Desperate For Money

Desperate For Money

My husband had died a couple of years ago leaving my son Brian and me to survive on our own. My husband had left behind a small nest egg that had run out a couple of months ago. Brian and I had been looking for work ever since. It was not easy to find a job though because the economy was in a slump and we didn’t have experience in what jobs were available.

One evening I sat Brian down at the kitchen table after getting in a fight with the apartment manager over not paying the rent. “Brian, I don’t know what to do. The apartment manager is threatening to kick us out the beginning of next month.” I felt a lump forming in the back of my throat and I couldn’t hold back the tears.

“It’s going to be ok mom. We will figure something out.”

“I feel like I have failed as a mother. Look at me I can’t even take care of you.”

“Don’t say that mom. You’ve done fine. I’ll do any job and live anywhere as long as we are together.”

“That is so sweet Brian.”

A week had went by and I still didn’t have a job. The end of the month was coming up fast and I needed rent money bad. Right now I would do anything for money, I mean anything. I decided to try the internet to look to see if there was any type of work I could from home. I turned on the computer and waited for the monitor to come to life. “What if I can’t get a job?” The monitor finally displayed the internet login prompt. After logging in I typed “home based work” into the search criteria box. After a couple of seconds some info popped up. I read through the titles looking for something that I could do. One caught my eye “Set up your own web cam.” “Hmmm…. What could that be.” I click on the link and it brought me to a page filled with a bunch of text and an email link at the bottom. As I read through the text I felt a cold tingle to down my spine. In big bold letters it said “We pay big money for mother/son kissing photos, $1000 a set.” I leaned back in my chair feeling completely helpless. Am I really that desperate? I browsed the rest of the links related to working from home. There was nothing else that even remotely matched my abilities. “How could I even ask Brian to do such a thing. How would I even approach him to ask?”

Well my question was answered that evening after dinner. “Hey mom, any luck looking on the internet today?”

“Well there was only one that was even remote possibility but I don’t know if we should do it.”

“We? You mean I could work too?”

“Well it is something we can do at home, but I don’t think it is something that you would be interested in.”

“How do you know? Besides a week ago you said we were desperate for money, I don’t think we should be too picky right now.”

“Ok but don’t tell me I didn’t warn you and don’t hate me for what I am going to say.”

“Mom come on I won’t hate you no matter what you say. Now I am really curious what it is.”

“The add says they will pay a thousand dollars for pictures of mother and son kissing.” Brian’s mouth hung open and his skin turned pale as though he had seen a ghost. “You ok Brian? Maybe you should sit down hon.” He just stood there motionless. BRIAN, I said are you ok?

“Um yeah I’m ok. So you ok with that?”

“Well I figure it’s just photos of us kissing. And they’ll pay a thousand dollars Brian. I am so desperate for money!”

“I know mom but they aren’t looking for just a peck on the cheek you know.”

“I know. I was scared to ask you Brian but I am running out of options. With you just out of high school and me not having degree I can’t find shit. Sorry about the language but I am stressed beyond belief.”

“Mom, I’ll do anything to help. I just wasn’t sure if you knew what they wanted. There is probably one thing you should know though, I have never kissed a girl before so I probably won’t be that good.”

I started laughing. Both the stress and Brian being concerned about not performing well pushed me over the edge. I kept laughing until tears came out of my eyes.

“MOM I can’t believe you’re laughing at me. It’s not something I am proud of and I wouldn’t have told you if I knew you were going to laugh at me!”

“Honey, I am not laughing because you have never kissed a girl. I am laughing because you look embarrassed about not having kissed a girl. There is no need to be embarrassed, I am honored to be the first girl you kiss. Why don’t you go set up the computer and the camera.”

“You want to do it now? Uh, ok.”

“It’s going to be ok Brian. Just go set it up and I will be in there in a minute.” I was feeling nervous myself. What would it be like to kiss my son romantically. Would I actually like it? That thought scared me. “It’s for the money! ” I kept repeating this to myself as I finished cleaning up the dishes. After I was done I headed to the bedroom where the computer was. Brian had just finished setting up the digital camera with the computer. “You ready Brian?”

“Yeah I guess so.” His face was pale and looked scared.

“You sure you can do this honey?”

“Yeah, I want to do it mom. I am just a little nervous.”

“That’s ok, so am I” I said with a reassuring smile.


“Yeah, it’s not everyday that you make out with your son you know. I feel nervous like a teenage girl going on her first date.”

“Glad I am not the only one” he said with a smile on his face.

“Ok lets aim the camera the bed so we can get comfortable. Do you want to practice a little bit before we start recording?”

He turned the camera towards the bed and zoomed it in so that I was the full size of the window in the software. “Yeah we probably should. I have no idea what to do.”

I patted the spot next to me on the bed “come sit down and I will give you lessons in kissing 101.”

He walked over slowly as if the six feet to the bed had been a mile. He sat down on the bed next to me. I could hear his breathing quicken and I could see the anxiety in his eyes. I put my hands on his shoulders, his body instantly tensed up. “Relax Brian, it’s going to be ok. Let’s just peck each other on the lips a couple of times to get used to the feeling of our lips touching, ok?”


With that I leaned forward and gave him a quick peck on the lips. His body shuddered. “How was that?”

“That was nice mom. You smell great and the warmth from your lips sent a tingle down my spine.”

“That would explain you shuddering” I said with smirk. “Ok you ready for another one?”

“Ok, you can do it a little longer this time.”

I giggled. “Well, looks like my son is starting to show a little enthusiasm.” I leaned forward and placed my lips on his. His body tensed up instantly and then relaxed. I lingered there for a couple of seconds and then pulled away. “Ok how was that one.”

“Oh man my head feels light and a little dizzy.”

“I’m flattered that I have that kind of effect on my own son.”

“I want to do it again mom.”

“Whoa slow down there stud” I said laughing. “Do you want to try a little tongue next now that you are feeling a little more comfortable?”

“Oh man this is crazy. Ok lets do it. What do I do?”

“Just kiss me like before.” I leaned forward and touched my lips to his. This time I inhaled his scent and let my emotions go. I touched his lips with my tongue and then slowly inserted my tongue between his lips. His body started to tense up again. I put my arms around his body pulling him into me. I moved my head around to his ear and whispered “I love you Brian.” His body relaxed again. I returned to his lips and licked between his lips. His lips started to open slightly. I could feel his hot breath on my tongue. My tongue darted into his mouth connecting with his. His body started to spasm. I released my arms from around his body and backed up. “You ok Brian?”

“Uh I need to go to the bathroom.”

“Why what’s wrong with you. Why are you shaking so bad.”

“MOM, I need to go to the bathroom. Please don’t ask what happened or I’ll die.”

“Oh! Wow I did that just by kissing you? I didn’t realize you were getting so excited. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry mom. That was the most incredible experience I have ever had. With what has been going on the last couple of months it felt like a huge release of stress.”

“Well I am glad I could be of assistance. Now go get cleaned up and let’s take some pictures.” After he left I thought to myself “he was not the only one who had gotten worked up.” I could feel the moisture between my legs. This was so wrong, but we needed the money. “We need the money” I kept repeating to myself.

He returned and sat on the bed next to me. “Ok you ready to shoot some pictures” I said, trying to push the earlier thoughts out of my head.

“Yep.” He hopped up and grabbed the remote control for the camera and sat back down and pressed rec. on the remote. “Ok I’m ready!”

With that I leaned forward and pressed my lips against his. I played with his top lip between my teeth. I placed my hands on his back; his breathing was quickening and becoming horse. I ran my tongue over his lips and then backed up to look at him. “How you doin hon?”

“I’m doing great mom. This is pretty wild. I never thought that I would be making out with mom some day.”

I put my arms around him and forced my tongue into his mouth. His eyes opened wide from the sudden assault. I felt the passion building inside me. I searched every inch of his mouth and his tongue wrestled with mine. I pushed him back on the bed and crawled on top of him. I started rubbing my breasts against his chest; the electricity surged through my nipples. His body started to jerk again and his pelvis pushed into mine. I stopped kissing and held him tightly until his convulsions stopped. “Well let’s send those pictures so we can pay some rent.” I hopped off of him and went to the computer.

I looked back at Brian. His face was red and he looked meek from embarrassment. “I’m going to go to the restroom and clean up. I’ll be back in a minute.”

“Hey Brian.”


“You know, there is nothing to be embarrassed about. I got pretty worked up too. Another couple of minutes I probably would have been shaking too.”

“Are you serious?”

“Yep. Now go get cleaned up and I’ll send these pictures.”

I logged onto the internet and sent the pictures to the email address that I copied off of the advertisement.

The next day I logged back onto the internet and there was an email message waiting for me. I opened up the email and read the message “Your $1000 check is in the mail. Would you be interested in sending us more? This time we would like fondling besides the kissing. We will give you $2000 for the set.” I couldn’t move. I closed the message and turned off the computer.

In the next couple of days the check arrived as promised. I showed Brian the check and we danced around the apartment. I signed the back of the check and ran it over to the apartment manager. “Here is for last month, this month and next month” I said with a grin.

“Look I don’t like to be mean. I have to pay bills just like you do ok.”

“I know I am just happy that I got the money.”

Now I just had to worry about food and the next couple months. Two thousand, that could pay for five months rent and some food but could I deal with the consequences? When I walked into the apartment Brian could tell something was on my mind.

“What’s wrong mom?”

“Nothing, I’m ok.” I must not have been able to hide my concern because Brian continued to bug me.

“Come on mom what is wrong?”

“Oh I was just thinking what I am going to do about food and the month after next. But you don’t worry Brian we’ll be ok.”

“Mom don’t hid things from me. What’s going on?”

“Ok Brian. We don’t have enough food to last another week and we are only paid up until next week on rent. I received a message back after sending the pictures that said he was interested in more pictures.”

“Then what is wrong? Let’s do it.”

“Well it is not that simple Brian. They are interested in something more this time. They want kissing and fondling.” I choked up. I couldn’t believe I was talking this way to my son.

He was quiet for a couple of minutes and then said “I’m ok with it if you are. After what we did yesterday I have different sort of feelings for you. I was scared to say anything thinking that you would get mad at me but right now I don’t care.”

I was shocked at what he had said; everything was getting complicated. Had I messed up my own son’s life? “Brian do you know that this isn’t right? Mothers and sons just don’t do this sort of thing.”

“Maybe because they don’t want to or they are too scared to act on their feelings. All I know is what I feel for you and I don’t care what is right and wrong according to other people.”

His words were soothing. They were bringing up emotions inside me that I no longer could control. I walked over to him and encased him in my arms. I backed my head away and looked him deep in the eyes “I love you so much Brian.” I ran my tongue over his lips while looking him in the eyes. “Let’s go take some pictures. You better grab a box of Kleenex on your way to the bedroom” I said with a smile on my face.

I went into the bedroom, switched on the computer and made sure the camera was still focussed on the bed and zoomed it out a bit. Brian came in and set the box of Kleenex on the dresser.

“I’m a little nervous mom. It’s freaking me out a little to tell you the truth.”

“It’s freaking me out too Brian. You want to practice a bit before we start recording like we did last time so you are a little more comfortable?”

“Yeah I think that is a good idea.”

I sat on the bed and he sat down beside me in the usual position. “Ok how do we start” Brain asked in a trembling voice?

“Well don’t touch too rough and don’t go too fast. Just enjoy the moment.” I leaned forward and kissed him softly on the lips. “Why don’t you start by touching my breasts.” I took his hands in mine and placed them on my stomach moving them up my tee shirt until they were on top of my breasts. I let out a soft moan into his mouth. I slipped my tongue between his lips and played with his teeth. His hands began to make soft circling motions on my breasts. I brought my head back a little “press record on the camera, I think you are comfortable enough” and then put my lips back on his. His hands felt like fire through the fabric of my tee shirt. I yearned for him to touch my bare flesh. I slipped my tongue in his mouth and played with his tongue. My breathing was becoming heavier and I could feel my juices flowing. His fingers were playing with my nipples through my tee shirt. I pushed him on his back and ground my pelvis against his. “Oh yeah baby you’re making me so hot. Rub my crotch with your hand.” He moved his hand down to my crotch and started rubbing me through my jeans. “No baby inside my pants.” I kept kissing him as he unbuttoned my jeans. He pushed his hand into my jeans until they were touching my pussy outside my panties. “Oh yeah that’s it. Now run your finger up and down the slit.”

“Your so wet mom!”

“Now you know what you are doing to me.”

His body started jerking so I put my hand on his groin and started rubbing. “Oh mom I’m cumming.”

“I know hon. Give it all to me baby.” I kept rubbing until his body stopped. “Well that should satisfy them.” I gave him a big sloppy wet kiss.

“Wow that was incredible mom.”

“I know, you really got me hot. Ok get cleaned up honey and I’ll send in the pictures.” I went over to the computer logged onto the internet and sent the pictures. While I sat at the computer I thought about what had just happened. I was looking forward to the next photo shoot. The person receiving the pictures must have been on the internet because I received an email immediately. “Excellent photos, I am sending you $3000. I am willing to pay you $5000 for photos of intercourse between you and your son if you are interested. There are also other people I can link you up with that would be interested as well.”

When Brian came back in the room I told him about the $3000 and the next offer. “You told me not to hide anything so I hope you are not upset.”

“You kidding, after what just happened. When do we get started?”

I smiled at him “how about right now I’m so worked up I need to get some relief. Press record on the camera.” I pulled off my shirt and unfastened my bra. By the look on his face I thought he was going to cum in his pants again. “Hang on there big guy. You need to get me off first before you cum again.” I pulled down my pants and looked at my panties. They were soaked from our earlier playing. “Time for you to give mommy a little bit of pleasure. Come here big boy.”

I laid back on the bed and spread my legs. “Kiss my pussy like you do my mouth.”

He crawled on the bed between my legs. He kissed my pussy through my silk panties. Feeling his breath on my pussy sent shivers through by body. My pelvis instinctively pushed up towards his mouth. “Oh Brian.” He ran his tongue over my panties down the slit of my pussy. I grabbed his head and pushed my pelvis into his tongue. “Oh god Brian pull down my panties. I can’t stand it anymore.”

He pulled down my panties while kissing my thighs and pubic mound. I kept thrusting my pelvis trying to get his mouth on my clitoris. “Oh fuck lick me Brian, lick my pussy.” He ran his tongue up and down my slit. I could feel the juice seeping out of my clit. I grabbed his head and pushed it hard against my pussy. “Suck on top Brian, I am going to cum.” He started sucking on my clit and my body shook all over. I lost all control and started flopping all over the bed like a fish out of water. “OH SHIT THAT FEELS SO GOOD!” He played until I stopped shaking and then he slid up my body and gave me a kiss.

“So how was it?” he asked with a big grin.

I kissed him back “not even your father was that good. Turn off the camera and let’s get something to eat. We’ll continue later. By the way you can sleep in my bed from now on.”

Chapter 2:

I went to the kitchen and started some rice. I was feeling at odds about what had been transpiring between my son and I. And at the same time I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to have him inside me. I could feel a tingle between my legs and then my body shuddered as the tingle moved up my spine. I went to the fridge to grab some eggs. Sadness overwhelmed me as I peered inside at the dwindling food supply. I hope we can make it till we get paid again.

Brian’s perky voice came from around the corner “Hey mom. You need a hand?”

“Sure, go ahead and set the table.” I put some rice in the rice cooker and pressed the button.


“Yeah baby.”

“I just want to let you know I am really having fun making the pictures.”

“Yeah me too honey.” I walked over to him and gave him an open mouthed kiss.

After dinner I cleaned up the dishes while Brian took a shower. Hearing him in the shower made me think of his young naked body, running my tongue over the tip of his cock. My body shook as the waves of pleasure flowed through my body. I just finished placing the last dish in the strainer as I heard the shower water stop.

“Done mom, the shower is all yours.” He yelled from the bathroom.

“Ok I’ll be there in a second.”

I headed for the bathroom as I saw Brian going into the bedroom to set up the computer. I took a quick shower, toweled off, and put Tiffany body powder all over to drive my little boy crazy. I put on a cute teddy and headed for the bedroom. When I entered the bedroom everything was ready and Brian was laying on the bed in his house robe. “My don’t you look handsome.”

“How about you mom! You look hot!”

“Well thank you. Are you ready?”


“Remember take your time because I want it to last a while.” I climbed on the bed and kissed him on the lips. “Ok press record, I don’t think I can wait any longer.” He pressed record and sat the remote on the floor next to the bed. I traced the outline of his lips with my tongue, his body immediately tensed up. I whispered in his ear “Relax little man! I am going to take care of you real good.” I returned to his lips and licked over the top of them lightly. I put my hand underneath his robe and followed his thigh up to his crotch until I felt his cock; it was rock hard. While thrusting my tongue in and out of his mouth I hissed “My, my what have we got here my little boy?”

“Ugh… oh god.” Was all he could mutter.

“Mmmm… is that for me? Let me take a look.” I opened his robe and his cock sprang out. It was shiny and red from being so stiff. I put a little saliva on my finger and lightly rubbed the tip. “Ooohh it looks so juicy.” I put some more saliva on my fingers to make it more smooth.

“Oh god mom it hurts. Why does it hurt so much?”

“We just need to relieve a little bit of pressure” as I massaged his scrotum.

I leaned down and kissed the tip of his cock and dribble a little bit of saliva. “Mmmm… you want mommy to take care of the pain little man?”

“Oh god, please mom, I can’t stand the pain.”

I leaned down again and flicked the tip of his cock with my tongue. It twitched each time my tongue came in contact. “I don’t think you are going to last too much longer and I don’t want to waist any of that precious juice. Lay down on your back and we’ll get rid of that pain.” He laid down and I straddled him on my knees. I held his cock with one hand as I lowered myself slowly until I could feel the tip of his cock touching the out lips of my pussy. “Ok now, hold your breath and try to think of something else. Ok Brian?”

“Uh huh.”

I rubbed the tip of his cock against the lips of my pussy mixing our fluids. I had to control myself from pushing it all the way inside. I eased it in a little bit further watching his face to make sure he was not going to let loose too early. “You ok honey?”

“Uh huh.”

I eased down a little bit further; it was in about two inches now. He looked like he was in a daze, his body was completely stiff. Poor little man, this was too much for him. Not only was this his first time making love, but he was making love to his own mother. I decided to ease down the rest of the way watching his expression as I did. Oh god, it felt so good to have him inside me. I leaned down and put one hand on each side of his head and kissed his lips softly. I moved my hair so the camera could see me as I probed his mouth with my tongue. I raised my head a little so I could look him in the eyes “Oh god Brian you are so deep. Mmmm your cock feels so good, give it all to me you little mother fucker.” Those words pushed him over the edge and his body quaked with spasms. “Oh yeah Brian fill me up.” I leaned down again and forced my tongue between his lips sucking his tongue like a juicy lolly-pop.

We laid there and hugged for a couple of more minutes until his body relaxed. “Ok hon let’s get cleaned up.” I picked up the remote and stopped the camera. Since the computer was already on I logged onto the internet and sent the pictures and logged back out.

I barely had enough time to clean myself before I heard the phone rang. I picked up the phone “Hello?”

“Linda how are you doing?” my sister said coyly on the other side of the line.

“Fine, how are you. Sorry for not sending you an email for the last couple of days but I have been rather busy.” She would call me once a month and in-between we would send emails. She had moved to New York graduating high school to pursue her dream of becoming a model. After that I had not heard from her until my husband died. I think she new I needed the support and I appreciated it greatly.

“So what have you been up to?”

“That is what I was going to ask you.”

“Oh you know just keeping busy.”

“You know I received some pictures for my web site that I think you would find really interesting.”

“Why would I find them interesting?”

“Well my last dot com business hasn’t done well for the last six months so I decided to try something a little different.”

“What do you mean by different. You are not doing advertising for models anymore?”

“Well you might say I am doing a different type of modeling advertising now. I decided to try pornography, since that is where all the money is.”

My throat was becoming very dry. “Really that is interesting.”

“Not as interesting as the pictures I got.”

My heart was racing and I felt like throwing up. I couldn’t think of anything to say because I could tell where the conversation was going and I didn’t like it

“Linda I am the one who you have been sending those photos to.”

At that point I wished I could die. I felt betrayed and dirty. I barely mustered up enough courage to ask “That was you who was asking for photos? After you received the first set how could you request another one that included intercourse?”

“Linda please don’t get mad. After I received the first set I was shocked but then I realized I was also getting turned on by seeing you and Brian kissing. So I wanted to see more.”

Oh god this was crazy. I was too confused to be angry with her. After all I was the one who made the decision to do the photos, not her. Now that all the cats were out of the bag I tried to calm down “Why did you tell me?”

“Well I am going to be heading out your direction tomorrow and I wanted to stop by. But knowing what I do I would go crazy if I couldn’t talk about it with you. By the way could you pick me up at the airport tomorrow?” she said with a chuckle in her voice.

“You realize this is fucking crazy. I’ll be ashamed to show my face in front of you.”

“I know it’s crazy, but it already happened. Please pick me up at the airport tomorrow! I’ll be there at 8:00AM in the morning.”

Click bzzzzz. She hung up. I guess that was her way of not giving me a chance to argue. I looked at the clock it was 9:00PM; I was drained from all the anxiety. “I’m going to go to bed.”

Chapter 3:

As I walked to my bedroom I poked my head in Brian’s room. “I’m going to bed honey. I have to pick up Aunt Laura tomorrow at eight-o-clock in the morning.”

“Ok mom.”

I took a quick shower hoping to relieve the tension in my body, all the while contemplating whether I should pick up my sister at the airport. How could I look her in the face after what has happened? If I didn’t pick her up though, she would never forgive me. I turned off the shower and toweled myself off. Although I only weighed a hundred and ten pounds, my body felt as though it weighed a ton from all the shit going through my mind. I plopped down on the edge of my bed and looked at the alarm clock trying to make up my mind. “She would never forgive me!” I repeated as I set the alarm clock for 7:00AM and turned off the light.

I awoke to the high pitch scream of the alarm. I turned it off and felt a body stir in the bed next to me. I had completely forgotten that I had told Brian he could sleep in my bed for now on. His arm wrapped around me and gave me a little squeeze. “Why you getting up so early mom?”

“I have to go pick up Aunt Laura at the airport, remember.”

“Oh yeah.” His hand moved up to my breast and played over my nipple.

“Hmmm… don’t get me started I have to get moving.”

“Ahh mom, but I am hard and it hurts.”

“Ok I have about fifteen minutes so let me take care of your little problem. Turn on your back sweetie.” He rolled over on his back and I tied my hair up in a bun. I grabbed his boxers by the waistband and pulled them off. “Ooh my, your friend sure did wake up early.” I dribbled some saliva on the tip of his dick and rubbed it around with my finger.

“Oh god mom that feels so good!”

“Oh yeah.” I dribbled some more saliva on his dick and worked it around with my finger. His dick was getting extremely hard and shiny. I leaned down and flicked my tongue over the tip of his dick. The musky smell of his dick penetrated my nostrils and sent electricity throughout my body. “Hmmm… you smell so good.” I licked around the crown and played under the tip. He was going crazy, his hips thrusted upward in a rhythmic motion. I took his entire length in my mouth, swirling my tongue around as I moved it in and out of my mouth. “Hmmm… it tastes so good and it feels so warm.” I took it out of my mouth and looked at it. It was red and pulsating from being so excited. I teased it with the tip of my tongue while looking at him.

“Oh god mom it looks so nasty.”

“Yeah, you like it when mom plays with your cock?” I slowly licked it from the base up to the tip.

“I love it!”

“Ok time for you to give me your juice.” I stuck his cock back in my mouth and started gently massaging his scrotum as I moved his cock in and out of my mouth. I swirled my tongue around his shaft as I quickened the pace.

“Oh god mom, I can’t stand it anymore. I’m going to cum.” I could feel him start to pull away so I grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled his entire length into my mouth. His cock pulsated as it pumped the warm gooey liquid into my mouth. I kept sucking and rubbing his balls like a hungry calf sucking his mother tit, milking every drop of sperm I could. My body was aching for his touch but I knew I couldn’t, I would never make it to the airport if I succumbed to my primal urges.

“I got to go sweetie. I’ll be back in a couple of hours.”

“Ok mom” he said in a quivering voice.

I got to the airport in about a half an hour, fifteen minutes early. My body was still heated up from this morning. I fidgeted in the waiting area thinking about licking my son’s hard glistening cock, rubbing it up and down the slit of my cunt. My panties were becoming soaked. “Flight 515 is now arriving at gate 10A.” came over the PA speaker. “She’s early!” My heart began to beat harder as I thought about what she was going to say. I saw the airplane taxi up to the gate, my heartbeat quickened. As people started to exit the gate my heart was almost beating out of my chest. I looked around for a corner to hide.

“Linda is that you?” I heard Laura’s voice say from behind me. Shit, too late! I turned around “hi sis, it’s good to see you.” She gave me a big hug and a peck on the cheek.” She looked similar to me except she had dirty blond hair, whereas I had brunet hair. I was also a little thinner because she had been going to the gym ever since she was in high school.

“Where’s Brian?”

“Oh, he’s home sleeping in.”

“Well that’s good it gives us a little time to talk alone.”

“Do you have any luggage to pick up?” I said hoping to change the subject.

“No just this carry-on.”

“Ok let’s get going then.”

As I pulled out of the parking garage the tension between us hit its peek.

“So tell me, is it good?”

“What?” I said pretending not to understand the question.

“You know, sex with Brian.”

“Yeah I guess. What I love most about him is he is so tender and sweet.” Bringing up the topic started to make my body feel warm and tingly again.

“Did you make love to him this morning before you picked me up?”

“Laura can we talk about something else?”

“Come on I’ve been dying to know. There is no need to feel embarrassed anymore.”

“We didn’t have sex I just sucked him off.”

“Really! Oh god that is so exciting?” She said as she fidgeted in her seat. “Did he cum in your mouth?”


She kept quiet for the rest of the drive. I pulled up to the apartment complex and parked in my stall. When we got to my apartment door I saw a note from Brian “Went to the mall be back at 10:00 AM. Love, Brian.” Hmmm… that was about one more hour.

“Well that just gives us a little more time to talk a little more.” She said looking over my shoulder at the note.

I opened the door and put her bag in my room. When I came back out to the living room she was sitting on the couch patting the cushion next to her. “Come, tell me more about sucking Brian’s beautiful cock.”

“Uh isn’t there anything else you would like to talk about?”

“No! I have sitting in the airplane for three hours, sis, thinking about you and your son fucking each other. Now I want to hear the details.”

Realizing she would not give up “ok, I love the scent of his balls and the feeling of his cock in my mouth when it pulsates.” Laura moved closer to me so her leg touched mine. She moved her arm behind my head so that her left breast touched my arm. “Tell me more” she hissed. I could feel the hotness of her breath on my face and smell her fragrance radiating from her body.

“Before your plane arrived I was sitting in the terminal dreaming about making his cock slippery with my saliva and then rubbing it up and down my pussy, teasing my clit as I rubbed it.”

She leaned into me and kissed my cheek. I was feeling nauseous. I never ever had sexual thoughts about a woman, especially my sister. “Um what are you doing sis?”

“Don’t stop, keep telling me about you and Brian.”

I hated myself because I did not have enough guts to stop what was happening. I obeyed her and kept describing my fantasy “After I rub his cock on my slit I position my ass above his head and make him lick me while I suck his cock.” She took my hand in hers and placed it on the zipper of her pants.

“Feel how wet you are making me Linda.”

My hand shook as I fumbled with her zipper. She kissed behind my ear; the warmth of her breath made my body tremble. She noticed the hesitation after I managed to unzip her pants; she took my hand again and put it inside the waistband of her thong. My fingers were just touching the outer limits of her pubic hair. Her breathing was becoming more erratic as she licked behind my ear. I felt like throwing up and I wanted her to stop. “No Linda.” She pushed my hand deeper into her thong until I could feel the dampness in her pubic hair.

“Kiss me.” She panted.

“No, I, I can’t. This is so wrong! I’ve never been with another woman before.”

She didn’t give me a chance to pull away forcing her tongue between my lips. I almost gagged; I tried to push her tongue out with mine but it just slithered around my mouth like a snake. My mind went numb; her hand fumbled with the buttons on my jeans, popping one at a time. Her hand slipped inside the elastic of my panties and played with my pubic hair. My hips thrusted up in anticipation.

The feeling of her tongue moving in my mouth and the taste of her saliva was intoxicating. Her hand moved lower inside my panties until her finger was touching my clit. I bucked my hips trying to impale her finger.

“Hmmm… someone is enjoying herself.” She got up and pulled my jeans down my legs along with my panties. I was so confused by what was going on; how could I be getting excited by my sister touching me. She knelt down between my legs and kissed my pubic mound. Her tongue licked up and down my outer lips. “Oh shit that feels so good!” I grabbed her head and pushed it into my mound. Her tongue jabbed in and out of my pussy.

“CLICK!” Oh shit the door lock!

“Mom… Aunt Laura? What’s going on?”

We both sat up instantly. “Brian, you’re home already!”

Brian just stared at us in a trance.

“Brian it’s not what it looks like.”

“Really what does it look like” Laura sneered. “Why don’t you come over here and join us Brian; we need a real stiff cock.”

“What? What the hell are you doing!” I screamed.

“Come on Brian don’t tell me you haven’t ever dreamt about being with two women” Laura said as she stood up and pulled down her pants revealing her thong.

Brian was still in a daze.

“Laura this is so crazy” I said.

“Is it? What makes it more crazy than you and Brian being together?”

Brian finally spoke “She knows mom?”

“She is the one who has been paying us for the pictures” I said.

She walked over to Brian and gave him and opened mouthed kiss. “Come on Brian why don’t you finish eating out your mom.”

Brian walked over to me and knelt between my legs putting his hands on my thighs. His deep blue eyes peered into mine “I love you mom.”

“I love you too Brian. Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Are you kidding. She is right this is beyond my wildest fantasies.”

“Ok then eat your mommy’s pussy.”

He leaned forward and parted my pussy lips with his fingers. He licked all around the opening and then drove his tongue all the way into my hole. I grabbed his head and pulled it into me trying to get as much of his tongue inside me. “Oh Brian, fuck me with that tongue.”

Laura pulled off her thong and climbed up on the couch. She put one leg on each side of me so that she was facing the wall. “Eat me sista!”

I looked up and saw her cunt right above my head. She lowered herself till she was inches from my nose and then spread her pussy with her fingers. The aroma from her pussy filled my nostrils. I felt nauseous; I had never been so close to another woman’s pussy before. “Eat her mom” Brian said as he stood up between my legs. He put the tip of his dick at the entrance to my pussy and rubbed it up and down my sopping slit. I bucked my hips trying to push it in.

“Oh fuck Brian just put it in” I said. “I need you inside of me.”

“Let me see you lick your sister first mom.”

I stuck out my tongue and closed my eyes. I felt my tongue touch her moist warm flesh. I ran my tongue up and down her slit tasting the sour nectar that poured out of it. “Oh fuck Linda!” Laura hissed as ground her bush into my face. I felt Brian’s cock enter my pussy; his finger massaged my clit as he moved in and out of me. I sucked on Laura’s clit making her breathing become heavy and erratic. Laura pulled away from my mouth. “Let me feel Brian inside of me.” She got off of me and climbed off the couch. “Lay down Brian” she told him in a husky voice.

Brian laid on the floor on his back and I squatted above his head until my pussy was an inch away from his nose. He started licking frantically at my pussy, making slurping sounds. My sister squatted in front of me above his dick. She lowered herself onto his cock until is disappeared into her hole. I leaned forward and kissed Laura while she slowly bounced up and down on Brian’s dick. Brain’s tongue was moving up and down the crack of my ass, stopping once in a while to play with my anus. I leaned forward and traced my sister’s lips with my tongue. I shoved my tongue in my sister’s mouth while I rubbed my ass back and forth over my son’s face. I felt Brian’s body start to shudder. My sister’s eyes rolled back in her head as she ground her cunt into his groin. “Oh yeah Brian fill your Aunt’s pussy with your cum.”

Laura and I kept kissing until Brian’s body stopped shaking.

Laura stood up with Brian’s sperm dripping out of her cunt “well let’s go get that on camera now!”

The Bug That Got Me Mom

The Bug That Got Me Mom

First I would like to thank everyone for taking an interest in my work. I very much appreciate it.

I was working on the Second chapters to all of my previous stories, but I’m finding it very hard to writing anything sexy and enjoyable at the moment. I ask that you please bare with me for a little while as I take some time to grieve.

I had to make the unbearable decision to have my beloved Golden Retriever (Ginger) put to sleep. She suffered from kidney failure and I was forced to watch the life drain out of her. By Saturday she couldn’t even stand on her own. I wish this hardship on no one.

So I had this story just finished being reviewed by Chasp and would like to thank him for taking the time to edit it. I’ll be sure to complete the Second chapters as soon I find myself feeling up to it.

All characters are fictional and 18 years or older.


Greg Wilson walked to the bottom of the staircase and yelled for his son, Billy.

“Billy, could you come here for a minute?”

There was no reply, so again he yelled, this time a little louder.

“Billy!” Still silence.

What the hell was that boy doing? Greg wondered and made his way up the staircase in search of his son.

Billy wasn’t able to hear his dad yell, for he was preoccupied listening to music with his headphones on, while he jerked off to a magazine.

Sprawled out on his bed with his hands down his pants, Billy noticed how much the centerfold of the magazine looked like his mother.

Damn! Would my mom look that hot without her clothes on? Billy wondered, as his bedroom door opened and his dad walked in.

Billy tried to conceal what he was doing and tucked the magazine under his pillow. He removed his ear buds and with a red face looked at his dad.

“Yeah, dad, what’s up?” Billy said.

Greg just smirked at his son.

“You know, son, if you’re gonna do that, you should lock your door. If your mother had caught you, she would’ve fainted.”

“Umm, sorry, dad. I’ll make sure I do that in the future.”

Greg just chuckled.

“Oh, I almost forgot what I came up here for. I talked to your mother last night and we’ve decided to go on another camping trip this year. So I need you to help pack the gear up for when we leave tonight.”

“Is sis going also?” Billy asked, hoping she wasn’t, since like typical siblings they fought all the time and figured the trip would be more enjoyable without her.

“Well, what kind of a question is that? Of course she’s going. You two have to learn to get along.”

Billy’s sister Steff was 18, and just out of high school. She and their mother Dawn, were two very attractive females. They could pass for twins in appearance, if it weren’t for the 20 year age difference. They both had long black hair and blue eyes and each had a wonderful set of bubbly tits. Not too big and not too small. They were about the same height, 5 foot 6 inch, with very slim waistlines.

Billy was a typical 19 year old with a buff build from all the athletic sports he played.

Greg Wilson was 10 years older than his wife Dawn, and showing his 49 years. He was partially balding in the back with a touch of grey everywhere else. He spent so much time just sitting around doing paperwork at the bank that his body was sagging everywhere.

“Well, I’m off to try and get your sister on the phone and tell her the news. I’ll try and give you a hand at packing later.” Greg turned and shook his head. “Youth.”

Billy sprang from the bed and headed out to the garage to pack their gear into the van. As he struggled with his parents’ large canvas tent, he paused for a moment and remembered back to when they all would sleep in there together. He tossed the tent into the van, and then proceeded to get the rest of the equipment out.

Dawn had been in the kitchen and just finished up her chores. She wondered if her son might need help packing, so she headed over to garage to see. As she trotted over to the garage, she saw he was just about finished with the packing.

As she approached her son, her eyes wandered over his sweat stained tee shirt and noticed how it clung to his muscular chest. Dawn felt her body tingle and it took her by surprise. Clearing her head she continued to walked over to him and lightly tapped him on his shoulder.

“Hey, you want me to get you a cold glass of lemonade?”

Bill was startled by his mother’s touch, and as he turned around to face her. He couldn’t help but ogle her attire.

Dawn wore a red and white striped short sleeved shirt. It was tied in the middle and exposed her tight abs and navel, and her cleavage was popping out of the top and showing off her succulent breast areolas through the fabric. Her shorts were made out of a cut-up pair of old jeans and the cut was pretty high, exposing her silky thighs and the underside of her panties.

Billy’s mind went back to the magazine he had stroked off to just a few hours ago. The other woman’s figure became intertwined with his mother’s and he could picture her posing seductively for the mag instead of the model.

“Billy!” his mother exclaimed.

“Huh?” Billy said, snapping out of his trance.

“Umm, sorry, mom. I was trying to think if I got everything we need.”

With a puzzled expression on her face, Dawn asked him again if he wanted something cold to drink.

“No thanks, mom, I want to finish this up so I can at least get a quick game in before we go.”

“Ok honey. Just don’t get hurt before we leave. I wouldn’t want to hear your father complain if we couldn’t make this trip on time.”

“I won’t, mom.” Billy yelled, as his mother made her way back to the house.

Billy cautiously shifted his eyes as his mother walked away. He couldn’t help but admire the way her ass wiggled from side to side with each step. Billy could feel his dick swell in size, as he eyed his sexy mother leaving.

You’re a sick shit, he thought to himself. As he turned to the van he shook his head and tried to clear the images that kept popping in there. He put his mind back on packing, and finished the job at hand.

Dawn, almost to the house, recollected the way her son had looked at her.

Was my own son checking me out? She wondered, as she continued on her way.

After a pizza dinner, Dawn, Steff and Billy grabbed the last of their things, and headed to the van. Greg did a once over to make sure all appliances were turned off and the doors were locked. He got in the driver seat and looked back at his two wonderful kids.

“Everyone ready?” he asked, with a big smile on his face.

They all nodded in agreement. Greg put the car in drive and made his way toward the interstate.

After an hour or so of some small bickering with his sister in the back seat of the car, Billy turned and admired the last sight of the sun before it set behind the mountains. As Billy enjoyed the view, he felt a need to piss coming on.

Maybe I shouldn’t have had all that water after the game with the guys, Billy thought to himself.

Billy felt the pressure build in his abdomen as the van bumped down the highway. He knew he wasn’t going to be able to hold it much longer, so he hesitantly spoke up.

“Hey, dad. How far to the next rest stop?”

“I think another 70 miles or so. Why?”

“Dad, I hate to say this, but I think I’m going to need you to pull over. I don’t think I can hold out that long.”

Greg was a little annoyed with his son’s request, but he slowed down and pulled the van off to the side of the road.

“Make it quick,” Greg exclaimed in a sharp tone.

Billy wasted no time. He opened the vehicle door and ran over to the end of pavement, glancing back just realizing just how dark it had gotten. He needed to get off the road more so that as cars passed they couldn’t pick him up in their headlights. Billy made his way through the high grass, and finding a good spot unzipped his pants. Pulling out his dick he quickly began to piss. With his urine discharging out of his body he said

“God, this feels good.”.

Glancing around, he noticed strange flying insects. They lit up the sky, but they didn’t appear to be fireflies. They had a similar look and the same ability to light up their bodies, yet he had never seen this insect before. He couldn’t help but enjoy how wonderful they looked as they flashed their lights in the night sky like twinkling stars.

As he’s watched the bugs, he heard the horn beep from the van. Quickly putting his penis back into his pants, he zipped up and rushed to get back to the vehicle. Jumping in, he apologized to his father for taking so long.

Greg rolled his eyes at his son and sped away down the highway, trying to make up for lost time.

Of course Steff realized the trouble her brother had gotten himself into and had to put her two cents in.

“So, Billy, did you have a hard time finding it in the dark?”

“Shut up! Dog breath!” Billy yelled.

“No more name calling,” Dawn warned.

“It’s going to be a long week if you two don’t get along.”

Billy looked at his mother and smiled.

“Ok, mom, I’ll stop.”

Billy turned towards his sister.

“I’m sorry, sis.”

Steff looked surprised by what her brother said, but still stuck her tongue out at him.

They both started to laugh at one another.

Right at that moment, Billy felt something crawling around in his pants. He started to fumble with his jeans trying to see if he could get to it without drawing to much attention to himself.

But it crawled up the shaft of his dick; Billy could feel tiny legs as it moved up his cock. All of a sudden, a searing pain shot through his entire body.

“Ahh!” Billy screamed. He quickly unbuttoned his pants and slid them down, along with his underwear. Again, he felt another sharp pain, this time more painful than the first.

Billy looked down and spied one of those strange looking bugs that glowed.

The bug sprang from Billy’s cock and flew out the window.

Billy looked up and saw both his mother and sister staring at him with looks of total shock on their faces.

“Mom, that bug bit me.” Billy whimpered, as he pulled his pants back up.

But the pain was still throbbing through his body.

Greg looked back in the review mirror and saw how distraught his son seemed.

“Are you ok, son?”

Billy, felt embarrassed and was in severe pain, so he replied,” I don’t know, dad. It hurts pretty bad.”

“Where did he get you?” Greg asked.

But before Billy could reply, his mother spoke up.

“Greg, you’d better pull over and let me take a look at Billy.”

“Mom, that’s ok, I think the pain is subsiding.”

The pain mixed with the location of the bite was doing something strange to Billy. He felt that his dick had gotten stiff. But for some reason, there was something different about it now. It wasn’t just hard — it had grown in length and girth, also. He felt his dick pulsate to his own heart beat.

Billy began to sweat heavily. As he covered his wounded crotch with both his hands, he couldn’t believe what was happening to him.

Billy heard a voice and realized his mother was still talking to him.

“What was that, mom? What did you say?”

“I said I think I’d better have a look at you. If your bite has swollen, I could get some ice from the cooler. That would bring the swelling down.”

“Mom! No! I’ll be okay. Just let me close my eyes and rest for a bit.” Billy knew he couldn’t have his mother see the condition he was really in. The truth of the matter was that the pain had eased up or his dick had become numb. Either way it wasn’t hurting as bad.

“Well, ok for now, but I’m going to have your father stop at the next rest area so I can make sure anyway.”

“Just let him be, honey. If he says it’s ok then we have to believe him.”

Greg wanted the fuss to stop because check in time at the camp was 9.00am and he didn’t want to be slowed down. Not that he wanted his wife to think that he didn’t care about their son, but honestly, time was moving on and he wanted to just keep going.

But Dawn knew her husband all too well.

“Greg! Your son’s health comes before making sure we arrive at the campground on time.”

Greg sighed. “You’re right, honey. I’m sorry.”

Billy relished that he was feeling no more pain, but his dick still seemed to be doing its own thing. He also felt very drowsy, so he rested his head on the side of the van and slipped off to sleep.

As Billy slumbered, a strange dream started playing in his mind. He found himself in a dark unfamiliar room with his back on a bed. He was naked and there were no sheets on the bed. But he also wasn’t alone. He felt something wet sliding up and down his hardened penis.

Billy looked down and took a gander at a girl that was sucking feverishly on his stiff dick. Her head was down so he couldn’t see who this strange girl was. Billy closed his eyes and relished at how experienced this girl was at giving him head. It was a blowjob like no other.

As Billy moved his hands to the top of the mystery girl’s head forcing her mouth to go deeper onto his raging cock, he felt the back of her throat with his dick and let out a soft moan.

God, whoever she is, she’s fantastic.

Looking down at his anonymous lover, the girl tipped her head up at Billy. A ripple of shock raced through Billy’s body.

Oh my God! It’s my mother!

Then he cried out aloud, “Mom!”. “Hey! Wake up, dipshit,” his sister said. Billy opened his eyes and tried to get his wits about him.

“You have a bad dream, honey?” his mother asked.

“Umm, yeah, mom.”

The car was now stopped in a rest area.

“Well, come on, let’s have a look at that bite.”

“No, mom, we should keep going, it’s fine now.”

Billy was aware that not only was his cock still rock hard but that it felt larger than before. He didn’t want his mother to see him like this, but also found himself thinking back to the dream and toying with the thought of what might happen if she actually did see his cock.

Where are these thoughts coming from? he wondered. Am I sick?

“Well, since I’m still your mother it’s my job to make sure you’re okay. I’m not taking NO for an answer.”

Billy felt his dick jump in his pants from hearing his mother’s comment. He realized he had no choice but to agree. Billy and Dawn got out of the car and walked to the restrooms.

“Mom? How are we going to do this? I can’t go into the women’s room, and you can’t go into the men’s room.”

“You go into the men’s room and see if anybody’s in there. If there isn’t, we’ll go into a stall and I’ll take a look at it in there.”

As Billy walked into the restroom and looked around, he saw that there was one person in there but he looked like he was getting ready to leave. Billy paced himself by walking up to the lavatory sink and washing his hands, slowly, giving the gentleman time to leave. Billy followed him out of the restroom and approached his mom.

“Okay, mom, he was the only person in there.”

Dawn and her son quickly walked into the men’s restroom and entered a stall. Billy turned to face his mother as she told him to drop his pants. Hearing his mother say those words, Billy’s dick jumped again and, as if it was even possible, it got even harder. Hesitantly, Billy dropped his pants and underwear down to his ankles, and saw that he was right– his cock had actually grown quite larger.

Dawn was overwhelmed by what she saw.

“My God! Billy, where did you get that thing? And why are you hard?”

“I don’t know, mom. It got that way after I was bitten.”

“It got hard after you were bitten?”

“Yeah. But also its size, mom. It.. err, it wasn’t that large yesterday.”

“I see,” Dawn replied. But she couldn’t help herself from staring at it. Like it was hypnotizing her.

Dawn tried to pull herself together, she said, “Okay. Show me where you were bitten.”

Slowly Billy reached down and pulled his hard dick to the left side.

“There, mom, right there.”

Billy’s mom got down on her knees so she could get a better look at the bite. But with Billy’s massive hard-on only inches from her face it was difficult for her to concentrate on what she was supposed to be doing.

Billy looked down at the sight before him. Seeing his mother on her knees gawking at his enormous cock brought back the dream that he had only minutes before. A rush of blood shot through Billy’s body, and, as if someone else was controlling him, his hands reached out to his mom’s head and grasped her hair. Slowly he pulled her closer to his throbbing cock, physically aching to feel her warm moist lips wrap around his awaiting dick.

Dawn leaped to her feet.

“Billy! What do you think you’re doing?”

Billy thought quickly and said, “I was trying to stop myself from falling, mom. I felt dizzy.”

“Well, pull your pants up and let’s get going. Maybe your body is trying to fight off whatever was in that bug bite. When we get back to the car, I’ll get you some ice to put on it. Maybe that will take the swelling down.”

“But, mom, I couldn’t place ice on my crotch in the back seat with Steff there.”

Dawn thought about that for a moment. “Well, I’ll switch seats with her and say I have to watch over you. to make sure you’ll be okay.”

They returned to the van and Dawn explained the new seating arrangement to her husband and daughter. Grabbing some ice from the cooler and wrapping it in a towel, she entered the back of the van and handed it to Billy.

“Okay. Here you go. Now get in on your side of the van and lay your head down. See if you can get some sleep for the rest of the trip.”

Greg wasn’t happy about how long they took to sort out the problem, but at least the bite wasn’t serious enough to cancel the trip, so back on the road they went.

While Billy rested in the back seat, his mind wandered back to the sight he had seen of his mother on her knees, just inches from his throbbing penis, Billy fumbled with ideas of how he could get her into another situation like that, but again felt himself slipping away and he dozed off.

Dawn looked over at her son, and also reminisced about the restroom experience.

My God, what a huge dick my son has. The thought frightened her and she wondered why she was having such thoughts about her own son. As Dawn watched her son sleep, she wondered whether he would notice if she touched him. Slowly she inched her fingers over to her son’s groin and lightly placed her hand over his hard bulge.

Billy was awakened by the presence of his mother’s touch on his penis which was still quite stiff. He could feel her light touch on the shaft of his hard cock and expelled a very soft groan. Billy carefully reached out and took his mother’s hand, pushing it down harder on his dick.

Dawn tried to pull her hand away, but Billy forcefully kept her hand there. Forcing her hand up and down his shaft through his pants, Billy thrust his hips up to meet her hand every time it slid up his shaft.

Billy sensed the load building deep in his balls as it traveled up his dick.

Dawn was shocked by what was happening, but also felt herself becoming moist.

I have to stop this, Dawn thought to herself, as she looked over at her husband sitting innocently in front of her.

He’d kill us if he caught on to what we’re doing.

Just then Steff spoke up and asked if Billy was okay. Quickly Billy stopped what he was doing and his mother whipped her hand away from Billy’s groin.

“I’m feeling better, sis. Thanks for asking anyway.”

To himself, he said, I would be feeling real good right about now if you hadn’t butted in.

Bill now felt very frustrated. He needed to feel some relief, but that wasn’t the only feeling he had. He had always thought his mom was a great looker, and he had at times fantasized about seeing her nude, but this was more than that – now he felt pure lust for her. Something deep down inside him was stirring, making him think and do things he would never have thought of doing before.

All he could think of now was having his mother. Every way he could. It was as if nothing else was more important.

He imagined what it would be like to feel her sweet lips savoring his stiff dick, as it slid all the way down her silky throat. His thoughts jumped to another vision, and he saw himself licking her sweet pussy, tasting the juices off her drenched snatch, flicking her hard clit with his tongue until she exploded in his mouth.

Billy’s blood roared through his body. He had brought himself to the point where just a light touch would have made him cum in his pants.

Billy thought long and hard to try and connive a way of getting into his mother’s pants.

“He wondered if she wanted him also. After all, she hadn’t stopped him when he had forced her to masturbate him. He hadn’t really taken a good look at her, before. He hadn’t paid attention before to what she was wearing, but now he could see that although it was just a buttoned up white sun dress with yellow flowers on it, it looked really sexy.

Billy floated his eyes down to his mother’s breasts. He couldn’t miss them – the dress’s buttons weren’t done up all the way and while she was breathing, her chest pushed her tits upward and outward as if saying “Please come feel me. I need to be held. I need to have my nipples nursed upon, like you did when you were an infant.”

He focused harder on them. The van was dark but the lights from passing cars shed enough light for Billy to notice that her nipples were hard.

Was my mother getting excited? He wondered. Or was she just chilly? I don’t feel chilly.

Then he realized his mother wasn’t wearing a bra. The material of the dress was thin enough for him to know she couldn’t be wearing one.

He continued to gaze at his mother’s body; his eyes dropped down to her waist and then to her thighs. Oh, her thighs! Billy could see the skin of his mother’s thighs. The dress had floated above her knees and was resting on her lower thighs.

Dawn gave a little shiver. She crossed her arms and rubbed them as if she was trying to warm herself.

“Mom, do you feel chilly?”

Dawn turned her head towards Billy and then to her husband.

“Greg, it feels chilly in here. Do you have the air on?”

“Yeah, I do. I want it cold to help me stay awake while I drive.”

“It’s ok, Mom, we could just open one of the sleeping bags and use it as a blanket. They’re packed right behind us. I could just reach back and grab one. “Billy spoke quickly and eagerly. He waited for her reply.

Steff spoke up.

“Hey, grab me one, too. I’m cold as well.”

Billy patiently waited for an answer from his mom.

“Well, okay,” she said. “But I don’t think they are long enough for the both of us to share. You might have to get me a separate one.”

“You could slide over and rest your head on my shoulder, mom.”

Billy held his breath as he hoped she would do just that, knowing full well that this position would ensure that his father’s view of his wife through the rear view mirror would be obscured.

Dawn replied to her son with a stern look on her face.

“No, you still have that ice and I don’t want it touching me. Or anything else, for that matter.”

Greg clued in on his wife’s last comment.

“What are you talking about? What’s the ‘or anything else’?”

Dawn tried to cover up her comment. Not wanting to see her son get slapped around, she looked at her husband with a smile on her face.

“Oh, I just meant if Billy picked up one bug, there maybe more, and I don’t want them crawling on me. That’s all.”

“Oh. Well didn’t you check that before at the rest area when you were checking on his bite?”

“Yes, but it was kind of quick because I knew we had to hurry, so…”

Billy quickly spoke up.

“Mom, I think it’s okay. I would have felt them crawling on me by now, and the ice has melted, anyway. I could put the towel on the floor.”

“No. Give it to me. I don’t want the floor wet.”

Billy handed the towel to his mother. Dawn pulled a plastic bag from a rear compartment and placed the towel inside.

“So, two or three sleeping bags, Mom?”

Dawn looked at her son, as if weighing things up.

“Just get the two. I’ll move closer if it’s too small.”

Billy was ecstatic. His plan had worked so far. He reached back for the sleeping bags. He knew that the smallest one was his sister’s so he grabbed his bag first and handed it to Steff.

“Here you go, sis.”

“Thanks,” she replied and opened the bag up.

Billy turned around to get his sister’s bag, the smaller one. He turned around in the seat and started to untie the bag and roll it out over himself and his mom.

“I guess you were right, Mom, it only halfway covers us both.”

“I figured as much,” Dawn replied drily, as she slid over on the seat towards Billy. She pulled her legs up and bent them at the knee, resting them on the seat behind her. She leaned forward and put her head on her son’s shoulder.

Dawn glanced at her husband to see if he was watching. She leaned in to her son and whispered softly in his ear, “No funny stuff, mister. We’re just keeping warm. Right?”

Billy nodded his head in agreement with her, placing his right hand on her lower thigh at the point where the dress had exposed her skin. He eased back in the seat and rested his head on the back so that it appeared he was just making himself comfortable.

Dawn placed her left hand over her son’s and rested it on his knee. She snuggled in against him, her left cheek on his shoulder, and closed her eyes.

With the sleeping bag over them, Billy knew that even if his sister turned around, she wouldn’t be able to see anything.

Billy eagerly waited for a sign that his mom had become secure with their closeness. He figured only then would he start to put his mischievous plan into action.

Billy figured it must have been an hour that he’d waited, and felt secure enough to put his plan into action. He could detect that his mother’s breathe was heavy on his shoulder.

She had to be asleep. He thought to himself.

Lightly he squeezed his right hand on his mother’s thigh a couple of times, just to see if she reacted at all to his presence. Billy felt no movement from her, so he moved his right hand up her thigh a little and then back down in a rubbing motion. Dawn continued to breathe heavily. Billy moved his hand slowly up her thigh higher, dragging the sun dress with him as he went. Still seeing no change from his mom, Billy felt more confident, as he continued moving higher and higher up his mother’s thigh until he had reached her mid thigh now. But Billy encountered his first problem. He could feel his elbow hitting the seat. Without completely moving his body, he realized this was as far as he was going to be able to go. Disappointed momentarily, he lightly dragged his fingers back down his mother’s thigh, back to her knee, and then back up her thigh again but this time he moved his finger to the inside of her thigh.

Although Dawn was in her deep slumber, her legs involuntarily parted a little, making room for the fingers that were softly stroking the inside of her thigh. Billy’s ears keyed in on his mom’s breathing, noting that it had become quicker.

Billy felt his own excitement building, as moving his hand to the middle of Dawn’s inner thigh, he could feel her legs parting more to his probing touch. He heard the softest of moans coming from his mother. He rubbed his hand up as for as it would go on her left inner thigh, and then brushed his hand down her right inner thigh.

Suddenly he felt his mother stir! Billy froze. He kept his hand still and prayed his mother wouldn’t open her eyes. Luck was on his side. Dawn’s eyes remain closed, but she snapped her legs closed and shifted more onto her left side. Billy removed his right hand from his mother and turned his body very slowly toward her. His mother’s head slowly slipped off his shoulder and rested now on the car’s seat. Billy was now facing her with his right shoulder on the car’s seat, his mother’s hand still on his right leg, but now he had it trapped with his left leg. He placed his left hand on the top of his mother’s left leg.

Billy listened to his mother’s breathing. Had it changed? Was it still heavy? Or has it lightened? He tested her again by squeezing her lower thigh gently. He received no response so he slowly glided his fingertips up to the top of her thigh to where the hem of her dress rested. He trickled his fingers lightly back down her leg. He repeated this several times, always checking for a change of expression or of a sound from his mother. Like a falling feather he laid his hand flat on his mother’s leg and moved it up to the top of her thigh. He pushed the palm of his hand down on her flesh, and scrunched the dress up as he moved his hand slowly, ever so slowly, back up her leg. Now he could feel the leg rim of his mother’s panties. Billy paused there and he admired how far he had been able to go. After a minute or so, Billy twitched his fingers and grazed his mother’s panties, and gave her thigh another squeeze of his hand.

Billy caught a change in his mother. Her closed mouth has parted a little. He gave her leg another light squeeze and her lips opened a little more. He was sure her breathing was lighter and faster now, too. He felt his excitement rise more as he realized that his mother must be feeling something.

This newfound excitement caused Billy to push the limit more, so he returned to lightly running his left fingertips over the top of his mother’s thigh, but with his free hand he very slowly, very carefully, unbuttoned his pants and eased them down until he was able to free his massive cock.

That strange feeling he had experienced earlier had now taken over. He felt like a slave to it and yet he knew there was no way back. Wherever this feeling came from, he was going to enjoy his mother, whether she wanted him to or not.

Billy again stroked his mother’s thighs, knee to panty line, both legs. Whether she was aware of what her son was doing or not, Dawn’s legs parted as they had earlier. The more he stroked her, the further her legs parted, and the more her breathing quickened. Billy laid his open hand on her inner thigh and whispered it gently up her leg until his thumb brushed his mother’s crotch. He could feel the heat of her pussy through the soft feel of her cotton panties. He wanted desperately to slide his thumb under the elastic but decided it was too early. Instead, he continued his game of running his fingers up one leg and down the next, so that his mom would subconsciously get used to the feeling. If he did this right, she wouldn’t know what was going on until it was too late for her to stop him. He wanted her to enjoy this as much as he knew he was going to.

Billy slowly lifted his right hand and reached for his mother’s hand that was trapped between his legs. He raised his left leg to free her hand and slowly moved it closer to his waiting, throbbing cock. Billy placed her hand on the shaft of his dick, and closed her fingers around it. He then began to move her hand slowly up and down his thick shaft. Using his left hand he pressed more firmly on her flesh and moved his hand up to her panties. This time he hooked his thumb under the elastic and brushed her pussy lips. He could feel the heat pouring out of her and a moistness that he hadn’t noticed earlier.. His mother gave another soft moan. Billy was ecstatic. He thought to himself,

Yes, that’s it. You like this, don’t you, Mom. You need to cum. I know you do. I want to make you cum, Mom. You’re going to cum for me before this trip was over .

As Bill rubbed his mother’s hand up and down his dick he got a surprise – she had started doing it on her own now; his mother, in her sleep, was slowly jacking him off!

Billy made another bold move. He removed his right hand from his mother’s wrist and let it creep to her chest. With his palm open, he started to rub in little circles around her succulent left breast. His mother indeed was braless. He could feel her nipple harden through the light material of the dress.

He heard another moan leave his mother’s lips and she gripped his stiff shaft a little harder.

I’ve almost got her, he thought to himself.

Billy slid his hand to the center of her chest and tried to undo another button on her dress. After some fiddling, it became undone and he preceded downward, undoing the next button, then the next, until they were all unfastened. He now had complete access to his mother’s breasts. Billy opened the dress more and slid his hand to manipulate her left circular breast, and lightly kneaded both her globes, one after the other. He then slowly worked his left hand under his mother’s panties and rested it right on top of her wet pussy.

Billy started to rub up and down on his mother’s mound while at the same time he kneaded her luscious breasts, switching from one tit to the other. Billy felt the increased speed of his mother’s hand as she rubbed his cock up and down. He could hear her breath louder and quicker. His cum was building in his balls.

Billy leaned forward and put his lips to his mother’s ear and whispered, “That’s it, Mom. Make your son cum.”

He heard his mother in her sleeping state mumble something but he couldn’t make out what it was.

“You feel so hot, Mom. I bet you need to get off too, don’t you, Mom. You need to cum also, don’t you, Mom? I’m going to make you cum. I want you to cum for me. I want us to cum together, Mom.”

She let out a moan at these words and Billy now worked his left hand until it parted his mother’s moist pussy lips.

“You’re so wet, Mom,” He whispered in her ear as he rubbed two fingers up and down her swollen lips.

Dawn’s hips started to twitch, slightly lifting up and back down to the rhythm of Billy’s fingers. Billy felt her grip his dick harder and she moveed her hand to the same speed and pace he was moving against her pussy.

“That’s it, Mom. Your hand feels fantastic.”

“Oh, Billy”, his mother said softly.

She said his name. My God! My mother said my name. Did she know? Had she been pretending to be asleep or was she dreaming about me? Billy was now so excited, he couldn’t believe his mother was aware of what had taking place and had given her permission to him. He slid his hand up Dawn’s hot mound to her protruding clit. With his fingers, he started lightly flicking it. His mother bucked harder against his intruding hand, and she was beating him off at a faster pace as she gripped his cock like it was a baseball bat. Light moans were coming more often from her now. Billy wanted to cover her mouth as he was afraid his father and sister would hear his mother’s moans of delight. But he couldn’t do this without waking his mother and he preferred to take his chances.

Billy increased the pressure on his mother’s clit. He pushed his fingers inside her so that he could fuck her with them. With his thumb he rubbed her hard little clit. He wished his fingers were his cock. He wanted to fuck her hard with his shaft. He wanted her to want him like he wanted her. Her wetness had turned him on so much he didn’t think he would last much longer.

His mother’s legs started to quiver. Billy grasped her tits harder now, and he began to grunt in his mother’s ear, keeping it soft, just between the two of them.

“Yes, Mom. That’s it, cum for me. Let’s cum together. Uhh Uhh. I’m so close, Mom.”

Just then Dawn woke. She tried to grasp what was happening. She felt the tingling of her own ecstasy, her hips bucking to the probing fingers attacking her excited clit, and then she felt what her own hand was doing.

But it wasn’t her husband that had worked her up to this point. It was her own son; he had stimulated her to total bliss, and she was jerking him off. She felt herself building to her needful climax, but somehow she felt she should stop this. It’s so wrong, surely. How could this have happened? Her mind was telling her one thing, yet her body betrayed her. Her hand continued to jerk her son off and her hips still thrust up towards her son’s skillful fingers fucking her, fucking her, fucking her. Her excitement was intense. God, this was so wrong!

“Billy,” she whispered to him. “We can’t do this. Please stop. It’s so wrong.”

“I can’t, Mom. I need this and I think you need this, too. I want to make you cum, Mom. Please cum for me.”

“Noo…” she moaned quietly.

“Yes, Mom. Cum for me.” And Billy rubbed faster on her clit.

“We can’t, Billy.”

“We already are, Mom. I can feel we’re both close, Mom.”

Billy thrust himself harder against his mother’s beating hand, as he felt his mother’s body tighten up as her body quivered all over.

Drawn tried to conceal her orgasm by biting her lip as muffled whimpers started to escape from her mouth. Her free hand moved to her son’s wrist grabbing it, pushing his hand harder into her hot pussy as her orgasm exploded, her drenched pussy tightened around her son’s fingers as they kept feverishly fucking her excited cunt.

Billy felt and heard his mother reach her climax. His blood rushed to his head as his cum readied itself to explode out of his throbbing cock. Quickly he locked his lips on his mother’s mouth, keeping her moans locked inside her. As he pumped his dick harder in her hand, he felt his cum explode out of his shivering body, spurting cum all over his mother’s hand and the sleeping bag. It felt as if his heart was pumping the cum out of his being. He thrust his hips up and down in his mother’s hand as the electric tingle pulsed though his entire body like nothing he’d ever felt before. Billy tried his best to silence his own grunting, pressing his mouth down harder on his mother’s lips which were willingly kissing him back now.

After coming down from their sexual high. Billy removed his hand from his mother’s quivering pussy. Billy looked at his mother in her blissful state and whispered,

“Thanks mom. I needed that. I love you mom.”

Dawn’s body jerked as she came down from her own satisfying climax, opened her eyes and whispered back, “I love you too, Billy.”

She looked over to the front seats and noticed that no one had looked back. Steff’s head was not in sight so she must have it resting on the door, and Greg was busily driving.

Billy eased himself over and started to pull up his cum covered pants. His sperm was everywhere. He needed to find something to clean himself up. Dawn also sat up and tried to find something to wipe her hand off with. She reached for the wet towel Billy used as an icepack used it. She then handed it to Billy and he tried to clean up a bit. They both jumped when Greg spoke to Dawn..

“Umm, honey, you awake?”

“Yes, dear.”

“Umm, there’s a rest stop 2 miles ahead and I need to relieve myself. I think that’s a good place for someone to take over driving for a bit. I’m starting to get tired.”

“I’ll drive for awhile, honey. You could crash in the back seat with Billy.”

Steff spoke up now. “Hey what about me. I’m cramped up here I want to get some sleep too.”

“Okay, Billy and I will switch with you both at the rest stop.”

“That’s fine with me, mom.” Billy said

Steff turned to her mother,

“That’s great, mom. Thank you.”


Greg turned off the exit ramp and searched for a parking spot. The rest area that he found was quite dark and there were not many cars. He pulled the van up to the closet spot he could find and parked.

Greg turned the engine off and gave a refreshing stretch, as the long drive had taken its toll on him and he couldn’t wait to relieve that build up of piss he had been holding in for such a long time. Greg opened the door and hopped out. Lifting one leg and then the other, Greg tried to shake off the stiffness. He turned and glanced at the rear of the van and caught his wife and son watching him.

“I’ll be right back,” he said.

“I’ll come with you, daddy” Steff said, in the middle of a stretch herself.

“We’ll wait here until you two get back,” Dawn exclaimed. “I need a private moment to talk to Billy about something.”

Billy swallowed hard and thought to himself, I’m in deep shit now. I don’t think Mom’s too happy with me. I’d better come up with something quick.

Greg gave his wife a quick nod and made his way to the restrooms with his daughter.

Dawn watched as her husband and daughter disappeared. She tried to figure out how to talk to her son about what they did. And as she thought about it, she remembered the dream she’d had and what the dream was about.

Both of them were in the restroom they’d stopped at earlier as she checked out her son’s bite. She was on her knees just inches away from his massive hard-on, but in her dream she felt herself getting excited over the sight of that monster dick so close to her. Her son’s massive cock was jutting out and looked like it was just begging to be touched. Dawn found herself fighting with the morals of right and wrong, but felt she was losing the battle. Her tingling pussy moistened with the sexual tension that had built up within her. Dawn tried her best to overcome her sinful desires but watched as her right hand reached out slowly and touched her son’s manhood. Her whole body shivered. Dawn grasped her son’s throbbing love pole between her hands and slowly stroked him. She watched as she jerked his monster dick up and down and pre-cum started to ooze out of his piss hole. She wet her lips as she watched the cum dribble down his massive shaft. As her body leaned forward, Dawn told herself, “No! You shouldn’t do this. He’s your son!” But her body wouldn’t listen to her, and she kept moving closer and closer. She watched as her mouth opened and slowly eased her son into her mouth. Knowing what she was doing was wrong made no difference to how much she was enjoying the way his massive cock felt as it filled up her entire mouth as she tried to take him down her throat.

Dawn bobbed her head up and down and heard her son moan her name, telling her how great she made him feel.

Dawn began to feel her own juices flow out of her excited pussy. She needed to get off, herself. She dropped her right hand down to her twat, and started playing with herself, bringing herself towards her own climax.

Dawn looked up at her son. He took both his hands and pulled her up to face him. Still stroking his pussy spreader, Billy said to her, “Let’s cum together, Mom. I want to make you cum.” He lowered his own right hand down to his mother’s willing pussy, and began to rub her clit with two fingers, building her up to her orgasm. Dawn placed her head on his shoulders, and stroked his thick cock in sync with his own busy fingers.

Dawn moaned, “Oh Billy.”

Dawn felt him rub her faster and harder on her now swollen clit. She could feel her excitement building, she knew in any second she’d orgasm, and that was when she awoke.

Dawn came back to the present and turned to face her son, and with a stern look on her face she began to speak, but before she could get a word out,

Billy said “Mom, I’m really sorry for what I did. I don’t know what happened. It’s like it was someone else controlling my body. It was making me do things I wouldn’t normally have done, and I swear my penis was never this big until after I got bitten. I think that bite did something to me. It’s made me do things. I think I might be changing into someone else.”

“Well maybe there is some truth to what you’re saying. But Billy, we can never do that again. Do you understand how wrong that was?”

Billy’s eyes began to tear up.

“Yes Mom, I hope you will forgive me. This is the worst day of my life.”

“Well maybe we should just cancel this trip and have a doctor take a look at you.”

“Mom, please don’t do that! Dad would never forgive me if this trip gets ruined on my account.”

“There’ll be more trips. Your wellbeing is my first concern.”

“Just give me a day or two, Mom.”

Then, with his head down, Billy said,” If it helps at all, what you did to me before seemed to help.”

“In what way?”

“Errr. It’s hard to explain Mom, but that feeling of someone else controlling me disappeared.”

“So you don’t feel like that anymore?”

“Not right now I don’t, Mom.”

Dawn paused for a moment and thought about what her son had told her. She felt sympathy for him. She took his hand in hers and said, “Okay we’ll keep this to ourselves. No sense in getting your father upset over this.”

“Thanks Mom, and again please believe me how sorry I am. I love you Mom. “

“I love you too, Billy.” Dawn slid over to her son and gave him a soft motherly kiss on his forehead.

She backed away and looked out the van’s window.

“I wonder what’s taking your father and Steff so long.”

Greg did take awhile in the restroom. He hadn’t realized how tired he really was from all the driving he had done. He threw some water on his face and began to make his way back to the van. Steff was standing outside the doorway to the ladies’ restroom.

“I didn’t want to walk back by myself so I waited for you, Daddy.”

Greg smiled and opened the exit door for her.

“Ladies first.”

Steff looked in her daddy’s eyes. “Thank you, Daddy.”

They both took a leisurely walk back to the van, neither one in a hurry to return to the cramped confines of the vehicle, though each for different reasons.

Dawn watched the two dark figures as they approached the vehicle. She knew it was them.

“Billy, it’s our turn to go. Put that sleeping bag in the front seat, and put your sister’s back here.”

Billy quickly made the switch.

Greg opened the rear door and Dawn stepped out.

“You have your talk with Billy?”

“Yes everything is fine, but I’m still a little worried about that bite.”

“He’ll be fine, honey, it was only a bug that bit him, and we don’t have anything that could kill a person around these parts. I’m sure by morning it will be all forgotten about.”

“I hope so, dear.”

Dawn walked to the back of the van and opened the rear door. She went through her clothes and found a pair of jeans, some clean panties, and a tee shirt. She then looked for a clean pair of underpants for her son. Quickly she rolled her panties, and her son’s undershorts in her jeans, and headed to the restroom.

“I’m going to change also, honey. I don’t want to drive in this dress. I think the cold will give me too much of a chill while I’m driving.”

Greg had already settled into the backseat and glanced up to his wife.

“Okay, dear.”

Dawn walked with her son. Once outside the restroom she unrolled her jeans and handed Billy his underwear.

“Here Billy, put these on, and give me the old ones back when we leave.”

Billy took the underwear.

“Thanks Mom” and made his way to the restroom.

Dawn entered an empty stall and relieved herself.

Her mind rewound back to what had happened, and she felt herself getting excited all over again. She pinched herself for thinking dirty thoughts again about her son.

