Tammy pedoph


Jim meets Tammy, and the little girl has no problem letting Jim knows that she’s hot to trot.

By JimBob

From the Pool Series, this group of stories features Tammy, Janet’s little sister and an adventurous little girl. Stories of this subset include TAMMY IS FIRST, TAMMY GETS IT, and TAMMY FINDS A FRIEND.

Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyrighted 2010 with all rights expressly reserved by its author unless explicitly granted.

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We have been living here in our new home for three weeks now. The boys are growing comfortable in their new school and are starting to bring home friends, or have them over as soon as they change into play clothes. Likewise, some days one or the other of mine is a little late, having to stop at someone’s house to see some new toy or game or wait for the friend to quickly change. Today I hear my younger boy’s voice and another higher pitched one. As they are required, Barry brings his new friend in to meet me.

“Hi Dad, this is Tammy.”

Hi, Tammy. I’m Barry’s Dad. My name is Jim. I’m happy to meet you.”

“Hi, Jim.” She smiles a wide smile, Brown eyes sparkling impishly up at me. Her body is sturdy, and she is almost as tall as my ten year old boy. She is a pretty little girl, almost a head taller than Barry, and quite a bit huskier. How did these two pair up, I wonder? She has brown hair cut short around a round face. Lots of freckles cross her cheeks and the bridge of her nose. She is in a shirt, sweater and a fairly short skirt. I have seen her around the neighborhood with her older sister, Janet.

“Tammy, does your mom know you are at our house? Are you supposed to change clothes before you play?”

“My mom ain’t home.”

“Yeah, Dad, we checked. Her house is locked.”

“My mom sometimes is late on Fridays; she has meetings.”

“Okay, but you should stay inside until you get a chance to get your play clothes on.”

I leave them in Barry’s bedroom on the floor with some of Barry’s cars. Tammy is a real little tomboy, I can see. She also doesn’t have any inhibitions about showing her white panties off. I guess Barry is used to it, as he doesn’t seem to notice, but the wide white expanse of crotch draws my eyes like a magnet. I go and get them each a couple of cookies and leave a glass of milk on Barry’s desk for each of them. I don’t want to disrupt the panty show by making them sit at the table. I will use the hand vacuum on the cookie crumbs. As Tammy bites into a cookie, she looks up at me and catches me looking at her panties. She has to be aware, as she looks at me, and then down at her crotch, and then back at me with a knowing smile. I excuse myself and leave the room, feeling my blush spreading over my face at being caught. I go back to my desk.

“Jim? I have to go pee.” Tammy is standing by my side.

“Oh! Okay, I’ll show you. We are all boys here, so when you go potty here, be sure you check the seat. We usually leave it up.” I escort her into the boys’ bathroom, and put the seat down for her. She is already backing up to the seat as I turn to go. As I turn back to close the door, she has her skirt hiked up showing her panties, hands hooked in the waistband, and they are down to her mound so the top of her slit is showing. She is looking right at my face and her panties are below her pussy when I shut off the view.

Whew! Hot little thing. I have to stand in the hall and control my stirring cock before I can go into Barry’s room to collect the glasses. I hear the toilet flush, and Tammy comes out of the bathroom, and plunks herself down on the floor again, skirt up, legs wide apart and white crotch flashing before my eyes. Once again I get caught. Darn. It has been too long, and I can’t control my eyes; nor something else. Again I get the knowing smile from Tammy as I hurry out of there and back to my desk.

A few minutes later the sounds of scuffling, giggling children come from Barry’s room, and then Barry calling.

“Help! Dad! Help me. She’s got me.”

I have to go check this out. Tammy has Barry down and is tickling him. Barry is no match for the bigger girl, and he knows it. I watch for a while and let him suffer.

“Dad! Get her off me. Tickle her! I got to go! Right now!” He has a hard time getting all this out between laughs.

I am enjoying the sight of Tammy from the rear, panties stretched over plump bottom and over her mound, which is rubbing itself on Barry’s hip as he turns and twists under her, as she lies on him. Tammy turns her head to watch me watching her.

The little vixen knows she is giving me a show, as I see her purposefully tilt her butt up at me. I decide to join in. I tickle her sides, and as she laughs, Barry manages to throw her off.

“No Fair! Two against one!” she protests giggling.

Tammy is no longer interested in him. An almost sexual tension charges the air as Tammy rolls off Barry and whirls herself around to face me. I suddenly find myself kneeling between Tammy’s wide spread legs, almost in the missionary position as she falls back laughing as I tickle her ribs. Her skirt is clear up to her waist, legs and panties are exposed.

Barry has run to the bathroom and shut the door. Suddenly, Tammy sits up, bracing herself with arms behind her. She looks down, as I am, and then she looks back up at my face. But I cannot look away this time. I am fascinated by the sight of her mound under the white cotton, and the cleft plainly visible as an indentation running down the center of the mound and down between her legs. And at the top of that indentation I see the unmistakable sign of the lump of her clit. Apparently her rubbing it on Barry has excited her and caused her own little erection.

As I lean over her, she lets herself back down. We are quiet now, no tickling, no laughter. I lean into her more, finally laying on her lower body with my erection in my jeans pressing into the hump of her mound in her panties. I support myself on knees and elbows, and slowly rub my hard cock over her solid mound. Her brown eyes gaze up at me as I look into them. She gives me an questioning hip buck up into my hardness. I bear down on her harder and she grins and answers with another series of hip bucks. In the next two minutes, we have ourselves a hard little dry fuck on the carpet as we grind our privates together.

Then we hear the toilet flush. I rise back up on my knees again and take another look at her panties. I place one palm down on her mound, and rub the bump for a moment with my thumb. Then I reach up and pull her skirt down as I rise. Tammy rolls over and crawls over to one of Barry’s cars as he comes out of the bathroom.

“Dad? Can we go outside on the bars?”

“Okay, I guess so. Just don’t roll around on the ground. No more wrestling and tickling.” Barry looks at Tammy and she grins back at him and at me.

“Don’t worry, I don’t want to tickle anymore.”

“Me either,” says Tammy. They head for the door to the play yard.

I go back to my desk, but my mind is on white panties and I cannot concentrate. The voices in the play yard do not help. Finally I give it up and go outside with the kids. The two of them are climbing on the jungle gym and as soon as she sees me, Tammy calls out to me and then hangs upside down by her knees.

Barry glances at her panties and then away… my gaze is fastened on them. Barry says something to Tammy and she turns herself right side up and they both wave to someone they can see over the fence. Sure enough, a moment later I hear voices and Tommy and the two brothers from the corner house walk through the gate.

“Oh, oh,” I mutter mostly to myself. I can see the handwriting on the wall. Now we have four boys and suddenly Tammy is excess baggage. I see Barry is trying to let her down gently, but she is being dumped. I decide to step in.

“Hey Tammy. I’ll bet you are pretty good on the bars. Want to show me some of your tricks?” I lure her over to the parallel bars close to the swing set. When we move off, the boys all leave through the gate. Tammy doesn’t notice. She has an audience. She is soon upside down again and asking for a push. I move around her and try a push on her butt, full palm on a round cheek, finger tips in the crack.

“No, dummy. My back! You got to push my back, so I can swing.”

“Okay.” So I push her back, and admire the roundness of her soft little bums in her white panties. She shows me all her bar tricks. As I get several crotch shots, I try to memorize them, and then suddenly, she is sitting on the bar, and looking at me with a little curiosity, and a serious expression on her face.

‘Uh oh,’ I think.

“Jim, when we were fighting before, remember? In the house?… What was you rubbing on me? You had something hard in your pocket.”

“Ah, Tammy, do you know what boys have down here?” I point at my crotch.

“Uh huh. I seen some before.” She is more at ease than I am. Good, because we need to clear this up. I can’t have her asking her mom or sister to explain to her what I was doing.

“You did? Where?”

“I seen Mandy’s little brother. He pees in the bushes.” She wrinkles her nose. “I seen my cousin too when he was a baby. They got peenees.”


“Yeah, peenees.” She extends an index finger and puts her hand in the vee of her crotch as she sits, finger extended to illustrate what it looks like to dumb old me.

“Okay, that was what you felt rubbing on you.”

“Uh uh! No way! It was too big and hard.”

“Uh huh. Way! I am a man and so it is bigger, and you made it get hard so I rubbed it against you. How did you like it?”

“It feels good! Me and Janet do that in bed sometimes… Well, what happened to your big old hard thing then?” She pointedly looks at my crotch which is about ninety percent normal.

