Fatima and Ahmad – long

Fatima is an Egyptian Muslim married mother in her thirties, She is a buxom woman, lived in 6th of October City, in Giza, Egypt. She was originally from Fayyom. Her face features are pure Egyptian, like ancient Egyptian queens, women, and naked Pharoahnic dancers. Beautiful like Nagwa Fouad, and Sohair Zaky, the famous belly dancers. Her vulva is very delicious and honey-sweet like none of European or American women can do.

Her husband Hussein is alive and they had three children, their elder son Ahmad is in the final year of secondary school. She was always and still very beautiful in Ahmad’s eyes. And he always loved to take his mother in holidays and went to Masbeero street (Corniche el Nil, and in English Nile Corniche) in Cairo, and sat with her in front of the most beautiful River Nile and remembered the book Maqamaat el Seyooty (Maqāmāt al-Suyūṭī) and the famous singer Mohammad Abdul-Wahab’s songs about the River Nile like: El-Nahr El-Khaled (The Immortal River) and El-Neel Nagashy ( River Nile is an Abyssinian Emperor).

Fatima was always the most beautiful woman alive in her son’s eyes. She is a Capricorn and he’s a Virgo. And as he always wished to make love to her or her to seduce him. He knew she is a professional seductress. He noticed it with his father. But she was always very cold and modest with him never like she always was with her husband. And the young man wished too when he noticed the continuous admiration looks from the foreign tourists that passed in front of them at Maspeero st, toward his mother and he always wished to see his mother full naked between an European or American blonde guy’s arms.

He always wished his mother Fatima to get fucked by a foreign Christian tourist! And to see her feed her foreign lover with the traditional Egyptian foods like Ful Medames (fava beans) with lemon, red pepper and linseed oil; Falafel; Tabeekh (cooked vegetables) such as Lobia (cowpeas), Fasolia (green beans, known as Fasolada in Greece), Besella (peas), Bamia (okra), Moussaka (Fried sliced eggplants with fried sliced green pepper and tomatoes sauce), Mulukhiyah (Jew’s staff or mallow), and Mahshi Waraq el Enab (Grapes leaves filled and stuffed with spiced and sauced rice, known in Turkey and Syria as Yaprak).

Now I wish you to share your imaginations with me and to tell me your opinion about Egyptian women, , Egyptian tits, Egyptian cunt and Egyptian beautiful faces of the Muhajjaba girls (girls who wear hijab). And to tell me what you wish to do with an Egyptian woman like this? If you are a tourist in Cairo and met an Egyptian peasant woman, an Egyptian woman in Tahrir Square or an Egyptian female govermental officer worked in Ministry of Finance in Lazoghly square, or Ministry of Justice, and she is very beautiful, her skin is white wheaty, her tits are beautiful delicious and juicy, and she’s wearing her Melaya Laff and Tarha or her blouse and skirt?

How will you seduce her? And what are your imaginations and fantasies about her? And about her delicious Egyptian dishes: Kushari, Mahshi, and Mulukhiyah?

And what if you are in KSA? What about a beautiful Arabian Khaliji woman? With her famous Saudi dancing and her Saudi clothes? What about a woman or girl of the UAE also?


Now I’ll tell you our story:

“Well, uh, look, Mom…we’re both adults. I think I can talk to you frankly, can’t I?” I couldn’t believe I was about to tell my mother Fatima I wanted to fuck her. She nodded her head and I went on. “You know, when I was a kid, I used to fantasize a lot about you.” “Most young boys do, you know,” she interjected. “Well, after awhile, it sort of melted into the background, but it was something I never forgot. When you came here, and I saw how beautiful you look, well, those fantasies came flooding back in my mind. Those pictures you saw were just a result of that fantasy. I guess most people think that incest is wrong, but I really don’t understand why.” Mom was listening intently to me. She was a little shocked, a little flattered and a little turned on.

“Sweetheart,” she answered me, “Now I’m going to be totally honest with you.” She looked me straight in the eyes as she spoke. “I’ve always felt something special for you, my darling. It began when you were very young. I had many thoughts about touching you and letting you touch me. You know, your father and I didn’t have a great sexual relationship and I guess I used to fantasize about you to relive those sexual tensions. I knew it was wrong, but I couldn’t help think about it. I used to watch you as a young boy. I enjoyed seeing you naked, but I never let on. I swore to myself that I would never take out my sexual frustrations by using you….unless you showed me that you wanted to enjoy the sexual pleasures of your mother.

I told myself that if you ever came on to me, I would allow us to be together, but that I would never initiate the first move. Now you are an adult. A man. You can make your own decisions. I love you immensely, darling, and always have. The idea of making love with you has been in my mind for many, many years, though I have tried to surpress those feelings to no avail.” I was totally floored by my Mother Fatima’s speech. There was a moment of indecision and tenseness, then Mom put out her arms to me and I rushed to her, embracing her tightly.

We hugged. Mom ran her hands through my hair, pushed my head back, looked me straight in the eye and put her lips to mine. In that one moment, an eternity, our relationship changed forever. We were no longer just Mother and Son, but lovers. That first kiss was deep, heavy, passionate and so very fulfilling. “Oh, my baby Ahmad! My wonderful baby boy!” Mom sighed. “I love you so much, Mom,” I cooed into her ear.

Our lips pressed hard against each other’s as our tongues engaged. Wild thoughts flew through my brain as I kissed my mother Fatima as her lover, not her son. It seemed so natural. It certainly was incredibly erotic. Mom clutched my hand as we kissed and drew it to her right breast. I clasped her small, but tender breast in my hand, my fingers feeling for her nipple, which was hard and erect. She moaned as I squeezed her breast. She kept moaning to me, “My baby! My baby!” We sat by the computer for a bit, kissing, hugging, touching.

We looked so lovingly into one another’s eyes. Nothing needed to be said. Mom stood up, took my hand and let me to the bedroom where we lay comfortably on the big, soft bed. We cuddled up closely, kissing again and again, soft moaning, oohing and ahhing coming from us both. I was hot, hard and wanting to fuck my mom in the worst way. She undid the bra of her bathing suit and there she was, her breasts exposed to me. They were gorgeous.

Her nipples were dark brown and very erect. I thought they were the most perfect breasts I had ever seen. I slipped my tongue around her nipple and began to suck gently on her tit, as I had done as a baby, not realizing the ultimate pleasure of such an act before now. Mom thrust her head back, closed her eyes and held my head in her hands as I sucked her nipples, one, then the other. I kissed her firm stomach and my body ached to touch her pussy. She arched her back up, lifting her ass as she did, telling me without words to slip off her panties. I obeyed and discovered my mother Fatima’s wet, sexy cunt for the very first time. She had light brown hair around her pussy which tended to shadow her precious clit.

I was wearing only my bathing suit, but my cock was so hard, it ached against the restraint of the suit. I stood up and slipped off my trunks. Mom watched intently as I revealed my throbbing, hard cock to my mother. Once my cock was freed, Mom looked at me in awe. “Baby, I’m glad you weren’t that big when you were just a boy…I wouldn’t have been able to keep my hands off you” she laughed as she sat up. “Lie back, my baby boy, and let your Momma tend to you.” she nodded as she set me back against the bed, spreading my legs apart and giving her complete access to my cock and balls.

Mom slid up close to my cock, slipped her hand around my balls and squeezed ever so gently. She had the right touch and drove me mad with hot desire for her. I watched her every move as she glanced up at me every now and then to make sure I was enjoying every minute. She flicked her tongue across the top of my hot cock and then pressed her lips over my aching head. She slid her mouth down over my cock slowly, driving me wild. I could have cum right then, but I managed to withstand the desire. This was too good a blow job to end now. Mom moaned as she sucked my willing rod. She went down, down, down all the way to my balls. My cock was about 8 inches and she had every inch down her throat.

She slid up and down, a little faster each time. I was going to explode, as she sucked and rubbed my balls. My mommy was sucking my cock and I was in heaven. I couldn’t hold back any longer and she knew I was going to explode. Just in case she didn’t, I called out in a hard moan, “I’m gonna cum, Mom!” She nodded as she sucked me, indicating she wanted my cum in her waiting mouth. I shot what must have been the biggest load of cum I’ve ever had into my mother Fatima’s waiting mouth.

As I came, she slipped her hands around my ass and squeezed me ever so tightly closer to her already engorged mouth. She sucked and sucked, refusing to let go of my cock. She sucked out all of the cum I had and, finally, slowly relinquished her loving grip on my cock. Her lips were covered with cum. I could not believe I was lying there, just having cum in the mouth of the woman I have loved all of my life…my Mother!

Mom looked at me as I lay back and smiled broadly, “My little boy Ahmad has such sweet tasting cum.” I breathed very deeply and drew her up to me. We embraced and hugged while I regained my strength. She asked me if I enjoyed having Mommy suck my cock. “You know I did, Mom! I answered her. We lie there for awhile, just holding and touching one another. it felt so good to be naked with my mother Fatima and enjoying each other’s bodies. Mom kept telling me how good I looked and I returned the compliment many times. She DID look good!

Mom held my hand as it explored her breasts and body. She directed my hand down to her pussy. She wanted me to touch her. Her pussy was covered with a fair amount of pubic hair, not too hairy, but just right. I twirled a few hairs in my finger while searching for her clit. Mom’s cunt was wet and waiting impatiently for the touch of my hand. I cradled my left arm under Mom’s shoulders and with my right hand, I touched that wonderful pussy of hers from where I first arrived in this world.

It was at once a strange, wonderful, and totally erotic experience. My cock sprung to attention as my fingers began to fondle her wetness. Her cunt was pink and wet and so very soft to the touch. She had a much bigger clit than any women I had been with and it was very enjoyable to feel and touch. Mom spread her legs and moaned as my fingers began to explore in earnest. I slipped one finger inside of her and then another. She moaned loudly as I entered her. She turned her head to my cheek and whispered softly, lovingly, “I’ve waited over 30 years for this, my darling, and it was well worth the wait.” She pecked my cheek as I continued to arouse her pussy.

I was totally aroused as well and totally into the task at hand. My fingers probed deeper and deeper inside my mother Fatima’s pussy. I slid down slowly, positioning my head between her legs. At long last I was going to eat my mother’s fabulous pussy. I sniffed her erotic scent deeply as my lips drew closer to her.

My tongue slipped over her clit and began to flick across it, slowly at first and then building to a perfect crescendo, as if in perfect rhythm to my mother Fatima’s beat. She wriggled back and forth as I ate her, my tongue alternately sucking her clit and then slipping down the dark passageway of her pussy. Mom came at least twice as I ate her.

The second time, she grabbed my head and pushed me deep into her. I almost couldn’t breath, but that was ok, I could have survived breathing in her sweet pussy juice. I’d never been so into eating out a woman before. I didn’t want to ever stop. I can’t explain it totally in words, but if you ever get the chance to eat out your mother, you will know the feeling. I lapped up her pussy juice as mom collapsed back on the bed with a huge, deep sigh of ecstasy.

It was time to fuck my mother Fatima, and I was ready, willing and able. Mom helped me up over her naked body. My cock tight against her right leg, my chest directly over her beautiful tits, my mouth over hers. I looked her in her eyes and there was this deep, incredible fire that burned between us. I realized that I was truly in love with her. Yes, she was my mother, but she was also my lover.

The combination of the two is an incredible coupling, one I was not all that prepared to understand at that moment, but one which I have come to understand since then. We both felt it at the same moment. We kissed as I lay over her. My chest collapsed over her breasts, pushing them tightly against me. We kissed long and hard as we both whispered our love for one another at the same time. “Fuck me, sweet, darling Ahmad. Fuck me, please!” Mom called out in a lover’s rage.

I raised myself up so I could slip my hard, throbbing cock into my mother Fatima’s hot cunt. She took the shaft of my cock in her hand and guided it to its rightful place. For a moment, she rubbed my cock over her clit and cringed with excitement. “I can’t wait any longer,” she moaned as she guided my member to her waiting hole. I made sure not to thrust my cock in too deeply at first. I wanted us both to enjoy this firs moment of penetration between son and mother. I wanted that moment to last forever and be impressed on our minds for all time.

Slowly, I slipped my cock into Mom’s pussy. It was wet, not too tight, but just right for me. Mom yelped as my cock slid down her cunt, but she wanted me deeper. I went as deep as I could, she grabbed my ass and pulled me deeper, at the same time pulling her legs high in the air. She wrapped them around my shoulders as I began to fuck her. Slowly at first, then a building rhythm. We were perfect together. Somehow, we knew just how to please the other.

Our breathing increased, the moaning turned up a notched and the fucking became harder and faster. I was sweating, but kept going. If my mom wanted me to fuck her forever, I would. Anything to please her, I said to myself. Mom rubber her clit with her fingers as I fucked her and she screamed as she came. Once, twice, three times.

Once mom had cum, I knew it was all right for me. I thrust my cock in and out of her wonderful cunt as I readied myself to blast off inside of my mother Fatima. It was an incredible feeling, knowing I was about to cum in my mother’s cunt. I cunt I had dreamed about fucking since I was a kid. Having a fantasy like this come true is just an incredible experience.

I breathed heavy and mom knew I was going to cum. I could have melted when she said to me, “C’mon, baby. Cum inside mommy, Ahmad. Cum for your mommy, baby.” That was all I needed. “Oooooooh, Mommy!” I yelled. I felt like a little boy as I came inside of her. It was the most satisfying orgasm I’ve ever had. I collapsed over mom as I finished cumming. She wrapped her arms around me and held me tightly.

“God, I love you sooooo very much, Hamada!” She whispered to me ever so lovingly.” “I love you too, mom,” I whispered back. We kissed and lay together for a long while.

After awhile, we fucked again and were very playful. We were like new lovers who had just discovered the beauty of one another. IT was wonderful. We fell asleep in my bed together, holding one another, totally in love. We still are.

The rest of the time mom was at my house, we fucked every day….sometimes 2 or 3 times. It was difficult when she left, but she did have to go. This all took place over a year ago and we have come to the conclusion that we’d like to live together….as lovers. The people down here don’t know she is my mother.

I suppose they would just think that I was fucking an older woman, which isn’t so unusual these days. We’ve been discussing the prospects of living together and soon we will make that final decision. I know I don’t want anyone else. I want to be with her always, as she does me. She was…and is…the best fuck I’ve ever had. God, it’s wonderful to have finally fucked my mother.

Modern Egyptian Names that you can use in sex stories about Modern Egypt

Modern Egyptian Names that you can use in sex stories about Modern Egypt


Aabbood عبود
Aabdeen عابدين
Aadel عادل
Aakef عاكف
Aamer عامر
Aaref عارف
Aasem عاصم
Aashoor عاشور
Aatef عاطف
Abbas عباس
Abd-rabboh عبد ربه
Abdallah عبد الله
Abdel-aal عبد العال
Abdel-elah عبد اللاه
Abdelaakhir عبد الآخر
Abdelaleem عبد العليم
Abdelazeem عبد العظيم
Abdelazeem عبد العظيم
Abdelazeez عبد العزيز
Abdelbadeea عبد البديع
Abdelbaqy عبد الباقى
Abdelbarr عبد البر
Abdelbary عبد البارى
Abdelbaseer عبد البصير
Abdelbasit عبد الباسط
Abdeldayim عبد الدايم
Abdelfadeel عبد الفضيل
Abdelfattah عبد الفتاح
Abdelgabbar عبد الجبار
Abdelgabir عبد الجابر
Abdelgawwaad عبد الجواد
Abdelgawwad عبد الجواد
Abdelgayyid عبد الجيد
Abdelgeleel عبد الجليل
Abdelghaffar عبد الغفار
Abdelghafoor عبد الغفور
Abdelghany عبد الغنى
Abdelhady عبد الهادى
Abdelhafeez عبد الحفيظ
Abdelhafiz عبد الحافظ
Abdelhakam عبد الحكم
Abdelhakeem عبد الحكيم
Abdelhaleem عبد الحليم
Abdelhameed عبد الحميد
Abdelhaqq عبد الحق
Abdelhayy عبد الحى
Abdelkareem عبد الكريم
Abdelkhaleq عبد الخالق
Abdelkhallaaq عبد الخلاق
Abdellateef عبد اللطيف
Abdelmaabood عبد المعبود
Abdelmageed عبد المجيد
Abdelmalik عبد الملك
Abdelmaqsood عبد المقصود
Abdelmawgood عبد الموجود
Abdelmeseeh عبد المسيح
Abdelmo-ez عبد المعز
Abdelmoaty عبد المعطى
Abdelmoeen عبد المعين
Abdelmonem عبد المنعم
Abdelmonsif عبد المنصف
Abdelmoola عبد المولى
Abdelmotagally عبد المتجلى
Abdelmottalib عبد المطلب
Abdelnaby عبد النبى
Abdelnaeem عبد النعيم
Abdelnasir عبد الناصر
Abdelnoor عبد النور
Abdelqadeer عبد القدير
Abdelqadir عبد القادر
Abdelqawy عبد القوى
Abdelqoddoos عبد القدوس
Abdelrady عبد الراضى
Abdelraheem عبد الرحيم
Abdelrahman عبد الرحمن
Abdelrasool عبد الرسول
Abdelrazeq عبد الرازق
Abdelrazzaq عبد الرزاق
Abdelsaboor عبد الصبور
Abdelsalam عبد السلام
Abdelsamad عبد الصمد
Abdelsammea عبد السميع
Abdelsattar عبد الستار
Abdelsayyid عبد السيد
Abdelshafy عبد الشافى
Abdelshaheed عبد الشهيد
Abdelshakoor عبد الشكور
Abdeltawwab عبد التواب
Abdelwadood عبد الودود
Abdelwahed عبد الواحد
Abdelwahhab عبد الوهاب
Abdelwareth عبد الوارث
Abdelzhahir عبد الظاهر
Abdo عبده
Abo-alam أبو علم
Abobakr أبو بكر
Abozaid أبو زيد
Abol-ela أبو العلا
Abol-ezz أبو العز
Aboldahab أبو الدهب
Abolfadl أبو الفضل
Abolfarag أبو الفرج
Abolfeda أبو الفدا
Abolfotooh أبو الفتوح
Abolghar أبو الغار
Abolkhair أبو الخير
Abolmaaaty أبو المعاطى
Abolmagd أبو المجد
Abolmakarem أبو المكارم
Abolnaga أبو النجا
Abolnoor أبو النور
Abolqomsan أبو القمصان
Abolso-ood أبو السعود
Abotaleb أبو طالب
Ad-ham أدهم
Adam آدم
Adly عدلى
Adnan عدنان
Afifi عفيفى
Ahdy عهدى
Ahmad أحمد
Aiman أيمن
Akram أكرم
Alaa علاء
Alaa-eldeen علاء الدين
Alameldeen علم الدين
Aleyeldeen على الدين
Ali على
Allaam علام
Ameen أمين
Ameer أمير
Amgad أمجد
Ammar عمار
Amr عمرو
Anwar أنور
Araby عربى
Asaad أسعد
Asfoor عصفور
Ashraf أشرف
Asran عسران
Ata عطا
Atalah عطا الله
Ateyya عطية
Atwah عطوة
Atwan عطوان
Awad عوض
Awadallah عوض الله
Awny عونى
Awwad عواد
Ayyaad عياد
Ayyoob أيوب
Azeez عزيز
Azmy عزمى
Azzam عزام