But try as she might, her mind kept picturing both of them as they pleased each other.

“I have to get it together, here” she thought to herself.

Dawn quickly wiped herself, and changed out of her dress and into her new clothes.

Billy was in the men’s room staring at the mirror. So many thoughts were churning through his mind. What’s happened to me? Am I really a sick pervert who just wants to fuck his own mother? Why is my dick getting bigger?

Billy calmed himself and changed into his clean underwear. He exited the rest room and handed Dawn his underwear.

“You okay, Billy?”

“Yeah Mom. Just wished things hadn’t happened the way they did.”

“I told you, it’s okay. I forgive you. Let’s get back before they worry about us.”

Billy and his mother slid into the front seats.

Dawn looked back at her husband who did his best to only take up half the rear seat with his body, lying on his left side, his head resting on the window of the door.

“Everyone ready?”

Steff who was resting opposite in a mirrored pose of her father, said “Yeah, let’s get going.”

Dawn adjusted the stereo so only the front driver speaker was playing. She found a soothing station to listen to and tuned up the volume just enough for her to hear and not disturb anyone else. Happy with her choice of music she put the van in gear and made her way down the highway.

Dawn hoped that the music would help her concentrate on the road, and also get her mind off her incestuous sexual romp.

An hour had passed, and the van was very quiet. Everyone but Dawn seemed to be getting some sleep.

But Steff was still awake. She was unable to sleep. What Dawn and Billy didn’t know was that they had been seen, caught in the middle of the act, so to speak.

While they’d tried their best to keep their climaxes to themselves, Steff had heard! Steff had eased herself up from her position in the front seat and glimpsed over the top. She had been shocked by what she had seen. There in the back seat, her mother and brother were having some kind of sexual contact, the expression on both their faces obvious as to what was taking place. Steff had become fixated on the movement that she was seeing. She watched as her Mom’s and her brother’s breathing increased in speed and intensity. She knew exactly what they were doing. They were rubbing each other off, the look on her mother’s face told her that she was very close to climaxing.

Steff didn’t know what to do. Should she speak up and say something? Should she tell her father what was happening in the back seat? As Steff continued to watch, her pussy tingled and began to moisten. Steff couldn’t understand it, but she was getting turned on by this.

As Steff watched she became wetter and wetter, her excitement building as her mother and brother were close to reaching their own unthinkable climatic experience.

Steff squeezed her legs together and tried to ease the heat between her legs. Despite her attempts to control herself, her hand fumbled under her panties until it found her needing mound and began to stimulate her steamy pussy.

Steff looked over at her father but he was carefully watching the road and was unaware of all that was going on around him. Relieved, she let her fingers probe deeper inside her pussy. Faster and faster she massaged her hard clit, and fingered her tight little cunt as she watched the forbidden sexual foreplay of her mother and her brother. She watched intensely as her mother reached her sinful climax and pushed her mouth hard into her brothers.

As that happened, Steff felt her own climax explode and she pushed her fingers deep into her soaked little pussy to try and ease her body from quivering. Slowly she slipped herself back down in the seat, her fingers still jammed tightly in her juice covered twat, her breathing feeling harsh in her ears.

Now, several hours later, Steff could feel that her pussy was wet again from the memory of what had transpired. She looked over at her father who was silently sleeping.

Steff closed her eyes and again replayed the incestual encounter she had observed. Her hand slipped back down to her moist pussy and began again to stimulate herself.

Her legs parted more and more giving her hand more room for its invasive intrusion. She got hotter and wetter by the moment. She needed more room to move about, she needed more than her hand could provide.

Steff opened her eyes and glanced at her father again. The incestual thought had been wakened in her own mind; she wanted to know what it felt like for herself. The thought of having her father made her hotter than she ever felt before.

No! I can’t! Not with Daddy; I have to stop thinking this nonsense.

But her mind thought otherwise, and her fingers dug deeper into her hot little snatch, building up her sexual urges.

She pictured her father’s big stiff dick ramming into her tight pussy. A light moan escaped her lips. She had gotten so turned on at the thought of her and dad fucking, she couldn’t take it anymore.

Steff looked in the front seat. She could see her mother still listening to her music, and thought her brother must be asleep by now as she couldn’t see him. She turned her attention back to her father. She looked over at him and heard his deep breathing. He was fast asleep.

Steff quietly eased herself forward on the seat and gently tugged her father’s legs down from their crushed up location and rested them behind her.

Greg stirred in his sleep and slid his whole left side down onto the van seat.

Steff waited to make sure her father didn’t wake; she turned on her left side and spooned in against her father covering them with the sleeping bag.

Greg, still asleep, rested his right arm on top of his daughter’s right shoulder. Unconsciously, he rubbed his hand lightly on his daughter’s shoulder a couple of times.

Steff enjoyed the feeling of her dad’s body as he rested behind her. She felt so secure as she felt his hand on her, but it was also bringing out more of her sexual urges.

I can’t do this, she thought. Daddy won’t understand, I have to control myself.

Steff’s body had other intentions though, and she found herself easing back closer to her father. Her hot little body pushed back and her tight ass made contact with her father’s crotch. The heat between their bodies grew as she tried to control her unthinkable tendencies, but again her body betrayed her and she felt her hips twitch lightly, causing her soft ass to brush against her father.

“Oh, God,” Steff softly whimpered.

Her ass rubbed harder against her father and her pussy tingled with excitement. Steff’s lust now controlled her. Her right arm slipped behind her and down across her father’s sweat pants until it found his bulging cock. She rubbed him up and down and felt his cock grow with her gentle toying.

Still asleep, Greg’s arm again rubbed his daughter’s shoulder while he made little thrusts against the light touch of his daughter’s hand.

Steff slid her hand up her father’s sweat pants until she reached the waistband. She slipped her fingers inside and wiggled them around. Easing her hand down, she made her way under his underwear, working it down to her father’s warm semi hard cock. As she reached the tip, she felt it jump, causing another tingle in her wet little pussy. She pushed over the head and encircled Greg’s pole with her hand, gripping it lightly as she stroked up and down his stiffening shaft.

Greg made soft grunts in his sleep; his hand that had softly rubbed Steff’s shoulder had wandered down to her chest and was cupping her right firm tit, giving it a gentle squeeze.

“Oh, Dawn, that feels great,” Greg whispered sleepily.

Excited, Steff lowered her hand to his balls and toyed with them, while she rubbed her thumb up and down his now hard cock.

Greg began to stir, as he felt a hand manipulate his balls. He could feel himself push against the hand as it stimulated his excited dick. As Greg became more aware, he felt his own hand as it squeezed the fleshing tissue of a woman’s breast, but this breast felt different from Dawn’s. Greg opened his eyes and as they focused on his surroundings he became aware of where he was. His body tightened as he finally came to his senses and realized who this woman was. His own daughter was jerking him off and his hand was kneading her breast.

Greg was so confused. How could this be happening, what should he do? This was so wrong, but at the same time, it felt so good. His dick grew harder as his mind raced with the thought of what his daughter was doing to him. He had to stop this, but he couldn’t find it in himself to do it. He had never felt this excited before in his life. It was such a wicked taboo.

As he squeezed Steff’s perky tits again, he realized how much he liked the feel of them in his hand.

God this is so wrong. I have to stop this. Greg said to himself defiantly.

Greg eased his head forward and whispered in Steff’s ear. “Baby we can’t do this. It’s so wrong.”

Steff now knew her dad was now awake, but she didn’t care; she just knew she had to have him. Steff thought about what her dad said, but realized that since he hadn’t stopped feeling her breast, she figured he must not be fighting too hard with the same forbidden desire she had. She had to help him with his dilemma. She wanted him too badly now to stop on her own; she wanted to fuck her daddy, and that’s what she was going to do.

Steff grabbed hold of her father’s balls and pulled them down, stretching them as far as they would go; she turned her head towards him and whispered back,

“Just enjoy it daddy. No one but us will know.”

Greg looked up at his wife and back to his daughter.

“We can’t, baby. No matter how much we want to, we just can’t.”

Steff ignored his words and took hold of her father’s hand that still rested on her breast. She slid it down to the top of her jeans and pushed his hand under her pants and whispered to him.

“Make me cum, Daddy.”

Greg couldn’t stop himself; he felt his hot sperm build from all the teasing on his nut sack. He ground himself against her playful fingers. He closed his eyes and let his hand slide inside her knickers. He wanted to feel her puffy mound. He wanted to feel her warmth, her softness, her wetness.

As his hand brushed over her little love box, Steff pushed herself harder against him, stroking his stiff cock faster. A soft moan escaped him.

“That’s it, Daddy. Put your hand on my pussy. It’s waiting for you. I’m so wet.”

Greg’s fingers inched their way towards her hot little slit, but her jeans were so tight it made it impossible to reach his goal. Steff realized this and with her left hand she unbuttoned her jeans and slowly slid them down, taking her panties with them. Steff spread her legs wide and pushed her lower body up to her father’s waiting hand. Greg now had all the room he needed and dipped his hand down farther and parted his daughter’s wet pussy lips, his fingers sliding up and down as they toyed with her hard clit.

He could feel how wet she was and flicked harder on the little bud. He heard his daughter’s breath quicken as her hips pushed back against him.

“Put your fingers in me, Daddy. Please, I want to feel your fingers inside me.”

Greg slipped his fingers to the entrance of her dripping pussy and then eased two fingers inside her. She was so tight, so wet; his cock hardened more as his fingers coated themselves in her juices. Steff let out another soft moan and her right hand slid up Greg’s cock to the top of his sweat pants. She grabbed hold of the waistband and pulled them down as she pushed her tight ass against his swollen manhood. Reaching back with her hand she again started to play with his cum filled balls. Steff rolled them in her fingers like a couple of marbles. Greg knew he wasn’t far from cumming now. His daughter sliding her soft firm ass against his sensitive shaft had gotten him very excited.

Steff worked her ass up and down until she felt her father’s hot cock slide between her tight ass cheeks. Steff squeezed her ass together as she manipulated his rock hard cock against her; she felt her own climax building.

Greg was in heaven. He couldn’t believe this was happening. The sexual tension had overtaken him. Greg pushed himself against his daughter’s silk-like ass; he slipped a third finger inside her, fucking her little pussy steadily.

Steff moved to the rhythm of her father’s fingers; she moved her body higher up his so that she could position her wet wanting cunt over the tip of his cock. She took her hands from his cock and pulling it forward till it rested against her soaked lips, she pushed back and forth making his cock slide up and down her slick little snatch. In time together, they increased the speed of their movements. Greg’s excitement grew as his cock flirted with her welcoming pussy. Now Steff pushed back harder, so the head of her father’s cock just entered her tight hole that was already filled by his fingers. Greg removed his hand from her sopping wet pussy, and whispered in her ear,

“That’s too far, baby.”

Greg took hold of his daughter and moved her away from his cock, but Steff didn’t want it to end. Quickly she turned around and dove down to her father’s penis. She sucked his entire thick dick down her throat.

Faster and faster Steff sucked. She knew he couldn’t last much longer, but she needed her own relief and so she moved her body around until her needing pussy was at her dad’s face.

Greg could smell his daughter’s juices as it dripped out of her little snatch. As one part of his mind told him he was wrong to do this, another, more animalistic part, told him to give way to his pleasure. He rammed his tongue between her legs. He lapped at his daughter’s love hole like a thirsty dog at the water bowl. Pushing more and more of her steamy pussy in his face, he buried his tongue deep into her tight little cunt; he felt her moaning on his dick as her mouth engulfed his steel-like pole.

Bucking and moaning loader now, they both lost all control. The animal part of them had taken over. Sucking and lapping was all they cared about.

As their climax built they didn’t realize that they had woken Billy with their noise. He looked over the front seat and watched his sister and father eating each other like there was no tomorrow.

Shocked at first, Billy saw another opportunity arise. Billy thought to himself that there was no way his father could be upset with him over Mom, not after sucking on his own daughter. Deliberately making himself visible, Billy slid higher up the seat and admired the show before him.

Greg felt Steff ‘s hot pussy quiver on his tongue. She was cumming in buckets as he sucked the juices out of her. He himself was ready to shoot, and at that moment looked up.

Horror ran through him as he saw his son looking back, but there was nothing he could do. He was on the edge of an abyss. Steff was sucking wildly on his cock and he felt his dick explode. Greg thrust himself hard into her mouth, as he felt his hot sperm fire deep into his daughter’s welcoming mouth. All the while this happened, he kept looking into his son’s face.

Billy watched until his father had finished and then he simply turned around and slid back down out of sight. Shit Greg thought. I’m in deep shit now.

Expecting the worse, Greg felt his family slipping away. He could see Dawn throwing him out of the van in tears as she drove off with the kids.

Greg quickly rose and shooed Steff away. Pulling up his pants, he looked at Steff and whispered over to her, “We’re in big trouble, baby.”

“Why’s that, daddy?”

“Billy saw us.”

Steff just smiled and took her dad’s hand.

“I don’t think Billy is going to say anything to Mom.”

Greg frowned as he watched Steff tidy herself up. What had she meant? Greg and Steff lay back in the positions they had been in at the beginning of this part of the journey.

Greg couldn’t sleep, wondering with fear what was in store for him. If his son told his wife what he saw in the back seat, his life would be over.

As his father fretted, Billy looked over at his Mom, and smiled. He knew now he had the best chance ever of fucking his mother.

Soon, Mom, real soon I’ll be the one between your thighs, and you’ll be calling my name, begging me to fuck you deeper and deeper, Billy thought to himself before he closed his eyes and fell asleep.


As the sun rose in the distance, Dawn saw the sign up ahead to the campground.

“We’re almost here” She announced in a loud voice, as she looked in the rearview.

Everyone started to stir. Billy’s was the first to sit up and look around. As he took a deep stretch he asked. “You drove the whole way, Mom?”

“Yea, I was in the mood for a long drive”

Greg straightened up but didn’t address himself right away. He was still scared of what Billy might say.

I’d better play it cool for awhile, he thought to himself.

Billy looked back at his dad.

“Morning, dad. Did you sleep alright back there? I know how little space there is.”

“Umm yea I did son, I can’t believe it myself.”

“So where are we going to setup camp this year, dad?” Billy asked, as if he’s really cared.

“I thought up by the lake, if everyone is up to the hike.”

“That sounds great!” Steff spoke while she stretched.

“We’ll be able to go swimming,” Steff expressed with glee.

Dawn looked back in the rearview mirror at her husband. In a huffy voice replied,

“I wish I knew this back at the house. I would have packed my bikini.”

Greg thought and came up with a plan. “Well when we get to the campground, Billy and I could stay there, while you and Steff head up the road to town and find a new bikini there.”

“Clothes shopping. This trip is starting off fantastic already, ” Steff replied excitedly.

“I guess we could do that. You two wouldn’t mind waiting around for us at the campground?”

“No. I think I and dad will be able to find something to do while you to shop” Billy replied, knowing full well that his dad would want to try and talk his way out of what he did with sis.

“Okay then, I’ll try and hurry to find a suit.”

“Hey mom I think I need a new one also.” Steff interjected.

“Steff ,we don’t have time for you to try on every bikini in the store”

“Aw ,come on, mom. I’m not that bad, and besides, I would only be waiting around for you to find something.”

“We’ll see, but no promises”

Shortly after they had left, Billy felt a strange tingle through his body again, and his dick started to increase in size.

“Oh no, not again!” he thought to himself.

Billy’s mind started to drift, and his vision went back to seeing his mother bent down on her knees in front of him. He imagined her opening her mouth and taking his dick in it and slowly sucking him off. Then his mind changed people, and now he saw his sister, and she was slamming her ass against their father’s dick, screaming out loudly in ecstasy as he was pulling her into him with both hands on her waist, ramming his cock deep inside of her. Again, his mind wandered. He could still see his sister face, as she screamed in her climatic state, but now the man fucking her brains out wasn’t her father anymore, it was he.

Billy could feel his cock at full hardness, almost poking out of the top of his jeans. Overnight it must have grown another 2 inches.

Lost in the enjoyment of the new thoughts traveling through his mind, Billy tried to overcome them and bring himself back to reality, shaking the incestual images that were haunting him.

Billy shamefully asked himself, “Why am I thinking these thoughts? Am I really a pervert?

But the urges that were running throughout his body were too much for him to control. The desire that had built up in him of wanting and needing his mother to suck him off, and now fuck his own sister, were almost more than he could stand.

“Okay then I’ll just have to live with that fact that I’m a sick, twisted pervert who wants to fuck his own family. So I might as well be the best pervert I can be,” Billy thought. And with that, the shame he felt started to dissipate.

Knowing that his dad would want to discuss what he seen last night, Billy was going crazy trying to cover every excuse his dad could use as to why he was lapping his own daughter to a climax.

Somehow he might be able to use it to his advantage, without his father knowing what his true intentions were.

Billy made his way to a grassy area, still trying to stretch the stiffness out of his body.

Looking over at his son, Greg signaled to Billy with his hand. “Billy, we need to talk.”

“About what, dad?” He replied, with a faked puzzled look. Billy headed over to his dad.

“I think you know.”

“Are you talking about what I saw you and sis doing in the back seat?”

“Umm yea. I need to explain.” Billy cut him off before Greg could finish.

“If you’re worried that I’m going to tell mom what I saw you can put your mind at easy. First off, I think sis somehow tricked you and secondly, I don’t want to see you and mom split up over this.

“That’s exactly what happened!” Greg said, breathing a sigh of relief.

“Well I figured as much, dad, but sis must be up to something, and I wouldn’t put it past her to open her big mouth and tell mom what you two did. Now that they’ve gone shopping, she’s got all the time in the world to tell mom her side of the story. I would bet it makes you out to be the person who made the advances. Mom isn’t going to ever believe you now if you told her what happened. She would want to know why you didn’t stop sis, or tell her first thing this morning what Steff tried to make you do.”

Greg dropped his head down.

“I think your right, son. I think I’m still in deep shit.”

“Not if we put our heads together dad, and somehow make it out that you’re not the bad guy here, but the person that was being taken advantage of.”

“What do you mean son?”

Seeing the intense interest in his father’s eyes, Billy put his mischievous plan into action.

“Well, what would happen if I was able to seduce mom? Then she’d see how it could’ve happened to you.”

Quickly standing tall and crossing his arms, Greg looked sternly at Billy and said,

“What are you saying Billy? I should condone to letting you fuck your mother?”

“No. No. I meant just a little seduction. Not screwing her, “Billy replied with a quick chuckle.

“I mean, god dad, she’s mom. How sick would that be?”

Billy realized that is was just as sick as his father licking his own daughter.

“Errr, sorry dad; you know what I mean.”

“Yeah I know what you’re talking about.”

Billy continued explaining his plan to his father.

“If I can get mom just interested in the idea, and not actually doing anything with her, then maybe she could see how it could happen, and that would give you a good opportunity to tell her what happened to you with sis.”

Greg paused for a moment, looked up at the morning sky, and then back at his son.

“It sounds just crazy enough to work, but I don’t see your mother getting sexually aroused by her own son.”

“I could, when we get up at camp, maybe pay mom more attention. You know, compliment her on how pretty she looks, and help her with things around camp.”

Greg laughed.

“That might make her happy, but I don’t think that’s going to get her interested in having sex with you.”

“I’ll figure it out, dad. I have the whole week to try and make something work. I mean, I would rather take a chance at this working than see you two getting a divorce.”

Pausing for a moment, Greg hesitantly spoke to Billy.

“I might be able to help you with your seduction.”

“How’s that, dad?”

“Well, your mother is a sucker for having her neck played with.”

“What do you mean, dad?”

“Umm.. Your mom gets overly excited when I caress and kiss the nape of her neck. It puts her in the mood.”

“Oh.” Thinking for a bit, Billy said. “I’ll try and figure out a way to rub mom’s neck, then.”

“Just don’t ever let her know that I told you about her neck, or any of this conversation.”

“This is just between us dad. I’ll never tell anyone.”

Billy couldn’t believe his luck! Not only was he going to get the opportunity to seduce his mother in front of his dad – he told him how to do it.

Greg thought about what Billy said about Steff. He didn’t think that she would be the one to tell Dawn about them, but it was a possibility.

What am I going to do if she does? What if this stunt didn’t work? . So many questions.

Billy pushed his dad with his shoulder.

“Hey it’s going to work out ok dad. If sis does tell mom, I’ve got your back. I’ll say I saw Steff putting the moves on you while you were sleeping.”

“But that is what did happen! I was asleep, and I thought it was your mother at first, then it was too late by the time I was fully awake to stop her.”

“We’ll even though I didn’t see that, I’ll say I did. I believe you dad.”

“Hey I know you’re not old enough to drink yet, but I think on this trip we’ll let that slip. When your mom gets back, I’ll walk over to the store and grab us some beer for up at camp.”

“I thought you already had beer in the cooler.”

“Yea enough for me, and maybe one or two for your mother.” Greg pat Billy on his back, laughing out loud, then said “Hey your mom is a lightweight when it comes to drinking. We could try and get her a little tipsy. That might make it easier for you two to…” Greg paused mid sentence.

“I know what you mean dad, but don’t worry; it’s Mom and me. Nothing bad is going to happen.”

“Come on, son. Let’s go get checked in, that way all we’ll have to do is backpack the stuff to the camping area. By the time we get up there and settled in, the sun will be going down.”

“Okay, dad”, and off they headed to the Check-In Station.

Meanwhile Dawn and Steff were at the department store in town. Dawn had found a nice bikini, but of course was waiting on Steff.

The sales lady approached Dawn. Excuse me Miss.

“It’s Mrs.” Dawn smiled to the clerk.

“Oh, sorry, I thought you two were sisters. Well I just wanted to let you know that we’re having a big sale on ladies’ panties. They’re last years’ styles and I have to get them sold so I can put out next year’s ones.”

Smiling at the clerk Dawn said to her “Thank you for the compliment, but we only need swim suites today.”

Having heard the word ‘sale’, Steff quickly exited the dressing area.

“How much are they?” she rushed over, asking.

“Steff we don’t have time for this.” her mother replied.

“Mom, it’s only going to take a minute to check them out, and if they’re really good, they’re worth at least a look.”

“They’re a ‘buy one, get one free’, and I’ve already marked them down by half.” the clerk replied with a smile.

“Okay well take a quick look, but just a look, Steff”

Dawn picked up a pair, and right off the bat she hesitated. The material was very sheer, and would barely cover her ass. Taking a closer look Dawn gasped.

“Steff, these are crotchless panties!”

“Wow! How cool is that, mom?”

“Steffany Wilson!” Dawn replied crossing her arms, looked angrily at her daughter.

“God, Mom, just chill! All I meant by that was, wouldn’t they surprise dad if you wore them tonight at camp?”

“Keep your father out of this, young lady!”

“Okay. I didn’t mean anything by it. I just felt that dad would enjoy seeing you in them, that’s all.”

Dawn thought over what her daughter said.

“Well maybe one pair, I mean for some other time. They are at a real nice price.”

“Mom, we have to buy two for the sale price.”

Dawn looked at her daughter.

“I don’t think I want you wearing crotch less panties yet.”

“I don’t care about that mom, I like the feel of them on my skin,” she said, rubbing a pair against her cheek.

“Well OK, we’ll take one pair each.” Dawn told the sales clerk.

After paying for the goods, Dawn and Steff headed back to the campground.

Upon arrival, Greg approached the van. Trying to see if Dawn was upset or not, he smiled and said,

“Glad your back honey. I was starting to miss you.”

“Thank you, dear.”

“Me to, mom.” Billy yelled throwing her a wave, and a big smile.

“Thank you Billy.”

“Didn’t anyone miss me?” Steff asked, pouting in the front seat of the van.

“Of course we did.” Greg replied.

“Now let’s start to get everything ready for the hike. I need to walk over to the store and pickup some more beer.”

“Honey, I think you have enough already.”

“I just want to be sure. I wouldn’t want to run out up there. It would take me too long to get more.”

Dawn rolled her eyes at her husband. “Okay. We’ll get the stuff ready.

Greg hurried over the road to the store.

Opening the rear of the van Billy started emptying the camping gear from it.

“Billy I’m going to change quickly into some jeans. Can you and your sister keep unpacking?”

“Sure, mom.”

Dawn grabbed a pair of jeans out of her bag, and headed to the rest room near the check-in station.

“I’ll be only a minute; please don’t kill one another while I’m gone.”

“We won’t” They both replied, and Dawn walked away.

“So, Billy I saw you and mom in the van last night. How did you pull that off?”

“I saw you and dad also, so I could ask you the same thing.”

“Well, big brother, I think if we both play our cards right we’ll both be having sex with our parents again.”

Billy smiled at the thought.

“You know sis? I think this is the first time we’ve agreed on anything.”

While loading her backpack, Steff looked up at her brother and said

“I think your right, bro. We’d better not make a habit of this. It would freak mom and dad out.”

“I think your right about that.” Billy replied back.

“Oh! I have to tell you about the panties mom bought at the store today. Talk about being hot.”

“Panties? I thought you went to buy bikinis.” Billy interjected.

“We did, but they had a great deal on these super sexy panties, there very sheer black, and very tiny. I mean they almost don’t cover anything, but the sexiest thing is, they’re crotch less.”

Billy went over in his mind the description of the panties, picturing his mother wearing them, walking around, watching the way her ass hugged the tight shear material, making out every curve in her slender ass. Then he pictured his mom lying down on her back, slowly raising her legs up in the air and parting her thighs so he could get a good view of her pussy.

Steff spoke up, and smashed the vivid images that she put in his head.

“Hey! You’d better calm that monster down, before mom and dad get back.”

Billy noticed that he had a hard-on again and bashfully apologized to Steff.

“There’s nothing to be sorry about. In fact, from what I’m seeing, that thing is kind of sexy. How is it I’ve never noticed that trophy all these years?”

Billy decided to tell his sister what happened to him. Explaining how he was bitten on one side of his shaft, and since then having sexual urges for mom, and, how his once normal size dick had turned into this monster that was now raring to escape from his pants.

“Well I don’t know what to say to that Billy, except, I would look at it as a gift. I mean, what girl wouldn’t want to try that thing out? I’ll bet Mom thinks about it, now that she’s had it between her fingers.”

“You’d better stop talking about his Steff or it isn’t going to go away by the time they get back.”

Smiling at her brother, Steff agreed.

Billy changed the subject and told Steff what Dad and he were talking about while they were shopping, and how he was going to try and seduce mom.

“I’ll try and find a way to help push her into your seduction plan, if I see an opportunity arise.” Steff said, as she paused for a moment to looked down at Billy’s stiff cock, and then back up to see their mother approaching.

“What were you two talking about?” Greg asked, startling the both of them.

“Didn’t hear you behind us, dad. Nothing much, just discussing who was going to backpack what up to the lake.” Billy replied, trying desperately to hide his erection from his father’s view.

Greg put the beer in the cooler, and started packing up his stuff. He grabbed the big tent and cooler, along with his backpack and headed towards the path to the lake.

Dawn quickly packed her stuff up, and with the rest of them headed out towards their hideaway camping spot.

“This is going to be a great trip this year.” Billy said with a big smile on his face, he glanced at his mother walking in front of him and smiled devilishly at her.

“I think so too” Steff replied with the same look on her face as she eyed her loving father.

As they climbed up the rocky trail that took them to the lake, they had to walk single file.

Greg took the lead to set the pace and pushed the group on; right behind him was his daughter. Since her pack was the lightest of the group, she had no trouble keeping pace with him.

Dawn, on the other hand, was struggling with her pack and thought may have over packed this year, but she did her best to keep in stride.

Billy was just pacing along, bringing up the rear as he enjoyed the view he was getting of his mother in front of him. He watched how her hips made her ass sway in her tight jeans.

He imagined running his fingers all over her luscious ass cheeks, squeezing them tightly in his hands.

Greg looked back at the group, and saw them falling behind, so he stopped.

“You need a break honey?”

“Yes, Greg just for a couple minutes. My shoulders are killing me.”

“Okay we can take five right here”, he said as he unstrapped his pack, and tossed it on the leaf covered ground.

Billy dropped his pack, and walked up behind his mother; he reached for her pack and said,

“I’ll help take that off for you, mom.”

“Thank you, honey, that will be a big help, my shoulders are so tight.”

As Billy lifted the pack and pulled it back toward himself, he unintentionally pushed his waist into his mother’s backside. His dick smashed against her ass cheeks. His dick wasn’t stiff, but the light brushing of her jeans as it slid against his cock stirred Billy’s blood. He felt his dick give a slight twitch, and it sent a shiver up Billy’s spine. He rapidly removed her pack set it down behind her.

As Billy was bent over, putting her pack down he took a quick glance and he saw his mother’s round ass only inches away from his face.

Billy felt himself slipping away again. He fought the urge to just pull those jeans off her and rub his face all over her wonderful ass. Billy rushed to straighten up so he could gain control over his sexual yearnings.

As Billy calmed himself down, he saw a good opportunity to put a plan in motion.

“Mom, if your shoulders hurt that bad, I can rub them while we take this break.”

Smiling at her son Dawn replied,

“That would be wonderful Billy, if you wouldn’t mind.”

“It’s the least I can do mom.” Billy replied.

Taking his mom’s hand, Billy helped her to the ground in front of him, while he took a seat on his pack.

With both hands Billy began to massage his mother’s ailing shoulders.

“How’s that feel, mom?”

“Oh, wonderful honey, just wonderful”, Dawn sighed.

Billy slowly squeezed and rubbed both shoulder blades. He rubbed his hands up to the base of her neck, and back down to the edge of her forearm.

Billy didn’t want to get her excited yet, but wanted her to get use to the idea of him giving her a rub, so he never ventured beyond her shoulders.

Greg saw what Billy was doing and gave him a quick wink.

Billy smiled and winked back at his dad as he rubbed less gingerly on her shoulders, working out the tension.

“Sorry, but if we want to make it to camp before dark, we’ve got to go now. After we’re settled in, I or Billy can rub your shoulders some more.” Greg said, as he waved every one up on their feet.

“Okay,” with a look of disappointment, Dawn replied.

As Billy helped put her pack back on he said,

“Don’t worry mom, I promise I’ll finish the job when we get there.”

Dawn looked deep into her son’s eyes and smiled.

“Thank you, Billy”, as she leaned over and kissed his cheek.

As they finally made it to the camping site, Greg immediately started to put the tents up. He erected the tents facing one another in a circle pattern around a big fire pit that someone had made on a previous trip.

Looking around, under a big tree Billy spied a picnic table. Somehow someone must have dragged one of them up to the secluded spot.

Billy started to move the table, but his mother said,

“It’s okay right there Billy.”, as she motioned with her hand for him to stop.

“Would you and your sister go and get some wood for the fire pit, before it gets dark, please?” Greg asked.

“Okay dad.”

The two of them went overboard with the amount of wood they collected, making a pile next to the fire pit. Greg finished with all the tents and seeing all the wood commented,

“I don’t think we’re going to need any more wood for the rest of our stay.”

Greg took some kindling and lit a small fire. He put his hands up in front of himself, and felt the warmth from the flame and looked over his shoulder, admiring his wife’s sexy figure.

“Honey, can you get me a beer and a couple of sandwiches out of the cooler?”

Greg wasn’t the only one that was admiring her. Billy was also checking her out. Seeing a good opportunity to make some points, Billy spoke up.

“I’ll get them for dad; you look like you need a break, mom.”

“Thank you, sweetie.” Dawn said, as she looked at her son in appreciation.

“Any one else want anything while I’m getting stuff out for dad?”

“I’ll have a sandwich”, Steff replied, as she took a seat on a log next to her father by the fire pit.

“Me, too.” Dawn replied, Grab me a water, also.

“Okay, mom.” Billy said, as he reached into the cooler and grabbed 6 sandwiches, a beer, and 3 waters.

With his hands full he managed to make it over to the fire pit and started passing out the food and drinks to his father and sister first.

Dawn sat on a wooden stump across from her husband, and took the sandwich and water from her son.

“Thank you, Billy.” Dawn stated, as she set the sandwich down on her lap and opened her water bottle.

“Any time, Mom.” Bill said, as he sat down next to her.

As they watched the fire and ate their sandwiches, the sun started to set. In the twilight Greg excused himself.

“I’ll be right back. I have to go and see a man about something” Which translated into I have to take a leak.

Dawn stood up and rubbed her shoulders.

“This log is very uncomfortable. I’m going to grab a sleeping bag to sit on.

“Oh mom, I’m sorry, I almost forgot about finishing your massage.” Bill said and grabbed hold of his mother’s hand.

“That’s okay honey; I wasn’t going to hold you to it.”

“Mom, it’s not a problem. I enjoyed making you feel better. Really, I do.”

With a look of contentment in her eyes Dawn gave his hand a light squeeze, and replied,

“Okay. Let me go change into something more comfortable first, and get the sleeping bag.”

“Alright, mom.” Bill said, and devilishly smiled inwardly as he admired her backside as she walked to her tent.

Steff watched the affect their mother was having on Billy. She hissed softly and waved her hands to get his attention.

“Soon, brother. Be patient. Don’t blow it. Just follow my lead.” Steff spoke in a voice loud enough for everyone to hear, and said.

“Hey I’m bushed from that hike myself. I think I’m going to change also, and get more comfortable.”

“That sounds like a good idea Sis, maybe I should too.” Billy said, and covered his mouth with his hands to trying to hide the big grin on his face.

His sister got up first, and headed to her tent.

Billy watched her walk and couldn’t help but notice how she had the same swing to her hips as their mother had. He watched as her ass swish to and fro.

There you go again, . and with that, he got up and headed to his own tent to change.

Finding his pajamas, Billy changed his mind, and grabbed a light tee shirt and sweatpants instead. Billy knew the material was thicker than his pajamas, so he decided not to wear any underwear.

This will give me more room, just in case I need it, . he thought to himself.

Billy grabbed his own sleeping bag, and exited his tent. As he walked back to the fire pit, Billy watched as his mother unrolled her sleeping bag and he had trouble walking after he saw what his mother was wearing. Billy found it very hard not to stare at her body.

Dawn had changed into a long light night shirt; it draped down midway to her thighs, and exposed the rest of her naked legs. As Billy walked closer to her, he got a good view down her shirt, while she was still unraveling the sleeping bag.

She’s not wearing a bra! . Billy said to himself, in excitement. Billy watched as her nipples pointed downward, jiggling as she continued unrolling the bag. Billy felt that strange heat building in his body again.

His dick began to grow quickly, so he got behind his mother so it wasn’t in her line of sight. He placed his own sleeping bag on the ground behind her. As Billy glanced toward his mother, he could see the silhouette of her mound through her night shirt by the light of the fire.

Finished, Dawn sat on her knees with her ass resting on her feet.

Billy moved his rolled up sleeping bag behind her and sat on it. He looked over at his sister, and noticed what she had decided to wear. With this, his jaw dropped open; he couldn’t believe his eyes; she too had a night shirt on.

Did they read each other’s minds? . he wondered to himself. Billy found himself checking out his sister’s body now; he ran his eyes up and down it and stopped at her chest. Poking straight out of the material he could visibly see her nipples.

“Hey! I was only gone for a couple minutes. How did you all change so quickly?” Greg inquired, as he walked back over to his stump.

“Why don’t you get comfortable too, daddy?” Steff asked.

Greg looked over at his son and wife, and saw that his boy was getting ready to massage his mother.

Greg spoke up.

“I think now is a good time to break out my surprise.”

“Surprise?” Dawn asked, with a questioning look on her face.

“Yea I got us some wine when I went over to the store. I figured the kids are old enough now to enjoy a glass with their old parents.”

“I think I might pass; you know how that effects me, Greg” Dawn replied.

Billy put his hands on his mother’s shoulders, and began his massage, slowly kneading his thumbs into her shoulder blades.

Dawn pushed her head back, and closed her eyes. She worked her legs out from under her ass, and placed them in front of herself, and put her hands behind her to rest back on them, Dawn inched her shoulders closer toward her son’s magical fingers.

“Oh that feels so good” Dawn expressed.

“Come on, honey, one glass will loosen your muscles up more easily.” Greg said.

“I guess one glass wouldn’t hurt.” Dawn replied, as she pushed her shoulder blades closer together, and then relaxed them again.

“Great! I’ll go change quickly, and pour us a round.”

Greg quickly changed into his own sweatpants, and tee shirt. Grabbing his own sleeping bag, he rushed back to the fire pit.

Giving his daughter his sleeping bag, Greg asked,

“Baby, would you please unroll this for me while I go fill up the cups?”

“Okay, daddy” Steff said, as she looked up at her father and gave him a smile.

Greg filled the plastic cups to the rim and came back holding two cups, handing them over to his wife and son first.

“Here you go honey, watch you don’t spill it on your sleeping bag.”

Dawn opened her eyes, and grabbed the cup.

“I think you poured too much, Greg.”

“I had a little trouble seeing how full the cups were over there in the dark.” Greg knowingly lied to his wife.

Billy paused massaging his mother for a moment and took his own cup. Quickly he drank it half down, then rested it to his right side.

Dawn sat forward and sipped hers, trying not to spill any on the sleeping bag.

Billy slid his sleeping bag in closer to his mother’s body, and spread his legs. Now she was right in front of him. He began massaging her again and started with his hands midway in the center of her back. He slowly pushed them up to her shoulders again, kneading them with his hands, then lightly drug his palms back down the center of her back.

Greg returned with the last two drinks, and sat on his sleeping bag, handing Steff’s her drink.

Without wasting anytime, Steff moved over to her father’s side and took the cup from him.

Slowly Billy was massaging his mothers back, still not trying anything to get her sexually aroused yet.

He stopped every so often to take a sip of his own wine.

Dawn was enjoying the massage and was still leaning forward with her head down. She took the last sip of her wine and reached back to set her cup on the ground.

“Wait, honey, I’ll get us another round.” Greg said, already standing as he noticed her finish her wine.

“No. I… Think one is fine. I’m so relaxed right now.”

“Nonsense! Think how much more relaxed you’re going to be.” Greg said, and grabbed her and Billy’s empty cups and walked over to the cooler.

Greg filled them up, but not as much as before. He returned and handed them both their wine.

“Thank you dear”, Dawn replied, with half opened eyes.

Greg made another round for himself and Steff, and again sat down, and watched as Billy gave his mother her back-rub.

Billy was taking his time, but he now decided to get braver. Still massaging his mother’s shoulders, and going up & down her spine with his hands. He worked his fingers harder into her back, pushing them up to her neck and then lightly tracing over to her shoulders. He would then glide his fingers down her arms and return to the middle of her back. Over time, he noticed that her night shirt was starting to ride up higher in the back.

Dawn was loving the massage, all the tension had gone, and with the combination of the wine and rub-down, she could feel herself slipping into a dream state.

Greg and Steff had finished their wine also. Getting more comfortable, Greg sat back on his elbows, and put his feet out in front of himself as he looked over at his wife and son. Greg settled in and watched intently as his son explored his wife’s back, and shoulders. Greg could see how relaxed Dawn was, and knew it was just a matter of time before Billy would be making the move to her neck.

The anticipation of watching his son slowly seduce his wife was having an unexpected affect on him. Greg was finding himself getting aroused by what he was seeing, feeling his dick grow hard in his pants. Greg started to have second thoughts about what Billy was going to do, but for some reason he found himself wanting to see it happen. Maybe it was the wine, or maybe the quite atmosphere, with only the sound of crickets and caddydids playing their music in the background, or perhaps the sight of his wife with another person being touched in a seductive nature under firelight. Whatever it was, Greg found himself being put in a trance by it.

Steff glanced over at her father. She’d seen him in this hypnotic state before, and began to slowly scoot herself over to his left side. She turned on her right side until she felt her left leg brush against his. Lifting it, she put it on top of his left thigh, and leaned in and placed her head on his chest. Steff turned her head slightly and watched as Billy messaged their mother, herself.

Billy looked over and saw his father and sister comfortably watching him massage his mother. Billy glanced down and spied that his mother’s nightshirt was close to becoming free.

Billy traced his fingers back down to the middle of his mother’s back and pinched the nightshirt between his fingers pulling up, while rubbing with his palms. The nightshirt popped free, and he lifted it up to the top of her panties. He stopped before the shirt pulled up in the front, fearing that doing so might bring his mother back to her senses.

Billy looked down and admired his mother’s white cotton panties just covering half her ass cheeks.

Feeling more confident Billy, rubbed his hands up to the bottom of his mother’s neck, moving his hands to both sides of her neck, and very lightly scuffed his fingertips upon both sides. He stopped when they touched the bottom of her ear lobe, then lightly tickled back down to the base of her neck line.

Dawn felt a shiver run through her body. She leaned herself back into her son, and rested her head back. A light moan escaped from her lips.

Billy heard her moan, he knew the massage and wine had taken effect. He saw his chance and leaned in with his head. As he was lightly brushing, the left side of his mother’s neck, he gave her a soft kiss there.

“Oh..”, Dawn expressed, feeling a tingling sensation that generated from her neck and shot throughout her body.

Billy opened his left hand and stroked his palm up and down her neck. He lightly took his tongue and explored the right side of her neck with it and gave her little soft kisses in-between.

“Oh Billy, this is feeling too good, you’re going to have to stop this”, Dawn said, in a pleading tone, as she clutched her hands on the sleeping bag, and curled her toes.

Billy ignored his mother’s plea, and eased himself off his sleeping bag. He spread his legs out and moved his body closer behind his mother. Billy inched closer until his crotch was pressed firmly against his mother’s ass. Billy eased his Mom towards him until her back rested on his chest. He took his hands and rubbed down his mother’s arms. Billy lightly nibbled on her neck, and kissed it afterwards.

The erotic show that was taking place was also having an effect of Greg. He didn’t understand why, but seeing his son seduce his wife was turning him on.

Steff could feel her father’s excitement building, his breathing had become harder, and his body was stiffing up.

Without speaking a word, Steff took her left hand and rubbed it in little circles on her father’s chest. Slowly she moved her way down to his stomach.

While Billy kissed his mother’s neck under the fire light, he caught sight of what his sister was doing. This made Billy bolder and he took his hands and moved them from his mother’s arms to the side of her chest. Bill rubbed up and down, from her armpits to the top of her hips, and began to suck on his mother’s neck,

Dawn could feel herself getting wet. In her foggy state, she half opened her eyes, She tried to focus her vision and made out two people across from her. She opened her eyes all the way, and the images came into focus, Her mind tried to rationalize what her eyes were seeing. Through the flames of the fire, she made out her husband and daughter as they rested close to one another. Running her eyes over their sprawled out bodies, she made out her daughter’s hand as it traced over her father’s chest. Dawn glanced up and saw their faces, noting that they both were intently watching her and Billy.

“Greg, what are we doing”? Dawn asked, as she tried to get a grip on the situation.

“Just relax, and enjoy your massage, dear. It looks like you’re really enjoying it, honey.” Greg replied, knowing he wanted to see more of his wife’s seduction.

Billy’s blood was so overwhelmed with sexual desire, he didn’t care anymore about the consequence of his actions. He knew he was going to take his mother, right here and now in front of her husband. His massive dick pulsated against his mothers ass crack and begged for a hole to slide into. His pants were wet with the precum that oozed out of his cock.

Billy took his hands that were rubbing his mother’s side, and advanced them to her front a little. He slid this hands up until his fingers brushed lightly along the side of his mother’s soft breast. He moved up her neck with his mouth, and nibbled on her right earlobe.

“Oh. Billy, what are you doing to me?” Dawn asked, as she felt herself getting aroused by her son’s foreplay.

Billy slid his hands down and back up his mother’s sides, but moved them even further towards her front, until both his palms were placed firmly on his mother’s soft tits. He squeezed them in his palms, and began to work them in his hands as he rolled her perky nipples between his fingertips. Billy worked his mouth harder on her neck, biting, licking, sucking, and kissing it.

Dawn was in total bliss – her body started to quiver as she felt herself having micro orgasms.

“Billy, please stop, we can’t, not again,” Dawn whispered, in a low erotic tone.

Billy worked his mouth up his mother’s neck and nibbled on her ear again, he softly whispered to her

“I want you mom, I’m going to make love to you right here mom.”

“No.. Oh.. We can’t.. Oh.. Your father.. Oh god!” Dawn, half out of her right mind tried to reply.

Billy slid his mother across his chest, and cradled her in his right arm, and swung her body slightly to her left side. He was able to reach her face now. Billy leaned in and kissed his mother’s lips. Billy pushed them apart until she willingly opened her mouth and kissed him back.

Dawn shifted her body more, and now was completely on her left side. She moved her right hand and wrapped it around her son’s neck Her left hand eased down between her son’s legs, and she could feel her son’s hard cock rub against her arm.

Billy’s left hand was still kneading his mother’s left tit for all it was worth. Rolling her hard nipples with his fingertips, he started to slide his left hand away from her chest and down to her stomach. He ventured further and further down her body, until he was at her abdomen. Billy played with her nightshirt. He crinkled the material in his fingers and pulled the front of the material up, exposing her panties for all to see.

Billy took his left hand and slid it down to the top of her panties. He worked his fingers under the material, until he felt his mother’s soft skin. Billy slid further down with his left hand until he felt the top of her heated mound. He rubbed up and down in little increments on her mound until his middle finger slid between her pussy lips. Billy worked his fingers on his mother’s moist pussy lips until he found her rock hard clit, and began to toying with it using his middle finger.

“Oh god. Billy, Oh. Oh. I’m going to cum.” Dawn replied in her climatic state.

Billy removed his left hand from his mother’s pussy and took hold of his mother’s left hand, pulling it up until her fingers brushed his waiting cock. He placed his hand on top of hers and rubbed her hand up and down his swollen shaft.

Billy whispered in his mother’s ear “Like before mom, take my cock in your hand.”

Billy felt his mother rubbing on her own now, so he worked his left hand and slowly pulled his sweatpants down until his mother’s fingers were rubbing his exposed cock.

Billy could feel her hand wrap around his massive dick, as she began to jerk him off. Billy’s left hand went back down to his mother’s wet pussy and worked harder on her clit. He wanted to bring her close to her climax, but when he thought she was going to cum, he pulled his finger away, and went back to rubbing her left tit. Billy was building her sexual urges to where he knew she wouldn’t be able to stop him.

Billy felt his mother’s excitement grow as she clutched tighter on his cock. He felt she must be too far gone in her sexual state to be aware of his next move, so he slowly took his right hand and placed it on his mothers head. Slowly he began to lowered his mother’s head down toward his cock. Billy moved his left hand back to his mom’s wet pussy, and eased a finger up inside her. He worked it slowly in and out, then added another digit, and worked it in. As he readied to insert a third finger into her, he could feel her hot breath as it blew over the tip of his dick. Billy inserted the third digit and gave her a little nudge with his right hand. He felt his mother’s mouth open, and slide around the head of his dick. Her warm, wet mouth encompassing his cock drove Billy wild and he pushed harder with his right hand until he felt his cock slide deep down his mother’s throat.

“Ohh, yes mom. Suck it.. Oh god..Oh you’re so fantastic.” Billy said, as he pumped his dick into his mother’s hot mouth.

Working his three fingers up his mother’s pussy, Billy began to fuck her with them. He rammed them harder inside her as he felt her mouth work its magic on his dick, building him up to the point of no return. He could feel her pushing herself against his left hand, slamming her hot pussy against his fingers. Billy knew she was too close at cumming to stop him. Billy took his right hand and slid his mother’s panties down, exposing her firm ass. He pulled her head up to his face and kissed her as he still worked his fingers inside her. With his mother still in front of him, Billy wiggled his body under her, easing himself down until he could feel his massive dick slide past his mother’s ass and rest against her drenched pussy.

His mother was so far gone he could feel her pushing harder now against his fingers as they slammed feverishly into her sopping cunt, almost pushing his cock into her finger filled pussy. Now was the time Billy had waited for. He timed her pushes and waited until he knew she was going to push herself against his hand again, quickly he removed his fingers as she pushed down hard, and forced his throbbing cock inside her. Billy put his hands behind him, resting them on the ground and thrust his hips up, slamming his monster dick deep inside his mother, forcing her to fall back on his cock.

“Billy! No! Oh God No! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!.

Billy pushed up harder, until he felt himself bottom out, his balls slapped against his mother’s soft ass. Faster and faster he pumped, his mother pushing back now. He could feel her tight pussy as it worked on his dick. Billy pushed his body forward, forcing his mother to fall forward, catching herself with her hands.

Dawn looked across the fire, and couldn’t believe what she saw. Her husband was on his back, and her daughter was sitting on top of him, slamming her little pussy up and down his stiff dick.

But before Dawn could say anything, Billy was on his knees behind her, ready to bring her to her own orgasm. Holding her hips with both hands, Billy pulled her hard back into his massive cock.

Billy pushed his mother back and forth, working his massive cock faster and faster into her love canal, his cum ready to explode. He could feel the weakness in his legs as he felt his mother’s pussy tighten around his cock. Her body began to shiver all over. And with one great push he held his dick deep inside her.

“Oh. Uh. Uh. I’m cumming! I’m cumming. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.” Dawn screamed, her body trembling from her climax.

“Oh mom! Oh mom! Ohh… “Billy exclaimed, as his sperm shot deep inside his mother’s womb. His dick pumped massive amounts of cum deep inside his mother. His body tingled from head to toe and he could feel himself blacking out. Billy fell forward and collapsed on top of his mother.

Weak from her own orgasm, Dawn crashed to the ground, still feeling her son’s warm cock deep inside and still expelling its seed into her.

Totally exhausted, Dawn unable to move, found herself forced to quietly listen to the sounds of lust coming from her husband, and daughter. As she heard their moans of ecstasy, Dawn began to fight with the reality of what had taken place, but something else was also happening. The sperm that her son had planted inside her felt different somehow. The feeling began to intensify and spread out from her womb and encompassed her entire body. Dawn felt herself changing, feeling no longer any remorse for the incestual act she’d had with her son. She found herself wanting more of that massive cock to fill her up again. She wanted to continue on with their sick sexual escapades. Dawn felt her pussy squeeze itself around her son’s thick cock, her hips making little gyrations, She lifted her ass up against her son, her pussy milking his thick shaft, trying to bring it back to its full hardness again.

What am I doing, . Dawn thought to herself, her mind racing with images of her and Billy fucking themselves to total satisfaction.

Becoming more and more submissive to her new desires, Dawn was becoming hopelessly lost in this new feeling she was experiencing, and getting more and more aroused. She could hear her daughter’s unthinkable words escaping from her moaning mouth.

“Oh.. Daddy.. I’m cumming!. Please cum with me. I want you to cum inside me.. Please daddy.. Oh yes. Oh. Oh. Yes.”

Steff, looked across at her mother as she lay on the ground in her blissful state, feeling her own orgasm building as she ground herself hard on her father cock, bringing him to his own climatic explosion.

Steff stiffened her body, and pushed hard down on her father, her body tingling from her climax. As she enjoyed her blissful orgasm, she thought how easy it was to fuck her father, and right in front of her own mother, knowing full well there wasn’t going to be any fallout from her sexual escapades.

He had played right into her hands, as they both watched the seduction of her mother. Steff noticed how her father was reacting. She spied his dick growing in his pants and that was all she needed to see.

Steff ran her fingers across his chest and slowing made her way down to his stomach, as they both watched mother and son play out their unacceptable taboo, Steff felt her own pussy getting wet She watched as her brother moved slowly to her mother breast. That’s when she eased her hand down to her father’s sweatpants, and began to play her own game of seduction.

As Billy place both of his hands firmly on their mother’s tits, Steff heard her father give a little groan. Steff slid her hand down further, she rolled it over his now hard dick, and rubbed her hand up and down his shaft, she moved her head up to his ear she whisper.

“I think Billy is going to fuck her.”

Greg’s dick jumped hearing her speak those dark words.

“I think you want to see him fuck mommy, daddy.” Steff said as she kissed her father’s earlobe.

“Tell me you want to see them fuck daddy.” Steff said as she nibbled on his ear while worked her finger under his sweatpants.

Steff ran her hand down and grasped her father’s cock in her hand; she slid her hand up and down his shaft, and whispered again into her father’s ear.

“Say it daddy, tell me you want to see them fuck. Tell me daddy.”

Greg was lost in his own world, and mumbles to his own daughter.

“Yes… I want to see them fuck.”

“Mmmm.. Good daddy.” Steff replied.

Steff kissed down her father’s body, down until she was at the top of his sweat pants, she pulled them down with her free hand, and hovered her mouth over his cock. Slowly. Steff flicked the tip with her tongue, as she slid her hand up and down his shaft.

“Ohh.” Greg moaned, as he watched his son run his hands down his wife’s panties, and his fingers played with her pussy.

Steff opened her mouth and slid her father into her; she tasted the salty mixture of precum that had leaked out of the tip.

“Uhh.” Greg said, as he watched his wife take her own son down her throat, bobbing her head up and down his massive pole.

Steff eased her father’s pants down further with her right hand. She stealth fully removed her panties with her left fingers, and kicked them completely off of her body. Her left hand ran back up to her pussy, and toyed with her pussy, she was getting herself ready for her father’s waiting cock.

Greg was mesmerized by what he was witnessing; his body was building with lust in anticipation of seeing his son’s cock slide into his mothers welcoming pussy.

Greg watched as Billy’s fingers slammed into his mother, her moans almost to a scream, her body pushing back onto his hand, and he watched his son’s cock lining up for its incestual journey.

Steff brought her body up and over her father’s, slid on top of him, and began to rub up and down his stiff cock with her little mound, teasing his dick with her pussy slit.

Greg was hopelessly lost in lust, as he watched his son bring his mother to her climatic explosion. His heart pounded in his chest as he watched his son remove his fingers and pushed his massive dick into his wife’s unsuspecting snatch.

Greg let out a gasp, as he watched the look on his wife’s face, a look of pain and pleasure.

Steff heard her father’s gasp, she spread her legs wider and slowly eased her wet little pussy onto her father’s rock hard cock.

“Oh.. Daddy..” Steff said, as she slid herself down more onto his hot dick, she pushed him deeper and deeper into her slick cunt.

Greg felt his daughter’s pussy lips circling around his dick; he lay on his back, and closed his eyes as his own forbidden sex took place.

Steff turned her body around and straddled her father. She looked across the campfire and watched her mother getting fucked doggie style by her son. Steff was excited again at the sight of her mother and brother fucking, so much so she smashed her pussy down hard on her father’s baby maker and rode his dick. She ground her pussy into her father, and leaned back on her hands. Steff was quickening her pace, bringing herself closer and closer to her own orgasm.

Steff knew she was close to cumming. She watched as her mother had her own orgasm, as she listened to both of them crying out in ecstasy, and watched her mother fall onto the ground.

Steff felt the tingle in her body; she was ready to explode. Steff began to scream to her father.

“Oh.. Daddy.. I’m cumming!. Please cum with me. I want you to cum inside me.. Please daddy.. Oh yes. Oh. Oh. Yes.”

Steff quivered on her father’s cock, she felt him release his hot cum as it spewed deep inside her womb, and felt it pump more and more sperm into her love canal. Steff closed her eyes and collapsed on her father. Steff turned her head to the side, and said.

“That was fantastic daddy, I love you so much.”

Greg, recovering himself, replied

“I love you too, honey bear.” He said as he squeezed his daughter tight in his arms.

He couldn’t believe how relaxed he was, feeling his daughter’s body lying on him Greg wished it could last forever. Moving his daughter to his side, he snuggled up with her and kissed her lips as he began to fall asleep.

Dawn’s sexual urges began to quite down. She felt more relaxed, and she found herself getting sleepy She felt her son pull his limp dick slowly out of her stretched pussy, and roll over onto her right side. Billy recovered from his blackout and embraced his mother, pulling her closer to him. He held her tight, and their bodies clung together.

With the four of them sleeping in each other’s arms, Mother and son, Father and daughter, tomorrow should be very interesting, indeed.

Painting Mom

“Painting” Mom

All characters are 18 years or older.


Hi, I’m Ben. This is the story about my mother and me. It begins with the familiar return from college and a difficult re-insertion into the home life that I had left four years earlier and had not been part of except for Christmas holidays and the summer after my first year. Each summer after that I had worked a dream job as part of the crew for a company chartering sailboats in the Caribbean. I did that for the first two months after graduation but, due to the sagging economy, the company was forced to let me go. So there I was, on my parents’ doorstep, degree in hand and a few hundred bucks in my pocket, and no job prospects whatsoever. So much for my degree.

I guess Mom and I were both a little surprised by each other. I hadn’t been back to the west coast since the past summer so it had been more than a year since we’d seen each other. The deep tan caught Mom by surprise, probably because each time she’d seen me at Christmas it had had four months to wear off from the previous summer. Also, I was wearing summer garb — shorts and a t-shirt with the sleeves torn off — so my lean, twenty-two year old frame clearly showed the healthy lifestyle I had been living.

Looking at Mom, I could see that she had been making changes of her own. The Simon and Garfunkel tune, The Boxer, wafted out of the living room. Mom was wearing some kind of loose, hippy, tie-dyed long shirt over a pair of almost shredded jeans, an outfit straight from the seventies. Her hair, normally just brushing her shoulders, had been allowed a few more inches of freedom. In addition to the extra length, it was much bushier, its wavy blonde and reddish strands creating a tawny took befitting a younger woman ready for fun. Other than that, Mom looked much the same: a slender woman not much more than five feet tall with a nice figure despite her aversion to strenuous exercise.

We both laughed in pleasant surprise.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were coming so I could pick you up?” Mom admonished me as the taxi pulled away.

“I wanted to surprise you,” I said.

Actually, I didn’t want to be a bother. I was kind of bummed out showing up at home almost broke. Truth be known, if I could have found a job, I wouldn’t have come home.

“Well, you did that.” Mom suddenly jumped up and kissed me again. “I’m so happy to see you!”

Mom turned around and led the way into the house.

“Are you hungry?” she asked.

“Starving,” I said. I wasn’t really but I knew Mom would want me to eat something and it would take the pressure off conversation if she was busy doing something and my mouth was full.

“Take your bags up to your room while I make you something to eat,” she said. “It’s just the way you left it, and come down right away to tell me what you’ve been doing. You can unpack later.”

As I turned to go up the stairs, I cast a last glance at Mom’s retreating figure. What had happened to my insurance-rep Mom? Where were the conservative business suits and crisp skirts and blouses? A tie-dyed shirt, faded denims and old tennis shoes? What had happened on the home front in the last year?

My apprehensions at coming home were over-ridden by my curiosity. I did just what Mom said; I tossed my suitcases into my old room and rushed downstairs. I had to find out what had caused this change in my mother.

Tomato sandwiches and a large glass of milk were already waiting for me on the kitchen table and Mom was just setting a teapot down with a tall, slim mug decorated with some kind of pseudo-medieval design in pastel colors.

Mom asked me what I’d been up to right away but when I started eating she slipped into telling me all about what she’d been doing. Evidently, she had had a life changing experience that led her to quit the insurance business to take up sculpting full time. Dad wasn’t too happy about the loss of income but she had put her foot down and refused to change her mind. She was going to become a sculptor, a professional one, whether he liked it or not. However, she admitted that she felt under pressure to sell some of her works now that it had been almost a year since she’d quit her job.

I finished the first sandwich and Mom insisted I tell her what I’d been doing, interrupting me as soon as I started to apologize for not being able to come to my graduation because they just couldn’t afford to fly across the country.

“I really feel guilty about that,” she said, stretching her hands out to hold mine, the one not holding a sandwich.

It didn’t take long for me to tell her about the sailing charters, something I’d already told her and Dad about before, and how the economic downturn had resulted in the failure of the company. I had the impression Mom just wanted to hear my voice.

“So, here I am, broke and without a job,” I laughed, picking up the other half of the second sandwich.

“Oh, dear,” Mom said.

Before I took a bite, I asked Mom what had happened to make her quit her job. I was curious but also wanted to change the subject from my situation. I had already dwelled on it enough by myself. Mom launched into a story about not feeling well for a long time, always feeling tired, and a list of other symptoms. I listened half-heartedly until she said the dreadful word.

“Cancer?” I blurted, my mouth full of half-chewed bread and tomatoes.

Mom nodded.

“Cancer?” I repeated.

“Yes, breast cancer.”

My eyes dropped to Mom’s breasts, a rather insensitive thing to do right after a woman has just told you she has breast cancer.

“I still have them,” Mom laughed, seeing the direction of my gaze.

I blushed profusely and looked down at the sandwich in my hand.

Mom laughed out loud. “Don’t feel bad. Every single man that hears about it does that. All my friends’ husbands, even the ones who heard about it through their wives, as soon as they see me, they look at my chest. We all get quite a kick out of it. Jenny said, ‘Now we know what the girls at Hooters feel like’.”

I didn’t recognize Jenny as one of Mom’s regular friends. “Who’s Jenny?”

“Oh, just a girl I met at the clinic. She’s about your age, very pretty but a little different.”

“She had cancer?” I asked.

Mom ignored the question. “Come on,” she said, reaching out to grab my sandwich-free hand. “Look.”

As soon as I looked up, Mom retrieved her hand and used both to heft her breasts.

“See…healthy as a horse.”

“What about the cancer?” I asked, my eyes staying on Mom’s breasts, nicely show-cased by the curved brackets of her hands.

“False alarm,” Mom said as if it was a little thing but I noted a trace of relief that belied her light-hearted dismissal. Mom had obviously been scared silly, the little twitch in her cheek betraying her true feelings. She must have been afraid for her life.

“So you’re ok?” I persisted.

“Absolutely,” Mom banged her hand flat on the table for emphasis. “But your Dad…now, I’m not sure he’s alright.”


“Well, all these changes have upset him, especially me wanting to be a sculptor.”

“Sculptress,” I corrected her. I have no idea why I said that.

“Sculptress. I like the sound of that. Anyway, changes happened and your Dad is having a hard time dealing with it. He thinks things should have gone back to the way they were as soon as we heard the good news. He just doesn’t realize what a life-changing experience it is to hear that awful word. It changes everything. Nothing is the same and there’s no going back.”

Mom reached out to grasp my hand again, this time holding it between both of hers. She looked me seriously in the eye.

“You understand, don’t you.”

I nodded, pausing with the last bit of sandwich inches from my mouth. “Of course,” I said. “Everything’s different.”

Mom released my hand. “It’s amazing, actually. I feel so alive now. I feel like I know what’s important and what’s not but Ken just doesn’t get it.

“He’ll come around, Mom.”

I popped the last of the sandwich into my mouth and watched Mom slowly shake her head.

“I don’t know,” she said. “I just don’t know.”

I cast my eyes down to Mom’s medium-sized breasts and noticed something else that was different. Mom was wearing a regular t-shirt under the tie-dyed shirt but that was all. For the first time in my life, I really saw my new mother, the braless one.


“You won’t find anything around here to make a career out of,” Dad said the same thing for the third time using different words.

“I know, Dad. I get it. I’m just going to get my shit together for a couple of months and then get my name out there.”

“Get your shit together? That’s just great. Your mother’s finding herself and you’re ‘getting your shit together’. Perfect. Just perfect.”

“Dad, I need a stable address and somewhere I can get steady access to the internet. And, frankly, a bit of a rest. I’ll find something, probably in LA. Until then, I’m going to help Mom.”

“Doing what? Stirring mud so she can make statues out of it?”

“No, I’m going to build a website so she can display her stuff and sell it. You should see it. Some of it’s pretty good and will probably sell in the city.”

“I have seen it and she has tried to sell it at every fair and market around here for almost a year. She hasn’t made a hundred bucks.”

“She said she’s sold about a thousand.”

“Well, a thousand then, but she’s spent five grand on that studio out back and all that crap for making figurines.”

“Statues,” I corrected my father. “They’re miniature garden statues.”


“Dad, she’s had a big shock.”

“We’ve all had a shock but it’s time to move on, get back into the swing of things.” Dad stopped walking and ran his right hand through his hair, then released a long sigh. “I know, Ben. I know. It’s just that…well…I thought she would be getting back to normal but it doesn’t look like she’s going to, or even wants so. I don’t know what to do,” Dad lamented, his exasperation evident.

“Just give her some room,” I suggested.

“Room? Room? I given her all the room in the world and all she’s done is go further off track.”

“Maybe she really needs to go in a different direction, Dad. It happened to her. The cancer happened to her, not to us.”

“Yeah, well it affects all of us. I don’t know how much more of this I can take.” Dad ran his hand through his hair again. “All our friends are talking about it. She’s doing nude statues, you know. Have you seen them? And that’s not the half of it.”

I ignored his question. In fact, I hadn’t seen them but suspected they were underneath the tarp in the far corner of Mom’s studio.

“How about you give her a while longer, maybe another two or three months?”

“Two or three more months?” Dad looked at me, stunned.

“Yeah, a couple of months or so. I’ll get a website up and send some emails off and we’ll see what happens. I think people will be interested in her sculptures and if they’re not, well maybe Mom will realize sculpting has to be a hobby and she’ll go back to work.”

I felt guilty stringing Dad along. I didn’t think Mom was ever going to return to work, not as an insurance agent anyway, but the carrot worked—the one about sales rather than returning to work as I thought.

“You really think people in the city might buy that stuff.”

“There’s the possibility. Yeah, I think so.”

I wasn’t convinced but I needed Dad to think there was a chance so he’d give Mom a breather. She needed it.

“Ok, son. Two months then.”

“Three, Dad. Three.”

“Ok, three.”

Dad walked away with a spring in his step.


“Ben, you’re making me self-conscious,” Mom complained.

She was washing a few dishes by hand while I finished my cereal. As she scrubbed the dishes, my eyes were drawn to the green tank top she was wearing or, more to the point, the tantalizing movement underneath that made the material so interesting to watch. I just couldn’t believe my mom didn’t wear a bra. This was my third day at home and Mom hadn’t worn one yet. She wore t-shirts, loose blouses, and tank tops but never a bra.

Misinterpreting the reason for my attention, Mom added, “They’re fine. I only have the one lump and it hasn’t grown and there aren’t any new ones.”

My face reddened. Whenever that happens to me, trying to stop it makes it worse. I tried to hide it by looking down and scooping Honey Nut Cheerios into my mouth. “Whatever you say, Mom.”

It was definitely better that she believed I was worried about her health than the truth, that is, that I was ogling my own mother’s tits. I slurped down the last of the cereal and put the bowl on the counter, then returned to finish my coffee.

“You should quit drinking that stuff,” Mom said. “You’ll end up like your father, all antsy and uptight.”

I laughed. She had Dad pegged alright. Mom cleaned my bowl and pulled the plug out of the drain. Immediately, she picked up a dish towel, dried her hands and then started on the dishes in the rack. My eyes followed her as she turned to put a glass away in the far cupboard. I barely managed to look away before she turned back to get another glass but kept my eyes suitably averted while she dried it. When she turned to put it away, my gaze locked onto her buns again. Mom had a great bottom, nicely lifted and outlined by the jeans. They may be old and faded, but they were designer none the less and made to highlight a woman’s best feature, at least, the best for some women.

And Mom was one of those women. Her butt sloped gradually away from her waist to end in two beautiful lumps that looked like someone had filled a couple of longish balloons with water, held them over an edge, and covered them with denim. The bulk of the weight swelled out at the bottom and. As she walked, her ass swayed and the jeans tightened alternately over each cheek. Mom had remarked that her ass was getting fat, critically eyeing the way it jutted out more than it had a few years ago, but to me it was fulfilling its destiny, assuming a near-perfect form, the pinnacle of female assery. But Mom was the sculptor and that’s why all her statues, which were all of women, sat in various poses. Not one was standing. It was a shame because I knew there were cretans out there like me that would gladly buy a statue adorned with a butt like Mom’s.

Yeah, Mom used herself as a model for her sculptures. She had a large mirror set up in her studio and she looked at herself, striking a particular pose, as she created each new work. She must have put hours and hours into it to have made all the statues sitting around the studio. I hadn’t seen the ones under the tarp, which I suspected were the nudes that Dad had referred to. I hoped that one day Mom would show them to me since I knew they had to be mirror images of her.

“If you’re going to make a website, you’d better get a closer look at my stuff,” Mom said, folding the towel and hanging it over the oven door handle. “Should I put them out on the lawn so you can take pictures, or would the patio be better?”

“Either way. It doesn’t matter.”

My eyes betrayed my dirty mind, dropping to Mom’s chest even though I was strongly willing them to remain focused on her face.

“Oh, for Christ’s sake, Ben. Here.”

Mom took two quick strides toward me and, standing in front of my chair, grabbed my hand and pulled it up to the side of her breast. I was shocked as the soft yet firm flesh filled my hand. Mom pushed my hand underneath, guiding my finger to a small, hard spot part way but not quite in the middle of the underside of her breast.

“See? It’s quite small and it’s benign. It’s nothing to worry about.”

I was stunned. I was sitting there, looking up at Mom’s breast, resting in my hand and hers, reveling in the sensation of its warmth and weight, and the perfect curvature of its globular form. Despite my mental effort, there was a stirring in my loins.

“Come on, stand up.”

Mom pulled me up with her free hand, then used it to guide my other mit to her left breast.

“See? Nothing there.”

Mom rubbed my hand in a small semi-circle under her other breast.

“Nada. All clear. Nothing to worry about.”

Mom dropped her hands and, reluctantly, I let mine fall away too.

“It doesn’t hurt to check,” I mumbled.

“That’s true, and I check all the time. Now, let’s get down to business.”

Mom swept out the patio door and headed for her studio at the far end of the yard. A few seconds later, I jolted into action, following her, my eyes firmly on the tick-tock, tick-tock action of her jeans. I had to rearrange myself before we got to the studio. I don’t know what was the matter with me but I couldn’t keep my eyes off Mom’s body.


Moving the statues out ready to take pictures, I discovered something else about Mom’s new life. There were several bottles of wine in the cupboard in the cupboard near where she sat to shape the new statues. She saw me make the discovery and simply remarked, “‘Sometimes it helps my creative juices get going.”

I shrugged. It wasn’t really any of my business. We hauled all of Mom’s finished pieces out into the yard, all except for the ones under the tarp. I took pictures and then put them in a more orderly fashion at one end of the studio except for the best ones which I placed around the patio. If we managed to get someone to visit, they would be the first ones to be seen.

I stayed up to the wee hours of the morning that night getting a basic website up and running. It was noon before I got up. Mom was working in her studio. I made myself a cup of coffee and wandered out there, standing in the doorway for several minutes before she became aware of me. She paused to review her progress, picking up a glass of wine to sip as she eyed it critically. Putting the glass down, Mom arched her back and held her arms high, then bent her elbows so her hands could stretch her fingers along the back of her neck, her breasts thrust wonderfully tight against her cotton shirt. She turned to face me, smiled and let her arms drop slowly to her sides.

“Oh, good morning sleepyhead.”

The sun shining through the window cast a bright slash across Mom’s face but it couldn’t compete with the sparkle in her eyes. Clearly, she thoroughly enjoyed what she was doing. If sculpting could do that, it was well worth it. I had to find a way for Dad to see how much Mom loved it.

“Hey, I have an excuse. I was up all night working on your website.”

“Really?” Mom’s smile widened and her face brightened even more, if that was possible. “Can I see it?”

