Miriam’s Dark Obsession pedoph

Miriam’s Dark Obsession
A frustrated housewife with a long standing obsession with young boys, relives a memory of lust fulfilled. The plot thickens when she brings her perversion into her present day life…
Publ. this site Sep 2013-…
Under construction, Nov 2013; 4,500 words (9 pages)
Miriam (adult) and a 10yo Mexican boy
Category & Story codes
Woman-Boy story
Fb – cons mast oral piv
If you are under the legal age of majority in your area or have objections to this type of expression, please stop reading now.

If you don’t like reading stories about men having sex with boys, why are you here in the first place?

This story is the complete and total product of the author’s imagination and a work of fantasy, thus it is completely fictitious, i.e. it never happened and it doesn’t mean to condone or endorse any of the acts that take place in it. The author certainly wouldn’t want the things in this story happening to his character(s) to happen to anyone in real life.

It is just a story, ok?
Author’s note
Thank you for taking the time to send feedback to the author at tomwaller(at)gmx(dot)com or through this feedback form with Stroker – Miriam’s Dark Obsession in the subject line.


Chapter 1

Miriam closed her eyes and slid her hand down her flat tummy. She hooked her middle finger into the top of her vagina, above her sensitive clit and worked it up and down. The pressure and release stimulated her and began to moisten her cunt. “God, I love my cunt… I’m gonna finger my fucking cunt all morning.” She spoke aloud though she was completely alone. Miriam loved the word cunt. It was vulgar and nasty and never failed to excite her. ‘Cock’ and ‘fuck’ were close seconds; but neither held the emotive charge of the word cunt. Her husband, Ron called it her ‘pussy’ or even worse her ‘thingy’. He even had their eight year old daughter, Steph, calling it her ‘pippy.’

Miriam was seldom alone, but today Ron had taken Steph to ‘Splash Works’. He and their neighbour Gerry along with his son Christopher had clattered off early this morning and the house went blessedly silent, Miriam had stripped soon afterward, laid herself naked on their comforter, splayed her legs and began her slow self-teasing ritual. She looked after five kids through the week, running a make-shift nursery down in the basement. She so seldom experienced the bliss of solitude and intended to lose herself in herself all day long.

Her left hand travelled up to her small tits and she began to roll her nipples languidly and moan at the sensation. She loved that she could make guttural and hungry sexual sounds aloud. Her knees were splayed, she continued to pulse her vagina and work on her responsive tits. Her body had remained lean and sexy through her twelve years of marriage and she still caught men and not a few women checking her out and ogling her body. She loved that and gave them every opportunity to steal a good eyeful.

Her Ron was a good provider and a sensitive, caring man, a great father, loyal friend, responsible husband, and an absolute washout in bed. He preferred lights out, covers on, silent sex. He would apologize if he thought he was hurting her or even if he broke in on her as she was dressing. Miriam longed for a rough fuck, a vulgar mouth, and a good old ass slapping. She wanted her tits pulled, even bitten, her cunt and asshole abused, and her mind fucked in a perverted orgy of lust.

She had enjoyed such a relationship in college and her brother had been a deviant little prick with her as she was growing up. Miriam loved those memories and relived them whenever she got the opportunity. And, today she had the entire day and all evening to herself. She planned to work her cunt and asshole over frenetically.

As she heated up she began to mutter about her cunt and sink into her personal, deranged, obsession, and her most cherished and secretive memory: a crystal clear twelve year old memory.

Halfway through their honeymoon, Ron was called back to Toronto. He had just been made the youngest partner ever at ‘Whitney and Burroghs,’ and one of his cases had gone ‘pear shaped.’ He insisted that Miriam stay and enjoy the sun and surf which was already paid for, “Stupid not to enjoy it.” She feigned resistance but longed even then to spend some time alone.

The wedding had been the capper to a frenzied two months. She was deeply disappointed with Ron’s sexual performance. Even though she had experienced his vanilla approach during their dating and engagement period, she had hoped that marriage’s stamp of approval would loosen him up a bit; but, no, perhaps even the opposite had occurred. Miriam foresaw a secure life ahead of her with all the comforts and none of the depraved sex she longed for. It left her feeling hollow and grey.

She got into her orange string bikini, the one that Ron objected to letting her wearing and sashayed down to the beach. She found one of the hotel’s unoccupied beach tents and set herself up on one of the lounges. She looked at the empty lounge beside her and smiled. She was going to enjoy the solitude. She lay on her tummy and undid the back of her bikini bra: two tiny orange triangles, released by just the pull of a string. She was half nodding but taking care not to drift off to sleep. She would pull the lounge into the shade of the tent when she was ready for that.

