Sailing into the Wilderness

Sailing into the Wilderness

A gentle rocking roused Charlotte from her deep sleep. She’d slept well last night; then again, anyone can sleep well after they have a bottle of red wine all on their own. It took a while for her to gather her bearings with the morning light pouring down onto her bed from above her. She was reluctant to open her eyes — still shaken by where she felt she was and where she actually was.

The rocking is what threw her off.

After a bit of an internal struggle, she opened her eyes. Slowly, avoiding the piercing pain in her head that was inevitable combining a bottle of red wine and early morning sun, she awoke, inhaled and exhaled deeply. The rich scent of pine, water and wilderness filled her lungs.

“The boat,” she thought bitterly as she rolled over onto her side. Of all the places she could have been that morning, she was on the boat. The deathtrap. The prize award from her divorce.


She’d never exactly wanted the boat. Her idiot of an ex-husband, Greg, had disappeared early in the morning on a Saturday in March, only two months after they had gotten married, only to return after dark with the papers for a brand new, 38′ sailboat. The money that she had been hoping they’d use for a down payment on a house had just squandered away on a sailboat. She didn’t even know if he knew how to sail and her knowledge of the “sea” was limited to a day and weekend trips on an inland lake that she’d taken in her teenage years.

He had visions of grandeur and adventure for the two of them. They would abandon their rented condo in the city and sail to the ocean after spending the summer in the Great Lakes. They would make their way to the East Coast and cruise their way down the Caribbean and spend the winter island hopping in the warm, crystal blue waters.

How either of them would pay for the trip down there was still to be determined. He had a good, well-paying job — as one would, having just purchased a sailboat — but he wasn’t one of the “old-timers”. He was the youngest partner at the firm, by at least ten years, and had only very recently gotten the promotion. He certainly could not simply abandon his job and his work for six months on a boat! And Charlotte was in no position to leave her job as a teacher at a small Montessori school in the suburbs.

She was young — very young — a recent graduate, having only just obtained her Masters degree, at the tender age of 24. She’d met Greg, fallen stupidly in love, and after only two months of dating one another they were engaged. Four months of engagement and they were married. Three months of marriage they were separated and by four months, they were divorced.

Charlotte hated being a woman already divorced by the time she had turned 25. When she had married Greg she had been under the impression that they would be together forever. They were both attractive, they related to one another in a way she had never related to anyone before. Sure, he was about ten years older than she was, but age was irrelevant for her. Their sex life was mind blowing and they cared for one another. He could be a bit selfish from time to time, but in her mind, all men were that way. It wasn’t until he bought the boat totally out of the blue and without saying a single word to her that she realized something was wrong.

She was not one to snoop or pry into her husband’s business. Up until the boat incident, Charlotte had trusted Greg completely. Sure, she fell asleep alone nearly every other night of the week, but he was a partner in a big accounting firm, of course there were going to be nights where he was working late into the night and wouldn’t get home until the wee hours of the morning. And she had gotten used to — and even enjoyed — the weight of him slipping into bed next to her while she was still half asleep. “Two in the morning sex” as she fondly referred to it became her favorite part of dreaming. Greg’s cold hands would slip under the covers, gently glide across the curve of her hip, warming as they trailed down her side. When his hands reached her ass, he would ever-so-gently nudge her leg off to one side and slip his hand down between her legs, seeking out the hot center. She was nearly always wet when she roused in the middle of the night and he would use it to his advantage. He would slip inside of her as easily as he’d slipped into bed next to her. If the penetration didn’t wake her up, the rough, carnal groan that escaped from deep in his throat would. He would rock her back and forth, spooning her from behind, his arm wrapped tightly around her waist, forcing her down and pushing him further inside until he came — usually no more than two or three minutes later — and then fell asleep, still inside her.

The late-night sex became more and more infrequent, though, and the nights of the week where he returned home before midnight turned to one day a week. It wasn’t until Charlotte arrived at a company outing in April — one she was supposed to meet him at — that the pieces of Greg’s infidelity puzzle started to fall into place. He had been absent, a surprise to all of his co-workers, and one of the receptionists at the firm was also surprisingly absent. Not wanting to jump to conclusions, Charlotte gave her husband the benefit of the doubt and stayed for an hour and a half, hoping that he would surprise her by showing up. When she arrived home to find the lights in the bedroom on, she was really ready to tear him a new one. When she walked towards the kitchen and saw a tiny redhead in nothing but a lace thong and Charlotte’s favorite apron fleeing for the stairs, she was ready to kill him.

It had been Greg’s intention to simply sell the sailboat during the divorce. He hadn’t even gotten the chance to take it out of it’s slip and he was ready to sell it back. His receptionist mistress suffered from horrible motion sickness and he was quickly starting to realize what Charlotte had known all along — owning a sailboat was a stupid idea when you barely have time for a weeklong vacation. Charlotte, on the other hand, saw this as an opportunity. Even though she didn’t have much of an interest for sailing and she was afraid that the whole thing was going to flip right over in a high wind, Greg had spent a lot of money on it and if anyone was going to sell it, it should be her. After all, she was the one who was hurt in all of this. She got the sailboat, every high tech piece of equipment that went with it and even the slip it was docked at. If anything, it would be a nice place to go on the weekends. She could invite her girlfriends over for drinks and they could pretend they were in Key West without ever leaving the Midwest.

The more time that Charlotte spent on the vessel, however, the more she grew to like it. In May, she found someone at the nearby yacht club who was willing to give her some advanced sailing lessons and to help her brush up on the basics she’d learned as a teenager. By the end of the month, she felt brave enough to take the large boat out into the open water on her own. By June, after school had let out for the summer, she found herself spending most of her week on the boat and would take it out onto the lake, sometimes traveling 30 miles over the course of two days, spending each night in a different, small marina. Then, a week before the first of July, she found herself making phone calls to her family and closest friends, letting them know that she was headed north for the summer and wouldn’t be back to the city until sometime in late August. Each person she spoke to protested her decision. Her parents called the boat a “deathtrap”, convinced she was going to sink in a storm or drown. Her closest friend asked her if “going away for the summer” really meant suicide. Charlotte scoffed at all of them and promised she’d keep in touch as often as she could. She just needed the time away, the time to herself.

On July 1st, just as the sun was rising, she cast off her lines from the dock and headed north. She had some boating charts that her acquaintance from the yacht club had given her. He’d told her that all of his charts were electronic and he would be throwing them away anyway. He had given her charts for Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan and northern Ontario. She ultimately decided on Lake Superior after browsing through the charts that she’d acquired. She conveniently kept this information from her parents and friends. They were worried about her enough already. They didn’t need to know that she was planning on tackling one of the most notoriously mysterious and difficult lakes in the system.


So here she was. Charlotte, the girl from the suburbs of Chicago, a quiet, elementary school teacher was alone in the middle of the vast wilderness of Lake Superior. She’d never experienced such a quiet as the one she was facing now. She was alone — really, really alone — and had been for the past week since she entered the lake through the locks. The weather had been surprisingly forgiving — much to her elation. The water was calm, the wind just right for a slow sail, the fog was minimal and she had not seen a single boater, with the exception of fishermen, in the past week. She was in Canada, that much she knew. She also knew she was sailing along a natural park and campgrounds, though she hadn’t seen a single camper yet.

She stretched once more and decided that now was as good a time as any to get up and out of bed. The boat rocked gently with her shifting from one side to the other and steadied once she was on her feet. She padded into the galley and opened up the cabin doors, taking in the warm rush of air that immediately filled the area below deck with summery, fresh wilderness air.

The air, now that was something that she loved about this trip. After leaving the shores of southern Lake Michigan, it was as if something had changed. The air became cleaner, the water became clearer, everything felt so fresh and natural. It was as if Charlotte had the chance to shed off her old life in the city and start all over again. She knew that she had obligations back home, but when she sailed through the straights in Michigan, she suddenly understood the appeal of Greg’s dream to sail off to the Caribbean. When she went through the locks and entered Superior, she started to wonder if she could find a job teaching somewhere in the area. She didn’t know how she was going to return to the vast urban jungle that awaited her return in August.

Charlotte stepped up to the deck, her water bucket in hand. She peered down into the water. The boat was telling her the water depth was fifteen feet where she was anchored, but she would have never guessed it. She could see straight to the bottom — it looked no deeper than three feet. The bucket dipped down into the water and for the first time since the previous night when she had anchored, she looked at her surroundings. A well-protected cove, sheltered by granite bluffs and tall pine trees. Most of the shore was large boulders, save for a small bit of land just to the back of the boat with a little bit of sand and small pebbles. Charlotte breathed deep again, even though she had been out of the city for a couple of weeks now, she felt like she was still trying to vacate the city air from her lungs.

She lifted the bucket from the water and set it on the deck. Leaning over to gather some of the water in her hands, she splashed cool water over her bare legs then brought some to her face. Just as she was about to lift her nightgown up and over her head, she stopped.

“Red…” she said to herself softly, spotting something in the trees just beyond the spit of sand and pebbles on the shore. She may have had an entire bottle of red wine the previous night, but she had been certain there had NOT been a tent there when she eventually crawled off to bed. She grabbed her binoculars from the cockpit and peered through them to the clearing of trees. Sure enough, a red tent stood erected barely within eyesight. A yellow bag hung high up in the trees — a camper’s attempt to keep their food and essential items away from bears.

She wondered when her anchorage mate had arrived. She certainly hadn’t heard any tromping through the woods or setting up of camp — the again, her ears had been buzzing from the alcohol last night. She was both impressed and even a little angry with the mystery person up on shore. Impressed in that even she, the woman who mastered the sailboat in record time and was brave enough to make this trip all on her own, wouldn’t have had the balls to set up camp in the dark. Angry in that she was in no position to leave the anchorage; the forecast was reporting for winds to pick up and she desperately needed to bathe and had hoped to be alone as she wasn’t one to dive off the boat naked when other people were present.

Charlotte sighed and walked back down into the cabin of her boat. She poured her water into a teakettle for coffee on the tiny galley stove and dove down into the little galley ice chest for the last two eggs from her last provisioning. Like everyday, as she cooked herself a meagre breakfast, she wondered what she would do with her day. She was nearly through all of her reading material she had brought with her. Even though the first week of her trip had consisted of extremely long days and very short nights, lately, only traveling 5-10 miles a day left her with a lot of spare time on her hands. She’d hiked when the opportunity arose, but as much as she loved the wild wilderness of the area she was in, she was growing tired of hiking along dark trails with dense tree coverage with the periodic reward of a hilltop view of expansive green and blue. Her radio provided her a bit of companionship during the dusky evening hours, but she was growing tired of listening to the thoughts going through her head.


*knock knock*

Of all the sounds that Charlotte had grown used to being on a boat, knocking was not one of them.

*knock knock*

She couldn’t lie, it was a bit startling, especially since she had been so engrossed in the book in her lap.

“Hello?” a male voice called from outside.

Charlotte was definitely startled. She could pretend she was sleeping below, not a problem. She had encountered a few kind people along the way — mostly people roughly her parents’ age, in marinas, who realized that she was sailing all alone. Just to hear another voice though, someone who wasn’t her or the Coast Guard droning over the marine radio…

“Hello?” it was a bit more tentative this time.

Male voice, couldn’t tell the age by the voice at all — not old-old. Frantic thoughts started to race through her mind. She wondered if anyone had ever been kidnapped off their boat. Her mind wandered to rape and murder.

“Why is it always the extreme-extremes?” she chastised herself for thinking it in the first place.

“Hang on,” she said, feigning sleepiness in her voice to make him think he’d just woken her up from a late-morning nap. She marked her place in the book she was reading and slowly made her way out of the cabin into the warm, July sun.

“Hi,” a voice from over the side of the deck said. Charlotte smiled to herself just a little bit.

“What? Did you swim all the way out here?” she asked as she peered over the edge. She jumped a bit though when she realized she didn’t have to peer too far down to the water.

“Something like that,” the man said as he sat in his kayak, using his paddle as leverage to keep him close to the hull of the boat.

“Hi,” Charlotte said, somewhat stunned. She looked back up towards shore and the red tent and yellow sack were gone from the trees. She turned her gaze back towards the man in the kayak and smiled slightly. He was, in a word, rugged. If he wasn’t more or less clean shaven — he had a bit of stubble — he had a strange appearance that gave her the impression that he’d been camping out in the wilderness for months. He didn’t have long hair, but it was definitely shaggy around the ears, chin and neck. He had kind, soft eyes that were a deep shade of green and his smile was radiant. Full, red lips (possibly tinged from the sun) and dazzling white teeth. She couldn’t see much of his physique between the life vest he was wearing and his legs hidden beneath the kayak hull. His arms were well toned and muscular — even under a wetsuit — and his hands were large and strong.

“I’m headed out,” he said, very nonchalantly, “I just wanted to apologize to you for disturbing the peace last night.”

“Disturbing…what?” she asked.

“I just, I came in to the campground late last night and I may have made a bit of a ruckus setting up camp,” he explained. “I didn’t even see your boat out here in the anchorage and I tend to be a bit noisy when I think I’m all alone in an area.”

“Oh,” Charlotte said, shaking her head and silently kicking herself for not turning on the boat light the previous night. “Don’t worry about it. I didn’t hear a thing.”

“Heavy sleeper,” he said with a smile. “No harm done then.”

“Yeah, no, don’t worry about it,” she said shaking her head.

“I just know how some of you boaters like to be left alone,” he continued. “I haven’t been on the lake in about a week now. I’ve been making my way down the river and just portaged over this way late last night. I’ll tell you, the woods are scary as hell after dark.”

“I can imagine,” she said, nodding without much interest.

“Anyway, I’ll be on my way,” he said, gently pushing off the hull. “Where you headed?”

“I don’t know yet,” she said, a bit of a bluff. She knew she was headed further west, but she didn’t know how far the next trip would be for her. “You’re leaving now? Even with the wind forecast as it is?”

“Forecast schmorecast,” he said with a smile. “Don’t believe anything about anything with Superior weather.”

Charlotte nodded, even though she could see the tops of the pine trees swaying in the wind on top of the bluffs.

“Safe travels,” she said.

The kayaker nodded.

“You alone?” he asked as he dipped a paddle in the water, sending ripples towards her. For a moment, the illogical rape and murder thought sprang into her head — she couldn’t blame herself, she was from Chicago.

“I guess I am,” she replied cooly. “You?”

“You know it,” he said, still smiling. “Unless you consider Mother Nature a travel companion.”

“A pretty silent companion, if I do say so myself,” Charlotte said, returning his smile for the first time.

“Are you kidding? Mother Nature is one talkative lady if I do say so myself,” he retorted. “Keeps me from getting sleep at night sometimes.” He effortlessly glided past the boat towards the mouth of the cove. “Anyway, you stay safe now. Enjoy the summer!”

“Thanks, you too.” And with that, the man in the kayak glided across the water, carefully maneuvering around a boulder in the water and out of Charlotte’s line of view.

She didn’t quite know what to make of the brief encounter. On the one hand, she wanted to follow him right out of the anchorage — if only to have the human companionship for a few more days. On the other hand, it seemed so strange to have a complete stranger come up, knock on the side of the boat and engage in a conversation. And apologize! Oh, the apology. Why even bother? She shook her head and retreated back below deck to pick up her reading once more.


Setting the anchor was Charlotte’s least favorite part about boating. The anchor was so heavy. It was so exhausting getting it just right. And if it didn’t set, she had to go and do it all over again. God forbid, if it dragged in the middle of the night and she had to go and set it. Again. Setting the anchor was the only part of her day where Charlotte wished she had Greg — no, not Greg, ANY other man — to drop and set the anchor for her.

After two days at anchor in the cove where she had met the kayaker, she hoisted anchor and headed fifteen miles to the west. After sitting in the anchorage for an hour or so, she realized how similar it was to the previous. The sand and small pebble beach was a bit larger, a bit longer, but there were still high bluffs and pine trees everywhere. Charlotte made herself a small dinner, trying not to go through any of her food too quickly.

After cleaning, as the sun was starting to set, she headed back out into the cockpit with a glass of wine. Sunset was, by far, her favorite part of the day. The colors were usually incredible and there was a peaceful quiet that settled over everything at dusk.

Suddenly, somewhere off to her right, there was a light splashing.

“Fish jumping,” she thought to herself and turned her head slightly. Then sharply. There, a bit more pronounced than before, was the unmistakable peak of a tent. A yellow bear sack was tied up high in the branches of a tree and there was just the slightest point of a yellow kayak sticking out from a clearing.

Charlotte was surprised, but then again, she wasn’t. She knew the kayaker was on the lake now. But 15 miles? In two days? She had to hand it to him, he had more strength in him than she could imagine having in herself. She took a contented sip of her wine and turned again. He was in the water. He was the one who she’d just heard splashing. The first (and only) time that she’d seen him, he was in a life vest and wetsuit. Now, he was bathing on the other side of the anchorage from her, waist-deep in the water wearing nothing more than something black around his wrist and the hair on his body. She sipped her wine slowly. She could see him okay. She wasn’t sure if he could see her. She was partially hidden by the canvas that covered the entry to the boat cabin. It had been a while since she’d seen anyone — certainly a long time since she’d seen anyone bathing in the most natural of settings. She felt kind of sneaky, watching the tips of his fingers dancing along the surface of the water. Small, slight ripples of water radiated from his torso and even smaller ripples danced underneath his hands. She took a long, slow sip of her wine and slowly reached for her binoculars — as if any sudden movement on her behalf would startle him and he’d skip out of the water into the depths of the pine trees.

Setting her half-empty glass of wine aside, she brought the binoculars to her eyes and gasped once she focused in on him. If he had been out hiking and kayaking around in the wilderness for months it had done his body good.

“Wow…” she gasped to herself and the air around her. With his back to her, she made out the muscles of his shoulder and back. She imagined that if Poseidon inhabited Lake Superior she was looking at his back right now. The small of his back tapered down into a smooth, muscular triangle and…well, she could only imagine the tight ass that the man must have, but the surface of the water prevented her from seeing any lower.

She made a small noise as he quickly submerged himself. She knew that the water around her vessel was cold, perhaps it was warmer closer to shore? The top of his chestnut brown head bobbed at the surface for a few moments before he came bursting back to the surface, water pouring down his face and sculpted chest and down to his…

“Oh my god,” Charlotte breathed, making no effort to cover her open mouth.

She had been perfectly happy with Greg and his physique — after all, she had been under the impression she’d be with him forever — eventually everyone’s body takes a turn for the worst. At least that was what she always told herself. He wasn’t the fittest man in the world. Long working hours left little time for him to go to the gym and he ate his lunch out nearly every day (even though Charlotte offered to make him lunch all the time). He had a bit of a belly, but his arms and legs were muscular. His ass was soft and his dick was…well, it left a bit to be desired, but it was fine. It always pleased Charlotte.

But this. The mystery kayaker had officially cleared any thought of “Greg” from her mind completely. His body was as close to Charlotte’s definition of perfect as could be! She could tell — even through her binoculars — that he had amazing upper body strength. Not that it came as a total surprise given the effortlessness in his kayak strokes. He didn’t have rock-hard abs, but his stomach was nicely defined — no beer gut, not even a little bit. His chest had a nice, light covering of dark hair which neatly trailed down his middle, down below his navel and down to a larger expanse of hair.

“Wow,” she breathed again, long and slow as he took a couple of steps backward, the water shallowing to the point where she was able to see what, deep down, she really wanted to see.

