Paying the Family Debt

Paying the Family Debt

I had been putting it off for a very, very long time. In fact, I had probably been putting it off a lot longer than I should have. I had waited past the point where anything rational could be done about the situation. But when I thought about it, we were screwed the moment that my mother got laid off. We were going to lose absolutely everything.

I was sitting in the kitchen of my mother, Clara’s, small home. It was more a cottage than a home. It had a kitchen, a small bathroom with a shower, and then upstairs it had two small bedrooms. She had bought it years ago, but the mortgage was still almost completely unpaid. That was part of the problem I came to talk to her about. She was sitting across from me now, stirring her tea with a very concerned look on her face. I had told her that I had something big to tell her.

“What is it Jayne?” she said, reaching across the table to pat my hand. She looked very young when she was concerned, but I guess that true. Despite the fact that I was 22 years old, my mother was only 40. She was a little shorter than me, being only 5’4. She had long, beautiful blonde hair, thick pink lips, and dazzling blue eyes. She also had a young shapely body (likely because she had me and my brother so young). She was about 110lbs. and had large, C-cup breasts. Her hips were shapely and her legs were delicately tapered.

People always told me that I looked a lot like my mother, but there were a couple of differences. I am 5’6 and about 100lbs. I have smaller, A-Cup breasts, and I keep my blonde hair back in a ponytail. But other than that we are very similar in appearance and in outlook. In fact, we are so alike that despite all of my mother’s best efforts, I had a child out of wedlock with a deadbeat who skipped town just like she had. My baby’s father didn’t even stick around the 5 years my father did. He was gone before my baby was born. That is my roundabout way of saying that I have a 4 year old son, Toddy.

“Well…” I said. Now that I had come to the point where I had to speak, I found that there weren’t any words to make. I felt like I had let down my family. I felt like my mother, my 16 year old brother, my little boy, they were all relying on me and I failed.

“Honey,” my mother said, smiling now, “What do I always tell you about bad news? Why do you always twist into pretzels about this? Just say the bad news and we will figure it out,” suddenly she seemed to realize something, “Oh god, you aren’t pregnant again!”

“Mom! No!” I said. I hadn’t even had sex since my son was born (not that men don’t ask me out constantly, but I just don’t have the time). I decided not to try to beat around the bush, but to just throw it all out at once, “Listen mom, I really appreciate the fact that you let me take over the family’s finances after my semester in college. But I think I screwed everything up. When I lost my job at the restaurant, everything was still okay. But then I lost my other job at the pet store and things got tight. Then you lost your job, and there was no more money coming in. And I stretched everything as far as I could but we are broke. I paid off this month’s bills, except for cable. But I did that by pawning stuff. Next month we aren’t going to have enough for your mortgage, my rent, either of the cars, or Toddy’s preschool. I don’t even know what to pay first, at least two things won’t get paid. The whole thing collapsed and it is all my fault.”

By the time I was finished with my little speech I was in tears. When the last word dribbled out of my mouth, I collapsed on the table, covering my face with my arm. I didn’t want to come out of that little cocoon again. Partially because I knew I had failed and partially because I knew what was coming next. Even before I looked up I could feel my arms around me, from behind. She was holding me close and whispering into my ear.

“It isn’t your fault,” over and over again. I felt so guilty that I wanted her to blame me, but I knew that she wouldn’t do that. She couldn’t. She was my mom.

“I am so sorry,” I said, looking up now, but she was smiling down at me.

“You lost your jobs, but it was because the places closed. You weren’t lazy, you weren’t bad. I lost my job for the same reason. We didn’t do anything wrong and I don’t want you to feel bad about it. We are okay,” I could see there were tears in her eyes as well. And for a while, we just sat there, holding each other and trying not to think about the way the world was crumbling around us. But after a few minutes, our eyes were dry and my mother was back across the table, sipping her tea and looking at me with love that was undiminished.

“Thanks mom,” I said and she just sipped her tea, pretending she didn’t hear. Because she didn’t want to be thanked for what she felt she had to do.

“So what are we going to do sweetie?” she asked now. We had both been applying to job all over the place, but nothing was working. We were out of options; no one was hiring a 40 year old woman with a GED or a 22 year old woman with a semester at community college. We were stuck.

“I don’t know mom,” I said.

“Well you can’t let Toddy know anything is wrong, I am going to keep this from your brother as well,” she said.

“Don’t you think that Greg is old enough to understand this stuff?” I said, feeling like I would have been offended at that age if something that big had been kept for me. My mother seemed to read my mind.

“Your brother isn’t as mature now as you were when you were 10. He won’t understand. If we can fix this now, I am going to do it without him knowing there was ever a problem,” she said. When my mother spoke, all questions stopped. You just had to do it.

“Okay,” I said, and then I realized I had to tell her the other bad news. I decided not to string it out anymore, I just had to say it, “Mom, I have to tell you something I am not proud of.”

“I think I know what it is,” she said, sounding a little disappointed, but understanding.

“I went out to the titty bar the other day to see if I could get a job. They were more than willing to give me a job, but they told me what they expected me to make and it just doesn’t make sense. I know, I am sorry,” I said all in one breath. The truth was, I couldn’t imagine those eyes on my body, it would have had to pay a lot for me to do it.

“It’s okay. We just have to think of something,” she said, just ignoring the situation. Then we sat in her kitchen, that wouldn’t be her kitchen for long. And we were silent. Because there were no ideas left.

* * * * *

Three weeks past and the bills were going to be due in a week. I was starting to realize just how precarious the situation was. I was frantically searching the internet every day at the library, trying to figure something out to fix our money woes. I knew my mom was doing everything in her power. We didn’t have any other family to fall back on. And as each lead came up dry, I became more desperate.

I was a Tuesday when I finally went to my mother’s house with my last unfinished lead. It was a job that I had heard about on one of my first days of searching. I had just rejected it out of hand. But now there was literally nothing left. The next step was to buy lottery tickets. That is what I was planning on doing. But I just wanted to go tell my mom about this job. Just so she could be as disgusted as I was and tell me that it wasn’t worth it.

This time, we were sitting in her living room. She was on the couch that faced a blank and useless television and I was on her favorite chair. She looked nervous and I knew she didn’t look forward to my brother getting home from school because it meant that she had to pretend like nothing was wrong. That activity is actually very draining.

“Yeah, same here,” my mother said as I listed all of the opportunities that had failed, “I guess we are stuck. I have been looking for more affordable long-term hotels. We can stay a couple of months there before the little bit of equity I will get from selling the house runs out.” She said. My mom had never looked so sad in her life. She was so proud of her home. For a moment I thought I couldn’t even say the one job I had found that we could definitely do, but I had to say it when I looked at her face. I just had to make sure that she knew.

“Mom,” I said, and my voice sounded strange.


“I did find one job that we can do,” I said and she gave me a relieved smile.

“What is it? Can we both do it or is it a young woman’s job?” she asked.

“We would work together,” I said, but I had to stop hinting, it was making it worse, “I was looking for jobs on the internet for jobs. I was curious because there are lots of women who do like, webcam shows where they do stripteases and I thought maybe I could do that. It is the same as stripping and everything, and then no one would be looking at me, like where I could see them.”

“Uh-huh…” My mother said, her brow furrowing.

“But they don’t make very much money. It seems like amateur pornographers don’t make any real money. But while I was on the sites looking at that, I found something that pays a lot of money that isn’t amateur stripteases,” I said. My heart was racing now, I felt lightheaded. It was hard to say this.

“Well what is it?” she said, not liking how I was drawing this out.

“There is an underground market for pornographic movies where… a woman and her mother have sex. They need to be actual mothers and daughters; they want you to show your license and birth certificates to the camera first. There can be other people, but the mothers and daughters have to be attractive and they have to…interact.”

“Oh my God, that is terrible!” my mother said, her face registered abject horror and I felt relief.

“I know, I just felt like I couldn’t keep that in. It paid so well, I had to tell you just so that you could say no too,” I said and she nodded solemnly.

“How much did it pay?” she asked after a very long pause. I forgot to tell her.

“Well, they say if you are good you can keep making movies for as long as you want and you can negotiate more prices. But the first time they pay you $10,000. It is like $2000 less if you can’t speak English,” I explained. She nodded solemnly. At that moment, my brother came home, he gave me a quick wave and headed to his room. That meant I had to go and pick up my son at pre-school. My mother was still just staring at the television when I left.

I came back when I had my son and the four of us ate a family dinner like we did most nights. Little Toddy was captivating, as usual, and made all of us laugh. My brother talked about school and girls and everything else in his life and we let our worries slip away. I didn’t think about the fact that this wouldn’t be our mother’s house in a week for nearly ten minutes one time.

After dinner my brother went up to his room to call one of his girlfriends and my brother fell asleep on the couch in the living room. My mother and I were sitting at the kitchen table again, drinking coffee. It was the first we had been alone since my brother got home from school.

“How is Toddy’s school going?” she asked.

“Well,” I said, smiling with pride. My boy was so smart, “His teacher said he is above age-level in most of the criteria they evaluated.” Toddy’s grandmother beamed as well.

“Greg told me that his soccer coach said he can get a college scholarship if he keeps his grades up,” my mother said, seemingly to herself.

“He has always been so athletic,” I replied. We sat in silence for a long while. My mother stirred her coffee but didn’t drink it. We both knew what thoughts were running through our heads.

“If we move into a hotel and take your little man out of preschool he will fall behind,” she said suddenly and I could feel tears welling in my eyes as my fears were put into words for the first time. My little Toddy had to have things better than me and better than his grandmother.

“I know.”

“Your brother, he is prideful,” my mother said slowly, “If we move into a hotel he will be humiliated. He will withdraw from school and friends and he will let his grades drop,” she said. I knew that she was right there as well.

“God this is Hell,” I said, “I just wish that there was something we could do.”

“There is,” my mother said. Now her voice was barely above a whisper. She looked deep into my eyes and her fierce love pierced deep into my heart. Her passion for her family was a physical thing, I could feel it leaning into me and demanding something from me, “It is a mother’s job to make sacrifices for her children when she has to,” my mother told me, “We have to make sacrifices for our sons, and for ourselves. I want you to call up those… people we talked about before. Have then send out a camera,” she said. As usual, my mother’s word accepted to contradiction. I felt a bizarre feeling of relief. Then our minds completely closed out the idea, or so we pretended.


“The camera will be here tomorrow or the next day,” I said to my mother the next day when our sons were at school. We were standing outside in her garden.

“Good,” she said, but she didn’t sound like she thought it was good.

“They said a check for half the amount will come with it, so we will be good for next month,” I said and she just nodded this time, “They had some other stuff they need us to do. I am supposed to tell you about it.” My mother bent over and pulled out a weed. I couldn’t help but check her out. I mean, I didn’t want to. But it was sort of my job now. She was a beautiful woman. But could I…have sex with her? I didn’t think so. We didn’t want to think of what would happen if we failed.

“What is it?” she asked.

“We are supposed to shave out legs and armpits the morning we shoot. We are supposed to…trim anything else the way we like. They said we should go easy on the make-up because they want us to look natural,” I explained. My mother nodded again.

“Let’s go inside, I don’t think it is appropriate to talk about this out here,” she said. I blushed and she wiped the dirt from her hands and we went inside, “what else?” she asked when the door closed behind us.

“They said that we have to do…certain things. I will just let you know what they are when we are going, I don’t want to say them to you. They said we should be creative and that the people who watch this like…kinky stuff,” I felt like I was going to vomit when I said that but she just washed her hands in the sink and acted like I was describing a recipe for meatloaf.

“Anything else,” she asked.

“No,” I said, “Oh wait, yes. They gave me a list of questions that we have to answer to the camera before we start. They said we don’t have to try to be sexy, just answer the questions honestly and the people would think it was…good.”

“Okay,” my mother said and she took a beer from her fridge. She offered me one as well and I took it and drank. I didn’t drink much, but I needed to calm my nerves. I had never felt so anxious in my life. We finished out beers in silence.

“I have seen you naked since you were a little girl,” my mother said and I nodded. I couldn’t even remember what she looked like naked. I used to shower with her when I was a very little girl, but that had been a very long time ago. I could very vaguely remember her breast when my brother was still being breastfed a decade and a half ago. I wondered what she looked like.

“Maybe we should go up to my room…” she said, looking out the window, not wanting to look me in the eyes. I felt myself blush, “Not to do…the actual thing without the camera. Just to look at each other so we aren’t surprised,” she said hastily. She got up and started to walk upstairs. I followed behind her, looking at the gently sway of her hips as I moved up the stairs behind her. She walked into her room and I followed behind her and closed the door. I locked it as well.

“We will film here tomorrow or when the camera comes,” my mother said. Even as she was speaking she was walking around the room, closing the blinds and the curtains on her windows so that it was dark and secluded. I turned on the small bedside lamp so that we wouldn’t be fumbling in the dark. She walked back around the bed and stood in front of me. We just looked at each other for a long time. She smiled wanly.

“I don’t know what to do,” I said. She reached across the distance that separated us and patted my hand the way she had all those weeks ago.

“We are saving our family. We have to stop thinking like we are waiting for our own executions. Let’s just pretend what we are doing is normal. Let’s stop acting nervous before we speak. Let’s stop being embarrassed. Why don’t we just sort of own it now,” she said, trying to convince herself as well as me. But she didn’t say anymore. She acted. She crossed her arms around the bottom of her shirt and quickly lifted it up over her head and threw it on the floor. Her blonde hair was tousled and she looked sexy even. Her breasts were large and her cleavage well defined her shiny back bra. She was unzipping her pants while I was unbuttoning my own top. Soon my pink bra was exposed as well, my tiny breasts standing out proudly from my chest. My mother’s jeans were in a pile on the floor and she kicked them away. Her panties were black as well, they were boy shorts and I could see the gentle swell of her firm buttocks as she twisted to brush away the jeans.

I quickly dropped my cotton shorts, revealing my own underwear. I was wearing just a basic red pair of cotton underwear. They were new and they looked good on me. I looked down at my flat tummy, thin legs, and tiny feet and knew that I was sexy. But now I looked back up at my mother. Her legs were gorgeous, I could tell she was still working out. Her tummy was very flat and even a little bit defined. She had a very sexy hourglass shape that women half her age would be jealous of. If we could go through with this, we could make a lot of money.

No we were standing in what could be out bathing suits. There was nothing particularly scandalous about where we were now. The next step was what really matters. We both knew it and began to act at the same time. My mother’s bra clasped in the front and she quickly started to unhooked it. I reached around my back and did the same. We seemed to do a silent countdown and then we allowed the bras to slide off of our bodies. Both of our eyes moved to each other’s chests. My mother’s breasts were amazing. They were still quite firm despite the fact that she was 40, they did droop much at all as the bra was removed. They were perky even. Her areola’s looked to be about the size of quarters and a light red in color and her nipples were about half an inch long. She looked perfectly proportioned and I found that I really did find her to be a sexy woman. It was a strange feeling. I had never had any lesbian thoughts before, especially not any concerning my mother. But I did respond to her breasts. I saw her looking at me as well, and I looked down at my own breasts. Without the bra to push them up they looked very small, just two little mounds. But they are nicely proportioned, very perky, and I have very nice nipples. They are about the same size as my mothers, they are a lighter, pink color, and my nipples are about three quarters of an inch long when they are hard. She smiled at me as I looked back up, she must’ve approved as well.

“One last thing,” she said. She hooked her thumbs into the elastic of her panties, bent over and started to slide them down. I did the same, looking at my own vagina and not her’s.

