Surprise Swap

Surprise Swap

AUTHORS NOTE: This story contains consensual, extramarital and unprotected sex. If that is not for you, please save yourself the anguish and move along to a story that is more to your liking. Civil comments welcome.


She thought back to all the sexy teasing and comments made in jest, the exciting naughty thoughts and ideas expressed out loud to entice his imagination. Suggestions made, subtle references, blatant comments, bawdy hints; not expressions of desire, or wishes or fantasies, but teasing erotic thoughts, designed to entice and arouse. He got so excited when she did it, and his excitement aroused her.

These thoughts swept through her as Tyler pulsed the grip on her hand in time with the pulses of his hips against hers, pressing himself against her. She felt his hardness against her belly, the need in his hand, saw the desire in his eyes and the confidence and arousal in his smile. She saw his carelessly mussed hair, dark and wavy, his tanned face with the small curved scar on the left side of his chin and the small crinkles at the corner of his blue, blue eyes. She felt his shoulder, strong and firm and shifting under her hand, felt him sway and press against her as they moved to the music, his tall, strong body pressing against her slight and lithe figure. She smelled his scent, his man smell mixed with cologne, a faint odor of alcohol from his breath.

She looked over Tyler’s shoulder and saw Ty’s wife dancing with Kevin.

And she wondered if somehow she had set this in motion somehow, with those comments to Kev, the innuendos and teasings. She wondered if perhaps she had secretly wanted it and subconsciously pursued it or inspired it. Subconscious or not, the idea of it, the possibility of it, made her breath catch and her heart race. Between her legs she felt her pussy throb inside. And she wondered, pressing herself against Kevin’s hardness and squeezing his hand back, if she would stop it if it happened.

No, she convinced herself, it had not been a fantasy. She had not lain awake dreaming of this, had not masturbated alone, thinking of another man, had not imagined another as her husband entered her. The verbal games were arousing but they were games only, played as couples play, teasing each other. They were not things Kevin said to her either, not wishes he expressed but he played along, and they enjoyed it together, safe in the knowledge that they had each other, were for each other, perfect together.

And yet, here on the second-to-last night of their second honeymoon cruise, she swayed to the music in the arms of another man, pressing herself gently, feeling his aroused member pressing into her belly. And he was a handsome, warm and friendly; charming and easy to like. Easy to desire. Another time, another man or situation and she would have pulled away, politely excused herself; if someone had pressed against her as obviously and aggressively at Ty was doing now, there might have been harsh words, or even a slap. But she didn’t resist or discourage. She allowed. She returned. She felt comfortable and attracted to him in a way she had never before since marrying Kevin; had never allowed for the possibility. But here she was, feeling like the woman she pretended to be with Kev when she teased him. Dancing close with another man; a handsome, attractive and aroused man who was making his desire known to her.

And nearby Kevin danced with Tyler’s wife, a beautiful and desirable woman. She wondered then if her own husband’s cock was hard, and pressing into her, needy and obvious, and if Veronica returned the pulses and press as she herself was doing. What was Kev thinking? Were memories of the teasing comments running through his mind as well? Was Tyler’s wife reacting the way she was? And what would her husband think of the way she felt right now, of her reaction to this smooth and friendly handsome stranger? What would he think if she knew how this erotic dance was making her feel, that she was enjoying this opportunity to dance with another man, allowing herself to be aroused, to be stimulated. To be attracted. To want, and to feel desire for him, to enjoy the press into her midsection as they pressed close.

How would he react if he knew that she was wondering how this night would end, that she was starting to allow that it might lead somewhere Kevin and Linda had only been in teasing words and ideas before?

The song changed and they continued to dance, the beat somewhat slower, the dance more sensual, closer and more connected. Bodies brushed each other through light, casual clothes, so little separating them. Her arousal made her aware of each distracting contact. Would they dance all night? They couldn’t, she knew, but she didn’t want this moment to end; in her mind it concluded only one of two ways. Stop or Go. And she wasn’t sure, in her current aroused state, if she wanted it to end, and to never know what might have been. She was attracted to this man, to his face, his personality, his body. But she surely didn’t know if she wanted what might happen to happen.

Another song was ending. She felt a small panic ripple through her, fearful of the moment the music stopped and a decision might need to be made. Would the band take a break? Would they stop dancing? When they stopped and returned to their seats, what would happen? Would the band continue? Would they dance another song? To a relief, the band began another tune, and the dance continued, delaying a crossroads. To her distraction and delight, she felt his hand slip lower on her hip, resting on the top of her butt. Brushing fingertips explored lightly, and to her further surprise she didn’t pull away. She risked a glance at her husband, saw him shuffling in place with Tyler’s wife Veronica. Nika, he called her. Not dancing as much as pressed against each other, arms around each other almost like lovers, shuffling back and forth. Whispering. Kevin looked sexy and desirable in her arms, so romantic and alluring. Emboldened, she allowed her own hand to slip from Tyler’s and wrapped her arms comfortably around his waist, resting her head on his shoulder.

“That’s nice,” he said into her ear, his nose nuzzling her neck. “You dance wonderfully.”

“I really don’t think,” she replied with a teasing lilt, aware of his hard member pressing at her, “that it’s my dancing you like.” She had not said something so suggestive to a man other than Kevin since, well, Kevin. It stroked her libido.

His hips pressed into her and he delivered a soft moan into her neck, his breath warm, sending tingles from the top of her head to her pussy. “You’re so right,” he told her. His words sent a chill down her spine. “It’s not. I’ll take the dance.” She glanced over at Kevin. His hand was cupping Veronica’s butt cheek through her thin skirt. She felt lips on her neck. “But it’s you I want.”

She melted. Her hips pulsed against his, pressing against his hard cock. She tightened her arms around him.

And the song ended. She stood stock still a moment, afraid that if she moved the spell would be broken, the moment lost and the chance ended forever. An opportunity forsaken; never to come again. As Tyler’s hand snaked down her arm and his fingers slipped into hers, she saw Kevin and Veronica returning to the table, arms wrapped around each other’s waists, comfortable and relaxed like lovers.

She returned the squeeze to Tyler’s hand. She looked up into his eyes as their bodies parted, a glancing contact remaining at hip, arm, thigh. She took a deep breath as they turned to the table, Tyler’s arm snaking around her waist.

Kevin was sitting inside the cushioned curved seat behind the table, Veronica sitting back against him, her head resting against his shoulder, holding his arms around herself, pressed across her just beneath her breasts. Kevin’s eyes glistened above her hair at his wife as she approached in another man’s arms. Their eyes traded ideas and emotions as Linda arrived at the table with Ty.

“Your wife is a wonderful dancer,” Tyler said to him, breaking the silent visual dialogue Kevin was having with his wife. “I love the way she moves.” He pulled the chair out and held it for Linda, one hand remaining on her bare arm, not breaking the contact.

“Veronica as well,” Kevin said, and he nuzzled the back of her neck. She giggled and pulled his arm tighter against herself.

“Yes, she’s incredible,” Tyler said, sitting, and resting his hand boldly on Linda’s exposed leg at the bottom edge of her skirt. She warmed and pulsed, and his next words faded under the seductive impact. “In many other ways, as well.” Had Tyler just told her husband that he could have sex with his wife? The thought of Kevin fucking this woman hit her with a power she had not expected, a rush of lust and incomprehensible desire to imagine, to watch, to see. And it struck her, then, that Tyler was clearing the way for his seduction of her as well, and she felt her pussy ache and moisten again at the thought.

“Maybe we should take this somewhere else,” Veronica offered, “but first, I have to find the ladies room,” she added. She slipped herself from Kevins’s arms, giving Linda’s husband a gentle squeeze as she extricated herself and shuffled from the seat, sliding out towards Linda. As she emerged, Linda saw the movement had pulled her skirt high; reaching the edge of the cushioned bench, the lower hem was above her legs, and Linda got a glimpse of naked shaved pussy between her thighs. The woman was wearing no underwear! Kevin had been feeling bare ass through her skirt!

“Oopsie!” she laughed with a raised eyebrow to Linda, and dropped her skirt when she stood, and then extended a hand to her. “Come with me, Linda,” the younger girl offered, and robotically, still musing at her bold attire, she stood and they walked, her hand resting lightly in Veronica’s. She walked behind the other woman as if in a dream, disconnected and careless of the sudden departure from her accepted reality.

The rest room, thankfully, was empty as Veronica turned to her while the door closed. “I just wanted us to talk, first,” she said, sounding almost conspiratorial; friends sharing a secret. “To make sure you were okay. You seem a little,” she touched Linda’s upper arm, holding it tenderly, “flustered.” She smiled, a warm and friendly smile, but there was a danger behind her eyes. No, she thought. Not danger. Daring. “Tyler and I, we play, together. You know what I’m talking about?”

Linda thought she knew where this conversation was going because her imagination was already there. But she shook her head, not trusting her feelings to lead her, wanting to hear the words; for real. “We play around. With others,” Veronica explained. “We swing with other couples,” she added plainly. “We like you guys; we’ve been hanging out off and on for the last few days, and we like you. A lot. I saw you with Tyler; the attraction is obvious. But we didn’t know if you guys were up for it.”

“Kevin seems to be,” she heard herself say, and Veronica’s smile spread across her face.

“Yes, he does. But I get the feeling this is not something you’ve done before?”

“Oh, gods, no,” she blurted, then heard how it sounded. “Oh, I didn’t mean, I mean, what you do is, you know, I don’t think badly-“

“It’s okay, I’ve heard worse. I just wanted to know if you had done this before, or if you were newbies. And listen, if you decide it’s not for you, hey, that’s okay, I understand. But it looked like you and Ty were connecting pretty well, there.” She inclined her head. “I wanted to know if we were overstepping, if you were comfortable.”

“I, uh…” she stammered.

“Do you want to?”

“Yes,” she blurted before she could think, her body speaking for her.

“O-oh,” she grinned, eyebrows lifting, “good,” Veronica winked. “You’re gonna enjoy Ty, I just know it.” She leaned in and kissed Linda on the cheek. “I gotta pee,” she snickered. Linda went into a stall as well, relieving the pressure of her bladder, wondering if it really would go as far as the other woman had said. Wondering if she wanted it to. Wondering if she would stop it. Wondering what it will be like. Lost in thought, she almost missed the question from the other stall.

“You’re okay with Kevin fucking me?”

She found herself unable to answer. It was in the open now; real, not imaginary. Not possible. Probable. Likely, even.

“Because I’m really hot for him,” Veronica prattled on from the next stall, undaunted by her lack of answer. “I can’t wait to see his cock; it’s been pressing against me all night. I’m gonna suck him till he cries, I swear,” she blurted, then flushed.

Still sitting, Linda realized she was done, and pushed the image of Veronica of her knees in front of Kevin out of her mind and finished her business. She came out to see her at the sink, waiting for her.

“So? You okay with that?”

The image returned in a rush when she saw the lust on the other woman’s face, a reflection of what she was feeling. Kevin with his head back, cock hard and jutting from his trim torso, shaft in Veronica’s mouth.

“Y-yes, yes,” she stammered, then gushed, “can I watch?”

“Fuck yeah, you bet!” she answered enthusiastically, and hugged her tightly. “O-oh, for a first-timer, you want the whole deal! You’re a dirty one, aren’t you?”

She looked at herself in the mirror, trying to reconcile the comment with her self-impression. No, she thought, I’ve never been the dirty one. But the expression that looked back at her from the mirror told a different story, a naughty, daring and exciting tale of debauched desire and willing flesh and wildness unexplored.

“Maybe,” she confessed. “Maybe I am. I just-” she turned to her, biting her bottom lip. “I just never felt like this before, never imagined…”

Veronica hunched her shoulders and wrinkled her nose. “If you’re lucky, sweetie,” she intoned, “you won’t have to imagine!”

She followed the woman who wanted her husband back to the table through the sparse crowd; trancelike, floating on feet that carried her to the evening’s destiny without prompting from her brain. She watched as Veronica squealed, seeing the men rise from the table like gentlemen, and flung her arms out prancing towards them, and throwing herself at Kevin. She wrapped her arms around his neck and shoulders and planted a big, friendly kiss right on his lips. Then Tyler was at her side, silently slipping his arm around her back, lightly touching her, his fingers caressing, reigniting the promise of what could be as he escorted her to a seat next to him.

Veronica plopped herself into Kevin’s lap, laying her head in his shoulder. She saw his hand emerge from behind her, holding her tightly to him. Veronica put her face into his ear, and she watched her husband’s mouth and eyes drop open.

“You know what Nika’s telling him, don’t you?” she heard, feeling Tyler’s hot breath on her neck, his words touching her as though they were solid; smooth and firm. She shivered, unable to respond. “She’s saying something he likes. Look at his face. Can you guess what she said?” She thought of the conversation in the ladies room, and her pussy clenched and spilled moisture into her panties.

“I- I think she said,” she whispered, still facing Kevin and Veronica nuzzling each other. “I think she told him what she’s going to do to him.” Kevin’s eyes met hers then, across the table, staring at his wife with eyes wide and ignited as Nika pressed her face into his neck. They look like lovers, she thought, and her breath caught as a tremor ran up her spine. Seeing him so excited, feeling as excited as he looked, oh, God, she wanted o do this!

“What is she going to do; do you know? Did she tell you?”

Her head turned slowly, away from her husband, to this man, this attractive, sexual man, radiating his heat into her. She watched his thin, defined and gorgeous lips curl slightly at the edges, saw the crinkles at the corned of his eyes. Unbidden, her hand was at his face, touching the curve of his jaw, up his cheekbone, to slide into his luxurious unruly hair. This man who wanted her. This man she wanted, so much it hurt.

“She’s going to suck his cock,” she hissed, “and she’s going to fuck him, and she’s going to let me watch them.” The words felt foreign on her tongue even as she recognized her voice, felt the sounds coming from her as if with a will of their own. She stroked his hair. “And we…” she began, “…will you…” She swallowed and found her mouth dry. She reached for a glass from the table and took a long swallow, not caring that it was his. She put the glass down and turned back to him, took a deep breath. “Tyler, will you fuck me?”

“With vigor and enthusiasm, Linda,” he told her confidently. He moved to her ear, his fingertips at the back of her neck, his lips, his luscious lips, his kissable lips, brushing her earlobe. “I will lick your pussy until you scream and cum in front of your man, and you will suck my cock as he watches you pleasure me,” he hissed, and her nipples went so hard they ached. Her eyes closed and she shuddered. “And then I will slip my hard cock into your wet cunt and fuck the daylights out of you!”

She practically came, sitting there in the cruise ship nightclub, listening to this man, allowing him, wanting him to seduce her with his dirty talk, his vulgar terms. She felt embarrassed, feeling everyone knew she was being drawn to a man not her husband, that they would think her a slut, a wanton woman, and she straightened her spine, took hold of her desire and embraced her lust. Who cares what they think, she thought. I will have him. Jealous, she thought, they are jealous of me for having this chance, this opportunity, this risky and unforeseen pleasure. I am wanton, and horny, and desirable, and oh, I want this man inside me, in my, my…she struggled, and broke through her last barrier. I want his cock in my cunt, she admitted.

I want it all. Her brain whirled with the admission and surrender.

Tyler signed the bar tab, and she barely realized they had left, escorted by Tyler, his hands on her, touching her. She watched Kevin and Veronica in front, giggling, foundling each other`. Nika was bold and daring and confident. She rubbed Kevin’s crotch, looking over her shoulder at her. She felt Tyler’s hand on her ass cheek, and liked it. Loved it. She wanted his fingers to touch her, penetrate her. She wanted him. She stopped him on the outside deck, in the midst of scattered groups and couples, and pushed him against the railing, taking his face in her hands, pulling it down to hers as she stood on her toes. She kissed him, falling into his body, pressing herself against him, feeling the swelling against her belly calling to the butterflies inside her. His lips were firm and tender, his tongue sweet and insistent, and her mouth answered the call, loving his kiss, loving how it made her feel, loving the breakdown of resistance inside her, the surrender, loving the loving, the embrace of her passion. She loved knowing that Kevin was watching, seeing her kiss another man even as he embraced and caressed Nika, just feet away.

Brazen courage swept her. Emboldened by kissing another man in front of these passengers, these strangers, she pulled back from Tyler and reached over to her husband, taking his hand from where is rested on Veronica’s stomach. She pulled him, and he slipped halfway from behind the other woman; she leaned to him and kissed him more ferociously than she had in years, swept up in the passion, the knowledge that others were seeing her kiss two men, knowing they would wonder at the display. She wore her wedding band, and so did Kevin. They would all know she was married if they saw.

Nika let out a soft sigh as Linda kissed her husband, and the sound made her look at the other woman, who gazed hotly at her. “A brazen hussy, you are,” Nika said hotly. “Kissing my man,” leaving the detail vague and unspoken, but Linda knew. Kevin was hers tonight; she was Tyler’s. She broke the kiss and turned to her husband.

“I want this,” she said to him.

“Me, too,” he told her softly, “I want-” but she put her hand to his mouth, silencing him.

“I love only you.” She took her hand away.

“I know,” he told her confidently, “me, too.”

She linked her arm through Tyler’s and they resumed the walk. They went to Tyler and Nika’s stateroom; it had been agreed at the club. I was larger. Room for two couples.

Tyler kissed her in the hallway again as Veronica opened the door. The butterflies had become a swarm inside her, spreading to her chest, making her breath come short, near panic with desire. He felt his hand on her ass as they kissed, pressing her into him; he was hard again, from against her belly, and she wantonly spread herself, grinding her mound against him, up on her toes, aching. And then they were inside, and kisses continued, hands explored, clothes dropped away in a furious tumble. She was on the bed, on her back, Tyler’s lovely urgent lips latched firmly to an erect nipple on her bared chest. Her head went back and her eyes closed, her fingers in his hair, inhaling the scent of him as he tortured her flesh. She felt teeth, and tongue, and then he was at the other, and his hand was between her legs. Her head lolled to the side and she saw Kevin, pants down, sitting on the loveseat, Veronica between his legs.

She was sucking his cock. She was bobbing her head up and down his length, her hand on his balls, and she looked up at Kev to see him looking at his wife, her dress bunched at her waist, Tyler’s hand between her thighs stroking her wetness, fingers slipping her panties aside. She gasped, staring at her husband as another man’s fingers slipped into her pussy. Veronica looked up at Kevin, saw the direction of his eyes, and turned to look at her as well. She stroked his wet shaft, holding the swollen cockhead against her face, smiling coyly.

“She’s hot, your Linda,” she cooed up at him. Kevin nodded, mouth open. “He’s going to fuck her so good,” she added. And she held her head sideways. Linda watched her mouth open and stretch around Kevin’s cock, loving it as Tyler fingered her pussy.

More clothing removed, fumbling and hurried, and then she was naked, and so was Tyler. Slim and fit, a slight covering of dark hair on his chest and stomach, a thin trail leading down to his shaved cock and balls. She saw her hands on his erection, stroking him, feeling the smooth hairless skin on his balls, delighting at the sensation. He moved. He knelt at her head. She looked up at him, saw her desire mirrored in his eyes. She glanced at Kevin, caught his eye before opening her mouth, and pulling the shaft down.

She watched her husband as she sucked another man’s cock. The illicit act made her head spin, and she lifted her head, knowing her husband watched, and crammed her mouth as far down the shaft as she could. She felt the heat, the stiffness under thin, delicate skin, the bulbous swollen head, and she salivated and drooled. Tyler groaned his pleasure, and she heard Kevin echo his delight. She answered, pumping her mouth up and down his shaft slowly, savoring the feel of his cock slipping in and out of her mouth.

And then he was moving, laying over her, facing the other way with his cock dangling in her face, and she felt fingers and something wet between her legs. She licked up at the head of his cock, sweeping a fat drop of precum from the weeping eye, and swallowing, enjoying the clean texture. Then they were moving again, shifting and turning, and she was on top, her legs spread and poised over his face, his cock in her hand again, and she sucked him as she felt his tongue at her slit, swiping up, spreading her wet pussy, tasting her, several long fat swipes, coating her, spreading her juices. She stroked his cock, holding the head in her mouth, sucking and swirling the delicious head with her urgent tongue.

She pulled off and cried out as his tongue found her clit, making her gasp. Electricity shot through her, and she felt a climax begin its unsubtle climb. She turned her head, saw Veronica facing her in Kevin’s lap, her legs spread lewdly outside his, leaning against his back, and her breath caught. His cock was inside her, she could see it, see her shaved cunt opening, sliding up and down his shaft. His hands grappled her breasts, pulling and pinching the nipples. And then her eyes closed as Tyler’s tongue danced light circles around her clit, and she felt them watch as she sucked his hard cock while he licked her.

Her climax built then, surging to the surface as his tongue tortured her button. She felt a finger at her ass, touching, playing lightly; she and Kevin had never done anything there, but this man, this man who would have her cunt, this man touched it confidently, and the instant his fingertip pressed inside she came, crying out, squeezing his shaft in her hands, anchoring her to his body.

“Yeah, cum on his face, Linda,” she heard Nika urge, “soak his face, oh, fuck, that’s hot, fuck, oh, fuck, I’m cumming on your man’s cock!” Struggling for breath she turned her head to see Veronica’s body shaking, her head forward, tendons straining in her neck, crying out, shouting, and then screaming as a stream of clear fluid burst from her as her body shook and vibrated wildly. Kevin cried out his alarm, struggling to hold himself inside her. A second squirt, then a third, and Linda watched in fascination, her climax suddenly returning, inspired by the lurid sight of Nika squirting as Tyler licked her cunt. She shivered, and shook, and the waves broke through her, sweeping from her toes to the top of her head and she collapsed, prone over Tyler’s body, her face resting in his balls, his cock pressing to her chest. She heaved long, heavy breaths as the ecstasy receded, leaving her spent and weak, but wanting more. More.

And she felt Tyler slip from beneath her, pull her hips up, her face and shoulders resting at the foot of the bed; she turned to see Veronica slipping off Kevin’s cock, and turn around to take it back into her mouth, sucking him deep and licking her juices from his glistening shaft. But her attention was distracted by a firm, wet caress at her back door. A wet finger? No, different, smoother, but firm, she thought, and her eyes opened wide, realizing his hands were holding her cheeks apart. Kevin’s eyes were wide on her and she inhaled sharply as Tyler’s tongue poked into her asshole.

Never before! But this, this man, this hot sensual man who had made her surrender, this man licked her rosebud with abandon; circling, poking, teasing her, elating her. “Oh, Kevin,” she called softly, needing to share the moment, “Kevin, he’s licking my ass!”

“I see, baby, I see. You like it?”

“Oh, it’s glorious!” She bit her bottom lip, feeling the wet muscle circle again, then press, she felt her tight ring relax and open, welcoming the caress, and his tongue entered her, swirling inside her ass, sending electric thrills though her that she’d never before experienced.

Veronica stopped sucking Kevin’s cock, and stroked him firmly, turning her head to Linda. “I told you,” she said. “Tyler will rock your world. I guess you’re new to ass play, huh?” she asked playfully. She released the cock and stood, walking the few steps to a bag on the nightstand. She fumbled in it, but before returning, leaned to Linda’s ear, and tongued it before whispering. “He’s going to fuck you, now. Enjoy. And watch what I do to Kevin while you enjoy Tyler’s cock!” She kissed the corner of her lips and stood.

Tyler had pulled his tongue from her ass, his hands sliding lightly over her raised ass cheeks. She felt so wild, so wanton, on her knees with her pussy open in front of this wonderful sexy man who she wanted inside her, who wanted her, desired her. And she wanted him now. She needed him now. She needed him to fuck her, fuck his cock into her wet, aching cunt.

And as the thought of what she was feeling struck her she felt it, felt the bulbous spongy head pressing at her opening, felt his hands holding her open, felt her cunt pulse, and spread, and then she groaned as the head entered her, stretching her opening. She heard herself making sounds, animal sounds, her field of vision narrowing, her existence shrinking to the feel of his cock inside her, deeper now, then pulling back, then deeper still, until his legs pressed against hers, and she felt the head bumping her cervix, deep inside her, pushing her, stretching her, almost to pain. Her head swirled with the delight and her eyelids fluttered, panting hard as he began thrusting into her, his shaved balls bumping her swollen clit. She took deep breaths, riding the thrill of illicit sex with another man, and focused, and opened her eyes to see Kevin staring at her. Veronica was stroking his cock with something, a liquid. But Kevin’s attention was on his wife, on her hands and knees, getting fucked from behind.

“Fuck him, Linda,” he urged. “Take his cock! Fuck him good!” She raised herself up on her arms and began thrusting back onto the wonderful penetration, feeling the urgent pounding, the eager hands gripping her hips. Her breasts swung under her chest as she fucked him back, feeling her climax begin again, a deep, warm feeling inside her, amplified by the fact that her husband was watching her approach climax as she fucked another man.

And then Veronica lifted a leg and squirted the liquid into her own hand. She slipped the hand behind her, and turned her back to Linda. And she slipped a wet finger into her own ass. It was lube. She had lubed Kevin’s cock, and was lubing her own ass, and showing Linda. She was going to take him in her ass.

And she came, the realization amplifying her excitement, releasing her climax suddenly, and she screamed as it took her, crying out uncontrollably, riding the wave to his insistent thrusts into her cunt. Oh god oh god oh god ohgodohgodohgodohgod FUCK! It was her voice but she couldn’t feel the words, her brain in overload, and as her orgasm crested and flowed over her she watched Veronica slip a leg over Kevin’s lap, reach down for his erection, and align it. Kevin’s face. His expression. His cock, pushing into her, into her ass, the look on her face as the lifted her head, grinning wildly at Linda, and lowered herself onto his cock. Her ass was eating Kevin’s cock, her husband’s cock. She shook as another, smaller orgasm trembled through her.

And then Linda was all the way down, and she leaned back against him, put her feet on top of his thighs and took his hands, placing them under her thighs, holding herself wide open, displaying her lewd penetration to her husband and Linda. Tyler had slowed at the spectacle, and she angled her head back to see him watching his lusty wife exposing her shaved open pussy, and below, her ass stretched wide around Kevin’s cock.

“Damn, that’s so hot,” Tyler said to Linda. She nodded. Linda had never considered anal, and as much as this was a night of firsts, she didn’t think she’d go for that. Still, his tongue had felt so good, so different. She looked at him, and he turned to see her. They’d spoken little since starting.

“Fuck me more, Tyler,” she urged. “Fuck my cunt and fill it with cum.” The words felt right to her, fitting her heightened state of arousal. He grinned, and began his thrusting again. She turned to her husband and Veronica, watched Kevin’s slicked shaft moving in and out of her backdoor, Nika’s fingers touching her own spread pussy, rubbing her clit. Veronica caught her eye, saw her looking.

“You like Tyler’s cock, don’t you?” she asked. “Kevin feels so good in my ass; look at him, filling my back door.” She nodded in response and licked her lip. Tyler was thrusting harder now, urgent and close; she could feel it, hear it in his grunts. “He’s going to cum in you,” Nika hissed hotly, and rubbed her clit faster. “Fuck, he’s going to fill you with cum, fill your hot pussy.”

Her words brought on another small but intense climax. She looked to her husband; his teeth clenched, face tight. She knew the look, familiar from seeing him over her. His climax was coming. The heat and pulses rushed through her as she watched Kevin, knowing he was cumming inside Veronica’s ass, and her climax returned, stronger. She was panting, and her arms collapsed, dropping her face to the bed. She felt Tyler thrust and squeeze her cheeks, and suddenly felt a finger at her ass, wet and slick from her juices, pushing, slipping inside, and he came. She felt the rush of heat, the liquid lava soaking her inside as his hips pulsed, felt the warm familiar feel of her pussy drenched in semen, heard his groan as he spilled himself inside her.

She groaned with him, feeling full and complete and utterly satisfied. She closed her eyes and her body relaxed, and he settled himself on top of her. She felt his comfortable weight in her, felt and heard his murmuring kisses on her neck, his cock still full inside her wet hole, slick and moving slightly as he gave her gentle pulses. Then he was pulling out, and she was momentarily alone. She looked up to see Kevin joining her on the bed, Tyler sitting on the loveseat with Nika. Her husband took her in his arms and held her, turning her onto her side, kissing her face.

“You are so hot, so sexy,” he told her. “Did you have fun?”

“You know I did; you saw me. Oh, Kevin, I love you.” She kissed him deeply, lost in his mouth and lips and tongue, holding him to her. Kissing him as she had kissed Tyler just a short time ago. “You had fun, too.” She blushed, and added. “You fucked her in the ass, you sexy animal!” He grinned with victorious pride.

“That was incredible,” he told her. “We have to try that at home.” She nodded, silent, remembering Tyler’s tongue, his finger. They stared at each other, eyes saying what words could not, that they had enjoyed others, watched each other and were thrilled, the silence confirming their excitement, acknowledging the line they had crossed together; neither sorry, both in love and in lust, closer for having shared the event.

Then suddenly Veronica’s face was there with them. “Thanks, both of you,” she said, and kissed Kevin, and then kissed Linda. “That was great. Thanks for sharing with us. You guys are hot,” she added. “We’re going to jump in the shower. Stay, and we’ll hang out, if you want.” She stroked their faces with soft fingertips, and excused herself. And they were alone again, just the two of them, in another couple’s room.

She touched his face. “You won’t leave me for someone else, now, will you? Now that you’ve had another woman?” she teased, but inside there was a twinge of real jealousy, and need for reassurance.

“Depends,” he kidded, “as long as you’re not going to start fucking every hard cock you see.”

“Never,” she told him, and kissed him, held him to her, all hers after sharing him and sharing herself. “But we should do this again sometime. Soon.”

“I was hoping you’d say that,” he grinned.