She didn’t have the experience of having come in contact with a lot of cocks in the course of her life. Greg had been her fourth. Her first, she’d been with once, and she didn’t remember what he was like except that he felt way too large for her to handle. The second and third were both small. The third had even experienced unfortunate erectile problems. In retrospect, Greg really had been the best lay she’d had, but looking at the man in front of her in the water… If the water was as cold up close to shore as it was at her boat, it was not evident. He was thick, decent length — considering he wasn’t aroused — and, Charlotte sighed, for the first time in several months she desperately wanted to be close to a man again.

Her binoculars trailed to his face again and she froze. She may have even let out a cartoonish, “Meep” before quickly lowering the device to her lap. He was staring right at her, even without the aid of magnification, she could see a very slight smile on his face. Her heart thudded loudly in her chest and she felt a hot flush sweep through her entire body when he gave her a small wave. She buried her head in her hands and could have sworn that she heard him chuckle from across the water.

There had been times on the trip that she had felt eons older than she actually was. At this very moment, though, she felt as if she was a giddy teenage girl all over again. And she’d been caught. Redhanded. WITH binoculars. She felt like crawling up in a ball out of embarrassment.


She’d slept on it. Was it really so bad? They were both adults. Maybe he had been doing it on purpose. After all, she hadn’t even noticed him in the water until she heard a small splash. He had clearly seen her and the boat out at anchor. She grinned to herself in the hours of early morning.

“Two can play this game,” she said quietly to herself as she pushed off the covers from sleep and headed out of the cabin to the deck to hook up the sun shower that she had just been waiting to use.


Charlotte stood in the cockpit and squinted towards the shore. She had thought that she’d seen the man walking around with a cup of coffee — she had definitely seen a small trail of smoke from a campfire, so he had to be awake and around. At the first glimpse of peachy, tanned skin and dark hair, she slowly lifted her tank top above her head. For the first time, well, ever, she was thanking Greg for his infidelity and the divorce and most of all, the boat. She was young. Young enough to still be in college. Her body was still in perfect shape — ideal, even. Her breasts were still firm and high, her stomach and arms were toned from hours spent at the gym in utter frustration. She was tan from weeks spent on the boat and in the sun. Her usual light brown hair had turned into a golden brown with golden blonde streaks and as she lifted her arms to let the small spigot of water trickle down between her breasts, she swore to herself that she had never felt so beautiful.


“I don’t believe I introduced myself the other day,” Charlotte said as she stepped into the flattened camp circle the kayaker had set himself up in.

He’d watched her from the shore, that much she knew. He’d sat on a large boulder off of the sand beach, coffee mug in one hand and the other casually placed on his thigh. After getting dressed, she decided that she’d spent too much time on her boat and needed to stretch her legs. Normally, she would have never considered herself so bold but now after seeing him the previous evening and watching him watch her while she bathed, she felt an ache and desire so deep in the pit of her stomach that she needed to make a move.

He spun around, surprised to hear a voice behind him. Surprised to hear HER voice behind him. He was shirtless, tidying up his campsite and throwing some food items into the yellow bear sack. Up close, Charlotte could see how well tanned his arms were and she noticed the twinge of golden highlights in his hair.

“Hi,” he breathed, caught off guard, of course.

“I’m Charlotte,” she introduced herself, very straight to the point.

“Uh, Adam,” he said, wiping his hand against his pant leg, brushing off the dirt before he extended it to her. She took his hand into her own and smiled. His hand dwarfed hers and she was suddenly embarrassed by the roughness of her palm against his. Normally, her hands were as smooth as silk, but with the boat, she had neglected them more than usual and the boat lines had roughened her palms.

“Sorry for disturbing the peace here,” she mimicked from the previous day. He chuckled softly and nodded.

“You should be,” he deadpanned, “us kayakers like our peace and quiet.”

“How long are you staying?” she asked, seriously.

He sighed and attached the yellow bag to a rope hanging from the tree, “What about you?”

Charlotte shrugged, “Depends on the weather, I guess.”

“What did I tell you about the weather?” he asked as he effortlessly hoisted the bag up into the tree. “Or wait, did I tell that little pearl of wisdom to another lone female sailor?”

She smiled and kicked a small pebble at her feet. “I needed to get off the boat. I need to walk around a bit, stretch my legs.”

Adam simply nodded and turned to Charlotte, visibly looking her up and down, taking her in completely. She’d dressed to impress before heading into shore. She was wearing a light pair of capri pants that accentuated her trim thighs and calves and a tank top that was fit her chest perfectly and highlighted her tight waist. She smiled, enjoying the brief moment of undivided attention before purposely clearing her throat.

“Anyway,” she continued, “I don’t have a map of the trails so I was hoping you might come with?”

She could feel a magnetism between the two of them. She wanted so badly to reach up and touch his jaw where it met his earlobe and run her fingers lightly down the length of his neck. She wanted to touch his bare chest while leaning in for a deep, long kiss. She imagined he tasted like the woods and campfire.

“You want to borrow mine?” he asked, glancing back towards his tent. “I pretty much know this area like the back of my hand.”

Charlotte shook her head and took a step closer towards him. She wondered where she had gained the courage to approach a stranger like this. Still, she felt awkward and when she looked into his dark, green eyes and saw the way he drank her in, she felt herself stepping back like a nervous freshman about to sit next to the cute boy in class.

“No,” she said, trying to find confidence in her voice. “I’ll just…wander.”

He smiled, “I’d love to take you to some of my favorite trails, but I really need to do some things around here.” He looked around his campsite, and Charlotte nodded, wondering what one could possibly have to do around a campsite.

“Okay,” she said tentatively, “well…” she took a bold step, “I don’t know how you are on food but I have plenty and…you want to come out for dinner?”

He smiled and nodded.

“Sure,” he said. “Dinner.”

“Come by whenever,” she said, feeling a flush in her cheeks. “I mean, after I’m through with my little aimless walk in the woods here.”

“Sorry I can’t come with,” he said, turning back towards his tent.


Charlotte hadn’t even thought of the possibility of dates when she was packing for her trip. She’d packed the basics for making herself look nice for the times that she was amongst civilization, but she’d left some of her favorite “date” items behind.

She hadn’t seen Adam on her way back down to the water’s edge, but everything of his was still at his campsite, so she knew he hadn’t run off. She wondered if she should have offered to pick him up from shore, but he had his kayak.


The familiar sound against the hull.

“Come on up!” she called from down in the cabin as she stirred a pan of spaghetti sauce. She had racked her mind trying to figure out what to make, it wasn’t as if she had a lot of space or options in her galley kitchenette. She thought about all the things that Adam was probably eating while camping and kayaking and decided relatively homemade spaghetti was a safe choice. Dessert would be the best though, a small apple cobbler.

“Wow,” Adam said, hopping into the cockpit as if it was second nature. “Swanky digs.”

“Thanks,” Charlotte said, trying to ignore the lightheaded feeling she had from some wine and simply being in close proximity to such an attractive man.

“What do you do again?” he asked, making himself comfortable in the open air.

“I never said,” she replied. “Elementary school teacher.”

He whistled, “One well paid teacher. Where are you from?”

Charlotte laughed, “Chicago.”

“Note to self,” he said, drumming his fingers against fiberglass, “find teaching job in Chicago.”

“You want a drink?” Charlotte asked, waving her half-empty glass of wine in front of the entryway.

“Sure, absolutely,” he replied. “Don’t get many offers for those out in the wild.”

“Spaghetti okay?” she asked, handing up a glass.

“Oh yeah,” he replied, taking a short sip of the wine. “Been living off jerky and hardtack for the last couple weeks.”

“You’re kidding.”

“I am. Freeze-dried meals are a bit more my style.”


Charlotte giggled in a way she hadn’t in months. Naturally, she blamed the wine she was drinking and the presence of another human being — but there was something else. She wasn’t one to doubt the presence of pheromones between two people of the opposite sex, but it had been a long, long time since she’d felt the overwhelming pull of them.

“You still haven’t answered the biggest question I’ve had,” he said, giving her a long gaze from across the small cockpit table.

“And that is?” she giggled, knowing full well what the question was. Why was she out here alone? How did she get here? Why was she here at all? The truth was, earlier in the evening, she had been too embarrassed to disclose information about her divorce, but after a few more sips of wine and the orange-red glow emanating from the treetops from sunset, she felt her guard slowly slipping away.

“I’ve asked you at least three times now,” he said. “I know you’re not that drunk.”

“Why are you out here alone? Why are you here? Where are you even from?” she teased right back at him. His smile slowly melted away and he turned his gaze down towards his empty plate. He had asked for seconds — which Charlotte happily supplied him with — but she was only nearing the very end of her first serving and had no intentions for another.

“I’m sorry…” she said quietly, a forkful of spaghetti dodging the corner of her mouth before finding its way inside. “I just…you want to know things about me.”

“No, I know,” he nodded. “Fair is fair. I just…it’s difficult.”

“Well, maybe I should start with the easier question,” she said as she swiped her napkin across her cheek. She wondered for a fleeting second why she felt so uninhibited. “How long have you been up here?”

“Since March,” he said quietly, twirling his fork around in some leftover spaghetti sauce.

Charlotte sat, starting with her mouth slightly agape at his answer. “Seriously?”

Adam nodded. “Started out from Minneapolis. Hitchhiked my way to Duluth, befriended a couple fishermen there, made my way to Isle Royale, went from Isle Royale to Thunder Bay and started working myself this way.”


Adam sighed this time and Charlotte could have sworn that she saw his head sink a little.

“My fiance…well, no, I guess she’d be my ex-fiance now,” he said quietly. “She left.”

“So you left, too?”

“We had a daughter,” he said, even quieter this time if it was possible. “Just…middle of the day. Gone.”

“Oh,” she said it quietly, as sympathetically as she could. All the sudden, her divorce story didn’t seem quite so sad anymore. Hell, she’d gotten a boat out of it. The man sitting across from her though had run away from everything. As far as she could tell, he’d lost everything.

“I’m sorry,” he said, shaking his head and regaining his composure. “It’s not usually something that I talk about. And usually after a long day of kayaking, I don’t even think about it. The lake is challenging and it keeps my mind off of it. Off of everything.”

“When did she…leave?” she said ‘leave’ in almost a whisper.

“December,” he replied. “Early December. Just left a note on the counter.”

“And you didn’t search for them?”

He simply shook his head like he was trying to shake a bad dream from his mind. Charlotte bit her bottom lip and nodded.

“Well, you and I are one in the same then,” she said quickly. “Oh yeah?” Adam asked, his smile slowly creeping back across his face.

“Well, I guess,” she replied with a shrug. “Divorced.”

“What?” he gasped, his eyes narrowing and his gaze quickly zooming in on her left hand. “You can’t be any older than what? 22?”

She smiled, but her smile was quickly replaced with the former shame she felt — the irrational shame of being such a young divorcee.

“Twenty five,” she said. “He…” she swallowed away the lump in her throat. “Screwing the receptionist.”

“Wow,” he said.

“I won the boat,” she finished, rather flatly. “And I decided that it was better to just get away from everything.”

“Wait, you won the boat?”

“In the divorce.”

Adam chucked to himself, “Oh, I thought that you’d won it in some contest or something.”

Charlotte smiled this time and shook her head. “Not quite that easily.”

The boat slowly started to swing with a slight wind shift and Charlotte leaned back to gaze at the swirling colors of the sunset over the tree line.

“Do you mind?” Adam said, standing halfway to join her on her side of the cockpit.

Charlotte shook her head and moved to the side to give him room to sit next to her. He quickly slid in next to her, relaxed and turned his gaze to her instead of the sunset. They sat quietly for a moment, before she turned to him with a puzzled look in her eyes.


“You have sauce on your…in the corner there…,” he said, lifting his hand to the side of her face, brushing a spot of sauce away from the corner of her lip. She blushed, thinking that she’d cleaned it all away — feeling silly that she’d left some in a spot she could have easily cleaned away with the tip of her tongue.

“Thanks,” she said quietly, feeling a weightiness settle in around her head. His thumb had barely moved from the corner of her mouth and he was so close to her that she could smell and sense things about him. He smelled like the outdoors — he smelled like the lake and the trees and there was a slight lingering scent of peppermint and tomato sauce. She wanted to reach over and touch his thigh, his arm, something, but she was too hesitant and she couldn’t figure out why.

“Do you do this a lot?” she asked quietly, a little hesitantly, quickly wondering how many sailors and campers he may have encountered on his journey since March. How many of them were eager to take him in and feed him a meal? How many of them were young like her and felt this attraction to him? How many of them might have fucked him?

“Not exactly,” he said, his thumb sweeping over her chin and up to her bottom lip. He parted her lips slowly with his finger and pushed his way to the teeth. She gladly allowed him to, the very tip of her tongue just barely sweeping over his thumbnail.

“Have you ever…” she stopped herself, inched closer to him and let the side of her thigh slide against his. His was so much more muscular in comparison to hers — clearly from months of hiking, kayaking and being outdoors. She wanted to ask if he’d slept with women along his trip — how many women it had been, but it felt too forward. Instead, she slowly closed her eyes and let the tip of his thumb trespass each curve of her lips and the ridge of her bottom teeth. Every other moment, she would let her tongue touch him — just to get a little taste of him. It was only seconds, but in those short, few seconds she wanted more of him than she could have imagined.

“What?” he asked, slowly leaning in to her, his thumb trailing down her chin, his fingers dancing down of the side of her neck, around to the nape where he pulled her towards him and kissed her firmly on the mouth he had only just discovered. Charlotte closed her eyes tightly and felt herself practically fall into his arms. It had been a long time since she had literally felt swept off her feet by someone. She let her tongue explore his lips first, before tentatively pushing in just a little bit further to taste his tongue. He tasted like the wine and spaghetti she’d just fed him and she noticed the scent of earthy peppermint emanating from him.

“Nevermind,” she whispered between kisses as she circled her arms around his neck.


If there had been one thing that Charlotte had definitely not been planning on doing over the course of the summer, it was sex. She was in no way prepared for it at all. She hardly even knew where one had sex on a boat. Sure, one could receive a nice, pleasant, man-on-top fucking in the bed she slept, but over all, she had been unimpressed with the spaces the boat provided. She had wondered on occasion if it had ever occurred to Greg when he had been purchasing the vessel.

Her thoughts immediately snapped away from Greg as Adam pulled her into his lap and nipped at her neck below her ear. She gasped sharply and instinctively pressed her ass into Adam’s crotch. She could already feel him growing hard from the small gesture. He wrapped an arm around her waist and held her tightly against his body. He furiously planted hot kisses across the back of her neck, stopping to nibble her earlobes before allowing his lips to trail back to her spine. She moaned quietly, and wrapped her hand around the wheel in the cockpit, grinding twice against Adam’s cock.

“I would have never pegged you for the person you are,” he breathed against her ear.

“What kind…” she gasped as he lightly thrust himself against her ass. “Person?”

His hand snaked under the hem of her t-shirt and his fingers pressed into the bare flesh under her breasts. She turned her head towards him and he kissed her, running his tongue slowly along her bottom lip.

“The first day I saw you, I thought you were some girl on vacation with her family or with a boyfriend or…” he kissed her again, “something. I don’t know.” She moaned again as she felt his cock push against his pants at her ass.

She practically whimpered as his hand grazed over the thin cloth of her bra, his fingers immediately zoning in on her already erect nipple. He pinched the raised nub and exhaled against her neck, exerting just enough pressure to get her to groan and buck against the pressure building in his pants.

“It’s been so long…” she breathed, reaching around her back with her free hand and running the palm of her hand up and down his shaft.

“You are so…” he groaned slightly as her insistent fingers found the zipper and her hand deftly slipped underneath the fabric.

“What?” she asked, bucking against him again as he pinched at the other nipple.

“Fucking hot,” he breathed into her as she worked her hand up and down around his cock. She was a little surprised by the comment, flattered, of course. She removed her hand from his pants and quickly stood to her feet. She turned and smiled at the startled look Adam wore on his face all the sudden.

“I’m sorry,” he panted. She smiled a little wider and shook her head.

“I’m flattered,” she said as she hooked her fingers around the hem of her shirt and quickly lifted it up over her head.

“Oh, thank god,” he said with a sigh of relief. “I thought I offended you…” he trailed off as he watched her shimmy her way out of her pants. She knew that he’d watched her from the shore earlier in the morning, but he didn’t have binoculars like she did.

“Of course not,” she said, leaning down and planting a kiss against his lips. She returned to his lap, straddling him as securely as she could.

“Here?” he asked, looking around the cove. There wasn’t anyone else around, that was for certain and dusk had settled in and the stars were starting to show themselves in the sky above.

“Believe me,” she replied. “Much more comfortable.” She smiled and undid the button at the top of his pants and pushed away the hem. His dick sprang free immediately — clearly he wasn’t one to wear underwear out in the great, wide wilderness. She smiled devilishly and wrapped her hand around him.

“When was the last time someone gave you a great blow job?” she asked. He let his gaze shift toward the sky above in thought. “If you have to think about it that deeply, it’s been too long.” She shifted her knees back and bent over, taking him into her mouth in an act of flexibility that had driven every man she’d ever been with in the past absolutely crazy. He groaned loudly and his hands immediately went to the back of her head, guiding her and positioning her in the right place.

“Fuck me,” he groaned. “Where did you…” gasp, “learn how to…” gasp, “do this?”

She sucked hard on his dick and slowly withdrew it from her mouth, creating an incredible amount of suction as she pulled her head away.

“Some people are just hard to please,” she said with a smile before running her tongue around the tip of his cock while she gently massaged his balls.

“I’m not,” he stated as his hips jerked towards her. “Very…” he gasped again as she took the length of him into her mouth. “…Easy.”

She felt his balls twitch in her hands and she prepared herself for his release, but he didn’t come. She sucked some more, eagerly than she had before. Again, he groaned and twitched underneath her, but nothing came.

“I swallow,” she said very simply, thinking it would egg him on.

“Fuck, you do?” he groaned as she wrapped her mouth around him again. “And here I am…” he grunted as he thrust his hips against her mouth. “Being courteous.” She giggled from deep in her throat and he groaned again as the vibrations moved through his cock.

“Oh fuck,” he panted, “oh shit…” his hips pumped in sync with the rhythm of Charlotte’s mouth. She made encouraging noises deep within her throat and she took every inch of him that she was able. With little warning other than a yank of the hair at the back of her head, he came in her mouth. Wave after wave of warm, salty, creaminess invaded the back of her mouth. She quickly swallowed and licked him clean as she backed away and returned to her feet.

She put her hands on her hips and looked down at Adam with a smile on his face. His arms lay limp at his sides and his breathing was heavy as if he’d just finished running a marathon.

“I hope you’re not finished for the night,” she said as she swiped her finger across the corner of her mouth.

“You’re amazing, you know that?” he breathed as he took her hand into his and pulled her down to his lap again.

“It’s nice to hear,” she said. “I can’t remember the last time someone, other than my mom, said that to me.”

His breathing slowly returned to normal and he cupped her face in his hand. She relished the touch, it was so kind, so gentle and just what she had been yearning for over the past few weeks. The touch of another human being, a kind one at that, who understood her situation. She was overwhelmed by his kindness — not to mention his sexiness — she wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned in for a kiss. They kissed deeply for a minute and she subtly swiveled her hips over his own.