Aamina آمنة
Aayah آية
Abeer عبير
Ablah عبلة
Adalaat عدالات
Adeelah عديلة
Afaf عفاف
Agfaan أجفان
Aghsan أغصان
Ahlam أحلام
Aida عايدة
Ainel-hayah عين الحياة
Aisha عائشة
Alaa آلاء
Aleyya علية
Alia عالية
Aliaa علياء
Almaz ألمظ
Altaaf ألطاف
Amaal آمال
Amal أمل
Amany أمانى
Ameena أمينة
Ameera أميرة
Aneesa أنيسة
Anhaar أنهار
Ashgaar أشجار
Ashgan أشجان
Ashwaaq أشواق
Asmaa أسماء
Ateyat عطيات
Awatif عواطف
Ayyooshah عيوشة
Az-har أزهار
Azeeza عزيزة
Azzah عزة


Babelfarag باب الفرج
Babelfotooh باب الفتوح
Babelkhair باب الخير
Babelnasr باب النصر
Badawy بدوى
Badr بدر
Badreldeen بدر الدين
Bahaa بهاء
Bahaaeldeen بهاء الدين
Baheeg بهيج
Baher باهر
Baheyyeldeen بهى الدين
Bahgat بهجت
Bahr بحر
Bakr بكر
Barakah بركة
Barakat بركات
Basil باسل
Basim باسم
Bassam بسام
Basyoony بسيونى
Bayyomy بيومى
Baz باز
Bedir بدير
Bekheet بخيت
Besheer بشير
Beshr بشر
Borhan برهان


Badreyyah بدرية
Bahanah بهانة
Baheerah بهيرة
Baheyyah بهية
Basant باسنت
Basma بسمة
Berlanty برلنتى
Bodoor بدور
Bolteyyah بلطية
Boshra بشرى
Bothaina بثينة


Daghir داغر
Darweesh درويش
Dawood داود
Deyab دياب
Dergham ضرغام
Desooqy دسوقى
Deyaa ضياء
Deyaa-eldeen ضياء الدين


Dahab دهب
Dalal دلال
Dalia داليا
Dalila دليلة
Dawlat دولت
Deena دينا
Doaa دعاء
Doha ضحى
Donia دنيا
Dorreyyah درية


Ebraheem إبراهيم
Edrees إدريس
Eesa عيسى
Effat عفت
Ehab إيهاب
Ehsan إحسان
Eid عيد
Elias إلياس
Elwan علوان
Elwy علوى
Emad عماد
Emadeldeen عماد الدين
Emam إمام
Emarah عمارة
Emran عمران
Enayet عنايت
Erfan عرفان
Es-haaq إسحق أو إسحاق
Esaad إسعاد
Esam عصام
Esameldeen عصام الدين
Eslam إسلام
Esmaeel إسماعيل
Esmat عصمت
Etman عتمان
Ewais عويس
Ezz عز
Ezz-eldeen عز الدين
Ezzat عزت
Ezzelarab عز العرب
Ezzelrigal عز الرجال


Eatidal اعتدال
Eatimad اعتماد
Ebtihag ابتهاج
Ebtihal ابتهال
Ebtisam ابتسام
Eftikhar افتخار
Ehsan إحسان
Einas إيناس
Ekhlas إخلاص
Ekram إكرام
Elham إلهام
Eman إيمان
Emtethal امتثال
Enaam إنعام
Enayat عنايات
Enjy إنجى
Ensaaf إنصاف
Ensheraah انشراح
Entisar انتصار
Eqbal إقبال
Eshteyaaq اشتياق
Eslam إسلام
Esmat عصمت
Esraa إسراء


Fadel فاضل
Fadl فضل
Fadlallah فضل الله
Fady فادى
Faheem فهيم
Fahmy فهمى
Fakher فاخر
Fakhreldeen فخر الدين
Fakhry فخرى
Farag فرج
Faragallah فرج الله
Fareed فريد
Farghaly فرغلى
Faris فارس
Farooq فاروق
Farrag فراج
Fat-h-allah فتح الله
Fat-h-elbab فتح الباب
Fat-hy فتحى
Fateen فطين
Fawzy فوزى
Fayiq فايق
Fayiz فايز
Fayyad فياض
Fekry فكرى
Filisteen فلسطين
Fouad فؤاد


Fadda فضة
Fadiah فادية
Fadwa فدوى
Falak فلك
Fardoos فردوس
Fareeda فريدة
Farkhandah فرخندة
Fatima فاطمة
Fatin فاتن
Fawqeyya فوقية
Fawzeyya فوزية
Fayqa فايقة
Fayza فايزة
Fekreyya فكرية
Firyal فريال
Fotna فتنة


Gaafar جعفر
Gaballah جاب الله
Gabir جابر
Gabr جبر
Gad جاد
Gadallah جاد الله
Gadelhaqq جاد الحق
Gadelrabb جاد الرب
Gadelrasool جاد الرسول
Gah elrasool جاه الرسول
Galal جلال
Galaleldeen جلال الدين
Gamal جمال
Gamaleldeen جمال الدين
Gameel جميل
Gawad جواد
Gawdat جودت
Ghabboor غبور
Ghaith غيث
Ghalib غالب
Ghaly غالى
Ghanem غانم
Ghannam غنام
Ghareeb غريب
Ghassan غسان
Ghazy غازى
Ghofran غفران
Ghonaim غنيم
Ghorab غراب
Gibreel جبريل
Gindy جندى
Gohar جوهر

Gomaah جمعة
Goodah جودة


Galeelah جليلة
Gamalaat جمالات
Gameelah جميلة
Gawahir جواهر
Gaziah جازية
Gazibeyya جاذبية
Gehan جيهان
Ghadah غادة
Ghadeer غدير
Golnar جلنار


Habeeb حبيب
Hady هادى
Hafiz حافظ
Haggag حجاج
Haidar حيدر
Haitham هيثم
Hamadah حمادة
Hamdy حمدى
Hamid حامد
Hammam همام
Hammoodah حمودة
Hamzah حمزة
Hanafy حنفى
Hany هانى
Haqqy حقى
Haridy هريدى
Haroon هارون
Hasaballah حسب الله
Hasabelnaby حسب النبى
Hasaboh حسبه
Hasan حسن
Hasanain حسنين
Haseeb حسيب
Hashim هاشم
Hassaan حسان
Hassoonah حسونة
Hatim حاتم
Hazim حازم
Hegazy حجازى
Heggy حجى
Helal هلال
Helmy حلمى
Hesham هشام
Heshmat حشمت
Hisein حسين
Hosam حسام
Hosameldeen حسام الدين
Hosny حسنى


Habeebah حبيبة
Hadeel هديل
Hagar هاجر
Haifaa هيفاء
Halah هالة
Halawaat حلاوات
Hanaa هناء
Hanady هنادى
Hanan حنان
Hanem هانم
Hannomah هنومة
Hasanaat حسنات
Hawwaa حواء
Hayam هيام
Hayat حياة
Hayatelnofoos حياة النفوس
Hibah هبة
Hibatallah هبة الله
Hikmat حكمت
Hind هند
Hoda هدى
Hooreyyah حورية
Hosnah حسنة
Hosneyyah حسنية
Howaida هويدا


Jaheen جاهين


Jehan جيهان



Kamal كمال
Kamaleldeen كمال الدين
Kamel كامل
Kanaan كنعان
Karam كرم
Kareem كريم
Karim كارم
Kazim كاظم
Khairallah خير الله
Khairat خيرت
Khaireldeen خير الدين
Khairy خيرى
Khalaf خلف
Khalafallah خلف الله
Khaleel خليل
Khalid خالد
Khalifah خليفة
Khallaaf خلاف
Khamees خميس
Khattab خطاب
Khedr خضر
Khodair خضير


Kahramanah كهرمانة
Kamelia كاميليا
Kareemah كريمة
Kariman كاريمان
Kawkab كوكب
Kawthar كوثر
Khaddoogah خدوجة
Khadeegah خديجة
Khadrah خضرة
Khaireyyah خيرية
Kholood خلود


Labeeb لبيب

Lateef لطيف

Loqman لقمان

Lotfy لطفى


Labeebah لبيبة
Lamees لميس
Lamiaa لمياء
Lateefah لطيفة
Lawahiz لواحظ
Layla ليلى
Leena لينا
Leqaa لقاء
Liblibah لبلبة
Lobna لبنى


Maamoon مأمون
Maaroof معروف
Mabrook مبروك
Madany مدنى
Madbooly مدبولى
Madhy مهدى
Madkoor مدكور
Magdy مجدى
Magid ماجد
Mahdy مهدى
Mahfooz محفوظ
Mahgoob محجوب
Mahir ماهر
Mahmood محمود
Mahroos محروس
Makram مكرم
Mamdooh ممدوح
Mandoor مندور
Mansoor منصور
Mansy منسى
Mar-eey مرعى
Marawan مروان
Marzooq مرزوق
Mas-ood مسعود
Mash-al مشعل
Mazin مازن
Mazloom مظلوم
Med-hat مدحت
Megahed مجاهد
Megawer مجاور
Mekhaimar مخيمر
Mekkawy مكاوى
Mekky مكى
Misbah مصباح
Moanis مؤنس
Moatasim معتصم
Moatazz معتز
Mobarak مبارك
Mobarez مبارز
Mofeed مفيد
Moftah مفتاح
Mohammad (Mahammad) محمد
Moharram محرم
Mohsen محسن
Mohyeldeen محيى الدين
Mokhtar مختار
Momtaz ممتاز
Moneeb منيب
Moneer منير
Monsif منصف
Montasir منتصر
Montasir-bellah منتصر بالله
Morad مراد
Morsy مرسى
Mortada مرتضى
Mos-ad مسعد
Mosa موسى
Mostafa مصطفى
Mowaffaq موفق


Madeehah مديحة
Magdah ماجدة
Maha مها
Mahinaz ماهيناز
Mahitab ماهيتاب
Malaak ملاك
Malak ملك
Manal منال
Manar منار
Mansoorah منصورة
Mariam مريم
Marwah مروة
Masreyyah مصرية
Maysah مايسة
Mayy مى
Mayyadah ميادة
Mennah منة
Mennatallah منة الله
Mervat ميرفت
Mohgah مهجة
Mohsinah محسنة
Mona منى
Moneerah منيرة
Mosheerah مشيرة


Na-eem نعيم
Nabeeh نبيه
Nabeel نبيل
Nadeem نديم
Nadir نادر
Nagah نجاح
Nageeb نجيب
Nagy ناجى
Naseereldeen نصير الدين
Nash-aat نشأت
Nashid ناشد
Nasir ناصر
Nasir ناصر
Nasireldeen ناصر الدين
Nasr نصر
Nasrallah نصر الله
Nasrat نصرت
Nasreldeen نصر الدين
Nasry نصرى
Nassar نصار
Nazeeh نزيه
Nazeer نظير
Nazmy نظمى
Negm نجم
Negmeldeen نجم الدين
Nehad نهاد
Nemr نمر
Neseem نسيم
Noaman نعمان
Noofal نوفل
Nooh نوح
Noor نور
Nooreldeen نور الدين
Noorelzalam نور الظلام
Nos-hy نصحى
Nosair نصير


Na-eemah نعيمة
Nabaweyyah نبوية
Nabeelah نبيلة
Nada ندى
Nada ندى
Nadiah نادية
Nadirah نادرة
Nafeesah نفيسة
Naffoosah نفوسة
Nagah نجاح
Nagat نجاة
Nageyyah نجية
Naglaa نجلاء
Nagwa نجوى
Nagwan نجوان
Nahed ناهد
Nahlah نهلة
Nargis نرجس
Nariman ناريمان
Nashwa نشوى
Nawal نوال
Nazeerah نظيرة
Nazik نازك
Nazly نازلى
Neamaat نعمات
Neamah نعمة
Neamat نعمت
Neamatallah نعمة الله
Negmah نجمة
Nehal نهال
Nelly نيلى
Nesmah نسمة
Nirmeen نرمين
Nisreen نسرين
Niveen نيفين
Noha نهى
Noorelhoda نور الهدى
Nora نورا


Okashah عكاشة
Omar عمر
Omran عمران
Oraby عرابى
Osamah أسامة
Othman عثمان


Ola علا
Olfat ألفت
Om Hashim أم هاشم
Om Kolthoom أم كلثوم
Omaimah أميمة
Ommoldahab أم الدهب
Ommolfadl أم الفضل
Ommolhana أم الهنا
Ommolhoda أم الهدى
Ommolkhair أم الخير
Ommolkiram أم الكرام
Ommolmohsineen أم المحسنين
Ommolnada أم الندى
Ommolnasr أم النصر
Ommolrezq أم الرزق
Ommolsaad أم السعد
Ommolsayyid أم السيد
Ommolward أم الورد
Omniah أمنية


Qadry قدرى
Qamar قمر
Qandeel قنديل
Qasid-kareem قاصد كريم
Qasim قاسم


Qadreyyah قدرية
Qamar قمر
Qatrelnada قطر الندى
Qismat قسمت
Qootelqoloob قوت القلوب


Ra-ef رائف
Ra-oof رؤوف
Raafat رأفت
Rabeea ربيع
Radwan رضوان
Rafeeq رفيق
Raga-ee رجائى
Ragab رجب
Ragy راجى
Rahmy رحمى
Ramadan رمضان
Ramez رامز
Ramsees رمسيس
Ramy رامى
Ramzy رمزى
Rashad رشاد
Rasheed رشيد
Rashid راشد
Rashwan رشوان
Rasmy رسمى
Rateb راتب
Reda رضا
Reehan ريحان
Ref-aat رفعت
Refqy رفقى
Reyad رياض
Rezq رزق
Rezqallah رزق الله
Roshdy رشدى
Rostom رستم


Rabab رباب
Radwa رضوى
Raeefah رئيفة
Ragaa رجاء
Ragiah راجية
Rana رنا
Randah رندة
Rania رانيا
Raqiah راقية
Rasha رشا
Rateebah رتيبة
Rawheyyah روحية
Rawyah راوية
Reda رضا
Reem ريم
Rehab رحاب
Reham ريهام
Roqayyah رقية


