Wrong Number

Wrong Number

Fun little story, with a little ‘fun’ sex, but nothing hard. Probably unlikely in real life, but what the hell, it’s a story. I invented it. It didn’t happen in real life.


“Damn it!” The attractive twenty-eight year old brunette muttered under her breath, as she put her I-phone back down on the bar in front of her. “All dolled up and ready for a great night out, and my damn husband has to stay on at work and finish some stupid project. Why couldn’t he have rang me before I left home?”

She sat there silently fuming, the upmarket decorations of the upmarket lounge bar she was sitting in lost to her for the moment. She’d spent half the late afternoon primping and preparing herself for that evening out with her husband, carefully choosing the little black dress that he loved so much; the one that was so short and plunged so daringly, that their golden rule was that it only came out for their special evenings out together.

“All this leg and cleavage on display,” she thought to herself. “With nobody around to appreciate it.”

But she was wrong!

Oh how she was wrong.


The man, he was close enough to the standard tall dark and handsome that few but the very fussy would call you on it. Thirty-two years old, well dressed and shoes freshly polished. He’s been watching the pretty young dark haired woman since she’d breezed in just five minutes before, instinctively licking his lips as he admired her long shapely, bare, tanned legs, with their dainty little high heeled shoes at one end, and the flouncy, questionable excuse for a skirt at the other.

And such a long tantalising length of leg in between them!

And so damn shapely.

The top, what there was of it, plunged daringly down between the swell of her full breasts, a worryingly fragile looking silver clasp appearing to be the only thing holding the whole thing together.

His mind was working overtime.

You may have been there? I bet yours would as well.

He’d seen and taken note of her reaction to the phone call she’d just taken, and knew that with a girl as pretty as the one sat by the bar, dressed as she was, if he didn’t make his move soon, then there’d be a queue. So, raising himself from the shadows of the alcove where he’d been observing the bar from, he stepped quickly over towards the girl, feeling confident about himself, but not sure exactly how his approach would be accepted.

“Hi there,” he started, flashing her his number one special smile. “You seem to be all on your own. Can I get you another drink?”

The girl, woman maybe, looked up at him, her surprise registering on her lovely face as she took in quite how hunky her new admirer was. Without answering she glanced up and down at this new man, liking what she saw, suddenly acutely aware of just how revealing her attire was, as she sat there, the skirt of her already overly short dress having ridden even further up her silky smooth thighs, and the flimsy plunging top offering very limited cover to her otherwise bare breasts, as the handsome dark haired man stood there, looking down at them.

Staring at them. Enjoying the view, and making the most of his priveledged position.

He made no pretence that he was doing anything but admiring all the bare flesh she was displaying, and she made no immediate move to spoil his viewing pleasure.

The woman breathed in deeply to steady her rapidly pounding heart, realising too late that the effect it would have, and the increased threat to the little silver clasp, would do nothing to diffuse the situation.

This turn of events had taken her totally by surprise, and she recognised that her evening could well turn out somewhat different to how she had expected.

But what to do now?

Put the man in front of her in his place or go along with it?

She knew that she really ought to remind the man that she was a happily married woman.

“Another drink would be fine,” she verbalised her decision, throwing him a smile, wondering whether she’d made a terrible mistake.

“A gin and tonic with ice but no lemon for the lady please bartender,” the man called out to the guy behind the bar. The very same bartender who’d been hovering close by, enjoying the stolen views of the sexy woman in the skimpy dress, that was about to be stolen from him by the newcomer.

The drink for her and a new one for the man in front of them, and the bartender sloped off to the other end of the bar, his interest more in the chance of a good tip, rather than hanging round to spy.

“Gordon. Gordon Mayhew,” the man introduced himself offering her his hand.

“Lisa,” answered the girl with yet another friendly smile, absolutely sure that his real name wasn’t Gordon, any more than hers was Lisa.

All part of the game in a bar like this, as she took his large hand in her small one, the pair of them holding on to the other’s hand for much longer than good manners would normally require.

“All on your own Lisa?” The man enquired politely. “Not expecting anyone to arrive and demand what I’m doing chatting up his beautiful young girlfriend?”

“All on my own Gordon,” the girl confirmed, the use of his given name seeming strange. It somehow didn’t suit him. “I was expecting someone, but he’s not coming.”

“Your date’s let you down has he?” He asked, a look of surprise on his face. “He must be mad to miss out on an evening with a wonderful young lady like you.”