“How long before round two?” she whispered, her lips grazing his ear.

He contemplated the question for a minute before replying, “You set up your nighttime boat light and I think something can be arranged.” She smiled and quickly hopped to her feet. She ducked below deck and flicked the switch for the light at the top of the mast.

“I hope you’re ready!” she called out from the cabin.

She heard him laugh then reply, “Okay, it might be a little longer than that.”

Her head popped up in the entry way and like a giddy girl, she quickly hopped up the steps and returned to Adam’s side.

“I can’t tell you how lonely it’s been without a travel companion,” she said quietly, tucking a tuft of hair behind his ear.

“I think I have an idea,” he said as he wrapped an arm around her and pulled her back into his lap.

“You probably can’t stay with me either,” she said, placing both her hands on his strong shoulders.

He shrugged, “I could follow you.”

“What are you going to do after the summer?” she asked.

He silently shrugged in response.

She leaned in slowly and kissed him softly — again, savoring the scent and taste of him. He wrapped his arms around her back and nimbly undid the clasp of her bra. She giggled against his lips as she felt his hand pass over the expanse of skin where the strap was. No one she’d ever been with in the past was able to undo it that simply and easily — she was used to clumsy fumbling of fingers.

“What?” he asked as he pushed the straps off her shoulders.

“Nothing,” she whispered as she allowed the bra to drop down between the two of them. She cast it away to the side and pressed her bare breasts against his chest.

Adam pulled away and took in her naked torso. He smiled and ran his hands over her chest, paying attention to each perfectly round orb that stood in front of him. He gave attention to the right first; he cupped the breast in his hand and flicked his finger over the darkened nipple. Her hips swayed against his, ever so subtly, whetting his sexual appetite again. He leaned forward and took the little nub in his mouth. His tongue swirled in a lazy circle around it before he carefully nibbled at it. Charlotte cried out quietly and her hips swayed again — a little more insistently this time.

“I think someone likes that…” he said with a devious smile on his face. His tongue made another circle around her right nipple as he brought his hand to the left and delicately pinched it between his fingers. Charlotte cried louder this time and immediately felt a wetness surge underneath her.

“I’m getting wet,” she breathed as he pinched her nipples once more. He pulled away and his eyes met hers. He smiled again and his hand ducked down between her legs. He rubbed his fingers against the cotton of her underwear and savored the wet, slickness that seeped through the cloth.

“I guess so,” he said. He pushed the cloth to the side and pressed his fingers against her pussy. The heat and wetness of it made his erection grow stronger yet. He grinned and licked his lips while Charlotte wished there was more room in the cockpit for her to receive oral.

As if reading her mind, Adam said, “Normally, I’d give you a little something-something before moving on…”

She shook her head without thinking twice, “It’s totally fine.” She kissed him again and slowly stood up once again.

“I guess we don’t have a whole lot of options for positions here,” he said as she slid her panties down her hips and legs.

“I don’t care if you don’t,” she said, straddling his knees once again.

“I just want you to know,” he said, hungrily scanning her body with his eyes, “I don’t ever do this.”

She laughed, “Neither do I.”

“I mean,” he continued, “I’ve wanted to it’s just…I never have.” She nodded. “Anywhere else and I would have demanded to know you first.”

She leaned in close to him, “I know you plenty well already and you know me.”

“Adam from Minneapolis,” he joked.

“Charlotte from Chicago,” she replied back to him. She took his dick in her hand and pumped her fist up and down twice for good measure. He was ready to go again and she was ready to take him.

She positioned him at her entrance and slowly lowered herself onto him. Her knees nearly buckled from the overwhelming sensation of it. It’d been too long since she’d last had sex and she almost felt like a virgin again. Adam’s cock was large — very large — in comparison to what she’d been used to in the past. She groaned a bit as she lowered herself all the way down and hit the base. He dug his fingertips into her ass and held her tight against him until she had acclimated to his size.

“Oh my god,” she gasped as she rolled her hips on top of his, sending a jolt through her body. “You’re huge!”

“And you’re…” he pumped himself into her twice and grunted, “you’re so…fucking tight.”

She began to rock her hips back and forth, settling the two of them into a rhythm. She was astonished by how completely filled she felt by him. He made her feel so good. She’d always loved being on top because her previous partners had been smaller — not to mention the control it gave her — but this was almost too much. Almost. Every time she rocked forward, she would hit the spot that sent an electric-like current through her entire body. Her fingers and toes tingled; and she was certain it had nothing to do with the cool, night air.

When Charlotte tossed her head back, Adam took the opportunity to stealthily move his hand between their bodies and he flicked his thumb over her clit. She cried out in surprise and excitement.

“Again,” she said. She opened her eyes and stared at the blanket of stars above. The boat was swinging, just slightly, and it made her dizzy. She refocused her gaze on Adam and cried out again as he traced a circle around her sensitive nub.

He thrust into her hard and she cried out again.

“Louder,” he said. He traced another circle and thrust himself as far as she would allow and she cried out even louder. Her cry echoed through the anchorage, her voice reverberating off the rocks and trees.

“I hope there’s no one around,” she joked. He smiled and sought out her nipple with his tongue. Another slow circle, another loud moan. He chuckled softly against her chest, thrust and gently as he could bit down at the skin.

“Fuck!” she cried out loudly, the noise echoing all around them.

“Let’s try something else,” he said quietly, stilling her hips with his hands.

“What?” she asked.

“Stand,” he replied. She shrugged and did as he requested. As he pulled out from her and she stood up, she felt weak in the knees, already exhausted, and empty. She frowned as he stood up next to her and went to stand behind her.

“What’re you…” she started to say. She felt his dick against her ass and although she wasn’t totally opposed to the idea of anal sex, she preferred it if they didn’t quite venture over that bridge just yet. “Adam, I…” she stopped herself as he pushed on her shoulders, silently signaling her to bend over. She obliged without any objection, but in the back of her mind, she wondered what would happen next.

“If it’s too intense,” he said, positioning himself against her opening again, “just say so. I’ve never quite been able to successfully master it with anyone else.”

She responded with a garbled, “uh huh” and he pushed himself deep inside her once again with a single, quick motion.

“Oh, holy shit,” she breathed as her shoulders slumped forward.

“Too intense?” he asked, stilling for a moment. She shook her head wordlessly and pounded her palm against the fiberglass of the deck, urging him to continue.

“Good?” he asked and she nodded and gave the same response as before, unable to even speak from every sensation racing through her body.

He fucked her hard and fast, reaching around every other moment to tickle her clit or fondle her breasts. She gratefully accepted every single thrust and touch. She was completely unaware to the moans and groans of pleasure escaping her lips and when he suddenly spanked her across the fleshy part of her ass, she thought that she would come right then and there.

He separated the cheeks of her ass and tentatively started to trace a circle around her asshole. They hadn’t said anything to one another about that entrance and he wasn’t sure what her feelings were regarding it. The last thing that he wanted was to be tossed aside and rejected for the rest of the evening for trespassing somewhere she did not want him to go.

“Oh god,” she groaned when his thumb passed over the tiny entrance. He quickly withdrew his hand but she shook her head fervently. “No, no, do it again.” He smiled and felt his cock respond inside of her. He’d never had a woman actually consent to anal play and he’d always wanted to try it. Sure, now wasn’t the best time seeing as he was already so close to finishing, but the approval alone, the idea that he had the permission to play around with the idea; it was all he needed.

He pressed his thumb against the puckered hole again and gently prodded his way inside, not missing a beat as he pumped his cock in and out of her.

“Ugh,” she groaned, unaccustomed to the feeling of anything inside her ass. “Fuck…” She didn’t reject his thumb or the sensation, it was simply foreign to her. None of her previous partners had any interest in playing with that particular orifice. Sure, a couple of times someone would blindly press themselves against it, but that was it.

His thumb slid in up to the first knuckle, he stopped and started to make small back and forth motions with the digit.

“Oh my god, oh my god,” Charlotte moaned over and over. She could feel herself tightening around him even more — if that was even possible. She knew that an orgasm was coming and that it would be a strong one.

The boat was starting to gently rock back and forth in sync with their movements. Charlotte’s gaze went from the deck to the water that stretched out all around them. She felt dizzy and saw stars in her eyes. She closed her eyes and cried out loudly as Adam hit just the right spot with his cock and she came.

She came harder than she could ever remember. Her arms and legs shook and she was certain that the only reason she managed to even stay standing was on account of Adam’s strong arm around her waist holding her up. The contractions and spasms of her muscles sent him over the edge next. He pushed his thumb further into her ass than he had intended, giving him the added sensation of even more friction against his cock. He cried out too; something that he couldn’t remember having ever done. It hadn’t been his intention to come inside her, but he couldn’t pull out fast enough, nor could he get enough of the sensations pulsing around him.

“Fuck,” he breathed as he fell forward, his arms draping hers.

They stood silently for a few moments, the only sounds around them being their own breathing and the nighttime sounds of wilderness.

“I’m sorry,” he finally said, quietly, as he started becoming soft again.

“For what?” she asked, her voice was low and sexy.

“I didn’t plan to…” he replied and slipped out, some of his cum dripping from within her and sticking to her thigh. “I can go grab a towel.”

She shook her head and turned to face him, “It’s fine.” She didn’t tell him that she loved the sensation of it dripping out. He sat down on the seat across from where she stood and looked around at the night sky.

“I didn’t bring any light to get back to shore with,” he said as he looked up at the sky.

“I can give you one,” she said, her eyes caught his and she smiled. “Or you can stay with me tonight.”

He nodded and said, “I think I’ll stay.”

Time Warp

Time Warp
byJake Sutherland©


“What is it?” Dan asked. “It looks like some kind of spacecraft. Am I on the right track? Is this the big top-secret project that’s been keeping you away from home at night?”

“Well, not really,” Gina said. “Though, I suppose in the most technical sense, you’re not exactly wrong. This device allows you to travel not through space, but through time.”

“A time machine? Yeah, right. We should have quit after the first bottle of wine. No, really, though, what is it?”

“I told you. It’s a time machine. Here, let me show you how it works.” Gina climbed inside the machine and sat in the vinyl chair at the center of the chamber. Even after 10 years of marriage, Dan couldn’t help but check out her body as she buckled herself in. Especially since the seat belt was a harness that threaded between her legs, and she was wearing a short rayon skirt. “First you strap yourself in, it’s not really a bumpy ride, but the numbers indicate that it could be, theoretically.”

“You’ve traveled time before?” Dan asked, hardly believing that this was true. He knew his wife was brilliant, and he knew that she did some pretty amazing work. But a time machine?

“Of course. We started doing short hops a few months ago. Just a day or two ahead or behind. But two weeks ago, we started doing longer hops in the 5- to 50-year range. That’s what we call them—hops.”

“Wait, wait. What is this machine for? I mean, what do you do with it? Is it for the military?”

“Somewhat. But not officially. We have our own uses that could be construed as military in nature, but no government agency knows anything about this machine. Our uses are purely humanitarian, and we serve no interest other than the common good.”

“This sounds really dangerous. Why did you bring me here? I mean, isn’t this a colossal breach of security?”

“Yes. Yes it is. But … well … I have this, um, thing I want to do. And in order for me to feel good about it, you need to know about this machine.”


“Yes. Call it hubris if you want, but there’s something I’ve always wanted to do, even when the machine was nothing but equations in a notebook. I shouldn’t do this, but I just can’t help it. I guess you could say that, although the machine has many important uses, what I am about to do was my real inspiration and reason for building it. But I needed you to know a little bit about the machine beforehand. Otherwise, there could have been … repercussions.” With this, she began pushing buttons on a control panel in the ceiling. “I’m going to go away now, but you’ll only miss me for about fifteen seconds. Don’t worry, I’ve done dozens of hops.”

Dan didn’t know what to say. What could she possibly be doing? He racked his brain but he couldn’t come up with anything she might be talking about. He squeezed his eyes shut to massage the lids, and when he opened them again, the machine was gone.

In an instant, it was back again. Gina climbed out looking much worse for the wear. Her hair was mussed and ratted, as though she had just awoken. She no longer wore lipstick. The beautiful, dark eye makeup she had worn just moments ago was now smeared and smudged. And (could it be?) the buttons of her blouse were done up wrong.

“So, what do you think?” she asked. “Was it worth it?”

Dan didn’t know what she was talking about at first. But then, the memory began to form.

The memory was so real and vivid that it hit him like a fist. In a state bordering on terror he collapsed into a chair and gripped the arms as images, sounds and even smells arranged themselves in his brain. Like a reader lost in a book, he forgot completely about the room he was in and the real world around him. Instead, he submerged into the autumn of his 18th year.


He was a freshman, in his third week of college. Unlike most of his classmates, he was a commuter student, a townie who lived in a small, private room above his parents’ garage. On this particular night, he had just returned home after a night of heavy backseat necking with his new girlfriend Gina. Both of them were virgins, and Dan’s cock was still erect, his balls aching in need of release.

“Hi,” said a voice as he entered his room. He practically screamed. It was a woman, an older woman, stunningly beautiful and sexily clad in flimsy rayon. “Recognize me?” she said. “I’m Gina, your girlfriend. Actually, I’m Gina, your wife.”

Dan stood speechless, crazily thinking that maybe he was hallucinating, maybe somebody had slipped him some kind of drug. It was Gina. She was 10 years older, and far, far sexier. But it was Gina nonetheless.

“I was silly at 18, Dan. There were so many things I wouldn’t do, and I can’t even imagine why not. Anyway, don’t worry about how I got here, just realize that I’ve come to you tonight to make things right. Just realize that I’m yours, and you can do anything you want with me.”

Dan heart nearly exploded as she removed her blouse and bra to reveal the full, round breasts that he had minutes ago been trying—and failing—to get at in the back of his father’s Pontiac. Then she pulled down her skirt and panties with one smooth motion, giving Dan an unhindered view of the first real vagina he had ever seen. “Take off your clothes, Dan,” she said. “Before we can really start to have fun, we have to fix the problem that that silly girl gave you.”

Dan didn’t need any more prompting. In seconds, he was out of his clothes and standing before her with his cock harder than it had ever been.

“Do you want me to give you a blowjob, Dan?” she asked, kneeling down before him. “I’d love that. I’d love to make you cum in my mouth.” Grasping him by the buttocks, she slipped her mouth over his cock and began sucking gently. Within seconds, his hot semen shot into the back of her throat, overflowed her mouth and ran down her chin and onto her tits.

“There,” she said, looking into his eyes and smirking. “Now that we’ve, um, released the pressure, we can get into bed and have some real fun. Dan, I’m really fucking horny and I want you to lick my pussy.” She lay back on the bed and spread her legs, then opened her slick labia with her fingers. “You’ve never seen this before, have you? Touch it. It would be so wonderful if you’d touch it.”

At the sight of Gina’s wet vagina, Dan’s erection returned in full. He slipped one, then two, then three fingers inside of her.

“Feels good, doesn’t it? Imagine fucking me. Imagine slipping inside my hot little cunt. But not yet, I need to come first. Take your fingers out and touch me on the outside, right here. Oh, yes, now, lick it. Lick it until I come.” In a few minutes, with surprisingly little direction, Dan tongued her to a boiling climax that had her clamping his head between her thighs, pulling his hair and madly fucking his face until both of them were out of breath.

Dan felt pretty bold at this point. He wasn’t questioning where this woman had come from, or whether she was even real. He knew only that this was the most incredible thing that had ever happened to him, and that he wasn’t through with this woman, not by a long shot. But as he rolled her on her back and prepared to climb on top over her, practical matters hit him.

“Shit,” he said. “Uh, I don’t have any condoms.”

Gina laughed and reached down to massage his cock. “So what? Dan, you’re a virgin. I’m your wife. I’m on the Pill. Don’t worry about anything, just fuck me, baby.” With that, she wrapped her legs around him and guided him inside her.

After that, he had no choice. His body did exactly what it wanted. His hips bucked, pistoning his hard rod in and out of her wetness. All the while, she kissed him, pausing to bite his neck and the lobes of his ears. “Don’t hold back,” she said to him. “This is your time. If you want to come, just spill it into me, baby. If you want to do it, do it.”

He couldn’t hold on after that. Those words, that voice … it was too much for him. He buried his head into the nape of her neck and shuttered as a tremendous orgasm took over his body.

They lay there like that for awhile, their cum trickling onto the sheets, his cock growing soft inside her. He had never been so content or fulfilled, and he was almost asleep before she began to move her hips once again.

“I have to leave soon,” she said. “And I don’t know if I’m going to be able to come back. So let’s make the most of this and do it one more time. And Dan? I really meant it when I said you can do anything you want with me.”

A tingle creeped up Dan’s back, but he really didn’t know what to do. He was hard again, and he found his body beginning to move involuntarily, much like it had done before.

“Dan, you have to realize something. You’re not going to be able to do this stuff for a long time. Silly, 18-year-old Gina won’t do anything even close to this until she’s much older. So let’s make this count, Dan. I realize you’re inexperienced, so I’ll make this easy and give you a choice. You can fuck my pussy in whatever position you want. Or I can give you a long and teasing blowjob. Or, maybe you want to fuck me in the ass?”

“God,” Dan said. “Yeah, I want to fuck you in the ass.”

“I knew you did, Dan. I know you. And if there’s two things you like, one is for me to talk dirty. The other,” she said, pausing to push him off of her and take his hard-on into her mouth for a few lurid sucks, “the other is to fuck me up the asshole like the filthy little slut that I am.”

Dan tried to roll her over onto her stomach but she stopped him. “No, no, baby. You can’t just dive right into this. We need some lubrication.” She picked up a bottle of Aloe Vera gel that was sitting on the nightstand. “Hmm. I wonder what you use this for,” she said, teasingly. “Sunburns, I suppose. Here, put some of this on your fingers and lube me up.”

He did as he was told. “Yeah, now finger me out a little, baby. Like that. Oh, god, yes. Here, let me lube up that cock of yours. There … there. I’m ready now baby. Give it to me.” She rolled over and spread herself, and he pushed the head of his cock against her little pink starfish.

“It’s a tight fit, isn’t it baby? Easy now. Keep going. There. Oh, fuck! Oh, don’t stop!” He was halfway into her ass and he couldn’t believe the sensation. He’d never imagined it would be so hot and so tight. And it was such a dirty, filthy violation! And this woman—who in every way resembled sweet, shy Gina from his biology class—she loved every minute of it. His sweet little girlfriend had become this, this dazzling, sophisticated, trash-talking, cum-eating, ass-fucking slut!

“Oh, yes, up my ass you motherfucker!” she cried. “Fuck me, baby! Fuck my ass!”

Having already cum twice, he could take his time and enjoy himself. As he rammed himself in and out of her, he marveled at the small, round cheeks of her ass, and the way the small of her back dipped down in a pronounced arch. Then he started admiring every detail of her—the sheen of her hair as she whipped her head around, the sides of her breasts as they giggled beneath her. Her fucked her for a long time, but when looked down and noticed the way her body seemed to grip him, he gave in and came violently inside her.

After that, the two of them collapsed into the bed and dozed in each other’s arms for awhile. Finally, Gina rose and dressed. “Now I want you to take good care of your little girlfriend Gina,” she said. “Don’t pressure her. She needs time. If you’re nice to her, and let her evolve at her own pace, you’ll have me as your reward for the rest of your life. Goodbye, Dan. I’ll see you soon.” Then, before he could think of anything that might stop her, she stepped out the door and disappeared.


