Watching Her With A Friend

Watching Her With A Friend

Watching Her With A Friend

I’ve long fantasized about seeing my wife with another man. I’ve shared that fantasy with her, and she’s been kind enough to indulge my story telling while we’re together. Sometimes, she just rubs my dick while I tell her about it. But lately she’s gotten involved in the story telling.

She also knows that I love to see her in stockings and high heels. At 45, she has a body that most 35 year olds would envy. From her pretty face to her perfect ass to a great set of legs, she is the complete package. And she knows how to use it. Short skirts and very high heels are staples of her wardrobe. She enjoys wearing them, and adores the admiring glances from men years her junior. Sometimes, those glances become less than subtle stares.

Her name is Mary, and while she was very conservative in the early days of our marriage, she’s come out of her shell over the last couple of years. For instance, we were at a strip club in Memphis recently where she tipped the stripper, only to have the stripper remove her blouse. She admitted it scared her a bit the first time, but the frequent return trips to the stage were proof she enjoyed having a hundred or so men lust after her tits. One time, the DJ whipped the assembled men into a frenzy, asking if they wanted to see her pussy. She was shocked and just stood there until the dancer slowly and seductively lowered her skirt and had her step out of it. There Mary stood, wearing nothing but her black thigh high stockings and high heels. The crowd went crazy as she stepped down from the stage and walked back to our table. I should say strutted back to our table and sat down, still naked. A quick check showed she was very wet from the excitement.

It was about a year later when I started suggesting that I’d like to see her with another man. She was hesitant at first. She would go along with the story telling, knowing it made my dick stiff, but she wasn’t really into it. But as the time went on, she seemed to actually show some interest. It started when she mentioned it would have to be someone we both knew and that she both liked and felt comfortable with.

Enter Scott. I’ve known him for many years, and Mary met him at the Country Club after we were married. He is tall, good looking, charming and has always shown an interest in Mary.

Talk about inviting him over was the subject of many sessions as she sat in her stockings and heels and jacked me off. She would tease me and delay my release as she verbalized my fantasy. By the time she finally allowed me to cum, I was begging.

Well, as luck would have it, Mary came home one night and told me she had seen Scott at the pool. They got into a discussion about his pending divorce and how horny he was. Mary saw the opportunity and said “Maybe I can help out with the.”

His quizzical look was quickly answered. “Craig has always wanted to see me with another man. I told him it could only be with someone I’m comfortable with, and I choose you.”

He just stared at Mary in a state of disbelief. “Are you serious?” was all he could muster, to which she said “Absolutely. But just be clear. He will be there to watch, and you must remain discreet.” She also told him she would set the rules and the limits for the night. “I’m in.” was all he could say, followed by “When?”

She told him that she’d always found him attractive, and was ready for a little strange dick. Combined with the fact that I wanted to see it happen, she had the green light for a new sexual experience.

The date was set. It would happen Saturday night. And she had it all planned.

“I’ll start with a special fashion show.” she told me. Something to loosen every one up. Scott and I would sit out on the patio and enjoy a cigar while she served cocktails in a sexy little outfit.

She looked delicious in the first outfit. It was a very very short black skirt with black seemed thigh highs and four inch heels. We could almost see through the near-sheer blouse, and could almost see the tops of her black stockings when she bent over.

First she walked over to me, and did a little turn like a model on the runway. I asked if she was wearing underwear, and she told me I’d have to find out for myself. So as she stepped closer, I ran my hand up her leg, enjoying the feel of the stocking. I paused briefly as I felt her soft thigh above the stocking. Then, as I moved further up, my hunch was confirmed. She was not wearing any panties, and she was very moist.

Scott asked what I found out, to which Mary said he should find out for himself.

Mary walked over to him, and he did the same thing I did, with a big smile on his face. But as he started to withdraw his hand, Mary took it, and pushed it back between her legs.

I knew just what was happening, as she started to gyrate on his finger. After enjoying his touch for just a few minutes, she reached down, withdrew his hand and took his fingers to her mouth, sucking them dry like they were a cock.

With the taste of her own sex on her tounge, she bent over and kissed him on the lips, giving him a taste, too.

“I’m going to change into another outfit now.” she announced. As she started walking away, she rested her hand on his crotch. “Well, I can see I have your attention already.” And with that, she was off to change.

The next outfit was even more stunning than the first. A white garter belt with white stockings and white high heel pumps. While she had on some very small panties to conceal her sex, her see through white knit blouse left nothing to the imagination. Her tits were on parade for both of us. As she brought us each another drink, she smiled and said “either of you see anything else you’d like?”

Scott’s hard-on was visible through his loose pants.

“I can help you with that,” she said. With that she took his hand and held it to her left breast as she stood between his open legs. Then she repeated her earlier move of stroking his cock through his pants.

“He may have to come out for air.” she cooed. And before he know what happened, she drew down his zipper and had reached in to remove his cock.

I was in bliss. I was shocked at her boldness, and loved her more for putting on such a display. She stroked his cock until it became fully erect, then bent over to kiss the purple head. “I’m going to take my time with your dick. It’s been nine years since I’ve had a different cock, and I’m not going to rush this.”