“He wasn’t exactly a date,” the girl giggled back at him. “At least not a normal sort of date.”

“Business perhaps?” He queried.

“Not exactly business. More a long time arrangement.”

“A financial arrangement? Is that what you mean?”

“Sort of,” she chuckled, mostly to herself, amused at the play on words that avoided her admitting that it was her husband that she’d been waiting for. “He paid for this dress that I’m wearing for example.”

“And the shoes?”

“Yes, them as well.”

“And your panties?” The man boldly demanded next. “Did he pay for those?”

“I suppose he did,” she replied, blushing at her own daring, her mind flashing back to the tiny thong that she had slipped on just a few hours earlier. The very one, that by then was beginning to get very damp indeed.

“But apparently he wasn’t generous enough to buy you a bra,” he continued, making a point of staring down at the curve of the inside of her breasts, clearly visible between the gap down the front of her dress.

“Apparently not,” she agreed, her own eyes glancing down to where his were, the impossibility that she had a bra on that evening more than obvious.

The pair of them looked up, holding one another’s eyes for some moments in silence, both wondering where the hell this was going. Where would it end up?

“It seems that perhaps I have read you wrong then, beautiful young lady,” the man took the initiative. “It would seem that you are a woman who expects her ‘arrangements’ to be of a financial nature. A — eh — professional lady should I say. But a particularly pretty and sweet one.”

She gasped, trying to hide it. Oh God the evening was going so very different wasn’t it. She felt herself becoming flustered, realising that her words had been taken the wrong way. Realising, with a sinking feeling that he was suggesting that she was a prostitute.

She’d have to put him right there!

Or would she?

A real live fantasy and perhaps she’d risk playing him along for a little longer.

What to do next?

She simply smiled back up at him.

“So what would three hundred buy me?” He questioned her, grinning at how his own evening was turning out so unexpectedly.

“Not a lot,” she replied calmly, having absolutely no idea what the going rate might be, but feeling that if she had been selling, then she should be worth quite a bit more than that. Not that she planned on actually going through with it, did she?

Did she?

Well, did she?

The guy — Did he call himself Gordon —- Whatever, he was awfully cute, and ….. Well ….. Oh God, her panties were becoming awfully damp and sticky. Made thinking clearly, very difficult.

“Well I’m a three hundred maximum sort of guy,” she heard the man replying to her rejection. “I’ve got quite a lot to offer myself honey, and I’m not really used to paying for it. If you weren’t so damn pretty and sexy …..”

He left the veiled threat of walking away from it all unspoken, but the message was clear. It was her chance. Her one clear chance. Her chance to smile sweetly at him, stand up, straighten her dress, say goodnight and walk away. Her chance to escape from the situation she’d got herself into without further embarrassment. Perhaps she’d treat the handsome devil to a peck on the cheek. Perhaps he deserved that much.

“Three hundred eh.” She heard herself saying. “That’s really all?”

“Three hundred,” he nodded, taking out his wad of money and counting out notes, away from any prying eyes. “Take it or leave it. But it’s a good offer.”

“Right,” she decided on the spur of the moment. “But I’m not going up to your room, or out to your car. For three hundred you get what you can get right here in this bar. Anything that doesn’t cause a fuss, embarrass us or get us thrown out.”

She sat there smiling confidently at him, convinced that she’d called his bluff, sure that he wouldn’t go for it. What on earth could he demand in a public place like that, that would be worth his three hundred?

“Fine,” he said quietly to her surprise, sliding the wad of notes down the bar to her. “Let’s see those lovely breasts of yours for starters.”

Oh shit!

Oh damn it. What to do now?

“”Come on Lisa,” he encouraged her. “Give me a show.”

She peered round the bar area in some desperation, checking that nobody was overlooking them and that the barman was not close by. She felt trapped by her own stupidity but couldn’t see any way out of it; not without making a fool of herself. Some fantasy eh?

It would be so easy to do as well. With the dress she had on, it would just be a matter of sliding the edge back an inch or so to expose her nipple to him. Damn it; with the dress she had on, then he’d probably already glimpsed it several times already. Certainly the barman must have done earlier when he’d been hovering around her on the other side of the bar. Taking a big breath to steady herself, she tucked her forefinger inside the side of her dress, and with her insides turning somersaults, slid the dress slowly aside, gasping lightly as she felt it catch on her rock hard nipple, then shivering involuntarily as felt the nipple break free, aware that she’d exposed it to HIS eyes. Aware that she was displaying her full breast to him.