“Well?” Gina said again, startling Dan out of his trance. “So, tell me. Was it worth it?”

Dan looked around the lab, actually surprised to find himself there, to realize that it all had taken place in his head. “I … wow.”

“I’ll take that as a yes,” Gina said, climbing onto his lap. “But you know, Dan, you came two more times than I did. It seems you owe me.”

He was happy to oblige. It was, after all, the least he could do.

Wife Wins Bet & Pays Off

Wife Wins Bet & Pays Off

My husband has been writing many erotic stories and is still working on several others. I thought I would take my turn and see if anyone out there enjoyed my work. This story is a work of partly fantasy and partly true life situations that I have found myself involved in. Hope you enjoy. Your comments are welcomed.

My husband had kept in contact with several of his college buddies over the years and they would meet on weekends to do things together. Over the years they began to get pretty competitive with their activities and to add money to their quests. At first it did not concern me as he would loose $25.00 over a weekend or come home a winner with several hundred dollars that he always used to pamper me. However, as their competitiveness continued to increase the losses starting getting larger.

This was the weekend of the Daytona 500 race and I knew that Mike would wager a large amount on the outcome as he and his buddies attended the race. I was really mad and demanded that he not wager with his friends and that if he lost any money I would have to re-evaluate our relationship. Things were pretty tight at this time and we budgeted $200.00 for his trip to use as he desired.

The big race day finally arrived and Mike was picked up by 5 of his friends in one of their conversion vans and off they went. Mike called several times over the next few days just to check in while I stayed home and made myself busy.

Mike finally arrived home and I immediately gave him the fifth degree concerning his wagering on the race. Mike assured me that although his driver did not win he had not lost a single penny on the race. We made love that night and I thought it was over and that I had won.

Friday night came and after dinner Mike told me that his buddies were coming over in the morning for a cook out and a day around our pool. I was aggravated that he had not told me sooner and went to bed in a huff. I had made plans for Saturday and now had to cancel them to entertain his buddies.

The next morning I awoke and Mike was already out cleaning the pool. I made my coffee and went out to sit at the table and join him. I was dressed in my bathrobe over a pair of flannel PJ’s. Mike finished the pool and came over to the table to join me. Mike asked if I was still angry at him and I told him I was over it but wanted to be told of these types of things in the future. As we went inside Mike really surprised me when we got inside to get dressed.

“Baby, you know how much I love you and admire your body, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do know that honey.” I replied. I was surprised since we had been married for 18 years and I could not remember the last time he told me I was sexy. I was 37 years old and although I tried to maintain my figure I had developed a little bit of a belly and my ass was not as tight as it had been at one time. I am 5’4″ and 130lbs. I have brown hair that I keep cut off my shoulders and have blue eyes. I am small chested with 35A tits, and my figure is 35 26 34.

“I am very proud of your body and want to show you off in front of my friends.” Mike said.

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

“You know that sexy swim suit I bought you last year; I would really like you to wear it today.”

“In public?” I gasped. I could not believe that he would want me to wear that little outfit in front of anyone. It had a thong bottom bikini and a top that had two small patches to cover just barely the nipples of my tits. He had bought it over the internet but I had never worn it outside our bedroom.

“It would just be me and my buddies and you know how hot I think you look in it.” Mike pleaded.

“If it would make you happy then fine but, you owe me.” I replied not believing I had just agreed to basically exhibit myself in front of his friends. I thought in the back of my mind it would be kind of nice to be admired.

“Great! I am going to go and ice down some beers and wine coolers.” Mike said as he left the room.

I walked over to the dresser and pulled out the flimsy bikini from my drawer. I then went and got into the shower. I had let my pussy hair grow out and had to shave just about all of it to keep anything from being seen from around this very small outfit. After I got out and dried and put some perfumed lotion on myself I dressed in the bikini. Not bad I thought to myself as I stood in front of the mirror. I grabbed a beach wrap and went out to the pool.

I sat around the pool and took a swim as Mike worked around the house getting ready for his guests. When I got out of the water I noticed the suit was just about transparent showing everything. I dried off and placed the wrap around myself just as Mike’s 5 buddies arrived around 3:00. They came out to the pool and sat around as Mike served a round of drinks. Bob, Tom, Bruce, Dan and Tim all made small talk and seemed very nice as we sat around making small talk. They were all around Mike’s age of 42 and each had developed somewhat of a beer gut over the years. Overall they were all nice looking men. I felt self conscious knowing that I was barely dressed beneath my beach wrap. Mike put on some music and kept the drinks flowing as he grilled some steaks.

As we sat around laughing and talking we ate and I thought to myself this wasn’t really as bad as I expected. After dinner the men went into the bath house and changed into their swim trunks and got into the pool engaging in a lot of horse play. I sat and watched from my chair sipping on my rum daiquiri. I was feeling the liquor and the afternoon sun as I continued watching the men horse around when Mike got out and told me he wanted me to get in with them.

As I removed my wrap and stood at the side of the pool I could see each of the men intently watching me. I quickly jumped into the cool water to escape their stares. We all played around in the pool dunking and splashing each other and having a good time. I was a little uncomfortable being grabbed by the men as they dunked me and threw me around the pool and thought several times as they pressed up against me I could feel their cocks pressing against me.

Mike got out to fix another round of drinks and called us all to join him at the table. As I got out I could feel the eyes of the men watch as my white suit was totally see thru. I looked around for my wrap as I realized it was not out here. Mike smiled at me as I quickly sat down to try to cover myself until my suit dried enough that I could get up to get some cover. Boy was he going to get it when his friends left tonight.

As the men sat around the table I could notice that each had a bulge protruding from their shorts. As I sat in my chase lounge Bob and Tom sat on the chair with me. As I tried to get up and move Tom grabbed my hips and pulled me back down to the chair sitting me on his lap. I looked at Mike who just sat there refusing to make eye contact with me. I could feel Tom’s growing cock pressing between my barely covered ass cheeks. I was really pissed at this point and started to speak “Listen, this has gone…”

Bob interrupted me saying “Enough small talk and playing around. Last week at the races Mike was out of money. He knew that he had picked a winning driver in our pool and knew he would win big. We allowed him to bet on credit and it looked like he would win big. Just before the end of the race he wanted to up his wager so he threw in your picture.”

By this time I had forgotten about my predicament and looked at Mike “You son of a bitch I could kill you.”

“Angie,” Bob continued. “If Mike had won he would have brought home over $60,000.00 but in a streak of bad luck his driver wrecked on the last lap and did not finish the race.”

“What in the hell does this have to do with me?” I demanded.

“Well you see, Mike knowing he was going to win decided to trade out a night of sex with you.” Bob said very matter of fact like.

Well, then I guess you better get your payment from Mike then.” I replied.

“It’s not that easy Angie. Mike made a bet in good faith and he lost. Now it is time for us to collect.”

I looked over at Mike sitting across from me and asked him “So, is this what you want? You want to see you wife fuck 5 of your best friends to pay off your gambling debt?”

“Not really baby, I didn’t think that I could lose. I promise it won’t happen again.” Mike responded.

Bruce, Dan and Tim had each got up and gone into the house by this time. I looked at Bob and said “Well a debt is a debt, so which one of you do I have to fuck?” I thought if Mike wanted to trade me for a bet I would make him squirm watching his wife fuck one of his best friends.

Tom grabbed my tits from behind and started rubbing my nipples as he began moving his hips grinding his hard cock into my crack through his shorts. Bob said “Mike owes each of us payment as his part of the pool.” My head reeled as the thought of fucking 5 guys at one time raced through my mind. Shit lately it was only two or three times a month that Mike and I had sex.

Bob stood up and picked me up of Tom’s lap placing me over his shoulder and carrying me into the house. He put me down on the couch on my hands and knees facing Bruce who already had his shorts off and was stroking his cock. Bruce was about 5’10” and weighed about 250lbs. He was trim everywhere but his belly which extended out. He had an average size cock about 6″ and not really fat. As I was placed on the couch he grabbed the back of my head and put my face down to his extended cock. Seeing Mike stand to the side I decided to give him a show and rub it in. I started licking the head of Bruce’s cock and took me hand to grab his balls. Bruce moaned as I placed the head of his cock into my mouth and began to suck him off.

I could feel someone behind me rubbing my slit and then a tongue start licking me from ass hole to clit as my bottoms were pulled to the side. I took Bruce all the way into my mouth and worked his balls with my hands. It was not very long before I could feel him begin to tense up and I knew he was going to cum. Mike had always wanted me to take his load in my mouth but I never had. To piss him off I thought I would allow Bruce to fill my mouth. It wasn’t long before I felt the first shot of Bruce’s hot sticky cum hit the back of my throat. I sucked him for another minute letting some of the cum drip from my mouth and run down my chin.

As Bruce began to get soft I took my mouth from his cock and looked up at Mike and smiled as I licked the remnants of Bruce’s cum from my face. As Tim placed his 7″ cock to my face I could feel my top being untied and my bottoms being pulled from my hips. I eagerly took Tim into my mouth and began sucking his cock using my hands to jerk on the base of his cock. I felt a large cock enter my now wet pussy for the first time and start to pound into me.

As my pussy was being taken from behind and my mouth was being fucked by Tim I could feel my anger begin to subside and my lust pick up. The cock in my pussy was large and was hitting my clit each time it thrust into me. I could feel my own pleasure and climax beginning to build. I used my free hand to reach down and start to play with my own nipples which were now fully erect and sensitive. Tim was really moaning and tensing up and I knew it was only a matter of seconds before he would erupt his load into my mouth. I felt a finger suddenly pressed into my puckered ass hole as my pussy continued getting fucked hard by who ever was behind me. This sent tremors throughout my whole body as my first orgasm took over control of my body. The finger in my ass was quickly removed and the man grabbed my hips impaling him deeply into my cunt as he began dumping his large hot load into my pussy while at the same time Tim pulled out of my mouth and started shooting his load onto my face.

I was now fully aroused and ready for more. Since I married Mike shortly after college our sex life was something that happened between work and other activities. During college I thought I had to have sex several times a day and the more men the better. I had not felt this raw lust since those college days.

The man fucking my pussy removed his limp cock from my now used cunt and moved away. I never did get to see who it was. Tim walked away and Bob crawled up underneath me on the couch. I looked down to see he was stroking a large hard on that had to be at least 10″ and as big around as his wrist. It had been a long time since I had enjoyed a cock that big and I was ready to try it out. I slowly lowered myself down onto Bob’s waiting cock which slid into my wet cum filled cunt easily. I could feel Bob hit my tender cervix as I felt his balls rest against my mound. I motioned for Bruce to come back over to my face and took his still limp cock into my mouth and began sucking him trying to get him hard again.

As I continued sucking on Bruce’s still limp cock and being filled with Bob’s hammering cock I could feel someone begin pushing a finger into my tight puckered anus. It had been many years since I had felt someone in my pussy and my ass at the same time and I could feel another climax building inside me. I cried out “Oh yes, fuck my tight ass with your big cock. Fuck me hard.”

I didn’t have to wait long as I felt the head of a fat cock pressed up against my anus and slowly pushing its way inside. I began shaking and shuddering as my own climax began to take over. I screamed out “Yesss, don’t stop, fuck me hard in my hot pussy and ass at the same time, Oh fuck yess!” They picked up their pace and settled into a rhythm that sustained my climax.

Bruce pulled his still limp cock from my mouth and was replaced with the cum covered cock of Dan who I took into my mouth and began sucking in earnest. I could taste my own cum mixed with his and knew he was the one who had fucked my pussy the first time. I pressed a finger into his ass as I massaged his large balls with the other hand. As my climax rocked my body I felt the cocks in both my cunt and ass impale me deeply and spill their own sum deep inside me. It takes Dan several minutes of my working his cock in and out of my mouth while fingering his ass hole before he erupts a large torrent of hot cum down my throat pulling out to deliver the last few spurts across my face. The men each withdraw their soft cocks from my holes and I can feel the cum leaking from my gaping holes and running down my face.

I get up off the couch and see that all the men are spent and sitting around with limp wet cocks. My own arousal is still high and in a frenzy. Mike is standing at the head of the couch the only one still wearing his shorts. The guys get up and get themselves another drink heading back out to the pool diving in. I glare at Mike letting him see my cum covered oozing body as I too go out to the pool followed by Mike.

As I sit down and sun two fingers into my used cum filled pussy the guys get out and sit around me watching. Mike walks to the back of the chair and kisses me fully on my lips as we begin exchanging tongues. Mike pulls away and says “Happy Daytona Day honey.” I look at him puzzled.

Bob interrupts “You see Angie, Mike here placed a second bet on the race. He bet another driver on your behalf and you won.”

Mike continued “Honey, I know how much you love sex and how you used to fantasize about a group of men. None of us bet any money on this race. I decided to give you what you once longed for long ago before our careers took off.”

Mike had always seemed reluctant to share me with any other men after our wedding and after a year or two I had stopped telling him of my desires. I could not believe he would do this for me. I looked up to Mike and pulled him around to me rubbing his hard cock beneath his shorts. “You naughty boy! What shall I do to you?” I asked as I slid his shorts down to his ankles. I took his raging cock into my hands and bringing him to my mouth. I easily took his 6″ all the way in and began to suck him like I had not in years. I placed a finger into his anus as I had Dan inside and played with his balls.

“Oh baby, that feels so good, yess don’t stop” Mike moaned as I worked on his cock while he played with my erect nipples with his hands. It did not take long before I could feel Mike tensing up from watching all the action earlier and I felt him begin to shoot his first load down the back of my throat burying his groin into my face. As Mike went limp he pulled out of my still sucking mouth and gave me a long wet kiss sharing his cum between us. “I love you, baby.” He said.

Watching us had brought several of the guys back to like and we continued to play for several hours outside this time with Mike joining in. After the guys all passed out Mike took me to the bedroom and said “Next weekend we are going to your old college campus to see if things have changed much in the last 20 years, I have bought a special dress for you to wear for our trip.”

I looked up at Mike and said “Thank You, honey, I love you!” as I guided his erect cock toward my gaping ass hole.

المهندسة والطريق

المهندسة والطريق

في يوم صيفي ونحن نغادر موقع العمل و إذا بمسؤول النقل يقول: الخط رقم 5 عاطل و الرجاء توكلوا على أنفسكم للذهاب إلى بيوتهم هذا اليوم…… وحيث إن بيتنا بعيد و على أطراف العاصمة , لذلك صدمت كثيرا و ارتبكت لان الوقت الذي سأستغرقه للوصول لا تقل عن ساعتين في المواصلات العادية و لم يكن عندي ما يكفي من النقود لآخذ تاكسي أجرة. لاختصار الزمن.. وقد لاحظ زميلي علي هذا الارتباك فقال لي :  لا يهم سأوصلك إلى داركم ..

فشكرت له صنيعه و قلت له : لا يا زميلي فبيتك قريب جدا و بيتنا بعيد جدا.

ولكنه ألح و أصر على الذهاب معه .. ركبنا السيارة و قطعنا مسافة كبيرة – حوالي ثلثي المسافة الكلية – و إذا بالسيارة في هذا الحر القائظ تتعطل….حيث فرغت إحدى إطارات السيارة من الهواء ولا بد من تبديل الإطار… فهمهم في نفسه زميلي : هاي اشلون ورطة

وركن السيارة في جانب الطريق الترابي بعيدة عن نهر الشارع…. وقام باستبدال الإطار القديم بأخرى جديدة و إني واقع الحال مهندسة ميكانيك .. وساعدته لإنجاز المهمة … إلا انه و في أثناء إرجاع الإطار إلى صندوق السيارة فقد انسكب سائل عليه وبالضبط على المنطقة السفلى من بطنه ( العانة)…وكان هذا السائل هو التيزاب المخفف للبطارية (التيزاب هو الماء الملكي المكون من حمض الكبريتيك وحمض النيتريك) …… ااااه ما أقسى هذه الحالة .. وما أتعس هذا الإنسان في مثل هكذا موقف…. فما كان مني إلا أن جئت بحاوية الماء وسكبت على أسفل بطنه لكي لا يحترق جسمه و عانته على الأخص و يفقد رجولته و أسرعت إلى نزع ملا بسه – البنطال و الكولوت – و غسلتها غسلا كثيرا و لم أدع أي تأثير للسائل الحارق بان يفعل فعلته المؤثرة على فحولته…

وأثناء غسلي لعانته شاهدت أن أيره (زبه) بدأ يقوم شيئا فشيئا و ها هو منتصب كالجبل الأشم… لاحتكاك يدي به كثيرا أثناء الغسل و تحريكه مع الخصيتين  …. ونظرت إليه بابتسامة موحية لأشياء يفهمها الرجل … فضحك و استغرق في ضحكه كثيرا وهو يحدق في صدري المنتفخ و كسي البارز للأمام لأني لبست أضيق بنطلون و أضيق كولوت منذ الصباح وان قسمات كسي و الفلقتين بارزة بروز يشهي أي رجل للنيك… ولكن ما العمل.. انه بلا بنطلون ولا كولوت لأنهما قد أتلفا ولو لم أكن سريعة الحركة ولم أنقذه لاحترق أير و خصيتي زميلي كذلك ولفقد فحولته…

وها هو ذا يشكرني على جميل ما صنعت له… ويريد إخفاء أيره ولكن بماذا… لا شيء هنا في هذا الطريق القفر فاقتربت منه و نزعت الربطة من راسي و لففت بها أيره لكي يستطيع السياقة (قيادة السيارة) و لكن دون جدوى فأيره منتصب وهو يحملق النظر في كسي البارز و طيزي المدور الدائري.. وحقا أنا اشتهيته لأنه عظيم العير و أسود الخصيتين .. وحليق العانة .. وقلت له: حاول أن تجد مكانا آمنا لكي نمارس الجنس و على الهواء الطلق

وفعلا ركب السيارة و شاهد مكانا آمنا لا توجد فيه أي منغصات أو معالم حياة … وركن السيارة بجانب الطريق .. وقفلها بإحكام و نزلنا إلى أحراش و نباتات طبيعية.. ووجدنا مكانا فيئا ظليلا لا شمس فيه و بدأ بملاعبتي و أصبحنا في وضعية 69 و أمصمص له و يمصني و ابلع له أيره إلى عمق فمي وهو يبلع كسي في كل فمه و يمصمص عناوتي -بظري- إلى أن قذفت 5 مرات من الهيجان و الشبق.. وهو قذف مرة واحدة من أيره الحلووو فنزلت إلى راس أيره و شربت كل حليبه الدافئ المتدفق و الطيب… وعاودنا الكرة بوسا و تقبيلا و لحسا و مصا حتى ذاب احدنا في الآخر .. ففتحت له رجلي لينيكني من كسي المفتوح….اااااخخخخخخخخخخخخ يا له من شاب ذكي ممتع مفيد وقوي ومتمكن من الإدخال السريع و الإخراج البطئ في كسي المولع.. وظل ينيكني لساعتين و بين الفينة و الأخرى يذهب لملاحظة سيارته.. وها هو عائد لي ونيكة أخيرة مرهقة لي وله ولكنها من أحلى و ألذ و أطيب النيكات كلها… هو ينيك بعدة طرق لأنه خبير و إني أشتهي كل طرقه لأنها لذيذة و خبرته ممتعة لي ولا يفعلها معي زوجي الملعون إذ أن كل هم زوجي أن يقذف و ينام و في الأسبوع نيكتان فقط.. وها هو زميلي ينيكني للمرة الخامسة في ظرف ساعتين و صحيح أننا تعبنا كلانا .. إلا أننا تنونسنا كثيرا و تمتعنا متعة ليس لها حدود,, وسيظل في ذاكرتي هذا الشاب الوسيم الذي لولاي لاحترق أيره و خصيتاه .. وبعد النيك الحلووو و الممتع أقفلنا راجعين إلى بيتنا و لكن الزمن قد تجاوز حده .. ومن حسن حظي أن زوجي لم يكن قد عاد من عمله لحد الآن …

Winner Takes Wife

Winner Takes Wife

Late last spring, hubby and I decided to join another couple on a kayaking adventure on the Russian River, in Northern California. The plan called for two-days of kayaking, with one overnight stop along the river. With four kayaks, camping gear, food, and a plentiful supply of local wines, we headed off down the river. Although a light coastal fog kept the morning hours on the cool side, the sun finally burned off the fog and soon we were bathed in warmth, as we glided along our way.