“Anytime,” I said, sweeping my arm toward the house in a wide guesture to show the way and spilling my coffee in the process.

Mom giggled. “Go get your breakfast started and I’ll join you in a minute… for lunch,” she laughed. “Then we’ll see your new creation.”

Mom sat across from me with a plate of fruits and vegetables she had pulled out of the fridge. I was eating Honey Nut Cheerios again and feeling a bit guilty about it. Mom was wearing a pair of black pants smeared with sculpting stuff and a white blouse similiarly streaked with clay. That, however, wasn’t where my attention was drawn. The blouse was unbuttoned way down, so far that Mom’s breasts threatened to spill out every time she lifted her hand to put a carrot in her mouth. She smiled when she saw where I was looking.

“I checked them this morning. They’re A-OK,” her smile widened.

I was surprised that my face didn’t go red. I mumbled, “Ok.”

Amazing. I had just stared at my mother’s tits without any adverse repercussions. She even seemed to take it as a mark of my love for her that I was so worried rather than a lecherous leer. I made a pact that I would endeavor to be obviously worried at least once a day, if not more.

After lunch, we went upstairs to look at the website. I had created a page listing all her pieces with associated email links identifying the work if someone was interested. I didn’t have enough information to create a proper shopping cart but could do that later if this first bit produced any results. I had put the photos in place but needed names and a short description for each piece. Mom proved to be excellent at dreaming up catchy names and artsy bits to say about them. It came naturally and it dawned on me that this was what she was thinking when each piece was created. She was simply recalling how she felt during that process. I marveled at the inspired look on her face while this happened, though I must admit, my eyes strayed downward several times to appreciate the heart she had put into it too. Mom’s shirt was open to just below where her breasts swept off her chest and the sides were alternately covered and revealed, sometimes in quick succession but other times mostly covered and then mostly exposed. I even managed to glimpse the side of her right nipple several times.

Mom was ecstatic when we finished and asked when the first sale was likely to happen.

“It will take a while Mom, maybe a week or two before the site even gets noticed. We have to market it first.”

Mom responded with a simple, “Oh,” but quickly recaptured her enthusiasm. “Well, I should get back to work.”

She started to get up, then turned back to face me, twisting her chair toward me a little.

“I know you’re still worried about me, sweetheart, but I really am ok.”

I started to protest but Mom interrupted. “I saw that you were worried a few times.”

I guess staring at Mom’s tits was evidence of me being ‘worried’.

“Look, honey. Would it make you feel better if I checked myself several times a day? It isn’t necessary, but would it make you feel better?”

I nodded as if greatly relieved. I had better act really worried or I would sure as hell be in deep shit.

Mom pulled her shirt apart, almost exposing her right tit in its entirety. She felt underneath, her fingers searching for and finding the little lump. I stared at her exposed nipple which, as Mom’s fingers lifted her breast, pushed magically upward. My mouth dried and I found it difficult to breathe. I guess I looked pretty anxious along with sucking in my breath because Mom reacted right away. She sat up straight and smiled encouragingly at me.

“Would it make you feel better to check it yourself, honey?”

I looked into Mom’s face, thankful for my slow comprehension and the blank look it provided for my face to wear.

“Check it myself?” I finally managed to say, afraid to believe what I thought I was hearing.

“Yes. Here.” Mom grabbed my hand, as she had the day before, and placed it on her breast. “Go ahead, honey.”

My fingers tentatively closed around Mom’s beautiful globe, capturing the meatiest part, and slid underneath in search of the little lump. I wasn’t as adept at finding it as Mom and she had to interrupt my search.

“It’s here, honey,” she said, guiding my finger to the right spot. “See how little it is? It’s even hard to find.”

Mom pulled my hand away in hers. A sense of disappointment welled up in me but it was squashed by the sheer joy of handling Mom’s tit and the knowledge that this could be a daily event if not more often. I was thrilled. I was in heaven. Could it get any better?

“Here, honey. Check the other one to satisfy yourself it’s ok too.”

Mom dragged my hand under her shirt to her other breast and held it there. Immediately, I slipped my fingers around its orbit, gently searching for telltale little bits of hardness. I couldn’t find any but Mom didn’t interrupt me this time, instead letting me check longer to assure myself that she was safe. The feel of her skin made my fingers tingle, a sensation that ran up my arm and made it tremble.

“Well, I guess I’m good to go until tonight,” Mom joked as she got up to leave.

“Until tonight,” I repeated, not meaning anything.

“Tonight,” Mom repeated. “I usually check myself before going to bed.”

Belatedly, I turned to watch her go but only managed the briefest glimpse of her shapely bottom. Could women get lumps there, I wondered. I turned to the computer and opened Google.

Mom came downstairs and presented herself to me in the living room that night after she and Dad had gone upstairs to go to bed.

“I almost forgot about my check-up,” she explained her reappearance.

She stood expectantly in front of me in her bathrobe, still cinched tight by a bow in the terry cloth belt.

I got up and stood close to her. Mom smiled but didn’t make a move to take my hand like she had before, or to offer her breasts for inspection. I glanced up the stairs.

“Your father’s in bed,” Mom said.

“Oh,” I responded. Tentatively, I stretched out my hand and tried to pull the lapels of Mom’s robe apart without success.

“You have to undo the belt, silly.”


I pulled one end of the belt, expecting it to come completely undone but was left in a knot as often happened when I rushed to get my running shoes off.

“Damn,” I muttered.

Mom giggled.

I struggled with the knot while Mom waited. Nervously, I glanced several times up the stairs but Mom didn’t say anything, nor did she look impatient.

Finally, I got the bloody thing undone and pulled Mom’s robe apart. Underneath, she wore a long nightgown with a long V open to her waist that was held together by three sets of laces, the uppermost already undone. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to check through the thin material or try to get my hand in through the top. I debated for several seconds while Mom continued to wait patiently, then abruptly tugged the end of the second lacy bow. It came apart easily. There was now plenty of room for my hand to slip inside but I moved to the final bow instead, picking up its ends in my trembling fingers, now overly eager upon the realization that Mom was going to let me get inside the nightgown. Could I undo the whole thing? Mom’s smile widened but I still chickened out.

I released the last set of laces and moved my hand up. With a final glance upstairs, I slipped my hand under Mom’s nightgown onto her right breast. I knew where the lump was now and went directly to it, grunting in satisfaction that it was still small, but then moved on, ostensibly searching with prodding fingers for other lumps. I felt Mom’s right breast for as long as I thought I could get away with it before moving to the equally exquisite left and checked it out for just as long, managing to brush my palm over Mom’s erect nipple.

When I was done, Mom said, “Thank you, sweetheart,” and re-tied the laces, muttering under her breath as she did so, “It’s nice to see at least one man in this house concerned about my health.” Then, she smiled sweetly, leaned forward to give me a kiss, and said, “Nighty, night,” like she used to when I was little. As she climbed the stairs, she cinched her robe up tight.


The next day, I asked about the sculptures hidden under the tarp in the corner. Mom hadn’t heard me step into the studio so I was able to watch her preen in front of the mirror, arching her back, pushing her arms up and bending them so she could play with the hair behind her neck, and, best of all, thrusting her breasts upward. She twisted her torso to and fro and glanced often between her refection and the piece she was sculpting. I startled her when I spoke.

“Can I see them?”

“Oh, Ben. You gave me a start for sure. See what?” Mom’s lashes dipped. Had she glanced down at her chest?

“The ones you’re hiding from me.” I nodded toward the corner.

“Oh, those. I’m not hiding them,” she said, defensively.

“Then, I can see them?” I walked toward the tarp.

“No, Ben. Don’t.”

I stopped. “Why, what’s so terrible about them. If they’re not up to snuff, we should move them to make room for the stuff you’re doing now. It’s great.”

I started for the corner again.

“They’re not duds, they’re nudes,” Mom explained.

I was astonished. “Nudes?”

“Yes, nudes. Well, bare-breasted, anyway.” Mom looked down and blushed.

“You don’t want me to see them because they’re bare-breasted? Mom, I’m twenty-two.” I started to move again.

“Wait. It’s just that, it’s just…well, they’re of me.”

“Mom, they’re just statues.”

“I know, but still.”

“Mom, I you let me check your breasts for lumps last night, the real ones, not replicas.”

“I know but that’s a medical thing. This is different.”

“Ok,” I put up my hands, relenting.

Somehow, it didn’t seem appropriate now to ask Mom if I could check her breasts which is what I’d come out to the studio hoping to do. I hung out for a bit, then quietly slipped away. I think Mom was relieved to see me go.

I was surprised when Mom slipped downstairs that night to present herself to me again. She wore an enigmatic smile the whole time I loosened and parted her robe and also while I slipped the second lace apart. This time, I quickly moved to the third and last bow and undid it too. Mom gave no indication of whether she approved or disapproved. As soon as it was done, I spread Mom’s nightgown apart, peeling it back to her arms. I didn’t need to open it that wide but Mom didn’t object. My mouth dropped open at the unimpeded beauty of her perfectly shaped breasts jutting with surprising firmness from her chest. I slipped my hands over them, both at the same time, fingers first, followed by sliding palms, a whole hand check-up. My fingers strayed lightly all around Mom’s tits before I used my palms to press them against her chest.

“I did a little reading,” I explained. “You’re supposed to flatten them so the smaller lumps will show.”

This was bullshit of course which I suspect Mom knew but I felt I needed to provide an explanation and that was the best I could come up with. Squishing them for a mammary exam was one thing but squashing them with your palms was quite another. Still, Mom let me get away with it. She let me check her out for the longest time yet and when I was finished and stepped back, I thought that Mom’s nipples looked more stimulated than when I had started but I couldn’t be sure because Mom closed her nightgown quickly.

When she leaned forward to kiss me, she whispered, “I guess I’m ready for your father, now.”

Those words reverberated around my skull for hours that night, ‘ready for your father now’. Was she teasing me? I pictured her presenting her stiff nipples to my father, nipples I had prepared, the lucky bastard. I strained my ears for the sound of love-making but I didn’t hear anything definitive which both pleased and disappointed me. Eventually, I satisfied myself by rubbing my dick until I spilled my seed in my shorts.


The next day, Mom wore the old designer jeans again, topped by a loose shirt. The shirt had been buttoned right up until Dad left for work but when Mom returned from kissing him goodbye at the door, it was half undone. I tried to initiate a check-up but Mom spurned me, saying she had to get to work right away. When I tried again at lunch time, she flatly refused, saying that once a day should be enough. I was crushed. What had I done? She seemed to be okay with my extended check-up the night before, even pleased, and possibly excited. Was that it? Had I crossed a boundary that betrayed the sexual nature of my ‘medical’ examination? I hoped not.

Later that afternoon, Mom called me out to the studio. She was in the corner, holding one end of the tarp.

“Help me move these, will you Ben?”

I moved quickly to comply, not questioning her change of heart. A dozen miniature statues were revealed, all of them of a woman in various sitting poses, mostly with an arched back and uplifted arms and breasts, and hair that fell to barely graze an elegant pair of shoulders bracketing a sleek neck. The breasts were well-matched to the woman’s slender form and perfectly shaped except for a tiny lump underneath the right breast, almost like a flaw in workmanship, or a signature.

“Mom, these are great. We’ve got to get them on the website right away.”

“Oh, no. These aren’t for sale.”

“Not for sale? You’re kidding?”

“I couldn’t. It would be too embarrassing.”

“Mom, these will sell. The website isn’t getting any traffic and this will attract lots of viewers.”

“But that’s so… pornographic.”

“Mom, come on. All the great sculptors did nudes. Some of them, nothing but. You have to let me put these up. You need to earn enough to at least partly pay for all this or you’ll eventually have to go back to selling insurance.”

“Ok, but I don’t want see anyone who wants to buy them.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll look after that.”

“And the wheeling and dealing.”

“And I’ll take care of the business too,” I agreed.

It was harder getting the names and stories for these new pieces from Mom but I was glad I pushed her. The stories were incredibly touching. This was good stuff. I took great pain to get the pictures just right but I wasn’t completely satisfied. As an avid amateur photographer, I wanted the lighting to be just perfect but the conditions weren’t right. Still, I managed to get a sufficiently decent interplay of light and shadow for each piece to show well.

Mom noted my disappointment so I took great pains to explain it to her lest she think it reflected her workmanship which was superb. She understood in the end, leaving the discussion with a portentous comment.

“Too bad you can’t put the light and shadow right on the statue. Then it wouldn’t matter where you took the pictures.”

I worked on the website that afternoon adding a bit about the shock of cancer and mentioned the tiny lump lest some mistake it for poor craftsmanship instead of a signature.


That night, Mom was late coming downstairs. Given what had happened that morning and afternoon, I figured the check-ups were over. I was mildly surprised and greatly relieved when I saw her descending in her robe. I got up to meet her so stopped in the middle of the living room to wait for me with that strange smile on her face.

She spoke as I untangled the belt on her robe, “Your father’s fallen asleep already.”

The fact that she pointed that out to me made the hair on my arms tingle. Why had she felt it necessary for me to know that? Perhaps because I was thinking so hard about that, I was slower than the night before to get Mom’s robe and nightgown undone. When I finally had her breasts exposed and my hands enveloping them, Mom whispered, “If you’re only going to do this once a day, you’d best do it carefully.”

I nodded but didn’t look at her for I was already busy checking her breasts. In the interests of thoroughness, I allowed my fingers to slip up onto the top of Mom’s breasts and even let them brush over her nipples, which were indeed stiff. My examination turned into an extended, continuous caress, barely disguisable as anything but. When Mom finally stopped me, at least five minutes later, we were both breathing more rapidly and swaying unsteadily on our feet. Mom pushed my hands away but she didn’t step back or force me away.

“Did you know women can get lumps on their bottoms too?” I suddenly blurted out.

That had just popped into my head.

“No, really?” Mom whispered, still swaying on her feet, as was I.

“Yeah, especially if you’ve had a lump on your breast.”

This was pure bullshit and I was sure Mom likely knew it as such but I still said it with conviction.

“Have you checked yours?” I asked, my hands already sliding down her shoulders and then jumping to her waist, inside the robe.

“No, I didn’t even know about it,” Mom replied.

“I better check, then,” I mumbled, my hands slipping around the curve of Mom’s waist, sliding easily over the silky material of her nightgown.

Gently, I urged Mom closer to me, pressing my hands into the small of her back. When she was almost touching me her arms lifted until her hands clutched my shoulders. I moved my hands lower, palms flat on Mom’s back, sliding down until each was poised at the top of her buttocks. I paused for a moment, scared to continue without permission, then, when it didn’t come, proceeded anyway.

Oh, what a gentle, erotic slope my hands traveled, a curve as magnificent as the underside of her breasts and just as perfect. How magically her buns filled my cupped hands, how sensuous they felt, soft yet firm, quivering with a life that couldn’t be contained. Oh, if only I could touch them directly, sense their bare skin, I would be in heaven. I reached the bottom and curled my fingers underneath, testing the heft of each slightly sagging swell and, sighing, lowering my head to Mom’s shoulder. I squeezed and pulled them closer, bringing Mom into full frontal contact.

“Ben,” Mom whispered.

“Ben,” she repeated, more firmly.

“Yes,” I replied groggily.

“I think, perhaps, we should finish this tomorrow.”

Mom’s hands were gently urging me away.


“Yes, tomorrow.”

I brought my left hand up to Mom’s waist, preparing to part, but the right lingered. Slowly, I allowed its fingers to curl completely around Mom’s left buttock until the tips were pressed into the base of the divide between her cheeks and then, just as slowly, I deliberately raised my hand, dragging my fingertips up the crevice that stretched above.

“Ok, tomorrow,” I whispered.

Thankfully, Mom wasn’t angry. She stretched up to kiss me on the neck, then lifted higher to kiss me on my ear, her slightly moist lips leaving a hot trail between.

“Goodnight, baby.”

She was gone and I was left with the smell of her hair and her perfume. It filled my nostrils for hours after that as I dreamed of her and eventually squeezed my fluid out into my shorts for a second night.


“You’re not serious?” Mom was aghast. “You don’t really think I’m going to let you smear that mess all over me, do you?”

“But you’re the model. You look at yourself in the mirror as you work. It has to be on you.”

“Why can’t you just paint the statues?”

“Two reasons,” I explained. “First, nobody wants a painted statue.”

“I guess,” Mom concurred. “And second?”

“And second,” I continued, “it’s what you see that counts. You’ll see a different array of light and shadow and that will change what you create. Don’t you see?”

“Yes, Mom,” replied, her fingertip in her mouth, eyes narrowing as she thought. “I do see.”

Mom stood up. “Go ahead, then, paint me,” she said, holding her arms out at her sides.

“Not here, and not wearing all those clothes.”

“Where, then? You can’t put that on me in the house. It will ruin the floor if it spills.”

“Right out there then, on the grass.”

“On the grass? I’m not taking my clothes off in the back yard.”

“Just your top, and your jeans.”

“I don’t need to take off my jeans. I only do women sitting.”

“Yes, but the tops of the thighs and the sides of the hips are showing. They need to be painted too.”

“What if someone comes?”

“Who ever comes here during the day?”

Reluctantly, Mom acquiesced. “Alright, but just down to my bra and panties, or maybe I should put on a bathing suit.”

“No, Mom. We don’t have time. We need to be finished before Dad gets home. You can imagine what he’d say if he knew you were painting yourself.”

Mom walked out to the middle of the yard, kicked off her flip flops and loosened her jeans, then pushed them down her legs. She kicked them off, undoing the buttons on her blouse and letting it fall to the ground as she sank to her knees wearing only a brief pair of panties. Not a thong, mind you, but a nice small triangular pair of black panties with narrow ears that rose up and over the swell of her hips. The fleshy part of her ass bulged out a bit under the edge of the black panties.

“What a woman must suffer for her art,” Mom chuckled. “Come on, get it over with.”

As I started rubbing the mix on Mom’s shoulders and back, she barked, “Ugggh. This better work.”

I lathered the ‘paint’ on Mom’s shoulders, arms, back, stomach and thighs, spreading it slowly with my hands and working it into her soft skin. I left the best parts for last: her breasts, the inside of her thighs, and the bits closest to her panties in the back. I did her breasts first because she was used to me touching her there and was less likely to object to my exploring fingers on that part of her body. By the time I finished coloring her breasts, Mom’s nipples were definitely erect. I moved to her legs but as my fingers pushed the paint between her thighs, Mom objected and closed her legs tight.

“Hey, I don’t need this stuff there.”

“If you don’t, you’ll be disconcerted by the line that shows. You should have it right over the tops of your thighs.”

Mom reluctantly loosened her legs to let me apply the paint. I rubbed it up and down the length of her inner thighs but was careful not to get too close to her panties. I sensed that a boundary existed somewhere around there and that my proximity to it was making Mom a little tense. I definitely didn’t want to spook her so I chickened out on my plans to smear the stuff over Mom’s ass, especially those intriguing bulges at the bottom.

“Ok, you’re ready,” I said, standing back to admire my work.

“Well, now we’ll see,” Mom said, standing.

She walked awkwardly to the studio as if she was covered in mud and I supposed that’s what the stuff felt like as it dried. I stood as quietly as I could, out of Mom’s sight, as she worked on the next piece. She worked quickly and rarely stopped to examine her body. When she did, she struck a pose and merely glanced at the mirror rather than twisting and turning, preening, and peering intently as she usually did. Somehow, she was seeing immediately what she needed to see. When she was done, she started on another one right away.

“Ben. Ben!”

I ran to the bathroom.

“Ben! Come here!”

I opened the door, carefully peeking inside, ready to quickly yank my head out.

“Come in. Quickly. And shut the door.”

I stepped inside. Mom was in the shower, the sliding door half open, her eyes closed and her hair full of shampoo.

“This stuff isn’t coming off and your father will be home soon.”

I surveyed at Mom’s glistening body. She had the stuff mostly off her front and the backs of her legs but it still clung to the backs of her upper arms and all down her back. My eyes drifted to her pelvis, the swell of her tummy and the tuft of hair below it. If she turned, I would see my mother’s pussy.

“Ben. Get in here and scrub my back.”


“Get in here. You put it on, now you get it off!”

“Oh, ok.”

I scrambled to get my pants and shirt off.

“Leave those on,” Mom yelled when I pushed my underwear down. “What are you thinking?”

I nodded, acknowledging my silliness. Mom pulled the shower door wide open and I stepped in behind her. She reached behind herself to hand me the soap and a wash cloth. I was staring at Mom’s bare ass, the one I had groped the night before and pounded my poor little dick all night over. Naked, it was even sexier than I had imagined it to be, firm but jiggling, the bulgy cheeks clearly separated. I dearly wanted to cup them in my hands.

“My back, Ben. Scrub my back.”

I started rubbing the soap all over Mom’s back and following it with the washcloth, working it in hard. The paint began to come off. When I got her back done, I searched out bits behind her arms and beside her breasts that she had missed. Mom had calmed down quite a bit when she realized the stuff was coming off and stood with both arms stretched up on the end of the shower wall to brace herself against my rubbing hands. Her head turned when they slid below her back and onto her slippery buttocks.

“Hey, what are you doing?”

“Some of the paint dripped down. You’ve got some here and here,” I said, touching the top of her bum just above her crack and the bottom of each cheek, the parts that would have been above and below her panties.

“Really? How on earth did that happen?” Mom asked, craning her neck to see but unable to.

“I don’t know,” I replied, scratching at the area just above her crack, my scraping fingertip managing to slip into her delightful crevice. “Should I get it?”

“Hurry then,” Mom said. “Dad will be home soon.”

I moved down to scratch at the fleshy bottom of Mom’s cheeks. I was in my glory, rubbing away at Mom’s fantastic butt, my head lowered to see what I was doing. There was, of course, no paint there. Employing both hands in the interest of getting the job done faster, I managed to pull Mom’s cheeks apart to observe her crinkly bottom hole. Of course, the pulpy lips below divided by her furry slit didn’t escape my attention either. If wasn’t long before Mom had had enough because she pushed herself away from the wall and abruptly shut off the shower.

Stepping out, she said, “I’ll get the rest later. Your father will be here any minute now.”

“I managed to get it all,” I said, in case she examined herself in her bedroom and found no paint on her butt.

“Good, good,” Mom replied, toweling herself hurriedly. “You better get to your room.” She glanced at me as she rubbed herself and I noticed that her eyes were drawn to my soaking wet underwear and the swollen cock they contained. “Maybe you should just get back in the shower,” she grinned, and left.

I did as Mom suggested. Of course, I couldn’t leave my cock alone. It was empty when I was done five minutes later and pictures of Mom’s wet cheeks were still floating in front of my closed eyes.


Mom didn’t come down that night. I waited for hours but finally went to bed but I couldn’t sleep. I checked the computer and found several emails requesting more information about the nude statues and their prices which I hadn’t put in because I didn’t know what was appropriate. I was about to answer when one email in particular caught my eye, offering five thousand dollars in the subject line for a commissioned work. The message body promised more to follow if they liked the first one.

Naturally, I read that email with great interest. They — it appeared to be from a man and a women — had read the bio of Mom that I had put up in an ‘About the Sculptress’ page, noting her recent cancer scare. They wanted to know if Mom would do a commissioned work with the woman lying down rather than sitting. I responded to the email saying that we were open to the idea. A response came back within minutes when I was in the middle of responding to a price request. I left that message to read the response.

Are you the Sculptress?

No. I’m her son.

The response was immediate.

Her son. How very nice to meet you. Will your mother do the piece we’ve requested and would she be interested in further requests? We’re willing to pay more.

I’m sure she will. She is very much the artist and is interested in the piece more than the money. That’s why she let’s me look after the business part. My I ask how much more?

If we like the first, then we’re thinking $10,000 per piece. Does that sound reasonable to you?”

What kind of pieces did you have in mind?

I was so excited I could hardly type. I was relieved this exchange wasn’t taking place face to face. I couldn’t have kept my cool if it was.

Several in the prone position and perhaps a few more sitting or lying with a young man son nearby.

The latter would be much more work.

We’re willing to offer more for those.

If my mother is willing, will you put down a deposit?

We’ll pay up front for the first piece. Please send us the details so we can wire the money to your account.

I couldn’t believe it. I replied that I would send the details ASAP and then responded to the other requests saying that the prices would be posted soon. I wanted to get Mom to see this right away but it was after midnight. I had a heck of a time getting to sleep. I was so worked up, I didn’t even beat off.


I was up early the next day. Dad and Mom were still finishing their breakfast. Mom could see that I was excited but Dad was oblivious. I didn’t say anything because I wanted to let Mom know first and let her decide what to say to my father. I could hardly wait for him to leave and Mom noticed my agitated state.

Finally, Mom accompanied Dad to the door, dressed in a white blouse and a black, pleated skirt. She kissed him goodbye, stood at the door until he got in his car, then waved as he backed out of the driveway. Closing the door, Mom turned and walked back toward the kitchen, already unbuttoning her blouse as she came.

“What’s up mister? Why are you so antsy?” she smiled as she entered the kitchen, the buttons already undone almost to the waist of her skirt. Mom was pulling the blouse up, untucking it from the skirt but stopped, peering at my face. “What? What is it?”

“You won’t believe it, Mom. Some couple wants to commission a statue… for five grand!”

“What? You’re joking?”

“Nope, I kid you not.”

I got up and went to Mom. Instead of hugging her, I brushed her stilled hands aside and grasped her blouse, pulling it up out of her skirt to finish the job for her.

“You’re really serious, aren’t you?”

“I am,” I laughed. “I’m really, really serious.”

I struggled and failed to keep a straight face. What I didn’t fail at was undoing the remaining buttons on Mom’s blouse. She didn’t seem to even notice what I was doing, even when I pulled her blouse apart to reveal her naked breasts and started pushing it off her shoulders.

“What do they want?” Mom asked, automatically holding her arms out from her sides to make it easier for me to strip off the long-sleeved blouse.

I got it off one hand but it hung up on the other. I ignored it and grasped her breasts in both hands.

“I told you these, I mean they, would sell.”

Mom was oblivious to my caressing hands.

“When do they need it?”

“When you’re done. It’s at your discretion.”

“I can’t believe it.”

“You’re a Sculptress, Mom. You’ve really done it.”

“With you’re help. You’re the one that made it happen.”

Mom threw her hands around my neck and hugged me hard, almost dislodging my hands but I managed to retain my grip.

“You wonderful, wonderful boy. You’ve given me a new career.”

Mom kissed me, full on the mouth.

I was stunned. So stunned, I forgot her tits and actually let them go. Mom was giddy with laughter. I slipped my hands around her shoulders and kissed her back. We broke apart and laughed together. My arms slid down to the small of her back and I kissed her again. The laugh between was short-lived. Mom’s arms tightened around my neck and we kissed again. This time, Mom really kissed me, her lips mashing against mine for several long seconds before her tongue slipped into my mouth. I moved my hands around to her front to reclaim her tits, sucking her tongue deeper into my mouth. Mine dueled with hers and finally pushed it back until it retreated to its home, closely chased my mine invading her own mouth. We were gasping for air when we finished. Mom’s hands slid from my shoulders and she stepped back.

“Whew,” Mom sighed. “I guess we got a little carried away.”

“We had a good excuse,” I panted.

“I suppose. I guess artists sometimes let their emotions get the better of themselves,” Mom responded, turning away, pulling the blouse off her wrist and tossing it onto a chair. “We’d better finish our breakfast, we’ve got painting and sculpting to do.”

As we finished breakfast, I filled Mom in on the email exchange. I could see her mind drifting off to plan the new sculptures as I spoke. As I suspected, the money, fantastic as is was, was secondary to the fact that someone wanted her work. As her mind toiled, I could have slapped myself to see if I was really awake and not dreaming. I mean, I was sitting at the breakfast table with my sexy mother, dressed in a skirt with her breasts nonchalantly on full display without a hint of discomfort on her part.

We walked together into the yard but Mom stopped in the middle of the grass.

“I guess you better paint me,” she said, indicating with her flapping hand that I should fetch the paint.

I returned quickly to find Mom still standing where I had left her. When she saw me, she smiled and reached down and slid the zipper down the side of her hip, then kinked it up and back, letting the skirt fall of its own accord. Mom kicked it away several feet, then turned around and kneeled on the grass wearing only her panties. I went to her and sank to my knees behind her.

“I guess you’d better paint all of me,” she instructed in a rather throaty voice.

I splashed the paint on Mom’s back and spread it around, covering her arms and shoulders and even the back of her thighs and her calves. When I reached around to do her front, and Mom didn’t object, I concentrated on her breasts, kneading and stroking them for long minutes, massaging and flicking her nipples, once even tugging them up until they dropped from the weight of their fleshy substrate.

The two pieces Mom had done the day before were really superb and I really thought it was due to the paint making the contours of her body more apparent to her as she worked. After all, she had worked quickly with the briefest of glances at her body in the mirror, but I had now changed my mind. I now believed the superior work was due to Mom’s state of arousal and I was going to make sure she was aroused for this first commissioned piece of work. I think Mom was aware of it too, at least at some level, when I thought about the strength of her conviction that it was me that had made it happen. I had thought she was referring to the website but now I think she was voicing her own conviction and she, more than anyone, should know what was driving her.

I dipped my hand in the paint bucket and, with my left lightly stroking Mom’s throat, I splashed the right on her belly, moving the paint slowly around in an ever widening circle. Again, I dipped my hand and spread the paint everywhere, even onto Mom’s panties. Dipping my hand in again, I dropped it onto Mom’s thighs which parted to give me access to the inside of her legs. My lips dropped onto Mom’s neck and I nibbled the crook as my hand languidly pushed the paint deep between her legs, scraping her panties on each upstroke.

I looked at Mom’s eyes and was pleased to see they were shut, a wanton expression covering her face. Dipping my hand again, I surprised her by rubbing it onto her bottom, covering her cheeks and the panties. She slumped back against me so I curled my left arm around her torso beneath her breasts to pull her up on her knees. I dipped my hand again and applied a liberal quantity of paint to Mom’s bottom again, this time working it between her legs from behind. I wasn’t shy about rubbing my hand up her center, letting my fingers push into the crevice dividing her cheeks. The next handful went directly on the front of Mom’s panties and my mouth covered her ear, the tip of my tongue swirling slowly around its rim, then tasting the center. When the first low moan escaped Mom’s lips, I pushed her forward onto the grass.

Mom lay still where she had landed. My eyes drinking in her painted body. It was a surreal, extremely erotic sight. I leaned forward and pushed the back of her right knee, moving it up until her leg was bent at almost ninety degrees. Observing her position critically, I moved her left leg up too but not as much. After a brief pause, I pulled on Mom’s right shoulder until her upper body was almost perpendicular to the grass. Gently, I pried her face up so it looked like she was trying to look back, waiting expectantly for someone behind her, except her eyes were closed. Almost satisfied, but not quite. I adjusted Mom’s hips so they tilted forward slightly but her ass pushed up and back. For the final touch, I moved Mom’s knees together and aligned her lower legs so they matched, one on the other, with one foot curling over the other.

Perfect. A woman waiting expectantly for her lover. Apprehensive, yet offering him everything, from behind.

I laid down behind Mom, snuggling up to her and fitting myself around her body, the lump in my shorts just barely touching the triangle below her painted panties. As I leaned over to whisper in her ear, my bulge pressed into that sacred spot.

“You’ve got work to do,” I whispered thickly into her wet ear.

I stood and dragged Mom to her feet.

I kept my distance, quietly watching Mom as she worked feverishly for the next few hours. She worked right through lunch, though I set a plate of fresh fruits and vegetables nearby. She finished the first statue, lying on its side, twisting up to look at the sky, the pert upper breast leaping from its chest as if it wanted to launch itself up to meet the target of its gaze. The second was finished in the middle of the afternoon. It, too, was lying on its side, though turned down toward the earth, it’s prominent, naked bottom pushing up as if unashamed of the heathen triangle it blatantly offered.

When she was done, Mom looked vacantly about, almost immediately noticing the food. She devoured it ravenously, the speed with which she ate forcing juice from the oranges and tomatoes spilling over her chin. She didn’t drink until the food was gone and then she gulped it down in one go. Then, she slumped in her seat before getting up and tottering like an old woman. I stepped quickly forward and grabbed her, fearing that she was about to fall. I carried her in my arms, upstairs, to the bathroom and the shower. There, I pulled the panties down and, God help me, kissed each bare cheek as I pushed the panties down her legs and off her feet.

As she stood in the shower, leaning against the wall, letting the water run over her back, I undressed… completely. Mom was watching me with listless eyes but they still tracked my underwear being dragged down to my feet and off… then rose to follow the spring of my cock. I stepped into the shower behind her, soap in one hand and a washcloth in the other. I set to work, wiping away the paint and the stress.

I cleaned her well and massaged her body as I went, interested more in relaxing than caressing. Yes, I took liberty in touching every part of her body but I didn’t try to rub my hard cock on her though my tip did accidently bump into her bum several times. I don’t know how but I resisted the urge to push it between her legs. She was susceptible and I didn’t want to take advantage. I let her know that I loved her in the tender way I touched her, that I was fascinated with her beauty in body and soul, but most of all, just that I loved her.

We didn’t say a word to my father about the emails or the new sculptures.


Mom didn’t come downstairs again that night either. Perhaps the day’s events had taken too great a toll.

I was up early again the next day, eager to see her. Mom wore a simple white blouse, braless again, and a dark, navy blue skirt with intricate designs sketched in thin white lines. The thin cotton skirt swirled about her legs as she walked but when she returned from waving goodbye to Dad it was her blouse that attracted my attention. It was fully buttoned and Mom didn’t give any indication that she was going to unbutton it as she walked unsmiling toward me and stopped in front of my chair.

I can’t describe the thrill that spread through my chest when, once there, a smile appeared and Mom started to undo her blouse. Slowly, very slowly. I didn’t say a word as I craned my neck to see and neither did she. The white blouse was dropped carelessly and my eyes followed it to the floor despite the fact that Mom wasn’t wearing a bra. Her fingers were already sliding the zipper down on the navy blue skirt and my attention focused there, intent on the bare skin being exposed as Mom slowly lowered it over her hips. The depression between hipbone and tummy was revealed only to be hidden by the unfortunate appearance of panties but, as the skirt continued its fall, Mom’s flesh, in the form of soft, white thighs, reappeared. The skirt passed her knees and Mom stepped carefully out of it before dropping it onto the blouse. Two pieces of clothing. Only white panties were left. Mom leaned over me to brace her hands against the wall behind my head.

“I don’t want to get paint on these. I had to throw the black ones out yesterday.”

Mom waited, still smiling, but didn’t say anything more. Her words sank in and I reached out with both hands to tug the panties down her hips. They caught briefly on the jutting swells of her behind, then snapped down to the base of her ass and the thickness of her thighs. Her pussy was bare, a neatly trimmed slot barely covering the puffy lips. I savored its musky aroma. Slowly, I tugged the panties further, in no hurry, leaning closer to Mom the farther I pushed them down her legs. When they were near her feet, my face was so close I could have stuck out my tongue and tasted her. Mom stepped out of the panties and I dropped them where they were on the floor.

“Come,” Mom whispered. “We’ve got work to do.”

She pulled me up by my hand and turned to lead me outside. I stumbled trying not to step on her panties. What would Dad think if he came home to find Mom’s clothes strewn around the kitchen, especially her panties? Halfway across the yard, just as she had the day before, Mom stopped and pulled me even with her, then pushed on my back to urge me ahead.

“Go get the paint,” she said.

I turned back to Mom and folded my arms around her naked body.

“We don’t need the paint.”

I leaned down to plant a kiss in the crook of her neck.

“No,” she whispered.

I stiffened, then pulled back and looked into her eyes.

“I guess you’re right, we don’t,” she said and stretched up to kiss me on my mouth.

I pulled her to me and mashed my lips on hers, slowly slipping my tongue into her mouth. My hands roamed down Mom’s back and onto her gently sloping buttocks, curling around her bottom and squeezing her delicious buns. The kiss was intense and when we stopped twisting our faces to catch our breath, I had pulled Mom hard against the fullness of my swollen private parts. I realized what I had done and was about to pull away when Mom’s mouth sought mine again, her tongue pushing thickly into me. I responded to its demand, kissing her hard and wrapping my arms tightly around her. Her pelvis thrust against mine and I ground my cock into its yielding flesh, forcing it into a rotational movement that continued until we parted again to breathe.

“No,” Mom said. “We certainly don’t need the paint.” She stepped back, out of breath, but didn’t turn away. My eyes moved down from her flushed face to her heaving chest and quivering nipples, then below to her pubic hair which was pulsing with excitement. I noticed that the front of my shorts were bursting with my own excitement and dropped my hands in front as I quickly looked up to see if Mom had seen. She had. I caught her just as she averted her eyes.

“Don’t interrupt me today,” she said, her breathing barely allowing the words to get out. “I want to know you’re waiting, and that I can’t see you until I’m done.”

It was one of the most difficult things I ever did, watching Mom walk naked away from me. She worked for hours and hours. It was late afternoon when she finished. I stepped hesitantly up to the door just as she was covering her new work with the tarp. Her look kept me from entering so I waited, patiently, until she joined me at the door.

“Your father will be here any minute. It’s a good thing we didn’t use the paint,” she said.

“Yes, good thing,” I agreed, though I didn’t really agree at all. I had been waiting all day to have our shower and it hadn’t dawned on me once that it needn’t happen if we didn’t use the paint.


That night, I prepared a comforting environment for Mom after she and Dad retired for the night, just in case she did come downstairs unlike the previous two nights. After sitting alone for over two hours, I was about to give up and go to bed when I heard the soft click of a door being carefully closed upstairs. I craned my neck, turning my ear toward the stairs but I saw her before I detected the soft fall of her footsteps. She descended the stairs slowly, dressed like she had been every other night in a tightly cinched robe. Her eyes said it all as she stepped into the living room.

“Hi sweetheart. I couldn’t sleep… Oh Ben, this is so lovely. Thank you so much.”

Mom’s eyes danced with the reflection of the candles I had placed all over the living room, on the window sill, the tables, and even on the floor. Her nostrils flared as she breathed in deep, inhaling the aroma of their scented oils.

“Gosh, it’s a bit overwhelming… almost too much.”

Her steps faltered and I leapt to my feet, crossing the floor to steady her.

“Sit here,” I guided Mom to the couch, first sitting down myself against the pillows piled up at one end, one leg stretched across the cushions, then pulled her down with her back toward me. Mom wiggled her back, nestling comfortably against my chest.

“I couldn’t sleep,” she continued where she had left off. “I didn’t want to wake Dad so I got up.”

“Mmhmmmm,” I nodded, though she couldn’t see my head behind her.

“I keep thinking about their request,” Mom referred to the couple whose commission pieces she had worked so hard to do the past couple of days. “I hope they like them.”

“I’m sure they will,” I said, confidently, kissing Mom’s hair.

“I don’t know. Their instructions leave so much latitude: statues of a woman lying down and of a man sitting, watching her; statues of the two of them lying down together; and to make the woman older than the man, much older.”

“I know, it’s strange.”

“Yes. Usually it’s the man with a wife much too young for him but a woman with a much younger man but I’m sure it happens. They sound like they’re wealthy.” Mom paused, then added, “It’s probably her money.”

“Yes, probably,” I murmured, kissing Mom’s neck inside the collar of her robe.

“It’s just that I can’t decide what to do next. That’s why I can’t sleep.”

“Relax. You’ll think of something.”

By the sound of Mom’s sigh, she wasn’t as sure as I about that. My fingers found the belt securing her robe and began toying with it in a lackadaisical fashion, tugging its ends and slowly pulling the knot undone. Mom shifted left to bring her right leg up onto the couch too. I continued playing until the knot pulled free. Mom seemed to be deep in thought and unaware of my activity. Slowly, not because I was afraid she would stop me but rather because I didn’t want to disturb her, I pulled Mom’s robe apart until I had an unobstructed view down the front of her body, covered by the nightgown until just below her knees. Her feet were bare; she had kicked off her slippers.

As Mom pondered what to do the next day, I untangled the laces connecting her nightgown with discretion similar to that I had applied to dismantling the robe. After quite a few minutes, I had succeeded in unfettering Mom’s breasts and taken them gently into my hands. For the next half an hour, I nuzzled Mom’s neck and massaged her breasts, occasionally letting my hands stray down her belly inside the nightgown to stroke her soft skin. I was surprised when I encountered the upper traces of her pubic hair but I didn’t venture into it.

I didn’t want to disturb Mom’s thoughts as I was sure she was well into the creative process. Nevertheless, I could not stop my cock from swelling more at the thought of Mom’s bare pelvis. Had she purposely removed her panties before coming downstairs or was it just a coincidence? Her pussy was bare just inches below my trembling fingers. I hoped my hard cock, now pressing into the small of her back, didn’t intrude rudely into her thoughts but there was little I could do about that. Hoping to alleviate the situation, I returned my hands to Mom’s breasts. Mere seconds later my fingers surrounded her nipples, gently tugging and tweaking them into full extension. I would have stopped when I became aware of what I was doing were it not for Mom’s contented sigh and the feel of her body relaxing against mine. What I was doing must be helping her generate creative thoughts.

Several minutes later, Mom pulled up her knees, pushing her back more forcefully into my erection. Incredible as it sounds, my hands tired of manipulating Mom’s breasts. Again, they descended her body but this time stayed on top of her nightgown, stopping on her hips. My fingers stretched out and retracted, pulling the nightgown back. I repeated this several times until the hem was dragged up and over Mom’s raised knees. A few more clenches and the hem started an inexorable descent down the top of Mom’s thighs until it was bunched up on her belly. As soon as that happened, Mom lowered her legs until they were once again stretched out straight on the couch.

I returned my hands to her breasts but after several minutes reviving her stiff nipples let them stray down to Mom’s waist. There, my fingers began kneading her sides and, as a side-effect, rolling the nightgown up under Mom’s breasts. She was very quiet but I could feel her breath shortening and knew she was excited by either her thoughts or what I was doing. So was I! My boner was so ragingly hard I worried that I might damage her spine if I moved suddenly. I moved my head, stretching it up slightly so I could get a better view past Mom’s breasts. I was pleasantly surprised when she adjusted her head to accommodate me, or was that just accidental?

The last of the nightgown was now sliding up over Mom’s pouting tummy, revealing the tuft of pubic hair covering her mound, a slash of white to either side where the sun never reached when she tanned in the back yard. When the nightgown was completely rolled up, Mom pulled her legs up again, her rising knees held tightly together. Was she feeling self-conscious? Was she going to cover up?

Mom turned her head sideways toward the back of the couch. Maybe she was embarrassed that she’d let me expose her this way. Her head rubbed into the hollow under my left shoulder as if scratching an itch in her ear, then was still. A few seconds later, Mom’s knees parted, then stopped when the gap was only two inches wide. Haltingly, her knees continued to give way, stopping and starting, again and again, until they were more than two feet apart. I raised my hand to press Mom’s hair against the back of her head to clear the line of sight between my eyes and her bare pussy, now pulled slightly apart.

I could see a slight furrow through the slot of pubic hair. She was trembling down there. Why? Was she ashamed? If so, why didn’t she close her legs? Or maybe she was quivering in anticipation, or from the feel of my eyes’ caress?

I didn’t know. What I did know was that I wanted to be closer to that tantalizing tuft of hair. I returned my hand to Mom’s hip and moved both of them closer to the center, stopping in the shallow groove just inside her hipbones. Stretching my fingers toward each other, I set them down on Mom’s soft pelvic flesh just short of that wondrous strip of hair, pressed in, and pulled.

What a fantastic revelation! The furrow widened and a moist, pink slit appeared at the bottom of the trench. I had seen Mom’s pussy this morning when she let me pull her panties down but this, this was my first ever view of her cunt. My cock throbbed into her back. Oh God, don’t come, don’t come. I groaned out loud with the effort, willing my cock to stop.

The moment passed and I sighed with relief. I rubbed my fingers up and down at the sides of Mom’s pussy, then pushed them together and pulled them apart.

“Ohhhhhh,” Mom released a quiet sigh.

I kept manipulating the flesh at the sides of Mom’s pussy, alternately hiding and revealing that pink slit and causing Mom to sigh again and again, more frequently as the pinkness moistened. When her sighs were almost constant, I moved my hands closer together. Now, when they reached toward each other, they met on top of that beckoning furrow and descended together into the pinkness, prying it apart, tenderly, lovingly. Up and down, my fingertips stroked as Mom’s sighs were converted into soft moans.

When the moans because groans, I began openly thrusting my hardness into Mom’s back, at first slowly but then with more and more vigor. In my passion, I forgot to be tender and felt the fingers of my right hand push inside Mom, between her pussy lips, inserting themselves in her cunt, which immediately shoved itself more firmly upward until my digits were completely ensconced. My left hand moved instinctively to the top of Mom’s pussy and was hotly welcomed there. I was bucking frantically against her back now, no longer afraid of a messy release. In fact, needing it desperately. When it came, filling my shorts with hot, sticky goo, Mom’s hands covered mine, pressing them tight as she shuddered to her own release.

We were still. The candlelight flickered in the night as we became once more aware of our surroundings. I pushed Mom’s nightgown down over her belly until it was piled up, covering her. Mom’s hands took over, pushing it up and over her knees which were now closed demurely together. Her legs lowered and Mom sat up, twisting to put her feet on the floor. She gathered her robe about her and tugged it in to her waist, threading the belt into a bow and pulling it tight into a knot. She found her slippers and slipped her feet into them, then turned and looked down at me.

“Thanks,” she said, patting my chest. She didn’t look down at my still bulging shorts or the spreading wetness there. “I think I know what I’m going to do now.

Mom got up and quietly walked away.


Mom was already out in the studio working when I got up the next morning. Dad was gone. After breakfast, I returned to my room instead of disturbing her, deciding instead to work on the website and check for emails. There were several queries which I answered. I made a lunch and took it out to the studio. Mom had just finished a piece and covered it up so we ate together. I glanced curiously several times at the tarp, wondering what was underneath. Mom noticed.

“Be patient,” she said. “I’ll show you when I’m ready.”

“Do you need some support before you go back to work?”

“Support?” she asked. My eagerness for her response must have answered her query because she smiled softly as if trying to let me down gently, “No, I know exactly what I want to do.”

I must have looked devastated because Mom immediately added, “But I’m not sure what to do for tomorrow. Perhaps we can do a little more mentoring tonight?”

“Yeah, Mom. Whatever you want. I’m happy to help out any way I can.”

“You a bigger help than you know.”

Mom turned back to work and, as she did, her eyes flitted across my shorts. I looked down to see a huge boner that, until then, I had been completely unaware of. I blushed and looked at Mom, ready to say something, to apologize or whatever, but she was already working. Quietly, I slipped outside and disappeared into the house.

It was late, much later than the night before, when Mom appeared on the stairs. She was standing still, as if she was waiting for me to notice her before she made her descent. She was dressed in the same robe. Her eyes sparkled as she neared the candlelight. I thought it odd that I could notice her eyes at the same time I registered the way her body pressed against the robe as she walked and noticed how silently her bare feet carried her across the carpet.

Her steps didn’t falter tonight. She strode confidently toward me, motioning for me to lie back against the pillows. When she was next to me, she pulled two of them out and pressed me back until I was almost prone. Then she undid the belt on her robe but held it together with one hand as she lifted one knee over me and set it down between my leg and the back of the couch. As she lay down on top of me, her robe fell open and her breasts dangled down. Mom was naked!

Mom wriggled on top of me, getting comfortable. When she was finally still, her head was on my shoulder and her face was buried in my neck.

“Will you tickle me while I think?” she asked.

“Tickle you?” I asked.

“Yes. You know what I mean. Start with my back.”

I placed my hands on Mom’s back and started stroking it.

“Underneath,” she murmured. “On my skin.”

“Oh,” I said.

I pulled at Mom’s robe but had trouble baring more than a few inches below her neck. Pulling it up from her front, squeezed between us, I peeled it away from her shoulders until her back was bare and the robe was piled on top of her buttocks. I started from there, in the small of her back, using long strokes up her sides and down her spine.

“Mmmmmmm, like that,” Mom purred.

I stroked and caressed Mom forever, my fingertips dancing lightly with the barest of touch at times and then rubbing firmly with the sole of my knuckles and even pressing in with my palms. I scraped along the side of her breasts but I didn’t try to reach underneath to hold them. I was familiar with them now and didn’t want to relieve the pressure of her body along mine, it felt so good. At some point, I pulled the rest of the robe up from Mom’s sides and pushed it off her bottom until it fell on the floor. Now, my strokes traced the length of her back and more, tasting the full range of her buttocks.

I gravitated more and more onto Mom’s ass, plying it with my eager fingers, exploring every curve, every cranny, and the full extent of her jutting cheeks. When my fingers tracked near her hidden valley, Mom’s pelvis pressed down more firmly against my own. Soon, my fingers were plying that forbidden canyon, pulling her cheeks apart to make the entrance wider. My right hand stretched in search of the moist crevice I had explored the night before but I couldn’t quite reach it. Mom shifted on top of me, moving up until her head flopped over my shoulder and my straining fingers found her delicious slit.

So inviting, so wet! My fingertips slid easily inside.

“Ohhhhhhh,” Mom moaned in my ear, her lips pressing against the side of my head and encircling the edge of my ear just as her tongue pressed inside.

I pushed my fingers in deep. Mom scrunched hard into my cock and moaned in my ear, then lifted her ass back to shove my fingers deeper inside her. I started fingering her and running my other hand up and down her ass. Mom’s hip began to rotate, dry humping my cock and fucking my fingers. The fingertips of my left hand found and pressed on her anus. Mom’s tongue shoved hard into my ear, swirling wetly, then broke away. Her head lifted up and the next thing I knew her mouth was covering mine and her tongue was reaching for my throat. I slipped my fingertip into her asshole.

Immediately, Mom started bucking on my cock and her hands shoved under my back, grabbing my shorts and pushing them down. She was like a woman possessed, desperate to get at me, desperate to find relief. I strained to lift us both. The effort was worth it when my shorts suddenly shot down over my hips and ass, scraping over my cock until the waistband was caught by my balls. One hard jerk later, and my balls were pressing against Mom’s moist pussy.

Feverishly, Mom’s hand found my cock. She didn’t hesitate for an instant. She rose up until her head was hanging above mine and, looking down, she guided my cock to her entrance, slowed to carefully insert its tip, then just as slowly sank down my rigid shaft, mewling a strange animal-like sound until her mound found my root. The fucking started right away. Mom leaned over me, huffing and puffing while her cunt gripped my cock, chewing up and down its length like a starving cow deprived of its cud. All I could do was lay underneath and groan my pleasure. Each time I thrust up, I was immediately smashed down. Mom was fucking my ass off and all I could do was grab her hips and hang on.

I came hard but was dwarfed by Mom’s silent yet thundering explosion which drenched my balls. She didn’t stop right away. Rather, she continued fucking my cock, though ever slower and slower, until finally, she collapsed on my chest, hands running through my hair and kissing my forehead. After a long time, Mom pulled away and stood beside the couch. She let me look at her heaving breasts and trembling, wet pussy, only slowly pulling her robe closed and belting it up. She touched her fingers to her lips and then pressed it to my forehead. About to turn away, she repeated the touch to her lips and then touched the tip of my worn out cock, now flopped over my stomach. She giggled, a mischievous glint in her eye, and turned away.


The next morning, while Dad drank his coffee and I ate my breakfast, Mom washed some apples in the sink. Dad’s nose was poked into the morning newspaper which was fortunate given the outrageous act Mom performed. She reached under her skirt and pulled her panties down to her knees, then continued scrubbing the apples as if everything was normal. She wiggled her legs until the panties had fallen to her ankles, then kicked the flip flops off her feet and stepped out of them. Bending over to pick them up, she smiled at me and calmly opened the cupboard under the sink and deposited them in the garbage. Mom returned to scrubbing the apples as if nothing had happened.

When Mom returned from waving goodbye to Dad, she didn’t stop in front of me as I had expected. Instead, she walked right past me and out into the yard. By the time I got up and to the door, she was already stopped in the middle. She dropped to her knees and then flopped forward. Turning onto her side, she twisted her pelvis forward and drew her legs up until her legs were bent, striking the pose I had placed her in the last time I had painted her.

I strode toward Mom and stopped, looking down at her. She turned away without looking at me and stretched her hands out on the grass. As quietly as I could, I opened my jeans and pushed them down my legs. As I stepped out of them, I hoped Dad hadn’t forgotten anything. On my knees, I crawled up behind Mom and flipped her skirt up over her ass. Quickly, I ducked down, holding my hard boner to guide it into her magic triangle. The tip bumped against her soft flesh and followed the moistness to her entrance. I slipped easily inside, grasped Mom’s hip, and slid home with a relieved grunt.

Immediately, I started fucking her with a steady, vigorous pace. I couldn’t hold back, I needed to do her. I straddled her thighs and she pushed her ass up to help my cock find its easiest path. I held Mom by the waist and stepped up the pace, lunging harder and harder without any finesse, just a long hard, fast fuck. I was grunting and wheezing and almost yelling obscenities when I unloaded my balls. Gasping, I fell on Mom’s back. Eventually, I managed to speak.

“I”m sorry, Mom. I couldn’t stop. I meant to leave you… tense, so you could work.”

“Shhhhh,” Mom twisted around and I pushed myself up to let her turn. “I need serenity for the next piece and this is just what I need, at least for a start.”

Mom reached down to grasp my sticky, softening cock, immediately arresting its decline.

“Now, make love to me, and take your time.”

As Mom held my cock, I rained kisses upon her. She directed my mouth and my hands for a while, then quit, evidently satisfied with where I put them and what I did. It was a long session but I’m proud to say that I managed to bring Mom to an intense orgasm. After a minute or two of rest, Mom got up and walked to the studio. I flopped onto my back and watched her go. I lay on the grass for a long time, listening to her work before eventually getting up and going into the house.


They were here, at the door; the couple that commissioned all the work. The man was in his early forties and the woman was at least twenty years older, maybe more. They were elegantly dressed and a long, black limo was parked in the driveway, the driver standing respectfully by the rear door. The man spoke.

“Hello, I’m Nick and this his Gwen. We’ve come to see the pieces, if they’re ready.”

“Oh. I’m… uh… I’m not sure they are. I wish you’d let me know you were coming. I’ll uh, have to check with my mother.”

“Ben,” Mom’s voice came from behind me. “Please let them in.”

Mom greeted the couple, assuring them that their surprise visit was welcome and they could see the pieces any time. Would they like some tea first? I was shocked, given Mom’s earlier expressed aversion at meeting potential patrons, yet she was clearly keen to meet this couple and already seemed to be comfortable with them. They declined the tea and expressed their eagerness to see Mom’s work as soon as possible.

“Well then, right this way, Nick,” I said, my arm indicating the way through the kitchen and out the glass doors into the back yard. “I’m sure you and your wife will be very pleased. Mom has worked very hard and has completed several large sculptures.”

There was an awkward silence. Even Mom was looking at me as if I’d made a huge faux pas.

“Actually, Gwen is my mother.”

“Oh, I’m terribly sorry,” I stammered.

“That’s ok,” Nick said. “How could you know?”

Gwen spoke for the first time, looking at Mom. “But, of course, you knew, didn’t you?”

Mom nodded, holding Gwen’s gaze.

To make a long story short, Gwen and Nick were thrilled. They bought all the pieces, leaving us with a hundred thousand dollars in cash with a promise to make arrangement to have the sculptures picked up. The real shocker was when Gwen turned around to speak to Mom at the front door as they were leaving.

“I would truly appreciate it if you could find it in your heart to do at least one more piece to complete the set,” she said.

“Of course,” Mom said. “You have been more than generous.”

“Not as generous as you’ve been with your talent and your passion,” Gwen replied. “Please allow us to reward you for the magnificent gift you have bestowed upon us.”

“If you insist, but it isn’t necessary,” Mom said.


Gwen interrupted her son. “Shhh, Nick. This is a matter for mothers.” She turned to Mom. “I would be truly grateful if you would accept the same amount for the final piece.”

“It would be a honor to do it for you.”

After they had gone, I asked Mom about the final pieces.

“What is it she wants? She didn’t say anything about it.”

“She didn’t need to,” Mom said. “I already know.”

“What is it?”

“I’ll let you know when the time comes.”


Mom worked for several days without any assistance from me. I was cut off. The first day and evening, I tried everything I could to bring my plight to Mom’s attention but she ignored every hint, no matter how plain. On noon of the fourth day, however, things changed. Unfortunately, it was a Saturday and there was no way I could take advantage of Mom’s renewed attention.

I thought it cruel of Mom to tease me the way she did. She flitted around near me sending signals that made my dormant cock sore. She wasn’t brazen. Dad’s presence prevented that, but she managed to let me know she was interested in seeking my moral support again. A smile here, a flash of her eyes there, an unnecessary twist of her torso to emphasize the jut of her breast, the fall of her skirt from her knee baring the underside of a curved thigh and, late in the afternoon, the incessant tap of her bare foot as it dangled her flip flop from a painted toe. Oh, I got the message all right, or at least I thought I did.

After dinner, Mom pulled me aside as I headed for the living room.

“I don’t want you lighting candles anymore. Your father asked this morning why the house reeks of incense.”

I had been burning the candles every night waiting in vain for Mom to show. I was immediately depressed. I guess I had misread the signals. Mom was ending our affair and her way of letting me know was to tell me so stop burning the candles. Perhaps she had no further need of my particular brand of inspiration.

I sat in the dark that night, waiting. Finally, at two in the morning, I got up and carefully made my way through the dark to the stairs. Mom startled me. She was sitting on the steps half way up.

“What the…”


“Mom?” I whispered.

“Be quiet,” she snapped.

“How long have you…”


Mom stood and started down the steps, grasping my hand as she passed by me. I turned to follow. We threaded our way easily through the kitchen, the light of the moon shining through the glass doors. Mom pulled the door open, taking great care to make as little sound as possible. It was only then that I realized she was naked. She turned around to face me.

“Take your clothes off,” she whispered.

When I didn’t react, Mom waved her hands impatiently. I yanked my t-shirt over my head and threw it on a kitchen chair, then quickly pushed my shorts down and off my bare feet. The moonlight glinted off my hardening rod as I moved toward Mom but she put her hands up to stop me.

“Be still.”

I did as Mom said. The only part of me that moved was my stiff cock bouncing in the moonlight. I didn’t have any idea what was going on but I knew it wasn’t going to be bad.

“What do you think you’re going to do with that?” Mom asked.

She didn’t have to point. I knew what she was talking about.

“Nothing,” I said, like a little kid getting caught with something he wasn’t supposed to have.

“Did you think something was going to happen with your father right upstairs wondering why his house smells like incense every morning?”

This was taking a bad turn.


“I should think not. Now, follow me but be very quiet. Your father hasn’t been sleeping very well the past few nights.”

Mom turned and walked out into the yard toward the studio. Was she going to show me what she’d been doing the last few days? Couldn’t she wait until Monday?

I bumped into her back when she suddenly stopped in the middle of the grass. Mom gave me a stern look and glanced up at the dark bedroom window behind me. I turned to look. It was wide open, covered only by the screen.

“Be very quiet, Ben. We’re going to do something very special tonight but you’ll have to control yourself. Are you in?”

I nodded.

“Good. Get down on your knees.”

I knelt before Mom. She came closer, and closer, until her trimmed bush tickled my face. I pressed my nose against her belly and let my tongue slip past my lips, curling up into her furrow to taste hers. Mom’s hands curved around my head and pressed my face against her with gentle pressure. Her hips rotated and she sighed as my tongue entered her pussy. A minute later, Mom was slipping and sliding steadily up and down my face, her fingers gripping my hair tightly. Except for the sound of her breathing there was only the rustle of the trees from the light breeze. I braced my hands on the back of Mom’s thighs but she moved hers down to bat mine away without slowing her churning hips. A new sound entered my ears: Mom’s wet pussy working around my stiff tongue. Abruptly, Mom’s hips went into overdrive.

“Oh… oh, oh, ohhh… uh huh, uh huh, uh huh… oh, yes… yeah, yeah, yesssss, yessss, yesssssssss.”

Mom was not losing control. Her words were whispered and the intervening sighs muted.

Slowing, her hips were slowing, she was stepping back, falling to her knees, panting heavily, her hands covering her sex, arms closing in front, squeezing her boobs together, back arching, head falling back, looking at the sky.

“Yesssss, oh yessss.”

Mom flopped forward. I sat back on my heels, cock wavering in front of me, still hard and ready to go. I waited patiently, sure that it would now be my turn. I turned to look back at the bedroom window, suddenly nervous. Mom hadn’t been loud but if Dad was awake, could he have heard her? I couldn’t see any movement or any sign of lightness that would indicate someone standing in the window.

I whipped my head around when Mom’s lips covered my cock. She was sucking me, the fingers of one hand now circling my root while the other slipped down the underside of my shaft and onto my balls. I dropped my hands to the side of her head and thrust forward slightly, betraying my eagerness. Mom’s mouth pulled off my cock and my hands were smacked roughly away.

Her mouth regained my helmet and slid down my shaft. I kept my hands to myself. Up and down, twisting, sucking, fingers squeezing and stroking, nails scratching, tongue rubbing, flicking my tip, swirling around it, mouth sucking, for so long… oh, so long. I moved my hands toward Mom’s head but caught myself before I ruined everything. God, I wanted to hold her head, to fuck her face. Why was she teasing me so?

I pushed forward, afraid of the response but unable to hold back. No reaction, just Mom’s mouth pushed more firmly over my shaft. I pushed forward again, gently, provoking a gargling sound as my cock pushed against the back of Mom’s mouth, but still no recrimination. I moved my hips steadily, slowly at first, just a bit ahead and back, but fucking just the same. Fucking Mom’s mouth! Fucking her face!

I moved so steadily it was hard to realize I was pushing forward in longer and longer strokes and moving faster and faster. The sucking sounds from Mom’s mouth were louder now, as was the wet gargling sound, but I didn’t turn around to see if they were being registered by anyone else but us. This was too good not to focus on it completely. Not a single neuron in my brain was willing to direct its attention elsewhere.

How could she take such long strokes in her mouth? Incredible. She was so wet, her mouth and my cock sloppy with saliva, making it so slick. So fucking good. Faster now, it wouldn’t be long, my hands resting on the top of my thighs, slipping around underneath to help lift my cock into Mom’s face. Oh, god, yeah.

Mom’s hands on mine, pulling them away from my legs, toward her, onto her head, clasping them over her ears, letting go, leaving my hands in place, holding her head. I pulled Mom’s face onto my cock, thrusting, holding in, pulling out, thrusting in, holding, oh god… I was coming, coming, coming, leaning over Mom’s head, kissing her hair, keeping her mouth on my spurting cock, mumbling, “I love you, love you, love you.”

I was still, chest heaving, gasping for air, cock slipping out, over Mom’s lips, hands running down Mom’s back to her ass, hugging her. Mom was pulling away, her back straightening. I did too. She reached out and took my flaccid cock in her hand and began stroking it. Nothing happened for a minute or too, my manliness failing me, but then it struggled to rise, to once more venture into the breech. Mom leaned over my valiant, half-hard erection and… drooled saliva all over it! She worked it in with her hands, then bent and drooled on it again, then again. Mom walked on her knees past me. I turned to follow but she stopped, hunched over, knees and calves together. She looked back at me.

“Ben,” she whispered.

“Yes,” I whispered back.

“You have to do this very quietly, understand?”

“Yes,” I replied, though I wasn’t sure what she was talking about.

“You’ll have to keep me quiet too, understand?”

“Yes.” Now I was really in the dark.

Mom turned her face to the ground, reached behind herself with both hands, and pulled her cheeks apart. Ahhhhh, now I understood. Was this what Gwen and Mom had secretly understood? Was there one more statue to make? I crabbed my knees forward, fitting in behind Mom, my cock now rapidly hardening to the consistency of a steel pike.

“Spit on it,” Mom’s voice instructed, though I couldn’t see her face.

I bent over and spit on my cock.

“No, on me.”

Oh. I redirected my face and drooled spittle over Mom’s ass where I thought her asshole was. I used my finger to spread it around, searching for the little gateway. My finger slipped right into it. Had Mom prepared for this before she came downstairs? I had seen her anus before and it was a tight little pucker, not partly open like this. The thought added tungsten to my rod. Mom, laying in bed beside Dad with something in her ass, preparing it for her son. Oh God, I so wanted to fuck her there.

I brought my cockhead into contact with my left hand and slid it forward through my palm to the index finger, still embedded in Mom’s little hole. Pulling it out, I replaced it with the most concentrated bundle of nerves in my body.

It was so tight. My cock bent with effort but was still denied entry.

“Push,” Mom’s whisper was strained.

I pushed forward but my cock simply bent even more. Using my hand, I kept it straight while I shoved forward again. There. Her ass was giving way. I think. I kept up the pressure. Yes, I was sure it was giving way. I wished it was a full moon so I could see better. Is it? Is it going in? Yes, there it is, but so tight… my god, shove. Yeah, oh yeah. Mom was groaning. I leaned forward and reached down with my left hand to find her face, slipped my hand under it to cover her mouth. Mom groaned and my palm vibrated with its slick tones.

I pulled my cockhead out and drooled on Mom’s hole again. Even in the moonlight, I could see that it was bigger. Encouraged, I pressed my hardness in again. Mom’s audible groan split the night. I lunged forward to cover her mouth but not before another groan escaped Mom’s lips in response to my sudden move as my cock burst through the gate. I was in! My cock was in Mom’s ass!

I let Mom accommodate to my girth before moving gently to and fro, a fraction of an inch in and back, then an inch. I kept doing this until the grunts vibrating my palm abated, replaced with the occasional murmur. I lengthened my strokes and within a few minutes I was fucking Mom’s butt just like I would fuck her pussy. Mom’s throat was behaving so I pulled my hand back and used both to hold her hips, pulling her ass back as I thrust forward.

Soon, it almost felt like a common experience, so I varied the speed and depth of my strokes, rewarded by Mom’s reaction through her breathing, love whimpers, and soft moans. She seemed to like it when I suddenly thrust in hard and held it so I got up on my feet and straddled her ass, gouging my cock in as deep as I could, in long, slow twists. Oh yes, she loved that. And so did I! I humped her in a series of five or six lunges followed by a grinding pause, then repeated it all. This went on and on and on until I finally realized that we were both getting way to loud. I pushed forward and drove Mom flat on the grass, gripped her cheeks and began fucking her ass very hard.

I had to release one cheek to cover Mom’s mouth again. I pulled her chin up to point her face toward the bedroom window where Dad was sleeping. Releasing the other cheek, I grasped Mom’s hair and started on what I knew would be the final part of this ride, at least for me. I love that final run where you know you couldn’t stop if you tried, that you’d come anyway, so you just go with it and the woman you’re with knows it too and tries to match you so she can come with you. I could feel Mom doing that. I leaned forward to whisper encouragement in her ear, to tell her how much I loved her ass, and how much more I loved her.

We lay spent on the grass for ages. The first hints of dawn were evident when we finally dragged ourselves to our feet.


“Mom. What are you doing?”

Mom had pulled back my covers and was pulling me by the hand.

“Where’s Dad?” I asked, my eyes frantically looking past Mom’s nude body.

“He went out to see Eric. Come on. Get up.”

I stumbled to my feet, still groggy from sleeping but relieved that Dad wasn’t in the house.

“Where are we going?”

“To bed,” Mom said. “I haven’t made love in the morning for years and years.”

“Mom, this is crazy.”

However, my mind was already losing the battle to my cock as I followed Mom with faltering footsteps, my eyes running over her body. Did I mention that Mom had wonderful legs?

“Mom, Dad could come home any time.”

“Don’t worry about that.”

I did. I worried about it until Mom flopped on her bed and turned onto her back, legs opening and arms beckoning.

We made love several times that day. All morning and into the middle of the afternoon. Long, tender, unhurried love-making, probably the best sex I have ever had. After one exhausting session, Mom pushed me up and slid down underneath me to take my cock into her mouth. She sucked and tickled my balls until I began thrusting into her mouth, the visions of filling it with my seed already bringing me to the brink of realease but before I lost complete control, Mom suddenly shifted up and plunged my turgid pole into her eager cunt. I was startled at how easily it swallowed my my cock, which felt larger than it had ever felt before, but my thoughts were soon lost as I arched my back to dig as far into her moist suction as I could get.

Mom was so unworried about Dad’s potential return that I stopped worrying about it too, even initiating the last session over Mom’s mild objections. We made love like that a lot over the next two months. I would stay in bed until Dad had gone to work. Before his car even pulled out of the driveway, Mom would enter my room, naked, to pull me away to her bed. The hallway would always be littered with her clothes.

Sometimes, Mom sculpted but her interest had waned. We would talk or go for a walk or bike ride instead, that is, when we weren’t making love.

I was shocked when she told me the cancer had returned. Well, as it turned out, it had never really left. One day, Mom admitted that she had found out a few weeks earlier. The doctor simply announced that the cancer had spread. Mom didn’t want it to ruin the last few months she had on earth, especially with me she said, so she didn’t tell me at first. But now, she said, it wouldn’t be long before she became quite ill. She she was right. Mom passed not much more than a month later.

Dad started to drink. Nothing I said could persuade him to stop. It was a shame, an enormous waste, but there was simply nothing I could do to stop it. We didn’t seem to have any connection at all.

One day, I managed get myself to enter the studio. There, I found one last statue, one of me taking Mom from behind, my bent cock just entering her ass. I was astonished that Mom had made such an explicit piece. What would Dad have thought if he’d come in here? Or, had he? Is that why he was drinking? No, I was sure he hadn’t. He would have said something to me. And for sure, he wouldn’t have left the $200,000 in cash sitting in an open box on one of the tables.

I covered the statue and put it in my car. To anyone else except Dad and I, it was just a younger man fucking an older woman in the butt. It was probably commissioned by Gwen and Nick. I would call them and see if they wanted it.

That’s what brought me to Gwen and Nick’s estate. It is a beautiful place with a large, old brick mansion surrounded by an inner circle of pleasant lawns and gardens enclosed within acres of rolling hills and forest laced with walking trails. It is a sanctuary for the soul and just what I needed. Over tea, the invitation was casual yet compelling.

“I think you should spend some time with your mother’s works. They’re all out there,” she waved her hand to the grounds to the east side of the estate.

“I’d love to do that, if you wouldn’t mind,” I replied, surprised at my eagerness to accept the kind invitation or, perhaps more truthfully, to avoid going home for a few more hours.

“Not at all. It’s just what you need for a few days at least.”

“A few days? Oh no, I couldn’t do that. It’s very kind of you to offer but…”

“But what?” Gwen cut me off. “What else do you have to do? Go back home to be on your own? Your mother isn’t there, she’s here in our gardens. No. You stay here and spend some time with her.”