لعبة جنسية جميلة مع صديقة زوجتى

لعبة جنسية جميلة مع صديقة زوجتى
قبل ما اسيب بورسعيد واعيش فى القاهرة انا وزوجتى واولادى كان لزوجتى صديقة رائعة الجمال اسمها سماح ، كانت متعودة انها تيجى تزورنا وتبيت عندنا لانها كانت متزوجة فى بلد تانية ، ولانى كنت بحب اقعد اتكلم معاها وابص من تحت لتحت على جسمها الجميل اللى بيفكرنى بالفنانة الرائعة هياتم فى عز مجدها كنت برحب دايما بيها لما مراتى تقول لى ان سماح جاية ، وكنت بهزر معاها واعاملها فى منتهى اللطف والذوق ، وفى يوم من الايام كانت الساعة حوالى 10 بالليل رن الموبايل وكانت المتصلة سماح وطلبت تكلم مراتى و قالت لها انها كانت فى زيارة للدكتور عندنا فى بورسعيد والوقت اتاخر وعاوزة تيجى تبيت عندنا للصبح ، رحبت مراتى بطلبها وطبعا انا كمان رحبت ، وصلت سماح وحطينا العشاء وقعدنا ناكل ونهزر ، بأمانة كانت سماح فى الفترة دى فى منتهى الروعة كان عمرها 23 وانا عمرى 28 ، فى الليلة دى كانت فى منتهى منتهى الهيجان على سماح ، بعد العشاء سألت سماح ليه مش هتقعدى يومين ؟ قالت لى عشان تحضر البيت وتجهزه عشان جوزها قرب ييجى من ليبيا اللى كان بيشتغل فيها فى الوقت ده ،،، ويمكن يوصل بعد بكرة ، فقلت لها طب وهتسافرى امتى؟ قالت لى هصحى معاكم الصبح وانزل معاكم وانتوا نازلين شغلكم قلت لها وليه كده انتى تصحى براحتك واحنا هنكون نزلنا تفطرى وتفوقى وبالمرة تطبخى لنا شوية ارز بدرى بدرى عشان باجى من المدرسة جعان والهانم بتخرج من شغلها الساعة 4 وعلى بال ماتروح تجيب البنتين من عند امها بكون موتت من الجوع .. مراتى قالت لها اه ياريت يا سماح عشان باجى من المصنع هلكانة …. وافقت سماح وخرجت انا برة فى الصالة اشرب شوية شاى وسيجارة وامخمخ عشان احط الخطة التمام اللى تخلينى انفذ المخطط الجميل بتاعى …. قبل ما اكمل قصتى واحد فيكم هيسال وازاى اعمل كده مع صاحبة مراتى وياترى هى هتوافق على كده وللا لا اقول لكم ممكن عشان سماح اساسا كانت متجوزة بعد ماعملت عملية ترقيع بسبب علاقتها باخو مراتى احمد اللى مبيخبيش عنى حاجة لانه اعز اصحابى وياما عملنا سوا زى ما هحكى لكم فى قثث جاية ….
المهم …. وضعت خطتى وقمت انام عشان اكون جاهز للتنفيذ الصبح ….
صحينا تانى يوم الصبح نزلت اروح مدرستى اللى هى فى احدى المناطق النائية ببورسعيد ونزلت مراتى تروح المصنع اللى بتشتغل فيه بعد ما تودى البنتين لامها ….. ماروحتش المدرسة طبعا اليوم ده استنيت شوية فى القهوة لغاية الساعة ما بقيت 8.30 الصبح وقمت اخد بعضى ورايح البيت ….. وقفت على السلم قدام الباب وقمت متصل بسماح ردت عليا وهى منعوسة وقالت لى خير يا وليد فيه ايه ؟ قلت لها معلش اصلى نسيت دفتر درجات اعمال السنة بتاع الاولاد اللى عندى فى الفصل جوة على دولاب التليفزيون فلو سمحتى بس هاتيه وافتحى باب الشقة هتلاقينى واقف على السلم . استغربيت وقالت لى انت واقف على السلم ؟ ليه مخبطتش قلت لها معلش محبيتش ازعجك قالت لى ده بيتك قلت لها خلاص اعملى حسابك انا هدخل اجيبه . وقمت فاتح الباب ودخلت هى قفلت عليها باب الغرفة واستنت انا اخد الدفتر المزعوم وامشى ، فضلت اكركب جوة فى اوضه المعيشة شوية حوالى 10 دقايق هى خرجت من غرفتها وقالت لى الله هو انت لسة هنا منزلتش ليه قلت لها مش لاقيه فضلت ادور فى كل جزء فى البيت مش لاقيه والمشكلة كده ان انا اتاخرت على معاد المدرسة بتاعتى قالت لى دور عليه بهدوء وانا هدخل البس هدوم الخروج وانزل معاك قلت لها الله طب والاكل اللى قلتى هتعمليه ؟ قالت لى مكسلة والله قلت لبها لا معلش لازم النهاردة ناكل من ايديكى وادينى خلاص مش هعرف اروح المدرسة وهقعد معاكى اسليكى ….
بصت لى بدهشة وهى مبتسمة كده وقالت :تقعد معايا ازاى ؟ انت بتهزر ؟ قلت لها عادى مش احنا زى الاخوات ؟ قالت لى لا معلش انت مراتك صاحبتى ؟ ويمكن تتضايق منى لو عرفت بحاجة زى دى وثقتها فيا تنتهى .
قلت لها عن نفسى مش هقول لمراتى حاجة ماتقوليلهاش انتى كمان .. قالت لى مينفعش ….ساعتها فهمت ان الامور مش هتبقى سهلة عشان كده لغيت الخطة الاصلية اللى كنت بفكر فيها وقررت الجأ للخطة البديلة قلت لها طب متزعليش منى بس اعملى لى كوب شاى هشربه وانزل على طول … دخلت سماح المطبخ تعمل الشاى واتسحبت انا على غرفتها خدت الموبايل بتاعها وقفلته وروحت مخبيه داخل الصيديلة الموجودة فى مراية الحمام.. جابت سماح الشاى وانا فضلت اشربه وهى دخلت غرفتها تلبس هدومها عشان تلبس وتنزل …بعد شوية خرجت وهى لابسة هدوم الخروج بتاعتها جيبة وبلوزة وطرحة و بتقول لى رن على موبايلى عشان مش عارفة حطيته فين قلت لها بكل هدوء مفيش داعى لانه مقفول ، انه شايله فى الحفظ والصون . اندهشت وقالت لى انت بتقول ايه ؟ قلت لها اعمل لك ايه يعنى …. مش عاوزة تعطينى ابدا ريق حلو رغم انك عارفة انا شايل لك معزة كبيرة قد ايه .. كانت فاكرانى بهزر و قالت لى طب ليه كده ؟ قلت لها بمنتهى الصراحة يا سماح انا يوم ما مراتى عرفتنى بيكى وانا ندمان وحاسس انى اتسرعت فى زواجى وانى كان لازم انى اتجوزك انتى ..قالت لى انت بتقول ايه قلت لها دى الحقيقة انتى مش حاسة انا بحبك قد ايه وبتمناكى قد ايه ومبحلمش بأى حاجة فى الدنيا غير انك تكونى فى حضنى …قالت لى وليد ارجوك انت مراتك صاحبتى قلت لها وفيها ايه ماهو احمد برده كان اخو صاحبتك … اتصدمت وقالت لى قصدك ايه قلت لها مفيش داعى للكلام الكتير انا عارف كل حاجة عن موضوعك مع احمد ومع ذلك بحبك وعايزك فى حضنى ، ومحبيتش انى اقول لمراتى عن الموضوع ده ولا اقول لجوزك كمان …. بصت لى سماح وقالت لى يعنى الموضوع كده ماشى والمطلوب ؟ قلت لها هنلعب لعبة حلوة مع بعض ….. هتدورى على الموبايل بتاعك فى كل مكان فى البيت بشرط … لو فتحتى مثلا درج الكوميدينو وملقيتيهوش تقلعى حاجة لابساها من هدومك وتدورى تانى ونفضل على كده لغاية حاجة من اتنين … يا اما تلاقى الموبايل وساعتها تاخديه وتنزلى …. يا اما هتبقى عريانة خالص ويبقى انا كسبت وانتى ملكى لمدة ساعة تنفذى فيها اى حاجة انا عايزها … وليكى الحرية انك توافقى ونلعب او ترفضى وتنزلى بس تنسى موبايلك للابد … حاولت تقوللى كلام كتير عشان اعطيها تليفونها وتنزل لكن انا كنت مصمم … ماهى دى فرصتى الوحيدة …. فكرت شوية وقالت لى يعنى تعمل معايا انا كده ؟ قلت لها انا بحبك متفتكريش ان قلبى جامداو انى وحش بس بجد انا عاوزك …. وبالطريقة دى … بدات سماح تلين وانا اشجعها لغاية ما وافقت …. وبدات اللعبة ….
اول مكان هى دورت فيه كان درج دولاب التليفزيون وطبعا مكنش فيه حاجة … بصت لى شاورت لها على طرحتها …. قلعت طرحتها ….. فتحت درج تانى ولما لقيته فاضى وقفت وبصت لى فشاورت لها على زراير بلوزتها … وبدات تفتح الزراير وراحت خالعة بلوزتها …. وكانت لابسة تحت منها قميص جمالات بيج كان شكله تحفة على جسمها الابيض ودراعاتها اللى زى المرمر الابيض عريانة كده وبدون ارادة لقيت ايديا بتتمد وتحسس على دراعاتها …. رجعت للخلف وقالت لى لا انا لسة مبقيتش ملكك متلمسنيش ….. قلت لها كملى …
كنا واقفين ساعتها فى غرفة المعيشة بالبيت والغرفة دى فيها سرير الاطفال …. والتليفزيون والكمبيوتر ودولاب الاطفال …. مدت ايديها ورفعت مخدة السرير …. وقبل ماتلف لى وتبص كالعادة كنت انا ورا منها وايدى بتفك لها كوبشة الجيبة … قالت لى ايه ده ؟ قلت لها ده بس عشان متضيعيش وقت … كملت هى وبدات تنزل جيبتها عشان اتفاجىء بان القميص البيج بتاعها قصير اوى يادوب واصل تحت كلوتها بالعافية …. كانت فخادها المربربة البيضاء حكاية …. صفرت وقلت لها : يا صفايح الزبدة السايحة …. اتبسمت على خفيف وقالت لى مش كفاية كده بقه ؟ قلت لها كفاية ؟ بتحلمى ؟ لاااااااا بد ان ادخل بكى ….. قالت لى طب بصراحة هو التليفون هنا فى الغرفة ؟ قلت لها بصراحة هساعدك عندك الصالون وغرفة النوم التانية ممكن تدورى فيهم …. خرجت للصالون وراحت نازلة قدام الكنبة الكبيرة على الارض تبص تحتها …. وكنت انا فى الحظة دى برفع طرف قميصها القصير واشلحه لفوق واقول لها مش عندك مش عندك …. وقمت ماسكها من تحت باطها موقفها ورافع قميصها لفوق ملقعهولها ولزقت جسمى فيها من ورا وحاضنها اوى وخليت ايدى اليمين تمسك بزها اليمين من فوق السنتيان وايدى الشمال تنزل على كلوتها تدعك في كوسها وتحسس عليه من فوق الكلوت … هى كانت هايجة وبتحاول تتماسك …… قلت لها كملى … قالت لى مش قادرة … قلت لها لازم ….دخلت غرفة النوم فتحت الدولاب وراحت قافلة واتدورت لى ومن غير اى كلمة مدت ايديها ورا ضهرها وفتحت سونتيانتها و راحت منزلاها من على جسمها … لقيت قدامى تفاحتين بيض على صدرها وعلى كل تفاحة فراولاية حمرا تستاهل بؤك ….. طبعا فى فيمتو ثانية كنت واقف قدامها بالظبط وايدى بتدعك لها بزازها … مسكتهم وضغطت عليهم بصوابعى … وكنت بوشى قدام وشها بالظبط وبقول لها اتنفسى عاوز اشم ريحة نفسك …. قالت لى مش قادرة اكمل …. انا كمان عاوزاك دلوقتى …. طلعت لسانى وبدات الحس شفايفها فتحتهم دخلت لسانى جوة بؤها وبدات امصمص فى لسانها … مدت ايديها وبدات تفك لى زراير قميصى مسكت ايديها و نزلتهم لبنطلونى وقلت لها خليكى هنا ملكيش دعوة بالقميص .. بدات تحسس على زوبرى من فوق البنطلون وراحت فاتحة سوستة البنطلون وبدات تمسك لى زوبرى وتحسس عليه وكنت انا خلاص قلعت قميصى والتيشرت اللى تحته فى اللحظة دى وشفايفى بتاكل فى بزازها الجميلة وقمت حاضنها اوى وبدات ابوسها بعنف وقوة وانا بحضنها جامد من شفايفها لرقبتها لبزازها لكتفها و قمت نازل على ركبى ومسكت كلوتها نزلته على الارض وفى لحظة كنت ببوس تنتها ولسانى بيدور على كسكوسها و وبدات اعدى بلسانى من عليه وهى واقفة بتترعش وسندت ضهرها على الدولاب فرفعت رجلها اليمين وبدات ابوس ركتها واعضعض فخدها وانا رايح بشفايفى على كوسها الساخن وبدات احس بالعسل الساقط من كوسها من فرط شهوتها اللى هو مية كوسها العطرة ولزقت شفايفى على كوسها وسيبت لسانى يدخل جوة ويلحس …يلحس .
بعد كده قمت وقفت ونزلت هلى تقلعنى البنطلون واللباس وشافت زوبرى اللى واقف ومتاهب للاقتحام وفى ثوانى كانت بتمص فيه بمنتهى القوة والحب والشهوة ……. وفضلت تمص وتمص لغاية لما قلت لها كفاية كده قومى …قامت ….مسكتها وروحت بيها للسرير زقيتها نامت على ضهرها مسكت رجليها بسرعة وقمت فاتحهم وداخل بجسمى بين فخادها وفى لحظة كنت بحسس بزوبرى على كوسها طالع نازل بيه وروحت مدخله جواها وهى بتنتفض وبقينا جسم واحد وزوبرى داخل طالع جوة كوسها سيبت فخادها وحضنتها وانا بنيك فيها وكنت بعمل كل حاجة فى نفس الوقت زوبرى بينيك وايدى بتدعك فى بزاازها وشفايفى بتاكل شفايفها لغاية لما حسيت ان لبنى خلاص هييجى قمت مدخل زوبرى جامد للخر وسيبته ينطر جوة كوسها حمم الشوق الملتهبة …. وبعد ماخلصا نطر لفيتها تنام على جنبها الشمال ورفعت رجلها اليمين لفوق بايدى ودخلت جسمى تانى وانا نايم على جنبى وراها وقلت لها دخلى زوبرى جوة كوسك مدت ايديها و مسكته وراحت بيه لكسكوسها ودخلته وبدات انيك من تانى فيها و دورت هى وشها ناحية وشى وبدات ابوس فيها وهى تقول لى انا مكنتش اتخيل انى هتبسط معاك اوى كده رفعت دراعها وحطيت لسانى تحت باطها وبدات الحس عرقها واعضعض فى بزازها … بعد شوية خليتها وقفت على ركبها زى الكلبة ووقفت انا وراها ومديت صوابعى على خرم طيزها ادعك فيه وهى بتقول لى لا بلاش كده مقدرش قلت لها لا دى احلى حاجة انتى جربتى قبل كده قالت لى لا بس اسمع انه بيوجع اوى … قلت لها بس ممتع اوى اوى …. بليت صابعى بلسانى وبدات ابعبص فى طيزها وهى بتستجيب شوية بشوية لغاية ما حسيت ان خرم طيزها وسع شوية وروحت حاطط طرف زوبرى عليه وبدات ادخله شوية بشوية …. اكتر اكتر وايدى ملفوفة على بؤها عشان لو صوتت بصوت عالى وفضلت اسرع اكتر واكتر شوية بشوية وهى عاملة زى الكلبة عاوزة تجرى من زوبرى اللى مش راضى يرحم طيزها ….. خليتها تلف وتخلى وشها قدام المراية اللى جنب السرير ولما سالت ليه كده ؟ قلت لها عشان تشوفى نفسك وانتى مبسوطة وفضلت انيك فيها وايدى بتدعك فى بزازها المدلدلة .. شوية فى طيزها وشوية فى كوسها لغاية ماحسيت انى خلاص هجيبهم تانى …. وفى لحظة ماجيت انطرهم روحت حاضنها جامد واخدها لتحت عشان تنام على بطنها وانا فوق منها ولبن زوبرى بيغرق كسكوسها الجميل …..
ومن يومها واحنا اتغيرت علاقتنا ببعض على الاخر …. قدام مراتى هى صاحبتها وحبيبتها ومفيش اى حاجة خالص …. ولوحدنا بتتحول لمجرد خدامة ملهاش غير سيدها الوحيد …. وليد

صاحبة مراتي بتتناك مني صدفة

صاحبة مراتي بتتناك مني صدفة

انا بقي هحكيلكم الحكاية من البداية انا بنزل اجازات مش دايما ببقي موجود في البيت طول الشهر وفي اجازة من الاجازات اتصلت واحدة صاحبة مراتي علشان تعدي علينا لما تنزل القاهرة وهي كانت ساكنة في محافظة بعيدة عننا انا كنت اعرف البنت دي من ايام م كنت خاطب مراتي وهي كانت متجوزة ومخلفة بس علي مشاكل مع جوزها وشبة منفصلين وهي كانت بصراحة حركاتها بالنسبة لي كانت مريبة وانا كنت دايما ببصلها نظرات سكسي وهي كزا مرة وانا خاطب مراتي لما قابلتها انا وخطبتي جربت المس جسمها ف هي استجابت وكنت بالمس اماكن حساسة عندها كنت بحط ايدي علي طيزها وعلي صدرها وكان بصراحة ملبن المهم علشان مطولش عليكو انا ساعتها بدات اتكلم انا ومراتي واهزر معاها واقولها صاحبتك دي جامدة وهي كانت برضو بتهزر في وسط الهزار انا قولتلها لما صاحبتك تيجي نخليها ترقصلنا بدل م نتفرج علي التت انا وانتي وبالمناسبة انا مراتي كانت حامل يعني مكنتش بتعملي اوضاع تهيجني زي وهي مش حامل المهم لقيت مراتي قالت والله فكرة طيب انا هبقي اقترح عليها وهي اكيد هتوافق استغربت ان مراتي خددت الموضوع جد بس اتبصت كتيييييييييير واول م صحبتها جت سلمت عليها وصاحبتها كانت قصيرة شوية بس كانت فرسة طيزها طرية ملبن وعليها صدر كبير وهي كانت دايما تلبس لبس ضيق ومثير جدا لدرجة ان الكيلوت بتاعها كان حزة باين انا شوفتها بصراحة زوبري نط من مكانه المهم دخلت والسلامات والطيبات وبعدين بعدها بحوالي 3 او 4 ساعات مراتي دخلت هي وهي الاوضة وبعدها خرجت مراتي بتشدها من ايديها الظاهر كانت بتقنعها بموضوع الرقص ومراتي بتقولي تعالي يا حبيبي شدها معايا علشان مكسوفة منك انا روحت علي الاوضة لقيتها لابسة بدلة رقص متهيقلي كدا لو كانت لابسة قميص نوم مكنتش هتبقي سكسي زي كدا هي خدت البدلة دي من عند مراتي المهم كانت صدرها كلة باين منها علشان صدرها كان كبير مش متغطي منة غير الحلمات انا شديتها وشغلت الكمبيوتر وكان عندي اغاني رقص كتير المهم قعدنا نرقص ومراتي قالتلها اسالية بقي اية راية في رقصك قالتلي اية رايك قولتلها انا عندي فديو رقص احلي من كدا هي اتنرفزت وقالت طيب وريهوني انا بقي شغلت مقطع رقص من فيلم سكس فضلنا نتفرج احنا التلاتة لحد م الرقصة خلصت والبنت اللي كانت في الفديو قعدت علي حجر الراجل وبدا الفيلم السكس يسخن مراتي وصاحبنها بدات اشوف علي وشهم علامات الهياج المهم انا حطيت ايدي علي ورك مراتي وقعد ادعكلها فية وهي بدا صوتها يعلي روحت حاطت ايدي التانية علي ورك صاحبتها انا افتكرت مراتي هتزعل بس هي شافتني وعادي المهم بدا صوتهم هما الاتنين يعلي من الهياج روحت انا قومت وقلعت بنطلون الترننج وقعدت بالبوكسر وساعتها زوبري كان زي الحديدة واقف روحت مسكت ايد مراتي وخليتها تمسكة وروحت حاطت ايدي هلي صدر صاحبتها لقينة ناعم زي الحرير وملبن ملبن المهم بدات مراتي تقلعني البوكسر وتموصلي في زوبري وصاحبتها شافت زوبري اتجننت انا دخلت ايدي من تحت بدلة الرقص وطلعت بزازها وكانت حلاماتها واقفة اكتر من زوبر قعدت اموصلها في حلماتها ومراتي ماسكة زوبري المهم مراتي قلعت هدومها وبقت عريانة وانا روحت واقف ومقلع صاحبتها بدلة الرقص لقيتها مش لابسة غير الكيلوت تحتها المهم انا شوفت جسمها دماغي طارت من المنظر والبت الظاهر بقالها كتير متناكتش اول م لمست جسمها راحت في دنيا تانية مني خليت مراتي تلحس كوسها وانا بلحس في بزازها البنت كانت بتموت مننا المهم انا سمعتها وهي بتقول كفاية انا مش قادرة ومراتي بتقولها دا لسة هينيكك يا شرموطة في كسك الكبير دا وانا عكست الموضع مراتي بقت تمص في زبي وانا نزلت علي كوسها لقيتة جايب عسل كتير فضلت الحس فية المهم انا قومت ولمست زوبري لكسها راحت صارخة صرخة افتكرتها هتموت فيها مراتي حطط اديها علي بقها وقالتلها وطي صوتك يا شرموطة علشان الجيران قالتلها مش قادرة خلية يدخل زوبرة انا هموت من السخونة مراتي مسكت زوبري وكانت بتخبط بية علي كوسها وهي كل مرة بتصرخ وتكتم صرختها انا بدات ادخل اول حتة من زوبري في كسها وكنت حاسس بسخونة بنت متناكة وقامت هي شداني مرة واحدة زوبري اتفلت علي جوه وقامت هي ماسكاني جامد جدا وقالتلي مطلعش زوبرك مراتي في الوقت دا بتلعبلها في بزازها قومت مدخل ومخرج شوية وروحت مخرجة من كوسها ونيمت مراتي علي ضهرها وقومت ملمس زوبري لكسها وصاحبتها بتلعب في كسها وبتموت المهم فضلت ادخل واخرج وروحت منيم الاتنين وضع السجود وكنت بدخل زوبري في كس دي واخرجة ادخلة في كس دي فضلت كدا لحد ما حسيت انهم جابو هما الاتنين كزا مرة وانا قربت انزل قولتلهم انزلهم في كس مين فيكة صاحبتها قالتلي انا بقالي كتير كسي ما اترواش بمية راجل نزلهم جوة روحت مدخلو جوة كسها وسخنت عليها وروحت منزل جوة كسها مراتي شدت زوبري قبل ما يخلص ومصيتو وشربت شوية من لبنة وصاحبتها كمان شربت معاها واترووو بميتي وبعدها نيمت وسطيهم علي ضهري وهما الاتنين نامة علي صدري وماسكين زوبري هما الاتنين قومنا استحمينا احنا التلاتة وكنا مبسوطين جدا ونمنا مع بعض اليوم دا حوالي 4 او خمس مرات لحد م حسيت اني زوبر خلاص بيجيب هوا وصاحبنها باتت عندنا اليوم دا وصحينا الصبح عملنا واحد جماعي تاني وصاحبتها مشيت وقالت انها هتروح وهتيجي قبل الاجازة بتاعتي م تخلص وفعلا جت باتت معانا ليلة تانية قبل م اسافر علي شغلي وبدانا الحفلة بدري اليوم دا رقص ونيك لحد الصبح وانا في الشغل بكلمها وبتقعد تمارس العادة السرية وهي معايا علي التليفون وكدا الحكاية خلصت ياريت تكون عجبتكو وانا باقسملكو ان الحكاية دي حقيقية من غير تحوير

7 قصص رائعة للعضو zibbi gamed من منتدى الكس العربى

جارتنا اللى فوق مننا نزلت تسألنى على علبة كبريت ونص بزازها باينة

جارنا اللى فوق مننا كان اتجوز بقاله سنة بس ما كنتش حضرت فرحه لانى كنت مشغول فى الامتحانات والمذاكرة
ما كنتش شفت مراته لفترة طويلة جدا ، لكن فى يوم وانا راجع البيت لقيتها بتسيق السلم مع بنت الجيران اللى كنت بانام معاها وكانت الجلابية بتاعتها قصيرة وموطبة وبزازها الاتنين باينين من الجلابية ، هى وشها ما كانش حلو قوى بس كان فيه اغراء وسكس بيقولولك تعالى احضنى ودخله الوقت اللى انت عايزه
بعد ما عديت عليهم واحنا على السلم سمعت البنت الصغيرة بتقولها ده مدحت ساكن فى الدور التانى
الست دى كان فيها شوية مياصة وما كنتش منتيه لها الا لما لاحظت أنها بدأت تلمح لى بس كنت عايز أتاكد انها عايزانى

فى يوم لقيتها نازلة وبتخبط علينا ، فتحتلها ، لقيتها لابسة جلابية قصيرة شوية وفاتحة كل زراير الجلابية ونص بزازها باينين وكانت طيازها كبيرة ورجليها يعنى ممكن تقول معقولة
نزلت بتسألنى على ايه ، عندكم شطاطة سلف ؟
– نعم ؟
– شطاطة
انا بلمت وعنيا سرحت على بزازها
امى كانت فى المطبخ وسمعاها بتسأل على الشطاطة ، قالتلى يعنى علية كبريت
رحت داخل المطبخ اديتلها علبة كبريت وعنيا ما نزلتش من على بزازها وانا بجد سرحت قوى وكان نفسى لو امى مش هنا وكنت اعرف اكلمها وادخلها الشقة

مرة تانية لقيتها نازلة بتسأل على شوية سبرتو تولع البابور
امى ما كانتش موجودة وفرحت انها نزلت فى اللحظة المناسبة ودخلت اجيبلها ازازة السبرتو
قلت لها انتى تأمرى ازازة السبرتو بحالها اهيه
راحت ضاحكة وقالت حاخد منها شوية وحاجيبهالك تانى
كانت نازلة بجلابية وبرضه كانت فاتحة كل زراير صدرها ونص بزازها باينين
قلتلها طب هو انتى اسمك ايه
– هناء
– عاشت الاسامى
وفضلت دقيقتين اكلمها على عتبة السلم
وقلتلها طب اتفضلى شوية ما فيش حد جوه
قالتلى بس كنت عايزة اعرف انتو توزيع شقتكو ازاى
احنا كنا واخدين شقتين فاتحينهم على بعض
قلتلها طب تعالى وكانت مكسوفة شوية بس اتحايلت عليها ودخلت

قفلت باب الشقة وبقينا لوحدنا فى الشقة دخلت وشفت طيزها حلوة معقولة مش كبيرة قوى لكن كويسة وروحت حاطط ايديا على وسطها على خفيف ما اتكلمتش ورحت مدخلها موريها القوض واخر قوضة كانت قوضتى
قالتلى شقتكم حلوة قوى وقوضتك حلوة ، لما دخلنا أوضتى تحسيسى على جسمها زاد ويقيت انزل احسس عل طيزها وادخل صوابعى وراها لكن هى ما كانش لها اى تعليق كأنى مش باعمل حاجة
قلت لها اه قوضة حلوة لكن يا خسارة باجى انام على السرير ما بلاقيش حد ينام معايا يونسنى ، راجت ضاحكة وقالتلى ليه ، ما انت حتبقى تتجوز وتلاقى مراتك تبقى تنام معاك
قلتلها طب ودلوقت انا مش قادر ومحتاج انسانة جميلة وحلوة احدها فى حضنى وانام معاها وبقيت حاطط ايديا الاتنين على وسطها
ضحكت وقالت لى انت مستعجل قوى مش تصبر ، قلت لها انا صابر بقالى كتير ونفسى بقى مش قادر ، وبعدين قعدت على السرير وسألتنى عن الكتب اللى حاططها على الترابيزة بتاعتى قلتلها دى كتب الكلية ، بس انا كنت باحسس على وسطها وطلعت شوية على بزها
انا حسست على بزها ولقيتها حتسيح وسكتت ، وانا كمان سكت وابتدى حبنا ، احنا كنا قاعدين على حرف السرير ، كنت باحسس على بزها وقربت منها ابوسها ، بصراحة كنت خبير فى البوس من وانا عندى سبع سنين
بقيت ابوسها من رقبتها وايدى على بزها وبعدين ابوس خدودها ، ووصلت لشفايفها ، كانت مليانة وواضح ان جوزها ما كانش بيحبها قوى وكانت بتدور على الحب والجنس
بقيت ابوسها وهى مسترخية تماما وحاسس انها نفسها فى اكتر من كده وانى اخدها فى حضنى ، نيمتها على السرير وبقيت ابوسها وامسك بزازها وابوسهم ورفعتلها الجلابية وانا جنب منها ونمت عليها وبقيت احك زبى على كسها وهى لابسة الكلوت
الكلوت كان كبير قوى زى الشورت ، قلعتلها الشورت ولاحطت ان كسها كبير وكان ما فيهوش ولا شعرة
بقيت احسس على كسها بشويش وهدوء وهى مستسلمة وابوسها شوية والحس رقبتها شوية وراحت مغمضة عنيها وايديها بتحسس على ضهرى
نزلت لتحت لكسها الكبير وبقيت الحسه وكان طعمه جميل وانام عليها تانى واحك زيبى ولما وقف جامد رحت فاتح رجليها ورافعهم لفوق ومسكت زيبى ودخلته
كانت اول ست فى حياتى ، قبل كده عملت مع بنات كتير من فوق الكس من غير ما ادخله ، ورغم انهم كانوا اجمل منها بكتير ، بس بصراحة دخول الزب فى الكس راحة تانية خالص ، هو الجنس الحقيقى فعلا ، طعم تانى غير العادة السرية والحك من بره بس ، الكس من جوه بيبقى مزفلط فيه مادة لزجة تخلينى احس بمتعة اكبر ، ده غير انى حسيت انها محتاجة جدا للجنس لانها بقت تقفل برجليها جامد على زيبى
وانا نايم عليها اطلعه وادخله حوالى ربع ساعة لغاية ما بدأت اشعر باللذة فى جسمى كله واتنفضت ونزلتهم جوه كسها وقعدت جنبها ابوسها
بعد حوالى خمس دقايق واحنا بنبوس بعض بقى نفسى ادخله جواها تانى ، رحت دخلت زيبى فى كسها تانى والمرة دى نزلتهم بعد مدة اكبر وهى جاتلها رعشة زى الرعشة بتاعتنا بالضبط ، ونزلتهم وهديت اخيرا وراحت داخلة الحمام متشطفة ولبست هدومها
كنت عايز اقابلها تانى لانها ريحتنى وحاسس انها بتحب الجنس جدا وانا كمان حسيت انها كانت سعيدة معايا واتفقنا ان الوقت اللى ما يكونش حد موجود فيه فى شقتى او شقتها يروح للتانى يقوله
وكانت علاقة جميلة جدا واستمرت سنين