We had known Eric and Janice, the couple we were touring with, for quite some time, but until recently we considered them more as casual acquaintances. A closer friendship was still in the development stage when we invited them to join us on the Russian River trip. Like us, Eric and Janice are both in the early 40’s and reasonably fit. Eric is on the slim side of medium build, and has a great sense of humor. Janice is a little on the mousy side, build wise, and has short auburn hair and fair skin.

We estimated the first day’s leg of our journey to be about five hours of paddling, so after completing about three hours, we found a nice little sandbar in the middle of the river to break for lunch. This portion of the river winds through vineyards, and farmlands, and provides little access for anyone other than those paddling from upriver.

After enjoying a light lunch, and sharing a bottle of chardonnay, we prepared to continue our journey down stream. As we pushed back our boats, Eric pulled off his shirt and remarked how it was too bad that the women had to keep their tops on.

“The privileges of the male gender I suppose.” hubby replied.

Not wanting to back down on a passive dare, I pulled off my t-shirt and sports bra and tucked them under the tie downs on the deck, exposing my erect 36C titties. I was unsure how my actions would be received by our new friends, but hubby was obviously pleased. I purposely avoided looking at Janice, opting instead to get Eric’s reaction. He simply smiled and nodded his approval. Glancing back at Janice, I was surprised to see she too had stripped to the waste. Janice had the cutest little “cupcake” titties I’d ever seen. A “B” cup at best, those perky little boobies stood proud in the noon sun. Feeling as though we had achieved a new level in our friendship with Eric and Janice, off we all paddled – four topless kayakers.

Public nudity along the Russian River is not an unusual sight, and the four of us discussed this topic at length as we continued on our westerly way. Janice said that she had never exposed herself in a public place before, but that she felt a little more at ease with me paddling topless alongside her. She asked me what I thought we should do, should we happen upon people on the shoreline or in other boats, and I told her that we should simply wave and continue on our way. Janice would face her first exhibitionist experience only a few moments later.

Negotiating some light rapids at a sharp bend in the river, the four of us were surprised as we shot out into deeper, calmer waters, and slipped by a pretty little river beach with five or six college kids guarding a keg of beer. The boys in the group were quick to notice our lack of tops, and just as quick to invite us to stop for a beer. As planned though, we just waved, thanked them for their offer, and continued on down the river.

After we got out of earshot of the group, I asked Janice how her first “public exposure” went. Still beaming from the experience, she asked if we could go back and do that again, which brought rolls of laughter from the men.

“You’ll have plenty more opportunities like that as we get farther downstream.” I told her. She said that she couldn’t wait for more opportunities.

This latest experience seemed to open up the conversation to discussions of sex. The four of us began relating personal stories, experiences, and even a few sexual fantasies with each other. All of this sex talk was making me extremely horny, and I was beginning to dream about having sex with hubby at the river’s edge, later that night.

Our five-hour paddling journey was beginning to wear us down, so we were delighted to see that our destination beach-camp was less than half a mile away (Hubby and I had used this same beach on previous occasions). Paddling alongside my hubby, Eric casually turned to hubby and suggested they race to the beach. Not wanting to be unmanly, hubby asked about the wager.

“How about the winner wins the loser’s wife for a bit tonight.” Eric said

Hubby didn’t bat an eyelash before replying in the affirmative. “But what say the girls”, hubby said, looking back at Janice and I.

Janice was struggling to find an answer when I piped up that I was more than OK with it – flipping a sly glance and a wink off to a beaming Eric. Janice continued to ponder the situation without a decision.

“Good enough for me.” Eric shouted, and the race was on.

I really thought hubby would probably win, so I was amazed to see Eric plowing through the water like he was competing in an Olympic event. Eric easily beat hubby to the beach by at least two full boat lengths, winning the great challenge. By the time Janice and I paddled up, both men were standing on the beach, Eric looking at me like a hungry leopard preparing to pounce on a defenseless gazelle.

I wasn’t sure how I felt about the bet. I didn’t really know Eric that well, but I was intrigued by the prospect of having sex with him. A little exhibitionism, combined with an afternoon of sex talk, had certainly prepped me for action. I resolved to see what course things would take. Deep down, I expected everybody to laugh it off and excuse me from making good on the bet.

After a refreshing dip in the river, we finished unloading our kayaks and set up camp for the night. While the men-folk stayed in camp to set up tents, Janice and I set off into the trees to gather wood for the campfire. Once away from the camp, I asked Janice how she felt about the bet. She said that she was looking forward to “the show”, as she put it, adding that she had kind of hoped that my hubby had been the winner instead. We laughed, and quickly returned to camp with armloads of firewood.

Dinner was a simple affair of canned beef stew along with some canned fruit. With the sun well below the horizon, and the evening chill beginning to raise goose bumps on our sunburned skin, hubby built a nice bonfire, guaranteed to keep us warm and cozy through the night. Eric, in the meantime, presented Janice and I with a selection of local wines to ponder. Selecting a bottle of Zin, the four of us sat around the fire in our little collapsible chairs, sipping wine and talking of the day’s adventures.

As the night wore on, and the wine flowed, I could feel myself growing completely relaxed, both with our outdoor environment, and with the prospect of putting on a show for Janice and hubby. I wondered if and when Eric would make his move, or if hubby would intervene. Knowing hubby, I doubted if intervention was even a thought for him. I wasn’t even completely convinced that hubby hadn’t set up the entire event, given his enjoyment for watching me with other men.

It must have been nearly 11 pm before Eric asked if I was ready to make good on the wager. With at least three glasses of wine under my belt, I simply asked him to name his pleasure.

“My pleasure would be on a blanket next to the fire, if you don’t mind an audience.” Eric replied.

I responded by pulling my sweatpants off to expose my bushy red-haired pussy. Standing up, I unzipped my sweatshirt and let it slide to the chair, standing naked before my fellow kayakers. Eric quickly responded in kind, bouncing on one leg as he struggled out of his own sweatpants. I was immediately impressed by the size of Eric’s cock, guessing it to be a fat seven-incher. He wasn’t fully erect, but I could see that he was quickly working up to it.

As Eric laid out a blanket, I watched Janice and hubby move their chairs next to each other, pour themselves another wine, and ready themselves for the show. You would think they were at the movie house, waiting for the feature presentation to begin.

Eric beckoned me to join him, taking my hand and leading me over to the blanket. Once there, he took me in his arms and began kissing my neck. As his hands slipped to my ass, he pulled me tight against his body and his engorged cock. I could feel his dick throbbing against my stomach, causing the juices in my pussy to flow in preparation for taking that wonderful tool deep inside me.

As Eric’s mouth wondered south to my nipples, I glanced over at Janice and hubby. Both of them were completely focused on Eric and I, squirming in their chairs, but otherwise seemingly intent on being our audience.

Eric continued to suck and tease my erect nipples as his hands began exploring my plush, hairy pussy. I have always preferred to let my pussy hair grow wild, using a razor, and an occasional wax-job, only to keep a bikini-trim along the sides.

Eric’s experienced fingers brought me to my first orgasm of the evening in only a matter of minutes. In fact, I was almost embarrassed by how fast and hard I came, releasing a loud, unexpected moan as I exploded in pleasure.

As my head cleared, I eased away from Eric’s embrace, and gently lowered myself to my knees. My hands never left his body, gliding instead down his back and over his hips, until I could cup his balls in my hands. Kissing his balls, I slowly slid my lips up his shaft, sipping the pre-cum from his head before wrapping my lips around his thoroughly engorged dick.

Caressing his balls with one hand, I permitted my other hand to explore Eric’s anus, while my lips continued to glide – ever so slowly – up and down his thick shaft. He seemed to enjoy my gentle approach, keeping his hands on his hip instead of around the back of my head. There was no doubt in my mind that Eric was completely captured by the moment. Aside from the constant throbbing in his cock, which threatened to explode into my mouth at any moment, I could hear his breathing intensify, even letting loose with an occasional pleasure-groan as my hands and mouth did their job.

Sensing that I was moving Eric too close to climax, I stood up and kissed him again, allowing him to press his throbbing wet cock on my stomach. After a moment, I could feel him pulling me down with him to our knees. From there, Eric gently laid me on my back and began sliding his mouth over my breasts and tummy, then on to my pussy. Using his tongue to toy with me a bit, he began lightly flitting his experienced tongue over my clitoris, a technique that further aroused the sensation of this already incredible experience.

As I lie there absorbed in the moment, I glanced over at hubby and Janice. Although both were sitting there totally focused on Eric and I, I saw now that Janice had hubby’s cock out of his pants. She was stroking it slowly with one hand, while pulling her shorts away with her other hand to permit hubby access to pleasure her.

Eric brought me to no less than three climaxes with his tongue, before changing positions and beckoning me back to my knees. Moving in behind me, he kissed the back of my neck while kneading and pulling at my nipples with his hands. I could feel his cock pulsating on my back and knew it was time to take him inside me.

Laying my head on the blanket and raising my ass high, I could feel Eric’s hands move from my breasts to my hips. With his hand as a guide, I could feel him rub the head of his cock on my pussy, ensuring first that I was suitably moist before plunging his dick inside. He only toyed with me a bit before slowly sliding his tool into my pussy. I was already soaked from previous orgasms, so lubrication was not an issue. Once inside me, he seemed to pause long enough to enjoy the warm wet feeling of my pussy. His pause only caused me to grow more impatient for the pounding that I hoped he would give.

Soon enough, Eric began to ease his cock in and out, slowly at first, but with a certain urgency that told me he was ready to “fuck” me. As his pace increased, so did the power with which he plunged back into my pussy. I could feel myself just on the edge of climax when he began pounding his cock in me with animal-like ferocity. My sudden orgasm caught me off guard and I let out a yell, as though hit with a jolt of electricity. I wished Eric would pause for a moment, so I could thoroughly enjoy this insane feeling, yet I prayed he would keep up his powerful rhythm because I knew that another climax was on the horizon.

As my head cleared from the last orgasm, I could feel the blood rushing to my head in preparation for another climax. Eric continued to pound away, and I could sense that he was near exhaustion and his own climax. The sound of Eric’s cock slamming into my pussy created an incredibly erotic sound, as did his labored breathing and my groans of pleasure. Suddenly, he drove his cock so hard into me I swear it slid me half way across the blanket. I could feel his hot cum exploding inside me, causing me to achieve my own climax. We both shuddered with pleasure as he drained every last drop of juice from his cock into my pussy.

As my senses began coming back to me, I looked up to see that Janice was milking the last of hubby’s cum with her mouth. She must have switched from her hands to her mouth some time after I last noticed them. Seeing the growing wet stain around her shorts, it was obvious to me that she had obtained a bit of pleasure from my hubby as well.

Our next day’s kayaking adventure ended without incident and we were soon headed back to our respective homes at the end of the day. The four of us agreed that this should be an annual event, and that we should explore other adventures to share. Although we haven’t been able to duplicate our Kayak adventure yet, I am sure that the four of us will get together again – we’re just not sure yet what all the term “get together” will encompass!

قمر ألمانيا وتعليم نسرين

“خذى هذا الملف واختميه من السفير حالا” . ابتسمت سكرتيرتى الحسناء الشقراء وتناولت منى الملف لتصعد إلى مكتب السفير الألمانى.ضحك فريدريك صديقى وزميل العمل ، وقال مازحا بالألمانية : كن رقيقا مع قمر ألمانيا يا مصرى يا جلف .. إنها واقعة فى غرامك ، يا بختك يا عم ..

قلت : قمر مصر زوجتى حبيبتى أجمل وأهم عندى من كل نساء العالم بما فيهن نساء ألمانيا.

قال ضاحكا : طبعا لا مذاق يعلو على مذاق بنت النيل وحفيدة الفراعين .. لقد ذكرتها وأسهبت فى وصفها كثيرا وتحدثت عنها كثيرا يا أحمد ، حتى شوقتنى لرؤيتها ، ألا تعزمها لتأتى هنا مرة ونراها ..

قلت : كلا ، إنى أغار عليها من الهواء الطائر ..

قال : لا تحبسها هكذا حتى لا تطير منك ..

قلت : لا ، هى بسيطة جدا ولا تعرف كيف تطير ..

ضحك وقال هامسا : نعم كمعظم المصريات ، لا خبرة لهن بالحب وأساليب الجنس الأوروبية .. حتى أنهن لم يجربن فى حياتهن الهاندجوب أو البلوجوب أو الفيلاشيو أو الكونيلينجوس ، ولم يشعرن أو يعرفن معنى القذف الأنثوى ووصولهن لقمة النشوة ، ولم يجربن من الأوضاع سوى الوضع التبشيرى التقليدى .. ألا يشعرك هذا بالملل يا صديقى كأنك تجامع حائطا ، أو على الأقل ألا تشعر بالذنب أنك تخفى عنها متع الجنس الأوروبى المتنوع ؟؟ احذر أن تجد لنفسها معلما خصوصيا يعلمها ما تخفيه عنها .. حتى لو كان يتكلم بالإسبانية أو الهولندية ولا يفهم سواها ، ولو كانت تتكلم العامية المصرية العربية ولا تفهم سواها ، فالجنس لغة عالمية ولا يعرف أى حدود أو حواجز أو أديان أو تقاليد .. حقا كم هو مثير – لك ولها – أن تجامع امرأة تتأوه وتتغزل فى نيكك لها وفى حجم زبك بالعربية التى لا تفهمها أنت ، بينما تتغزل أنت فى جسدها وفى كسها وما يفعله بزبك بالهولندية أو الصينية أو اليونانية التى لا تفهمها هى .. ربما يفاجئك طرد إلى منزلك يحوى شريط فيديو يقص عليك لقاءا تعليميا مثيرا بين زوجتك ومعلمها الخصوصى ، أو لعلها تأخذها الجرأة والشهوة فتقدمه لك بنفسها وهى تضحك ، ألا تثيرك مشاهدته ، ألا يثيرك أن تضبطها يوما وهى عارية تماما وتنيك نفسها بقضيب ضخم مطاطى صناعى – لن تجده فى مصر طبعا – استورده لها معلمها من الخارج ، أو تتعلم عليه أصول المص والبلوجوب والفيلاشيو والهاندجوب ، أو لعلها لو كانت موظفة تأتيك وتفاجئك يوما بأربع صديقات مصريات فاتنات ملفوفات القوام ، عاريات فى الفراش كبير الحجم ، ينتظرنك على أحر من الجمر ، وتشاهدك هى وأنت تنيك كل واحدة فيهن قليلا “شوية” وتنتقل إلى الأخرى .. ألا تثيرك رؤيتها مع امرأة أخرى أو رجل آخر وتكونوا معا ثلاثية .. ألا تستجيب على الأقل لقمر ألمانيا لعلها تعلمك عمليا ما أخبرتك به نظريا وتكون معلمتك الخصوصية ..

قلت له : لنغير الموضوع يا فريدريك ، ألا تمل يا رجل من ترديد وتكرار هذا الكلام على مسامعى كل يوم منذ عينوك جوارى منذ شهر مضى ..

ولكننى فى أعماقى كنت قد تأثرت بكلامه ، واقتنعت به ، ولكننى كنت أرفض الاعتراف بذلك ، وأدخل فى صراع مستمر مع نفسى .. وأحاول دوما الهرب من الموضوع ..

هاى . أنا أحمد سمير من مصر ، 40 سنة ، متزوج من نسرين امرأة مصرية تبلغ من العمر 35 سنة ، أعمل موظفا فى السفارة الألمانية بالقاهرة .. وكانت نسرين ربة منزل لا تعمل ، ولى منها ولد وبنت ، الولد اسمه أمجد 15 سنة والبنت جميلة 14 سنة .. كانت نسرين كما وصفها فريدريك تماما ، لا تعلم شيئا عن أنواع الجنس الأوروبى ولا عن تبادل الزوجات (سوينج أو سواب) ، ولا عن علاقة الليلة الواحدة (وان نايت ستاند) ولا عن الهاندجوب (تدليك الزب باليد) أو البلوجوب والفيلاشيو (مص الزب بالفم) أو الكونيلنجوس (لحس الكس) .. ولا عن الثلاثيات رجلان وامرأة أو امرأتان ورجل .. وكنت الرجل الأول والأخير فى حياتها ، فهى لا تعرف فروق الأحجام بين أزبار الرجال ولا تعرف سوى الوضع التبشيرى .. وأنا شخصيا لم أعلم بذلك كله إلا من هذا الخبيث فريدريك وطبعا نظريا ولم أجربها عمليا بعد أى أننى مثلها تماما ، ورغبنى وجعلنى أتمنى أن تتعلمه منى نسرين ولكن لم أكن أملك الشجاعة وأخاف أن أفتح عيون القطة المغمضة فتصح جشعة ونهمة جنسيا ولا أستطيع السيطرة عليها ، وقد تقيم علاقات بحُرية مع رجال آخرين .. كنت أفضل أن تبقى كما هى تقليدية بسيطة لا تعلم شيئا تقريبا عن الجنس ولم تذق قذفا أنثويا واحدا فى حياتها ، حتى أن كسها جاف دوما لا يترطب ، وأضطر لوضع بعض زيت البرافين أو ما شابه لكسها وحول زبى لأتمكن من نيكها ، ويكون الجنس معها مؤلما لها ، ولكنها لا تشكو كثيرا واعتادت على ذلك وتظنه أمرا طبيعيا وبالتدريج أصبحت تكره الجنس وتتجنب ليلة الجمعة .. وهكذا تناقصت مرات جماعنا حتى أصبحنا اليوم نتجنب الجنس تماما بعدما أنجبنا طفلينا واندمجنا فى تربيتهما وتعليمهما والعناية بهما .. ولذلك كانت نفورة جدا من الرجال ومعاكساتهم لها إن نزلت للتسوق ، وكانت تخاف منهم كثيرا ، باختصار هى لم تحقق الصحوة الجنسية أبدا .. وتناست أنوثتها ، واندفنت شهوتها تحت ركام من المخاوف والكبت والطباع الشرقية إضافة لتجاربها المؤلمة مع الجنس معى ، فلم تعد تشعر بأى رغبة كالتى واتتها فى بداية زواجنا ، الألم قضى على أى أثر لإحساسها بالأنوثة أو الشهوة الجنسية .. كانت نسرين طويلة القامة ملفوفة القوام ، وكانت رياضية تهتم برشاقتها وتمارس الجرى والتمارين الرياضية بانتظام للحفاظ على قوامها ، وليست بكرش ولا بدينة أو مترهلة كمعظم المصريات بعد الزواج ، ولا كانت نحيلة معظمة ، بل كانت متوسطة ممتلئة بأنوثة ، مثل فينوس والنسوة العاريات فى لوحات رمبرانت ، وكان حجم ثدييها النافرين (مقاس سوتيانها) حوالى سى C أو دى D .