Saad سعد
Saadallah سعد الله
Saadeldeen سعد الدين
Saber صابر
Sabry صبرى
Sadiq صادق
Saeed سعيد
Saeedelsoadaa سعيد السعداء
Safeyyeldeen صفى الدين
Safwan صفوان
Safwat صفوت
Saif سيف
Saifallah سيف الله
Saifel-islam سيف الإسلام
Saifeldawlah سيف الدولة
Saifeldeen سيف الدين
Saifelnasr سيف النصر
Saifelyazal سيف اليزل
Salah صلاح
Salaheldeen صلاح الدين
Salamah سلامة
Salih صالح
Salim سالم
Salman سلمان
Sameeh سميح
Sameer سمير
Samih سامح
Samy سامى
Saqr صقر
Sarhan سرحان
Sayyid سيد
Seddeeq صديق
Sedqy صدقى
Seleem سليم
Seleman سليمان
Serag سراج
Serageldeen سراج الدين
Serry سرى
Seyam صيام
Shaaban شعبان
Shady شادى
Shafeeq شفيق
Shaheen شاهين
Shahir شاهر
Shalaby شلبى
Shakir شاكر
Shams شمس
Shamseldeen شمس الدين
Sharaf شرف
Sharafeldeen شرف الدين
Shawkat شوكت
Shawqy شوقى
Shehatah شحاتة
Shekeeb شكيب
Shereef شريف
Shibl شبل
Shihab شهاب
Shihabeldeen شهاب الدين
Shoaib شعيب
Shokry شكرى
Sid-hom سيدهم
Sob-hy صبحى
Soltan سلطان
Sonbol سنبل
Sowailam سويلم


Saadeyyah سعدية
Sabah صباح
Sabreen صابرين
Safaa صفاء
Safeyyah صفية
Safinaz صافيناز
Sahar سحر
Sakinah (Sekinah) سكينة
Salwa سلوى
Saly سالى
Samah سماح
Samahir سماهر
Samar سمر
Sameehah سميحة
Sameerah سميرة
Samiah سامية
Samraa سمراء
Sanaa سناء
Saneyyah سنية
Sarah سارة
Sawsan سوسن
Sayyidah سيدة
Sedeeqah صديقة
Seham سهام
Setaitah ستيتة
Settotah ستوتة
Shadiah شادية
Shafeeqah شفيقة
Shaheerah شهيرة
Shahendah شاهندة
Shahinaz شاهيناز
Shahrazad شهرزاد
Shaimaa شيماء
Shams شمس
Sharbat شربات
Shawqeyyah شوقية
Shereefah شريفة
Shereen شيرين
Shewekar شويكار
Shorooq شروق
Sittabooha ست أبوها
Sittekhwat-ha ست إخواتها
Sittel-hosn ست الحسن
Sittelailah ست العيلة
Sittelbait ست العيلة
Sitteldar ست الدار
Sittelezz ست العز
Sittelhabayib ست الحبايب
Sittelmilah ست الملاح
Sittelmolk ست الملك
Sittelmona ست المنى
Sittelnisaa ست النساء
Sittelomaraa ست الأمراء
Sittelroom ست الروم
Sittohom ستهم
Soad سعاد
Soha سهى
Sohair سهير
Somayyah سمية
Suzanne سوزان


Tag تاج
Tagelaarifeen تاج العارفين
Tageldawlah تاج الدولة
Tageldeen تاج الدين
Tagelmolook تاج الملوك
Tagelsirr تاج السر
Taha طه
Tahir طاهر
Taiseer تيسير
Talaat طلعت
Taqeyyeldeen تقى الدين
Tareq طارق
Tawfeeq توفيق
Thabet ثابت
Tharwat ثروت
Tolbah طلبة


Taghreed تغريد
Tahany تهانى
Taheyyah تحية
Taiseer تيسير
Tawheedah توحيدة
Thanaa ثناء
Thorayya ثريا
Tomader تماضر
Toqa تقى


Wael وائل
Wafeeq وفيق
Wagdy وجدى
Wageeh وجيه
Wahbah وهبة
Wahby وهبى
Waheed وحيد
Waleed وليد
Waleyyeldeen ولى الدين
Wanees ونيس
Waseem وسيم
Wasfy وصفى
Wasif واصف
Wefqy وفقى
Wesam وسام


Wafaa وفاء
Waganat وجنات
Walaa ولاء
Wardah وردة
Wardelsham ورد الشام
Wardgannah ورد جنة
Wardsawsan ورد سوسن
Wardshah ورد شاه
Wardshan وردشان
Wedad وداد
Wegdan وجدان


Yaaqoob يعقوب
Yaseen ياسين
Yasir ياسر
Yehia يحيى
Yoonis يونس
Yoosif يوسف
Yosry يسرى


Yasmeen ياسمين
Yomna يمنى
Yosra يسرا
Yosreyyah يسرية


Zaghlool زغلول
Zahir زاهر
Zahran زهران
Zahy زاهى
Zaid زيد
Zain زين
Zainel-aabdeen زين العابدين
Zaineldeen زين الدين
Zakareyya زكريا
Zaky زكى
Zidan زيدان
Zikry ذكرى أو زكرى
Zohair زهير
Zohair زهير
Zohdy زهدى
Zohny ذهنى
Zolfaqqar ذو الفقار


Zaheerah زهيرة
Zahiah زاهية
Zahraa زهراء
Zahrah زهرة
Zainab زينب
Zainah زينة
Zainat زينات
Zakeyyah زكية
Zannoobah زنوبة
Zebaidah زبيدة
Zelekhah زليخة
Zohrah زهرة


Mom Finally Becomes June

“Jane is coming for dinner, tonight, Tom,” my mother said to me as I walked into the kitchen. “She”ll be here about 7:00.”

“What are we having?”


Jane is my aunt. She’s also my mother’s twin sister. They’re identical. That is a problem for me because they are both beautiful. My aunt got a divorce a short time ago. She’s living alone. The divorce was difficult and bitter and she often talks about it.

My mom’s name is June. She’s a nurse at the biggest hospital in the city, and works different shifts. It’s unpredictable when she will be home. Jane has an apartment close by. It’s on the way to the park where she jogs so, sometimes, when Jane stops by and I’m home it’s just the two of us. We’ve become good friends.

I’ll be going to college in the fall, leaving home for the first time. Mom will be alone for the first time, too, since dad died two years ago. Since that sad time we’ve grown much closer.

Our relationship changed, it seems to me, when I was 16 or 17, when she started treating me more as an adult. She is interested in lots of things and talks to me about them. Our conversation is never boring. And, of course, she has also talked to me about sex, how she said she needed to have this conversation with me, how I am becoming a young man now, and how she understands (not!) what is going on with me, and, firmly, about the need to show respect for girls, and about how to avoid getting one of them pregnant.

I can’t take my eyes off her when she is talking, her eyes looking at me and then down and to the side, then moving around, as she follows her ideas, her full lips forming the words, her bright teeth, her clear sincerity I listen although I almost can’t hear her.

I’m grateful for her being so open with me. These conversations changed everything. Gradually, my mother seemed less a mother than a friend, one grown-up talking to another. I was thankful for the compliment.

The kitchen opens to the living room There’s a circular table at one corner where we eat, some couches and chairs, a fireplace, the television set and stereo, windows looking out at the lake, the mountains in the background.

“Good, ” I said. I patted her on the back, a stroke, actually, from her neck down her back, and then went to the couch and turned on the TV.

“She should be here soon,” my mother said, brightly, over a clatter of dishes and pans. She wanted her sister and me to be friends. “She likes you, Tom, I know she does, and she needs a friend.”

I was thinking of my hand on her back. It was just casual, but I was conscious of the stroke, and the wide band of the bra strap when my hand crossed it on its way down, my thumb tracing the little nubs on her backbone. I’d stopped at her waist. But I knew I’d wanted to go further, to keep going down, more or less by accident. She was wearing a blouse and a short skirt. No panty hose. Her lovely legs bare. The thought of my hands sliding down to her ass, holding her cheeks, pulling her to me. But I banished the thought.

“I know, mom. I like her too,” I said staring at the moving pictures on the screen, thinking about the touch of my mother, thinking about her perfume, about how easy we are with each other, about how easy it is to talk to her, and how she looks at me, her face alight with love, interest, attention. About how she touches me, my arm, my back, how we hug and how I feel her breath on my neck, her breasts, feeling their fullness against me, and my hands on the curve of her back, pulling her to me, and how she moves into me, with no resistance, melting into me, pulling me to her, and the kisses, on her cheek and, lately, short kisses on her mouth, on her soft lips, and how they yield and open slightly. And we have been this way for months, the kisses getting longer, gradually getting more intense. She doesn’t seem to notice that I get hard when this happens. I know we have thought about it. About what it might be like.


“Yes?” I look at her. She has full auburn hair almost to her shoulders. She’s about 5’7″, slender, with an athlete’s body, square shoulders, breasts that she is proud of, probably a c or d cup, a slender waist, and the beautiful bottom I can’t help noticing. And terrific legs. To my eye, she is beautiful, with clear skin, lively brown eyes full of humor and intelligence that look directly at me when she wants me to understand that she wants me to understand. She has a lovely mouth, not too wide, with full lips and good teeth that I’m lucky enough to have inherited. This sounds too good to be true, I say to myself, but it is. My mother really is this good-looking.

“Would you set the table, please?” she asks me.

“Sure” She was looking at me, her face smiling its radiant smile. I felt such an attraction to her, to her person, and I walked over to her and took her in my arms and kissed her on the cheek and then on the mouth, just a short kiss, but I was getting used to kissing her and it felt very good. She didn’t seem to mind, and kissed me back.

While I took out the silverware she poured us each a glass of wine. “Jane feels bad, Tom.”

“She always feels bad, she’s always singing the blues,” I said, and regretted it because I sympathize with Jane. I was setting the table slowly, taking my time, taking sips of wine, talking to mom about work and my new school term coming up, and then stopped and walked back into the kitchen. Mom was at the stove, stirring the stew. I don’t know why but I walked over to her and put my hands on her shoulders and kissed her neck.

She craned it to me and said, “Tom, don’t do that to your poor mother.”

“You’re just too nice. I like you,” I said to her. “And you look great.”

She turned to me and put her arms around my neck. “And you’re my fine son in whom I am well pleased.” She grinned and I kissed her again, but this time a little longer, her wonderful mouth on mine, open a little, our tongues just touching barely, and she again melted in my arms and her breasts pressed against me.

She pulled her head back, looked at me and smiled, but she didn’t pull her body back. I was hard and she felt it. “Tommy!” she said. My hands went down her sides and I could feel the sides of her breasts on my way down. “Tommy!” The wine had gone a little to my head and I moved my hands up to her breasts, cupping them, feeling their fullness. “Tommy, stop that!” she said.

I was surprised at my boldness and passion. I was rock hard, pressing against her. “What are you doing, you naughty boy?” she said but said it in a loud whisper and I heard the tension in her voice and I knew she liked it, liked the touch of me against her, my hands on her breasts. She pushed away from me, her face flushed. “Tommy. I’m your mother.” I moved back, embarrassed. I was hard, my cock jutting against my pants and I saw her notice.

“Sorry mom, the wine, I guess.”

She looked at me, a frown on her face. “Maybe you should pour me another glass.” I moved away from her, grateful to break the spell and re-filled her glass and mine. When I turned around again she was back at the stove, stirring the stew. I brought the wine glass to her and set it on the counter.

“I’m sorry, mom, I don’t know what came over me.”

“That’s alright, Tommy,” she said, but she didn’t look at me and I was afraid to say anything more. “Jane should be here soon.”

“Look mom, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have touched you.” I blurted it out. I was embarrassed and felt terrible that I might have offended her.

But she turned to me and said, “Don’t worry, honey.” She looked down, then said “You know, sometimes I do have to remember who you are. You are a very good looking young man and I admit sometimes I look at you like a woman would look at a handsome man and maybe I led you on.”

I blushed. “I look at you the same way. The wine let me act on it.” We looked at each other, a little startled at the candidness of what we had just said, that we had both been thinking about this for a while, not just tonight. Something had been acknowledged that wouldn’t have been ordinarily, and now it was out in the open. “I’m glad you’re not mad.”

“No, honey, I’m not mad.” But she still looked concerned, thoughtful, as if she were considering something serious she hadn’t thought of before.

She turned back to the stove and pretended to stir the stew and then started on a salad. Her back was to me and her shoulders were a little slumped, turned inward, like her thoughts, and I felt another wave of remorse coupled with another wave of desire. I stepped over to her and put my hands on her shoulders. “I’m so sorry, mom.” But she turned to me and put her arms around me and pulled me to her.

“That’s alright honey,” she said, and then I was kissing her again. But it was different, as though we both knew a line had been crossed and something had changed. I kissed her again, my mouth open, tongue probing a little, like a lover. And she didn’t pull away. I moved my hands to her breasts again and this time she just moaned and leaned into me. Our kiss went on, my tongue probing, her tongue meeting mine. Her breasts were so soft and I was cupping and squeezing them. She pushed her front against me and I pushed back, my hard cock now uncomfortably at an angle. I reached down to push it up and the back of my hand was against her front, against her pussy, and I turned it and rubbed her mound.

“Oh, Tommy,” she said. “We can’t.” But her breath was coming short and hard, and she wasn’t pulling away. “Tommy, Tommy,” she was saying. I pulled her blouse free of her skirt and felt the coolness of her back, the smoothness of her skin, moving up to her bra and unhooking it. I will never forget the release of her breasts, their heaviness against me when freed and for the first time touched them and felt her nipples hard and pointed.

We were kissing again and I heard her moans as I cupped and kneaded them. My cock was as hard as it’s ever been. “I want you to see it,” I said, and I unzipped my pants and pulled it out. I had measured before. It was seven inches of thick, hot, hard muscle straining toward her. I grabbed her hand and pushed it down. She gasped at first touch and then grabbed it and held it.

My hands were on her breasts, feeling their marvelous soft denseness, our mouths exploring each other, my other hand moving down to her pussy, rubbing it. “Oh Tommy,” she said to me. “Hurry, please hurry. Right here.” She sank down to the floor, the kitchen vinyl floor, and I sank down with her. Like something folding down. We were on the floor. I opened my belt and pushed my pants and underwear down. I moved up, over her, on my knees, my cock standing up, looking down at her, then pushed her skirt up and pulled her panties down and off. She raised her hips to help me.

I opened her blouse up past her breasts, leaving them free, and looked at her, “Hurry, Tommy, don’t talk. Just hurry. I don’t want to think,” she said. And I looked down at her, at her full breasts with their dark nipples, erect and standing, and down to her pussy with its thick brown soft hair, a little crinkly, and I kissed her, her mouth now completely open to me, her tongue probing. “Tommy, Tommy, hurry, please!” she said.

I had my cock in my hand, rubbing it on her pussy, up and down on her slit, probing a little. . She opened her legs wider. “Yes, yes, hurry.” She reached down and grabbed my cock and put the head in her opening and I pushed in and felt myself engulfed in her warmth and heat. And we both groaned. “Oh, yes, Tommy honey, fuck me, baby” she said. She had her arms around my neck, pulling me to her to kiss her, my cock completely inside her, and just beginning to stroke her. “Faster honey, hurry. Fuck me harder, baby”.

I started pumping, slow and then a little faster. “Yes, yes, that’s it, honey. You feel so good.” I started to fuck her faster, harder, pushing my cock all the way in on each stroke, pushing hard and fast. “That’s it, baby.” Breathing hard, “That’s how.” Her hands were rubbing my back, her legs around me. “Mmmm, You’re so good.” Fucking her faster. “Tommy, baby!”

Just then the door bell rang. “Shit!” she said. I was shocked. I had never heard her say that word. “It’s Jane! Jesus! Shit!” she said. “Stop! We have to stop!”

I pulled out of her and stood up. She got up too, put her breasts back in the bra and reached around to clip it, then got her panties and put them on, pulling them up, me staring at her, wordless, in shock over what had almost happened, my cock sticking out, still hard and wet from her. She smoothed her skirt and blouse, preoccupied, then looked at me and down at my cock. “Tommy, fix yourself. Jane is here. We have to open the door. Act normal,” she said, as if I wouldn’t. “Hurry! Go in the bathroom and fix yourself, Tommy.” She looked at me. “Hurry baby.” She reached down and squeezed my cock. “Later. How do I look? Am I smeared?”

“You’re fine,” I said. She smiled at me as I left for the bathroom and she turned to go to the door.

I went into the bathroom and thought of illegal fish kills and homeless people to get the my goddamn cock down. “Hi all,” I heard Jane say. “What a wonderful evening!” I checked my face, still all blotchy, and wiped mom’s lipstick off my mouth. Smoothed my hair. Jesus! I couldn’t believe what had just happened! I stood by the toilet peeing, thinking, trying to calm down. Time to go out.

I went into the kitchen. Mom and Jane were talking. “Hi, Tom,” Jane greeted me, her face all smiles.

“Hi, Jane. Nice to see you,” I said.

Jane was in a black sweater and short black skirt, almost like mom. She had the same wonderful figure, of course. Mom looked at me. Her earlier smile had been modified by anxiety and strain. I wondered what was on her mind.