جارتى اللى تحت منى ساعدتها مرة وهى أصرت تكافأنى

ليا جارة جسمها فى قمة الجمال

طويلة شوية واردافها محتاجة كتب اوصفها فيها ، اكتر حاجة باحبها فى جسم المرأة على التريب ، وجهها وبعدين اردافها وبعدين رجليها وبعدين صدرها وبعدين كسها ، فيه شكلين اساسيين من أشكال الكس ، نوع بيبقى منحنى مدور استدارته مع الجذع ، ونوع تانى بيبقى له زاوية شوية ، مش مستدير قوى ، النوع الاول مغرى ومحبب ليا اكتر

انا عاوز اوصفلكم جسم جارتى
طولها حوالى 175 سم ، وجهها جميل جدا مستدير ممتلىء ، جسمها كله بصفه عامة مش نحيف ولا عادى ، لا ، فيه امتلاء محبب جدا للى يمارس الجنس معاها او يشوفها بالهدوم او من غير هدوم
اما بقى عن اردافها ففى قمة الجمال بجد ، الارداف مستديرة ممتلئة بارزة عن محيط الجسم والاكتاف ، مكورة ، بارزة بروز جميل جدا الى الجوانب والخلف ، مع وسط منكمش قوى مش ممتلىء ، يعنى الامتلاء فى الارداف وصدرها حلو مليان بس مش متهدل

جوزها كان شغله بيبتدى من بعد الضهر لحد واحدة بالليل وكان بيحبها اوى وسايبها بكامل حريتها فى علاقاتها ، وكانت عارفة مواعيد شغلى اللى بانزل فيها من الشقة والاقيها فى نفس ميعاد نزولى من الشقة او قبلها الاقيها فتحت هى باب شقتها ووقفت عملت اى حاجة ، تنضف السلم ، تكلم عيالها على السلم ، وكانت بتحط ايديها عليا وتكلمنى فى موضوعات مختلفة بس ما كنتش عايز اطول معاها على السلم عشان جوزها وبابقى عايز كمان اروح الشغل بسرعة

فى يوم الساعة تمانية بالليل ، لقيتها بتخبط عليا وفتحتلها
– اهلا يا ام حمادة ازيك عاملة ايه
– ارجوك يا مدحت ، ابنى تعبان جدا ومحتاجة اوديه لدكتور وانا مش عارفة حد هنا
– حاضر ثوانى واكون لبست وانزل اوديه لدكتور

ولبست بسرعة واخدت تاكس ووديته لاقرب دكتور وكتبله الدوا اشتريته ووصلته للبيت ونيمته على سريره

– متشكرة اوى يا مدحت انا مش عارفة من غيرك كنت عملت ايه
– لا ابدا انا تحت امرك ، بس هو ياخد الدوا فى مواعيده وحيبقى كويس
– متشكرة يا مدحت انت عارف ابوه مش هنا مسافر ، استنى لما اتصل بيه عايزاه يشكرك

– ايوه يا مدحت انا متشكر جدا
– لا ابدا الناس لبعضها يا استاذ عادل

– متشكرة يا مدحت انا مش عارفة اشكرك ازاى
– لا ابدا لا شكر على واجب الناس لازم تقف مع بعضها فى اوقات زى دى
وبعدين لقيتها بتقرب منى قوى
– يا سلام اد ايه انت انسان وشهم
– لا ابدا عادى ، استأذنك
– استنى انا قاعدة لوحدى ما تخليك بايت عندى النهاردة
– لا طبعا ما ينفعش
– ليه ما ينفعش
– معلش مش حاقدر
– استنى طب اقعد نتعشى سوا
وحلفت انى اقعد اتعشى معاها ومسكت فيا وشدتنى اقعد

– ايه اخبار احمد هو نام ولا ايه
– آه اخد الدوا ونام استنى حاحط لك العشا

وراحت عملت عشا جميل جدا ، وعصير فواكه وجت مسيبة شعرها الناعم الجميل اللى واصل لحد اردافها وحاطة بارفان فى منتهى الجمال وقميص نوم بدانتيلا كتيرة فخم وغالى جدا

– ايه الجمال ده
– بجد ، انا جميلة
– جدا جدا
– طب اتفضل العشا

وبعدين اتعشيت كويس وقعدت شوية وهى قعدت جنبى وريحة البارفان الجميل جدا اللى حطاه كان فى منتهى الاغراء بس كنت عايز امشى

– انت عامل ايه دلوقت ، مبسوط
– آه انا كويس
– انت ليه ما اتجوزتش لحد دلوقت
– عايز امكانياتى تكون احسن من كده
– اممم ، طب والعروسة ، لقيتها ولا لسه
– لسه
– عايزها مواصفاتها ايه
– اتمنى الاقى انسانة زيك وفى جمالك
– طب واذا كانت معاك حتعمل ايه
– حاطير بيها للسما
وراحت لازقة رجليها فى رجلى ومدت ايديها على القميص بتفتح زرايره
– طب ولما تكونوا على الارض حتعمل ايه
– حاسعدها واحاول دايما احققلها كل اللى بتحلم بيه
– مدحت انت وقفت جنبى النهاردة ، وانت عارف انى من زمان باحلم انك تكون فى حضنى
– انا كمان باتمناكى جدا جدا

ولما قلت كده راحت حضنانى وفضلت تبوسنى تبوسنى تبوسنى وتبص فى عنيا وتمص شفايفى وراحت منيمانى على الكنبة ونامت فوق منى وهى عمالة تبوسنى وقلعت الروب وشعرها بقى على وجهى وراسى وريحة البارفان بتثيرنى اكتر واكتر وبقيت احسس على جسمها بكل حنان وهى بقت تبوس جسمى كله وقلعتنى هدومى وقومت قلعتها كلها ، ونزلت تحت تمص تمص تمص وراحت نايمة عليا ومدخلاه وشعرها عليا وريحة البارفان هى انفاسى وريقها اللى بطعم العسل بقى جوايا وفضلت تدخل لسانها جوه بوقى وتمص لسانى وتمص شفايفى وبعدين شبعت شوية وقالتلى تعالى على السرير

ودخلنا قوضة النوم وكملنا احلامنا اللى بقالها شهور مستنيين اللحظات الجميلة دى وحتى بعد ما قضينا مع بعض اجمل لحظات فى عمرنا فضلنا حاضنين بعض طول الليل وبعدين صحينا الصبح بدرى قوى واتشطفنا احنا الاتنين تحت الدش وبقت تحضنى جامد وتبوسنى وانا احضنها وابوسها وكانت فى قمة السعادة وانا كمان ، ودخلت قوضة النوم ولبست هدومى ودخلت شقتى بدرى وبقينا نكرر اجمل حلم فى حياتنا كل يوم

ـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــ ـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــ ــــــــــــــــ

انا من اسكندرية ومحتاج ست او بنوتة اردافها كبيرة ومش عايزها تخاف من اى حاجة ، عايز الست او البنت اللى معايا تثق فيا تماما وتثق فى انى باحافظ على السر وان سرها هو سرى ، وانى باتعامل بأدب واحترام
وحتى لو كانت بنت مش عايزها تخاف ، لانه حيبقى احضان من بره بس وبوس وحتكونى دايما اميرة وست البنات ومش عايز اكتر من انسانة جميلة فى حضنى وحاديلها مبلغ كبير

انا ما عنديش عربية

لكن معايا فلوس والشقة مش بعيدة عن المواصلات ، دقيقتين مشى بس
وحاساعد الست او البنت اللى حتكون صديقتى سواء متزوجة ومحتاجة مصاريف لاولادها ، او طالبة ومحتاجة مصاريف للكلية او اى مصاريف


قصة خيالية – عم حنكش بعتلى بنته سوسو تعمل لى الغدا

انا من اسكندرية وعايش لوحدى فى شقة ايجار
كنت اول ما سكنت فيها اتعرفت على عم حنكش اللى شقته قصاد منى ، كان راجل طيب قوى وكان عنده بنت زى القمر
لبسها ضيق جدا ، بنطلونات جينز ضيقة جدا ، هايلة جدا ، ده اللى باحبه فى البنات ، اللبس الضيق ، البلوزات الضيقة ، وما كانتش محجبة ، صدرها كبير ومشدود ومكور اردافها كبيرة نسبيا عن جسمها ، يعنى جسمها وسط بس اردافها كبيرة قوى ، لون بشرتها ابيض ، شعرها ناعم جدا وطويل وبتحب تخليه سايب او ديل حصان ، رموشها طويلة ، مرحة ومرة شفتها مع واحد قدام باب شقتهم عمال يبوس ويحضنها ولما شافونى قالولى عامل ايه يا استاذ مدحت ورجعوا للبوس والحضن

وبعدين فى يوم وانا راجع من الشغل وبافتح باب شقتى عم حنكش فتح باب شقته وقاللى ازيك يا مدحت يا بنى ، عامل ايه اخبارك ايه ، قلتله اهلا يا عم حنكش اخبار حضرتك ايه
قاللى الحمد لله ازيك انت ، انت عايش لوحدك ؟
– ايوه يا عم حنكش
طب ما تتفضل عندى شوية يا بنى
– شكرا يا عم حنكش
– الجيران لبعضها يا بنى ادخل اتغدى معانا دى بنتى سوسو عاملة غدا حلو قوى النهاردة ، عاملة بطاطس فى الفرن مع فراخ بس تعالى

ولقيت الراجل عمال يتحايل عليا ويحلفنى ادخل عنده وبنت سوسو لابسة بنطلون جينز جميل جدا والبنت زى القمر بشعرها الطويل وهى بيضا زى الشمس ، بصراحة ما قدرتش اقاوم الدعوة ودخلت عنده

– اقعد يا بنى
وراح مقعدنى على ترابيزة السفرة وكانت شقته هايلة جدا كلها تحف وعفش فاخر جدا وواضح انه غنى جدا

– انا يا بنى ما جبتش غير سوسو ونفسى افرح بيها واجوزها – ما تعرفش ليها عريس من سنك كده يا مدحت يا بنى
– والله اشوف يا عم حنكش حاضر
– وانت يا بنى مش ناوى تتجوز
– الاقى بنت الحلال يا عم حنكش
– يلا يا سوسو حطى للاستاذ مدحت الاكل

وجت سوسو وحطت لى اطباق الاكل وكانت متوصية قوى
قعدت اكل وبصراحة الاكل كان جميل جدا شوربة متبلة وفراخ وبطاطس ورز ومخلل

– وانت عايش لوحدك يا بنى
– ايوه يا عم حنكش
– طب يلا بقى عايزين نفرح بيك
– كله باوانه

– سفرة دايمة يا عم حنكش
– عجبك الاكل يا مدحت
– جدا جدا يا عم حنكش ممتاز جدا تسلم الايادى
– ما هو عمايل بنتى سوسو
– آه يا بخت اللى حيتجوز سوسو

– استأذن حضرتك يا عم حنكش
ليه يا بنى ما بدرى استنى لما نتفرج على الماتش سوا
– معلش يا عم حنكش باجب اريح نص ساعة كده وبعدين اقوم تانى
– ماشى يا بنى – عايزين نبقى نشوفك دايما يا مدحت وياريت تكرر الزيارة دى
– شكرا يا عم حنكش
– انت عندك غدا لبكره يا مدحت ، بنتى سوسو ممكن تعملك الغدا
– مش عارف اشكرك ازاى يا عم حنكش
– خشى يا سوسو عند مدحت اعمليله لقمة لبكره – تحب تجيبلك ايه
– ده كتير قوى يا عم حنكش

وبعدين سوسو دخلت الشقة عندى وسألت انا عندى ايه فى المطبخ ، لقت ما عنديش حاجة فقالت لى يلا ننزل السوق نشترى اكل لكام غدوة عشان تاكلهم بالهنا
– بس حاكلهم لوحدى
– طب ما تتجوز

وبعدين نزلنا السوق وبقت سوسو عمالة تخبط جسمها فى جسمى وانا باحاول اتجنبها وجسمها جميل جدا بيزغزغنى وبيخلينى ادوب على الاخر وبقت عمالة تحط ايديها على وسطى بس باحاول اهرب منها شوية

وبعدين اشترينا الاكل ورجعنا الشقة وفضلت تعمل الاكل بسرعة وبلذاذة وبشطارة جدا وكل شوية تدوق الاكل وتخلى بالها منه وانا واقف جنبها باتأمل جمالها وشعرها الاسود الناعم الطويل ، وما قدرتش اقاوم جمالها ورحت بايسها برفق جدا ودعتلها على المعروف اللى بتعمله معايا
– ما فيش حاجة يا مدحت الناس لبعضها – خش انت بقى ريح شوية اكيد تعبان
– اه فعلا حاريح شوية
– اتفضل

وسبتها تعمل الاكل ونمت حوالى ساعة وبعدين جت سوسو
– انا خلاص خلصت الاكل – آآآآه عايزة اريح انا كمان ، انزاح شوية كده خدنى جنيك
– تعالى حبيبى – متشكر جدا يا سوسو لمجهودك النهارده
– ما فيهاش حاجة يا مدحت
– قولى بقى ما نفسكش فى حاجة دلوقت
– ما دمت انتى معايا ابقى فى الجنة ومش محتاج اى حاجة
وبعدين راحت حاطة رجلها اليمين على وسطى وايديها على صدرى وكفها على خدى

– مش عايز اى حاجة – بصوت رقيق ناعم جدا وواطى اوى
– لأ مش عايز حاجة

وبعدين راحت مقربة شفايفها قوى من شفايفى ولمست شفايفها شفايفى
– طب اى حاجة بس قول
رحت حاطط ايديا على كتفها ومقربها من وبوستها

وفضلت تبوسنى تبوسنى ونامت عليا وتحك جسمها على جسمى وتبوسنى وتبوس كل جزء فى جسمى وتلحسنى وتلحس وتبوس وتبوس وتبوس وانا مش قادر وبقيت عمال ابوسها واقولها باحبك يا سوسو باحبك يا سوسو ومش حاستغنى عنك طول عمرى

وبعدين رن جرس موبايلها
– ايوه انا عند مدحت يا بابا وعملت الغدا وباستريح شوية
– ماشى نام انت وانا جاية – آه مفتاح الشقة معايا – مع السلامة

وبعدين حضنتنى سوسو تانى ونمنا ليلة كاملة فى احضان بعض وكانت من اجمل ايام عمرى والصبح دخلت شقتها وبعد ما رجعت كلمت باباها فى موضوع جوازى انا وسوسو وهو وافق
ومازالت سوسو اجمل بنت وارق انسانة عرفتها


استاذ حمدى بيسألنى ايه اللى يخللى الزب كبير وناشف زى زب الحصان

كنت مرة باصيف فى شرم الشيخ فى رحلة كان فيها حوالى 200 واحد واتصاحبت على الاستاذ حمدى
كان سنه حوالى 60 سنة وكان متجوز اتنين
فى يوم من ايام الرحلة قعدنا على كافتريا وبعدين وقفت قدامنا عربية كارو وفضلت واقفة لغاية ما الحصان زبه وقف على الاخر وقرب طرف زبه يلمس الارض ، ساعتها لا حظت ان استاذ حمدى سرح قوى فى زب الحصان وبعدين قاللى
– هو ايه اللى يخلى زب الواحد اد زب الحصان ده
– كل سن وله ظروفه يا استاذ حمدى
– آه فين ايام زمان كان الواحد بينيك مراته كل اسبوع دلوقت يادوب اقدر انام على ضهرى واحسس وهى تبوسنى وبعدين تنام
– بس انا سمعت ان حضرتك متجوز اتنين
– اه اتجوزت الصغيرة دى عشان اتدلع شوية بس برضه ما فيش فايدة زبى مش عايز يقف ، انا عارف انها بتتصاحب على شباب زبارهم جامدة ، يلا خليها تتمتع ، اذا كنت مش قادر امتعها يبقى حامنع عنها المتعة ليه ، بس تصدق انا نفسى اشوف عيل منها عشان البنت جميلة قوى
– طب شد حيلك يا استاذ حمدى
– زبى مش بيقف بقاله سنين ونفسى اشوف عيل جسمه جامد وصحته حلوة كده يبقى اخ لابنى
– ممكن بقى تلجأ للدكاترة با استاذ حمدى
– لا لا موضوع العلاج ده بيطول قوى ، انا اشوف زى ما بيعملوا فى امريكا ، اللبن بتاع راجل جامد يتجط جوه الست وتجيب عيل
– خلاص زى ما نت شايف يا استاذ حمدى
– انا اخترت فى الرحلة راجل جامد ووسيم
– مين يا ترى يا استاذ حمدى
– انت يا مدحت
– انا
– ايوه انت
– بس انا اتكسف من حضرتك يا استاذ حمدى
– لا لا ما تتكسفش ولا حاجة انت حتعمل خير وحتجيب عيل تفرح بيه البنت وانا حافرح بيه ويقف جنب امه ومراتى الاولانية وهما موافقين على الفكرة
– طب ايه المطلوب منى اعمله
– حتيجى الفيلا بتاعتى هنا شهر شهرين كل يوم تنام مع منى وانا حابقى معاكم فى الفيلا او اسيبكم شوية على راحتكم ، لكن ما قولتليش الاول ايه رأيك فيها عجباك وشايفها جلوة
– زى القمر يا استاذ حمدى مدام منى جميلة جدا
– طب ايه رأيك فى بزازها تعجبك
– جميلة جدا ، انا شفتها فى المايوه البكينى بزازها رائعة جدا
– شفت لون بشرتها ابيض ازاى طب وايه رأيك فى عينيها
– سحرونى جدا يا استاذ حمدى
– طبعا اردافها ما فيش اتنين يختلفوا انهااجمل ارداف فى العالم ، مليانة وكبيرة ووسطها صغير وما فيهاش اى دهون على بطنها ومحافظة على جسمها وجايب لها اجهزة رياضية فى البيت كل يوم الصبح تقعد ساعة تلعب رياضة عشان كده زى ما شفتها جسمها جلو
– فعلا يا استاذ حمدى هى جميلة جدا
– طب كويس انها عجباك وهى انسانة رقيقة جدا وحتخليك تسيح وزبك يقف بمجرد ما تشوفها بقميص النوم وتقعد جنبها
– انا احب اخدمك يا استاذ حمدى
– طب تحب تبدأ من دلوقت
– تحت امرك

وبعدين ركبنا عربيته ومشى بينا على البحر ربع ساعة ودخل فيلا كبيرة قوى حواليها جناين جميلة جدا واشجار عالية وزهور وحمام سباحة شكله جميل اوى
ولقينا زوجاته الاتنين بالبكينى قاعدين بياخدوا حمام شمس
– طبعا لو حبيت تنام مع مراتى الاولانية ما فهاش حاجة بس انا عايزك تركز مجهودك على التانية الصغيرة عشان تجيب عيل
– حاضر يا استاذ حمدى ، تحب نبدأ من امتى
– ايه يا مدحت ده انت مستعجل اوى ، طب الاول نتغدى وجسمك يستريح وتدلعوا نفسكم مع بعض شوية وتهيجوا بعض لغاية ما تشتاقوا للسرير وتطلعوا الفيلا ، بس عايز اقولك على حاجة ، تاخد راحتك على الاخر وما تعتبرهاش مراتى ، اعتبرها مراتك انت لغاية ما نتأكد أنه حصل
– تمام يا استاذ حمدى

وبعدين اتغدينا سوا وشربنا العصير ومراته قاعدة جنب منى على كرسى البحر عمالة تبص فى عنيا
– ها تحب نطلع دلوقت

بصراحة لو الواحد فضل يبص فى عينيها يوم بحاله مش كفاية انه يملى عينه من جمالها ، شعر اسود طويل لغاية الارداف وعيون واسعة وكحيلة وارداف كبيرة وصدر حلو مش كبير اوى لكن مشدود ومكور

– خلينا جنب بعض شوية
– طب ما تقرب منى بالكرسى شوية انت قاعد بعيد ليه
رحت مقرب كرسيا منها وكنت بالشورت بس

– ايه رأيك فى شرم الشيخ
– كأنها الجنة
– طب وانا معاك ليها طعم تانى
– ليها طعم اجمل واجمل واجمل

وبعدين راحت مقربة قوى منى وعينيها مركزة عليا وعلى شفايفى وبعدين رحت فاتح شفايفى وهى قربت منى ببطء جدا وراحت بايسانى على شفايفى وايديها دخلت من تحت الشورت بتلعب فى زبى لكن ببطء جدا جدا جدا وبشويش جدا جدا وبتحسيس جمييييييييييييييييييل حسيت معاه ان جسمى بيروح فى دنيا تانية

جسمى ساب منى وسبتلها جسمى تعمل فيه اللى هى عايزاه ، وبعد كده زبى بقى زى الحديدة ، وبصوت هامس جدا وناعم جدا
– اقلع الشورت
رحت مادد ايديا الاتنين ومنزله وراحت ماده ايديها نزلته خالص ، وبقت عمالة تسيحنى اكتر واكتر بأنها تحسس بايديها الناعمة على جسمى وجسمى عمال يسيب اكتر

– تعالى على القماشة اللى على النجيلة دى

ونزلت على القماشة ونمت على ضهرى وبأتأمل وجهها كان جميل جدا وشعرها غزير جدا بقى سايب على جسمها وجسمى وانا مش مصدق ان الجمال ده كله هو اللى بيطلبنى وعايزنى
وبعدين بقت تقرب جمسها بشويش من جسمى وانا خلاص قربت اجيبهم على نفسى قبل ما اخله جواها ، بس حست بكده ، ونامت فوق منى وفضلت تبوسنى وتحسس بأيديها على جسمى وتبوس شفايفى وتمص شفايفى وتدخل لسانها جوه بوقى وشعرها الطويل جدا مغرق وشى وراسى وبقيت اتنفس انفاسها واتمنيت انى افضل عمرى كله معاها وما كنتش قادر وحاسس انى بقيت فى الجنة
وبعدين بشويش وبهدوء جدا جدا راحت منزلة ايديها على زيبى ودخلته جواها وفضلت تضغط عليه بوسطها وتطلع وتنزل وتطلع وتنزل ربع ساعة لغاية ما بدأت تستريح وتشبع راحت ضاغطة بوسطها قوى قوى رحت جايبهم جواها ووشى بقى احمر جدا من حرارة جسمها ووشها
ولما جبتهم حسيت انى عمرى ما لمست انسانة قبل كده وجسمى ارتاح جدا وهى حست انى نزلتهم راحت باصة فى عنيا وبايسانى قبلة عميقة جدا وانا مستسلم لها

– ده اول حبنا وكل يوم حتدوق العسل ده طول ما انت عايز
– عمرى ما حافكر اسيبك ، انا حبيتك جدا يا منى
– خلاص ما تسبنيش ، انا حاكلم حمدى انك تقضى معايا دايما يومين فى الاسبوع وهو مش حيرفض لانه بيحبنى ، تحب تشرب عصير

وبعدين شربنا العصير وقعدنا نتكلم شوية وهى بتحسس على شعرى ، قعدنا ساعة نتكلم وبعدين حسيت انى عايز انام معاها تانى وايديا بقت تحسس على رجليها
– انت عايز تانى
– آه ياريت
– اوكيه بس تعالى فوق انا عايزة احط مايك أب والبس طقم نوم تانى حيعجبك جدا
– اوكيه حبيبتى

وبعدين مسكت ايديا وطلعنا الفيلا الدور التانى وعدينا على الاستاذ حمدى هو ومراته
– ها ايه الاخبار يا مدحت مبسوط
– جدا يا استاذ حمدى
– طب يلا عايزين نشوف نتيجة
– باعمل كل مجهودى

ودخلنا قوضة فى منتهى الجمال ووسطها سرير كبير وجوها هادى
– اشغلك موسيقى سوفت
– ياريت
– تعالى ندخل الحمام سوا

وبعدين دخلنا الحمام وبقينا نلعب فى الحمام واشطفها بالشامبو والميه وبعدين نشفتها ودخلت القوضة لبست وحطت ميك أب

– تعالى
ورحت نايم جنبها وهى بقميص نوم روز شفاف حرير مغرى جدا
وفضلت احسس على جسمها وهى المرة دى سايبة نفسها خالص اعمل اللى انا عايزه وأخدتها فى حضنى بكل رفق وحنان وجسمها كان جميل جدا وطرى جدا
وفضلت ابوسها من بوقها وادخل لسانى جوه بوقها وراحت رافعة بابدبها قميص النوم وفتحت رجلها ومسكت زيبى وقالتلى دخله
رحت مدخله وهى نايمة على ضهرها وشعرها الطويل فرش السرير كله وبكل حنان دخلته جواها واتمنيت ان زبى يفضل واقف طول الليل وهو جواها عشان اسعدها
ونزلت اللبن لتانى مرة جواها

وفضلت اسبوعين فى شرم الشيخ مع منى الجميلة جدا وانا مش مصدق نفسى وكل يوم نبقى فى حضن بعض وننزل البحر وتمسك زيبى تجكه بين رجليها وتحضنى واحنا فى البحر وكانت فى قمة السعادة ، وبعد ما نخلص متعتنا فى البحر نروح الفيلا ونعوم فى حمام السباجة واحنا قالعين خالص وادخل بتاعى جواها واحنا فى حمام السباحة وهى تحضن وسطى برجلها وتدخل بتاعى وتحضنى وتبوسنى جامد اوى وحبينا بعض جدا جدا جدا

استاذ حمدى لاحظ الحب اللى بينا فقرر انى اتجوز منى ويكتب الفيلا باسمها وعينى فى وظيفة مهمة بمرتب كبير جدا فى شركة من شركاته ، وعشت كل يوم من ايام حياتى فى الجنة مع منى وعمرى ما حسيت معاها الا بكل سعادة وهنا


تخيلات جنسية… آآآآه نفسى انيك نانو

نانو طيزها حلوة ودى اول حاجة لفتت نظرى ليها
تانى حاجة لفتت نظرى فيها ان وسطها رفيع وبزازها وسط مش كبيرة وكنت دايما ياحب ابص على يزازها لانهم حلوين جدا مكورين وحجمهم وسط ، شفت بزاز كبيرة كتير وزهقت منهم ، نفسى بقى فى بز يكون مشدود ومكور زى بزاز نانو.
طيز نانو على شكل الكمترى الكبيرة طالعة على الجناب وعلى ورا ، كل ما اشوفهم بابقى نفسى اطلع زيبى من البنطلون وادقره بين طيازها وافضل احكه بين طيازها لغاية ما انزل اللبن
كمان وشها جميل جدا وعينيها ملونة على الرغم من لون بشرتها قمحى لكن ده كان بيخلينى اهيح عليها اكتر ويخلينى نفسى انيكها اكتر
ويا سلام على صوت نانو الهادى واسلوبها الهادى بتخلينى نفسى ابوسها وادعك فى بزازها.
فى يوم كنت قاعد فى القوضة فى الشغل وسمعتها بتقول لجوزها فى الموبايل مش حتيجى تاخدنى عشان انا تعبانة
ويظهر ان جوزها قالها انه حيطلع متأخر من الشغل وتشوف واحدة زميلتها توصلها
هى جت على اخر اليوم وقالت لى معلش يا استاذ مدحت ممكن توصلنى للبيت لانى دايخة وحاسة انى مش قادرة امشى
طبعا انا رحبت وقلت خلاص فرجت وحاقدر ادخل زيبى فى كسها
المهم رحنا ماشيين مع بعض وركبتها تاكسى لغاية بيتها وقالت لى مش قادرة امشى حاتسند عليك قلتلها ماشى وفضلنا طالعين لغاية الدور الرابع وقالت لى لا انا بادوخ وراحت حاطة ايديها اليمين على كتفى الشمال ولزقت كل جسمها على جسمى
وآآآآآآآآآآآه آآآه آآآه جسمها كان مولع نار وانا مش قادر ومش مستحمل ومتهيألى انيكها عل السلم ، جسمها كله لزق على جسمى وحسيت ان كسها الكبير عمال يحك على زيبى
هى اترمت عليا وانا حطيت ايديا على طيزها الكبيرة ولحسن الحظ كانت لابسة بنطلون جينز ضيق وطيازها كانت كبيرة فيه وفضلت احسس على طيزها وهى راسها على كتفى مش بتتكلم واقولها خلاص الدور اللى جاى حنوصل شقتك
وبعدين طلعنا انا وهى وحدة واحدة للدور الخامس وايدى على وسكها وهى ايديها على وسطى لغاية ما وصلنا الشقة وراحت مطلعة المفتاح وفتحتلها الشقة ودخلنا
ولعنا النور وقالتلى انا حاقعد على الكنبة فى الصالة
وبعدين راحت نايمة على جنبها فى الصالة وقلعت الحجاب وقالتلى قفلت الباب كويس قلتلها اه قالتلى كب اتفضل استريح يا استاذ مدحت قلتلها ماشى قلتلها طب غمضى هنيكى ونامى شوية عشان الدوخة تروح قالتلى ماشى
وبعدين رحت مطفى النور والدنيا بقت ضلمة وهى غمضت عنيها ونامت بس فردت شعرها وفكت زراير البلوزة من فوق
انا قعدت احسس على ايديها وكتافها ونفسى اطلع زيبى واضرب عشرة بس قلت الصبر حلو
وبعديت رحت نازل بشويش جدا احسس على بزازها وهى لابسة السوتيانة ، بزازها كانت جميلة جدا ومشدودة ومكورة قد الرمانة الكبيرة
فتحتلها كل زراير البلوزة بس هى كانت مغمضة عنيها وانا بالعب فى بزازها هى مسكت ايديا وحكتها عل كسها
قالتلى ممكن يا استاذ مدحت تنقلنى قوضة النوم
انا قلتلها حاضر ورحت شايلها وموديها قوضة النوم على السرير
حطيتها على السرير وقعدت أتامل جمال نانو وشعرها التقيل البنى
وواحدة واحدة وبهدوء شديد جدا فضلت احسس على كسها وهى تحك ايديا على كسها وتطلع بادبا تخلينى امسك بزازها وادعكهم
فتحتلها سوستة البنطلون وقلعتها البنطلون
وفضلت الحس كسها الكبير وهى لابسة الكلوت
قلعتها الكلوت وكان اجمل كس اشوفه فى حياتى ، كس كبير وقابب لبره وشفايف كسها كبيرة
وفضلت الحس فى كسها
وبعدين طلعت فوق وقلعتها السوتيانة وبرضه كانت بزازها من اجمل البزاز ، مشدودة ومكورة
وفضلت امص فى شفايفها وامس لسانها
وكان اجمل يوم فى عمرى