“Oh honey, that is cute,” she said and I looked up blushing. I looked to her eyes and she was pointed at my pussy, “You shaved your hair into a cute little heart,” she said. I looked down again. I actually waxed it that way. I was completely bare except for a little patch right above my clit that was a heart, about an inch and a half tall by two inches wide. I blushed even harder. But I kept my legs together. I couldn’t bear for my mother to see my labia…until she had to.

“Thanks,” I said. I looked up at her now as well. She seemed to feel the same way as I did, keeping her legs together.

“Do you wax bare?” I asked now it was her turn to blush and nod. Her pubis was bare, silky looking, and beautiful. Now we were both completely naked, looking at each other. I giggled a little bit. It was almost a little bit of fun. A little…naughty. Plus, for now it was harmless she giggled as well. It had the feel of a sort of sexy slumber party.

“What do we do now?” she asked finally. I sort of shrugged my shoulders, and felt my bare breasts jiggle slightly. It was oddly sexy. It was so long since I had known I was going to have sex, I didn’t even think about it anymore. This sudden heightening of sexual tension was very strange. And good. I think my mother felt the same.

“Maybe, before we get dressed,” I said, “we should just hug?” I wanted our skin to touch together, just a little bit. Just to know how it would feel. She nodded. We walked forward until our nipples were almost touching. We looked into each other’s eyes. My mother had an awkward smile on her face, which I returned. She put out her arms and we both naturally threw our butts out backwards. Our arms wrapped around each other’s shoulders and our cheeks brushed together. I felt my mother’s warm breasts against my own, felt the friction of skin on skin and the heat that that produced. I felt my nipples against the top of her breasts and felt her nipples against the bottom of my own breasts. I felt so strange. After a short time, we broke out hug. I looked at my mother.

“I love you momma,” I said and she smiled.

“I love you too,” she said and it didn’t matter that we were naked or what we were going to do. We loved each other, so it couldn’t be all bad. We started to get dressed then, walked back downstairs and continued our wait for the camera.


“You be good at school today,” I said to my son two days later. He was sitting in the backseat in his booster chair and I was looking at him in the rearview mirror.

“I will Mommy,” he said as the teacher’s aide opened our back door.

“Hello Ms. Thomas,” the woman said and I nodded to her. She started to talk to my son about the day and he got very excited. I smiled at him.

“I love you Momma,” he said as he bounced out the door.

“I love you soooo much little one,” I said and blew him a kiss. I watched as he bounded up the stairs into his school and then I pulled away from the curb and headed towards my mother’s house.

There were several parcels on the passenger seat of my car. Most were letters. They contained checks made out to various banks, lenders, and other debt holders. The check had arrived from my new employer and had been direct deposited. I was keeping all of us in our homes and cars for the next month. But also on the seat was a package which contained a camera, some clothes, and a list of instructions. I hadn’t even opened it yet. It felt toxic sitting there on the chair.

I drove very slowly up to my mother’s house. I got out and took all of the packages as well. There was a large mail box in front of my mother’s house and I just dropped all of the bills in. In a few hours, even the cable would be back on. Now I had to earn the money.

“Hey sis,” Greg said as he came out of the house and started towards the bus stop. I just waved at him and headed towards the house. The package felt heavy in my hands, “Mom said to just come up to the room when you got in. She was doing spring cleaning or something today,” he said. I nodded.

I went into the living room first and put the box down on the coffee table. I found a butter knife in the kitchen and quickly opened it. The camera the first thing I saw. It was small and had an adapter so it could plug in the wall. I was glad, because I didn’t want to have to wait while it charged. I wanted to get this over with. Inside I also found the clothes folded nicely and the directions printed on nice white paper. I separated my clothes from my mother’s and went up to her room.

I went to open the door and found that it was locked, “Mom, it’s me,” I said and it promptly unlocked. I walked into the room and saw the spring cleaning my mother had done. The room looked like a hotel room. All of the personal items had been removed, including my grandmother’s quilt which usually sat at the edge of the bed. My mother was looking at me nervously.

“I think it looks alright, right?” she asked and I nodded. My heart was whirring and she looked nervous as well. But she also looked beautiful. She wasn’t wearing make-up, but she looked alive. She looked sexy. Suddenly realizing that with the blinds now closed, there was nothing left for her to do, she sat down on her bed and folded her hands in her laps. It was very quiet.

“They sent some clothes we are supposed to wear,” I explained and she looked at me, “We are supposed to put on our sexiest underwear and wear this stuff over top of that.” I handed her the clothes that had been made for her. She got up and walked to her bathroom without talking. When the door was closed I quickly too k off my clothes and quickly slipped on the big nightgown I had been given. It looked like a little girl’s nightgown with long, tight sleeves and a long, shapeless trunk shape all the way to the ankles. I felt silly. But I walked over to the front of the bed and put the camera up on the television stand. I plugged the camera in, turned it on, and then I looked in the viewfinder and found that it covered the entire bed and that if we sat at the headboard, we would be completely in the shot. I hooked it up to the TV, so we could see where we were on screen. I turned the camera off and took the remote control back towards the bed. I sat down on the bed and set the remote control next to me.

A moment later my mother came back into the room. She was wearing a tight grey skirt, a white button-up blouse, and a black cardigan. I suppose she was supposed to look like some sort of old-fashioned housewife, but I giggled when I saw her. She returned the giggle.

“You look silly,” she said and I said the same. She came over to the bed and sat down next to me. She took my hand in hers, “Are you ready?”

“Yes,” I said. It felt like we shouldn’t just start now, like we should say or do something. But there was nothing to do. We had to get this going or it was never going to happen. She nodded once more and I rolled to my side and grabbed the two pages of questions off of my mother’s nightstand. I fumbled around in the comforter of the bed next and eventually pulled up the remote control to the camera.

“Go ahead sweetie,” she said gently and I pushed the button. I saw the red light on the camera come on and I looked over at my mother and took a deep breath. She rubbed my hand gently and it woke me up to the situation. This was the recording we would be sending in. I had to get started now.

“Umm…Hi, my name is Jayne Thomas and I am 22 years old and a mother of one beautiful little boy. And this is my mom…” As I said this, I took out my drivers license and held it, my mother did the same. I realized we were too far away. I took my license and my mother’s license and went up to camera and showed them closely. We had blocked out our addresses and ID numbers, but our names were on there. It wasn’t a fake. I went back and sat down.

“I am Clara Thomas, I am 40 years old and I am a mother of the 22 year young woman to my right and a young man as well,” she said and she sounded natural, she sounded good. This little camera didn’t appear to be intimidating us. I still felt nervous. I looked down at the questions.

“Okay mom, I have heard that there are some boys and girls out there who want a show and we are going to give it to them.”

“Let’s do it,” my mother said, sounding almost excited. But I could see the fear in her eyes.

“Well, before we start, there are some questions the people are curious about from us. Can I ask you some questions mom?” I said. I got up on my knees and turned towards my mother.

“Sure thing baby,” she said calmly. She didn’t know what I was going to ask, and to be honest I didn’t really know all that I was going to ask either. I was actually a little curious. My mother was looking at me expectantly. I felt like a lot of time was passing, so I started to ask the questions.

“Mom, when was the last time you had sex?” I found myself asking. I saw my mother blush, but she wouldn’t back down either.

“Ummm…If has been 15 years since I have had sex,” she said and I was shocked. She hadn’t had sex in that long! It was longer than I had EVER gone without sex, “Close your mouth you jerk!” I actually giggled at that.

“Sorry. It has been five years since I had sex,” I said and realized that was a long time as well.

“Mom, do you masturbate? If so, how often?”

“I do play with myself. Usually just once a week,” she explained. I couldn’t look her in the eye. I never even thought about her doing that.

“I do everyday,” I said and felt very awkward. I felt like this was the first really strange thing to know about my mom. For a moment I just couldn’t help but picture her, laying on her stomach on her bed, with her face buried in her pillow and her finger deep inside her body. Then I sort of snapped out of it.

“Have you ever fucked a girl momma?” I asked and I didn’t have to look at her to know that she recoiled. But I did turn to her. Her distress was bringing out her youthful looks.

“No,” she said in a little whisper. Her face was bright red and I felt bad. But I pushed on.

“I haven’t either, I haven’t even ever kissed a girl have you?” I said. I was trying to sound sexy, but I could hear my voice warbling, I was so nervous. She shook her head.

“No,” she said.

“Have you ever fucked…a relative before?” I asked and felt my throat catch on those words. I could hear my mother groan under her breath. I thought that she was going to tell me that she couldn’t answer any more questions but she just shook her head slightly and kept going.

“No I haven’t,” she said.

“Me neither,” I said.

“Mom, do you think that I am beautiful?” I asked.

“Of course!” she said, as though she was relieved. She brushed her hair out of her face and her large breasts stood out proudly under her sweater.

“I think you are beautiful too momma,” I said and I meant it, “Do you think I am sexy, do you want to fuck me?” I asked. I didn’t even think about anymore, I just asked the questions. But I would be lying if I said it wasn’t a little fun to say dirty things. And just thinking about sex… it had been so long. I didn’t realize I was horny until I realized I was going to have sex. Even if it was with my mom.

“I want to fuck you honey,” she said and I felt my blood boil, in a good way. It was so strange, and so naughty. I turned to look at her and her face was still red, but she was looking at me intently. I loved her right then, so much.

“I want to fuck you mommy,” I said and I bit my lip. We were getting to the end of the questions, we were going to be doing this soon.

“Did you ever think about me sexually before we started this site?”


“Me neither, but I am excited.”

“Me too,” I don’t think either of us really meant excited, but we were in our roles now. We were acting and we were a mother and daughter who were desperate to fuck, “I just have one more question. Did you breastfeed me as a baby?” My mother seemed taken aback.

“You know that I breastfed you honey,” she said, and then realized that I had to ask the question even though I already knew it to be the case. She blushed a little. We sat for a brief moment on the bed and she looked up nervously at the camera. She leaned over and whispered quickly into my ear.

“What do we do next, you said there were instructions,” she said. I looked at her chest.

“I have to suck on your nipples,” I whispered back quickly. She nodded. If we kept talking, we were going to break up the flow of the video and the pornographers might not pay us money. Now was the time to get started. She quickly slid off her sweater and let it fall on the bed. She brushed it off. I leaned in towards her again, “I should take your clothes off. They said it is better if the other person does it,” I explained. She didn’t say anything, but she stopped taking her clothes off. Her breasts looked massive under the tight tank top.

She was sitting with her ankles crossed and her legs bent up under her body. She was smiling uncomfortably at me and her arms were folded in her lap. My heart was pumping quickly and I could feel the adrenaline really starting to mess with my mind. I reached forward furtively and took the bottom of her tank top in my hands. She nervously moved her hands away from her stomach. As I started to pull the tank top up her body, she lifted her arms in the air. I saw her smooth, taut white skin exposed as I rolled up the shirt. Soon the shirt was up over the swell of her breasts, showing a beautiful, lacy black bra. Her large breasts were rising and falling sharply as she breathed in deeply. Then it was up over her head and on the bed. Her hair fell back down over her reddened face, and she looked gorgeous as she shook it out of her eyes.

My hands were trembling as they reached forward. Her bra clasped in the front my fingers inched towards her breastbone. I felt the plastic clasp. My knuckles brushed up against the silk of my mother’s bra and I could feel my hands sink ever so slightly into her soft, firm breasts. I heard her gasp as the contact was made. The clasp came free on the bra. I swung the cups backwards and flipped the straps up over her shoulder. Her breasts jiggled gently against her bodies. Her nipples were hardened in the cool air of her room. I looked up at her face. She was biting her lower lip.

I put my hands down so that one was on each of her hips. I lowered my head. I could smell her perfume and feel the heat from her body as I bent forward. I stopped, just a few short inches from her body. I looked at her large, beautiful breasts, staring into them. They quivered as my mother shook and I felt nervous. But I couldn’t deny that they were beautiful. I leaned forward further and soon her breast covered my entire field of vision. I opened my mouth and found I was shivering for some reason. I felt my mother’s hand on my shoulder, gently pulling me in.

The first thing I noticed was the hard, silkiness of my mother’s nipple as it tripped over my lower lip and slid into my mouth. I heard her breath hiss in. I slid the nipple into my mouth as far as I could, then closed my lips around it. I closed my eyes now. The nipple was hot and hard in my mouth. I stuck my tongue against it and flicked it softly. I heard my mother suck in her breath sharply. The nipple rolled evasively around my tongue. I sucked in gently, creating a vacuum around the nipple, sucking it, not too hard, but not soft either. It occurred to me that I had done this hundreds of times in my life, just not for a very long time.

My mother was gently stroking my hair. I slipped my hands now, so that they wrapped around my mother’s waist. I slipped my arms around her and linked my fingers together. My face was pressed against her breast and I was still sucking her nipple. I felt her breathing quicken and could hear her shallow, halting breath. At the same time, I felt strangely hot. She tasted so good, salty and silky. I liked her heat against me and I liked the feeling of fucking for the first time in forever. It was hot.

“Baby,” My mother whispered into my ear in a husky tone, “rub my other breast. It will play well…I think” she said and then moaned loudly. I didn’t need to be told twice. I slipped my right hand out from behind my mother’s back. My eyes were still closed, but I moved the hand quickly to my mother’s other large, silky breast. I continued to suck her nipple and play with it against my tongue, but my hand cupped her left breast, on the bottom. I massaged it gently, feeling is weight and heat. I squeezed it, felt her reacted against my hand, pushing her chest against me. I moved my thumb and forefinger around her nipple, squeezing it. I continued to rub her breast gently with the palms while I squeezed. My mother was moaning loudly now, and I felt her squirming on the bed, panting. It made me feel sexy.

For a while we just did stayed there. I continued to play with her nipples, my left arm wrapped around her body. She gently stroked my hair and breathed against me. I was shocked to find that this action was making me wet. I wondered if my mother was getting wet as well. I wondered for a moment if it would look sexy on the camera. Then I realized that I had been sucking and stroking my mother for a long time. I opened my eyes and slipped my lips off of my mother’s nipples. I saw her nipple glistening with my spit, a small string of which still attached my lower lip to her breast. I licked my lips, breaking the connection. My mother was still stroking my hair, her face was flushed and she was clearly turned on.

“What now?” She whispered to me.

“You have to lick my nipples,” I told her, remembering the sequence. She nodded her head. I sat down now on the bed, putting my legs up in front of me, “Say something sexy…” I instructed quietly. She paused for a moment, and then spoke.

“Come on baby, you’ve sucked my nipples plenty of times. Now it is my turn,” she said it like she really meant it. She bent over me now. She took the bottom of my nightgown and started to pull it up my legs. I felt the smooth fingernails slide against my skin as she moved up my shins, over my knees, and up my thighs. I lifted my butt off of the bed so that she could take slide it around. I liked the way her hands felt on the outside of my panties. Soon her hands and my nightgown were up over my flat stomach, her knuckles rubbed against my breasts. My arms were in the air and now the shirt came up over my head. I was sitting in my red panties and red bra now. I smiled sexily at my mother and she threw the nightgown on the floor.

She put her arms around me now. She put her head on my shoulder and looked down at the back of my bra. She was fumbling with the clasp, I could see now that her hands were trembling a bit. I didn’t even think, I bent my head down and started to nibble gently on her ear. She squealed audibly and then froze for a moment. Then she seemed to melt against me. It was clear she enjoyed this. It made me ever hotter than before.

I felt the clasp go on my bra and my mother moved away from me, her ear sliding hard between my teeth. She was holding the bra in her hand and she threw it on the floor. My nipples were hard from my arousal and I almost put my hands over them, but I didn’t.

“You are so beautiful, my little girl,” she said.

