Working For His Promotion Pt. 01,02

Working For His Promotion Pt. 01
byThe Big Bopper©

Chapter 1

Adam Hamilton was the new up-and-coming hotshot Marketing Manager for a multi-national corporation based in a mid-western city of only 80,000 population, employing 10% of the town’s workforce. He had been head-hunted just three months ago to take on a position that many in the company thought he was too young and inexperienced to handle.

Only 28 years old, Adam was an only child brought up in a small rural community. He had moved to one of the major cities in order to further his education, going to one of the country’s leading universities. That was where he met his stunningly attractive wife, Joanne. Two years younger at 26, she was a striking redhead whose silky and shiny locks flowed down over her shoulders when let loose. However, most of the time, she wore her hair up, using a variety of methods such as a bun and sometimes a ponytail.

Not just a beautiful face, Joanne was equally proud of her pert and shapely breasts that stood up firm and proud at around 38″. The top side of each breast resembled the slope of a ski jump ending in nipples that stood out nearly an inch when she was fully aroused. Fortunately for Adam, that was very often, they were a highly sexual couple and with no children as yet, they were able to devote full attention to each other … and they did, most nights.

Joanne was so proud of Adam’s career achievements, having worked his way into this $100,000 a year job at such a young age. She had told him regularly that she would support him in anything that he wanted to do work-wise. She was working too, but only part-time, from 10 to 3 four days a week as a bank teller. She enjoyed the work and it kept her reasonably busy, but still allowed her time to shop and get home in time to be ready to greet Adam when he came in from work every night.

Some of the other executive wives had formed a welcome wagon for Adam and Joanne when they moved into town just ten weeks ago. So there were at least some familiar faces when Adam and Joanne attended their first company social gathering at the home of the founder of the business, Robert Johnson.

Johnson was quite a big man, stood 6’2″ and weighed around 95 kilos, but not a lot of fat. He obviously took care of himself, working out in a gym several days a week. He had just recently enjoyed his 45th birthday. The occasion for tonight’s party was his 20th wedding anniversary. He wore his dark hair slicked back and most women would consider him to be a handsome man, but he knew it. There was a confident arrogance about him as he chatted to the ladies at the party.

Joanne had met Robert Johnson for the first time here tonight. She had always been somewhat shy about meeting new people so she had confined her greeting to an offered hand, preferring not to indulge in kissy-kissy with her husband’s boss. But she had observed that nearly every other executive wife had allowed him to kiss her hello and Joanne saw that his hand fondled each woman while they were in close for a kiss. Nothing too serious, just a hand roaming over an arse or cupping the side of a breast.

Joanne and Adam were yet to make new friends in this small town, so their outings away from their home had been only to try the various restaurants that lined the main street, offering quite an interesting and varied assortment of cuisines for such a small town. Tonight’s party was their first such night out in the ten weeks they had been in town, in that they were actually interacting with other couples.

Adam was a bit nervous, wary about what he said and how he presented himself, since he was quite aware of the criticism that had been levelled at him by some within the company. He held on to his first drink for nearly an hour, being afraid to loosen up for fear he might speak out of turn to someone important in the company structure.

On the other hand, Joanne was relishing being out socially and mixing with other people and she put away glass after glass of wine without caution or fear. By 10pm, she was feeling very tipsy and realised suddenly that she needed fresh air on her face and quickly, so she politely begged out of a group that she had been vaguely conversing with, and headed for the open back doors. They opened out onto a magnificent patio with views over a bay that was bathed in moonlight.

Five or six people were in a group conversing on the patio. Joanne needed to clear her head quickly, not congest it getting into further conversations with strangers uttering meaningless chatter. She saw that at one side of the patio, four steps led down to the garden and she made her way to the steps.

The night air revealed to her just how affected she had become from the alcohol, so she was careful in negotiating the steps. Now on level ground and walking on grass, she slipped quietly off into the shadows, away from the lit areas nearer to the house. In the moonlight, she could make out a rotunda complete with what appeared to be a swing seat and she headed for it.

Once there, Joanne sat down carefully in the swing seat, kicking with her feet to start the seat swinging. She turned to look back at the house over her left shoulder and saw that small trees and bushes had nearly obscured the house. She could just make out the lights in the house some 30 metres away. Joanne turned back to look toward the bay and the beautiful moonlight shining across the water, breathing in deeply in an attempt to sober up. She didn’t want to embarrass her husband at his first work social gathering.

A male voice coming from just outside the rotunda startled her and her feet touched the floor, stopping the seat from swinging. “I never tire of sitting here in the dark to admire the beauty of this location, but I see that tonight someone has beaten me to it.”

The man stepped into the rotunda and made to sit down beside Joanne on the swing seat, causing her to slide up toward one end. “I’m sorry,” she told him. “I didn’t mean to intrude, I just needed some fresh air and I found myself drawn to this wonderful spot.”