“آاااااااااااااه .. مصى زبى كمان” .. صحتُ بقوة وأنا مستلق على الفراش عاريا تماما ، ورأس قمر ألمانيا هلجا فوق زبى ، وشفتاها المطليتان بالأحمر الفاقع الرائع تطوقان زبى وتصعدان وتهبطان على “حول” عمادى ، ورأس زبى وعمادى يختفيان فى داخل فمها الجميل ويظهران ، ثم أخرجتْ زبى من فمها وأخذت تضحك على عدم خبرتى ومعرفتها إنها المرة الأولى لى مع امرأة غير زوجتى والمرة الأولى فى حياتى التى أتلقى فيها بلوجوب (يعنى مص) .. لم أعد أستطيع تحمل الفضول لتجربة ما عرفته من فريدريك نظريا ، عمليا ، وأخيرا استسلمتُ لدعوات وإغراءات سكرتيرتى هلجا ، وها أنا فى بيتها وفى غرفة نومها ، لا أصدق ذلك ، وقد منحتنى قبلة فرنسية أو ألمانية ههههه سيان ، ملتهبة جدا لم أذق مثلها من قبل من زوجتى التى لم تبدأ يوما تقبيلى ، وإن قبلتنى أو بالأصح قبلتها أنا واستجابت لى فقبلة سطحية سريعة على الشفاه ، لا ريق ولا عراك ألسنة ولا لحس أسنان وداخل فم ، كان هلجا متمرسة جدا فى مص الزب ، وكان فمها يفعل بزبى الأفاعيل ويبعث فيه وفى جسدى كله متعا مذهلة لم أكن أعلم بوجودها يوما ، وكنتُ أتأوه بشدة وكلما كاد زبى يفقد السيطرة ويهتز بشدة مقتربا من القذف ، أبعدت هلجا رأسها بسرعة مستشعرة ذلك ، حتى أهدأ قليلا ، كانت لا تزال ترتدى تاييرها الرمادى الغامق المخطط بخطوط بيضاء رفيعة ، تايير رسمى من جاكت ضيق وتحته بلوزة بيضاء ، وجونلة قصيرة بنفس لون وخامة الجاكت ، وحذاء عالى الكعب مقفل أسود كلاسيكى .. ولا أدرى كيف أصبحت عاريا ، هل هى من جردتنى من ثيابى كلها حتى من جواربى وحذائى بلمح البصر ، أم أنا من فعل ذلك ونسيت من شدة لهفتى عليها وعلى الجديد الأوروبى الذى تحمله معها وستجربه معى .. أخذت تمص زبى من جديد وتطوقه بشفتيه ثم تنزل لتلحس وتمص بيضانى ، وتقول : إمممممم زبك كبيررررررررررر .. أكبر من زب زوجى … كله بالألمانية وكنتُ أفهمها بسهولة لأننى أتقن الألمانية بطبيعة الحال ، وهى لا تفهم سواها .. تعجبت وقلت : زوجها ، كنت أظنها عزباء ووحيدة .. وشعرتُ بالخوف أن يضبطنا زوجها معا .. ضحكت وكأنها قرأت أفكارى : لا تخف ، زوجى السابق …… فتنفست الصعداء ، ولم أعلم أن زوجها هو فريدريك نفسه إلا لاحقا وأنها المرة الأولى لها مع غيره وأنه يشاهد لقاءنا ويسجله على شريط فيديو ، بل ويدلك زبه حتى القذف عليه وعلى ما يشاهده .. وكانت مفاجأة عجيبة …..

بدأت خلال مصها العجيب لزبى فى فك أزرار جاكتتها ، وساعدتنى فى خلعها عنها وألقتها بعيدا ثم أخذت تستأنف مصها المحموم لزبى ، وبدأت أعبث بأزرار بلوزتها البيضاء فأبعدت يدى وضحكت وقالت : أتود رؤية نهدى يا خبيث ، حسنا ، وتركت زبى للحظة ، وخلعت بسرعة وبلمح البصر بلوزتها وفكت مشبك سوتيانها وانطلق الماردان الألمانيان اللذان كانا فى حجم ثديى زوجتى تماما ، وعادت لتستأنف مص زبى وأنا أداعب وأقفش ثدييها وحلماتها بأناملى ، وكان فمها رطبا ساخنا رائعا يبعث شعورا أسطوريا حول زبى ، ويداها تساعدان فى تدليك زبى وبيضانى ، وأخيرا تركتنى أقذف بقوة فى فمها ، وكان لبنى وفيرا وغزيرا جدا ، ابتلعت بعضه فى استمتاع ، وأخرجتْ زبى بسرعة ودلكته تحلبه لينزل معظم لبنى على كف يدها الذى امتلأ عن آخره ، فلما انتهيت من القذف ، وجدتها تضع لبنى على ثدييها وتدلكه كأنه نوع من مرهم الشمس فى المصايف ، والتمع ثدياها بشدة ، ثم صاحت بى قائلة : مدرسة هلجا للتعليم الجنسى ترحب بكم ، انتهى الدرس الأول ، وعليك رد الجميل فى الدرس الثانى ، هيا إلى العمل ، هههههههههههه … واستلقت جوارى ، وقالت لى : هيا الحس كسى … وقد باعدت بين ساقيها .. نهضتُ وجلست على ركبتى بين ساقيها ، وفككت حزام جونلتها ، وسوستتها ، وأنزلتها وساعدتنى ورفعت ردفيها عن الفراش تساعدنى فى سحبها وإنزالها وإخراجها من عند قدميها ، فلما نزعت الجونلة عنها ، وجدتُها ترتدى كولون أسود اللون (يعنى بنطلون داخلى شبيكة مثلا أو نايلون ، من نفس مادة وخامة الجوارب النسائية ويتم ارتداءه كالبنطلون) وكان مفتوح منطقة العانة يكشف كسها الحليق بوضوح ودون أى ملابس داخلية ، وقمتُ بخلع حذائها ، فوجدتُ الكولون الشبيكة يغطى قدميها أيضا ، وكانت قدماها جميلتين جدا وزاد جمالهما هذا الغطاء الشفاف الشبيكة الرقيق الذى يبرز منه إصبع قدمها الكبير بوضوح نظيفا ومقصوصا وبلا طلاء وناصع البياض ، نزلتُ عليه وقلت لها : ممكن أبوسه ؟ ضحكت وقالت : طبعا المعلمة موافقة يا عزيزى الطالب ، المعلمة ملكك اليوم كلها هههههههههههه … عاد زبى إلى انتصابه بل وازداد انتصاب زبى عما عهدته دوما بشكل مذهل ، واهتز بشهوة وانسال منه المزيد من اللعاب المنوى ، وأنا أدفع بقدمها داخل فمى ، وأمص أصابعها والقدم كلها وأخص بالمص واللحس والتقبيل إصبعها الكبير ، فلما اكتفيت ، سحبتنى لأقترب بوجهى ورأسى إلى كسها ، بين فخذيها ، وقالت ضاحكة : هيا بوس والحس كس معلمتك بلسانك وفمك ونكه بأصابعك .. لكن ممنوع العض إياك …. وفعلتُ كما طلبت لأول مرة فى حياتى ، كان مذاق كسها حلوا ورائعا لم أذق مثل هذه الحلاوة قط فى حياتى ، وأخذت أدلك لها زرا صغيرا فوق أشفار كسها قالت : هذا بظرى وهو حساس جدا كالقضيب عندكم أيها الرجال ، حاذر فى مصه ولحسه فهو يوصلنى سريعا إلى القذف ، بدأتُ أستكشف وحدى كيف ألحس كسها وتنبهنى تأوهاتها وغنجها إلى أكثر الحركات التى تثيرها والأماكن التى تمتعها أشد ، ووضعتْ يديها على رأسها تدفننى أكثر فى كسها وتثبتنى فى مكانى ، عند بوابة متعتها ، ونكتها بلسانى داخل كسها وبأصابعى ، تحسستُ جنبات مهبلها من الداخل بأناملى وشعرتُ بسوائلها شعورا لذيذا ومثيرا ، وأدخلتُ لسانى إلى مهبلها أيضا ، وقذفتْ مرات ومرات فى فمى وابتلعتُ عسلها الرائع الذى أصبحت مدمنا عليه .. وتصلب زبى أكثر من أى مرة انتصب فيها فى حياتى ، ولم أكن أعلم أن الجنس ممتعا بهذا الشكل ، كأنى لم أعاشر نساء قط ولم أتزوج نسرين ، أخيرا قالت لى : هيا اصعد فوقى ونكنى يا أحمد …. واعتليتها وأرشدت هى زبى إلى كسها وحكت رأس زبى فى أشفار “شفاه” كسها عدة مرات ثم أدخلته ببطء داخلها وتأوهنا معا فى متعة ولذة …. كم كان ألذ لو كان الكولون مقفلا عند كسها ومزقته بنفسى أنا كما تمزق البكارة أو غطاء الخمر المعتقة .. أدخلتْ بوصة من زبى وانتظرتْ ثم بوصة ، ثم ضغطتْ على ردفى بيدها كإشارة لى كى أدخل بزبى فى كسها أكثر ، وفعلتُ وقالت : دخله كله. فدفعته بقوة حتى ارتطمت بيضانى بعجانها ، وتأوهت هى عاليا ، وقالت : آاااااااااااااه .. زبك كبير وبيضانك تقيلة … أوووووووووووووه .. روعة .. لذييييييييييييييييييذ … كمان .. جامد .. أوى .. نكنى أوى .. نكنى كمان .. نكنى جامد .. أووووووووووووه .. أححححححححححححح أخخخخخخخخخخخخ خووووووووووووو … وكانت تقبض على بيضانى بقوة كلما شعرت باقترابى من القذف فأعود لهدوئى ، وكلبشت فى ظهرى بقدميها وساقيها تدفعنى بقوة داخلها ، وانعقص إصبعها الكبير من شدة اللذة ، وأمسكت جنبىَّ بيديها ترفعنى وتخفضنى بدون مبالغة ، وبقينا على هذا الوضع نحو ربع ساعة ، ثم قالت لى : استلق على الفراش. ففعلت وأنا أشعر بخيبة الأمل وأخرجت زبى من كسها وأنا متضايق ، ضحكت وقالت : عليك تعلم أوضاع أخرى غير هذا الوضع التقليدى الذى لا تعرف سواه يا عزيزى … ثم وقفت على ركبتيها فوقى ، ونزلت بكسها على زبى ، وهى تواجهنى كوضع راعية البقر (كاو جيرل) .. ونزلت على فمى بفمها تقبيلا ، وتدلى ثدياها كفاكهة جنة عدن على صدرى وأخذت أداعبهما بيدى فى لهفة ، ثم وضعتْ لى يدىَّ على ردفيها وقالت لى : هيا ارفعنى واخفضنى .. ففعلتُ ، قليلا أفعل وقليلا تفعل بنفسها وتصعد وتهبط ، وهى تتراقص كالقردة المجنونة وتصيح عارية فوقى ، إلا من الكولون ، الذى كان مثيرا ولكن عريها الكامل أكثر إثارة الآن وأود رؤيته لكنها معلمتى ولا أستطيع التجرؤ عليها هكذا ، نزلت بوجهها على وجهى ودغدغ شعرها الأشقر الطويل جدا والمسترسل صدرى وكتفى وغمرنا شعرها بشكل مثير ورائع ، وهى تتحسس ثديى الذكوريين الضامرين وتقرصهما ، وتستند بكفيها على صدرى بخفة كى لا تؤذينى ، بعد ربع الساعة ، التفت بحذق فى وضع كاو جيرل المعكوس ، وظهرها الرائع المتغضن بالسمنة والأنوثة يواجهنى ، ويداها تستندان على فخذىَّ ، وأخذت تصعد وتهبط على زبى .. وبعد ربع ساعة ، ركعت جوارى على يديها وركبتيها كوضع السجود (الوضع الكلبى الدوجى ستايل) وقالت لى : قف على ركبتيك خلفى ، هيا …. فعلتُ بعدما مزقتُ عنها الكولون تماما وظهرت ساقاها وقدماها عاريتين مكشوفتين أمامى بالكامل وهى مصدومة فى ذهول ولكنها ضحكت من حماسى ولم تعترض، وقبضتُ على ردفيها بيدى بجشع ، وأخذتُ أجذبها نحوى وأدفعها للأمام ، وشعرها يتطاير حول وجهها ، وثدياها يترجرجان بإثارة تحتها ، قلت لها : سأقذف .. غنجت عاليا وقالت : آااااااااااااااااه .. اقذف فى كسى .. املأنى بمنيك المصرى الفرعونى الرائع هيا … آااااااااااااااه .. وملأتها بلبنى المصرى الفرعونى الرائع .. كان لبنى وفيرا وغزيرا وظللتُ خمس دقائق أقذف كميات هائلة لم أقذفها من قبل فى يوم ما من حياتى ، وملأت هلجا الدنيا صياحا وغنجا وتأوها ، وهى ترتج بشدة من جميع أنحاء جسدها فى قذف أنثوى شديد وصاعق ومدمر وخارق وفتاك … انهار جسد هلجا وانهار جسدى فوقها ، وسحقتها بوزنى فوقها على الفراش وأخذنا نلهث ونجاهد لالتقاط أنفاسنا .. أخيرا نهضتُ عنها واستلقيت على ظهرى ، واستلقت هى جوارى والتصقت بى ووضعت رأسها على صدرى وأخذت أداعب شعرها الأشقر الفاتح الرائع المتموج الطويل الغزير ، قالت ضاحكة : مدرسة هلجا للتعليم الجنسى ترحب بكم وتتشرف بتقديم شهادة التخرج للسيد أحمد سمير من مصر الفراعنة بتقدير امتياز مع مرتبة الشرف .. هيص يا عم … هههههههههههه …


كنتُ أظن أن ما جرى بينى وبين هلجا سيبقى سرا بيننا ، ولكننى فوجئت بأن فريدريك يلمح تلميحات متواصلة عما جرى بيننا ، كأنه رآنا ، كأنه يعرف .. هل أخبرته هلجا ..هل هو يخمن ويحس فقط .. لا أدرى .. لكنه كان يكرر : هكذا الرجل الشرقى دوما يتمتع بما يحرم منه زوجته ، يخونها ويعشق عليها أخريات ، ويعبث كما يشاء ، لكنه لا يقبل أن تعبث مثله وتجرب مثله ، مع رجال آخرين .. يا له من أنانى معقد ! لكن بذمتك ، مش اللى جرب هلجا مش ممكن يسلاها ، يرجع للمصرية المكبوتة الجاهلة بكل شئ عن الجنس .. لا يمكن طبعا .. طب يا أخونا الشرقى زى ما انت اتمتعت واتعلمت ، سيب مراتك تتعلم وتتمتع زيك ، وخليها تختار بينك وبين راجل تانى ، مش تقول لى دى بتحبنى وما تقدرش تعيش من غيرى أو ما تقدرش تعيش مع حد تانى وتتمتع معاه أكتر منى ، هو انت ممتعها أصلا ! …. ويبتسم لى ابتسامة ذات مغزى ..

لا أنكر أن كلماته المتكررة كان لها تأثير السحر “الدى ع الودان أمر من السحر” .. ولا أنكر أن فكرة مشاركة زوجتى مع رجل آخر قد سيطرت علىَّ وعلى تفكيرى تماما وأثارتنى إلى مستويات مذهلة من الإثارة لم أبلغها من قبل … ورفضت هلجا عرضى بتكرار زيارتى لبيتها ، ولم أعلم أنهما كانا يقصدان تعطيشى والضغط علىَّ ، وزوجتى نسرين ترفض الجنس نهائيا لأنه مؤلم كما تعلمون بالنسبة لها ، ولأنها لا تعلم ما أصبحتُ أعلم ، فكنتُ أمارس العادة السرية حتى القذف وأنا أتخيل زوجتى فى أحضان رجل آخر يداعبها ويضاجعها .. وحاولتُ مقاومة الاستسلام مرارا وتكرارا .. حتى قررت الاستسلام ، ولم أجد سوى فريدريك الذى كنت أشعر أنه يشتهى زوجتى نسرين ، ويود رؤيتها ، جئته بصورتها ذات مرة ، صورة كاملة لها من قمة رأسها حتى أخمص قدميها ، بالحجاب وكامل الملابس ، فأثنى عليها كثيرا ووصفها بالملاك الرائع لولا هذا الحجاب القمئ .. وسألنى هل شعرها ناعم وطويل ..قلت له : نعم جدا وغزير ….. قال لى : هل تصحبنى إلى منزلك لأراها وأتعرف بها .. أرجوك …. تهربتُ من الإجابة .. وظل يوميا يلح علىَّ حتى أخيرا وافقتُ بعد أسبوع كامل من إلحاحه اليومى .. وبدأتُ فى تجهيز خطة مناسبة معه لتعليم نسرين ! أود أن أراها بصحبة رجل آخر ، متمرس يعلمها ويعرفها على دنيا الجنس الأوروبى ، ويجعلها تقذف شلالات من عسلها الأنثوى من كسها وتغرق الفراش والمكان بشلالات قذفها الأنثوى من شدة ما تشعر من متعة لم تجربها من قبل ولم تعرف بوجودها أصلا ..


صاحت نسرين بالعامية المصرية فى المطبخ وهى تتملص من فريدريك وهو يحضنها ويقبلها فى أنحاء وجهها “يا لهوى .. انت مين ؟ سبنى .. هاصوت وألم عليك الناس ..” .. قال فريدريك بالألمانية ” بحبك وباموت فيكى .. مش قادر أستغنى عنك” .. كان حوار الطرشان أو الصم والبُكم ، كل منهما يتكلم بلغة لا يفهمها الآخر .. وشعر فريدريك أنها تنوى الصياح والصراخ فكممها بيده وأخذت نسرين تفلت منه وتعدو متنقلة بين أرجاء الشقة ومن غرفة إلى غرفة ، و فريدريك يعدو خلفها ويتعقبها ويقبض عليها بين ذراعيه بقوة مرة أخرى ، حتى وصلا إلى غرفة نومها هى وأنا “أحمد” .. كنت قد منحت فريدريك نسخة من مفتاح الشقة ليتسلل إلى الشقة شقتنا أنا ونسرين ، فى الصباح بعد خروجى للعمل وخروج أولادنا إلى المدرسة … ودخل فريدريك إلى الشقة على أطراف أصابع قدميه دون أن يحدث صوتا ، وتسمع فسمع صوت المواعين (الأوانى) وخرير المياه آتيا من المطبخ فعلم أن نسرين هناك تغسل الصحون .. أسرع إلى المطبخ ، واختلس نظرة إلى الداخل فوجد نسرين تعطيه ظهرها ومنشغلة ومنهمكة فى غسل الصحون ، فانقض عليها من الخلف وضمها بقوة ، مما أثار فزعها ، وبدأت تصيح وتتملص منه كما قلنا ..