“It doesn’t stay hard all the time. Usually it is smaller and soft and behaves itself. But when a very pretty girl comes over to my house, and she sits so I can see her panties… Well, then he gets all hard and stuff. And my penis feels good when he is rubbed too.”

Tammy looks at my pants. She gets her impish grin, and spreads her legs wide, giving me a good wide panty crotch shot. “Look, Jim!”

I look, and I let it happen. I have been fighting it during the conversation, and doing a good job, but now I let it “all hang out.” My little guy rises valorously in my pants and shows off by visibly jerking out against the confining fly a few times. “There you go.”

“Ooh!” Tammy is suitably impressed. Her eyes are big and round. She closes her legs as if to see if she can shut it off.

I wish I had that much control, I would love to see the look on her face if I could pop it up and down like that. But I cannot. “He wants to be rubbed first.” I offer.

“We could do like we were doing before in the house.”

“I know another way. Let’s go on the swing.”

“Okay!” Tammy is off the bar before I can move. We head for the swing set.

I have one swing that is set a little higher for me. I sit on it and rearrange little Jim so he is pointing up to my belt, and then pat my lap for her. “Climb up here facing me.”

We get ourselves arranged and I lean back so she can put her wide stretched little panty crotch right up against my bump. She rolls her hips back and forth. rubbing herself against the bottom of my cock, and I help by squeezing and relaxing my large gluteus muscles as I clutch a butt cheek in each hand, helping her motion. It is just not as good as our earlier effort.

“I can’t hardly feel it.” Tammy sits up and looks down between us. “Maybe you should take it out of your pants. They are too tight now sitting down.”

“I don’t know… Do you really think so? What if someone comes?” I have been trying to think of how to broach this idea myself, and now my stupid conscience is trying to screw me up. But Tammy is on it.

“If I sit close and pull my skirt over like this, no one can see.”

“Okay, but if someone comes, remember, stay still. Slide back a little.” I slide my zipper down as Tammy watches closely and I dig in my jockey shorts and pull out my hard cock with some difficulty. When it is free and erect, I stroke it a few times as she watches. “Want to try it?”

Tammy looks at my erection, purplish head straining up, foreskin peeled back, all ready for action. She touches first one finger to the shaft and then to the head, pushing it to one side and watching it spring back upright.

“It’s hot!” She grasps it, and then releases it as it jumps in her fingers and I grunt with a jolt of sensation. It has been a long time since anyone but myself has held it. “Ooh! Did that hurt your peenee?”

“No. It feels extra good when you touch it. It thinks you are a very special little girl.”

“Um, can we rub now?” She scoots forward and releases my cock.

“Sure. Slide on back up here.” Now I can almost feel the lips of her pussy and the cleft on my cock as she rubs her panty crotch against my bare skin. The loss of all the layers of my shorts and pants and fly zipper makes a big difference. A lot more sensation through just the thin layers of soft cotton. I have a daring idea. “Hey! Tammy!”

“Huh?” She is starting to feel it, I can tell by her dazed response.

“If you took your panties off, we could feel it even better.”

Tammy sits up and looks up at me for a moment. “Okay.”

I’m shocked. I expected a refusal, but I underestimated my little girl. Tammy scoots back, swings a leg around and slides off my lap and in a flash has shucked her panties. I can’t see anything as she does it all so fast and by reaching up under her skirt. She steps out of her panties and holds them up and I take them and stuff them in my pocket. Then she is back on my legs, and I am having an up close and personal look between her legs, as she swings one over and scoots forward again.

“Darn! I didn’t hardly get to see your thing,” I told her hoping for more.

“Oh. Okay. Here. Look.” She flips her skirt up over her chest and sits back so I have a clear view of “her thing.” Damn! With her legs spread open by having a leg on either side of my hips, she is quite a sight.

“Um! Nice.” I take in smooth thighs leading up to a rather wide open pussy. She is a big boned girl, and she has wide sex lips and a big mound, nothing little or delicate about Tammy. She is not fat, but what you would call husky. Her cleft is wide and deep between thick lips. I can see the beginnings of pink inner lips and the vagina with its opening gaping up at me.

Tammy is not a virgin. Where she lost her hymen I can only wonder and speculate now, but it is gone and has been gone for a while. Unless she is a very cool customer, I cannot believe she has lost it to intercourse, as she seemed so innocent about that when we talked. I store this information away for another time, and continue my visual tour. I can see a little urethra opening, and just above, a rather large clitoral hood, dark brick red against paler pink sides, and a engorged reddish-pink clit peeping out.

I can see signs of arousal, a small amount of moisture oozing out of the vaginal opening, and down over her perineum. I thought I had felt some moisture when I took her panties, now I am sure I had. She is not real wet, but our play has caused her juices to start flowing.

Tammy slides forward and glues the cleft in her pussy against the bottom of my cock. I am neither long nor thick, and her larger than average eight year old girl pussy envelopes the bottom of my average man cock nicely, as she starts rolling her hips to provide the proper motion to excite her clit against the bottom of my erection. I feel her clit rubbing over the tender spot where my penis shaft joins the head. Now my hands clutch smooth warm flesh on her rear cheeks, and my finger tips dig into her crack almost to her little anus.

The feeling is delightful, for both of us, as I hear little mewling moans from Tammy every time I thrust myself up at her. Suddenly, she goes into almost a spasm of quick lunges and then one straining climax. She reaches a quiet orgasm and then relaxes against me, breathing almost as hard as I am against my chest. I have not climaxed, but decide against trying for one now. She will have to go home soon, and she does not need any more mess. I hug and pat my little girl on her back and fanny as she recovers. She sits up and blinks at me a couple of times and then she pops a big grin. Tammy is back.

“That was a real good one. That was my best one yet. We’re gonna do that again, but I better go home now. My mom should be home.” She slides back, looks down at my still hard cock, and then grins up at me and giggles. She rubs one hand up my cock and then shows me her fingers. “I got your peenee all wet. I always get wet now.”

I reach in my back pocket and pull out a hankie. “Let me do it.” I wipe off her hand. Then I lift her dress and wipe her slit and perineum and then my slick penis. The odor of her little girl musk scent fills my nostrils. As she slips her legs free and stands, I pull her panties out of my pocket, and bring hem up close to my face for a sneaky sniff. I love to smell little girl panty crotch. The pheromones floating in the air go into my nose and directly into sensory receptors in my brain and send signals to my cock, and he jumps in response. Tammy catches it out of the corner of her eye, and giggles and pets it a couple of times before she accepts her panties.

“Is he going to go soft now? I’m not rubbing on him anymore.”

“Yes, he is going to go soft very soon now.” ‘As soon as you leave and I can get to the bathroom,’ I think. “You aren’t going to tell anyone about what we did, our rubbing, are you Tammy?” I stuff little Jim back into my pants.

Tammy pauses with one leg in her panties. “I should say not! I had my panties off. My mom would kill me!”

“Good girl. We don’t want to tell anyone about our fun, right?”

“Nope. Not even Janet. Bye, Jim. Don’t forget!” She pauses just before opening the gate, and turns and gives my still hard cock a quick rub and a squeeze through my pants, and then she laughs all the way down the driveway.

‘No,’ I think, ‘we especially don’t want to tell Janet.’ I hold my hankie to my nose as I turn and head into the house. That one will go under my pillow and will not be washed anytime soon.




And loves it…

Tammy and Jim are at it again, but there is an accident. Will everything come out all right in the end? Okay, it’s a bad pun, but you have to read the story to find out why.

By JimBob

(Mg, 1st, cons, ped)
From the Pool Series, this group of stories features Tammy, Janet’s little sister and an adventurous little girl. Stories of this subset include TAMMY IS FIRST, TAMMY GETS IT, and TAMMY FINDS A FRIEND.

Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyrighted 2010 with all rights expressly reserved by its author unless explicitly granted.

Standard Disclaimer: This story contains sexually graphic and explicit material and as such it is not suitable for minors. If you are a minor, please leave now as it is illegal for you to be here. If it is illegal for you to read or view sexually explicit material in the community you view such material, please leave now. This story and characters are purely fictional and any resemblance to events or persons (living or dead) is purely coincidental. If you are offended by sexually explicit stories, please read no further. If you are offended by stories featuring group sex, bisexual situations, incest, sex between minors and adults, or any other situation, please check the story code before reading the text. These stories are just that, stories, and do not promote or condone the activities described herein, especially when it comes to unsafe sexual practices or sex between adults and minors.