As his face came closer in the dim light, she realised that it was the host for the evening … the debonair 45 year old Robert Johnson. Joanne had met him very briefly at the front door when she and Adam had arrived. She had not noticed him again until this moment, but unknown at this time to Joanne, Robert had barely taken his eyes off her all evening. He had watched her from across the room, taken by her natural beauty. When he observed her heading outside, he seized the moment to follow her to engage her in one-on-one conversation.

“My dear, such a beautiful woman as yourself could never be intruding. Please stay and take full advantage of the seat and the night and the moon and the wonderful view.”

“I love this swing seat!” she told him, her feet pushing on the floor to start it swinging again.

“Actually, my dear, it is a love seat, made to fit just two people.”

“Well, two is what we’ve got right now.” As soon as the words had left her lips, Joanne wondered just what had possessed her to say that, then realised that she was past tipsy. She was really well on the way to being drunk … and drunks often speak before they think. ‘God, I’m going to hate myself in the morning,’ she thought.

“Quite right, two of us in a love seat,” Robert said as his arm slid around Joanne’s bare shoulders, his hand grasping her on the upper arm and she felt a gentle pressure as he pulled her body toward his. Somehow, her head just flopped onto his left shoulder before any reality set in.

Joanne felt his warm mouth on the top of her head, pressing lightly, placing soft kisses on her red hair, which she had worn down tonight, flowing to her bare shoulders.

“You are a beautiful woman, Joanne, but I am sure that you are well aware of your beauty and what it does to older men like me.”

A small alarm bell went off in Joanne’s head. What was happening, how did this suddenly become a man and a woman embracing on a love seat, out of sight of any of the other party guests and out of contact with her loving husband? She tried to rise, but he had made the seat now swing quite quickly and her head spun. She had to close her eyes, fearful she might throw up.

Robert’s mouth and the lips that had been pressing soft kisses on Joanne’s head now moved across her forehead. He kissed her closed eyes and she was surprised to feel his hot breath and his warm lips now kissing her cheek. Then his lips lightly touched hers and she realised that it was high time to protest. The situation was getting out of hand.

“Please, don’t!”

“You are the most beautiful woman this town has ever seen. I can’t believe that Adam has been hiding you away since he joined us.”

The mention of her husband’s name instilled a sudden sense of reality to Joanne and she again tried to rise from the swinging love seat.

“I must go back to the house, I don’t feel very well.”

“My dear Joanne, you’ve obviously just had a bit too much wine. I suggest you just relax here for a moment or two and you’ll gradually recover.”

“I’ll only stay if you don’t try to kiss me. I don’t like that.”

“I’m sure you really do like kissing. Joanne, you appear to me to be a very sexy, seductive woman. I would bet that kissing is a very big part of your life, isn’t it?”

“Ummmm!” was all she could manage before she felt his lips touching hers, which were sensuously pressed together, but not clamped tightly shut. Then his tongue slipped out of his mouth to lick across her lips.

She opened her mouth to protest. “No, don’t!” She lifted one hand and placed it at his chest, trying to push him away. She didn’t apply a lot of pressure and the gesture was futile.

But the “No, don’t!” was all that she could say before his tongue pressed in between her parted lips and slipped across her teeth to make bold contact with her tongue. She whimpered quite loudly from behind the kiss, but didn’t withdraw her tongue. His tongue painted the surface of her tongue, across the tip, along the top, even swirling around to the underside. Joanne whimpered again and the hand that had pushed at his chest voluntarily lifted and draped across the back of his neck, holding his head to hers while his lips and tongue assaulted the inside of her mouth.

His tongue was unrelenting, never giving her a chance to protest further. ‘Why do I like this, why am I participating, this is madness,’ she thought, but she didn’t make any effort to stop him, the hand draped around his neck actually encouraging him. ‘I should never have allowed myself to get into such a compromising position, but it all happened so quickly. I can’t stop him now, he’s Adam’s boss and I don’t want to offend him. Who knows what that could do to Adam’s career?’

Through her alcoholic haze, she felt a hand on her breast, moulding and massaging it, arousing the nipple that was at least for the moment, still covered by her dress. She heard herself whimper again as their tongues wrestled inside her mouth. ‘I wish I could just stop participating, I am making it worse, I am encouraging him. He must think I am such a slut.’

The hand on her breast was gone, but her mind was now clear enough to realise that it would reappear some place else, to touch another part of her soon, possibly somewhere more intimate, a more exposed part. She clamped her thighs together in anticipation of where his hand would land, only to feel his hand on the outside of her leg, pushing her tight dress upward, exposing her upper left leg. Joanne tried to push her bottom down harder onto the still gently swinging seat, attempting to stop him from lifting her dress.

The bottom hem was now at an angle, still modestly covering her right thigh to just above her knee, the one closest to his body, but angling up so that it barely covered her hip on her left side. She felt his hand rummaging under the front of her dress, tugging it upward. “Please don’t rip it,” she pleaded, managing to tear her mouth away from his, dropping the hand that was holding his head to hers.