“Suck my nipples like I sucked on your mommy,” I said and she moved quickly. I don’t know if she just wanted to get it over with or if she was excited to try it, but in a moment her mouth was wrapped around one of my long nipples. Her mouth was warm, wet, and her tongue flicked hard. I felt a chill run through my body and I shook. My mother put her arms around me, hugging me tight. She started to suck on the nipple hard. This was so wrong. It felt so good. I heard myself make a slight noise.

“Oh momma, suck my tit,” I heard myself say. It just came out. I wanted to say it. She kept sucking, but now she started to rub my breast the same way I had rubbed her. I felt her fingers against my nipples; she was rolling it with a bit of strength. I felt her hand sinking into my small breasts. She was rubbing and sucking with a beautiful, sexy rhythm. I couldn’t take it, I squeezed my legs together, feeling the heat between my legs. I wanted to stay there forever, and for a while we almost didn’t move. Just my mother’s hand on my tit and the sound of her lips sucking on my nipples.

“What now,” she said, almost too loud, as my long wet nipple pulled out of her mouth. I looked down at her, her chin against my breast and the nipple hard against her lips. I wanted to touch my pussy so bad. It was such a strange feeling. I felt dirty and wrong, but I was starting to feel too hot to care. I put my hand on my nipple, it was sensitive to the touch. My mother’s beautiful face was looking up at me inquisitively.

“We are supposed to rub each other’s vaginas through our panties,” I said. This was jumping things up a level. My mother unhooked herself from around my waist. I lay on the bed and spread my legs a little, looking into the camera. My mother sat down next to me on the bed. Then she stood up and unzipped her skirt. I wanted to tell her that I was supposed to take off her clothes, but the skirt was on the floor and she was sitting next to me again. It was better not to throw off the flow, now that I thought about it.

My mother sat down next to me again. Now she spread her legs as well, put her right leg over top of my left. The hot weight of her leg pushed down on me. Her skin felt smooth and taut. She looked at me now. I sort of shrugged my shoulders and she knew what I meant. Slowly I moved my hand over her leg, squeezing it as I moved. I was staring at her leg, focusing on it. First I felt just the slightest bit of her panties. Then I felt the softness of her pussy through her panties. It was white hot.

“Oh Jaynie!” my mother said loudly and I looked to see that her eyes were closed and her head was rolled back. It felt good. I felt a wave of pleasure rush over me. This was kind of hot. I slowly started to circle my fingers around her vagina, feeling her lips and clit through the panties. She was breathing quickly now. But suddenly, I felt my own body rocked with pleasure. My mother was now cupping my pussy through my panties. She was gently circling her palm around on my clit. I gasped loudly. I looked over at my mother now, and she was staring into my eyes. We didn’t say anything, but we both sensed something had changed. I still don’t think either one of us really wanted to fuck, but there were no second thoughts anymore. We were going to take this all the way.

For a few minutes we just sat on the bed, rubbing each other through our panties and moaning softly. Then I dropped my head and once again took my mother’s beautiful nipple into my mouth, while we both continued to rub each other’s pussies. My mother’s panties were very wet now and I could feel her heat strongly. She reached her free hand over and started to play with one of my nipples.

Then, for the first time, my mother took the lead. I didn’t have to tell her what was next, she knew. She took both hands and started to tug off my panties. I didn’t resist. In fact, I hopped my butt up so that she could get them off. I wasn’t touching her pussy anymore. She dropped my soaking panties onto the floor.

“Jaynie you are so wet,” she said.

“You did it mom, you make me so wet,” I said, as I spread my legs again. The camera would be able to see my little patch of pubic hair. For a moment my mother just let my spread pussy show to that camera. Then, very slowly, her hand went back to my leg. She inched it forward, walking it up my thigh. Each little touch of her finger made me hotter than before. Then it happened, the slightest tip of finger touched my pussy lip. I shuddered.

“Oh god mom!” I said in complete sincerity. I wasn’t play acting. It was amazing. Then she was slowly moving her fingers over my pussy lips and occasionally flicking my clit.

“Kiss me Jayne,” my mother said. I closed my eyes and leaned into her. My mother’s fingers were dancing over my pussy and now we were kissing deeply. Her tongue probed deeply into my mouth and I felt her hair all over my face. Still her fingers worked me over. Then, in a slow but deliberate motion, she inserted her index finger into my pussy. I felt my entire body shaking. My mother held me close, but she was working my pussy hard, curling her finger inside of my body. She was rubbing my clit with her thumb at the same time. I kissed her harder, feeling our skin stick with the moisture from our sweat. It was so powerful. I could barely hold out of a minute. Soon, my entire body was convulsing as wave after orgasmic wave of pleasure ripped through my body.

“Oh momma, oh momma, fuck me,” I kept saying over, and over again, as my mother continued to fuck me and kiss my neck. After several minutes, the overwhelming feeling started to subside.

“Forget the list, let’s just do what feels right,” I whispered quickly into her ear and she nodded, kissing my neck again. I felt so hot, I wanted her to cum as well, as a reward. Now I quickly worked her out of her panties, throwing them in a damp pile on the floor. I kissed her again.

Then I lay down on my stomach, pulling her legs apart and putting my tits on her thigh. I wanted the camera to see her snatch while I ate it. I was going to eat her pussy. I felt her hand on my hair as I started to move closer. Her smell was so strong there, and it was surprisingly good. I looked at her sweet, tight little pussy. She played gently with my hair, but pushed me gently towards it. She hadn’t had sex in so long, she knew that she was finally going to get it.

I stuck my tongue out tentatively. I pushed forward, unsure of what I was doing. Suddenly, I felt the slightest taste of saltiness and I felt my mother quiver.

“Jaynie, my baby,” she said in a deep, long sigh. I opened my eyes and looked at her pussy again. I gently rubbed my tongue against the ultra-soft skin of her labia. I tasted her wetness. It was at that moment, I remember that my mother had told me that while my younger brother was delivered via a C-section, I had been delivered vaginally. I had come out of this place all those years ago, now I was back. For some reason, this thought really turned me on. I started to lap at my mother’s pussy, tasting her juices and flicking her clit with my tongue.

“Oh fuck Jaynie, you are so sexy,” she said suddenly and this turned me on even more. I felt the hardness of her clit, sucking it into my mouth and rubbing it gently with my tongue and slurping on it. My mother reached underneath of my to rub my tits. While she did this, she started to thrust her hips in towards my face. I was loving it. So was I. It was so good to have the feeling of getting someone off.

I slide my tongue into her pussy on occasion and I could tell that she loved it. For a very long time I just kept working on her pussy. Tasting it and feeling her reactions. Listening to her moan and gasp. The gasping grew more persistent. Her moans became louder. Suddenly, my mother loudly screamed out my name. She came hard, her entire body shaking. She even came a little bit, splashing my mouth and nose with thick, translucent liquid that tasted delicious.

“Oh baby that was wonderful,” she said as I looked up at her from her crotch. She was breathing heavy and her hair was plastered to her face with sweat.

“Do you want to thank me?” I asked. I was going to ask her for something I had always wanted but had been too afraid to ask a boyfriend to do or even to try it myself.

“Sure thing honey,” she said, “what can I do?”

“Will you finger my asshole?” I asked and felt myself blush. I wanted it so bad. I felt my mother recoil a bit, as though she had been hit.

“Do you really want that?” she asked and I was turned on a little by the disgust in her voice. It was like the whole situation, she would do it even if she didn’t want to. And hell, she might like it.

“I need it mommy,” I said, putting on a pouty face.

“I would do anything for my daughter,” she said and kissed my nose. With that I quickly got up on my hands and knees with my ass facing the camera. My mother, still shaking from her orgasm got up and moved around in front of me. I felt her hand on my butt, pulling the cheeks apart and looking at my little pink rosebud. Then she quickly inserted a finger into my mouth.

“Get it wet baby, I don’t want to hurt you,” she explained. Her finger was salty from my pussy and I sucked on it hard, then I covered it in spit and she pulled it out of my mouth. Then next thing I felt was the slightest pressure as the pad of her finger grazed my asshole.

“Oh momma, fuck my asshole,” I said and I heard my mother moan a bit. But then I felt the pressure heighten on my asshole. I felt the finger press against the hole and then suddenly it popped in. The feeling was intense. It hurt a bit, but felt good. She kept pressing, getting the finger deeper and deeper into my body. As she did, it hurt less and felt better and better. I felt her lips as they kissed my ass cheeks. Suddenly, I felt her had against my ass, her finger was all the way inside of my anus. She kept pushing hard, curling her finger inside like she was fingering my pussy. The feeling was intense.

“I have my finger all the way up your ass, sweetie. Is that what you wanted?” she asked and I could tell she liked it more now that she tried it by the way she said it.

“So good,” was all I could manage to say around my moaning and gasping. I was pushing now, shoving my ass back against her finger. She held it still, fucking my asshole with the finger. The pressure was building, the feeling was incredibly intense. I had never experienced anything like it. Suddenly, the world went half blank and I felt the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced. I fell off of my knees and my mother’s finger popped out of my asshole.

I came to a few moments later. I felt my mother’s tits on my back; she was kissing my neck and rubbing my butt cheeks. She kept asking if I was okay and I assured her that I was. I couldn’t believe what I was feeling. I was completely outside myself now. Lust had completely taken over me. I needed to do more. I needed the camera to fuck me along with my mother. It felt too good. I had a dirty idea.

“Get on your knees like I did momma,” I said finally, although I was still breathing hard.

“I don’t want my asshole fingered Jaynie,” she said, but I shook my head. She looked so sexy now, I wondered what she was thinking of me.

“I won’t” I said, but didn’t tell her anymore. She nodded her head and was quickly up on her knees, her asshole facing the camera. I got up from the bed now and got on my knees next to her. I started to massage her butt and she moaned gently, she obviously liked it. I spread her butt cheeks open, spreading her wide open for the camera. It looked so pretty. I knew she was going to protest again that she didn’t want to get fingered in the ass so I acted quickly. I bent my head down and looked briefly at her cute, pink asshole. I couldn’t believe I was about to do this. I needed to do it.

I stuck out my tongue and dove in towards her asshole. I felt her shake before I had the sensation of touching her asshole with my tongue. But then it happened. I felt the salty taste of skin and the crinkled, ridged sensation of her anus. My tongue was hard and it pressed hard against her anus. I loved everything about the way she tasted there. It was almost better than her pussy, because it was wrong. Just like everything else we were doing. It was perfect. I think she felt the same way. She cried out.

“Holy shit!” she said and I felt her knees getting weak. I let my tongue soften now. I kept pulling her cheeks apart with my hands. While I did I lapped at her anus, feeling the ridges move over my tongue. I felt my mother pushing back against me, driving my tongue against my ass. I kept pulling her open, letting her asshole wide open while I tongued it gently for the camera. I looked into the camera lens now.

“Lick my asshole baby, lick your momma’s asshole,” my mother moaned and she wasn’t acting. She needed it. I kept lapping. But she pushed my head in with her hand, driving me deeper into her asshole. I made my tongue rigid again. Now I was shoving it into her asshole, fucking her asshole with my tongue. I felt my tongue penetrating her deeply, felt the metallic taste of her insides. When I pulled the tongue back out it would stay slightly open for a second, and I couldn’t believe how much I liked it. And I moved my finger quickly between my legs. I was toying with my clit now, masturbating. My mother arched her back. I knew she was rubbing her tits and she was moaning.

“JAYNE! Oh fuck your momma, Jayne!” she cried out loudly. I shoved my tongue deep inside of her now, her rectum squeezed my tongue and her taste was intense. Suddenly she was bucking hard and she was gasping for air. I knew that she was coming. It was happening so fast, she didn’t need much ass play to go over. This sort of put me over the edge and before I knew it, I was cumming as well. My body shook and my tongue slipped quickly out of her asshole. I fell over on the bed and she did the same, quivering with pleasure. I can’t even describe what it was like. The orgasm was more intense than anything I have ever felt before. The psychological effect of the strangeness of the day combined with the multiple orgasms broke something loose inside of me. I was just lying on the bed panting. I felt so complete. It was perfect. I was sexually satisfied, the danger to my family had passed, and everything was right, even if it was wrong. Part of me felt so dirty that I couldn’t bear it, but that part was overpowered. It seemed to die inside of me, although I suppose it will always be there.

A few moments later I felt my mother’s arms around me. I felt her nipples on my skin, her breast against me. Then I felt her tongue in my mouth. Our tongues mashed together. Finally I opened my eyes again. I looked into my mother’s eyes and we broke our kiss. She was now just smiling at me. I hugged her closely, entwining us deeper. We kissed quietly and slowly for a long time. We didn’t speak, we just expressed our natural love in a most unnatural way. I wondered if she tasted her pussy and her anus on my tongue. At one point I picked up her finger, tasting my own pussy and anus, and loving it. Then we just lay there for a few minutes, holding each other.

“Go turn off the camera baby,” she whispered. I untangled myself from her legs and body and got up from the bed. My legs still felt weak. I made it to the camera, blew it a kiss and then turned it off. Then I went back to the bed, took my mother in my arms, and gave her another deep kiss. And there we slept.


“Hey mom,” I said about a week later as I walked into her house. She was sitting on the couch, reading a book. she looked up when I came in and gave me a big smile.

“Hey Jaynie, what’s up?” she asked in a cheerful voice, putting the book down next to her on the couch. I sat down on the chair.

“Got another check in the mail,” I said and I handed her the money that she would need for her bills. She took it quietly. We hadn’t spoken about anything since we had awakened in her bed. She had gone to get a shower, I had gone to pick up my child from school, and that was it. Nothing seemed to change. I didn’t see her sexually anymore, she was my mother again. But I saw something flash in her eyes when I handed her the money, like she was reliving the filming for a moment.

“And…” I said.

“What?” she said, sitting on the edge of her seat.

“There was an offer to do another video.”


“A $5,000 raise,” I explained. I looked up at her now. Her face was a blank slate. I smiled at her and we both shrugged.

The End

Young Man for Wife

Young Man for Wife

Due to my frequent travels, my wife and I have an agreement that we are allowed to satisfy our sexual desires as needed. Some call this an open marriage, we didn’t put a name to it but I guess that’s what it was. Angie is a very sexual person and had taken on a couple regular lovers. She was able to satisfy them and still take care of my needs too when I was in town. We always were open about things that would happen but I was caught off guard one morning when Angie told me that her boyfriend had his son with him when she showed up at his apartment one night.

She said at first she was a little ashamed at the way she was dressed (she almost always just wore a night gown or something like that. It was always sexy but not enough to get her arrested for public nudity. She had worn a sheer top baby doll that night with a very small sheer panty and no bra. She said her bf explained to her that his son was going to spend the summer before starting college living with him. He also explained that he thought maybe they could teach the boy some things over the summer.

My wife looked him in the eyes and asked if he was asking what she thought he was asking and he nodded. This set her back a little but she ended up going through with it by having sex with the father in front of the boy and then touching him and eventually with some encouragement she sucked the boys cock until he squirted in her mouth. After squirting he explored my wife’s body while his dad fucked her to his orgasm.

My wife was so turned on by everything and seeing that the boy was still hard she allowed him to move into the position that his father had just vacated. She was surprised that even though this was his virginal fuck, and he was smaller than his mature father, he was very good and provided her a lot of pleasure.

Over the next few weeks Angie ended up making a few extra visits to her bf’s apartment and sometimes only spent time with the boy. She ended up admitting to me that the thought of a younger cock sent her into orbit.

After several months, it was time for college to start and the boy left. The sex between Angie and her bf was never the same and they ended up breaking up. She finally asked me one day if I thought she could find another young boy to have a relationship with. I asked her how young she was thinking and she just said “as young as the law will allow”, with a blush on her face.