حبيت زميلتى المتجوزة وقلت لها نفسى امارس الجنس معاكى

ليا زميلة فى الشغل اسمها شيماء وبندلعها نقولها يا شيمو
شيمو كانت جميلة جدا ولون بشرتها قمحية وجسمها رياضى مايل للنحافة واردافها كبيرة ورجليها طويلة ولبسها شيك جدا وكل يوم تلبس حاجة جديدة

فى يوم كانت شيمو لابسة طقم شيك جدا وضيق جدا جدا واتمنيت احضنها وافضل ابوسها وهى باللبس ده وما كنتش قادر ونفسى انام عليها

كانت قاغدة على المكتب لوحدها وما حدش معانا فى القوضة وبعدين قربت منها وقلتلها ازيك يا شيمو وحشانى
– ايه الطعامة دى يا شيمو وايه الجمال ده وايه الشياكة دى
– متشكرة اوى يا استاذ مدحت
– شيمو انتى بتوحشينى اوى وانا مش معاكى فى الشغل نفسى لو ما كنتيش متجوزة ابقى معاكى طول العمر
– طب وانا حاعمل ايه يا استاذ مدحت
– شيمو انا نفسى … نفسى ….. نفسى امارس الجنس معاكى يا شيمو
– بس انا متهيألى ان احنا مارسنا الجنس مع بعض قبل كده اول ما جيت الشركة ولا ايه مش فاكرة
– لا انا مس فاكر انى مارست الجنس معاكى انا متأكد انى ما مارستش معاكى قبل كده
– مش عارفة يا استاذ مدحت … انا مارست الجنس مع اكتر من الف واحد ، كل يوم تقريبا بامارس الجنس مع صاحب جديد ، قليل لما بامارس مرتين مع نفس الشخص لان التغيير فى الجنس بيدى الجنس متعة جديدة دايما
– طيب نبقى زمايل يا شيمو وحتى ما دخلتش زيبى جواكى … معقولة ؟
– حاضر يا استاذ مدحت انت تؤمر تعالى النهاردة الساعة سبعة

وبعدين ادتنى العنوان ورحتلها فى الميعاد وكانت لابسة قميص نوم روز وعليه الروب بتاعه

– اتفضل يا استاذ مدحت
وبعدين دخلت وقعدنا واتفرجنا على فيلم عاطفى وبعدين بقيت اقرب منها واحسس بايديا على رجليها بشويش وبراحة عشان اوصل لكسها وبعدين وصلت لكسها وبقيت احسس عليه بصوابعى على خفيف خالص وأنا باتأمل جمالها وشعرها وبعدين قالت لى
– مدحت انا مش عارفة حاسة انى تعبانة النهارده
– طب اوكيه نخليها يوم تانى
– انا مش عايزاك تنزل عشان ما تزعلش ويبقى مشوارك على الفاضى لو حبيت تدخل وتعمل من فوق الهدوم اوكيه بس بشويش
– اوكيه ماشى

وبعدين دخلت قوضة النوم ونامت وادتنى ضهرها
– بس بشويش يا مدحت عشان عايزة انام
– حاضر

وبعدين رحت قالع البنطلون واللباس وزبى وقف ومن غير ما اقلعها اى حاجة لزقت زيبى بين اردافها ومسكت وسطها وبقيت اضغط بزيبى بين اردافها بالراحة
– ايه ده يا مدحت كل ده زب ، زب ده ولا عضمة ، ده كبير قوى
– خلاص يا حبيبتى حاحط راسه بس
– لا لا الزقه كله عليا انا مستمتعة قوى بيه عشان كبير كده

وفضلت احك زيبى احك زيبى وانا ماسك وسطها بشويش خالص وبراحة لغاية ما نزلت اللبن عليها ورحت نايم جنبها

وبعد الفجر حوالى الساعة حمسة هى قلقت وراحت متقلبة على السرير وحطت رجليها على رجلى وكان قميص النوم كله مرفوع لغاية وسطها ورجليها كانت جميلة جدا ومليانة وبقيت احسس على ايديها وجسمها وهى نايمة

وبعدين راحت حاطة ايديها على صدرى وقربت منى قوى وهى مغمضة عينها ، وبعدين راجت نايمة بجسمها كله عليا وزبى وقف تانى ومسكت زبى وراحت مدخلاه فى كسها وبقت فى وضع الفارس وقعدت تحك كسها على زيبى نص ساعة وتنام عليا وتحك وتحك وتنام عليا بجسمها كله وتبوسنى كتير جدا وجبتهم جواها مرتين وبعدين شبعت وراحت نايمة عليا شوية وبعدين نامت جنبى

– انا حاروح اتشطف وبعدين انت بعد منى وانزل انت الاول عشان تروح الشغل بدرى
– ماشى
ورحت بايسها ودخلنا استحمينا تحت الدش سوا وخرجنا ونزلت من البيت بدرى قوى ووصلت الشغل بدرى وهى وصلت بعد منى زى القمر وشيك جدا زى عادتها وباين عليها انها سعيدة جدا ونشيطة اكتر من اى يوم تانى والابتسامة والضحك ما فارقهاش طول اليوم


رايح مشوار فى الميكروباس ومش على بالى انى حانيك
كنت رايح مرة فى مشوار بالميكروباس
انا كنت قاعد سرحان خالص وبابص من شباك الميكروباص وهو ماشى ، بس الكرسى اللى كنت قاعد عليه كان قدام والكرسى ده بيبقى الحيز بتاعه صغير ورجلى مشدودة يعنى عضلات رجلى كانت تعبانة من القعدة على الكرسى ده ، فرحت شادد عضلات رجلى
كانت قاعدة جنب منى واحدة ست ، لما انا شديت عصلات رجلى احتكت برضه فى نفس المنطقة لرجل الست اللى كانت قاعدة جنبى وفجأة لقيتها بتعمل نفس الحركة وعمالة تزغزغ برجليها من تحت رجلى وكانت مفكرة انى باقصد اعاكسها
انا قلت وماله واتحرك تفكيرى بسرعة عشان نشوف ايه الحكاية وبصراحة كنت عطشان جدا لاى كس فى الوقت ده وبقيت عمال احك رجلى على رجلها واسكت شوية تقوم هى حاكة رجلها على رجلى وبصيت لوشها لقيتها مبتسمة
هى طلبت من السواق انه يقف قدام مستشفى ، نزلت ونزلت وراها وشفتها دخلت المستشفى مشيت وراها ودخلت من باب المستشفى وكلمتها
– لو سمحتى انا اللى كنت قاعد جنبك فى الميكروباس ، هو حضرتك بتشتغلى هنا
– ايوه
– ممكن حضرتك تكشفى عليا
– ضحكت وقالت ، سلامتك هو انت عندك ايه
– قلت لها اصل عندى حاجات عايز اقولها بس بينى وبينك لو ممكن
– بس انا الكشف بتاعى غالى شوية
– كام يعنى ؟
– مية جنيه
– وماله موجود وتحت امرك
– طيب بص اطلع الدور الخامس قوضة نمرة 5هـ ولما ما تلاقيش حد فى الدور ادخل القوضة على طول
– حلو ، ماشى انا طالع ، بس ما تتأخريش عليا
– جايالك على طول

طلعت الدور الخامس وفعلا ما كانش فيه الا ممرضة استنيتها تعدى وروحت داخل القوضة وقفلت الباب
القوضة كانت للعيانين بس السرير كان كويس ويؤدى الغرض
استنيتها حوالى عشر دقايق وانا فاتح سوستة البنطلون وعمال ادعك فى زيبى ، طلعت السرير واستغطيت بالملاية
بعد عشر دقايق جت وقالتلى ها جاهز للكشف
– ايوه
– طب تحب تاخد ابرة تنشطك شوية
– انا لو شلت الملاية حتعرفى انى مش محتاج لاى ابر
قامت مدورة ورا بارفان وحسيت انها بقت تقلع هدومها لكن جت وعليها البالطو الابيض وكانت زرايره مفتوحة من فوق
– ها ايه رأيك فى بزازى ، حلوين ؟
– أخر جمال
اتدورت وورتنى ضهرها
– طب وايه رأيك فيا من ورا
– حسست عليهم وقعدت اهزهزهم وبقيت احسس بصوابعى بين اردافها
– شوفى بقى انا اللى حاديكى الابرة
– أى أى ابرتك جامدة ، بشويش يا دكتور
– طيب ما تورينى الماكنة بتاعتك جامدة ولا مش جامدة ، راحت ضاغطة باردافها على صوبعى
– كويس جدا المكنة بتاعتك جامدة وعايزين نبتدى الكشف
– طيب نام
– رحت نايم على السرير ومدت ايديها من تحت الغطا بتدور على زيبى لغاية ما وصلت له
– ايه ده انت لسه لابس مش حاعرف اكشف عليك كده
– رحت قالع البنطلون
– لا لا انت تقلع خالص بلبوص عشان الكشف يبقى كويس وتاخد الدوا بتاعك وتستريح وتبقى مبسوط على الاخر ، دى اجراءات اى كشف سليم
انا قلعت بلبوص علىى الاخر حتى اللباس رميته اخر القوضة
– ايوه كده كويس
(انا اتغطيت بالملاية)
– هى فكت زرارين من البالطو وانا زبى وقف على منظر بزازها الحلوين هى كانت مليانة شوية بس توقف اى زوبر حتى لو سبعين سنة
نامت جنبى وفضلت تبوسنى وتدعك زيبى
– ها تحب من ورا الاول ولا من قدام
– نبتدى من قدام
راحت ماسكة زيبى وانا نايم على ضهرى وراحت قاعدة ورجلى ما بين رجليها ودخلت زيبى فى كسها وفتحت رجليها على الاخر وزبى كله اتبلع جوه كسها
وفضلت تضغط بكسها على زيبى وعصرته لغاية ما نزلت اللبن جواها وكنت فى قمة السعادة
– تحب تجيب مرة تانية
– ياريت بس انتى اللى تبقى نايمة المرة دى وانا فوقك
– ماشى
نامت وفتحت رجليها على الاخر ورحت ماسك زيبى ومنشنه على الخرم ونمت فوقها وانا بحد حاسس بأخر راحة واستمتاع والكس عمال يلعب فى زيبى وهو جواه
جبتهم لتانى مرة وكنت خلاص شبعت
دخلت الحمام واتشطفت ولبست وقالتلى انا حاطلع اشوف الجو واول ما اشاورلك تطلع بسرعة
طلعت بسرعة ونزلت بسرعة ، بس بعد ساعة حسيت انى عايز انيك تانى ما اعرفش ليه مع ان زبى كان لسه جوه كس حلو كبير ، لكن مشكلتى انى مش باشبع ابدا من الجنس


طلب منى اصلح جهاز الكمبيوتر يتاعه ومراته كانت عايزانى

اتعرفت مرة على واحد صاحيى كان بيحب الجنس جدا وبيمارس مع ستات كتير غير مراته لان طبيعة شغله بتخليه يتعرف على ستات كتيرة جدا وفى منتهى الجمال وكان هايص
مرة ينيك فى مكتبه على الكنبة ومرة على المكتب ومرة على السرير فى القوضة اللى جنب المكتب من عملاء مكتبه من الستات او البنات اللى كانوا بيشتغلوا معاه
هو كان بيحب مراته وبيعرفها على زمايله وهى كانت بتعزم زمايلها فى الشغل عندها فى البيت وينزل شوية ويبات بره لانه هو كمان كان بيعمل صداقات زى ما هو عايز وعشان يبقى فيه تجديد فى حياتها الجنسية ويبقى فيه متعة وتغيير

كنا قاعدين مرة على كازينو ومراته عدت علينا مع زميل لها فى العربية بتاعته وكانت لابسة لبس جميل جدا خلت زوبرى يقف : ينطلون برتقالى خفيف جدا شفاف وضيق جدا خلانى شفت الوان الكلوت اللى هى لابساه كان كلوت ابيض وفيه ورد صغير ، وبلوزة فاتحة فيها اربع زراير من فوق ويزازها الاتنين باينين من فوق ويادوب الحلمات حتبان

قالتله انا رايحة مع شريف اشترى شوية حاجات ليا ، قالها طب يا حبيبتى ما تتأخريش قالت له لا بالكتير الساعة واحدة حاجى

هى كانت بيضااااااا جدا وجسمها حلو فرنساوى يعنى طيزها وبزازها كان حجمهم عادى مش كبير بس بصراحة شفتها وكان نفسى تيجى فرصة انيكها

انا معروف عنى انى باعرف اصلح كمبيوتر كويس جدا واحنا قاعدين مع صاحبى قالى جهاز الكمبيوتر بتاعى عايز يتصلح مش بيشتغل خالص
– طيب نشوفه
– فاضى امتى تيجى
– الوقت اللى بناسبك
– خلاص بكره الساعة سبعة

وكنت عارف بيته فين وتانى يوم رحت بيته وطلعت الشقة وخبطت على الباب وفتحتلى مراته
– السلام عليكم استاذ احمد موجود
– لا هو راح مشوار وزمانه راجع ، هو مش حضرتك الاستاذ مدحت اللى جاى يصلح الكمبيوتر
– ايوه
– طب اتفضل انا مستنياك

هى كعادتها على سنجة عشرة وسايبة شعرها الطويل جدا لغاية طيزها ، كان اسود جدا وعاملة قصة وعينيها جميلة جدا مدورة ووشها جميل ومسمسم وجسمها حلو مش رفيع ومش مليان
كانت لابسة روب ابيض وفى الاول حسيت انها مش لابسة سوتيانة ولابسة كلوت بس واساسا حسيت انها مش لابسة حاجة خالص تحت الروب

انا دخلت وهى شاورتلى ادخل على القوضة اللى فيها الكمبيوتر ودخلت
شغلت الجهاز ولقيت انه مش شغال خالص بس كان معايا قطع غيار كتيرة وقلت بقى الموضوع حيطول

الكمبيوتر كان فى مكتب صاحبى يس كان فيه كنبة وتلفزيون وكانت مشغلة قنوات اجنبية

وهى قاعدة على الكنبة حاطة رجل على رجل والروب انزاح من على رجلها وكل رجليها البيضا خالص كانت باينة وهى عمالة تميل شوية ناحية اليمين وشوية ناحية الشمال

قلت لها هو الاستاذ احمد اتأخر ليه قالت لى عادى ما تقلقش هو شغله بيخليه بتأخر ويبات بره كمان
قالت لى حتى اتصلك بيه على الموبايل وراحت متصلة بيه
قالها انه حيبات فى الشغل ومش حيقدر برجع النهاردة وخلتنى اكلمه على الموبايل
– اهلا يا مدحت معلش جالى شغل كتير فجأة ومش حاقدر اقابلك النهاردة خد راحتك كأنك فى بيتك
– حاضر يا استاذ احمد متشكر

وانا شغال كانت بتقف بعيد عنى شوية وتزيح الروب من عل رجليها كلها والصراحة كانت جميلة جدا ومغربة ومش عارف اتصرف ازاى
هى قالت لى ايه فيه حاجة ؟
– لا ما فيش حاجة

قعدت ساعة الاول احاول اصلحه وبعدين قالت لى انت بقالك ساعة شغال استريح شوية
قلتلها اوكيه وقعدت جنبها اتفرج وكانت قناة اجنبية كلها اعلانات سكس وافلام حب

كانت قاعدة وكل رجليها باينة وجزء كبير من بزازها باين

قالت لى اطفيلك النور شوية تريح عينيك قلتلها ماشى طفت نور القوضة الا اباجورة صغيرة على كوميدينو سابتها

واحنا بنتفرج انا مديت ايديا على ضهر الكنبة ووصلت لشعرها
وقعدت العب فى شعرها وهى ساكتة مالهاش اى تعليق
وبعدين صوابعى بقت تحسس براحة على خدها برضه وهى ساكتة ما اتكلمتش

وبعدين قلت لها تعرفى انك جميلة جدا
قالت لى بجد – ايه اكتر حاجة عجباك فيا
قلت لها وشك جميل جدا مسمسم زى العروسة اللعبة بالضبط كأنك من فرنسا
قالت لى وايه كمان
انا مديت ايديا ناجية ايديها وقلت لها جسمك جميل جدا

قالت لى بس ؟ وايه كمان
قلت لها كل حاجة فيكى جميلة
قالت لى لا قول بالضبط ايه اللى عاجبك فيا
قلت لها صدرك مشدود وصغير وجميل جدا
قالت لى طيب ما تمسكه ساكت ليه

انا فى اللحظة دى زوبرى ابتدى يقف

انا حسست على بزها من فوق الروب ، بس هى مسكت ايدى وضغطت بيها جامد جدا على بزها وراحت ساحبة الروب من على صدرها وخلتنى امسكهم جامد

ها وايه كمان بتحبه فيا

قلت لها كلك على بعضك اجمل من القمر

وراحت فاكة حزام الروب وقلعته ما فضلتش الا بالكلوت وراحت حضنانى جامد وماسكة ايديا الاتنين وحطتهم على بزازها ومسكت ايديا الشمال ونزلت بيها وبقت تضغط بايديا على كسها وكانت بتحب اليوس جدا وخلت ايديا الاتنين ايد على بز والايد التانية على كسها وبادعك فى الاتنين

وراحت لافة ايديها على رقبتى وراسى وفضلت تلحس فى شفايفى وتمد لسانها جوه بوقى جامد وتلحسه وتشفط الريق من جوه بوقى وراحت منزلانى على الارض وقلعتنى هدومى حتى اللباس ومصت زوبرى وهى قلعت الكلوت وخلت زبى يقف زى الحديدة وراحت جايبة مخدة من على الكنبة وحطت راسها عليها وقالت لى يلا

انا كمان حبيتها جدا وفضلت ابوسها من رقبتها ومن بوقها وامص لسانها والحس كسها وبعدين رحت مدخل زيبى فى كسها وقعدت حوالى ربع ساعة ادعك زيبى جوه كسها لغاية ما جبتهم وهى كمان جابتهم

استريحت شوية ودخلت الحمام اخدت دوش وهى كمان

قالت لى تعالى قوضة النوم

ونامت على حرف السرير وفتحت رجليها وقالت لى يلا وراحت ماسكة زيبى ودخلته وقعدت مدة اطول من الاولانية لغاية ما جبتهم

قلت لها ننام شوية ساعتين ونعمل تانى قالت لى ماشى

ونمت وقلقت فى الفجر وهى كانت عريانة خالص واردافها ناحيتى رحت ماسك زيبى وموقفه ودخلته بين اردافها ونيمتها على بطنها وبقت راس زيبى على خرم طيزها طبعا هى كانت حست وفضلت تقمط بطيزها جامد على زيبى لغاية ما جبتهم
وكانت الدنيا حر ودخلت تانى اخد دوش

جرس موبايلها رن وسمعتها بتقول لا ما تجيش دلوقت لو عايز تبات كمان بره لغاية بكره او يومين كمان يبقى احسن
انا قلت لها الاستاذ احمد ده قالت لى اه ماتقلقش انا قلتله ما يحيش النهاردة عشان نبقى مع بعض اطول مدة

قعدت اكمل تصليح الكمبيوتر وصلحته واشتغل وكانت مبسوطة جدا لما اشتغل قالت لى معاك افلام سكس قلت لها موجود وحطت لها افلام سكس

قالت لى انت شكلك عايز تانى تعالى
ورحنا داخلين قوضة النوم وفتحتلها رجليها ونزلتهم حوه كسها وكانت من احلى المرات ونمنا تانى واحنا حاضنين بعض

Wife sharing or cheating stories 3

When Three Wasn’t a Crowd

My wife and I had been married 25 years when our youngest child left home for college, leaving us with the dreaded “empty nest.”

Our marriage relationship had had its ups and downs emotionally over the years like most couples’, but our sexual relationship had never suffered – we enjoyed pleasing each other, though she was more conservative than I have always wished, being unwilling to bring me to an orgasm during blow jobs, and refusing anal intercourse, although she did allow an occasional anal finger job, and even once or twice a butt plug or small vibrator.

To offset any possible mid-life crises, we decided to try social nudity as a way to introduce something new to our relationship that hopefully would offset any insecurities of growing older and seeing our children leave home.

Denise, my petite 5’1″ wife, was no longer the thin, pale college girl with perky A cups that I had fallen in love with, but was still very attractive, and even more appealing after two children and 25 years, with a full, but still shapely figure, and 36B breasts that begged to be handled and sucked.

Over the years she had grown to appreciate my voyeuristic instincts, and would occasionally agree to go out to eat braless in a see-thru blouse and short skirt, or with several buttons undone allowing a good view of her beautiful breasts for alert voyeurs. She had even done some flashing, and had posed nude for me for years, with both of us knowing that some guy in the photo developing studio was getting to see more of her than anyone but me.

We began to visit Haulover Beach in Miami, a totally-nude beach that was always a thrill for us whenever we went. We also joined a nudist club farther north on the coast and frequented it two or three weekends a month, enjoying the freedom of totally nudity – and the thrill of seeing and being seen by other equally free-thinking persons.

At the same time Denise changed careers, moving to a field that requires long hours in close proximity of body and soul, and which is notorious for broken marriages and relationships.

I have always – like most men – had the hidden fantasy of seeing my wife have sex with another man, but did not want to lose this wonderful lady to someone who simply wanted to get in her pants regularly.

One evening, after making love and while we were sitting naked in the back yard looking at the stars, I decided to broach the subject of extramarital sex – partly to protect our relationship from any potential damage, and also to verbalize my fantasy in hopes she may pick up on it.

“I know in this new job that you are going to be working closely with some neat guys, and under stressful situations,” I began. “If the time ever came that you and one of the guys became really attracted to each other, I would understand, and would not stand in your way if you wanted to fulfill each other’s desires – as long as you let me know about in and didn’t try to hide it from me.”

She looked at me evenly, wondering with her eyes why I had brought up such a thought.

“And you don’t think that would come between us and ruin our marriage?” she asked, almost incredulously.

“To the contrary, I think it might save our marriage,” I responded, telling her of a conversation I had with a friend whose wife had made a similar career change and saw his marriage end with divorce. “If I know that you love me more than anyone else, and that you are not keeping any secrets from me and shutting me out of part of your life, I think I could live with you having occasional sex with someone you had grown to care about.”

She looked away at the stars for a while, and I thought I had offended her; but when she turned back to me it was with an impish smile on her face.

“And I suppose you would want to come along and watch everything that happens, huh?”

I couldn’t help but laugh, she knew me so well.

“No, that wouldn’t be necessary, and I wouldn’t even want a blow-by-blow account, pardon the pun, but I would want to know how far you go with another guy so there would be no future surprises and I would not have to fear the unknown in our relationship.”

She shook her head in astonishment and snuggled up close to me, kissing me softly on the mouth.

“There is no one I work with that even starts to turn me on,” she said softly. “There is no one there that compares with you, or that I would ever let come between me and you. You have nothing to fear.”

A couple of months later, while we were sitting on the couch sniffling over a movie about lost love and broken vows, I reminded her that we should never let our relationship be damaged just because of a sexual fling or temporary release to animal lust.

“Are you having an affair I don’t know about,” she asked teasingly, knowing full well what I meant.

“No,” I said, “I am totally fulfilled, but I am not in a situation that might prompt closeness with another co-worker, or camaraderie that might accidentally evolve into a sexual situation. I just want you to know that if you are always open and honest with me that you have total freedom to do with your body whatever you want.”

She looked deep in my eyes, looking for any hidden motive or guilt.

“Do you want me to have sex with another man?” she asked. “Is that what all this talk is about?”

“I don’t think so,” I answered honestly. “I am just not sure about your career change and don’t want to lose you the way Fred lost his wife. Though, I have to admit, I am like a lot of other guys in that I fantasize every now and then of watching you give in to another guy’s request and give him what he wants. I even fantasize about you initiating it with some guy that really impresses you.”

“Are you so sure other guys fantasize about the same things you do?” she asked quizzically.

“Absolutely, if you read the stuff in the magazines and on the internet,” I said.

She was quiet then, leaning into me for warmth as I put my arm around her and hugged her to me. After a while she broke the silence again, surprising me by keeping on the same subject.

“I promise you this,” she said seriously, turning to face me and looking me in the eye. “If I ever let another man so much as touch me, it will only be with you present, or with your prior approval. I don’t think I will ever want to, but I have fantasies of my own from time to time – not like yours, more romantic and less sexual. It would have to be someone like you who is gentle and loving, and caring how I feel – and I don’t work with people like that. Every man I work with is aggressive and demanding. Does that put your mind at ease?” she asked, watching my face for response.

I nodded, showing the relief on my face that I felt in my heart. I loved this woman and never wanted there to be a chance of losing her.

We cuddled again for a while on the couch and then went to the bedroom and had wonderful sex. I don’t know if any fantasies crossed her mind as we made passionate love, but once or twice I looked down at her underneath me, giving herself to me without reservation, and wondered what it would be like to see her doing the same thing with someone else, some faceless man who would gently stroke her and give her butterfly kisses as he moved in and out of her body.

We continued to visit the nude beach occasionally, and she always allowed me to control the situation. Once we let a passerby stop and sit by us as I rubbed oil into her body – every inch of her body. The man was almost salivating by the time I had ended, and asked if she would put some oil on him. Wrong thing to say – we sent him packing.

Another time a couple settled down just a few yards in front of us and the man lay on his stomach looking right up between my wife’s legs as she lay reading. After shooting me a questioning glance and getting my approval, she carefully opened up entirely, allowing the poor fellow to see everything he wanted for an hour or more.

At the nudist park, we regularly sat around the hot tub in the evening carrying on conversations with the park regulars, or any visitor who may have stopped by for a day or two. Denise knew that I liked her to get up and sit on the side occasionally, “cooling off” in her terms, but innocently letting the men across from us clearly see all that there was to see of her beautiful body.

Once she surprised me with a special gift. The four-head shower stall was on the back side of the pool house, facing the hot tub. One evening a young man staying at the park stepped into the stall for his evening shower.

Denise, who always brings her soap and shampoo for a shower before we leave for the camping trailer, suddenly stood up, gathered up her toiletries and stepped into the stall with the young man.

He was using one of the two inside shower heads, and she stepped to the other one, almost brushing shoulders with him as she did.

“Be careful, I’m turning on the hot,” she said.

He looked at her slightly confused for a second, and then nodded his head and stepped back so as not to get hit with freezing cold water.

Denise adjusted her shower and then stepped into it.

“It’s okay, now,” she said, and the young many stepped back under his shower stream, facing her as he did.

The two carried on a lively conversation as they bathed, with Denise first washing her hair and then carefully washing her entire body as the young man tried not to stare. She even bent over and spread her vaginal lips, washing them as she knows I love to watch her do, but acting as if nothing unusual was going on.

When the two shower heads quit flowing, the two stood toweling off and talking for a few minutes before the man said his farewell and left. Denise returned to the dark hot tub with a smile on her face and sat down next to me, running her hand down my thigh to measure my hard-on.

“I see you enjoyed that little performance,” she said slyly.

I nodded.

“And I think someone else did, too,” I responded, chuckling softly. “You are one awesome woman, Girl. The only thing that would have made that better would be if I had a video camera. But, never mind, I have it all memorized, I think.”

We laughed together at her forwardness, and made fantastic love that evening.

“Would you have made it with that guy last night,” I asked the next morning.

She shook her head and placed her hands on her pretty naked hips.

“Are you still on that kick?” she asked.

I just smiled and shrugged my shoulders.