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It is Friday, and my boys are both invited off on sleepovers. They went to the houses of their friends with their backpacks when the friends went home from swimming. The house will be empty this evening. The kids are all drifting off home after an afternoon of swimming. The last group leaves, and then in a few moments, one comes back.

“What did you forget, Tammy?”

“I need to go, and all the paper is gone.” There is a toilet and shower in my pool house. The shower never gets used. The toilet often does. The kids take my “Don’t pee in the pool” rule seriously.

“Come on, you can use my bathroom.” I get the sense of urgency.

“Good, cause I gotta go bad.”

She runs in through the sliding doors, and disappears into the bathroom. I go into the other bath and get a fresh roll of paper for outside. I wait by the bedroom door for her to come out. She does, pulling up her bottoms.

“Everything come out okay?”

Tammy just nods. “Thanks, Jim”

“You’re welcome.” I start to straighten up lounges and pick up pool toys.

Tammy doesn’t go. “Can I help you, Jim?”

“Don’t you have to get home?”

“Nope. Mom won’t be home until late. Just bossy Janet is there now.”

I get a thrill. Mom being late has given me an opportunity for a little fun with Tammy before. “Wait here,” I tell Tammy. I go out and shut the garage door. Then I go back, and I take Tammy’s hand and lead her back into my bedroom. She does not resist.

“Oh boy, we’re gonna do it!” she says with unconcealed excitement.

“You bet,” I replied evenly in an attempt to conceal my own excitement.

I leave her by the bed while I go to the linen closet and pull out a large bath towel. I spread it out on the bed, and Tammy jumps up and lies down on the middle of it and giggles. She is such a pretty little girl. Well, not really little. She is eight years old, but has the body of an older and bigger girl. She is not fat, just big boned and what we used to call husky. She has breasts like a ten year old, but hers are from baby fat, not development. She has the best nature of any child I have ever met, and is the most open and direct child I know.

“Hey, Tammy, you know you don’t have to do this stuff if you don’t want to. You know that, right?”

“I know. I want to do it, it feels good. We know how real good now. Why do you think I came back?”

“To pee?”

“Nope. Didn’t have to pee. And no toilet paper wouldn’t have stopped me if I did.”

“Oh. You know something?”


“You get a tickle for fooling me like that!” As I said it I jumped on the bed and held her down. Then I tickled her ribs and got her under the armpits. Then as I laid on her with the full weight of my body, I pushed her damp bikini top up above her baby fat mounds on her chest, and I licked her little nipples to full hardness.

Tammy was a mass of giggling flesh, and could not mount a proper defense. Nor did she want to. She had just recently found that her nipples were getting sensitive, and appreciated male attention. After I had sucked each little mound in my mouth and ran my tongue over the nipple for a while, I pulled Tammy’s top off over her head.

It seems I had pulled her top up above her boobs once before for a long session of rubbing, and she had gone home and changed into a sundress with a very low back. Her mother had spotted the red mark her suit top had made high up on her back. Tammy had been able to put her off by telling her mom that she had twisted the back strap putting it on, and had worn it most of the day that way. But that was enough of a close call for us. I won’t make that mistake again; best that I just strip her naked, but why rush things?

Now I looked into Tammy’s big brown eyes, and I think I am going to introduce her to another delight of sex. I haven’t kissed her yet either, our business has been strictly her satisfaction. She has had a good orgasm every time we have rubbed our genitals together, and that is what she thinks this is all about. I rectify the kissing lack with a quick peck to her lips. She is surprised.

“I like you a lot, Tammy. Is it okay if I kiss you?”

“Are we gonna get married?”

“If we kiss, it doesn’t mean we have to get married.”

“Lynn says…”

“Lynn was telling you stories. You see me kiss girls by the pool sometimes. It just means we are good friends.”

Tammy thinks about this. She has seen me kiss girls I didn’t marry. “Okay. But you gotta promise you won’t tell my Mom.”

“Okay, we won’t tell your mom.”

I gave her another quick one, then a little longer one. Then another. She met me on the third one, and I held it longer, just a pursed lip kiss, no open mouth, no tongue, no hurry. I get up off of her as she eyes the lump in my suit that has been pressing into her mound.

As she watches, I ease my swimsuit down past my erect cock, and down my legs, and kick it to one side. Then I bend over and peel her swimsuit bottom off. She lifts her butt to help me. I spread her suit bottoms and top out so she could get into them quickly if need be. I pick mine up and straighten it out too. It never hurts to be prepared.

Tammy spreads her legs in anticipation that I will soon be crawling between them. We had found on our first meeting how nice it felt to rub my bare erection in the grove of her bare pussy, exciting both her clitoris and my cock in the process. We had found the best way was lying down with me on top, though sometimes, she likes to get on top and ride me. We had done it a few times since, not always bare though. But when we were bare, Tammy always got nice and wet and slippery.

I crawl between Tammy’s legs, and together we adjust our bodies so my cock is up along my belly, and nestled in the cleft of her pussy. I can feel the warm lips around the bottom part of my shaft as I make a few slow test strokes.

Tammy reacts as she usually does when she is satisfied with what I am doing. She closes her eyes, and turns her head to one side. I increase the pace. Tammy starts to get wet. My cock slips easier in the groove, and I can press down harder because there is no more friction. I am thinking about the first time we did this, on the swing in the back yard. Tammy had a climax then, and judging by the noises she is making, she will have one now.

As my mind wanders, so does my control. I pull back too far. My cock drops out of the groove, and down. When I make my next thrust forward, the head of my cock is lined up with Tammy’s hole. My thrust, which I cannot stop at first, and do not want to stop later, drives my hard cock deep into Tammy’s eight year old vagina.

Tammy and I both grunt in surprise. I did not pop her cherry, it was gone. It seems that Tammy and Janet took baths together, and experimented together. Tammy lost her virginity at the age of six, to a hair brush wielded by her eight year old sister. Tammy has told me about it. She was way more concerned about her mother’s reaction than about the pain and the blood.

Tammy’s eyes have popped open, and she stares up at me in surprise. I remain still after my initial thrust, enjoying the feel of tight little girl cunt enfolding my rod. Now that I am there, I wonder why I didn’t think to try to penetrate her before. Then I remember. Tammy was usually the one on top, and in control, and Tammy likes to have her clit massaged.

I am on her and in her now though, and it feels great, not that the rubbing wasn’t nice. But I am in control, and I decide I am going to have my orgasm this time, in the proper old fashioned way. I make a slow withdrawal, then I stroke back in, deeper. There is plenty of girly lube and precum to keep the friction down. The tight sheath causes my foreskin to rub my penis. The soft wrinkles and ribs on the inside of her tube massage the corona and the head as it plows through them.

After six slow strokes I stop, deep in her. My hairy pubic bone is pressing against her clitoris. She has grunted at my last two full deep strokes. I want her to learn that we can fuck, and she can still have her clit massaged. If she doesn’t cum from my fuck, I will bring her off with my fingers… or my tongue. She hasn’t felt that yet.

“Tammy! Are you all right? Does it feel good?”

Tammy opens her eyes again. “Uh huh. I like this.”


“No. It feels full down there, and kind of tickles all over.” She rubs her little nipples as if to show me where.

“Okay then, here we go.”

I start to fuck her in earnest, stroking long and slow, and then shorter and harder. Our bodies slap together because I make the short strokes quick and deep.”

Tammy giggles and then bites her lips as a small crisis hits her. Her hips begin to move in unison with my strokes.

I have to giggle a little too, as the action of our bodies brings back a teenage saying, describing how the strokes are slightly varied. It goes like this, ‘Hit the apple. Hit the peach. Hit the pear. And make like grinding coffee.’

Tammy is grinding coffee like crazy. The little girl really got into our clit rubbing sessions, and she is into this fucking stuff now. Tammy is not shy about helping to make herself feel good. So far we haven’t worried about making me feel good, but that is about to change.

Tammy is a big enough girl that by just bending a little, I can reach her lips with mine. It is time to try another kiss.

Tammy’s eyes fly open again as I kiss her on the lips. I start the kiss closed mouth, but open my lips slightly and slide my tongue out. Tammy keeps her lips closed. I break the kiss.

“Hey, Tammy! Open your lips a little. Do what I do.”

Tammy nods and I kiss her again, finding slightly open lips. I feel her pursed lips relax. They open slightly, and my more insistent tongue opens them more. I let my tongue play with her lips, knowing that soon her tongue will have to come out and investigate. Finally, I feel the tip touch mine. I follow it back into her mouth when it retreats. I chase it around her mouth, and then retreat back into my own mouth. Her tongue follows. I suck it in and suck on it. Tammy breaks the kiss. She is breathing heaver now. Probably just not used to breathing through her nose. I don’t kid myself that it is passion. She is only eight. She just knows that this stuff feels good. But I feel passion. The kissing is for me.