We innocently mentioned to one of our married friends who we had swung with a few times about our search and they seemed to get a twinkle in their eyes. Angie was intrigued and asked what was up. The couple said that they had noticed their 18 year old son spending more time in mommy’s room while she was getting dressed/undressed. She didn’t mind as she spent a lot of time nude in the house but she decided to tease him a little to see what he would do. She started by asking him for back or leg rubs while she was nude or nearly nude and had let him watch while she waxed her bikini line. She said there was almost drool hanging out of his mouth and even though her husband had said it would be okay for her to fuck him, she just couldn’t bring herself to go that far. She asked Angie if she was interested and Angie almost orgasm on the spot. Danny’s mom mentioned that his birthday was in about 3 months and maybe it would be nice to take his virginity on his 19th birthday.

Angie was never so turned on and she attacked me that night but after we were done she asked me if I would mind if she didn’t have vaginal intercourse with me until after she had been with Danny. I really enjoy oral so I told her as long as she still took care of my needs, I didn’t have a problem with it since she was trying to make sure her pussy would be nice and tight for the boy.

Angie did all kinds of vaginal exercises over the next three months and I was not allowed to do anything more than slide my cock over her clit when we were feeling horny. It’s really amazing how much sex a couple can have without having intercourse! Once a month Angie would ask me to check her pussy for her to see how tight it was. I was only allowed to use my pinky finger to slide into her and then she would flex her vaginal muscles around it. This turned me on immensely but it was not being done for me. This was all for Danny.

Danny’s parents had been getting him a little more ready for this day by having him help groom his mother’s pubic hair and helping give her baths and by letting him watch them have sex. They pulled out their blue movies and left them out to watch any time he wanted to. His mother turned into a nudist in the home too. As soon as they would walk through the door, she would ask Danny to help her get undressed. Once in a moment of weakness, Danny’s mom let him finger her to orgasm while undressing her at the door. It became a regular thing for him to dip his finger in her honey pot or tweak a nipple while passing her. Both she and Danny’s father loved it as it kept her in a constant state of arousal and resulted in a lot of sex between them.

Finally the big day arrived. Danny’s parents had promised him a new bed for his birthday since he was getting older so they had purchased a large bed and had it assembled in his room while he was gone. Angie was to be laid out on the bed totally nude with a big ribbon and bow draped across her and the bed. Angie wanted to look as young as possible for Danny so she had me wax her entire body and then she wore no makeup.

After lunch and the birthday cake, Danny’s parents escorted him to his room to see his new bed. He knew this was going to be his present but he didn’t know about Angie who was laid out on his bed with rose petals sprinkled all around her.

Danny was surprised to say the least and just stared at Angie for a couple minutes before his mom said, “Angie is part of your birthday present. She comes with the bed.”

The poor boy didn’t know what to do, he felt funny about giving his mom & dad a hug while sporting the boner he had but he didn’t want to just jump Angie right there in front of them either. Finally Danny’s mom & dad told him to enjoy himself and gave him hugs and kisses and left the room. They would be back to check in on him but they left him alone to do what he needed to do alone with Angie.

Angie said that since Danny had watched his mom and dad make love many times, he was not clueless. She said she told him to get undressed and join her on the bed. They started making out and touching and he ended up being very good with foreplay and helped her get over being so nervous. She had been so nervous that she wasn’t wet but he warmed her up quickly and she was more than ready for his virgin penis. He played with and kissed/touched every part of her body and she his.

Finally it was time and she asked him if his mom & dad could witness the act. He agreed and called them into the room. They came in and Danny’s mom asked him if she could help him put his cock into Angie. He said he thought that would be okay so she got in place behind him and took hold of his ample sized male member in her small hand. She stroked him a couple times before getting him in position. Angie held her pussy lips open and Danny’s dad was up close with the video camera. His mom asked Angie if she was ready and if this is what she wanted and Angie told her yes. She then asked Danny if this is what he wanted and if he was ready and Danny said yes. With that Danny’s mother placed his cock at the opening of Angie’s cunt and gave him a gentle push from behind.

Remember, Angie had not had vaginal intercourse for 3 months at this point and had been doing exercises to make her vagina smaller/tighter. Danny was larger than anticipated so he did not just slide in. It was almost like he was getting Angie’s virginity too. He (and his mom) had to push a little harder to get his pole in her. This took a few minutes of pushing and pulling back and pushing again but finally he was all the way inside her. Danny’s mom was too turned on to just step back so she was using her hands all around the two lovers where they were united into one touching both of them until she felt them start to tense up. Danny’s movements became ragged so his mom started gently rubbing Angie’s clit to make sure both of them came together, which they did… loudly!

After a short rest Angie suggested a short 69 to clean each other up and get ready for the next round. Danny’s mom excused herself to get them juice and snacks to keep their energy going because she knew they would have a long night ahead of them.

Danny’s dad was sure to document everything that went on that night (so I could see later) and his mom got involved a couple times too by helping clean them both. At one point when Angie was so exhausted, Danny’s mom asked if she would mind if she took her place for a few minutes. Angie had no problem with that so the hot momma got on her back and beckoned her son to mount her.

The only thing that would have made this hotter would have been if Danny’s mom had taken his virginity but just being involved with his virgin night was enough for everybody.

Angie moved in with them for the summer so Danny could use her every night. I was eventually allowed to come watch once in a while and after a while a schedule was set up where Danny’s mom would spend the night in his bed to take care of him and his needs so Angie could come spend the night with me and take care of my needs. Between Danny, his father and me, Danny was the only one that never went without a woman in his bed with him. His dad and I were cut down to once or twice a week so the girls could take a break once in a while too.

Angie is now asking about letting Danny get her pregnant but that is another story.

قصتى مع اجمل جارة حقيقة لا خيال

بدايه اعتذر بشده لاى خطا باسلوب الكتابه وذلك لانى اول مره اخرج مابصدرى واتمنى من كل قلبى ان اجد الردود اللتى قد تريحنى
انا شاب فى الخامسه والثلاثين من عمرى متزوج ولى من الاولاد اثنان بدات قصتى فى سن صغير جدا حيث كانت شهوتى دائما مشتعله ولم اراها حتى اليوم هادئه ولو لمره واحده زوجتى بنت الثلاثون عاما لم تستطع ان تشعر بى او باحتيا جاتى فاضررت ان انظر وابحث عن غيرها من الجيرلن او الاصدقاء واليكم احدى قصصى
انا سكن بقريه صغيره فى شارع عرضه واحد متر ونصف ولنا جاره جميله جدا لا يتعدى عمرها الثلاثون عاما امامنا مباشرتا ولضيق الشارع وقرب البلكونات من بعضها فنحن نسلم على بعض ونتبادل الادوات المنزليه من البلكونات بشكل سهل وسلس هى صديقه حميمه لزوجتى
ولانى متعطش دائما للجنس فكنت انظر اليها بشكل دائم نظرات مليئه بلشهوه والسكس وكانت تلاحظ ذلك فقررت ان احاول الاقتراب منها خاصه انها امراه جريئه تحب الحوارات مع الرجال
فوقفت ذات يوم فى البلكونه وكنت اعلم انها بتغسل فوقفت حتى خرجت لنشر الملابس وبدات الحديث معها وسالتها عن زوجها وايه اخباره وهذه الامور المعتاده وفى نفس الوقت عيناى لاتفارق صدرها ولو للحظه وكانت تلاحظ ذلك وبدات بلهزار معها عن بعض المناظر اللتى حدثت بلامس فى فيلم السهره وركزت على المشاهد الجنسيه اللتى بلفيلم ولاحظت احمرار فى وجهها من ذكرى لهذه اللقطات
فسالتها بسرع ممكن اسالك سوال محرج فقالت ماذا فقلت ماذا تحبين اكثر المششاهد الدراميه ام المشاهد الرومانسيه فصمتت بابتسامه رقيقه احيت فى شهوه عارمه ودخلت بسرع لاحضار باقى الغسيل وغابت اكثر من خمسه عشر دقيقه لتخرج ثانيه اجمل من المره السابقه ونظرت لها فاذا هى انسانه اخرى ولم اصدق عينى فقد خلعت الايشارب اللتى كانت ترتديه وقد مشطط شعرها وفتحت ازرار صدرها لارى ثلث صدرها وهى واقفه امامى ولم اتكلم بكلمه واحه لشده جمالها وهول الموقف وعندما اخذت اول قطعه غسيل لتقوم بنشرها ومالت على البلكون فنفجر صدرها امامها ولم احتمل هذا المنظر السكسى وعرفت وقتها انا تقول بصوت عالى تكلم وقل كل ما عندك
فقلت لها لماذا لم تجاوبينى على سوالى فقالت وما هو قلت ماذا تحبين اللقطات الرومانسيه ام غير ذلك فقالت عيب كده انا مش بحب الكلام ده فقلت وماذا قلت من عيب هما البشر مش عيشتهم فى الاصل تتحلى بلرومانسيه وانا شخصيا احب الرومانسيه بشكل عالى جدا وهنا خرج ابنها الصغير فحملته وبدات تلاعبه وهنا ايضا سنحت لى الفرصه حتى اتغزل فى ابنها وطبعا انتم فاهمين فقلت له ازيك يا حماده عامل ايه انت عمال تحلو يوم عن تانى فضحكت جارتى ضحكه خفيفه فسلتها ممكن طلب فقالت نع فقلت ممكن بوسه وسكت قليلا ثم قلت من خد محمد فصمتت مده ويكاد الدم ينفجر من خديها وضحكت ثم دخلت
وهنا ادركت انها متجاوبه معى وكانت جارتى هذه متعوده لزياره زوجتى مره او اثنان فى الاسبوع للافطار معا وفى يوم من الايام وقفت فى البلكون فخرجت بابتسامه جميله لم اعهدها من قبل وقالت لى اين زوجتك قلت لها نائمه وحينها زوجتى لم تكن بلمنزل اصلا فقالت لى كيف كنا متفقين اننا هنفطر سوا اليوم
قلت ليه تعالى صحيها بنفسك لانى خارج دلوقتى فلبت النداء
وطلعت عندى فعلا وكاد قلبى يرقص من الفرحه وقابلتها على باب الشقه مبتسما وسلمت عليه ولم اترك يدها الا وهى مرتعشه ساخنه جدا وقلت لها انا سعيد جدا لانى اراكى مبتسمه اليوم فرحينى فى حاجه فقالت لا ابدا فقلت لها على فكره انت جميله جدا فابتسمت وقالت مراتك اجمل فقلت بل انتى واقتربت منها بجراه غير عاديه وقلت لها اريد ان اخبرك عن سر فقالت وهى تتنفس بسرعه غير عاديه وما هو فقلت شرط انك متزعليش منى وتوعدينى قبل ما تكلم
فقالت وعد
فقلت لها زوجتى ليست هنا قلت لكى ذلك لمجرد انى ارغب برؤيتك عن قرب
فانا احلم بكى يوميا ولا استطيع النوم يوميا الا بعد التفكير فيكى وانا اقول كلماتى هذه فوجئت بها تغمض عينيها وتذهب لعالم اخر فوضعت يدى على كتفيها لاتلمسه برفق ونعومه واقتربت اكثر واكثر لالتهم اجمل واحلى شفاه قد تمنيتها طوال فتره كبيره وقد بادلتنى هذه القبله الحارقه اللتى جعلت من زبى وحش لا احد يستطيع الوقوف امامه فاخذ تها بين زراعى بقوه ونهم واخذت اقبلها فى فمها ورقبتها وهى تكاد ان تنهار امامى ودفعتها للداخل وقمت بادارتها لارى مؤخرتا الجميله وحضنتها من خلفها ثم قمت بنزع جلبابها لاجد قميص نوم جميل جدا ورايتها تنظر لزبى بشده فاجلستها امامه حتى ترينى مدى كفائتا فى المص واللحس فامطرتنى باجمل اللمسات اللتى لم اشعر بها فى حياتى كلها و فازحتها على السرير وقمت بلعق اجمل كس واحلى صدر واخير اطفات نار شهوتى بادخال زبى بها واخذت ادخل واخرج زبى لاكثر من ثلثى ساعه متتاليه وانا غير مصدق لما يحدث وةمن هذ اليوم وانا وهى اجمل حبيبن على وجه الارض اصدقائى اتمن ان تعطونى رايكم بقصتى المتواضعه هذه ويا ترى اسلوبى عامل ايه لو حسيت ان فى ردود عجبتنى اوعدكم انى هطلع ليكم كل اسرارى اللى انا حاسس انى مش عارف اشيلها لوحدى والف سلم على عيونكم

