His Dream Becomes Reality

His Dream Becomes Reality

James had started really paying attention to girls in junior high. All through high school he enjoyed several girlfriends but never really found one that seemed to fit his exact desires. Then one night he had a very explicit dream about someone, but he couldn’t quite figure out who it was. The dream happened three or four times and he would wake up with either some messy sheets or a raging hardon. Then, it all came together one day as he was sitting at home watching TV.

It was a typical Thursday afternoon when he heard the front door open from his spot in the family room. He didn’t even budge hearing his mom’s familiar footsteps down the hall and through the kitchen.

“James,” his mom said. “I’ll be out back on the deck.”

“Alright,” he said not looking away from his show.

“Hey James,” said a familiar voice.

He turned to look and saw his mom’s friend Kathy wave as she turned to go to the deck. His jaw dropped as his dream suddenly made sense, he had been dreaming about Kathy all this time. Sure he had thought about her over the years, recognizing that she was cute for a friend of his mom. Now it was quite clear that he had realized why none of the other girls seemed to be what he was looking for. His body responded to the presence of Kathy too and he raced upstairs to take care of business.

A few weeks passed and he found himself wishing he would see Kathy somewhere. Then, almost like a gift, he saw her at a local pizza place one Friday night. He was out with his buddies celebrating his 18th birthday and they were getting a good base built up for all the beer they intended to drink that night. Kathy walked in just as James looked up. She didn’t see him as she was focused on getting to the counter; she looked like she was in a hurry.

“Who’s that?” asked James’ friend Chuck.

“Oh, that’s Kathy, one of my mom’s friends.”

“Well, take a picture man, you are locked on.”

“Bite me,” James replied. “I better say hi though.”

“I know I would do more than that,” another friend said as James stood up.

He walked casually across the restaurant, just in case she noticed him

“Hey Kathy,” he said as he approached.

“Oh, hi James,” she said with a smile. “Are you here with friends or is your mom around?”

“Nah, I’m here with some buddies. Its my birthday, so we are out on the town.”

“Sounds like trouble to me,” she said with a grin. “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

He just smiled and fought off the sensation in his groin.

“So, just getting a pizza?” he asked, wanting to kick himself for asking a stupid questions.

“That’s usually what I do here,” she replied with a grin, recognizing that he was flirting with her. She thought it was amusing and it had been a long time since anyone flirted with her. “My husband is leaving for a business trip in a few hours and won’t be back until next week. I don’t have time to make dinner so he asked if I’d pick up a pizza on the way home.”

“That’s cool,” he replied, once again thinking how stupid he sounded.

She just smiled at him seeing the frustration in his face.

“Well, I guess I better get back to my friends. Just figured I should say hello.”

“I’m glad you did James. Always nice to talk to a cute kid,” she said returning the flirt a little. He blushed a little as he turned away. He made his way back to his table and took his seat quickly.

“So? You gonna score?” asked Chuck.

“Shut up loser, she’s married. Plus, she’s my mom’s friend.”

“So what? She’s hot!”

“No joke,” added another guy. “Look at those legs!”

James looked back over and was mesmerized by her toned legs that disappeared into a smooth black skirt that accentuated her ass nicely.

“What I wouldn’t give to tap that!” stated Chuck.

“I think you better stick to the easy chicks,” said another guy.

“Probably so, I hate having to work for it,” Chuck laughed as he grabbed another slice of pizza.

Kathy soon left with her pizza, giving James a quick wave on the way out. James just waved back, visions from his dream flooding his brain. The party continued into the night and they all ended up quite drunk, but James was preoccupied by thoughts of Kathy all night. The other guys barely noticed since they were all quite tipsy in a short period of time.

Friday morning was rough on James as he had quite the hangover, despite attempting to build a base for his beer. The guys had all crashed out at Chuck’s house and the place was a total wreck. Hours of video games, music, and beer left quite the mess. They all worked on getting rid of the mess before Chuck’s parents came down to check on them and managed to succeed with only a few minutes to spare.

Just before lunch, James headed home. As he drove along he couldn’t help but think of his dream and those legs he studied the night before. Suddenly, a crazy idea popped into his brain. He had to say it out loud because it surprised him so much.

“She said her husband is out of town… maybe she would like to have a visitor?”

The idea was ridiculous, but the more he thought about it, the more he liked it. So, when he got home he went to the family room and looked for some DVDs he knew his mom really liked. This reminded him of one that he had heard he say she’d like to rent. He decided he would go rent that movie and take a bottle of wine with him to visit Kathy later that evening. He knew she got home from work around six, so he would just try to get there soon after that. James was just hoping she’d be wearing another skirt so he could see those legs again.