Dinner was uneventful. Jane told us about her adjustment problems. Mom and I listened, exchanging glances every now and then. I couldn’t read her face, but Jane didn’t seem to notice anything.

The stew was wonderful. We had some more wine after dinner, at the table, talking and laughing some more. Mom seemed to relax gradually and was almost her usual self when Jane announced she was tired and needed to go home and get to bed early. It was only about 8:30.

“Good idea,” mom said. “I’m tired too.” She looked at me. “Tommy, why don’t you walk Jane home?”

“Sure,” I said. We carried our dishes into the kitchen and put them in the sink, running some water over them.

“I don’t know why I’m so tired,” mom said. “I think I’ll leave these for tomorrow.”

“Can I help?” Jane asked.

“No, no,” mom said. She put the leftover stew in the refrigerator while Jane and I walked to the door.

“Goodnight June,” Jane called. “Thanks for the wonderful dinner. See you soon.”

I opened the door for Jane and she stepped out. I looked over at mom and she was looking back at me, the mixture of anxiety and strain back on her face. “See you soon,” I said and I was out the door.

Jane and I fell into an easy pace, matching each other’s steps. The evening was just right, still in the mid-60’s, quiet and with the warm air still fragrant with spring in the fading light. I looked over at Jane, admiring how lovely she looked and noticing her breasts moving a little as she walked. I put my arm around her waist and she moved closer to me so we were almost touching. And then she put her arm around my waist, and we were touching, I could feel the gentle touch of her breast against my side and her hip against mine.

“Your mom seemed a little quiet tonight,” she said. “Everything OK?”

“Sure,” I said.

“I think she’s just tired. She’s been working a lot lately. She loves you so much,” she said. “I don’t think she is looking forward to you leaving.”

“I’m not either,” I said.

Jane looked up at me. “Spend as much time with her as you can, Tom. I hope you can do that.”

“Yes, I will,” I said.

“You’re a great kid, Tommy,” Jane said, and smiled up at me, pulling me a little closer to her and pressing her breast against my side. I smiled back at her and almost bent to kiss her. I was still riled up. We walked along in silence, listening to each other and the evening, until we reached her door. She took her keys from her pocket and opened her door. She turned to me. “Would you like to come in?” she asked.

“I should be going home,” I said.

“OK, ” she said. Then she moved forward and put her hand on the back of my neck and kissed me, her mouth open a little, feeling her breath and her fingers on my neck, smelling her perfume.

She leaned against me. “Mmmm Tommy,” she said, as she turned toward the door. “That was nice.” She smiled at me. “Well, goodnight. By the way, can you help me with some shelving I just got? In the next few days?”

“Sure,” I said. “Let me know when.”

“OK,” she said. “Goodnight, Tom.” And the door closed.

Tommy had been replaced by Tom, I thought, as I was walking back home, my cock semi-hard from the kiss. And now. What now. I started to walk faster, hurrying toward my mom, toward completing what we had started. The thought of her face full of desire, her skin, my belly against hers, her soft breasts and my hard cock in her warm pussy. My god!

When I got home the house was dark. I went up to my room without turning anything on, took off my clothes and walked naked into the bathroom. I turned on the shower, waiting for the hot water, and looked at myself in the mirror. Six feet. About 175. A good athletic body, I thought, the result of a couple of years of training in the weight room and just the rigors of high school football and track. I was in good shape.

I looked down at my cock, my guy so eager all the time. I was about 3 inches soft and 7 hard. Cut and nicely shaped. Medium size balls, now filled and heavy with cum as I held them in my hand, the package surrounded by thick but soft brown hair.

I stepped into the shower and gave myself a good scrubbing, then dried off and put on just a little lotion here and there. Some deodorant. Kidding myself about making myself smell nice but I wanted to be clean, and I was nervous. Then, lights off, padding down the hall to her room, naked, my cock about 1/3 hard swaying in front of me as I walked.

I didn’t knock. I just walked in and went over to her bed, my cock getting harder with each step. Mom was on her side, away from me. I pulled back the sheet and slid in beside her. Her pale blue nightie was sheer and I could see there was no bra strap but she was wearing panties, the same shade of light blue. I just reached out to her shoulder and turned her toward me.

Her eyes opened. “Tommy! What are you doing?” I kissed her and moved my hand to her breast, its warm, fullness in my hand and feeling her nipple get hard. I tweaked it between my thumb and forefinger. My cock was now full and hard, and pressing against her leg. She shook her head away from my mouth. “Tommy! Stop!” she said. “I’ve been thinking. We can’t do this! It’s wrong!”

“Oh yes we can,” I said. I felt like a train and nothing was going to stop me. I kissed her again, squeezing her breast, making her moan.

“Tommy! Please stop!” she said, and I could hear her anxiety. I moved my hand up under her nightie and under her panties to her pussy, her legs tight together, my fingers rubbing her full bush, the same soft brown hair I had, my finger slipping between her lips. “Oh Tommy! Please honey! Don’t!”

But I thought I heard a slight weakening of her resistance. “Mom, you know we want it” I was breathing hard but still calm and focused. “Mom, it is time.” I was whispering, talking fast. “We came so close earlier. It’s all I can think of. I have to have you.” “

Oh, Tommy,” she said. “Tommy!” I kissed her again. And she relaxed and kissed me back. I moved my hand away from her pussy back to her breast, pulling her nightie up, and cupped her other breast, squeezing and rubbing her nipple. She was breathing so much faster! “Oh Tommy, Oh Tommy!” she said. I kissed her again, this time pushing my tongue in her mouth, and she responded, kissing me back, a full lovers’ kiss.
Her hands went around my neck and down my back and then up again. I pulled her nightie up and off and slid her panties down. For the second time she lifted a little to help me. If the panties had snagged I would have ripped them off.

I moved over her, my cock on her pussy, and let my weight down on her lightly, feeling her soft flesh, her warm belly, her pussy hair against me, her breasts against my chest. I kissed her again, and her resistance was gone. “Oh Tommy,” she said. I was rubbing my body on hers, sort of up and down and back and forth, in a kind of circle, feeling my cock massaging her pussy lips. I kissed her again and she kissed me back hard, her hands now on my back and neck, pulling me to her. She opened her legs. “Baby, yes, hurry, fuck me, baby!”

“Oh, mom, you feel so good!”

“You too, baby, but hurry!” She opened her legs wider, then brought them up and moved her middle so she was pushing up against my cock. She brought her hands down to my bottom and pulled me against her, then moved one hand under me and took my cock. I lifted a little and she guided it to her opening. Up and down. A little in and then back out.

“That’s it honey,” she said. “Push.” And I did, and I was in, again! I slid in so nice and easy, she was so ready for me. “That’s it baby,” she said. Her soft wet warmth enveloping my hard cock, and I started to stroke her. “Oh yes, baby, yes, that’s it.” I was stroking nice and easy and slow. “Yes, that’s it, just like that. Oh honey it feels so good.” She was holding me so tight, and her breath against my neck and ear and saying in my ear,”Yes, that’s it baby,” and I knew I was her lover and no longer just her son. I started to fuck her faster. “Yes, baby, faster. Fuck me faster honey!” She moved her legs over my back around my waist, moving in rhythm with me. “Oh honey, I’m going to cum!” she said. I was almost there too, feeling the heat rise in me and knowing I was just about at the point of no return. “Oh baby,” She was moaning. “Oh baby faster!. Faster!” I was fucking her as fast as I could, and fucking her with hard, long strokes, our bodies moving together in complete sync, and then I felt my cum rising and I knew I couldn’t stop.

“I’m cumming, mom.”

And she said, “Me too baby.” And I felt the rush of seed rising and then with a thrust the first hot jet squirting into her and squirting more cum with each thrust, the pleasure almost too intense to bear, and she yelled “OHHHHH! OHHHHHHHH! OHHHHHHH!” She was scatching my back and tossing her head from side to side. “OHHHHHHHHHH!!!.” I was so happy. Still thrusting but slower now. “Oh my god, Tommy!” She was rubbing my back and kissing me as I was stroking her, just gradually slowing. “Mmmmmmmmm,” she said. “Honey.”

“Don’t talk,” I said.. I was still stroking her, all the way in and all the way out until finally I relaxed and let myself lay on her, on my elbows a little. I kissed her. She was smiling at me, a lovely sleepy smile.

“That was wonderful, Thomas,” she said, her voice quiet and serious. “The best fuck I have ever had. Thank you. I love you.”

“You are my woman, now,” I said to her.

“I damn well better be!” she said, and we both laughed.

“How do you feel?” she asked.

“Like I’ve never felt before. Wonderful. A man,” I said.

“Yes, you certainly are,” she said. “Do you feel bad?

“No,” I said.

“Neither do I,” she said.

“We’re going to have to do this again,” I said.

“Yes,” she said, “again and again.” She paused, “and again and again.”

“And more after that,” I said.

And she said, “Yes, and more after that.”

We were looking at each other as if we had just seen each other for the first time, not smiling, just looking in each other’s eyes. “I love you so much, Tom”

“I love you so much, too, June, my beautiful woman,” I said. I pulled out and lay beside her, then pulled her over on top of me, with her legs outside of mine, feeling her wonderful weight on me. I was still hard, rubbing my cock at her opening and she lifted a little to help me push it back inside her.

“I’m tired, Tom. Do you mind if we sleep like this for a bit?” she asked.

“No, that’s fine,” I said.

“I’m do happy, Tom,” she said. “My wonderful lover.” She lay her head on my chest against my neck. My cock felt so good inside her. I was completely comfortable and relaxed, rubbing her back and bottom slowly and I could feel her breathing become more regular until finally we drifted off.

About an hour later we woke up and fucked again, and then again, and once more before morning. She taught me how to make love to her pussy with my mouth, and she took my cock in hers. I must have made her cum seven or eight times. By morning we were like new people and it has been the same ever since, going on a year now.

I’m in college, of course, but I transferred to the local university so I could stay at home. I didn’t leave after all. The other school had a better reputation, but this school is less expensive and the books are the same. If I can understand the ideas it doesn’t matter much to me where I read them. And, of course, you have just read about the attractions at home. As for Jane, well, that’s another story for another time.

(My first story ended after my mother and I became lovers. This is part of what happened the next day.)

I woke up late that next morning, a Saturday. I looked over at mom, June. She was fast asleep. I got out of bed quietly and walked down the hall to the second bathroom. I was still half hard and had to bend a little to hit the toilet. I must have peed for 30 seconds. The night had been full of passion and pleasure but what would be her reaction this morning, when we looked at each other? I brushed my teeth and walked back down the hall to see how she was doing. She had moved but was still asleep, on her back, her hair spread out against the pillow, her arms up, her head to the side, the sheet just covering her breasts. Her mouth was open a little. She looked wonderful, calm, at peace, but I felt a stab of fear that she would regret last night and say we could not do this again. I went downstairs, still naked, to make coffee. It was 10:30. Outside the sun shone brightly, another beautiful, bright spring day well underway. I walked over to the window by the breakfast table, looking outside at the robins, jays and finches jumping from tree to tree, chirping, sounding happy. Hard to think of them as ex-dinosaurs. I felt calm and confident, comfortable in my nakedness, proud of my well-used cock. I would wait for the coffee, then take a couple of cups upstairs to her bed. I wanted to fuck her again.

When the coffee was ready I poured myself a cup and returned to the window, one foot on the sill, sipping with one hand, absently fondling my cock and balls with the other, sort of prepping them, getting them ready. I was thinking of her last night, seeing her as I had never seen her before, lost in passion and pleasure, her body open to me, straining toward me, welcoming me inside her, her whole being responding to me without reservation or inhibition, her hands on me pulling me to her, her moans of pleasure. And I thought I had known her before! No more jerking off for me, I thought. The real thing is so incomparably much better.

I turned away from the window and walked back into the kitchen. I went to the phone and dialed Jane’s number.

“Hey, Jane,” I said, when she answered.

“Tom… Hi,” she said. She sounded sleepy, still in bed.

“Need help with the shelves?” I asked. “I could come over this afternoon.”

“Oh… yes, ” she said. “When?”

“About 4? Too late?”

“No, that’s fine,” she said. “Where’s June.”

“Asleep,” I said.

There was a pause. “It might take a couple of hours,” she said.

“Fine,” I said.

“It will be hot today,” she said, and paused again. “I’ll put some beer on ice for you, Tommy.” She sounded wide awake now and I could hear the smile on her face.

I skipped a beat, too, before I said, “See you at 4.”

Another short pause. “See you then,” she said.

“Looking forward to it, Jane.”

“Me, too. Tommy.” Another pause. “Bye.”

I had gone back to stroking my cock while talking to her and I was half hard when I hung up. The pauses– there seemed to be some tension between us. I thought of the kiss when I left her, and how soft her lips were.

I went back to the kitchen, re-filled my cup and got a tray for mom, filled a carafe from the pot, got a cup and saucer and a spoon and napkin, some cream and sugar, and went back to her room. I set the tray by her night stand, walked around to the other side of the bed, putting my cup down on the other night stand. She stirred as I settled in, and the aroma of the coffee woke her up. She opened her eyes, stretched her arms, then looked over at me, a big smile spreading over her lovely face. “Darling!” she said. I felt a wave of relief.

“Good morning, mom,” I said, and kissed her, her wonderful soft lips opening to me, her arms around my neck. I pulled her to me, feeling her breasts against my chest. I was hard again.

“Tom,” she said, breaking the kiss and pulling back. She brushed her hair away from her eyes and then put her hand with her cool fingertips on my chest. She looked straight at me. “So… about last night,” she said slowly, searching my eyes. “Any regrets? About what we did?”

“No.” I said. “No regrets, none.”

“Oh darling, what a relief!” I could see the tension leave her shoulders and she kissed me again. “I thought you might feel bad.” She slipped her hand down to cup my balls and stroke my cock.

“I was worried about you, too” I said. “I just feel liberated.”

“I feel the same way. Wait, honey.”

She got up. I watched her, her strong, straight back tapering to her narrow waist then flaring out to her lovely bottom, as she skipped into the bathroom, her flesh shaking a little. I reached over and poured her a cup of coffee and listened to her strong stream in the bowl. Just like being married, I thought. The toilet flushed and then I heard water in the sink. She emerged a couple of minutes later looking refreshed. She walked over to the bed, her full breasts swaying, her eyes full of amusement. She was something! Those breasts! That pussy! What a woman!

“Like what you see?” she asked.

“Yes,” I said, staring at her as if she were an apparition.

She got into bed, sitting up, reached for her coffee and sipped. “Thank you,” she said. “This is wonderful!”

The phone rang. She put the cup down and picked up the receiver. “Hello,” she said, and then there was silence. I heard the quacky sound of a female voice and then she said, “When?” Then, “OK.” She put the receiver down. “One of the nurses is sick. I have to fill in.”



“How long?”

“I’m not sure. At least until 9:00, I think.”

“Damn,” I said.

“Yes,” she said.. She picked up her cup and sipped some more coffee.

“We have some time,” I said.

She held the cup in both hands, taking rapid sips, then set the cup down, sliding back down on the bed, facing me. “Yes,” she said.

“All I want to do is fuck you.” I looked at her to see if she would wince when I used the f word and we were just talking, but she didn’t.

“Mmmm. My nice young man,” she said. She brushed my cheek with her hand. “Last night was the best night of my life. You were wonderful.”

Her hand slipped back down to my cock and balls, stroking and cupping, her fingernails on the underside of my shaft. I shifted a little and opened my legs for her, my cock hard and ready.

“Such wonderful equipment you have, darling, I love to play with it.”

I reached out to her, running my finger across her lips, down to her throat, then my hand to her breasts, alternating between them, marveling at their fullness and dense softness, my finger back and forth across her nipples. I kissed her mouth then moved down to her neck and to her breast, taking her nipple in my mouth.

She was watching me, a smile on her face. “Hold on Tommy. I want to do you for a while.”

I lay back, waiting, one hand in her hair. She kissed me and then started working her mouth down to my neck, to my nipples, pulling each one into her mouth, sucking and biting a little, one hand still stroking my cock and balls.

“Oh, mom,” I said.

“Like that, baby?” she asked, without looking up at me. Down to my belly, her tongue in my navel. Then lower to my hard cock. I strained up to meet her.

“Mama wants to suck her baby’s cock,” she said, looking up at me. Then she put her mouth on the head, making her lips a little tight, as if I was pushing into her pussy. I reached down to her and lifted up as my cock parted her lips and entered her mouth. Her tongue swirled around the head and shaft and then took me all the way. My hands were in her hair, rubbing her ears. I opened my legs wider and lifted myself to her, fucking her mouth. She stroked me up and down, sucking on my cock, swirling her tongue on the bulb. I was getting close.

“Mom, please, I’ll cum,” I said. “Get up here.”

