father’s pumping dick once more.

“That’s it baby,” my mother purred. “Right there! Fuck that pussy. Fuck it baby. Fuck me!”

She put her beautifully manicured fingers on my father’s abs and started moaning.

“Ah … fuck me with that beautiful cock of yours!” my mother cried as she lifted her ass off the bed, bucking her hips wildly against my father’s crotch.

“Oh Jesus,” my father gasped. “If you keep this going I’ll come in less than a minute!”

“No!” my mother shouted, putting her ass down on the bed again. “Don’t you dare come so fucking soon!”

My cock was throbbing again and becoming impossibly hard. I felt some pre-cum escape the tip of my cock and wet my white boxers.

“Why don’t you take your boxers off baby,” my mother said as she looked up at me. “Come get closer o us. Get on the bed … oh I love the way your dad fucks me!”

Both of them smiled at me as I shed my boxers and climbed on the bed right next to them on my knees.

“Look son, this is how you fuck a nice pussy,” my father said as he continued to fuck his cock into my mother in slow motion. “Sometimes you go really hard and fast,” he continued, “and sometimes nice and slow like this. I’ve been fucking her like this for almost half an hour now.”

“Don’t be so shy honey,” my mother mewled. “Go ahead and play with your cock. I know you want to!”

I wrapped my fist about my cock and started stroking very slowly. I was afraid that I would shoot my cum all over my parents if I stroked any harder. I was not sure if they would like that. I was not sure about anything for that matter.

I was still very tense, but horny enough to try almost anything. Suddenly to my surprise my mother craned her head and moved her face extremely close to my hard cock. She stopped just short of her lips touching my cock.

She spat right on my cock head. A thin string of white saliva now lingered between my cock head and my mother’s mouth.

“There you go,” she said with a smile. “You looked like you needed some help with that baby.”

“Thanks mom,” I replied nervously. “I did need that because my mouth is kinda dry!”

“See … that’s why I love her so much, always thinking about helping others,” my dad said and leaned down to kiss her lovingly on her beautiful lips.

They kissed hotly and passionately and my mother made sure that I watched as she sucked on my father’s tongue. I really wanted to kiss her too but I was not sure where they would draw the limits.

It was one thing to watch them and play with myself while doing so, but maybe I was not allowed to touch.

I decided to test them and see how far they would let me take it.

When my father finally was done kissing my mother and started fucking her again I slowly put the palm of my hand on my mother’s sexy, flat stomach. Her beautifully tanned skin felt very hot to the touch, almost as if she had a fever.

I looked at my mother’s beautiful flushed face and there it was again, those beautiful eyebrows frowning with lust.

I soon grew bolder and started moving my hand up and down her stomach, from right beneath her breasts to the outline of her pubic hair.

“Oh fuck yes baby!” my mother purred. “Touch me! It feels so fucking good … so loving. Don’t be shy honey. You can go lower if you want to!”

I saw the look of approval in my father’s eyes and my fingers touched my mother’s curly blond pubic hair. She started moaning louder as I took a handful of her bush and gently pulled on it.

“Ooh god yes … yes please,” my mother cried. “Pull harder honey. Fuck! Are you watching this Dan?”

“Yeah sweetie,” my dad replied. “I see it. He’s finally warming up.”

I ran my hand up her body again. This time I stopped right under her breast. I put my left hand on her head and started caressing her beautiful hair.

She looked directly into my eyes and I saw tears welling inside her big blue eyes.

“It feels so good,” my sexy mother moaned. “Keep touching me honey. Keep tugging my pussy hair!”

I lifted my right hand and put it down again on top of her breast. I took her stiff nipple between my thumb and index fingers and pulled on it.

My mother started breathing very heavily as she put her hand on my butt cheek and dug her fingers into my muscular ass.

“Oh shit!” my mother cried breathlessly. “Ooh fuck!”

Her body suddenly stiffened. She clenched her jaw and stopped exhaling. At the same time she raised her hips to meet my father’s thrusts.

Tears of lust and unbearable joy started rolling down her flushed cheeks as I pulled harder on her stiff nipple.


“That’s it Jake buddy,” my dad announced. “She’s coming son! You’ve made your mother come!”

My mother finally exhaled and lowered her hips. She let out a sexy sound that was somewhere between a moan, a purr and a beautiful melody.

I smiled at her and she smiled back at me.

“Oh my god!” she exclaimed. “That was so good. So fucking intense. Don’t you dare stop touching me now my beautiful boy! Make me come one more time Jake! I love the way your hands feel on my body!”

I put my left hand on her breast and the right one in her pubic hair. I pinched her stiff nipple hard and pulled on her thick curly bush even harder.

She started panting heavily again and my dad started thrusting his thick cock into her with longer and firmer strokes. I could see that her large clit was throbbing more evenly.

I touched her clit.

“Ooh god-fucking-damn this fucking shit,” my mom screamed at my touch.

I pinched her swollen knob. She raised her hips again.

I pinched harder.

She started sobbing loudly.

Tears trickled down her beautiful cheeks.

My dad fucked her harder.

I pulled on her large swollen clit.

She dug her fingers into my ass crack.

“Harder Jake!” my mother cried. “Pinch my fucking big clit harder. Rip it off of me!”

“Like this Mom?”

“My clit! Mm…my fucking clit! My fucking pussy’s on fire! Ooh god!”

I pinched my mother’s beautiful and sensitive clitoris even harder.

Her middle finger went right up my asshole.

Her body stiffened and relaxed a few more times before she finally lowered her hips. My dad pulled out of my mom’s pussy.

“I don’t want to cum yet,” he explained. “This is proving to be so much fun. I have seldom seen her cum so hard son. Looks like you have the magic touch.”

My mother let out the same sexy sound as the previous time. She pulled her finger out of my asshole and put it into her mouth.

She looked into my eyes as she sucked on her finger, savoring the taste of my asshole. She smiled at me again and then looked at my father.

“Dan, go get June and Rick!” she commanded my father. “Run baby. Don’t waste any time. I’m so fucking horny.”

My sister? She wants my dad to get my sister and her boyfriend? Wow!

I could hardly believe my ears. She wanted my sister and her boyfriend to join in. My father jumped out of the bed and left the room in a hurry.

I was alone with my naked hot mother. She sat up and leaned over my hard cock. Her nose was right above my throbbing dick.

She smelled it as if she wanted to savor the fragrance of my cock. Then she flicked her tongue out and licked the very tip of my cock.

Her hot tongue touched my piss-hole!

It was just one quick lick. I suddenly felt light headed again. I was delirious with lust. I was not sure if I was dreaming or all these things were really happening.

My father finally came back and had a sheepish look on his face. I thought maybe June and Rick had declined his invitation. But if I knew my sister she would jump at the opportunity to watch my parents fuck and would not miss it for the world.

I was right.

A few seconds later June and Rick entered the bedroom. June looked as hot as always except that she was wearing only a cupless bra and no panties. Her cunt bush was the same color and as thick as my mother’s. Rick was sporting a huge hard on and had a grin on his face.

“Fuck me!” my sister exclaimed. “Jake is here too? What the fuck has gotten into you people tonight? I thought that you were putting us on or something.”

“No sweetie,” my dad explained. “Now you see why I told you not to get dressed.”

“Well excuse me Mr. Daddy,” my sister replied sarcastically. “I was not going to get dressed anyway since you showed up in my room with your cock standing up like that.”

“Yeah Dan,” Rick added. “You kinda scared the shit out of us barging in butt naked like that!”

There was a moment of uncomfortable silence.

We were all looking at each other and nobody seemed to know what to do next. I was hoping that my parents would not change their minds and send us right back to our rooms.

My mother shifted her position on the bed and leaned against the headboard. She spread her legs wide open, which received everyone’s full attention.

“June, honey climb on the bed and lean against me,” my mother said lovingly. “I want to hold you and play with your gorgeous tits while your beautiful boyfriend fucks your hot pussy. Dan, get Rick’s cock ready for your sexy daughter, then put it inside her!”

I watched in complete disbelief as my father grabbed Rick’s cock by its root in his fist and started jerking it.

My father is bi-sexual, I thought to myself. Unbelievable, but so fucking cool. My dad’s fist is pumping Rick’s cock!

Rick seemed a bit surprised at first, but soon let the pleasure of my father’s loving fist take over his body.

I felt a new sensation brewing in my head.

My dad stopped pumping Rick’s cock and pulled him closer to my sister, then he put the thick tip of his cock against my sister’s now throbbing pussy.

He parted my sister’s pussy lips with his right hand and inserted Rick’s cock into her with his left hand. My sister yelped at my father’s unexpected touch.

“Ooh Daddy,” she purred. “That’s it. Put it in me! Don’t take your beautiful fingers off my cunt … please!”

“I won’t honey,” my dad replied lovingly. “I promise I won’t.”

And he didn’t!

My mother cupped my sister’s firm breasts from behind and started gently licking and biting her neck and shoulders.

I looked at June’s lovely face. Her big blue eyes were dreamy with lust. A cry of pleasure escaped her lovely mouth when my mother started pulling and pinching her stiff nipples.

“Is he fucking you good baby?” my mother whispered into my sister’s ear.

“Oh … yes Mommy!” my sister purred like a kitten. “So fucking good … Mommy!”

I put my hand on my sister’s stomach and stroked it lovingly as I had done earlier with my mother.

I am touching my fucking hot sister!

She moaned and breathed heavily when I started pulling on a fistful of her thick pubic hair. Rick was now thrusting his hips back and forth, fucking my sister’s hot pussy with firm strokes.

“Ooh, you beautiful fuckers!” my sister screamed. “You’re driving me so fucking crazy. Don’t stop touching me. Rick, fuck me harder. I’m gonna come so fucking hard!”

My sister screamed as her body tensed and she came very hard on her boyfriend’s thick cock.

My father massaged her throbbing clit, my mom pulled harder on her nipples and I pulled on her blond pussy hair.

When her body finally relaxed again my dad pulled Rick’s cock out of her pussy and took it into his mouth.

Rick started fucking my father’s handsome mouth.

“Oh … Jesus … I’m fucking your mouth Dan!” Rick sighed.

“Mm … mm,” my father managed to say.

“Fuck your dick into my dad’s mouth Rick,” I ordered, putting my hand behind my father’s head.

“Yeah fuck my husband’s face Rick baby,” my mother added. “Come inside his fucking mouth honey. Fuck his face!”

Rick pushed his cock all the way down my father’s throat until his balls were resting against his chin. He then tensed his butt muscles and started to shoot his hot cum into my father’s throat.

“Are you coming Rick?” June asked.

“Fuuuuuccck!” Rick moaned. “Mm … down your dad’s fucking throat baby!”

“This is so fucking naughty,” June giggled lustily. “Swallow my boyfriend’s thick cum Daddy!”

When rick finally pulled his dick out of my father’s hot mouth my mother and sister took turns kissing and tonguing his mouth.

The bedroom was now filled with the smell of sex and sweat. All of us had beads of sweat all over our hot bodies.

“Guys, it’s getting too hot in here,” my mother announced. “Let’s go out on the patio, have some drinks and cool down a bit.”

When we were downstairs my mother and sister went to the kitchen to make us drinks.

I hope this is not the end of it, I thought.

Then my mother’s lovely voice came from the kitchen.

“Dan, take the boys and go get the swing and the stuff from the playroom please,” she directed my father.

The playroom was off limits to my sister and me. It was where my parents stored their special equipment that they used for their group sex parties. My dad got a key from a drawer and told us to follow him.

The room was filled with all sorts of special sex furniture, some things that I had seen before and some that I had no idea what they were for.

My dad and Rick carried the sex swing out of the room and I picked up a bag that was filled with lotions, lubricants and sex toys.

Shortly after we set up the sex swing my mom and sister joined us on the patio carrying cold drinks. My mother and sister stood next to each other and sipped on their glasses.

I could hardly believe that these two hot women, long time objects of my desire were standing there naked … right in front of me.


“Ok guys, usually at our group parties when we have new members and they’re a bit shy we do some sort of icebreaker activity,” my mom explained. “I don’t know if you’re up to it but a couple of things can always help break the ice.”

All right mom, the suspense is killing me, I thought to myself.

But my sister was the one who said it out loud when she saw that my mom was deliberately being mysterious.

“Ok Mrs. Mommy,” June said. “Please do tell us what you have on you dirty mind!”

“Well first we can swallow each other’s spit,” my mom said. “There’s nothing you won’t be willing to do after you exchange some nasty bodily fluids!”

Then my mother unexpectedly pulled my sister’s hair back and as soon as she opened her mouth to object she spat into her mouth.