دخل فريدريك ونسرين مجال الصورة عندى فى شاشة المراقبة والتسجيل التى تبث لى ما تلتقطه كاميرا الفيديو اللاسلكية التى خبأتها وثبتها فى موضع مناسب قريب من الفراش داخل غرفة نومى أنا ونسرين … كنتُ أجلس وقتذاك فى منزل هلجا فى غرفة أعددتها لى ولذلك خصيصا ، كيف عرفت هلجا ؟ للأسف لم يكن ذلك ضمن خطتى ، وكنت أنوى استئجار مكان ما أراقب منه أو أستعير شقة فريدريك – لم أكن أعلم أن منزل هلجا هو منزل فريدريك زوجها أيضا كما قلنا ولم أعلم أنه زوجها – … سمعت هلجا ما دار بينى وبين فريدريك رغم أننا اتفقنا همساً .. وصارحتنى بأنها تعلم ما ندبر وطلبت منى أن أدعها تساعدنى وتشترى لى كاميرا الفيديو ومعدات المراقبة والتسجيل كلها ، فى مقابل أن أسمح لها بمشاهدة الحدث المثير حدث نسرين ومعلمها الخصوصى الذى سيعلمها أصول الجنس الأوروبى غصبا عنها ، معى .. ولكننى رفضتُ بشدة ، فهددتنى أنها ستخبر نسرين بالأمر وستخبر السفير أيضا .. وكانت جادة .. فرضختُ لطلبها .. وجلست أنا أمام الشاشة أفرك زبى من فوق بنطال البيجاما ، ووقفت هلجا جوارى بثوب نوم دانتيل أسود شبه شفاف وفاضح وروب من خامته ، وأبعدت يدى بعنف مثير بيدها ، كأنها تقول لى : دى شغلتى أنا مش شغلتك وأنا موجودة ، ده واجب عليا … وبدأت تدلك زبى برقة وهى تضحك وتتأمل لعبة القط والفأر بين فريدريك ونسرين بشغف مثلى ..

كانت نسرين ترتدى قميص نوم منزلى مصرى عادى خارجى ، وكان شعرها الأسود الطويل الناعم الغزير الرائع مسترسلا وحرا ومكشوفا بلا حجاب حيث كانت بالمنزل ووحدها ولم يكن معها أحد .. وكان فريدريك قوى البنيان فحمل نسرين التى تتملص وتفلفص بين ذراعيه بقوة دون أن تهز فيه شعرة ، وألقاها على الفراش وارتمى فوقها بسرعة يسمرها فى الفراش قبل أن تحاول النهوض والفرار منه ، وأسرع بإحدى يديه إلى تناول بعض قطع الساتان الأسود الحريرية ، من جيبه ، وقيد يديها إلى شباك السرير العلوى خلف رأسها ، فلما انتهى من ذلك بصعوبة بالغة وسط مقاومة عنيفة منها وخمش وركل ، أسرع وأراد أن يكمم فمها لئلا تصرخ ولكنه رأى أن الغرفة بعيدة عن باب الشقة كثيرا وتكاد تكون معزولة عن الجيران وعن الخارج ، ولن يسمعها أحد مهما صرخت ، إضافة إلى أنه يحب سماع صوتها ولهجتها العامية المصرية الموسيقية رغم أنه لا يفهم منها حرفا واحدا .. ونزل إلى ساقيها اللتين ركلته فى بطنه بهما ، ولكنه تحمل وأسرع إلى تقييد قدميها فى شباك السرير السفلى ، وخلع شبشبها عن قدميها الجميلتين بعناية ، وأعجبه حُسن قدميها ، وتناول إحدى قدميها فى يده وأخذ يمصها ويلحسها .. وسمعها تقول : إيه ده ؟ انت مجنون .. بتعمل إيه فى رجليا يا وسخ ، إيه القذارة دى ….. ولم يفهم حرفا واحدا .. صعد فريدريك إلى وجهها سريعا ، وألصق فمه بفمها فى قبلة سريعة ثم لحس شفتيها بلسانه مرارا وهى تقاوم وتتملص تحته دون جدوى رغم القيود ، كالقطة الشرسة ، وأخيرا فتحت فمها لا إراديا نتيجة دغدغته المستمرة لشفتيها بلسانه ، فاندفع لسانه إلى أعماق فمها يلحس أسنانها ولسانها وريقها .. حاولت إبعاد وجهها ، لكن فريدريك قبض على وجهها عند خديها بيديه ، واستمر فى تقبيلها تلك القبلة الفرنسية التى تجربها لأول مرة فى حياتها ، وقد تقززت أول الأمر ، وكادت أن تتقيأ ، لكن عينا فريدريك الزرقاوان وشعره الأشقر ووسامته ونظرات الحب العميق نحوها فى عينيه خدرتها ، إضافة إلى إحساس داخلى غريب بعثته فيها هذه القبلة الغريبة والمدهشة ، وسخونة فى بدنها ، وأخيرا أنهى فريدريك القبلة وغمرها وجهها وخديها وجبينها وعنقها بقبلات سريعة كثيرة ملهوفة ، وقال بالألمانية يتخلل القبلات بكلماته المتقطعة : إيه ده ؟ ريقك عسل ، آه يانى .. لو تعرفى بحبك قد إيه .. كان نفسى فيكى من زمان … يا مليكة قلبى … ونزل على يدها يقبلها ويمص أصابعها ويلحسها ، ولم تفهم نسرين حرفا واحدا مما يقوله ولكنها أحست فعلا بمدى حبه لها ورغبته فيها من عينيه وطريقة كلامه وموسيقى كلامه .. قالت فى نفسها : أنا عمرى ما حسيت زى الإحساس اللذيذ والجميل ده ، إيه اللى عمله معايا ده ، إيه البوسة الغريبة دى ، حركت فيا أحاسيس أول مرة أعرف إنها موجودة ، بس أنا متجوزة وعندى ولاد ، إزاى أسيبه يعمل كده معايا ، هو مين وعايز منى إيه ، كأن السما حدفته هدية ليا ، إيه اللى عاجبه فيا وهو أحلى منى بكتير ، وعنده فى بلده اللى هو جاى منها معرفش جه إزاى بنات زى الشربات زيه .. يا ترى اسمه إيه ؟ …. وكأنه قرأ أفكارها فأشار لنفسه وقال “فريدريك” وأشار إليها وقال “نسرين” … قالت فى نفسها مذهولة : كأنه قرأ أفكارى .. اسمه فريدريك ، اسم جميل .. ولكن كيف عرف اسمى … ووجدته يمد يديه إلى صدرها من فوق ملابسها ، وبدأ يدلك ويتحسس ويقفش نهديها الرائعين السمينين مقاس C أو D ، بقوة وتمرس ، جعلها تشعر بلذة خاصة وأحاسيس جديدة عليها تماما تجتاح جسدها كله ، ونشوة يبعثها نهداها المدللان تحت يدى الأشقر الوسيم ، فى كافة أنحاء جسدها ، وانعقصت أصابع قدميها من اللذة ، قالت نسرين فى ضعف وبطريقة لم تقنعها هى نفسها : بلاش كده عيب ، أرجوك امشى ، ما تفضحنيش قدام جوزى وولادى ، آاااااااااااااه … قال فريدريك : ملمسهما رائع يا ترى شكلهما إيه وهما عريانين ، شكلهم كده أكبر من بزار مراتى وأحلى .. ثم مزق قميص نسرين من الصدر حتى خصرها ، فوجد تحته قميص ساتان بحمالات مربوطة أكتافه كالفيونكات ففك الفيونكات ، ولم تكن نسرين ترتدى سوتيان فهى بالمنزل كما قلنا ، وسحب قميصها الداخلى الحريرى إلى خصرها أيضا مع قميصها الخارجى فتعرى نصفها العلوى بالكامل : ذراعاها وصدرها وبطنها حتى الخصر ، وتأمل فى انبهار وجشع وذهول هذين الثديين المصريين الصميمين الرائعين وأخذ يتحسسهما برفق ورقة وبطء ويملأ عينيه من منظرهما ، لفترة طويلة ، ثم نزل بفمه على الحلمتين البنيتين الجميلتين ذوات الهالات الواسعة المثيرة الشرقية المصرية التى لم ير مثلها لدى زوجته هلجا طبعا .. وكانت نسرين تنظر إليه الآن بعينين زجاجيتين صامتة مذهولة بجرأته وبتمرسه ، وتتعجب منه ومما يفعل وتتطلع شوقا لمعرفة ما ينوى فعله الآن مما لم تره من زوجها يوما ولا طلبته منه ببساطة لأنها لا تعلم عن وجوده أصلا ولا تعرف عنه شيئا .. أخذ يمتص حلمة حلمة بفمه المتمرس ، ويدلك ثدييها وهو يقول : فعلا كنتُ على حق إن نهديها أجمل وأكبر من نهدى زوجتى جوجو ، وكان يحرص على ذكر اسم تدليل هلجا فقط وألا يذكر اسمها لئلا أكتشف أنا الأمر والسر الذى يكتمانه عنى .. وأخذ يدلك ثدييها بعمق وبطريقة يعلمها جيدا ، وسرعان ما وجدت نسرين نفسها تتأوه وتلحس شفتيها بلسانها ، كانت لمساته تبعث ضربات لذيذة فى جسدها وترسل إشارات غريبة ممتعة إلى كسها مباشرة ، أحاسيس تجربها للمرة الأولى … وظل فريدريك يعزف على عود ثدييها ويطرب كسها لمعزوفته ، لفترة طويلة ، حتى شعر أن مهبلها قد ترطب واقتربت من أول قذف أنثوى وقمة نشوة تمر بها فى حياتها ، فعاد إلى شفتيها يقبلهما ويسحق لسانها بلسانه ، وبدأت تبادله القبلة غريزيا الآن وقد تعلمت منه رغم اختلاف اللغة ، فكما قلنا الجنس لغة عالمية ، فلما رفعها إلى عليين بقبلته الأسطورية الطويلة ، انفصل بشفتيه عن شفتيها ، وأفاقت عليه وقد هبط إلى خصرها يجذب وينزل قميصها الخارجى والداخلى إلى قدميها ويخلعهما من هناك ، ليعريها تماما إلا من كولوتها الصغير ، حيث أنزله أيضا من قدميها .. وأخذ يتأمل كسها الحليق عن قرب ، ويتلمسه ، ويقول : أخيرا رأيتك يا حبيب قلبى وتوأم روحى وغاية المُنى .. كان كسها غليظ الأشفار جدا وغليظ غطاء البظر وبارز بوضوح عن جلد عانتها المنبسط ، وداكن اللون قليلا عن عانتها .. كان مثيرا جدا بهيئته تلك كأنه وحش بدائى بربرى غجرى همجى أشعث أغبر جموح منطلق حر إلى أقصى غاياته .. وسرح وشرد فريدريك بعينين زجاجيتين فى جمال هذا الكس المصرى الفرعونى الوحشى الأصيل والصميم وغير المختون ، “والمتورم الآن بالشهوة التى بثتها فيه لمسات فريدريك لثديى نسرين ، وقبلاته الفرنسية لفمها اللذيذ” ، والمشحون الآن بكهرباء عالية الجهد جدا ، واللامع باللبن الأنثوى الشهى عند فمه – فتحته- مخبوءا بين شفاهه وأشفاره كالويفر يطوق الكريمة البيضاء ، كان كس نسرين كأنه كس عذراء لم يمسه رجل ، لم يُمَس سوى من صاحبته أو حتى لم يمس حتى من صاحبته ، وكان واضح الضيق وشدة الضيق أيضا ، ولحس فريدريك شفتيه بلسانه وهو شارد مذهول لا تفارق عيناه كس نسرين ، وقالت فى نفسها وهى تراه يفعل ذلك : إيه ده ؟ هو جعان ولا إيه ؟ هياكلنى ده ولا إيه .. وقال فريدريك : روعة روعة ، بزازك روعة ، وكسك روعة روعة ، يا ترى هيكون إحساسى إيه لما أنيكك بزبى فيه ، أكيد أسطورة .. ثم مد يده ببطء وداعب غطاء بظرها بأنامله برقة شديدة ، ثم رفع الغطاء وداعب بظرها فاهتاجت نسرين بشدة واهتز جسدها بإحساس غريب لذيذ جدا لم تعرفه من قبل ، لم يلمسها أحمد هناك أبدا .. قالت فى نفسها : هذا الرجل يعرف ماذا يفعل .. فلأدعه يفعل ما يشاء .. ونزل فريدريك بفمه إلى بظرها يمصه ، فعرفت نسرين أخيرا معنى الغنج ، وغنجت وتأوهت بشدة وبصوت عال جدا ، وقالت له : فكنى أرجوك يا فريدريك ، مش هاهرب ، أرجوك ، فكنى وأخذت تشير برأسها نحو قيود يديها ، فهم فريدريك إشاراتها ، وأشار إليها ومش هتهربى ؟ فأومأت بالنفى وقالت : والله مش هاهرب .. يالا أرجوك .. فقام وفك قيد يدها اليمنى ثم اليسرى ، ثم فك قدميها ، وعاد إلى كسها وأخذ يمص أشفار كسها ويلج بلسانه داخل كسها وبين شفاهها المهبلية ، ويمتص ويلحس رحيقها الأنثوى اللذيذ الكامن بين شفتيها الكسيتين ، ضغطت رأسه إلى كسها بيدها ، ووضعت ساقيها على ظهره ، وهى لا تكف عن التأوه والاستمتاع والغنج ، وأخذت تصيح قائلة : كمان يا فريدريك .. آااااااااااااااااااااه .. عسسسسسسسسسسسسسسسل .. مش ممكن .. انت عملت فيا إيه .. إيه الإحساس ده ..عمرى ما حسيت كده .. هو الجنس حلو بالشكل ده .. طول عمره كان مؤلم بالنسبة لى .. وظل يفعل بكسها الأفاعيل بلسانه وأنامله ، حتى صاحت أخيرا : آاااااااااااااااااااه إيه ده إيه اللى هيحصل ده .. آاااااااااااااااااااااااااه … وانتفض جسد نسرين بقوة وشدة ، وأخذت دفقات السائل الأنثوى تنطلق من كسها إلى الخارج بجنون عاليا وأغرقت السرير ووجه وفم فريدريك وكافة أرجاء الغرفة وابتلع فريدريك ما استطاع من لبنها الرائع فى نهم واستمتاع … قالت وهى تلهث بعدما عادت من السماء السابعة إلى الأرض أخيرا : روووووووووووووووووووووعة  .. مش ممكن اللذة دى .. أحححححححححححححححححححح .. زى العسل .. عمرى ما حسيت كده .. إزاى ده .. يا لهوى .. تعالى لما أبوسك يا فريدريك .. وجذبته إلى أعلى إلى فمها وانخرطت معه فى قبلة عميقة أودعتها كل شكرها وامتنانها وعرفانها … وفهم الرسالة وحياها بأحسن منها .. نسيت نفسها وزواجها وزوجها وأولادها تماما وشعرت أنها امرأة أخرى لا يهمها شئ ، أو أنها تلبستها روح امرأة جائعة للحب نهمة ظمآنة للغرام .. نهض فريدريك وتأملته وهو يخلع ملابسه ببطء يثيرها قطعة قطعة ، ولم تمنعه ، وظنت أنه من حقه أن تشكره ويتمتع بها كما يفعل الزوج بزوجته حتى لو كان مؤلما كالعادة مع أحمد .. ظنته سيكون مؤلما هذه المرة ككل مرة وظنت أن فريدريك سوف يقع عليها فورا دون تمهيد آخر من نوع آخر .. قال لها وقد اقترب بقضيبه الضخم يدلكه نحو وجهها : مصيه يا نسرين وأشار بإصبعه فى فمه لتفهم ، لكنها لم تفهم فداعب شفتيها برأس قضيبه قليلا وتناول موبايله وأراه فيلما إرشاديا يشرح البلوجوب والهاندجوب وهو يريد منها مزيجا منهما معا يعنى مص بالفم وتدليك باليد … ففهمت وتقززت ولكنه قبض على رأسها ورأت فى عينيه التصميم ، ولاحظت فى نفسها وقالت “زبه ضخم وجميل الشكل مثل زب زوجى أحمد تماما” .. فرضخت أخيرا وفتحت فمها فدخل بزبه إلى الداخل ، أمسكت هى زبه وأخذت تمصه وكانت ذكية سريعة التعلم مما أسعد فريدريك وسرعان ما بدأ يتأوه فى استمتاع وهى تنظر فى عينيه مسرورة بتأثيرها وتأثير فمها عليه .. وبدأت تستمتع بما تفعله وبملمس زبه المخملى الاسفنجى فى فمها وعلى لسانها ، وبدأ ذلك يثيرها ويضرب ضربات مثيرة فى كسها .. أخذت تلحس وتدلك وتمص زب فريدريك من رأسه حتى قاعدته بقوة وحماس ورقة وبطء وتلذذ وتراعى إمتاعه وتنصت لآهاته بخبرة غريزية أنثوية لتمتعه وتعرف ما يمتعه أكثر من حركاتها وأفعالها .. وكان منظر نسرين وهى تمص زب فريدريك مثيرا له ولى ولهلجا ، وكانت هلجا الآن تدلك زبى العارى وتمصه فى فمها مثل نسرين مع فريدريك وهى لا تغفل لحظة من مشاهدة الحدث المثير .. وشعرت نسرين بحكة فى كسها ونداء ورغبة يطالبها بفرك كسها بأنامل يدها الأخرى ففعلت دون تردد وتأوهت وهى تمص زب الأشقر الوسيم الذى نزل عليها من السماء ليمتعها لا تعلم من أين … وامتصت لعابه المنوى العسل المدهش الذى يفاجئها به منسالا من رأس زبه على لسانه بين لحظة وأخرى بانتظام ، كانت تحب حركة زبه جيئة وذهابا وللأمام وللخلف ودخولا وخروجا فى فمها .. أخيرا أخرج زبه من فمها ورفع خصيتيه إلى فمها وأشار ففهمت ومصت له بيضانه قليلا .. ووجدته يدفعها لتستلقى على الفراش مرة أخرى ..وقالت فى نفسها فى قلق : الآن حانت لحظة الحقيقة .. واعتلاها بلطف ، وباعد بين ساقيها ، ورفع ساقيها عاليا فى الهواء ، وتأكد بأنامله من أن كسها غارق فى سوائلها الأنثوية بغزارة ، ثم داعب بظرها وأشفارها برأس زبه فتأوهت بلذة ، وأدخل زبه أخيرا بوصة تلو بوصة فى كسها ، تأوها معا وتأوها عاليا حين ارتطمت عانته بعانتها معلنة دخول كامل زبه الضخم فى كسها وبلذة يا للعجب ودون أى ألم على عكس عادتها مع زوجها أحمد رغم أنه بنفس الضخامة والحجم .. لكنها أيضا لم تكن رطبة هكذا يوما أبدا .. قالت : آاااااااااااااااااااااه روووووووووووووووووعة .. انت رهيب يا فريدريك .. قال : بحبك وبموت فيكككككككككككككككككككككككى يا نسرين .. قالت : بحبكككككككككككككككككككك .. وكان ضجيجا من عبارات الحب والغرام الحميمية المصرية العربية والألمانية ، وكلاهما لا يفهم لغة الآخر لكن لغة الحب والغرام والشهوة والجنس أقوى وأفهمتهما كل شئ كالمترجم الماهر .. دون حاجة لترجمة .. نزل على شفتيها وثدييها دلكا ومصا .. وبدأ يحرث بزبه أرض كسها كالمزارع الماهر جيئة وذهابا ودخولا وخروجا ، وكلاهما لا يتوقف عن التأوه والأنين المستمتع .. قال : بموت فى كسك .. قالت : بموت فى زبك .. يا خرابى على كسك .. يا لهوى على زبك .. وأخذت تتحسس ظهره وردفيه برقة وحب ، كم تود تجربة ما تعلمته من فريدريك مع زوجها أحمد ، لا شك أن مذاق النيك مع أحمد عندها سيكون رائعا شهيا ولذيذا جدا كما هو الآن مع فريدريك .. وشبكت ساقيها حوله كالمقص تضمه إليها وتعانقه ، وتدفعه إلى أعماق كسها أكثر .. وظنت أنه اقترب من القذف وسيقذف فيها على هذا الوضع الذى لا تعرف سواه .. لكنه فجأة سحب زبه منها واستلقى جوارها على ظهره ولم يطلب منها شيئا بالطبع ، بل رفعها بنفسه وقبض على زبه وأولجه فى كسها وقد جلست على جسده وساقاها مطويتان على جانبيه وهى تواجهه فى وضع راعية البقر الكاوجيرل .. استغربت من هذا الوضع جدا ، وقالت : انت دقرمة فعلا يا فريدريك .. ورفعها وخفضها عدة مرات ثم أشار لها ففهمت ، وبدأت تتقافز فوق زبه كالقردة .. وتقبلت الوضع وهو يداعب ثدييها وسائر نصفها العلوى بيديه بجنون من الأمام والخلف ويبعث فيها أحاسيس رائعة جراء ذلك .. واعتادت على الوضع وأتقنته سريعا .. ونزلت على فمه تقبله ويتدلى ثدياها كالفواكه السماوية على صدره يطلبان الآكل ، ويمصهما فى فمه ، ويعجن ردفيها فى يديه ويرفعها ويخفضها وتتعالى غنجاتها وآهاته ، ثم يقلبها على جنبها ويرقد على جنبه خلفها فى وضع الملعقة سبوون ، ثم الوضع الكلبى راكعة على يديها وركبتيها وهو خلفها ، ثم الكلبى الكسول ليزى دوج تنبطح على بطنها ملتصقة بالفراش ويضاجعها فوقها .. أخيرا عاد للوضع التبشيرى التقليدى الأول ، وأدخل زبه حتى آخره فيها وضمته بقوة وهو ينتفض ويغرق مهبلها المصرى بلبنه الألمانى الوفير الغزير ، ويشعل بذلك فتيل رابع أو خامس أو سادس قذف أنثوى قوى ساحق ماحق سوبر شديد الانفجار لها لهذا اليوم .. وأخذت تقبله برقة وكسل الآن ويقبلها وراحا فى نوم عميق وهو عليها وزبه لا يزال فى كسها .. وفى ذات الأثناء كنتُ أقذف لبنى وفيرا وغزيرا فى أعماق كس هلجا فى وضع الكاوجيرل ..