“Well, I might have considered it, if he had offered,” she admitted. “I guess you could tell I was really turned on by being so close to him, even brushing against him once or twice. And, he was kinda shy, and I like shy guys – they are more gentle.”

She looked at me out of the corner of her eye and then leaned back, stretching luxuriously, letting me feast my eyes on her whole body.

“Did you want me to?” she asked. “Or would you have liked me to do something like offering to wash him and let him wash me?”

I leaned over and ran my hand over her body, stopping at her vagina, feeling the heat and getting warm wetness on my probing finger.

“I don’t know whether I wanted you to,” I said, finally, “cause I was really enjoying myself with just what you were doing. But, I can tell you this, I sure wouldn’t have stopped you!”

“Well, maybe someday the right situation will come up and we will see if you change your mind on all of this,” she said mischievously as we dressed to leave the park and return to our normal routine of life.

Toward the end of the summer we were sitting near the pool in the nudist park shortly after noon on a Friday, trying to keep away from the strollers and gawkers, and the aggressive swingers looking for willing partners for the evening.

A lively volleyball game was going on behind us, and two rows of lounge chairs were nearly filled around the pool in front of us.

A couple, somewhat younger than us, maybe in their mid-thirties, strolled up to the pool hand-in-hand. He was about 5’10” tall, with a fairly strong build, flat stomach closely cropped hair, and a medium-sized, but fairly-thick penis. I took him to be either a high school coach or in some area of law enforcement.

His wife was a petite brunette, maybe 5’3″, with a slim waist, and perfectly-formed A cups which had clearly never hung from her chest filled with milk. She clutched her towel in front of her to hide her pubic area, and her nipples were shriveled and hard, showing she was either cold or nervous – and it was 95 degrees.

The two surveyed the pool area and then she turned her back exposing a beautiful, tight little bottom and well-formed legs that begged a man to stare until it was unseemly. Whispering something to her husband she took his hand and the two strolled back out to the little road that ran throughout the park, walking away from 30 pairs of eyes that were devouring her.

A couple of hours later the two returned to a different pool scene. The drunks had all passed out on their lounge chairs or gone home, and everyone else was just soaking up the sun. Denise and I were reading, our usual pastime at the poolside.

The young couple walked past the crowded rows of lounge chairs to where Denise and I lounged.

“Are these taken,” the man asked, pointing to two chairs near us that had been uninhabited all day – we are not party animals and are generally ignored by the “regulars” at the park.

“Not at all, help yourself,” I responded, glancing up and smiling.

“Thank you,” he replied, glancing at Denise, who was lounging casually with one arm by her side and her legs outstretched, slightly parted to let me see “the goods” during my often “eye feasts” which assured her there was no one I wanted to see more than her.

The visitor pulled the two chairs closer to ours, turning them toward us as if he wished to strike up a conversation, glancing once again at me, and then Denise, as he did.

His young wife gave him a quick look of consternation, realizing she would have to sit totally naked within five feet of a man she had never met before – but to no avail as he threw his towel on the chair and began to settle in.

Denise had observed all that was going on, and knew how much I enjoyed someone watching her and appreciating her beauty. She laid down her book, took off her sun glasses and sat forward, pulling the back of the lounge chair into a sitting position as she did, spreading her legs tantalizingly in the process before allowing them to return to their previous position, though slightly more open.

“Is this your first time at the park?” she asked as the young lady struggled to place her towel on the chair, raise its back to a sitting position, and position herself on it, all without showing her pretty little pussy with its well-manicured black patch of hair – and failing.

“Yeah, we have talked about it several times and today just decided to come out and see what it was like,” the man said, adjusting his own sunglasses over his eyes so he could watch what he wanted without being rude. I saw Denise almost innocently open her legs a little more and shift her position slightly to give the newcomer a better angle than me. I would have to tease her about that later.

We soon were engaged in a general conversation, learning that he was a highway patrolman and his wife a first-grade teacher. The visit to the park was his idea which she just went along with because it was his birthday. Their names were Ron and Annette.

Not long into the conversation I noticed that Denise’s nipples had begun to puff up. When we get naked publicly they automatically spread over the end of her luscious breasts, but they usually did not puff up until they became engorged with blood just before an orgasm or after prolonged stimulation.

“She’s turned on with this guy,” I thought looking away quickly toward Annette as she spoke, noticing that her nipples were no longer hard little dots, but had puckered somewhat themselves, forming cute little points on her small breasts. She was also no longer squeezing her legs together, but had opened them slightly, almost emulating Denise’s casual posture.

The two girls soon excused themselves and walked around the pool to the restroom and Ron and I watched them all the way, as did every man and most women sitting around the pool.

Ron looked at me and grinned.

“Those two make quite a sight,” he said, admiringly.

“We are fortunate dudes,” I agreed. “And, by the way, you don’t have to worry about looking at Denise. We both appreciate proper attention from someone who is not just a gawker or pervert.”

“Thanks,” he said. “She’s a beautiful woman. I will tell you the same about Annette, but I can tell you this is her first time and she may not show much.”

“No problem,” I responded. “She’s a pleasure to talk to, and just those cute little tits is enough for my old eyes.”

“One thing we can do to help is to arrange these chairs,” Ron said, and we pulled the four chairs together in a tight circle, with each man directly facing the other’s wife.

The women noticed the new chair arrangement as they arrived but did not seem to object. Annette sat down sweetly, leaving her legs slightly apart. Then she surprised me completely, leaning over and planting a kiss on her husband’s check, spreading her legs widely in the process for my benefit. Sitting upright again, she shot a quick glance to see that I was watching and then blushed deeply, lowering her head until the rush of blood had resided.

It did not leave her nipples, though, as they now puffed out almost as large as the rest of her breast. Ron noticed and smiled before returning his attention to Denise; I noticed and gulped, possibly blushing myself.

We shared an animated conversation the rest of the afternoon and then took an early dinner in the little park restaurant before the drunks awakened. Later, we went down to the lounge and a couple of games of pool while the crowd was eating and before any observers arrived.

After that we swam for about an hour before we said our goodbyes and returned to our trailers. I don’t know about Ron and Annette, but Denise and I both came quickly, having been stimulated all afternoon. We had made slow love that morning, but this time were just happy to bring each other to quick, energetic orgasms.

Later that evening we followed our usual habit of visiting the hot tub. There were two other couples and two single men in the tub when we arrived, but everyone shifted closer together so we could get in.

We had been talking and laughing for about half an hour when we saw Ron walk out of the dark toward us.

“Hey, Ron, want to join us?” I asked as he approached, looking around for a place for him as he nodded.

“Here, we will squeeze them in here by us,” Denise said innocently, scooting closer to me and pointing to a small opening between her and a semi-obnoxious permanent resident of the park – much to his displeasure.

“Annette’s not coming,” Ron said quietly, she got a little too much sun this afternoon and wants to rest.” As he slid into the place Denise had made I noticed that the other guy had left little room, but I did not budge, causing Denise and Ron to sit very close together – touching, I hoped, grinning inside mischievously.

The group talked for more than an hour, with each person sitting up on the side every fifteen minutes or so to cool off. The men, of course, feasted their eyes on the three women each time they “sat out,” and all three seemed more than willing to take their turn in the spotlight, becoming more animated in their conversation as their breasts swayed with every flip of their hair or gesture with their arm. Of course the getting out and getting back in always awarded the watching men with nice spread shots.

The two other couples – who were camping together – left about 10:30 to retire to their campsite (and smoke some dope, I think).

“Let’s go for a swim,” Denise said softly to me, something which we often did at night to cool down and have some private time together. I nodded and stood up.

“Come on, Ron,” let’s cool off in the pool,” I said casually, pointedly ignoring the other two men so they would know not to follow.

Denise climbed out of the hot tub past me, looking at my face closely as she did. She was not smiling, and I may have even detected a slight frown on her face. We usually took advantage of the lowly-lighted pool to do some heavy petting, even occasional intercourse. I especially liked to lay back against the side of the pool and run my finger in and out of her anus, something which she seldom allowed in any other setting.

I didn’t know what she was thinking, and I wouldn’t force anything, but I hoped that something magic might happen in the pool that evening, and I was willing to give it every opportunity to do so.

The three of us swam laps for a while and then settled under the overhang of the sliding board for conversation. The board was about halfway down the pool, and when I rested my back against the side with Denise sitting on my knee, her nipples rested right at the water line. Then, as I moved my finger in and out of her anus, she would rise slightly with each thrust, her nipples alternately clearing the surface and then falling beneath it. It was a great turn-on for me, and I wanted Ron to see it also.

As we talked I ran my left hand down her spine, along her crack and began to seek out her tight little asshole. But she was not cooperating as she usually did. I held back and continued to talk.

Shortly later, Denise excused herself to go to the bathroom. When she returned she stayed on the side of the pool, folding her legs behind her and leaning on one arm. Her breasts hung deliciously over our upturned faces like bunches of grapes – but we dared not touch. I did, however, notice that her nipples had begun to fill up as they had that afternoon.

“She’s warming to the idea,” I thought and smiled inwardly.

A few minutes later Denise rose, giving us a long, awesome view of her pussy, and walked slowly to the steps at the end of the pool. She then walked into the pool and swam a couple of laps before coming to us and sitting across my knee again.

Ron excused himself at that time to go to the bathroom, and I took advantage of the opportunity to tilt Denise’s head back and kiss her warmly and tenderly on the mouth.

I ran my hand down across her stomach and probed her vagina, finding it as wet and slippery as I expected.

We broke off the kiss and she laid her head back on my shoulder, expecting me to slide my other finger down her back and into her ass. Instead, I reached around her with both hands, grasping the inside of her thighs, spreading them and lifting her into the water as I slipped my rock-hard penis into her vagina. It was all done in one motion, before she even understood my intent.

She twisted her head around to look into my face but I simply put a finger over her lips as Ron emerged from the bathroom.

He slipped into the water on the deep end and swam toward us. Denise turned to face him, her expression slightly confused as she felt me move inside of her, pulling almost all of the way out before settling back in all the way to the shaft. I could see her heart beating wildly in her neck, and feel it with my left hand as it rested just under her left breast.

We began to talk again as before, rocking with the waves of water made by Ron’s swim. Denise was tense in my arms and I pulled her up against me, nuzzling her neck with my light beard. She slowly began to relax, finally resting almost limply in my lap, telling me – I hoped – with her body that she trusted me not to hurt or offend her.

It was then that I began to move slowly in and out of her, causing her now fully-engorged nipples to rise and fall over the water line with each gentle thrust.

She allowed me to do my thing but was unable to stay in the conversation, choosing rather to lay her head back on my shoulder, looking at the moon and stars above us.

Ron and I continued to talk about our jobs and how they sometimes coincided. We may have even met a time or two but were not sure. While we talked I continued to slowly fuck my wife, loving the expression on his face as he watched her gorgeous breasts rise and fall on the water.

Then, at a break in the conversation, I pulled out, supporting her with my knee as our bodies separated. She turned her head slightly looking at me questioningly, but then smiled when she felt my left hand move down her back. In just seconds I had my middle finger embedded to the hilt in her ass and once again she lay her head back on my shoulder.

This time, however, as Ron and I watched her breasts rise and fall, she initiated a conversation about the stars and the night sky. We obliged her with brief glances up, but mostly kept our attention on her delicious body.

When she had fallen into silence again, I slowly began to lift her lower torso toward the surface of the water with the hand digitally attached to her buttocks.

As her flattened body approached the surface, her body tensed and she turned to me with a quizzical look on her face. I responded by leaning over and kissing her gently on the forehead, then the eyes and then her mouth.

As I moved from her mouth I felt the tension leave her body and saw in her eyes that she understood what I wanted. She smiled, almost sadly, and then looked at Ron – he was staring at the two of us transfixed, afraid to move or speak.

Then I felt her body tense again, but this time it was different. It was the tension along the back of her thighs as she stiffened her knees, causing her feet and lower legs to rise to the surface with the rest of her body. In just a couple of seconds she was suspended just under the surface of the water, totally visible to Ron and I. Her feet had surfaced on each side of the man, gently bouncing against his hands which hung by his sides.

The two locked eyes as he brought his hands up taking each foot and gently massaging the soles with his thumbs. She smiled at him then, their eyes still locked, before she closed hers and leaned back into my chest, totally yielded to whatever Ron and I wanted.

He massaged her feet for an agonizingly long time – at least for me – but his timing was probably perfect for her. As he stepped forward and moved his hands up to her calves she made no sound or movement, just lay there waiting.

After massaging her calves for a couple of minutes he moved forward again, reaching out to spread her thighs – and it was then she responded, bending her knees and opening her legs even wider to receive the now-hard penis he slid effortlessly into her. My finger imbedded in her anus felt the long, hard shaft slide past as he buried his manhood in her womanhood.

She accused me later of prepping him with how to handle her and I had to swear to her that I had not. Ron handled her in the only way that would have worked that night – gently, respectfully, in awe of her beauty, her willingness to please, and her fabulous body.

He moved in and out of her slowly and gently, pulling almost all the way out until the head of his penis rested just inside the outer lips, and then pushing in one smooth, deliberate motion until he was buried all the way to the shaft.

With each slow thrust, her entire body rose above the surface of the water, allowing each of us to see her breasts, her almost-flat stomach, and her totally-accepting pussy as it swallowed his manhood. After just a few thrusts she attempted to raise her head and see the action also and I stepped forward a step so she was erect enough to see what was happening to her body; she dropped her hand to my supporting arm and squeezed it in a gesture of thanks.

The three of us were entranced for several minutes as we watched the sexual act in a way we had never seen it before. Then I moved my right hand forward and began to finger her pussy, spreading the lips so we could see more of Ron’s penis as it penetrated her. Then I slid my thumb up her slit until it rested softly on her clitoris, alternately rubbing and releasing as her body rocked in the water with each thrust.

In just a matter of a few minutes the touching worked its magic. She closed her eyes, let out a low moan and arched her back while squeezing Ron’s body to a halt with her thighs. I felt her spincter muscle clamp down on my finger, and knew her kegel muscle just as tightly entombed Ron’s penis.

We stood motionless, drinking in the sight of this wonderful woman as she shuddered through the orgasm, finally relaxing again to the role of receiver.

Now Ron began to work a little faster, and I stepped forward again as Denise sat more erect and began to enter into the act. Her right hand slid down between her legs as she circled his penis with her thumb and forefinger. Her left hand caressed his face and chest, and even pinched and scratched his nipples. He responded by driving ever more forcefully into her.

The two were almost gasping for breath when he shuddered to his own orgasm. I felt her once again work internal magic as she squeezed us both in a rhythmic milking of emotion and semen.

Ron pulled out gently when the milking was done, slipping away across the pool. I held my woman in my arms and kissed her deeply. She raised her hand to my head, pulling my mouth hard against hers and kissed me back.

When we were finally finished declaring our love in the wordless embrace, Ron had gone. He and Annette would leave the next morning before we had a chance to see them. It would be almost a year before we saw them again, but that is a story for another time.

Denise and I returned to our trailer and collapsed on the floor. I could not keep my mouth off her, kissing her, licking her, sucking her, whispering in her ear, nibbling on her earlobe, giving her butterfly kisses with my eyelashes.

And then she opened her legs and took me and we were oblivious to the world around us for more than half an hour as our bodies locked in the deepest expression of love known to man.

“That’s five times today, that is definitely a record,” she said dreamily as we lay side by side on the camper floor. I thought she was asleep and was surprised that she wanted to talk.

“How do you figure five?” I asked, trying to remember all that had happened that day.

“Well, there was this morning, and then this afternoon. Then you had me in the pool, though you didn’t come. Then there was Ron; and finally, there was tonight.”

“I think that is a record that might last a lifetime,” I said tentatively, hoping my actions that day had not endangered our relationship.

She rolled over and propped her head up with an elbow, looking me in the eye. There was no accusation, no guilt, no joking – nothing but love. It was a look I had often seen, and one which I sometimes longed for when we were separated for any length of time.

She caressed my face, kissing me gently several times.

“I don’t ever want to forget today,” she said. “But I don’t think I ever want to repeat it either.”

“I don’t either,” I said, glad that she had not been adversely affected by acting out my fantasy, and knowing that the events of the day could never be duplicated even if we wanted to.

I pulled her to me, stroking her hair, and holding her closely.

“Do you want to go into bed?” I asked, raising my head slightly to look into her face.

There was no answer; she was fast asleep, her head resting peacefully on my chest.


 Wife Could Be Pregnant

Rosa was feeling depressed as she watched her husband, Ron, packing his suitcase. Ron often had to take a business flight to another state and she didn’t like to stay by herself. If she had a child, she wouldn’t be lonely while Ron was gone, but Ron could not get her pregnant. They had applied for a child through an adoption agency, but it might be years before they received one.

When Ron had his suitcase at the front door ready to leave, he looked as cheerful as he could to say, “I’m ready to go. It will give you something to do by driving me to the airport.”

“I know, but this house is very lonesome when you are gone. I can be with you a little longer by driving you to the airport.

Rosa was very quiet on the way to the airport because there wasn’t much to say. She was wondering what she would do when she returned home.

Once they arrived at the airport, Rosa said, “Why don’t you park in the short term parking lot and I’ll walk in with you?”

Rosa accompanied Ron while he checked in to get a boarding pass, then they walked to the security gate where she could go no farther.

Ron tightly hugged Rosa and kissed her. She hung on to him as if she didn’t want him to go.

Rosa sadly said, “I’m going to be very lonely while you are gone.”

“And I’m going to miss you too. Go to the library and do some reading. Also, you can go to a movie. Right now I have to leave or I may miss my plane. I’ll call you later,” Ron said in the best cheerful voice he could muster.

Rosa stood and watched Rom walk away and disappear. She walk down the hall to a coffee shop. What was she going to do? She was tired of reading books and she didn’t like to see a movie by herself. She watched the people going up and down the walkway.

Just then a man carrying a brief case sat down at the table next to her. Rosa thought he was rather handsome and a little older than herself. He looked rather distinguished with his graying sideburns. She wondered if he was from another city and visiting here, or was he getting a coffee before going home to his wife.

She glanced away and back to him just as his eyes met hers. He asked, “I just arrived. Can you tell me what the weather is like outside?”

Rosa was surprised that he spoke to her. She finally organized her thoughts to say, “Oh, it’s just cloudy outside, no rain.”

“Guess I don’t need my raincoat. That’s nice since I forgot to bring it.”

The stranger continued to ask Rosa about the area and city. He finally induced himself as, “George.”

By now they seemed to be having a pleasant conversation. Then he said, “I need to get a taxi to take me to my hotel.”

Rosa was enjoying the pleasant conversation with him. She blurted out, “I have a car in the parking lot, I could drop you off.” She could hardly believe she said that. He was a complete stranger, maybe a murder, or rapist. What was she getting herself into. But she had blurted out the offer for a ride, now she was stuck with it.

George got up from the table, look lovingly at Rosa and said, “That’s very nice of you to give me a lift.”

They walked into the parking lot and got in her car. Their conversation continued while she was driving. She was beginning to think she was glad she offered the ride. When they arrived at the hotel and George had his luggage, he said, “I’m going to be having dinner here tonight by myself. It would be my pleasure if you would have dinner with me..”

This also surprised Rosa and she didn’t know what to say on short notice. . She didn’t answer immediately. She thought about her lonely house and having to eat dinner alone.

She smiled at George, “That’s very thoughtful for you to invite me. Yes, I would like to come back for dinner. What time?”

“Make it about seven tonight.”

“I’ll be here.”

Rosa went home and began thinking. She was a married lady. She had affairs before her marriage to Ron, but had been faithful to him after their marriage vows. Of course, she had no intention of getting in bed with this stranger, so what was she worried about. She could go to his hotel dining room, eat dinner, enjoy the conversation and drive back home. That would be a fairly innocent evening and she wouldn’t have to be bored at home. She definitely decided to keep the dinner invitation.

Later that day she started dressing for dinner. She couldn’t decide what kind of clothes to wear. There was a blouse that showed much of her breasts, but she didn’t want to look too sexy or too conservative. She decided on a blouse that would give a glimpse of her breasts, the kind that makes a man wonder what the rest of her breasts would look like. Then she picked a skirt that hugged her hips rather tightly. A pair of high heels would be good. She wasn’t too concerned about underclothes because George wouldn’t see them. But she felt rather sexy and decided to wear thigh highs with some throng panties. Should she wear a bra? She tried on the blouse without wearing a bra and noticed the bumps of the nipples didn’t show very much. However they could easily be seen. What was she trying to do, seduce him? No, definitely not, but she did want to look a little seductive. She decided to skip the bra. She would be out with a strange man and wanted to look nice. Would she be a prick teaser? No she didn’t want that, but she did want to look desirable.

After she had dressed and admired herself in the mirror, she thought she still retained her youthful beauty. She was ready to go.

She drove to the hotel and saw George in the lobby. George got to his feet to greet her.

“It’s so nice to see you. You look beautiful.”

“Guess I do look better than this morning when I was wearing jeans. Thank you for the complement.”

“You deserve it. You are a beautiful lady. I noticed you are wearing a wedding ring.”

“Yes, when I met you this morning, my husband had just left. He will be back tomorrow evening.”

“I’ll be here for one night, too. I’m sure you see my wedding ring. I get lonely by myself in a strange city.”

The evening dinner slowly progressed as they seemed in no hurry for it to end. They lingered over a cocktail before ordering, then stayed for an after dinner drink. When that drink had been consumed, George suggested, “I’m enjoying your company so much, let’s move to the cocktail lounge for another drink.”

Rosa hesitated. Should she go home? If she had another drink she might not be able to drive home. If that happened, she would take a taxi. When she came to that conclusion she said, “That will be nice. I like talking to you. It’s still early and I’ll be bored if I go home.”

Rosa and George were comfortably settled in the cocktail lounge with a drink There was a small dance floor. Rosa felt comfortable in his arms as they danced. She closed her eyes and left it up to him to dance where ever he wanted to dance. This wasn’t her husband, but she felt close to him. She knew the drinks were making her feel dreamy. If she was completely sober, she would be going home, but she didn’t want to go home.

About a half hour in the cocktail lounge and two drinks, George said, “Rosa, you are a very sweet lady and I like you.”

Rosa dreamily responded, “You are a nice guy and I like you too, but I need to go home.”

“I don’t think you can drive right now.”

Rosa wasn’t thinking logically because she said, “I don’t want to go home to my empty house. I assume your room has two beds. Just let me go to sleep in your spare bed.”

George held her, looked into her eyes, and kissed her. She readily accepted his kiss.

She then realized what had happened, “I shouldn’t let you kiss me. I’m married to Ron.”

George responded, “I’m sorry if I offended you. You are so lovely that I couldn’t help it. Your lips are so delightful and you are very sexy.”

Rosa dreamily said, “Your kiss was very nice.”

George took the hint and kissed her very deeply, then said, “Let’s go upstairs.”

George had his arm around Rosa as they rode the elevator. She began to have second thoughts. She knew she should leave, but she wanted to go on up to his room and lie down. The elevator door opened, they walked down the hall, he inserted the key and they walked into his room. She looked around to see two beds. She thought she would be safe now and sleep by herself.

Just then, George faced her for another long sexy kiss. She melted in his arms. She knew then she would not sleep by herself.

George realized the drinks were affecting her. “Rosa, let’s sit down on the edge of the bed.”

She clung to him as they moved to the bed. Instead of sitting, George guided her to where she was lying on her back with her feet hanging off the side of the bed. He sat down beside her and lean forward for their lips to mesh in a very sexy kiss. Her arms encircled his neck to pull him closer to her.

When the kiss was broken, she looked into his eyes to say, “I should get up and sleep in the other bed.”

Rosa knew what would happen if she continued to lie on the bed with him. She liked his kisses, but she shouldn’t have sex with him. .

George softly said, “I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to do, but you are so lovely that I want to make love to you.”

Rosa was so relaxed and comfortable with George leaning into her for another long kiss. She felt there was no longer any use to resist. Again, her arms circled his neck to pull him tighter to her.

George looked into her eyes again and said, “I know you are not wearing a bra. All evening I’ve noticed the shape of your nipples pushing out your blouse. Now I’ve going to kiss them.”

George slowly unbuttoned her blouse starting the with top button. Rosa closed her eyes and relaxed as she felt George unbutton each one. By now her blouse was unbuttoned down to her waist. She could feel George spread her blouse to the sides to expose her breasts. Then she felt his lips on one nipple. The feeling made her want to pull his body closer to hers. She was feeling very erotic as George continued to massage one breast while kissing the other. Then she felt his kisses go down her body to her stomach. She could feel him trying to unzip her skirt, but was having a problem with the zipper.

Rosa said, “Let me get the zipper started.”

Once the zipper was undone, George pulled her skirt down and off her legs. Then he removed her thong panties. Now she could feel his kisses at her crotch searching for her pussy. She spread her legs to encourage him. George’s wet tongue opened up her pussy lips to lick up and down which sent very erotic thrills through her body every time his tongue touched her clit.

Again, she thought of her husband and knew she should get up, but she felt she didn’t have the will to do it. She would stay here with this handsome stranger and enjoy herself.

George moved back up to kiss her lips, then said, “I’m getting out of my clothes.” Soon he was naked and back in bed with Rosa. They had been lying on the side of the bed, now they moved around in bed to a comfortable position.

Their lips met again. Rosa was wonder what George would do next. She wanted him to be the aggressor and she would cooperate. They kissed several more times causing her to feel even more erotic. She was ready to take his cock, but was waiting for George to make the move. While kissing, she could feel one of his hands roaming over her body and exploring her wet pussy. His finger was now penetrating her while his thumb caressed her clit. She wanted something bigger than his finger in her.

Then George rolled around with his head near her pussy. She assumed he wanted to do the six nine position. As yet, she had not used her hand to feel his erection. She thought a six nine position would be a good position to explore his cock and balls.

Now that they were laying on their sides, his cock was at her face. She held it with one hand and took the head in her mouth. She heard George moan with delight. She could feel George lift her leg up so that he could get his head at her crotch. That was uncomfortable for her.

She said, “Let me roll up on top of you. This position is too uncomfortable for me.”

George didn’t say anything, but rolled Rosa up on top. Now Rosa clasped his balls with one hand while holding his cock with the other. She jacked it a little, then deep throated him. George really became vocal with groans and moans. She deep throated him a couple more times until she heard him say something.

“Rosa, take it easy. I don’t want to cum too soon. I want this to last awhile before I cum.”

Rosa then backed up to swirl her tongue around the head and look at his swollen cock. She thought it looked about the same as her husband’s cock. Maybe the head was a little larger. She took the head in her mouth again to explore the size and decided it was larger. George was groaning about the same as her husband does when she sucks his cock. She was wonder if his semen would taste the same. She wasn’t sure if George would want to cum in her mouth or in her pussy. She would wait and let him decide when he was ready.

She was feeling very erotic and wanted an orgasm at the same time as George or before he cum. Sometimes she could have two orgasms in an evening while her husband had one.

George’s tongue in her pussy was making her feel very erotic and she felt she could have an orgasm if he kept it up. It seemed to her that George was in no hurry to move to another position. Evidently, he was enjoying having his tongue in her pussy. She knew George could see her pussy and ass since there was a dim light in the room.

George’s tongue kept giving her thrills and she was beginning to feel her body building up to an orgasm. She started moving her butt in rhythm with his tongue. George could sense that Rosa may be about to have an orgasm and began to concentrate his tongue on her clit. She was now grinding her pussy into his mouth when she started gasping, her body straining and surging, as she was going though a very erotic orgasm.

It took a little while before Rosa’s body became very relaxed and limp lying on top of George. Her hand was still holding his cock which was pressed up beside her cheek with her mouth practically resting on his balls.

When Rosa became alert, she asked, “Do you want me to finish you off like this?”

“I would like to fuck you. Let me turn around to another position.”

Rosa rolled off of George and laid on her back. George moved up on top of her while she spread her legs and pulled them up to give George plenty of room to fully penetrate her. His cock started punching for her hole. Before she could move her hand down between their bodies to aim his cock, his erection found her hole. She was so juicy that George’s cock eased all the way in. She could feel his cock throb a couple of times in her pussy, so she reacted by pulsating on his cock causing George to moan. She was wondering if he was about to cum. They laid still for a little bit to relax and enjoy the erotic feeling of his cock buried in her body.

While they were lying still with his cock soaking in her pussy, Rosa began to be a little concerned about getting pregnant with this stranger. She was not on the pill because she kept hoping her husband would get her pregnant. . Maybe she should tell this handsome man to let her out of bed so she could leave.”

Before she could say anything about getting up, George started back and forth movements, letting his cock come nearly all the way out and then plunging back in. Rosa’s natural instinct was to push up to match his thrusts. George became very vocal as his cock shot spurt after spurt of cum in her body. The erotic feeling of his sperm filling her body and possibly making her pregnant caused Rosa to have another orgasm with him. They both were gasping for air as their bodies erotically surged during their orgasms. As they came down from their highs, they both felt exhausted

George rolled off of Rosa to lie quietly by her side. She could sense that George was dozing off to sleep. What if she got pregnant? Would that be bad or good? Since Ron couldn’t get her pregnant, maybe this is her chance to have a child. This stranger was in good health, handsome, and smart. She decided it would be good to get pregnant and Ron would never know that he wasn’t the father.

Both George and Rosa had a slight hangover when they woke up the next morning.

George said, “I think when we get out of bed and in the shower, we’ll feel much better. Also, there is a coffee maker on the table, so I’m going to get the coffee going and it will be ready by the time we get out of the shower.”

“Good idea for both the coffee and the shower,” Rosa thoughtfully said.

George and Rosa stepped into the shower together to soap, wash, and hug each other. When George kissed Rosa in the shower, she said, “Let’s try that again after we get dried off.”

George quickly responded, “And then let’s get back in bed before we get dressed.”

That statement gave Rosa the idea that George wanted more sex. She said, “That’s alright with me.”