ناكنى دكتور الأسنان

أنا أمرأة في العقد الرابع من عمري متزوجة وعندي أبن وبنت وزوجي يعمل بالتجارة ودائم الانشغال فهو يحب المال كثيرا” ودائما يقول أن ماجاء بالتعب لايستمر الا بالتعب وهذا ماجعله كثير المشاغل للمحافظة على الثروة التي جمعها وزيادتها .. أما أنا فكان لدي الوقت الكثير والفراغ القاتل فكنت كثيرة التنقل والزيارات لصديقاتي ولكني لم أكن مقصرة بحق بيتي فهو دائم النظافة والترتيب .. في أحدى الامسيات التي جمعتني من صديقاتي شعرت بألم فظيع في أسناني ومن شدته بكيت وأخذت العديد من المسكنات ولم أنم من آلالامه حتى الصباح حيث ذهبت أبحث عن عيادة أحد أطباء الاسنان ووجدت أحداها ففرحت ودخلت فأستقبلتني السكرتيرة بأبتسامة حلوة وجلست بأنتظار دوري فقد كانت العيادة شبه خاليه وفعلا دخلت الى طبيب الاسنان فوجدته شابا” لطيفا” جميل المظهر يرتدي صدريته التي تضفي عليه شكلا” أجمل فسلمت عليه وأنا أشكي له من الآلم فأجلسني على كرسي الفحص وبدأ يدقق في أسناني وكان عطره مميزا ونفاذا” جدا وبعد الفحص أخبرني بوجود أثنان من أسناني تحتاج الى المعالجة وأتهمني بالتباطيء في علاجها لأن أحدهم يستدعي أكثر من جلسة علاج فأخبرته بأن هذه هي المرة الاولى التي أشكو منها وأنني ملتزمة جدا بنظافتها الدائمة فقال هذا واضح من بياضها الناصع ولكن هذا لايمنع من المتابعة والفحص الدائم لانه يحمي الاسنان وأستمر بكلام فيه النصائح الكثيرة كل هذا فيما كان هو منشغلا بمعالجة أسناني وأنا صامته مفتوحة الفم وكنت أراقبه بعيني وأفحص تعابير وجهة وخمنت أن عمره لايتجاوز الثلاثون كما أني لم ألاحظ بيده أي خاتم يدل على زواجه أو خطوبته المهم بعد أن أكمل العلاج جلس خلف منضدته يكتب على الورق وطلب مني النهوض فنهضت من كرسي الفحص وجلست أمامه فأعطاني الوصفة الطبية وطلب مني الالتزام بالمواعيد المثبتة فيها لأكمال علاجي وشكرته على خفة يده في العلاج وعدت الى داري .. وفي الموعد التالي تأنقت بشكل أكثر من الاعتيادي وذهبت الى العيادة ووصلت متأخرة كثيرا حيث أن الطريق كان مزدحما لان الساعة قد قاربت على أنتصاف النهار فقالت لي السكرتيرة بأنني متأخرة وقد لاأتمكن من أخذ العلاج اليوم لأن موعدي قد مضى ويحتمل أن يغادر الطبيب العيادة فقد أقترب موعد الاغلاق ورجوتها كثيرا” وخلال الحديث خرج أحد المرضى من غرفة الفحص وخلفه الطبيب يحمل حقيبته ومتأنقا فبادرته السكرتيرة بأنني قد حضرت توا” فبادرني بالسلام قائلآ بأبتسامة لطيفة يظهر أن أسنانك المسكينة ليست هي الوحيدة المنسية بل أن مواعيدك أيضا مشمولة بذلك فأعتذرت وتذرعت بالزحمة فقال لسكرتيرته أذهبي فلا أريدك أن تتأخري عن ألتزاماتك العائليه وسأبقى لحين أنهاء معالجة السيدة فليس لدي أي التزام ؟ فودعتنا السكرتيرة وخرجت بعد أن أغلقت خلفها الباب حتى لايدخل أي مريض أخر يتصور أن العيادة لاتزال مفتوحة فقال تفضلي ياسيدتي فأعتذرت مرة أخرى عن التأخير الذي تسببت فيه فقال لاداعي فليس لدي زوجة أو خطيبة تحاسبني فسألته أن كان لايوجد أحراج لماذا ؟ فقال وهو منشغل بعلاجي أنه في الثامنة والعشرون من عمره وهو لايزال في بداية حياته المهنية ولايزال الطريق أمامه طويلا لتكوين نفسه وليس قبل خمسة سنوات قادمة حتى يتمكن من شراء شقة تمليك وتأثيثها وعند ذلك سيفكر بالزواج وخلال العلاج كنت ألاحظ بأنه يسترق النظرات نحو أعلى صدري فقد كنت أرتدي قميصا ذو فتحة واسعة نسبيا ولأنني كنت على كرسي الفحص فقد كان صدري واضحا” أكثر ولاحظت أيضا بأنه يتباطيء في العلاج حتى يستزيد من النظر وكان هذا مبهجا لي فهو يشعرني بأنني لازلت جميلة وبعد قليل قال لي أن علي الانتظار قليلا ليجف السن تحضيرا”لغرض أستكمال المرحلة التالية من العلاج وأستطيع النهوض والجلوس على الكنبة والتكلم براحتي حتى ذلك الوقت ففعلت وسألني عن حياتي وأولادي وأعمارهم وسألته عن حياته وطموحه وكان يجلس على كرسي أمام الكنبة التي أجلس عليها وقال لي أنني مازلت شابة وعلي الاهتمام بأسناني فقلت له أبدا فأنا قد قاربت على الخامسة والاربعون فقال هذا أحلى عمر للمرأة وقمة النضوج وهنيئا لزوجك فضحكت وقلت في نفسي (تعال يازوجي المشغول دائما وأسمع الكلام الجميل) وسألني فيما أذا بدأ أحس بألم فأجبته قليلا فنهض من على كرسيه وطلب فتح فمي ففعلت فمد يده يتحسس مكان السن ويسألني أن كنت أشعر بوخزة يده على اللثة فأجبته بالايجاب فقال هذا يعني أن العجينة لم تجف بعد ومد يده مرة أخرى نحو اللثة يتحسسها فيما كنت قد أنتعشت بقرب رأسه من وجهي وكنت أستنشق عبق عطره الطيب وأغمضت عيني وهو يتحسس اللثة ولم أشعر إلا وشفتيه تسبحان على خدي فأرتعشت وأرخيت جسدي فنزل بشفتيه على شفتاي يمصهما ويلحسهما بأطراف لسانه وشعرت بقشعريرة تسري في أوصالي فقد كنت قد قاربت على نسيان هذه الحركات الرومانسية المخدرة للآعصاب فزاد من مص شفتاي وزادت رعشتي فمددت يدي أحتضن رأسه وبدأت أمص لسانه الذي دفعه داخل فمي وبدأ يتجول بيده على نهداي من خارج القميص وهذا مازادني أرتعاشا وقد أنتبه هو لذلك وعرف أنه أمام أنثى عطشانة قد بدأ الجفاف يدب في داخلها ففتح أزرار القميص وأخرج نهداي من الستيان وأخذ يمص حلماتهما بالتعاقب بين النهد الايمن والايسر فكان يترك أحدهما ويتجه بلسانه وهو ملتصقا بجسدي نحو النهد الاخر ويمص الحلمة الاخرى فكان جسدي يرتعش أكثر لأن حلمة النهد التالي تعرف أن لسانه سيصل اليها ليمتص رحيقها ويعود مرة اخرى الى النهد الاول وهكذا عدة مرات ولم أشعر إلا وأصابعه تداعب بظري من خلف كيلوتي بعد أن تسللت تحت تنورتي في نفس الوقت الذي كان لسانه يمص حلمتاي فبدأت أتأأأأأوه بصوت عالي آآآآآآآه آآآآوي آآآآآآي ي ي آآآي أأأأيه أأأووووووووه ه ه ه أأأأأأأخخخ خ أأأأأي ي ي ي ي أأأأوه وبدأت أنفخ فقد بدأ جسدي يتململ ولم أعد أطيق الصبر فمددت يدي نحو قضيبه الذي كان يكاد أن يشق مكمنه وفتحت حزام بنطاله وأنزلته سوية” مع الكيلوت وقبضت عليه براحة يدي وكأنني أخاف أن يهرب مني وأحسست بضخامته فقد ملأ راحة يدي ولم تصل أصابع يدي (الاوسط والابهام ببعضهما )وهي قابضة عليه لقد كان متينا جدا أما طوله فلو كان لدي ماأقيسه به لوصل الى أكثر من 20 سنتمترا تقريبا ومن كثرة مداعبتي لقضيبه لم يحتمل فأنزل ملابسه ونزع صدريته وقميصه فيما كنت قد نزعت قميصي وتنورتي وأنزلت كيلوتي الى نهاية قدمي فمد يده ليزيحه عن القدم ورماه على الكنبة بنفس الوقت الذي دخل فيه بجسده بين فخذاي فأطبقت ساقاي عليه وأمسكت برأسه بكلتا يداي وبدأت أمص شفتيه بنهم فمد يده ليباعد ساقاي المطبقتان عليه بقوة وأخذ يفرش قضيبه بين شفري كسي فأزددت صراخا أأأأأأأأأووووووه أأأأأييييه أأأيه أأأأأأووووووووي آآآآآآه آآه آآآآآآآآآه ودفع بقضيبه ببطء ليتوغل في قعر كسي مخترقا مهبلي الذي أحسست به يتوسع أمام كبر قضيبه وبدأ بنيكي ببطء وزاد من سرعته فيما كنت قد فقدت السيطرة على نفسي فبدأت أدفع بجسدي نحو جسده بحركة متناغمة مع حركات قضيبه الداخل الخارج بسرعة فكان هو ينيكني من فوق جسدي وأنا أنيكه من تحت جسده فهو يدفع ويسحب قضيبه وأنا أدفع وأسحب كسي عكس حركاته مع تعالي آهاااااااااتي ي ي وصياحي أأأيه أكثرررر أأأوي ي نعم أريده آآآآه كله آآ ه ه أأأأي ولم أكتفي بذلك بل وضعت يداي على جانبيه وأخذت أسحبه وأدفعه أسرع فقد كان لاحتكاك قضيبه في كسي ماأفقدني رشدي ونسيت نفسي إلا قضيبه الداخل في كسي وسمعته يقول سأقذف فصحت به أأأأأأيه أأأأأقذف جوه أأأي آآآآآى آآآآآآه ه ه فكرر كلمته وكأنه يود أن يتأكد مما سمع وقال سأقذف فسحبته من جانبيه وأنا أصيح أأأأيه أأأقذف في كسي أأقذذذف جوه آآآآآي أأأأيه أأأأوي أأأأوووووه وبدأ يقذف وشعرت بدفقات منيه تحرقني من شدة حرارتها فقد كانت كالبركان عندما ينفجر فأمسكته من جانبيه وأطبقت جسده على جسدي وطوقته بيداي الاثنتين من على فردتي طيزه وسحبته نحو بطني لأمنعه من الحركة فقد كنت أريد منيه في أعماق رحمي لأن لذة منيه وهو يتدفق في أعماق كسي لايظاهيها شيء بنشوتها وكانت تأوهاتي عالية آآآآآه آآآآآه ه أأأوي أأأوه أأأي أأأيه آآه ه آآآآآه آآآآآآي أأأأأأيييي أكثررر أأأووووف ف أأأوي اااااي ي ي آآآآآآه ه ه ه ه أأأي ي ي ي أأي آآآآه ه آآآه حتى خلت أن جميع من في خارج العيادة قد سمعوها فقد أحسست بأن كمية منيه غير أعتيادية ولاأدري هل لأنني لم أتناك من زوجي منذ مدة طويلة ؟ أم أن كمية منيه كانت كثيرة وبعد أن أفرغ أخر قطرة منيي في كسي أرخى جسده على جسدي فيما كان قضيبه لايزال في داخل كسي فأطبقت على جسده بساقاي وسحبته نحوي بكل ماتبقى لي من قوة فقد خدرت جميع أوصالي وشعرت بخصيتيه تحتكان بالشفرين وقلت له لن أدعك تفلت حتى تملأ كسي منيا” فتبسم وقال لي حقيقة أنك ناضجة وجائعة وعطشانه ولذيذة و .. فوضعت يدي على فمه ولم أدعه يكمل كلامه وقلت له دعك من كل هذا وهيا لاتترك لحظة من الوقت تمر فأنا أريدك أن تروي عطشي وبدأت أتلوى تحته لأحفز قضيبه على بدأ جولة أخرى من النيك اللذيذ فقد أشتقت الى تدفق منيه في أعماق رحمي مرة أخرى وفعلآ” بدأ ينيكني ولكن هذه المرة كانت بقوة أكثر وتأ خر كثيرا حتى قذف ثانية في كسي وقد كانت كمية المنيي وكما شعرت بها سابقا أكثر من المعتاد وقد لاحظت ذلك عندما نهضت ومسحت كسي بالمناديل وبعد أن أرتديت ملابسي أخبرني بأنه سيبقى قليلا في العيادة ليعيد ترتيب وضعه ثم يخرج من بعدي فودعته بقبلة دافئة طويلة على أمل أن نلتقي ثانية في اليوم التالي ولكن هذه المرة سيكون اللقاء بشقته التي يسكن فيها وعلى سرير نومه .. وعندما كنت أنزل سلم العمارة التي فيها العيادة كنت أحس بمنيه ينساب خارجا من بين شفري كسي ليملأ كيلوتي ويلتصق به وما أن وصلت الى سيارتي وجلست خلف المقود حتى كان كيلوتي قد غرق بالمنيي فأخذت عدة مناديل ورقية من العلبه وطويتها لتكون أكثر سمكا” ومددت يدي من تحت تنورتي وأزحت حافة الكيلوت ووضعت المناديل على شفري كسي وعندما سحبت يدي لاحظتها غارقة بالمنيي فقربت يدي من أنفي أستنشق عبير منيه ورائحته المميزة فهاجني ذلك وبقيت دقائق قليلة أستنشق بقوة وأحسست بكسي يدق بنبضات تشبه نبضات القلب .. نعم أن كسي ينبض بالشهوة فترجلت من السيارة ورجعت عائدة الى العيادة وطرقت الباب وأنتظرت قليلا حتى فتحها وكان على وشك أكمال أرتداء ملابسه فتفاجيء عندما رآني فأرتميت عليه وأغلقت الباب خلفي وأنا أحتضنه وأتجه به الى الكنبة ثانية وأنا أردد لقد أشعلت بجسدي نار ولابد أن تطفئها فأبتسم وقال سأمزق كسك هذه المرة لأنها الثالثة فقلت له بغنج أتحداك .. وعندما وصلنا الى الكنبة كنت قد نزعت قميصي وستياني وأكملت نزع ملابسي بسرعة لأنني كنت ملهوفة على نيكة أخرى تطفيء نار شهوتي التي أنقذتني بقوة وطفت لي نار كسي ..

قصة نزهة النادى

قصة نزهة النادى

كنت أتنزه فى حدائق نادى الجزيرة، وقد ارتديت بنطلون مثير وضيق يبين شفتى كسى المنتفخ ، وشاحط فى طيظى التى
تتلاعب مع كل خطوة أخطوها ، لما أجرى تتلاطم ثدييى معا كجوزين أرانب تركى جبلى ، وتظهر سرتى فى بطنى ،
وتخرج عيون الشباب ، جريت حتى تعبت

اقترب منى شاب صغير فى السادسة عشرة ، يصغرنى بسنوات كثيرة حوالى عشر سنوات ، يركب دراجة ، قال:
أركبى معايا أوصلك يا مس … ، نظرت إليه وضحكت بدلال وأنا مسرورة من رجولته المبكرة ومحاولته للأيقاع بى
… قلت فى نفسى : ولم لا ؟

قلت له تعالى ركبنى الدراجة البايك أو البايسكل معك ، توقف ، أفسح لى ذراعه ، زنقت طيظى الكبيرة أمامه على
كادر الدراجة ، وأمسكت معه بمقودها ، وانطلق بى الشيطان الصغير

أنفاسه حارة فى شعرى ورقبتى يتنفس عطرى بتلذذ ، صدره يتعمد أن يلتصق بظهرى مهما انحنيت للأمام ، آه آه
من هذا الشيطان المراهق؟ ، ساعده الأيمن وكوعه تحت ثدييى الأيمن يرفعه من أسفل ويضغطه ، أوووه ، ساعده
يتلامس مع حلمة بزى فيرسل فى كسى كهرباء ورجفة ، فخذيه تحكان وتدلكان بأردافى عنوة صعودا وهبوطا ،
وكأنه يبدل البدال بقدميه ولا يقصد ، آه آه ، أعرف أنه الآن مستمتع بأردافى الممتلئة على فخذيه ، وقضيبه ، آه آه
آه ثم آهات من قضيبه المنتصب يغز ويضغط منتصبا كالحديدة أسف ظهرى فى إصرار ، هذا الشيطان الصغير يريد
أن يثيرنى جنسيا ، إنه يراودنى عن نفسى لينيكنى ، … هل سأتركه ينيكنى حقا ؟؟ أوووه ، أووه ولماذا لاينيكنى ؟
مالمانع ؟ رفعت نفسى وأنا أميل بشدة للأمام ، حتى أحسست بقضيبه يدخل مزنوقا بين أردافى ، فعدت أستند بظهرى
إلى صدره ، وتعمدت أن أحرك رأسى يمينا ويسارا حتى أداعب خديه وشفتيه بشعرى الناعم الطويل ، فيستنشق المزيد
من عطرى المثير ، وضحكت وتأوهت وغناجة بخلاعة ، فقلت له ، عرفنى بنفسك يا عفريت ياشقى : فأخذ يتحدث
عن نفسه ، حسام ، طالب فى الثانوية ، يعيش مع والده وأخيه الأكبر منه ، فى بيت فى شارع الجزيرة بجوار فندق ماريوت

فقلت له بسرعة : إذن بيتك هنا ؟ ، فقال نعم ، إنه هناك تستطيعين أن تريه خلف تلك الأشجار ، قلت له عظيم ، هل
يمكننى أن أجد لديك ما أشربه فى بيتكم ؟ فقال وقلبه يدق بسرعة ، طبعا ، وأدرك ما أرمى إليه فقال بسرعة ، لايوجد
أحد بالمنزل سأكون أنا وأنت وحدنا هناك فقط .. قلت له لا تضيع الوقت ألا ترانى عطشانة موت ،

فقال”: ماذا تحبين أن تشربى .. غنجت وضحكت بخلاعة وتأوهت قائلة : أريد أن أشرب لبنا ساخنا مولعا كثيرا
جدا حتى أشبع بشرط أن تحلبه أنت مباشرة فى …. فى …. فى ……….