But wait! The little nipples on her chest poke up hard and erect. I can see a faint blush of red over the tops of her little breast mounds, and up her chest to her neck. Tammy is feeling something. The chest flush means passion to me. My little girlie is awakening to sex! I may have a regular sex partner in this girl. Forget Janet. I can have an eight year old that responds, and enjoys it. So why chase that contrary little bitch? But I know I will. I enjoy the chase.

What I am doing is trying to think of something besides how much I am enjoying this fuck, as I wait for Tammy to reach her climax. This is so exciting, actually being in an eight year old pussy that I could cum right now. I don’t want to do that. When the crisis hits Tammy, I want to cum in unison with her. I’ve done it a couple of times when we were just rubbing, and it was a kick.

A funny thing I have noticed about little girls is that they will try to hide their orgasm from me, because they are somehow ashamed that their body has responded to what their mothers have drilled into them is nasty, and not allowed by good little girls. Yes, they did allow it, and yes they did enjoy it, but no, they don’t want to give me the satisfaction of seeing them enjoy it. Does this make sense? Tammy has no inhibitions. She enjoys it, she allows it, and when she cums, she announces it; an honest and open little girl, a real rarity.

Tammy’s grunt of frustration brings me back again. I suddenly have a clue as to why she is not coming along as she usually does. Tammy is used to having a clitoral orgasm. When we rub, my penis and her clitoris are in constant contact. Now, I am in her, and she is getting only the bumping of my hard pubic bone on her clitoris. So, digital stimulation, or go for the “G” spot. “G” spot, I decide. I change my position, and the depth of my stroke, so her little tickle spot inside under and toward the rear of her clit gets a good rubbing by the head and corona of my penis. I can tell by her reaction that I have hit pay dirt. The hips begin to pump, and she responds to the thrills and tingles she feels from inside her little pussy.

Bang! In less than two minutes she is there.

“Jim! Oh! Jim. Oooh!” She writhes and twists in the throes of her first vaginal orgasm. I don’t know if they feel different, and right now I don’t care. I thrust myself in deep, and I cum, propelled to it by her movement under me and around my cock. I squirt my semen up into her cervix in great shuddering spurts, until she is full, and it is running out.

Tammy is not surprised at me shooting; she has felt the hot juice on her belly before. She has now felt it going up inside her. Now that I can think straight again, I remember why that is a no, no, with little girls that have to put their panties on and go home. Semen runs back out. It stains panty crotches. It dries on panty crotches. Mothers sometimes see these stains and crusty crotches and ask questions that little girls are not prepared to answer.

I take Tammy into my bathroom, and from my medicine cabinet, I pull a strange tool to have in a house full of men; a douche syringe. I sit Tammy on the toilet while I fill the douche bulb with warm water. Then I have her spread her legs and I rinse the milky semen out while Tammy wiggles and giggles, until the water runs clear. Then I give Tammy her bottoms with a big wad of toilet tissue to catch the few drips that will continue to make their way out in the next few minutes while the two of us play a game of eight ball in the rec-room.

After we finish the game, (I let her win,) we go back into the bathroom. Everything is fine with Tammy, so we discard her pad, and she heads off for home. She is a happy little girl, and I am a satisfied man. What could be better than that?




And my friends love it…

A visit from old friends. Inhibitions break down in the warm California sun, and in the aphrodisiac waters of my backyard pool.

By JimBob

(mg, Mg, Fm, 1st, cons, inc, oral, ped, voy)
From the Pool Series, this group of stories features Tammy, Janet’s little sister and an adventurous little girl. Stories of this subset include TAMMY IS FIRST, TAMMY GETS IT, and TAMMY FINDS A FRIEND.

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My old friends Annie and Bob were coming for a visit. We were running buddies (and more) when I lived in San Diego. We used to visit the town of Tijuana just over the Mexican border, where you could buy items and “favors” that you could not find in California.

We had some good old times to talk about, and I wanted to show off my new digs, and to show off the delightful little eye candy that came to swim in skimpy little suits. I really wanted to check out Annie’s reaction to my swimmers. I had an idea of what Bob’s reaction would be. That is why I told him to bring a swimsuit with room for expansion. An Aragon suit; lots of ball room.

When we were friends and neighbors before, we would exchange stories of our similar childhoods, and also exchange stories we found in book stores and in little booklets passed around among a certain set of people. I also wanted to see the two kids again.

Mary and Bobby would be eleven and twelve now. Mary had been a cute little ten year old, kind of an older Tammy, very open and direct. Bobby had been eleven, and on the cusp of puberty. Both kids had gotten along very well with my boys, the age difference not seeming to matter to any of them. Since Mary had a little tomboy in her, she got along good with all the boys. I wondered if that would change as they all approached puberty and new hormones kicked in.

I heard the car pull up, and went out to greet my guests. Mary jumped out of the car first and ran to hug me waving a tiny bundle in my face. “Look at my new swim suit, Uncle Jim!” She had picked that name up when she was much younger, because I used to tickle her and make her say “uncle” to get me to stop, so after a while I became Uncle Jim. Any bare skin was fair game. As she became older, the game became more sexually orientated, as she would make available bare parts of her body that were usually covered by a shirt or pants or a skirt, to see how it felt to have creeping tickling fingers on that part. I loved that game.

“Ah ha! I am going to have a lot of new territory to explore on my Mary, I see!” As I hugged the giggling girl, I couldn’t help but notice that she had real little breasts now. Alas! Little Mary was growing up.

“Wow!” I said as she let me go, and then spread the tiny slips of material up before my eyes. “I can’t wait to get you in that. Does it cover anything up?” I held up both hands in my tickling mode.

“Oh, no, Uncle Jim! You won’t catch me,” she laughed as she backed up, holding the tiny triangles up to her chest to taunt me.

My two boys came out and got soundly hugged by Mary in turn. They shyly said their greetings as they were waiting for Bobby. When he got out he tried to shake hands with me, but I insulted his young dignity by hugging him too, and then he and the boys gave each other a casual greeting and all four kids headed into the house and for the back yard. Bobby’s voice was starting to change, I noticed as they left.

Annie jumped out and gave me a big hug and a big wet smacker. She was a petite redhead, a fun-to-be-around woman. She was one of only a few women who attracted me, but Bob insisted on hanging around, and hanging onto her.

Bob got out. We shook and then hugged with lots of back patting to show it was just for old times sake, but we each knew better. We had a genuine affection for each other. The kind you get when you have shared a woman… or a little girl.

“Get some bags, and we will drop them off on the way to the pool. I know that is where the kids are. I want to show it off.”

So Bob opened the trunk, and we all picked up bags to haul into the house. It seems to be a given that when your kids get old enough to help, they learn to disappear until all the work is done.

We dropped the bags in the spare bedroom. I had the two boys in one room for now, and Bobby would bunk in with them. Mary got the small bedroom all to herself. She got to sleep in Barry’s bed. Barry was young enough that he didn’t care that he wasn’t going to be in there too. I wasn’t sure about Tommy, and I was pretty sure little old Bobby would be raring to go in a short while, if not already. Hormones kick in, and things start happening.

After we dropped their bags off, we proceeded on through my bedroom and out to the pool deck. Annie and Bob oohed and aahed over the big pool and the huge back yard surrounded by the high brick wall. I could see Bob look around and nod at the privacy I had. I’m sure he knew why my back yard was so private.

The kids were excitedly chatting about swimming and going off the diving board. We assured them we would go in right after lunch, but first they must get their bags in their rooms and get washed up. They not only washed up, they got into their swimsuits to eat lunch.

I could hardly wait to see Mary in her little bikini. Annie came out of Mary’s room saying, “She almost chickened out, but decided to risk it.”

Annie was flushed and excited. When Mary made her entrance, even Barry’s eyes pooped out a little, and he didn’t even like girls. I got an instant boner, and I saw Bob adjust the front of his suit too. Tommy and Bobby stared openly and open mouthed. I think Tommy decided there might be something to this girl thing after all at that instant.

We managed to get some lunch down in spite of the lovely little girl vision. The suit was just right for her tanned body, brown hair and big blue eyes. There was a lot of white showing between old tan lines, and new bikini. I cracked the company up by calling out, “I have dibs on rubbing the sunblock on!”