My sister swallowed her spit, she then spat into my mom’s mouth and watched her swallow.

Then they both came to me and took turns spitting into my mouth. They giggled and laughed as I tried to swallow before the next load of spit ended up in my mouth.

My dad was sitting in a chair, watching the scene as he slowly stroked his big cock.

“Rick, are you waiting for a special invitation?” my mother asked.

Rick joined our little circle and started by spitting into my mother’s mouth, then my sister’s. The when I least expected he turned towards me and spat into my mouth.


I returned the favor by spitting a big glob of saliva into his handsome mouth.

My mom and sister pushed our bodies closer to each other. Now Rick’s cock was rubbing and grinding against my own hard cock.

To my own surprise I put both of my hands on Rick’s muscular butt cheeks and pulled him into me.

I kissed his mouth!

He kissed me back. I sucked on his tongue. He grabbed my butt cheeks and squeezed hard. I squeezed him harder.

Kissing a man was very different than kissing a woman. I kissed him deep and hard, very aggressively and intensely.

I fucking loved it!

“Ooh Jake, I’m so glad to see that you’re as open-minded as your dad,” my mom confessed. “Watching two handsome men fuck and make out with each other makes so fucking hot!”

Fuck? Is she expecting us to fuck each other? I asked myself.

I decided that I did not care. I was actually enjoying this, so why not?

“Come honey, let’s get you on the swing,” she announced. “I want to stuff your asshole with something. Don’t worry … you’ll love it!”

I let my mother take my hand and lead me to the sex swing. She helped me strap myself into the thing. It took me a couple of minutes to get the hang of it.

I was now suspended in the air with the help of a few leather straps. My mom opened the bag I had brought and took out a bottle of lubricant and a string with some balls attached to it. She ordered me to keep my legs spread open wide.

She put on some lube on her index and middle fingers.

“Now … try to relax your asshole honey,” she said softly. “I’m going to finger your asshole and I bet that you’re really tight there. But don’t worry. It’ll open up and stretch!”

Wait a minute! She’s going to fuck my asshole with her fingers? Oh my God!

Her middle finger went inside me first. My cock was pointing directly at her pretty face as she knelt down to finger me.

“June, hold your brother’s cock so I can see what I’m doing here!” my mother commanded.

My sister put her delicate fingers on my cock and pressed it up against my stomach. Her touch felt burning hot on my cock. She looked at me and made a face, sticking out her tongue.

My dad drew his chair closer to the action. He was still playing with his cock. June tilted her head so that she could see what my mother was doing.

“Fuck yeah! Shove it in mom. Look his little ass ring is swallowing your finger! It looks so fucking hot!” June said joyfully.

“Now the second finger … here it goes,” my mom announced.

Her fingers felt so damned good inside my tight asshole. I loved every second of what she was doing to me. Shortly after she inserted the second finger into me, she started twisting and pumping her fingers back and forth. My mom looked directly into my eyes and smiled wickedly.

“Now it’s time for the balls to go up your asshole baby,” she informed me.

She shoved the anal balls one by one up my stretched asshole. My sister watched closely as my mother stuffed my shithole with those balls.

“Can I shove the rest up his asshole mom … please?” my horny sister begged.

Oh my God!

My mother gave way to my sister. June was not as careful as my mother and she shoved the balls harder into me. I really did not mind what wicked things my two favorite women were doing to me.

I was thankful for the moment and enjoyed every second of it. My mother started running her hands all over my body. She twisted my nipples, pulled on my pubic hair and softly caressed my cock with her fingers.

“Ok baby, you can get up now. I’ll pull the balls out of you later when you’re about to come!” my mother said.

My mom quickly replaced me on the swing, she then ordered me to take Rick’s cock and put it inside her pussy.

I grabbed Rick’s heavy cock in my fist and positioned it against my mother’s pink pussy lips. I pushed it inside her and she yelped with delight.

I stood right next to my mom and my sister stood on her other side. We played with her beautiful tits as Rick started fucking her faster and harder. My sister leaned over my mom’s firm boob and took her hard nipple into her mouth.

So fucking beautiful!

I did the same. We sucked noisily on our mother’s nipples and she started moaning louder, trying to fuck Rick back.

“So Mommy, what’s that second thing you do to break the ice? Just curious if that’s even nastier than all that spitting!” my sister asked.

“Dan, why don’t you show the kids the second icebreaker?” my mom giggled.

My father got up and stood right next to Rick. He aimed his cock at my mother’s stomach and started pissing.

“Daddy!” My sister gasped. “You’re pissing on Mommy!”

We stared at our father’s cock, watching his golden piss spray all over our mother’s stomach and cunt.

He is really pissing on her!

My sister and I looked at each other then we both moved our hands lower and placed them on our mother’s matted cunt bush. Now our father was pissing on our hands, Jake’s cock and mother’s hot body,

My father looked at me expectantly. I took his cue and started pissing on my mother as well.

“Piss on Mommy’s pussy,” my sister purred, rubbing our mother’s clit. “Piss on my fucking hand too. Ooh god! Piss on us you handsome fuckers!”

My dad started to piss on Rick’s muscular ass while I continues sprinkling my mother and my sister with my hot piss.

Rick suddenly came with a loud grunt. He pulled out of my mother’s cunt and squirted all over her body and my pissing cock.

I pissed on his squirting cock.

My sister leaned over and wrapped her lips around her boyfriend’s wildly squirting dick. My father and I pissed on her face and mouth as she sucked Rick’s cock.

I could not believe that this was all truly happening!

My sister took Rick’s place in front of my mother and knelt down. She darted her tongue into our mother’s hairy cunt, fucking it in and out.

When she pulled her tongue out, she closed her lips about our mom’s hairy cunt lips, sucking them then lapped her tongue about our mother’s twitching clit.

Rick started pissing on my mother’s thick cunt bush and my sister’s cunt-hungry mouth.

I leaned over and kissed my sister’s piss-drenched mouth, then sucked my mother’s clit into my mouth. The taste of pee and sweet cunt juice drove me out of my mind.

I kissed my mother’s cunt and sucked harder on he clit. Then I moved up and kissed my mom deeply on her beautiful mouth.

“Kiss me harder baby,” my hot mother urged. “Use your tongue. Suck on my tongue. Mm!”

Rick and my father started pissing on our faces. My mother and I swapped the hot piss and swallowed some of it.

When my dad stopped pissing he shoved his cock up my mother’s pussy right next to my sister’s face. June lapped on our mother’s cunt and licked the topside of our father’s cock.

All of us were delirious with lust!

Rick finally stopped pissing and shoved his cock between our lips.

I kissed the swollen tip of his cock, so did my mother. She took his shaft and stuffed it into my mouth.

I am sucking a fucking cock for the first time and I love it!

My mother and I took turns sucking Rick’s hard shaft and bouncing balls. My father grabbed the back of my sister’s head and shoved his cock into her pretty mouth. He started fucking her mouth firmly as the rest of us watched.

“Oh baby,” my mother cried. “Fuck that beautiful slut’s face. Fuck it good. She loves it!”

“Get up you pretty slut,” my dad commanded. “I’m gonna fuck you from behind!”

My sister leaned over my mom’s body. My dad grabbed her hips firmly and entered her pussy from behind. He started fucking her furiously.

“Fuck your daughter you fucking pervert!” my mother shouted at my dad. “Fuck that tight pussy. Fuck our pretty little girl. Fuck her!”

My mom and I kissed June’s lips and licked her face as she begged my father to fuck her harder.

“Daddy … oh Daddy!” June moaned and grunted. “Fuck me Daddy! Daddy … fuck me … please. Harder Daddy! Faster Daddy!”

“Hey I never asked you what your tattoo says,” my father asked in between his hard strokes.

“It says … fuck me harder Daddy!” my sister gasped. “Kiss me Dan … don’t stop you beautiful asshole. Kiss your fucking sister!”

I kissed her harder. She moaned and cried into my mouth. Rick ran to the table, grabbed a pitcher of iced tea, gulped it down in less than a minute and started pissing again. He showered our horny faces with his hot golden piss as we kissed lovingly and lustfully.

Our mother licked our faces as we kissed. I felt my mother’s hand pulling on my balls then she grabbed my cock and started pumping her fist firmly back and forth.

My dad suddenly stopped fucking and despite my sister’s objections he withdrew his cock from her pussy.

“Sorry sweetie, I don’t want to cum yet!” he said and sat down on a chair.

“Ok boys and girls, maybe we all should take a break,” my mother added.

We all sat on chairs around the patio table. We all looked wet and flushed.

What the hell had just happened? My father had fucked my sister and we all had pissed on my mother. I had sucked Rick’s cock and swallowed Rick’s and my father’s piss!

My cock was throbbing again as I looked at my mother’s body. I really wanted to fuck her.

I needed so desperately to fuck her!

“You can fuck me right after I watch your father fuck the shit out of you!” my mother said as if she had read my mind. “Get up. Let’s strap you on the swing. I can’t wait to watch him fuck your tight asshole anymore.”

“Oh shit! Daddy is really going to fuck my sexy brother? Really?” my sister asked my parents.

“You bet your sweet little ass I am,” my dad replied as he got up and waited for me to get on the swing.

I moved as if I were sleepwalking.

A minute later I was suspended on the sex swing and my mom was pulling out the anal beads out of my asshole. My sister and Rick were standing on each side of me and playing with my nipples.

My mother spread my ass wide open with her delicate hands, she then pushed her tongue hard against my asshole and with a few wiggles, it shoved past my tight shit ring.

Her hot tongue was now inside me and she started fucking my asshole with it.

“Ooh that’s so nasty Jake. Mom is fucking your shithole with her hot tongue. Can you believe that?” June asked.

“It feels so fucking good,” I replied.

My mom tongue-fucked me for a couple of more minutes before she grabbed my father’s cock and pressed the wide tip of it against my asshole.

She shoved my dad’s cock firmly and it finally went past my anal ring.

My father’s big cock was finally inside me!

He grunted and breathed heavily as he shoved more of his cock into me.

“Take it easy dad. It hurts,” I pleaded.

“Shut the fuck up Jake and take it like a man,” my mom commanded sternly. “Your father is going to fuck your brains out with his big cock and you better love it!”

“But mom it’s almost nine inches and so fucking thick!” I protested. “You can’t expect me to take his entire cock up my asshole!”

“I won’t let him stop until his entire cock is buried balls deep inside you,” my mom replied. “And yes you can take it … all of it! So now shut up and let him do his job!”

“God dam it boy!” my father growled. “You’re so fucking tight!”

“Ah Dad!” I cried. “You’re so big!”

“Fuck yes son,” my father sighed. “I love your asshole. Shit!”

When my father’s cock was half way buried inside me I felt that my asshole would split in two. I took deep breaths and swallowed my cries of pain.

I knew that my mother’s sudden dominant behavior was just an act and it actually did turn me on, so I played along. I exhaled with relief when I felt my dad pulling out a bit, but shortly after he pushed in even harder.

“Ooh baby … look at that big cock stretching that tiny shithole of yours,” my sister said. “Push harder Daddy! Yeah that’s the way to fuck an asshole. Fuck my snotty little brother with your big cock!”

“Oh no Dad … that’s enough,” I begged. “It won’t go in anymore than this.”

“Don’t you fucking dare stop pushing Dan,” my mom said. “You need to go all the way in … all the fucking way up his tight asshole!”

“Ah … no!” I pleaded. “No!”

“Stop acting like a spoiled little baby and take it like a man!” my mother hissed.

It took my father about ten minutes to bury his entire cock up my asshole. He looked at me and smiled. Beads of sweat covered his forehead but he had a satisfied look on his handsome face.

“See baby. What did I tell you?” my mother asked. “He’s all the way in. Now it’s time for the real fun to begin. He’s gonna fuck you raw and hard. Nothing turns me on more than watching two handsome well-built men fuck the shit out of each other this way.”

And soon enough the real fun began.

My asshole took my father’s cock, took the wild battering and the raw intrusion. The sound of my father’s thighs and balls striking my ass cheeks sounded beautiful to me.

I started loving the wild sensation of my dad’s big cock filling me up so intensely!

My beautiful mother scratched my balls, stroked my cock, kissed my, sucked on my nipples and spat into my mouth. My sister followed my mother’s example and did the same.

“How does it feel honey?” my mother asked. “Do you still want him to stop?”

“Oh fuck no!” I replied. “Fuck me harder Dad. Fuck me as hard as you can. I love your big cock up my asshole. Don’t stop fucking meeee!”

“I won’t son,” my father replied grunting. “Here you go. Take this … and this! Is this hard enough for you?”