After they had dried off, George poured two cups of coffee and propped their pillows up against the headboard to sit in bed to have coffee. While sipping coffee, the one free hand George had began to roam over Rosa’s breasts and down to her crotch. He softly said, “We had a great time last night, didn’t we”

“Yes, you are a very good lover.”

“Rosa, you are so sweet and sexy, I could stay in bed with you all day if I didn’t have to attend a meeting later this morning.”

“My husband will be home later today and I must go home.”

By now they had finished coffee. Rosa reached for George’s cock to squeeze it and jack it a little bit. Then she moved down in bed to love it. She took the head in her mouth and sucked. Then she lifted her head up and turned to look in George’s eyes. She noticed he was still propped up with his pillow watching her. There was plenty of light in the room since it was a sunny day outside.

She commented, “Do you like watching me do this?”

“You are fantastic and very beautiful.”

“Alright, I’m going to finish you off this way and you can watch if you like it that way.”

She turned back to his cock, jacked it a couple of times and then deep throated him. She heard him moan. She thought she would make him moan and groan some more. She licked all around his cock, then started deep throating him, coming nearly all the way up and then back down to where his cock nearly all disappeared in her mouth and throat. Within a very short time she heard him becoming more vocal and knew he would cum very soon. She didn’t want to chock, so she did not go down nearly as far and put one hand at the base of his cock to assist in jacking him

When the first long spurt came, she pulled back to where only the head was in her mouth. His cock was jerking and jumping with each spurt as she continued to jack him and take sperm. She vigorously jacked him and knew with each of his jerks, another spurt of cum was entering her mouth. She began to start swallowing. George was very vocal, although he was beginning to be a little quieter. Soon, he let out a long breath and went completely limp. She knew she had tamed this handsome man.

George opened his eyes and looked at Rosa. “You are a wonderful lady. Now it’s your turn.”

Rosa laid on her back while George moved into a position with his head between her legs. He clasped both of her legs with his two hands to spread them farther and push them up. Then his mouth and tongue started to enjoy her pussy.

George knew that it took a lady longer than a man to work up to an orgasm. He slowly licked her pussy and sucked on her clit. His tongue found it’s way over other areas of her bottom including up the crack of her ass. There was plenty of light in the room to see her ass and pussy. Within a few minutes he could feel that Rosa was beginning to react more to his caresses. He started spending more time sucking and licking her clit which soon brought Rosa to an orgasm.

George moved up to kiss Rosa on the lips, then said, “I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time with you. It’s too bad we have to part. I’ll always remember you.”

“And I’ll always remember the night we spent together, but we’re both married and should never see each other again.”

“Let’s get dressed,” George said, “and get some breakfast before we leave the motel.”

Once Rosa had driven home, she fondly reminisced of all the things she and George did. Then she wondered if George had made her pregnant. If so, she and Ron would be happy with the child.

Tonight she would be with Ron, her husband, and she knew he would want to make love to her. She would welcome him with open arms and gladly accept his love making.

She drove to the airport to pick Ron m up. She greeted him with a kiss and they both said they loved each other.

Ron asked, “Well, what did you do to keep yourself busy and not being bored last night?”

“Oh, I went out, got picked up by a handsome guy and he fucked me all night long.”

Ron laughed and said, “You are the biggest bullshitter I know.”

Rosa laughed right back and said, “I guess you don’t believe me. Let’s go home and get in bed.”

While Ron was driving on the way home, Rosa’s thoughts kept returning to the big question, “Am I pregnant?”


 Wife Sells Herself

My name is Linda. Ron and I fell in love and married before he was a full fledged doctor. Next year he will be doing his internship, but our problem is that our combined savings have been used up. I don’t earn very much flipping hamburgers at MacDonalds and Ron is so busy with his studies.

One evening while I was at work, four guys came in to eat. They were joking and seemed to be having so much fun together. They flirted with me as I took their order and it got my mind off my financial worries. I noticed one guy was buying all the food and said he would take them out for a beer after eating. When he paid me for the order, he pulled a big wad of bills out of his pocket.

I said, “You better stop flashing your money or someone will hit you over the head for it.”

He responded, “I don’t care, I just inherited a pile of money and I want to spend some of it.”

They sat down to eat. It was time for me to get off work. As I was leaving, I had to walk near their table as I went for the exit.

The guy with the money raised his voice, “Hey, pretty girl, come sit with us before you leave.”

I had been so glum about our financial situation that I thought they could cheer me up with their laughter. However, I knew I should go home to my husband. Then I remember he was working in the hospital that night.

I sat down at their table and said, “OK, guys, for a couple of minutes. I have a husband waiting for me at home.”

That didn’t deter their enthusiasm for a married girl to sit with them. The guy with the money introduced himself as Jim. I told them my name.

“Linda”, Jim looked me in the eye, “We’re going out for a beer and we would like for you to come along with us.”

“I can’t do that, don’t you see my wedding ring?”

“That doesn’t bother us, come on and have some fun.”

I didn’t respond to that but sat there and had some laughs with them. When it was time for them to leave, I walked out with them and got in their car as if that was what I was supposed to do. We went to a nearby bar and had some drinks. I danced with each guy and we were having a good time.

I finally said, “I need to go home. Drive me back to my car at MacDonalds.”

“OK, if that is what you want”, Jim responded

Jim and I were the only two in the car when he drove into MacDonald’s driveway.

When we parked he said, “Don’t leave me just yet. I inherited this money from my mother who just passed away and was buried yesterday. I feel so lonely and sad and just don’t want to go home as yet.”

We sat and talked and I began to think he was a very nice guy.

He looked at me to say, “I wish you could keep me company all night, but I know you are married and won’t.”

“No I couldn’t. I love my husband very much. Sorry you feel so lonely, but I have my problems too”.

He responded, “Now what kind of problems can a pretty girl like you have?”

“I’ve been so worried lately about our finances and don’t know what to do. I’ve enjoyed being out with you guys tonight to forget about my worries for a short time.” I explained about Ron studying to be a doctor

“Maybe I could help. I have plenty of money and if you would spend part of the night with me, I’ll make it worth your while.”

I quickly responded with a loud voice, “Watch what you are saying, I’m not a whore.”

“I apologize. I really didn’t mean it that way. But you need money and I need company. You said your husband was working tonight and wouldn’t miss you. Also, didn’t you screw around while in High School?”

“That’s true, I was not a virgin when I married Ron.” I hesitated then asked, “How much can you give me?”

Jim pulled out a roll of bills and flipped through a stack of twenty dollar bills.

“You can have all of this.”

“Alright, let’s go to a motel, not to my house”.

He drove to a very nice motel and went in the office to register while I sat in the car. I began to think about what I was doing. I loved my husband, but we needed money. I could only rationalize that I was sacrificing myself for him. I was determined to go through with it.

Jim returned and drove to our motel door. As I was about to enter the door, I began to get “cold feet.” Part of me wanted to go away, and part of me wanted the money. Jim was a handsome guy and seemed very nice. Being naked with him and having sex would probably be alright, but I was hoping he wasn’t some kind of a weirdo. If so, I would get up and dress and tell him to keep his money. I walked in the room willing to sacrifice myself.

Once the door was shut, he seemed shy as he looked at me.

I said, “Here we are, alone together”.

“You are a very pretty girl. I don’t want to rush you or do anything you don’t like. But I would like to kiss your very inviting lips.”

He put his arms around me and our lips met briefly. Then he hugged me tighter as our mouths opened and tongues dance. I was beginning to feel sexy so I put my arms around his neck to hold him tighter.

When we broke the kiss I said, “Wow, you really can kiss a girl to make her feel good”.

He softly responded, “You are so pretty and sexy, that warmed me all the way down to my toes”.

I chuckled, “I think it did because I feel something hard down below.”

Saying something like that to a stranger rather surprised me. Guess the drinks made me feel more relaxed for what we were doing.

Jim started undressing me by first taking off my blouse and bra to allow my ample breasts to be free.

He bent down to kiss each nipple, then back up to share a very sexy kiss with me. I could feel his very hard erection pushing against my body. I knew I was here for sex and decided I might as well cooperate. I moved my hand down to his crotch to rub his erection.

He back away a little from me to unbuckle his belt, then unzip his jeans and drop them down. Now my hand could easy fondle his cock through his shorts.

I had worked an eight hour shift and knew I needed to have a shower. I always liked to be clean for sex, especially when I take a cock in my mouth.

I said, “Let’s get in the shower to clean up before we go any further.”

With a joyous sound in his voice, he quickly said, “That sounds like fun, let’s do it”.

I started sliding my jeans down my legs and then sat in a chair to pull them off. Jim quickly seized the opportunity to pull them off my legs then took my hands to pull me up to a standing position. He tugged at my panty waist band and pulled them down to let me step of out of them. Now I was standing completely naked in front of him. I was beginning to feel a little embarrassed until he pulled me to him for another long sexy kiss. While kissing, he moved one hand down to my wet pussy to touch my clit, then inserted a finger. When we broke the kiss, I helped him pull his shorts down to allow his hard cock to stick straight out. I looked down to see it curved upward with a big purple head. From the brief glance, it looked bigger than my husband’s cock.

Jim took my hand and led me to the shower. We rubbed our soapy bodies together while sharing a lengthy kiss. Once we had dried off we crawled up on the bed for Jim to hold me for another kiss.

He softly said, “How did I get so lucky to have you in bed with me. You are such a fantastic girl.”

He kissed my nipples then moved on down my body to kiss my pussy. His tongue licked my clit making me feel very sexy. I suddenly thought about my husband and wondered what he would do if he ever found out I had been unfaithful. I doubt I could ever convince him that I was doing this for us. Then I forgot about my husband and concentrated on the feeling of his tongue in my pussy. He moved his butt around to my head. I assumed he wanted me to take his cock in my mouth. He rolled me up on top of him in a six nine position. I took his cock in my mouth, swirled my tongue around the big head, then went down on him as far as I could. I heard him groan with pleasure.

I started up and down on his cock as I fondled his balls. He started pushing up in jerks as his cum started spurting in my mouth. He gave me a very big mouth full, but I was well experienced in consuming it all. However, I couldn’t gulp it as fast as he was spurting and some of it was running down on his balls. His body was gradually relaxing although I continued to keep his cock in my mouth. I always did it that way with my husband and I knew he liked it, so I thought this stranger would like it too.

He rolled me off and said, “Sorry, I just couldn’t hold it, but I’ll be ready again to satisfy you.”

We talked for a little while. Actually, I let him do most of the talking. He was telling me about how much he loved his mother and father. Both were now dead and he missed them in his life. I looked at his cock and decided to help him get it hard. I again took it in my mouth while he played with my pussy. It didn’t take long before I spread my legs as he moved on top.

He pulled my legs up with my knees near my breasts and rammed his cock fully in me. Our lips met in a long open mouth kiss while he started slow back and forth movements. He knew just the right movements to make it feel good for me. I could feel an orgasm building up in my body and started pushing up a little faster to him even though he had me pinned down. My orgasm came on strong as I heard him loudly groan and could feel his cock jerking with each spurt of cum in my pussy.

He rolled off of me allowing both of us to lie side by side rather exhausted.

I remained quiet until he finally broke the silence. “That was fantastic. I want to see you some more.”

I said, “I’m afraid this is it. I’m married and can’t continue an affair.”

“You told me you needed the money. I could give you even more if we could meet again. Please?”

“I’ll think about it. I can’t give you my phone number, but if you’ll give me yours, I might agree when we get desperate for more money.”

He gave me the roll o f money, then we dressed and he drove me back to my car.

I drove home expecting to find the house dark, but when I drove in the drive way, the lights were on. I went in to be greeted by my husband.

He said, “I got to come home early. Where have you been.”

I was completely at a loss to come up with an excuse. I finally said, “I made some new friends and went out for a beer. You were at work and I thought it would be alright?”

“Who were these people you made friends with?”

“Oh, I met them at MacDonalds. They seemed to be having fun and I joined them.”

Ron let the subject drop for the moment, but I knew that was not the end.

We went to bed and Rom started kissing me. When his hand reached my pussy he said, “You sure are juicy. You must be in the mood. I’m in the mood too, so let’s have fun.”

He kissed me again while he moved two fingers in my slippery pussy. He moved his fingers up to taste my juices.

He suddenly exclaimed, “You’ve been fucked! Who were your friends tonight?”

I started crying and told him I did it for money, for us so that he could stay in college. I guess the tears were making him feel sorry for me because he said, “I appreciate your wanting to help, but I can’t believe you did this, especially behind my back.”

He got some tissues and wiped my eyes. Then he said, “Now, now, quit crying. I’ll forgive you this once because I love you. Tell me what happened and about your sex with another guy.”

I gave him all the details as he held me tight and often kissed me. I could feel his very hard erection. Was this turning him on?”

When I finished telling him all the sordid details, I asked, “Now are you going to divorce me or fuck me? You do have a very hard erection.”

He didn’t answer, but rolled on top of me as I spread my legs. His cock plunged all the way in my sloppy pussy. He gave a few strokes and became very vocal as he added his cum to the remains of a stranger’s cum.

We laid side by side for awhile until I said, “What do we do now?”

“I’m very disappointed you did it behind my back, but it did turn me on when you told me the details. Guess I can’t be mad at you for that. I still love you very much and I believe you love me, too.”

“Again, what do we do now?”

“We’ll go on living the way we were. Please don’t ever do that again without my knowledge.”

I questioned right back, “You mean you would let me fuck a stranger for money as long as you knew about it?”

Ron said, “I agree we need the money. Maybe you can get him to come to our house. I would like to meet him.”

I asked, “You mean he could come here to fuck me? It turned you on so much, maybe you would like to watch him? Would you be jealous?”

“No, I would not be jealous and it would be a big turn on for me. I never thought I would want you to fuck another guy, especially to watch his cock sliding in and out of you. Guess my sexual desires are coming to surface. Call him tomorrow and invite him. Tell him it would be a threesome and see how he reacts to that.”

“Alright, if that is what you want. I know we can use the money, too.”

We went to sleep in each others’ arms.

The next evening I called Jim. He seemed so excited that I had called. I explained the threesome and that it turned on my husband. He seemed reluctant to agree at first, but then said he wanted more sex with me and he would agree to most anything even if we fucked out under the streetlight. That brought a laugh to both of us. I told him to come on over. Ron and I both took showers and waited for Ron. I used cologne between my breasts and between my legs. I noticed Ron had an erection when he watched me apply the cologne. I think he was trying to visualize a strange cock fucking me.

Ron shook hands with Jim when I introduced them. I noticed Jim was dress up some as if he was trying to impress me. Ron fixed drinks for us and we sat around to get more acquainted. After the second drink was finished, I said, “Let’s get started.”

I walked toward the bedroom and glanced back to see both guys following me. Once in the bedroom, the two guys started undressing me. I felt like a queen being waited on by two suitors. They removed my blouse and bra, then I started slipping my long pants down. I sat on the bed to say, “Pull them off.”

They each had a pant leg to finish pulling down and off my feet leaving me with only my panties on.

I said, “You guys get out of your clothes.”

They hurriedly undressed and I saw two very hard cocks sticking straight out ready for action.

I gave Jim a slight push suggesting he lie down on the bed. I was up on my knees and took his cock in my mouth. I thought my husband would watch, but then I felt his hands tug at my panty waist band as he started pulling them down. I raised one knee at a time for him to pull them off while I continued to lick around Jim’s cock head. Then I felt my husband’s tongue licking up and down my pussy stopping long enough to suck on my clit each time he passed it. I didn’t know there would be this much action so soon.

I asked, “Jim, do you want to cum this way or some other way?”

“I want to do it doggie style the first time.”

Jim got up on his knees behind me. I could feel him move the head of his cock up and down my slit, then felt it pressing in me. The head entered and he pushed some more, pulled back a little and then went all the way in. I glance around to see my husband watching Jim’s cock sliding back and forth in me. I was very juicy, so I knew he could see my juices clinging to Jim’s cock each time he pull back before plunging in again.

Evidently my husband felt he was out of the action. He laid on his back on the bed and moved his butt near my face. I knew what he wanted, so I took his cock in my mouth. Now I had a cock in my mouth and one in my pussy. I never dreamed I would be so daring to do this.

Before long, Jim was loudly groaning and I could feel his cock jerking in me. Evidently when my husband knew Jim was cumming in my pussy, it caused him to erupt in my mouth. I was getting two loads of cum at the same time.

I held tissues under me when Jim’s small cock was slipping out. Then I was surprised to feel Jim licking my pussy and ass. Evidently he liked to eat a sloppy pussy. I turned over on my back to give Jim easy access to my crotch. I was already sexually turned on and his tongue and mouth felt very good. I looked at my husband to see he was intently watching Jim. He looked at me for a moment and we smiled at each other. I knew he was very pleased and turned on with our threesome.

I began to push my pussy into Jim’s mouth as I started moaning a little. I knew my orgasm was getting close. Jim moved his finger up and down the crease of my ass and started pushing to enter it just as my body began to strain and jerk with my orgasm. It seemed the orgasm rippled throughout my body for one of the best orgasms I’ve had in a long time.

We three cleaned up a little. The two guys put on their shorts while I slipped on my panties and went back into the living room. We had another round of drinks while we made small talk. Jim handed me a wad of money which I gave to Ron. We thanked him, but I asked if he wanted to do it one more time before he left.

Jim shyly nodded his head yes. He had fucked me once, now I thought I would give him a blow job while my husband watched. I wanted to excite him a little, so I stood up, let my panties fall down and stepped out of them. I walked over to him sitting on the couch, got down on my knees and pulled his shorts down and off of one leg. I made eye contact with Jim and smiled. He said, “You are fantastic.” He leaned forward to kiss me.

I teased his cock head with my tongue while I jacked him a little with my hand. Since he had already cum once, I assume it would take awhile for the second time. His cock was firm but not very hard. I played with his balls and licked up and down his shaft. I took one ball in my mouth and pulled back to let it plot out. His cock seemed to harden more especially when my lips reached the head and I deep throated him before licking up and down the shaft some more. I saw my husband playing with cock.

I asked Ron, “Why don’t you come over here and sit on the couch too.”

Ron got up and sat down close enough for me to put one hand on his cock while I had my mouth on Jim’s cock. I continued to concentrate on Jim’s cock to make him cum. I sucked on him for another ten minutes until he started yelling he was going to cum. I jacked him very fast and opened my mouth to let it shoot onto my tongue. I kept jacking him until his body went limp.

Ron said, “Do the same to me.”

I moved over on my knees a little until I was in front of my husband. I put my mouth over his cock and it started jerking and shooting. I continue to squeeze and jack his cock until it became flaccid. I stood up and looked down at the two guys and said, “Looks as if I have two well satisfied guys here.” I jokingly continued, “Do either of you want some more right now?”

My husband said, “I’m done and I think our friend is finished for tonight.”

Jim put on his clothes while Ron and I went in the bedroom to put on our night clothing. We escorted Jim to the front door. He said, “Giving you money is not a problem and I want to come back soon.”

I said, “As long as my husband doesn’t mind, you are welcome. The only rule is that we don’t hide any of our activities from Ron, my loving husband.”


Wife Pays Interest For Husband

Although Zahida was about 35 years old now after being married for 15 years, she did not look a day older than 28. I had dreamt about her for the last 12 years. She always turned heads wherever she went. She had a body designed for sin, which a man could dream of possessing. Nature had been generous in endowing her not only with a good height of 5 feet 6 inches, but also with the figure of a goddess and a clear complexion.

Zahida was sexy as hell even after birth of three children. She had fair skin, high cheekbones, a straight nose, a firm chin, and a lovely soft-lipped mouth. Her eyes were bluish, and her lips were naturally pink. Her long blond hair cascaded to her knees. There were a few small dark beauty spots on cheeks. Her lovely, genuine, warm, beautiful smile that lit up her eyes always motivated me to kiss her.

She had to be the most gorgeous woman I’d ever met. She may have been hotter than any woman I’d ever imagine may. Something I found instantly enticing was her body, She had a body to die for, with full, lovely protruding breasts probably 36C, wide hips, and extremely erotic arse, which wiggled as she walked. The fullness of her breasts and the soft, sexy sway of her hips made me thinks of touching them. My prick was always in a state of readiness on seeing her; such ripe and heavy breasts that were appropriate and seemed to be still firm on a slim and fair body were a heavenly sight for me. To get her into my bed at any cost was my dream.

But I always tried to control my feelings. Any hurry in the process would mean getting kicked in the nuts. Things had to happen gradually. This realization was both arousing and disturbing; after all, she was not just another woman but the wife of a very dear friend, Kashif.

My association with Kashif was quite old, as he had been my friend from childhood. Kashif was an average man with average looks, a small business, and an average income. He had married Zahida about 15 years back, and I had frozen in place when I had met her first 12 years before. I was immediately impressed by how great Zahida looked. I felt my face flush in embarrassment, and I tried to look away, but I couldn’t. Zahida’s beauty, good nature, and exuberance had taken me in.

Zahida was oblivious to my intentions, although she loved the attention I showered on her. Being friends, we met frequently, but somehow there was always a formal line, which wasn’t breached by us.

Once Kashif came to meet me. He told me, “I am in deep trouble, and after thinking hard, I decided that I would ask you if you could help me.”

“Tell me, Kashif. I will try my best. I would be pleased if I could help you,” I said.

He told me that ” I had recently hit some hard time, and I need one million rupees as a loan and hope that you will help me, he told me details about his financial needs.”

My sick mind took over to Zahida his wife, when I heard this thinking how can I leverage this to my advantage.

“But that is a huge amount!”

“Yes I know it is, but I promise you that I will return it after only two months.”

“OK, Kashif, I will give you the money, but let me say frankly that you will need to give me this in a written agreement. I don’t mind, but this is a huge amount, you know.”

I was thinking I could use my money to help him out, but wanted something in return.

“Yes! Why not?” Kashif replied. Thus I gave him money, taking a written agreement from him.

One month before the due date, it was a pleasant surprise when Kashif invited me to his house for dinner.

Who knew it was my lucky day? I bought a bouquet of flowers and some chocolates for the children, and reached his flat at eight o’clock sharp. Kashif received me warmly and led me to lounge, and we sat there. After a few minutes Zahida came before me like a pleasing breeze. The moment I entered my sixth sense hinted to me something about his wife, the way she was walking, the way she was smiling, and the way she was dressed up. Contrary to tradition she wore a red satin qameez (long shirt) with her usual white shilwar (trousers). Her qameez was quite low-cut in front, so I could see her cleavage. She looked charming from every perspective. Zahida, like most Indian women, normally wore only Indian clothes. She had a handful of matching bangles on both of her wrists. Her feet were bare as Indian women’s feet normally remain at home.

That evening I was in heaven; my mind was not with me! It had become impossible for me keep my eyes off her at even the slightest move of her. Once she caught me staring her, and she blushed, realizing I was looking at her in a romantic way. She beamed like a virgin schoolgirl captivated by my stares, but my gazes were gradually extending beyond her face. Of course she had noticed this and now and again had given me a glance in response.

The more I looked at her, the more I was excited by the way she talked with me, and the way she looked at me when Kashif wasn’t looking. Whenever he caught us looking, he’d get a big sheepish smile on his face and then just turn away. Zahida was undoubtedly aware of my state, as she had caught me looking at her body on that occasion and gave me a glimmer of a smile, and quite often she would remain looking at me while others were not looking.

Zahida left us, saying that she was going to the kitchen to prepare dinner, while both of us, Kashif and I, were laughing and chatting. I had been watching Zahida the whole time she was serving dishes to the table, though trying not to be too obvious with my staring. Many times I positioned myself behind her so as not to miss the fabulous view of her full, generous, swaying hips.

When dinner was laid, Zahida asked us to come to the dining hall. We went and sat at the table. Zahida sat just opposite me.

As the table was fairly small, it was quite natural that my knee should touch Zahida’s occasionally, and it did. I kept the touches light at the beginning, but as she didn’t pull away, I pressed a little harder and left it next to hers. We both smiled as she looked lovingly up into my eyes. I kept the conversation running with Kashif as best I could, and slowly rubbed my knee up and down. It seemed, if anything, that Zahida pushed back even harder. The butterflies in my stomach began to jump. I was more than happy that my wishes were about to be fulfilled. Above the table, Zahida continued to converse as though nothing at all was the matter.

I then started to rub my leg up and down against hers, slowly and softly and then harder against her. Her lips parted in a slight gasp, but she did not move away. Soon my leg was caressing her hard under the table. I was now finding it difficult to concentrate on the dinner. It was getting too hot. I was worried that either Kashif or his children would notice something. Now it was difficult for both of us to concentrate on food.

“You’re eating very slowly,” Zahida teased, her voice throaty. “Don’t you like food?”

She teased me again, and her foot became more insistent against my leg. She looked at me, her lips half parted. Her eyes had become very dark now, and that intoxicating look was inviting and bemusing at the same time.

I responded to her touch by rubbing my foot against her ankle. “Yes, thank you, I am enjoying the meal.” She smiled as she looked in my eyes while I massaged her foot.

I couldn’t believe what was happening as I felt ready to burst. I moved my leg back and saw Zahida exhale softly. I guessed that perhaps she had had enough. I moved my attention back to the food and the conversation.

When she went to the kitchen, her petite ass cheeks were clinging to her qameez, giving me a pretty good idea of reality. The dampness of her skin had made the qameez stay snugly in the crack of her ass.

Both her daughters helped her clear the table and bring the coffee. I had to brush my hand gently against the side of Zahida’s thigh when she was going to and from the kitchen. She stared at me for several seconds, and then shifted her questioning eyes from me.

As her husband went to bathroom, she whispered, “You give good toe. Drop in whenever you like. I’m usually at home in the mornings.”

After I returned home late, I made the best, most passionate love of my life with my wife after a long evening of thinking about Zahida.

I couldn’t concentrate much on my work throughout the following days and kept thinking about that night with Zahida and her voluptuous body all the time. During the following days I was becoming more and more restless and was daydreaming. My lust for Zahida’s body started to grow even more than I ever thought it would. When this had become unbearable for me, I finally decided that the only way was to meet Zahida alone, so I went to meet Zahida; I left the car and walked to her house.

After a couple of knocks on the door, I waited impatiently for the answer. In a couple of minutes Zahida came to open the door. I felt Zahida was a little confused, seeing me.

“If it is inconvenient, then I’ll come some other day,” I said.

“Don’t say that. You are always welcome.”

“But seeing me, you looked a little confused.”

“No! No, please come in,” she said smilingly. She led me to the sitting room. “Please have a seat. I’ll be back in a minute. Let me finish a telephone conversation I was having.”

Oh, she was busy with the telephone, so that was why she seemed confused!

She came back after few minutes. “Would you like a cup of coffee?” she asked.

“Of course, I would love a cup of coffee with you, if you can,” I said.

“Of course, Mr. Zeshan. It will be a pleasure having coffee with you. Just give me a few minutes, and I’ll get the coffee.” She went to the kitchen and came back with a tray a few minutes later. She placed it on the table before me, and when she leaned over to put the tray down, the neckline of her top hung very low. Now, only inches away from my eye hung Zahida’s creamy white breasts. Not just cleavage, but everything including her thick brown nipples. For the five or so seconds that the vision lasted, I couldn’t pull my eyes away. When she stood up I knew she must have caught me staring and started turning red-faced. But Zahida just rubbed her eyes as she put the tray down and sat next to me on the sofa. I could smell her perfume, which caressed the air — a low, lemony, curiously enticing aroma. I was slightly nervous since this was the first time that I was alone with Zahida, the wife of my friend. And I had to look at her only, and she was looking hot. She looked like she was seducing me. My palms sweated the entire time. My heart raced every time Zahida looked at me. We were sipping tea slowly, taking our time. We talked about many subjects. She asked about my wife and kids, but not once did she mention her husband’s loan or anything about our business.

Then, giving a naughty smile to me, she asked me, “Are you bored?”

This just encouraged me, and I said, “Your perfume is wonderful.” I took a deep smell. “It is exotic.”

“Do you like it?” Her eyes sparkled.

“Yes, it is so nice.”

“Thank you.”

“You asked me to come anytime.”

“I did. Did I say something wrong?” she said in naughty mood.

I felt embarrassed and muttered thanks, and she grinned, mischief in her eyes.

” Didn’t you want to meet me?”

“Yes! I wanted to meet you alone.”

“And I gave you the opportunity.”

“I admire your guts, lady.”

“Do you find me attractive?”

“You look good enough to eat,” I said. “I always found you very beautiful, lovely, and attractive.” I was staring down at her breasts confined still under the thin fiber of her qameez.

Zahida blushed and looked at the objects I was staring at, but laughed again, softly.

“Don’t flatter me, Zeshan, you liar. I am sure you tell that to all the women you meet.”

I told her, “Zahida, you are looking really very sexy and inviting too.”

She said in a very low voice, “Really, Zeshan. Don’t forget I am your friend’s wife.”

“But you are so attractive and irresistible,” I whispered.


“Yes. I have always thought of you,” I admitted. “But I could never muster courage to speak that to you.”

“Is that all?”

“No! There is more to tell you.” I touched her arm with my fingers and began to caress it gently. She eyed me with heavy eyes from under veiled eyelids and weakly smiled. She slowly pushed her lower body closer into mine. Her breasts almost touched the side of my chest. I slowly put my arm around her back and gradually brought it around her neck. Zahida lightly trembled as I took her hand and moved closer to her. I kissed her hand and held it.

Some time later, I quietly slipped my hand on her thigh. I kissed her hair and her golden earrings. I raised her face with my hands and kissed her on her cheek and then her thick lips.

I kissed them once very lightly and then gradually more insistently. A few minutes later, I moved my tongue over and over her lips and made them wet with my saliva and then slowly drew my tongue inside her lips. She reciprocated by offering her pouting lips and kissing me back.