What the hell!

Tucking her dress in behind her now fully bared breast, she reached over to the other side and did the same to the other one, her breathing speeding up as she sat there, smiling, both bare breasts thrusting out at him.

She found herself enjoying it, and one look at the man in front of her made it clear that he was to.

“Beautiful,” he commented calmly, simply, truthfully. “Can I touch them?”

She closed her eyes and nodded her head in agreement, unwilling to trust her voice as excited as she was. Her body going rigid, then shaking with pent up passion as she felt his finger tips caress her naked breasts, tracing their way round the curve of them, then squeezing them gently, cupping them, kneading them firmly. Unable to conceal a muffled squeal as he took her nipples between his fingers and rolled them, squeezed them, pulled firstly gently, and then less gently at them, as she thrust her breasts forward at him, ever more eager for his touch.

“Why don’t you pop into the toilets and slip your panties off for me,” he whispered to her, still toying with her breasts.

“No way,” she shot back at him, her mind reeling but aware of where that might and probably would lead. “We have a deal and I said not leaving the bar.”

“Take them off here then,” he counter offered with a grin.

“No way,” she repeated, clutching her hand to her mouth to suppress the squeal that she felt coming as he mauled her burning tits harder, squeezing her sensitive nipples even more roughly. She loved it!

“If you don’t take them off, then I’ll make you scream out loud,” he threatened.

“You want them off so badly,” she replied without thinking. “You take them off.”

It became another of those ‘what the hell’ moments.

He slid her dress slowly up the little of her thighs that it still covered to expose her tiny thong, and she lifted her bottom up off the stool to allow him to slide it off. She shivered as she felt the flimsy garment slide down, gasping as the sticky bit between her legs came loose with a jerk, and sighed deeply as she sensed more than felt him slide them down her thighs, over her knees, down her shapely calves, catching for a moment on the heel of her shoe, till they were free.

That was it!

She was sat there in a public bar with no panties on, her dress almost to her waist, and her tits out on display, and this man standing there grinning at her, enjoying the display.

“You can touch me down there if you want,” she told him, almost begged him, all pretence at any modesty long beyond recall. Opening her thighs wide to him, inviting his touch, oblivious to anything else around her.

He reached down and slid his finger slowly up her wet slit, giving her clit a gentle flick as he pulled it away.

She gasped.

She wanted more.

She craved more, but he stood there, teasing her, tormenting her, enjoying her desperation.

“Please!” she called out, a little louder than she meant to.

“Let’s get a bit kinky, shall we?” he further taunted her.

“Anything,” she cried out, grabbing his hand and trying to direct it back down to between her legs.

“Let’s go to your house or my house. Choose now,” and when he noticed that she opened her mouth to say no or to refuse to leave this bar, he continued,”and I don’t accept refusal.”. She was now beyond her previous refusal and she accepted to go to her house.

=== There’s two ends to this story ===


(from Wife Plans Surprise For Hubby)

End#1: His name is Scott.

But he first suggested that they went to an Italian place with quiet, dark and secluded booths. They sat very close. They held hands often and shared a small kiss as well. After they finished eating, his hand fell on her bare thigh. It remained there as they talked though soon she sensed it was moving slowly upward. She made no move to resist. Then suddenly, their eyes locked and he leaned in and kissed her deeply. She had longed for it badly and it felt incredibly wonderful. She felt bad too but even that seemed to be exciting her as well.

As their kiss grew more passionate, his hand too inched higher. Sure no one was able to see under the table in the dim light, she simply spread her thighs to grant him better access. She jumped as she felt his fingers brush against her most personal place. As he kissed her and began to rub her through the lacy fabric she had to remind herself to breathe. She felt his hand try to move the fabric to the side. She spread her legs wider. Their tongues darted back and forth in each others mouths as his fingers worked their way into her soaking wet hole. Her right hand felt its way to his crotch and began to caress his bulging hard on through his slacks. It felt very large. She couldn’t wait to get her hands on it.

She couldn’t stop herself now if she wanted to. She was too turned on by Scott and besides, it was all her damn husbands fault for making her want to do it anyway. She quickly reminded herself that her husband wouldn’t be upset and that she wasn’t doing anything wrong and should enjoy herself as much as possible as she was sure her husband would want her to. It still felt weird to her, but Scott’s fingers quickly averted her attention back to what he was doing.