هنا أحسست بأن حسام قد قذف فابتل ظهرى وبنطلونى وبلوزتى باللبن الساخن المتدفق من قضيبه … فهمست
له : أح ح ، هذا هو اللبن الذى أريده ، ولكننى لا أريدك أن تدلقه وتضيعه على الأرض ، فأنا عطشى إليه شديد ،
فاضطرب حسام ، وسقطنا بالبايسكل على الأرض ، اتسخ بنطلونى الأبيض وتمزق ، فأسرعت أضحك وأقول ، هيا
بسرعة فعلا إلى بيتك لأنظف بنطلونى وأخيطه ، فاعتذر حسام وكاد يبكى من الخجل .

فى سريره خيطنى حسام بإبرته اللحمية الضخمة الجديدة تماما والتى لم تستخدم أبدا من قبل ، وشربت من لبنه فى
كسى وفى طيظى ما جعلنى أشبع فعلا ، فقد استحلبته بكسى وطيظى 7 مرات مستمرة دون أن ينتزع قضيبه المراهق
من داخل جسدى ، فلما انتهينا وشبعنا ، جلست أنظف بنطلونى وأخيطه وأصلحه عارية ، حتى انتهيت ، فناكنى حسام
مرتين متتاليتين حتى يجف البنطلون ، فلما شبع ، أرسلته إلى الكواء ليفرد ويكوى بنطلونى ، وتمددت فى سريره عارية

أنا و صاحبة محل النت

أنا و صاحبة محل النت

الحكاية بدأت عندما كنت في الجامعة عندما كنت أذهب للنت المجاور للمنزل المهم علشان ما أطولش عليكم كنت مواعد أحد اصحابي ان اقعد اشيت معاه بليل حوالي الساعة 12 مساء وطبعا انا عندي كمبيوتر ولكن لحسن حظي الكمبيوتر كان عطلان فبصيت من الشباك على محل النت لاقيته مفتوح فنزلت لما دخلت النت كانت صاحبة المحل قاعدة تدخن سيجارة وحاطة رجل على رجل المهم قعدت على الكمبيوتر المجاور للمكتب اللي قاعدة عليه وقلت لها ممكن تفتحي لي نص ساعة ؟

قالت لي : مش هينفع علشان انا عايزة اقفل دلوقتي
قلت لها : انا عايز النت ضروري
قالت لي : خلاص تعالى معايا البيت انت مش غريب انت جارنا من زمان و ما شفناش منك حاجة وحشة
قلت لها : ماشي خلاص اتفقنا
وقفلنا المحل وطلعنا على فوق دخلنا الشقة وشغلت لي الجهاز وقالت لي انت مش غريب خد راحتك
ودخلت جوه وقعدت كلمت زميلي نص ساعة ما شفتهاش وبعدين خرجت وهي لابسة قميص نوم أحمر وفوقه روب أحمر شفاف وقصير وقعدت وحطت رجل على رجل وبدأت تدخن سيجارة وقالت لي : ممكن تولع لي ؟
ولعت لها السجارة بأيد مرعوشة من شدة الانفعال ضحكت وقالت لي : مالك ؟
قلت لها : اصلك جميلة أوي في القميص
المهم هي اللي بدأت الحديث وقالت ان جوزها بيكيفها بس مش مكفيها لوحده وما بيشبعهاش 
وبدات انيكها من كسها.
نيمتها على السرير واديت ضهرها ليا على إيديها وركبها وبدأت احطه بالراحة في كسها قالت لي جامد اوي
قعدت ادخله و اخرجه جامد وهي بدات تقول اه اه اه اه اوي اه اي اي اه
قعدت كده لمدة ربع ساعة وقلت لها قومي اوقفي واحضني درفة الدولاب وعملت كده وانا رحت حطه في كسها تاني بس على الواقف وبدأت اضربه على طيزها وانا بادخله واطلعه وهي بتغنج من المتعة واستمرت على كده ربع ساعة تاني قالت لي كفاية كدة
قلت لها : مش بمزاجك يا قطة بمزاجي أنا . نامي على ظهرك يا عسل
نامت قلت لها : ارفعي رجلك لفوق وافشخي نفسك
وبعدين أنا حطيت زبي في كسها تاني بس المرة دي نزلتهم على طول ومن ساعتها وانا باروح لها كل يوم خميس علشان انيكها من كسها

نشوى والطلقة التالتة

نشوى والطلقة التالتة

بعد نقاش حاد وتبادل للإتهامات بين الزوجين خرجت الكلمة مثل الرصاصة .. انتي طالق .. طالق .. لفظها خالد وهو ينظر بعيون غاضبة لزوجته الباكية نشوى .. ولكنه سرعان ما ادرك فداحة اليمين الذي اقسمه .. فسكت ولكن بعد فوات الاوان .. كانت هذه هي الطلقة الثالثة والاخيرة .. اشعل سيجارة وجلس يفكر في صمت عميق .. قامت نشوى مترنحة من هول المفاجأة .. نظرت ليه .. .خالد .. دي التالتة .. فاهم يعني ايه التالتة .. يامصبتي .. يامصيبتي .. اتخرب بيتي .. رفع رأسه وهو يتنهد بحسرة .. وبيتي انا كمان يانشوى .. انتي السبب .. مكنش لازم تروحي الشغل وانتي عرفة اني عوزك وواخد اجازة عشان كده .. اختنقت نشوى بدموعها .. مش وقت عتاب ياخالد .. هنعمل ايه في المصيبة دي .. ريم بنتنا تروح فين .. آآآههه.. انا خلاص مش قادرة افكر .. لكن لازم اسيب البيت .. وجودي هنا دلوقتي حرام .. اتصرف انت ..قدامك شهور العدة وبعدها شوف هاتعمل ايه ..

تركت نشوى البيت مع ابنتها إلى بيت والديها .. وبدأ خالد يسأل عن حل لمشكلته .. قالوا له إن الحل الوحيد هو المحلل .. رجل يتزوج نشوى ويدخل عليها ثم يطلقها .. وتنتظر نشوى شهور عدة جديدة قبل ان يعقد عليها من جديد. . وبدأ البحث عن ذلك الرجل المحلل.

في بيت الاسرة في الريف كانت نشوى تجتر ايام العدة الثقيلة . . بعد اسبوع واحد شعرت بالرغبة في الجنس .. كانت جميلة وشابة وساخنة .. ولم تتعود أن تظل بدون نيك اكثر من يومين او ثلاثة باستثناء ايام الدورة الشهرية .. وكان خالد يحبها لذلك .. كان كسها مثل البركان يفور بالحمم .. وعندما تهيج تتصاعد رائحة كسها فتملأ الغرفة .. وكانت هي تحب خالد وزبه القوي .. ولكنها نادرا ماكانت تصل لشهوتها معه لانه عنيف ومتسرع .. ولم يكن انانيا يبحث عن لذته فقط .. ولكنه جاهل .. يظن ان لذة المرأة في اخذها بقوة وبدون مداعبات كافية .. وعندما يركبها يكتفها بذراعيه ويدك زبه في كسها كأنه يصارعها .. ويحسب توسلاتها كأنها غنج حريمي .. ثم ينزل من عليها بعد شهوته وكأن شيئا لم يكن .. ولكنه كان زوجها ويعطيها بقدر ما يعرف في شؤون النيك .. ولا يسلم الامر من دخولها الحمام بعد النيك لتستكمل مشوار شهوتها بأصبعها .. هذا الاصبع هو صديقها الوحيد الآن في بيت ابيها .. ولكنه غير كاف.. فهي تتلهف الى الاحساس بالزب يتحرك في أعماق كسها.. تتلهف على نومها على ظهرها .. وفتح كسها بيديها امام زب خالد المجنون .. وتشجيعها له كي يصاب زبه بالجنون .. تتذكر كلامها .. يالا ياخالد .. ايه .. مش عاجبك كسي النهاردة .. طيب بس حسس عليه كده..يالا ياحبي .. نتفته وخليته زي البنور علشانك .. يلا بقى ياخالد .. هاتجنن على زبك ..

تتذكر ايضا ردود خالد الابله .. طيب يانوشة فيه ايه .. انتي بقيتي فظيعة في النيك .. ايه ده .. هانيكك متخفيش .. يلا ارفعي رجليكي عشان نخلص .. زبي اتهرى منك ..

ولكن حتى هذا الزوج الجاهل لم يعد موجودا .. وزبه سريع الطلقات هو الان حلم بالنسبة لها ..

بعد شهر ونصف من الحرمان كان كس نشوى قد تحول الى وحش جائع يريد لحم الزب .. ولم يعد اصبعها قادرا على اشباع رغبتها في الاحساس بجسد رجل ينيكها .. وعندما زارت اختها الكبرى هند ذات صباح وجدت شعرها مبتلا .. كانت خارجة من الحمام .. داعبتها بالسؤال عن السبب.. ضحكت هند في خلاعة .. مانتي عرفة الرجالة يانوشة .. عاوزين يبلوا القرموط كل ليلة .. وانا بحب القراميط .. ههههه..

ذهب خالد الى خاطبة وصفوها له .. اسمها ام سمير .. شرح لها الموضوع .. انفجرت في الضحك اولا .. احسن ياأستاذ .. عشان تبطلوا تلعبوا بيمين الطلاق .. انت مش اول واحد يطلب ده مني .. كتير قبلك .. اطرق خالد رأسه خجلا .. طبعا ياست ام سمير .. انا تحت امرك في اي طلبات .. ردت المرأة بكل جشع .. لا .. مفيش طلبات ولا حاجة .. انا باخد 500 جنية .. والمحلل هاياخد الف .. وكل تكاليف الفرح والمأذون عليك في الجواز والطلاق ..

هز خالد رأسه ياسأ .. حاضر .. كل اللي تأمري بيه .. بس الموضوع ينتهي بسرعة أرجوكي

أكملت المرأة حديثها وسألت مستنكرة .. سرعة ايه .. لازم الاول اشوف العريس .. وطبعا انت فاهم الفولة .

انتبه خالد .. فولة ايه ؟

الفولة يا روحي .. فولة العريس والعروسة .. واللي بيحصل بينهم في ليلة الدخلة .. مش عرفه ولا افسر اكتر ..

تساءل خالد فزعا .. لا فسرى ارجوكي .. فيه ايه .. انا خايف على مراتي

ردت المرأة بكل وقاحة .. لو خايف عليها كنت صنتها .. واللي بيحصل انه لازم ينام معاها .. راجل ومراته .. مش هاقول اكتر من كده ..

كان خالد مذهولا .. يعني لازم كده ..مش ممكن اي حل تاني .. ارجوكي يا أم سمير

قامت ام سمير كأنها تطرده .. لا حل تاني ولا تالت .. لازم يخش عليها .. مع السلامة يااستاذ .. واستنى مني تليفون .
في طريق العودة فكر خالد في الكارثة .. فكر ايضا في امرأته .. هو يعرف انها لا تصبر على الحرمان من النيك .. ترى ماذا تفعل .. وهو ايضا يحبها ولا يصبر على البعد عن كسها الحبيب .. هل سيظل ذلك الكس حبيبا بعد ان ينيكه زب آخر وينزل فيه اللين .. حتى لو في الحلال .. لطالما اعتقد خالد ان كس نشوى حكر عليه .. ورغم شهوتها الجامحة فإنه واثق من أنها لم تر قبل الزواج زبا غير زبه .. لقد تزوجها بكرا عفيفة .. .. ولكن ذلك الاحتكار على وشك ان ينكسر الآن ..

شهران ونصف من العدة .. نشوى على وشك الجنون من الحرمان الجنسي .. كسها في حالة مزرية .. شعره طويل والإفرازات اللزجة تسيل منه بلا توقف وتلتصق بالشعر .. ريحتها فايحة .. اصبحت تخجل من الجلوس في حضرة ابيها أو امها وتخشى ان تفضحها رائحة كسها .. كانت تحاول دائما ان تجلس مضمومة الفخذين .. ولكن كان يخيفها أكتر ان تنسى وجودهما لحظة وتهرش كسها بيدها من فوق الجلابية كما اعتادت ان تفعل مؤخرا .. وبمجرد دخولها غرفتها وغلق البات تخلع الكيلوت وتفتح فخذيها للهواء كي يبرد الكس الملتهب .. عادة لا يبرد .. وتقوم الى الحمام لتدعك زنبورها المتورم حتى تأتي الشهوة مؤلمة وناقصة ..

ولكن اكثر ما يؤلمها انها ترى النيك حولها في كل مكان .. كانت اختها هند لا ترحمها .. وتحكي لها بالتفصيل كل مايدور في ليالي النياكة مع زوجها .. وعزمومها اخيرا على فرح بنت الجيران .. حضرت ليلة الحنة مع الحريم .. شاهدت عملية نتف كس العروس الصغيرة وتجهيزه للنيك .. وسمعت نصائح النسوان للعروسة وكيفية استقبال الزب في كسها والاستمتاع به .. واخيرا من نافدة غرفتها شاهدت كلبة في الشارع يتعاقب على كسها ثلاثة كلاب وهو تئن من اللذة .. احست ان الكلبة محظوطة عنها .. لانها لا تجد زبا واحدا

لم تبحث ام سمير الخاطبة عن محلل لنشوى وطليقها خالد.. كانت تعرف ان وليد مستعد دائما لمثل هذه المهمات .. وليد شاب في الخامسة والعشرين .. وسيم ممشوق القوام .. فشل في الدراسة وفي كل وظيفة التحق بها .. اكتشف ان النساء تعشقه فاحترف اشباعهن.. اصبح حلال المشاكل .. البنت الهايجة يفرشها .. والمفتوحة يتزوجها اسبوعا ليداري فضيحتها .. والمحرومة مع جوزها يشبعها نيك .. والمطلقة بالتلاتة يحللها لجوزها .. وكله بتمنه .. من علبة سجاير الى عشرة جنيه الى ساعة مسروقة من الزوج الى الف جنيه في المحلل .. اعتبر وليد نفسه محظوظا .. كل يوم مع كس جديد .. كان ينيك النسوان والبنات بفلوسهم وفلوس اهاليهم .. التجارب جعلته خبيرا في شؤون الكس .. كان يعرف كيف يداعبه ويلحسه وينيكه.. وحتى ام سمير الخاطبة لم تسلم من زبه رغم انها زوجة وام .. ارادت ان تذوق الزب الشهير الذي طالما رشحته للنسوان الاخريات.

ذهبت ام سمير مع وليد الى منزل والد نشوى ليخطبها .. كان الموقف محرجا .. لم تكن هناك شروط من اي من الجانبين .. فقط التأكد من ان نشوى انهت العدة .. والوالد وافق فورا .. وبقي ان يشاهد العريس العروسة .. دخلت نشوى محتشمة .. جلست واشاحت بعينيها بعيدا عن العريس المرتقف .. جلس هو متصنعا الخجل .. ولكن جمالها والشهوة الخفية في وجهها جعلته سعيدا في داخله .. عرف انها امراة ساخنة متعطشة للزب .. وتحدد القران والزفاف في يوم واحد بعد اسبوع .

طلبت ام سمير المهر المتفق عليه مع خالد لتعطيه لوليد .. فاجأها خالد بأنه يريد ان يرى العريس .. لم يكن ذلك معتادا .. فالزوج عادة لا يريد معرفة الرجل المحلل الذي سينيك زوجته. ولكن خالد اصر .. رتبت لهما لقاءا في منزلها .. تركتهما ودخلت غرفة أخرى .. بدأ خالد الحديث :

– أهلا .. يا رب تكون معرفة خير ..