I then moved my hand and rested it lightly over the dupatta (long scarf) on her breast and began to gently caress her breasts. My hands were immediately busy, groping over the material, and then I removed a hand to slowly slide it under the dupatta and rest my hand firmly on the cloth over her breast. I was slowly and firmly caressing and gently squeezing her breast by moving my hands from one to the other, and gradually I slipped my hand at her breasts beneath her neckline and ran my fingers over there. She closed her eyes, her head still on my shoulder. I pulled her hand over my hard and thick hurting cock.

When she touched my cock, she suddenly broke the kiss and raised her eyes. She told me, “Well, I think that was sufficient. You should stop now, please.” She pushed my hand away slowly from her breasts. She was not angry but pressing her lower lip in her teeth. She got up from the sofa and, moving away from me, sat just opposite me.

That was unexpected for me, so I became little embarrassed and quiet. We avoided each other’s eyes. I blinked at her pathetically as a fool.

I found my courage again after a minute. I tried holding her arm, but she jerked my hand away. The rest of the time went without any event. My heartbeat was increasing every minute for a woman to whom I was desperately looking in spells, but she wouldn’t look at me.

“You may please leave now. We’ll meet some other time,” she told me.

“As you wish,” I said.

After few minutes I got up to take my leave. She also got up.

The moment I was leaving, she stood staring at her feet and blushing. I could even hear her breaths, which were becoming heavier all the time, causing her beautiful breasts to jiggle in her tight qameez. I knew it was now or never for me. I could not wait any longer to make my move.

I walked up to her and held her hand. She tried to withdraw it from me, but I was not leaving. Then I put my arm around her waist and gently escorted her in.

“Zeshan, please let me go,” she whispered.

I spun her around, and pressing my hard-on against her crotch, I gave her a light kiss on the nape of her neck, licking her earlobe.

“Zeshan, please don’t. I am a married woman, and you are also married,” she protested.

“Married people are safe. I can’t afford to make virgins pregnant. Do you want me make some virgin pregnant? You were married then also when you were touching my foot,” I replied and kissed her passionately. “That was a different matter; you wanted me to touch you.”

Her cries of “Please stop… Please stop it…”started becoming louder.

I then proceeded to stroke her inner thighs from the outside just to tease her. I looked in her eyes; they were dreamy and full of lust. Her lips were quivering. When she reached down to stop my advances, I grasped her soft hand and guided it to my cock.

“You have made it so hard from so many days; now please at least play with it for some time,” I flattered.

She pulled her hand away as it made contact with my sticky member. She stared at me in surprise.

“We really should not do it…” she panted. Her mouth was dry as she continually licked her lips with her tongue. As a final effort, she pleaded with me to let her go. She whispered in my ears, “Oh, Zeshan, is this right, what we are doing? Please let this go… Please leave me… Please don’t do this to me! This is not right. We should not do this. I am like your sister in law. I am your friend’s wife. We really shouldn’t…”She hesitated as if in a dream. Her willpower was weakening. “Please do not force me, I beg of you.”

I spoke, pressing myself against her. “OK! As you say! Thanks for what you have given me… Believe me, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.” And I purposely released my grip on her, freeing her completely. I told her, “I don’t want to force anything on you, so I let you free.”

This was a big shock, as she had never thought I would leave her like that all of a sudden.

“You are sure you don’t want to?” I asked.

“Yes! I don’t want to,” she said, but she didn’t move back.

“I know you want it. You speak lies, and I will keep waiting for the time when you will say ‘yes’,” I said.

“I don’t know what to say… I’m afraid to do this, but … I can feel my heart beating hard,” Zahida said. Her face was red, and her eyes were sleepy.

“Zahida, you know you want this. I can see it in your eyes.”

She was totally confused now, and it was looking as though her body and mind were at war. I walked toward her and told her, “Zahida, I want to kiss your neck, and slowly unbutton your qameez. I want to feel the smoothness of your breasts in my hands. Come on, be bold and help me.”

Finally she gave up; “Okay then…” She seemed to have resolved the issue. The lust was so visible now in her eyes. “You have to promise me you will never tell anyone, ever.”

” I promise it will be only our secret, and no one will know. “

She looked at the door, went and locked it, and then came back.

I was not expecting what happened next. I felt the firmness of Zahida’s grip on my arm. Not looking at me, as she was shy, she kissed my lips playfully. Her lips roamed over face, neck, ear, nose, and cheeks. Then she put her head on my shoulders with a look of fascination on her face and I started to run my other hand through her hair.

I pulled her closer and kissed her. She responded with the same ardor as that with which I was kissing her. She broke the kiss and whispered, “Thanks, I really need this.”

She bit my lower lip. While kissing her I pushed her towards the wall. My hands felt her chest as it heaved under me. The touch was like cream. The smoothness made me push my cock against her harder. I was leaning against her now. Undoubtedly she could feel my erection against her leg.

She was stroking my hair. The looks in her eye confirmed what I had always suspected: She always wanted to give herself to me.

I could feel her breath on my neck and chest. She pushed my hair away from my face again.

After a long silence that made me feel awkward, she spoke. “Tell me something, Zeshan. Do you ever think about me?” Now she looked down.

“Yeah, sure — all the time since we met.”

“What do you think about?”

“I think…” I stammered. She put a hand on my chest and looked again in my eyes. “I think you’re pretty sexy,” I said.

“That’s all?”

“No! There is more. You are such a desirable lady, my dear. Even a saint would lose his self-control in close proximity to you.”


“Yes, you have given me so many sleepless nights.”

“Thank you. I think about you, too, you know,” she offered.

“What do you think about?”

“Same thing, mostly: how beautiful you are, and how lucky your wife is to have such an intelligent, handsome, and considerate man for a husband.” Again she pushed my hair away from my face. This time, she petted my head. “And I think about how much I have missed you.”

Once again we started kissing, and this time we were kissing like to horny lovers! We explored every part of each other’s mouth with our tongues. We also licked each other’s tongues! It was the best bit of kissing I had done in my life! We must have kissed for about few minutes, while my hand was roaming all over her body. My other hand was on her tits and was fondling them.

Zahida had placed one hand around my neck and started to kiss me again while her other hand had wandered down and was busy playing with my ass. Then she spoke. “Zeshan, not here. Stop it. Anyone could catch us here. Let’s go to the bedroom we’ll be more comfortable,” she said panting.

“Oh! What are we waiting for? Let’s go inside.” I said, and we adjourned to her bedroom. I couldn’t believe my luck. Here I was alone with my dream lady in her bedroom. I thought I must have been dreaming.

In a hurry we got into bed. We lay on the bed, our sides facing each other, our limbs entangled, our mouths pressed together. We began kissing and grabbing and squeezing each other. She began to kiss me on my chest. She sucked my nipples, then licked my stomach. My erection was throbbing, and I reached under her shilwar to feel her crotch. She closed her eyes and threw her arms around me tight as I rubbed her hard. I reached down the front of her panties and began to rub my fingers between her pussy lips. She was dripping wet as I shoved my fingers into her vagina. I fucked her hard with my fingers until she asked me to stop because I was hurting her.

I asked her to undress now and soon we both got undressed. Deliberately, she unclipped her gloriously thick hair and shook it free, and that made her sexier.

Oh, what a pair of breasts she possessed! They were still in their shape. She was a marvelous sensual beauty with ample breasts that were possibly 36C. They were well shaped and round with her nipples jutting out in perfect proportion. Her tits were quite firm and pert, even without the support of the bra; they looked like couple of ripe mangos hanging on a branch. Her breasts were soft brown in color, yet contrasted beautifully with dark pink nipples. Her areolas were medium sized. They were starting to get erect as I was hungrily staring at them because they looked so beautiful. I caressed, kissed, and licked all over her body, squeezing her breasts, thighs, and buttocks while she was stroking my cock with her hand, biting her lip.

She panted, and we were drenched in sweat. Then she said, “Now that we are here in bed, you can do what you want to do.”

She was squirming and panting like anything, and I knew this young, beautiful married woman was ready for me.

“You are big,” she said, stroking my cock. She took my cock in her hand, and her silky fingers made my cock like an iron rod encased in a silken cloth. I was amazed. I had never recalled my cock’s feeling so hard that with all my might I was unable to bend it.

Once again I started to kiss her all over her face. I started from her forehead. Then I moved to her eyes. Her chubby cheeks came next. I was eating her cheeks. Then I kissed and nibbled her ears. Finally I moved to her mouth. I sucked her lips vigorously. We explored each other’s mouths as we had done in the lounge. I pushed my tongue as far as I could inside her mouth, literally touching her throat!

I continued the kissing and went lower. I was now kissing her neck and then sucking and even gently biting it. I moved lower to her breasts, the breasts I had been seeing every night in dreams, and now for the first time I was so near to them. I started to eat her breasts as if they were ripe mangos. They were getting as red as apples from my constant eating and sucking.

I paid attention to her rock-hard nipples. I teased them with my tongue. I probed them gently with my tongue, making them very erect! I stopped when they were really hard! Then I started to suck them, slowly to begin with. I increased my speed and was now furiously sucking and even biting them!

“Oh yeah! Zeshan, that’s it! Suck them hard! Bite them hard! They need it.”

“Zahida! You don’t have to ask me. They really deserve it.”

Now I moved lower. Now I was level with her enticingly deep navel! As before, I used my tongue to good effect. I moved my tongue in and out of her navel while teasing her belly button.

“Ufff…! Suck it! It feels so nice and excited!”

And I started sucking it. This was a new experience for me. I couldn’t do it with any woman I met either. But with Zahida, it was different. I took her belly button in my fingers and sucked it feverishly. Zahida was now screaming heavily.

“Aahhh…! Uffff…! That’s it! Fuck me now, Zeshan! I can’t stand it anymore! I need you inside me now! Put your big fat cock inside me!” Zahida screamed.

Her legs looked silky smooth. Her thighs were bulky and fleshy, but well proportioned.

She parted her thighs. Finally, I got on top of her and positioned myself, placing my rock-hard cock squarely on her waiting cunt! She herself grabbed my erection and pointed it to her pussy, so I shoveled my dick into her pussy as the head of my cock entered her cunt. With the first push more than half of my cock slid inside her wet snatch. Slowly the whole length of my cock entered her without any resistance. Her cunt was very tight and so warm that I thought I would never want to pull out of it again.

“Zeshan, please do it slowly first. I have never had such a big cock. My husband’s cock is small.”

So I slowed down a little and started to rub her pussy with my finger. I was searched her clit and soon found it. I started to rub and squeeze her clit. Meanwhile I was also fondling her lovely tits and managed to kiss her so as to increase her sexual pleasure. I made a strong move and forced my penis deep into her. She began to wriggle like a snake trying desperately to escape from the eagle’s claws. “No, please slowly. It hurts, please.” she began to plead. Her pleading only made me hornier as I again thrust my penis deep into her. She began to shout and moan in pain. I placed my hand under her shoulder and grabbed her breast with the other. My mouth went over hers and I again thrust my penis into her. This time she threw her head back and yelped. “Ahhhh!”

She became very horny and screamed. “Ohhh! Zeshan, what are you doing to me? I think you are killing me!”

“Oh, my sweetheart, I don’t want to kill you; I want to show you my love,” I said breathlessly.”

“Yes, that’s it, Zeshan! Fuck me with your big dick! I am yours. Take me.” I started to pump faster as she encouraged me.

I kissed her mouth with mine and continued mauling her breasts. Her hands came over my back with a burning sensation for she was now nailing my back and biting my lips. I entered deep into her as her hand encircled my back, guiding me inside her. She put her legs on my back and pulled me down.

Now I withdrew, pushing my cock back. Suddenly she thrust her hips against my swollen cock, and wrapped her legs around my waist. She moved forward, pushing herself onto my cock. I loved the way she kept clutching at my ass, grabbing at me, roughly, almost painfully, pulling me more deeply into her, harder and harder each time. She was very aggressive in bed; I have never seen woman as aggressive as she was.

She said, “You are a better partner in bed than my husband is.” I was very pleased and started giving it to her harder and harder. The whole bed was shaking and jerking because of my strong movements. I began driving it in and out, faster and faster, sweat collecting on my body as I kneaded her tits, which were glistening with sweat. She was moaning loudly, as her breath came faster and she locked me in with her legs, drawing me into her.

We sucked on each other’s lips and tongue moved faster. I tasted her breath in my mouth as I began to pump harder. She was pumping harder too. Zahida began to fuck me fast and furiously. I was surprised by her eagerness, but I matched her thrusts.

“Yes, that’s it,” she said to me, and we pounded each other so hard that my pelvis bone hurt.

Finally Zahida screamed. “Zeshan! I am going to come…”

“Oh! Me too, Zahida! Come with me,” I whispered.

“It’s okay,” she whispered. “It’s okay to come inside. I’m on the pill.”

” Zeshan. Uffffff . . .” she exclaimed as she climaxed and pulled me tightly over her.

Her ankles were locked over my back and her heels were digging into my tailbone ensuring the deepest possible penetration possible. And then with a final thrust, we both came and I started pumping so fast till I spurted last drop of semen in Zahida’s cunt. I could feel the vaginal juices flooding from her pussy. I collapsed on Zahida and stayed there very still for about five minutes.

Panting heavily, we fell beside each other and lay together, our bodies sweaty and sated. She rubbed my chest softly while I held her in my arms, cradling her body next to me.

“That was incredible,” she whispered in my ear.

“I am glad you enjoyed it,” I replied.

“‘Enjoy’ is hardly a strong enough word. You have a massive fucking cock. Every woman would love to get it in her pussy. You are a perfect fucker.”

She was to my right. She moved close to my body, put her right leg on my lower body and rested her thighs and knees on mine. Then she started moving her right hand over my chest and very slowly brought it below it below onto my cock. Rubbing my cock, she said, “I loved it… I wish I could have you everyday and every night. I would love to have it everyday.”

“May I ask you for some help?” she asked hesitantly.

“No,” I replied.

She looked very disappointed and said “Oh! I am sorry.”

I laughed and took her face in my hand and, looking into her eyes, said, “You can’t ask me, but you can give me an order.”

“Oh! My dear! I want to know whether is there any chance that you could give one month to my husband to repay your loan.”

“You have granted him two months just half an hour ago.”

She blushed and said to me, “Oh! Thank you very much. I knew you wouldn’t refuse my request.”

I started to massage her thighs, and then my hand reached her pussy and I felt its wetness.

“You are wet again.”

Zahida giggled. “My thirsty cunt wants one more hot load from you.”

“Oh dear! My cock will die for it.”

She moaned and said, “Zeshan, I’ve been dying do this for years!”

I wasted no time. We started kissing hard again.

She then took my dick in her hand, saying “Oh, Zeshan! It’s so hot,” and started to caress it slowly. She was rubbing my cock and balls. That made my cock like a red-hot steel pole, and I was now wild. I moved my hand on her back and it reached between her buttocks. She lay beside me holding my dick in her hand while my hand was on her ass, stroking it slowly.

I was going totally crazy as my fingers touched all over her butt. I suddenly turned her around, bent her forward, and put my tongue inside. My teeth dig into her anus, and I bit. A loud moan escaped from her mouth.

It was a lovely feeling. Just too good. Her inviting asshole was igniting my deepest passions. I was wondering if I should do anything about it when she said in her husky sexy voice, “How can you resist my ass like that? I can’t. Put your finger in and find your dick. Do it now.”

“Zahida, we will fuck like dogs now.”

And she knelt with her hands down, without any question. Zahida was on her knees on the bed, and her well-shaped fully round buttocks were hanging in air. I adjusted myself behind her, touching my shaking cock to her butt. I knelt forward, grabbed Zahida from behind, and parted her legs. I grabbed her breasts. I was desperate to find her hole. Zahida grabbed my cock in her hand. She gave few strokes to my cock and, parting her legs further, adjusted the tip of my cock to her pussy entrance. I pushed forward, and the head of my cock inched inwards.

Then, slowing, I inserted the tip of my cock, pushing it inside her. I removed my hands from her globes and adjusted them to grab Zahida by the waist. Now I started to stroke her slowly. I withdrew fully and then just pushed it in with a hard shove, and she cried out in pure pleasure. Zahida had to grab the head of the bed to keep her balance, and her face was now buried in the pillow. My strokes now speeded up. Grunting, I started to fuck her furiously. I was now fucking her hard and strong. I was biting her all over, especially her ass and shoulder. Zahida was pushing her hips towards me. I looked down, and I could see my cock appearing and disappearing in the hole. Zahida was now fondling my balls and moaning. She also co-operated with me by moving her pelvis in rhythm with my strokes. Loud moans were escaping her mouth. She was frantic now and moaned loudly. I fucked her like a dog fucking a bitch. This time the fuck was really long and I was getting exhausted.

In the next 20 minutes, she had come twice and was about to come again when I put my pecker in to the hilt and started to ejaculate. Our bodies started to shiver, and I held her tightly. The next moment, she fell to bed, and I was on her waist, fully spent. Our combined fluids hit Zahida’s thighs, and she wiped the stream with her bra. Our liquids were dirtying the bedclothes, but nobody was bothering about it.

“Zahida! Remember, henceforth I will come, and you will allow me to fuck you in whenever and whatever way I need it.”

She put her hands to my neck and relaxed in my strong grip. “Now I am yours at any time you wish.”

Our families don’t know of our sexual relationship, and we continue our intense sex life with each other. We have tried many variations, and of late I have enjoyed fucking her anus. Till today kashif didn’t return the money I’d give him but Zahida bhabi paid interest regularly.

When Husband’s Away…

When Husband’s Away…

Here I was, a 18 year old high school senior, standing in my hot neighbor’s dark bedroom peering between the cracked bathroom door at the stunning figure behind the frosted shower door glass. Steam from the shower filled the small room and I knew today was the day.

I had done this a dozen times before, each time getting more and more confident in my actions. It was always the same routine, 7 am: her husband gets in his jaguar, sips his coffee, and pulls out of the driveway. 7:15 am: she walks out the front door in her robe and slippers, opens the mailbox by the door and flips through, searching for anything important. The robe was never tied completely tight, and glimpse of her beautiful c-sized cleavage poked through, although she never saw me. 7:30 am, the upstairs bathroom light flips on, the window shades close and the glass begins to fog.

I’m able to see everything from my bedroom next door, and I’m lucky enough to have a window that faces their house. It didn’t take long for me to rub one out every morning before school, and realized it was an every-day sort of thing.

It began with my padding my way across the wet grass one morning, through the fence that separated our properties, and up the wooden deck. The sliding glass door wasn’t ever locked, as they always had bar-b-que’s and parties with their socialite friends, so I was able to push it open easily and slip inside.

I heard the sound of a television upstairs, and the running of water. Growing bolder, I heard the water click off and I panicked. Running downstairs as quietly as I could, I flung open the sliding door, catching it before it make a sound, and pulled it closed. Sprinting across the lawn, I dove back inside my garage, my heart beating out of control and my lungs gasping for air. A smile grew across my face. I was hooked.

I repeated my sneaking several times throughout the week, just before the school bus turned the corner and came barreling down my quiet street. School was important to me, my grades would get me into college, but this was so much more so. Each sneak I would get farther and farther to glimpsing her in full glory. The last time I was able to sneak a pair of her panties into my pocket, realizing later that her feminine scent was all over them. I came many times into them, imagining them around her hips.

Once, I was able to sneak a peek at her bra, which she left carelessly on her bedroom floor. It was a Victoria’s Secret black lace, with a “36 C” on the tag. I rubbed one out right there, 10 feet around the corner from the bathing beauty. I cleaned myself up with tissues and pushed them far down in the trash can by her bedside desk.

The last time, while peering into the bathroom, I dropped my pants completely and came simply by fingering my balls, cum splashing all over the bathroom tile. I didn’t bother cleaning it up, secretly hoping she’d find my cream and wonder where it came from.

Today was different. My parents had flown to Toronto for the weekend to see my aunt who was really pregnant and needed “sister time” to get through the final weeks. I woke up and made my mind to skip school and see how far it could get before she freaked out and called the police. Sure, I could end up arrested but I couldn’t take it anymore. Just like every morning, I stood in that dark bedroom peering between the cracked bathroom door at the stunning figure behind the frosted shower glass. Her bedroom smelled a heavenly tonic of perfume and feminine juices. I crouched down and found a pair of moist panties by my feet. Smelling my fingers, they were sticky and the aroma was intoxicating. My cock grew to full mast and my balls swelled. She had just masturbated!

I was able to push the door open a few inches, the ceiling fan disguising my movements, and took a step into the bathroom. The radio was on, with some terrible country song singing about a long-lost love. She hummed along, hands on her head as she massaged the shampoo into her amber hair. I was able to slide my pants down before entering, and pulled my t-shirt up and over my head.

It hit me. I was standing at full attention, completely naked, in my smoking hot neighbor’s bathroom, while she bathed in the shower 5 feet away, the only thing between us was a fogged up glass door. I began to tremble as I stepped another foot closer to the door, pausing slightly as she leaned over into the water to wash the conditioner out. Her humming grew louder, and I knew this was my chance.

She was facing the water, away from me as I silently unclipped the shower door and stepped in. The steam hit me right away, and the hot water felt amazing on my tingling skin. I could see her in all her glory now, her glistening skin of her back and ass now just inches away from my protruding dick. I caught my breath and realized how hard I really was. Even showered with steaming hot water, my cockhead was turning purple and as big as a plum. My balls ached for release, and I realized she had her eyes closed as she ran her fingers through her long hair. Here we go.

Taking a quiet breath, I reached out with both hands to her hips and finally touched that angelic skin. She jumped and cried out; spinning around quickly and I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her close. Her beautiful slippery breasts were mashed against my chest, her dark nipples pushing into me like two bullets. Her eyes were the most beautiful crystal blue-green, and quickly the air of fear gave way to acceptance.

She recognized me, the boy next door, the same one who mowed her lawn in the summer and shoveled her driveway in the winter. A small smile came upon her face, and she seemed to relax in my arms. I leaned in close, expecting her pull away. I expected her to smack me and run out of the room and call the police. Instead, her lips met mine and we kissed under the steam of hot water.

My cock was at the perfect height to rub her wet slit, still soapy from the body wash she applied the moment before, and she began to gyrate around it, the tip of my cock brushing her growing clit. A soft moan escaped her lips onto mine and I knew I had her.

I reached around and my hand slipped down her back to her ass, lightly grabbing her perfect cheek. She stood on her tipsy toes to give me better access and reached down between us, lightly sliding my cock between her closed fist, pumping it against her belly.

I looked deep in her eyes, without saying a word, and turned her away from me. My cock bobbed between her ass cheeks and she leaned over, grabbing the handrail and looking back at me. Her fingers were already toying her clit, and she opened her lips with both hands. I saw the most beautiful pink pussy I could imagine, and positioned my bulging dick at it’s entrance. She rubbed some body wash on her hands, reached behind her, and massaged my cock with it.

Sufficiently slippery enough, she pushed back at me. Her tight cunt grabbed my cock like a vice grip and she screamed out, her head snapping back and my whole body shook. I grabbed her waist and pulled her back onto my member over and over, my pace quickening and her breathing quickened. I knew she was just as close as I was, the excitement turning this fuck into a quickie. I took a handful of her hair, pulled back on her head, and impaled her one last time, my dick growing huge and pulsing, and exploded stream after stream of my hot cum into her pulsating pussy.

She milked my dick over and over, her whole body shaking, her orgasm washing over her again and again. More cum spilled out of me, filling her cunt completely and poured out of her, down my legs to the shower floor. I held myself in her, our juices mixing together, her orgasm sucking my hot sperm deep into her womb. She reached behind to my hips and held me there, her head dropping as low as it could, and the hot water cascaded down our bodies.

I slid out of her, she turned around and almost fell, but I caught her, my cum oozing out of her slit, thick and white. Under the water, she fingered her cunt, pulling rope and rope of white cream from her. I freaked. I didn’t know what she would do. What if the cops came? I’d be ruined. College? Over. My parents! What would they think?!

I snapped back to reality as she took my quickly deflating dick in her hand, with a twinkle in her eye, and sucked the whole thing into her mouth. There, on her knees, she sucked and licked and popped my dick into her mouth. Instantly I knew it would be okay. I grabbed her head and began to fuck her face, shoving my seven inch cock down her throat, her eyes closed as she moaned loudly. I could see her nipple stand at attention, and she played with her pussy as the other hand grasped my thick cock. I knew I wouldn’t last again and forced my dick all the way in before pumping another round of salty cum down her throat. She almost choked, but fingered herself to another orgasm and was able to explode herself all over the shower floor.

The sound of the school bus turning made me realize this could be a daily routine, maybe I could have my cake and eat it too…

Wife’s Business Trip

Wife’s Business Trip

Katie had always been very committed and faithful to her husband and was never the type to seek other men out or have a wondering eye for men around her. Katie was pretty, not hot, but attractive with a wonderful curvy figure. Katie had that perfect 7 pounds overweight figure, far from heavy by any stretch of the imagination but soft and curvy. Katie had privately always been proud of her breasts, as a young girl her girlfriends were always jealous of Katie’s breasts and even in her adult years, she was asked by women at the gym “are they real”? Katie stood 5’7″ with a medium frame so her full C cup breasts gave her just the right amount of curves, not a thin model, not a fake stripper but a soft curvy woman. Katie had kept up her yoga and workout routines over the years so despite her breasts taking all of the attention, her ass was round and firm leading to nice long legs.

Katie works for a large corporation as an administrative assistant supporting two Divisional VP’s and she does her job very well. This one time Katie was asked to go on a business trip to the Florida Keys to do some advance work in preparation for a large division off-site meeting. The resort that would be hosting the event required Katie to come down to spend a few days to go through all of the logistics and planning. The event was going to have over 200 people over 3+ days. When Katie arrived at the hotel she was met by the head manager she had been working with, Jane. Jane informed Katie that they would need to put her up in one of the two bedroom cabana suites, instead of the hotel. The hotel was full. The cabana was much nicer but she would have to share it with another person from the events logistics company which Katie’s company had also hired. Katie said this would be fine and she was escorted along a beautiful walkway that runs along the beach to the last Cabana.

The Cabana was gorgeous with a full kitchen, living room, two master bedrooms, and large patio. It was exquisite. It was about 8pm and Katie started to unpack and relax when the door opened and it was again the same bell hop escorting the person from the event logistics company. To Katie’s surprise it was a younger man. He introduced himself to Katie. His name was Jake and he had this boyish look about him. There was an awkwardness about the two of them staying in the same cabana but they each had their own bedroom so it would be fine. After some small talk Katie said she needed to go back to unpacking but would be done shortly. Jake said he was going to do the same.

At about 10pm they both emerged from their rooms and started looking around the kitchen and found a complimentary bottle of white wine in the fridge. With nothing else to do they poured two glasses of wine and started to talk and get to know each other. As Katie talked to Jake she started to see a young boyish sparkle in his eye. Somewhat innocent, maybe not the sharpest knife in the drawer but a real sweetness and kindness he showed towards Katie. He caught himself a few times saying “yes ma’am” to Katie giving away his southern roots and acknowledgment of his younger age. Katie felt like the adult in the room and Jake played the perfect gentleman, willing to take on all of the menial tasks.

As they finished the bottle of wine he immediately asked if he should go run and get another. Katie wanted to suggest that he really didn’t have to go to the effort but she thought what the heck, he offered. So Jake ran off to the main hotel and came back with two more bottles of white wine. The conversation flowed very naturally as they went through the second bottle of wine, jumping from one topic to the next, as they migrated from the kitchen to the living room and then out on the patio to take in the cool night air.

As Katie relaxed, she spent more time noticing his beautiful cheek bones and his friendly bright, white smile and tussled but beautiful head of hear.

“Jake how old are you?” Katie asked.

“26.” he proudly responded.

Katie smiled and dropped her head in amazement, the pleasures of being young. Now with the number 26 stuck in her head she noticed how fit he was. His arms look lean but strong and healthy, his waist was trim.

“Ma’am… I mean Katie, sorry bad habit of mine, can I just tell you that you have the most beautiful eyes”.

Katie was taken back and started to blush and was sort of speechless, but quickly remembering she was the adult in this pair gave a simple response

“Oh well, Jake thank you, very nice of you to say so”.

Katie went back to sipping her wine but her head was spinning as she stood up and walked to the edge of the patio to process Jakes compliment. Jake stood up and said he was going to bed but made an offer that if Katie needed any help tomorrow he would be glad to help in any way he could. Katie said good night and stayed outside for a bit longer trying to figure out why he would compliment her eyes.

Maybe that’s just the way southern gentlemen are? Is he attracted to me? Do I have nice eyes? Katie went to bed but she had trouble getting Jake out of her mind. She didn’t know why, yes he was very handsome but that’s not it.

The next morning Katie got up early, having had trouble sleeping. While Katie got ready she decided to put some makeup on and opted for the nicer blouse and skirt rather than the more casual options. Jakes compliment was still bouncing through her head and she felt some obligation to try and look her best.

Katie went out to the kitchen and Jake was already up and had ordered breakfast for the two of them, it was on the kitchen table. Jake immediately explained that he thought he would order breakfast for both of them so Katie wouldn’t have to.

What a treat! Katie was delighted and started to feel a bit like a princess. In small ways she could sense how Jake catered after her, pulling the chair out for her, pouring her juice, asking if she wanted anything else. After breakfast Jake gave Katie his business card and said to please text him if she needed anything today. He said that he wasn’t going to be too busy and would have time to help. Katie took his card and watched him walk out.

“Wow, I could get used to this sort of thing,” Katie thought.

Katie went off to meet with Jane to work on the event planning. She decided to text Jake and see how he was doing.

“How is your day going?”

Jake immediately texted back, “Wonderful and you? I am having lunch at the Cantina out by the pool if you care to join me.”

Katie, feeling her heart pound a bit faster replied, “Sure.”