قررنا لاحقا الانضمام إلى فريدريك ونسرين ، وأسكر فريدريك نسرين ببعض كؤوس الخمر وأخذها إلى فندق ليقضى معها ليلة واحدة من المتعة بإذنى … وهناك رقصت له بكامل ملابسها وبالحجاب ، ثم خلعت ملابسها وارتدت بذلة رقص شرقى رائعة ومثيرة وكانت تشبه الراقصة الجميلة لونا كثيرا فى بياضها وطولها ودلعها وحركاتها .. وأطعمته بيدها محشى ورق العنب و”كنافة بالزبيب والفول السودانى والسكر والشربات” وأطعمة مصرية صميمة كثيرة ..

جنس فى القارب

جنس فى القارب

سطعت شمس الصباح الدافئة على وجهى وأنا نائمة بالبكينى على سطح قارب زوجى ، وصحوت وتلفت حولى فلم أجد زوجى إلى جوارى وفوجئت بأنى وحيدة فى القارب ، وفى المياه الدولية بالبحر الأحمر بعدما ابتعد بى القارب عن المياه الإقليمية المصرية وعن الغردقة بطبيعة الحال ، ونظرت إلى جهاز الإحداثيات بالأقمار الصناعية فعلمت أننى فى منتصف البحر الأحمر بين مصر والسعودية ، أين ذهب زوجى يا ترى بعد ليلتنا الساخنة بالأمس تحت النجوم الرائعة وبالليل ، لعله أخذ القارب المطاطى الصغير فى جولة أو غطس كالضفدع البشرى يستكشف الأعماق الرائعة .. هاى ، أعرفكم بنفسى ، أنا هدى محمد ، 25 سنة ، مصرية ، متزوجة ولدىَّ طفلان ، شعرى أسود ناعم وطويل ، وعيناى سوداوان ، بيضاء البشرة ، وجسدى يمتع بكافة التضاريس والتعاريج والانحناءات الأنثوية الممكنة والأمامية والخلفية والعليا والسفلية التى تليق بامرأة شرقية مصرية تحترم نفسها بدون سمنة مفرطة ولا نحافة ، جسدى من النوع الذى يسمونه curvaceous body ، أنا وزوجى متخصصان فى دراسة البحر الأحمر ، فى الصيف ، ولكن فى الشتاء نبقى مع أطفالنا من أجل دراستهم بفيلتنا بالقاهرة بمصر الجديدة ، فنحن ميسورا الحال ، وما نفعله بالصيف تسلية وترفيه إضافة لكونه بحثا علميا فى مجال تخصصنا. هههه كاد القارب ينقلب بنا بالأمس من عنف ممارسة زوجى للحب معى ، يا لها من ليلة مذهلة قررنا قضاءها بعيدا عن فندقنا فى الغردقة. كم أحب زبه الضخم الرائع فى كسى يملؤه ، وبيضانه على عجانى ..

وبينما أنا شاردة فى الأفكار فيما حدث بالأمس ، سمعت صوت هدير محرك قارب يقترب ، وحاولتُ البحث عن شئ أرتديه فوق البكينى حتى وجدتُ غلالة رقيقة صفراء مزينة بالورود تخصنى فلففتها حول خصرى لأغطى نصفى السفلى والعلوى حتى صدرى .. ووجدت فى القارب شابا وحيدا يقوده ، له ملامح أوروبية وأشقر الشعر ، وسيم للغاية ، ويبدو فى سن المراهقة فى التاسعة عشرة أو الثامنة عشرة أصغر منى ، ضحوك وبسام ، واضح أنه من السياح الذين ينتشرون فى البحر الأحمر يمضون عطلة الصيف فى مصر بين الغردقة وجنوب سيناء ويستمتعون بمشاهد الطبيعة الخلابة البحرية والجبلية ويغوصون لمشاهدة الأسماك المتعددة الألوان والأجناس والشعاب المرجانية الرائعة ، اقترب بقاربه من قاربى وأوقف المحرك ، ثم سألنى سؤالا بالإنجليزية ، فهمت أنه يسألنى أين هو ، فقلت له تفاصيل الإحداثيات ، قفز بجرأة إلى قاربى وقال : أأنتِ وحيدة مثلى ؟ أنتِ جميلة جدا ، كيف تكونين وحيدة ، هل أنتِ مصرية ؟ قلت : نعم أنا كذلك من القاهرة. قال : أوووه يا للروعة ، أنت حفيدة الفراعنة إذن . متزوجة ؟ قلت لا شعوريا ولا أدرى لماذا قلت هذا : لا ، مطلقة. قال : إنه مجنون ليترك كل هذا الجمال. ثم قال : اسمى ريتشارد ، من الولايات المتحدة، وأنتِ ؟ قلت : هدى. قال: هل تسمحين ببعض المرح ؟ المنظر من هنا رائع وشمس الشروق مذهلة ، أرى أنك وحيدة ، هل تقبلين بصحبة ، ودردشة ؟ ..

شعرتُ أن وراء الأكمة ما وراءها وخفت أن يعود زوجى فجأة وهو غيور جدا ، ولكن عقلى كان يأمرنى بشئ ، وإرادتى بشئ آخر ، ووجدت نفسى أقبل عرضه. وجلسنا على السطح سطح مركب زوجى ، نتأمل منظر البحر الساحر ونسمع صوته ونشم روائحه المنعشة ، وأخذ يحدثنى عن أمور حياته ، ومسابقات رياضية بحرية كثيرة دخلها ، ثم سمعتُ رنين هاتفى المحمول ، فأسرعت لأجيب وكان زوجى ، أخبرنى أنه فى الغردقة يسوى بعض الأمور ، ولن يعود قبل المساء ، وقد اتصل بى ليطمئننى عليه ، قلت : خلى بالك من نفسك وما تخافش عليا. وأنهيت المكالمة . سألنى ريتش عن المتصل فقلت بأنه أخى فى الغردقة يطمئن على ولن يأتى لأخذى إلا غدا ..

وعدنا لأحاديثنا وأخبرته عن حياتى ما عدا جزء زوجى وزواجى ، وشعرت بريتش يلتصق بى ، وبدأ يقص على أنه لم يحصل على حب فتاة حتى الآن رغم أن كل رفاقه بالمدرسة الثانوية قد اتخذوا لأنفسهم صديقات وليس صديقة واحدة ، لم يجرب الحب ولا العلاقة الجسدية بالطبع .. وأنه لا يدرى لماذا .. وأنه يتطلع شوقا لأولى تجاربه مع النساء ، ويحدوه الفضول ليعرف كيف يكون مذاق الغرام الجسدى والعاطفى .. ثم قال : ولكن كلهن فى مدرستى سخيفات وتافهات وأنا أميل للناضجات أكثر ، ولم أر فيهن خفة دمك الشرقية المصرية وجمالك وجسدك ذى التضاريس ، قلت : ريتش ، هابتدى أزعل منك .. لو سمحت بلاش كده.

وابتدأت أبتعد بجسدى عنه ، لكن جسدى كان له رأى آخر وشعرت بالرطوبة تنسال فى كسى ، لقد كان وسيما للغاية وفاتنا بعيونه الزرقاء وشعره الأشقر وبنيته القوية وطوله الفارع وبراءته وثرثرته ، ورغم ذلك يحبنى أنا الأقل منه وسامة بالتأكيد ولا يرى فى ملكات الجمال الأمريكيات فى بلده من تشبعه حاجته وتملأ عينه وترضى ذوقه ، كان ريتش يرتدى ملابس الغطس السوداء الملتصقة بالبدن ، كالضفدع البشرى ، استلقى على بطنه ووضع وجهه على يديه أمامى وهو يضحك كالأطفال ، وقال : كم أنتِ جذابة ! ليتهن مثلك ..

فحاولت تغيير الموضوع ونهضتُ وقلت : أشعر بالجوع ، سأذهب لأعد الإفطار ، هل تحب الفول المدمس المصرى بالزيت والكمون والطحينة ؟ إنه أكلة مصرية صميمة .. قال فى فضول : أود تجربتها معكِ ، من يديك الجميلتين لا يمكن أن تصنعى إلا كل شهى وجميل ..

احمر وجهى وانصرفت مسرعة إلى الطابق السفلى فى قاربنا الضخم المزود ببعض غرف النوم ومطبخ وحمام ، وبعد قليل سمعته يثنى على الروائح القادمة إليه من عندى .. صعدت ومعى صينية الفول فى سندوتشات العيش البلدى وبعض أقراص الطعمية وجواره بصلتان .. تناول الطعام بشهية معى وهو يختلس النظرات إلى وأنا آكل ، والتصق بى مجددا .. ووجدت خيمة منتفخة متكورة وعالية تحت خصره وتحت ملابس غوصه .. رباه ، إنه مثار ! وشعرتُ بالرطوبة تزداد فى كسى ، وأشفارى تختلج ..

أنهينا الطعام . وفوجئت به يضمنى بقوة وقال : أعلم أنك متزوجة ، ودبلة الزواج الذهبية تلمع فى يدك اليسرى، وأنك تودين خوض مغامرة جديدة ، وكسر تابو ، وذلك لا يضايقنى بل يثيرنى أكثر وأكثر ، صارحينى ألديك أطفال ، فترددت واحترت ماذا أقول وأفعل ولم أجد بدا من مصارحته فأومأت له برأسى وأشرت بإصبعى أى طفلين ، ثم تخلصت من ذراعيه برفق ، ونهضتُ وقلت له : هذه حياتى الشخصية ، ولا أدرى لماذا كذبتُ وأخبرتك أنى مطلقة ، لعلى أشفقت عليك أن تصدم بعدما رأيت منك إعجابا بى ، أو لعلى كنت أريد اختبارك لأرى ما تريد منى ، أرجوك ريتش دعنا نكون أصدقاء فقط وغادر القارب حالا لو سمحت ، أنا متزوجة ولدى أولاد ، وشرقية مصرية ولدينا عادات وتقاليد مختلفة عنكم ، ومن كلمنى كان زوجى بالغردقة وليس أخى ، أرجوك اذهب يا ريتش ..

ففوجئت به يسحب خنجر صيد من جيب بذلة غطسه ، ويضع النصل على جلد عنقه ويضع ويقول : أنا أحبك من النظرة الأولى كما لم أتصور أنى سأحب فتاة يوما فى بلدى أو غيرها ، إن رفضتينى سأقتل نفسى ، وبالفعل سال خيط من الدماء من عنقه ، وشعرت بجديته فقلت له : حسنا حسنا ، سأعطيك قبلة واحدة فقط ولكن لا تطلب شيئا بعدها أفهمتنى ؟ .. قال : حسنا ، قبلت . ونهض ، فضممته بتردد ، وقربت فمى من فمه ، وانغمسنا فى قبلة فرنسية وعادية حارة جدا وطويلة جدا ومص ريقى ولسانى بشدة وجوع ولهفة وعاطفة وتعارك مع لسانى ودغدغ أسنانى بلسانه  .. وأخيرا تباعدنا ونحن نلهث بشدة ونلتقط أنفاسنا بصعوبة وقلبانا يخفقان بسرعة إلى حد الجنون ، وقلت له وأنا أضمد له جرح عنقه : هيا عدنى أنك ستنصرف الآن وتنسانى أرجوك .. وكفى جنونا …. لكنه فاجأنى مجددا والتقط الخنجر ، وارتمى راكعا عند خصرى يقبل يدى متوسلا وصوب الخنجر نحو صدره واندفع به بعنف منتويا غرسه فى قلبه مباشرة ، وفهمت ذلك على الفور ، لكنى هذه المرة لم أستطع لجم عواطفى نحوى ، فلم أشعر بنفسى إلا وقد لطمت يده بعنف وسقط الخنجر بعيدا ، وتناولته بسرعة ورميته فى البحر قائلة : لا تقترب من حبيبى ، إياك ، ابتعد ..

فضمنى ريتش من الخلف بقوة ، فالتفت نحوه وواجهته ، ثم أنزلته معى إلى سطح المركب ، واستلقينا متجاورين ، لقد أصبح كسى كوعاء الحساء الملآن (لقد أصبح كسى شوربة) من شدة الإثارة وشدة رغبتى فيه هذا الوسيم الرائع ، واتجهت يدى لا شعوريا نحوى الخيمة المنتفخة تحت خصره أتحسسها ، كان ضخما كزوجى ، ظللت أداعب زبه من فوق بذلته الغطسية ، قليلا ، ثم سحبت السوستة الأمامية للبذلة من عنقه حتى أسفل خصره ، وأخرجت زبه ، وأخذت أدلكه صعودا وهبوطا على عماده ، تأوه بشدة وقال : كمان يا هدى بحبك دلكى زبى كمان ..

وأخذ يقبل عنقى .. وكان زبه ينمو ويكبر أكثر وأكثر وأنا أدلكه وأخذتُ أفرش لعابه المنوى المنساب باستمرار على رأس زبه وعماده ، ثم نهض وجردنى من كل ثيابى فى لمح البصر فتطايرت الغلالة وتطاير البكينى وغمر كل بقعة من جسدى بدون مبالغة بقبلاته ولمساته ولحساته ومصاته من قمة رأسى حتى أخمص قدمى ، لم يترك شبرا من أنحاء جسدى ولم يهمله ، كأنما يريد أن يلتهمنى أو يأخذنى تذكارا فرعونيا من مصر إلى بلاده الأوربية الشمالية الغربية .. وشعرت فيها بمدى حبه لى ورغبته فى ولهفته على ، وركز أيضا على ثديى المصريين الأصيلين اللذين أذهلاه للغاية ، وعلى لحس كسى ونيكه بأصابعه ، ومص عسلى الذى جعلنى أقذفه مرتين ، وأخيرا اعتلانى ووقف على ركبتيه ووضع ساقيه بين ساقى ، وشعرتُ برأس زبه تداعب بوابة كسى المتهدل الأشفار الغليظة ، ودس وأولج زبه الضخم بوصة تلو بوصة فى كسى ، وشعرتُ بالامتلاء الذى لم أشعر به إلا مع زوجى المماثل له فى الضخامة ، وباعد بين ساقى ، وقبض على قدمىَّ فى يديه وأخذ يقبلهما ويمصهما ، ثم مد يده وتناول يدى ومص أصابعى فى فمه ولحس كفى إن ذلك يدغدغ ، وبدأ ينيكنى بقوة ، وأخذ القارب يهتز بنا بخفة من شدة النيك ، وكان مشهدا رائعا لو رآه أحد البحارة المارين ولكنى كنت سأموت خجلا ، السماء الزرقاء الصافية والشمس الساطعة والبحر الرقراق الصافى وأصوات الطيور البحرية ورائحة البحر ، ووسط ذلك قارب عليه عاشقان مغرمان اثنان غربى وشرقية ، أوربى ومصرية ، يافثى وسامية ، يتبادلان القبلات والأحضان ، ويطعمان بعضهما شهد الغرام الفائق الحلاوة عبر زبه وكسها .. ثم أحطتُ ردفيه بقدمى ، وظهره بذراعى ، وكان متمرسا رغم أنها المرة الأولى له فى حياته ، كأنه تدرب كثيرا على حبس شهوته وبطء قذفه وإطالة مدة الجماع ، وظل ينيكنى لساعة إلا ربع ، يبطئ ويسرع ، ويتوقف ويستأنف كلما اقترب من القذف … ووصلتُ إلى قمة النشوة وقذفتُ عسلى الأنثوى حول زبه أربع أو خمس مرات حتى قذف فى مهبلى أخيرا لبنه الأوربى الأشقر .. وأصبح كسى كوعاء الحساء الملآن عن آخره والفائض من كثرة ووفرة اللبن الذى قذفه فى أعماق مهبلى وأمام رحمى .. بعدما انتهى وقذف ، استلقى جوارى ووضع رأسه على صدرى ولف ذراعه على خصرى وضمنى إليه بالجنب بشدة عدة ضمات متتالية، وأخذ يقبل خدى وهو يتنهد ويغمض عينيه فى استمتاع وتلهف ، وأخذتُ أداعب شعره الأشقر ، وأقبل جبينه وأهمس له بكلمات فاحشة وأضحك ، وأهمس له بكلمات الحنان والأمومة ، كأننى أمه أو أخته الكبرى وهو طفلى الحبيب وكان مستمتعا جدا بهذا الدور لى وله