“Keep fucking me Dad. Fuck my brains out!”

My dad did not disappoint. He fucked me with everything he had, as if his life depended on fucking me hard.

I had already noticed that my dad could fuck forever before reaching his climax and I hoped that he would not stop anytime soon.

“Do you see Daddy? I’m not the only hot whore in this house,” my sister said. “Your son is a whore too. Look at the way he begs you to fuck him harder. He really loves it!”

“June, kiss your brother,” my mother commanded. “Rick, piss on my kids’ faces. They love the taste of your hot piss!”

Rick splashed our faces and mouths again with his piss. My mother started spanking my dad’s butt, making him fuck me harder, I finally saw that look of upcoming orgasm in my father’s face.

“Are you gonna come Dad?” I asked excitedly.

“Yes! I’m gonna fucking come!” My dad grunted.

“Yeah Dad … shoot it right up my asshole,” I encouraged. “Fill me up with your hot cum!”

And fill me up he did!

He squirted huge loads of hot cum right up my burning asshole. He smiled at me when he finally finished coming inside me.

My mother kissed my piss-covered mouth. When she started kissing me my father started pissing on our faces. My mom and I did not stop making out.

We French-kissed and spat saliva and hot piss into each other’s mouths long after my father was done pissing on us. I found it hard to let go of my mother’s sexy lips

A few minutes later I collapsed on a chair. My ass was on fire, but my cock was still very hard. My sister approached me and climbed on top of my cock. She impaled her hot pussy on my big shaft as she kissed me sensually. She rode me firmly and fast.

June was finally fucking me!

“That was so fucking sexy,” she whispered into my ear. “You know how much I really love you, you little asshole! I’m gonna come on your beautiful cock so hard!”

I kissed her softly, licked her lips and tasted her strawberry lip-gloss. She shoved her tongue into my mouth and I sucked on it.

“I love you too sis,” I whispered. “I love you so much more than you think. Come for me sis. Come all over my fucking cock!”

“Ooh! Fuck! I love you so much too you fucking shithead!”

“Do you like the way my cock feels inside you?”

“Ooh … ooh!”

“Do you?”

“I fucking love it!”

“Ride me faster sis!”

“Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!”

“That’s it sis. Come baby. Come all over my cock!”

“Ooh!” my sister sobbed, tears running don her flushed cheeks.

My sister came with a cry. Her fuck juice ran down my hard shaft and drenched my balls. When she stopped moving I noticed that my mother was moving towards the sex swing, she was looking at me and signaling me to follow her.

A moment later I was standing right between her spread open legs, my cock pointing at her pussy. My sister and dad were standing on my mother’s sides.

Rick stood next to me. He started pissing on my mother’s stomach. I was starting to think to think that he was an eternal source of piss.

My dad and I started pissing on her too. We pissed on her beautiful face and lips. My sister kissed my mother and shared our forbidden juices.

“Put it in me Jake. It’s the moment of truth!” my mom said. “Now you can see how hot my pussy is for you baby!”

I thrust my cock up her hot and wet pussy. I could feel her cunt pulsating and twitching.

I was fucking my fucking hot mother!

“Your pussy is sucking on my cock mom!” I exclaimed.

“Fuck me baby, fuck me nice and slow,” she said. “Fuck your mother baby!”

“Your pussy feels so fucking hot Mom!”

“It’s burning up for you baby!”


“Right there! Fuck me. Just like that. Fuck me honey. Fuck your mother!”

“Feels so fucking nice Mom.”

“Like Heaven?”

“Better than Heaven Mom. I don’t think they’d let me fuck you in Heaven Mom!”

“Then I’d rather go to Hell,” my mom laughed throatily.

“Me too Mom!”

“Fuck me honey. Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck your Mommy baby!”

I looked at my mother’s lovely body. My naked sister standing right there beside her, playing with her hard, long nipples. Pure lust and unconditional love for these two hot women had taken over all my senses.

I fucked my mother with all the love I had inside me and she returned my love with her lovely melodic moans, her contracting pussy and the warmth of her juices.

We fucked restlessly and shamelessly, for all that seemed perverted and dirty in the eyes of some was now in fact the way of love in our family.