She felt the shadow of his body before she heard him breathing. She shaded her eyes and craned her neck to see a young boy, perhaps ten years old standing over her. “Anything… Mrs… tour… fruit… anything… anything.” His outline showed the slim hips and muscular little boy legs that Miriam was partial to. Her mind flew back to her brother Michael who introduced her to sex even though he was two years her junior. Michael was a little perv who could not leave Miriam’s body alone and, truth be told, she felt the same about his. She and Michael were left alone every summer and sucked, pulled, twisted and tortured each other all day long. Miriam, never got over those heady cock-filled days and she credits those memories with her obsession: little boys. It was so taboo, so unnatural, so socially unacceptable that Miriam loved it.

Their hairless little cocks, so responsive pointy, their slim little hips and indented ass cheeks, their beautiful tight little assholes, drove Mariam wild with lust. It was a disappointment to her that this hotel was full of young adults, couples really. She deeply regretted their absence at this swanky honeymoon hotel. She would even have enjoyed sunning beside Ron if there were little fellas to enjoy. She could have ground her mound into her beach towel and let her imagination run free.

She loved to lounging by a pool watching little guys run, jump, cavort. She would get wet and horny as soon as she saw a group of youngsters and would remain that way till they left. They were easy to chat up and their parents saw her as a beautiful girl with a soft spot for children. They smiled at her as she ogled their little boys’ cocks and imagined her hand slipping under their trunk’s waistband or up inside their leg opening. The delicious feel of a little boy’s cock enflamed her so.

She enjoyed boys both in speedos and in baggy costumes. She could see the outline of their little cocks in one and try to catch glimpses up the baggy legs of the other. Michael and two of his friends had started and fanned her obsession but she willingly fed it herself. Constantly masturbating and contemplating the boys she met in her day to day existence. Now fingering her cunt she slipped back into her twelve year old memory.

“Anything… Mrs…” he had said.

“I can’t see you in the sun like that, come into the tent.” She was straining and craning to see him. She felt a cool breeze on her small right tit as she twisted. She hoped he was staring and enjoying the view. He stepped into the tent and Miriam sucked in a gulp of air. His eyes were black round saucers, liquid and exploring. She could not separate the pupils from the iris, they were both so black and adorable. He wore an addidas t-shirt, too small and thread bare. He wore khaki shorts with a tempting hole inside his pocket lining. A finger inserted and wiggled about would have immediate access to his little boy’s cock. Her mouth began to water at the thought. He wore sandals cut from old car tires. He smiled down at her, a wide, white-toothed boy’s grin. Mariam’s cunt was sopping.

“Anything… Mrs.” He looked about nervously. He had doubtless been kicked off the private beach many times. She thought of Ron, respectability, and rules for a brief instant then gave-in to her hunger. She knew that she would. When would she have an opportunity like this again? She hoped to immerse herself in the perversion of her ultimate fantasy.

She propped herself up on her elbow, exposing both of her small, painfully erect nipples. She reached inside her beach bag and fished around for her wallet. She found a twenty and waved it in front of the boy. “Anything?” she purred. And she rolled up the bill into a tight little column. His little cock was erect, which encouraged her. She used the bill to draw tiny circles on his cock head. She wanted no doubt about her intentions and wanted to waste no time.

The boy was afraid and glanced around the beach, looking for the security guard. “Anything…” he swallowed hard as Miriam traced his boy’s cock with the bill. “A tour… signora… Anything…” Despite himself he pushed his hips forward. Miriam smiled her most wicked smile and inserted the rolled up bill in the hole of the boy’s shorts. She touched his cock with it and poked it a few times. He obviously wore no underwear.

“How about a tour of this? Hm?”


He was extremely nervous now. Miriam loved it. She stuck the bill into the hole and left it there, hanging halfway out of the tear in his shorts. She stood up giving him an ample view of her tits. The boy lifted a tentative finger towards them. Mariam took his hand and placed it firmly over a taught nipple.

“Number 19,” she spoke slowly and pointed to the end unit with the number 19 prominently displayed. “19” she repeated and drew the number in the sand with her toe. She took his hand off her tit and pointed to her unit with his finger. “Nineteen. Pronto.”

He nodded seeming to comprehend. Then he reached up and tweaked her pointed nipple with his thumb and forefinger.

“You like?” Miriam teased.

Again he nodded rapidly up and down. “Pronto,” Miriam whispered. She reached down and pulled on his stiff cock.

“Si, pronto,” he responded.