And that was that. Gwen wasn’t the kind of woman to be argued with. I moved in to a beautiful room upstairs. Meals were provided by servants who seemed to be at my beck and call. They bought clothes for me in the local village and I stayed for a week, sitting amongst Mom’s statues which were concentrated in one particular lawn encircled by a flower garden on three sides and the entrance to the forest on the fourth. Along the pathway leading into the forest, I found several more of Mom’s creations. At dinner, the only meal that everyone attended together, Gwen pressed me for details about how each piece was conceptualized. I confess, I wasn’t very forthcoming and I did feel a little guilty withholding information from such a generous host but I considered it a cherished memory, for Mom and me alone.

I spent a week there before I met Nick and Gwen’s daughter. Yes, I did say daughter. The revelation didn’t surprise me, nor did her beauty. Nick was quite a handsome man and you could tell that Gwen had once been a patrician beauty. Jenny was a few years older than me and looked very much like the younger pictures of her mother that I had seen throughout the house except for her hair which was worn in the same tawny style that my mother had sported toward the end. Jenny and I seemed to have a natural affinity for each other without any awkwardness. Jenny knew when I needed to be alone and when I needed company, she was very easy to talk to. I think she understood me and, given her origin, I knew why.

One week turned into two, then three and, before I knew it, I had been Nick and Gwen’s guest for two months. Jenny had made a habit of bringing me a light lunch when I was sitting in Mom’s garden, often setting it down on the bench in the middle of the lawn and leaving without disturbing me as I sat on this or that bench around the periphery.

There were statues of Mom sitting on the lawn in various places and some of her later ones prone on the grass, usually with a statue of a younger man nearby. The statues were arranged in a progression from a woman sitting, then prone, then the younger man and the older woman together holding hands with their arms around each other, then entwined in an embrace, making love, fucking one behind the other and, second to last, the last one with my bent cock trying to gain entrance to Mom’s ass. The latter was less than accurate because Mom was wearing a dress that she had pulled, or the young man had pushed, up and over her buttocks, giving the impression of an impulsive act when, in reality, Mom had been completely naked at the time.

The first statues could have been any woman with a younger man but I recognized intimate details of Mom’s body, including the growth below her breast. As the works progressed around the lawn, however, it became unmistakably clear that the woman was Mom and the young man was me. The detailed renditions of our faces left no doubt, especially on the final statue. The other statues were all situated on the grass but the last one was set on its own bed which, upon inspection, looked like the rumpled sheets on a single bed, a hospital bed. The young man was curled up behind the woman, cradling her head in one hand and stroking her stringy, sparse hair with the other. A tear threatened to fall off the cheek of each one. It was incredibly touching and never failed to make me cry.

It had taken three weeks for me to notice the statue of the older man standing in the trees observing this last statue. I don’t know how I missed them. A quick survey around the garden revealed other statues, hidden behind larger flowering plants, some peering around the edge of the bushes but three were sitting in chairs. I recognized the chairs first. One was the wicker chair Mom kept in her bedroom, another was one of our dining room chairs, and the third was identical to our kitchen chairs. Only then did I recognize the older man as my father!

Mom had created these works. Was it her fantasy that Dad observed her making love to their son, or reality? I pondered this question for days and days, scouring my memory for any hint that Dad had been watching us, especially the night when Mom had given me her ass. I couldn’t find a shred of evidence but then I couldn’t refute it either. Dad could have sat in our dining room before that night and observed us in the living room. My eyes had been drawn upstairs but he could have already been in the dining room. It would have been easy to climb out of the upstairs bedroom and enter through the window in the dining room. And the other chairs? How hard would it have been for Dad to come home after leaving for work and sit either in the kitchen or upstairs in his bedroom. I wondered if that’s why he drank?

I concluded that Dad knew about Mom and I and that she knew that he knew. What I wasn’t so sure of was if Dad had consented to it. Looking back on it, Mom had clearly seduced me. Towards the end, she initiated sex with me often on the weekends when Dad was around and about in the house. She became more and more brazen as if she didn’t care about the consequences.

It was this conclusion that led me to Jenny. Long ago, when I had first come home, Mom had mentioned a young woman she had befriended in the clinic, a woman whose beauty she had noted, a woman named Jenny. Were my Jenny and Mom’s Jenny the same woman? Her tawny, bushy hairstyle may have been the inspiration for the new look Mom had adopted. Had Jenny confided her story to Mom? Was this the origin of the spontaneous magic moment when Mom first placed her hand on her breast to show me how small the lump was, and the instigation for the subsequent investigations, or should I say, explorations? I was convinced that the two Jenny’s were the same and that she had told Mom a story about the love between a young man and his mother, probably her own parents. Perhaps, dwelling upon the story, Mom began to desire a similar experience for herself in her final days.

Jenny was approaching me now with the usual tray of fruit, snacks and juice. She had been about to set it down on the circular stone table at the center of the garden as she normally did when she changed her mind, straightened up, and brought it to me. Jenny handed me the small tray and sat down on the grass before me. There was no room on the bench beside me because a statue of me was sitting there gazing at the prone figure of Mom on the grass.

I ate in silence, regarding Jenny with a blank expression on my face. She leaned back on her hands and waited for me to finish or to say something. When I was done, I set the tray down on the grass beside me.

“You met my mother at the clinic, didn’t you?”

Jenny nodded.

“You told her about Nick and Gwen?”


“She was intrigued?”


“Did you suggest she take up sculpting?”

“No. She said it was something she’d always wanted to do and that she was good at in school.”

“I see,” I nodded, thinking. “You asked Nick to follow up to see if she had done it?”

“No. I came across your website and asked Nick to support her. If I did it myself, she would have considered it charity.”

“So, I owe it all to you.”

“Yes,” was Jenny’s brutally frank reply. “Well, the beginning anyway.”

“I suppose thanks are in order,” I sighed.

“You can pay me back, you know.”

With that, Jenny rolled over onto her stomach, her head on the grass canted back so she could look at me. She reached behind herself to grasp the hem of her summer dress and pulled it up until it was stretched across the bottom of her buttocks at the top of her slightly parted legs. A dark patch of pubic hair stretched down between the triangle formed by her legs and the apple-like cheeks of her bottom.

“You owe me,” she whispered hoarsely.

Maybe it was because I hadn’t had sex for so long, maybe it was because Jenny was so beautiful and we were so fond of each other, or maybe it was because we understood one another so well. I don’t know the why but my erection was instantaneous and I didn’t hesitate for a second. I stood up and shoved my shorts down to my ankles. I didn’t bother trying to get them off over my running shoes, I simply sank to my knees between Jenny’s feet, still wearing my shirt. She raised her butt up and the dress fell over her buttocks, baring her ass. I moved forward to impale her with my hardness but Jenny suddenly twisted around to face me with her widespread legs, welcoming pussy pushed up and forward, ready for action.

“I want a son of my own,” she cried in a thick, passionate voice.

I stared down at her already moist pussy. “Alright,” I muttered, my cock aching for entry. I leaned down to bring it close, so close I could feel her heat on its tip.

“Wait,” Jenny cried. “Look at me first,” she demanded.

I did.

“Promise that when the time comes you’ll stand back and let him have his turn.”

I stared at Jenny, my mouth wide open, as the full reality of her offer exploded in my brain.

“Promise,” Jenny yelled. “I’ll give you everything you need, but only if you promise.”

“I promise,” I muttered, then with more force, “I promise!”

I reached under Jenny’s thighs and lifted her pelvis from the ground, my cock skidding between her inner thighs, bouncing from one to the other until I found her slit, nudged inside, and slid home with gut wrenching need.

“Ahhhhhh, yeah,” I cried, and started fucking my new soul mate with wild abandon.

It was a hard, desperate fuck. You couldn’t call it making love, that came later. Jenny responded as if she was in just as much need as I. How long had she waited for the right man to come along, the man that would willingly sire his own cuckold and honor his promise to relinquish his throne. As I pulled on Jenny’s straining thighs, I was surprised that I looked forward to the day, even cherished it. I would never do it for any other man, but for my son, that was different.

I think it was right after those thoughts that I first croaked, “Oh, Mom, Mom.”

Jenny went wild. Her hips bucked up to meet mine with as much force as mine slammed down to pierce her. I think she really got off on being called ‘Mom’ and I later wondered if she had always wondered what it would be like to fuck her own son, just like her mother had done. Whatever, the mutual hammering was extremely intense and I wasn’t really surprised when we were done to find ourselves in the middle of the lawn under the central stone table, gasping desperately to recapture our breath.

Jenny waited while I pulled up my shorts. Hand in hand we sauntered back to the house. Nick and Gwen were sitting on the large stone patio behind the mansion having their afternoon wine. Gwen was watching the birds in the nearby trees with her small binoculars as she often did. Jenny smiled at them as we climbed the stone steps, her hand stretching back to hold mine, towing me behind her.

“We’re going to be married,” she announced in the most nonchalant fashion you can imagine. “We’ll be upstairs celebrating.”

Nick and Gwen smiled and I nodded my agreement as if it was a foregone conclusion. As I entered the large house, I looked back just as Nick’s hand settled on Gwen’s knee. As Jenny pulled me into the house, the hand slid up and under Gwen’s skirt.

Days later, I discovered something else that might have had something to do with Dad’s drinking. The second to last statue depicted Mom prone on her back, her hands on my buttocks urging me forward with the tip of my cock just entering her mouth. Mom had done this on several occasions but she had never let me come there. Instead, when I was ready to unload, Mom would always slide her hands around to the front of my thighs and push hard, forcing me down and arching her hips up to capture my by then already drooling cock between her legs. Mom always wanted me to come inside her. That is, until the end. Then, she let me come in her mouth. Not on her face, mind you, just in her mouth.

So what was so strange about that?

Her tummy, that’s what. Mom’s stomach in that statue pouted way too much. It looked almost swollen. I had noticed it before but thought it was an expression of her realism. Now, I suspected another reason. Mom was pregnant, and intentionally so! She wanted to have a child with me but that was when she was well, when she thought she was free of cancer. Looking back, Mom had only let me come in her mouth after the first tell-tale signs that the cancer had returned. She carried that secret to her grave but Dad may have found out from the doctor after her death. Maybe. That swollen stomach haunted me.

So why did I think that? Because when Jenny and I spent the afternoon making love, I clambered over her chest just like in the statue with Mom. Jenny let me put my cock into her mouth and lovingly teased it back into something a man could be proud of. She insisted, however, that I put it in her pussy, as she did over the next few days. That recollection, while sitting on the bench regarding the statue of Mom and me, triggered similar memories with Mom. Jenny demanded that I come in her pussy because she wanted a son, and now I believed that’s why Mom had insisted on the same thing.

Oh yeah. We did have son. In fact we had two: twins.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Jaw Dropping Moment

Jaw Dropping Moment

My Mom is something else. She will do anything for me. There is just the two of us at home now, since Dad was killed in the auto accident. She works full time, and still helps me with my homework.

I’m a freshman at state. Played guard for Kennedy High School’s basketball team. Now, I’m hoping to make the team at the State Teacher’s college, which is located about twenty minutes away, out in the sticks. Coach Brown said that if I do, that he would award me a tuition scholarship.

We have started practice. The starting center, Terry Johnson, a junior and I have become pals. He is a big sucker, standing six foot, eleven inches, and weighting two hundred and thirty five pounds. You should see him jump. He does business two feet above the basket.

It was a Friday night that I asked Terry to stay over at our house. Mom has a stiff drink as soon as she gets home, so she was a little happy when we walked in. “Mom, this is Terry Johnson. Terry, meet Mom. Her name is Julie Williams.”

They shook hands. Mom went into the den to catch part of “Doctor Phil,” before starting dinner.

When Terry and I were alone he whistled. “Your Mom is a big woman. How tall is she?”

“Six one.”

“She’s got the biggest old titties that I’ve ever seen. Have you ever seen those puppies?”

“All the time. When she has a few too many, she gets careless. I see her naked a lot.”

“Boy, I’d like to give her a good screwing.”

“Other guys have told me the same thing.”

“How big are her tits?”

“Best I can tell you is that each one is as big as her head. She says that they are a pain because they get in the way all the time.”

“Would it piss you off if I got into her pants?”

“Shit no. Probably be good for her. She has not had a single date since dad died.”

“I have an idea, Danny.” Terry said. You said that she would do anything for you. And you mentioned that getting a scholarship would really help your finances. Here is what we do. After dinner, we get her drinking. At nine thirty or so, I will go upstairs to your bedroom. You tell your Mom that whether you make the team depends on if I pass you the ball. Tell her that I told you that I would consider it a special favor if she would come to the bedroom to be with me. Now, here is the important part. As soon as you tell her that, kiss her. Tell her that you love her, and then say. Mom, I’m going to go to the mall for a couple hours. It is up to you.”

The boys got lucky. Julie drank three strong drinks. Terry left them. Danny made his speech. His mother just looked at him, with a dumbfounded expression. “Danny, I can’t do that.”

“It is up to you, Mom.” He said again as he walked out the door.

Julie Williams was confronted with a problem unlike any she had ever heard of. She sat in silence for four minutes, alone. She had sex with four guys in college, before she met and married Bob. Suddenly, in spite of herself, she smiled, and felt a tingle between her legs.

But this guy in her house was no more than a big kid. She would tell him off. She barged right into the bedroom, and switched on the light. Terry was on his back, naked. “You have a lot of nerve. Who do you think you are coming in here and telling my son that I am a bargaining chip?”

He smiled. “I told Danny that you were the hottest woman that I’d ever seen, and I wanted to have sex with you, which I’m going to do.”

He got up, walked around her, and closed the door. Turning, he took her in his arms. She tried to push him away. He towered over her. She weighing one hundred and sixty pounds, of which thirty were tits, was no match for him. He kissed her! Her breasts were mashed against his chest. His cock was pressed into her stomach.

She was drunk. A boy of his size is big everywhere. His index finger never failed him. When he ran that baby into a woman’s cunt, with the end flicking her cervix, it was all over. Women’s knees would buckle, as they thrust their hips forward so that he would get deeper inside them. Such was the case with Mrs. Julie Williams.

She just looked at him as he took off her clothes. Between her legs was a neatly trimmed snatch, with a fine red slit. Terry was now excited. His finger now told him that she was wet and ready. On his knees, he placed his cock at her entrance. He shoved. It did not go in, so he used his fingers to spread her lips. This time, when he shoved, a couple inches went into her.

“Gently. Please gently,” She pleaded.

He arched his back, placing more of his weight on his cock. Two more inches entered her. She used a hand pushing against his hip to keep him away.

As far as Terry was concerned, he intended to bury his shaft to the balls in her. Sure, she would piss and moan, they always do. But, when it all was driven home, he knew that she would enjoy his fullness, the feeling that her whole insides were being yanked and pulled. He intended to fuck Mrs. Julie Williams long and often, like for the next two years.

His weight fully on her, he drove that cock of his again and again into the silk pussy.

“You are a lot of man?” She conceded.

“Feel good?”

“Yes. I needed this.” There was a long moan. Sweat covered her. Her cunt squeezed his manhood, as her first orgasm in more then a year shook her body. They booth knew that she was hooked. Sure, she would tell Danny that she was doing it for him. But she and Terry knew that she wanted to be fucked.

They talked for a few minutes. Terry mounted her again. This time, his first shove buried his whole shaft. Julie came this time in less then a minute. “You’re a hot fuck, Lady.”

Danny, who was just outside the door, heard every word. Mom came through again, he thought. He knew that a lot of passes would come his way from Terry.

The next day, when Danny and Terry talked, Terry said that he had screwed her seven different times. She had come at least five times.

“That ought to be worth a lot of passes?” Danny said, with a grin.

“You are going to be an ace. I’ll give you a pass, and then set a screen, Man. Bingo.” They both laughed.

Julie got up, made coffee, checked to see where the boys were, and then went into her room. Standing naked, she used a hand mirror to check out the condition of her pussy. She stood before the full-length mirror, as she lifted her tits. They weren’t a pain in the ass last night. Terry had sucked and played with them any time that his cock was not in her. She, for the first time in a year, felt like a sexual woman. It had been good that she had been fucked, she concluded. She wanted more. And why not? She was a widow.

It was interesting to her that Danny knew that his friend had fucked her. There would be no need to hide what she did from him.

She was a very happy woman when she reported for work on Monday. Terry had screwed her Friday night, and Saturday night.

He boss, Jim Duncan could tell that something was different. He was married, but his wife had become complacent. Her weight was now over one hundred and eighty pounds, which made her impossible to fuck. He wanted to fuck Julie. In the past, when he had made suggestions, she had said, “Jim, I’m not ready.”

“You look very nice today, Julie.”

“Thank you, Jim.” She said warmly.

At closing, he said, “Join me for a drink?”

“Love to.” She said, giving him a warm smile.

Julie called Danny. “I’m going for a drink with Jim Duncan. There are some dinners in the fridge.”

“Okay, Mom. Going to have another Terry night?”

She got all red. “You’re awful, Danny.”

“Hey, Mom, Terry said that you were better than a rabbit. Maybe Jim will give you a big raise? If you put out for him.”

“That is not why I’m doing it.”

“Yes, but it could be a perk?”

Three drinks and a short ride later; Julie was on her back fucking Jim Duncan at his lakefront cabin. “Holy shit, Julie, I love holding onto your tits, when we fuck doggy style.” He said as his shaft pistoned into her from behind.

The following Thursday, Jim said to Julie, “John Black, my big boss will be in town tonight. He has asked for both of us to join him for dinner.”

That wasn’t exactly what had been said. The conversation setting up the dinner went like this. “Jim, John Black here. I will fly in this afternoon. Have a meeting with one of the stockholders. After, I could go for some excitement.”

“What kind of excitement, John?”

“Something like that big tit secretary of yours. I would love to tango with her.”

Jim got a leer on his face. He knew just how to make some great brownie points. “John, we will invite her for dinner. If we get a few drinks into her, I think that she will join us in a room, for a little tag team fun.”

Julie was enjoying the dinner and the attention no end. When Jim suggested that they go upstairs, she guessed that she and Jim would go to one room, while this John Black would go to his room.

All three entered a room. Julie, somewhat drunk, looked from one to the other of the men as both were removing her clothes. She was placed on her back on the bed. Jim held her arms above her head. She didn’t realize that she was being restrained. She thought that he was exposing her tits for this John Black to play with. That too, but John Black started to lick her pussy. Now, that felt good.

He slid forward, plunging his shaft into her waiting cunt. He was using her for his enjoyment, self centered son-of-a-bitch that he was.

When finished, Jim pulled her legs up next to her sides, and ran his cock every which way in her soggy, open slash, movements that drove her to orgasm twice. Jim comes.

John buried his cock into her again. This time he took more then twenty minutes before spending himself in her. No thought had been given to birth control. No matter, she had just had her period. Julie was smiling at being well fucked.

Both Jim and Julie got raises. It was understood, of course, that she would be John’s companion any time that he was in town.

Danny made the team. In fact became the starting guard. A six thousand dollar scholarship followed. “You’ve got a valuable pussy, Mom.”

“My hooters help out, don’t you think?”

“You know, Mom, that it is very dangerous for a guy like me to have sex with a college girl. If she gets pregnant, I’m on the hook to support the kid for eighteen years.”

“I agree.” Julie said, wondering where this was going.

“A guy like me gets horny, just like you do. Tell you what. How about you letting me feel your tits, and play with your pussy?”

It was another jaw dropping moment. Danny had planned it well. She was gunned again, and was wearing just her robe, since she intended to take a long bath. Terry had told him to get a finger into her right away. He pulled her robe off her shoulders, which pinned her arms to her sides. Her finger found and entered her cunt.

Her eyes were like a deer caught in headlights. Her mind said that she shouldn’t but her pussy was screaming, yes, yes.”

Drunk, she went down. He fumbled for a moment and now with his pants below his knees, he drove his cock into his mother. Again and again he explored her pussy. Her tits did not escape his attention. Hell no. By Saturday night, they were beet red from his sucking. Sunday at sunrise found her on her back with Danny lazily, slowly sliding his cock in and out of her. She was half awake, enjoying the cock.

During Christmas break; Danny brought his coach Ed Brown home to meet his mother. “Mom, this is Ed Brown, my coach. Coach, her name is Julie Williams.”

“What brings you to see me, Ed?”

“We want to hold on to your son, so I am offering a full-boat, four years scholarship for Danny.”

“My goodness, that is wonderful.”

“I’ve heard a lot about you, Mrs. Williams. Do you think we could have dinner, just you and I, so I could get to know you better?”

At dinner, Julie learned that Ed was divorced. She liked him, he was soft-spoken and very professional, like so many university people are. He, like Terry, was huge, standing at six foot, eight inches. She was curious as to if he was as big down there as Terry.

When at his condo, she found out all about his down there. He was a patient, thoughtful, lover who gave her a delightful night in bed.

They became a regular thing. She, of course, did not tell him that Jim, John, Terry, and Danny all had access to her pussy. But he knew, everything! He had overheard Danny and Terry discussing fucking her.

Ed offered to marry her, which she accepted gleefully. The next spring and summer Ed took her along on his recruiting trips. She had quit her job.

The routine is that they meet with a recruit. They offer to take him back to the campus for a visit. Ed has a van. As they are tooling down the thruway, Ed is driving, singing a song. On the floor where the last two seats normally are, Julie is naked. A very happy young man is between her legs, sampling what he has been promised for the next four years. Ed never looses a recruit. Big schools have their eye on Ed. There is talk that UCLA has contacted him.

Ed will take that job. He knows that his really big men will transfer. So does Julie.

I’m Softly

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Sweet Revenge

Sweet Revenge

I was nineteen at the time of this story, newly married with stars in my eyes. Then I found out the “cocksucker” as I refer to him now, had cheated on me. I began to plot my revenge and this is the story of that revenge.

My name is Lee and I live in a very small town in the middle of no mans’ land. I had several men friends at the time who were gay or at least bisexual, and they came in very handy.

The “cocksuckers” retribution had been coming for awhile. I was his second wife, young, relatively sexy, naive, and vindictive as hell.

I had planned this revenge for two weeks with the help of three male friends, Mike, David, and Sam. I personally had relationships with all of these guys. They were big, good looking, and had larger than average cocks.

Before I go any further, you should know that the “cocksucker” was completely homo-phobic, and I had given him alot of crap over it. This revenge would become the ultimate revenge.

Friday night I convinced him we needed to go to the local bar and have some fun. Reluctantly he went with me. I had arranged for my three friends to meet us there. After several hours of drinking together I suggested we go back and continue at our house. My three friends were all up for it and by this time my husband was so drunk he was up for anything. We returned to our place and sat down in the living room after we had a few more beers,I excused myself to go to the restroom. I knew that while I was gone my friends would begin with our plan.

After several minutes I returned to the living room to see my husband completely passed out on the couch. My friend Mike said, “We put that shit in his drink and he is completely out,let’s get him into the bedroom.” Mike, David, and Sam proceeded to take him into the bedroom and undress him. They laid him on his stomach on the bed with his lily white ass in the air. I knew I was going to enjoy this!

All three guys already had their clothes off and huge hard cocks ready. I grabbed the lube from the nightstand and handed it to David, the big blonde adonis. His cock was the smallest of the three, just over eight inches long and very thick. David took the lube and smeared some on the “cocksuckers” ass to ready him. He climbed on top and put the head of his beautiful cock in my husbands ass. He pumped back and forth a couple of times then shoved his cock in balls deep. It was a very sexy sight.

As David ripped open my husbands hole I decided that the other two cocks shouldn’t have to wait. “Lets have some fun guys,” I said to Mike and Sam.

We joined David on the bed. My husband was not even moving. I knew in the morning he was going to be very sore from the brutal pounding he was receiving in his asshole. Mike got down between my thighs and began to lick and suck my clit while Sam put his giant cock in my mouth.

Sam had the largest cock it was over ten inches long and about two inches in diameter. I had always loved fucking him, the saying “hurts so good” always came to mind. I sucked his giant cock down my throat, he grabbed the back of my hair and began pumping that cock in my mouth.

I could see David fucking my husband’s ass and at the same time Mike was licking my hot, wet pussy he slipped a finger in my asshole. I came instantly. I told Sam it was his turn to fuck the “cocksucker”.

David rammed his cock deep in my husbands ass one last time and climbed off. His cock was immediately replaced by Sam’s hefty cock. I watched in fascination as he slid into my unconcious husbands’ ass.

By this time I was so fucking horny and turned on, that I decided I needed a cock in my cunt and one in my ass. I had David lay down on the bed and I lowered myself onto the monster of a cock that had just invaded the enemys’ ass.

My pussy felt so full at this point I had another orgasm. Mike moved behind me and put some lube on my ass. I have always loved the feel of a hard cock in my ass and knew this new sensation of one in each of my holes was going to be incredible. Mike slipped the head of his cock just past my anal ring. He pumped gently in and out to let me become accustomed to the sensation. I told him,”Fuck me and show me how you are going to pound that bastards’ ass!” At this suggestion he rammed that beautiful cock deep in my ass and David did the same in my hot pussy. They fucked me so hard and fast I could barely think. I had never been so full of cock in my life. I decided at that moment, I would always crave this sensation.

I watched Sam ram his cock in my husbands’ ass for several more minutes before I completely lost all train of thought. His balls slapping my husbands’ balls. His huge cock ramming in and out of my husbands’ tight virgin asshole. I looked away to concentrate on all the sensations going on in my own body.

I looked back over and noticed that Sam was watching us as he slammed into the “cocksuckers” ass. I smiled at him and told him to cum in the bastards ass so he would feel it when he woke up. This made Sam cum almost instantly, he kept ramming load after load of sticky hot cum in my husbands asshole. At the same time David and Mike were cumming and filling me with their warm cum in both holes. I screamed out my orgasm and we all laying silently except for hard breathing.

“I will never be able to repay you for this guys,” I said. Their mutual smiles told me the evenings events were more than enough payment. As they got dressed and left, I daydreamed about just how much fun it was going to be telling that homo-phobic bastard that not one but two of my friends had fucked his ass as he lay unconcious and unaware.

I also would enjoy telling him that while it was happening and I was watching I was being fucked by two hard cocks at the same time. I sighed, “Sweet revenge”

The End

I’ll Pay with My Mother

I’ll Pay with My Mother

I owed money. Janek said it was seven thousand zloty by now. I tried paying it out and failed repeatedly, tried doing him favors, failed again, and finally he said he’d forgive me a couple thousands if I “lend” him my sister.

I was desperate enough. But he priced her at only two thousands. Then, when he understood that I was going with it, he decided to have my mother. For my mother and sister together, Janek promised to forgive five thousand zloty. I’d still owe him two, but he’d give me another month to try and find it, and that would solve almost all of my problems.

When I told my older sister, she went straight to mom. They spoke for half an hour, and then my sister said they’ll do it. Neither spoke to me afterwards.

On a Friday evening, mom and sister got dressed and ready. I was going with them – to look after them, just in case.

(Note from the author: the guy who told me this story was 19, and still is – it all happened just recently. I know him personally. His name is B. Javorski. His mother, Klara Javorski, is 44. She’s gotten slightly chubby recently, wears her hair short, is soft-spoken, calm, a good housekeeper. his sister is 25, she is taller than her mother, is a brunette, which she inherited, he believes, from their father. She isn’t beautiful, but pretty in a timid kind of way. Her name is Ruta, still a Javorski: she almost got married last year, but it didn’t work out in the end for some reason.)

Mom was wearing a blue dress. She didn’t try looking like a skank, but she was wearing high heels anyway; not that I cared. She wore some jewellery and flashier makeup than normal. My sister wore black tights and a dark shirt. Her hair was done in a ponytail, she wore big earrings and slightly tasteless mascara. She never looked like that, but there she was now, painted like a babe in front of me.

Without talking to each other, we drove to Janek’s. I knocked, he opened, and so we were in.

Three other guys were waiting for us. I went and sat in a corner, and I wasn’t going to watch. But I still saw how a tall guy with stupid facial hair almost immediately cornered my sister.

“How are you?” he said.

“Fine,” said my sister and smiled nervously. She wasn’t talkative, so the guy put his hand on her legs. I saw him grope her. My sister grimaced.

“Warm, huh,” he said, and the others laughed. A short, thick blonde guy looked straight at me and kept laughing the loudest.

Janek and another guy were now standing around my mom. They sandwiched her between them and kept physical contact with her hands and waist as they talked to her.

“What a pleasure, Mrs. Javorski.”

“All mine,” said my mom, not looking at him.

The guy behind her put both hands on her bottom. She tried to evade it, but couldn’t.

“Nice weather, huh?” said Janek. “How have you been?”

“I’ve been truly great,” said my mother.

Janek smiled at her. She was getting her ass groped and squeezed from behind. I saw the guy slide his hand around her to grab at my mother’s cunt through her dress. Then he groped her ass again.

My sister was meanwhile seated on the tall guy’s lap on the couch, while another guy stood in front of her, hands in pockets. The tall guy had his hand on her breasts, another on her hips. He was asking something, she gave short replies. Finally he told her to kiss him. My sister turned and gave him a peck.

“How is that a kiss?” said the guy, looking her in the eyes. Then grabbed her hair and suckled on her mouth right in front of me. He slid his hand down her pants and grabbed her cunt. My sister gasped. She was then pushed onto the couch.

“No, stand up,” said the guy. Holding her legs together, she did. He turned her around and pushed her onto the couch face-first. My sister’s ass rose in the air. I saw lines from her underwear through the tights; maybe there was a skanky cameltoe, I couldn’t tell. The tall guy grabbed at her crotch again, groped her thighs. Tackled her ass with his crotch, and my sister cried almost tumbled, but the guy held her in place.

“Enjoying already?” he said.

“She is,” said the other guy, who was watching; I could clearly see their erections.

“Ass up,” said the tall guy.

My sister obeyed. He pulled her pants off her behind, leaving the panties on. She was wearing small white ones; I couldn’t help but see how they followed the contour, her ass crack, and clung to her pussy. I could see most of my sister’s ass-cheeks. Then the tall guy grabbed at the underwear and, with an angry movement, ripped it off. My sister screamed and grasped at her crotch, but the guy grabbed her hand and bend it behind her back; with his spare hand he dropped his shorts and trunks and in a carnivorous motion climbed on top of her.

“Turn away, it’s your fucking sister,” said the other guy, and so I did.

I heard Ruta gasp and start breathing noisily.

Janek then took my mom by the hand and led her past me to an adjacent room. Her dress was already tucked up at her waist, black panties down almost to her knees. I couldn’t help but see her backside as she walked. She got chubby, or maybe always was – I never bothered looking as she walked around the house in her pants or nightie or even her underwear – asking if I’m feeling like having a snack, or if I’ve done homework, or if I need something else. Her behind was round, seemed soft, ass cheeks moved and touched as she walked. There were pink marks from squeezing. one of her breasts was hanging out of her dress.

They didn’t close the door. Listening on as my sister had sex on the other side of the room, I witnessed my mother get thrown on the bed and saw her legs forced open. The guy got on top of her, licked her mouth, bit her breast. He grabbed at my mother’s cunt and pulled. Then he directed his dick into her, and after that I could only see my mother’s crotch, her ass squished against the bed sheets, as pussy swallowed a thick, veiny penis. The guy pushed. I actually knew him – I went to school with him until he went to college and I dropped out; so we must have been the same age. He pulled, almost turning mom’s cunt inside out, and pushed his penis back in again. The bed started creaking. My mother held onto the bed sheets. Mom complained in a low voice. The guy said, “Shut up.” I saw her struggle and get overpowered. Now he held her hands to the bed, held her legs apart with his body, and never stopped plowing. I saw him bend forward and bite at mom’s breast. She screamed again. The guy bit at her breasts repeatedly, holding mom down and fucking her, until he groaned like an animal, pushed the whole way inside and held it in my mother for quarter a minute. I saw his ass cheeks tense and tremble. Then he pulled out, got off my mother, and I saw her lay there, legs spread, crotch now stained, holding her right breast with both hands. The guy moved towards her chest, sat over it, squeezing breasts with his ass, and, I think, he made mom fellate him.

I was sitting in my corner, and I was harder than ever. I felt so angry and sorry for mother and Ruta and myself, that I, as sometimes happens to me, began to wish for us to get hurt even more. I wanted them both to get taught a lesson, like my mother was just a minute ago. I wanted to see it happen.

I turned to my sister almost shamelessly, and saw that she was still bent over, face down in the pillows, ass up, pants and panties down to her ankles. The second guy was now fucking her. I couldn’t see her crotch, but I could see her legs: one shoe fell off her bare foot, the other dangled on. My sister held her knees together and feet apart, bending them more when the guy got rougher. Her toes were spread wide apart. I clearly saw it.

The tall guy was resting next to them. He noticed that I was looking and winked at me, then rolled his eyes.

“Your brother’s watching,” he told my sister.

She didn’t move her body, but turned to face away from me.

“Hah, show him,” said the tall guy.

They man fucking Ruta looked back at me and stopped pumping. He stood aside and spread my sister’s ass cheeks.

“That’s what I’m doing to your pretty sister,” he said, looking down at me and stroking himself. Ruta’s hand reached from between her legs and covered her pussy, but the guy grabbed it and forced it away. My sister’s ass was sweaty, squeeze marks were all over it. Her pussy was wet and very pink; around it there was caked foamy semen. I caught her glance from between her legs, before she turned away.

“That’s no good,” the tall guy said.

He grabbed my sister’s hair. She let out a painful moan as she was pulled off the bed and up on her legs. Tripping over her panties, she walked towards me. I looked on incredulously as the tall guy threw my sister at me, forced her to grasp at my shoulders, and grabbed her thighs again. On his face I read how into this he really was – getting off on fucking a person’s sibling.

Her tits were hanging out. Hair was a mess. She was clenching her teeth. Her lip went up and she squinted, and then we started to rocked pathetically, as Ruta was being fucked again. She stared at me. I saw her grimace as cock pumped up in her. She saw that I saw, and now she was hating; but a muscular hand gripped her hair, another reached around for her tits; she had to squint and bleat, because he was starting to get too rough.

Suddenly, Mom had a coughing fit in another room. I turned; so did Ruta. Mom was on on the bed, in a spit roast between Janek and the other guy. She was coughing and pushing away with both hands, but couldn’t even spit his penis out.

Ruta turned to me. Oh god, she was hating me now. She hated my guts. For a second, I saw that she wished me dead. Then she gasped and spat in my face, gulped saliva and spat again, twice, sprinkling my face with wet foam. Then she let out a scream and pushed herself off me.

“What the?” said the tall guy, grabbing her. “What, you don’t love your brother? What’s wrong? You fucking slut.”

He grabbed her and threw her on the floor, mumbling “Teach you a lesson…” Ruta turned to defend herself, but he held her hands, turned her over, and forced her to kneel. My sister was put on all fours.

Holding her hair, the tall guy crouched over her and pushed the tip his cock up against her asshole. I saw her anus contract. She said, “No, don’t,” but the tall guy kept pushing. I was feeling sick. Her sphincter bulked, then blanched, and her asshole relaxed. The head of the tall guy’s cock slipped in. Ruta swore like a sailor, then bawled.

Now the tall guy was sliding in and out of my sister’s anus, ignoring her screams. The other guy was standing in front of her, holding his cock up and rolling his sack on her face. In under a minute, the tall guy ejaculated and let himself slip out of Ruta’s anus. He wiped his cock on her ass cheeks. Then he let go of my sister and went to the bathroom.

The other guy glanced about, stood up and went into the other room – where my mom was. Ruta sat on the floor for half a minute, then stood up and started putting her clothes on. Without trying to clean herself up, Ruta pulled her panties back on, then pulled her tights up. Sperm stains on her ass seeped through the fabric of her tights.

The tall guy was back from the loo.

“Where are you going?” he said to my sister.


Grabbing her by the hand, he slapped Ruta’s ass and took her to the adjacent room.

I saw Ruta stand at the door and look on at our mom. Mother was sandwiched between Janek and the short guy. Then the tall guy pushed my sister onto the bed and told her to “kiss mommy”. Then I saw my sister’s ass in the air as she bent down, and heard her kiss our mother. The broad blonde guy walked behind my sister, pulled her pants down, and started fucking her. I could barely see anything.

Soon, Janek and his crony ejaculated. One after another: before he ejaculated, Janek started fucking my mother’s ass twice as fast, and that made the guy in her pussy orgasm, too. Janek stood up.

The other guy rolled mom off him onto the bed and also stood up. He left the room; walking past me, he said, “Go clean up your mommy.”

I smiled like an idiot.

He said, “She’s a mess.”

I didn’t go.

Meanwhile, the three guys left in the room grabbed Ruta and pushed her face at our mother’s crotch. They wiped my mom’s cunt and ass with my sister’s mouth, and the tall guy was jerking off while looking at them. He was muttering under his nose – I heard “Yeah, lick your mom, lick her, you’re her daughter, you love her, good girl…” and the like. When he was ready to spill, he fed it all to my mother.

“I’m… done. Thanks, Janek,” he said finally. “I’m gonna go, fine with you?”

“See you,” said Janek, knuckling his shoulder.

Having seen his friend out of the room, Janek got on top of my sister.

“What’s you name, anyway?” he said to Ruta, spreading her ass cheeks with two fingers.

She told him.

“Ruta,” he said, “Be a good girl…” and pushed.

My sister started to sob again.

“Dear god, no, just let her go,” said our mom.

Janek ignored them both. He was riding my sister like a horse. Ruta kept spreading her legs, but I think it still hurt to the end. I could see Janek tear into her anus. His cock had a few blood drops on it. His balls were dirty from slapping her pussy. Janek pulled out and began to fuck Ruta’s ass crack. Her ass was still gaping; semen oozed from it and onto her cunt hairs. When Janek was almost done, he got off my sister, pulled her face towards him and painted her face with semen.

He said, “Having fun, Miss Pornstar?”

Ruta whispered something. He slapped her across the face.

“Yes,” she moaned.

He pushed her back on the bed and left her for the short blonde guy.

“Going to take a piss,” he said, walking by me. “Tight shitters on your girls…” He looked at me. “Just tell your mother to work out some.”

“What about my debt?” I said.

“You don’t owe me, buddy.”

And I almost loved the crook who raped my mother.

It was almost over: even the blonde guy was getting bored. He threw Ruta on top of my mother and had their pussies and asses, in any order he liked, from behind. Then made Ruta turn over and, on his penis, fed her semen from her mother’s cunt – she resisted, but was made to do it. Then he sat Ruta upright and fucked her throat, until she started slapping his thighs like mad. The guy knew his moves: he fucked my mother and sister’s four breasts, calling them whores, sluts, meat. Soon, he was tired, too. Ruta and mom were done.

Mom found her panties and pulled them on, let her dress down, did something to fix her hair. My sister wiped her face, front and back on the sheets and pulled her pants on again. I was watching them do all that and, for some reason, imagined that I was taking more money from Janek – the feelings as I took them, the look on his face, the pathetic bulge in my pants. Of course, I wasn’t going to. Then I thought, “What if I borrowed twenty thousand zloty from him? What if borrowed a hundred thousand?” and suddenly, last of all the men in this place today, without touching a woman, I, too, had an orgasm.

Wife sharing stories 2

Innocent Comment


It started out very innocently. My wife Jill and I were in the bedroom continuing the job of unpacking boxes in the house we had moved into two weeks earlier.

Our eight-year son came in with a magazine subscription ad, asking his mom to fill it out and order the magazine for him. “I only want to get it for a little while,” he said whining only slightly.

“You have to have 12 inches.” was my wife’s reply. Looking over at me embarrassed she said, “I mean 12 issues. If you want it you’ll have to get 12 issues.”

Of course I, not being able to let a good slip go past said “I can’t get you twelve inches right now, but if you wait a while….” This went right over the head of the eight-year whose mind remained on the magazine while mine descended into the gutter.

Jill and our son, Michael continued their magazine conversation as if I hadn’t said anything and for a while I thought neither of them had heard me.

After Michael left the room Jill turned to me and said “Where are you going to get twelve inches from?”

“Would you like it if I had 12 inches for you?” was my reply.

“Hmmm,” was her reply as she picked a laundry basket and headed for the washer.

As I continued unpacking and watched some baseball on TV I thought about the conversation and that very strange “Hmmmm.”

Jill and I had been married for fifteen years. Our sex life had been good, but as with most couples it had tapered off quite a bit in the last few years. Juggling a home, work and family sometimes doesn’t leave with time or energy to pursue an active sex life. We had done a few things to enliven our sex play a little. We have talked quite a bit about our sex lives before marriage and those chats usually led to some pretty hot sexual action afterward.

As I put things away I tried to remember if Jill had ever talked about the size of her previous sex partners. She had told me about her adventure sucking off two of her medical school classmates on the same night, at different times, and about the guy she almost got engaged to. But she had never said if they were larger than my 6 1/2″ cock.

She’d never complained although vaginal orgasms were rare for her. I love eating her pussy anyway and feeling it get wetter after she cums, so having her cum by clitoral stimulation was fine by me.

I wondered maybe any of her previous lovers were big dick cocksman. Being a black man who isn’t blessed with a 10 inch swinger between my legs got me to thinking that her Freudian slip might be something to follow up on.

The thoughts buzzed around inside my head the rest of the afternoon as I mindlessly unpacked and put things away. I had had the wife watching thoughts before and they were very arousing, but I had never put this much thought time into it. It’s amazing what an innocent comment and some time to explore it can do for you.

That evening in bed we went through weekly round of sex. Things as I’ve said, had gotten a bit staid but tonight fueled by thoughts I’d been having all afternoon, my sexual energy was ramped up and running high. Jill must have noticed to because there was more swing to her hips as I moved inside her pussy. Circling hip motions to match my own and serious pushing back as I pushed in. Trying to make it last I pulled out to have just the head of my cock between her lips. Jill opened her eyes and said, “My, what got into you?”

“It’s what’s in you my love,” I replied, smiling. As I started to push back in I finally asked the question. “Were any of your boyfriends bigger than I am?”

She looked at me puzzled. “Taller?” she asked.

“No,” I said “bigger, you know, bigger?”

“Oh, that bigger,” she said getting my meaning. “Maybe, I don’t know.”

Something about the way she said made me know she did know.

“Come on,” I said, “Tell me.”

“Well, I guess James was bigger and maybe Larry was,” she said.

James and Larry were two of the six lovers she had had before we met and married.

“It doesn’t matter though, I like the way you feel inside me.”

I wasn’t about to leave it alone yet. “Did you cum more easily vaginally with a larger dick inside you?” I asked. Still inside her I could feel a little contraction of her pussy muscles as I asked the question.

“Not really” was her answer. I could tell she was getting close to cutting off this conversation, so I let it go and we went off to a great finish. I pushed in deeper and wrapped my arms around her. We were sweating from our efforts and the brief conversation had given us some rest and added sexual tension, as if we had been talking about something forbidden or taboo. As I stroked in and out rushing to the finish I wondered if she were thinking about one of those larger cocks fucking her now. Her orgasm, and mine right after it certainly made me think she was. As I lay inside her, the hardness of my cock receding and our breathing returning to normal, Jill said, “You’ve always been big enough for me.” I rolled off on to my side of the bed, kissed her good night and went to sleep.

At the time she didn’t know it, but Jill had just opened the door on my secret fantasy. I’ve always been highly sexed. Daily masturbation was part of my routine day before I got married at age 28. Now 15 years later it was still apart of my life just maybe not on a daily basis. Moving from secretly watching X-rated VHS tapes in basement after Jill went to sleep to catching video clips on the net before going to sleep at night, to chatting on line, and reading stories, I liked sex and porn.

One night I was chatting with a woman who told me the hottest story I had ever heard. She told me her husband had brought a few friends over after they had been bowling. The husband and friends were in the hot tub relaxing. Husband comes into the kitchen and asks her to bring out some drinks. She says okay. Then he asks her to do it wearing a bikini. She protested a little but wound up doing just that. After the first round of drinks he asked her to serve the second round to them topless. She agreed and things got wilder when she joined them in the hot tub. She wound up having her pussy eaten by all three of her husband’s friends, and sucked off two of the guys while hubby watched. Her story had me so hard I had to take care of it before going to sleep. I chatted with her another time and she said she was waiting for them to come over again. This time she was ready and wanted to fuck all of them.

That story was the start to my fantasy. Before that the idea of watching my wife Jill with another man would never have entered my mind. That night it entered my mind and stayed there. It was something I could never tell Jill about. I thought she’d freak out, call me a pervert and I’d find myself sleeping in the guest room. Now a seemingly innocent slip of the tongue might have put the fantasy thing in a different perspective. Maybe she did want a 12 inch cock, and maybe I could be there to watch. The thought gave my cock a big twitch.

I decided to think it out and slowly see where things went. I knew I couldn’t just spring it on her: “Honey, can I watch while you fuck this guy with the big cock?” That would never work. As a few weeks went by I thought more about it and got increasingly excited as I did.

On a Friday a couple of weeks later, on my drive home on the highway I noticed at the exit before mine a new X-rated superstore had just opened. An X-rated superstore? Sounded like the kind of place I would like. Being in the right lane made it an easy choice to get off the highway and take a look.

Of course it was nothing special. Like a lot of the x-rated bookstores I’d been to before except this was brand new and giving out toys for grand opening prizes, and a buy one toy, get one half off promotion. I looked around and selected about an eight inch vibrating dildo and then a larger one that looked to be about ten inches. My cock got hard just thinking watching it slide into Jill. I also bought various lubes and a string of those anal beads that I’d seen I porn videos. They looked like they’d give her a little thrill; if she’d agree to try them.

The rest of the ride home was spent thinking about how I’d work all these things into our sex play. Jill wasn’t the all that adventurous when it came to sex. Anal was very rare and making a move like I was thinking about was totally off the chart, but hey: “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

I remembered Jill was scheduled to go out of town to a medical convention the following week. That would give me plenty of time to figure out how I was going to work this all out. However it might be good to put the bug in her head before she goes away, then she might have a thought about while she’s away and be intrigued when she comes back.

I began to envision the Saturday night before she left for her convention on Sunday. Sex is usually really great on nights before we’re away from each other and the night we get back together is pretty good too. I felt my erection throbbing as I exited the highway a few blocks from home.

Saturday was a busy day with Jill packing and readying for her trip to and me keeping the kids out of her way and doing things around the house. When evening finally came upon us we were both tired but knowing our pre-parting ritual knew that sex was on the menu for the night.

We started with our usual kissing and touching. She has marvelous tits that feel full with large semi-hard nipples that I never get enough of. Working my way down over her little bit of a belly that had housed three babies I made my way to her pussy. Licking around the lips I teased with my tongue. Her pussy became wetter and wetter as I teased, nibbled and licked. Alternating sliding between her lips and sucking and nibbling on her clit she was soon trying unsuccessfully to keep the moaning and “oohs” down to a low level.

Our bedroom was on the other side of the house from where kids slept but she still always wanted to keep the noise. “The kids will hear,” she’d say.

My reply was always,”So?”

As I pushed her toward the edge of her first cum of the night I pulled my head from her sweet, tasty and very wet pussy and said, “I’ve got a surprise for you.”

“For me? she asked. What kind of surprise?”

“The kind you have to measure in inches,” was my reply.

She rose up on her elbows and looked at me as I took a little time to suck on her inner thigh.

“Oh,” she cooed, enjoying the feeling. “What are you talking about?”

I reached down under the bed and brought out the 8 and 10 inch cock vibes. There was a funny little look on her face that I’d never seen before. A look of fascination or maybe it was a hint of the possibility the toys could bring.

“What are going to do with those?” she asked as she moved her legs apart a little more.

I took it as a rhetorical question and rubbed the already lubed 8-incher between her wet and ready pussy lips. I could tell she was tense as I pushed it in till those lips covered the head of the cock.

Her breathing was quick and anxious. She laid back, her hands pressed into the bed waiting for more. I pushed in more, about one-third of the length inside her.

She moaned again. My own cock was hard as a rock by now. It pulsated from the excitement. I pushed another third of the rubber cock in then pulled back some. Her pussy walls sucked at it not wanting to let it out. I turned the vibration on to it’s lowest setting eliciting a big “mmm.” I took that to mean all was good so I pressed on a little further.

I pushed going a little deeper. In and out a few more times until almost all of it was in.

She whispered loudly “Don’t move it. Just hold still.”

Of course I didn’t do that. Instead I pulled back some then went back all the way in again. I could tell she was getting close. I could hear the wetness in her pussy as I pulled in and out with the vibe. Pulling all the way out I rubbed it against her clit as she moaned again. I leaned over and slid my tongue in the warm wetness that told me she was enjoying our play. Picking up the 10 incher, which was also a little fatter, I slide the head of it where my tongue had just been. The taste on my lips reminded me why I loved eating her so much. The bigger dildo went in easily at first. “Oh, that’s bigger,” she said in a low almost whisper that coincided with her legs spreading even wider. “Close to those 12 inches we talked about,” I said. “Ooh, nice,” she said, seeming to luxuriate in the feeling. I pushed in and out until almost about 9 inches of it was in her.

I watched as she moved her hips around on it. I let go of it and watched as the end of it protruded from her pussy as she squirmed around on the bed. Those beautiful brown hips moved and the thighs opened and closed. The cock moved as she squeezed and relaxed her pussy. It was really something to see.

After a minute I went back to moving the dildo in and out increasing speed. She moved with it, keeping most of it deep within her. A few minutes later, she arched her back and raised her ass about six inches off the bed then plopped back down.

“Oh my God!,” she said over and over again as she spasmed, cumming mightily from the cock that was deeper inside her than I’d ever been.

As she calmed down I resumed the in and out thrust fucking movement with the dildo Jill must have cum six, seven or maybe eight times.

The cum was ready to burst from my own cock soon even if I didn’t touch it. I turned her into doggie position with her head down on the bed. I pulled the plastic pleasure stick from her pussy and thrust my cock into her warm, very wet pussy. It closed around me comfortably.

We moaned together as I got in maybe ten strokes before I shot a huge load deep into he pussy. We flopped down the bed a rested, both of us breathing hard. Jill was out almost immediately. I slipped the both of the rubber cocks back in the box under the bed, curled up next to my wife and slept the sleep of the satisfied.


The mother–in-law and I don’t always see eye to eye on things but when she volunteered to take our three kids for a month during the summer I could have kissed her. Well, not actually kiss. Anyway it was good to have them taken care of for few weeks while out of school. It also afforded Jill and I some time alone like we hadn’t had in years. We certainly took advantage of it. From skinny-dipping in our pool late at night, to an afternoon quicky on the couch, we were in high sex mode and enjoying it.

The toys had become a good part of our sex play that also included some fantasy role-play about strangers with big cocks and what she’d do if the encounter really happened. Without the kids in the house, it seemed to free Jill up a bit and allowed us to play a little wilder than usual. We kept the role-play in the bedroom and never even spoke of them in the light of day. The idea of any of it coming even remotely true was out of the question…. so we thought.

On the second weekend the kids were away we went to a little cultural fair in one of the local parks. It was a hot afternoon in Florida and we were soon pretty hot and thirsty. We sat on the grass listening to a reggae band that was actually quite good. Just as their set ended I looked over and saw an iced tea stand a little ways off from us.

“Do you want something to drink,” I asked Jill.

“Like what,” she said.

“There’s some iced tea over there, I said and pointed.

We both got up, but I said, “I’ll go. You can wait here.”

“Okay,” she said looking around toward the stage.”

I walked off. After a few yards I looked back at where she stood. She looked beautiful. She wore a white sundress that hugged her curves nicely. She held her low heel backless sandals in her hand.

Looking through the crowd she seemed as though she was looking for someone or had seen someone she knew. I turned and continued toward the iced tea stand. After getting the tea I looked for her again and she was still in the same spot, only now she was talking and laughing with a man, an older guy. He looked to be in his late fifties. Kind of tall, he looked in good shape, lean with a shaved head. As I got closer I could see it was the singer from the reggae band.

As I got closer Jill looked up and while taking the iced tea I extended to her she said, “Barry, This is Jonah. I met him a long time ago when my mother and I went to St. Thomas on vacation.”

“Nice to meet you Barry,” he said in a mild island accent. “I couldn’t have imagined running into Jill after so long and having her remember me.”

“Well you haven’t changed that much in 17 years, it’s really amazing.” Jill said shaking her head looking at him, “Besides how could I forget that voice?”

“Thank you for that complement. The years have been very kind to you as well. You look as lovely as I remember you. How could I forget you and your lovely mother from that weekend we enjoyed?”

Weekend they enjoyed? What weekend did they enjoy and what was so enjoyable?

After talking a few minutes more we found out Jonah had been in town to visit some friends and would be leaving in two days. His friend had convinced him to come out and sing with his band at this fair.

Since their set was finished we walked around and talked some more. I didn’t want to like him but he was a genuine and personable guy.

As he and Jill talked about St Thomas and them meeting at a club where it turned out Jonah had actually been trying to make a play at Jill’s mother. Not a too far fetched an idea since Jill’s mom had been divorced for a while then and even now at 62 looks damn good in a dress and heels. I can imagine how she could have been very attractive almost twenty years back.

It started getting later and we decided to go somewhere to continue chatting and get some dinner.

Jonah had a rental car and we decided that he would follow us as we led to a local place to eat. As it turned out we had to go right past our house on the way and the call of nature beckoned both Jill and I so we stopped to use the bathroom. Jonah came in and also used the facilities. The sun was going down and the breeze through the house felt good.

“Let’s just order a pizza and stay here.” I suggested.

“Sounds excellent,” Jonah said with a nod.

We popped open a few beers and Jill had some wine as we waited for the food

We drank quite a few more beers with the pizza as we talked about the long ago vacation to St Thomas. As Jill and Jonah said more about it I began to wonder if something had gone on between them during the five days they’d shared time. I hadn’t really noticed until Jill started to slur her words that she downed almost an entire bottle of wine by herself.

We had already decided Jonah would use our guest bedroom instead of returning to his friends place for the night so we talked and laughed the evening away.

I went to answer nature’s call again and walked into Jill as I was coming out of the bathroom. She gave slightly drunk giggle and I asked her what was funny.

She said, “From where I was sitting on the floor I could see Jonah is going commodore.”

“What?” I said.

“He’s going commodore. You know, no underwear”

“Oh!” I laughed. “It’s going commando, honey! Commando, not commodore! And why pray tell, were you looking there?” I said with mock indignation.

“I couldn’t help it,” she said. It was peeking out of his shorts.” In a low husky voice she said, “It’s huge.”

“Huge, how could you tell that?” I said, my own shorts getting a little tighter as my cock began to fully come to life.

“It’s long even though it’s soft. When it’s hard it must be huge.”

As she said “huge,” she kind of stretched the word out and slowly closed her eyes like she was imagining seeing it hard.

She opened her eyes to see me staring at her. She stared back both of us silently knowing we were moving close to something that would have unthinkable a few months before.

“Is it a big as the dildo,” I asked.

“Bigger,” she said, as we continued to stare at each other.

“You liked the way that felt sliding into you. Imagine a warm, real cock, even bigger going into your pussy.

Her eyes got bigger as she realized what I was saying and where we were going. “You want to see that?,” she asked, the excitement evident in her voice.

“Yes,” I said my voice a strained whisper. “If you say no it’s over and never spoken of again.”

“Or we can have an adventure, still love each other and know that we did something crazy, had fun, and then moved on. He will be leaving tomorrow. We’ll most likely never see him again. Besides he may not even want to have a…” I paused, ” threesome.”

“Well in St Thomas we came close to having a foursome, but I got cold feet.”

“That is a story I would like to hear at another time,” I said. “Right now though, What about tonight?”

“I’ll change and meet you out there, she said, heading for the closet. I turned and went back to the living room.

Jonah lay sprawled on couch. “I thought you two had decided to call it a night. I was going to go bed after this song.

“Jill’s coming out in a minute,” I said sitting on the chair opposite him. “I heard you two came close to a little sexual foursome. Jill, her Mom and you, now that could have really been something.”

Jonah stared opened mouthed a second and then broke into a smile. “Well it didn’t happen. One of those lost chances.”

Just then from behind Jill said, “Sometimes there are second chances.”

We both turned to see her leaning against the wall clad in short silk robe I’d bought for a birthday one year.

Jonah looked from her to me and back to Jill again.

“Really?” he said.

“Yes, really,” said Jill. She walked to the couch and sat down next to Jonah. We’re going to have an adventure if you’re willing,” she said to him. “An adventure with you beautiful lady, a man would be foolish to turn down.”

He looked at me. I nodded slightly. He leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips. The second kiss was longer, deeper and hungrier.

I watched their tongues playing against each other. I heard her moan as his hand loosened the belt on her robe. The kiss ended as he opened the robe to see take in her body. She seemed proud to show it to him.

She wore a red merry-widow thing. She’d put some fragrant oil on her cleavage and her brown skin glistened. Her cleavage swelled in the tight corset, the beautiful legs crossed at the knee, one backless red heel gently swinging from her foot. She looked more confident than I’d ever seen her, more sexual. As it she was freeing herself from holding back. Oh yes, this was going to be an adventure.

Jonah was obviously experienced in undressing women as he easily, but slowly undid the front-opening clasps on the corset. Her 36C’s greeted us with erect hard nipples and something else.

“Ooh,” I said. “Where did you get those?” Not referring to the breasts and nipples I’d been very familiar with over the years, but to the Janet Jackson- style star-shaped nipple jewelry she wore.

“I found them in a store on our last trip north,” she said with a devilish grin. “I was saving them for a special occasion. This seemed right.”

Jonah kissed then sucked on each nipple. “It’s nice to see these again so nicely adorned,” he said moved in for more.

“Again?” I thought. “When was before?”

“That almost foursome you spoke of,” Jonah said as if reading my thought, “got as far as topless wading in the Caribbean Sea on a warm moonlit night. Jill and the lovely Jackie teased me and my friend Mark unmercifully that night.”

Jill smiled at him as she sat on the edge of the couch her legs slightly spread.

“You guys gave up about five minutes too early.” She looked over at me. “If they’d have kept trying a little longer I would have really had a story to tell you when you asked about past lovers.”

My cock jumped once again at the thought.

Jonah continued to tease her nipples with little teethy nibbles and sucks as Jill quietly moaned and melted into the couch. Finally getting the last clasp undone he tossed the corset on the couch and reached to slid down her panties.

“No,” she said, “Let me do you first.”

They traded places. Jonah on the couch with Jill kneeling before him.

He lifted to allow her access as she slid his shorts down. His cock appeared. He was semi hard. It looked to be about 8 inches already. I wondered how long it would be fully erect.

A feeling came over me. Was it jealousy? Fear? Both? Too late to back out now. This is what I wanted, wasn’t it? If I yelled for her to stop, would she? “Please don’t let this mess us up,” I thought. Next time I’ll keep my fantasies to myself. But this one is past the point of no return.

Jill seemed fascinated by the long uncircumcised cock in her hand. She jerked him a little and pulled the foreskin back to look at the head. She leaned in, kissed it and sucked momentarily on the head.

Jerking it some more she turned and said, “Barry, can you get that strawberry motion lotion please?”

I could hardly walk to bedroom fast enough. When I came back Jill was standing, Jonah hands firmly grasping her thonged ass cheeks, sucking hard on those nipples again. Before taking the lotion from me she put one of the throw pillows on the floor to kneel on. She poured the warming lotion into her hands, poured a little on the top of his cock, then resumed her cock play with him.

She was in no hurry, content to tease us both. There was no question who was in charge. Jonah and I were just extras. She was the star for night and she knew it. This wasn’t about my fantasy anymore. It was about her pleasure.

Jill covered Jonah’s cock with the strawberry lube. Her hands were wet with the stuff after she finished. She took two fingers of each hand and rubbed a little of the lotion on each nipple. Her brown nipples were already sticking out; aroused by the pressure of the nipple rings and the attention Jonah had been giving them.

She leaned her head down and kissed the head of his cock once again. She allowed her lips to slide over the strawberry lubed head sucking it in. She continued to push her lips down until maybe two inches were in her mouth. She pushed down a little more taking another ¼ inch, her cheeks hollowing as she pulled in more and finally pulled back until just the head remained between her lips.

Jonah’s breathing and the sounds of him inside Jill’s mouth were all that I could hear. I realized I had been holding my breath and reminded myself to breathe.

Jill’s head moved down on him again, she was moving a little quicker now. Sucking down and pulling back, she jerked him with one hand that didn’t quite completely close around his bigger cock. She was getting into it. She managed to get about half of it in her mouth with her next plunge. I heard her gag as she came up.

Jonah was making twitching movements. I took those to mean she was really working him over.

My cock was solid in my pants. I was afraid to touch it knowing it would pop at the slightest stimulation and I wanted to hold off and see all of what I had dreamed of seeing. Was I now a cuckold? So what! This scene was hot as hell. I’d deal with any implications later.

Jill was in overdrive now sucking his cock for all she was worth, jerking it faster and sucking up and down faster. Taking in at least eight inches with each downward head movement.

Jonah raised his ass off the couch; his hands now hold the sides of her head. Jill was being face-fucked!

Emotions ran through me. Fear, excitement!

Jonah strained to hold back, Jill sucked harder. Finally Jonah let out a loud long sigh and pushed his hips and cock deeper into Jill’s mouth. She pulled back some as his cock exploded into her mouth.

She licked his cum from her bottom lip, swallowed some and backed off as the rest of hit spurting out in ropes to land on her lips, chin and breasts. As it slowed down she continued to jerk him milking more from him. She leaned forward again and sucked the last bit from him. Amazingly, he was still quite hard.

“Are you finished?” she said looking up at him. “Can you go anymore?”

“Yes. In a few minutes,” he said. “But first I want to return the compliments to you for your excellent oral activity.” They smiled at one another.

I wasn’t part of this right now. I was playing the role I wanted, observer.

Jill lay back on the rug; her legs spread wide, still in her heels. She placed hands on the insides of her thighs rubbing in circles. “Come and get it then,” in a husky sexual voice that turned me on even more.

Jonah moved down on the floor and wasted no time. He kissed is way up her thigh and found her pussy wet and glistening. “Mmm, no need for strawberry flavoring here. Your pussy is wet and sweet as fruit” His tongue came out and I noticed for the first how long it was too. Big cock and a long tongue. Some guys have all the luck.

He worked his tongue in deeply as Jill squirmed and moaned loudly. He pulled back and sucked on her clit. Alternating those movements he had her writhing on the floor being pleasured to the utmost. She finally locked her legs around his neck and came loudly, jerking her hips off the floor.

As she relaxed her legs from his neck he moved up her body. He paused to suck once again on the jewelry clad nipples and continued his journey. He kissed her as his cock, fully hard again tickled the opening to her pussy.

If she thought it was going to a slow tender entry, she was mistaken. Her pussy gets very wet when she comes and Jonah took advantage of it. Her rubbed the head of his cock on her clit then up and down between her lips a few times then plunged in. The surprise entry stunned her.

She froze for a second, her breath catching. Her legs thrust straight out then locked behind his back as he began the push-pull. She held on to him as I could see his cock slide completely into her, their pubic hairs mingling then the pull back until just the head of cock remained hidden inside her.

For several minutes I watched as this man from my wife’s past fucked her. I watched his cock slide in and out. I heard her moaning. I heard her say, “Oh yes, more, keep going.”

My fear, still there. My excitement, still there. I looked up from watching their brown hips in motion to see Jill looking at me. Our eyes locked. Silent questions and answers in them.

“Is this what you wanted?”

“Yes it is.” “Will you still me love after?”

“Yes, I will.”

“Respect me after?”


She watched as I pushed my shorts down. My cock, finally free, pointed straight out bobbing slightly form the blood rushing through it. I moved to her side.

She reached for me and brought my cock to her mouth sucking it in. As Jonah fucked her pussy deep and hard, she sucked and coaxed a long awaited cum from my cock.

It would have been nice to say we all came together, but we didn’t. I was hot as a pistol at that point and came within a few minutes. Cumming in her mouth, she tasted cum for the second time that night. For the second time in her life, she tasted cum from two men in one night.

Jonah lasted at least two or three minutes longer. He pushed hard into her once again and she came loudly once again after two more strokes he came too.

We lay half on the hardwood floor, half on the area rug. All of us panting as the passion and excitement of the last half hour slowed. Jill lay with her legs cocked open, breathing deeply, coming down from the excitement of the last hour.

The cum that Jonah had driven into her began to make a reappearance between her pussy lips. I watched as it did. I couldn’t believe we’d done this. We all sat or lay in silence a few minutes listening to the soft music from the stereo.

Jill finally broke the silence.

“Anyone thirsty?” she asked still the hostess.

Although being the hostess had never been like this before. Without waiting for an answer she got up, stepped into her low heel red sandals and provided a beautiful view of her naked ass as walked toward the kitchen.

I got up and went to the sliding door looked out onto the pool deck. The night air was still very warm.

I turned to Jonah said, “Swim?”

“Excellent idea.,” was his response.

We walked out onto the pool deck naked and jumped into the pool. The water was cool and refreshing. A minute later Jill walked out carrying an ice bucket, a couple beers and bottled water.

“Are you going to join us,” I asked.

No, I don’t want to get my hair wet”

“Ah, come on,” I said climbing out to sit on the edge of the pool deck. At that moment Jonah came to the surface to float on his back. His cock still formidable flopped around as floated. I saw Jill look over at it. She got up slipped off her robe and dove in.

She came up next to me. Holding to the side of the pool she said, “Are you okay?”

“Sure, are you?” I leaned down and kissed her.

“Yes,” she said. “That was quite an experience.”

“Is it over?” I asked, sensing something.

“Do you have more fantasies to fulfill?”

She looked sheepishly down at the water,

“Come on. Tell it. Once in a lifetime experience here. Total free pass on freakiness tonight”

“I want more.”

We adjourned to the bedroom this time. Hardwood floors are just that. Hard and wood. Our king-sized bed was much more comfortable.

She began by handling us both. Once Jonah and I knew what she wanted our cocks were immediately at attention. The pool water had provided a refreshing shake up and although it was nearing midnight we were raring to go.

Jill sucked my cock to full ripeness and as she sucked on Jonah’s manhood I worked on her pussy. Some of the cum he had deposited in her, she had wiped out before she brought out the drinks, and some had probably come out in the pool. I could taste a little difference every so often in her pussy that let me know all his cum had not run out of her. I was indifferent about the thought of a creampie, but the thought that another cock had been in there very recently was very stimulating and the extra taste added to that.

Jill pulled away from my mouth and moved up to straddle Jonah’s cock. She has excellent muscle tone and her pussy always squeezes me so well, like a soft warm glove. I hoped it would still be that way. She rose up and lowered herself down on it. Where Jonah had plunged into her earlier, she now took things much slower, allowing it to enter a little at a time until she rested on his hipbone.

“Ohhh,” she said, “It’s so big”

After a minute she leaned over so her asshole was visible to me. We had engaged in anal play before and had some lube that I had used to loosen her up as I ate her pussy earlier.

I picked up the 8 inch dildo that had been our first introduction to the large toy arena. It too was well lubed. Jonah reached around grabbing Jill’s ass cheeks pulling them apart to show her asshole in all its glory.

The buzzing vibe made Jill flinch a little but as Jonah’s driving cock from underneath her distracted her, the muscle relaxed as the vibe went in. It went in a little at a time. Jill’s breathing growing louder with each push in. Jonah must have felt the vibration as his breathing also quickened and a small sound of pleasure escaped his lips. For the second time I got to see the vibe protruding from her. I watched as the vibe buzzed in her beautiful brown bottom as her brown hips ground her pussy on Jonah’s thick brown cock. I sat back and viewed the scene for a moment, thinking about how unbelievable this night had been and how it had started with a little innocent comment several months ago.

Jill’s moaning brought me back to the moment. She was moving her hips with more enthusiasm now, really putting moves in heading toward the finish. Jonah hands reaching up and squeezing her tits as she rode him was such a turn on to see and I couldn’t take my eyes from it.

Our digital camera sat on the dresser a few feet away. I picked it up and took three or four pictures of them before I stood on the bed, my hard cock even with Jill. She turned pulled me in. She massaged my balls as she loved my cock with her mouth. I took two more pictures before the feeling overwhelmed me. The last picture showed her looking up at me and the camera, my cock encased in her lips.

I pulled away and settled behind her. She leaned forward and sighed heavily as the buzzing vibe was slipped from her ass.

Double penetration isn’t always as easy as it sounds. We moved and repositioned until I got the head of my cock at the right angle. With her ass and my cock well lubed I brought my cock to the entrance. I pushed and the head popped in. Jill took in a large breath. I waited a few seconds the pushed in more.

“Oh my goodness,” she panted. “So full, so full.”

I pushed in further. Each push accompanied by a moan from her.

Finally I was in. I waited and then began to pull back. As I did she came back some too. The forward motion proved to be that catalyst for the last pleasure ride of the evening. We seemed to develop a motion. With every other push in I could feel his cock push in on the other side of that thin wall. Jill was in constant moan as we moved toward climax.

It was hard not to come. It felt so unbelievably good. Jill was moving with both of us. Her fantasy was about to be complete. Mine was already complete.

Fucking hard, pushing hard. Jill moved her hips back and forth between us seemingly lost in thought and sensation.

My final triumph, if you want to call it that, was being last to cum. Jonah grabbed her hips and thrust up deep into her and came. It was amazing I could feel him cum inside her. It pushed me over the edge as I came for second time of the evening. We collapsed on the bed. Jill in between Jonah and I. Jill snuggled close to me. I could feel the wet spot forming between us. I didn’t care. We slept.

I awoke alone in bed the next morning to the smell of coffee and bacon. Grabbing a robe I walked out of the bedroom to find Jonah dressed and sitting at the kitchen table while Jill clad in a longer more modest robe stirred the scrambled eggs.

“Good Morning.” I said, stepping into their view.

“Hi honey. Sleep well?”

“Yes, I did. How about you?”

She moved over to kiss me. I turned and she kissed my cheek. She looked startled.

“Haven’t brushed my teeth yet,” I said.

“So,” she said back and kissed me full on the lips.

Jonah was looking at us and smiled. “I slept very well and I want to thank you for allowing me to enjoy your company last evening. You are very hospitable hosts.

“Well believe me not all our guests get treated as you were,” I said laughing.

We ate and Jonah collected his things and headed out. At his car he stopped shook my hand, hugged Jill. He got in, started the car and said, “I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but you and your mother are amazingly similar with your tastes in fantasies.” Before we could ask more, he drove off.


A Great Night

I’ve been trying to talk my wife into the sharing herself for years now. It usually just blows over after sex, and I wasn’t quite sure how we’d feel after if it happened for real, so I never really pushed the issue. It used to be good enough to hear stories about her past sex life. We were friends for years before we even got involved intimately. Growing up, she was whore. That’s part of the reason it took me so long to get involved with her, it’s tough to handle your friends when the girl under your arm had sex with all of them. One time, before we were involved, we were hanging out at a club in Stamford Ct. She hooked up with 3 different guys throughout the evening. She fucked 2 of them in their cars and blew the other one in the back seat of my truck as I drove them home. It was dark but at least I’ve experienced the sounds of her with another guy, that’s what gives me some confidence that I could handle it now that we’re married. There’s one thing I’ll never forget about that night after I dropped him off. She got into the front seat, drunk and tired, and there was semen in her hair. I’ve beat off to that scene in my head so many times I can’t count. She is a manager at a department store and I’m always asking her about guys from work. She tells me about who she’d like to fuck but it’s all in bedroom type play. Then this one time she told me about a good looking wholesaler from one of the companies who’s products they represent. He was married and going to be in town for 2 weeks. We were fooling around so I asked her if she flirted with him, she said yes. She told me he asked, “Where can a guy go to meet women in this town?”