Bob and I wisely let the kids go ahead of us so we could watch Mary’s hip and buttock action as she walked. Annie took over my job of cleaning up the table, and trashing all the paper plates as I needed to get the pool ready. The invasion was about to begin.

The first girl in was Tammy. When she saw the company, she stopped and stared. I think it was lust at first sight between Tammy and Bobby. Perhaps, if Janet had been the first of the sisters, she might have gotten Bobby’s heart, er… It turned out to be cock, but I am getting ahead of myself. Suffice it to say there was an instant mutual attraction.

Every boy that came into the pool looked Mary up and down, but most were too young to get any attention back from Mary. The only boy that might attract Mary’s eye is Mandy and Sammy’s brother Larry, who was thirteen, but he came by very seldom.

I caught Mary easily by diving in from the board and swimming underwater until I was past her, and then suddenly turning back. She screeched and struggled, but I held her tight, keeping it decent for now.

“Uncle!” she cried out.

“You can’t say ‘uncle.’ I haven’t tickled you yet.” I noticed one of the little string tie ends to her bottom floating on the surface. “What happens if I pull this?” I innocently asked.

“DON”T YOU DARE!” she screeched.

The hand of the arm going around her back was on the string going down between her butt cheeks. I let my creepy-crawly fingers follow it down into the crack. The girl knew what I was doing, but she let my finger touch her little rosebud anus before she started laughing and saying “Uncle.” I wondered about the front? Would she let me explore that too? I pulled my hand away and she immediately pulled herself closer to me.

“You giving up already?” the cheeky girl said.

“Not really.” I started my other hand down her belly, over the smoothly rounded soft flesh that reminded me so much of touching Tammy. I wondered if Bobby had a secret crush on his sister and Tammy caught his eye because they had similar, slightly husky figures with their light layer of baby fat.

I got my mind back in sync with my hand… down to the material of her swimsuit. The girl pulled her stomach in, so I could slip my fingers under easily. No laughing or wiggling now. This little girl wanted to have her body explored. So I explored it for her. Down over the top rise of her Venus mound. Then I stopped. This girl was ready for a man’s touch, but it should not be my touch. Her Daddy should be the first man to touch this little virgin pussy. I made my fingers into creepy-crawly, but did not advance. Mary looked up at me. “Later,” I whispered.

Mary caught on right away. “UNCLE!” she screeched out, and started to laugh and wiggle. I pulled my finger out, then tickled her under her arms as I let her go to swim away.

I climbed out of the pool, and caught Tammy’s eye as I went over to a lounge and sat. Tammy disengaged herself from Bobby, and came over to plop down beside me.

“What do you want, Jim?” Tammy asked

“You like Bobby?”


“You want him to… Um, to do what we do?”

“Uh huh.” Tammy actually blushed!

“Take Bobby and dry off, and then show him the pool room and the side yard. He hasn’t seen those yet. Then you can take him through the house to my bedroom. Take a towel out of the bathroom, and you guys take off your bathing suits before you get up on my bed.” I trusted Tammy. She had done it a couple times now on my bed.

Tammy looked at me, then she grinned. “Sure, Jim!” She jumped up, and went over and beckoned to Bobby, who went with her willingly.

Annie looked at me questioningly. I winked and mouthed for her to watch. The two kids got their towels and dried off, and then headed into the screened porch we used as a game room.

I got up and walked over to Annie and Bob. “Your horny little boy is about to be taken care of by a pro. Wait a moment, and I’ll show you where you can watch.”

I saw through the screen the side yard door open and close. I figured the kids were going out, and I figured correctly, that they would not be out too long. The door opened again as they went back in, and I saw the two kids disappear through the sliding door. I gave them another half minute, then I led Annie and Bob into the game room, and over to the window to my bedroom, after cautioning them to keep quiet. I peeked through the little kinky one way curtain, then motioned them to step forward and watch with their bodies close together. I went into the kitchen, and got a big bar stool they could both half sit, half lean on. I went back out to the pool, pausing to put up the ‘game room closed’ sign as I went.

Here is what they saw and heard…

Tammy came into the room holding a towel in one hand, and a suddenly timid Bobby’s hand in the other. She dropped the towel on the bed, and then she hooked her thumbs in her swim suit bottoms. After only a moment hesitation, she shucked her suit down and off.

“Well, come on Bobby! You gotta’ show me too!”

“Somebody might come in.” Bobby looked fearfully at the door, then right back at Tammy’s bare pussy.

Tammy was wiping off the moisture left by her bathing suit. “There!” She walked to the door and threw the lock. “Your turn.”

(“Nice ass!” Bob whispered to Annie’s giggles.)

“Um, you still got your top on.” Bobby is stalling for time, now that push has come to shove.

“Oh, for Pete’s sake!” Tammy jerks her top off. “Now come on!”

(Annie giggles. “Shh!” Bob hisses. ‘What is wrong with that kid,’ he wondered.)

Bobby looked all around. He could not see his parents watching because the game room was darker than the bedroom. Slowly he peels his swimsuit down and off. His cock is fully erect, and standing straight out, a respectable cock for his just under five foot size. Tammy tosses him the towel, and it hangs for a moment from his erection. The ice is broken, both kids giggle, as Bobby wipes where his bathing suit was.

(Annie and Bob look. “Nice ass!” his mother breathes.)

Tammy reaches out to grasp his cock, and jack it a few times. Bobby reaches a hand to her sex, and she spreads her legs for him. He pushes her back to sit on the bed, then spreads her knees far apart as he eyes the pink flesh inside her lips. “Wow! I saw my sister’s a few times, but never up close like this. Wow!” As he was poking around her pussy, Tammy laid back on the bed, and Bobby got on his knees between her spread legs and opened her lips with both thumbs to peer inside.

“Mmmm,” Tammy moaned.

“Is that your vagina?” Bobby poked a finger in there, and it went in all the way. “Wow!” He pulled the finger out, smelled it, and then poked the darker rose lump sticking out right at the top. “And that’s your clitoris.” Fresh from his Sex-Ed class, Bobby was determined to check out those diagrams he had memorized with the real thing, up close and personal.

Tammy jumped. “Aah! Do that.”

“That feels good?” Bobby asked.

“Don’t poke it! Rub it.”

Bobby rubbed it for a short while, but being a boy, his attention soon wandered… to his own cock. It wasn’t getting any attention. That wasn’t fair. “Hey Tammy, how do we do this ‘fuck’ stuff?”

“You gotta put it in me.”

“Oh! You mean intercourse.” Bobby pulled those particular intercourse illustrations up from his Sex-Ed memory bank. Dang! There weren’t any. There was only what some of the other guys had been talking about. He only had a rough idea.

(“Come on Bobby,” Bob muttered under his breath.)

Tammy shifted so she was lying straight on the bed, and spread her legs. Bobby crawled between them. First he had it too far up the slit, and when he started thrusting, it was banging into her clitoris. Tammy didn’t mind that, but she was a conventional girl, and she liked to do things the right way, so she tried to push him down her body a ways.

(‘That girl is no virgin,’ Annie thought. “I wonder if Jim…” “Shhh!” Bob cautioned.)

Bobby thought she had changed her mind, just like his fool sister did all the time. So he fought to stay up there where he thought he was fucking the girl.

Tammy wrapped her arms and legs around him and tried to stop his ass from moving like a run-a-way jack hammer on her. “Bobby! Stop!”

Finally all the pressure got to Bobby, and he stopped… “What?”

“You ain’t in my hole. Move down.”

Bobby slid down, and felt the sensitive head of his cock slide through her slit, and down past that hole where he had stuck his finger. A light bulb went off in his brain. ‘THAT hole! Of course!’ It made perfect sense to him now. He got everything lined up just so, and thrust it home.

(Annie had to suppress the cheer she felt coming on. Look at her big boy! She slid her hand into Bob’s suit and started jacking the hard cock she found there. Bob had been rubbing her large clit since Tammy dropped her swim suit.)

“AAAh!” It felt good to Tammy. She relaxed her tight hold on Bobby.

“AAAh!” It felt good to Bobby too. He started to fuck, slow at first, then it felt so good he resumed his jack hammer pace. But now that it was surrounded by warm, moist, pulsing girl flesh, Bobby’s sensory receptors got overloaded, and screamed, ‘For God’s sake, cum before it is too late.’ Bobby came. It took him almost thirty seconds from start to finish. Well, to give Bobby a little credit, he was already pretty stimulated from fucking what he ‘thought’ was her hole, so give him another 15 seconds credit.