She couldn’t believe she was letting him, or anyone, do what he was doing, where he was doing it. Moments later she couldn’t have cared less if the whole damn restaurant was watching. His fingers found her clit and she virtually exploded in a quite arousing orgasm.

He was the only one who noticed but she still felt embarrassed. She had never cum like that in public to be sure. And by a man she just met. It felt incredible. Scott was very excited. When it hit, her eyes had rolled back and she made an intriguing little noise as she simultaneously sucked in her breath and, in an attempt to keep from crying out, bit her lip. Still a whimpering kind of cry did escape. Her back arched and her legs stiffened. Her thighs clamped down on Scott’s fingers, holding them in place. She shook silently for several seconds. Finally, slowly she began to relax. She could not believe that just happened. She no longer wanted to go to the theater. She suggested to Scott that they go back to her place and watch a movie there. He quickly agreed. They paid the bill and left.

Pulling out of the parking lot, she was beginning to feel quite mischievous now. She leaned over and began to rub his cock through his slacks. It was hard instantly. Then she began to unbutton his pants and soon she had his hard dick in her hand. He was trying hard to concentrate on driving. She was concentrating on his dick. She loved to way a man reacted to being touched by a woman. He was beginning to moan loudly. His dick was nice she thought. It was pretty big and thick. Her husband satisfied her fine but she was pleased that Scott had a large cock. He told her what she was doing felt great. When he came to a light, she leaned over and sucked the head of his cock into her mouth. This gave her a serious rush. To have another mans dick in her mouth in a car at a stoplight seemed so bad. Yet it thrilled her so much. She swallowed more of his rigid tool. He was going nuts now. Driving was tough but they weren’t far away. He kept telling her she was so fucking hot and that her mouth felt so damn good. She started to suck harder now. Inspired by Scott’s obvious enjoyment she wanted badly to impress him.

He pulled into the visitor parking at the complex and quickly shut off the engine. He was glad not to have to concentrate on driving. She was so into what she was doing that she hadn’t even noticed the car turn off. A few moments later, he got louder and his body tensed. Before she realized what was happening he had filled her mouth was his load of cum. It turned her on to have her mouth filled with another mans cum. She couldn’t believe it, but she knew this would be a highlight later for her husband, and that drove her crazy with lust. She did her best to swallow as much as she could but a bit dripped down her chin and onto her pink top. She sat up and looked at him with glazed eyes and a satisfied look on her face. She wiped her chin with her fingers as Scott began to tell her what an incredible blowjob that was. She jokingly commented that she needed to change her shirt now and they quickly moved inside.

She told him to get comfortable on the couch and she would put a movie in and go change her shirt. As he got comfortable, she put in a porno and left it playing as she went off to change. He had told her many times how much he loved the picture of her in her blue baby doll. She changed into it now. She couldn’t believe what had happened already. Her husband would be going nuts later hearing all about it. She was going to have a lot of sex tonight. She was so excited. She laid back on the bed and began to rub herself through her blue thong. She was so wet. So hot. She slid her hand under her panties and began to rub her clit. She was so horny. She couldn’t believe her husband actually wanted her to fuck other men, but nonetheless she was going to enjoy her freedom while making his fantasy reality. She thought for a moment about calling him to tell him what she was doing. That would have made him crazy with lust being at work and knowing but not being able to do anything. No, not this time. He would get the full rundown as soon as he got home. She imagined his reaction as she played with herself. She replayed in her mind what had already occurred. She started to imagine her husband eating her pussy as she told him how he fingered her to orgasm in the restaurant. She imagined the look on his face when she told him she swallowed Scott’s cum. She was beginning to lose herself when a knock at the door interrupted her. She cried out to him that she’d be right out.

His eyes were transfixed as she made her appearance in the nearly invisible blue fabric. His jaw dropped. She sat next to him and they locked in a long, deep, embrace. He kissed her hard. She broke it off though and said they had to watch the movie. She had picked out an all girl flick. She knew guys got off on the idea of girls fucking other girls. She’d even fantasized about the idea. She knew her husband would love to see her do it was another girl and they had purchased this movie recently. Scott quickly commented that he loved to watch two girls together. She asked him if that meant he had, and he told her that his ex-girlfriend was bisexual. She decided to turn him on. She told him that she had never been with a woman but that she thought about it all the time. Not quite the truth but it got the reaction she was seeking.