The clock finally made its way around to 5, so James headed out to get his movie. After walking out of the movie store he noticed the new Mexican place next door. He stopped in quickly to see if they had carryouts and he lucked out again. They actually had dinners that were guaranteed ready in ten minutes. He quickly chose two that he thought his mom would like and waited. Exactly ten minutes later, he paid for the food and hurried to his car.

A short drive across town to a familiar subdivision, and he found his destination. The average looking ranch style home look very much like the others around it, but he hoped it held something very special in store for him. He was just getting out of his car when Kathy rolled in to the driveway. She waved as she pulled in the garage.

“Well well, what brings you here?” she asked as she walked back out of the garage.

“I remembered you saying that you were home alone tonight and thought maybe I’d just bring you some dinner.”

“That’s very thoughtful,” she said seeing that mischievous look through his smile. “What else do you have there?”

“Oh, I picked up this movie, maybe you want to watch it?” he asked handing her the case.

“I see you have wine too. I didn’t realize you were 21 already, considering you just turned 18 yesterday,” she said with a mild grin.

“Oh, well, I just brought this from home.”

“Well, I’ll just assume your mom said that was fine. Anyway, yes, I do want to see this. So, what are we having for dinner?” she asked as she walked inside.

James was elated that this plan was working although he was quite sure she would be no pushover if he was to fulfill his dream.

“I picked this up from that new Mexican place over on Kennedy.”

“Oh, right, I haven’t tried their stuff yet. You just have all the right ideas.”

James smiled to himself as he set the food on the coffee table and walked over to put the movie in.

“I’ll get some glasses and some silverware,” Kathy said as she walked to the kitchen. James could help but stare as those legs in another great skirt rounded the corner. This plan was working far too well.

Kathy returned with some forks, napkins and a couple of glasses. She poured the wine as he started the movie. She selected one of the dinners and complimented him on the options. He was quite pleased with himself as he started in on his dinner.

Twenty minutes later, they finished up eating and settled in to watch the rest of the movie. James decided maybe he should go ahead with his next step in the plan.

“Care if I turn down the lights?” he asked.

“That’s fine, the switch is by the door.”

James turned out the lights and went back to the couch, this time sitting closer to Kathy. She noticed and smiled a little to herself, thinking it had been a while since someone had a crush on her. They both became entranced with the movie but James casually put his arm across the back of the couch a little further into the movie.

Then, James got a bit of a surprise, as a very steamy sex scene unfolded before him. He found himself getting quite aroused and was quite glad the lights were out. He slid his arm down a little and gently rested his hand on her far shoulder. Kathy didn’t say anything so he touched her hair. Kathy was locked in on the movie as this type of scene is what she loved these movies for. She barely noticed James slide his hand along her arm. He started a cautious motion of rubbing her arm, getting all kinds of mixed sexual feelings between the movie and Kathy’s wonderful perfume.

She shifted a little in her seat and he pulled his arm back, not sure if she was giving him a sign to lay off. The sex scene was over now and he was sitting there, just inches from her. He thought he smelled sex and just hoped he was right.

Kathy had shifted in her seat because she felt the moistness building in her aching pussy as she enjoyed that sex scene immensely. Only after he moved his arm did she realize had it there. She was sure it was just that young crush and thought nothing more about it until a few moments later.

His hand slid off his leg and onto the couch, his finger barely touching her leg. She suddenly found herself acutely aware of him and yet trying to watch the movie. She felt his hand slowly creep up across her thigh and stop about three inches above her knee. James was loving ever second of this as he noticed she wasn’t telling him no.

Kathy was still fighting through the hormones that had filled her during that sex scene and was struggling to find a good way to tell him to move his hand. Just then he squeezed her leg a little and she jumped up.

“Damn,” he thought as she jumped from the couch. “I shouldn’t have done that.”

She quickly walked out of the room, knowing she needed to cool down. She walked to the kitchen and stopped at the island. Kathy was attempting to collect her thoughts when she heard the footsteps behind her. Before she could turn around she felt his body against her from behind.

“James? What are you doing?”

“This is something I have wanted for a such a long time.”

Before she could even say anything else she felt him lift her skirt. Then she heard a zip and the shuffling of denim. Something inside of her screamed at her to stop him, but something else told her she wanted this. He wrapped one around her waist and pulled her toward him. The other reached between her legs to touch her. She felt a weakness in her knees when his fingers roughly assaulted her clitoris.

Kathy braced herself against the countertop as he dug into her pantyhose with his fingers, tearing them along the seam.

“Oh…” she gasped in surprise, shocking herself.

James didn’t waste a moment as he pulled her silk panties to the side and slid a finger into her wet pussy. His dream was coming true and he knew he just had to take the prize. He leaned her forward a little bit more and used his free hand the position his stiff cock at her entrance.

