Captured by Boyscouts pedoph

Mich Boyle
Captured by Boyscouts
The title says it all!
Publ. May 2011
Finished 2,000 words (4 pages)
Boyscouts (10-13yo) and Tessa (29yo)
Category & Story codes
Woman-Boy story
Fb – cons piv mast oral
If you are under the legal age of majority in your area or have objections to this type of expression, please stop reading now.

If you don’t like reading stories about women having sex with boys, why are you here in the first place?

This story is the complete and total product of the author’s imagination and a work of fantasy, thus it is completely fictitious, i.e. it never happened and it doesn’t mean to condone or endorse any of the acts that take place in it. The author certainly wouldn’t want the things in this story happening to his character(s) to happen to anyone in real life.

It is just a story, ok?
Author’s note
This story is another by Mich Boyle dealing with the subject of Woman/boy love. All comments and suggestions and criticisms are welcome. I invite all readers with an interest in this subject to write to me at mich_boyle(at)hotmail(dot)com) or through this feedback form with Mich Boyle – Captured by Boyscouts in the subject line.


Tessa walked steadily through the woods towards the low cliff edge overlooking the small mountain lake that she had visited many times before.Twice before she had spotted groups of young boys from a nearby boy-scout camp swimming naked in the lake and had watched them silently and unseen from the cliff above. On the first occasion she had stumbled on the boys by accident and watched them for about 30 minutes. She was close enough to see their slim delicate boy bodies gliding through the crystal clear mountain lake water and had noticed that some of the boys already had wisp’s of pubic hair and nicely developed boy sized cocks on otherwise totally smooth boy bodies. That night at home she had thought about the incident and found herself moistening and even touching herself to wild erotic thoughts of what could have happened. After that she found herself going back to the low cliff on each hike hopeful of seeing them again.The second time she had watched them for almost 2 hours and barely made it back to her car by nightfall.

They were just young boys aged around 10 to 13 but somehow the natural beauty of seeing them swimming naked aroused an erotic feeling deep inside her and she found herself returning to that special secret spot on each hike. At 29 Tessa was very attractive, tall with long flowing auburn hair and an athletic build just right for the hikes that she loved so much. She wore tight and skimpy denim shorts and a khaki hiking shirt.

Now, once again she settled on the cliff edge hoping that the boys would be there as before. They were there most weekends in the summer and once again she was not disappointed as she heard there playful shouts and laughter not far below. She had even brought binoculars this time and found a forbidden erotic joy in her peeping. There were at least 10 boys in the water and a few others tanning on the bank. Most were naked but some wore small speedo swimming costumes in various colours. Her free hand almost unconsciously and momentarily rubbed her excited clit through her shorts as she lay on the cliff edge peeping secretly at the boys.

What happened next to disturb the peaceful setting was sudden and unexpected. Tessa shifted position slightly and a small rock dislodged and went tumbling down into the water. The boys below looked up to see a glint of sunlight reflecting on her binoculars as she tried to move out of sight.

Boy voices shouted

“There’s someone up there.”

“Someone’s watching us.”

“After them.”

Within seconds, wet boys ran out of the water and up the side of the cliff to see who had been spying on them. Tessa tried to gather her things scattered around her but it was too late. The boys were on her quickly and surrounded her. Their surprise at finding a beautiful tall girl with binoculars around her neck, spying on them was as great as Tessa’s at being caught and neither the boys nor Tessa knew quite what to do next. She muttered about having only just arrived and wanted to continue her hike but the boys did not believe her and shouted that she was their prisoner now and that she must come back to their camp with them. She imagined trying to explain the situation to their scoutmaster but was surprised and somewhat relieved to hear that they had been left alone for the weekend to improve their camping skills. The leader of this pack, Ralph, commanded her to come with them and within minutes she was being escorted back to their camp.

At the small tent camp near the swimming hole she was tied to a tree and even more boys from boy-scout camp alpha came to see what the excitement was all about. For her part Tessa could do nothing about her situation. Her demands to be set free had fallen on deaf ears and now she had to just take whatever the boys had in store for her. The boys thought it was a great game to have a girl prisoner in their camp. She did however enjoy the sight of so many naked and nearly naked boys around her. Some wore skimpy scout uniforms comprising short shorts, red shirt and cap. Others that had been swimming wore tight speedos with small bulging fronts, and still others were stark naked. She noticed that some of them sported little boners, clearly caused by the excitement of suddenly having a beautiful girl in their camp. The thought that she was exciting these boys so much caused an erotic tingling in her like she had never experienced before. They were young and innocent and somehow she felt that it was all her fault in causing these reactions in them.

Ralph the group leader ordered her to be blindfolded and tied to a tree while the boys decided what to do with their prize.

After a whileshe heard boys around her again. They demanded that she undress shouting that she had spied on them and seen them naked. She refused. They demanded that part of her punishment was to show her naked body to them too, or they would report her for spying on them. Tessa playfully resisted but within minutes boy hands held her down on a wooden camp table while others untied her and removed her top and denimshorts and even her g-string. The thought of so many boys of such tender ages seeing her totally naked was wildly erotic and caused a wetness and excitement like she had never before experienced.