She once again worked his cock free from his pants as she told him that she’d love to eat a girl out. His excitement was obvious. He began to take over, telling her how much he’d love to see her lick another girls pussy and things like that. Meanwhile she leaned over and once again began to suck on his delicious hard cock. Though they barely knew each other, there was an incredible sexual attraction between them. The passion was intense. He removed his shirt and they both removed his pants. She decided they should move to the bedroom because she knew it would excite her husband later.

They moved to the bedroom and fell into a deep kiss as they fell together onto the bed. He laid along side her and began to run his left hand over her chest. His strong hand felt soft on her small, beautiful breasts. His fingers began to play with her right nipple. It was so hard. His touch felt electric.

His mouth found her left nipple and his hand began to slide down between her legs. His fingers slid under the blue satin and into her hot, wet and throbbing pussy. His fingers felt incredible. He was so excited by how soft and how warm and how wet she was. He slid his middle finger all the way in and she shuddered. She uttered a meek sounding ‘Yesss’ before he removed his finger. He then slid it upward and found her beautiful little clit. He began to rub and flick his fingers across her swollen, sensitive nub. Soon she was going nuts. His touch was eliciting a rather erotic response. Her husband always told her how sexy she looked having sex. She loved how good Scott’s fingers felt. They didn’t compare to her husbands but she was actually pleased about that.

Then she felt his tongue suddenly on her clit and she nearly jumped out of her skin. She knew she cried out but she wouldn’t have been able to tell anyone what she had tried to say. It was an unintelligible sort of cry. The kind you only hear from a woman in sexual bliss. As his tongue worked her clit and his fingers explored her tight pussy, she began to cry out ‘ohmygodyes’ over and over. Suddenly she began to feel an explosive orgasm. This was gonna be a doozy. She exploded in an intense prolonged rolling, thunderous climax. She came over and over in intense waves of sheer ecstasy. What seemed to her to be nearly ten long minutes of intense orgasm, was in reality only about 60 short seconds or so. Slowly she began to regain her composure.

When she finally reopened her eyes, she saw him over her jerking his stiff cock. All she could say was ‘god I fucking need that in me!’. He quickly obliged her. As he pushed his cock up against her hungry pussy, she closed her eyes and bit her lip in anticipation. She was about to have another man inside her. His cock plunged deep into her. Filling her. It was happening. His dick was inside her bareback.

She thought quickly about her husband. In an instant a thousand thoughts went though her mind. Her initial reaction is that what she was doing was wrong.

Her next thought was ‘god damn this feels good’. He fucked her very hard and deliberately. He was very good and their bodies moved together in rhythm. His big dick felt so good inside her. He used it very well. Her hips gyrated and her muscles clenched around him. He was tremendously aroused and would have cum quickly had she not gotten him off earlier. She loved everything about this and for a moment tried to focus and take it all in. Fucking a stranger she just met in the bed she shared with her husband while he was at work. The whole scenario was so excitingly dirty. So unlike her but it felt so good somehow. And it looked so good too. She looked at him as he fucked her. He was very attractive. He looked so good naked. She looked down between her legs and saw his cock pumping into her. That sent another rush through her body.

She suddenly understood completely what her husband meant when he said that sex just looks so incredible. For a moment she felt that she must look like a porn star and it thrilled her to be doing this. She felt so sexy. Her husband always had made her feel sexy but this was something he could not help her to experience. She was secure in the knowledge that sex with her husband was fantastic. But she had wondered if it would be different with another guy. It was. It felt great. Incredible. But different. She loved it but wouldn’t trade her husband for it. He felt different in a much better way. But she was glad he had planted his seed. This was an incredible experience. She couldn’t wait to tell him.

Scott however wasn’t quite finished yet and he quickly regained her full attention. His cock was pounding into her hard. He fucked her for some time. She decided soon however that she wanted him in her from behind. One of her husband’s favorite positions. She knew he’d like that. His cock filled her so deep that way. She was going nuts. He was fucking her so hard. Suddenly her vision went blank and she seemed almost to melt as she succumbed once again to a mind bending orgasm.