“Mmm. If you insist,” she said. She moved up and lay on top of me, her breasts against mine, her pussy rubbing my cock. She said, her voice low and throaty, “You should know, Tommy, my darling, that I love it in my mouth. I love sucking it.”

I rolled over until I was on top of her. “Now I’m going to do you. You’ll beg me to stop before I’m through,” I said, and kissed her hard, my hands to her breasts and sides, rubbing my cock back and forth on her pussy. Then I started down, to her neck, kissing and licking, down to her breasts.

“Yes, Tommy,” she sighed, “suck my breasts, baby.” I was licking and sucking her hard nipple, nibbling a little at it, running my tongue over it. It made her twitch and move her chest from side to side. I wanted to fuck her right then but I moved my head further down, her hands on my shoulders, pushing me lower, kissing her belly, then down to her pussy, licking and kissing as I went. She shifted her weight and opened her legs wider.

I ran my fingers through her soft fur, then put my thumb in her pussy and rubbed her small hole with my middle finger.

“Oh, honey, yes,” she said. She opened her legs even wider for me, shifting her weight, lifting up so she was up and offered to me. My mouth was over her hood and I licked it, pushing down with my tongue.

“Oh, god, Tommy, yes.” I put my thumb inside her as deep as I could and rubbed her small hole with my middle finger and then pushed it in. My tongue was inside her lips, up around her clit. It was hard and I licked all around it but not on it.

“Please, Tommy, please,” she said. I was rocking her with my thumb and finger, back and forth, and kissing her pussy. She was moving her hips this way and that, twitching.

“Please, please, Tommy, please touch it. I’m so close!”

I moved to her clit and flicked it with my tongue, and then kissed it, a full kiss, sucking her clit in my mouth, and she exploded, shuddering then thrashing on the bed.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Tommy!!” She was holding my head, pushing me against her pussy, lifting herself to me. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. Yesssssssss. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” I kept licking and sucking, tasting her cum as she rocked her hips from side to side, her fingers in my hair.

“Oh Jesus, Tommy, Tommy, Tommy!” she said, turning her head from side to side, lost in pleasure. I moved back up, kissing her body as I went, until I was lying on top of her, my weight not quite fully on her, kissing her mouth, moving my belly against hers, back and forth, then slowing down, and we stayed like that, quiet, for a few moments.

“You taste so nice, mom… June,” I said, finally breaking the silence.

“Tommy, honey, call me June, call me mom, call me mommy, call me what you like.”

“I’m your motherfucker,” I said.

“Yes, you are.” she said, “Do you like that word? Do you like to call yourself that?” she asked.. She was looking at me, her eyebrows knitted a little.

“Not really,” I said. “I’m your lover.” Funny how you learn sometimes. You say something that isn’t right and realize why and know you will never do that again. I would never think of myself as a motherfucker again.

“Yes,” she said. She smiled at me. “That’s much better.”

She smelled like fresh bread. I rimmed her ear with my tongue and she shivered. Then I kissed her soft, full mouth, looking at her, her eyes all smoky with love and desire.

She took my cock and rubbed it on her opening. She moved her hips a little and opened her legs wider and I pushed into her hot, wet pussy in one stroke. I began fucking her slowly, looking in her eyes, kissing her. I reached down and hooked my arms under her legs, lifting them to my shoulders, and began fucking her faster with full strokes, penetrating as deep as I could.

“Oh yes, that’s it, baby,” she said. “Your cock feels so good. Give it to me hard, honey. Fuck me hard, baby.”

Her arms were around my neck, her lips at my neck and ear, whispering to me. I felt her heat holding my cock, sliding all the way in, all the way out. I was concentrating on her pussy, how it held and caressed my cock, every tiny fraction of an inch of it, it seemed to me, stroked by her hot wet cunt. My cock felt like it was a foot long as I fucked her in an easy, steady rhythm, in and out, a nice rocking motion, our bodies moving together so nicely, smoothly, like I had been riding her all my life.

She moved her legs off my shoulders and down on the bed, then moved them together, under me. I moved my legs outside hers and pressed them together, my cock still stroking her.

“Yes, that’s it, baby,” she said. “Pin me, honey. I love it when I can’t move. When I am all yours,” she said.

I looked down at her eyes, alive with love and deep pleasure, looking in my eyes as if she could see inside me, at my mouth, her lips moving, her hands on my sides and back, up and down, stroking me, to my bottom, pulling me to her, her soft breasts against my chest, pulling my mouth to hers, kissing me, her skin blotchy with blood, her body alive and moving under me, pinned but wanting to move, and the tension making her orgasm begin to build.

“Fuck me faster, Tommy, baby,” she said. “Faster, honey.”

I started stroking faster, harder, plunging all the way in on each stroke, concentrating on my cock and how good her pussy felt, and her body as it moved under me. Her legs together made her even tighter and holding her, pinning her made me fuck her harder. I was getting close. She opened her legs again and wrapped them around my waist.

“Oh, lover, this is so good,” she said.

“I’m close, mom,” I said.

“Cum in me, baby! Hurry,” she said.

I started fucking even faster until my cumming took over and I felt it rising past the time of stopping and I just fucked faster and faster until I rammed hard into her, spurting my cum into her, jamming my cock hard into her, feeling my cum jet into her, the intense pleasure of orgasm spreading over my body.

“Baby, I’m almost there,” she said, as I plunged into her over and over, her hands on my back rubbing up and down until she yelled, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhh!

I kept stroking her, but slowed a little, feeling her body begin to relax but still moving under me, her face and skin flushed from her climax, slowly coming down, breathing slower, her face full of pleasure, still inward looking, caught up in her afterglow .

“Thank you, Tommy, baby,” she said, finally. And I told her she was welcome. Seeing the satisfaction on her face was almost as good as the pleasure I was feeling. I felt so comfortable with her. The anxiety about the first time now seemed a whole mental life removed. I had become someone else. We stayed connected like that for a few minutes until my exhausted cock slipped out and I moved off her, laying side by side, touching, kissing, but quiet, just being together, close and comfortable.

After a few minutes she asked, “What are you going to do today?”

“Jane asked me to come over to help her put up some bookshelves. This afternoon.”

She absorbed that news and was quiet for a few moments. “Tommy,” she said, “I have a suggestion.”

I waited for her. She was thinking and I loved watching her put her thoughts together. She had a hand on her forehead, a couple of fingers touching it, and she was looking away. Then she turned to me, smiling. “Darling, I know I can’t keep you forever, although I’m going to try. But, listen, Jane likes you. I don’t mind. She needs someone, a man. Someone like you. Why don’t you do her?” She inched a little closer to me and slid her hand down my chest to my wet cock. “She would love this, like I do. I know. I know what she is thinking. Being twins, we always know what the other is thinking .”

I didn’t know what to say. “You’re joking. Do you think she knows about us.”

“She might suspect. She thinks like me. Why not? She needs someone, a good man, and you are certainly that. I would love it if you would do her.”

“What about you?”

“Don’t worry about me. I want you to. And you will be in my bed at night. A woman needs it, Tommy. I know she does. She needs a man. She needs sex, a man’s hard cock in her. She loves it, like I do.”

“She wouldn’t want me to. “

“Yes, she would . I’ve seen her look at you. Just try. Flirt with her and see what happens. You might be surprised.” She paused. “But then you will be doing another woman just like me,” she said, smiling shyly at me.

“You mean it.”

“Yes, I do.” She looked at me and laughed again. “You are pretty easily convinced. Don’t tell me you haven’t thought about it.” She gave my cock a tug. “I like the idea of it. I’d like to watch, as a very interested bystander.”

We lay that way, close to each other for a few more minutes, not talking, stroking each other, kissing, and then she said, “I have to get ready. Damn!” She swung a leg over me, straddling me, leaning forward, moving her breasts back and forth over my mouth, her nipples standing out hard. “Why don’t you think about it, darling. Do that, honey.”

“Alright,” I said.

She got up and went into the bathroom.

“I’ll make us something to eat, ” I called after her.

“Wonderful,” she said, and I heard the water start for her shower.

I went downstairs and started breakfast. Bacon and eggs, The coffee in the pot I had made earlier was still hot. I was naked but put on an apron to cook the bacon.

Mom came down in a few minutes, wearing a plain dress and little make-up, her hair pinned back in a bun. She looked almost prim.

“I hope you’re not wearing that apron to eat.” she said. “I like looking at you.”

I took it off and served us both the eggs, bacon, toast and some coffee. We sat down, she right beside me. We were both very hungry after all that sex. The food was wonderful.

“You see her at 4:00?” she asked me, after we had cleared the table and put the dishes in the washer.

“Yes,” I said.

“I’d better be going or I’ll be late. I’ll be thinking of you. Really, Tommy, flirt with her and see what happens.”

“I will,” I said.

I walked with her over to the door. “I’ll see you this evening,” she said. “Thank you again for a wonderful morning,” she said, and kissed me. She pressed against me and ran her hands up and down my back and bottom. “You can use me, you know, Tommy. I want you to. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want it.”

I started to get hard again and she noticed. “I hope you will save that for Jane,” she said, smiling, kissing me again and giving my cock a last squeeze. “Bye honey. See you later.” And she was out the door and gone.

I watched her get into the car from the kitchen window, waving to her as she backed out, then walked back over to the window by the table. I thought I would take a nap, get some sleep, before going over to Jane’s.

I went upstairs and got in mom’s bed, now our bed. I could smell her in the rumpled sheets. I fell asleep almost immediately, thinking about mom and her pussy and her tits and her wonderful body, her unrestrained passion and how good we were together. And now the possibility of Jane, too. It was almost too much and yet, I knew, it was just beginning.


June, my mom, on the bed, on her hands and knees. I, behind her, kneeling, my cock stiff as steel and balls deep in her hot pussy, fucking her as hard as I can, holding her hips and slamming deep, loving the sucking sound and the slap slap slap as my belly hits her ass, her butt flesh quivering.

Mom groaning, throwing her head up and down and from side to side, her hands gripping the headboard, her breasts swinging back and forth, pushing her hips back to meet my thrusts.

I look down at my cock, feeling every inch caressed and enveloped by her tight pussy, and see with amazement how it is growing, already the size of a salami but ribbed like an ear of corn, about 10 inches long and swelling.

Mom moaning yes yes yes, don’t stop. Then, God I can’t take any more.

It is still getting bigger and thicker, almost 4 inches across and 12 inches long. Ommmmmmmmmmmm, she is saying, please Tommy, it’s too big!! But I keep ramming it home harder.

Then, oddly, for the first time, I notice Jane, standing in the corner by the bed, naked, one hand on her full breasts, kneading them, the other on her pussy, stroking it, rubbing her thighs together, licking her lips, staring at us, at me, her face flushed.

My cock gets even bigger.Jane doesn’t take her eyes off me. Mom is moving her ass back and forth, her tits swinging under her. I am too close to cumming to stop.

Jane is now staring just at me, her red tongue wetting her full lips, her brown eyes smoky and hot, one hand with her red-painted fingernails still rubbing her pussy, her thick, brown pubic hair wet and glistening, her other hand on her beautiful milky breasts with their tiny blue veins, their whiteness framed by her tan. She’s tugging and pinching her nipples. Her thighs, tight together, rubbing back and forth.

I am still pumping away at mom, almost there, almost cumming. Mom is moaning, swaying her butt back and forth and pushing back at me, saying yes yes yes, sounding like she is close, too. I hear a phone ring. No one reacts. The phone rings again. Still no reaction. The phone nobody has rings a third time. A fourth ring. Someone says answer the goddamn phone and someone else says what phone….

I opened my eyes after the fifth ring and reached over, quick, to pick up before the answering machine kicked in. I managed a distracted, “Hello.”

“Hi, Tommy,” said Jane, brightly. “It’s almost 4:30. Are you coming over?”

Wow! I fell back on the bed. “Yes,” I said. “I feel asleep.” What a dream! I was still trying to clear my head. “Sorry. I’ll be right over.”

“Is June there?”

“She’s been called in to cover for someone. She’ll have to work late.”

“Oh, too bad. I was going to invite her for dinner. Can you stay? After the shelves?”

“Sounds great,” I said. “I’ll be right over.”

“See you soon,” she said, and we hung up.

I turned over, the dream not quite faded, then got out of bed, my cock still half hard, hurrying into the bathroom for a quick shower. I was shocked at how real it seemed.

It must have been about 85 degrees and I started sweating as I hurried over to Jane’s, arriving just after 5:00.

“Hi,” I called out from the entry way, walking in the open door of her ground-floor condo. “Sorry, Jane, I was asleep.” I shut the door.

She was bending down to pick up some books she had been piling at the base of the wall, below where the shelves were going to go.

She had a two bedroom unit on the ground floor. A small but adequate living room in coordinated tans and browns, with the back wall where the shelves would go a darker brown. There was a propane fireplace, impressionist prints on the walls and some flowers, a stereo and television combo, a couch, a coffee table and a couple of chairs. An open slider off the eating area led to a patio that had a table, chairs, barbecue and two lounges. Beyond the patio was a small lawn with a few feet of garden planted with more flowers that were in full bloom and a high gray cedar fence behind that. It was all quite cozy and comfortable.

“Woof!” she said, straightening up and looking at me. “That’s OK, Tommy, I need a break. It’s so hot!” She was wearing a red and white checked blouse with the top buttons opened and white shorts. I could see a little sweat staining the shirt under her arms and on the back of her neck. “I’ll get us a beer.” She started into the kitchen, her hands tucking strands of her brown hair that had fallen free back into the red bandana she wore on her head, saying “I’m just about ready. I measured everything. I’ve been moving books out of the boxes I’ve been keeping them in from the garage. God, books are heavy!” I heard the refrigerator door close and the sound of the bottles on the counter, then a fizz as she opened them and the hollow taps of caps falling on the vinyl countertop, the clink as she set the opener down. She came back into the living room, her face lit up in a smile, looking directly at me, a beer for herself in one hand and extending a tanned arm holding another bottle for me in her red-tipped fingers, condensation clinging to the surface of the bottles. “Here,” she said, and plopped down on the sofa. I sat down next to her. She was pulling her blouse away from her chest in and out, using it as fan.

“God, it’s hot. This bra is so uncomfortable. You took a nap?”

“Take it off,” I said. “Yeah, I didn’t get much sleep last night.”

“You wouldn’t mind?”

“Jane, get comfortable. Of course I don’t mind.”

“Okay,” she said, “I’ll be right back.”

She skipped into her bedroom and emerged a minute later in a different blouse, white, not tucked in, the top two buttons undone, her full breasts moving as she came back over to the couch and sat down.

She turned toward me with her elbow on the sofa back, her head resting on her hand. She had to move her legs some and they opened. I was looking at the smooth skin of her inner thighs, then looked up to her breasts filling her blouse, then up to see her looking at me with an affectionate smile. She took a drink of her beer.

“It’s fun to have you here. I need the help.”

“At your service,” I said.

She took another long drink. “It shouldn’t take long.”

I found myself looking at her breasts again. She noticed. “I’m glad you like them,” she said, and we both laughed.

She got up and showed me where she wanted the shelves. We finished our beer and got to work. The shelves didn’t take long. We had them up in an hour, thanks to the prep work she had already done. Then we started putting her books away and I was impressed by the scope of her reading, everything from contemporary history and books on current culture to general history, to poetry and serious and some not-so-serious literature and the usual smattering of self-help books. One caught my eye called “Surviving Divorce.”

“Ever hear from Roger?” I asked.

“Too often,” she said. “He says he is so terribly sorry and sometimes I feel sorry for him. But I’m not going back.” She kicked one of the boxes out of the way for emphasis. “He says he knows he has control problems. Whatever that means.” She looked at me. “Whenever someone says that I know he doesn’t have any idea what he is talking about. People have to live in Roger’s world, be characters in his movie, be who he wants them to be.” She was bending down, picking up a few books at a time and wiping the dust off before putting them in their new digs. “Lets him live in the world. Lets him think he’s making sense of it.”

“Do you still like him?”

“Some,” she said. “But I don’t love him anymore and I know I never will. We had a lot of memories together. Almost ten years of them. But the last two were hell. Pretty much like your mom there.” She smiled at me. “But, you know, Tommy, some things about marriage are very nice.”

“Like?” I was putting books on the shelves, four or five at a time, wiping them off first, like her.

“The sex, for one. But don’t get married for it. You can get that anywhere,” she said, as she slid her set of Jane Austen in place.

“That’s what you think.”

“Oh I know. You’re impatient. But a handsome young man like you. You’ll have lots of pretty girls. The campus will be crawling with them and a lot of them are going to like you.” She stooped down to pick up D.H. Lawrence and the blouse with its two buttons undone exposed her breasts almost completely. I was staring at them, transfixed, imagining how they would feel in my hands, then quickly looked away as she straightened up and slid him in next to Jane.

“We won’t let you marry a bimbo just because she looks good,” she continued. “Your mom and me. We will stop you. We have to give her our stamp of approval. Otherwise, it’s no go for you.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I said.