Miriam relived that first encounter, that initial feel of his cock, the eyes, the smile, the rude tweak of her tit. Her hands now took hold of her outer lips as she lay on her own bed. She slid them back and forth working her swollen clit between the moist fleshy lips. “Oh, my fucking cunt,” she spoke aloud. She slid back into reverie.

She knew how precarious it would be for the boy to sneak onto her patio and rap on her window. She was aquiver with excitement. She hid in the bedroom and waited. She wanted him to risk getting caught for her. It excited her. She dressed herself in a blouse, a half bra, a thong and a loose fitting flimsy skirt. She wanted the pleasure of revelation and to tease the boy unmercifully. She used to do that with her brother Michael.

After about ten minutes, which felt in her agitated state like two hours, she heard a faint tapping on the sliding door. She let him tap again then give a frantic hand slapping on the glass. She entered the main room and her heart skipped at the sight of him banging the glass for her. She slid the door open, took him by the hand and pulled him into the room. She slid over and shut the vertical blinds still holding his hand and leading him about. She took him over to the light switch and turned the overheads up full. She wanted them both to see everything. His hand was small and cool. She wanted it all over her body, probing her body lewdly and insistently as little boys do.

There was a half barrel beige chair that faced the fireplace and television. She sat in it with her legs wide apart and pulled the boy between her knees. Her skirt hung down between her legs, covering her panty covered cunt from view. She grabbed the hem of his t-shirt and pulled it up and over his head. He reached out and covered her right breast. She tossed the shirt then grabbed his wrist saying, “Uh uh. Not yet my little cunt toy.” She loved that he could not comprehend most of what she said. “This is all just for me, me and my starving little cunt.” Miriam could not remember ever being this wet.

She placed the boys hands on his head. “Keep them there!… Anything?”

“Anything.” He croaked out his answer.

She slowly undid his belt, three sizes too big, then his metal pant’s button. She had no need to undo his fly as the baggy shorts fell immediately to the floor. “Oh, my!” Miriam groaned. There before her starving eyes was a perfectly formed ten year old boy’s cock. It was uncircumcised and Mariam had never seen one of those. She was deeply aroused by the situation and the freshness child’s uncut cock. It was fully erect and pointing straight up to the ceiling. She loved how boy’s cocks’ did this. His knob was not yet bulbous but pointed and red, peeking out from adorable folds of pinkish skin against his brown Mexican shaft..

She bent down to take his shorts away. As she did so he stepped out of them. Her cheek brushed against the tip of his prick, then before she had even touched it with her hands she took it into her mouth, suddenly, ravenously she began sucking his cock. His entire prick fit easily inside. Her tongue explored underneath his foreskin and swirled about his sensitive cock head. She loved the taste and the newness of this and resolved to imprint this splendid child’s cock into her memory. She would study it minutely. Whenever Ron was politely fucking her, she wanted to be able to recall every millimeter of this cock, this illegal, taboo, forbidden, boyish cock. On their honeymoon, Miriam was going to cuckold Ron with a ten year old boy’s cock. What a delicious idea!

She pulled back and stared at the boy’s dick. “I used to suck my brother Michael’s cock all the time, at least once a day… Usually much, much more than that: in my bed, in his bed, in the adjoining bathroom. He had two friends Sam and William, I’d suck them off too.” She fondled his balls and cock as she spoke. “I love little boy cock: sucking on one, pulling one, just looking at them. This one is beautiful. I’ll never get enough of it.”

Miriam then kissed him, she explored his mouth with her tongue and sucked on his. He responded and was a surprisingly passionate kisser. He put Ron to shame and this aroused Miriam all the more. This ten year old was going give her a real honeymoon. His hands were still obediently on his head. She continued to kiss and devour his mouth. She was wanking his small cock steadily now and to her surprise, he began to pump and a load of warm cum spilled over her hand and shot jets of creamy sperm onto her blouse and skirt.

“Oh, aren’t you a little Latin wonder. This makes everything just perfect… look at that hot, taboo, little boy cum.” She scooped up a finger full and slipped it into her mouth, slurping it up greedily. She took the cock into her mouth and sucked out the remainder and cleaned off his shaft and balls. It tasted like long absent nectar to Miriam. She took a finger full from the fold of her skirt and brought it up to his lips. He pursed up and wagged his head, no at this. “Anything”… Miriam cooed. “It’s filthy and dirty and taboo to eat your own cum. That’s why I want it. Do it. Not Macho is it my little cock boy. Do it.”