احمد المطلق و امه المهجورة

 احمد المطلق و امه المهجورة
عزائي اتمنى ان تنال اعجابكم هذه القصة الجميله التي سمعتها قبل سنوات وحفظتها في ذاكرتي ارج ان تنال رضاكم؛؛
حين كنت في الرابعة عشر….لم اكن افكر ولم يخطر على بالي ابدا جنس المحارم …لكنني صعقت مرة بامي وهيه تغسل ملابسنا بيديها حيث كنا على قد الحال كانت تجلس مثلما جلست نانسي عجرم في اغنيتها < حبيبي قرب> لكنني صعقت لانها لم تكن ترتدي كمبلسون تحت؟؟؟؟ فرايت كسها المشعر ولم تكن تشعر هية برؤيتي لها..فانساب بي شعور غريب جدا لاول مرة في حياتي اشاهد كسا حقيقيا وهوة لامي….فلم يغب عن بالي كسها ابدا ..لكن امي كانت امراة جامدة وقاسية فلم تستثيرني اكثر ولم ارغب بالتفكير اكثر من ذلك….فمرت الايام والسنين واحيانا تاتين احلام بانني اعاشر امي فانهض من الفراش مختنقا ومحاولا ابعاد هذه الاحلام من راسي,,,,تزوجت من ابنه عمي …ولم اكن احبها عشت معها عشر سنوات ,,,حين بلغت السابعة والعشرين تطلقنا..بسبب المشاكل ..كنت اسكن بعيدا عن اهلي وازورهم من حين لاخر كان لي اخوة واخوات لكنهم كلهم تزوجو ورحلو…وبقيت امي مع ابي الرجل الكبير الذي تزوجها وهية في الثالثة عشر من عمرها وهوة اكبر منها بكثير…نسيت ان اخبركم انني اخر العنقود من ولدها ..وحين شاهدت كسها كانت هية في اوائل الثلاثينات من عمرها…على ايه حال تطلقت من زوجتي
بعد ان كثرت مشاكلنا لاسباب جنسية وغير جنسية كما انها لم تخلف ولم اعرف ان كانت هي السبب ام انا…كما انني لم اكن استمتع معها بالجنس حيث انها كانت باردة ,,,الا حين اتخيل ان كسها هو كس امي اثناء النيك…حيث لا شعوريا اشعر بالفوران وازيد من هيجاني وانزل اكثر فيها….على ايه حال حين تطلقت لم اعرف اين اعيش لانني كنت اعيش في بيت مؤجر…لكن سرعان ما بعث لي اخي الاكبر وطلب مني ان اعيش مع امي الوحيدة بعد ان هاجر والدي لاحدى دول الخليج…بصراحة لم ياتي اي شيء على بالي وقتها…فقررت ان اذهب لاعانة امي التي بلغت الخامسة والاربعين وقتها……بالطبع كنت غائبا حوالي سنتين عنها في المرة الاخيرة ولم
اتخيل انني ساجدها مثلما كانت فامي انسانة عادية ومتوسطة الجمال لكنها سمينة قليلا…على ايه حال رحبت امي بي ذلك اليوم بحرارة وعاتبتني لانني تسرعت بتطليق زوجتي…كنت الاحظ ان امي كانت شديدة الاهتمام بمظهرها ..كما انها كانت كثيرة الشكوى لفراق ابي…وانها تشعر بوحده كبيرة..كنت اعمل بجهد حتى اوفر العيش لي ولامي ..وكنت اعود متاخرا للمنزل…وفي احد الايام عدت كالعادة للمنزل…فوجدت باب الدار غير موصدة وحين دخلت المطبخ لم اجد امي فيه حتى سمعت صوت انهمار مياه الدوش في الحمام فادركت ان امي تستحم..وحين طال الانتظار لم تخرج امي من الحمام فقلقت عليها وذهبت لاتاكد ان كانت بخير…علما انها لم تشعر
بوجودي بعد..وحين وصلت الحمام وقبل ان ارفع صوتي احسست ان باب الحمام هو الاخر غير موصد وهو مفتوح الى النصف…ودون اي تفكير وشعور…حاولت
ان ارى ما هناك…بهدوء كي لا تشعر امي بي…كان المنظر صدمني نوعا ما لكنه اثارني ..كانت امي عارية ..والمياه تنهمر على جسدها الابيض الرائع
الممتليء…صدرها كان كبيرا ومتهدلا نوعا ما لكنه جميل ومثير اما عجزها فكان كبيرا ورائعا وشاهدت كسها الذي اعادني سنوات طويله للوراء هذا الكائن الغريب المحرم علي…ذو الشعر الكثيف جدا حتى انه لا يبان..لكن رغبة كبرى لي في اكتشافه…كانت امي تستحم بهدوء وتدلك جلدها الجميل بالماء وتمسد نهديها وحين رفعت ذراعيها كان ابطيها مشعرين ايضا لكن بشكل خفيف ومثير جدا جدا…احسست ان زبري بداء يتحرك ولم احرك ساكنا في ذهول المنظر حتى قطع علي انغماسي بالنشوة صوت امي وهيه تصيح”” احمد؟؟؟ انت جيت بدري اليوم “”” وكانت قد غطت نهديها بيديها ولمت فخذيه لتخفي كسها دون فائده لانه لايزال واضحا..وقد لا حظت هيه اندماجي بالنظر لكن فجاة نزل الحياء علي واعتذرت وقلتلها”” اسف امي بس حبيت اطمن عليكي”” فابتسمت دون ان تحاول غلق اباب وفي عينيها نظرة لم اتمكن من التقاف اي معنى منها…وقالت””” ولا يهمك حبيبي العشى جاهز اسبقني على المطبخ وراح اجي وراك”””طبعا انا سبقتها لكنني كنت ممحونا من المنظر وهائجا
له..انتظرنها على السفرة حتى جائت وهيه تحاول ان تكون كالفتيات حين يخرجن من الحمام ….كانت تظع روب على جسدها وشعرها لا يزال مبتلا
قليلا…ورائحة صابون الحمام المعطر تملا المكان وكانت تلبس تحت الروب ستيانا ابيض…لاحظته لانها لم تغلق الروب باحكام…ادركت انها انتبهت
لنظراتي الاخيرة لكنها لم تحرك ساكنا وكانها لم تلاحظ تركيز عيوني على صدرها الكبير المكور الرائع…ثم سالتني عن حالي وتداولنا الحديث
المعهود كل يوم وكان شيئا لم يكن…في تلك الليله اردت ان انام لكننني ارقت وتاهت بي الافكار والرغبات وكنت احاول ابعاد شبج امي العاري من
ذهني…وزبري كان هائجا طول الليل…فقررت ان انزل لاخذ دشا…لعلي اهداء قليلا واجدد نشاطي ما دمت قد ارقت كليا…وبعد اسبوع من
الحادث….عدت للبيت واذا الحاله نفسها تتكر هذه المرة….لكني لم اشاء ان تلاحظني امي كالمرة السابقة…وايضا جائتني للسفرة بالروب المفتوح
والستيان كان احمر يجنن عليها هالمرة….وكذلم في تلك الليله ايضا ارقت ولم اتمكن من النوم وصارت امي المثيرة تسيطر على تفكيري…الى ان جاء
يوم ما حوالي بعد اسبوعين من الحادث..كنت قررت دخول الحمام..وفي الحمام وجدت ستيان امي الاحمر معلقا…فزاد هياجي وقلت لنفسي لا مارس العادة
السرية وانا اشم رائحته الزكية مالضير من ذلك…ففعلت هذا ولكني اسقطت قسما من المني عليه…تعمدت ان ابقيه بجراة…فهي الفكرة الوحيدة
المسيطرة علي وقتها…بعد يومين رايت امي وكان شيئا لم يحدث او ربما هيه لم تلاحظ ستيانها الاحمر..لكن كنت في الحمام وتعمدت ان ابقي جزء من
باب الحمام مفتوحا بنفس طريقة امي وكانني غير متعمد…لكن امي لم تاتي فشعرت بالخيبة لانها لم تمر بقربي وبعد يومين من ذلك قررت ان ابقي
الحمام مفتوحا دائما حتى اعرف رد فعل امي المثيرة جنسيا لي… وفوجئت مرة حين مرت امي قبالة الحمام وكانها غير منتبه لي ..فتعمدت ان اظهر
جزئي الامامي حتى ان نظرت لي فانها سترى زبري قبالتها…واغمظت عيناي تحت انغمار مياه الدش مدعيا اني منسجم في الاسترخاء لكنني كنت افتح
عيناي بين لحظة واخرى كي ارى ما تفعل…وصرت غير مسيطر على نفسي وانا اتذكر شعر كس امي وثدييها الرائعين…فصار زبري منتصبا انتصابا
متوسطا…حتى تفاجات حين رايت امي…تقف امامي وتنظر لي وحين افتحت عيوني كانت تتظاهر انها غير منتبه لزبري ومركزة نظرها في وجهي
وسالتني”” ابني احمد محتاج شي مني..؟؟”” طبعا سؤالها كان مفاجئا لي لكنني كالابله اجبتها”” لا سلامتك ماما!!””ثم قالت لي “” انا امك احمد ما
تستحي مني اذا بدك شي قول على طول”” فارتفع زبري اكثر لا اراديا وصارت امي تشيح بوجهها عني وثم غادرت..لكنني متاكد انها رات زبري…المحتقن
والمنتفخ حد الالم والمشتهيها والطالب لكسها وجسدها…في ليتها قررت ان استرق النظر لامي وهي نائمة فالفكرة الحيوانية تسيطر علي..واشتهائي لها
منعني من التفكير باي شيء ما عدى جسدها المغري…ورغبتي في اقتحام حرمته…وكنت ملتهبا وغير قادر على النوم…لاحظت ان امي في العشاء قد
بالغت من ترتيب مظهرها ووظعت مكياجا خفيفا وعطرا رائعا…وكانت لينة الحديث والاسلوب وكثيرة الشكوى حول انها وحيدة جدا وتعبانة من الوحدة
وانها بحاجة لللراحة والسعادة الابدية…وعندما خلدت امي للنوم..قررت ان اصعد فوق لغرفتها…وحين تسللت بهدوء لاراها..وجدت امي نائمة وهية تغطي
نصفها السفلي فقط ببطانيه…اما جزئها العلوي كان غير مغطي ,,كانت ترتدي روب مفتوح من الاعلى قليلا…وحين دخلت غرفتها اتفحص جسدها
الجميل …كأنها احست بوجودي فانقلبت من وظعها الجانبي ونامت على ظهرها فانفتح روبها اكثر..وفوجئت حيث كانت ترتدي نفس الستيان الاحمر الذي ارقت
منيي عليه ولا ادري ان كانت قد غسلته ام لا لكن صدرها كان واضحا وهو محبوس خلف الستيان..مكورا صارخا بالرغبة ابيضا ممتلئا…املسا وناعما
وطريا..وكأني لم ارى صدرا قبل اليوم بل لم ارى اجمل من صدرها اليوم…بصراحة كنت خائفا من ان تكشفني امي..لكنني تجرات اكثر وتقدمت
وجلست القرفصاء محاولا ان اشم انفاسها واستنشقها واقتربت من وجهها حتى كاد شاربي ان يلامس شفتيها..وصارت امي تزفر اشهى واحلى واعطر زفير في
العالم..وثم صرت اشم جسدها كله عن قرب ولا ادري لماذا امي فجات انقلبت مرة اخرى ورفست البطانية عن جسمها قليلا فبان حوضها ورايت ان اروب ايضا
كان مشدودا حول بطنها بحزام من قماش لكن الروب قد انفرج من تحته ليبان جزء من فخذها العلوي وكمبلسونها كان واضحا جدا احمرا ايضا يخفي تحته
كائن جبار شهي يتحداني ان اكتشفه لكنه كان يعج بالشهوة فامي لم تكن تجيد التمثيل لان كمبلسونها كان رطبا قليلا وكانها في محنه فاقتربت واقفا
على طولي منه وحاولت ان اشمه واشم عطره وكادت امي تشعر بي لكنني واصلت شمي له ياااااااااااااااااه ياله من عطر عبق طيب…كنت اتمنى ان الحسه
واكله وانيكه لحظتها لكنني تراجعت وتركت امي في وضعها وخرجت وعدت لغرفتي ومارست العادة السريه اربع مرات متتايه ولا حظت اني اقذف كميات
هائلة غير طبيعيه ولزجة لزوجه كبيرة تختلف عن ما كنت اقذفه في كس مرتي السابقة في الصباح كان كل شيء عاديا..لكن امي نزلت من غرفتها بروبها
المعهود وفطرنا معا قبل خروجي للعمل ولاحظت ان امي كانت تبدو مرتاحة جدا وكانها غطت في نوم عميق هانيء..وكانت تفتح روبها من اعلى مثل كل مرة
مبينه نصف صدرها العلوي لكن ما لفت انتباهي بشدة هو ميوعه امي وليونه كلامها وتغنجها الزائد عن الحد وكاني لست ابنها اجلس امامها بل وكاني
زوجها..حتى انني لاحظت ليونة كلامها معي ونعومة صوتها وطريقة خوفها علي الشيء الذي لم اتلمسه من امي طوال حياتي الماضية..وظلت هذه الافعال تزيد
بيني وبين امي ..هي تزيد م غنوجتها وتنعمها واغرائها بالكلام المعسول…وانا استرق النظر لها في سباتها..حتى صرت اتعود ذلك..وصرت كل
مرة اكتشف المزيد من جسد امي …في احد المرات طلبت مني امي ان اساعدها في ترتيب غرفتها…وحين طلبت مني ان ارفع لها حافة الدولاب
الثقيل,,,انحنت امي فكان طيزها قبال وجهي واقتربت من وجهي محاولة سحب الكاربت الى تحت الدولاب الذي ارفعه ولان الدولاب ثقيل كان على ان اتسمر
في مكاني حتى تسحب الكاربت الى تحته..وكان طيزها السحري يسد وجهي تقريبا وشقه النصفي امامي ..وقالت لي “” تقدر ابني تصبر بعد شوي”” تقصد
ان اضل رافعا الدولاب لكنني قلت لها بقصد غير سليم”” بهذا الوضع ماما؟؟ ما ممكن اتحمل اكثر””” وهية تتغنج وتقول”” اشوي عشان خاطري ابني اشوي
كمان”” على ايه حال كررت هية من ترك الباب اثناء استحمامها وانا كذلك حتى جاء اليوم الموعود…حيث تكررنفس الحادث حيث وجدت امي ايضا بالحمام
وبابه مفتوح…لكنني شاهدت امي وهيه تدير ظهرها للباب…وحين احست بوجودي نادتني”” هاذا انتة احمد….ممكن تجيني ابني تساعدني شوي؟؟؟””
غريب اي نوع من المساعدة تريد امي ولكنني استحييت منها الا انها الحت على وقالت “” لا تستحي احمد انا امك حبيبي”” دخلت الحمام بنصف جسمي
ومشيحا بوجهي عنها لكنها كانت جلس على الخشبة في الحمام مكورة جسمها على بعضها مظهرة ظهرها العاري الذي كان هوة الاخر مثيرا لي..وقالت
لي””ممكن يا احمد تمسجلي كتوفي لانني مش طايقة وجعهم…الله يخليك””وحين اقتربت منها احاول ذلك فاجاتني وطلبت مني “” احمد ارمي قميصك لا يبتل
ابني “” فرميته وانا غير مصدق ما افعل…وصرت لا ارتدي غير البنطلون بعدها لمست كتوف امي الملساء الناعمة الطريه وكانني اتكهربت فقالت””
ما تخاف ابني احمد..اي شوي ادعكلي كتوفي بقوة “” فصرت ادعك بقوة وماءالدش ينهمر عليه فيكون رائع الملمس بصراحة زبري بداء بالانتصاب لكن امي
اكيد لن تلاحظ ذلك وهية معطيتني ظهرها؟..فصرت ادعك كتفيها وهي تقول كل قليل”” شوي انزل تحت ابني..ايوة عفارم عليك انتة ريحتني هيك..بعد شوية
انزل لتحت””فلامست لوح الكتف وهي لا تزال تطلب مني ان انزل لتحت وان اتقدم قليلا الى الامام..حتى احسست اطراف نهديها من الخلف…فتعمدت ان
امد يدي قليلا لارى رد فعلها لكنها واصلت طلبها مني بالتقدم..وقليلا قليلا..مددت اصابعي من تحت ابطيها ولمست اسفل نهديها تحت الحلمة..وصرت
اقبض بهدوء على نهديها الكبيرين الرائعين الممتلئين..وامسدهما…فقالت”” ايوة ابني ادعكلي كمان انزل الله يريحك””فقبضت على حلمتيها بعد ان شاهدتها تتجاوب بصورة كبيرة ولا تمانع اطلاقا…اما زبري فصار كالسيخ..عندها نهضت امي فجاة..واطبقت ابطيها على يداي وجسدها واقفا امامي تفصلنا ملمترات وهية عاريه مبتلة وتبللت انا ايضا…وهيه بدات تغير من نبره صوتها وتأن”” ايوة ابني ..كمان ادعكلياهم ..ريحني الله يخليك وجعي كبير ابني خلصني”” ثم انطبقت بظهرها
علي..وصرت اتمتع بملمس نهودها الكبار اللي عملين زي النفاخة وانا افرك بيهم وادعكهم وزيدت من قوة دعكي الهم…وصار زبري يضرب مؤخرة امي من
خارج الملابس ولم تمانع اطلاقا فكل شيء صار ينساب بسهولة…فانزلق زبري بين فخذيها رغم اني لم اخرجه بعد…وسحبت احدى يداي بصعوبة من تحت
ابطيها…ونزلت بها ادعك مؤخرتها..وهيه في قمة المحنة..ففاجاتني واستدارت بوجهها وجزئها العلوي من جسمها…وهية تنظر اليه باستسلام
وتوسل…وانوثه طاغيه واغراء قاتل ..”” شو…ما بدك تريحني اليوم يا احمد”””لفظت هذه الكلمة الاخيرة وهيه تقارب بشفتيها من شفتي حتى صرت
استنشق انفاسها الحارة العطرة..وازيد من اندفاع زبري المقيد بين فخذيها..فهجمت على شفتيها المغريتين الرطبتين الرائعتين اقبلها..اقبل
شفاه امي وكاني في حلم…وكانت هية تلتهم شفتي وادخلت لسانها مباشرة الى فمي وانا التقفه بحرارة…وهية تأن من اللذة والشهوة
والاستسلام…عندها فقدت كل شيء..من صبري..ومن خجلي..صرت اقبلها كخنزير هائج..وهية تهمهم”” مممممم ممممم مممممم “” وهية تلفظ انفاسها العطرة
فاستنشقها…حينها اخرجت زبري الذي صار كاسخ الحامي ,,,,لكنها قطعت علي كل هذا وامسكته بيديها تمنع من الاقتراب اكثر من ذلك من كسها …وانا
خلفها…وقطعت قبلتها لي وقالت”” ابني احمد..مو هون…بدك تمسدلي في غرفة النوم تبعي …؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟””فخرجنا من الحمام سويه وانا طبعا كنت
اظن ان المسالة كلها عبارة عن حلم…وكاننا عروسين نخرج برومانسيه العشاق من الحمام…وهية لا تزال تمسك زبري بيد وانا امسك احد نهودها
بيد ونتمشى الى غرفتها وحين وصلنا هناك ارتمت امي الغالية الرائعة امامي على الفراش..مبتلة وممحونة..ارتمت على ظهرها وباعدت بين فخذيها
الممتلئين لتظهر لي اروع كائن عرفته في حياتي..كسها الذي طالما حلمت به ولم اتصور اني ساراه بعدها..كسها الكثيف الشعرة…وكانها تلعب الجمباز
حين ارتمت مباعدة رجليها الى اقصى ما تستطيع وذراعيها الى الخلف لتكشفان شعر ابطها الخفيف المثير جدا جدا…لم اصدق هل انا في حلم
فاقتربت من كسها وهيه في محنة شديدة فقدت فيه كل هيبتها..وصرت اشمه من بعيد قليلا…يااااااااااااه يا لرائحته الزكية كان كثيف الشعر بحيث
غابت ملامحه…اقتربت زاحفا وفاكا ملابسي راميا بها كيفما اتفق…وامي الممحونة العاريه المبتلة في اقصى حلات محنتها واستسلامها الغريب ولم
نعد نفكر باي شيء لا هي ولا انا بل كنا عبارة عن اثنين لا يفكران الا بما بين رجليهما…كانت بطنها رائعة بطيات لحمية صغيرة وثدييها الكبيرين
المرنين يرميان براسيهما الى جانب صدرها ويتهزهزان مع كل نفس من انفاسها العميقة…وهية تأن انات خفيفه وتنهدات وتهمهم مع نفسها حتى لا
اكاد اسمعها وما استطعت ان افهمه من كلمات”” انا تعبانه ابني…كثير تعيبانة..تعبانة والله..محتاجة ارتاح…اااه…ااه مممممممم …مممممم””اقتربت اكثر من كسها..وتوسط راسي بين فخذيها المشحمين..مسكت رجليها الرائعين الناعمين…من زمان بحلم بهيك…اقتربت حتى اصطدم شاربي بشعرتها الجميله العطر..عطر ولا احلى ….وصرت ادس انفي فيه مباعدا بيداي فخذيها وممسكهما بقوة كي اتنعم بطراوة لحمها…فشممت عطر شعرتها وصرت استنشق بعمق …يااااااااه ياله من جميل هذا العطر…كانت شعرتها مبلولة وجميلة رغم كثافتها…اخرجت لساني الملتهب العق شعرتها كلكلب العطشان….وهي تقول”” اااه ريحني الله يريحك”” وصرت
التهم شعرتها بلساني وشفاهي واستمتع بطعم مياهها العسلية …ولكني وسط زحمة الشعر صرت اباعد شعرتها بلساني كي اصل للعمق الممتع وووصلت واذا