The job was finished. We took the boxes the books had been in back out to the garage and tore them flat, then stacked the cardboard for recycling.

“Hungry? Let’s eat. We can grill hamburgers.”

“Sounds great,” I said. I was very, very hungry.

I finished with the boxes while Jane went to the patio to start the charcoal. When I came inside she was in the kitchen opening a bottle of wine. She poured glasses for us both and we went out to the patio, sitting down on her lounges, waiting for the charcoal to get hot enough.

We chatted back and forth for a few minutes, sipping our wine, then put the meat on the grill. We sat back down and talked and drank and listened to the meat sizzling and spitting. She had a device that turned the patties automatically. It was still warm but beginning to cool. A light breeze had started up and the late afternoon light had softened and was beginning to fade.

Jane went into the kitchen and came back with a green salad. We built our hamburgers and ate them with the salad and the wine, sitting at the patio table. It all tasted great and I was surprised how at home I felt, how comfortable it was being with her. Jane tried to refill her glass but the bottle was empty. She got up and went into the kitchen, returning with a full bottle and refilled our glasses. I had moved from the table back to the lounge chair and she sat down next to me on the other one. We were quiet for a while, talking a bit now and then. She had stretched her legs out. I was admiring her smooth silky skin. I wanted to touch it, reach out and stroke her thigh. I pulled my chaise closer to hers. She was drinking a lot. I wondered why, and found myself hoping that she was trying to get a little drunk. I was feeling very relaxed myself and very very conscious of Jane.

“I love evenings like this, Tommy, but sometimes it gets a little lonely living here. Not that I want to give that up, but, sometimes, you know…”

“What about guys? I would think they would be after you.”

“Yes, some are but I haven’t met anyone special, or anyone I really want to go out with. I feel guilty letting some guy wine and dine me when I know he’s after sex and I know I’m not going to give it to him.” She took another sip of her wine.

“I think you look terrific, Jane. You’ll find someone you like,” and I reached out and stroked that silken thigh. The touch was electric, her skin so smooth and warm. I was startled by the spark between us.

She turned on the lounge toward me and put her hand over my hand on her thigh. “I hope you’re right, Tommy. And soon.” One creamy breast was trying to get out of the top of the blouse where she had opened the buttons.

“Do you like them?”


“My breasts. You keep looking at them. Do you like them?”


“Would you like to see them?”

“Jane…I don’t know…You’re my aunt…”

“Would you like to see them?”

“Yes. I guess I would.”

“Come inside” she said. She got up and walked into the kitchen. I followed.

She turned to me at the wall at the back of the kitchen. “Will you do as I tell you?” She was smiling at me again, her eyes taking me in, open and warm.

“Yes,” I said.

“Take my blouse off.” she said. “Unbutton it and take it off, Tommy. But don’t touch them.”

She was looking directly at me. She backed against the wall. I took a step toward her.

“Unbutton it,” she said.

I reached out and undid the remaining buttons of her blouse. She turned around, her back to me.

“Take it off,” she said.

I slipped it off and tossed it behind me. She raised her arms over her head and turned to me, her full, slightly pendulous breasts moving as she turned, her brown eyes bright with excitement, her skin flushed, her nipples hard. “Do you like them?”

“Jesus, Jane, they’re beautiful.”

“Can you pour me some more wine?”

I filled her glass and mine. She dropped her arms and clasped her hands behind her back. She was right against the wall. She moved her chest back and forth, making her breasts move.

“Can you give me a sip?”

I put the glass to her lips and tipped it some. She drank but some of the wine ran down her mouth, to her chin, and then dribbled onto her breasts. She was still looking straight into my eyes, smiling, her full lips red from the wine.

“Take my shorts off, Tommy.”

“Are you serious?”


I put her glass down and reached out to unbutton them. She shook off her sandals, then got the glass and drank while I pushed them down to her ankles, lifting one leg at a time, helping me get them off. She was standing there, naked except for her white cotton panties. The panties puffed out some from her full patch and a little blotch of moisture showed by her opening.

“May I see you?”

“I don’t know, Jane.”

“Tommy, please. You said you would do what I told you to do. Take everything off. I want to see you.”

I lost the sweatshirt in one motion, then my shoes and socks. The jeans were next. The kitchen floor was littered with our clothes.

“Now your underwear, Tommy.”

I pushed my underwear down and stepped free. My hard cock sprang up, pointing at her, straining toward her.

Her eyes dropped. “Mmmm. Very nice, Tommy.”

She reached for her glass and took a sip. “Take my panties off, Tommy, but don’t touch.”

I pushed her panties down very slowly from the sides, hearing the soft hiss of the fabric on her skin, feeling her smooth thighs, watching her pussy appear with its full bush of soft curly hair, smelling her musk. She lifted one foot and when it was free flipped the panties off her other foot. She set the glass down and put her arms over her head again taking the bandana off on the way and tossing it on the counter. She shook her brown hair then turned all the way around once more, giving me a full view of her marvelous body.

“Do you like?”

“Jesus, Jane.”

“Would you like to fuck me?”

“Jesus, Jane.”

“Is that a ‘Yes’?”

“Yes, it’s a yes.”

“That’s much better. I thought you would.”

She stepped toward me and put her arms around me, pressing her body against mine and kissed me, her lips soft and full, parted, her warm breath on my mouth.

“You may touch me now, Tommy. As a matter of fact I want you to fuck me. Right here, right now.”

My hands went to her breasts, feeling their fullness, her hard, jutting nipples, then down to her bottom and I picked her up and sat her on the counter, right at the edge, then hooked my arms under her knees. Her head was down, looking at my cock, its head nestled in her bush.

She looked at me, her eyes cloudy with desire. “Yes, Tommy, right here. Hurry.”

She reached down and took the head of my cock, rubbing it up and down at her opening.

“Push, Tommy. I need you inside me.”

I pushed all the way in in one stroke, her warm wetness engulfing me.

She started. “Oh!” she said. “Oh, yes,” and her arms went around my neck and she kissed me.

I began fucking her with long steady strokes, then picked her off the counter, her legs around my waist, and started unsteadily out the kitchen toward the living room, stopping on the way, pushing her against the hall wall, fucking up into her harder, faster, then out to the living room. I managed to get her down on the rug without leaving her till she was on her back with her legs up and open, her arms around my neck then rubbing my back and bottom, saying yes yes yes as I plunged my cock into her hot wet heaven over and over.

“Oh lover, I’m going to cum,” she whispered in my ear. “Do it faster, honey, harder,” her breath hot and warm on my neck. I could feel my own cum rising. It felt so good and I didn’t want to cum but I couldn’t stop it and we were in an accelerating rhythm and she began to cum, saying oh oh oh please yes oh oh yes yes. Then thrashing and pounding my back with her fists as she climaxed, saying Oh Tommy yessssssssssssss. And I felt my own cum rising, thrusting into her harder with each stroke and then feeling it jetting into her in hot heavy spurts, three four five times. I kept thrusting, slowing down gradually until we settled into a long slow gentle fucking, making the glow last as long as possible. Finally I rolled over on my back with her on top of me and my cock still in her, and we lay that way for several minutes on the rug, my hands up and down on her back and bottom and her head and mouth against my neck, feeling her warm breath and her breathing gradually becoming more regular until we both arrived back in the world.

“Jesus, Tommy'” she said.

“Yes, Jane, that’s the word” I said. “How do you feel?”

“Wonderful,” she said. “I’m so happy this happened.”

“Me too. You are sensational.”

“I’m so happy I could please you. You were amazing,” she said. “You can make me cum and I needed to so badly.” We lay there just being aware of each other’s body. After a minute or so she lifted her head, looking at me. “I’m thirsty, do you want some more wine?”

I said yes and she got up and went into the kitchen, returning with our glasses. I was still lying on the rug, too spent to move but still comfortable. It was probably 75 degrees in the house even now. She lay back down on the rug, her lush body facing me, our glasses to one side. She reached out to touch me, running her hand up and down my chest, teasing my nipples with her finger nails, then down to my cock and balls. I did the same, tracing some pattern on her eyes and lips, her neck and breasts and belly, her pussy and thighs.

“I feel sorry for June,” she said.


“She needs a man.”

I took a sip of my wine.

“Tommy, when you were doing me did you think of her?”

I looked at her. Did she suspect? “No. But I can see why you might think I would. Being twins.”

She smiled at me. “Tommy, have you ever thought about it with her?”

“You mean fucking her?”


“She’s my mother.”

“Oh, Tommy, you are both adults. She might want to. I see how she looks at you and it isn’t just a mother’s look. Just imagine what it might be like. I mean, you really cut loose with me and I loved it. I bet she would, too. It would be good for both of you.” She took a sip of her wine and then ran her hand down to my cock, holding it in her hand, running her fingers over it lightly. I could feel it start to swell.

“Hmm,” she said. “Maybe the idea appeals to you.” She smiled. “Give it some thought, Tom, really. And don’t worry about all that Freudian stuff. Think of her as a lonely woman you love. You have so much of your own love in you and you could give her some. If she is like me, and she is, I know she will love it. Fucking your mother. Fucking June. I love that idea.”

She started stroking my cock, then bent down and took me in her mouth, swirling her tongue around the head, stroking me up and down with her hand and sucking me until I was hard. Then she kissed her way up my belly, to my chest, to my mouth.

“Love the feel of your cock, Tommy,” she said. She swung her leg over me, straddling me, her pussy right over my cock, then took the head with her thumb and forefinger, rubbing the head at her opening and then lowered herself down slowly, the expression on her face as if she was saying “Ahhhhh” as my cock disappeared inside her.

“Oh, Tommy, it feels so good,” she said, and began rising up and down and back and forth, rubbing her pussy against me, leaning over me so her heavy breasts with their erect nipples were swaying right in front of my eyes, then lowering herself further till they touched my face. I cupped them with my hands, sucking on her nipples, nibbling a little. I kissed her, our tongues playing lightly, then pulled her to me and rolled over until I was on top and we began a nice slow fucking, sliding all the way in and all the way out in a steady motion, just like with mom.

“Oh, Tommy,” she said. “So nice.” Her hands were on my sides and back, rubbing up and down, her eyes on me, full of desire, and knowledge. I hadn’t rejected the idea. And how could I be fucking her and NOT think of my mother. She knew. Jane knew. I began thrusting harder. And then I pulled out. “Turn over,” I said.

“Tommy, you naughty boy,” she said, smiling, and turned over.

“Lift up,” I said, and she raised her bottom up, getting up on her knees to do it. I was kneeling behind her. I grabbed her hips and pulled her toward my cock, then reached down and rubbed the head on her pussy lips and pushed in. I began pumping in and out, feeling the coolness of her bottom against my belly, holding her hips, fucking her harder and harder. She was groaning, moving her hips to meet my thrusts, swaying her bottom back and forth.

“Harder, Tommy,” she said.

I reached around to cup her breasts, squeezing and pulling at her nipples.

“Yes, that’s it, Tommy. Harder. Hurt me a little.” She was pushing back at me, tossing her head and groaning, just like mom in my dream. I slapped her cheeks and she pushed back harder. I was holding her hips again, her breasts hanging down, moving from side to side, my cock hard as a rock and we fucked like that for several minutes but I wanted to see her face so I pulled out and turned her over on her back again and plunged back in in one hard stroke. She gasped and wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck, her eyes at the same time looking at me but in a dreamy world of her own pleasure and we both started the climb toward orgasm.

“Oh, lover, this is so good,” she said.

“Mom,” I said, my eyes half closed, my lips at her neck.

“Yes, I’m just like your mom,” she said. “Fuck your mother, Tommy. I need it. Fuck me, baby. Fuck me hard…”

And that’s what we were doing, hard and hot, my cock gripped by every inch of her tight pussy, she responding to me completely, twisting under me, moaning, both of us nearing our climax, her hands on my back, pulling me tighter to her, feeling her breasts against my chest, kissing her, squeezing her breasts and her nipples.

“I’m cumming, Tommy. Harder.”

I felt the wave of orgasm building in me and knew I couldn’t stop it and just rode it up until I felt the cum rising and I was pumping it into her in hot spurts and she came too, yelling yes yes yes just like she did before.

Jesus! What a woman! We came back down the same way as before, gradually, until we lay side by side, surprised by our passion and the pleasure we had just given each other.

I rolled off her on my back and then pulled her on top of me and we lay like that for several minutes, not talking, just being together.

“I want to do this all the time,” I said.

“Yes,” she said. “That’s what I want too. That was wonderful.” She paused, then said, “I meant it about June, Will you think about it?”

“OK, yes, I will think about it.”

We talked some more. Her body felt so good against mine, so comfortable. I wanted to stay that way but it was getting late . We lay quietly together for a few minutes, then got up and put the glasses in the sink and did what other dinner dishes there were and straightened up the place a little, talking and pausing for kisses and hugs along the way. Finally it was time to put my clothes on. I was completely comfortable being naked around her and it felt a little funny when I pulled my underwear up and she watched as my cock disappeared into my shorts. I felt a pang when she put her panties back on, drawing them up her legs, moving her knees back and forth a little until her pretty pussy disappeared behind the white cotton. She smiled at me.

“You can have it anytime you want, Tom.”

Her blouse was next, hiding those incredible breasts and I put on my jeans and sweatshirt and my socks and shoes. It was time to go home.

“I will see you soon,” I said.

“Yes,” she said. “Thank you for a wonderful evening.”

“Jane,” I said, “I love you. I want you to know.”

“Yes, I know, Tommy. I love you too.”

I kissed her again, a soft sweet lovers’ kiss, her body relaxing into mine.

“Goodnight, Tom. Say hello to June for me.”

“I will,” I said. “Goodnight, Jane.”

I walked out into the warm night air, my mind full of images of Jane, of her body and her passion, her scent on my clothes. When I got home June’s car was there but the lights were off. I went up to the bedroom. She was asleep. I got undressed and slid in beside her. She was naked, on her side, her back to me. I pulled myself against her, feeling her bottom against my cock and my hand on her thigh. She stirred.

“You’re home,” she said, turning toward me. “Hmm. I can smell her on you.” She looked up at me, her hand stroking my side. “Did you take my advice?” She was smiling at me.

“Yes. Can I tell you about it tomorrow?”

“OK. Did it go OK?”

“Yes,” I said.

She smiled again and put her arm around me, pressing her breasts to my chest. “I’ll bet it did.” She slipped her hand down to my cock and balls, cupping them, stroking me. “Makes me want you right now but I bet Sir Galahad here is too tired,” she said. “I like her perfume.”

“Same as yours.”

“It’s almost the same but not quite.” She looked at me. “Ok. Get some rest. Goodnight honey. Tell me in the morning. Kiss me.”

I kissed her, pressing myself against her, and then she turned over with her back to me but pushing against me. I was starting to get hard and snuggled closer to her, my cock resting just outside her pussy. I put my arm around her waist pulling her against me.

“Mmmm, Honey, you feel so good” she said.

“I love you, mom.”

“I love you too, my darling,” she said back to me.

We drifted off that way, the last thing I remember being the refrain from an oldies song I had heard the other day on the radio and couldn’t get out of my mind:

Oh baby what you do to me.
Aw shucks,
Wouldn’t stop for a million bucks.”

And I can’t wait to get my dream of having threesome with June and Jane come true.

أخصائية التدليك وجار صديقتها

في بداية شهر الحرارة والرطوبة شهر أغسطس من العام الحالي .. أخبرتني صديقة لي أن زوجها أخبرها أن جارهم يعاني من آلام بالظهر والرقبة وبعد مراجعته الطبيب أشار عليه بعمل جلسات ماساج للظهر والرقبة ….

ولعلمها بقدرتي ومهارتي بهذه الجلسات والتدليك الاسترخائي والعلاجي فقد طلبت مني أن أقوم بعمل تلك الجلسات ، وحيث إنني في إجازة من عملي بالجامعة (لا آخذ فصلا صيفيا) .

وفي مساء اليوم التالي ، دعتني صديقتي لقراءة التقارير ومقابلة جارهم . وفعلا في الساعة الثامنة مساء ، كنت بضيافة صديقتي ، وتم استدعاء الرجل . كان شابا ذا جسم متناسق ، وسيم الملامح ، أسمر البشرة ، ذو بسمة ساحرة ، فأخبرته أنني سأحضر بعض الكريمات معي في اليوم التالي ، وسأحضر حوالي الساعة الثامنة مساء …. إلا أنه أصر أن أعمل له أول جلسة بنفس الليلة وأن لديه الكريمات اللازمة وبإمكانه شراء أي كريم ضروري حيث إن الصيدلية قريبة جدا منه كما أنه سيدفع أي مبلغ أطلبه مقابل تلك الجلسات ….

وبعد إلحاح منه ومن صديقتي وافقت أن أعمل له أول جلسة في نفس اليوم ، فاستأذن للعودة لبيته لعمل الجلسة وطلب مني مرافقته ، وخرجتُ معه إلى شقته …. كان شقة مريحة وذات تصميم جميل للأثاث وذوق رفيع ….