– اهلا .. ما تخافش على الست نشوى .. دي في عينيه ..

– أكيد .. انت فاهم طبعا ان المسألة مؤقتة .. يعني يا ريت تخلص بأسرع ما يمكن.

– طبعا طبعا .. والحقيقة دي مش أول مرة بالنسبة لي .. اهي شغلانة يعني ..

– كنت عاوز اطلب منك طلب .. ممكن

– طبعا .. اتفضل

– هل ممكن يعني انك ما اتقربش من نشوى ..فاهم

– لا الحقيقة .. ازاي

– يعني .. يعني ما تنامش معاها .. عارف قصدي ايه .. دي مراتي ومحبش حد غيري يلمسها.. والف جنيه زيادة على اتفاقنا

– الحقيقة ..مش عارف اقول لك ايه يا استاذ خالد .. ده الشرع بيقول اني لازم اخش عليها .. زوج وزوجة ..

– يا سيدي خش .. بش مش لازم.. نيك يعني .. كلمها .. نام جنبها .. بش مش لازم تنيكها .. وما ظنش هي تكون مبسوطة معاك .. لانها بتحبني انا جوزها .. وابو بنتها .. وارجوك ماترغمهاش على كده..

– آسف يا أستاذ خالد .. مقدرش اوعدك .. ضميري ما يسمحش بمخالفة الشرع.. وكمان انا راجل .. ولا مؤاخذة مراتك أو طليقتك ست جميلة جدا .. مش عارف ازاي انت طلقتها .

– مش وقت الكلام ده .. ردك النهائي ايه

– ما عنديش رد تاني . . لكن انت ممكن تشوف محلل غيرى ..


كان وليد يعرف انه لا يوجد محلل غيره .. وكان خالد يعرف ذلك أيضا .. نهض وعلى وجهه الغضب .. اخرج من جيبه ظرفا في الف جنيه وتركه لوليد على المائدة .. وخرج دون كلمة

ملخص ما سبق : خالد طلق زوجته الجميلة نشوى الطلقة الثالثة .. ليس هناك حل سوى المحلل .. بحث ووجد خاطبة تدعى ام سمير .. احضرت له محلل اسمه وليد .. شاب وسيم وخبير في شؤون النسوان والنيك .. حاول خالد ان يمنعه من نيك نشوى عندما يتزوجها .. ولكنه رفض .. نشوى ايضا كانت في حاجة لزب ينيكها بعد شهور العدة الطويلة .

استمرت خطوبة نشوى على المحلل وليد اسبوعا واحد .. زارها مرة واحدة واحضر لها هدية ذات معنى .. طاقم ملابس داخلية خليع يفضح اكثر مما يغطي.. طلب منها صراحة ان ترتديه له في ليلة الدخلة .. اخذته بخجل مصطنع ولكنها عرفت اي نوع من الرجال هو وليد .. شهواني .. ورسالته لها هي : أريد أن انيكك .

في ليلة الدخلة تدخلت ام نشوى مرة اخرى كما فعلت قبل أربع عشرة سنة عندما جهزت كس نشوى لزب خالد .. هذه المرة اقنعت ابنتها مرة اخرى بأن تنتف كسها لوليد .. امتثلت نشوى وهي نفسها مشاعر متضاربة .. خوف من رجل غير زوجها ويريد ان ينيكها .. واحساس بالاغتراب عن الواقع كان كل ما يحدث ليس لها ولا يعنيها في شئ .. وشعور آخر عارم بين شفتي كسها في الرغبة في زب يدخل الكس المهجور .. ولكن هل من الضروري ان يكون هو زب طليقها خالد الذي لم يعرف كسها زبا غيره .. ام ان زبا جديدا لشاب وسيم يصغرها في السن ويفور بالشهوة قد يكون الطف وألذ..

انتهى الفرح العائلي سريعا .. وودعت نشوى ابويها وابنتها ريم بالدموع .. وتحركت السيارة الى منزل نشوى الذي وافق خالد على ان تتزوج فيه وليد .. دخلت نشوى بيتها للمرة الاولى منذ خرجت منه مطلقة .. ولكنها دخلته عروسة مع عريس جديد.. كان قد تعشيا في الفرح .. وعندما اغلق عليهما الباب لم يحاول وليد ان يحضنها او يقبلها .. خبرته جعلته يعطيها وقتها لتعاد عليه .. تركها تقوده الى انحاء الشقة ليتفرج عليها .. انتهت الجولة في غرفة النوم .. نفس السرير الذي طالما ناكها عليه زوجها .. لكن وليد رجل عملي .. لم يتأثر بهذه المشاعر الفارغة .. اقترب منها بكل رقة ..امسك يدها .. ارتعشت .. ضغط عليها .. ثم مال برأسه فقبل يدها كأنها أميرة ..اعجبها ذلك .. ابتسمت .. صعد برأسه مقبلا كل يدها .. ثم وقف واحتضنها برفق ..لم تمانع .. كان حليقا ومتعطرا .. دار بشفتيه على وجهها حتى انتهى بلمسات من شفتيه على فمها .. اخذ شفتيها .. لم تتجاوب في البداية .. ولكن يديه القويتين كانت اعتصرتا خصرها في رفق فلم تملك إلا ان تسلم شفتيها ..
أدرك وليد لحظتها أنه فاز بها .. فبدأ يقبلها بهدوء .. لو انه امتصها سريعا لنفرت منه .. كان يريدها ان تريده .. رويدا رويدا كانت شفتيها تذوب ببطء في فمه .. انتهى الامر بها مستسلمة مستمتعة تبادله مص اللسان والشفايف .. جلسا على السرير الكبير .. مد يده على صدرها وضغط .. تأوهت ونهدها الكبير في يده .. احست بأول بادرة من الشهوة تعتمل في كسها .. ضغطت فخذيها ولاحظ هو ذلك .. لم يتعجل .. فك لها سوستة الفستان وكشف ظهرها العاري .. حسس عليها صعودا وهبوطا .. نزل الفسان فظهر السوتيان .. لم يحاول فكه .. رفعه فوقع النهدين على بطنها .. بدأ يحسس عليهما بيده .. امسك حلمة بين اصابعه وشرع يفركها .. تأوهت من اللذة وشفتهيا في شفتيه .. تذكرت لحظتها ان زوجها السابق خالد لم يفعل معها ذلك ابدا .. كان يهوي بفمه على حلماتهما ويعضهما بأسنانه بصورة مؤلمة .. لكن وليد نزل بفمه على رقبتها .. قبلاته كانت نهمة ولكنها رقيقة .. تمنت ان يكمل نزوله الى صدرها .. حقق لها الامنية دون ان تطلب .. احست بدفء فمه ورطوبته على لحم بزها ..ثم بحلمتها تذوب داخل فمه .. كانت قد اشتعلت بالرغبه .. وهو يزيد اشتعالها بالتنقل بين حلمتيها .. ولايترك واحدة دون مص طويل .. لكن المصيبة هي انها لم تنتبه الى يده التي كانت قد رفعت الفستان عن فخذيها وشقت طريقها نحو الكس المشتعل .. ادركت ذلك متأخرة عندما احست بأصبع يداعب كسها من فوق الكيلوت .. شهقت من المفاجأة واللذة .. آآآآآهههههه.. وليد .. أرجوك.. ااااهههه.. رفع رأسه من صدرها .. سألها .. ابعد صباعي ياروحي .. تحبي ابعده ..
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خلع ملابسه بسرعة .. في ثوان كان عاريا امامها وزبه بارز من بين فخذيه بزاوية قائمة على بطنه .. نظرت نشوى اليه بانبهار .. وبعكس ماكانت تعتقد فإنها لم تشعر بأي ذنب .. هذا الرجل زوجها .. وحلالها .. لا حظت بسرعة ان جسد وليد رياضي وممشوق وعضلاته بارزة .. ما ابعده عن جسم خالد السمين ذي الكرش المتهدل .. نزلت بعينيها مرة اخرى الى زبه .. كان جميلا .. رأسه كبيرة وعروقه بارزة نافرة من شدة الإنتصاب .. ويبدو غاضبا .. كانه في انتظار شيء .. نظر اليها وليد .. رأى الشهوة في عينيها .. همس لها .. امسكيه .. لم تتردد .. هي امراة متزوجة وليس هناك ما يخجلها .. على العكس .. الزب الجديد كان اجمل واقوى من الزب الوحيد الذي عرفته في حياتها .. مدت يدها بثبات وامسكته من الوسط ..
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بدون تفكير شرعت نشوى في مص زب خالد .. لم تكن بحاجة الى توجيه او تعليم .. كانت شهوتها الحيوانية وتأوهات وليد هي الدليل .. كانت تمص زبه بكل رقة تارة .. يتحرك رأسها صعودا وهبوطا من البيضات الى الرأس .. ثم تأتي موجة شهوة في كسها فتتحول الى مجنونة تعض الزب وتمضغه بين اسنانها .. ووليد .. يتأوه من اللذة .. كان يحسب نفسه كازانوفا النساء .. وقد مصت زبه نسوان وفتيات كثيرات .. كان يتصنعن اللذة .. لكن هذه المرأة من صنف جديد .. إنها خبيرة بالفطرة .. كسها يدفعها الى حيث يريد .. طلب منها ان تهدأ الوتيرة كي يحتفظ باللبن لكسها .. امتثلت .. اخرجت زبه من فمها وابتسمت له .. نزل وقبلها .. سألها .. عجبك .. أجابت بجرأة غريبة .. زي العسل يا وليد .. سألها بخبث .. هو ايه ده يا نوشة .. اطرقت بغنج .. مانت عارف .. لأ .. عاوز اسمع منك .. هو ايه ده .. ردت بصوت عال وضاحك ..زبك … زبككككككككككككككككك.. زبك ياوليد .. ياقليل الأدب ..

طرحها وليد برفق على السرير .. نام فوقها .. اتكأ على كوعيه .. حسبت انها سيدأ ينيكها .. كانت واهمة .. مص لها حلماتها من جديد ثم نزل الى سرتها .. دفع لسانه فيها .. كانت هذه جديدة ووجدتها لذيذة .. واحست به يفتح فخذيها برفق .. اعتقدت انه يريد رؤية كسها .. لم تمانع وفتحت .. لاحظ هو الزنبور الكبير البارز من بين شفتى الكس .. عرف لماذا هي ساخنة وهايجة .. مد اصابعه وفتح الكس فكشف لحمه الوردي الجميل .. سائل الشهوة ينساب في قطرات من الفتحة السفلية الى الجسر الصغير الممتد حتى فتحة الطيز .. داعب الزبنور بأصابعه فشهقت من شهوتها .. أرجوك ياوليد .. بلاش ده .. بيجنني .. اه.. واغمضت عينيها .. كان بانتظار هذه اللحظة .. مال برأسه دون ان يلمس فخذيها ..

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شهقت من اللذة ومن المفاجاة .. لم تتوقع ان يلحس رجل كسها .. كانت تسمع عن ذلك من اختها هند .. قالت لها ان زوجها كامل يلحس لها كسها .. وان لذة اللحس رائعة .. لكن خالد لم يفكر يوما في تقبيل كس نشوى ..فضلا عن لحسه .. جاهل .. بعكس وليد الفنان .. بدأ ينزل بلسانه من الزنبور الى فتحة الكس .. ولكن نشوى كانت تصعد الى ذروة من اللذة لم تعرفها من قبل .. شهقت ورفعت طيزها في محاولة لعصر كسها بين فخذيها .. طاوعها وليد لتستمع .. لكنه وضع كوعيه بين فخذيها فاضطرت لفتحهما من جديد .. واستسلمت لما يحدث لكسها .. وما أجمله .. كان لسان خالد يتحرك بكل نعومة ورقة بين شفتي كسها المتورم .. يصعد الى الزنبور فتشهق من اللذة .. ينزل الى الفتحة ويدخلها .. فتصرخ من المتعة .. أحححح .. أح .. اح يا وليد .. ايه اللي بتعمله ده .. اح.. انا عمري .. اههه ..عمري ماحد عملي كده .. ارجوك.. اوعى تبطل لحس .. ايوه ..كده ..كدة ارجوك..احححح ..لذيذ.. اح ..اه .. ايه .. هاتجنن .. إلحس كسي يا وليد .. إلحس كسي .

كان وليد يصغر نشوى بنحو 15 سنة .. ولكنه كان يعشق اكساس النسوة الناضجات .. والمتزوجات .. والمطلقات والارامل .. هذه اكساس مخضرمة اعتادت النيك ثم حرمت منه .. لذلك فهي اكساس جائعة للمتعة .. وصاحبات هذه الاكساس نسوان مجربات لا تعرفن الخجل .. لذلك لم يستغرب من نشوى ان تطلب منه لحس كسها صراحة .. ولكن احدا لم يكن يعرف نقطة ضعفه .. كان لديه سر يجعله يعشق لحس الأكساس .. الرائحة ..رائحة الكس .. كانت تهيجه ربما أكثر من منظر الكس نفسه.. رائحة الكس الثقيلة ليست فجة على الاطلاق .. هي رائحة مميزة بين كس وكس .. ولكنها مليئة بالرسائل الكيماوية التي تؤكد ان المراة ساخنة وتريد الزب ..

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شعر وليد بكسها ينقبض .. قطرات سائل الكس تنزل على لسانه .. ضغطت على وراكها لتعصر كسها .. قاوم الضغط ..ظل بلسانه مع كسها في لحظة محنته الجميلة .. ظلت تصرخ باللذة وتعصر كسها على لسانه .. خرج لسانه من فتحة الكس .. قاوم ثانية وضعطه على الزنبور البارز ..صرخت شهوتها الاخيرة .. ثم بدأت تهدأ.. اه ..اهه .. اه ..اح ..ايه ده يا وليد ..عملت في كسي ايه .. اه..

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سألها وليد .. تحبي تاخديه دلوقتي .. ردت بغنج .. هو ايه ده .. رد بحسم رجولي .. زبي ..زبي يا نشوى ..تحبي تاخديه .. ردت .. طيب .. زي ما تحب .. رد ..زي ما تحبي انتي .. عاوزة زبي .. مازالت تغنج ..ايوة .. عوزاه .. سألها … هو ايه ده اللي انتي عوزاه .. اجابت باستسلام .. زبك ..عاوزة زبك يا وليد ..قوم نكني .. وفتحت فخذيها .. كان كسها هادئا ولكنه مازال ساخنا ..