شفرين ورديين ومحتقنين من المحنة…وصرت اببلهما فوق بللهما بلساني المتوحش وصرت ابوسه والحسه وامصمصه والعقه واعضه وارتشفه وصارت شفاهي
الوحشية تطبق على كامل كسها وشعرته وصارت امي تأن بقوة وصرت اسمعها تتنهد وصرت اباعد اكثر بين فخذيها وكاني احاول شقها لنصفين…وصار فمي
مطبقا بالكامل على كسها الا ان قسما من شعرتها صارت تغطي انفي ووجهي لكثافتها ولاني لم استطع ان اضمها كلها في فمي…صرت الحس كالمجنون وامي
تأن كالفتاة الصغيرة بقيت انهل من مياهها بحدود النصف ساعه فكلما كنت انشف كسها من ما تنضحه من شهوة..كلما فاضت اكثر ….وصارت شبه مغمى
عليها من الشهوة وصارت هذه المرة ترفع صوتها وصراخها بداء يعلو ويعلو….ويه تلفظ بكلام غير مفهمو احيانا الا ان زمبورها انتصب وصار
كزبر طفل حديث الولادة وبان يعلو من بين شعرتها الرائعة الكثيفة…ثم وضعت امي يديها فوق راسي وتطبقه بقوة اكثر نحو كسها وترفع بحوضها
باتجاهي…حتى شعرت انها ارتعشت وانهزت كل فرائصها وتشنجت تشنجات واضحة ومكررة…وخرج سائل رائق من كسها اشبه بحليب مخفف …له طعم لزج ورائع
هوة اطيب من الخمر عندي..فصرت اشربه كالماء وهيه تواصل تاوهات انقباضاتها ووصولها للذروة كادت امي تلك اللحظة ان تخنقني لشدة ضغطها
بفخذيها على راسي….وهيه تهمهم””” اااااااااه ايوة يبني…ريحتني كثير ..ريحتني ..ممممممممممم ..ريحت امك التعبانة من سنين…ممممم”””وبعد ان هدات قليلا…كنت انا لا زلت اواصل الاستمتاع باشهى والذ طعم كس في الدنيا…كس لذيذ جدا ولزج بمياه كثيرة جدا…اااااااااااه ماهذا الكس الرائع…انه اطيب كس في الدنيا ..كس امي…مياهها اللذيذة الجميله…رائحتها العطرة وجلدها الشهي الجميل …امي لم تعد تعرف ماذا تريد…هي الان مستسلمة ونالت اول ذروة
لها لكنها بحاجة الى اكثر من هذا وانا ايضا…بصراحة خفت منها ان تتردد بعد ان انزلت شهوتها…وخفت انا ايضا ان اتراجع فما نفعله لم يكن بالهين..قاطعت امي تفكيري وهي ترفع وجهي عن كسها وكي تراني حيث رفعت راسها تخاطبني وهي اجمل امراة عاريه راتها عيناي””” ايش ماما ..شو فيك…ليش وقفت؟ ما بدك تريحني وتريح حالك اكثر؟؟ قرب مني …وريني وشك…”””فاعتليتها زاحفا فوق جلدها الجميل..وهي في قمة استسلامها وتعاونها معي..بل هي التي صارت تشجعني اكثر..اصبح زبري كحديدة صلبة محتقنة..وانا اعتليت صدرها فصار نهديها الكبيرين يلامسان شعر صدري فاحسست بنعومة صدرها اما زبري فكان فوق بطنها فلم اكن املك الشجاعة الكافيه لادخاله كان هنا خوف وبنفس الوقت لم اكن اصدق ما يحصل..نظرت الى عينيها شاهدت رغبة جنونيه عندها واسلوبها الناعم في الكلام وغنوجتها ودلعها قلباني الى نار على نار..فهجمت اقبل شفتيها وبدورها بادلتني التقبيل الوحشي الحيواني ..وصرت اضغط بصدري على نهديها وهي صارت تباعد
بفخذيها كي اتوسط حوضها..اما زبري فلم يزل فوق بطنها محصورا بين بطني وبطنها..وصرت ابلع ريقها العسلي وهي تمص بلساني كفتاه مجنونة..حتى اني
لم اتخيل انها امي لشده غنوجتها ودلالها البناتي..وهي تهمهم”” مممممممممممم ممممممممممممم “” وانا استنشق انفاسها الطيبة كاني احاول
ان الا تضيع في الجو..حرام ان تذهب انفاس امي للجو انا اجدر بها…فكنا في جنون حتى احسست ان يد امي تقبض على زبري الهائج….واستغلت رغبتي
الحيوانية بها…فمسكته بقوة من جسمه…وثنته بصعوبة…وباعدت رجليها اكثر..فاحسست اني ساموت من اللذه يدي امي الناعمتين وحدهما كانتا
كفيلتان بان اكب المني لكنني تمكنت بصعوبة بالغة من السيطرة على نفسي..حتى احسست بشعره كسها تداعب راس زبري…ثم وجهته نحو فتحة كسها
وما ان وجد طريقه حتى طمسته انا كله دفعة واحده في اروع وادفاء كس…وسمعت راحة امي لذلك وفمها لا يفارق فمي وهي تهمهم””
مممممممممممم ممممممممممممممم””اما انا فلقد نكت ولاول مرة بحياتي..لان كس مرتي لم يكن يمتعني بل لم اكن اعرف معنى النيك الحقيقي حتى طمست
زبري في كس امي…انه كس مليء باللزوجة والحرارة والدفاء..كما انه كان كسا جيدا جدا وكأنه حديث النيك ولم يبد عليه انه كس قد ولد العديد من
الاولاد بظمنهم انا؟!…ما ان طمس زبري الحديدي في كسه وتذوق طعمه..حتى فقدت السيطرة تماما وبدأت انزل بسرعه فائقه حمما بركانيه من العسل
الابيض في جوفها حتى احسست ان زبري صار ينزلق بسهولة لكثرة امتلاء كسها بمياهي…لكني لم اهداء ابدا وهي كذلك صارت تعض شفتاي وتمص لساني بقوة
اكثر وقالت لي من بين القبل”” دخيلك…لا تسحبو..كمل كمان كمل ابني ..””اما انا بالطبع لم اشبع نهائيا من هذه المرة وصرت اقبض على
صدرها الكبير اللحمي اللين بكلتا يدي واعصره بقوة وامسده واقرصه…وهية تأن من اللذه فرحانة بكل فعل اقوم به…وصرت احرك زبري في كسها اكثر
واسرع وهي تأ ن وتفاجأت حين صارت امي ايضا تحرك حوضها بصورة لولبية كي تزيد من هياجي…لم نكن ابن وامه…اشك في هذا ..كنا كحبيبين عاشقين
ولهانين محرومين من بعضهما سنينا طويله…لقد غبنا في ساعة اللذه الجنونية العارمة التي اجتاحتنا كلينا..كانت امي بيدي اجمل من ملكات
جمال العالم كلها ..ولو نكتهن كلهن فانهن لن يعادلن جمال ومتعة ولذة امي الحبيبه..ولم اجرب لذه مثل اللذه التي تمنحني اياها امي…لقد
نكتها مرتين الى الان ولست اشبع منها ابدا وهي تبادلني القبل وتستجيب لي بحيث هي تقذف ايضا مع قذفي…لم اخرج زبري ابدا…حتى قذفت للمرة
الثالثة…وشعرت حقا بالتعب فلم انيك امراة ابدا في حياتي بهذا العنف…والقوة واللذه لقد سلبتني كل طاقتي كنت في جنون من اللذه غير
مصدق لما يحدث…نعم اني احب امي ولكن بشكل مختلف…بعد جولتي الثالثة شعرت حقا بالارهاق…اما امي فلم تمل ابدا مني…كنا لوحدنا في عالم
اخر ….عالم لا يحوي كلانا دون عقل بل فقط تحكمنا المشاعر الجنسية الملتهبة..اخرجت زبري من بين طيات كسها المشعر الرطب الملبد بمياهها
ومياهي ورائحته الزكيه ملات المكان…واستلقيت بجانبها تمامي وووجهي لسقف الغرفة وجانبي الايمن يلاصق جسدها العري وهي لا تزال مفرجة رجليها
مباعدة فخذيها..وصرت التقط انفاسي بعد ان اعياني التعب اللذيذ..وامي ايضا شاهدت كرات صدرها اللحميه الكبيرة تهتز بقوة لانها ايضا كانت تتنفس
بعمق لفرط الراحة والشهوة….لكن كيف لي ان اتركها؟ وهي ممدة عاريه بجانبي هذا الجسد الذي طالما حلمت به..ممدا بجانبي ملاصقا
لجسمي ..عاريا..كنت املي عيوني من جسمها وثدييها الرائعين ..كانت غائبه في اللذه مغلقة عينيها ولا زالت تأن من الشهوة…كانت تبدو لي كعروس 14
سنة..ولم تكن تبدو كامي…حتى ليلى بنت الجيران التي نكتها ايام المراهقة لم تكن تمنحني هذا المقدار الكبير من اللذه…بل ان امي فاقت
كل مراهقات العالم بتغنجها ودلالها وانسجامها معي…ثم نهضت من السرير…وجلست على الكرسي القريب من السرير..ولا زلت استمتع بمنظر امي
وهي عاريه…ومستسلمة للذه ومليانة بمنيي…وما ان هدات انا…حتى شاهدت امي تنهض من السرير وانا اراقب كل هزة من جسمها وهي تمشي
نحوي…هزة لحمها ابدين وهي تتجه نحوي عاريه مبلله بالعرق وكسها المشعر ذو الشعرة الكثيف جدا لم يعد يستطيع ان يستر زنبورها المتورم والمتقد
من الشهوة…فانحنت امي على الارض وصارت على اربع وهي تمشي بانوثة طاغية واغراء دامي على اربع نحوي لم يكن اروع من مشهد نهديها الكبيرين وهما
يتهدلان ككرة مطاطية نحو الارض…ويضربان بعضهما البعض من الحركة…وهية تقول لي”” اجة دوري مشان اريحك يا احمد”” قلت لها “” ماما؟!! انتي
تجننين …انتي كثير حلوة ماما”” فقاطعتني وقالت”” الوقت انا مش مامتك انا جاريتك…مرتك اللي بدها تريحك…وتعملك كلشي..انا مرتك
وعبدتك ..سيدي””ثم اقتربت بين رجلي وباعدتهما ووجهها يتوجه نحو زبري الذي رجع لحيويته…حتى امسكته بيدها برفق ورفعته حتى الصقته ببطني
وانكبت تلعق خصيتي..بنهم…كانت هي اسفلي ولم اكن ارى نهديها بل فقط وجهها الذي يلعق خصيتي وظهرها الاملس الرائع وفتحة طيزها تبان من ورائها
سجادة الغرفة…اي انها صارت تلعق خصيتي تحتي وتضرب بيديها بزبري….فانجن جنوني وصرت اتاوه وامسك شعرها الناعم القصير…ثم صارت
تلعق جسم زبري وكانها فنانة في المص..ثم بصقت من لعابها الشهي على راس زبري…واحتوته بفمها الدافيء الرطب…يييييااااااااااااااااه ياله من
شعور رائع..امي تلحس زبري وزوجتي كانت تعتبر ذلك اهانه لها؟!؟…ثم صارت امي تجلس القرفصاء وتلعب بكسها بيد وتحرك بزبري بيد…وتمصه
وتلعقه كانها فتاة ملاهي…اما انا فكنت انتهي من اللذه حتى قذفت حممي ولم اشعر اين قذفت لشده استمتاعي …لكني ادركت ان قسما من منيي سقط في