فجلست أنتظره ليقوم بعمل حمام ساخن لظهره ورقبته … وعدم تشغيل أي جهاز تبريد بالغرفة التي سأعمل له الماساج بها … وبعد دقائق حضر فتى يطلب مني بكل أدب مرافقته إلى سيده … دخلت الغرفة وإذا بها شاب جالس على سرير يلبس جلباب نوم أبيض شفاف يظهر زبه كعنقود العنب الغليظ من تحته.

فطلبت منه النوم على صدره لأتمكن من الوصول إلى ظهره ورقبته وطلبت شرشف لأستر بها نصفه الآخر …. وبدأت أحرك كلتا يداي على ظهره . ما أحلى ملمسه . كان قوي البدن مفتول العضلات … وعندما وصلت لرقبته ولامست أصابعي أطراف أذنه كنت أسمع آهات مخنوقة .

كان الفتى جالسا خلال تدليكي للسيد فأمره أن يحضر لي كوبا من القهوة أو أي مشروب آخر أطلبه ، إلا أنني اعتذرت عن شرب أي شيء في الوقت الحالي حتى نهاية الجلسة …. إلا أن الفتى غادرت الغرفة وبقيتُ والسيد …. وعند تعود جلده على أصابعي وضعتُ كمية من الكريم على رقبته وظهره ، واضطررت أن أجلس من فوقه حتى أتمكن من القيام بحركات أصابعي بسهولة وكأني على مقعد بدون ظهر فقال : ها أنا بين يديكِ افعلي ما تريدين ….

فجلستُ القرفصاء فوق ردفيه وبدأت أحرك كل عضلة في رقبته وظهره ولم أصل بالقرب من ردفيه (طيزه) إلا أنه أشار بأن نهاية عموده الفقري يؤلمه جدا ، فنزلت أدلك تلك المنطقة ، وهو يحاول إزاحة الشرشف عن طيزه لأصل إلى مكان الألم . يا لها من طيز ! إنها رائعة مشعرة ممتلئة … وعندما أقترب من خرم طيزه أسمعه يتأوه ويرفع طيزه يلامسني بها ، بدأت أشعر بأن الشاب بحاجة لشيء آخر ، فسألته عن زوجته فأفاد بأنه أعزب ولمح بأنه لم يعاشر امرأة من قبل وأنه يكتفي بممارسة العادة السرية هو والفتى الذي بالشقة …. وأن هذا الفتى هو مدير المنزل ولا يوجد أحد غيرهما بالمنزل …..

وعندما انتهيت من تدليك ظهره ورقبته أشار إلى أن فخذيه من الخلف تؤلمانه من كثرة الجلوس وعدم الحركة وطلب مني تدليكهما … يا له من شاب محنك … وكشفت عنهما كلهما رجولة وفتوة وفحولة وشعر وأصبح عاريا تماما سوى مما يسمى الكولوت الثونج الذي لا يستر حتى خرم طيزه … اشتدت بي الرغبة بممارسة الجنس معه ، وما يمنعني صديقتي التي أوصتني به …..

وبدأت ألامس فخذيه من الخارج ومن الداخل وبدأ يفتحهما مع كل حركة من يداي حتى أصبحت المسافة تقارب نصف المتر بينهما وظهر قليل من زبه المنتصب القوي وكأنه كان جاهزا للمداعبة ، وكلما اقتربت يداي منه ، يحاول أن يضمهما ويمنعهما من الابتعاد …. وعندما شارفت على الانتهاء ، فجأة انقلب على ظهره ، وقال : هناك شيء لم تدلكيه : صدري وزبي وبكل صراحة … ألم ترغبي بأن أرتاح من آلامي كلها ….

واقترب مني يقبلني وكأن أنفاسه صادرة عن فرن ويمص شفتاي ، ويداه تفتحان البلوزة ثم الجونلة وأنا جالسة لا أتحرك من الصدمة . كان لي صدر يحمل كل بز فيه أسدا . ما أجملهما ! وتفاعل بعد أن لامس كسي ، وضممته ليمتص العسل من ثديي الأيسر ويداعب الآخر بأصابعه ، وشعرت بأن جسده يرتجف كشجرة تضربها عاصفة ، ويرجوني أن أسمح له بأن ينيكني بكل قوته ليعوض سنين العزوبية والحرمان الطويلة الماضية ، ولبيت النداء وبدأت أدلك زبه بقوة بيدي وأبصق عليه بريقي ليسهل عمل يدي عليه ومنحته هاندجوب رائعا وأنا أداعب حلمات صدره بأصابعي وأتحسس شعر صدره في إغراء ، ثم انحنيت على فمه أقبله مرارا وتكرارا ، ثم نزلت بفمي على زبه وبدأت أمصه بعمق وهو يتأوه في استمتاع ، ثم نهض وحملني ووضعني مكانه وأنامني على ظهري ، وبدأ يلحس كل جسدي ويضرب بظري بلسانه ، وإصبعه الوسطى تدلك خرم طيزي ، وكانت دموعي نهرا يسري على خدي وكأني أبكي على تلك السنين التي أضعتها مع زوج واحد وحبيب واحد رغم فحولته إلا أنه لا يكفيني ولا يشبع روح المغامرة والإثارة عندي، وآهاتي تزداد ، وبدأ يداعب كسي بزبره الصامد كسارية علم ، وبدأ يستأذنني بالدخول ، ودخل إلى عمق كسي ، وأنا أغنج وأصرخ وأتأوه وأطلب المزيد ، وقد أحسست برعشتي ثلاث مرات ، قبل أن يصل إلى النشوة ، وحاول أن يخرج زبره ليقذف حممه خارج كسي ، إلا أنني أمسكته ومنعته من الخروج ، وطلبت أن يقذف في كسي ….

وفعل ، وعندما أحسست به صرخت وتلويت وسكنت وكأنني في غيبوبة ….. خاف أن أكون قد حصلت لي مشكلة … إلا أنني كنت في قمة نشوتي …

فأخرج زبره وجلس يداعب جسدي وإذا بي أنقلب على صدري ، وأطلب منه أن ينيكني في طيزي ، رغم أنني لم أمارس النيك في طيزي من قبل ، وكان يداعب ردفي الرائعين ، ثم اقترب من خرم طيزي ومد إصبعه لتدليك الفتحة وأنا أتأوه حتى توسع خرم طيزي ، ومع قليل من الكريم ، بدأ يضغط زبره الذي استعاد شبابه وانتصابه حتى أخذته في طيزي ، وضممت خرم طيزي عليه خائفة من خروجه حتى أتته النشوة مرة أخرى .

وبعد محاولته إخراجه سمع آهات أخرى ، ولما نظر لمصدرها ، رأى الفتى عاريا تماما ويعبث في زبه ويدلكه بيده … وانتبه السيد ولكنه لم يتكلم معه …

وقمت بعمل حمام ساخن للسيد ولي ، وطلبت منه أن ينام بغطاء ثقيل حتى يشفى ألمه ، ولكنه طلب مني العودة باليوم التالي وبنفس الموعد …..

في المرة القادمة سأحكي لكم عن مغامراتي مع الفتى خادم السيد ، و مع زوج صديقتي ..

Kawthar, My Silent Angel

Kawthar is my wife. Now, I don’t mean to get all in a huff and political, but that’s how it is. I changed my last name, moved in with her, and am, in every fashion, for her. My name is Ahmad, and I lay each night with an angel.

Kawthar and I met online. Risky, we know, but it wasn’t like we sought one another out in some single’s site or on some horrible chat room. We met on some message board discussing one remarkably geeky thing or another, and we fell in love. Now, I also mean to be clear about love. I mean true love. The kind that sees you through my manic depression and her physical weakness. The kind of love that, genuinely, does conquer all.

I am eighteen years old, bordering on nineteen; she is twenty-three bordering on twenty-four. Our birthdays are the same week in September. Where I am toned from being an avid runner in school, she is voluptuous and plump like all beautiful Egyptian women. I like to think of that as complementary. Her hair is long and feminine. What distinguishes my Angel most is not her appearance, but her lack thereof in a certain respect.

My Angel cannot speak. When she was very young, an accident claimed her voice and left her communicating with instant messages and sticky notes. But, she doesn’t ever need to. Her eyes tell me she loves me, her touch shows she cares… her tongue reminds me that no one can come between us. Ever. I work, attend classes, and am up late into the night, reading, writing, and refining one skill or another, while she tends to domestic issues, finding the workforce hard for a Silent Angel to enter… she tells me, with her writing and her sad eyes how useless she feels sometimes, but she is my Angel, and that is the greatest use she could be to me.

With that necessary background handled, today is Valentine’s Day. A day where couples the world over celebrate love. Kawthar and I have been together for two years, and married for much of that, and would probably point out that we celebrate our love every day were it not a tradition we enjoy. Being slightly dorky, Kawthar and I, on the day before, follow Japanese custom and make chocolate for one another by hand. Honmei Chocolate, as it is called in Japan, signifies that the recipient is the ‘only one’ to the girl who offers it.

Valentine’s day being Saturday, I get to spend it entirely with her. Of course, we likely will have trouble waking before noon. My Angel is physically tender and delicate, so sleeps often, and I go to sleep remarkably late. But from that moment, Valentine’s Day will celebrate my Angel.

Kawthar awakens to see me, beside her as she enjoys to wake, and gently stroking her hair. Of course, I’ve been up for a while, made food for us to share. After a nice breakfast, we’ll watch a show with some sort of cute lesbian porn implications; knowing us, it’ll be sensual hardcore movies and will take a length of time. After a candlelight dinner with fine pasta and sake, we’ll exchange our honmei chocolate and retreat to bed. It isn’t about gifts for us, it’s about love.

And love is the next item on the agenda. Note that for most of the point leading up to now, we will likely wear little if anything at all, as is customary for us in our little blissful world we call home. Anything we wear for the sake of temperature at this point will be a distant memory as I caress her, and trace over her neck with my finger, to remind her that even her ‘imperfections’ are perfect to me. Then, softly, I’ll kiss her neck, on each side, before progressing down her chest. My Silent Angel has a quality of innocent beauty that I think only she can pull off. As my tongue dances over nipples stiffened, I know, by me and not the cold, I think on these things, and the many aspects of my wife I so dearly love.

Her hands, which until now will have been stroking my hair, will guide me up into a kiss and she’ll look at me. She won’t need her sticky-notes to communicate that thought; I’ll see it in her eyes. Love and lust, desire and romance… it is only fair for us both to be pleasured on Valentine. With a warm smile I’ll nod and lay her down before positioning myself atop her in a standard, staple position — 69.

I’ll moan into her, making my tongue vibrate deep in my Angel’s sanctuary as hers plays across my cock. I keep my pubes hairless, mainly out of personal taste though I know she’s grown to enjoy it, and she grooms hers neatly, which is the only manner in which she actually appears older than me despite being five years my senior. As I slip a finger into her and begin to gently suck on her clit, I can feel her stroking my hard cock and eliciting such lovely feelings.

Now, my wife tastes divine. Were I able to bottle her, which would be what I’d drink with fine dinners in opposition to sake or wine. But this night, I want to give her something we haven’t done in some time. I want to lock eyes with her as we cum. So I abruptly reverse my position above her and press down upon her with my fullest of force, our breasts pressing under the pressure of our bodies and our now dripping genitals pressing together and making such beautiful sounds. I like to think of it as ‘kissing’ in a way. Then I guided my cock into her wet pussy.

She doesn’t moan, so I love this position. She shows me her pleasure in her eyes. The eyes of an Angel. I smile and kiss her deeply as I fucked her slowly and very deeply and our pubeses grind together making those beautiful sounds, making us tremble, making us soar. And I break the kiss and increase my tempo, my force, my love. My hand gently rubs her cheek and she nuzzles into it, our eyes locked, as we both feel ourselves reaching greater and greater heights, the sounds driving us on.

In the moment before orgasm, it seems like there is no world. When my Silent Angel loves me, only she exists, and in this moment, the world is merely the venue in which our perfect love is displayed. We know what is about to happen, and neither of us make a sound, save the sloshing of our fucking, grinding and squeaking of our bed. Our eyes tell the story. Our eyes say “Forever, only you”. And then, I moan. A moan loud and high enough for both of us as we erupt together, soaking one another, soaking our bed, soaking in pure happiness, as I filled her womb with rope after rope of my copious cum.

I roll off her, and she looks at me with a smile. She offers a giggling expression and grabs the pad of sticky notes she keeps on our nightstand and slaps one on my chest, meant to be read from that angle reading ‘Happy valentine’s day’. I smile, and curl up close to her, and whisper softly in her ear, “Every day is Valentine’s day, when you sleep beside an Angel.”

نحو كتابة قصة سكسية مستوحاة من فيلم مرسيدس .. بعنوان شبيهة أمى

أعجبنى هذا الجزء من أحداث الفيلم :

يكتشف نوبى (أبانوب) أنه هو نفسه نتيجة لعلاقة سرية بين أمه وردة ودبلوماسى كينى .

يلتقى نوبى (الفنان زكى فطين عبد الوهاب) بفتاة ، حيث كان يقود سيارته على أحد كبارى القاهرة (ربما 15 مايو أو 6 أكتوبر) فى الظهيرة وسط الزحام (زحام السيارات) فى ساعة الذروة ، وتوقفت الإشارة والسيارات ، بما فيها سيارته ، وكان الكوبرى مطلا على شرفة (بلكونة) سمع نوبى صراخ امرأة تتعارك مع رجل فى الشرفة. ونظر فإذا هى أمه وردة (الفنانة يسرا) ، كانت ترتدى ثيابا مثيرة كفتاة ليل أو بنت هوى ، فنادى عليها نوبى قائلا (ماما!) ، وقفز من السيارة إلى الشرفة ، فهربت الفتاة ، ولاحقها على سلم العمارة وهو يناديها (ماما ! ماما !) وسارا فى الشارع وهو يردد نفس النداء (ماما ! ماما !) .. وكانت ترتدى فستانا من قطعة واحدة ذا جيبونة كالمروحة ، لونها أزرق فيروزى فاتح ، وعليه عيون بيضاء القرنية وزرقاء القزحية ، على نهديها وعلى بقية أجزاء الفستان .. وقالت له الفتاة (أنا مش أمك يا روح أمك .. انت عايز منى إيه ؟) ثم سقط على الأرض مغشيا عليه ، فتوقفت عن الهرب ، وعادت إليه وتجمع الناس حولهما فقالت لهم (إنه زوجى ولم يتحمل الصدمة حين علم أنى حبلى) .. وأخذته إلى بيتها فى القلعة .. حيث علم من مدربتها التى تدعى “عرافة” (الفنانة عبلة كامل) والتى تعلمها وتدربها على الرقص ، أن اسمها “عفيفة” وأنها تدربها على الرقص. وأن عفيفة تكره الرجال أو تخافهم ، ولذلك كلما ذهبت لبيت زبون يشتهيها تنفر منه ولا تمكنه من نفسها ، وتفر هاربة بعد أن يضربها أو تضربه ، ولذلك لها ملف ضخم فى شرطة مباحث الآداب ، ومع ذلك فهى لا تزال عذراء ! . وكانت عفيفة تشبه أمه إلى حد التطابق كأنها توأم متماثل لها ، وحين ذهبت فى تلك الليلة للرقص فى كباريه ، كانت ترقص وراء مكعب من الستائر يظهر ظلها فقط ويحجبها عن عيون زبائن الكباريه مما أثار سخطهم وحاول أحدهم كشف الستارة ولكنها فرت هاربة ، وحطم الزبائن المكان غاضبين.

وقع نوبى فى حب عفيفة بعدما كان ينفر منها ومن إغرائها له لأنها كأنها أمه ، فكيف يشتهى أمه ، لكنه أخيرا أحبها ، ووجد عندها ما فقده من أمه.

حكاية شقيقين و زوجتيهما .. أخوان يتبادلان الزوجات

زوجتى نانا فتاة جميلة في الثلاثينات تملك جسما جميلا وكنت أراها ولا أصدق أنها مليكتي وحبيبتي خصوصا وأنني أيضا في الثلاثينات وتعشقني ومغرمة بي.

بعد زواجنا بستة أشهر التحقت بعمل لدى شقيقي من أبي وأمي سعد وقامت بينهما صداقة قوية لدرجة أنها كانت تعلم أدق التفاصيل عن حياته الجنسية مع زوجته سلوى وكم كان شقيقى تعيسا معها إلى أن تطورت الأمور إلى الغزل غير العفيف وكم يتمنى أخى سعد أن ينيكها و لو مرة واحدة .

وكانت الصراحة بيننا كاملة فكل ما يدور بينهما ترويه لي بالتفصيل ورأيت الشهوة واضحة فى كل حواسها وهى تقص على ما يدور بينهما قلت لها و بكل صراحة أنه ليس هناك ما يمنع أن تستمتع معه .

