Alice pedoph

by QM (


Older man, young girl, left alone and the inevitable
happens. (Mg, ped, 1st)


Her name was Alice and she was the sister of my
fourteen year old daughters’ best friend, only eleven,
an innocent, yet she drew my attention in a way that
few adult women ever could.

Until I first met Alice, there was no way I’d consider
a child as a sexual object; that was for dirty old men
in macs exposing themselves and more often than not
getting caught too. Yes I knew there were paedophiles
around, but sex with a child? Sorry, not interested
and definitely not interested in going to prison

We first met when my daughter Caroline brought her
friend Gemma home to play, along with them came
Gemma’s little sister, who had been placed under
Gemma’s care to get her out of her mum’s way much to
Gemma’s and Caroline’s chagrin. They simply wanted to
go to Caroline’s room and listen to music and talk
about the latest boy-bands.

Their solution was to stick Alice with me as my shift
work had me at home whilst my wife was out at work.

“Hi I’m Alice.” She smiled at me.

“I’m Dan, Caroline’s dad.” I said, not quite knowing
what to do about her.

She looked at me and at the computer.

“Can I have a go?” She finally asked.

“Ok.” I said, it would probably keep her quiet and I
could read for a while.

She sat down, a petite little thing in a summery
yellow short sleeved top, black trousers, dark hair in
a short bob, dark brown eyes, just a child really. She
quickly brought up a Facebook page and started to play
a few of the games there. I tried to read, God knows I
tried, but there was just something about her that
drew my eye.

I wandered over to look at what she was doing, it
appeared to be some sort of simulated café and she was
serving customers and baking cakes.

“Looks complicated,” I said.

Alice looked up at me and smiled.

“Not really.” She said, “But it is fun.”

I put my hands on her shoulders and gave them a gentle

“Enjoy.” I said and wandered back to my chair.

Just touching Alice on the shoulders had aroused me
slightly, her skin was very soft and she hadn’t seemed
to mind at all, there was none of this keep away from
adults mindset that they teach most kids these days to
the point where I’d be reluctant to even approach a
crying kid in the street such was the hysteria over
sexual predators. Not that I thought of myself as some
sort of sexual predator, I was a faithful husband,
loving father, yet somehow my thoughts that warm
summers day were turning to an eleven year old girl
and I was becoming aroused.

Sometime later I again wandered over to see what she
was up too, some game involving trains. I ran my
fingers up her back gently as I leaned over watching
her spine arch from the touch.

“Fun?” I asked.

“Yes.” She replied. “You move the trains and the
passengers around and make money.”

“Real money?” I asked.

“No.” she giggled. “Do you like playing games?”

“A little.” I replied. “I much prefer playing grown up
games though.”

“Grown up games?” She asked.

“You’re too young.” I said and kissed her on the head.
Alice looked up an me with a little smile on her face
and giggled as I rubbed her nose Eskimo style with my

We both jumped as Caroline and Gemma came downstairs
to get some snacks and I beat a hasty retreat to my
chair to hide my stiffening erection. My God! I
thought, what are you thinking? Get a grip of yourself

Caroline and Gemma soon went back upstairs and I tried
to read, but the clicking of the mouse soon drew my
eyes back to Alice. She was writing something on her
page, or one of her friend’s pages and was giggling a

“Hope you’re behaving.” I said.

“Just telling my friends about you.” She said.

“Not everything about me I hope.” I replied.

“Just that you’re nice.” She said “And don’t treat me
like a kid.”

“Nothing wrong with being a kid.” I said.

Alice rolled her eyes at me.

“Gemma says I’m just a kid and she hates looking after
me, says I’m too dumb to understand things.” Alice

I got up and strolled over.

“Well I don’t think you’re dumb.” I said, gently
squeezing her shoulder and tracing a fingertip down
her back. “I think you’re smart.”

Alice just beamed at me and gave me a spontaneous hug,
which caused my cock to harden alarmingly in my jeans.

“Better get back to your games.” I said.

“Getting bored with them.” Alice replied. “What are
grown up games?”

“Games grown-ups play.” I said, running my fingertips
up and down her back.

“What kind of games?” She asked.

“Things men and women do, kissing games and stuff.” I

“Oh.” She said. “Why am I too young?”

“You just aren’t ready yet.” I said, slipping a hand
round and just rubbing then patting her tummy.

“Why?” She asked.

“Because it might hurt you.” I said finally.

“Kissing doesn’t hurt.” Alice said.

I reached under her top and tickled her tummy making
her squeal and giggle.