فمها وابتلعته وقسم اخر لوث عينيها ووجها وصدرها الرائع…فصارت تمسح المني من وجهها وتظعه في فمها ..لم اكن اصدق ان المراة الحارة كبركان نار امامي هي امي..؟؟؟….فقالت لي “” عجبك مصي…؟؟”” قلت لها “”مين زيك ماما ياريت نسوان العالم كلهم مثلك”” فقالت””اشششش….ولا بنات العالم كلهم حيريحوك مثلي …مش رح خليك تبص لوحدة غيري انا حكون امك ومرتك …بس اوعى تنيك وحده غيري مشان خاطري “”فقلت لها”” لو نكت الدنيا كلها مافي مرة تحلالي غيرك امي…انا بس اعرفت انك اجمل واحلى امراة في الكون””” فصارت تزيد من غنوجها ودلالها وانسعادها بكلامي الاخير وراحت تتلوى باغراء اماي ووجها امام زبري وهي تحاطبني وتلعب بخصيتي وزبري..وشعر زبري…وقالت باسلوب مغري وتنهيدة مثيرة ومحفزة لي لكي انيكها”” صحيح …عجبتك كل هالقد؟؟؟”” قلت لها وانا امسك بيديها واسحبها نحو وجهي واجلسها على قدمي”” مستحيل مرة غيرك تعجبني من زمان بدي انيكك …من زمان””فجلست امي على فخذي وزبري تحتها لايزال غير منتصب وصارت تعبث بشفاهها مع شفاههي وصرت اعصر ثدييها وامسكهما بقوة…وهية تقبلني من جديد حتى احسست ان لسانها لايزال يحمل طعم منيي في فمها مع ذلك اعجبني هذا كثيرا…فاهتاجيت كثيرا وانتصب زبري المشحون المجنون…حتى احست به امي وحركت يديها نحوه وبحركة خفيفة وسريعة ثنته
من تحتها لتدخله جحرها الدافيء الذي لا يزال مليئا بالسوائل…فانزلق بسهولة كله ..وصارت امي جالسة على رجلي وزبري في جوفها ونحن لا زلنا
نقبل بعضنا كالعشاق المجانين…وحين اشتدت المحنة بامي من جديد صارت تنهض بكل ثقلها وتجلس على زبري..كما يسمون الوضع”” حركة الفرسة””
وصدرها الكبير يتهزهز ويصدم وجهي وهيه رفعت وجهها للسقف حيث بدات تصرخ…ويديها على كتفي…وصدرها الناعم يغطي وجهي وحركاتها تجعله يحتك
بوجهي..وانا التهمه واعضعضه والعقه وافركه ثم مسكتها من وسطها الممتليء كي اساعدها على الحركة…وزبري يدخل في اعماق اعماقها…حتى نزلت منيي
في جوفها وشعرت انها ايضا قذفت حيث ارتعشت وضغطت بحوضها بقوة على رجلي فانحصرت خصيتي بين عجزها العريض وفخذي وشعرت بالالم حيث ابتلت خصيتي كلها بسبب سوائلها…وحين ارتعشت امي اكبت بوجهها على وجهي وقبلتني بقوة وشعرت بانفاسها اللاهبة وشعرها القصير يغطي كل وجهي…وحركاتها خفت
وهدات…فارتحت وارتاحت امي لكنها بقيت على رجلي وكنت اشعر بالالم من خصيتي الا اني قررت ان اتركها على هواها..وحين نهضت شاهدتها تستلقي على
بطنها على السرير..وقالت لي ..””تعال …نام فوقي ابني “” طبعا لانها اضخم قليلا مني كانت تستطيع تحمل ثقل وزني..فنهضت ونمت على ضهرها…قبضت
بيدي على نهديها رغم انهما كانا محصورين بين جسمها والفراش..وما ان نمت على ضهرها ووركي فوق وركها حتى انتصب زبري مجددا وشق طريقه بسهولة نحو
كسها من الخلف بين فردتيها..وصرت اتحرك بسرعة وهي تأن من اللذه ..حتى نزلت حممي للمرة السادسه..ساعتها لم يعد بامكاني ان انيك اكثر من ذلك
لانني تعبت كثيرا..فانبسطت كثيرا ونمت بجانبها…وحتى جاء الصباح كنا مستغرقين بنوم هانيء بعد عذا التعب اللذيذ في الصباح استيقظت فلم اجد امي بجانبي..كنت عاريا ومتعبا جدا وكأني عريس دخلة لاول مرة ..سمعت امي تناديني من تحت وهي في المطبخ تعمل لي الفطور.”” احمد..ابني..اصحى تاخرت على شغلك قوم افطر بسرعة””فارتديت ملابسي على عجل وكاني غير مصدق لاني وجدت نفسي في غرفة امي وعلى سريرها.؟؟كما اني كنت خجلانا ايضا لاني نكتها كما انيك وكانها زوجتي وليست امي..نزلت على عجل وبعد ان اخذت حماما سريعا دخلت المطبخ وجدت امي مشغول بعمل الفطور وهي ايضا كان يبدو عليها الخجل والعجلة…وقالت
لي في استحياء عروس”” نمت كويس يبني؟؟”” قلت لها في خجل ايضا”” نعم…اه..ايوة!””كانت لابسه روبها المعهود..وحين جلست قبالتي على السفرة لم تكن هذه المرة ترتدي شيئا تحته ربما لانها ايضا كانت على عجل..بصراحة كانت تفتح روبها بحيث ان صدرها العظيم معظمه مكشوف لعيوني…وكنت طبعا لا افوت هذ الفرصة فانتبهت امي الى نظراتي وابتسمت فرحة باني لا زلت اشتهيها…فلم تعدل من روبها ابدا بل انا كنت واثقا انها ترغب بنيكة سريعة الان…لكنني كنت احتاج لاسابيع طويلة حتى اقضي منها شهوتي…وعلى ايه حال طبعت على خدها قبلة وتركتها ذاهيا الى العمل وقبل ات اخرج من البيت سمعتها تسالني”” احمد..بدك تلاقي السفرة جاهزة من تجي للبيت..ولا زاي ما هية؟؟؟””” ولقد فهمت اهنا كانت تعني تنظيف كسها من الشعر ام انني ارغب ببقائه هكذا كما انها اشارة اضافية الى اننا
سنمارس الجنس هذه الليلة ايضا…فقلت لها”” لا ..ابدا ماما ..انا احب يكون هيك اصلا انا بموت في هيك”” فابتسمت وعلمت اني اعشق كسها مشعرا
بكثافة فلا طعم اشهى من طعم شعرتها ولا رائحة اجمل من رائحة شعرتها… لم اصدق حين ذهبت للعمل كنت شارد الذهن ولا ادري ان كنت ما عملته امرا
عاديا ام لا ..انني ارغب في امي هذه حقيقة لكن هل ساستمر على هذه الحال وهل سيبقى سرنا ام سينكشف …هل ساقاوم رغبتي في جسدها ام استلذ به ما
استطعت ما دام سهل المنال…في الليل حين عدت تعبا جدا من العمل….وجدت امي في الحماما كعادتها….وحين سالتني “” احمد انتة
اجيت ابني؟”” كنت اجبتها بالايجاب لكنني ترددت كثيرا من الذهاب لرؤيتها في الحمام تستحم كنت اشعر بعدم الراحة والتردد ولا اعرف لماذا كنت راغبا
جدا في امي لكنني خائف من المجهول…حتى قاطعت افكاري وقالت…”” تعال احمد بدي اياك”” فذهبت فوجدتها وقد فتحت باب الحمام عن اخره وكانت
المياه تتساقط منحدرة على جسدها..معطيه له لمعانا رائعا ومشهيا وهيت تلعب بشعرة كسها وتفتح شفريها بيديها وتنظر لي باغراء كبير…وقالت””
احمد….شو؟؟ ما بد اياه ..مش انتة كنت تريدني اخلي هيك؟؟ تعال ابني ذوق طعمه..مش حابب تذوق شعره؟؟”” وحين رايت اناملها الناعمة تغيب بين
شعيرات كسها الطويله بل غابة الشعر تلك…تهيجت من جديد وهي تحاول الوصول باصابعها الى زمبورها…تلعب به..فجننت وقلت لها في استسلام “”
اي …بدي ايه ..بدي اياه باموت فيه””” وانحدرت تحت الماء وانا في ملابسي وقد تبللت من الماء متناسيا كل شيء..حتى هجمت على كسها
المبلل..والتهم قطرات الماء المتشبعة بطعمه,,فصار الماء ينزل من شعر امي الى صدرها وثم سرتها منحدرا الى شعرتها ثم فمي…بدت امي تحك كسها
وحوضها بفمي ووجهي ضاع بين فخذيها وشعرتها تغمرني باللذه..فاهتاجت هي واهتاجيت انا ايضا..فنهضت من مكاني والمياه تغمر ملابسي …وقبضت بقوة
على نهديها حتى صرخت امي صرخة قوية من شده الالم…وصار زبري..حديدة ملتهبة..وقبلتها بعد ان صرخت وكتمت انفاسها وانا اطبق فمي على
فمها…وصار زبري يدخل بين فخذيها بعد ان باعدت امي رجليها فاخرجته من بنطالي على الفور…وادخلته في دهليزكسها المبلل اللذيذ الذي لم اجرب
مثل طعمه ابداوصرت احركه فيها بسرعة مستلذا بشفاهها وعتصرا ثدييه الكبيرين ونائكا لكسها الكثيف الشعرة…وبعد ان تحركت بسرعة ولشده
هياجي اردتها ان تعكس نفسها بعد ان سحبت زبري…وهي تنظر لي بدلع وتغنج واغراء كبير …فاعطتني ظهرها مستندة لحائط الحمام بيديها ومفرجه
رجليها فادخلت زبري بكسها من الخلف..وقبضت مرة اخرى على نهديها الكبيرين وصرت اعصرهما مستمتعا بصراخ امي الذي ضاهى صراخ المراهقات
اثناء النيك..وادارت امي وجهها بصعوبه نحو وجهي كي التهم شفتيها وصارت امي تحبس صوتها بفمي وهي تهمهم من اللذة وانا احرك جسمي بقوة حتى صار
وركها يهتز وكان موجات من اللحم تمر عبر وركها…وصرت انيك بجنون..وصرت اتفوه بكلمات لم اتفوها من قبل “” بحبك..ماما..انتي الي..الي وبس…ما
حدى غيري حيلمسك..انتي مرتي انا “” كانت امي تتفوه ايضا بهمهمه واضحة وتقول لي بجنون”” اه..اه..ايوة انا ملكك انت بس وانتا كمان ما تلمس
وحدة غيري ..زبرك حيكون الي وبس …انا كمان بحبك..مممممم…ممم”” وكلماتها كانت تخرج من بين شفتينا…..حتى نزلت حممي اللبنيه الهائلة
بشكل انا نفسي لم اتصوره فلاول مرة استمتع فعلا بالجنس ومع من؟ مع امي؟؟…فتساقط قسم من مني خارج كسها وانزلق على باطن فخذيها…وبعد ان
هدئنا…كنت لازلت اقبض بيدي على صدرها وشفاهي لا تدع لها مجلا للكلام….حتى رن جرس البيت؟؟؟ فارتبكت امي وارتبكت انا….فمظهري وانا
مبلل بملابس العمل…وهية عاريه تماما ترى ماذا سنفعل فامرتني امي ان اركض الى غرفتي بسرعى لكي اغير ملابسي ..اما هية فارتدت بسرعة روبها
وخرجت…اما انا فغيرت هدومي بسرعة ..ونظرت من شباك غرفتي الارضية لسور الدار فوجدت ان ام حسن جارتنا كانت منزعجة لتاخر امي بفتح
الباب…وسمعت بصعوبة مادار بينهما من حوار حيث قالت ام حسن لامي”” ليش متاخرة ام احمد..انا لسة شايفة ابنك جاي من الشغل..الافندي متكبر علينا ما يفتح النا الباب؟؟ ولا انتي ايش هذا الماي على شعرك لازم كنتي بالحمام ..”” واعتذرت منها امي باسلوب جميل..وتنفست انا الصعداء لانني كنت خائفا ان يكون ابي في الباب فهو ياتي كل ثلاثة اشهر او سته في اجازة عمل…عندما عادت امي كان واضحا انها سعيدة جدا بالكلمات التي اسمعتها لها وانافي قمة شهوتي..اما ماحدث في ليلتها فذلك شيء اخر…فلقد ندمت انا على الكلمات التي لفظتها لانني بعد لم اكن مرتاحا جدا للوضع خاصة ان اجازة والدي اقتربت…مالعمل هل سيشك ابي في علاقتنا وهل ستتحمل امي طول وجود ابي في البيت من دون ان المسها؟…في تلك الليله عملت لي امي عشائا لذيذا وكانت في غير طبيعتها ابدا..فلقد كانت سعيدة كانها عروس
جديدة..اما انا فكنت محتارا بين لوم الضمير الذي يغيب عني حين تكون امي عارية امامي..وبين استسلامي للامر الواقع…كانت امي ناعمة الكلام والاسلوب