Tessa was naked, blindfolded and very excitedbut she could also sense and feel the excitement of the boys around her. She heard boy voices discussing what to do next and felt very excited as naked boy bodies pressed against her as they started touching and stroking their new plaything. She felt hands stroking her body on all sides. She knew from the excited comments what they really wanted and somehow, she felt a strange excitement of her own. After all she had come to the cliff to peek on naked boys after having so many fantasies about them. But this was real and for unexplained reasons she was enjoying it, after all these were mere boys barely starting puberty and she was not as frightened as she would have been had they been big grunting men.

She heard the boys shouting

“Take off the blindfold.”

“hold her down.”

They removed the blindfold and held her down growing more excited by the minute. She stopped struggling and relaxed allowing events to unfold. With the blindfold off she surveyed the wild scene around her. About four boys were around her wearing their boy-scout uniforms and caps. After stroking her body two of the very excited boys took a nipple each in their mouths and another two held her legs wide apart and gazed at her open pussy lips lightly touching the forbidden fruit. Tessa started to enjoy their attentions. The thought of so many boys desiring her and being affected so obviously by the sight of her naked body caused a wetness and thrill inside her like she had never experienced before.

The boys undressed now and even more of them surroundedher. There must have been twenty boys or more now. Her mind spun around taking in the erotic nature of her predicament. Almost drunk with desire for these boys each of her hands found a boycock to play with and before long she had another in her mouth. Her nimble fingers eased their uncut foreskins back and she began milking the virgin boys. The other boys seemed unsure what to do next but one of them sensing an opportunity caused by her own voluntary actions moved his cock to her now pulsating and hungry pussy inserting it slowly and beginning the natural motion of intercourse. She felt her lubricating pussy swallow the small 4 inch [10 cm] boy cock easily, like some hungry demon and she felt her wildly pulsating clit being stimulated like never before as he moved against her. The boy exploded inside her in less than a minute just as her own orgasm engulfed her whole body and made her cry out in complete rapture.

Tessa was wild with boy inspired lust and before long squirts of hot boycum from the boys old enough to cum, were exploding against every part of her body. As soon as a boy shot off in her mouth or in her hand another would replace him as Tessa reveled in her captivity enjoying the most erotic afternoon of her life. Still others waited their turn at fucking a girl for real sensing that she craved them and wanted them. At least eight of them lost their virginity to their wild girl prisoner that afternoon.

Much later exhausted, satisfied, but also humiliated she was tied naked to the tree again. She was spattered with dry boycum and her long auburn hair was wildly disheveled. She accepted her fate and settled down for the night. She had agreed not to tell anyone of her ordeal fearing the consequences of the truth behind her being captured by these boys. Somehow if people knew of her peeping, her captivity and “rape” at the hands of these mere boys would pale into insignificance. In any event it had not really been rape as she had enjoyed every moment of their attentions and even encouraged them.

Tessa fell into a late and exhausted sex induced slumber but was awakened in the very early hours by the whisper of a young voice in her ear telling her to be very quite and to come with him. She awoke to find a young good looking blond boy of no more than twelve helping her. He untied her and grabbing her clothes and knapsack led her away. They walked through the darkness for about 30 minutes to another campsite and he told her that she should stay there with him for the night and that at first light she would be free to leave. He offered to let her sleep in his tent while he slept outside but she refused suggesting that they share the tent.

She had been rescued by a wonderful and kind boy from a different camp who had heard of her captivity and decided to rescue her. Inside his tent and inside his sleeping bag she lay next to his warm nearly naked boy body wondering why he had risked a rescue. He whispered to her that she was very pretty and that she deserved to be set free from those wild boys at camp Alpha. She turned to her boy rescuer and kissed him deeply as a thank you before turning to try and get some sleep.

But Tessa could not sleep. She was lying next to the warm body of a beautiful and kind twelve year old boy and her newly discovered lusts for young boys created wild fantasies in her mind. Perhaps she should reward him for being so kind she thought as she turned to him and drew him closer for another kiss. He responded with innocent surprise but she could tell from his hard boner pressing against her leg that this boy was as aroused as any boy could be. Her hand moved on his slim boy body caressinghis skinny ribs and flat tummy before finding its’ way to his solid boyhood.

Gently this time she opened her legs and took another boy virgin into her throbbing pussy, helping and encouraging him until he erupted deep inside her flooding her with boy sperm. They made love through the night and Tessa had many wild orgasms until the sun peaked over the horizon and it was time to go.

Weeks later Tessa hiked through the forest again making for the cliff. Fantasies of wild boys had invaded all her senses since that weekend of captivity and she was determined to re live some of those experiences. This time she would be careful she thought. Perhaps she could find a lone boy in the woods or perhaps she would be captured yet again. She only knew that wild adventures lay ahead…

The End

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