Jake replied, “Great, btw I just wanted to let you know that you look beautiful today, hope you don’t mind me saying so”

Katie held her phone as her heart raced and her hands started to shake a bit. Does this boy have a crush on me?

Katie replied, “Thx Jake, I don’t mind :)”

Katie started to pace after hitting send, Oh my God, what am I doing, he is a boy!

Katie arrived and Jake rose to pulled out her chair and once again Katie felt like a princess. As they ate lunch Katie was perplexed. Maybe he is just being nice. Jake was not hitting on her but just seemed very comfortable paying Katie compliments. Katie started to realize that Jake was in better shape than she had realized. He looked strong but lean and his eyes, how did she miss those eyes last night, big, blue and innocent?

At about 5pm Katie went back to the cabana and Jake was on the patio relaxing in his swim suite since he had just been in the ocean. Katie was taken back by his body, not overly muscular but just lean and beautiful. Jake jumped to his feet when Katie came out and was his usual charming self. Katie said she had a business dinner with the resort management and was going to go shower and clean up since the dinner was at 6:30pm. Jake said he had no plans and would probably be around when she got back. Katie went off and showered and lied back on the bed to relax before getting dressed.

Since Katie was representing her company at the dinner tonight she went with a dress and took the extra time to blow dry her hair and do her makeup. Katie was wearing a very flattering blue and white print silk dress that wrapped her figure snuggly, emphasizing her full round C cup breasts. Katie didn’t get dressed up often but when she did it felt good.

At about 6:20pm Katie emerged from the bedroom to give herself enough time to walk to the resort for dinner. As Katie walked through the cabana on her way out Jaked walked in from the patio and had a look of ‘WOW’ on his face and was trying to be discreet as he looked Katie up and down. Jake didn’t know where to stop his eyes. On her sexy calves just above her sexy high heels, how the dress clung to her beautiful round ass or how the dress put her ample breasts on display with more than a hint of cleavage. Katie couldn’t help but give Jake a big warm smile, basking in her glamorous glow.

Katie walked right by Jake as she went into the kitchen and swung her hair back over her shoulder. Jake said, “Katie, you look absolutely fabulous” in his innocent southern style. Like he was stating a fact of nature. Katie said, “Oh thank you, Jake”.

“I will be hear when you get back, what time should I expect you”. Katie bit her lower lip for affect and said, “Not sure, 9? 10? You don’t need to stay up”.

“I’ll be up, have a great night.” he replied.

Katie went to dinner and felt beautiful and sexy. She kept thinking about Jake and how cute he is. She still wondered if he had a crush on her or not, she was confused. During dinner she got a text from Jake.

“How is dinner?”

“Fine, no boring.” She replied.

Katie thought, well he must be thinking about me if he texted me. The dinner went on and on and so did the wine. It actually turned out to be a great dinner business wise and Katie was quite tipsy from the white and red wine. Several of the folks after dinner tried to convince Katie to head to the bar but she wanted to get back to the cabana so she could relax.

As she walked back to the cabana she could feel the wine catching up with her but she felt this wonderful buzz and high, not tired, not drunk but just sort of floating. As she walked into the cabana she looked around and it looked like most of the lights were off and it felt quiet. Her immediate instinct was to assume that Jake had already gone to bed. She had hoped not, she was sort of looking forward to the boy that made her feel like a princess.

She dropped her hand bag off on the kitchen island and called out, “Jake? You here”? She walked out on the patio, back through the kitchen to peek into his bedroom, but no Jake.

Katie was a little disappointed, but maybe he went out and would be back soon. Katie then walked into her bedroom and noticed a candle on her bedside table and also on her dresser and also on the far bedside table. The room had a beautiful glow about it and then she noticed something else.

On her bed was Jake, but in a state she could never have imagined. Jake had fastened each of his ankles to the corner of the bed, as well as each wrist to the corners at the head of the bed. Katie could see the black straps that went around his ankles and wrists. They were pulled taught down over the corners towards the floor. Jake was absolutely spread eagle on the bed with a black, tight blindfold covering his eyes. Katie was stopped in her tracks, startled and unsure what she was looking at. Jake was lying on the bottom white sheet of the bed with the top sheet loosely gathered to about a foot wide covering from his belly button to his thighs.

All Katie could think to say was ,”Jake!” Not loudly, but with a tone of urgency and concern. Jake lifted his head and said in a soft voice “Katie don’t be mad, please, don’t be alarmed, are you?”

Katie was silent for a few seconds. “I’m not sure” she said in a genuine tone.

“How did you get like this, why are you like this?” Letting her words trail off as she was trying to process this image before her. Jake kept his soft caring tone, “Katie, you are one of the most beautiful women I have ever met. I don’t know how else to say this but I am deeply attracted to you and want to offer myself to you. Please don’t be mad.”

Katie was still in shock and quickly assessed the situation. Jake was in the midst of an intense crush on an older women and unable to use more normal methods for conveying his attraction, he was plunging off a cliff of desire. Katie took a step closer to the bed realizing he could not see her. Katie let her eyes travel over his exposed body, his muscular legs, his lean but strong chest. She could see the muscles in his arms as they were stretched out to the corners of the bed. She could see his stomach muscles slightly exposed, not a ‘ripped’ abdomen, but wow did he have a nice body.

Jake broke the silence Katie was using to admire his body and she flinched a bit from the sound of his voice.

“Katie, please remove the sheet.”

Katie approached with caution and lifted the side of the sheet and peered underneath until she could see that he was naked and she dropped the edge of the sheet and let out a high pitched, “Jake! Your naked!”

Katie covered her mouth and cheeks with her hands and walked in a tight circle to work off the shock. Jake again soothed her, “Katie, please its OK. Please just remove the sheet. I want you to see all of me. I am giving myself to you for your pleasure so please remove the sheet.”

Katie approached again with some caution and grabbed the edge of the sheet and slowly pulled it across his body from right to left until it finally was on the floor to the left of the bed at Katie’s feet. Katie just stood in silence and looked at his naked body, now paying much more attention to the parts just revealed. It hit her in waves.

‘Wow his cock is totally exposed’

‘Wow he is pretty big, but he is not really erect’

‘Oh my gosh, he is totally shaved and his balls look so smooth with no hair’

“Jake I am married, this wont work. I am very flattered but please, this wont work”.

Jake turned his blindfolded face toward her and replied with a little more emotion in his voice, “Katie, I know your married. No one will ever know. After tomorrow we will never see each other again. I only want you to touch me. Please just let me feel your hand on my skin, please Katie.”

Katie could hear the desire in his voice but she didn’t know what to do, what to say. She just stood there and looked his beautiful body up and down. She felt naughty for wanting to stare at his cock. It was so beautiful, so smooth and much larger than she was used to.

“Jake I shouldn’t.” Katie said softly and unconvincingly.

“Please” Jake whispered, knowing he was breaking Katie down.

Jake then felt Katie’s weight press down on the bed as she sat just on the edge near his hip. Katie began to come to the full realization that Jake could not move and couldn’t see her. She released the tension she was holding in her back and took a long glance at his gorgeous cock. It was thicker than she realized and the head was large and mushroom shaped. After some silence Katie took her hand and placed it on the inside of his thigh just above the knee. She could feel his body tense as Jake sucked in air.

“How is that?” Katie asked meekly.

Jake caught his breath and whispered “Oh Katie, your hand feels so good on me, please touch me more.”

Katie could not help but see Jake’s cock stiffen a bit from her touch so she ran her hand up his thigh, sliding it from the inside to the top and across his hip bone, up across his side where she could feel his ribs. Jake again breathed in and arched his back slightly. Katie kept looking between Jake’s beautiful lips trying to read his expression and his cock that would move and flex as she touched him. Jake’s breathing was getting heavier, “Please Katie, more please.”

Katie for the first time realized her heart was beating very hard and her pussy had that unmistakable tingling feeling. Her head was spinning. This was crazy. How did she find herself in this most absurd of situations? Katie could feel herself giving in to the situation but she knew that she could not have sex with Jake.

Fine, she will touch him here and there but that is not sex. As Katie bit her lower lip she slid her hand across his hip bone and back inside his thigh but this time a bit higher. Katie watched his breathing get heavier. She watched his chest rise and fall, his beautiful lips parted to let more air in. Katie looked down at his cock and all she could think was OMG he is beautiful!

His cock was now pretty hard and his scrotum tight. She let her nails crawl across his pelvis just to the left of his cock and Jake took a deep breath in and arched his back pulling on the restraints. Katie could see his cock flex and get harder raising off his stomach and levitating for a brief second. Katie could feel the power she had and her pussy was pulsating and wet. She ran her hand softly across his stomach above his cock and back down the right side of his body once again avoiding his cock , tracing a finger down inside his thigh very close to his aching balls. Jake started to moan and squirm a bit, breathing heavy and pulling on the restraints to relieve some tension. Katie looked up at Jake and saw the intense affect she was having on him and contemplated what her next move should be.

Feeling her sense of control, Katie took her long french manicured nails and ever so gently ranked them across his scrotum as she asked, “Do you want me to touch you here?”

All Jake could do was moan and stutter a “yes,” then Katie took her pointer finger and teasingly pushed it up along his shaft and said, “or do you want me to touch you here?” Jake became speechless realizing these were rhetorical questions. Katie took her thumb and forefinger and teased his cock head, “Or here?”

Jake was arching his back and Katie could see his cock get even stiffer. His abs were flexed as he pulled on the restraints, his breathing becoming more ragged. Katie asked again with a little more dominance in her tone, “So, is that where you want me to touch you, Jake?”

Jake began to beg, “Yes Katie, please, please.. Please!”

Katie ran her hands firmly over his aching balls and up his shaft and gripped his rigid cock and squeezed. Jake arched his back again, begging, “Please, oh please Katie.”

Katie giggled and took two fingers and more clinically held his cock so it pointed straight up. She was in awe of his size and thickness, damn he was perfect. As she held his cock upright she took the other hand and teased his balls with her nails. Jake started to pant more. Katie could see a bead of precum on the tip of his cock and she took her thumb and smeared it all over the head. Katie forgot how slick cum is on skin and how sensual it felt. Katie started to stroke him slowly and Jake lifted his head as much as he could and kept repeating softly “oh yes, oh yes.”

His cock was so thick and rigid it was unlike anything Katie had experienced. Se kept her strokes slow and gentle, never quite enough. Katie was starting to really enjoy teasing him and used her hand in a manipulative way to make him want more but never providing quite enough force or pace. His head continued ooze precum and Katie took her pointer finger and smeared precum all over the head and along the sensitive underside, then she wrapped her fingers around the base of his head and stroked just up and over the head of his cock. His precum provided the perfect lubricant and she could feel Jakes cock stiffen and his breathing get heavier, “Don’t you cum,” Katie said in a flirty little tone.

Katie then ran her hand up onto his chest and across his stomach and shoulder. Wow, his body is so muscular and lean she thought. She stood up off the bed and Jake felt her weight lift from the mattress and his heart sank, was it over? Katie said, “I think I am over dressed” and began to undo her dress along the waist and it fell open quite easily. Katie slipped it off her shoulders and held it in her right hand. The silk dress on its own doesn’t amount to much and it collapsed into a light, long. flowing piece of silk. Katie stood in her sexy bra and panties comfortably knowing Jake could not see her. Katie took the dress and held it between his legs and dragged it up towards his head so the silk dress would drag over his thighs, balls and raging hard cock. Katie let the hem of the dress as it hung all gathered teasingly pass over his aching balls.

“Did you like my dress tonight? I bet your liking it even better right now, aren’t you?” she said with a soft chuckle.

Jakes cock was now twitching, going rigid and raising off his stomach with even the smallest touch. Katie dragged the dress up over his chest and face and back down again. “Don’t you cum now. Jake!” Katie said in a little bit firmer tone.

“Should I take my bra off too? I think so, I might as well get comfortable.”

Katie could see the expression on Jakes face was pure torment. She knew he wanted to see her breasts. She noticed all the times he had been checking her tits out over the past two days. Katie couldn’t help but secretly slide her hand inside her panties to feel her pussy and she was surprised just how wet she was. She had to consciously pull her hand away otherwise she would not want to stop until she came. Katie sat back down and pulled her silk bra over his cock teasing Jake.

“Do you want to feel my tits, Jake?”

Jake quickly replied “Oh please yes, please.”

Katie purred “Maybe…”

Jake feeling more desperate asked Katie in an almost forgiving tone, “Can I feel your mouth on me, please?”

Katie was taken back a bit and wondered, is he asking me to suck his cock? Or does he want me to kiss his body? The image of his cock in her mouth was stuck in her head but she was not going to make it easy.

“Oh, you want to feel my mouth on you, do you?”

Katie proceeded to lean over and kiss his hip bone, then up his side on his stomach. Katie could feel his body tremble as her lips pressed against his firm body and the smell of his musk scent filled her nose. She kissed up his chest and began to lick and kiss his right nipple and Jake pulled hard on the restraints clearly enjoying the feeling. As Katie leaned over to tease his chest with her mouth she was conscious that her right breast was pressing against his side, so Katie twisted her body to lean across to kiss his far nipple and let her breasts just barely drag across his body, letting her hard nipples touch his smooth young skin. She lifted her mouth off his chest and focused on letting her breasts lightly brush over his stomach and chest pulling them higher towards his face, her hair hanging in his face, she wanted to kiss him so badly but resisted. Not letting the full weight of her breasts press down on him she pulled them higher close to his chin and he lifted his head as far as he could with an open mouth desperate to let his tongue taste them, but she lifted them away just centimeters from his mouth, barely letting one nipple graze his lower lips.

Jake started to pant harder, “Oh please, katie please.”

Katie just reached down to let her long, manicured nails tickle his tight scrotum, spreading her fingers around the outside of his aching balls and pulling them together to a single point on the center of his scrotum. She could feel his cock twitch.

“Don’t cum, Jake” Katie whispered confidently.

She resumed her position back down seated on the edge of the bed by his waist and held his cock very softly without wrapping her hand around it and caressed the underside with her thumb and leaned down and put her mouth over his balls and breathed with an open mouth. Jake raised his hips wanting more but Katie was ready and pulled her head back so her mouth didn’t touch him.

“Don’t move Jake. If you move I stop.”

Jake, breathless replied, “Yes ma’am.”

Katie put her mouth back over his engorged scrotum and flicked her tongue softly across it and Jake whimpered.

“Katie, please.”

Katie just repeated, “Don’t move Jake.”

Katie slowly lowered her mouth little by little over his balls until she was licking and sucking on them. His scent filled her nose and Katie felt her pussy begin to gush with wetness. She couldn’t ever remember being this wet before. Katie licked her way up his shaft teasing it, starting to taste his cock now, smelling his precum that was smeared over the head. She held his cock upright in its full glory and put her mouth around the head softly but didn’t suck. She could feel the power she had over him. His body trembled and the head of his cock swelled into a large mushroom shape, fully engorged.

“Don’t you cum, Jake” Katie said firmly and she lowered her mouth around his cock and began to slowly suck his cock.

He felt so good in her mouth. He tasted amazing, like pure sex. She could feel his cock ooze a steady stream of precum and she loved the taste. Katie knew he could not last much longer, she had never felt a cock so hard, he must be over 8 inches. Katie began to give in and stopped her teasing and got lost in the moment of sucking the beautiful cock of this sweet hunk of a boy. Katie felt her pussy throbbing and beginning to twitch and slid a hand inside her panties and started to rub her pussy. She felt her orgasm only moments away, she was so wet she could not believe it. Jake pushed his hips up and gave the sign he was going to cum and Katie pulled off and stroked him as she fingered her pussy. She stroked his cock from base to tip and felt it about to cum.

“Katie, I’m going to cum, oh my god, I’m going to cum” and with that Jakes cock erupted and shot a huge stream of cum straight up and down on his chest and stomach. Katie felt her pussy twitch hard and she started to cum but kept stroking Jake as he let four more huge streams of cum shooting in the air. He was a geyser, Katie had never seen so much cum before. It just kept spurting out covering his chest, stomach, her hands, it was everywhere.

Katie let out a deep moan as her orgasm hit in full force, it was long and powerful. Katie was dizzy, trying to keep both of her hands working, like patting your head and rubbing your stomach. Wanting more, Katie got on all fours between his legs and put her mouth around his cock and suck him as deep as she could take him. She held herself up with one hand and continued to rub her pussy and she started to cum again. She could taste Jake’s cum still twitching out of him. Katie lost her coordination and stopped sucking his cock and just let it stay deep in her mouth as she rubbed her pussy as she came again, moaning over his cock. Katie pulled off Jake, breathless and spent, kneeling between his legs, taking in the sight of this beautiful boy. Katie leaned over Jake and gave him a deep long kiss. She crawled off the bed and grabbed the tab of the velcro around his wrist and undid it, knowing it would free up his one had and he could do the rest. She walked into her master bath and closed the door and gathered herself and ran the shower. She sat on the toilet and thought about what had just happened. Katie stalled as long as she could after taking a shower and when she came out Jake was gone, she closed her bedroom door and went to bed…


Katie slept in the next morning to about 7am. She slept very soundly and as she rolled back in bed it all came back to her and she opened her eyes and started to panic. What did I do last night? how can I possibly face Jake today?

She covered her face with her hands and took a deep breath. But as she replayed last night through her head again she realized that it was a once in a lifetime experience. Who would ever believe her?

Katie couldn’t get Jake’s body out of her mind, his beautiful cock and the feeling of him in her mouth. That unmistakable tingle was back. Katie listen to her door trying to hear if he was still there, she had no idea of his schedule.

Katie was on an evening flight. Katie brushed her teeth and put on her PJ outfit which she did not wear to bed. It was a pair of thin white cotton PJ pants and a tight baby doll nighty. She put her hair up into a pony tail and cautiously walked out to the kitchen, but Jake was not around. She peeked into his bedroom and his stuff was there but he wasn’t. After drinking some juice and rubbing her eyes to wake up she walked back towards her room and in walked Jake from the patio. He was in his swim suit and toweling off from a swim in the ocean.

Jake had a big smile on his face, “Good morning Katie.”

Katie felt uncomfortable but she didn’t sense that he was. They exchange good mornings and the site of his body gave her tingles. Katie did her best to play it off and pretend last night never happened. She did her best to keep the conversation moving with no awkward pauses. Katie had her arms crossed realizing she was not wearing a bra. Jake made his way past Katie to the kitchen and as he did he leaned in towards her and gave her a quick peck on the cheek and whispered, “Thank you for last night.”

Katie blushed and was mortified, speechless. As Jake walked away Katie felt she needed to make a statement.

“Listen, Jake about last night. That shouldn’t have happened. Nobody can know. It was a mistake. I don’t know what I was thinking.”

Jake turned around and stood behind Katie’s right shoulder as she stood in her place with her arms crossed.

“Nobody will ever know, but you were amazing. Really, thank you.”

Katie was turning beet red, again speechless. She turned her head to look at Jake and he was looking right at her. All she could think was, oh those eyes and she had to look away.

Jake whispered, “Its OK, Katie continue what you began last night, complete it with me, please. Now I beg you to follow me”

“Please, don’t, Jake! Leave me alone, I’ll leave now.”

“Please, Katie, I’ll die if you don’t follow me right now.” She felt sorry for him like a mother to her son and nodded okay.

Jake turned and walked towards the kitchen and Katie reluctantly followed. Jake headed straight into his room and Katie paused at the door, not sure if she should come in but Jake turned and urges her inside.

“Katie, relax, I just want you to teach me about love and sex. I’m a virgin and you’re the first woman in my life. I love you and will not lose my male virginity to any woman but you. It’s OK. Please” and he kneel before her and kissed hr feet like she’s his goddess. He continued, “Please remove your bra for me, babe. Show me your beautiful tits even when they’re clad in your shirt.”

Katie felt very excited about his talk about virginity and his kneeling and worshipping her. She hesitated but, looking to his pleading eyes, she reluctantly removed her bra but her tits were hidden still under her shirt.

Katie took a deep breath, trying to fight what she was feeling. She could smell his scent.

“How does it feel?”

“It feels different.” is all Katie could come up with.

“Exactly, now please take off my bathing suit, my Goddess.”

Katie slipped his bathing suit off and threw it on the bed.

“You just removed my swim suit. Now how does that feel?”

Katie started to breath heavier and slumped her shoulders a bit, a sign she was weakening. “Jake I don’t know how I feel. I’m married, please understand.”

“Katie, please take off your pj pants.”

Katie sighed and barely audible, “Yes.”

She grabbed for the little tie that held the waist of her cotton pj pants and pulled on the tie and undid the simple bow tie knot and the string came undone and the waste of her pants loosened and fell to the ground. Katie was wearing a sheer white g-string and for a second she was feeling ashamed because he knew her panties were see through and her tight little patch of pubic hair was visible. Jake bent down and helped Katie step out of her pants and as he did he placed her one foot a bit wider so her legs were spread open a bit.

As Jake stood he ran his hands on the inside of her legs to about her mid thigh. He could feel Katie tense from the unexpected touch and she tried to get away from him. He said, “Please, Katie, please let me touch you”. She sighed and let him. He walked around Katie and let two fingers trace around her waist and the tops of her ass cheeks just looking at Katie in her new more vulnerable role. Jake took extra time to admire Katie’s beautiful tits snuggly fit in her tight bed shirt. He could tell that she was all natural, the shape of her breasts had that unmistakable teardrop shape, with a touch of sag from her 36 years of life but plenty of firmness still left in her well endowed rack.

He could see her nipples starting to press against her shirt, at the perfect point on her silhouette, her nipples forming the apex of her form. Jake was letting Katie endure the silence as he squatted in front of her so he could get a closer look at her cute trimmed little pussy peaking through her naughty sheer panties. He took the back of his hand and ran up the inside of her thigh again and then reached around between her legs to caress her ass. God, her ass was so smooth and round and firm. He ran his finger right up the inside of her thigh and through the crease where her thighs meet her hip, that sensitive spot just outside her panties. He looked up and could see Katie breathing deeply by her beautiful tits rising and falling as she bit her lower lip trying to quell the sensation.

Jake leaned forward and placed a kiss on the top of her thigh and began to nibble his way up and closer to her panties, then he repeated this on the other thigh as he reached around and caressed her ass. Jake could see a little wet spot forming on the sheer fabric of her panties. Jake stood up and leaned in close to Katie and whispered, “Kiss me, baby” as he leaned in and tried to press his lips to hers.

Jake opened his mouth to engage in a deep french kiss but just as he was about to press in Katie pulled her face away from him and Jake just broke into a big smile and muttered, “Oh, you teasing vixen.” And she laughed and slowly returned to face him, darting out her tongue to tease him and he saw in her eyes an explicit call for him to give her the kiss. He quickly and eagerly press his lips to hers like an eager child take his wish from his mother, and she opened her mouth and the two tongues intertwined in deep loving and exciting french kiss.

Jake after a long time pulled back and put his hands on the bottom of her shirt and said, “Katie, lift your shirt, please. I want to see what I missed last night,” and she lifted her shirt so it was above her tits.

Jake melted and said, “Oh Katie, how lovely you are,” and he leaned in and gave Katie a firm kiss. She gasped, wishing she could keep his mouth on hers. She wanted to devour him so badly. Her pussy was pulsating and she was so wet that she could barely keep her focus. He pleaded,” May I show love to my Goddess’s boobs?”

Katie nodded and let him.

Jake leaned in and kissed her tits softly all around her nipples, making sure not to touch her aching erect nipples. Jake loved the sight of her nipples getting so hard and her areola becoming tight and wrinkled from the skin trying to contract from the arousal. Jake stuck his tongue out and gently licked one nipple and Katie flinched and the smile left her face. She became very serious. That look someone has on their face when they are like, ‘I need this now.’

Jake could not get enough of Katie’s tits. Oh my God, no, but correctly Oh my Goddess Katie, they were so perfect, full and round, perky but natural, nipples so hard they beg to be sucked. “Can I touch your Holy Pussy, my Goddess Katie?” Katie tried to get up and escape from him, saying “No, noooooooo that’s wrong. Please let me go, Jake. Don’t make me do that.” Jake, unable to completely hold himself back, kissed her feet again and again and agian and kept saying “Please, my Lordess Goddess, please, please, let me, please, let me, please, let meeeeeeeee” and she said, “Okay, I give you permission.” Jake slid his hand inside Katie’s panties and took one of her nipples in his mouth letting his hot mouth and tongue suck in Katie’s incredible tit as he ran two fingers over her soaking wet pussy. Katie’s knees buckled for a second and let out a throaty moan and her resistance collapsed at once. Jake’s cock was rock hard now and he wanted to fuck Katie good but he knew he needed to take it slow, to repay Katie the favor.

He grabbed Katie by the shoulders and spun her and helped place her so she had her back to the wall about 18 inches away and leaned her back so her shoulder blades were against the wall and then he took his hand from behind her ass and pushed it forward forcing her pelvis out. Jake dropped to his knees and efficiently pulled her panties. Her position was more than prone, it was absolutely vulnerable.

Her throbbing pussy out and exposed for the taking. Jake parted her legs a bit more and savored the chance to eat her wonderful pussy. Jake did not tease, he dove right in, licking around her lips and finally taking a flat soft tongue and licking over her aching swollen pussy. Katie could not hold it back.

“Jake, oh please, please lick my pussy, oh my god, please I am so wet.”

“Your humble servant at your own sweet will, my Great Goddess.”

Jake licked and sucked Katie’s pussy and she moaned. When Jake looked up he could not get enough of the view of seeing Katie tits with her nipples rock hard the way she was leaning back. After teasing her pussy for a while and realizing her posture was probably making her tired he sat her on the bed. Jake rubbed his cock teasingly over her tits, circling her nipples, Katie arched her back, pushing her hands back into the bed. The feeling of Jake’s beautiful cock sliding over her breasts was killing her. Jake then took his cock and rubbed the underside of the head across Katie’s lips. Katie pulled her mouth away of him and away of his cock but Jake said, “Please face me again and let me love your Holy Mouth with my humble cock, my Goddess Katie”, she refused his repeated pleadings for a while and then she smiled and did as he requested.

After teasing his cock over her luscious lips Katie spoke to him with a more dominant and controlling tone, “Jake do you want me to suck my cock”?

Jake spoke humbly, “Yes, please, pleasure me, my Goddess Katie. Open your mouth, Katie.” and she did.

Jake fed Katie the head of his cock and Katie immediately closed her lips around the fat, soft head and started to suck and lick.

He was impressed with her eagerness, he thought she might play more coy. Then Katie pulled it out and Jake sort of gasped, not ready for it to be taken away. Katie, wanting to push him further asked “do you want me to suck my cock some more”?

Jake, in a more willing and needy tone said, “yes, please!”

“Then ask me.” she replied.

“Katie please.”

“Please what?”

“Please, may you suck my cock?”

“Good boy, yes I may,” and Jake fed Katie his cock.

This time he made her work her way around, sucking his balls, licking the shaft, helping her to take as much of his cock as she could until she started to gag. Jake talked to Katie the whole time, “Oh my Goddess Katie, you suck cock so well. I wish you could see yourself from my view. My cock looks so good in your mouth, that’s it lick my balls. Oh, your mouth is so hot Katie babe. Take it deeper, that’s it. Yes my Holy Teacher, you like this young hard cock in your mouth don’t you.”

Katie was lost in the moment, loving surrendering to this young stud with a big cock, a cliché she thought, but there is something about a young guy with a big dick that makes a women weak.

Katie peered her eyes up to look at Jake. He looked down with his beautiful blue eyes and smiled. Jake begged her to lean back on the bed. Jake put his hands underneath her knees and rested his cock on her pussy, “are you ready, Goddess Katie?”

As he positioned the head so it was just barely pressing into her wet swollen pussy lips, Katie put her hands behind her head to help hold her head up to look down and she was still breathless from sucking his cock and so badly wanted to feel his thickness push inside her. She tossed her head side to side unable to apply any resistance to his desires and then looked back down to his cock and said, “oh please, Jake fuck me please.”

Jake smiled, “yes baby, you want to feel my cock in you?”

Katie just nodded. Jake pushed his rock hard cock into her painfully slow, first the head pushed pasted her wet lips and then the shaft slowly disappeared into her pussy. Katie was so wet it was effortless to push his cock in her. Once Jake got half way in Katie let out a moan of ecstasy. She couldn’t believe how tight he made her feel and he was going deeper than anyone before, she felt her pussy pulsate. Jake pushed all the way in and Katie was delirious. Jake started to slowly pump her pussy, watching her tits shake with the motion. Soon her he was fucking her deep and hard.

“I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum, Jake!” Katie whined.

Jake fucked her right through her first orgasm and didn’t stop. He grabbed her left arm and rolled her over so he could fuck her from behind. He fucked her hard, holding her hips and driving his cock deep inside her. Katie was collapsed on her elbows, moaning, about to cum a second time. 

“Yes my Holy Teacher.”

Katie sensed his orgasm was nearing and Jake asked, “you ready Katie?” Katie just nodded while she got fucked.

“Here I cum Katie, oh yes baby here I cum.”

Jake started to cum in Katie’s pussy. Katie had not fuck a guy and let him cum in her pussy else than her husband since she was in college and she was nervous but she wanted it. Katie felt his cock get rigid and a huge, hot stream of cum sprayed deep into her love tunnel. She let her pussy swallowed cum as much as it could because she knew much more was to come, but she couldn’t keep up and as he shot many powerful streams of cum into her pussy it started to escape out the sides of her cum-filled pussy.

She pulled him out and stroked him letting some of his cum fall down her stomach and he shot another full heavy steam of cum across her belly and down on her tits. She could feel she was covered in his wonderful cum. Jake gave a few last spurts on her tits. Katie gathered herself for a second and looked up at Jake, “How did I do?”

Jake still reeling from his orgasm looked down at Katie into her beautiful eyes, “Katie you are an amazing woman, you are my Goddess and I will never worship or adore anyone but You.”