فوجئت في البداية لكن كان من الواضح أن الفكرة قد راقت لها وبعد القليل من النقاش وافقت شريطة أن أكون موجودا معهما وهذا ما أريده.

فجاءت فى اليوم التالى وأخبرتنى أنها دعته على العشاء معنا فى يوم الخميس وجاء شقيقى سعد وكانت زوجتى فى انتظاره على نار و قد لبست ثوبا يكشف عن جميع مفاتنها وكأنها دعوة مفتوحة لنيكها ولا تتخيلون مقدار الشوق و الشهوة التى كانت فى عيون كلاهما رغم محاولتهما كبت ذلك.

أكلنا و شربنا حتى الثمالة وطلبت منى زوجتى أن أضع موسيقى راقصة لكى يرى أخى كم هى راقصة ممتازة وذهبت لتبدل ملابسها وعندما عادت فاجأتنا بالتغيير و قدومها شبه عارية وما يغطى جسمها فقط شال أسود و كولوت شفاف يبرز طيزها و كسها بكل وضوح وهنا وصلت الأحداث لمرحلة يصعب السيطرة عليها وقلت لهما : سأجلس أتفرج وخذا راحتكما كأننى غير موجود. تفضلا Help yourself.

و طبعا لم يمانعا.

جلست أتفرج ورقصت زوجتى حوالى خمس دقائق ثم رمت بالشال و أصبحت فقط بالكولوت.

ما أن رآها أخى على حالتها هذه حتى قام بمساعدتها و خلع عنها ما تبقى من ملابسها . شعرت حينها وأنا أرى زوجتى عارية مع رجل آخر إضافة لكونه أخى من لحمى ودمى بتهيج كبير و انتصاب هائل لم يعرفه زبي منذ سنوات.

خلع شقيقى ملابسه وما أن رأت نانا زبه الكبير المنتصب حتى ركعت على ركبتيها و انهالت على زبه مصا و لحسا تبتلعه كله في فمها وتخرجه لتقبله و تلحس رأسه و تداعبه برأس لسانها . استمر الحال حوالى عشر دقائق وهى ترضع و تمص زبه و تهمس له بأنها فى قمة التهيج وكم هى متشوقة لأن ينيكها فى كل مكان من جسدها ولم يترك شقيقى الفرصة وأخبرها بأن طيزها تجنن و بزازها يهبلوا وكسها الغارق فى عسله يريد فمه ولسانه وأنامها على الموكيت و نزل بلسانه ينهل من كسها و بدأ فى نيك كسها و طيزها بأصابعه.

لم أسمع فى حياتى صوت زوجتي مثلما سمعتها وهى ترجوه أن ينيك كل خرم فى جسدها كانت تصرخ : آه ه ه ه ه ه ه ه ه ه نيك كل مكان في جسمي زبك موووووووووت نار ولعت كسى .

إلى أن صاح : خلااااص مانيش قادر هأنزل لبنى هأنزل .

فطلبت منه أن ينزل منيه على وجهها ونهديها . أمسكت زبه بين شفتيها إلى لحظة الانفجار و مصت كل نقطة مما كان به و رأيتها لأول مرة تبتلع المنى , استمرت تمص زبه إلى أن أتتها رعشتها من نيكه فى كسها و طيزها بأصابعه.

أدمنت زوجتى النيك من شقيقي وأدمنت أنا على الاستمتاع بمشاهدتها تتلوى و تتأوه بين يديه ولكي أكون أمينا أقول لقد تركت لها كامل الحرية لكى أستمتع بمشاهدة أحلى أفلام سكس على الطبيعة فقط كنت أتفرج عليهما فى الطابق الأرضى وكانت تغريه أمامى و تقول له أن يعتبرنى غير موجود و أن الأولاد نيام بالطابق العلوي وتقول له : نكني هنا أحسن .

وكنت أستمتع جدا برؤيتها وصوتها وآهاتها وهى تتناك .

وفى أحد الليالى أتى أخى كالعادة وكانت فى انتظاره كالعادة أيضا أحلى من أى عروس لابسة بيبى دول شفاف و كولوت استرنج (ثونج) ونهود عارية تكاد تصرخ من الشهوة وتقابلا بالقبلات الساخنة و العناق بصورة هستيرية وكانت فى قمة الهياج الجنسى و هو كان أكثر هياجا وقال لها : أنا واخد عشانك قرص و نص – فياجرا – وعايز أنيك فيكِ لغاية ما أشبع .

ردت بدلال : يا ريييييت تنيك فيا لغاية الصبح أموت فى زبك وأعبده .

ونزلت إلى سوستة بنطلونه وأخرجت زبه تلاعبه و تلوكه بين شفتيها و استمرت تمص فى زبه فترة راكعة على ركبتيها وهو يتأوه : آااه ه ه ه ه ه مصى كماننننننننننن زبى مشتاق ناااااااااااااار عليكى.

قالت له : كسى مشتاق لك أكثر- لك يومين ما نكتوش – .

فهمت وقتها كم أصبحت زوجتى تدمن زب شقيق زوجها وتنتظره على نار .

المهم شقيقى لم يضع الوقت و قلبها على الأرض فى وضع الـ69 بعد خلع البيبى دول و الكولوت بطريقة الأفلام فطار البيبى دول على المقعد و الكولوت إلى مروحة السقف التى أرسته على الأرض واشتعلت الشهوة بكل منهم و لحسن حظى كانت طيزها فى مواجهتى حيث أراها من مكانى المستتر.

كانت تمص زبه بجنون و تقول : رأس زبك بتموتنى عمرى ما شفت زب واقف كده . نااااااااااااااار.

وكان ينهل من كسها بلسانه و أصابعه اثنين أو ثلاثة ينيكوا كسها وكانت تصرخ من الشهوة : حرام عليك ما أقدرش أستحمل أكتر من كده . نكنى . اركب عليا . خلي زبك يقطع كسى.

وسمعتها تصرخ بشدة : لألألألألألألألأ كده هاموت كسى وبزازى ناااااااااااااااااااااار.

فلاحظت أنه أدخل إصبعه الأكبر فى كسها و بدأ فى نيكها به و ازداد صراخ وغنج حبيبتى : أرجوك نكنى فى كسى وبين بزازى هتجنن عمرى ما اتناكت بين بزازى.

فما كان من أخى إلا أن قال لها : بزازك جميلة وكبيرة قوى. عايز أدهنهم بالكريم. هاتى كريم.

قالت لى : عايز ينيكني بين بزازى.

صعدتُ إلى غرفة النوم وجلبت لها زيت تدليك .

قلت لها : خذى بيبى أويل.

دهن زبه بالزيت وبزازها و بدأ فى دعك بزازها بأصابعه و مع صرخاتها و توسلها لكى يرحمها و ينيكها بزبه فى بزازها. وازداد صراخها بطريقة جنونية مع دخول زبه بين بزازها و بدأ فى نيك بزازها وشاهدتها وسمعت صوتها كما لم أسمعه من قبل كانت تترجاه : نكنى بين بزااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااازى عايزة زبك كله ينيك بزازى .

و كانت من فرط شهوتها و هياجها تضرب رأسها فى إيدها و هو نازل نيك فى بزازها و استمر على كده حوالى نصف ساعة إلى أن صرخ : خلاص وصلتتتتت هأنزل لبنى هانزل .

أسرعت بوجهها وشفتيها وبزازها لتتلقى دفقات الحليب على بزازها ووجهها وفمها و مصت كل نقطة منه حتى الثمالة ودعكت اللبن الوفير الباقى على بزازها بجنون ولهفة.

و جاء أخى مساء يوم السبت التالى و كالعادة كانت زوجتى فى انتظاره شبه عارية ولكن فى وجودى غير المرات السابقة وجلسنا و تحدثنا وكانت زوجتى تجلس ملاصقة له و أكاد أرى الرغبة تقفز من عينيها ثم التفت إلى قائلا : إيه رأيك نخليها رباعية ؟

فهمت فورا قصده و لكنى سألت للتأكد : يعنى إزاى ؟ .

قال : يعنى انت بتتفرج علينا كل مرة بننننننننـ .. وعارف إنى —

استكملت عبارته فقد أحس بحرج و قلت : عارف إنك بتنيك نانا ومبسوطين جدا بعلاقتكم.

قال : أيوه ونفسي انت كمان تنيك سلوى- زوجته- ونستمتع جميعا فى نيك جماعى رائع …

قلت له : بس إزاى وأنا ما أعرفش مراتك ولا حتى شفتها ؟

قال : أنا كلمتها و هى موافقة و مرحبة بالفكرة عشان نخرج من حالة الملل الزوجى خصوصا بعد فترة زواج طويلة و كنت ناوى أجيبها معاي بس فضلت نتكلم سوا الأول ..

وافقت طبعا بل وجدت نفسى متهيجا لمجرد الفكرة وفرقعت كئوس الخمر فى صحة نيك سلوى زوجة أخى المرة القادمة فقالت نانا : خلاص تبقى فى صحة نيكى أنا الليلة نحتفل مع بعض إحنا الثلاثة و الويك اند القادم تكون سلوى معنا.

وكأنها إشارة وتصريح وجاءت نانا راكعة أمام مقعدى و فى ثانية أخرجت زبى من الشورت وبدأت بمصه جاء أخى سعد من خلفها و بخفة خلع عنها ثوبها و كانت عارية تماما كما لو كانت تعلم فلم تكن ترتدى أى ملابس داخلية وبدأ فى لحس ظهرها و ملاعبة بزازها وحلماتها الجميلة وسريعا خلع شقيقى سعد كل ملابسه و ركع خلفها واضعا زبه مواجها لطيزها وأصابعه من الأمام تعبث ببظرها و شفرات كسها لم تصمد طويلا و بدأت فى صرخات الشهوة .

انقلب الوضع. نامت نانا على الأرض وركع أخى سعد ملاصق لوجهها لينال زبه حظه الوفير من فم نانا التى كانت و كأنها أول مرة تشوف زب وتبدأ بمداعبة رأسه حتى يختفى فى فمها .. ازداد هياجى جدا برؤيتها و نزلت بين فخديها وجدت كسها غارقا فى عسله وأنا أمص و ألحس فى كسها و بظرها وفمها بين التأوهات و بين مص زب شقيقى سعد ولم أستطع المقاومة وبدأت فى نيكها و ما زال زب أخى سعد فى فمها و أصابعه تعبث ببظرها وزبى إلى آخره ينيك فى كسها المتورد إلى أن انفجرت بالمنى فى أعماقها و أتتها رعشتها و سألتها لتنظفه بفمها الجميل.

انقلبت إلى وضع الكلب. فمها يمص زبى مرة أخرى بينما كسها و طيزها فى مواجهة أخى سعد. أحسست أننى على وشك إنزال المنى مرة أخرى فأخرجته من فمها و فضلت المشاهدة لبعض الوقت رأيت أخى سعد يبلل أصابعه من منيى فى كسها ويدعك بالسائل حلماتها وبزازها إلى أن استرخت و بدأت فى التأوه مرات عديدة وزاد شقيقى سعد من تدليك ثدييها وأصبح ينيك فى كسها ويدعك بزازها بأصابعه فى وقت واحد إلى أن ازداد صراخها : خلالالالالالاص موتنى بس أرجووووك نكنى الـلـه يخلييييييييييييييك دخله فيا.

وسمع رجاءها و بدأ فى نيك كسها و كلما ازداد صوتها و هياجها ازداد هو فى نيكها ثم أنامها على ظهرها ولاعب كسها برأس زبه لمرات عديدة وهى تصرخ: دخله دخله أرجوك.

وظل ينيك فيها حوالى 20 دقيقة وهى تأتيها رعشتها لمرات كثيرة . و كنت من ناحية أخرى قد بلغت نهايتى يكاد زبى الانفجار اقتربت من فمها و لم أستطع المقاومة فنزل المنى على وجهها الجميل وشقيقى سعد أيضا قذف منيه على شفتيها فضحكت قائلة : شبعتوني حليب قبل النوم.

فى اليوم والموعد المحدد جاء شقيقى سعد وزوجته سلوى لتمضية السهرة معنا أنا وزوجتى نانا.

زوجة أخى سلوى لأول مرة أراها امرأة مثيرة جدا على عكس ما سمعت من أن أخى سعد لا يراها جنسية و يفضل زوجتى نانا فى ممارسة الجنس. كانت سلوى ترتدى جونلة قصيرة جدا و بلوزة كاشفة معظم بزازها و لأول وهلة أحسست بأننى راغب فيها و فى إمتاع نفسى منها – ولم تكن نانا تستر جسدها إلا ببيبى دول وورقة التوت.

وما أن رأت سعد حتى تعانقا بدون صبر ويداه على بزازها و طيزها.

سلمت على سلوى وقبلتها قبلة خاطفة و ما أن جلست حتى راحت الجونلة القصيرة فى خبر كان وأطل الكولوت الأبيض الممتلىء بكس يكاد ينطق بما فيه وزوجها – أخى – يقول أنها باردة فى الجنس؟؟؟ أحسست مما رأيت أنه كان كلاما فقط ليصل إلى كس نانا وطيزها اللى جننوه لأن سلوى هى الأخرى لا تقل أبدا عن نانا فقد كانت أشبه بقنبلة جنسية و غير موقوتة جاهزة للانفجار فى أى لحظة .

وضع شقيقى سعد شريطا فى الفيديو و قال: الشريط ده يجنن .

وكان جميلا فعلا لامرأة شبقة جدا مع أربعة شباب وبدأت أسمع التعليقات من سعد و نانا وسلوى فسلوى أعجبها الزب السميك اللى كان فى كس البنت أما نانا فكان إعجابها بكمية المنى اللى نزلوها الأربعة على وجه البنت وأووووف وأحححح و يا ريتهم عليا أنا .

وترد سلوى : ولا النيك اللى كان فى كسها نااااار .

وأنا أسمع و كدت أنزل على روحى من كلامهم.

فى أقل من دقيقة رأيت نانا وشقيقى سعد تحتها وقلعها عارية و بدأ وصلة نيكها بأصابعه مع لحس كسها و فتحة طيزها و الصرخات تتوالى من نانا : أاححححححححح كسى ناررررررر .

و أنا أنظر وأسمع بدون وعى تام لما يحدث حولى إلى أن فاجأتنى زوجة أخى سلوى : إحنا يعني بس بنتفرج عليهم كده ؟

قلت : لأ أنا مستنيكى يا سلوى.

ولم أكمل كلامى ويداى تعبث فى بزازها الرائعة ووجدت نفسى أخلع عنها كل ملابسها وأصبحت فى حالة هيجان لم أشعر بها من قبل وبدأت سلوى وأنا بتبادل القبلات النارية و انتهت راكعة على ركبتيها تمص زبى وأخى سعد راكب نانا على الكنبة بجوارى ورأيت أرجلها فوق أكتاف شقيقي سعد و زبه كأنه يقسم كسها نصفين ولم أتمالك نفسى , وسألت زوجة أخى سلوى أن تجلس على زبى فجلست و مالت للأمام و ظهرها يواجهنى و ظهر بظرها أمامى ووجدت نفسى أدلك بإصبعى بظرها و إصبعى الآخر يدلك بظر نانا لأول مرة رغم فترة زواجنا الطويلة.

لم نكتشف متعة دعك البظر ونيك البزاز إلا مع أخى سعد وزوجته سلوى.

و عند رجوعى الصالة لاقيت سلوى بتدعك فى بظر وبزاز نانا و سعد ما زال نازل نيك فى كسها ونانا صوتها يكاد يكون واصل للشارع : ناااااااااار أحححححححح نيك فيا لبكرة .

و رعشاتها تتوالى و كلما ازداد هياجها و صراخها زاد سعد من سرعة النيك فيها و طلبت منى سلوى زيت التدليك ووضعت على أصابعها ووضعته ودلكته على بزاز نانا التى أخذت تصرخ وتغنج فى استمتاع.

قلبها سعد إلى وضع الكلب و باعد بين أرجلها وابتلع كس نانا زب أخى سعد بكامله مرة أخرى وهى تتأوه من الهياج. واستأنف نيكها.

سألتنى سلوى بدلع : اتعلمت يالا ورينى.

وجاورت نانا على الأرض فى نفس الوضع وكانت طيز سلوى من أجمل ما رأيت وكسها ضيق مثل كس نانا وكانت الممارسة معها فى كسها ممتعة كثيرا جدا.

استمر الوضع لفترة ثم أصبحت أنا وأخى سعد نتبادل الكسين والبزاز إلى أن أتت رعشات كل من نانا و سلوى مرات عديدة و أنزلنا منينا كل منا فى كس زوجة الآخر وعلى بزازها وأصبح تبديل زوجاتنا هو المتعة الأولى , أصبح الويك إند اما فى بيتنا أو بيتهم لسنوات وإلى اليوم.