She replied, “I’m a woman”

“But your married” he said

“So are you” my wife answered

At this point my wife said he was completely red in the face and couldn’t even reply to her. So she asked him if he wanted to go out for drinks at the Holiday Inn bar on Thursday night and he accepted. At this point I was laying on my back, she was stroking me and we hadn’t even begun having sex. Regardless, I shot a load all over myself. She seemed a little startled but said, “That’s funny, I was hoping to get the same reaction out of him” and got up to wipe her hand. She was sitting on the edge of the bed putting her bra back on and said, “I know you like when we talk about these things, but would you be upset if I met him?” I couldn’t believe it, she was serious. So I asked her if it actually happened. She said yes, but he was the one who asked her to go. I asked her, “Did you tell him you would meet him there?”

She replied, “Yes, but I can cancel if you want, I got a little caught in the moment so I accepted without really thinking it through.”

“Do you think you want to meet him?”

“Yes, but I’m a little worried about how you are going to react.”

So I said, “Listen, it’s not as if I’ve never seen you with someone else, in fact I’ve seen you wearing another guy’s cum.”

“I know” she said, “But we weren’t even together then. How about this; He doesn’t know who you are, why don’t you come down at the same time we get there, and you can signal me if it’s all right once you actually see us together… and try to imagine what you’re getting yourself into.”

“Agreed” I said.

I still had my load sitting on my chest but I was hard as a rock. I asked her to come back to bed. She took her bra off and started kissing me from my mouth to my balls, licking and sucking the cum from my previous load. All of a sudden it hit me. I may have awakened the whore I knew from high school, and it was too late to get the genie back in the bottle. Then another thing hit me as she was blowing me, she was thinking about him. Simultaneously I had a sinking feeling in my stomach and a sensation of pure arousal. I blasted a load in her mouth and she kept going, which is very unlike her. She continued till I was semi hard and then came up to kiss me and let my own semen roll into my mouth. As I smelled and tasted my sperm she asked me, “Would you still want to kiss me if that cum wasn’t yours?” I said yes. She smiled with a sly look and said, “I actually believe you would, fine then, let’s do it.” At this point I had nothing to do but wait until tomorrow night. I tried to sleep but couldn’t. I think my wife had the same problem. The clock moved slow but it was finally time to meet my wife on the first date she’s been on since we’ve been married. I got there early and prepared myself with a few drinks. I still wasn’t prepared for what I saw. My wife walked in holding hands with her new man. Everything seemed different, but it was so exciting. He led her to the spot next to me at the bar and asked, “Are the seats taken?” I was a little shocked at his seating choice but it was crowded. “No, go right ahead.” He took the seat between my wife and I. It was starting to dawn on me that we might not be able to keep up this charade. I couldn’t believe what came out of my mouth next. I asked, “Are you two married.” My wife smiled and he answered for them, “Yes we are, I’m Ross and this is my wife Tara.” My wife was giggling under her breath as this man was introducing her to me. I couldn’t believe he used her real name. The green light signal for her to proceed was for me to order a shot of Cuervo. I really needed the shot but I knew what that meant. Thinking this through in my head I felt there would never be a better opportunity than my wife and I have right now to make this move. I yelled, “Bartender, I’ll have a shot of Cuervo.” Then I turned to my wife and her date and asked, “Do either of you want a shot?” My wife said, “No, I’m fine.” as she slid her hand directly onto his package and kissed him on the neck. Ross said in a comical way, “Check please.” But my wife said, “I am a little tired, let’s go up to the room.” I’m not sure who was more shocked, him or me. In either case, I watched this guy walk my wife to bed. This was obviously not the hotel he was staying at because I watched them go to the check in desk and get a room. Then my wife came back, told me the room number and said, “I told him I left my scarf behind. Wait down here for a couple of hours, I’ll give you a call when we’re finished.” I asked her, “Who paid for the room?” She pointed at me and smiled. Then she walked away. About two hours later my cell phone rang. It was her. She said, “He just walked out, wait till you see him pass the front desk then come up.” As she was hanging up I saw him walk by. I thought to myself, what a guy, I stay married to this woman for almost ten years and he just comes along and fucks her. I walked up to the room mumbling to myself, “Well, let’s see what happened.” I opened the door and it was obvious what had happened. It was completely dark and it smelled like sex. I heard my wife say, “Come in, close the door.” So I came in, took off my clothes and sat in a wet bed. I rolled over to my wife and her whole body was hot, sweaty and slippery. It was tough to see in the darkness but as I went to kiss my wife she held me back for a second and said, “It’s on my face you know.”

I played dumb and asked “What’s on your face?”

“Ross’ cum. The last time we had sex he said he wanted to cum on my face, so I let him.”

I asked her where else he came. She told me he came inside her. She followed up, “We tried anal for a while but it was too painful.”

With that I planted a full kiss on my wife’s lips and took in the unmistakable taste and smell of the other man’s semen. Then I kissed my wife past her sweaty musky tits, past her stomach and positioned myself directly between her legs. I started eating her out and it was a mess. She was soaking wet, his cum was all over the place, and I was coming close to blowing my load. I couldn’t wait any longer, I got on top of my wife and stuck my dick in that mess. Her pussy felt so used that I’ve never been that turned on in my life. I started asking her questions about her man. The first thing I wanted to know was his size. He was taller and thinner than me so I was prepared that he was also bigger.

So I asked her, “How big was he?” She started giggling because she knew I get turned on by hearing about her ex boyfriends’ dick sizes.

“Do you really want to know?” She teased.

“Yes, I do”

“He wasn’t the biggest I ever had.” She answered, trying to tease again.

“Come on,” I said, “You know damn well what I want to know.”

“OK, OK,” she kidded, “I’ll tell you, he was noticeably bigger than you.”

“Noticeably?” I asked

“OK much bigger, I’ll show you. Push your penis as far as it will go into me and hold it there.” So I did it, and she knew she was turning me on. “You feel that?” she asked. “Yes” I answered. She started kissing my neck as I held my dick as far as it would go into her. Then she whispered, “No matter how hard you try you will never, ever reach the parts of my insides that he did.” With that I blew the biggest load of my life on top of Ross’ load. We both passed out exhausted. At 5:30AM we were woken up by her cell phone. It was Ross. He wanted to know if Tara could come by his hotel this morning. She asked me if that’s OK, I said yes. She gave me a quick raise of the eyebrows and told him she’d be there in an hour and hung up. I asked her, “Do we have time for a quickie?”

She replied, “I really have to get in the shower. Let me meet you home at lunchtime”

I said “OK”.

Then my wife got into the shower and I laid in the bed and beat off. It was a great night.


My Wife Denise: True Story

The following is a true story that happened in the month of May 2001

* * * * *

I’ve had fantasies about my wife fooling around on me long before I found out there were websites devoted to this kind of thing. Needless to say ever since I’ve been checking out hotwife sites I’ve gotten bolder and bolder with my bedtime suggestions. I’ve always told her it was a fantasy of mine, but by the time we’re done fucking I stop talking about it till the next time.

Anyway, we were fucking a few weeks back and I told her that I’d really like to see her give a blowjob to another guy. I must have said the exact same thing a thousand times in the past, and she always says, “Fine with me if that’s what you want.” And that’s always been a huge turn-on for me.

But this time she surprised me. She pulled her head off my dick and said, “You know, I can never tell if you’re serious when you say that.” All of a sudden I got totally turned on because it seemed like she was really considering it. I managed to hold back my load and said to her, “Well, what do you think?”. I said that because I wasn’t even sure. She said “I think you’re all talk.”, so I said “I think you’re all talk.

So she went down and started giving me some of the best head I ever had, then she pulled it out and said, “You really wouldn’t have a problem if I did that to someone else?” I said no. Then she started licking my balls and the space between my balls and my ass and said, “I guess this wouldn’t be a problem either.”. I grunted no.

With that she came up along side me, continued stroking me, and said, “Then give me permission… before you cum.” That was nearly impossible after hearing her talk like that. But I managed to say “fine”. Then she wanted more details. The conversation went something like this.

“How far can I go?”

“How far would you like to go?”

“This was your idea you tell me.”

“How about a blowjob?”

“Okay by me, anything else?”

“Like what?” I said.

“Is kissing allowed?”

When she asked me that, I came all over the two of us. But apparently she wasn’t done talking. She told me that I had already given her permission and asked me if I was still okay with that. I started getting hard without ever getting limp. I told her I was okay. She said she was too, but wanted to know if there were limitations. I asked her to explain.

She said, “There’s a lot of things to consider, can I kiss him? Can he touch me anywhere? Is he allowed to cum in my mouth? Can it be anyone in particular?”. I responded,” You’ve obviously put some thought into this, so everything is allowed that you feel comfortable with.” She asked, “Everything?”. I said “Yes, do you have anyone in mind?” She asked me if it would bother me if she did, I said no.

She started, “Well, there is someone I’ve had a crush on for a few years now, I’ve always wanted to bring him up during sex but I wasn’t sure how you’d feel. You met him twice at my dad’s store, he’s one of our suppliers.” I nodded because I knew who she was talking about. She continued, “He knows I’m married, but he always comes on to me when dad’s not there. I don’t want you to get upset with me, but I’ve been out with him before.”

“Out with him?” I asked. “Just for dinner,” she said, “But the last time he tried to kiss me. I told him that if he was a little more patient with me, I would do more than just kiss him.” I was shocked but very excited. I said, “Is that why you made me give you permission before?” She nodded. I said, “Well, this is interesting, when should we do this?”

She said, “If it’s okay with you, I don’t think I would be comfortable with you there the first time. I think I should go out with him a few times alone first.” I told her that was fine and asked her if she would fill me in afterwards. “Of course I’ll fill you in,” She said excitedly, “And I’ll even tell you what we’re planning ahead of time so you can think about me while I’m gone.” I think I was more excited than she was so I asked what the plans were.

“Well, we had plans to go out Thursday for an early dinner, and I told him afterwards he was allowed to make another move on me. Depending on how I would respond, I’d be able to make it home by 7 – 7:30. But now that everything’s out in the open, I have a better idea.” I asked her what that was.

She snuggled up to me, threw her leg on mine and said very seductively, “After dinner, I’m going to give my ‘date’ the best blowjob he’s ever had. But how about you let me stay out as long as I like, so I could do everything he wants, and I won’t even wash up before I come home.” I should point out that her not washing up after a date was a big part of my fantasy, which was why she was attemping to bribe me with it. I agreed and came all over her leg. She giggled when it hit her, and got up to go to the bathroom.

So I said to her, “You’re serious, aren’t you.” She said, “Very much so.” and went into the bathroom. I was extremely turned on hearing this and I could barely sleep.

As the week rolled on I didn’t know what to expect. I had always been excited by the idea and as Thursday was approaching I got more and more excited. I kept running home from work to lay on my bed and re-live the other night. I came so many times I thought my balls were going to turn inside out.

I could tell Denise was getting excited too. To her, she was finally going to live one of her fantasies, instead of just turning me on with talk. She seemed like a new woman. But I have to say, in most other first time hotwife experiences I’ve read about, I hardly ever hear of the time leading up to the first date. This was the most erotic time of my life.

On Wednesday night the phone rang so she picked it up. It was obviously him so she smiled at me. She said, “No, he’s not here, I’m just sitting with my sister.” Then she got up and motioned that she was going to pick it up in the bedroom. She covered up the phone and whispered, “When I yell ‘Okay’ I want you to hang up.” I made a praying sign with my hands and mouthed the word, “Pleeeease”. She said, “Not this time, it’s still a little weird to me and I want to talk to him privately.” I agreed.

So I made the TV louder for background noise and when she yelled “Okay” I hit the phone against the base and pressed the mute button. I figured that would sound like a hang up. Then, cock in hand, I listened to my wife talk to her new “boyfriend”. She started.

“You can talk now my sister hung up. Is your girlfriend home?”

“No, where’s your husband?”

“Out somewhere, who cares. Do you still want to meet me tomorrow?”

“That depends.” he joked.

“On what?” she replied.

He said, “Denise, I like you a lot. But I can’t keep making out with you and have the brakes put on me, it’s not fair.”

This conversation was starting to go in a totally different direction than I had imagined. I thought I would catch my wife flirting and acting sexy with him, but instead I’m listening to him complain that she doesn’t go far enough. I listened to my wife’s response.

“Well the brakes are gone Peter. I even have my husbands permission.”

“What?” he said, “Your husband knows about us?”

“Not everything, just that I like you. He has these weird fantasies about me being with other men, so the other night I called him on it.”

“He wants you to be with other men? That’s a little strange.” They both started giggling a little. “Oh yeah,” she replied, “That’s not all. He wants to watch.” Peter started laughing in a very startled way. “I can’t believe this, I’m not going to be with you in front of your husband.”

She said in a sort of baby talk, “You don’t have to if you don’t want to, I’ve arranged for us to be alone for the first few times, and if you don’t feel comfortable we won’t do anything in front of him, okay hun?” He agreed.

“So we’re on for tomorrow, right?” she asked.

“Ohhh, I don’t know.” he joked. ” I’ll make it worth you’re while.” she said in the most seductive voice I’ve ever heard.

“What do you mean by that?” he probed.

“Put it this way,” she said, “I can’t get pregnant.” There was a long pause and I don’t know who was more surprised by that statement, him or me.

He asked, “So, I don’t have to use a ‘you know what’?”

“Nope.” she said.

“We’ll we’re definitely on then, what do you want for dinner?”

“You.” Now she was really getting into the conversation.

“Okay, okay, seriously.” he joked, “How about room service?”

“Awesome, pick me up at work, I’ll meet you around the side.” she said.

“I’ll be there at 5.”

I hung up at that point because it seemed like they were wrapping it up, but it took her a few minutes to come out. When she came out I asked her, “So, are you good to go?” She smiled and nodded. I asked, “Are you excited?”, she replied “I’m really excited.” And then she plopped down on the couch like she had to catch her breath. “Aren’t you?” she asked. “Yes I am, can I have a preview of what he’s gonna get tomorrow?” I asked. She didn’t say anything but went to turn out the light and came over and dropped to her knees.

This blowjob was beyond belief. It was like she was experimenting on me, using her hands to tickle my balls, going deeper than usual. “Do you think he’ll like this?” she asked. That was the way we always talked but now it was an actual guy she was referring to. “Yes he’ll definitely like that.” I replied.

Then she started talking very dirty for her, she said, “I wonder what his cum tastes like.” I asked her, “Do you plan on finding out?” She lifted her head and said, “Yes, but it’s not just that. I noticed that when we have sex a few times in a night, your semen changes from the first time to the last. I’m just wondering if it’s the same way with him.”

I said with a lump in my throat, “Only one way to find out.” She seemed happy with my response and said, “I guess you’re right.” Then the dirty talk continued.

“Where else should I let him cum?” she asked.

“That depends, do you plan on having sex with him?”

“That’s still okay right?”

“Of course, the reason I’m asking is, do you plan on using protection?”

She answered, “Believe it or not, I was just talking to him about that, and we decided against using protection. I’m on the pill and he just has sex with his girlfriend, so there’s really no point to it.”

I agreed with her and suggested that he cum inside her once. She appeared happy that I made the suggestion. She finished me off and I came a ton.

There was one thing I was starting to notice about my sex drive now, I’m never limp. I’m always a little excited. And knowing my wife is excited is a huge turn on.

I couldn’t sleep at all Wednesday night, but despite that, Thursday arrived. All I could think about was the coming evening (Literally). I told my boss I had to meet a client and I left the office to go home and beat off.

I got home about 3:00 and my wife’s car was in the driveway. When I got upstairs the shower was running. I called out to make some noise so she wouldn’t be startled. She turned off the water and yelled “Barry, is that you?” I was right by the bathroom door so I said, “Yes, yes, no need to scream.” She said, “I’ll be out in a couple of minutes.”

I waited on the bed for her, hard as a rock. She came out in her robe with a towel wrapped around her hair and said in a puzzled voice, “What are you doing home?” I told her point blank, “I came home to beat off, what about you.” We both started laughing hysterically, it was a pretty funny moment. But she said, “I took a late lunch so I could come home and get ready.”

I said to her, “Well, now that you’re home I don’t have to beat off anymore.” She bent over and kissed me and said sarcastically, “Oh yes you do.” I kind of had a feeling she’d say something like that, but I wanted to hear it anyway. It was a little bit of an odd feeling being rejected by my wife, but she did just get out of the shower.

“Do you mind if I jerk off while you get ready?” I asked.

“I don’t care.” she replied.

It was amazing watching her walk around in her best panties, choosing between bras, applying moisturizer to her legs. Then she said the most erotic thing I’ve ever heard. Not just because it was dirty, but because it hit home that this was really going to happen. She brought 2 bottles of perfume over to me and made me smell them both.

Then she said, “If you were going to be the next man I have sex with, which one of these would you like me to wear?” I pointed to the one on the right. She threw the one I had chosen on the bed next to me and sprayed the other one on her stomach. Then she smiled and gave me a quick raise of her eyebrows.

I was really starting to get into the way she was playing my fantasy, but it was a little overwhelming sometimes. In addition, I was trying to work up the courage to ask her something, I was practicing for an hour how I would. So I finally made my proposal.

I said, “I have something to ask you, and I feel that you owe it to me since I’m letting you go on a date. You know I want to watch, but I’m not. So, do you think you could possibly turn your cell phone on so I could hear a little of what you’re doing. Just to get me through the night.”

She asked, “For how long?” I replied. “I don’t know, if you get the chance, just hit the speed dial for a little while so I can listen, It’s my fantasy too you know.” I knew that line would get her.

“How would I do that?” she said

“Easy,” I replied, “Just call me, and when I pick up tell him no one’s answering, then leave the flap up in your purse. When you’re done, reach in and close the flap.”

“I suppose I could, for a while,” she said, “What do you want to hear?”

“Everything.” I told her.

“Well you can’t.” she said sternly.

I said, “Okay, surprise me.” She agreed and got dressed and left around 4:00. I felt a little weird about the cell phone thing, but I really wanted in on this first date. Now all I could do is wait and hope for the phone call. I was beating off like it was a contest for an hour and a half. Then the phone rang at 5:30.

It was her, she said, “Hi, it’s me. I’m walking to the hotel room, can you hear me okay?”

“Yes, you sound fine. Where’s your ‘boyfriend’?” I asked sarcastically.

“He’s in the car, I told him to wait till I got the room, then I would call him with the number. So let me call him and I’ll call you before I get to the room. Okay?” I told her that was fine.

About a minute later the phone rang again. She said, “He’s coming up now, so I’m going to leave the phone on the side of my bag. Hopefully you’ll be able to hear something, but I’m not doing this very long.” I agreed and she put down the phone.

It seemed very quiet so I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to hear. But when that knock on the door came, I realized I’d be able to hear quite a bit. “Coming,” she said and I heard the door open. I heard a lot of flirting going on and she was obviously leading him near the phone because they were getting louder. Then I heard the squeak of them sitting on the bed. He started talking.

“Now where were we, you little tease.”

“I’m not teasing.” she said. All the while I could hear kissing sounds between their words.

“Don’t tell me, show me” he said.

“I’ll do anything you want.” she said loudly for my benefit. Then I heard her say, “It unhooks in the front…there.” She was talking and moaning but I still heard sucking so I could assume he was sucking her tits. That went on for a few minutes till I could hear him say, “You look unbelievable naked.” so she responded with, “How about you?” Then she told him to sit, and I heard unzipping and ruffling. Then she started saying things that I was sure were just for me. She said,

“Boy, you are excited.”

“I sure am, you’re not gonna tease me now are you?” he asked.

“You be the judge.” she replied.

All of a sudden Peter let out a huge moan, at the same time I heard sucking noises. I knew what was happening, and I was more turned on than I ever thought I would be. His moans and the accompanying sucking sounds went on for about ten minutes.

Then I heard him say, “I can’t hold out anymore.” When he said that the sucking got noticeably louder. Then he said, “I’m gonna cum…” and with a loud moan he did. At this point I heard lip smacking sounds, and my wife said, “Let me just grab my makeup, I’ll be right back.” Then the phone clapped shut.

So there I was. It wasn’t even 6:00 yet, and I just listened to my wife give her boyfriend a complete blowjob, and hang up on me. This was absolutely the most turned on I had ever been in my life. I couldn’t wait for her to get home.

In the meantime, I didn’t know what to do with myself while I was waiting for her to get home. I jacked off a couple of times, but it was like I overdosed on Viagra, I just couldn’t ‘un-excite’ myself. I started walking around the house. I picked up the bottle of the perfume she was wearing. Then I sniffed it and tried to imagine what was happening. It was driving me crazy. I decided to just wait in bed.

I heard the door unlock at 11:30 and my cock, which was hard as a rock, got even harder. She came into the room and threw her bag on the chair. She looked beat. She collapsed on the bed next to me and looking up at ceiling muttered, “Whoa….holy shit…whoa.”

This was a bit different than what I had expected. In most of the experiences I’ve read about, the wife comes home nice and neat and the husband eats the other man’s cum out of her pussy. But my wife was just fucking for 6 hours, and she looked like she was just fucking for 6 hours.

Her hair looked like she tried to fix it but just gave up. Her makeup was almost completely worn off, except for some smudging. But the part that was the biggest turn on for me, was that she smelled bad. I don’t mean bad like locker room bad. She was sweaty, she had the remnant of her perfume and his cologne mixed together, and she clearly smelled like sex.

I asked her, “Did you have fun tonight?”

“Uh-huh.” she said under heavy breaths.

“Do you want to tell me about it?”

She was still looking at the ceiling in disbelief and hadn’t made eye contact with me yet. But she asked me, “Are you sure you want to hear it? You’re not going to get all jealous on me?”

“Why would I?” I responded.

“Pete said you would.”

“Well Pete doesn’t know me.” I said firmly.

“If you insist, I’ll tell you the truth.” she continued, “That was the most unbelievable sex I’ve ever had. Did you hear us when I left the phone on?” I told her I did. “Well then you know how it started. Don’t be offended, but I kind of rushed things because it was weird having you listen in on us, and I really wanted to get used to being with him in private for a while.” I told her that was fine with me.

“Good, because I want to fill you in on the details. As you probably heard, I gave him a blowjob with you on the phone. This was more of a tension breaker, also to prove to him that I wasn’t a tease. The lights were on, I was naked kneeling on the floor, and he was sitting on the edge of the bed with his shirt off and his pants around his ankles.” I broke into the conversation so I could be involved and ask some questions. So I inquired, “What was he like down there?”

She let out a short giggle and said, “I knew you were going to ask me that!” Now she finally turned to look at me. The room was pretty dimly lit, but I could see the smile on her face. She said with a grin, “I’m happy to report that he is bigger than you. That is what you wanted to hear isn’t it?”

“Yes,” I said, “If it’s true.”

“Trust me it’s true, what else do you want to ask me?” she said

I told her to just continue. So she did. “The length was just a little bigger than yours, but it was very fat, so it was tricky getting my mouth around it at first. But after a while I got into a rhythm. Soon after that he came.”

“Did he cum a lot?” I asked excitedly.

“Oh… My… God.” she continued, “He must have been waiting for this day for months. He just kept squirting and squirting and squirting till I couldn’t hold it all it my mouth, not to mention swallowing it all. I finally had to pull back and turn my head to try and finish what was in my mouth. So the rest of it got on my boobs and hair. That’s when I hung up.”

I asked, “So you were still attempting to swallow his semen when you hung up on me?” She nodded seductively. She went on to say what happened.

“Once I hung up, I felt a little relieved. After I freshened up, I came out and turned off the lights. Then we got under the covers and started getting romantic. I didn’t want to have sex with him yet, I really wanted to see what it would be like to give him an intimate blowjob under the covers, with the lights out, and nobody listening. So I did that, and I got a little carried away. This blowjob made the one I gave you last night look like high school.”

With that she started kissing my neck and breathing hard. Her breath was stale for obvious reasons. And then she whispered, “I did something for him that I’ve never done before.” and stuck her tongue in my ear. I didn’t even ask, I knew what she meant.

She continued, “Eventually I went back to working on his penis till he was done, and I was able to finish swallowing this time.”

“That’s my girl,” I said. But this was all I could take, I laid her on her back and started moving down between her legs. With that she tensed up her legs and held my shoulder and asked, “Are you sure you want to do that? He’s still very much down there.”

I made a jerking motion on her knees to indicate I wanted her to open up, so she muttered, “All right… but be careful what you wish for.” and she relaxed her legs.

I pulled her panties all the way off and put my head between her legs all the while thinking to myself, “So this was the scene of the crime.” My wife’s vagina looked really worn out. And since I don’t normally eat out my wife after sex, there was the clear presence of another scent. I asked her to tell me the rest but my mind was elsewhere.

I started to eat her and she was still very wet. She was wet from her but also from him. I could taste his semen just as my wife had, but there weren’t any huge amounts that I always hear about, not at first anyway. Eventually some pretty large streams of his cum started sliding down, but it took about ten minutes to start flowing. Eating another man’s semen from my wife’s pussy was not what I thought it would be. It was different, but better I think.

As I was cleaning her out she went on, “After the 2 blowjobs, we made love for hours. It was so romantic, it felt so new. And knowing I had your permission was incredible, I felt……oh, I can’t describe it, wonderful. I wanted to stay the night with him, but he said his girlfriend would flip out on him.”

After she said that I moved up and slid my cock into her very exhausted pussy. As I was fucking her I asked, “How did you leave it?”

She replied, “Before I tell you, I want to ask your permission again.”

I asked, “What else do you need permission for? You can do anything you want.”

She said, “When you asked me earlier ‘Where’s your boyfriend’, I got very excited. And I just wanted to know…..well…..would you mind giving me permission to refer to him as my boyfriend?”

This was a new take on an old fantasy. I could imagine having sex with my wife while talking about her boyfriend. I could watch them talking on the phone. I could see her getting ready to go on dates with him. So I told her that would be fine with me.

“Great, then I’ll tell you how I left it. When he said his girlfriend would get angry if he stayed out, I got a little jealous. I asked him if I could be his girlfriend too. He said it was okay with him if it’s okay with you. So you’re sure it’s okay?”

“YES!” I said as I unloaded into my wife’s pussy. She thanked me for the permission. Then she got up and said, “I have to tell him. I can probably still reach him in his car.” And ran into the other room.

It’s incredible how everything’s been going. I’ll write more after they go out more.


Courtesy Fuck

Jack had left his front door open for me.

Like he’d instructed me, I entered the front door quietly, and found the living room without much trouble. He was sitting on his couch waiting for me, drinking a beer. The open bottle rested in one hand against his thigh.

“Hey, Marc,” he said, as he stood. “I’m glad you could make it tonight,” he added with a smile.

He shook my hand with a firm grip.

“Do you want a beer?” he asked.

“That’d be great,” I said, following him as he walked to the kitchen.

Jack was not quite as tall as I was, but very good looking in a boyish sort of way. Maybe a few years older than me. His body seemed tight and defined in his t-shirt and jeans, and he moved with an athletic grace.

From the time I’d met him three weeks ago, he’d never been quite what I expected. And tonight he was all business. But I suppose that he’d waited a long time for this.

He wanted to get to it.

He handed me the beer and started in with the same slick amicable banter that was usual to our encounters. Jack was a consummate closer, but he chatted as if oblivious to the reason for my being there. I engaged in his small talk, but after a few minutes I wanted to get to the point.

“So,” I asked finally, “Are we still doing this?”

“I hope so,” he said with certainty.

“What do you want me to do?” I queried.

“My wife is upstairs. We can change in the guestroom. Once we go inside my bedroom, you can’t make a sound, because she has a blindfold on.”

I nodded my understanding and downed the rest of my bottle of beer in one chug.

“Let’s rock and roll,” I said to him, grinning.

He smiled back at me and indicated that I should follow him upstairs.

Inside the guest bedroom, Jack wasted no time in taking off his shoes and socks. I slipped my shoes and socks off as well and watched him as he turned to me and silently peeled off his t-shirt. Once bare-chested, he slid his jeans down over his hips till they rested around his ankles. Underneath he was wearing a pair of white athletic briefs. Then he stepped out of the jeans.

We had confided in each other about our sexual feelings for other men on the occasions that we’d met in the bar. Or at least he’d confided in me and I hadn’t given him any reason to think I thought any differently. He’d told me that he’d wanted to try sex with a man, but he had never before talked about it with another guy.

I’d had sex with a man, so I guessed it all added up somehow.

I unashamedly looked over his body with admiration. As a general rule I just didn’t find other men attractive, but it was a part of what had drawn me to him. He had an inner vulnerability that he masked normally, underneath his handsome stockbroker power player exterior. Like a man who does it all to compensate for low self-esteem. His nearly naked body was athletic. The toned musculature of a man that had been a high school jock and who had worked hard to keep himself in shape through his twenties and now in his thirties.

Not unlike me.

He watched me watching him, and a blush crept up his cheeks. The attention I was paying to him made his dick grow harder in his briefs. His cock was now clearly silhouetted against the white fabric: it was short and wide.

I admired him in silence, Jack just standing there, arms folded nervously across his chest. No longer the closer. No longer so confident.

I grinned at him and decided to give him a show of my own. I slowly unbuttoned my shirt, then pulling it off so that Jack had a nice view of my full arms and chest, chiseled and buffed from my time in the service and years of hard work in the gym. His eyes roved over my thick biceps and powerful shoulders. And his grin told me he liked what he saw. I shamelessly exposed the rest of my flesh to his eyes as I also peeled off the very tight, white tank top I was wearing as an undershirt. That was when he got a glimpse of my chiseled six-pack. His smile grew even wider as I slowly undid my belt, allowing my jeans to slip down to the floor. Unlike Jack, I was wearing a pair of my usual silken boxers, so my limp dick was not yet visible.

All he could see was the as yet undefined, but growing, bulge of my package.

Jack was a man’s man in most respects, but I was broader, thicker, slightly taller and more heavily muscled. Stepping out of the jeans now lying in a heap around my feet, I walked over to him and seized by a sudden urge, took his head in my strong hands and bent my mouth to his.

His response was slightly one of shock, but then his mouth opened to mine and he kissed me back passionately. His arms encircled my torso, holding me tightly to him. I could feel his dick near mine. The heat from our thighs radiating powerfully outward.

When with our kiss complete, I pulled away from him.

“I want to fuck your wife now,” I murmured, my mouth still close to his.

“Okay,” he said, like a schoolgirl with a crush.

He started to walk into the other room.

“Wait a minute,” I said not letting him get very far.

He stood there looking at me with confusion. I turned him around to face me, and knelt down in front of him. With my two hands I pulled down his tighty whities. His cock fell out before my eyes. Growing to full harness there before me. It wasn’t very often that I found myself in the position of a bitch on her knees, so it made me appreciate all over again how the women I fucked must feel.

I gave his cock an experimental tug, and it jerked in my hand. He groaned as I held him in my grip. The possibilities ran through my mind, but I let go of him and stood up.

“All right,” I told him, “We can go now.”

“What about you?” he asked, and I knew clearly what he meant.

“Not until I see your wife’s bare naked pussy, dude,” I said.

He looked at me calmly and then made up his mind.

“Remember,” he said one last time, “Don’t make any noise.”

I nodded to him and followed closely behind him as we walked into the bedroom he shared with his wife every night in the world. The thick carpeting and the newness of Jack’s home masked our careful footsteps.

Jack’s wife, Debbie, lay face up and spread-eagled on the bed. Her arms and legs were tied to the bedposts. A scarf was wrapped tightly around her eyes, masking us from sight.

We stood at the end of the bed and admired the view.

Jack was a lucky man, and I put my hand on his shoulder and gave him a nod and a smile to indicate that I thought so. Debbie was blonde. And not one of those bottle blondes either. Her pussy was shaved, and probably as a result of her excitement in being treated in this fashion, her cunt was moist in anticipation. A couple drops of juice had already escaped its tight looking crack to run down the length of her ass.

Was it odd that Jack wanted me to do this?

I guess it depended on his motives, which I hadn’t really asked about. I’d lost my virginity sharing girls with guys and I had been doing it ever since. But I’d never fucked another man’s wife like this before. Not without her knowledge or consent. This woman had a body worthy of a Playboy centerfold. Her massive, firm breasts hung off her chest. And her thighs curved like poetry. My gaze was drawn though to her perfect, pink pussy lips, so worthy of a long hard jack off session. And in need of a good, hard fucking.

I sprang a rod just staring at those engorged pink lips.

For my part, not having her consent didn’t bother me at all. I told Jack at the bar where we’d met that she’d know I wasn’t him. She’d be a fool not to. But Jack didn’t care, by that time he said it would be too late.

Jack carefully sat down in a chair next to the bed. He indicated to me that she was ready and waiting. I don’t know what had passed between them earlier, but obviously she was expecting to be taken by him at some point that night.

So I nodded my understanding and slowly, for Jack’s benefit, pushed my boxers down over my hips until they hit the floor, and I stepped out of them. That was the first time ever that Jack had gotten an eyeful of my cock, and I was sporting a diamond hard boner by that point. Full and powerful, and it is undoubtedly my biggest asset. I put my two big fists over it, one on top of the other so that Jack could see for himself, from the mushroom tip poking proudly out the top of my two fists, that my full length just shy of ten inches. And the monster boner that my fingers encircled was far thicker than Jack’s own solid cock.

Jack started to jerk himself off watching me.

The sight of him sitting there casually pulling on his cock was very erotic, but I turned my full attention back to his wife. My index finger moved around the outside of her pussy lips, tracing them until they found her clit.

When I first touched her, she’d gasped and arched her back at the sudden, new sensation.

“Jack is that you?” she asked, trying to reassure herself. Perhaps she was having second thoughts?

“Yes, honey,” he said from the chair.

She relaxed instantly.

As she did, I let my finger slip inside her pussy. She moaned with the intrusion. I let my fingers do the walking for a while, putting my years of experience to practice on her clit. Her breathing became more ragged and soon I could hear her moans of pleasure that told me that she was having a very good time indeed.

I climbed onto the bed next to her, pulling my hand from her cunt, which caused her to groan audibly.

I bent down to kiss her neck and rubbed her hardened nipples. Slowly sucking on them and nibbling them ever so slightly. My lips trailed down Debbie’s chest to her cleavage, and I took his soft breast in my hand and kiss it. Slowly, worshipfully, I wrapped my lips around her nipple and gently sucked it. I could hear her sigh above me.

Her beautiful tits were shaking with every breath she took.

I positioned myself over her then. The shaft of my naked cock brushed against her, and I could feel the heat emanating from her pussy as I ground carefully against her once or twice. My lips found hers and she was quick to send her tongue in my mouth passionately. I broke the kiss and began kissing down her neck to her chest. I sucked her other nipple into my mouth, my hand gently squeezing her breast.

Her pussy called to me, beckoning me closer, and I began kissing down the front of her.

I sucked on the skin of her tight stomach, below her navel, kissing all over her skin down there. The strong scent from her pussy was strong as my lips approached that delicate area. I let my lips gently brush around the folds of skin, around where he bush would have been if she hadn’t shaved it. Then I pressed my lips against her pussy, kissing her there at first gently and then with more effort.

“Ahhhhhhhh,” Debbie gasped, bucking into me.

I kissed her pussy again, and again she bucked, but not as violently this time. That time she had been prepared for the sudden pleasure that it had given her. My tongue tasted her juices a little as the leaked out of that most space. I kissed the lips of Debbie’s beautiful cunt again. And then I put my mouth on her pussy, and this time I sucked her lips into my mouth, managing to keep them there even though she bucked wildly once more. I sucked, tasting her delicious juices, and I ran my tongue up and down those lips.

“Ohhhhhhhh,” she moaned again, loudly.

I released her pussy lips, watching the erotic visual of them slowly withdrawing towards her body. I knelt between her legs, my eyes locked down on her pussy. Debbie’s swollen lips were pressed tightly together, quivering with both arousal and nervousness. I could smell her pussy again, and it was intoxicating. I kissed the very top of her thigh, before quickly kissing her slit.

I slid my hands underneath that sexy ass of hers, grabbing onto her soft cheeks. Burying my face between her thighs, I slid my tongue as far into her tunnel as I could. She moaned, and tried to buck my off, but my hands gripped her ass firmly. All the same, this beautiful woman writhed her crotch violently into my face.

After minutes of teasing her to edge of cumming, and pulling back, I pulled my tongue out of her twat, bringing her nectar into my mouth. I paused for a moment, letting her collect herself. I wanted to enjoy this nice fuck session! I bent down again, and slowly licked from the bottom of Debbie’s sensitive slit, up to the top, nudging her clit. Then I went to work, eating her, my tongue moving at an awesome pace for I don’t know how long.

Soon she grunted loudly, her orgasm exploding inside her.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!” she cried out over and over again as she writhed there, my tongue lodged into her crotch, my face buried right in that pussy.

My tongue licked her in long slow circles, lapping up the residual juices that had spilled out during her orgasm.

Her damp pussy was now a flood of cum of her own devising. The aroma wafted around my nose. I came up every once in a while for air, lapping up her juices.

“Christ, Jack!” she called out, “I need you to fuck me!”

I was very turned on by this. I didn’t know if she knew I was her husband or not. I didn’t care, as I was now in the throes of an irresistible impulse.

I turned my head to see Jack watching us, riveted to his seat.

His eager eyes did nothing to slow me down. Meanwhile Debbie lay before me, still panting, her legs spread, and I crawled on my hands and knees back up the bed towards her. The bed frame creaked ever slightly under our combined weight, and when I positioned myself on my arms, but she could feel me above her. My weight settled down on top of her, brining my cock close to her cunt.

I bent to kiss her cheek, and then her rosy red lips. I glanced at Jack, he looked tense, but his hand never left its grip around his dick. Back to her lips, my tongue parted them, and darted inside. I kissed her long and hard, sucking her lips and tongue into my own mouth. My dick was very hard and pointed very proudly and very straight underneath me.

I was daring her to say I wasn’t Jack, but if she realized it wasn’t her husband who was on top of her now, she made no comment.

With my height and build, my cock was below her tender spot. I had to break away from her lips and move up the bed a little further to bring her treasure into line with my spear.

That’s when she felt my cock pressed against her pussy lips.

The tip of my dick was all wet and with one hand holding up my weight, my other hand rubbed my cock against her lips, seeking her entrance. I ran the mushroom head down the sopping wet lips of her pussy, stopping when I reached the spot where the heat was at its most intense. I pushed forward.

The fat head of my dick squeezed in between the wet lips of Debbie’s pussy. Once my head had parted that sweet flesh, my tip lodged in her slit, I pushed in bit by bit. Slowly, I filled her pussy with my steel rod.

Her flesh stretched around me and I moved forward.

“God, Jack!” she said, wincing, but I couldn’t tell if it was in pleasure or surprise.

I squeezed more my cock inside her. I forced two inches of my manhood into her pussy before her tightness would allow no more. I pulled back a bit, withdrawing my dick from the pink lips of her cunt. It found the entrance again on its own volition, and easily slipped back inside. She gasped, with a combination of nervousness and desire. Her tight pussy was gripping my boner incredibly tight, but I managed to force another inch of myself inside her.

“Fuck!” she moaned loudly.

After a few inches had passed inside, I began to pump her pussy. I was fucking her with just the top half of my cock, loving how hot and tight her pussy was on. She was such a delicate woman, and her pussy had the tightness to match! I thrust inside her a little deeper, and she moaned. I thrust deeper still, and she moaned again. Soon my entire cock was in her pussy, finally getting it in her as far as I could penetrate.

“Oh, God!” she moaned, sighing.

I groaned with pleasure as well, closing my eyes and pressing my thighs tightly against hers. My hard, throbbing dick was all the way inside Debbie’s tight, welcoming vagina. The two of us were gasping for breath, and we’d only barely started! I looked down at her. The expression on her face told me that she relished this feeling of having her pussy filled. She smiled, and I kissed her thick, full lips roughly. I kissed her again and she opened her mouth, allowing my tongue entry. I kissed her hard, still holding my cock all the way inside her as my tongue explored her mouth.

Debbie began to rub her crotch against me. I was in heaven plunging my thick member into her needy depths over and over again, and she felt almost like a virgin! She humped her hips upward, meeting each and every one of my thrusts. I was fucking her a little faster, and the two of us were forced to break our passionate kiss.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!” she moaned quietly, and repeatedly, being drilled by my rampant hard-on.

I held myself up a little so I could watch her ample breasts bounce hypnotically up and down with each of my thrusts. My gaze slid further down her body, over her sexy stomach to where my pole was disappearing and appearing over and over into that sweet hole. I was losing it already. And I knew I had to slow things down. So I pulled my dick out of her horny twat.

Debbie gasped in surprise.

But I didn’t let that distract me. I quickly knelt on the end of the bed, face between her legs, sliding my hands underneath her ass. I raised her pussy up to my mouth, and I slid my tongue into her hot, steamy tunnel.

She moaned loudly.

I loved her taste! And I could eat that pussy all night! I twirled my tongue around the inside of her cunt, and she raised her ass out of my hands, moaning. I slipped my tongue out of her twat and sucked the thick lips of her wonderful cunt into my mouth. I ran my tongue up and down the silky skin, and she shuddered.

She was shaking. Her muscles started to tense. I released the lips of her pussy but suddenly clamped my mouth over her clit.

She cried out, hollering, as an orgasm exploded inside her. Debbie was a shaking, quivering mess as she came, rubbing her crotch up and down my face.

Glancing at the clock by the bedside I could see that the entire experience had taken under two minutes. I could not believe how fast this woman came when I went down on her!

I crawled back up, hovering over her, as I aimed my dick at the entrance to her treasure and thrust forward. This time my cock easily pierced her tight pussy, sliding all the way into her wetness in one hard stroke.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” she wailed loudly.

I began to fuck Debbie hard, plunging his manhood deep inside her cunt over and over.

“Oh, yes! Fuck that pussy!” she moaned as I pistoned in and out of her tiny twat.

Debbie’s tits were bouncing up and down, and I had a clear image of her gorgeous pussy accepting my rod over and over. Each time I withdrew, the pink lips of her vagina were pulled outward, only to be forced back when I rammed my cock back inside her.

I was fucking her as hard as I possibly could. I glanced at Jack who was watching us intently. I knew what it must look like, such a big man pounding into such a small woman, seemingly without mercy. And Debbie’s cries were still very high in pitch, coming short and fast. She loved getting fucked this hard! And she was helpless, lost in both her feelings, and desires.

Then my strokes became long and hard. I felt the cum start to rise in my balls, so I changed pace and continued to pound her, getting even deeper than she’d probably ever had before. Her cunt was absolutely soaking, greasy juices running down my balls to pool on the bed.

She continued begging me to fuck her.

And so I did for time out of mind. Using my giant cock in her sensitive pussy like a piston. My sweat dripped off of my body and onto hers, the sounds of my balls smacking her ass were audible in the stillness of the room, mixed with our grunting and moaning.

I glanced at the clock, amazed even by my own standards at how impressive my stamina was tonight. My dick had been stroking that pussy in every which way for a very long time indeed.

And if it wasn’t for the fact that she was generated so much juice, cumming several times, I would have worried that she would have been rubbed dry. But when I pulled out of her, she would always beg me not to stop.

At one point though I knew I could cum. I pulled away and I moved up the bed to kneel over her chest. My cock proudly out in front of me. And with my hands I pushed those gorgeous, sweaty tits up and titty fucked her. Letting the sweat and juice of her cunt lubricate me. She was amazing.

But I could not resist the allure of her pussy. I pulled away from her tits, instead of cumming on them, and I moved back down to bury my shaft deeply in her cunt again. This time with a slower, steadier pace. With the rate I was stretching out her pussy, it was going to be loose for a month. That cunt felt so wonderful. She was nice and tight, and she was giving me a great deal of pleasure.

Her answering moans encouraged me to continue and gain speed ever so slightly as I went along. It took about ten good deep strokes of my cock until I felt the walls of her pussy undulate. She screamed out in delight, and then she came around me. And she came and came.

I know how a woman needs some variety, so I pulled out to let her have a break. But, it wasn’t to be a long break.

I bent back down to her clit, using my tongue to lap up some of that recent flood of her juices. I felt her start to writhe again almost instantly. She must have been very sensitive.

I knew I didn’t want to hold back any longer, even if I could, and I wanted to cum in her pussy. Jack had said nothing about it. But when I told him I wanted to fuck her without a condom, he said it didn’t matter since she was on birth control.

I entered into her one last time, and soon I could feel my balls heating up again. This time I knew I couldn’t stop it even if I had wanted to. I slid my dick in and out of Debbie’s pussy rapidly a few more times, and groaned.

Grunting I felt myself start to unload round after round of hot cum, dick twitching, filling up her waiting pussy. I thrust until the last of it was out, and then I was momentarily spent, stroking in and out a few more times in the process.

I looked over at Jack.

His hand was sticky with his own cum, so it was obvious he’d gotten off at some point watching this. But a new boner was lodged in his fist as he watched us.

Slowly, I got up off of his wife and stepped back.

Debbie let out a contented sigh and said, “Thank you Jack. That was incredible!”

Slowly, Jack got up and went to his wife.

My cum was presently leaking out of her pussy. He stood for a second watching her, and she lay back on the bed, still tied up. Luxuriating in the post coital feeling. Then, making up his mind, he crawled up on top of her, taking my place in her empty hole. I watched as he then slipped inside the pussy I had just fucked, not bothered at all by the cum I’d left as a lubricant.

He thrust inside and with long low strokes, making his wife start to moan all over again. He was thick so it was possible she might not realize that I was thicker than him, and longer too.

I jerked myself off watching him, quickly cumming all over Jack’s bedroom carpet.

But Jack was still busy within his wife, and I supposed it was time to go then. Before I did something to spoil the evening.

Once back in the guestroom I slipped my clothes back on.

On my way back downstairs, I could still hear their fucking in the bedroom. So I left them to it, closing the front door behind me as quietly as I had when I’d arrived earlier.

* * *

Copyright © 2003, 2009 by Eagle1. All rights reserved. All characters portrayed in this story are meant to be over the legal age to consent to sexual activity. Any similarity to characters or situations, real or imagined, is purely coincidental. Unless you happened to be there of course. May be reprinted without permission of author in materials distributed free of charge or on websites where there is no fee charged for access, provided this copyright notice is attached.


A Friend in Need

Mike and I had been close friends since college. Being a year older, he kind of became the big brother I never had. Though we moved our separate ways after graduation, we never lost touch with each other, talking a few mornings a week while we were each stuck in traffic in our respective cities.

About a year ago, Mike gradually admitted to me that he and Sarah had been having marital issues. About 7 years ago, he married this beautiful woman that none of his old friends really cared for. I couldn’t put my finger on it at the time, but there was something cold about the way she treated him. The problems culminated in a confession he made to me sixs months ago, that he had not had sex with his wife for almost 1 year. He was at the point where he didn’t even try anymore. Her constant rejection was worse than the lack of intimacy. To make matters worse…Sarah was working almost full time as a personal trainer had kept herself in great shape. According to Mike, her body was better than when they had gotten married. He could see it from time to time, but was never allowed access to touch.

At my suggested and after weeks of convincing, he finally hired a PI to follow her around town over a period of a couple weeks. He doubted that she was doing anything since she claimed that she had no interest in sex. I felt otherwise, having seen pictures of her and knowing how hard she was working to stay in shape — it just didn’t make sense. I was right. Not only was she having an affair, she was doing it right in his house. The investigator uncovered emails with details of their activities. Instead of becoming angry, he became depressed. His self esteem and confidence were completely destroyed.

He needed to get away and think. I invited him to spend a weekend away at our house where he could be among friends and people that understood. Mike quickly accepted and came up with some reason to be out of town over the weekend for work. My wife Marcy, had only met Mike a few times but enjoyed his sense of humor and understood how close of a friend he and I had become. She was more than happy to have him stay with us.

He arrived at our house late Friday evening, after we’d put the kids to sleep. The three of us sat for hours, drink wine and talking about everything. I could tell that Mike was liked talking with Marcy. She understood and her advice was dead-on. And for a man that hadn’t been with a woman in a while, Marcy was a sight for sore eyes. Nothing over the top, because that’s not the way she is, but she looked very cute in her jeans, open toes heels and tight white scoop neck tee. Marcy is has a pretty face, blond hair, about 5’4″ with a woman’s body, curves in the right places and a generous C cup. As she would leave the room from time to time, I could see Mike subtly following her out with his eyes, watching her pretty round jean covered ass. I was amused and pleased that he was enjoying himself.

One time when we were alone, he told me that he could tell Marcy and I had a great relationship. He said that he had noticed the way she looked at me and touched my arm or leg causally as we spoke. That she came across so warmly. He said he hoped that if he ended up divorced that he could find a woman like her, pretty, sexy, smart and sensual. I thanked him. The three of us went on talking until about 2 AM when Marcy said that we had all weekend to talk but only about 6 more hours before the house woke up.

I showed Mike to the spare bedroom and Marcy brought him some bath towels. He thanked her and asked if we minded that he take a shower before heading to bed. We told him no problem as the kids were heavy sleepers. Marcy and I retired to our bedroom, she showered and came to bed.

As she crawled into bed, I could see in the dim light that she was wearing her regular bed attire, a blue silk nightie that came down to mid-thigh that covered a small matching g-string. I was so tired, but she looked so damn good. She snuggled up to me and I put my arm around her. With her head on my chest she started talking. “It’s such a shame about Mike. That woman does not know what she’s throwing away. He’s successful, smart, funny and honestly?? — he is not that bad to look at.” I asked her if she thought he was good looking and she replied, ‘Yes. Absolutely. In fact if we weren’t married, I’d go out on a date with him.” I was kind of shocked even though, we’ve had pillow talk once in a while about sleeping with other people, but it was just that, pillow talk.

We heard Mike get out of the shower and after a few minutes, return to his room. I jokingly said that if she hurried, she could catch him before he fell asleep. Marcy looked up at me and said, “You know, with all he’s been through lately, it would be almost an act of kindness to give him a little pleasure.” I looked down at her and as our eyes met, something told me that she was serious. I asked her what she had in mind. “Oh nothing…it’s just that I feel so badly for him — he needs to be held and feel the warmth of a woman so badly. But this wouldn’t be right. I’m a married woman and I love my husband very much.”

I think she was surprised too when I responded, “Marcy, if your saying what I think you’re saying — I agree. He’s hurting so badly right now that I think it would actually help him if he knew another woman found him attractive. ” I found myself getting aroused at the thought of it and I know she could tell, though neither of us said anything about it. I told her to go and that I would not have a problem after. She looked into my eyes for several seconds to see if I was serious or just testing. When she was convinced, she kissed me gently on the lips, she told me she loved me and slid from the bed, then walked slowly and quietly out the bedroom door.

I gave her a couple of minutes and then silently walked down the hallway to the guest room. I found the door slightly a jar and moved it open only as much as necessary to see into the room. The moon and alarm clock were the only sources of light, but I could clearly make out the scene that was playing out right in front of me. Mike was asleep, lying on his side. The covers were at his waist and I could tell he was sleeping in only a pair of boxers. Behind him, Marcy stood watching him. She slowly sat on the side of the bed, slid gently behind him and rolled on her side to face his back. She didn’t move for several minutes.

I watched as she gently placed her hand on his shoulder and moved it slowly down his arm. He awoke with a startle and rolled onto his back. He looked right at Marcy’s face and started to protest. She quickly held a finger to his lips — as if to say, “Shhh, it’s ok.” I could hear her whisper to him. “I want to make you feel good. I want to you to feel what you’ve not had in a long time; Will you let me help you?” Mike asked about me. “It’s ok with him, he sent me to you. He knows how much you are hurting and we both want to help.” He shook his head slowly from side to side as if not really understanding until Marcy put her hand on his check and brought her lips to his.

I stood silently in the doorway. Neither of them could have known I was there nor watching. They continued kissing and I could tell from the sounds and movement that the kissing had become much more passionate. Marcy moved on top of Mike and his arms were around her, she began kissing his neck and moving down to his chest. She gave him the passionate love that he had not gotten at home. She sat up, straddling him with her back to me. I could see behind her that he was fully aroused. They looked at each other as she slowly pulled the nightie up and off revealing her breasts to him. She took his hands from her waist and moved them up until he cupped her breasts. Her head went back and I could tell that she was getting very turned on. She slowly reached behind her and into the opening in the front of his boxers. He moaned when she touched his cock for the first time and brought it out into view. I could make out that he was definitely thicker and a little longer than I am. As he caressed her breasts, she continued to slowly stroke up and down his cock. I couldn’t believe my eyes, this was my wife with my best friends cock in her hand and his hands on her tits. My stomach was in knots but my own arousal at witnessing this scene was undeniable.

He took her and rolled her over onto her back. Now next to each other, I watched as she took the waist band of his shorts and pulled them down his legs. She was on her hands and knees at the foot of the bed when I watched her take his hard cock slowly into her mouth. With one hand on his balls and the other at the base of his cock, she began a slow rhythmic movement with your head — up and down on his shaft. From time to time, she would look up into his eyes as she licked the tip of his cock with her tongue. Marcy gives incredible head so I knew he was enjoying this thoroughly. She sucked him for a while, until his hips began to buck and I thought he would shoot his load in her mouth.

Suddenly, he took her by the hands and guided her back up to the top of the bed and rolled her onto her back. His hands now sliding down her belly and into her tiny panties. Her legs were spread wide and I could see as he found her hairless pussy and she released a gasp. I could tell that he was slowly rubbing her clit with his fingers. I watched as he removed her panties and she was now lying naked on his bed. He moved down along side of her until his head was next her hips and looked up at her for approval. She just put her head back into the pillow and ran her hands through his hair. He ate my wife for what must have been a half hour and at least 3 or 4 orgasms. He just couldn’t get enough of her. Finally, he moved back up between her legs. She wrapped them around the back of his thighs and pulled him into her. I watched as my wife reached down with her hand and guided his thick cock into her pussy. I couldn’t make out her face but could tell by the sounds of her breathing that Marcy was enjoying his cock. They tried to be quiet but I could hear her gentle moans mixed with his. Mike whispered something to my wife and I heard her respond him that she wanted to feel him cum inside her. He rocked in and out of my wife for another 10 minutes before finally exploding inside of her. He rolled off and they kissed. After a few minutes, I heard her tell him that she better get back to bed but that she hoped he enjoyed that as much as she had. I hurried back to our bedroom and pretended to be asleep.

When she came into our bed she tapped my back and asked if I was awake. I rolled over and smiled and asked if she had actually gone through with it. She said. “See for yourself.” And she guided my hand to her pussy that was soaking wet with her juices and Mike’s cum. “How was it?” I asked her. She looked at me and said, “He was big…and…I let him cum inside me. Now I want you to fuck me too. And afterwards, I will tell you all about what we did…and then I’ll tell you what I’m going to do to him tomorrow night.”

Wife sharing stories

Neighbors Son & My Drunk Wife Maria

With the events from the previous weekend still in our minds we decided to

just take it easy this weekend and hangout in our yard by the pool,

barbequing and chilling over a few drinks. It was to be just me and her

trying to come up with a new plan for her to exercise more cock!

Bye the way, if you don’t know what I’m talking about maybe you should

read our first story ‘Football and my Drunk Wife Maria’, and maybe take a

peek at our bio as well, there’s a great picture of Maria there so you’ll know

what the guys have been enjoying!

Anyway back to us being in our yard chilling. It was a beautiful day, the

temperature outside was in the high nineties with no clouds and no

humidity. Maria was wearing a string bikini with a tiny top that was straining

to contain her big tits and almost revealing her nipples. The bottom was

just a g-string. I kept telling her to just go topless to avoid tan lines but she

wouldn’t because she was afraid that the neighbours wives would start

talking about her. Strangely, she didn’t seem at all bothered about the

husbands getting an eyeful!

After a while, Maria told me she was getting a bit hungry so I walked over

to the BBQ to fire it up. As I was doing this I heard my neighbors son

saying ‘Hello’ over the fence. I looked over the fence to say ‘Hi’ and found

him and his friend also having a BBQ and a few cold beers. I told them it

was a perfect day for cold ones and a BBQ and they both agreed. They

asked me if I wanted to shoot some hoops with them but I declined

because it was way to hot for that! I told them if they wanted to use our

pool to cool off after playing they were more then welcome. With thanks

they said that they might have to take me up on my offer. I looked over

towards Maria and she gave me a weird look, which I returned with a big

smile and a wink. In the past I have seen the neighbors son peeping through

his window or from behind the fence sneaking peeks at Maria when she’s

tanning in the yard. I think he was stroking when I saw him at his window

watching her, but I’m not sure. I put a couple steaks on for us, we ate them

in the yard and continued to drink ice cold Coronas (I even had the limes in

the bottle!).

As we were eating I asked her if she felt like doing some teasing and

playing with them if they came to use the pool.

“Absolutely!” she said with a big grin,”I’m getting wet just thinking about



The neighbors son is called Jack, I would guess he’s in his late teens. He

has a good build being a jock that plays a lot of sports. Maria thinks that

he’s very cute. I started to tell her about the times that I saw him peeking at

her, but she just laughed and said there’s been way more than two times,

she said there were at least twenty times when I was at work that she knew

he was watching her! She surprised me by telling me about one time that

she knew he was watching her while she was tanning her back with her top

undone so that he could see the side bulge of her big tits (he thought she

was sleeping but she had her sunglasses on and was staring right back at

him!). She said that she pretended to wake up by stretching her arms out

and turned over without fastening her top and sat on the lounger topless,

rubbing lotion all over her tits. She continued slowly and erotically until she

heard his mother calling him inside to eat lunch.

She lay there knowing that nobody could see her unless they were upstairs

looking out. Eventually, she saw Jack appear at the window. She continued

rubbing the lotion on her tits and nipples hoping that he was jerking himself

off looking at her. She’s pretty sure that he was! After a few minutes she

got up still topless and walked into the house to cool off before any other

neighbors spotted her. She told me that she got herself off in the shower

thinking about him jerking off to her!

‘Are they gonna come use our pool Hon?’ she asked.

‘Well, I’ve invited them and they seemed keen!’

‘Great, do you think I should go put the even smaller bikini on?’

It’s of those Brazilian bikinis that are like dental floss, its a light yellow

color that becomes transparent when wet.

‘Yeah, go put it on!’

She ran in the house and when she came out a few minutes later she looked

amazing. She was carrying a bottle of tequila and a couple of shot glasses.

Placing them on the table, she said, ‘O.K. Hon, lets party!’

We did a shot each and decided to go in the pool because it was getting

even hotter out and we needed to cool off. The water was very cold so

when she dived in not only did her top fall off her tits, her nipples became

rock hard. She let out such a loud scream from the shock of the cold water

that Jack and his friend looked over the fence and asked if everything was

O.K. The look on there faces was priceless because she didn’t notice that

her tits were exposed and she was walking up the steps of the pool to get

herself a towel. She suddenly noticed them staring at her nugget nipples

and quickly wrapped the towel around herself. Once they had recovered,

they asked me if they could come and take a dip in the pool, offering to

bring their cooler with beers.

I said, ‘Sure come hangout for awhile’.

‘Hey, thanks man, we’ll be around in a few minutes, well just get our swim

shorts on!’


I got out of the pool and grabbed another beer before sitting down on the

lounger next to Maria.

‘That was a great idea, loosing your top like that so they could get an eyeful

of your tits.’

She just laughed and said she really didn’t know. She removed the towel

and adjusted the top of her bikini to cover her tits,( the top barely extends

over her nipples so with the slightest move you could see her areolas.) I

told her that I would follow her lead in playing with them, whatever she

wanted to do I was all for it. She just gave me an impish smile.

After about ten minutes they came walking into the yard carrying their

cooler that was stuffed with Coronas. As they sat down with us I asked

them if they wanted to do a shot of tequila, to which they readily agreed.

Jack introduced us to his friend Billy, and as we chatted I noticed them

constantly glancing at Marias bikini top. It dried up so wasn’t see through

anymore but they kept looking anyway hoping for one of her nipples to slip

loose from under the thin material. We chatted for a little while doing a few

more shots until all of us were really sweating from the heat and alcohol.

Maria then suggested that we play pool volleyball. They seemed really keen

on that idea so Maria asked them to set up the net while she went to the

bathroom. The remaining three of us went in the pool and started setting up

the net waiting for Maria to come out so we could start the match. Finally

she came out but chose not to dive into the pool this time, instead she just

walked in taking the safe way so her top didn’t fly off again which

disappointed us all! Maria asked what the teams were going to be so I told

Jack to choose whoever he wanted as a partner, the kid wasn’t stupid, he

chose Maria! We also had the floating raft with slots for our drinks

bobbing around near us.

Maria started acting a little tipsy and giggling like a little girl. They served

first and when I hit it back Maria dived for the ball and missed, submersing

herself in the water, getting her top soaked and knocking the top to the right

exposing one of her nipples( which was what I was planning when I hit it

far to her left). She acted like she didn’t notice it happened and left it like

that, I saw Billy readjusting his dick in his shorts, he must have been as

hard as a rock by now! They won the first game and Maria gave Jack a

high five and a hugged him rubbing her bare nipple on his chest, she was

acting really happy because she won the game. He had a real shocked and

amazed look on his face when she did that. She just looked down and

laughed, sayings ‘Oops’ when she noticed her nipples was out and fixed

her top up again. It didn’t really matter though, because her nipples were

still clearly visible with the top being wet anyway. We played a few more

games then Maria said she wanted to tan while the sun was still out. Both of

them just stopped and watched her ass wiggle in her g-string as she

climbed the pool steps and sauntered over to the lounge chair. I climbed

out and joined Maria, noticing that the bottom of her bikini also was see

through and you could clearly see her pussy lips, it was obvious that it was

clean shaven! I think they also noticed, when they approached us, both of

them moved their chairs to where they would have a clear view until the sun

dried the bikini again. I could tell Jack wasn’t too comfortable and was

shifting in his seat trying not to show that his cock was making a tent in his

shorts. Maria had her sunglasses on so they couldn’t tell where her eyes

were looking but I knew she was staring at the bulge in his shorts.

It was time for her to put on a little show so she grabbed the suntan lotion

and started applying it on her legs and moving up her body real slowly. As

she did so, their eyes were glued to her. When she moved up to her chest,

they looked away so as not make it obvious, but when they noticed I

wasn’t paying attention to them they stared again and boy did she rub the

lotion on slowly when she got to her breasts! She was even sliding her

hands under the top of her bikini while lifting it with her free hand, exposing

some nipple. When I stole a glance at her I could see that not only were her

hard nipples pushing her top out an inch, but I also noticed the moisture

building in the bottom of her bikini, she was getting very aroused teasing


The more Maria drank the more daring she was getting. When the boys

realised that, they kept asking us to do another shot, or if we wanted

another beer. We rarely refused, but I think they were getting more drunk

than we were even though Maria was acting way more drunk than all of us.

(she’s good at that) Then she turned over laying on her front and asked me

to put lotion on her back. I of course, refused, I knew she would ask one

of them to do it if I said no. She did! She asked them if one of them would

mind putting lotion on her back and they both said yes immediately! That

was pretty funny, I thought they were gonna fight each other for the job!

Billy grabbed the bottle first and sat on the edge of her lounge chair. He

asked her where she wanted him to put it.

“On my back, Billy, but untie the string firsts because I don’t want a tan


His hands were shaking a bit when he reached to untie it, when he finally

got it undone she said,

“You forgot the string by my neck, silly.”

She reached back and undid it lifting herself off the chair enough that both

her tits and nipples were both clearly visible.

She put her arms by her side when he started to apply the lotion, and then

moved them above her head. As she did so she lightly grazed the front of

his shorts hitting his stiff dick on the way.

He had the weirdest look on his face when she did that! When he had

finished with her back she told him that he forgot to do her sides, so he

quickly put more lotion on his hands and started to work it on her sides

and clearly rubbing the swell of her tits as he reached toward her

underarms, he kept going from her waist to right below her arms. As he

was going back up she reached toward the table to grab her beer, lifting

herself off the chair and exposing her full breasts again.

Billy just rubbed his hand across her nipple, then she lay back down

catching his hand between her bare breast and the lounge chair.

“Oh, sorry Billy, I crushed your hand!” she giggled.

Jack was watching this happen and looked so jealous that it wasn’t him

applying the lotion.

As she lay there, her ass looked like she was naked because you could

barely see the g-string that was between her ass cheeks.

The moment was spoiled when we heard Jack’s mom calling his name. He

had to go so he told Billy to come with him and said they would be right

back. When they had walked away Maria told me she was feeling really

horny. She laughed at how Billy’s hands were trembling when he was

putting the lotion on her and how she got his hand stuck between her breast

and the lounger.

With excitement in her voice she told me she had a plan. She wanted me to

act like I was passing out later, and then to just follow her lead.


Billy and Jack came back after about fifeteen minutes. Jack said that his

parents just wanted to say bye because they were going to visit his sister

and wouldn’t be back until tomorrow.

We had a few more drinks until early evening. Maria winked at me so I

could tell that she was ready, so I started acting like I was passing out on

the chair, closing my eyes as though I was about to fall asleep. The sun

was going down and it was getting darker out. Maria said she wanted to get

a robe because it was getting chilly. She tied her bikini top back on clearly

acting very drunk while she did so, allowing them more l’accidental’ looks

at her lovely big tits. Maria got up and looked at me. Slurring her words,

she called my name and shook me but I didn’t respond. She told them that

when I drink like that I usually pass out and never get up, telling them that

they would have to give her a hand getting me into the house. She said she

would be right back and stumbled her way indoors.

Jack and Billy both tried to wake me up but I played dead. They laughed,

saying I was out for the count, then, thinking that I was asleep they started

talking about Maria as I lay there listening.

“Dude, is she ever hot, and those big tits! Man, if I were married to that I’d

be fucking it twenty times a day!” panted Jack.

“Yeah, but I think she likes me, did you noticed how she trapped my hand

under her tit? They are so big and firm, I’d just love to get my dick jammed

between them when they’re all oiled up!”

Then I noticed the light go on in our downstairs guest room, the curtains

were completely open on the sliding doors that entered the bedroom from

the backyard. I saw Maria stumbling around in the bedroom, they also

noticed this and looked back at me again, shaking me to see if I would get

up. I still had my sunglasses on so they couldn’t see me peeping at them.

Jack grabbed Billy’s arm and led him over to the bedroom window

watching Maria in the room. She stumbled toward the bathroom and they

watched her sitting on the toilet taking a leak. When she left the bathroom

her bikini was off and she was looking for her robe in the closet.

Billy and Jack were nudging each other excitedly.

“Wow, she is so hot!” said Jack.

“Sure is dude, and fucking naked too, My dick can’t take much more of


I watched them rubbing their dicks as Maria grabbed her thin silky robe off

the hanger, then stumbled back acting drunk. Knowing they were watching

her, she fell back on the floor, laying there completely naked with her eyes

closed for a few minutes.

Billy nudged Jack again.

“Look at her,she’s as drunk as he is!”

“Yeah but much hotter then him!”

They both laughed, then Jack said,

“Lets go in and help her, at least I will be able to grab a handful of her tits

like you did!”

Jack pulled on the sliding door and it opened. I heard Jack asking her if she

was O.K.

He gave a furtive look at me over his shoulder and then reached down and

began rubbing her tits. He bent over and was about to kiss one of her

nipples when she opened her eyes. In a very drunk voice she asked what

happened. They told her that they had seen her fall over and came into see

if she was O.K.

Maria started to try and stand up, suddenly gasping as though she had only

just noticed that she was naked. She made a play of trying to cover herself

with her hands as she staggered around. Eventually she pulled her robe on

and came out into the yard. Looking down at me she called over to them

that I was still out cold and that they should help get me inside. As they

walked back into the yard, I noticed that her robe was tied so loosely that it

was opening and closing showing off her great body as she moved around.

They came over to me and Maria told them to carry me into the room.

They pretended to try and get me up, but without much effort they gave

up, saying I was way too heavy. They apologized to Maria saying that they

were too drunk, well, they were drunk but they could have tried a bit

harder! Maria came over next and tried to pull me up, giving me a little

smirk knowing that I was looking right at her even though I had my

sunglasses on. She tried to pull me up but fell back as though she had

slipped. Falling back onto the chair, her robe opened again completely. Her

eyes fluttered as though she was about to feint and she asked for help. Jack

and Billy both rushed to help her up, catching a little feel of her tits as they

did so. When they got her back onto her feet, she made no attempt to

close her robe and Jack asked her where she wanted to go.

“Take me to the bedroom,” she slurred, “I need to get some sleep, God

I’m so drunk!”

Jack was leading her back through the sliding doors when he whispered to

Billy to go next door and get his camera from his room.

“Hey, good idea man!” said Billy and he ran off.

Jack got her into the room and I saw him holding her up and kissing her

neck while she pretended to zone in and out. Billy came back a few minutes

later. He fumbled with the camera for a few seconds before he started

shooting pictures. She was standing there with her robe open as Jacks

hands wandered freely over her body.

Jack looked down at Maria,

“Hey Maria, what do you want me to do, were in your room now?”

Maria gave a slurred thank you.

“You are such a nice kids, let Maria give you a kiss on the cheek.”.

When she went to kiss his cheek he turned to put his mouth over hers,

sticking his tongue deep into her mouth. She pushed him off sharply,

“My husband will kill you, you dirty little boy!”

Jack grabbed her and kissed her again, she pushed him off once more, this

time falling back onto the bed. In a flash Jack was on top of her and started

mauling her tits and squeezing her nipples while trying to kiss her, asking if

she liked her nipples pulled.

Meanwhile, Billy was still snapping away at the action with one hand and

rubbing his dick with the other. Maria let out a loud moan when he pulled

and squeezed her nipples roughly, he was trying to kiss her but she was

pushing him off. Jack then slipped a few fingers into her wet pussy and

started finger fucking her.

This time she moaned again.

“Oh my God! …Stop, you can’t do this. Oh my God!”

“Shut up! You know you’re loving it!” snapped Jack.

“You’ve been teasing us since we got here, you know you want some nice

stiff cock.

Billy moved in with the camera taking close ups of Jack’s finger going in

and out of her pussy, meanwhile,Jack stopped, got up and starting taking

his shorts off. Maria was trying to get up again.

“No boys, you know you shouldn’t be doing this.”

“Keep her there Billy.” Jack instructed.

Billy quickly pushed her onto her back again, and holding her down with

one hand he started to help himself to her wobbling tits.

Having discarded his shorts, Jack came back, pushed her legs apart apart

and buried his face, kissing and licking wildly at her wet pussy.

Maria was still wriggling, hollering and pretending to fight them off.

“Hey Billy, shut her up, she’s screaming too loud man.”