نظر وليد الى الكس .. قطرات سائل الكس اللامع اللزج مازالت تنساب من الفتحة الى الجسر الصغير الواصل بين الكس وفتحة الطيز .. دفع اصبعه في الفتحة برفق .. انزلق وشهقت نشوى .. اه .. بالراحة يا وليد ..والنبي بالراحة .. كانت معتادة على عنف طليقها خالد عندما يدخل اصبعه الجاف في كسها فجاة ..وليد لا يفعل ذلك .. ادخل عقلة من الصباع وبللها بعصير الكس .. ثم تدريجيا حتى دخل اصبعه كله .. لعب به داخل الكس .. تأوهت ..اح .. اح .. بتعمل ايه يا وليد .. اح .. تأكد وليد انها طرية وساخنة من داخل كسها ..أخرج اصبعه واتخذ وضع النيك .. كانت له عادة جميلة مع النساء .. عندما يشرع في النيك يجعل المرأة تفتح كسها بيديها الاثنين .. كأنها تدعوه وتلح عليه كي ينيكها ..طلب منها ذلك .. فعلته في خجل حقيقي.. كانت تحسب ان على الرجل ان يرجو المرأة كي ينيكها .. هاهو وليد يجعلها تفتح له كسها بيديها لتدعوه .. كانها شرموطة هائجة تتلهف على الزب .. قرب خالد رأس زبه المنتصف من الكس المفتوح .. امتلأت نشوى بالترقب .. كانت اول لمسة في زنبورها .. دعك رأس الزب في رأس الزنبور .. شهقت .. اح.. اح ..يالا دخله يا وليد .. نزل بالزب الى الفتحة .. حسبت انه سيدخله .. ولكنه عاد صعودا الى الزنبور .. تأوهت .. اح..اح .. بلاش كده .. ارجوك ما تعذبنيش .. دخله يا وليد .. سألها .. فين .. اجابت سريعا .. في كسي .. ارجوك في كسي .. والنبي دخله في كسي يا وليد .. نكني …. استجاب لها .. وضع رأس الزب على الفتحة .. شدت هي شفايف كسها الى الخارج .. جعلته مفتوحا كأبواب الوكالة .. ضغط وليد .. انزلقت الراس الى داخل الفتحة .. شهقت هي .. اههه .. لم يكن يتوقع مقاومة من بكارة او خلافه .. هي زوجة وأم .. ولكنه اراد ان يعطيها أحساس العروسة البكر من جديد .. انتظر وكأن كسها يقاوم الدخول .. مثل عليها انه يضغط زبه في ماسورة الكس .. قتلها التلهف على الزب .. رفعت طيزها كي يرتفع كسها ويبتلع الزب .. ابتعد هو مراوغا .. وتأوه .. اه يا نوشة .. اه .. كسك ضيق جدا .. لذيذ وسخن جدا .. نار .. اه .. اعجبها الغنج الرجالي .. زادت شهوتها .. لفت ساقيها على وسطه وضغطت على طيزه برجليها .. دخل الزب .. شهقا معا .. تذكرت ساعتها زب طليقها .. لم يكن اصغر من زب وليد .. ولكن صاحبه كان غشيما .. يدكه فيها كأنه يعطيها منحة .. وليد يجعلها تشعر انها انثى تعطيه اللذه من كسها .. اخرج وليد زبه حتى المنتصف .. عاوت الضغط بساقيها فأدخله كله .. انتظم ايقاع النيك .. ببطء .. هو يخرج زبه حتى المسافة التي تريدها وتحددها بالضغط على طيزه .. فيعيده في كسها .. رأس زبه كانت تغوص حتى اعماق رحمها .. والبطء يعطيها الوقت لتشعر به في جوانب الكس وهو يخرج ويدخل .. لم يكن وليد متعجلا .. كان يتلذذ بها ويجعلها تتلذذ به .. كانت تهذي بلذة مجنونة جعلتها تفقد آخر برقع للحياء .. تحولت الى شرموطة رائعة .. اححح .. اح… ايوة كده .. دخله ..كمان .. اح .. زبك لذيذ ياوليد .. اح .. اموت في زبك .. اف اوووف .. نار في كسي .. اح .. نيك ياوليد .. نكني ..كمان ..

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هو ايضا .. اصبح مشدودا لتلك المرأة صاحبة الكس الجميل .. فيها حيوانية طبيعية تجعله لايفكر في شئ سوى التعامل مع كسها لحسا ونيكا .. صوتها اثناء النيك يجننه .. محنها يثيره .. كلامها يذيب زبه .. ولكن رائحة كسها تجعله ينسى الدنيا..
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ضحكت الاختان ..

كانت فكرة الطلاق تتباعد .. لم يتحدثا فيها وإن كانت تخطر على بال كل منهما .. وكل منهما يطردها من ذهنه .. فلا هو يرغب في ان يفقد كسها الذهبي الرائع .. ولا هي تتصور حياتها بدون زب وليد الجميل ..

ولكن طليقها خالد لم ينس ..

اسبوعان بعد زواج نشوى من وليد.. طليقها خالد على المقهي يفكر .. كيف يسترد زوجتها نشوى من النذل الذي تزوجها .. نشوى ترفض الرد على تليفونها الموبايل عندما تجد رقمه .. ارسل اليها ام سمير الخاطبة فقالت لها انها سيدة متزوجة ولا يجب ان تكلمها عن رجل غير زوجها .. وليد نفسه قابله على المقهى .. عرض عليه خالد الف جنيه اخرى مقابل تطليق نشوى .. صده بعنف .. ازاي يا استاذ تطلب مني اطلق مراتي ..بأي صفة .. انا مش عاوز اسمع الموضوع ده تاني .. يالا مع السلامة ..

هذا النذل .. انه ينام في سريره .. وينيك زوجته عليه .. ويصرف فلوسه .. والان يرفض تطليقها .. هل يقتله .. سيضيع مستقبله ومستقبل ابنته ريم .. وحتى ان فعل .. ليس هناك ما يضمن عودة نشوى اليه بعد ما قالته لام سمير الخاطبة .. الافكار ستقتله ..

نشوى عارية على السرير في غرفة نومها .. ملامح وجهها تصرخ بلذة عارمة .. انفاسها ثقيلة وعيناها مغمضتان .. تقبض بيديها على الفراش .. فخذاها مرفوعتان .. بينهما رأس وليد .. لسانه يثير الفوضى في كسها .. تنهدت بحرقة .. أححح .. اح يا وليد .. كسي هايولع .. ارجوك .. كمل لحس .. خليك مع زنبوري .. ايوه ..زنبوري .. لا .. ما تنزلش .. خليك معاه .. اح .. اوووف .. خلاص .. قربت ..قربت .. اههه .. اههههههههههههههههه..

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كلما طلبت زبه راوغها حتى امسكت الزب بيدها كأنها تخاف ان يهرب .. رفعت رأسها من المخدة والتقمته حتى منتصفه .. ادرك وليد ان مزاجها سيضيع ان راوغها ثانية .. سلم لها زبه .. كانت تمصه وتمضغه وتقبله .. وتلحس من عينه الوحيدة سائل الهيجان الشفاف اللزج .. ثم تعاود المص .. اقتربت شهوة وليد .. لم يكن انزل في فمها من قبل .. خاف ان تنفر من طعم اللبن .. حذرها .. كان على حق .. عندما بدأ جسده بالتصلب عرفت انه سيطلق لبنه .. اخرجت الزب من فمها ووضعته على صدرها .. اندفع اللبن الساخن على نهديها وحلماتها .. صرخت .. اححح .. سخن اوي .. اح .. بيحرق يا وليد .. لبنك بيحرق بزازي .. اح..لذيذ…اهههههههه..كل ده .. كل ده لبن .. اوف ..

هدأت شهوتهما .. نام بجوارها وهي مازالت ممسكة بزبه تمسحه وتداعبه.. تركت اللبن يسيل لامعا .. على بطنها وجنبيها .. كانت تسحبه بيدها الاخرى على جسدها دون محاولة مسحه .. اشعلا السجائر وهما سعيدين .. فاجأها وليد .. عندك اخبار عن طليقك خالد .. لم تكذب عليه .. ردت .. ايوة .. بيحاول يكلمني على الموبايل .. مبردش عليه .. وبعت ام سمير الخاطبة طردتها .. وانت .. عندك اخبار عنه .. لم يكذب عليها .. روى لها ما حدث .. ضحكا معا .. تساءل كل منهما في نفسه .. لماذا فعل الاخر ذلك .. هل هناك حب بينهما ..

كانت الإجابة صعبة .. كانت نشوى تحسب انه لن يكون هناك حب بينها وبين وليد .. هو مجرد وسيلة لتحليلها لزوجها .. ولكن خلال الاسبوعين من الزواج تغيرت عواطفها .. وليد رقيق ولطيف .. يعاملها كأنها ملكة متوجه .. يخرج معها الى السينما والمطاعم .. يفتح لها الباب ويدخل بعدها ويسحب لها المقعد حتى تجلس .. وفي البيت يأكل معها ويحدثها كثيرا ويضحكها كثيرا .. أعجبتها ايضا فكرة انها امراة في الخامسة والثلاثين ومطلقة .. ومع ذلك فإن شابا وسيما مثل وليد يعاملها بهذه الرقة والنعومة .. كأنها عروس في العشرين ..اما في السرير فهو توأم روحها .. فنان في اسعاد كل شبر من جسدها .. يقبلها .. يمص حلمات اذنيها .. يلحس تحت ابطيها .. يمص حلمات صدرها .. يقبل بطنها .. يلعب في صرتها بلسانه .. يحلس عانتها .. يلحس فخذيها .. كل ذلك قبل ان يلمس كسها .. وعندما يبدأ في التعامل معه تكون هي مشحونة واقرب ما تكون لشهوتها .. ولكنه يجعلها تستمع دهرا آخر وتتعذب باللذة قبل ان يريحها .. وبعكس طليقها خالد فإن وليد يحسن التعامل مع زنبورها الطويل المتورم .. كان خالد ينفر من زنبورها ويبتعد عنه بحجة انه يشبه زب الطفل ..وليد يعشق زنبورها .. ما أروعه .. وكذلك زبه .. أه من زبه .. هو زب عادي كزب طليقها خالد .. ولكنه عرف كيف يجعلها تحب وتعشق ذلك الزب .. وتتلهف عليه .. يعطيه لها فتسعد .. يمنعه عنها فتتلهف .. يا له من فنان في النيك .. وعندما ينيكها يجعلها تشعر انها تسعده.. وانه يستمتع بها .. وهي ايضا تحب اللحظة التي تأتي فيها شهوته .. يحتضنها بكل رقة وينام على صدرها .. ويدفع زبه داخل كسها لنهايته .. كأنه في بطنها .. ويحدثها وهو ينزل .. اه يا نوشة .. خدي اللبن .. اه .. كسك سخن يا نوشة ..اه اه .. خدى لبني في كسك يا وسخة ..ااه بتحبى لبني في كسك .. اه .. يا نوشة .. بموت في كسك .. اه ..أه .. وعندما يهدأ جسمه لا يخرج زبه ..يتركه في كسها حتى يرتخي .. بعد ان يكون قد اوصل حمولته من اللبن الى أعماق رحمها الخصب ..

وسأل وليد نفسه .. لماذا لايرغب في تطليق نشوى .. لقد قبض اتعابه من خالد حسب الاتفاق .. وهو ايضا لم يتعود البقاء طويلا مع امرأة واحدة .. أو بالاحرى مع كس واحد .. ماذا يشده الى نشوى .. اشياء كثيرة .. ربما فلوسها .. هي تنقق على البيت من مال أبوها الذي أعطاه لها عند الزواج من وليد .. ايضا من مال خالد الذي تركه لها ولابنتهما .. ولكنها ليست اول امرأة غنية يعرفها .. سبق ان ان عرف نساءا كن يغدقن عليه مقابل مجرد نيكة في اكساسهن المحرومة .. ويعرف انه سيجد سريعا نسوة يدفعن له وبسخاء من أجل التمتع بزبه .. اذا ليس المال ما يشده الى نشوى .. هل لأنها مطلقة .. وأنه ينيكها على سرير طليقها الذي ينتظر عودتها اليه بفارغ الصبر .. هو شعور مغري .. ملئ بالإثارة .. نيك امراة جميلة في الحلال وعلى سرير زوجها الذي يحترق بالغيظ.. ولكن حتى ذلك مر عليه قبل ذلك مع فارق بسيط .. فكم من امرأة متزوجة ناكها على سرير زوجها الغائب او الغافل .. وكان ذلك يعجبه ايضا .. ولكن نشوى فيها سر خفي .. انها انثى بمعنى الكلمة .. انثى طبيعية مليئة بالرغبة الحقيقية .. الأخريات يطلبن منه النيك كي يستمتعن .. هو بالنسبة لهن مجرد مومس رجالي .. نشوى تجعله يستمتع برغبتها .. تريد اسعاده بقدر ما يريد اسعادها .. تجعله يشعر بأنه معلمها وفاتح ابواب اللذه امامها .. وتريد مكافأته بأن تسعده .. تكافئه لانه اول من لحس كسها فطير عقلها من اللذة .. وكان زبه اول زب تمصه .. فأدمنت مص الزب .. وكان اول من ناكها كأنها كلبة .. وجعلها تشعر بلذة حيوانية عارمة .. وكانت تحسب ان السرير هو المكان الوحيد للنيك .. فناكها في الحمام والمطبخ والصالة .. ناكها وهي واقفة وجالسة ونايمة .. وكان يتمتع معها في كل ذلك بقدر ماتتمع هي .. هناك ايضا كسها .. هو اجمل كس رأه في حياته برغم كل ما رأي من اكساس .. سمين ودافئ وناعم .. ناعم لأنه متأكد انها تنتفه كل اسبوع .. طلب منها ان يشاهدها وهي تنتفه ..تمنعت في البداية ثم وافقت .. احست ان وقوفه امامها وهي تنتف كسها بالحلاوة في الحمام شئ مثير جدا .. فالمراة تفعل ذلك بكل سرية .. ولكنها الان تحب ان يشاهدها في ذلك الوضع الحميم للمرأة .. فاجأها بأن شارك معها في نتف كسها .. تمنعت .. عيب ياوليد .. عيب .. دي حاجات ستات .. اه .. ايه بقى .. ولكن لم تستطع منعه .. كانت شهوتها أقوى من كل حياء .. فتحت له فخذيها وشرع هو يسحب الحلاوة على الكس الساخن وينزع بها الشعيرات الخفيفة .. وبين حين وحين يدفع اصبعه في فتحة الكس فتتنهد باللذة …. اااااااااه .. اح .. بس بقى .. خليك في الحلاوة .. اححح.. اوف يا وليد .. انت نتفت اكساس قبل كده .. اوووووف .. يا وسخ .. انا ليه خليتك تعمل معايا كده .. .. لم تكن تعرف هل تصرخ من لذة مايفعله ام من آلام نزع الشعر من كسها .. اصيب هو بلذة لم يعرفها في حياته .. لم يسبق لها له ان شاهد امراة تنتف كسها .. بعد ان انتهى من النتف لم يقاوم رغبته العارمة في لحس الكس الناعم الساخن .. ولم تقاوم هي رغبتها في ان يلحس لها كسها .. وكالعادة فانه يقدمها على نفسه .. بعد ان لحسها في على حرف البانيو .. مصت هي زبه .. عندما اوشك على الانزال سحبته من زبه سريعا وجلست على التواليت .. مالت بظهرها ونزلت بالزب الى الكس المتلهب .. ناكها كالمجنون .. وشهقت هي باللذة المسعورة في كسها المتوهج .. عصرت كسها بفخذيها كانه تريد زرع زبه في بطنها .. نزلت قطرات من بولها وهي تعصر الكس .. احس بها وليد فازداد هياجا .. وأفلت من طيزها ريح صغير مسموع بسبب جلستها على التواليت .. لم يهتما به .. واصلا النيك .. لم كانت شهوتهما بركانا في ذلك اليوم .. بعد اسبوع كررا التجربة .. ولكن مع زب وليد .. جعلها تحلق له عانته .. كانت تجلس على التواليت وهو واقف امامها .. وجهها يلاصق الزب المنتصب عندما تميل لحلاقة الحنايا وتحت الخصيات ..عندما انتهت من الحلاقة .. اخذته في فمها ومصت .. طلبت منه ان يلحسها .. فعل ذلك ثم ناكها ..

اذن هو مشدود لتلك المرأة .. بل اعترف لنفسه انه يحبها .. لأنها حيوانة شهوانية من جنسه .. واعترفت هي لنفسها بأنه تحبه .. لانه فتح لها ابوابا من المتعة والسعادة لم تكن تعرفها .. وهو ايضا عكس طليقها خالد في كل شيء.