She half pried his lips open with her cum filled finger, but then he relented and licked it up. She pushed his head down now and he voluntarily lapped up gobs of cum off her clothing. She had him suck her fingers clean and they shared a deep tongue kiss both tasting his fuck juice from each other’s mouth.

The memories, all flooded Miriam’s mind and she explored each of her senses in turn, reliving their first moments together. Miriam began to flip about on the bed then she clenched her legs together. Her first climax of the day. She would induce many more. Ron and Steph would be gone till ten that evening. Miriam wanted to stay naked, grab an occasional bite and give herself a full sexual drubbing, addling her own brain with multiple orgasms. She would cum till she screamed.

The boy, she intentionally never learned his name, nor shared hers, stayed with her for four days. God knows what he told his parents or if he had any parents to speak of. They slept and ate together in Miriam’s little condo, never venturing out the door: four days of unbridled fucking, sucking, tickling, teasing, spanking, hurting. Miriam’s depraved and sexually twisted honeymoon: all with a beautiful smooth little boy’s cock and ass and all without her prude of a husband.

Miriam crossed to her dresser and opened a small jewellery box. From under the velvet lining she pulled a set of pics. They were of him, her boy: first, in his original t-shirt, shorts and sandals, then naked with his cock pointing wantonly to the ceiling, then with him bent over spreading the cheeks of his ass wide open. Marian set them up leaning them against the framed picture of Ron on her night table. She absent mindedly fingered her cunt as she set up the boy’s pictures. She picked up the one with his but spread wide and kissed it. “I’m gonna make some toast.” She spoke to the photos. “Have some orange juice, then I’ll come back and relive our entire time together. Relive it at dildo and finger myself senseless.”
Chapter 2

Miriam savoured her buttered toast. “Fuck calories for the day,” she smiled to herself. Today was all about her, all about her senses, all about her needs, all about her fetish. She sat at the kitchenette and splayed her legs. That is how she had sat for the boy: her cunt wide open for his use or perusal. So much that they shared had evolved naturally and became ritual for their short time together. They were continually open for each other. Often in her everyday life, she would catch a long stored glimpse of his bald boy’s cock thrust forward for her pleasure, her inspection.

She felt a visceral stirring in her cunt and gobbled down her toast hurrying back to her marital bed in order to cuckold Ron once more with her ongoing orgy of memories. Fuck her boy lover where Ron slept and played at making love, as she relived her orgasms with her pre teen lover. She adored the thought of doing that to her husband every time he penetrated her.

She lay on top of the duvet and fished about in her night table for a small smooth hidden vibrator. It was flesh coloured and the closest she could find to a resemblance of a young boy’s cock. Miriam licked and sucked on the device and an image of her brother Michael’s demanding little dick passed through her mind. It was quickly followed by a rapid succession of delectable little cocks she had experienced: Michael’s parade of horny friends especially Jimmy and his hungry little incessant erection, the little boy in the park, her friend Doris’ son, the children she babysat in the neighbourhood. There were more but she removed the plastic cock from her mouth and placed it ‘just so’ between her cunt lips and squeezed her thighs together. Time to return to her love.

With her forefinger and thumb she moved the pretend dicky slowly, up and down. Her eyes closed and she drifted back to Mexico, to her paradise. After the boy’s first orgasm and their shared enjoyment of his thin almost precum transparent ejaculation, the boy once again placed his hands on his head and waited. Miriam had smiled at his beauty and his acquiescence. Then, she surprised him by standing up herself and clasping her own hands behind her head. “Anything.” She purred suggestively at the boy.

His eyes grew in wonder and his tongue darted out, licking his precious lips. “Anything.” Marian had repeated and spread her legs to afford him total access to her body. He swallowed hard, knelt, and slid a hand up her inner thigh. He looked up tentatively checking to see if this woman meant what she had said. He could not believe this fulfillment of his fantasy. In response Miriam spread her legs wider and thrust her hips forward in wanton encouragement. She observed that his responsive little cock was already stiff with lust. God, how she loved to stare at it. Then she felt him grab her cunt: suddenly, ravenously. She let out a gust of air and shuddered a powerful gut wrenching orgasm. Just like that: instant, deep. Her moans and trembling emboldened the boy. He stood up and pulled down her whispy skirt. He reached up and took her thong in two clenching fists, scratching Miriam with his nails as he did so.

“Yes, yes,” Miriam croaked out. “Yes my little fuck toy. Take me.”