Billy tried to kiss her to cover her mouth, but she kept moving it away from

his, still yelling for them to get off.

Jack got up and began rubbing his swollen dick around her moist velvety

pussy lips. In one quick motion he was in and fucking her with long hard


“There you go lady, you want me to get off, well, that’s just what I’m gonna

do, right up inside you, you’re gonna love this!”

Jack started to fuck her real good now, bouncing around the bed as he put

all his weight behind each thrust.

I could tell Maria was loving it as she started moaning in between telling

them to stop. She wasn’t very convincing, and there was no way they were

going to listen to her now anyway! As Jack continued to work his dick into

her, Billy stood over her on the bed and pulled his shorts down. A cock

twice the size of Jack’s sprang out, already dripping with his pre-cum!

Maria looked up with a sort of ‘Oh my God’ look on her face when she

saw it. She reached up and closed her fingers around his dick, he went

down on his knees as she guided it towards her mouth.

She was wanking him and licking his balls, then she slipped her mouth over

the dome and sucked it all in, deep throating him all the way to his balls and

nearly gagging when it was all the way in.

“Billy looked towards Jack, who was still fucking away between her legs.

“Look at the way she’s sucking on this, she can’t get enough cock! …Man!

…That feels so good dude!”

Jack just stared at the way she was sucking on Billy’s big dick as he

continued to hump her. Suddenly, I saw him start to shake and groan as he

let his balls empty their hot load deep inside my wife!

As he eased his spent cock from her pussy, Maria immediately said to


“Please Billy, get down there and fuck me hard with that big hard cock!”

He didn’t need telling twice! As he started putting it in I knew he was

stretching her out because of the way she was moaning and panting. Once

it was up to the hilt, he started to build up the pace, fucking her like there

was no tomorrow! Marie was really moving her hips and getting into it, at

that pace he couldn’t last too long though, within a few minutes he was also

spraying his cum deep inside her. They both lay there panting for a bit, until

Billy pulled his big dick out with a loud sucking gurgle. Jack and Billy took

turns in kissing her, before quickly leaving and scurrying back to Jack’s


I waited a few minutes before I got up and went in the house, just in case

they saw me. When I entered the bedroom, Maria was still sprawled on the

bed wearing nothing but a big satisfied grin.

“How was the show Hon? she asked.

I waved my stiff dick towards her.

“Just great baby, but now you can slow down and deal with this, It’s my

turn now you’re all warmed up, and I’ve got all night!”


Lesley and Dennis

Lesley and Dennis. True story!

My wife met Lesley at Primary school walking our boys to school, often

walking there and back together. Later, I met her, then her husband Dennis.

Lesley was not a very attractive woman, overweight, rather like a ball! She

did not try to look good and had a huge chip on her shoulder about men in


One evening, we had a small party to try out some homemade beer I had

brewed; my first! Dennis, my inspiration, had made it before and his beer is

quite pleasant. The problem is that home brewing makes strong beer!

Lesley, on this occasion wore her hair loose; naturally curly and long it

looked nice and I told her so. This time, she did not return a cutting

comment and so we chatted for a longer time than normally. When Dennis

joined us, we talked about beer making and in particular, the brew he has

going at home now.

“You must come down and try it later Bruce!” he said, as he usually does

imitating an Ozzy and calling me Bruce. (A la Monty Python)

Later that evening I felt that Lesley was becoming quite flirty with me and

this was something I enjoyed. When she left with Dennis, I gave her hug

and she responded positively; no negative, anti-male comments all evening!

Many months later, I visited their home, close to mine where Dennis and I

shared a glass of his latest brew; Lesley joined us after putting the kids to

bed. She has lost a lot of weight and looks very different. She still cuts men

off when they talk to her, so my compliments to her were given with some


“Thank you!” she said smiling back to me when I told her that she looks so


“She is fantastic!” Dennis said, joining in the praise for his wife.

She responded well to all of this and it made me feel comfortable.

“You look very sexy Les’.” I said the words that Dennis uses when he flirts

with her, usually when I or other friends are around…

Many weeks later, Lesley asked me over to see her new darkroom. I also

had a darkroom and she has extended her interest in photography to

developing, using B&W. Dennis was chattering excitedly about the work

he has done to convert an old cupboard while she and I went inside to

check that it is lightproof. Dennis has to remain outside, as there is no

room for him.

Lesley and I stand by the bench and prepare to turn off the lights. It often

takes five minutes to get accustomed to darkness. After this time, we may

see light leaking in. While we wait in the dark, Dennis cracks jokes about

what we might be doing together in the dark. We make jokes in return and I

made some comments that were not jokes! I reached out to her and pulled

her close to me.

Lesley did not resist, nor did she respond when I pulled her chest to mine

and enjoyed the feel of her breasts on mine, soft now after loosing so much

weight. She whispered to me, “Don’t start anything you can’t finish!” but

remained in my arms, floppy, like a doll. Instantly, my tool started to tingle.

I sensed the meaning in her words, even though we could not “finish” in

this situation. I held her still for a few seconds, allowing my fingers to slip

through the very loose-knit wool of her old, too-large jumper. My finger

tips stroked her back softly, I whispered to her, “I haven’t started anything


I felt stupid after saying this; it was a spontaneous thing but senseless.

After a minute, we began talking to Dennis about the standard of the light

seal around the doorway. Then we opened the door and joined him, over

doing the response of our eyes to the brightness of the kitchen. I felt it was

obvious to Dennis that we had been flirting in there.

“She’s a lucky woman!” He said to us, “having a darkroom to play in!”

I was ready to own up but he did not proceed with this chat. We went on

to the cellar area where his beer is maturing. Lesley joined us in a glass of

strong ale, after a few sips, Dennis went on to tease his wife about her

appearance as she has lost so much weight.

“You gotta say it mate,” he nudged me, “she is looking good lately! Her

clothes don’t fit anymore but it is worth buying new for her.”

I nodded and heartily agreed with him, my head full of passionate

possibilities about her. I looked closely at her as she stood before us,

lifting her arms and spinning slowly, as if to allow us to inspect her.

Her woolly jumper used to fit her but now it is too loose, but it still looks

good. I can see her bra clearly under the woolly material, through the very

large holes in the knit. Her belly still has a swell as do her hips, thighs and

buttocks. Strangely, it is her bust that has lost so much weight. Her breasts

used to stick far out in front of her, firm and raised, but now, much smaller

they have a natural shape.

She wears a long skirt, as usual not ironed. “I do not do ironing!” she often

proclaims, “if you want ironed clothes, do it yourself!”

Many months went by and often, when we meet, Dennis tells me that

Lesley has a bit of a fancy for me. Today, he says that he and Lesley have

been chatting about things. I let the comment go by; hoping he meant that

they had been talking about letting Les and I share the darkroom again, but

he says no more.

This evening, I have been called over to share a drink of homebrew and

watch a smut video that he had brought home from work. We often do this

and this film is supposed to be special. Not the usual Lesbian film, but one

about couples sharing.

“Lesley loves this bit!” Dennis teased as we watch two guys undress a

woman, she making feeble attempts to stop them.

Lesley grins derisively at him, “When did you ever bother about what I


“There’s the Lesley we all know and love!” I thought, smiling to myself.

Dennis brushed the remark aside and whispered, “She would really like to

try it with two men!” he grinned at her as she pretended to be offended at

his candid comments.

I felt confident and burst out, “I’d love to try that too!”

Dennis grinned and looked at her. “I told you!” is all he said.

“Don’t start what you can’t finish!” she said to him seriously. I recalled the

time we spent in her darkroom many months ago. It must be her favourite


We did nothing else after this but watch the film and joke about how many

cocks this woman gets. We also drink lots of Dennis’s beer.

Later that night, I lay in bed thinking about what had happened. I realised

that I was too reserved.

“It’s obvious that she fancies me and that they have been chatting about it

together. The next time, I am going to urge things on a bit!” I think.

Two days later Dennis comes to my house and chats away in his usual

manner and declares that “this next batch of beer is the best ever!” and I

should come over this Friday evening to have some.

Later, when alone he whispered excitedly, “Lesley says that if you are

good, she’ll put on a fashion show for us!”

I recognised this as my chance to set the scene. “I hope she doesn’t wear

too much!” I joked, hoping it is not taken as a joke.

“You’ll see!” he replied grinning in his boyish way, his nostrils flinching as

usual when he is close to laughing.

On Friday, I went alone to Dennis and Lesley’s and soon Dennis and I are

sitting in the lounge watching yet another video and drinking our first glass

of beer.

“Lesley’s upstairs getting her clothes ready and having a long soak in the

bath. You’ll love her tonight!”

“Is she going to wear something sexy and see through?” I joked. This time

I am confident that we will do more than flirt.

“You’ll see!”

I felt sure that we could go a lot farther tonight and I am determined not to

sit back waiting for things to happen. I intend to push things.

Half an hour later, the film finished along with the large container of beer.

“Hey Bruce! Put another film in while I get us more of this heavenly juice.”

He said using our pretend Australian names; we both call each other Bruce!

“Sure thing Bruce!” I reply in the correct mode. Ignoring the titles of the

smut films I put one in the VCR. I fast-forward it to avoid the adverts and

watch some good action until Dennis returns. This one is about a mature

woman (in her 40s), my favourite blue movie, one that Dennis borrowed

again just for me.

We sit and enjoy the scene as this lovely woman showers and gets into her

bed. Lesley joins us at last after more than an hour.

“Hell, you must have had a long bath!” I joked at her. “I wish I was your


The lounge is dark, the thick curtains drawn to block out the summer

evening light. Lesley wears a heavy, thick dress, something she had

purchased from a charity shop. It was very old fashioned and smelled of

mothballs! Dark blue, the heavy cloth hung from the tight waist to her feet;

it also went up to her chest, disappearing under a short cloak with a hood.

The hood hung loose over Lesley’s hair and framed her face. She walked

by us and stood in the centre of the room, blocking the action on the

screen, something we had both stopped watching.

She stood still and allowed Dennis and I to make comments about her. As

all the things were complimentary, she rotated slowly for us. I felt such

excitement in my belly, hoping, yet somehow knowing that this could

become such a sexy event.

Dennis filled the room with adoring compliments to her; I nodded and

agreed with all of them, which, I am sure she discarded with all of the usual

things that we say to her. This time though, the atmosphere is very


Lesley smiles at us and slowly walks over to her man. Bending toward him,

she picks up the beaker of beer and pours some into his glass. I see him

grin at her as he looks down to her chest. I can only imagine what he is


She stands up and turns to me offering me more beer. I drink what is left

and nod to her. As she bends forward, she brings out her other hand and

clamps the front flaps of the cloak over her chest. I let out a sigh that

showed my disappointment looking at Lesley as she grinned back to me,

magnificently superior.

I know I am being teased and I thrill at the frustration this causes me.

I drink from the glass and Dennis and I look up to Lesley who steps

around the room as if she were inspecting the contents. I feel brave as well

as cheated. I stand and approach her.

“You must be boiling in all these clothes!” I say to her and turn her to face

her man. She pulls the cloth tight to her chest again as she looks closely at

Dennis. I reach in front and undo the two buttons at her neck that secure

the cloak. She holds the cloth tightly; Dennis nods at her to play on.

I pull the hood from her head and stand behind her as I smooth her hair

back from her face. Standing close to her, I smell the scent of her clean

hair. I let out a slight sigh and Lesley leans back just a little into my arms. I

whisper to her, “Let go babes!” and try to pull the cloak open.

She holds the flaps closed in just one hand but does not try to stop me

removing the top. Slowly, I pull the thick cloth apart exposing her

shoulders; I can see that her chest in naked and I thrill at the sight of her,

still covered but exposed. As I become more persistent, she allows the

cloth to fall. I look over her shoulders to Dennis who rubs his hands with

childish glee, then to her breasts.

Heavy, the soft flesh hangs over the bodice of the dress, exposed to our

greedy eyes. I stop and enjoy the moment; I pretend that I am giving Lesley

time to stop but in fact, I take in the detail of her fine natural shape. My tool

is aching with desire and excitement, not solid yet, but in a state that is full

of sensuous potential.

I look at Dennis and at Lesley. She relaxes more into my arms, her back in

my chest, I know things are cool. I whisper to her truthfully that I love her

breasts. For the first time, I look at them, nipples long and dark, point at

her man in front of us. Bravely, excitedly, I let my hand move in front of

her and lift gently the softness of her right breast.

“Don’t!” she said to me.

“..start anything I can’t finish!” I carried on her phrase.

She grinned knowingly at me. “I’ve started,” I said, feeling clever, “and I

intend to finish!”

I watch her as she looks at Dennis, who nods back to her, lifting his drink

and leaning back into the chair, relaxing. His body language said “over to


I did not know what to do next. I knew I was ok with her breasts but I

wanted to kiss her. As she faced her man, I pulled her back to me so that I

could lift and feel both boobs. As she moved into me, my tool rubbed into

her buttocks, or at least into the back of her thick velvet dress.

I keep looking at Dennis, ready to stop at the first sign of distress or

discomfort. I see nothing and continue to enjoy her beautiful breasts. I am

no longer able to resist the need to kiss her. I start to kiss her neck and sigh

lovingly as I breathe in the subtle scent she wears. She pushes her buttocks

into my groin in response as I kiss her neck and the side of her face.

Now, I lift the two globes as high as I can and let them slip through my

hands until I feel the hard tips in my palm. The feeling sends a shiver

through my body and I grip them firmly, crushing her flesh. I love this

feeling as the hard tips push into my hands, defiantly, daring me to


I want to rip her clothes off and I would do if I did not still feel a little

reserved. There is a tension between us, as if we all know what we want to

happen but are still afraid to do something wrong. I feel this too, yet it

gives a nice edge to my excitement.

Instead of taking the lead, I say to Dennis, “I could use a hand here mate!”

He gets up reluctantly. I want to get him involved but as he stands in front

of us, without coming too close I change my mind.

“Hold Lesley’s hands please,” I say, “I don’t want her to trip!”

I grip her arms and move them so that I raise her hands in front of her man.

As soon as Dennis holds them, I let go of her and step away.

“I have to undo these mate!” I say to him “and I can’t see much!”

In fact, I just wanted him to be involved and by holding her hands he could

stop her from resisting me as I removed her heavy dress. The dress had

two tiny buttons at the top, under the back of her neck, followed by many

hook and eye clips. As I went down the dress, so it became loose and

soon it fell forward exposing her breasts properly. She stood silently as we

gazed at her body, slowly becoming more open to our affectionate eyes.

At the last hook, the dress fell from her hips but remained upright, simply

supported by the rigid thickness of the cloth, forming a tent shape around

her legs. I push it down, and without speaking, Lesley steps from the warm

material. Now she stood with just an elegant pair of old fashioned

Directorie knickers. Her legs had a pair of calf length stockings, which

gripped her legs just under her knees.

I’ve never seen a woman in such clothing, the panties show her large

buttocks and thighs to perfection. As I kneel behind her, watching her step

out of the dress, I feel the heat from her body. I feel so many impulses,

which I curb in each case. Now I want to kiss her large buttocks and legs,

so attractive are they. I resist, sure that I will be able to enjoy her in full


As she stands before us, Dennis, still holding her hands, whistles crudely at

this new, strange woman. I stand beside him and we gaze at her. She has a

classic shape; still losing weight; she has a moderate tummy and thick

thighs and buttocks. She does not feel coy or shy in front of me, confident

by my response that she is being appreciated as well as adored.

Crudely, I grip my solid tool and shake it, making sure that both see me. “I

have such a stiffy for her Bruce!” I say using our Oz chatter.

“Me too mate!” he declared to us both.

Lesley grins at us; the type of negative response she often makes to men

would be impossible here. She smiles and looks at the two men before her

with lumps in their trousers.

“It’s a good job I know what to do with those!” she joked.

Instantly, Dennis starts to undress. I follow him and naked, I quickly stand

beside Lesley with my knob pointing at her belly. She looked down to my

tool and I followed her gaze to see a large glob of clear fluid oozing from

my tip. As I step close to her, she grips it and bends it away from her

panties giving me such a thrill. I move closer now and as I do, she rubs her

fingers over the slippery end, spreading the sticky fluid over my helmet.

Dennis joins us and stands predictably beside her, mirroring what I do. I lift

her breast again but now I want to explore her panties. I caress her breasts

for a while and soon allow my hand over her soft belly. The elastic is tight

around her waste but that is ok, I move over the silky smooth cloth.

As I move down her belly, she sighs and squeezes my cock in her hand. I

am shocked when my hand goes down to her sex. The knickers legs are so

loose that my fingers find their way into the confines and into the mass of

hair Lesley has; her final protection.

Her thighs part for me, yet her feet remain unmoved. My fingers find her

moistness instantly. As I slip my middle finger along her slit, she sighs, lets

go of my tool and wraps her arm around my neck. Her right leg raises and

she opens herself to my greedy touch.

I forget Dennis, but I see that he is watching me while his hand lifts her soft

breasts; he is awed at what we are doing.

I slide my fingers along her slit without penetrating, feeling the sticky liquid

coming from her, making me feel powerful, as if she were mine. Crudely, I

remove my hand and look at the shinny mess on my fingers, shinning in the

glow from the tv, something we have long ago lost interest in. Dennis sees

the goo on my hand and breaks away from our action.

He pulls her arms to the side and suggests that she lies down. Lesley

obliges eagerly and lays on the soft mat in front of the TV. The screen light

shines on her body, blue and red at times, making her glow with colours.

Dennis makes his way straight to her panties and pulls the material to one

side exposing her mass of hair to our eyes.

Before I can kneel down, he has his face buried in her hair. Instantly,

Lesley sighs. Not once, but continuously, gasping even as he drinks from

her hidden hole. I kneel beside her and she grabs my tool, pulling me along

her body. I know what she means and I walk on knees to her shoulders. As

soon as she can, she rams my cock into her mouth, her tongue flicking

furiously over the tip making me gasp with delight.

She pushes me deep in her mouth and then slides me out; when at the right

position, she flicks her tongue over me sending shivers into my balls. I

want to ram it into her throat, but, as is my intention tonight, I allow her to

control the action. I watch her as she sucks my tool into her greedy mouth

and in turn, I watch as Dennis laps at her hole. He holds her thighs, one in

each hand and pushes them as wide as he can. Crudely, Lesley lifts her

knees, her feet by his shoulders, so that he can have full access to her sex.

I see her shudder silently; “is she cumming already?” I wonder. Her tongue

stops moving for a few seconds and she lets out a long sigh. I think she

did cum. I feel so excited now. My knob is tingling with so many thrills

generated by the mood, by what I see and what I feel.

A few seconds later, Lesley resumes her action on my tool, this time

holding the shaft with her hand. She gently squeezes the shaft and I feel

more clear ooze dribble into her mouth. I don’t know if she can taste the

weak flavour of my precum, but she continues to enjoy what we do.

Dennis growls in a lewd manner as he devours her dripping sex.

I watch in awe as he moves her thighs so that her feet now rest on his

shoulders. He lets her thighs go and lifts his back, raising her legs. She

allows them to fall apart knees bent, giving her body to him. I see his hands

move between her legs, but I do not see what he is doing. It is obvious

really as she starts to gasp again when he touches her. Lesley stops sucking

as this happens; my tool stuck in her mouth but ignored by her. I reach

down to cup her breast; gently, I enjoy the weight of her soft flesh, lifting

and squeezing. I can see that her chest and face have a pink glow, beads of

sweat cover her brow.

Suddenly, she clamps her thighs tightly, forcing Dennis’s head away from

her. He knows what is happening and moves proudly from her, lowering

her feet to the mat. He moves up to us, the other side of Lesley’s relaxed

body and puts his tool in her hand. Lesley moves her face allowing my

cock to slip out of her mouth as she looks up at her man.

I love it as she smiles up to him, and holds our knobs, one in each hand.

Dennis follows my lead and reaches down for her breast; she sighs and

rubs her hand up his belly to his chest, a loving gesture.

“I want to do that!” I say to her.

“Good on yah Bruce!” Dennis grins as he urges me to have a go.

As I move away from her, she grips my tool as if to slow me down. I stop

my greedy dash and instead bend over her and kiss her gently on her lips.

She returns the kiss very briefly so I move down her neck. I see the two

mounds of flesh hanging heavily to each side of her chest. I lift both

breasts so that they form a small swell on her chest. Two lovely, brown

nipples are facing me and I kiss them both in turn.

My head is bursting with lust as I nibble the two buds, allowing my teeth to

bite gently. I sigh suddenly, as I try to breathe and this sets Lesley sighing

too. I want to thrill her body, but in my head I want to make her cum with

my tongue. I move down her belly now, crudely licking her skin as I head

toward her slit. I push her bent legs down as I move around her, my knob

now released by her.

I am now in control; I look at her and her man. He smiles at me, urging me

to take what I want, she sighing, knowing that I want to taste her intimate


I crudely pull her ankles apart, the TV shinning its diffuse light over her

sex. I see again the mass of black hair, shocking in contrast to her white

skin. I love this feeling, I watch her face as she stares at me, knelt between

her legs; I stroke my aching knob as she watches me. While I do this, I

nudge her thighs wider with my knees, moving slowly toward her open sex.

Now, I grip her thighs and crudely push them wide. Pulling the cloth of the

flimsy panties away from her, I see that her hairs form two sticky clumps

on each side of her slit. I can see her lovely swollen lips clearly now, large

and long. I move closer and spend many seconds looking at the detail of

her, pulling the lips open by tugging at her wet hair.

I can feel her sigh as she tries vainly to close her legs; feeling so vulnerable

as my lusty gaze devours her soft sex. I move down to her and breathe in

the sweet musky scent of her excitement. I want to keep looking at her but

I have to touch her with my tongue.

It is my nose that touches her first. Hot and sticky, her slit parts for me.

The sensation on my nose is so strangely exciting and now my tongue joins

in. Her pussy has very little taste so I let my tongue delve deeply into her

hole. I realise that she is gasping as I wriggle my tongue in her tiny sexhole.

I lay down now so that I can lick her easily. Her legs drop apart for me as

she gives me her most intimate part. As I tease her slit with my tongue and

lips, I gaze up at her as she adores her man’s tool. Dennis idly lifts her

breasts as he watches me eat her greedily. I realise that I am rubbing my

solid tool on the mat, trying to relieve the sensuous ache in my belly.

I move my right hand up to her slit, gently, easily pushing my middle finger

into her. By its own volition, it curls upward to touch her G-spot, a small

patch of firm skin just inside her. As I caress this, I suck her clit and lips

into my mouth. I feel the sharp tip of her little bud on my tongue and I

repeat her action on me by flicking my tongue over it.

Together, my finger and tongue force a gasp from her. Her thighs clamp

my head in place as she starts to shake her hips up and down. I feel the

muscles in her legs as she tenses, rubbing harder on my face.

I thrill at the degree of her response to my sensuous kiss. It thrills me to

sense how responsive this woman is. A hand comes down and grips my

hair. Thighs grip my head and I feel muscles tighten on my finger. My

mouth is filled with liquid as she either cums in my mouth or lets out a jet

or two of pee. I hear only the faint, muffled sound of her gasping as she

enjoys my kiss.

I let out the liquid in my mouth and it pours down her slit, between her

buttocks and into her loose panties, spilling out onto the mat. The hand

pulling my hair suddenly pushes my head away from her. I lift myself and

allow her thighs to clamp tightly on her sex, covering, protecting.

I repeat Dennis’s actions and walk on my knees up to her side. This time,

she ignores us and curls her legs upward, eyes closed, unaware for a few

moments of us two guys.

I look at him, almost twins, we kneel at her side, two aching erections

hovering over her body. I whisper to him that I have never felt so excited.

“I knew she’d be good!” he said back to me, so that she could hear. “We

should take a break now Bruce, so that she can prepare for more.”

Strangely, a break seemed appropriate, even though I would have happily

rammed my tool into her and filled her with my lust.

Dennis moves from us and brings back a beer glass from the small table by

the chairs. Unlike his normal behaviour, he first offers the glass to Lesley.

She nods and tries to sit up. I help her and Dennis greedily gulps beer from

the glass.

“Save some for us!” she growls at him, for being so impatient.

When she is seated between us, he offers her the glass and she sips from it.

Holding on to the glass, she takes many sips. As she gains control of her

shaken body, she starts to take longer sips. The sweet liquid runs from the

glass into her happy mouth. I see that she will finish the last of the beer, so

I move over to the table and pick the glass I had been using.

Still full of the beer that Lesley had served to me, I take a long gulp. The

cool liquid rolls around in my belly, spreading comfort and warmth within

me. I guess that Lesley feels this too. I offer her the glass and take the

empty from her. I can’t move away again so I place it on top of the TV. As

she drinks, I sit beside her and urge Dennis to do the same.

We both cuddle her in our arms as we snuggle close. She pulls her knees

up to her chest and wraps her arms around them, sitting like a young girl.

Our eyes are drawn up to the TV and we see my favourite film female


Mature, in her forties and very pretty, she is in a room with her husband

and another man. It sinks in that they are reflecting us in their actions. I pull

her close and whisper to Lesley, “she loves this bit!”

The film shows a scene similar to ours where the two men kiss and adore

her, undressing her and explore her exposed body.

“Maybe I should have paid more attention to his films.” Lesley said,

waving her hand in Dennis’s direction. “I might have discovered this ages


“You’ve always fancied two men!” Dennis replied, laughing.

“It’s not the sort of thing you do everyday though, is it?” She giggled back,

relaxing again.

I look at her as she sips more of the beer. I gaze at her breasts, visible

between her chest and knees; hanging sexily, waiting for more attention.

On the screen, the woman, much slimmer, rolls on top of her husband’s

friend as she guides his tool into her. Her man watches, as does the film

audiences, as the long rod stretches her cleanly shaved slit. As the tool fills

his woman, he kisses her buttocks and slides his tongue over her little bum.

The scene plan is obvious.

“I don’t want anything like that!” Lesley stated, as if she wanted to get this

thing straight. Anal sex had not even entered my head as a possibility here,

so I let the comment go. Maybe it is meant for her man!

We watched the threesome for a few more minutes and finished the beer. I

snuggled up to Lesley, she put her arm around my shoulder and pulled me

close to her. Dennis leaned onto her side and wrapped an arm around her

knees, still bent up in front of her. I sensed her looking at me as I watched

the lovely woman on the screen.

Turning to her, she leaned forward and kissed my lips as if to pull me away

from the video fantasy. It was a soft and gentle kiss, full of affection yet

not inhibited by the presence of her man. I want to kiss her still, so I caress

her chin softly and hold her still as I kiss her lips in return. I kiss her many

times, short gentle touches with my lips on hers. She sighs, I breathe in her

gentle breath, filling my lungs with hers; the hint of alcohol filling my senses

with desire.

I let my tongue touch her upper lip, slightly parted; I feel her white teeth as

I brush close to her. I repeat the move, each time I linger on her lips. Now,

I gently nudge my tongue into her mouth. She does nothing but sigh. I

smooth my hand on her face, moving toward her mouth from her cheek.

As I softly touch the inside of her mouth, she lets out gentle sighs.

I know she feels good. Dennis watches the TV, maybe unaware of the

affection that we are sharing. In a strange, spontaneous gesture, I push my

tongue under her top lip and over her teeth. It is such a strange thing to do,

yet it thrills me. I sense her head shudder as I do this, and I do not want to


I move beside her so that I can face her. My tongue is permitted to

continue, in a second or two, her hand rests on my arm urging me on. I

push my tongue over her teeth to her gums, farther still until I feel where her

cheek joins. The kiss is so intimate, that I cannot stop it. Lesley gasps in

my mouth repeatedly as I do this and I sense that she is responding to my

sensuous kiss.

In a while, our mouths close over each other and we begin a slow and long

kiss, filled with affection and desire. I cup her face with both hands and

kiss her, still slowly, but now fully, with love and passion. Her hand rests

on my arm still, mesmerised.

We move together, slowly falling back. Dennis looks at us and moves to

the side, giving us room. I do not sense any anger at our kiss, so I

continue. Lesley pulls me over her body and I part my legs so that my

knees rest on the mat at her sides.

Dennis moans at the sight of us like this and mumbles something we don’t

hear. I go on with my kiss and Lesley holds my neck with both hands. As

we kiss, her hips rub into mine, my solid tool squeezes between her

clamped legs. I push my elbows to the mat and slide them together,

squeezing her breasts up to my chest. As I slide my body over hers, the

dampness of sweat between us makes our skins slippery. I rub my hips

against hers now and I tease her with my hard rod, nudging it against her


She pulls my head to hers now, as she parts her thighs. I lift my weight to

my knees and allow her legs to open by lifting one knee at a time. Now I

am between her legs again. I can’t see this, but I can visualise my cock,

pointing crudely at her slit. I move forward and feel the protective layer of

silk over her.

Quickly, I reach down and pull the cloth to one side. I still do not see, but

confidently, I move the tip to her sex. Like a marksman, my tip nudges into

her slippery slit. I flench my muscles so that my rod flips up and down; it

rubs along her wet lips making her gasp beneath me, filling my lungs with

her breath.

Slowly, I push; my progress is stopped by her pubic bone, but as I push,

the tip of my tool slips downward and suddenly fills her entrance as we get

closer. The heat from her shocks me; I stop like this, hovering in the air

above her, as if the only connection was her sex and my cockhead.

I feel her hips shudder and so I lower myself onto her; pinning her down

with my hips and my knob. She is so wet that I slide into her effortlessly.

As I fill her, so her hips shudder in an uncoordinated movement. I sense

the tightness of her hole as I fill her completely.

I move in and out a few times and soon, my tool is buried in her flesh. I

want to ram her hard and fast, but again, ignoring my own desire, I lie still

on her and take in the sensations of our bodies as our excitement grows. In

this way, I feel her sex muscles as they twitch uncontrolled by her. In

response, my own knob jerks and flenches in her boiling smooth tube.

I gradually press into her and feel the wetness around her swollen lips,

leaving damp coolness around my stump and hanging balls. As I push, so

she meets me and lifts her hips so that our bodies press tightly. I realise

that we have been kissing for a minute or two and I start to move my

tongue in her mouth.

As we kiss like this, our bodies take over the action and slowly, we start to

make love. I am aware of the coolness from the air around my tool as I

withdraw. We move together again and I concentrate on the feeling of her

tiny hole as I slide into her. I enjoy the feeling of my tool, as if it were much

longer than normal as I slowly fill her repeatedly.

After a few deep strokes, Lesley lifts her legs and plants her feet next to my

knees. This allows her to raise her hips in time with my penetrating stroke.

Slowly, we both move in time. It seems as if we both want to fuck

furiously, but both control our action so that it is deliberate and accurate.

As we get our movement coordinated, so we feel each other better. I

withdraw completely, knowing that my tool will find her entrance easily. As

I lower again, so my tool slips gently into her belly. I feel the swollen flesh

of her excited lips around my shaft and then the sharpness of her clit on my

pubic bone. I hold my body on hers when I feel this and I know that she is

close to her climax.

Her hands push my back down on her, guiding me, urging me to crush her

flesh with mine. I want to feel her tight hole on my shaft so I pull out again

and enjoy the sensation of her inner landscape caressing me; rippling over

my rod.

I feel her tighten as I fall on her and this time she flips her feet on my

thighs. With her hands she pushes me onto her and I thrill at the sensations

she can feel. I allow her to hold me down and push a little more so that I

crush her sexflesh. I feel her hole ripple and shudder over my tool as I hold

it deep inside her. She gasps again and I breathe in her alcohol and sex

scented breath.

Kissing passionately, we stiffen our bodies as she climaxes. I try not to

move but instead allow our flesh to rule. As she shudders beneath me, I

feel the strong urge to cum, as my balls release their seed into my belly. I

feel that I may delay it if I remain still, but my tool is responding to her

body and mind, not mine.

Suddenly, my tool jerks again, and seems to grow even longer in her; my

seed rushes from me and fills her tight hole. I cannot even start to move in

her and I realise that we are both immobilised by our lust. My boiling spunk

splashes her inner belly and fills her with my love and desire. Her heels dig

into my thighs, immobilising, thrillingly painful.

I can feel my chest slide over her trapped breasts, both of us soaked in our

own sweat. We continue to kiss as we share the most intense sensations.

Our bellies are wet and slippery too, as are our thighs; any part of our

bodies that touch, are soaked in desire and lust.

In a few moments, we both relax, as if given a cue. We did not move when

we climaxed, and still we do not move, but we both relax. This seems to

amplify the sensations that we have; I am aware that my tool has softened

inside her yet it still thrills with her tightness and heat.

We stop kissing and I move my head so that I rest on her shoulder. She

pulls me close in a maternal way, smoothing her hand over my neck and

down my back. As we lay like this, I feel her twitching hole gently grip my

softening rod.

Slowly, we become aware of Dennis once more and I realise that he will

want his turn. I try not to move as I want this to go on longer. As Dennis is

silent, I remain still and just enjoy the closeness I feel to this woman.

After a few minutes, I sense Dennis as he strokes his woman, his hand

reaching between our bodies to squeeze her breast. I start to move, but as I

give way to him, I squeeze her shoulders and kiss her cheek as if to tell her

that I still want her. Lesley strokes my back as I move beside her,

comforting me.

As I sit up, Dennis gives me my beer glass, still half full and before I can

nod at him, he lies on his wife and teases her with crude phrases. Lesley

smiles at him and they kiss, as if I were not here. I kneel comfortably

beside them and drink the beer. I hear Dennis comment on the wetness of

her body as he mounts her. In a moment he is deep in her body, arms take

his weight so that we can look down to her. Her wet breasts hang to the

sides of her chest and one hand lifts up to touch his chest.

She allows the other hand to fall on my knee and now I still feel part of her.

I relax even more and watch as she responds to her husband. I see them

move together in an expert, well rehearsed way, him looking down at his

soaked tool as he rams it into her. Light from the TV shines on her wet

belly and breasts; I take in as much detail as I can.

After a few minutes, I sense a change in Lesley’s responses and Dennis

recognises what is happening to her. He changes his stroke so that he can

precisely match her movements. Her hand leaves my leg and rests with the

other, on his chest. Her body stiffens under him and I know what is

happening. I look down between them but see little now as his stroke is

shorter, but I know that she close to another orgasm.

I thrill at this sight but best of all is the expert way that Dennis moves over

her as she starts to climax. I hear her grunt wildly now, and Dennis slams

into her as hard as he can, very different from the way we made love just a

few minutes earlier.

Her back bends up and she pushes her groin into his. Eyes closed as if in

agony, she shudders into another thrill as her man guides her. Cleverly,

Dennis rubs himself deep inside her and pushes at the right moment to

maximise her pleasure. They are almost separate now, joined only by their

sexes, he pounding on her and she urging him into her gripping hole.

Suddenly, she freezes and they both hover in the air, his knees and hands

on the mat, her shoulders and heels on the mat. I know I am forgotten by

them as they drown in their love sensations. She breathes only in gasps and

her fingers dig into his hips where she holds him tightly. Then, she guides

him down as her legs weaken. Gently, they land again on the mat and now

Dennis withdraws from her, his cock still solid and very long.

Lesley lies beneath him and sighs happily. Her face is turned toward me,

but her eyes are closed. She breaths rapidly and we watch her chest a she

moves in ecstatic after-thrills of love. I move back a little so that I can see

the scene clearly. I sit on the floor, my back against a chair and watch this

incredible couple.

I know I will return to this, and that our games will always be exciting.

What I do not realise yet is the way in which we will relate in the future.

Appropriately, at this time, the video ceases, and the flesh colours on

Lesley’s body are replaced by the harsh whiteness of the picture-less,

snowy screen.


The Bed is Big Enough for Three

This is a fantasy of sharing my wife with another man. This was inspired by

the story on Literotica.Com by pantie_fan entitled “A Friend in Deed”.


It had been a long day of boating, sun, and drinking with my wife, Laurie

and my long-time friend, Mike. Recently divorced, Mike met us at our

lakeside condo to for a well needed release of steam. Once back at the

condo, we ate, drank some more, sat around the pool, and drank some

more. Needless to say, by the end of the evening our minds were cloudy

and our bodies were weary. We’re not much for entertaining, so we just

have a one bedroom condo. When we invited Mike, we didn’t think about

our couch, that’s not much bigger than a loveseat, not being large enough

for him to sleep on. Fortunately, we had a king size bed in our bedroom.

We told Mike it was big enough for all of us to sleep comfortably and that

we were good enough friends to make the situation work.

Laurie and I have always had a habit of leaving a radio on in the room as

we sleep. We always like having a little bit of sound and small amount of

light in the room rather than complete darkness. That night it afforded

Laurie and I the opportunity to whisper to each other in bed, so that we

couldn’t be heard by Mike. Once in bed, Mike laid on one side face

outward. I was lying on the other side facing inward, and Laurie was in

between us facing me.

As my mind began to focus on the three of us together in bed it obviously

drifted into the direction of sex. My cock sprang to life and I took Laurie’s

hand, so she could feel it. She grinned and whispered that we couldn’t do

anything about it right now. I said that I bet Mike was just as hard as I was

with her between us. She dismissed that saying that Mike was an old friend

and wouldn’t be thinking about her like that. I reassured Laurie that she

was, even at 50, someone that any man would love to fuck. I reached my

hand down and pulled up Laurie’s night gown and slipped my hand into her

panties to cop a feel of her sweet pussy. Just as I suspected, she was

soaking wet from our discussion. I told her it felt like she would like to try

him out as well. She pulled my hand away and gave me a smirk, from

which I couldn’t tell if it meant yes or no.

About then, Mike rolled over in bed and was now facing towards Laurie’s

backside. Laurie whispered to me that Mike’s leg was now on hers. I told

her he probably did that on purpose. Again she dismissed me. A couple of

minutes later I saw the covers move and Laurie jerked lightly. “Honey”, she

said, “I think Mike’s hand is on my leg. What should I do?” To let her

know how I felt about it, I once again took her hand and placed it on my

raging hard-on. I told her that we are all adults and that if he’s making a

move on her that she should enjoy herself if she wanted to.

Nothing happened for a few minutes, but then I saw the covers move again

as his hand moved off the top of her legs. Then, Laurie whispered to me.

“He pulled up my nighty and is putting his hands inside my panties on my

butt. I’m so hot that somebody is going to have to fuck me. Are you sure

you want this?” I told her that Mike probably hasn’t gotten laid in a while

because of his divorce, so it should probably be him. It’s only fair right?

With that, she kissed me, while practically jammed her tongue down my

throat, and then rolled over facing Mike.

I thought I could hear them whispering, but with the radio going couldn’t

make out anything that was said. And then, the covers began moving

slowly again as it was apparent that they now had hands on each other, and

her head began moving in a motion that made it obvious they were kissing.

I saw Mike start to look up, so I quickly shut my eyes. I heard him say in a

low voice “looks like he’s asleep”. Laurie then sat up in bed next to me,

removed her night gown, and placed in on top of me. I knew that my

friend, Mike, was now seeing her gorgeous breasts. She then reached under

the covers and removed her panties and placed them on the night gown. It

was like an episode of the Twilight Zone in my head. I was coming to the

realization that this was actually going to happen.

Laurie lay back down, facing him, and pulled the covers back up. They

pulled themselves together by intertwining their legs and once again began

kissing. I couldn’t believe my wife of 25 years was lying naked next to me

kissing another man. After a few minutes, she pulled away from him lying

face up. I felt her left leg pull up to my thigh which I knew meant that her

legs were now spread. She reached over with her left hand and touched my

swollen cock, which I think was to make sure I was still in agreement with

the situation. Then the covers rose up as Mike moved over on top of

Laurie. As he lowered himself down on top of her she let out a gasp, which

I knew meant that Mike’s cock was now pushing inside my wife. All I

could think about was the wet silkiness of my wife that he was now


For a long while they lay still together kissing passionately. Then, the sheets

began to move rhythmically. It was clear that for the first time since our

marriage, Laurie was being fucked by another man. I had been subtly

opening my eyes slightly now and then to try and view what was

happening. This time as I did, I became aware that Laurie had her right

hand on the back of Mike’s head pulling it down onto the pillow on the

other side of her head and that she was facing me and looking me in the

eyes. She took her left hand and placed it in my hand. What a surreal

experience it was looking Laurie in the eyes and holding her hand as she

was being fucked. With each thrust into her, by Mike’s cock, her eyes

would close slightly in obvious pleasure and her hand would clench. And,

with her left leg on top of me, I could feel each thrust, myself.

As Laurie’s pleasure became more intense she was now facing up with her

eyes closed and was breathing heavily. I don’t know if she was getting too

hot or if she wanted me to be able to see better what was happening, but

she pulled her hand away from mine and ripped the covers off of them. I

could now see Mike’s body on top of Laurie. His butt cheeks were moving

up and down forcing his cock in and out of my wife. With the covers off,

the smell of their copulation was permeating the entire room. I felt like I

wasn’t even there. It was like watching a porno movie, except that my own

wife was one of the actors. I couldn’t believe how long he stayed inside

her. I thought for sure that her sweet pussy would have sucked the cum out

of him right away, but it must have been the alcohol at work because he

just kept pumping away.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, his movements seemed to be getting

more labored and his breathing became louder. Then, his body tensed up.

He rammed is cock in harder than ever and let out a grunt under his breath

that sounded like someone who really wanted to scream out as loud as he

could but was resisting. Laurie instinctively grabbed his ass cheeks and

tried to pull him in deeper. My best friend, Mike, was about to cum inside

my wife and she was trying to get as much of it as deep in her as she

could. An “oh” escaped Laurie’s lips as her legs wrapped around his and

began to shake. Laurie and Mike were now locked firmly in orgasm

together. Mike pulled back and thrust again, then again, and again. Each

time he did I visualized his semen shooting inside my wife.

What were minutes seemed like hours, until their bodies finally relaxed from

what appeared to be the best sex either of them had ever had. Laurie’s legs

relaxed their grip around Mike and she dropped her hands to her side. Mike

continued to lie on top of Laurie, obviously wanting to enjoy the sweet

sensation of her pussy as long as he possibly could. Every so often, he

would pull his cock back and slide it back into her. I couldn’t blame him

for still being hard inside her wonderful warmth. They were both sweating

profusely and breathing heavily. Once again I reach over and took Laurie’s

hand. She turned her head and looked at me. I smiled at her and she smiled

back. We lay like that for a few minutes and then heard Mike begin to

snore. She tapped him on the back and he rolled off of her, facing away

from us. For a brief second I got a glimpse of his cock. It was about as

long as mine, but much thicker and unbelievably still hard! It was only

seconds before he was again blissfully snoring.

I moved towards Laurie and began kissing her. I reached down with my

hand and found the unbelievable wetness between her legs. Laurie asked

“Are you mad? Do you still love me?” I answered by removing my

underwear and quietly taking my place on top of her. My rock hard cock

was pinned between us I forced my tongue in her mouth and kissed her

with a passion like I hadn’t done since we were young. Suddenly, I knew

what I had to do. I moved down slightly and began kissing her sweet

breasts and protruding nipples. I then moved lower and kissed her tummy

that was still wet with the combined sweat that resulted from her

lovemaking with Mike. I moved lower again and kissed around her pubic

region. She placed her hands on me and pulled slightly as if to say I don’t

want you to go any further, but I knew she wanted what was about to

happen as much as I did. I then pushed myself all the way down until my

hands were on her silky thighs and my face was in front of her well used


I teased her with my tongue by kissing and licking her thighs. While doing

so I was intoxicated by the pungent aroma of their combined juices. Then,

I felt Laurie’s place her hands on the back of my head. I was right about

her wanting this as she was actually pulling my face into her pussy, which

was leaking another man’s cum like a river. I put my tongue out and licked

once from the top of her anus to her clit. She gasped with pleasure. Mike’s

sperm that had leaked from her was now pooled on my tongue and slowly

working its way down the back of my throat and into my belly. As I

swallowed it, I envisioned his seed also doing the same thing in her womb

as it sought out her eggs. I then thrust my tongue as deep as I could inside

her and began eating the remaining results of their lovemaking as fast as I

could. My head was spinning. I couldn’t believe that my wife tasted so

good with another man’s cum running out of her. Laurie’s thighs were

locked against the side of my head and shaking almost continuously in

orgasm. I licked and sucked for what seemed like hours until she could

take no more and finally pushed me away. I think I could have stayed there

all night.

I sat up and saw the beauty of my wife with her legs spread and Mike’s

cum all over her and the sheets. Mike was still snoring peacefully next to

us. I moved forward over her, lowered myself onto her, and slipped my

cock into her hot, wet, slippery, and now adulterous pussy. The heat and

wetness was more than I had ever experienced before. Unlike Mike, I didn’t

last long. Within just a few minutes my body began to shake, my tender

balls, still sore from being full of cum during Mike and Laurie’s lovemaking,

began to contract, and my cock exploded into Laurie with a force that I

had never felt before. I think I must have passed out momentarily because

the next thing I became aware of was Laurie pushing me off her. My cock

was soft and wet. I kissed her and told her I loved her and drifted off into


I awoke the next morning to a bright sunny room. Mike was no longer in

bed with us. I remembered that he was going to go spend the morning

having breakfast with another buddy of ours. Laurie was still on her back

with her legs still spread. I’m sure Mike enjoyed the view of her before

leaving the room. I kissed her gently and she woke up. She smile at me and

said that she had a terrific time last night. While waiting for Mike to return,

we spent the next several hours making love and plotting how we could get

Mike’s cock inside Laurie again.


The Landlord’s Son

They were nervous, so very nervous, from the moment they’d accepted

this was all they could do, but the final few moments before the guy

Adriano came round to their little run-down apartment were almost horrific.

It probably didn’t help neither of them had really eaten that day. Even if

their kitchen cabinets had held anything particularly appetizing, they

probably would not have kept it down.

David had felt a little nauseous since he’d woken up that morning, and he

felt certain Evie was of similar mind.

“We could just go live with my parents,” she had been saying on and off

for days, weeks.

“It still wouldn’t get either of us a job – and no prospects for one, either.

We need to be in the city.”

Now, as they went through the same routine again, there was an added

urgency, an underlying terror.

“But this is crazy. There must be some other way,” Evie was saying as they

sat around their tiny little kitchen table, a lucky find retrieved from the

garbage on a cold afternoon the previous fall.

“This is real life. There’s no one going to help us for nothing.”

David looked at his young bride’s wide blue eyes, and sighed, saying

gently: “You don’t have to do this if you really can’t face it, sweetie.”

She looked at him and nodded, and he could see her chest rising and falling

with anxious breaths. She seemed to him like a frightened little rabbit,

caught in the middle of a highway, unsure which way to turn.

But she sighed, and said: “There’s no alternative.”

David took a deep breath. He said: “You know this won’t change anything –

between us, I mean.”

“I know.”

“I love you, honey, nothing’s ever going to change that.”

“I know.”

The doorbell sounded, and it felt like someone exploding a grenade inside

David’s chest. He looked across at Evie, saw her swallow, but then she

fixed her eyes on his, and dipped her head slightly but decisively.

He heaved another sigh and got up to go answer the door.

Adriano, the big dumb brute. David shook his hand, smiles all round like

they were best buddies, and as he stepped back to admit their landlord’s

son into their pokey little hallway, Evie was there behind, almost hiding

behind the kitchen doorway.

She smiled at her husband, demonstrating that she could put on the

required veneer.

Adriano closed the front door, forcing it shut, saying: “We not got that

fixed yet, that door?” Locking it firmly, seeing firsthand how crappy the

lock was, that his father hadn’t looked at for months of asking.

“You remember Evie,” David said, with a strange air of formality. Evie kept

back, waiting behind her husband as their visitor removed his shoes.

Then they were walking through to the tiny room that was both a bedroom

and a living room, Evie slipping her arm around David, Adriano following

them, no doubt checking out her butt as they went.

The three of them perched on the edge of the crappy sofa-bed, which was

set in its bed formation, though still really only the size of a single bed. Evie

sat close beside David, Adriano a couple of feet away. They could smell

his overly-strong cologne, and it riled David a little.

“So, a month’s rent, huh?” Adriano said, breaking the ice in a brutal way.

Evie covered her face with a hand, as though trying to stifle laughter, but it

wasn’t amusement she felt.

“You said three months when we talked,” David said coldly.

Adriano sighed, as though he was really under pressure to keep the terms

of this deal on the small side. He said: “The economy is not so good, you

know? I think… maybe… I can give you two. I don’t think I can manage


“Two will do for now,” Evie said now, firmly, barely concealing her anger.

David put his arm around her shoulders, squeezed her tight to him.

Adriano broke out into broad grin, and apparently trying to lighten the

mood, said: “It’s nothing, huh? We’re just going to have a little fun, that’s

all. We can forget about all of it after we are done, no?”

Evie looked at her husband and shrugged. They had no choice. She tried to

relax. Tried to smile, even though she was filled with revulsion. If they

offended Adriano now, if they made it clear he was unwanted, he could

simply walk out of there, and then they would be left with nothing.

“You can stay,” Adriano said to David. “You can watch. See that it’s


David remembered what the guy had said when they’d first talked,

remembered that he’d said this, that he had first thought he wasn’t quite

understanding Adriano’s Eastern European accent so well. He wanted

David to watch.

It wasn’t enough that he wanted to take what did not belong to him, he

wanted David around to see it.

“So,” Adriano reached over to put a hand on Evie’s forearm, and she

flinched away from him, pressing herself to her husband’s side.

Their landlord’s son now pulled a handful of green bills from his back

pocket, and suddenly it was real. David felt sick.

He kissed her, and took the money from Adriano. Then he hauled himself

up from the bed, seeing his young bride’s eyes widen in sudden fear as he

pulled himself away from her. The butterflies were raging inside his chest,

but David vacated the sofa-bed, taking a seat in one of the two wooden

chairs they had no room for in the kitchen.

Adriano shifted over, and David’s stomach turned over as he saw the guy

running a hand over his wife’s slender thigh, and then push up her little

white t-shirt to reveal her pink lace bra.

“You are beautiful, Evie,” he said quietly.

She didn’t reply, but as the guy fondled her breasts, David saw her now

running her hand down his leg, beginning to accept her fate and comply.

David turned away, breathing deeply as red-hot pain filled his chest. He

heard, rather than saw, the two of them pulling Evie’s t-shirt up over her

head. Turned, startled, to see Adriano tossing her bra aside, leaning down

to stroke and now kiss her bare breasts.

She was breathing deeply, stroking Adriano’s thigh. She didn’t look David’s

way. Was she blaming him for this? Did she hate that he would let this


Adriano rose to his feet and urged Evie up as well, and he was unfastening

the fly button on her little denim shorts, Evie just letting him. Smiling, even.

Did it excite her? The prospect of being with another man?

She helped him drag her shorts down over her thighs, revealing her pink

lace panties to him. She’d worn her best underwear set for this guy.

Evie looked so stunning, David realized his own cock was hard between

his thighs to see her slender figure, those stiff little nipples on her small but

perky breasts, her flat stomach and coltish thighs. Even though she was

helping another man to remove his shirt, and now it was off, he had his

hands all over her body, it was an arousing sight.

She turned away to let him feel up her ass, his hands swarming over her

smooth, soft skin. Her long golden hair flowed all over her back as she

waited on all fours for Adriano, his servant to direct as he wished.

David just breathed deeply, trying to focus on the arousal part of his

confused feelings, since it seemed to keep the nausea at bay.

Adriano pulled aside her panties now, to reveal her little pink pussy, all

clean and smooth and hairless, prepared especially for her buyer.

“Mmm…” their landlord’s son moaned as he ran his hands over her most

personal flesh, and then he was slipping her panties off over her hips, and

Evie was allowing him to feed them past her knees and ankles.

She was naked as the buff Eastern European stood to unfasten his belt, and

pull down his pants. He wasn’t even wearing underwear.

David caught his breath as Adriano threw his jeans over on the floor with

the other clothes. Jesus – there was a naked man in his apartment, a naked

cock that was not his own, and Evie was just sitting on the bed now, naked

as well.

She made space for him to lie down on the bed now, and her hands were

sprawling over his body.

David stifled a gasp as he watched his wife kiss the man’s stomach, her

hand now closing around his bare cock. Oh Jesus, Oh Jesus. She shuffled

forward, her butt facing her husband, but another man’s hand now curling

around to touch her there as she took up Adriano’s modest erection in her


The guy groaned as she dipped her head and took his cock inside her


Then she was slowly bobbing her head down and up and down again on

his shaft.

“Oh God that is good…” he was moaning as she sucked on his manhood,

his hand sweeping over her back and her butt.

Adriano glanced over toward David, but his expression was blank, just

checking they were being watched. David tried to keep his face neutral as

well, though his was filled with an unruly mixture of confused feelings.

How could he be so turned on watching his wife filling her mouth with

another man’s cock, while he was also so horrified?

The guy’s fingers were now fumbling with her bare pussy. The two did

look like a beautiful couple, their trim bodies, gently tanned skin. Evie’s

from all the time they spent in the park while they peered through the

papers for jobs adverts, Adriano from all his vacations on the golden

beaches of wherever.

He heard his wife moaning gently as she blew this stranger right in front of

her husband. He began to detect the dark scent of her arousal in the air.

She was enjoying this.

David kept his sighs to himself, repressing the pain. He told himself she

had to enjoy it, or she wouldn’t be sufficiently wet to take the guy’s penis

inside her. Jesus. Was he going to let his wife do that?

“Oh, Evie…”

Oh God, it seemed to go on forever. Maybe she was trying to make him

come in her mouth, so it would be all over.

But then Adriano urged her up, and she was complying, presenting her rear

to him again, only this time facing along the bed towards her husband.

She looked up at him now, eyes connecting with his for a brief moment,

and he saw the fear in her. She reached out a hand, and was so close David

could take it in his, even as their landlord’s son lined up between her calves,

pointing his hard cock to Evie’s waiting pussy.

This was it. No turning back now.

Adriano pulled Evie back, lifting her petite frame at the hips to now pull her

into the right position – and she helped him. David continued to hold her

hand as the other man pushed his fingers into her pussy and drew her

moisture out over her pussy lips.

Then he was guiding the tip of his cock to her snatch, his other hand on her

lower back holding her firm.

David and Evie seemed to gasp in unison as their visitor eased forward and

penetrated her. He felt his wife’s little hand quiver in his as the man filled

her, and he squeezed her gently, trying to be reassuring.

Oh Jesus, oh Jesus.

Another man was fucking his wife. One hand holding her neck of all places,

he rocked his hips back and forth as his hard cock plunged into her like a

piston. David could hear the wet sounds of his defiling her, along with the

brute grunts from Adriano and the quiet, almost mournful moans from


“Oh yes…” Adriano said as he now put two hands either side of her waist

to support hiss pounding.

David just watched, holding his wife’s hand, slightly embarrassed at his

own erection, hoping she wouldn’t see it.

How could he not be aroused? Even though it was his wife, an exquisitely

beautiful girl was on his bed, right in front of him, naked, being screwed by

a naked guy.

Evie was squeezing his hand back, trying to express her love for him even

while she was violated by this other man. She didn’t look at her husband,

though. Just demurely gazed downward.

Adriano slapped her on the butt and withdrew, and David found himself

hoping it was all over. That was long enough, wasn’t it? It hadn’t really

sounded as though he’d come, but perhaps he was the silent type.

But he wasn’t done.

He nudged Evie aside and now lay down on the bed, on his back. Evie

looked suddenly panicked, but she complied with him as he reached for

her hips, urging her to straddle him, to impale herself on his cock.

There was no holding onto her hand now, as she crouched over their

landlord’s son. Adriano was actually holding her butt, his hands forming a

seat for her, where she actually sat still, and underneath Adriano was the

one doing all the work in order to continue fucking her.

David thought it clear the guy spent a fair amount of time in the gym.

He turned away again, and now absently thumbed through the bills, feeling

like Judas handling his thirty pieces of silver. 20… 40… 60… 80…

Surprise grew through him, intensifying the underlying horror that had

become just a constant throbbing inside him, and now turned white-hot

once again. The money was not enough. Adriano had given them just one

month’s rent.

He turned, but it was too late to say anything.

Evie and Adriano were now lying on their sides, Adriano lying behind her

sliding his glistening cock into her pussy while holding up her right leg,

apparently so that David could see everything.

Evie reached over to give him her hand again, and she actually smiled.

David returned her smile, trying to keep her upbeat.

Then she closed her eyes and moaned as Adriano began to pound her

again, rocking her entire body with the force of his penetration. David was

unable to turn away from the sight of that obscene phallus plunging into his

wife’s pussy – staring like a motorist driving by a shocking accident on the


Evie kept her eyes closed, appearing to focus on breathing.

After an age, Adriano knelt up, holding her leg over his shoulder as he

continued to pump his cock into her little pink pussy. Was it never going to


Then, at last, he was pulling his cock out of her, pulling her leg over so her

thighs parted over his, and he was groaning as his come spurted over her

chest, hitting her face, her breasts, dribbling over her stomach.

Evie was grinning, laughing even. It wasn’t something she did with David.

Messy, dirty, smeared all over her. She just giggled.

Perhaps it was shock.

David stroked her hand, reassuring her, but she just lay where she was, not

moving, perhaps unsure what to do now Adriano pulled himself away, so

casual, reaching for his clothes.

David said: “There’s only one month’s rent here.”

Evie suddenly looked at her husband, afraid.

Perhaps it just stressed the point that what had just happened had

happened for money, but David felt there was never going to be a good

time to bring it up. He had to bring it up now.

Doing up the belt on his jeans, Adriano beamed: “And it was worth every

penny, my friend.”

“We agreed two months.”

Adriano chuckled, “I could give you two months – but you’d only have to

give it back to pay the rent, no?”

It was a harsh truth.

“This way, you have another month, and maybe some spending money

too, right?” said their landlord’s son with a wicked grin. “Maybe you’ll

invite me back next month, huh? We’ll have some more good times.”

David groaned inwardly. God, and what did happen if it came to next

month, and neither of them still had jobs? The President wasn’t going to

turn the economy round in just four weeks, that was for sure.

“Here,” Adriano said once he’d pulled his t-shirt back on, and retrieved

another bill, passing it over to a horrified Evie.

A hundred.

“Call it a tip – you are certainly worth it,” Adriano smiled magnanimously.

Their lord and master.

Evie looked so awkward, uncomfortable as she took it from him, but a

hundred was a hundred. She stood, and David stood, but they left Adriano

to find his own way out.

On their own once again once the front door slammed, Evie stepped back

to show him the other man’s come smeared all over her, like he needed


“That wasn’t so bad, sweetie,” she said quietly. “For 20 minutes in bed.”

“For 20 minutes – “

David looked at his watch – it was true. God, it felt as though at least an

hour or two had passed since he’d opened the door for Adriano. But the

guy had come and gone in substantially less than half an hour.

David sighed, “How was it for you?”

She shrugged, flicking some of her hair out of her sticky face, “It was

okay. He’s not as big as you… where it counts. It felt okay. I closed my

eyes and thought of you.”

Her hands came down to his pants now, and she gasped as she felt his

massive hardness.

“You liked watching me?” she asked.

David blushed, but he found a sudden overwhelming urge to keep his pain

to himself, to avoid any suggestion that her actions and his own consent

may have made him feel so terrible.

He said simply: “You’re a sexy girl, Evie, even with another man.”

She laughed, “You’re a strange one, David, you know that?”

And she reached to pull off his shirt, and then was fumbling with his belt.

“You want me to join you in the shower?” he asked, as she now forced his

pants down to the floor.

“I want you to finish me off – in the shower or wherever,” she said, her

voice husky with desire.

David felt a little tickle of unbridled lust flicker through him at the sudden

thought of fucking his wife right now, perhaps even there where she’d just

been with another man, sliding his chest over hers, while she was still sticky

with the filthy emissions of their landlord’s son.

He picked her up bodily, making her squeal in delight as he carried her two

steps, laid her out on the bed.

“Oh David…”

He felt her stretching around his cock as he fed it inside her hot, soaking

pussy, as though she’d become accustomed to having a smaller man within

her. It made it feel slightly different from normal, but good.

Was he truly revolting to be so aroused now at the thought his beautiful

bride had just slept with another man?

“What if we don’t get jobs before next month, David?”

He kissed her mouth as he pressed his body to hers, thrusting his charged

manhood into her. He said: “Don’t worry, we’ll be okay. I love you, right?”

“And I love you.”

He smiled, trying to ignore the feeling of pure chaos inside him, and added:

“It just might be a good idea for us to try and, at least, be friends with

Adriano for a while.”


Kay’s Story

This story contains details of wife sharing/adultery, so you should only

read it if that turns you on.

With special thanks to Kay who told me what actually happened and then

shared with me what she wished had happened.

* * * * * * * * * *

It probably helps if I tell you a bit about myself first. I’m forty-four and

Ken and I have been married for twenty-four years. I’m a brunette, five feet

four inches tall, 116 pounds and with a 36C bust.

I met Ken at college when I was eighteen; I hadn’t actually had many

boyfriends and was still a virgin. We’d been going out for two months

before things started to get serious. We got very passionate one evening

and almost before I realised it Ken had removed my panties and was

unzipping himself and trying to move between my legs.

I was hugely tempted to let him, but was even more worried about

becoming pregnant and managed to stop him. He apologised and said he

got carried away, but a week later we were alone in my room and inevitably

things got very passionate again.

Ken whispered in my ear that he had a condom and then began to remove

my panties. I made no attempt to stop him and seconds later his cock slid

into my very wet pussy. I was really impressed with the strength (hardness)

of his cock. My worries about the first time being painful proved

unnecessary; his cock felt lovely inside me and I realised I was going to

enjoy sex.

After that we had sex regularly and were married nearly two years later. Of

course we’ve had our ups and downs, but overall our marriage has been

fine. However for several years now I have wondered what it would be like

to have sex with another man. At first I felt guilty about these thoughts and

almost tried to pretend that I wasn’t having them. Then I realised it was just

natural curiosity and nothing to be ashamed of.

I’m rather shy and conservative, perhaps if I’d been more extrovert I might

have told Ken about these feelings. In truth there were a couple of

occasions in bed when I made hints about this and Ken seemed to

understand what I was suggesting. However we were too inhibited to

discuss these feelings and it became an unspoken subject.

It might well have stayed that way, but for a development at work. I’m a

legal secretary and as you can guess it’s quite a formal and correct work

atmosphere and I always dress in sensible business clothes.

One of our staff, Dave, is part of the group which includes my husband

who play golf most weekends. Very occasionally I see him socially. There

had been a barbeque and as it was a very hot day I wore an off the

shoulder sun dress. I was bending over one of the tables sorting out drinks

and when I looked up it was obvious that Dave had been enjoying a good

look down the front of my dress. I blushed and turned away.

When my embarrassment had subsided I was left with a definite feeling of

excitement. I know I don’t have a killer bust, but I’m not flat chested and I

have to be honest and say I was flattered to find another man looking at me

in a sexual way, even though I am distinctly middle aged.

That mild sexual charge was still with me when we returned home and I

made it clear to Ken that I wanted to have sex. As he was fucking me I told

him how I’d caught Dave sneaking a look at my tits. I didn’t want Ken to

get the wrong impression so I was careful to stress that I hadn’t done it

deliberately. He didn’t seem to mind and said that given the opportunity any

man would enjoy having a look at my tits. Nothing more was said because

Ken picked up the pace of his fucking and seconds later he came very


At work on Monday I said hello to Dave just as normal and no one could

have detected any change in our relationship. But his eyes held mine for a

fraction longer than was necessary and hinted that I was no longer just a

work colleague and the wife of a golfing friend.

It was approaching lunchtime when I went down to the supply room. I

hadn’t been in there very long when Dave entered. It’s normally a pretty

quiet room and his sudden appearance seemed to be more than a

coincidence. That was confirmed when he apologised for the weekend. He

said looking down my dress hadn’t been deliberate and I looked so

attractive that any normal man would have done what he did. While he said

this he moved closer to me than was really necessary and I became aware

that my heart was beating rather fast.

“I hope I didn’t offend you,” he concluded. I said that he hadn’t. “Good,”

he murmured and moved in and kissed me. At first I stood very stiffly, but

then his left hand moved to my breast and began to squeeze and fondle it. I

did nothing to stop him, his kissing became more passionate and without

thinking about it I found myself responding.

That must have encouraged him because his hand moved to my hip and his

thumb began to caress the area just above my bush. It was very obvious

what his next target was going to be and as I was wearing a knee length

black skirt access wouldn’t be a problem, if I wanted to allow it.

That was the big question – did I want allow him intimate access? My

stomach was churning and I felt very aroused, but also very confused. At

last something exciting was happening to me, but at the same time I felt

very guilty. I heard a noise and jumped away from Dave with a start.

“Someone’s coming,” I said and hurried out of the room (though it turned

out that there wasn’t anyone). I didn’t return to my desk because I thought

people might notice how flustered I was, so instead I headed for the rest

room. Sat on the stall I touched the gusset of my panties — it was very

damp and confirmed just how aroused I was.

After that Dave minimised any contact with me. He didn’t snub me and

wasn’t rude, but it was clear he was avoiding making eye contact with me. I

felt both relieved and disappointed by that. If I’m honest the

disappointment was uppermost and I did find myself imagining a scenario

where Dave had pushed me face down across the table in the supply room

and mounted me from behind. I am naturally rather submissive and I like

the idea of a dominant male who is happy to take his pleasure.

Anyway the moment seemed to have passed, but I definitely found myself

thinking about what might have been.

Two weeks later the whole office had to stay late to complete a major case

we’d been working on for several weeks. It was 8pm when I found myself

taking the elevator down and as luck would have it I shared it with Dave.

A thundershower was crossing the city and at the main entrance we looked

out on a car park raked by torrential rain.

“Are you okay getting home in this?” Dave asked.

“Well it’s going to be interesting. I would have asked Ken to meet my train,

but he’s not due back until later.” Our eyes met and Dave held my gaze.

“Well if Ken’s not going to be back until later I can offer to fill the gap and

give you a lift home.”

“If you’re sure you don’t mind. It will probably save me from getting


So we scurried across the car park and into Dave’s car. The windows

steamed up straight away and there was an awkward silence when Dave

leaned across me to wipe the passenger window.

It’s a fast road back home and it wasn’t long before Dave was pulling onto

the puddle filled drive in front of our house. All the way home this was the

moment I had been agonising about.

“I’ll see you safely into the house if you want,” Dave offered. We looked at

each other and although on the face of it his offer was perfectly reasonable,

there was an obvious subtext. It was still light, I was a grown woman and

was used to entering the house alone. There was no need to accept Dave’s

offer, but if I did we both knew what it meant.

“OK,” I said. “That would make me feel safer.”

We entered the house and Dave helped me slip my coat off. He hung it up

and turned back to me. My heart was pounding as he moved closer to me

and with his eyes fixed on mine he began to unbutton my blouse. Once all

the buttons were undone he pulled my blouse out of the waistband of my

skirt and, using both hands to push my breasts together, he buried his face

in my cleavage. After a moment he surfaced and began to kiss me.

One hand was squeezing my backside and the other started rubbing my

pussy through my skirt. Next his hand slid up inside my skirt and he can’t

have missed the message which my damp panties proclaimed.

His hand slid inside my panties, he was distracted briefly by my bush then

probed between my legs. First one finger slid into me, then a second. I was

very excited, but stopped him when he started to pull my panties down.

“Not here.”



So I led Dave upstairs and to our marital bed. He pushed my blouse off my

shoulders and then unzipped my skirt. Now I was stood in just my lacy

white bra and pants set. Dave moved me across so I was stood in front of

our dressing table mirror and began to cuddle me from behind. One hand

fondled my breasts while the other slid inside my panties. The lacy front

panel meant I had a clear view of his hand working between my legs. It was

surprisingly arousing watching myself being caressed by Dave (a bit like

having your own private porn movie). I could feel his erection pressing

against my backside and it was very obvious that we were well past the

point of no return and his cock would soon be inside me.

He unclipped my bra and I shrugged it off. Then he tugged at my panties

and seconds later they were tossed carelessly to one side. I climbed

inbetween the sheets and watched as Dave undressed. He was probably in

his mid forties and was still in decent shape (no beer belly thankfully or he

wouldn’t have got this far). He took a condom from his wallet and placed it

on the bedside cabinet. Blushing slightly and unable to look him in the eye I

explained that he wouldn’t need to use a condom, I was safe and I wanted

to feel him cum inside me.

He pulled his shorts down and a pleasingly erect cock sprang into view. I

don’t know if I’m typical, but I do like to see an erect cock. They’re so

strong and aggressive looking and of course the knowledge that they’re like

that because you’ve excited them is a real turn-on. His ball sac was tight

and I realised my pussy was going to receive a full load of sperm.

He climbed into the bed and moved between my legs. There were no

preliminaries, we were both very excited and knew what we wanted. The

rubbery tip of his penis bumped against my inner thigh and Dave shifted

position slightly to correct his aim. His penis brushed against my pussy

sending a delicious shiver of excitement through me. Then it nuzzled

against my cunt lips and I suddenly felt light-headed, almost faint.

Please remember that I had only ever had sex with one man before this so it

was a pretty momentous event for me. Dave leaned forward, my cunt lips

parted and his cock slid into me. That was it – after twenty four years my

married pussy had finally yielded to another man’s cock. I gasped at that

first thrust, then gasped again as a second thrust took Dave deep into my


I’ll be honest and say that Dave had an average sized cock and not some

monster which ravaged my inexperienced pussy. Physically he may not

have been very different from Ken, but I could easily tell it wasn’t Ken

fucking me. The whole feeling was quite different, mainly because Dave

was very forceful, pinning me down on the bed and ramming it into me in a

very direct, very masculine way.

We hadn’t really been fucking for very long when I thought he might be

going to cum. I wasn’t wrong and when he did he completely overwhelmed

me with the force of his passion.

It all happened very quickly — there was a final brutal thrust, he stuck a

finger up my backside, clamped his mouth over mine and kissed me

incredibly deeply. Every possible sexual opening was taken and I’ve never

felt so totally possessed before; suddenly I was arching my back and

shuddering as a series of orgasmic waves swept through me.

Dave collapsed on top of me and I lay there in something approaching a

daze. I hadn’t expected him to be such a combative lover — it was as

though he’d felt the need to pound me into submission. I couldn’t deny the

intensity of it, but I wasn’t sure how I would cope with it as your normal,

week in, week out style of lovemaking.

Of course I realised the clock was ticking and after a while I told Dave that

he would have to go. He made a token protest, but I think he was perfectly

content with what he’d had.

I slipped on a nightdress and a robe and saw him to the door. Before I

opened the door he kissed me again, slipped his hand inside my robe and

squeezed my breasts.

“You were wonderful,” he said. “I loved being inside you. Ken’s a lucky


I blushed at that and opened the door for him. I returned to the lounge and

watched as the lights of Dave’s car disappeared into the gathering gloom.

Was my husband a lucky man? We had a happy marriage, but I had spread

my legs for another man and had a load of his sperm in my pussy. It might

sound strange but I felt a need to share everything with my husband. Not

simply to confess, but to involve him and make him part of it.