وكانت معتنيه بنفسها لافضل درجة..في تلك الليله كنت مترددا بين ان انام او بين ان انتظر امي حتى تاتيني للغرفة..ام هي تنظرني انا كي
انيكها في غرفتها…في ذلك اليوم العالق بذهني لغاية الان حدثت امر كثيرة…ففي نفس الليله قررت ان لا اصعد لامي…لكنني في الليل وجدت امي
تفتح على باب غرفتي وهي تلبس ملابس رهيبة شفافة ..ستيان اسود وكمبلسون اسود وفوقه ثوب نوم حريري شفاف كانت قد فتحته لتبرز من تحتة اتفاصيل
جسمها الرائع…ونظرت الي تندهني بصوت ناعم حريري مغري وطاغي الانوثة..”” احمد ..حبيبي شو…نايم؟ مابدك تشوف امك الليلة كيف متجملة
الك عمري””” فعلا فتحت عيني فلم استحمل ان اتركها وهي في قمة الشهوة هكذا دون ان اريحها وارتاح…فتحت النور لاجدها في ابهى طلعة…متزينة
بالمكياج الخفيف الرائع…وهية تترنح باغراء كبير..اقتربت مني …وانا انظر اليها بذهول..رفعت عني بطانيتي..وجلست بجانبي تحادثني بتغنج””
شو..ما بدك اياي مليت مني بسرعة؟؟”” فقلت في تردد”” لا…بدي..اه..بس””فقالت..””” اشش…الوقت امك هي اللي حتعملك كل حاجة
بنفسها””” وصارت تنزع عني ملابسي بهدوء…وحين صرت عاريا تماما كانت لاتزال جالسة بقربي…فانحنت بوجهها تقبلني ..حتى بدات ابادلها
القبل…وما ان قبلتها حتى صارت امي..تلعب بيديها الناعمة بزبري ويدها الاخرى تلعب بصدري وتزيد من هياجي وصرنا نبادل الالسنة وهي تمص لساني
وتبلع ريقي وانا ايضا كنت اشعر ان ريقها احلى من العسل..وما ان انتصب زبري وصار كبيرا جدا …حتى شاهدت امي,,تعدل من هيئتها واعتلت جسمي بعد
ان جلست على حوضي وهية لا تزال تقبلني لكنها تركت زبري محصورا بين مقعدها وجسمي…رغم انها لا زالت تلبس كمبلسونها…وصارت تحك بطيزها
بزبري من خارج الملابس..وهية انتصبت الان وانا اشاهد حركات صدرها العاجي مستور بستيانها فمددت يدي لالمسه لكنها ابعدت يدي عنه وامسكتني بقوة
وقالت في شهوة ولهجة شيطانية لم اعهدها من قبل”” عيب…ابني …كيف تلمسني انا امك محرمة عليك..!!”” فجننت من الشهوة وقلت”” بدي اياك بدي
اياك يلعن هيك حرمة بدي اياك ماما”” ثم قالت وهي تضغط بشدة على زبري بطيزها حتى المتني..””” اششش…انا بدي اعمل كل شي بنفسي…ديربالك
تلمسني انتة…علشان حرام!!””قالتها وهية تهمس بصوتها وانفاسها تضرب وجهي وجعلتني اجن من الشهوة ..قالتها بشكل مغري..كي تثيرني اكثر..ثم
قالت”” انا ممكن المسك لان انتة ابني وانا ممكن اعمل اللي بدي اياه معاك””ثم انسحبت عن حوضي وانحنت بشكل بحيث وجهها صار قريبا من
زبري…اي انها صارت مطوبزة بس وجهها على مكان زبري وبدات تنفخ هوا علىزبري وتلعب به باناملها وهي تنظر لي بعيونها كالقحبة المعتادة على
ذلك…ثم بدات تلحس خصيتي وانا اجن من اللذة حاولت امساكها لكنها كانت تنهرني وتوبخني وتذكرني بحرمتها علي؟؟؟ ثم واصلت لعقها لخصيتي…وانا
مستسلم لها…وهية تعبث بجسم زبري ثم انقضت بفمها على راسه تلحسه وتلعقه وتمصه بصورة جنونيه وانا كلما حاولت ان امسك شي من جسدها كانت
تضرب يدي بخفة مبعده يدي عنها وتنهرني بالكلام…بعد ان صار زبري نار …نهضت امي بطولها ثم نزعت ثوب النوم ورمته على الارض ثم نزعت
ستيانها ورمته على وجهي وقالت “” خذ ..شم ريحة امك فيه يا قوَاد..بدك تنيك امك يملعون انا حورجيك اليوم كيف اعمل بيك”” كانت رائحة ستيانها
عطرة جدا وفعلا رحت اشمه وابلله بفمي محاولا امتصاص مافيه كالمجنون..كان كمبلسونها رطب تماما..ثم نزعته لتوريني احلى شي حاب فيها..كسها الكثيف
الشعرة..فقلت لها”” بدي المسك ماما الله يخليكي..”” فقالت””” ابدا..انا حوريك كيف تقدر تهملني بعد اليوم..ما تجيني للغرفة بتاعتي قوَاد…تتكبر
على مامتك؟؟ ؟؟ ليه مش انتة بدك تنيكني؟ تتكبر علي يبن السافلة؟؟””قلت لها”” انا بحبك ماما..بحبك دخبلك خليني الحس كسك دخيلك”” قالت لي”” لما
تتعلم الدرس اليوم …بعدين رح اخليك تلحس شعراتو”” ثم نزعت لباسها والقته على وجهي فالتهمته كالاعمي وصرت الحس رطوبته واشم رائحته…ثم
امسكت امي بزبري وهي تحاول ان تجلس عليه..متوسطة حوضي وقالت لي وهية تحاول دسه بيديها من بين شعرتها الكثيفة حتى يدخل لجوفها”” رح خليك
تنيكني كلما انا بدي نيك مفهوم!!”” ثم جلست على زبري دفعة واحدة..وانا تأوهت من لزوجتها ورطوبتها ودفئها…قلت لها”” ايوة ماما متى ما بدك””
ثم قالت وهي تتحرك بجسمها البدين قليلا وبقوة تسحق خصيتي تحت ثقلها ومهزهزة ثدييها الجميلين وكأنها تحاول معاقبتي لتاخري في استجابة
طلبها…””” مثل ما بدي انت فاهم؟..اوعدني …اوعدني ..مثل مابدي”” قلت لها وهية قد سيطرت كليا على بحركاتها…”” ايوة اوعدك..اوعدك..””ظلت
عشرة دقائق تحرك بجسمها كيفما شائت…الى ان سكبت في جوفها شهوتي الكبيرة وانا اصرخ من اللذه”” بحبك مثل مرتي ..بحبك وما اقدر افكر
بغيرك””..وهية صرخت حتى سقطت بجسمها على جسمي وزبري لايزال يحتك بسقف كسها الداخلي …فضغطت بصدرها على وجهي حتى كادت تخنقني…وبعد ان
هدانا قليلا كنا نجلس بنفس الهيئة…ثم قالت لي””” بدي اياك تلحسني”” كيف الحسها وقد كببت فيها الان؟؟ فلم اجازف باغضابها وانتظرتها…حتى
نهضت بثقلها عني وجلست على وحهي…فلم اعد ارى سو كسها المشعر امام عيوني وفمي مقابل فتحته وحنكي مقابل فتحة طيزها المشعرة بشكل اقل من
كسها…ثم قالت..”” الحسني…الحسني”” كانت رائحة كسها غريبة جدا وكان كسها قد انفرج كثيرا بسبب نيكتي له…وكانت شعرتها رطبة تماما من
مياهها ومياهي على ما اظن…بدات الحس وهية تحرك بكسها على فمي وووجهي وصرت العق وابتلع كل ما يجود به كسها من رطوبه حتى اخترق لساني جوفها
وصرت انيكها بلساني ..وحنكي يدق فتحة طيزها…وانفي قد تغطى تماما بشعرتها…حتى اتت برعشتها الثانية واغرقت وجهي بمياهها..وصرت التهم
مياهها بلهفة …وظلت امي وكسها فوق وجهي حتى نشفته تماما من الرطوبة…وما ان فرغت من ذلك انكبت امي على فمي تلحسه بلسانها كانها
تستطعم بقايا كبتها في فمي…وبقينا في قبلة فرنسية حيوانيه لحوالي ربع ساعة…ثم ارتاحت امي بجانبي والفراش قد تلوث بمياهي مياهها..والملابس
مبعثرة هنا وهناك وملابسي صارت تتلابس مع ملابسها..ثم قالت لي”” انا علمتك درس اليوم يا احمد…انت بدك فيني..وانا بدي فيك…لا تتردد او
تقول شي ضمير وشي عيب..احنا سوى سرنا في بير مش ممكن احد يعرف فينا..كلما انتة بدك تنيك…تجي وتنيكني حتى لو كنت في العادة
الشهرية..وكلما انا بدي اتناك بجيك…وتنيكني حتى لو كنت تعبان…بدنا نعيش حياتنا من غير هموم شو بدنا بغير ناس؟!..احنا موجودين
لبعظنا..انتة جربت الزواج وفشلت وانا زوجة زوجها ينيكها بشكل ممل كل ستة اشهر مرة…انا عمري مراح اخلفلك طلب…وبدي احسسك انك تنيك بنت 24
..مو امك …سوي معي اللي بدك اياه..وانا كمان..اتفقنا؟؟”” طبعا انا وافقت بالتاكيد على هذا العرض المغري وقررت الاستسلام للوضع الحالي خاصة
انني كرهت الزواج بعد طلاقي…وكنت كثير العمل لتامين المعيشة وبحاجة الى امراة تلبي رغباتي الجنسية دون ان تسود علي عيشتي مثل زوجتي
السابقة..فقلت لها”” ولما يجي ابي من السفر..ايش راح نسوي…اخاف يحس بينا؟؟”” قالت”” ساعتها يحلها الف حلال…””…ثم اشرت الي انها مستعدة
الان لكي المسها.. بعد ان قطعت لها وعدا ان لا امس امراة غيرها ..بانها مستعدة لعمل اي شي ارغب فيه منها وهية كذلك ستقوم به من اجلي فقلت
لها”” ماما انا زوجتي كانت ترفض تمصلي …بس انتة عوضتيني هالشي…وكمان سويت معاك حركات عمري ما سويتها مع مرتي…بس احنا
علاقتنا غير عادية ولما كانت غير عادية انا حابب اعمل كل شي غير عادي معك..انا..بفكر في نيك خلفي..لان عمري ما جربت النيك الخلفي”” قالت لي
امي”” ايوة..فكرة تهبل ..انا كمان اسمعت ام خالد جارتنا كثير تقللي ان زوجها احيانا ينيكها من الخلف..وسالتها ان كان النيك الخلفي حلو ولاَ لا؟؟
قالتلي يا عيب الشوم ..ليش لسة ما مجربة النيك الخلفي يم احمد؟ قلتلها ومنين بدي اعرف قالت لازم تجربي مع زوجك لازم وانت حتعرفي كيف النيك
الخلفي يكون”” فقلت لها وانا بدات العب بزبري وانا مستلق بجانبها…”” يلله نجرب ماما شو رايك”” فقالت لي”” اوكي بس بشويش علي لحد ما اتعود
على النيك الخلفي انا عمري ما تناكيت في دبري بس مشانك يبني اعمل كلشي ويمكن النيك الخلفي يكون حلو كمان ليش لا.. خلي نجرب”” فطلبت منها
ان تنام على شكل الدوكي ستايل او وضع الكلب ولكنها حنت جسمها اكثر بحيث التصق وجهها على السرير وارتفع طيزها الكبير الممتليء باللحم الشهي
عاليا…وقالت لي بغنوجتها ودلعها المعهود واغرائها”” هايدي طيزي سلمتها الك اعمل اللي بدك فيها”” فمسكت طيزها بكلتا يدي غير مصدق
لكبره..وحلاوة شكله حين يطوبز في الهواء هكذا…ورحت افرد فردتيها الى الجانب بكلتا يدي وانا متمتع بملمس لحمها الطري اللين…لكنني وجدت
صعوبه من بين هذا اللحم كي اشق طريقي فشعرت امي بذلك وقبضت بيديها بقوة على فردتي مؤخرتها لكي تباعدهما عن بعضهما كي تكشف طيزها الحلو…فرايت