“Oh, crap!” Tammy said when she felt the hot spurts up inside her. She knew that men, and probably boys were done when that happened.

(“Oh, no,” Bob breathed under his breath. He and Annie had been hard put to keep from calling out advice and instructions like parents at little league games. What the hell was the kid thinking?)

But wait! Bobby paused only about twice as long as it had taken him to cum. His erection never faltered. The brief break revived him, and he restarted himself off at a more sedate, deliberate pace.

Tammy could keep up with him this time. She began to get the heat in her loins, sliding up into her belly, up over her chest, tingling in her breasts, hardening her nipples, a red flush appeared and heat spread from her breasts to her shoulders and neck. Tammy was aroused.

Love pheromones floated through the air into both kids sensory receptors in their brain. Bobby lowered his head because those lips looked red and luscious like strawberries. He had to taste them. He kissed Tammy. Tammy’s eyes flew open in shock. Then she remembered. She just had some kissing lessons. She opened her lips and the tip of her tongue touched his pursed lips.

Bobby’s eyes opened in shock too. His blue eyes gazed into Tammy’s brown ones, and his tongue came out to explore and see what was touching his lips. Their tongues touched. More pheromones got into play. They pulled apart to look at each other with youthful lust. They kissed again, getting the technique down pat. It felt darn good to Bobby to touch those full lips with his, to caress that small tongue with his, while down below, his penis was enjoying that most delightful feeling of her tight little sheath. Boy, that sure beat his fingers, his pillow, Mom’s panties, sis’s doll, everything else he had ever rubbed that thing with. His kiss deepened, got more passionate.

Tammy also was having some delightful feelings in that same place. Bobby’s cock was rubbing over her ‘G’ spot with every stroke, his shorter cock being just the right length to pull his corona over it. Tammy had had two small orgasms already. She was building up to the big one.

Her more pronounced bucks and humps were bringing Bobby up to the brink of his orgasm too. It had been almost fifteen minutes by this time; a respectable fuck an anyone’s book.

(After his son’s miscue on his first short fuck, Bob had been holding his breath. He felt a surge of fatherly pride now. His boy was going to take after the old man after all.)

One thing about boys’ and men’s orgasms, they almost always had one. You work that thing long enough with the proper stimulation, you have your orgasm. It worked that way for Bobby again, but since this one had a little buildup, with the kissing and Tammy being able to contribute some of her moves, and encouraging little cries, Bobby found this was a much more satisfying orgasm than his first one. He had groaned and moaned at the end, not in pain, but in the first passion he had felt. Shooting while it was up inside of a girl made all the difference in the world; he was a real man now. He decided he was never going to jerk off again.

(Had Bob been able to look into Bobby’s head immediately after his cum, Bob would have been shaking his head at such naivety.)

Tammy gave a sigh at the end of hers. She had tried, and failed to control the kid the first time, but the second time, he had done everything just right to satisfy all her urges. The kissing had been nice too. She was glad Jim had taught her that.

This time Bobby’s little dick decided it had had enough for a while, and went limp, and slipped out, followed by a flow of his semen. Bobby got up, leaving Tammy to clean up the mess, like men do. He slipped back into his bathing suit, then urged Tammy to hurry up, so he could go back out and swim.

(When Bob and Annie saw the semen oozing out of that bare little pussy, they hit a silent high five. He and Annie had an orgasm along with their son and Tammy, and Bob used some tissues from the box on the end table to clean himself up. They decided they better clear out, so they left the game room.)

I was in water up to my shoulders with about a dozen kids hanging onto me and each other. I shot them a questioning look, and Bob and Annie both nodded. Bob flashed me a thumbs up.

About that time Tammy and Bobby ran out of the game room and jumped in the pool. No one in the pool made any comment. I had kept them all entertained, including Mary. She was one of the two girls right in my arms. But when she saw her daddy, she tore herself out of the mass of kids, and swam up to the side of the pool.

“Mommy, Daddy! Play bounce with me! I’ll show you how, Uncle Jim showed me.”

Bob jumped in and Mary, Tammy and several of the other kids ganged up on him. Annie jumped in too, and Bobby went up to her and the two started to cling together.

Bob let Mary and Tammy climb up onto his shoulders and jump off. Annie told us later that at the sight of his sister and Tammy, Bobby got another erection against her side! Oh, to be a boy again.

And that is the way the afternoon went. All the kids and my company had a fine time. I was reluctant to close the pool that afternoon.

We ordered pizza in and had a very easy supper. Then we all retired to our bedrooms to get undressed. You heard right, undressed. I decided my boys were old enough for a little skinny dip with members of the opposite sex. I knew my boys, and I knew they would take it in stride. Besides, we were going to start with the pool lights out. It was going to be dark soon.

But we all filed out with our towels around us, except Bob and I had them over our shoulders, and all the rest had them wrapped around them. As the kids all sat down on lounges with towels still wrapped around them, Bob and I called them all “chicken.” We got on the diving board and dove in. Something about being in a crowd helps keep you from sprouting a boner at every pretty body you see. Besides, both the pretty bodies were wrapped in towels.

Annie was the next to go. She shucked her towel after trying to persuade Mary to go first. She was a pretty redhead, with a nicely trimmed red bush, no dye job there. Nice shape and nice breasts, still firm after her two kids. When she got on the diving board, Mary suddenly shed her towel and ran over to wait for Annie to dive in.

Mary kept her back to the boys. She was not revealing a great deal to us that she had not shown already in the bikini. Small breasts and slightly flaring hips. She had yet to get any hair down below that could be seen in the dim light. As soon as her mom cleared the board, Mary ran down the board and made a mighty leap out. She came up and swam straight for her daddy, and climbed into his arms. Bob didn’t seem to mind that at all.

Annie was trying to entice Bobby into the pool. Finally all three boys jumped up, dropped their towels, and ran and jumped into the pool together. Bobby swam over to his mother. He let her take him in her arms, and was enjoying himself being so close to her naked breasts. I looked at the couple and their children, and I quietly collected my boys, and we climbed out of the pool and got our towels. After all, we could, and often did skinny dip many an evening. I thought we should leave this foursome to their own devices and see what they could come up with.

And this is what they did…

“Go ahead Bobby, you can touch them.”

Bobby was intrigued by Annie’s breasts up close and personal. He had seen them before, by taking advantage of every chance to peek in on Annie since his hormones had kicked in and he had become so dammed horny. Now he was not only seeing that delightful pair, with the big red nipples, but did he hear right? Did Mom say ‘touch them?’ He wasn’t going to take a chance on hearing wrong. He touched them. He clasped one in each hand, hefted them to feel the firmness and weight, lightly pinching the nipples to feel the size and texture. Then he pulled them a little to test the resiliency. The boy did all the touches and tweaks and tests on his mom’s breasts that he had been dreaming about and spewing into his sheets about since that thing had started spitting that stuff out a few months ago.

Annie held her son to her with both arms clasped together around his lower back. His hot penis was erect and pressing into her lower belly. She was admiring her handsome boy’s face that had her red hair and his dad’s blue eyes. Those eyes were intent on her breasts. Of course, all of the feeling and fondling of those small hands and the small erect cock digging into her bare stomach made her feel pretty darn good too. She leaned forward and kissed her lovely boy’s forehead.

Mary was riding her dad’s hip with a leg on the front of his body, and one behind. Her right inner thigh by her knee could feel the heat and hardness of his erection pressing into it. Her left leg could feel the crease between his tight muscular buttocks as she clasped her legs to support herself. Her open pussy was pressed on the right hipbone of her father, and by crooking an arm around his neck, she could press her breasts into the side of his chest. Her nipples were erect, and the hard muscled side felt good rubbing against that sensitive flesh. Her clit was erect too, and she could rub it on his side and hip with just a small contortion of her hips.

Bob was holding his daughter with his right arm around her body, with his right hand clutching her right bun and upper thigh, and his left hand clasping his right wrist. He could feel her erect clitoris, which was large like her mother’s, and right now engorged with blood because of Mary’s aroused state. She was making little motions with her hips to rub that clit against his hip. The feel of that little body that he had been watching grow into this pubescent little beauty, was causing a raging hard on. She was ripe and ready to be plucked. And may I add, more than willing?

Annie’s grip on her son slipped a little and he slid down a couple of inches. Wait, wait! This was not a bad thing. In fact, it might have been a little bit on purpose, as now that hard little pecker was pressing into her red pubic hair at the top of her mound. Another inch of slippage, and erect little penis met erect big clitoris. Annie began to maneuver her son, who was almost weightless in the water, so that his little boner rubbed against and around her erect clit. This made both Annie and Bobby happy. Ah, but they were about to get happier.