“Because kissing is only the start.” I said. “Men and
women do things together to make babies and you aren’t
ready yet.”

“I can’t have babies yet.” She smiled. “Gemma can

“Only if she has sex.” I said.

“Ah.” Was all she said and went back to her games.
Whilst I beat a retreat to the toilet to relieve the
pressure, so to speak.

Fifteen minutes later Caroline appeared and said that
Gemma and her were popping over to the shops and
wouldn’t be long.

“Taking Alice with you?” I asked.

“Aw Dad!” She begged. “Please, please, please look
after her.”

“Ok.” I sighed. “Don’t be long though.” I said to
their vanishing backs.

I slipped back into the living room to see Alice
engrossed in a YouTube video, some cartoon with a
bouncy soundtrack.

“You get around.” I said.

“Your pc is faster than ours.” She said by way of

I gently stroked her hair.

“Well you can always come round and play with it if
you get the time.” I said.

“Mum won’t let me go out to a stranger’s house.” Alice

“I’m not a stranger.” I laughed. “But I know what you

“Wish you were my dad.” She said. “Mum won’t let me on
the pc hardly at all.”

I tickled her tummy again.

“Glad I’m not your dad.” I said “Dad’s aren’t supposed
to like their little girls so much.”

My fingertips moved up under her top to gently circle
her tiny nipples making her gasp in shock or delight,
I wasn’t too sure yet.

“You’re not supposed to do that.” Alice said.

“Want me to stop?” I asked.

“No.” she replied. “It’s nice.”

“Grown-ups do this.” I said. “That’s why it’s nice. We
do other nice things too.”

“Other things?” Alice asked.

“Down there.” I said sliding a finger over the crotch
of her trousers.

“Ooh!” she said and squirmed slightly under my touch.

I continued to just stroke her gently as her legs
slowly moved wider apart and she looked up at me with
a quizzical smile.

“Thought I was too little.” She said.

“You’d have to keep it a secret.” I said. “Even from
Gemma and your mum.”

“I know.” She said. “Mum said I wasn’t to let anyone
touch me down there.”

“Mum knows best.” I said moving my fingers away.

“Don’t stop!” Alice cried.

I slipped my fingers down again and began to stroke
her pre-pubescent mound still outside of her clothing
as she gave a little sigh of satisfaction.

We both jumped again as the front door banged open and
Caroline and Gemma raced up to Caroline’s room.

I relaxed slightly and went back to my gentle rubbing
leaning over to give Alice a gentle kiss with a flick
of my tongue over her lips.

“Would you like to do something nice for me?” I asked.

“Yes.” She whispered.

I took her small hand and placed it over my jeans
crotch where my stiff cock strained at the fabric.

“Just rub him gently.” I said.

“Ok.” She replied and moved her hand up and down over
my covered shaft.

“Mmmmm nice.” I said and Alice gave me a beaming smile
in return.

We heard the rumble of Caroline and Gemma coming down
the stairs so reluctantly I moved back to the chair
and picked up my book.

“Can we go to the park?” Caroline asked as she stuck
her head around the door.

“All of you? And which park?” I asked.

“Hodgkin’s Park” Said Caroline (About 20 minutes’

“Can I stay here and play on the pc?” Asked Alice.

“You should go with your sister.” I said.

“Aw dad, please let her stay.” Begged Caroline.

“What will your mum say?” I asked Gemma.

“I won’t tell if you don’t.” Gemma told Alice.

“Ok.” Said Alice. As the two girls darted out the

“That was naughty of you.” I said to Alice.

“So was what you were doing.” Said Alice, “But it’s
much nicer than going to the park.”

“True.” I said as I gave her another kiss.

We continued to rub each other above our clothing,
although I also slipped my hand under her top to rub
her tummy and nipples, luxuriating in the softness of
her skin.

After five minutes of gentle caresses and soft kisses
I finally risked popping the top button of her
trousers and slid her zip down to expose a pretty pair
of pink panties. Alice stiffened for a second then
relaxed, I think she now knew kind of where this was
going and had acquiesced to my touches.

I now rubbed her small mound through the thinness of
her panties making her squirm in pleasure even more. I
kept this going but also unzipped myself slipping
Alice’s hand into my jeans to grip my throbbing cock.
Alice’s eyes grew large as she felt my length, but she
didn’t let go just kept gently stroking it. Finally I
slipped my fingers under her panties and sought out
her hidden treasures. Her mound was soft and
completely hairless, but her slit was wet and I found
where she was sensitive to my touch as even in a pre-
pubescent girl all the nerve endings are there for
sexual pleasure. Alice was practically writhing on the
chair now as each caress of my fingers gave her a lot
of pleasure.