I knew it might go disastrously wrong, but somehow I had this idea that it

would take us to a different level of intimacy, one that not many couples


The event Ken was attending was due to finish at 10pm and true to form a

text arrived just after the hour saying he was leaving shortly. We have sent

each other sexy text messages in the past, but my reply was much more

direct than usual.

Hurry home. I need your cock inside me. xxxxx

Seconds later my phone beeped as his reply arrived.


I had to laugh at that. There was a comedy we’d seen a couple of months

back where a husband sent his wife a message containing just that single

word. Apparently it stood for Be Upstairs Ready My Angel; not one I’d

heard of before.

Anyway I went upstairs, slipped my clothes off and got in bed. Of course I

was very aware that a short while ago I had been laid back in this bed

gasping and groaning as Dave rammed his cock into my adulterous pussy.

Now I was going to seduce my husband into accepting what had


About fifteen minutes later I heard his car pull onto our drive. The house

door opened, then closed, there was the sound of his key in the lock and

then he rushed upstairs. He grinned with delight when he saw me in bed

and began to undress with indecent haste.

His cock was erect and swung lewdly in front of him as he climbed on the

bed. He grabbed hold of me, kissed me and slid his hand between my legs.

He must have expected the normal moist arousal of a married pussy;

instead he got slick wetness and cunt lips which were still gaping from the

passage of another man’s cock. That stopped him in his tracks.

“You’re so wet,” he said, his eyes puzzled. I wriggled to one side to get

him right between my legs, then grabbed his cock and guided it towards

my pussy.

“I know, but please fuck me, just fuck me.”

“But…what…you?” he stuttered. I pulled him to me and his cock slid into

me, making us both gasp.

“Yes, I’ve been fucked. I’ll explain later, but now just fuck me. I need you

to cum inside me.”

The results were explosive. A burst of intense fucking then the familiar

stiffening and swell of his cock and the lovely warm, wet feeling as he

released his load inside me.

Laid together afterwards I described what had happened. It wasn’t a long

or very detailed account because Ken became erect and had to have me

again. It had been a long time since he’d cum twice in one session and was

a clear sign of how much this had excited him.

The next week or so was a sexual blur because we made love daily.

Inevitably it involved me retelling what had happened with Dave and we

discovered the pleasure of some dirty talk. Ken referred to me as his slut

(and very obviously got a kick out of that), so I told him to fuck his slut.

Previously we had never used the C word, but now Ken told me what a

lovely, fuckable cunt I had and for my part I urged him to fill my cunt with

his sperm.

Of course we talked about where this was all going to lead and we both

agreed that there wouldn’t be anything further with Dave.

A week later Dave again intercepted me in the supply room and clearly

hoped to arrange another liaison. As gently as possible I explained that

what had happened was a one-off and wasn’t going to be repeated. I said

that a relationship at work was too dangerous, neither of us wanted to be

looking for a new job and we should leave it at that. He was disappointed,

but could see the sense in what I said.

I guess if there is another barbeque we perhaps ought to find an excuse for

not attending. I’m not sure how comfortable Ken would be seeing Dave

and thinking he’s fucked my wife, his cock has fired a load of sperm into

my wife’s pussy. We haven’t discussed that, though I think our new found

intimacy can cope with it if need be.

Ken and I do have a weekend away planned. We went shopping together

and I got a new dress and some new lingerie. Exactly what will happen on

that weekend we haven’t decided.

Ken has asked me if I want to take a lover again and I said that as long as

he was comfortable with it then yes I was interested. I wouldn’t want it to

be a regular thing, but the idea of being discretely promiscuous and

occasionally indulging myself in a special treat does appeal to me.


Watching My Wife

“Bye honey, I’m late!” I quickly kissed Annabelle’s cheeks and rushed

down the stairs, adjusting my tie. I quickly said bye to Dave, my younger

brother, who was watching a reality T.V. show downstairs.

“Bye, John,” Dave waved.

“Take care of Anna,” I yelled, grabbing my keys and rushing out to the car.

I didn’t want to lose my job. I was going to take to a plane to the

California. It was only three a.m., and it was still dark outside. I just wanted

to get to California early. The money was a little bit tight; and me and Anna

were thinking about having a baby.

Anna and I have been married for three years. She has a great personality,

not to mention the beautiful titanic breasts. She has curves in all the right

places, and her full, red lips always beg to be kissed. Her blonde hair is

down to her belly button, long and luscious, just how I like it. She had

bright blue eyes that always gleamed with happiness.

I could always trust my dear Anna, but sometimes I have thoughts about if

she thinks about Dave, a little too much. I see the way Dave looks at her

sometimes; and it makes me kind of nervous.

I remember visiting my parents at the age of 26, since my mom was getting

a little bit sick. I walked in on Dave wanking, and his dick looked almost 9

inches. He was only 17 at the time. Dave had a little bit of a reputation to

break up relationships, and hopefully he didn’t think about breaking up this

one. Anna is the one.

Dave was only 23 to my 32, and he was lean and muscular. He had dark

brown eyes, and he had this kind of mean vibe about him that made him a

bit scary. Dave was staying with me and Anna because he got kicked out

of his house by his landlord. He fucked his landlord’s wife.

I hopped inside of the truck. Hopefully Anna remembered that she was

supposed to get the truck back from the airport and bring it back home. I

drove a couple of blocks away when I finally noticed that I forgot my

damn suitcase with my project supplies. I cursed and sped home. I noticed

that Dave’s car was still there, when around this time, he goes to the gym.

He likes to go to the gym very early for some reason.

Curious, and forgetting about my job and the plane, I quietly opened the

door and walked in. I peeked in the living room, to find out that Dave

wasn’t sitting on the couch anymore.

“What the heck?” I thought.

I silently walked upstairs, and Dave’s door was wide open. He wasn’t in

there either, and I didn’t hear the sound of the shower on.

Our bedroom door was open, when Annabelle usually keeps it closed. I

kneeled down and crawled to the door, probably looking stupid. I peeked

in and saw that Dave was kneeling over Annabelle. Anna was still asleep.

“You are so sexy, Anna,” Dave whispered. “I’m going to have you, and

you are going to like it!”

At that point, I should of walked in and punched the hell out of Dave, and

kicked him out of the house. But for some unknown reason, I didn’t.

“Oh, yeah,” Dave slowly unzipped his pants and took it off, which

exposed his white briefs. He took off his shirt to reveal his six pack.

Dave moved the covers away from Anna. He gasped. Anna always slept

naked. Dave moaned.

He suckled on Anna’s pink nipples. When Anna moaned, he paused. “Oh,


She thought he was me!

He continued kissing down her body until he met her love spot. He spread

her legs and fingered her while licking her clit.

In no time, she was cumming, while screaming my name.

Dave rose up and kissed her, and paused to think. He probably wanted a

blowjob, but he decided not to get one.

Dave spread her legs and mounted her. His dick was bigger than I last seen

it. His purple head slowly was engulfed by Anna’s beautiful, bald, pussy.

Me, being only 5.5 inches long, knew that Anna would automatically know

that I wasn’t the one inserting my dick into her.

She was moaning until Dave passed the 5.5 mark, entering a place I could

never reach. She quickly opened her eyes and yelled.

“No, no! I’m married to your brother!” Anna was pushing Dave back.

Dave, not caring, pushed in more.

Anna moaned once more. “No, no, please…” Anna pleaded, getting quieter

and quieter each time until she wasn’t pleading anymore.

Dave smirked. His smirk was quickly replaced by a frown when he found

that Anna couldn’t take any more of him. He was at the seven inch mark.

I was the only guy who ever fucked Anna, and Anna never used a dildo in

her life. She wasn’t accustomed to this size.

“No,” Anna gasped. Dave brought his lips down to Anna and pulled out,

and shoved back in, his whole 10 inches going inside of her.

She broke off the kiss and yelled a yell that was full of pain, but satisfaction

ruled over it.

Dave slowly pumped in and out, while Anna came two times in ten minutes.

Dave slowly switched to long, hard strokes which made the whole bed


“Oh, yes, your pussy is so tight,” Dave moaned.

“Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Yes!” Anna pushed back onto Dave.

Dave grunted loudly and switched to short strokes, that sent Anna into a

frenzy. She was cumming harder than ever before.

“Uh, uh, uh,” Dave groaned. His body started to jerk and he pressed his

dick up to Anna’s big butt and grinded it.

I then realized that they didn’t use protection. Anna and I always used

protection, since she was allergic to the pill. My mind reeled with the


I noticed that Dave started to grind his dick over Anna’s pussy again, and

Anna grinded back.

“Let’s go to your room,” Anna said, breathless. “Don’t you want the smell

of my pussy all over the sheets?”

My Anna wasn’t like this. My heart stung. Dave groaned loudly and picked

Anna up. She was still on his dick.

I quickly moved into the bathroom right next to Dave’s room, hiding

behind the door. I thought they would of caught me, but they were too

caught up in their lust to check if someone was around.

When they got in the room and didn’t close the door, I slowly crept out

and kneeled behind the door.

Dave brought Anna on the bed, and he resumed grinding on her.

“Mmm,” Anna said.

“Fuck, you feel so good,” Dave replied.

“Let me taste you,” Anna said.

Dave reluctantly pulled out and Anna jumped on him. I never seen her with

this much enthusiasm during sex.

Why aren’t I stopping him? I could divorce Anna. But for some reason, the

bulge in my pants told me not to. This was really turning me on.

Anna sucked Dave’s cock like a porn star, and she played with his balls.

Dave was humping his dick to her mouth, and almost came when Anna put

her finger in his ass.

“No, I want to come in you,” Dave pulled out, hesitantly.

Dave grabbed Anna, flipped her over, and slapped her ass twice, leaving

red, angry hand prints.

Anna squealed, but pushed her ass back for more. “Dave, fuck me,” Anna

looked back seductively.

Dave groaned and put his whole 10 inches in her with one single stroke.

Both of them moaned.

“Oh, yeah, fuck me,” Anna pushed back.

Dave pumped harder and harder. Suddenly, he pulled out.

“Get on top of me,” He demanded.

She quickly got on top of him and sat on him. She rubbed against him,

while Dave pumped in and out of her. This went on for about ten minutes

until Anna started to squeal again.

“Oh, yeah, give me your cum!” Anna screamed.

Dave moaned and dumped his load into her.

I made the mistake off moaning with him, which made them scramble away

from each other.

“Did you hear that?” Anna whispered.

“No,” Dave lied.



My Wife, The Hot Nurse

Let me just start at the beginning about how my husband got me into

having sex with other men, To start I am a 38 year old attractive Brunette

with a sexy body and I am a nurse.

It all started with my husband Tim in the Hospital for a few days and one

night while I was working I came in to look in on him during my break and

he talked me into giving him a Blowjob , even with another man in the bed

next to him with just a curtain separating them.

I was a little hesitant at first but when I seen his cock I had to suck it, I was

licking and sucking his cock like a hungry slut and after a few minutes of

my mouth magic he lifted his hips and moaned as he filled my mouth with

his hot load.

I swallowed all of it and then was totally surprised when the guy in the next

bed said he needed some nursing like that, he had watched the whole thing

of me sucking Tim’s cock and then to my surprise Tim told me to go

ahead and give him a little cock nursing .

Tim had told me on more than one occasion that he wanted to watch me

have sex with other guys but I never gave it much thought till this moment.

The other guys name was Roger and he already had his cock in his hand

stroking it, he was a few years older than Tim and had a nice size cock,

Tim told me to be a good nurse and make Roger fill as good as I had made

him fill.

I was in a daze with what was happening and just walked over to Roger

and told him to lay back, with that I leaned over and started licking Roger’s

cock up and down it’s shaft then rapping my lips around it took it in my

mouth and sucked it all the way to it’s base, I was getting so hot knowing I

had a strange cock in my mouth sucking it while Tim was right there

watching me.

It wasn’t long before Roger moaned and I felt his thick liquid coat the back

of my throat I kept sucking till I had every drop and when his cock got

limp I let it pop out of my mouth.

Tim had a big grin on his face and so did Roger , I ended up sucking

Roger’s cock three more times for Tim to watch before they got relished

from the hospital.

That’s how this whole thing got started and know I work a few nights a

week at this rehabilitation facility for elderly people with different types of

injuries , on more than one occasion some of the older gentleman would

grab my ass and I have even had a few to fondle my breast while checking

on them.

Then to my surprise I had a man named Dave one night offer to pay me to

rub his cock for him, but I declined until he gave me the sob story that he

had not had a woman touch him or he touch a woman in ten years, he was

68 and I felt so bad for him that I caved in to his demands free of coarse.

I put some lotion on my hand and rubbed his cock and then to my surprise

it grew in my hand to about 8 inches and thick ,I kept stroking and it wasn’t

long before he came all over my hands ,I cleaned up the load he had got on

the sheets and my hands.

He thanked me over and over and I went on my rounds.

When I got home I told Tim what had happened and he told me that I

should have sucked on his cock to give him the full pleasure and also let

him rub on my pussy since it had been so long for the old guy.

So when it was my turn to work at the facility again it wasn’t long before

Dave was asking me for a helping hand with something , so when I went in

to see him later in the night he already had his dick out and was rubbing it ,

but I shocked him when I asked him if he wanted to touch my pussy and

rub on me.

He said he had wanted to touch me from the first time he had seen me, so I

slid my pants down a little and then my panties , He wasted know time

sliding a finger into my wet hole and worked it in and out while playing with

my clit till I had a heart pounding orgasm , I even let him kiss and suck on

my tits.

After the way he had made me feel I thought about what Tim had said and

went down on Dave’s cock licking its shaft and then sucking it in my mouth

, I could barely fit it in my mouth as thick as it was , but I sucked as much

as I could in and he moaned and I knew he was going to fill my mouth with

ten years of pint up desire’s and then I felt cock veins swell in my mouth

and then it seemed like he came and came till I couldn’t swallow it all and

some of his salty load dribbled out the corners of my mouth.

So know on a regular base I will service Dave and I have even let him fuck

me with his big cock a few times and know Dave has let the word slip

around about what I have been doing for him and know I have three other

men that want some of my special nursing skills so know I have to suck off

four men on the nights I work and some times I will let them fuck me along

with playing with my pussy and tits.

Tim loves to hear all the hot details of my nightly rounds at the clinic and

know he wants to watch instead of just hearing about it he even wants to

invite some of his friends into our sex antics while he watches me take on 3

or 4 guys at once .

So he invited some guys over one night and we all sat around drinking and

talking and he had me wear a sexy little outfit that high lighted my every

curve .

He had me act like I had to much to drink and just act passed out on the

couch next to him , he then got up and left me in there while he went to the

bath room, he also acted like he was drunk and stayed in our bedroom laid

out across the bed.

Rick one of his buddies got up and went to check on him and seen he was

on the bed out of it , I could hear him tell Mike, Jerry, and Donnie that Tim

was out.

Then I heard Jerry say what were they going to do with Joyce, and Donnie

said I know what I’d like to do to her and Rick told him to go ahead she

want know what going on and with that Donnie slid over next to me not

knowing I was faking being passed out , he slid his hands up under my

short skirt and was squeezing my bare ass with just my thong on .

Then Mike joined in and they laid me over on the couch on my back , then

Jerry unzipped my skirt and opened it up to be looking at my see thru black

thong and it want but I few minutes that they had me stripped naked and

was kissing and licking my erect nipples and Rick had his fingers working

in and out of my pussy .

The guys was so busy working me over they did not notice that Tim was in

the back ground with his video camera going .

All four guys took turns licking my pussy , sucking on my tits and nipples

until Donnie said he couldn’t take it any longer he had to fuck me, and with

that they spread my legs wider and Donnie rubbed his hard cock up and

down my wet slit and then eased it inside of me , after a few minutes of

steady pumping I had a orgasm that shook my whole body .

I then acted to awake a little and mumbled like it was Tim fucking me , then

I said put your cock in my mouth baby and Rick was more than happy to

and eased his cock into my mouth ,he fucked my mouth with a smooth in

and out motion and then Donnie had reentered my hot pussy , It was my

first time having two cocks at once , Donnie then filled my pussy with his

hot load and Rick pulled out of my mouth and entered my cum soaked

pussy then he added his load to pussy.

Before the night was over all four guys had fucked my mouth and finished

by filling my pussy with there hot loads , I had cum running down the

crack of my ass and legs, after all the action they got dressed and left my

cum soaked pussy naked on the couch .

Tim came in after they left and we kissed and then he added his hot load on

every one else load, Tim said that was the most exciting thing he had ever

seen with four guys taking turns fucking me , we both watched the video

and are already planning another fuck fest but this time I want to suck cock

while being fucked and have the guys cum in all my holes while I’m awake

and having fun and Tim can even join in so maybe I can take on five or six

guys this time.

Maybe that can be our next story!!


byNo Panty Girl©

We had departed Papua, New Guinea outbound to find an island to spend

the next week in solicitude.

The Zaka was loaded stem to stern with a fresh load of supplies as her

bow cut the sea on an east south east course leaving civilization astern.

Zaka was a forty foot Sabre with an auxiliary diesel and could easily be

sailed by my husband and me. John had retired early from his successful

dental practice and we had purchased Zaka to experience our dream of

sailing around the world.

We had purchased Zaka in San Diego and set sail out into the Pacific in our

pride and joy.

Both John and I were skilled sailors having owned a thirty-two foot Shark

in which we had explored the inland waters of the Great Lakes. This was to

be our first salt water voyage.

During our first few days out of San Diego we familiarized ourselves with

Zaka’s little quirks and characteristics and soon we had bonded with our

new home.

Our new life was wonderful, once out of sight of shore John and I shed our

clothes and cavorted naked on Zaka’s deck. Well off the shipping lanes we

were in a world of our own and away from prying eyes. We were able to

eat, tan and make love on Zaka’s vast foredeck without fear of being


New Guinea was our first scheduled port of call on out itinerary. After a

week at sea we needed to refill our fresh water tank and restock the


After a luxurious bubble bath and a good night’s sleep at Papau’s Mandang

Hotel we set sail early the following morning on the next leg of our voyage.

The waters were more populated as we left Papua and were compelled to

wear swimsuits until eventually we were able to get nude again.

Tuvaki appeared on the horizon just as the chart had predicted. Tuvaki is a

small island, just under a mile in length and deserted since the Americans

had used it as petrol supply depot during the war.

We had hoped to have Tuvaki to ourselves to enjoy for a few days but as

we got closer we could see the masthead of another boat bobbing in a

lagoon on the shoreline. It was time to don our suits again.

As the island grew larger we could make out the hulls of a pale blue

catamaran laying at anchor and a curl of smoke coming from a campfire on

the beach. The occupants of the other boat had gone ashore to cook their


Zaka glided into the lagoon alongside the cat were we dropped sail and the

anchor. Squaring away the rigging John launched the Zodiac over Zaka’s

stern and we boarded to go ashore and meet our new neighbors.

The roar of the Mercury outboard coming to like with a puff of blue smoke

sent a flock of birds into the sky as John pointed the inflatable towards the


They came out of the wooded shoreline to investigate the noise. The

Tournay’s were a young couple, he about thirty and his blonde wife a few

years younger.

Dave came over to greet us grabbing the Zodiac’s painter and dragging us

up onto the sand.

There was the customary shaking of hands and introductions as we

became acquainted with our fellow islanders.

Dave told us he and his wife Judy were from Canada and had won enough

money in a lottery to realize their dream similar to ours of buying a boat

and sailing the seas.

Dave said they had been cruising port to port for eight months stopping

here and there at their pleasure.

Dave was a good looking man of about five foot eleven with a well tanned

athletic body and sporting a dark moustache and beard matching his wavy

hair. He wore only a pair of cut-off kaki shorts and a pair of Dockers

boating shoes.

His wife Judy was a frumpy redhead that needed to loose twenty pounds to

fit into the two piece swimsuit that barely covered her.

The Tournay’s informed us they had arrived the day before and spent the

previous night aboard their boat before coming ashore to explore the


Dave told us they had found an old rusted metal shed in the bush with a

bunch of old American junk scattered around it.

He said the far side of the island was a super white sand beach with the

prevailing wind pounding it with terrific surf. He had wanted to try surfing

and was looking for something he could make into a surf board.

John was an avid surfer and the two of them begin discussing what they

could use to ride the breakers.

Judy told me that she had worked as a cleaner at their local hospital before

they hit it big on the lottery. She had married Dave ten years earlier when

she was twenty-two. Dave had been a truck driver who had come into the

coffee shop where she worked at the time and swept her off her feet.

Judy was not use to male attention and had always been a wallflower at

school dances. Dave’s sudden attention overwhelmed her and before she

knew it she found herself getting married to him.

Judy confided that Dave was a sex maniac wanting her only for sex. She

said she had to have sex with her husband three times a day or he was not


I thought of how many women would be envious of her problem. I was

lucky if John wanted to make love to me once a week.

She also told me that her husband wanted to get her into “swinging”,

exchanging sexual partners with other couples. She had tried it a couple of

times but didn’t like it.

Judy and I continued chatting while we got our dinner ready. The guys

were absorbed in their surfing plans.

I was relieved when we were back aboard Zaka after eating on the beach

with the Tournay’s.

John and I made long leisurely love before falling off to sleep. I always

slept well aboard Zaka with the water softly lapping against her hull. I

dropped off with Dave Tounnay on my mind for some unexplainable


Early the following morning John discovered a crack forming in Zaka’s

fiberglass hull by the bilge water pump discharge port. It was not leaking

yet but with the hulls constant twisting and bending while under sail it could

become worse. Jon knew it should be repaired as soon as possible.

John and Dave discussed sailing Zaka back to Papua to have the repairs

made. Dave said the trip could make the problem worse and suggested

John take his boat and sail to Papua and pickup a repair kit. Dave said his

cat could make the round trip in three days.

John agreed to Dave’s plan and rather than leaving us women alone it was

decided Judy would accompany John as she knew the boat and Dave

would stay with me on the Zaka.

Dave and I watched from Zaka’s deck as the catamaran vanished over the


I had dressed fairly conservatively during our stay on Tuvaki not wanting

to arouse Dave’s vulgar desires. I knew I was going to have to hold him at

bay for the next three days but I could not tell my husband or he would not

agreed to make the necessary trip.

I tried to remain distant to Dave as the remainder of the day progressed.

John had only been gone a few hours and already I missed him.

We went though the motions of cooking our dinner ashore and then

boarded Zaka for the night.

There was plenty of cabin space for privacy aboard Zaka with a captain’s

quarters on the port side and a separate crew’s sleeping cabin up forward.

Dave said he would bunk in the crew’s cabin.

That first night Dave was on his best behavior. Gentleman like in every

regard and treating me as if our spouses were still present. Bundled up to

the neck in my flannel robe I bid him goodnight as he adjourned to his


I slept a restless sleep that night imagining every noise was the sounds of

Dave entering my room. I kept the covers up to my chin in spite of the

tropical temperature. Dawn came with no justification for my fears.

“What do you want to do today?” Dave asked over our morning coffee.

I told him I had some chores to catch up on, laundry and some

housecleaning around the cabins.

Dave said it was too nice a day to waste working and we should go and

explore the other side of the island. I had not yet seen the island’s

windward side and was easily talked into accompanying him for the short


I changed into my cut-off blue jean shorts and a light cotton sleeveless top

and applying a liberal amount of insect repellant we set off.

Dave was my Tarzan, hacking a trail through the thick underbrush with his

home-made machete. About fifteen minutes later we emerged from the

jungle on the other side of our island home.

Sweat was dripping from us from the intense humidity in the lush green

jungle we had just transverse. The crystal blue waters sparkled before us

with gentle surf lapping up onto the white sand.

“Want to cool off?” Dave asked.

The water did look inviting but neither of us had thought to bring our

swimsuits. I did not want to appear reserved enough to wear my outer

clothes into the water so I stripped down to my bra and panties and run

into the surf with Dave on my heels.

The water felt so cool and refreshing as I dove under the surface. When I

resurface I stood in water waist-deep and saw my bra had become

transparent. My stiff nipples were clearly discernable through the thin, wet


Dave porpoise to the surface some three feet from me and immediately his

eyes locked on my semi-naked breasts.

I looked down into the clear water and saw Dave was not wearing anything,

his free cock swayed in the current like a hunting eel. I knew if I could see

his cock he would be able to see me through my wet panties.

Our eyes locked together as he approached me.

Dave took me into his arms and I could feel his erection pressing against

my belly with only a thin layer of silk between us.

I did not resist his advances but raised my lips to meet his. It was a

passionate kiss with our tongues entwined in a preliminary joust to love


“No, on the beach!” I said as his hand started to pull down the waistband

of my panties.

Dave held my hand as we waded ashore.

I selected a patch of lush grass close to the water’s edge and under the

canopy of palms. As I lay down Dave removed my wet underwear

rendering me naked for his pleasure.

My legs opened as I lay naked on the grass welcoming this stranger to

enter me. Dave’s muscular body covered me as I waited for his cock to go

into my waiting passageway.

Closing my eyes I felt his mushroom head searching my pubic hair for the

concealed entrance to my womanhood.

I had ceased shaving during our voyage opting for the natural look

preferred my many of the South Seas women. Dave’s cock parted my curly

locks like a divining rod seeking water. Finding a trace of moisture he

parted my labia and begins his journey into me.

The first noticeable thing was Dave’s cock was thicker than John’s,

stretching my vaginal walls beyond what John’s did to gain entry. I winced

with the unusual discomfort of accommodating such a large member.

Dave impaled me with a smooth and powerful thrust, his carbide-hard

auger digging its way towards my cervix. Mercifully I felt his ball come to

rest on my pussy lips, he was entirely in me.

Dave was the first man I had allowed to make love to me in fifteen years.

There had been the one time I was raped at the office party by a drunken

coworker. I had attended the party unaccompanied as John was away on a

dental conference and we had not long been married. Being a naïve twenty

-two-year-old I had trustingly attended the party unescorted in hopes of

getting my mind of John’s absence for an evening.

I had drunk a bit too much and was the belle of the dance floor jiving it up

with all the husbands who wanted a turn with the woman in the red dress.

Fred Pearce the company’s bookkeeper had lured me into a cloakroom and

had his wicked way with me. Between the racks of coats he had fucked me

standing up and blown a huge load into me.

He left me sobbing with his sperm running down the insides of my legs as

he rejoined his wife in the banquet room.

Now another man was in me and I was wrapping my legs around his hips

drawing his cock deeper into my hungry cunt.

Was I a nymphomaniac? Had my husband not fucked me less than twenty

-four hours ago? Why did I need this stranger’s cock in me now?

Questions flooded my mind as I moaned softly.

Dave had begin fucking me. Slowly at first his huge cock started its in and

out stokes with my vaginal wall sticking to it like a rubber glove.

“Fuck me Dave!” I moaned just before we kissed.

It had been a long time since I was fucked like Dave fucked me. He was

aggressive yet his cock seemed tailor made for my pussy. The curvature of

his tool brought sensation to parts of my fuck hole that my husband’s

neglected, I was heating up fast.

I didn’t think I was capable of another orgasm having come with John just a

couple of nights previous, one orgasm a week was my custom if I were

lucky. Yet I could feel the beginning of a possible climax stirring around

Dave’s cock.

Like most women I had experienced countless orgasms, some memorial

but most routine. The process of coming had become automatic with the

proper cock action in my cunt. Dave’s cock promised something different.

At first it was just a hint of an orgasm, a low murmuring of things to come.

As his cock fell into an allegro rhythm inside of me it was if he were

fanning a flame turning it into an inferno. He gradually progressed to his

crescendo dragging me along with him.

We climaxed in perfect harmony, Dave’s sperm deluging the fire he had

started within me.

“Oh yes Baby!” I moaned as my orgasm claimed me.

I could do nothing but lay there with the ejaculating bull between my legs as

shock waves trammeled my body.

I could feel the orgasm in my entire body, my teeth my hair and even my


Eventually a final shiver passed through me signaling the completion of my


I was conquered and I was now Dave’s whore. For the next two days I

would be his to do with as he pleased.

We fucked on that beach for almost an hour before we returned to Zaka.

Back aboard Zaka we screwed again, this time in mine and John’s bed.

Dave was like the Eveready Rabbit; he just kept going and going.

Finally I had to ask Dave to stop so we could get something to eat. The

sun was going down and we hadn’t eaten all day.

Reluctantly Dave allowed me to make us some burgers on Zaka’s cooking

stove. As I watched the blue alcohol flame sizzling the quarter-pound beef

burgers I knew Dave was going to want to pound my pussy some more

after we had eaten. Not use to our fucking marathon my cunt was starting

to get sore.

We ate our burgers sitting at the galley table, Dave naked and me wearing

only a calico apron.

Dave scarfed his burger washing it down with a couple of beers anxious to

get back at my body.

“Let’s fuck some more.” He said jumping up from the table with his

perpetual erection threatening my worn-out pussy.

“Come here, I want to suck it!” I answered.

Dave’s eyes light up and he smiled when I volunteered to put his cock in

my mouth. I doubted whether Judy had ever offered to give his a blowjob.

Dave walked over to me holding his hard cock in his hand.

The head of his pecker was almost touching my lips when I took the hard

shaft from him. Opening my mouth wide I guided him into my waiting


My lips sealed around his shaft as his cock lay on my tongue. He was big,

a real mouthful. I tilted my head back so his cockhead could enter my


Back in my high school days I had become quite proficient at

deepthroating cocks. I had a reputation amongst the boys and was never

without a date.

Carefully I worked him into me until my lower lip touched his sack, I had

his eight or nine inches of cock completely in my head.

My tongue begins to do its magic routine, caressing the underside of his

meat and swirling up and around each side. All the while I was sucking and

forming a perfect vacuum chamber around his cock.

“Oh fuck yes!” Dave moaned as his hips began bucking.

He firmly held the back of my head while he skull-fucked me.

My jaw was starting to get sore before he came. I didn’t think he would

have that much jism left in him but when he started to shoot spurt after

spurt of thick cream flooded my mouth. His cock was far enough into my

throat for most of his snot to slide down my gullet like a big juicy worm.

As the last of his sperm dribbled from his cockhead my tongue licked him


“Where did you learn to suck cock like that?” Dave asked.

“I get around.” I smiled taking a last lick at his spent cock.

“Your husband is one lucky man!” Dave exclaimed.

Thankfully John and Judy made good time and the blue cat slipped into the

lagoon early in the third day following their departure.

John had obtained the necessary repair supplies he required and he was

glad to be back to his two loves, Zaka and me.

“Well, how was he?” Judy looked at me knowingly.

“What do you mean?” I asked trying to look confused.

“Dave did you like his cock in you?” she replied.

My mind started spinning, she knew all the time! she and Dave had planned

my seduction before leaving.

That started me wondering about her and John, he wouldn’t, would he?


My Young Brother-In-Law

Hi, I am Sally, Sally Daniels, I am 28, live in a plush house, my husband is

in banking, and no, he is not a nerd, he makes us a very good living, I am

happy, love my life, it’s uncomplicated, (Well it was!)

I have 2 small children, and generally life is better than good.

As I said I am 28, 5ft tall, very good looking in my small way, elfin type,

short dark/black hair that is pixie looking and I love it, I always used to

wear it long, but I thought it was time for the new me, I’m about 100lb have

a great figure, no funny bumps, symmetrical to my size, slim waist, slim

hips, legs that taper to my dainty feet, my hands are small and dainty too.

I am fit, drink very little, don’t smoke, I have Bridget Bardot lips, that men

of all ages look at, and I know what most of them think, “how they would

love my hot mouth wrapped around their cocks!”

I am sexy, I dress sexy, look sexy, and I love sex, my husband is

constantly under pressure to keep me happy, or else I tell him, I will look

elsewhere, although I would never dream of being unfaithful, he believes

me, so he does keep me happy in bed.

I am flirty in my ways, and love the attention men and boys give me, lots of

my friends are jealous of the way I look but I can’t help that can I?

My problems, if you can call them that, was when his younger brother

Donny, who was 17 at the time, and started baby sitting for us, I would

never leave my kids, but my husband persuaded my that Donny was just

the guy to be trusted, so I gave in, and one Saturday night we went out for

the first time alone for a long time.

This led to other Saturday nights, that led to more and more, Donny was

fantastic, he loved doing it, and his elder brother paid him too, so we were

all happy, By the way, I had noticed him checking me out, the more time’s

he came by, the more he made it obvious, he didn’t do it when Dave was

around, just when he was alone with me.

I must confess he was and still is very good looking, not very tall about 5ft

9″ but as I was to find out later he more than made up for being short in

height by being ‘big’ elsewhere, lol, he had lots of girlfriends and sometimes

he would bring a new one along to baby sit, and I don’t know why, but I

felt a little jealous, there he would be ogling me, then a girl would knock on

the door, and he would see us off with a cheery wave, and wink at me!

This went on for a year or more, well after his 18th birthday, he was

starting to show signs of real masculine manhood in his demeanour, as his

birthday arrived and officially entered manhood at 18, I thought it added to

his growing personality.

Then came my marriage fidelity downfall, Donny had girlfriends, and I

know he was having sex, but he was old enough to go his own way, do his

own thing etc, he had seen us off at the door, he was on his own this night,

we were going to a ball in town.

I had on a long silk strapless gown in white satin, it was gorgeous, I didn’t

wear a bra or panties, I didn’t want to spoil the lines of my body, bit like

Pippa at Kate’s wedding, I also wore a little gold necklace, and matching

dangly earrings, and I knew how good I looked, I was really looking

forward to flirting and teasing other men.

I had left Dave’s number, for Donny to call in case things went awry with

the kids, as I always did, and I had his own number in my mobile phone

too, but as we walked out of the door to leave, he made sure Dave wasn’t

looking as usual, and gave me a very crude wink, and a somewhat sexy

sneer, I loved it,

Then he did the one thing that led to my unfaithfulness to my husband with

his 18 year old brother, he flagrantly grabbed his privates, and intimated to

me that he wanted to fuck me, he just mouthed the words, ‘I want fuck

you, okay?’ I was shocked and stunned, but massively aroused in that 2 or

3 seconds of him grabbing himself so lewdly, and saying that.

I know I flushed because Dave asked me if I was okay, I just told him I

was excited about the evening.

As the evening wore on, I got more and more aroused by Donny’s intimate

suggestion to me, I wanted fucking, some of the men there that night would

never know that if they had got me on their own, I would have let anyone

of them fuck me wherever!

About 11:00 pm I was unable to control myself any further, I went to the

ladies and called Donny, and just said to him ‘call Dave, tell him you need

me home because one of the kids is unwell, and can I go back for ½ an


I was next to Dave when his mobile went, and took the message, he started

apologising as we would have to leave, I told him, ‘nonsense, give me the

keys, I’ll go home and be back in an hour, I don’t want to spoil the night.’

He reluctantly agreed, and I flew out of the building, dived into the car and

raced home.

When I got back, I walked in, slapped Donny’s face and ordered him

upstairs to my bedroom, he did as I said, and I followed him, I was nearly

orgasming as I went upstairs after him, my pussy was red hot!

I told him, ‘go and sit on the bed, face the window and don’t turn around.’

‘Okay,’ he muttered, thinking I was going to bollock him uphill and down


I stood on the opposite side of the bed behind him, and quietly unzipped

my dress, let it slip to the floor, and climbed over the bed to his back.

The first inkling he had of anything going on, was when I slipped my arms

around him and started kissing his neck, he moaned involuntarily, as I said

to him, ‘so you wanna fuck me, do you?’

‘Well’, I murmured into his ear, ‘if you do, you’ve got about 30 minutes to

do it in, so get on with it boy!’

As I was saying this I was undoing his shirt and ran my nails over his

smooth strong chest, then slipped my hand down over his balls, and

grabbed what I was to find out, was a very beautiful strong hard powerful


He spun around to find me completely naked apart from my jewellery, ‘Oh

My God,’ he whispered, he tore his clothes off, threw me down onto the

bed on my back, and dived on me, It was heaven, I fully expected what I

was to get, totally ravished for 30 minutes, he was never off me, or

seemingly out of me.

He drove his cock straight into me so hard, he expunged the breath from

my body, and it felt like I was being driven through the mattress!

He shot his load in double quick time, which I knew he would, so I wasn’t

too disappointed, but what did surprise me was, his dick never seemed to

go down; he just kept on fucking me like a piston on a railway engine.

I came then, and as he just kept on at me I orgasmed again and again, it

was wonderful, we were kissing and panting into each others mouths like

horses after a race, he blew another load into me which sent me over the

top for one final time, I love my Dave, but he has never fucked me like this,

I was totally blown away by him, what a man, what a boy?

I hurriedly dashed to the bathroom, sat on the bidet and washed out my

battered pussy, dried off, threw my dress back on, kissed him goodbye,

had a quick feel of his dick, made sure my face was okay, and cleared off

back to the ball, I was a very happy satisfied woman, it had been a long

time since I felt like that, although I only just realised it.

Back at the ball, I assured Dave that all was okay, though he had no idea of

how okay I was feeling, I could still feel Donny’s wonderful prick in me as

I danced around, I had a great time and returned home around 3am that


Donny was in bed obviously, sound asleep I’ll bet, We went to bed, I was

tired and so was Dave, he had had a bit too much booze, I had had only

one glass of wine, I fell asleep about 10 seconds after Dave did, but I woke

up at 5:00am for some reason.

I mulled over what I had done with Donny, and had to admit, I had been

seriously, monumentially fucked by him, I smiled at my lewd thoughts,

that’s when the desire for him surfaced again in my pussy, I slipped out of

bed making sure Dave was still gently snoring, and made my way to

Donny’s bedroom, slipped in and knelt by his bed, I slid my hand under his

covers, all the while listening for sounds from elsewhere.

Gently gripping his delicious cock, I began working my hand up and down,

it didn’t take long for it to grow in my hand, what a feeling that was, the

feeling of power a woman has when the prick in her hand grows all by

itself, and she excites a man sexually.

It was now fully erect, so I lifted the covers and leaned over to kiss it and

suck it into my mouth, I didn’t go for it wholesale I didn’t want to wake

him, well not just yet anyway. I licked and sucked and slurped, but I never

banked on the arousal that was building within me for his it.

I could contain myself any longer, I pulled my top off and gently climbed

on him, sinking myself down over him, this did wake him now, I clamped

my hand over his mouth before he could say anything, then I leaned

forward and kissed him, while I got my hot body working over his now

fully embedded cock in my white hot pussy.

He grabbed me by my shoulders, and began jamming me up and down on

him, being as small as I was, it was easy for him to do it, I came in no time,

quickly followed by him, I leaned over again and kissed him so

passionately, I even surprised myself, it was wonderful being loved and

fucked like this, one more orgasm, sent me into la la land.

I got of him very slowly; the feeling of his semi hard cock sliding out of me

sent ripples driving through my body.

I kissed him one last time, went again into the bathroom to clean myself up,

and went back to my still ignorant snoring husband.

The morning brought reality, I was aghast at what I had done, but not

repentant, I had loved it, and wanted to continue, but what would Donny


I was up at 8:30 with the kids, Mike got up around 10, Donny was no

where to be seen, but I was on real tenterhooks waiting for a possible

confrontation from someone, somewhere, but as the morning wore on

nothing transpired, the kids wanted some sweets, so Dave walked them to

the shops.

I was at the sink when arms enclosed me, two lots of fingers found my

hard sensitive nipples and I was immediately transported back up stairs to

my bed, where Donny and I made sweet music for thirty minutes, he

couldn’t get enough of me, nor I, him.

I made him lie back on the bed with his feet on the floor, and I sucked and

sucked his beautiful cock as if my life depended on it, I went on and on as

hard as I could until he shot his load down my waiting throat, gorgeous!

He had me on my knees, feet over my head, on my back, knelt on the

floor; where he skinned my knees a little, he was a whirl wind of manual

fucking, the best bit for me was when I had him on his back on the floor

and me kneeling over him, what a sensation of control, fullness, and

fulfilment, being as small as I am, control or commanding wasn’t much of

an experience for me, but he encouraged me, I came like a train out of a

tunnel, I just literally exploded.

I remember the times when me and Dave first started making love, but I

couldn’t remember it being like this, it was fantastic, I leaned over and

kissed him, told him I loved him, he said he loved me too, then he turned

me onto my tummy, got over me in the 69 position, made me part my legs,

and then did the most amazingly erotic thing I have ever had done to me in

my life, he stated licking my bum hole, stuck his tongue in me too, I

squirmed and wriggled, I came, it was stunning.

And then he said, ‘would I consider letting him fuck me in my arse.’

I replied, ‘yes,’ immediately,

Although I hadn’t tried it, as my size was against an anal assault, but if

Donny wanted it, Donny was going to get it, I told him the next time we

were alone my arse was his to do with what he wanted.

‘But would you please be gentle with me?’ I whispered into his mouth.

‘Don’t worry Sally,’ he promised, ‘I wouldn’t hurt you for the world.’

‘Okay then, next time, but I’ll pop out and get some lotion for my bum

hole.’ I laughed.

Already I was looking forward to being arse fucked by my 18 year old stud


It’s marvellous isn’t it, I’ve never been unfaithful to my husband, and yet

here I was full to the brim with his young brother’s cum, and knowing I

wanted more, the only thing was how often was I going to get it?

The next day I went out and got the required KY Jelly, and some baby oil,

but I had to wait another 2 days before I was able to have time with my

young stud lover, he took Wed afternoon off, and was with me by 12:30 so

I knew I would have at least 2 hours, but he spent the first hour or so just

making love with me, I had orgasm after orgasm, I didn’t mention me being

bum fucked in case he had changed his mind.

But then he whispered to me, ‘have you got the lotion?’ It was the moment

of truth for me.

‘Yes I have,’ I replied.

‘Well get it out then and get on your knees baby,’ he told me.

I did, and got on my knees, I was fearful but I wanted this more than

anything I had ever wanted, I wanted him to take me, use me, abuse me,

fuck me, violate me, and fill me with his hot spunk, God, I wanted it so


He fingered oil into my bum, making me squirm, knowing what was coming

was going to be a great deal thicker and longer than his middle finger, I just

got hotter and hotter, then KY was spread around and in my hole, I was

ready for him to fucking fuck me like I had never ever been fucked.

I felt his cock head against my hole then he pushed toward me, so I pushed

back and in it went, It made me slide forward on my face, trapping his dick

in me, he lay down on my back, hooked his hands under my shoulders, his

knees held mine apart, there was to be no escape now, whether I wanted to

or not.

I whimpered, grunted, and groaned but as much as it was hurting, I wanted

his cock in me more, and he duly obliged, he shoved and shoved, I felt his

whole cock sliding into me, and I came, came and came again, and boy,

the feeling of complete and utter fullness when he told me he was coming,

and did, overwhelmed me.

We spent what little time we had kissing and cuddling, speaking terms of

endearment, I knew already that my marriage was not going to end, unless

things got out of hand, and Donny agreed, but what did happen was, he

had a contrived row with his parents, so he could ask Dave if he could stay

with us for a while.

During the evening of the day Donny had fucked my arse I was limping a

little, I told Dave I had slipped and hurt my bum, Dave bless him, offered

to massage me, which I accepted, and during the massage I told Dave that

he would have to get around to fucking me there, to which he replied to

me, ‘sure.’

So I said, ‘but not tonight, I’m still a little sore.’

Donny asked Dave and he agreed straightaway, not knowing his wife was

being fucked stupid by his 18 year old brother, and Donny moved in to my

utter delight, and we really did do some serious loving, but it was to last

only 3 more months, before Donny and I agreed that it was getting too

dangerous, I sadly saw him off one weekend, on the promise that my

pussy and arse was his when ever opportunity presented itself, which it still

does thankfully.

I am also pregnant with my 3rd child, who will have a name, Donna, or

Donny depending if it’s a girl or a boy, because I am absolutely certain it is

Donny’s baby.


Football Bet

My husband is not one of those sports nuts, but he does love football. He

is very good about it, watching only the two games that are televised on

Sunday afternoon. Generally, on Sunday he gets together with three of his

friends at our house to watch the games.

Being boys they generally bet on the games. Not for money, but to

embarrass the loser. His friend Jim lost one week and was required to wear

a dress the following week. Jim wore a red cocktail dress with thin straps. I

must say he did not look bad even in the sneakers he was wearing.

Bob lost on a Packers game, and at an upcoming dinner was required to

dress like a nerd and drink only milk that evening at the restaurant. The

waiter gave him the strangest look when he asked for milk while taking our

drink orders.

One week I was getting smacks for the boys and was unaware of the bet

between Bill and my husband. I was a little surprised to see Bill sitting

naked after the first game. He told me the wager was that the loser had to

be completely naked during the next game. I planned to spend more time in

the kitchen during that game. Yet, Bill walked in during the first quarter and

surprised me. He explained it was his turn to get a round of beers, and

invited me back to watch the game saying it was OK.

A week later we were getting ready to watch the games. My husband

assured me his team could not lose. The boys really wanted to get Henry.

It was halfway thru the season and Henry did not have to do anything

embarrassing. They had purchased pink tights and a tutu that if he lost,

Henry would have to ware.

They assumed he would wear the outfit the following week, but they really

wanted him to wear it to the party in two weeks. Henry agreed to wear the

outfit both next week and to the party provided they had a compatible prize

if he won. Different suggestions were made, but it had to be something

good. After all as Bob explained there would be almost 25 people at the

party. My husband offered to get naked, but Henry’s response was who

wanted to see him naked.

Without thinking I said if my husband lost, being a good wife I would get

naked. Henry liked the idea, but said I had to remain naked for the entire

next game, and again all of next week. He added that if he had to wear the

pink tights and tutu twice, I should be naked twice.

The score was already 10 — 0 and my husband said the team could not

lose, so I agreed. In overtime my team missed two field goals, and then lost

when the other team scored.

The room was quiet; no one knew what to say so they said nothing. I got

up and went into the kitchen. It was Bill who followed me. He told me that

Henry expected to lose and would be a good sport. He simply said no one

expected me to do it, and left the room.

I stood along in the kitchen for a few moments. No one ever reneged on a

bet and I was not going to be the first. I took my clothes off walked into

the room and stood by the TV. Bill suggested that I be allowed to get

dressed, but Henry simple said a bet was a bet. That afternoon, I still got

the boys snacks and made them dinner. Most of the time I sat quietly on a

chair. No one commented or said anything, I was just a naked woman in

the room. They would turn in my direction so I knew they were eying me.

When the game ended I dressed.

The following week I moved a bar stool close to the TV. The height of the

stool would provide each of the men an unobstructed view of my naked

body. If I had to do this being close to the TV allowed then to watch the

game and casually glance at me. It was actually more comfortable; since no

one had to turn to look at me I was less self-conscience.

It was a personal thing with me not to appear like a slut, so I was dressed

when they arrived. I decided that just before the teams lined up for the

opening kickoff I would slip away, remove my clothes, and return to sit

naked on the stool. When the second game ended I would leave the room

and returned fully dressed.

I soon learned this had some advantages. The men arrived with pre-made

platters of food for snacks, and announced that they would be ordering

dinner from the local restaurants. I was no longer required to spend time in

the kitchen fixing snacks or dinner.

My friend Karen arrived shortly before kick-off and wanted me to go

shopping with her. She was surprised to learn of my bet, and the fact that I

would be sitting naked for the men. Since she was curious I told her she

could stay if she wished.

The boys were seated five minutes before the game started. Karen watched

as I disrobed and I invited her to join us. She followed me into the room

and I took my place on the bar stool as the boys made room for Karen on

the couch.

During the first game there were no issues. Just like last week I was the

naked girl in the room. When the game ended I got up to get some wine

from the kitchen. Karen came in later and told me the boys were plotting to

have some friends arrive after the second game started. She apologized but

said she had to leave.

I was still in the kitchen fixing a salad when my husband John came for a

beer. Parading around naked in front of four men can get you horny. A hug

and a kiss and soon I’m sitting on the edge of the kitchen table, John’s

pants are on the floor and he is pumping away inside me. I hear a voice

informing John that he is going to miss the second game. John replies that

he will be quick. I look into my husband’s eyes and say not too quickly I

need to score also. He replies “but honey the game”.

He starts to pull out as I attempt to pull him closer, but he is out and pulling

up his pants. You need to stop and understand what is transpiring. I have

been naked in front of four men for the past three hours. My darling

husband seduces me into a quickie in the kitchen. While we are going at it

Bill and Jim walk in and catch the show. I should feel some form of

embarrassment, but instead I am mad he is not willing to stay and allow me

to cum.

Before he leaves the kitchen I confront him about Karen’s comment that he

invited some more men to come over. He tries to make some feeble

excuse, but finally admits that two men will soon be joining us. They were

talking about my bet the other night and the men did not believe them so

my husband invited them over to see for themselves. I convey my

unhappiness, and let my husband know he owes me big time. We return to

the game just in time to hear the doorbell.

Yes, the two men arrive. While my other guests may have been polite, these

men are enjoying gawking at my body. While sitting on the bar stool one

even makes a gesture that I uncross my legs and sit with then spread open.

Soon game related sexual comments begin to flow from all six men in the

room. Looking directly at me Bill comments that someone better ‘score’

soon. I hear someone wishing to plant something between the goal posts.

A holding call and the sign becomes two hands extended forward

squeezing something, you can guess what?

I’m still annoyed at my husband for his quickly and the new guests. The

first quarter ends and the score is zero — zero. Someone in frustration ask

what is it going to take to score in this game, I respond it depended on

what you’re offering. I continue by simply saying if your team scores you

score, my team scores what’s on the table. After some negotiation it is

agreed that the men will be naked for a future game, Clothed Female Naked

Male. If my team scores a field goal that counts as a half, and each

touchdown will mean the men have to be naked for the full game.

Suddenly, the announcer yells that the men’s team has scored a field goal.

It’s agreed a field goal is worth a feel. Within moments a number of hands

are sliding their way across my body. Furniture is moved and I find myself

lying on a rug. Hands are squeezing my breasts, and fingers are probing my

wet pussy. There are men massaging my legs, neck, breasts and clit.

My team scores a touchdown, then another and I tell them they all have to

be naked next week.

At the end of the first half their team is driving down the field. A long pass

and it’s first and goal. On third and goal they score a touchdown. By the

point after, Bill has already entered me.

My team never scopes again, but the men’s team scores three more

touchdowns in the second half. The final score of the game is 31 to 14. I

F__ed or sucked all six men. At times I had one inside me as I gave

another a blowjob. I know one was my husband, but two other men went

up my ass. It was the first time I ever-serviced three men at once.

The game was over by the time the last of the men was finishing up with

me. I was looking up at my husband who was sitting naked in a chair as

Henry was doing me doggy style. I had no energy left to fake it; I just

waited for Henry to shoot his load and finish.

The following week the men all arrived and as negotiated took off their

clothes and sat naked by the opening kick-off. By the end of the quarter I

had invited Karen and three other girlfriends to join us. I was going to invite

two of the men’s wives, but I would have to explain the bet and that their

husband had sex with me last week.


Shy Wife’s First Date

This story contains details of wife sharing so please don’t read it if that

bothers you.

* * * * * * * * *

I was a virgin when I met my husband Paul and throughout our twenty nine

year marriage I have always been faithful to him and I’m pretty certain that

he has been faithful to me.

The questions began several years ago. We were in bed making love and he

asked me whether it was really true that he was the only man I had ever had

sex with. I told him yes it was true. He then asked if there were ever idle

moments when I wondered what it would be like to have sex with someone

else. I said no I didn’t think about it, and the conversation ended there. I

didn’t think too much about it – I assumed he was proud that he was the

only person to have had me.

A while later he again asked me if I was ever curious about what sex with

someone else would be like. Again I told him no, but he pushed it further,

asking me if I ever wondered what it would feel like to have another man’s

prick inside me. I was a bit taken aback by that and asked him straight-out

whether he wanted me to have sex with someone else. He backtracked very

quickly and said he was just curious that was all, and then he rather

obviously changed the subject.

After a while the questions returned and finally he admitted that the idea of

another man making love to me was a big turn-on for him. I was very

surprised, indeed shocked, by that. I’m a rather shy, conservative person

and I found it difficult to get my head round the fact that my husband was

turned on by the thought of someone else having sex with me. He insisted

that he loved me, but said that wife watching (as it’s apparently called) is a

common male fantasy. He asked me whether I would ever consider a

threesome or swapping with another couple, but I told him I wasn’t

interested and he didn’t pursue it any further.

From time to time the subject did crop up again and we ended up using it

as an agreeable fantasy. We would sometimes chat about scenarios which

led to me having sex with another man while Paul watched and I must admit

that it always got me very wet and invariably led to very exciting sex


Over the years I became not exactly receptive to the reality of the idea, but

quite content with it as a fantasy. I think the closest I came to expressing a

real interest was when I said to Paul that knowing I had his permission, then

if I was in my thirties (as opposed to my late forties) and a very attractive

man propositioned me, then I might just go for it. I did stress that he would

have to be very attractive and Paul teased me saying that a man who was

just “ordinary” attractive wasn’t good enough for me. It became a bit of a

joke between us and whenever we made up a story where I was fucked by

another man then he was always described as “seriously” attractive.

Things continued in that vein for a few years until one day last summer

when I went to a nearby shopping center. I wasn’t looking for anything in

particular, just spending a pleasant couple of hours browsing for clothes.

As I was leaving one shop a man who was just entering held the door open

for me. For just a fraction of a second we checked each other out. It was

long enough for me to register that he was good looking, but I quickly

moved on.

Soon afterwards I went into a greeting card shop and I noticed that the

same man was already in there. I found myself behind him in the queue for

the till and when he spotted that we had chosen identical cards he smiled

and said “Snap”.

I did wonder if he was going to try and initiate a conversation, but he

simply made his purchase, gave me a quick smile as he turned away from

the till and then left the shop. By then it was nearly lunchtime so I made my

way to my favorite coffee shop and somewhat to my embarrassment I

found the same man in the queue in front of me. This was the third time

and when he realised I was stood behind him again I tried to laugh it off,

assuring him that I wasn’t stalking him.

“Don’t worry,” he said. ” I’m not so vain that I think attractive women

follow me round.”

Anyway I got a coffee and sandwich, but when I looked round for a table I

found they were all taken.

“I’m afraid I got the last one,” said a voice and I turned to find the same

man looking at me. “It’s up to you, but you’re very welcome to share if you


I hesitated for a moment and decided it was rude to refuse, so I put my

food down and took a seat. He introduced himself as Mike and we made

some polite small talk during which I learnt that he lived in the south and

was up here on business for a couple of days. I made a casual reference to

my husband quite early on in the conversation just to emphasise that I was

married. He mentioned his wife and that reassured me a bit and I relaxed

and enjoyed his company.

And he was enjoyable company. We didn’t chat about anything in

particular, but the conversation flowed without either of us having to make

any effort. I guessed he was probably about thirty-five, which is a good

age for a man – they’ve lost the impatience of youth, but are still the right

side of middle-age.

I was almost sorry to drain the last of my coffee and tell him that I had to

be making a move. To be honest if I was single I would have been hoping

that he was going to ask for a date, but instead he asked me something


“Kim can I ask you something. I’ll apologise in advance if it seems rude,

I’ve no experience in these matters, but I feel I have to ask you.”

“What?” I asked, my heart beating a bit faster than normal.

“Well we’ve got on well, there seems to be some connection between us

and for me at least it’s been a very pleasant break from everyday life.

Hopefully it has been for you as well. I can’t think of any way of asking this

without being rather blunt – would you be willing to come back to my room

with me?”

I was surprised by that. I wasn’t offended and in truth I was flattered and a

bit thrilled to be asked, but I knew I had to say no. I paused and then told

Mike as gently as possible that in different circumstances I might have said

yes, but the answer was no.

He accepted graciously, though he did say it was a pity and if I changed

my mind he was headed back to room 2207 at the Marriott nearby. I stood

up, we said our goodbyes, he gave me a peck on the cheek and I headed

out of the coffee shop.

Walking down the precinct I found myself immediately attacked by a flood

of thoughts. The overwhelming one was that I knew I had my husband’s

permission, so why hadn’t I said yes. I was forty-nine and I wasn’t going to

get many more (if any!) offers like this one.

I paused and looked at my reflection in a shop window. I’m medium height

with brown eyes, long, wavy dark hair, a 36D bust and quite a trim figure

thanks to regular sessions at the gym. A lot of people tell me I could easily

pass for being in my thirties so I hope it doesn’t sound vain if I say that I

don’t normally worry about my looks.

I decided on a sort of compromise; I’d walk back round towards the

coffee shop and if I bumped into Mike again then I’d let him chat me up.

Of course I didn’t see him and the table he had occupied was now empty.

Disappointed I headed back to the car park.

I sat in my car and stared at the Marriott hotel across the way and thought

of Mike in his room. From the signals my body was sending me there was

no denying I was tempted. This is going to sound stupid, but what

probably swayed my decision was that I had a nice set of lacy purple

undies on, rather than the more everyday ones I often wear; the thought of

a man undressing me to reveal a pair of baggy white knickers was a big

turn-off. I hesitated a moment and then picked up my phone. Paul

answered almost immediately.

“Hi. You remember you said that if ever I wanted to gain some experience

it was fine with you. Does that still apply?”

“Why?” asked Paul, his voice instantly alert.

I went on to describe how I’d met and chatted to Mike and how he had

invited me back to his room. I told him I was tempted – Mike was

attractive, he’d asked me in a respectful way, hadn’t been crude or too

forward and the hotel was a nice one, not some seedy dive.

“It all seems to fit the bill,” said Paul. “So there’s really just one question

left, is he ordinary attractive or seriously attractive?”

“Seriously attractive.”

“Well I’d say go for it, but obviously it’s up to you.”

“Perhaps I’ll go have a chat and see if I’m still tempted.”

“Well if you go to his room he’s going to expect more than a kiss and

cuddle, he’s going to want to have sex.”

That was true. I couldn’t go to his room half-heartedly, I had to commit


“Do you mind if I go all the way?”

“No, but you have to do it because you want to, not for my sake.”

I paused and thought.

“OK I’m going to drive round to the hotel, but don’t be surprised if I

chicken out and I’m back home in ten minutes.”

“And if you’re not back soon I’ll know what you’re doing,” said Paul with a


“And what will that be?” I asked wryly.

“Oh I expect you’ll be laid in a nice crisp hotel bed with another man’s

cock in your married cunt.”

Those explicit words only added to my already aroused state.

“I love you.”

“I love you too,” said Paul. “Have fun.”

“Alright, bye.”

I put my phone away, fastened my seat belt and started the car engine. It

took less than a minute to reach the hotel car park and though it was busy I

found a space without too much trouble. A group was checking in at

reception, but I went across the lobby and after a short wait I was in the lift

and then walking along the second floor corridor.

Stood outside room 2207 I took a deep breath because in reality this was

my last chance to back out. I raised my hand and it was trembling slightly,

but nevertheless I gave a confident knock on the door. A muffled voice

asked me to wait a minute and then Mike opened the door. He looked

surprised, and then pleased, to see me. As soon as I was in the room he

put his arms round my waist.

“I hoped you would come, but I honestly didn’t think that you would. But I

am glad that you’re here.”

He stooped and kissed me. At first it was just our lips, but then our

tongues met and it became more passionate. Almost from the start one of

his hands roamed across my backside and the other one soon began to

explore my breasts. He unfastened a couple of buttons on my blouse and

slipped his hand inside. I shuddered with pleasure as he squeezed and

kneaded my breasts. We broke for air and Mike looked me in the eye.

“Can I get one thing out of the way at the start, I’ve had the snip, so I’m

safe, but if you prefer I’ll use a condom; it’s your choice.”

“It’s alright,” I said. ” I don’t like condoms, they spoil things, bareback will

be fine.” I ran my fingers through his hair and whispered in his ear, “I want

to feel you come inside me.”

Mike undid the remaining buttons on my blouse and slid it off my

shoulders. Out of the corner of my eye I could watch our reflections in a

mirror as Mike unfastened the clasp on my bra. It was surprisingly arousing

watching myself being undressed by a man who was virtually a stranger. I

was soon topless and Mike began to lick and nuzzle at my breasts. One of

his hands squeezed my bum while the other one touched my knee then slid

up the inside of my thigh.

It was one thing to allow Mike to feel and kiss my breasts, but much more

serious to allow him to touch my pussy. However I did want to allow him

intimate access and with only the slightest of hesitation I parted my legs.

Before my husband there had only been two boys (you couldn’t really call

them men) who I had allowed to touch me there, so it was very exciting to

have another man at my most private place.

Now my stomach churned with excitement as Mike gently rubbed my

pussy through my knickers. I knew that my love juices were in full flow and

Mike must have been aware of just how damp my knickers were.

He surprised me by removing his hand, undoing the button on my skirt,

unzipping it and allowing it to fall to the floor. Now his hand slid inside my

knickers and I parted my legs, anxious for Mike to touch my sex. He ran a

finger along my cunt and then probed into me. He slid easily into my silky

wetness, before sending another finger in to join the first. Writhing with

pleasure I started to unbutton his shirt. As soon as his shirt was off Mike

backed me towards the bed. He laid me down on it, tugged at my knickers

and then quickly removed them.

His head went between my legs and I shivered as his tongue ran along my

slit and then probed into me. He shifted his aim slightly and began to excite

my clitoris at the same time as he struggled to remove his trousers and


My husband was the only man who had ever gone down on me and

although I enjoyed it I invariably saw it as relatively brief foreplay; I never

wanted to delay too long before moving on to the main course and getting

his prick inside me.

It was the same with Mike. After a couple of minutes I shuffled up the bed,

forcing him to disengage. I spread my legs wide and offered my cunt to

him. He moved eagerly between my thighs. I reached down and took hold

of his prick; you must remember that the only prick I had ever touched or

seen was my husband’s, so I was keen to see how Mike’s compared.

I was very impressed with the firmness of his erection, but I’m not going to

pretend he was supremely endowed with a massive cock which stretched

my inexperienced pussy. The truth is he felt “normal” to me – in other

words plenty big enough to give me pleasure.

Having touched and fondled his cock I was now intent on guiding it to its

target. I placed it against my pussy lips and gently rubbed the head against

me to get some of my copious juices on him. I wanted to make sure that he

went into me without any trouble, though I felt so wet that I was pretty

certain it wasn’t going to be a problem.

I released him and Mike understood that was the signal for him to penetrate

me. Firmly, but gently he pushed into me and I gasped as after nearly thirty

years of marriage my cunt lips parted and another man’s cock slid into my

previously faithful pussy.

At first he was quite gentle which was nice, but I prefer a good vigorous

fucking, so I urged Mike to do it harder and faster. Of course he

responded and I was soon pinned against the bed as he rammed into me.

Not surprisingly the excitement was too much and, having warned me that

he couldn’t hold back, Mike gave a couple of brutal thrusts then a deep

groan and I felt his prick jerk inside me and the lovely warm, wet feeling

when a man floods you with sperm.

We lay there gasping for a while and then Mike rolled off me. A trickle of

sperm oozed from my slit and onto the bed. We cuddled together in the

spoons position and Mike cradled one of my breasts. It was warm and

companionable. I had thought I might feel guilty, but I didn’t and in fact I

was hoping there was going to be more because I hadn’t come yet.

Mike kissed gently at the back of my neck and I responded by rubbing my

backside against his groin.

“You are so nice,” he said. “I loved being inside you, it felt wonderful.”

“Mmm yes I enjoyed it,” I replied. “Your cock felt lovely inside me.” We

cuddled closer and I could feel his penis stirring. “Can I make a

confession?” I asked. Rather warily Mike said yes. “You’re only the

second man I’ve slept with. Before today the only person who’d fucked me

was my husband.”

“Really!” said Mike. “Then why now, why me?”

“I guess I’m not getting any younger and I thought I ought to try it before it

was too late. And anyway you’re seriously attractive.”

I turned to face Mike and cupped his balls. They’d already released one

load inside me and if I had anything to do with it they were going to release

another before too long. My hand slid upwards and began to stroke his


“Would you like to make love again?” Mike asked.

“Yes,” I said, pushing his shoulder so that he was flat on his back. “But

this time I get to go on top.” I swung my right leg across, gripped his

rapidly hardening cock and guided it towards my entrance. I bore down on

him and rotated my hips so that his full length was embedded in me. I

leaned forward and dangled my breasts in front of Mike and not

surprisingly he lunged upwards and latched hungrily onto one of them.

Now I could control the speed and rhythm of our fucking, but I could feel

the pressure mounting and I wanted to cum in my favorite position.

“Will you take me from behind?”

“I’d love to,” Mike replied.

We separated and I went down on all fours offering him my cunt in that

most submissive of positions. Mike moved behind me, then I cried out as

with one thrust the full length of his hot, hard cock disappeared inside me.

Now it was just lustful fucking. Mike leaned round and began to play with

my clit, I began to shake and shudder with a massive orgasm. Recognising

this Mike speeded up, then suddenly we were both cumming, his cock

pumping another load of sperm deep inside me.

We collapsed on the bed and lay speechless for a while. Finally I knew I

had to make a move. I got dressed in a slightly dazed manner and kissed

Mike goodbye. Neither of us looked to exchange phone numbers or

anything like that, we both knew it was a one-off.

Five minutes later I was easing my car into top gear and speeding home

along the dual carriageway. It was a slightly uncomfortable journey because

Mike’s sperm was leaking out of me and my knickers were very wet. Still I

had to suppress a grin – I was an experienced woman and I was returning

to my husband fresh from battle.

I pulled onto our drive, locked the car and went in through the kitchen

door. I put my handbag down on the side and went into the lounge. Paul

was sat there; he reached for the remote control and flicked the TV off.

“Hi, how did it go?” he asked.

“Fine.” There was a pregnant silence.

“Well…?” he asked.

“Well what?” I teased.

“You know what I mean,” he said with an amused smile.

“I had a good time if that’s what you mean.”

“And what did having a good time involve?”

I moved a few steps closer, took Paul’s hand and placed it up my skirt. He

felt my panties – they were wet. Not the damp panties of an aroused

woman, but the wet panties of a recently fucked woman whose lover’s

sperm is still dripping from her cunt.

“Yes, I’ve been fucked.”

“You’d better tell me what happened; begin at the beginning.”

I kicked off my shoes, sat on the settee and swung my legs up so that my

feet were resting on Paul’s lap. I then told him how’d I’d met Mike, been

attracted to him and ended up going to his hotel. When I described going

into Mike’s room, Paul stopped me and asked me to take my skirt off. I

unfastened it and slid it off without standing up. I parted my legs to give

Paul a clear view of the accusingly dark patch on the gusset of my knickers

and then continued with my tale.

Describing all this was getting me aroused and I could see it was having the

same effect on Paul. I ran my toes across the ridge in his trousers where his

penis laid and told him how Mike had laid me down on the bed and

removed my knickers. Paul reached across and mirroring the action he

tugged at my knickers. I raised my bottom to make it easier for him and a

pair of lacy purple knickers were tossed to one side.

Again I sat with my legs apart so Paul had a perfect view – my cunt lips

were still gaping from the passage of Mike’s cock and my pussy hairs were

matted with a mixture of Mike’s cum and my fuck honey. It was a sight he

obviously liked because he unzipped his trousers and took his cock out.

He asked me to place his cock against my cunt lips in the same way that I’d

done for Mike, then I gasped as he slid smoothly into me.

So my husband fucked me as I described the pleasure of being fucked by

another man. If this was a work of fiction I would embellish it by having

Paul cum just as I described Mike cumming, but it wasn’t like that. Paul got

too excited and didn’t last very long before he fired his sperm into my well

fucked cunt.

In bed that night he asked me to tell him the details again. I did and

inevitably it excited both of us and we ended up fucking again. If you had

asked me to dream up a wild fantasy I would never have come up with a

situation where my husband fucked me while I described how the cunt he

was now enjoying had just been fucked by another man. I could almost

imagine I was back in that hotel room again, but this was better – my

husband’s prick was powering into me while I was giving him a breathless

description of Mike fucking me.

“He really fucked my cunt you know, he fucked my sweet married cunt. He

rammed his prick into me and I was so wet. He told me I had a lovely

fuckable cunt and I told him that I wanted him to fill it with his sperm.”

It seemed so dirty, so wrong and out of character (I am honestly quite

shy!) to be talking to my husband like that, but it was also the best sex we

had ever had. It was the purest, most lustful fucking I’d ever experienced

and I was out of control in a way that had simply never happened before.

Laid together afterwards Paul asked me if I would take a lover again.

“I might if you’re still OK with it, but I wouldn’t want to do it regularly.

However I rather like the idea of being discretely promiscuous; you know,

thoroughly respectable as far as all our friends are concerned, but just

occasionally letting a virtual stranger fuck me. It would be a special treat

and of course I’d only do it with someone who was seriously attractive.”

Like Peaches

Like Peachesan

Susan arrives home from college happy to be visiting her mom, and wanting to share everything that she had experienced in her first term. In addition to new friends, new ideas, and a new town, she had had sex with a woman. She isn’t sure if she is a lesbian, but she knows that she wants do it again.

Her mother, Joan, is not very sexually experienced, so Susan wonders what her reaction will be. But because they are close, and Susan has always been able to be open with her, she knows that she won’t keep this wonderful news to herself.

She needn’t have worried. Susan simply says, “Mom, I had sex with a woman and liked it,” and Joan just smiles and pats her hand. “You always were one to do what you wanted, dear.” They laugh, and smile with their eyes at each other.

“What is she like? What’s her major?”

Susan chats on about her friend, but while she does, she is surprised to notice that she is looking at her mother’s breasts under her robe. It shocks that her desire for women doesn’t stop at her mom. She decides to learn more about her mother’s experience. She is suddenly overcome with curiosity.

“…And, well, I really loved it when she sucked my breasts. Did you ever do anything like that with a woman?”

“The only woman who sucked my breasts was you,” her mom replied, “But it did feel pretty good.” Joan is a little embarrassed that she says that, but it’s been said and she can’t take it back. She sort of touches her daughter’s arm when she says that and their eyes meet for a second too long.

Susan says again that it felt so good to have her breasts sucked and fondled by a woman, and since she is a little drunk, she touches her own breasts in the memory of it. “Mom, when she sucked my nipples, I could feel it in my…. down there.” You’ve never felt that before? “

“Oh, no honey, your father wasn’t like that at all. I never felt anything like that. Mostly I liked when he was finished and he’d hold me from behind and cuddle.”

Susan takes another gulp of wine and leans forward. “Mom, would you like to feel that? Because I would totally like to show you want I felt.”

“Oh no honey, that wouldn’t be right. “

“Come on, why not? I sucked on your breasts when I was a baby. ” The daughter leans forward and with her finger begins to open her mother’s robe.

Joan pulls her robe tighter around her. “Now, don’t, you can’t do that. “

“Are you sure? ” and Susan pulls open the robe and looks at her mother’s full breast. “Your breasts are so beautiful. Please, let me suck them again? Please? “

“No, dear.” But Susan can tell that she doesn’t mean it. She leans all the way forward and kisses her mother’s nipple. She hears her mother take a sharp breath. Then she opens her mouth, and puts her lips around her mother’s nipple.