Bobby had been so interested in Annie’s tits, that he had almost forgotten that thing down there. When it slipped in to the nest of Annie’s pubic hair, it realized where it was, and like all young boys, when their pricks get anywhere close to a woman’s vagina, they send an urgent message to the boy’s brain. Push! Thrust! Bobby began to push. When the first push did not go anywhere, he pushed again. He had his legs wrapped around Annie’s thighs to give him some leverage, and he pushed, retreated and pushed again. The feel of Annie’s clitoris against his sensitive head and the open cleft under that clitoris that felt something like Tammy’s little pussy to that cock head only served to increase Bobby’s frenzy to lodge that penis head up somewhere close to the place it had started life.

Bob looked over at Annie and Bobby, and decided he needed Mary in that position. He switched her tender little body around on his until she was centered on him, and his cock was in between her legs. But he wanted to kiss her. So he lifted her until they were face to face. Mary’s cunt was now spread wide on his belly and he was holding her with hands under her upper thighs, finger tips touching her perineum and the bottoms of her wide spread cunt lips.

Mary was excited by the new position, because now her daddy’s hands were actually touching her right down there where her pussy started, and where she was so sensitive to the touch. Certain and excited that she was now going to get her pussy touched, an anticipatory trill radiated up from her tummy and caused her breathing to increase. At last she was about to find out some of those secret things she had been wondering about.

The eager young girl had already felt her daddy’s big thing a couple of times; once with her knee, and once in between her legs, right in between her legs, up by her private parts. But then Daddy had lifted her up, and she could now look right into his blue eyes. Oh! Daddy wanted a kiss! She puckered her lips…

Annie now had a bucking bronco of a boy in her arms. “Bobby! Settle down! Take it easy. Slow is better.” With that, and holding him tightly in to her, she got the boy to settle down a little. He still was trying to thrust into her, but no longer at his jackhammer rate. Annie backed up until her butt hit the pool side. Now she had something to lean back against.

Bobby had been feeling his climax coming on, so the last thing he wanted to do was slow down, but when he finally did, he discovered that most of the time he was fucking only air. The times his cock would meet her clit and rub down it were great fun, but the air balls, so to speak, were ruining the effect. He slowed down and his little boner went on a seek and enter mission. He remembered how Tammy’s little pussy felt around his cock. He wanted that again… especially from his mom. He had wanted her for a long time now. What had Tammy said? ‘Move down?’ He was going to try her advice again. But first…

Bob kissed his daughter, a nice little fatherly peck, like he had kissed his daughter for the last eleven years. When they broke the kiss, he hoisted Mary up a little higher. There was another place, or rather two other places he has been wanting to kiss for over a year. Oh, he had been nuzzling her breasts for almost as long as she had been his daughter. As a baby, he could kiss and lick those tiny pips and feel them harden. As a toddler and small girl he could catch her shirtless, and blow raspberries on her stomach and chest, and get in a quick lick and kiss or two. For three years, from eight to eleven, the girl had cut his contact with her bare chest almost completely off when her girlish modesty kicked in. Now, he had a three year dry spell to make up for. His head dove down to place his lips on her breasts and it did not come back up.

Mary laughed with shrill shrieks when her daddy’s lips first closed over those sensitive little breasts. She was afraid he might hurt her, as they were tender and sensitive now, but Daddy was gentle and tender with her. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and held his head up to her chest. Oh! That felt so good! Bob heard Mary moan with her pleasure.

Bobby had his mom’s breasts right in front of his face. He was nearly as close to them as he had been as a baby. He leaned forward to kiss them, and took one erect nipple into his mouth. He sucked it in, but got nothing out of it. He tried the other one as Annie echoed Mary’s moans of pleasure. Bobby gave Annie’s breasts a good workout with lips and tongue and hands before his attention wandered back to his prick, which was complaining about being left out. ‘Down,’ Bobby thought. ‘Tammy said it was down.’

Annie noticed the shift in her son’s attention, and she let him slide down, even though she hated to lose the contact with her clitoris. The hard little cock was thrust in between her inner lips. It probed down, deeper. The head slipped into her vaginal opening. It was thrust home immediately.

Annie gave a gasp of passion and excitement. After all the discussion, after all the long talks with Bob, they had made a decision. They would let their children be introduced to sex at this visit with Jim. After all that, she now had her son in her arms, and in her vagina. Annie pulled her son in tight and deep. “Oh! That feels so good,” Annie moaned with her pleasure.

Bob was treating his young daughter to thrill after thrill as he caressed, licked, sucked and rubbed her small breasts for her first time with a man. He was also finely attuned to Annie and Bobby’s doings. He recognized that moan of pleasure. He knew exactly where his son’s cock was. His was just sticking out into the water. Time to do something about that.

Pulling his head away from Mary’s chest, Bob held his daughter’s naked body tightly to him. He lowered her body, turned and carried her to the shallow end of the pool. When he got where the pool edge was just the right height, he turned Mary’s back to the edge and sat her down.

Mary wondered why her daddy stopped giving her breasts all that loving attention, but he had let her slide down until his big cock was right under her pussy and butt again. Mmmm, that felt good too. Daddy walked her over to the edge and sat her down right on the edge of the pool. She had to hang on to him tight to keep from slipping off. But now just the end of Daddy’s penis was pressing into her pussy, right on what she called her tickle bump, because of the sensation she got when she rubbed it in bed at night.

Annie was grooving on the feeling of her son’s little hard-on buried to the hilt in her. Her son was not going ape, as he usually did. He was quite still and just pushing into her body as if to thrust all of himself back up there. Annie was also keeping an eye on Bob and Mary, and when she saw him heading for the edge of the pool, she knew the time was near for Mary to lose her virginity. She moved close to Bob’s side in case her daughter needed her.

Bobby was just amazed at how slick it had worked to get his cock up inside Mommy. It was so warm and nice up there, and his cock felt so good all over, that he just wanted to pull himself up as tight to her body as he could. Besides, his mother walking over toward his Dad and Mary drew his attention to them. What was Dad doing to Mary?

Mary was thinking that having Daddy hold her close as she sat in front of him was one of the best feelings she had for a long time with him. She was loving the feeling the head of his penis was giving her clitoris as it set her tickle bump on fire. Just as the warmth was spreading up through her belly, Daddy let go of her hips, and held her shoulders. What did he want? Mom was lying down by her side, and holding her tight. What was it?

Bob took Mary’s shoulders and lowered her upper body down to the deck. He grasped his shaft, and rubbed the head of his cock up and down her slit, smearing his precum and her slippery juice from her perineum to her clitoris. He removed the hand on her chest holding her down to take it to his mouth for a dollop of saliva, which he rubbed over his shaft. Now was the time. Unlike his son, he knew right where the girl’s little treasure trove was. While he held her hips tightly, so she could not flinch or slip away, he spread her girly lips with his cock head until the tip was pushing against her hymen…

Annie saw that Bob was about ready to take Mary’s cherry. Her daughter was going to need her more than her son did. She slid Bobby back out of her vagina, and set him on his feet, telling him, “Later.” Then she lay down by Mary, and took her daughter’s upper body into her arms. She prepared to comfort the girl.

Bobby was intrigued by the sight of his sister, supine and yielding before his father. His dad looked like he was going to put it into her! Could he do that? Bobby had thought about his cock and his sister and he thought he might be too big for a little girl. But Tammy had knocked that theory all to Hell.

His mom was lying down by Mary. He walked around to the other side of Dad to watch. Bobby watched his dad rub his fat purple head around in that little slit, spit on his cock, and nestle it into her lips.

Bob thrust, shoving his cock right up into Mary.

Mary felt a sharp, tearing pain. She jumped, and would have sat up, but Mom was holding her down. She might have yelled, but Mom kissed her just as she opened her mouth. She had to be satisfied with a small, “Ouch!” That was way after the pain had hit, and had left.

Darn! It sure felt different down there. Whatever Daddy had done, it felt like she had been stuffed… SHE HAD BEEN STUFFED! Daddy had stuffed his cock right up into her! She knew it because she could feel his pubic hair right on her clit, and she couldn’t feel that cock anywhere outside of her. She knew there was a hole down there, because they had had a couple of special sex classes in Health, just for girls. Girls had been taught about periods, and babies, and that there was a vagina hole down there.