“Just go with it.” I whispered. “Don’t be afraid, it’s
completely natural.”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh!” Came a deep sigh as Alice’s body
orgasmed for the first time ever.

She looked at me with tears in her eyes.

“I thought the top of my head was coming off.” She
finally said.

“That was an orgasm, you came.” I said. “It’s why
grownups play these games.”

She nodded at me then smiled as I kissed away her
salty tears.

“Want to play some more?” I asked.

Alice nodded and I lifted her from the chair and
carried her up to the spare room, stopping only to
grab one of the water resistant picnic blankets in the
airing cupboard.

Laying Alice on the bed I slipped her top off and
kissed her lips and nipples teasing them with my
tongue. I also reached down to slip off her sandals
and socks before removing her trousers and panties.

Alice looked at me with utmost trust and I lifted my
own tee shirt off and dropped my pants exposing myself
to this little girl.

“Wow, your peepee is huge!” Gasped Alice.

“In grownups a peepee is called a cock or penis.” I
said. “It’s supposed to fit inside you and make you
feel good.”

Alice reached out to touch my cock and gently stroke

“I don’t think it will fit.” She said.

“Might hurt.” I said, “That’s why I said you were too
young. Still if you want to try?”

Alice nodded and I proceeded to sprinkle kisses down
her body until at last my tongue slid into her crack
and began to probe her hidden treasures.

“Oooooooh!” Gasped Alice as her body responded to my
probing tongue. “That’s nice.”

She was very wet and I ventured to slip a finger into
her feeling her barrier and applying constant pressure
on it until it gave way and I slipped in to the first
knuckle. Alice gave a shocked gasp, but kept twitching
as my tongue excited her young body with every
movement. I kept sliding my finger in and out of her
until at last I decided to take my chances and lifted
my body up between Alice’s legs and positioned my cock
at her soaking wet entrance.

“Tell me to stop if it hurts too much.” I said.

“Ok.” She said.

I slowly began to put weight on my cock to slide it
into Alice’s sopping wet entrance. Feeling first the
tip enfolded by her spasming pussy and hear her gasp
with discomfort.

“Want me to stop?” I asked.

“No.” she gasped. “Just slowly.”

I continued the pressure feeling ever more of my cock
pushing inside her until I was a couple of inches in.
Then I slowly withdrew before beginning the forward
motion again. Alice just gasped and panted during
this, no cries of pain, she wasn’t comfortable, but
clearly she didn’t want me to stop either. I kept my
thrust short and slow, but increased the depth each
time expecting to bottom out at some stage, though I
never did until my cock was ensconced in the tightest
smoothest pussy I’d ever imagined.

“Not too young at all.” I said with a smile.

Alice just smiled, her eyes wide in wonder as her body
got used to my cock being within her. Carefully I
began to move in and out of her feeling her muscles
ripple at each gentle thrust and her gasps became
small cries of pleasure as her body responded to
nature’s oldest call. I slowly increased the pace and
the length of the strokes and felt Alice respond
beneath me her narrow hips rising to meet my thrusts
and her cries increased until she stiffened and
screamed as her second orgasm overtook her and left
her helpless other than to look dazedly up at me. At
last though my own mounting pleasure took me over the
edge and my own orgasm shockingly intense blasted my
seed into the forbidden territory of Alice’s hot tight
tunnel of love.

“Oh yes, my beautiful baby girl!” I cried.

“Oh Daddy, daddy, daddy!” She cried in pleasure at our
first taste of forbidden fruit.

I carefully slid out of her and checked her over. A
slight blood flow mixed with my cum was escaping her
pussy, her face was flushed with pleasure and we

“That was so nice Dan.” She sighed. “Can I call you
daddy when we do it again?”

“Yes baby girl.” I replied, “You can call me daddy,
now and always, but only when we’re alone.”

I got her a tissue for her pussy and we quickly
dressed and just in time as the girls returned no more
than five minutes after we got downstairs.

We spent the rest of the afternoon just messing about,
though with a twinkle in our eyes and a glow in our
cheeks until Alice had to go home.

I couldn’t wait to see her again, I was now addicted
to this little girl.


Later that night lying awake next to my gently snoring
wife, I recounted the day’s activities and wondered
how Alice and I would ever get together again, but was
determined to find a way. I also wondered about our
next door neighbours daughter Ruth, she was often
around and more importantly on her own and only ten
too. She would often hug me, it wouldn’t take much to
test the waters there too…

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