Still on his knees her leaned his face forward and splayed her cunt lips wide open, looking, examining, exploring, inspecting, memorizing. He moved her clit about with clumsy hands and prodded her sopping cunt feverishly. It was the wonder and the intensity of his research that enflamed Miriam. She took her hands off the back of her head and wrapped them around his. Without speaking she used his hand to pinch her clit hard and pull down on it. It hurt her and she whimpered but did not stop. Then she slapped her own cunt lips. “Be rough my lover.” She implored him. “Hurt me. Hurt my cunt. Dominate me.”

He looked up curiously into her eyes. Then wonder turned to understanding and he grinned and his fingers took hold of her clit. He pinched, pulled, twisted as he watched her head loll about and tears come to her eyes. “Oh, my love, my love, yes, like that.” she gasped.

He now understood and it filled him with a new and urgent lust. He shoved her backwards and she fell to the floor. After a groan she searched out his eyes and said, “anything, my cock, my prick, my fuck, my lover, my fuck stick, my meat, anything.” He sat on her stomach and ripped open her blouse. Buttons flew and popped, pinging off furniture. He spoke harshly and wantonly to her. She did not understand a word but their meaning was abundantly clear. “Whore, pig, rape, fuck, cunt” these were her interpretations but she knew they were dead on. Her hips rolled back and forth in anticipation. He roughly yanked her bra up over her tits and began pulling on her nipples. He stretched them so that her back rose off the carpet and her eyes filled with tears.

“Oh my lover. Anything.” He released one of her nipples with his right hand. He swung it around behind himself and began to slap her cunt. Miriam opened her legs wider to accommodate, she placed her feet on the floor and pushed her mound high in the air. The boy was savagely twisting her nipple as he slapped her proffered cunt. She was calling out incoherently… Fuck… yes… cock… please… hurt it… spank it… fuck… you fucking little bastard, hurt me… They were both red and sweating with passion and exertion.

Finally he stood up and looked down at her. She was trembling with another orgasm. She lost count of her rippling climaxes during his perverted ride. She clenched her thighs together in order to relish the intense fluttering. “No.” He shouted and yanked her legs apart. He slapped her inner thigh. He gave her a set of instructions, none of which she understood. But he placed himself between her legs and lifted them high in the air. He pushed them further back and motioned for her to clasp her hands behind her knees. He wanted her in the trussed turkey position.

Kneeling between her legs he alternated between spreading her ass cheeks wide open and doing the same with her outer cunt lips. He whispered to himself in phrases of appreciation and awe. He settled back on his haunches and jerked on his beautiful cock staring at and memorizing her cunt and asshole.

“You like it? You want it? Anything. Anything you fucking dildo, anything.” She laughed aloud thinking of Ron. His prudish lights out “excuse me, dear,” vanilla sex. Here a young boy was proving a hundred times better: a lover, a dominator, a man. She melted under his inspection and ruthless abandon.

Crudely and surprisingly he thrust a finger up her ass. She sucked in air. Not since her brother had anyone inserted anything up her anus and she surrendered her passage to the boy. He twirled his finger about, exploring her colon. Then he resumed finger fucking it. Miriam clenched and released rhythmically. He released his hold on his cock and with the now freed hand began to slap her ass cheeks. “Yes, yes my love, my cock. Do it.”

To her wonder she felt another finger, then a third and finally all four, stretching, punishing, invading her asshole. After he had worked his entire hand up her ass and prodded about in there he yanked it out as suddenly as he had shoved his finger in to begin his fisting.

He kipped up and shoved his little boy’s cock in her cunt. It was small and smooth and hairless and she loved it. She clenched with her inner cunt muscles and enjoyed the feel of each millimeter. What he did next surprised her and she had not felt anything like it before or since. He took her outer lips in his fists and pulled her cunt onto his cock as he thrust his hips forward. It was much like the action of pulling on an old boot. It was so perverse… .so rough… so crude… so savage, that Miriam had another instant orgasm. He continued fucking her like that savagely and she actually squealed in lust and appreciation. He was digging his finger nails into her soft sensitive flesh and he slammed his pubic bone against her throbbing clit.

Suddenly he stopped and withdrew. He scurried around to her face and sat on her again he leaned back as he pinched a nipple with each hand. Marian took both his beloved cock and balls in her mouth and licked them lovingly with her swirling tongue. He continued yanking and leaning back torturing her tits. Then, Miriam began to suck him off with incredibly hard rhythmic sucks. This did not last long for the boy collapsed on her chest after he came with spasmic thrusts, flipping about like a fish hauled into a boat.

Miriam herself collapsed on her bed. Her orgasm was almost as intense as it was that time long ago. She rolled over and smelled Ron on his pillow and smiled. It took her minutes to finish humming inside her cunt, then she stood up and went again down the stairs to the kitchen.

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