With that, she took him in her mouth for a moment, making him moan. She withdrew, saying something like “that will keep you thinking of me for a few minutes.” She continued to suck on him in a teasing way for several minutes as I watched.

I could also tell she was enjoying it. Scott’s dick was not huge, but it is much larger than mine. She would alternate between gently licking him and then taking his entire manhood in her mouth. She was making us both crazy, him from the great head, and me from the great visual.

Then she came over to me, drew my dick out of my pants and repeated her performance. She didn’t have to say anything for me to know what she was thinking. She’d never seen my dick that hard and ready to explode. Her boldness made hornier than ever.

“One more outfit.” she announced, and with that she was off to change again.

Scott and I just enjoyed our drink, and he told me what I already knew. That I was a lucky man, and that my wife gave great head. He said he was happy to be invited and wanted to make sure I was OK with him fucking my wife. I assured him that I was fine with it, as long as I was a part of it and got to watch.

I’m not sure we were ready for her next appearance. When Mary walked back onto the patio, she was wearing a very sexy garter belt holding up seemed stockings, and she was walking on five inch strappy stilettos. And that’s all she was wearing.

She stood between us for a moment, briefly rubbed her own breasts and licked her lips. I don’t recall every seeing her look more sexy.

She walked up to Scott, nibbled on his ear and again reached for his dick, withdrawing it again from his pants. Her mouth slipped from his ear down to his mouth, and they traded tongues.

“I want to feel the cock inside of me.” she announced. With that, she took him by the hand, and they walked off. “Come on,” she said. “You’ve wanted to see this for a while and I’ve wanted to feel his dick inside of me for a while, so let’s go.”

They walked to the tall bed in our guest room. She told me to just relax in the big chair in the corner and enjoy the show. With that, she leaned him against the bed, and pulled his shirt over his head. Her lips returned to his ear, then down to his chest, licking and sucking his nipples before she returned to his mouth.

Moments later, she slid his pants down and he stepped out of them. She knelt down in front of him, and teased his dick for a moment with her mouth. Nodding for me to watch, she slowly licked up and down his dick and took his balls in her hands. Then she slowly welcomed his sizable dick into her mouth, working it in and out.

He leaned back as his eyes rolled back into his head. I’ve had many a blow jobs from Mary, so I know what he was enjoying.

She continued to work her oral magic on his dick until it was clear that it was rock hard and ready to explode.

Before he knew it, Mary had Scott on the bed, on his back. I was amazed at what I was seeing. She climbed on top of him and lowered her now drenched pussy onto his poll. She rode him up and down for a length of time that was impressive. I know that I would have blown my load by then. It just seemed to make him stronger. That’s when she had her first orgasm, and was clearly enjoying herself. Maybe more than she thought she would.

She climbed off his dick, and positioned herself on all fours facing me. “Get in from behind.” was her simple order, and he complied. Up on his knees, he spread her ass cheeks and slowly plunged his dick into her soaking pussy from behind. She’s always liked it that way. He sawed in and out of her pussy, and now it was her time to moan. I know that his big dick was reaching parts of her pussy too deep for my much smaller dick to reach.

She motioned for me to come closer, and as he continued to saw in and out of her, she reached for my dick. She didn’t suck on me, but just played with my lightly. Again, I thought I would explode all over her.

“I just want to keep you involved.” She said. Then, she send me back to my chair with the instruction that I was to continue to play with myself, but not to cum.

I’ve never had an order so hard to follow. I barely touched my dick as Scott continued to saw in and out of her. And then it hit. I saw her beautiful eyes open wide. Her breathing quickened, and she started to moan, followed quickly by gasps and several calls for the Lord. That was her second orgasm.

He rolled her over, pulled her legs over his shoulders and continued to give her all she could handle. I couldn’t believe how long he was lasting. Finally, I saw his balls starting to tighten, and then it was his turn to cum.

His breathing was heavy, his eyes closed, and he said “you have the best pussy I have every felt. Ever.” as he finished pouring his seed deep inside of her pussy.

He rolled over to catch his breath. As they both relaxed, she summoned me over. I still had not had a release and would do anything at that point. Mary knew and enjoyed the power. She reached into her pussy, getting two fingers wet with their combined juices, and raised those fingers to my mouth.

I eagerly took them into my mouth.

Scott said he had to leave, and got up to get dressed. As he bid us farewell, Mary told me to finish what I’d started, as she pointed to her pussy.

She came again almost instantly when my tongue touched her swollen wet pussy.

I was shocked at how sexy it felt to lick her freshly fucked pussy, and I think she was shocked at how much she enjoyed that power over me.

With that, she climbed on top of me, and I slipped into her. I was too excited. I only lasted about 90 seconds before I blew my load.

I thanked her with a deep kiss, and we fell asleep.

I wasn’t sure how she’d feel about it the next morning. But I was worried for nothing. She was not at all uncomfortable.

“I know you loved it, and so did I,” she said. “I’ll do it again any time you want and I’ll love it. Or, I’ll never do it again. It’s up to you. But I will tell you this. It was fantastic and I loved teasing you both, showing off and every bit of what we did.”

I’m pretty sure we’ll have a repeat.