It was at this point that Scott lost it and exploded inside her. For a fly on the wall the scene would have rivaled any in recorded history. The sight of the two of them would have made the Pope horny. It was incredible. The two of them collapsed in a heap.

They laid there talking for a while. Then he said that he should be going. They both agreed that it was fantastic and that they would keep in contact. She sat up at the side of the bed as he began to get dressed. As she did she found his limp cock not more than a foot and a half away. She reached out for it. He froze. She began to stroke it. It got hard quickly. She urged him closer and he obliged. Then she wrapped her lips around it and he cried out. She decided to give him one for the road. Her pussy was burning again and her left hand slid down and began to rub herself while she massaged his balls with her right. She sucked hard on the head of his large dick. She was so turned on again. His eyes were transfixed to what she was doing. It looked so good sliding between her lips. Filling her mouth. This chick was so hot. So damn sexy. A moment later he exploded in her sweet mouth.

She took about half his load in her mouth before pulling it out and jacking the rest off onto her pretty face. Though she was anything but, doing all this made her feel so slutty. It was an experience she would never forget. Scott finished getting dressed and left soon after.

She called her husband to tell him to make sure he hurried home because she had a surprise for him. When he pressed her to tell him what it was she told him only that she’d had a date. She’d tell him no more than that though as she knew how much he loved to be teased. He’d have to wait. She put down the phone and began to rub herself. It was gonna be one hell of a night!


(from Wife Reamed Out By Hubby’s Friend)

End#2: His name is Tim. Her name is Angie.

He drove her to her house with her guidance of course. And they made out in the kitchen.

The light from the kitchen gave them away. Tim lay between Angie’s legs driving down on top of her. His ass would raise high in the air and then he would plunge into her. Angie’s legs spread wide, one foot rest on the back of the sofa while the other seated on the coffee table. Her knees straight up.

The soft moans coming from her quickly was loud. The sloshing sounds coming from between her legs made anyone aware that, yes, Tim was inside her and not only that, she was soaking wet. A gasp sounded from her mouth every time he plunged downward deep inside her.

The rhythm and power of his hips drove Angie’s ass into the sofa. I could see how his cock had split her open. His up and down motions were much more pronounced than her husband’s. Angie’s hand grasped at the cheek of his ass, the other clawed at his back. She sounded as though she was trying to muffle her sounds. She could hardly hold back the moaning and gasps.

It was a live porno with the exception being, the actress was a real wife and the actor a stranger. How did this happen? She isn’t like this. She has always been an innocent angel, a perfect mom.

Angie’s head started to thrash from side to side, her hips raised as if to give him more of her. He never lost his rhythm as she began to lightly squeal. I heard him trying to quiet her.

“Shhhhhh.” He sounded off in a whispering tone.

“Ohhhhhhhhh…mmmphhhhh.” She moaned and squealed as she came with more intensity than I had ever seen her cum with.

Angie’s hips collapsed on the sofa. Tim did not let up. He kept fucking her, driving inside of her. He plunged to such depths that his nuts slapped her asshole.

Tim started jerking pounding down into Angie’s hips so hard. He started to grunt as he came. He drove down and stopped for a second, back out and in and stopped. He was shooting his cum deep inside Angie.

Tim had finished, he rested on top of Angie and they began kissing. Angie’s hips began to grind as Tim had never pulled his massive piece of meat out of her. She humped up at him while they tongued one another’s mouth. She was grinding her hips into his, feeling his meat inside her. The size of his cock was rubbing against her clit. I found out later that to be true. The wet noises were louder now. His cum had mixed with her juices and was nothing but a wet mess.

Angie began to jerk and groan. She came again. She had never done that before.

Tim pulled himself from her and sat up only to lean back on the sofa. Angie laid spread eagle. You could see what a mess her cunt was. The lips lay out soaked, her cunt was gaped open and her pussy was shining in the soft light. She looked so used.

She then got up and moved her head to his lap taking his cock in her mouth. She began to suck him with such vigor. He looked enormous in her mouth and she bobbed her head up and down slobbing. She would stop and kiss the head and run her lips and tongue along the shaft. She stopped at the slit of his cock and probed it with the tip of her tongue moaning all the while. She made love to his cock with her mouth.

Tim began to fuck her mouth as she started stroking him. It only took a few minutes and he spewed loads of cum in her mouth. It leaked from the sides down over her lips and chin. She withdrew him, closing her mouth and forcing gobs of cum out which fell to the sofa.

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