Her mothers’ nipple is in her mouth, and she rubs her tongue on it, and instantly feels her mother’s areola begin to tighten. She puts her other hand on her mothers’ other breast and lifts it slightly, then squeezes it, and then rubs the nipple with her thumb. She feels her mothers legs open slightly.

“Honey, ok, that’s enough. ” The daughter responds by sucking harder and squeezing harder. “Come on baby, you shouldn’t be doing that. ” The daughter pulls her lips away and looks into her mother’s eyes. She doesn’t take her hand away. “But mom, doesn’t that feel good? ” Her mother just looks back at her. Her daughter kisses her, keeping her mouth closed. She kisses her mother longer, and harder, and when her mother opens her mouth of her own free will, she knows what will happen tonight.

Susan’s tongue slips past her mother’s, and loves finding the softness there. She has kissed other women before, and she has kissed her mother, but this was the most loving and exciting kiss of her life. She feels her body heat rise, and her heart pounds. She is kissing her mother and touching her breast! Her mother pulls away a little, and Susan stops kissing her.

“Susan, I…”

“Mom, please,” and she kisses her again, moving closer to her on the couch, sitting as close as she can and pressing her mother’s body against the back of the couch. She puts her arm around her mother’s neck, and with her other hand she opens her mother’s robe, and watches her hand cradle her mother’s breast in her palm. She can’t believe she is doing this.

She kisses her mother again, holds her close, and she feels her mother’s hands on her, tentative at first, and then stronger, holding her tighter as they kiss more.

Kissing her mother is sending sparks of light down to her pussy. She has never thought of this before… well, no, she has imagined it. Now that her mother’s tongue is really in her mouth, and she is kissing her mother she has to remember that she has had thoughts, but knew they were wrong. She pulls away from a kiss so she can look at her mother’s eyes again. Her mother is afraid but not resisting. She puts her tongue all around her mother’s beautiful lips as if her tongue was lipstick, kisses her mother, and then smiles at her.

“Susan, honey, this doesn’t bother you? I don’t want to do anything that…”

“Bothers me? Oh Mom, can’t you feel it?”

“Yes, honey, I’m feeling…. it, but it’s wrong.”

“What’s wrong about this? I’m grown now. I’ve already had sex with a woman–and men!”

“I know but a mother isn’t supposed to….”

“Mom, let me suck your breasts again; please, I have to.”

Susan turns and lays in her mother’s lap, putting her mouth to her mother’s breast like a baby. She lays cradled in her mother’s arm, one hand on her mother’s free breast, rubbing the nipple, squeezing her breast, pulling on it. And with her mouth, she nurses, she pulls, she sucks, she gently bites. She looks up at her mother, and her mother smiles, not a mother’s smile, but a lover’s smile, a smile of love and desire.

Joan watches her daughter’s mouth on her nipple, and is caught in a memory of two decades before when this same grown woman was a tiny child, and remembers the love and connection she felt then, the protection she felt. She has done a good job as a mother; her daughter is healthy, and strong, with a sense of herself and her value to the world. She is well on her way into womanhood. Joan gently moves Susan’s hair away from her face and caresses her cheek, and runs her hair through her fingers. She is actually watching her daughter at her breast again, and it is the most beautiful and stimulating moment of her life.

“You are so beautiful there, my girl,” she says. Susan sucks harder and Joan throws her head back with a gasp. Susan pinches her nipple and she thinks that she might soon have an orgasm. She has had them, but never from another person before. She breathes faster, and moves her hips under her daughter’s body.

Susan does not let her go higher, though. She slows her touches, and her lips, and takes her mouth away from her breast. She turns onto her back and pulls off her sweatshirt to reveal her own full breasts.

“Have you ever seen my breasts, mom? “

“No, I haven’t Susan, not since you were a girl.”

Susan picks up her breasts in her hands. “Didn’t I tell you how much I loved having them sucked? Didn’t that feel wonderful?”

Joan stares at her daughter’s breasts, and thinks of peaches, large peaches. They were so much rounder than she thought breasts could possibly be, and with tiny nipples that already seem very erect. Suddenly, she doesn’t know what to do with her hands. She wants to touch her daughter’s breasts, but can’t bring herself to do it.

Susan reads that desire in her mother’s eyes. “Please mom, they are aching for you.” She takes her mother’s hand and strokes across her hard nipple.

“Oh my god, mom. Oh!”

Joan lets Susan move her hand as she wishes, and she moans. Then on her own she grabs her daughter’s breast and squeezes it.

“Oh, it is so soft,” she says with surprise. “So soft, and…”

Words stop. She is fondling her daughter. She is feeling her up. She is molesting her daughter? No, not this. Her daughter is old enough, but it still feels wrong. And it feels perfectly right.

She watches her fingers on her daughter’s body, stroking and pressing and holding, and touching her like she shouldn’t but is anyway. Susan moans and gasps, sighs, and smiles. She pulls her mother down to her and they kiss again.

Joan slides her body down so they lay on the couch together. Susan presses one leg slightly between her mother’s legs and she opens them. They wrap their arms and legs around each other and pull each other close, their breasts pressed against each other, their hands all over each other’s backs, waist, heads, breasts. Their mouths opened wide and Susan presses her tongue into her mother’s mouth, over and over again, as if she were fucking her mother with her tongue. Joan opens wide to her daughter’s lust, and presses her pussy bone against her daughter’s. Susan pulls her tongue back between her own lips, and Joan’s follows.

Tentatively at first, she fucks her daughter’s mouth with her tongue, then gives into the desire. She presses her tongue into her daughter, over and over again, and Susan opens, she opens everything. She feels her lips down below opening, opening to what will come, soon, from her mother, her mother’s desire for her own daughter.

While they kiss, so deeply, mother and daughter, Susan pulls her mother on top of her and opens her legs until Joan’s bone is resting against hers. Susan’s tongue slides in and out between her mother’s open lips and she gently rocks her hips against her mother’s body. She is surprised to feel her mother’s body begin to move with hers, and soon she is lost in the dance of it. Tongues and bodies together.

Susan becomes aware of her clit, and wants it to be touched. She realizes she is still wearing her jeans skirt, but it has been folded up around her thighs. She gently puts her hand on top of her mother’s which is on her breast. Her mother pulls a away a little.

“Oh, should I…”

“No, mom, I love that, I just want…”

And she holds her mother’s hand and strokes her waist with it, down to her leg and the edge of the skirt. She pushes her hips up, pressing her pussy into her mother’s.

“Touch me,” she says, and moves out from under her mother a little so Joan is lying next to her. Her mother tries to speak again, but her daughter kisses her and puts her mother’s hand up her skirt and her fingers against her pussy. Her thong is soaking wet, and hot. Her mother again tries to say something, but her daughter holds her tighter against her mouth with one hand, and rubs her mother’s fingers against her clit. She shakes with pleasure, and then puts her mother’s fingers right in her pussy, and rubs them up and down.

Joan gives in. Her daughter wants this, obviously, and will tell her when to stop. She begins to kiss her daughter more gently, as she explores her daughter with her finger. Her slender finger touches the inner lips, up and down, and she kisses her daughter’s face, her daughter’s eyes, her cheeks, her neck. She finds her daughter’s clit, and strokes one side and then the other very lightly.

“Oh Mom, that feels so good.”

She slides her fingers down into Susan’s wetness and brings up more juice, moving her finger in a circle around around her clit.

“Oh mom, that feels so good.”

More circles.

“Oh, don’t stop.”

More circles, and Susan moves her clit in coordination with her mother’s finger tip.

“Yes, mom, yes. like that.” More touching, more juice.

“Mom, you’re going to make me come.”

Joan is dazed. She is touching her daughter as a mother should not, yet she would never stop. Her daughter is about to come under her fingers, and she is listening to her. Listening to her words, so sweet as they are whispered, “Mom, yes, like that, please, don’t stop, yes, so good, so good.” And she is listening to her daughter’s body. Her clit presses up into her finger, and then away. She doesn’t need to know how to do this, she just needs to be receptive.

“Mom, yes, oh, oh, I’m going to come. Make me come, mama, yes, mom, mama oh. “

Joan, kisses her daughter as she moans and comes, gasping and crying, holding on to her mother as she shakes and dances, pressing her clit into her mother’s finger and then pulling away as she rides her orgasm’s waves. Joan can’t believe her ears, to hear her daughter’s sighs of pleasure. Love swells in her, and she covers her daughter with kisses. As the waves subside, she cups her hand around Susan’s pussy.

But Susan is not about to stop now. Her first orgasm always gets her started. Joan lies on Susan’s chest, her hand on one perfect breast. But after just a few minutes rest, Susan asks, “Mom, can we go to your room? ” Instead of protesting, as she was about to, she simply says, “Yes.”

Joan gets up off the couch and looks down at her daughter, flushed, topless, skirt around her waist, naked legs open. She holds out her hand.

Susan takes it, rises, and steps out of her skirt and thong. Her mother looks at her naked body, even her hairless pussy. She pulls her robe around her.

“Come here, honey.” She takes Susan’s hand and leads her into her bedroom.

Susan enters her mother’s bedroom, and notes that it is as it has always been, but will never be the same. Because she is about to get into her mother’s bed as a lover, not a child. Her mother is at the bed, folding back her blankets, and opening them. She takes off her robe and climbs onto the bed, holding open the sheets.

“Come in honey.” Susan climbs in under her mother’s arm, and the sheets descend around her, so comforting, and warm. Her mother kisses her again, and with desire. Susan opens her mouth to those kisses and in seconds mother and daughter are again kissing and stroking everywhere, squeezing breasts and ass and pushing legs between and over. They roll around, sometimes Susan on top, sometimes Joan. They both say to each other, “I love you” and kiss deeply each time they do.

Susan puts her fingers into her own pussy lips and then in to her mother’s mouth. “Taste how wet I am for you, mother.”

Joan sucks on Susan’s fingers. She has never tasted a woman’s juice before, not even her own. She realizes what Susan is suggesting. Her own pussy is yet untasted by anyone, yet her daughter wants her to kiss her there. To put her mouth on another woman’s vulva, her own daughter’s. She knows she will. She will be like her daughter, and do what she wants to do.

Susan feels her mother’s tongue on her fingers, and her body shudders as she watches them disappear between her mother’s lips. She could never tell anyone about this, to have sex with your mother is supposed to be so wrong, but feels so good and seems so right. For the two of them.

She has ever dreamed she could be this turned on. Her own scent is in her mother’s mouth as she pulls back her fingers and kisses her mother again, their tongues caressing each other, their bodies pressed as close as they can be, their arms and legs holding each other tightly. Susan begins to rub her pussy hard against Joan’s thigh, and gently pushes her on her back so that she can press her bone more insistently against her.

“Oh, God, Mom, I’m so hot. I’ve never felt like this before. I’ve never wanted to touch anyone as bad as I want to touch you.”

“Honey, you are so beautiful,” Joan whispers into Susan’s ear. “I want to look at you you; sit up, will you?”

Susan pulls herself up from Joan’s embrace and sits with her pussy, hot and dripping, resting above her mother’s bush. She rubs her lips against it, and raises her arms above her head to stretch out the sexual energy that is almost too much to bear.

“Oh, Mom, this feels so good.”

“Honey, oh honey, just look at you. Do you realize how beautiful you are?”

Joan reaches up and holds Susan’s breasts in both her hands. She rubs her daughter’s small pink nipples with her thumbs and squeezes the soft, tender globes, hypnotized by the sight, and the pleasure of touching her daughter this way. She unconsciously raises her hips into her daughter’s pussy.

“Your breasts are so perfect, your body is so beautiful. You’re just perfect, and I can’t believe that you’re my little girl all grown up.”

Susan leans down, her breasts still cupped in her mother’s fingers.

“I never felt as beautiful as I do right now, Mom.” She rubs her cunt against her mother’s some more. “Oh please, I need your mouth. “

Susan leans forward pulling her breasts from her mother’s hands and swinging them into Joan’s face. Joan kisses one nipple and then then other.

“Oh yes, Mom, suck them, suck my titties.”

Joan moans and takes one of Susan’s nipples into her mouth. She sucks hungrily, and massages Susan’s other breast in her hand. Susan moans, Susan gasps. “Oh God, Mom, Oh God.” Again she feels the rush from her nipples down to her pussy.

Joan does not know what it is like to put her tongue to a clitoris, but she thinks of her daughter’s clit as she sucks on one one nipple, and then the other, while her daughter sighs and gasps above her.

Susan holds herself up on her arms and watches one breast and then the other pleasured by her mother’s lips and tongue. She knows she wanted to start something, but she had no idea making love with her own mother would be this transcendent of any experience she had ever imagined. She rocks herself against her mother’s body.

She wants more.

Susan puts her hands on the headboard and pulls her pussy up to her mother’s face. Joan’s eyes grow wide, and she looks up at her daughter. Holding each other’s gaze, Joan opens her mouth, and Susan presses her cunt lips to her mother’s mouth. Her pussy is so open and wet and Joan’s tongue slides smoothly and hot between her lips.

Susan cannot believe this is happening. Her own mother, going down on her. She presses into her mother face, and Joan responds by finding her clit and sucking hard on it.

“Oh, oh Mom, yes, like that. Oh, Jesus. Yes, suck my clit just like you are.”

Joan circles the tip of her tongue around her daughter’s clit and sucks it. She can feel how this makes her daughter feel, and she does exactly as she wished had been done to her but never was. It is as if she’s been waiting for this her entire life, to experience vicariously what she had always wanted, by doing it for the woman closest to her.

She holds her daughter’s hips in her hands, and lovingly strokes her waist, her curving butt, and her lower back. All the while, her tongue weaves between her daughter’s cunt lips, her tongue goes up inside, around her clit, and then sucks, sucks her clit until her daughter moans and cries, calls her “Mom,” and “Mommy,” and says “Oh my God, oh my God” and rocks her body against her face.

Susan’s rocking quickens, and she presses her clit harder into Joan’s mouth. Joan rubs her clit with her tongue harder now, and Susan responds by pressing back against her mother.

Joan loses herself in the reality, she is lost in all her senses soaked in her daughter’s sex: her daughter’s skin, the taste and smell of her daughter’s womanhood, her daughter’s sighs of ecstasy, the looking up and seeing her daughter’s perfect breasts, her dear familiar face, and catching her eyes dark with pleasure.

Suddenly, Joan’s mouth is flooded with Susan’s juice, and she is coming again. “Mom, oh god, Mom, Mommy, I’m coming, I’m coming, Oh Mom, it’s so good, so good. “

Still shaking with pleasures, Susan lowers herself and kisses her mother deeply. Joan holds her close, and strokes her back while she continues to shudder with the aftershocks.

“Oh, baby. Oh baby girl.”

Susan kisses her mother again, loving the taste of pussy on her face.

“Oh mom, that was so wonderful. I loved looking down at you while you were there on me. “

“Susan, besides giving birth to you, this is the best thing I’ve ever done.”

“Well, I’m glad I get to remember this one!” They laugh, and kiss again, and Susan sits up and puts her hands on her mother’s breasts, fondling them, and gently rubbing her mother’s nipples. Joan puts her hands up and touches Susan’s breasts at at the same time. They smile at each other for a while, enjoying the gentle mutual pleasure.

“Mom, I love your breasts. I’ve been staring at them all night. I couldn’t believe it, but I was.”

“Susan, I need to tell you something. When you told me that you had had sex with a woman, I was so happy for you, and so happy that you could tell me. I don’t want… this… us… to ever get in the way of you being with your friend.”

Susan is about to tell her mom that she doesn’t want to think about anyone else right now, but the look in her mother’s eyes is so serious, and Susan knows what she is saying is right.

“Ok, Mom.” Susan leans forward, and puts her mouth lightly on Joan’s lips. “I feel so loved right now. Do you know how I love you? Can you?”

Susan begins to rock her hips, and Joan responds. With their mouths so close together, they begin to breath in unison, in and out, while their pussies undulate together.

Susan puts her hand down and between them, and touches her mother’s vulva. Her lips are already open, and Susan presses her fingers into her mother’s vagina. First two, then three.

“Susan, oh Susan is that….should you? “

“Yes, Mom, I need to. I need to be inside you. Don’t you want me to? I need to I love you. Please don’t say stop now. You have to let me.”

Susan kneels back so she can watch fingers in her mother, and see Joan’s face while she’s entering her. Joan looks down at Susan, and Susan meets her eyes, and smiles. They don’t look away, their eyes are wide with love and desire for each other.

“I’m fucking my own mother,” Susan thinks, “And no, I will never, ever forget this moment for as long as I live.”

“Mom, I’m inside you.”

“Oh yes, you are, and …. I’ve never felt…..”

“I can feel you all around my fingers, I can feel you here.” Susan’s hands curl up and stroke Joan’s vagina behind her clit.

“Oh… oh, Susan, what is that? “

“That’s your g-spot, Mom.”

“Susan, don’t stop, keep doing that. That’s incredible. “

Susan’s fingers curl around her mother’s pussy bone and stroke that spot behind the clit that she had only recently learned about herself. The effect on Joan surprises them both. Joan lifts her legs and opens her thighs as far as she can, and Susan leans over her, her round breasts brushing her mother’s belly lightly as she continues to both fuck in and out and curl her fingers inside stroking the place there where Joan’s body seemed to tell her to touch.

Pleasure overtakes Joan, she presses her head into the pillow and closes her eyes. She exists only in this moment, and these sensations that her daughter is giving her. With her hands, she holds her legs up and open, holding herself open to whatever her daughter wants to do to her, because the ecstasy is everything. She breathes deeply and and her exhalations become louder and louder.

Susan is amazed by her mother’s abandon and she slides in another finger, so that all four of them are now inside, and dancing against her mother’s pleasure spot. She is amazed by her mother’s black bush of hair, and she is blown way that she is actually doing this.

As her mother’s breathing deepens, Susan begins to fuck her mother more forcefully, pressing her fingers up against the top of her vagina hard and fast. Joan crys out, and Susan knows it’s not from pain.

“Oh Mom, this is so fuh…fricking hot.” Even though she is fucking her mother, she knows that she wouldn’t like it if she said the word.

“Oh, Honey,” Joan puts one hand up to Susan’s shoulder. “Keep doing that, don’t stop, don’t stop. Keep fucking me.”

“You want me to fuck you, Mom?” Susan is surprised, and even more turned on that her mom is talking dirty.

“Fuck me, Susan, Oh, Susan, fuck me, fuck me.”

So Susan fucks her mother, push, push, push, with her strength and desire behind every stroke. Joan raises up her hips, and in her excitement begins calling out wordlessly as Susan fucks her steady, ceaselessly, and with the stamina of youth.

“Oh Susan, oh honey, baby, baby girl, Oh, Susan. Something is, oh, oh honey…..”

Joan’s vagina contracts around Susan’s hand, and Joan soaks the sheets under

herself with juice. Susan slows her stroking, then tenderly draws her hand out.

“Oh honey, that was amazing. I’ve never felt that before.”

“You’ve come before, haven’t you, Mom?”

“Yes, I have, but nothing like that. It was so deep and inside.”

“Oh, mama, that was so awesome. I have never seen anything like it before. You came all over my hand. I want to….”

Susan bends down to finally taste her mother. She lays flat between her mother’s legs, her Joan now exhausted in the afterglow. She puts her face up close, and breathes in deeply. Oh, the scent of a woman, and this time, the first woman, her mother, and now her lover. She brushes her mother’s hair against her face, damp with juice. She opens Joan’s cunt with her hands and looks into it, its swollen and open lips, and her clit hard and under its hood.

Susan stretches forward and puts her lips on the hood hiding her mother’s clit. She just holds her lips there, feeling the clit slightly between her lips. Then she presses forward her tongue and touches it lightly. Joan startles.

“Mom, is your clit too sensitive? Is it too soon? ” “No, please, do whatever you want. Do everything, I’m yours.”

Joan woke up and checked the time. 3 am. Susan slept curled under her arm, their legs spooned up together like–well, like lovers. Images of last night’s love making filled her mind, and then shame rose up from her belly like a fever.

Oh god.

What had she done?

Joan slipped out of bed as carefully as she could and made her way to the bathroom. She sat down on the toilet to pee, and held herself, rocking, tears rising up, and the heat of shame literally making her skin crawl. Why had she done this? Oh God. Oh God. Oh God. She had had sex with Susan. How could she face her in the morning? This was wrong, wrong, wrong. Then, a memory of Susan’s smile as she looked down at her mother’s pussy.

Susan will be damaged. They must never speak of this. The taste of Susan’s pussy in her mouth, the insistence of her clit under her tongue. Joan shivered, wiped herself– oh God, she’s still so wet–stood up and looked at herself in the mirror.

“You have had sex with your daughter. You are a pervert. You’ve violated her,” she said to bleary-eyed self. And as she heard herself say these self-incriminating words she did not truly believe, her imagination was overwhelmed with the memories. The intensity of her fingers deep in her daughter’s vagina, how her nipples stayed hard in her mouth, and the joy of her cries when she came. She came. Susan came from her touch.

Now she was getting cold. Should she go back to bed? Maybe she should sleep on the couch? Oh! the couch, where they first kissed…

Despite Joan’s care, Susan had awoken just as her mother slipped from their warm sheets. It took her a few seconds to realize she was in mom’s room. And what they had done. She had had sex with her mom. And it was so hot. Susan’s body immediately warmed with excitement as the details became clear of where she was and what they had done. Her memories flooded with the sight of her mother’s dark eyes, and her full breasts, the feel of her clit under Susan’s finger, the sounds of her mother’s whispers in her ears. She trembled under the sheets as a bolt of excitement shot through her. She turned and put her arms into the empty place where Joan had lain, and waited for her to return to bed.

By the time Joan returned, Susan had fallen asleep again, but she woke enough to open her arms, and pull Joan toward her. Susan slid her legs between her mother’s to hold her close, then closer. She felt that Joan may have pulled back just slightly, but Susan pulled naked warm body close to warm Joan’s chilly skin. Holding her tight against her, she felt Joan shudder, and then gasp as she began to cry.

“Mom, what’s wrong?”

“Oh Susan, what have we done? How could I have done

this?” she whispered desperately.

“Shhhh, shhh, Mom, don’t worry.” Susan was shocked that her mother would be feeling responsible for anything. Not only did she feel ecstatic to have made love with her mother, but she felt that she had seduced her mom herself.

Joan sobbed into Susan’s neck, saying something that Susan couldn’t understand.

“Shhhh, shhh, Mom, it’s ok. I’m ok.” Susan kissed her lips, and kissed her tears. They looked into each other’s eyes in the dim light. Susan kissedher face, saying, “It’s ok,” “Don’t worry,” and “I love you, I love you,” over and over. Susan gave her mother consoling kisses on her face, on her throat. Joan’s protests ceased. Susan cupped her mother’s breast, and then slid down her body so that she could suck it.

She held her mother’s breasts in her hands, and nursed. Just nursed. Joan stopped crying.

Joan held Susan’s head, her fingers entwined in her hair, and she wiped away the last of her tears.

“Oh baby girl,” she said, looking down as Susan sucked, and nursed, with intensity, at her nipple. Susan stroked Joan’s back and settled in to a rhythmic quiet sucking, and Joan relaxed into the pleasure of holding her girl again, being alone in bed with her, comfortable, warm, and surrounded in a bubble of love.

Susan continued to nurse, and Joan dozed. She dreamed of other mothers who made love with their daughters. Of mothers and

daughters who were lovers in every nation, speaking every language, today, right now, and going back to the beginning of history.

Joan shifted a little, holding Susan closer, and Susan turned so that she sucked on Joan’s other nipple, and settled again into a rhythmic nursing, nursing, nursing; opening and closing her jaw so that Joan’s entire areola was surrounded by her lips. Joan fell back into a dream of mothers and daughters making love everywhere, a secret circle of love and pleasure, where mothers and daughters shared in an unending chain of life, and sex, motherhood and daughterhood melding into complete womanhood where life force and sexual energy flow from vulva to vulva, over and over, healing and strong, down through the generations. A chain of love, sex, and vulnerability binding women generation after generation.

Why is this a taboo? Why do not mothers and daughters share their bodies and their sexual desire as they share grooming, and cooking, and the other household arts? Who would be harmed by this? It is not as if Joan had preyed upon a child who did not know herself. Now that Susan was grown, with lovers of her own, what harm could there be in being lovers with her mother?

Oh girl, Joan thought. You have taught me so much. Susan continued to nurse, and Joan dreamed of many faces of mothers and daughters throughout history. She saw them all, all kinds of faces buried in each other’s pussies, all shapes of women, all colors of skin, in the simplest of huts to the grandest palaces, all of them making love. Mothers and daughters open to each other, rising in sexual excitement together, coming into each other’s mouths and knowing the ecstasy of sexual love between women who could be no closer.

Who would this harm? Why would this be a taboo? Who would make this a sin and a crime?

As Joan dozed, and dreamed, Susan nursed, and became more and more aware of the excitement that was building inside her the longer she nursed. Joan stroked her shoulders slowly and lovingly, and Susan moved her hands around her mother’s body, until her hand moved around her mother’s ass, and then inside her legs. As she nursed, she lightly touched her mother’s vulva. Susan began pulling harder on Joan’s nipple, and Joan opened her legs slightly. Susan’s fingers pushed in further, touching her mother’s wetness. Her lips parted, and Susan stroked between them, pressing against the opening of her mother’s vagina.

Joan’s mind separated from the reverie of mothers and daughters as she felt Susan’s fingers begin to slowly fuck her. She opened her legs more and Susan began to fuck her deeper and faster as she sucked more sexually on her nipples, moving back and forth between them. Joan moaned, “Oh baby, oh, Susan, fuck me. Oh, I love you, fuck me, Susan. I want it. I need it. “

Susan pulled herself up to her mother’s mouth, and continued her powerful fucking of her mother’s pussy with her long, strong fingers.

“Mother I can’t stop. I need to fuck you, Mom. Oh Mom, you are so beautiful and sexy. She fucked Joan harder, pressing up against the inside of her clit. Joan pulled up her legs, fully open to her daughter’s lustful hand. She bore down against her daughter’s pounding with her entire body, knowing nothing but the pleasure of the hand stroking her with all of her love and strength.

“Oh, oh Susan, I love you,” she said, and came in a throbbing arch of joy,pleasure, and relief, spending out small squirts of her fluids into her daughter’s hand.

After the release, Susan, returned to nursing on her mother’s breasts, her fingers still cupped around Joan’s vulva. Joan wrapped her arms around her, and soon they both slept, any taint of shame purified by the power of their love.

Paying the Family Debt

Paying the Family Debt

I had been putting it off for a very, very long time. In fact, I had probably been putting it off a lot longer than I should have. I had waited past the point where anything rational could be done about the situation. But when I thought about it, we were screwed the moment that my mother got laid off. We were going to lose absolutely everything.

I was sitting in the kitchen of my mother, Clara’s, small home. It was more a cottage than a home. It had a kitchen, a small bathroom with a shower, and then upstairs it had two small bedrooms. She had bought it years ago, but the mortgage was still almost completely unpaid. That was part of the problem I came to talk to her about. She was sitting across from me now, stirring her tea with a very concerned look on her face. I had told her that I had something big to tell her.

“What is it Jayne?” she said, reaching across the table to pat my hand. She looked very young when she was concerned, but I guess that true. Despite the fact that I was 22 years old, my mother was only 40. She was a little shorter than me, being only 5’4. She had long, beautiful blonde hair, thick pink lips, and dazzling blue eyes. She also had a young shapely body (likely because she had me and my brother so young). She was about 110lbs. and had large, C-cup breasts. Her hips were shapely and her legs were delicately tapered.

People always told me that I looked a lot like my mother, but there were a couple of differences. I am 5’6 and about 100lbs. I have smaller, A-Cup breasts, and I keep my blonde hair back in a ponytail. But other than that we are very similar in appearance and in outlook. In fact, we are so alike that despite all of my mother’s best efforts, I had a child out of wedlock with a deadbeat who skipped town just like she had. My baby’s father didn’t even stick around the 5 years my father did. He was gone before my baby was born. That is my roundabout way of saying that I have a 4 year old son, Toddy.

“Well…” I said. Now that I had come to the point where I had to speak, I found that there weren’t any words to make. I felt like I had let down my family. I felt like my mother, my 16 year old brother, my little boy, they were all relying on me and I failed.

“Honey,” my mother said, smiling now, “What do I always tell you about bad news? Why do you always twist into pretzels about this? Just say the bad news and we will figure it out,” suddenly she seemed to realize something, “Oh god, you aren’t pregnant again!”

“Mom! No!” I said. I hadn’t even had sex since my son was born (not that men don’t ask me out constantly, but I just don’t have the time). I decided not to try to beat around the bush, but to just throw it all out at once, “Listen mom, I really appreciate the fact that you let me take over the family’s finances after my semester in college. But I think I screwed everything up. When I lost my job at the restaurant, everything was still okay. But then I lost my other job at the pet store and things got tight. Then you lost your job, and there was no more money coming in. And I stretched everything as far as I could but we are broke. I paid off this month’s bills, except for cable. But I did that by pawning stuff. Next month we aren’t going to have enough for your mortgage, my rent, either of the cars, or Toddy’s preschool. I don’t even know what to pay first, at least two things won’t get paid. The whole thing collapsed and it is all my fault.”

By the time I was finished with my little speech I was in tears. When the last word dribbled out of my mouth, I collapsed on the table, covering my face with my arm. I didn’t want to come out of that little cocoon again. Partially because I knew I had failed and partially because I knew what was coming next. Even before I looked up I could feel my arms around me, from behind. She was holding me close and whispering into my ear.

“It isn’t your fault,” over and over again. I felt so guilty that I wanted her to blame me, but I knew that she wouldn’t do that. She couldn’t. She was my mom.

“I am so sorry,” I said, looking up now, but she was smiling down at me.

“You lost your jobs, but it was because the places closed. You weren’t lazy, you weren’t bad. I lost my job for the same reason. We didn’t do anything wrong and I don’t want you to feel bad about it. We are okay,” I could see there were tears in her eyes as well. And for a while, we just sat there, holding each other and trying not to think about the way the world was crumbling around us. But after a few minutes, our eyes were dry and my mother was back across the table, sipping her tea and looking at me with love that was undiminished.

“Thanks mom,” I said and she just sipped her tea, pretending she didn’t hear. Because she didn’t want to be thanked for what she felt she had to do.

“So what are we going to do sweetie?” she asked now. We had both been applying to job all over the place, but nothing was working. We were out of options; no one was hiring a 40 year old woman with a GED or a 22 year old woman with a semester at community college. We were stuck.

“I don’t know mom,” I said.

“Well you can’t let Toddy know anything is wrong, I am going to keep this from your brother as well,” she said.

“Don’t you think that Greg is old enough to understand this stuff?” I said, feeling like I would have been offended at that age if something that big had been kept for me. My mother seemed to read my mind.

“Your brother isn’t as mature now as you were when you were 10. He won’t understand. If we can fix this now, I am going to do it without him knowing there was ever a problem,” she said. When my mother spoke, all questions stopped. You just had to do it.

“Okay,” I said, and then I realized I had to tell her the other bad news. I decided not to string it out anymore, I just had to say it, “Mom, I have to tell you something I am not proud of.”

“I think I know what it is,” she said, sounding a little disappointed, but understanding.

“I went out to the titty bar the other day to see if I could get a job. They were more than willing to give me a job, but they told me what they expected me to make and it just doesn’t make sense. I know, I am sorry,” I said all in one breath. The truth was, I couldn’t imagine those eyes on my body, it would have had to pay a lot for me to do it.

“It’s okay. We just have to think of something,” she said, just ignoring the situation. Then we sat in her kitchen, that wouldn’t be her kitchen for long. And we were silent. Because there were no ideas left.

* * * * *

Three weeks past and the bills were going to be due in a week. I was starting to realize just how precarious the situation was. I was frantically searching the internet every day at the library, trying to figure something out to fix our money woes. I knew my mom was doing everything in her power. We didn’t have any other family to fall back on. And as each lead came up dry, I became more desperate.

I was a Tuesday when I finally went to my mother’s house with my last unfinished lead. It was a job that I had heard about on one of my first days of searching. I had just rejected it out of hand. But now there was literally nothing left. The next step was to buy lottery tickets. That is what I was planning on doing. But I just wanted to go tell my mom about this job. Just so she could be as disgusted as I was and tell me that it wasn’t worth it.

This time, we were sitting in her living room. She was on the couch that faced a blank and useless television and I was on her favorite chair. She looked nervous and I knew she didn’t look forward to my brother getting home from school because it meant that she had to pretend like nothing was wrong. That activity is actually very draining.

“Yeah, same here,” my mother said as I listed all of the opportunities that had failed, “I guess we are stuck. I have been looking for more affordable long-term hotels. We can stay a couple of months there before the little bit of equity I will get from selling the house runs out.” She said. My mom had never looked so sad in her life. She was so proud of her home. For a moment I thought I couldn’t even say the one job I had found that we could definitely do, but I had to say it when I looked at her face. I just had to make sure that she knew.

“Mom,” I said, and my voice sounded strange.


“I did find one job that we can do,” I said and she gave me a relieved smile.

“What is it? Can we both do it or is it a young woman’s job?” she asked.

“We would work together,” I said, but I had to stop hinting, it was making it worse, “I was looking for jobs on the internet for jobs. I was curious because there are lots of women who do like, webcam shows where they do stripteases and I thought maybe I could do that. It is the same as stripping and everything, and then no one would be looking at me, like where I could see them.”

“Uh-huh…” My mother said, her brow furrowing.

“But they don’t make very much money. It seems like amateur pornographers don’t make any real money. But while I was on the sites looking at that, I found something that pays a lot of money that isn’t amateur stripteases,” I said. My heart was racing now, I felt lightheaded. It was hard to say this.

“Well what is it?” she said, not liking how I was drawing this out.

“There is an underground market for pornographic movies where… a woman and her mother have sex. They need to be actual mothers and daughters; they want you to show your license and birth certificates to the camera first. There can be other people, but the mothers and daughters have to be attractive and they have to…interact.”

“Oh my God, that is terrible!” my mother said, her face registered abject horror and I felt relief.

“I know, I just felt like I couldn’t keep that in. It paid so well, I had to tell you just so that you could say no too,” I said and she nodded solemnly.

“How much did it pay?” she asked after a very long pause. I forgot to tell her.

“Well, they say if you are good you can keep making movies for as long as you want and you can negotiate more prices. But the first time they pay you $10,000. It is like $2000 less if you can’t speak English,” I explained. She nodded solemnly. At that moment, my brother came home, he gave me a quick wave and headed to his room. That meant I had to go and pick up my son at pre-school. My mother was still just staring at the television when I left.

I came back when I had my son and the four of us ate a family dinner like we did most nights. Little Toddy was captivating, as usual, and made all of us laugh. My brother talked about school and girls and everything else in his life and we let our worries slip away. I didn’t think about the fact that this wouldn’t be our mother’s house in a week for nearly ten minutes one time.

After dinner my brother went up to his room to call one of his girlfriends and my brother fell asleep on the couch in the living room. My mother and I were sitting at the kitchen table again, drinking coffee. It was the first we had been alone since my brother got home from school.

“How is Toddy’s school going?” she asked.

“Well,” I said, smiling with pride. My boy was so smart, “His teacher said he is above age-level in most of the criteria they evaluated.” Toddy’s grandmother beamed as well.

“Greg told me that his soccer coach said he can get a college scholarship if he keeps his grades up,” my mother said, seemingly to herself.

“He has always been so athletic,” I replied. We sat in silence for a long while. My mother stirred her coffee but didn’t drink it. We both knew what thoughts were running through our heads.

“If we move into a hotel and take your little man out of preschool he will fall behind,” she said suddenly and I could feel tears welling in my eyes as my fears were put into words for the first time. My little Toddy had to have things better than me and better than his grandmother.

“I know.”

“Your brother, he is prideful,” my mother said slowly, “If we move into a hotel he will be humiliated. He will withdraw from school and friends and he will let his grades drop,” she said. I knew that she was right there as well.

“God this is Hell,” I said, “I just wish that there was something we could do.”

“There is,” my mother said. Now her voice was barely above a whisper. She looked deep into my eyes and her fierce love pierced deep into my heart. Her passion for her family was a physical thing, I could feel it leaning into me and demanding something from me, “It is a mother’s job to make sacrifices for her children when she has to,” my mother told me, “We have to make sacrifices for our sons, and for ourselves. I want you to call up those… people we talked about before. Have then send out a camera,” she said. As usual, my mother’s word accepted to contradiction. I felt a bizarre feeling of relief. Then our minds completely closed out the idea, or so we pretended.


“The camera will be here tomorrow or the next day,” I said to my mother the next day when our sons were at school. We were standing outside in her garden.

“Good,” she said, but she didn’t sound like she thought it was good.

“They said a check for half the amount will come with it, so we will be good for next month,” I said and she just nodded this time, “They had some other stuff they need us to do. I am supposed to tell you about it.” My mother bent over and pulled out a weed. I couldn’t help but check her out. I mean, I didn’t want to. But it was sort of my job now. She was a beautiful woman. But could I…have sex with her? I didn’t think so. We didn’t want to think of what would happen if we failed.

“What is it?” she asked.

“We are supposed to shave out legs and armpits the morning we shoot. We are supposed to…trim anything else the way we like. They said we should go easy on the make-up because they want us to look natural,” I explained. My mother nodded again.

“Let’s go inside, I don’t think it is appropriate to talk about this out here,” she said. I blushed and she wiped the dirt from her hands and we went inside, “what else?” she asked when the door closed behind us.

“They said that we have to do…certain things. I will just let you know what they are when we are going, I don’t want to say them to you. They said we should be creative and that the people who watch this like…kinky stuff,” I felt like I was going to vomit when I said that but she just washed her hands in the sink and acted like I was describing a recipe for meatloaf.

“Anything else,” she asked.

“No,” I said, “Oh wait, yes. They gave me a list of questions that we have to answer to the camera before we start. They said we don’t have to try to be sexy, just answer the questions honestly and the people would think it was…good.”

“Okay,” my mother said and she took a beer from her fridge. She offered me one as well and I took it and drank. I didn’t drink much, but I needed to calm my nerves. I had never felt so anxious in my life. We finished out beers in silence.

“I have seen you naked since you were a little girl,” my mother said and I nodded. I couldn’t even remember what she looked like naked. I used to shower with her when I was a very little girl, but that had been a very long time ago. I could very vaguely remember her breast when my brother was still being breastfed a decade and a half ago. I wondered what she looked like.

“Maybe we should go up to my room…” she said, looking out the window, not wanting to look me in the eyes. I felt myself blush, “Not to do…the actual thing without the camera. Just to look at each other so we aren’t surprised,” she said hastily. She got up and started to walk upstairs. I followed behind her, looking at the gently sway of her hips as I moved up the stairs behind her. She walked into her room and I followed behind her and closed the door. I locked it as well.

“We will film here tomorrow or when the camera comes,” my mother said. Even as she was speaking she was walking around the room, closing the blinds and the curtains on her windows so that it was dark and secluded. I turned on the small bedside lamp so that we wouldn’t be fumbling in the dark. She walked back around the bed and stood in front of me. We just looked at each other for a long time. She smiled wanly.

“I don’t know what to do,” I said. She reached across the distance that separated us and patted my hand the way she had all those weeks ago.

“We are saving our family. We have to stop thinking like we are waiting for our own executions. Let’s just pretend what we are doing is normal. Let’s stop acting nervous before we speak. Let’s stop being embarrassed. Why don’t we just sort of own it now,” she said, trying to convince herself as well as me. But she didn’t say anymore. She acted. She crossed her arms around the bottom of her shirt and quickly lifted it up over her head and threw it on the floor. Her blonde hair was tousled and she looked sexy even. Her breasts were large and her cleavage well defined her shiny back bra. She was unzipping her pants while I was unbuttoning my own top. Soon my pink bra was exposed as well, my tiny breasts standing out proudly from my chest. My mother’s jeans were in a pile on the floor and she kicked them away. Her panties were black as well, they were boy shorts and I could see the gentle swell of her firm buttocks as she twisted to brush away the jeans.

I quickly dropped my cotton shorts, revealing my own underwear. I was wearing just a basic red pair of cotton underwear. They were new and they looked good on me. I looked down at my flat tummy, thin legs, and tiny feet and knew that I was sexy. But now I looked back up at my mother. Her legs were gorgeous, I could tell she was still working out. Her tummy was very flat and even a little bit defined. She had a very sexy hourglass shape that women half her age would be jealous of. If we could go through with this, we could make a lot of money.

No we were standing in what could be out bathing suits. There was nothing particularly scandalous about where we were now. The next step was what really matters. We both knew it and began to act at the same time. My mother’s bra clasped in the front and she quickly started to unhooked it. I reached around my back and did the same. We seemed to do a silent countdown and then we allowed the bras to slide off of our bodies. Both of our eyes moved to each other’s chests. My mother’s breasts were amazing. They were still quite firm despite the fact that she was 40, they did droop much at all as the bra was removed. They were perky even. Her areola’s looked to be about the size of quarters and a light red in color and her nipples were about half an inch long. She looked perfectly proportioned and I found that I really did find her to be a sexy woman. It was a strange feeling. I had never had any lesbian thoughts before, especially not any concerning my mother. But I did respond to her breasts. I saw her looking at me as well, and I looked down at my own breasts. Without the bra to push them up they looked very small, just two little mounds. But they are nicely proportioned, very perky, and I have very nice nipples. They are about the same size as my mothers, they are a lighter, pink color, and my nipples are about three quarters of an inch long when they are hard. She smiled at me as I looked back up, she must’ve approved as well.

“One last thing,” she said. She hooked her thumbs into the elastic of her panties, bent over and started to slide them down. I did the same, looking at my own vagina and not her’s.

“Oh honey, that is cute,” she said and I looked up blushing. I looked to her eyes and she was pointed at my pussy, “You shaved your hair into a cute little heart,” she said. I looked down again. I actually waxed it that way. I was completely bare except for a little patch right above my clit that was a heart, about an inch and a half tall by two inches wide. I blushed even harder. But I kept my legs together. I couldn’t bear for my mother to see my labia…until she had to.

“Thanks,” I said. I looked up at her now as well. She seemed to feel the same way as I did, keeping her legs together.

“Do you wax bare?” I asked now it was her turn to blush and nod. Her pubis was bare, silky looking, and beautiful. Now we were both completely naked, looking at each other. I giggled a little bit. It was almost a little bit of fun. A little…naughty. Plus, for now it was harmless she giggled as well. It had the feel of a sort of sexy slumber party.

“What do we do now?” she asked finally. I sort of shrugged my shoulders, and felt my bare breasts jiggle slightly. It was oddly sexy. It was so long since I had known I was going to have sex, I didn’t even think about it anymore. This sudden heightening of sexual tension was very strange. And good. I think my mother felt the same.

“Maybe, before we get dressed,” I said, “we should just hug?” I wanted our skin to touch together, just a little bit. Just to know how it would feel. She nodded. We walked forward until our nipples were almost touching. We looked into each other’s eyes. My mother had an awkward smile on her face, which I returned. She put out her arms and we both naturally threw our butts out backwards. Our arms wrapped around each other’s shoulders and our cheeks brushed together. I felt my mother’s warm breasts against my own, felt the friction of skin on skin and the heat that that produced. I felt my nipples against the top of her breasts and felt her nipples against the bottom of my own breasts. I felt so strange. After a short time, we broke out hug. I looked at my mother.

“I love you momma,” I said and she smiled.

“I love you too,” she said and it didn’t matter that we were naked or what we were going to do. We loved each other, so it couldn’t be all bad. We started to get dressed then, walked back downstairs and continued our wait for the camera.


“You be good at school today,” I said to my son two days later. He was sitting in the backseat in his booster chair and I was looking at him in the rearview mirror.

“I will Mommy,” he said as the teacher’s aide opened our back door.

“Hello Ms. Thomas,” the woman said and I nodded to her. She started to talk to my son about the day and he got very excited. I smiled at him.

“I love you Momma,” he said as he bounced out the door.

“I love you soooo much little one,” I said and blew him a kiss. I watched as he bounded up the stairs into his school and then I pulled away from the curb and headed towards my mother’s house.

There were several parcels on the passenger seat of my car. Most were letters. They contained checks made out to various banks, lenders, and other debt holders. The check had arrived from my new employer and had been direct deposited. I was keeping all of us in our homes and cars for the next month. But also on the seat was a package which contained a camera, some clothes, and a list of instructions. I hadn’t even opened it yet. It felt toxic sitting there on the chair.

I drove very slowly up to my mother’s house. I got out and took all of the packages as well. There was a large mail box in front of my mother’s house and I just dropped all of the bills in. In a few hours, even the cable would be back on. Now I had to earn the money.

“Hey sis,” Greg said as he came out of the house and started towards the bus stop. I just waved at him and headed towards the house. The package felt heavy in my hands, “Mom said to just come up to the room when you got in. She was doing spring cleaning or something today,” he said. I nodded.

I went into the living room first and put the box down on the coffee table. I found a butter knife in the kitchen and quickly opened it. The camera the first thing I saw. It was small and had an adapter so it could plug in the wall. I was glad, because I didn’t want to have to wait while it charged. I wanted to get this over with. Inside I also found the clothes folded nicely and the directions printed on nice white paper. I separated my clothes from my mother’s and went up to her room.

I went to open the door and found that it was locked, “Mom, it’s me,” I said and it promptly unlocked. I walked into the room and saw the spring cleaning my mother had done. The room looked like a hotel room. All of the personal items had been removed, including my grandmother’s quilt which usually sat at the edge of the bed. My mother was looking at me nervously.

“I think it looks alright, right?” she asked and I nodded. My heart was whirring and she looked nervous as well. But she also looked beautiful. She wasn’t wearing make-up, but she looked alive. She looked sexy. Suddenly realizing that with the blinds now closed, there was nothing left for her to do, she sat down on her bed and folded her hands in her laps. It was very quiet.

“They sent some clothes we are supposed to wear,” I explained and she looked at me, “We are supposed to put on our sexiest underwear and wear this stuff over top of that.” I handed her the clothes that had been made for her. She got up and walked to her bathroom without talking. When the door was closed I quickly too k off my clothes and quickly slipped on the big nightgown I had been given. It looked like a little girl’s nightgown with long, tight sleeves and a long, shapeless trunk shape all the way to the ankles. I felt silly. But I walked over to the front of the bed and put the camera up on the television stand. I plugged the camera in, turned it on, and then I looked in the viewfinder and found that it covered the entire bed and that if we sat at the headboard, we would be completely in the shot. I hooked it up to the TV, so we could see where we were on screen. I turned the camera off and took the remote control back towards the bed. I sat down on the bed and set the remote control next to me.

A moment later my mother came back into the room. She was wearing a tight grey skirt, a white button-up blouse, and a black cardigan. I suppose she was supposed to look like some sort of old-fashioned housewife, but I giggled when I saw her. She returned the giggle.

“You look silly,” she said and I said the same. She came over to the bed and sat down next to me. She took my hand in hers, “Are you ready?”

“Yes,” I said. It felt like we shouldn’t just start now, like we should say or do something. But there was nothing to do. We had to get this going or it was never going to happen. She nodded once more and I rolled to my side and grabbed the two pages of questions off of my mother’s nightstand. I fumbled around in the comforter of the bed next and eventually pulled up the remote control to the camera.

“Go ahead sweetie,” she said gently and I pushed the button. I saw the red light on the camera come on and I looked over at my mother and took a deep breath. She rubbed my hand gently and it woke me up to the situation. This was the recording we would be sending in. I had to get started now.

“Umm…Hi, my name is Jayne Thomas and I am 22 years old and a mother of one beautiful little boy. And this is my mom…” As I said this, I took out my drivers license and held it, my mother did the same. I realized we were too far away. I took my license and my mother’s license and went up to camera and showed them closely. We had blocked out our addresses and ID numbers, but our names were on there. It wasn’t a fake. I went back and sat down.

“I am Clara Thomas, I am 40 years old and I am a mother of the 22 year young woman to my right and a young man as well,” she said and she sounded natural, she sounded good. This little camera didn’t appear to be intimidating us. I still felt nervous. I looked down at the questions.

“Okay mom, I have heard that there are some boys and girls out there who want a show and we are going to give it to them.”

“Let’s do it,” my mother said, sounding almost excited. But I could see the fear in her eyes.

“Well, before we start, there are some questions the people are curious about from us. Can I ask you some questions mom?” I said. I got up on my knees and turned towards my mother.

“Sure thing baby,” she said calmly. She didn’t know what I was going to ask, and to be honest I didn’t really know all that I was going to ask either. I was actually a little curious. My mother was looking at me expectantly. I felt like a lot of time was passing, so I started to ask the questions.

“Mom, when was the last time you had sex?” I found myself asking. I saw my mother blush, but she wouldn’t back down either.

“Ummm…If has been 15 years since I have had sex,” she said and I was shocked. She hadn’t had sex in that long! It was longer than I had EVER gone without sex, “Close your mouth you jerk!” I actually giggled at that.

“Sorry. It has been five years since I had sex,” I said and realized that was a long time as well.

“Mom, do you masturbate? If so, how often?”

“I do play with myself. Usually just once a week,” she explained. I couldn’t look her in the eye. I never even thought about her doing that.

“I do everyday,” I said and felt very awkward. I felt like this was the first really strange thing to know about my mom. For a moment I just couldn’t help but picture her, laying on her stomach on her bed, with her face buried in her pillow and her finger deep inside her body. Then I sort of snapped out of it.

“Have you ever fucked a girl momma?” I asked and I didn’t have to look at her to know that she recoiled. But I did turn to her. Her distress was bringing out her youthful looks.

“No,” she said in a little whisper. Her face was bright red and I felt bad. But I pushed on.

“I haven’t either, I haven’t even ever kissed a girl have you?” I said. I was trying to sound sexy, but I could hear my voice warbling, I was so nervous. She shook her head.

“No,” she said.

“Have you ever fucked…a relative before?” I asked and felt my throat catch on those words. I could hear my mother groan under her breath. I thought that she was going to tell me that she couldn’t answer any more questions but she just shook her head slightly and kept going.

“No I haven’t,” she said.

“Me neither,” I said.

“Mom, do you think that I am beautiful?” I asked.

“Of course!” she said, as though she was relieved. She brushed her hair out of her face and her large breasts stood out proudly under her sweater.

“I think you are beautiful too momma,” I said and I meant it, “Do you think I am sexy, do you want to fuck me?” I asked. I didn’t even think about anymore, I just asked the questions. But I would be lying if I said it wasn’t a little fun to say dirty things. And just thinking about sex… it had been so long. I didn’t realize I was horny until I realized I was going to have sex. Even if it was with my mom.

“I want to fuck you honey,” she said and I felt my blood boil, in a good way. It was so strange, and so naughty. I turned to look at her and her face was still red, but she was looking at me intently. I loved her right then, so much.

“I want to fuck you mommy,” I said and I bit my lip. We were getting to the end of the questions, we were going to be doing this soon.

“Did you ever think about me sexually before we started this site?”


“Me neither, but I am excited.”

“Me too,” I don’t think either of us really meant excited, but we were in our roles now. We were acting and we were a mother and daughter who were desperate to fuck, “I just have one more question. Did you breastfeed me as a baby?” My mother seemed taken aback.

“You know that I breastfed you honey,” she said, and then realized that I had to ask the question even though I already knew it to be the case. She blushed a little. We sat for a brief moment on the bed and she looked up nervously at the camera. She leaned over and whispered quickly into my ear.

“What do we do next, you said there were instructions,” she said. I looked at her chest.

“I have to suck on your nipples,” I whispered back quickly. She nodded. If we kept talking, we were going to break up the flow of the video and the pornographers might not pay us money. Now was the time to get started. She quickly slid off her sweater and let it fall on the bed. She brushed it off. I leaned in towards her again, “I should take your clothes off. They said it is better if the other person does it,” I explained. She didn’t say anything, but she stopped taking her clothes off. Her breasts looked massive under the tight tank top.

She was sitting with her ankles crossed and her legs bent up under her body. She was smiling uncomfortably at me and her arms were folded in her lap. My heart was pumping quickly and I could feel the adrenaline really starting to mess with my mind. I reached forward furtively and took the bottom of her tank top in my hands. She nervously moved her hands away from her stomach. As I started to pull the tank top up her body, she lifted her arms in the air. I saw her smooth, taut white skin exposed as I rolled up the shirt. Soon the shirt was up over the swell of her breasts, showing a beautiful, lacy black bra. Her large breasts were rising and falling sharply as she breathed in deeply. Then it was up over her head and on the bed. Her hair fell back down over her reddened face, and she looked gorgeous as she shook it out of her eyes.

My hands were trembling as they reached forward. Her bra clasped in the front my fingers inched towards her breastbone. I felt the plastic clasp. My knuckles brushed up against the silk of my mother’s bra and I could feel my hands sink ever so slightly into her soft, firm breasts. I heard her gasp as the contact was made. The clasp came free on the bra. I swung the cups backwards and flipped the straps up over her shoulder. Her breasts jiggled gently against her bodies. Her nipples were hardened in the cool air of her room. I looked up at her face. She was biting her lower lip.

I put my hands down so that one was on each of her hips. I lowered my head. I could smell her perfume and feel the heat from her body as I bent forward. I stopped, just a few short inches from her body. I looked at her large, beautiful breasts, staring into them. They quivered as my mother shook and I felt nervous. But I couldn’t deny that they were beautiful. I leaned forward further and soon her breast covered my entire field of vision. I opened my mouth and found I was shivering for some reason. I felt my mother’s hand on my shoulder, gently pulling me in.

The first thing I noticed was the hard, silkiness of my mother’s nipple as it tripped over my lower lip and slid into my mouth. I heard her breath hiss in. I slid the nipple into my mouth as far as I could, then closed my lips around it. I closed my eyes now. The nipple was hot and hard in my mouth. I stuck my tongue against it and flicked it softly. I heard my mother suck in her breath sharply. The nipple rolled evasively around my tongue. I sucked in gently, creating a vacuum around the nipple, sucking it, not too hard, but not soft either. It occurred to me that I had done this hundreds of times in my life, just not for a very long time.

My mother was gently stroking my hair. I slipped my hands now, so that they wrapped around my mother’s waist. I slipped my arms around her and linked my fingers together. My face was pressed against her breast and I was still sucking her nipple. I felt her breathing quicken and could hear her shallow, halting breath. At the same time, I felt strangely hot. She tasted so good, salty and silky. I liked her heat against me and I liked the feeling of fucking for the first time in forever. It was hot.

“Baby,” My mother whispered into my ear in a husky tone, “rub my other breast. It will play well…I think” she said and then moaned loudly. I didn’t need to be told twice. I slipped my right hand out from behind my mother’s back. My eyes were still closed, but I moved the hand quickly to my mother’s other large, silky breast. I continued to suck her nipple and play with it against my tongue, but my hand cupped her left breast, on the bottom. I massaged it gently, feeling is weight and heat. I squeezed it, felt her reacted against my hand, pushing her chest against me. I moved my thumb and forefinger around her nipple, squeezing it. I continued to rub her breast gently with the palms while I squeezed. My mother was moaning loudly now, and I felt her squirming on the bed, panting. It made me feel sexy.

For a while we just did stayed there. I continued to play with her nipples, my left arm wrapped around her body. She gently stroked my hair and breathed against me. I was shocked to find that this action was making me wet. I wondered if my mother was getting wet as well. I wondered for a moment if it would look sexy on the camera. Then I realized that I had been sucking and stroking my mother for a long time. I opened my eyes and slipped my lips off of my mother’s nipples. I saw her nipple glistening with my spit, a small string of which still attached my lower lip to her breast. I licked my lips, breaking the connection. My mother was still stroking my hair, her face was flushed and she was clearly turned on.

“What now?” She whispered to me.

“You have to lick my nipples,” I told her, remembering the sequence. She nodded her head. I sat down now on the bed, putting my legs up in front of me, “Say something sexy…” I instructed quietly. She paused for a moment, and then spoke.

“Come on baby, you’ve sucked my nipples plenty of times. Now it is my turn,” she said it like she really meant it. She bent over me now. She took the bottom of my nightgown and started to pull it up my legs. I felt the smooth fingernails slide against my skin as she moved up my shins, over my knees, and up my thighs. I lifted my butt off of the bed so that she could take slide it around. I liked the way her hands felt on the outside of my panties. Soon her hands and my nightgown were up over my flat stomach, her knuckles rubbed against my breasts. My arms were in the air and now the shirt came up over my head. I was sitting in my red panties and red bra now. I smiled sexily at my mother and she threw the nightgown on the floor.

She put her arms around me now. She put her head on my shoulder and looked down at the back of my bra. She was fumbling with the clasp, I could see now that her hands were trembling a bit. I didn’t even think, I bent my head down and started to nibble gently on her ear. She squealed audibly and then froze for a moment. Then she seemed to melt against me. It was clear she enjoyed this. It made me ever hotter than before.

I felt the clasp go on my bra and my mother moved away from me, her ear sliding hard between my teeth. She was holding the bra in her hand and she threw it on the floor. My nipples were hard from my arousal and I almost put my hands over them, but I didn’t.

“You are so beautiful, my little girl,” she said.

“Suck my nipples like I sucked on your mommy,” I said and she moved quickly. I don’t know if she just wanted to get it over with or if she was excited to try it, but in a moment her mouth was wrapped around one of my long nipples. Her mouth was warm, wet, and her tongue flicked hard. I felt a chill run through my body and I shook. My mother put her arms around me, hugging me tight. She started to suck on the nipple hard. This was so wrong. It felt so good. I heard myself make a slight noise.

“Oh momma, suck my tit,” I heard myself say. It just came out. I wanted to say it. She kept sucking, but now she started to rub my breast the same way I had rubbed her. I felt her fingers against my nipples; she was rolling it with a bit of strength. I felt her hand sinking into my small breasts. She was rubbing and sucking with a beautiful, sexy rhythm. I couldn’t take it, I squeezed my legs together, feeling the heat between my legs. I wanted to stay there forever, and for a while we almost didn’t move. Just my mother’s hand on my tit and the sound of her lips sucking on my nipples.

“What now,” she said, almost too loud, as my long wet nipple pulled out of her mouth. I looked down at her, her chin against my breast and the nipple hard against her lips. I wanted to touch my pussy so bad. It was such a strange feeling. I felt dirty and wrong, but I was starting to feel too hot to care. I put my hand on my nipple, it was sensitive to the touch. My mother’s beautiful face was looking up at me inquisitively.

“We are supposed to rub each other’s vaginas through our panties,” I said. This was jumping things up a level. My mother unhooked herself from around my waist. I lay on the bed and spread my legs a little, looking into the camera. My mother sat down next to me on the bed. Then she stood up and unzipped her skirt. I wanted to tell her that I was supposed to take off her clothes, but the skirt was on the floor and she was sitting next to me again. It was better not to throw off the flow, now that I thought about it.

My mother sat down next to me again. Now she spread her legs as well, put her right leg over top of my left. The hot weight of her leg pushed down on me. Her skin felt smooth and taut. She looked at me now. I sort of shrugged my shoulders and she knew what I meant. Slowly I moved my hand over her leg, squeezing it as I moved. I was staring at her leg, focusing on it. First I felt just the slightest bit of her panties. Then I felt the softness of her pussy through her panties. It was white hot.

“Oh Jaynie!” my mother said loudly and I looked to see that her eyes were closed and her head was rolled back. It felt good. I felt a wave of pleasure rush over me. This was kind of hot. I slowly started to circle my fingers around her vagina, feeling her lips and clit through the panties. She was breathing quickly now. But suddenly, I felt my own body rocked with pleasure. My mother was now cupping my pussy through my panties. She was gently circling her palm around on my clit. I gasped loudly. I looked over at my mother now, and she was staring into my eyes. We didn’t say anything, but we both sensed something had changed. I still don’t think either one of us really wanted to fuck, but there were no second thoughts anymore. We were going to take this all the way.

For a few minutes we just sat on the bed, rubbing each other through our panties and moaning softly. Then I dropped my head and once again took my mother’s beautiful nipple into my mouth, while we both continued to rub each other’s pussies. My mother’s panties were very wet now and I could feel her heat strongly. She reached her free hand over and started to play with one of my nipples.

Then, for the first time, my mother took the lead. I didn’t have to tell her what was next, she knew. She took both hands and started to tug off my panties. I didn’t resist. In fact, I hopped my butt up so that she could get them off. I wasn’t touching her pussy anymore. She dropped my soaking panties onto the floor.

“Jaynie you are so wet,” she said.

“You did it mom, you make me so wet,” I said, as I spread my legs again. The camera would be able to see my little patch of pubic hair. For a moment my mother just let my spread pussy show to that camera. Then, very slowly, her hand went back to my leg. She inched it forward, walking it up my thigh. Each little touch of her finger made me hotter than before. Then it happened, the slightest tip of finger touched my pussy lip. I shuddered.

“Oh god mom!” I said in complete sincerity. I wasn’t play acting. It was amazing. Then she was slowly moving her fingers over my pussy lips and occasionally flicking my clit.

“Kiss me Jayne,” my mother said. I closed my eyes and leaned into her. My mother’s fingers were dancing over my pussy and now we were kissing deeply. Her tongue probed deeply into my mouth and I felt her hair all over my face. Still her fingers worked me over. Then, in a slow but deliberate motion, she inserted her index finger into my pussy. I felt my entire body shaking. My mother held me close, but she was working my pussy hard, curling her finger inside of my body. She was rubbing my clit with her thumb at the same time. I kissed her harder, feeling our skin stick with the moisture from our sweat. It was so powerful. I could barely hold out of a minute. Soon, my entire body was convulsing as wave after orgasmic wave of pleasure ripped through my body.

“Oh momma, oh momma, fuck me,” I kept saying over, and over again, as my mother continued to fuck me and kiss my neck. After several minutes, the overwhelming feeling started to subside.

“Forget the list, let’s just do what feels right,” I whispered quickly into her ear and she nodded, kissing my neck again. I felt so hot, I wanted her to cum as well, as a reward. Now I quickly worked her out of her panties, throwing them in a damp pile on the floor. I kissed her again.

Then I lay down on my stomach, pulling her legs apart and putting my tits on her thigh. I wanted the camera to see her snatch while I ate it. I was going to eat her pussy. I felt her hand on my hair as I started to move closer. Her smell was so strong there, and it was surprisingly good. I looked at her sweet, tight little pussy. She played gently with my hair, but pushed me gently towards it. She hadn’t had sex in so long, she knew that she was finally going to get it.

I stuck my tongue out tentatively. I pushed forward, unsure of what I was doing. Suddenly, I felt the slightest taste of saltiness and I felt my mother quiver.

“Jaynie, my baby,” she said in a deep, long sigh. I opened my eyes and looked at her pussy again. I gently rubbed my tongue against the ultra-soft skin of her labia. I tasted her wetness. It was at that moment, I remember that my mother had told me that while my younger brother was delivered via a C-section, I had been delivered vaginally. I had come out of this place all those years ago, now I was back. For some reason, this thought really turned me on. I started to lap at my mother’s pussy, tasting her juices and flicking her clit with my tongue.

“Oh fuck Jaynie, you are so sexy,” she said suddenly and this turned me on even more. I felt the hardness of her clit, sucking it into my mouth and rubbing it gently with my tongue and slurping on it. My mother reached underneath of my to rub my tits. While she did this, she started to thrust her hips in towards my face. I was loving it. So was I. It was so good to have the feeling of getting someone off.

I slide my tongue into her pussy on occasion and I could tell that she loved it. For a very long time I just kept working on her pussy. Tasting it and feeling her reactions. Listening to her moan and gasp. The gasping grew more persistent. Her moans became louder. Suddenly, my mother loudly screamed out my name. She came hard, her entire body shaking. She even came a little bit, splashing my mouth and nose with thick, translucent liquid that tasted delicious.

“Oh baby that was wonderful,” she said as I looked up at her from her crotch. She was breathing heavy and her hair was plastered to her face with sweat.

“Do you want to thank me?” I asked. I was going to ask her for something I had always wanted but had been too afraid to ask a boyfriend to do or even to try it myself.

“Sure thing honey,” she said, “what can I do?”

“Will you finger my asshole?” I asked and felt myself blush. I wanted it so bad. I felt my mother recoil a bit, as though she had been hit.

“Do you really want that?” she asked and I was turned on a little by the disgust in her voice. It was like the whole situation, she would do it even if she didn’t want to. And hell, she might like it.

“I need it mommy,” I said, putting on a pouty face.

“I would do anything for my daughter,” she said and kissed my nose. With that I quickly got up on my hands and knees with my ass facing the camera. My mother, still shaking from her orgasm got up and moved around in front of me. I felt her hand on my butt, pulling the cheeks apart and looking at my little pink rosebud. Then she quickly inserted a finger into my mouth.

“Get it wet baby, I don’t want to hurt you,” she explained. Her finger was salty from my pussy and I sucked on it hard, then I covered it in spit and she pulled it out of my mouth. Then next thing I felt was the slightest pressure as the pad of her finger grazed my asshole.

“Oh momma, fuck my asshole,” I said and I heard my mother moan a bit. But then I felt the pressure heighten on my asshole. I felt the finger press against the hole and then suddenly it popped in. The feeling was intense. It hurt a bit, but felt good. She kept pressing, getting the finger deeper and deeper into my body. As she did, it hurt less and felt better and better. I felt her lips as they kissed my ass cheeks. Suddenly, I felt her had against my ass, her finger was all the way inside of my anus. She kept pushing hard, curling her finger inside like she was fingering my pussy. The feeling was intense.

“I have my finger all the way up your ass, sweetie. Is that what you wanted?” she asked and I could tell she liked it more now that she tried it by the way she said it.

“So good,” was all I could manage to say around my moaning and gasping. I was pushing now, shoving my ass back against her finger. She held it still, fucking my asshole with the finger. The pressure was building, the feeling was incredibly intense. I had never experienced anything like it. Suddenly, the world went half blank and I felt the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced. I fell off of my knees and my mother’s finger popped out of my asshole.

I came to a few moments later. I felt my mother’s tits on my back; she was kissing my neck and rubbing my butt cheeks. She kept asking if I was okay and I assured her that I was. I couldn’t believe what I was feeling. I was completely outside myself now. Lust had completely taken over me. I needed to do more. I needed the camera to fuck me along with my mother. It felt too good. I had a dirty idea.

“Get on your knees like I did momma,” I said finally, although I was still breathing hard.

“I don’t want my asshole fingered Jaynie,” she said, but I shook my head. She looked so sexy now, I wondered what she was thinking of me.

“I won’t” I said, but didn’t tell her anymore. She nodded her head and was quickly up on her knees, her asshole facing the camera. I got up from the bed now and got on my knees next to her. I started to massage her butt and she moaned gently, she obviously liked it. I spread her butt cheeks open, spreading her wide open for the camera. It looked so pretty. I knew she was going to protest again that she didn’t want to get fingered in the ass so I acted quickly. I bent my head down and looked briefly at her cute, pink asshole. I couldn’t believe I was about to do this. I needed to do it.

I stuck out my tongue and dove in towards her asshole. I felt her shake before I had the sensation of touching her asshole with my tongue. But then it happened. I felt the salty taste of skin and the crinkled, ridged sensation of her anus. My tongue was hard and it pressed hard against her anus. I loved everything about the way she tasted there. It was almost better than her pussy, because it was wrong. Just like everything else we were doing. It was perfect. I think she felt the same way. She cried out.

“Holy shit!” she said and I felt her knees getting weak. I let my tongue soften now. I kept pulling her cheeks apart with my hands. While I did I lapped at her anus, feeling the ridges move over my tongue. I felt my mother pushing back against me, driving my tongue against my ass. I kept pulling her open, letting her asshole wide open while I tongued it gently for the camera. I looked into the camera lens now.

“Lick my asshole baby, lick your momma’s asshole,” my mother moaned and she wasn’t acting. She needed it. I kept lapping. But she pushed my head in with her hand, driving me deeper into her asshole. I made my tongue rigid again. Now I was shoving it into her asshole, fucking her asshole with my tongue. I felt my tongue penetrating her deeply, felt the metallic taste of her insides. When I pulled the tongue back out it would stay slightly open for a second, and I couldn’t believe how much I liked it. And I moved my finger quickly between my legs. I was toying with my clit now, masturbating. My mother arched her back. I knew she was rubbing her tits and she was moaning.

“JAYNE! Oh fuck your momma, Jayne!” she cried out loudly. I shoved my tongue deep inside of her now, her rectum squeezed my tongue and her taste was intense. Suddenly she was bucking hard and she was gasping for air. I knew that she was coming. It was happening so fast, she didn’t need much ass play to go over. This sort of put me over the edge and before I knew it, I was cumming as well. My body shook and my tongue slipped quickly out of her asshole. I fell over on the bed and she did the same, quivering with pleasure. I can’t even describe what it was like. The orgasm was more intense than anything I have ever felt before. The psychological effect of the strangeness of the day combined with the multiple orgasms broke something loose inside of me. I was just lying on the bed panting. I felt so complete. It was perfect. I was sexually satisfied, the danger to my family had passed, and everything was right, even if it was wrong. Part of me felt so dirty that I couldn’t bear it, but that part was overpowered. It seemed to die inside of me, although I suppose it will always be there.

A few moments later I felt my mother’s arms around me. I felt her nipples on my skin, her breast against me. Then I felt her tongue in my mouth. Our tongues mashed together. Finally I opened my eyes again. I looked into my mother’s eyes and we broke our kiss. She was now just smiling at me. I hugged her closely, entwining us deeper. We kissed quietly and slowly for a long time. We didn’t speak, we just expressed our natural love in a most unnatural way. I wondered if she tasted her pussy and her anus on my tongue. At one point I picked up her finger, tasting my own pussy and anus, and loving it. Then we just lay there for a few minutes, holding each other.

“Go turn off the camera baby,” she whispered. I untangled myself from her legs and body and got up from the bed. My legs still felt weak. I made it to the camera, blew it a kiss and then turned it off. Then I went back to the bed, took my mother in my arms, and gave her another deep kiss. And there we slept.


“Hey mom,” I said about a week later as I walked into her house. She was sitting on the couch, reading a book. she looked up when I came in and gave me a big smile.

“Hey Jaynie, what’s up?” she asked in a cheerful voice, putting the book down next to her on the couch. I sat down on the chair.

“Got another check in the mail,” I said and I handed her the money that she would need for her bills. She took it quietly. We hadn’t spoken about anything since we had awakened in her bed. She had gone to get a shower, I had gone to pick up my child from school, and that was it. Nothing seemed to change. I didn’t see her sexually anymore, she was my mother again. But I saw something flash in her eyes when I handed her the money, like she was reliving the filming for a moment.

“And…” I said.

“What?” she said, sitting on the edge of her seat.

“There was an offer to do another video.”


“A $5,000 raise,” I explained. I looked up at her now. Her face was a blank slate. I smiled at her and we both shrugged.

The End