دبرها الجميل المنسق الدائري الوردي الضيق…كانت رائحته جميله جدا..جدا…وبعض الشعر ايضا غطى جوانب الفتحة..بدات اتقرب من فتحتها
بتردد فهل ما اشاهده من افلام جنسية حول لعق الدبر هو صحيح ام مبالغ به..هل هو طيب فعلا…علي ان اجرب لاعرف وفعلا قررت ان ادس وجهي في كوم
اللحم بين فردتي امي…وصار فمي مقابل فتحتها وصرت ابوسها في البداية بوسا خفيفا فضحكت امي فقلت لها لماذا تضحكين قالت بانها تدغدغت
قليلا…واصلت بوسي حتى هاج زبري من جديد اقول الحق لكم ان الشهوة حين تصعد فان كل شي يبدو لذيذا وجميلا اثناء ذلك..وعلى اية حال اخرجت لساني
العقه…مممممم..كان طعمه جيدا..حيث رغم الشعيرات الا ان امي كثرا تعتني لنفسها ومضهرها وكان دبرها له طعم خاص كانه طعم كسها لان بعض سوائل كسها
قد نزلت على دبرها من النيكة الاولى…على اية حال زاد من تحريكي بلساني لها حتى احسست ان ديرها شيئا فشيئا يرتخي كثيرا ويخرج باطنه
الوردي..اما امي فسمعتها بدات ترتخي كلها وتقول”” اااه ايش هذا؟؟ كثير هيجني…مش متصورة حلو هاقد كثير”” وصارت تحرك بطيزها باتجاههي كي ازيد
من لحسي وانا انفعلت جدا وصرت احرك زبري وبيدي واقرص فردات طيزها بايدي الاخري وهي تحاول ان تفتح من طيزها بيديها اكثر وانا الحس اكثر ..وحين
احسست انها جاهزة نفسيا بعد ان صارت تصرخ من اللذه…صرت خلفها احاول ان اسنتر زبري على فتحتها…حتى حاولت ان ادفعه لكنه لم يدخل خاصة ان
امي كانت تلقائيا تسد دبرها من الالم..وهي تقول”” دخيلك لا تاذيني بشويش حبيب امك””..لكن زبري لم يدخل..فقررت ان اضع بصاقا كثيرا عليه …وصرت
العقه بهيجان بفمي كطريقه لترطيبه وصرت ارخيه بلحسي له حتى هاجت امي كثيرا جدا..عندها حاولت ان اضعه في دبرها وهية تأن وتصرخ حتى خفت ان
سمع الجيران صراخها…لكنني تجاهلت صراخها حتى دخل راسي بصعوبه في دبرها المحمر المشعر…وصارت امي لا اراديا تلعب بزمبورها المنتصب..وهي
تان ونتتاوه …صار زبري ايضا محتقنا بفعل ضغط دبرها المتقلص على زبري ..لكنني صرت ادفعه درجة درجة…وهي تصرخ وتصرخ..فقالت وهي تصرخ””
ينعل ابو النيك…ولك شقيتني شق…يالله كمان شقني دخيلك ريحني ولا توقف”” حتى صار زبري بكامله داخل دبرها المسكين الذي قطر دما قليلا وشعرت به
يلون زبري ..لكنني كنت كحيوان هائج..وهية لا تعلم من شدة الالم ان طيزها صار مدمى…وصرت احرك بهدوء كي تتعتاد عليه امي وصارت هية شيئا فشيئا
تعتاد رغم الالم على ذلك…فقررت اخراجه من طيزها…وشاهدت دبرها مشوها كانه مفتوق وهو واسع بشكل كبير مع بعض الدماء تلون اطرافه …مشهد
الدماء زادني هيجانا فلعقت دبرها الملوث مرة اخرى كان طعمه جديد علي تماما..الحسه كالبهيم..وانا اريد ان اضيع الدماء منه كي لا تفزع امي لو
حست بذلك وصرت ازيد من ترطيبي وبصاقي عليه وهي تتوسل بي ان اكمل النيك في طيزها …فوضعت زبري فيها وهية صرخت صرخة اخرى لكن يبدو ان الالم كان
يثيرها هي..ايضا…وبدات احرك زبري قليلا قليلا..وهي تصرخ كقحبة …وانا اهتاج لهياجها وبدات امي تسمعني كلاما خشنا كي اسرع من حركاتي لها حتى
صرت متناسيا زعيقها وصراخها وبدات انيك بسرعة …وشاهدت الدم مرة اخرى يخرج من دبرها ملوثا و ملونا زبري…لكنني تجاهلت ذلك…حتى كبيت فيها
كل منيي…وارتعشت رعشه وانا اسقط على ظهرها المنحني…وزبري كب فيها كميات الحليب الذي تستحقه بجدارة…فسقطت شبه منهك على جانبها..وهية قد
سكتت..فوجدتها تتلمس دبرها وعندما خرج اصبعها مدمى….نظرت لي بشهوة ودلال واغراء ووضعته في فمها تمتصه..فطلبت منها ان نكون في وضع 69
…لكنني انا كنت تحتها وقررت ان العق دبرها كي اوقف الدم الاتي منه اما امي فراحة كالمجنونة تمص زبري وكان لونه الاحمر الملون بفعل دمها جعلها
اكثر هياجا…وراحت تمصه كشرموطة..وانا صرت العق دبرها المتوسع بفعل نيكتي حتى صرت االعق المنطقه كلها…كسها ودبرها ومابينهما وفلقتي
طيزها..وهية تلحس زبري وتمصه وتلعق جسمه وتمص خصيتي..حتى بقينا هكذا حوالي نصف ساعة حيث استخرجت امي من زبري منيا هائلا واقبضت بفمها على
راس زبري لحظة القذف فلم اشعر اين ذهب لكن يبدو انها ابتلعته كله…ثم انقلبت علي فجاة تمصمص فمي وكانها تحاول ان تجعلني اشعر بطعم المني في
حلقها…وصرت اقبله بجنون واعتصر نهديها وصرنا كعروسين نتقلب على الفراش بفعل القبلة الجنونية ..كالمجانين..ثم قررت ان انيكها مرة اخرى
لكنني رايت ان اعطي فرصة لطيزها لكي يرتاح حتى تتعود…ونكتها من كسها المشعر بعد ان لحست شعرته وزمبورها وشفريها ومصيت رطوبتها الجميلة وثم
نكتها…بحيث صارت رجليها الممتلئتين على اكتافي كي يظهر كسها بارزا لاقصى حد ممكن ..كنت استمتع جدا بنيكها ..بحيث لم اكن امل منها
ابدا…وقبل ان اقذف في كسها صاحت هية عليه…””” جيب ميتك..حطها بثمي …بثمي ابني”” فاخرجت زبري بسرعة ووضعته في فمها فالتقفته
وامتصته ولحست زبري المبتل بماء كسها وشربت حليبي ثم انحنيت فوقها اقبله والعب بنهديها ..ثم تبادلنا القبل والكلام الناعم وكاننا عاشقين
ولسنا محرمين على بعضنا بل وكانها حبيبتي. بعد ان نكتهافي دبرها قالت لي امي”” ابني شقيتني بزبرك و وجعتلي دبري..يمكن رح يوجعني اسبوع ..ما
كنت عارفة ان النيك الخلفي مؤلم هيك”” فقلت لها”” بس ماما انا تونست كثير ..صدقيني انتي حتحبي لما تتعودي عليه”” فقالت”” اكيد ابني انا
بحبك وانتة تفتقني بالم وقوة واكيد النيك الخلفي حيعجبني كثير لما انتة تضل تنيك فيه وتعودني عليه”” وهكذا صرت اناديها احيانا امي
واحيانا حبيبتي فكنت اسمعها الطف عبارات الغزل وكانت هيه تفرح بها وتسمعني كلاما تحسسني انها ملكي انا ..في النيك كنا عاشقين …وفي غير
النيك كانت علاقتنا اعتيادية كي لا يشك احد بنا..احيانا كانت تضع امي لي رسائل غراميه كي تزيد من احساسي باني مع امراة تحبني ومستعدة لان تفعل
كل شيء لي…طبعا استمر هذا الحال كل يوم..كل يوم..بلا ملل او كلل ..كانت امي تخترع لي كل مرة اسلوبا جديدا ونيكا جديدا كانت تلبس لي
مختلف الملابس ومعي في النيك لاتعرف الحدود…كنا ننغمس في الللذه دون شعور..صرت انيكها من دبرها بشكل عادي حتى ادمنت امي النيك فيه…صرت
انيكها كل ليله على الاقل اربع مرات ..كنت اشتاق لها اكثر..في نهاية الاسبوع كانت لنا طقوسنا الخاصة اذ كنا نمارس الجنس لحوالي تسع
مرات..كانت لا تمل مني ابدا..ولقد اشترت لي كل ما يمكنه اثارتي من ملابس نوم كي انيكها …نكتها بالحمام مرات عديدة ..ونكتها على سطح البيت
ليلا…ونكتها في فناء الحديقة ظهرا وفي دبرها وكأننا نتحدى الجيران ان ينظرو الينا من سطوحهم… ونكتها و في الدورة الشهرية فكانت نيكة لا
انساها بل ربما احلى نيكة حين كانت امي في عادتها الشهرية…احيانا هي تقتحم غرفتي حين تهتاج واحيانا انا اقتحم غرفتها حين اهتاج…ونكتها
قبل ان اذهب للعمل صباحا وفي دبرها..بل احيانا كنا نقضي ليله كاملة دون ان اصل كسها ففي ليله من الليالي نكتها سبع مرات في دبرها فقط واحيانا
نقضي الليل في وضع 69 فقط حتى الصباح فيصل كلانا الى القمة خمس مرات او اكثر..احيانا كنا ننام منفصلين بعد ليالينا الحمراء خوفا من ننسى
انفسنا ويكشفنا احدما..واحيانا كانت امي تفضل ان تبقى بحظني الليل كله عاريه ووانا ممسك بها وظهرها لي…فانيكها اولا انيكها كانت تسعد بكل
الاحوال…كنت كل يوم حين اعود من العمل فاجدها بالحمام ادخل استحم معها وانيكها نيكة حلوة قبل العشاء…في مرة من المرات وجدتها عارية تماما
حين فتحت لي الباب…خفت ان يراها احد لكنها امسكت بي في الكراج واصرت ان انيكها على الاسمنت في الكراج وتحت قمرية العنب,,فنكتها وكنت خائفا
ان يكشف سرنا الجيران..ومرة طلبت منها ان تنام معي عاريه وكان وجهها مقابل وجهي..واحتضنا بعضنا حتى الصباح..لا اعرف ماذا احكي لكم؟؟ قضيت
احلى ايام مع امي انيكها كيفما اريد دون ملل او كلل…لحست كل جزء في جسدها ورطبته بلعابي وذقت طعمه ..نكتها وهي مستحمة ونكتها وهي وسخة
ونكتها وهي تعمل في الحديقة وكانت الدنيا حارة لا تلبس شيئا تحت ثوبها ومتعرقة بحيث لم تقبل ان انيكها حتى تستحم لكنني رفضت واخبرتها اني
اريد ان اجربها وهي وسخة في جسدها عرق كثير ورائحة ابطيها واضحة لانها كانت تعمل جاهدة في البيت وفي الحر…فلحست عرقها الطيب واخبرتها انها
لذيذة حتى وهي وسخة..ولعقت شعر كسها وشعر اباطها الناعم ولحست اباطها اللذيذ ..لم اترك انجا واحدا من جسمها الا ولحسته او اغرقته
بمنيي…نكتها مرات عديدة في المطبخ..وهي تعمل لي العشاء..ونكتها على السفرة..ونكتها ..حتى في مراحيض البيت …نكتها بكل الاوضاع…..لم تمل
مني ولم امل منها..كانت علاقتنا تمر باقوى مرحلة ..واستمريت انيكها اربعه اشهر..دون كلل او ملل…لحين ان جاء ابي من السفر ..وتلك حكاية
اخرى سارويها لكم ان اعجبتكم القصة..وسافعل ان راق لكم هذا القسم من القصة فالقصة طويلة جدا..لكنني حاولت ان اختصرها قدر الامكان وساوافيكم
ببقيه اجزائها قريبا فانتظرو المزيد