“James, we shouldn’t…” she said, but he didn’t hear anything. His hips thrust forward as he entered her. She squealed a little at his assault but felt an excitement rush through her like she hadn’t felt in years. He began pounding into her with great authority, she was taken aback by his unabashed manner of taking her as his own. She felt even the veins of his hard penis as she thrust into her over and over again. James could not believe how good this felt and knew he would soon leave his mark.

“You can’t cum inside me, James. Seriously, I am very fertile right now and I could get…” was all she managed as he pressed himself firmly against her and she felt that familiar flood of warm semen deep inside her. She even felt herself push back against him as an orgasm shot through her from her toes to her fingertips. He held himself there, just enjoying the warmth surrounding him.

“That was amazing,” he said as he started thrusting again, only slower this time.

“James, I could be pregnant. That was not a good idea at all. I shouldn’t have let you do that at all.”

“Then why did you?” he asked as he gently pushed himself into her. His free hands now massaging her breasts through her blouse.

“I don’t know, but I can’t risk that again,” she said as she pulled away from reluctantly and bolted for the hallway. She ran straight in her room, but he was close behind and tackled her onto her bed. She squirmed a little but was no match for his size. He grabbed the seam of her blouse with both hands and pulled. The buttons flew away as he saw her breasts for the first time. The scant bra she wore left little the imagination.

James felt like an animal as he tore the bra away and began sucking her nipples. Kathy moaned as his assault was driving her wild. Her legs slid up along his side almost involuntarily and James took this sign as a good one. Shifting forward he jammed his cock inside her and she squealed again.

“Oh… yes… fuck me…” she said between his vicious penetrations. She could hardly believe she was begging for this as part of her kept telling her that she was throwing away her years as a faithful wife and mother. The carnal side of her was winning though and she wrapped her legs around him. James simply kept stuffing her with all his might, grinding into her like a mating animal.

He simply grunted with each thrust as their sweat covered bodies meshed together. Kathy held him tight as she stared into his wild looking eyes. She enjoyed a few small orgasms along the way and then felt his rhythm increase.

“James, you can’t cum inside me again, it is way too risky!”

He just nodded as he continued to thrust viciously; Kathy closed her eyes as she enjoyed this encounter. She could not remember the last time she had been taken like this. James felt his balls tighten again as he continued to ramrod her pussy with every ounce of energy he could find.

Kathy’s eyes flew open and she stared up at James as he once again buried himself to the hilt while depositing his seed into her fertile womb. A huge orgasm overtook her as the erotic sense of this situation entered her mind. Her pussy was quick to respond by milking every last drop of cum out of him.

“James, you really shouldn’t have…”

“I want to make you pregnant. I want you to be mine. I want nothing more than to fill you with cum until you have my baby.”

“James, you don’t know what you are saying. I’m old enough to be your mom and I’m happily married.”

“But, not happily married enough to not let me impregnate you.”

Kathy just looked at him as she knew he was right. He saw her last ounce of resistance fade and he started a slow rhythm again. She just watched his face and enjoyed the feelings that were flooding her now willing mind.

James would breed Kathy several more times that weekend. It was not love making as he was attempting to claim his territory. She willing accepted his cum time and time again, knowing full well that she would likely bear his child.

When her husband returned the following week, she surprised him with a solid night of sex. She knew that if she were to turn up pregnant she should make sure he had a good night to remember as the likely cause. Having been pregnant twice before, her instincts told her that James’ baby was already growing inside her so the time with her husband was merely a cover-up. Each time she felt her husband cum inside her she thought of James and how she longed to be with him again.

Five weeks later, after several secret nights out with James, she met him again at their typical location near the city park. Kathy parked near a grove of trees and James walked quickly from the shadows and climbed into the back of her minivan.

“James, I have to tell you something.”

He was already groping her and kissing her neck. She took his hand and placed it on her abdomen. He sat back for a moment.

“James, you’re going to be a dad.”

He beamed with happiness as he watched her to make sure she was not toying with him.


“Oh, very seriously.”

He hugged her tightly and then reached between them to unzip his pants

“No James, not here,” she said.

“I want to be inside you.”

She climbed back to the driver’s seat and he rode along patiently. Soon they pulled in to one of the nicer hotels in the city.

“Tonight, I want you to make love to me. I want you to make me your lover and show me how much you appreciate me being the mother of your child.”

He just smiled as he left the van and walked around to open the door for her. He led her to the room she had already checked in to and they fell together. All night they made passionate love and celebrated their impending joint parenthood.

Kathy never told her husband that the child she bore that spring was not his. James would meet Kathy regularly so that the child would be familiar with him. They would live with this secret for a few years, but eventually Kathy gave in to James and left her husband.

James and Kathy would have two more children after they married. James’ mother had been shocked by the whole thing but later embraced the couple and enjoyed her grandchildren.