Bob felt his cock head tear through his daughter’s hymen and then slide into the slippery sheath right on down until he could feel the heat, and tightness, and the little tickling adjustments the sheath was making to accommodate its first cock. Bob held himself still until he could see what Mary’s reaction would be. Outside of her start when he penetrated her cherry and her small ouch, she had not said anything. He slid the hands on her hips down her thighs to her knees, and picking them up to hold them at his hips. He started to slowly and gently stroke his erection in and out…

Annie saw that Mary was going to be all right, as Bob started to stroke into her pussy. Except for a grunt when he picked up her knees, and then a soft moan of pleasure as Bob started to stroke into her, Mary did not seem to be in any pain. Annie kissed her again on the forehead, and then got up and beckoned to Bobby to come with her. She went to a lounge, and let the head down so it was like a bed. It was a double lounge so there was lots of room. She lay back on the lounge as Bobby crawled between her legs.

In spite of his close study of his dad and his sister’s joining, Bobby saw his mom beckon to him. He had learned from watching. Now he knew that hole was always in the same place on all girls, and it helped if your dick was slick, and a little spit worked good.

Now he followed his naked mom to the lounge and watched her lower the back. When she lay down and spread her legs, he knew just what to do. He began crawling between her legs and up the lounge. But then her red patch drew his eyes, and his nose caught a whiff of a pleasing scent, so he followed his nose and his eyes. There was his mom’s clit waiting for him, and right there somewhere was that scent source, and hey, he was gonna’ need some saliva down there anyway, right? So he got right down there, and started to lick up that juice as fast as he could. You might say, “lickety split,” if you wanted to make a bad pun. He thought that it was a totally delicious thing to do, and he did not neglect that big clit right under his nose either. It got licked and suckled up into his mouth.

Mary tensed up a little when her Daddy pulled her knees up, because it gave her a slight twinge of pain, but after a few of his slow, deep strokes, the slight discomfort went away, and she began to feel that special warmth in between her legs and up into her body. Every time her daddy pushed into her now, she felt his pubic hair come up to tickle her clit, and then something hard right under his skin right above the shaft bumped it and gave her a tickle feeling, like a hard finger rub. It felt kind of naughty to be doing this right out in the open, but that just added to her thrill. This was really fun!

Bob could not believe he was actually giving his daughter her first ride by a man; her first ride period. Annie and he had discussed how they should break the kids in, and they thought that Bobby and Mary would have sex with each other. But after seeing Bobby with Tammy, they decided that it would be better to have the kids broken in by experts. He and Annie were about as expert as you could get. By damn, his daughter’s tight little pussy felt good! Seeing his daughter was okay and happy, he doubled the speed of his strokes.

Annie was really proud of her boy. He was just getting started, and he already knew how to please a woman. He didn’t even hesitate at all to dive right into her pussy and… “OH!” Now he was sucking her clit right into his lips and stretching it. She loved that. Annie took one last look over to see Bob really pumping into Mary, then she turned her attention to Bobby. She took hold of his head with both hands, and pulled him up over her.

Bobby got the message right away. He crawled up his mother’s body as she urged him to do, Aad when his rigid cock felt pubis hair, he stopped. He felt one of his mom’s hands grasp his shaft, and steer it into the opening to her hole. He drove it home with one thrust, just like he saw Dad do to Mary. As he felt the warmth and the slick tightness around his shaft, Bobby began to pump. No jackhammer speed yet. He made long, slow, deliberate strokes, like he had seen Dad doing, and each stroke teased Annie’s “G” spot. He could tell he was doing something right by her moans and cries of pleasure. He stuck with what seemed to be working, because what he thought he was making his mom feel was making him feel pretty special too. I mean he was just a kid, and making his mom moan? Pretty darn good work!

Bob was getting more down to business all the time. The position he had Mary in was somewhat hampering his effort to penetrate her as deeply as he wanted. So he pulled Mary’s knees on up and open, and swung them up so her knees were up by her head. Now he could lean over her and penetrate her to the hilt, and each time, his pubis bone mashed her clit and brought a grunt of passion from the girl. Girls were amazingly flexible, so Mary was in no discomfort. In fact, now Bob could lean down and by bending his body a little, he could kiss his little girl on the lips. He did an opened mouth, passionate, very not fatherly kiss. Mary’s big blue eyes flew open in shock as his tongue forced itself between her partly open lips.

Mary felt Daddy shift her to a new position, and she knew why right away. It was going in deeper. But what felt best was the sensation of her clit being squeezed every time Daddy forced that big thing way up into her. There were so many good sensations now that all thought of pain had vanished. Mary had her eyes closed so she could see all the flashing lights Daddy was causing on her eyelids. Wow!

Then Daddy mashed his lips down on hers. Gosh, he never kissed her like that before! Was that his tongue? A French kiss like in the movies on late TV? Her eyes flew open. She felt her daddy’s tongue with her own tongue, and felt a jolt of passion go through her at the touch. She guessed it did to Daddy too, because he gasped and moaned. She and Daddy broke the kiss at the same time and her blue eyes stared into his blue eyes. She was ready to try that again. She lifted her mouth to him.

Bobby felt his climax begin to build. He increased the speed of his pumping and Mom did not hold him back now. She was holding his butt cheeks with both hands and urging him on with little cries of passion. Bobby tried to hold out, because it just kept getting better all the time, but the experienced woman brought her little boy to his second climax inside a female in one day. He grunted as his semen spurted up into his mother’s womb. Poor little wigglers, just as with Tammy they would find no viable eggs to enter and fuse into a fetus with.

Annie felt her son’s strokes become more purposeful as his climax neared. She had several small orgasms, a couple just from the thought of who was riding her, and where they were, and from seeing her husband and daughter engaged in a hot fuckfest only twenty feet away. She only had to let herself go when she felt the first warm spurt of her son’s orgasm, and she came to a shuddering, boy-ass-clutching orgasm right with him, one of her most satisfying, made even more so by a glimpse of her husband cumming in their daughter.

Bob felt his daughter lift her lips to him and he united his lips with hers in another passionate kiss, lips chasing each other around their mouths. At the same time he felt the young vagina convulse, around his cock, and Mary moaned into his mouth. Damn! She was cumming! His little daughter was cumming on his cock! That thrill took Bob over the edge, and he and Mary ground their bodies together in the throes of passion and release.

Mary and her daddy’s lips meet in another passionate joining that caused all her bones to seem to melt into jelly. She never thought a kiss would affect her like this. She felt hot flames all through her body, clear up to her ears and she moaned, “Daddy!” into his mouth. Her whole body tensed with the flood of heat, and almost unbearable pleasure. Then she collapsed back onto the cool deck, and slowly came back to earth. “Oh Daddy! What just happened to me?”

“You had a climax, baby. Your first orgasm. Did it feel good?”

“Oh Gosh, Daddy! I thought I had died and went to heaven.” She lifted her head and gave him a quick daughterly peck on the lips, and let her head down too fast. ‘Thud!’ the back of her head hit the cement deck. “Ouch! I forgot where we were.” She rubbed her head, and then felt a strange feeling as Bob pulled his shrinking cock out, and his copious flood of semen ran out of her vagina and down between her legs.

Bob saw the streak of blood on his cock, and quickly ducked himself into the pool to wash it off before his daughter saw. There was a minimal amount of blood between her legs, mixed with his semen, so he got a double cupped handful of pool water and splashed it between her legs to wash her off. The blood blended in with the reddish brown of the deck tile.

Mary shrieked and sat up. “Daddy! Why did you splash me? That was cold!” She made her pouty face at him.

Annie and Bobby had been lying together, enjoying the afterglow of their climax; now they disengaged and sat up to see what was going on.

Mary looked between her legs and saw the whitish semen still oozing out of her pussy lips. “Daddy! What is that stuff? Oh! Is that your baby making stuff? Am I gonna have a baby?”

“No, Mary. You can’t have a baby from that. I had an operation. Besides, you haven’t had your period yet. You are still too young.”

He lifted her down into the pool. “Swim around, and it will wash out.”

Annie and Bobby got up and went into the pool too. Since Annie’s vagina was larger, and Bobby’s flow was much smaller, and more watery, there was no overflow from her vagina.

Hearing the splashing, I joined the swimmers in the pool again. My two boys were engrossed in books in their room. We all swam for a while, and then we went in for a late dessert, and the company went to bed. They had to make an early start to the rest of their vacation trip in the morning.

Oh, and Bobby was not in his own bed the next morning. I’m not going to say anything went on that night, but both sets of sheets I washed that day had a couple of wet spots.



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