“If I do, I’ll buy you two to replace it.”

“Why are you doing this to me, It’s not right.”

“You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.”

“But I am not available to you, I have a husband who loves me.”

“Adam will have to learn to share you. One man alone cannot keep such a gorgeous woman to himself.”

His hand had managed to forage underneath the front of her dress, pulling at it enough to create an area for his fingers to work in. She felt them touching the soft sensitive skin of her upper thigh, just before the point where her thighs met at her mound.

Joanne jumped with shock at the first touch of his fingers on her pantie-covered mound. “No, don’t … please,” she begged.

His fingers touched the damp crotch of her panties. “You are so wet, don’t tell me you don’t want this.”

“I don’t … I really don’t!” But her body was already betraying Joanne, her juices now soaking her panties as his fingers pulled the flimsy material aside.

She gasped aloud as she felt two fingers touch her skin under the crotch of her panties, tracing up the now very wet slit formed by her outer labia lips, then back down again. Despite her verbal protest, she let out a moan and the leg muscles unclamped, her thighs parting slightly in the tight confines of her sleek black party dress.

Without a moment’s hesitation, Robert took advantage of the improved access that her unwitting move afforded him and his fingers came back to the top of her now opening slit and they teased out the little bud of her clitoris, causing her to cry out. “Unnnnhhhh!”

His lips claimed her moist lips again and he didn’t have to force her lips to part this time. Her tongue greeted his wetly and warmly, locking together in sweet combat while his fingers swirled around her rapidly stiffening clit. He stroked and stroked it and they could both hear her breathing labouring above the party sounds in the distance. Each breath was longer and she combined it with whimpers that would have been full blooded moans had her lips not been covered by his.

‘This is madness,’ she thought through the hazy effect of the wine she had consumed this night. ‘I’m going to come any minute, not by my husband’s fingers, but in the arms of a man that I’ve only just met. This has never happened to me before, and should not be happening. But I can’t stop it now, I could ruin Adam’s career.’

Having justified her predicament to herself, Joanne relaxed against his body, seeking and accepting the sexual release she knew this man could and would give her any minute now. As a signal to him of her acceptance of his actions, she slipped her arm up around his back again and her fingers stroked through his hair, forcing his head to push his lips tighter to hers.

The throbbing began so deeply inside her body, somewhere behind her cunt and gradually it rose to the surface as the pulsing in her body erupted under his expert fingers. Her lower body began jerking spasmodically, trying to draw every ounce of ultimate pleasure from his probing fingers. He withdrew his mouth and that allowed her to cry out her release in the still night air, barely disturbed here by the party sounds coming from the house.

“Aaahhhh! Aaahhhh!” She tried to still her body’s movements, now embarrassed by coming so rapidly and easily at the hands of a stranger, but she couldn’t stop the spasms emanating from within her cunt. She opened her eyes, looking up to see his eyes watching her carnal enjoyment with lust.

As the pulsing eased, she said to him “What?” as he continued to stare into her eyes.

“Not only are you a very beautiful woman, but obviously a highly sexual one. We will have some lovely times together.”

“No we won’t!” She was instantly defiant. “This will never happen again. I just had too much wine. You caught me in a very weak moment.”

“The next time will be better. We will be in bed … yours or mine, it doesn’t matter.”

“No, I told you. It won’t ever happen again,” she continued to protest.

He was ignoring her protests. “Would you like Adam to watch our first time together? I could arrange it, you know. That would be very sensual. A man giving his beautiful wife to his boss to further his career.”

The man’s words frightened Joanne, they seemed threatening. “What are you? No, I don’t want him there watching.” She was flustered and hadn’t chosen her words carefully.

“Okay, so you would rather it be just the two of us – in bed together.”

“No, I didn’t mean that. It won’t happen, I don’t want it to.”

“Your body told me something else, Joanne. I’ll call you!”

“No … no … don’t! I won’t answer!”

“You better, Joanne. I’m used to getting what I want … and I want you! And very soon!”

From not far away, a female voice spoke, startling the couple in the rotunda. “Robert, are you coming inside? We’re due to cut the cake now.”

Joanne felt his fingers withdraw from her clitoris and the swinging stopped as Robert planted his feet firmly on the ground. Joanne’s hand dropped from behind Robert’s head and moved to straighten her dress down at the side and front, expecting that the woman was about to enter the rotunda.

“Shit, is that your wife?” whispered Joanne, flushing in embarrassment.

“Just coming in now, darling,” shouted Robert to the woman standing not far from them. Then, turning back to Joanne, he whispered, “It’s okay, she won’t come any closer. She has learnt to be discreet in our twenty years together.”

“So this has happened to you before?”

“She knows how much I love beautiful women. She probably knows me better than I know myself. She probably knew when she met you at the front door tonight that I would be out hunting you, looking for a chance to be alone with you.”

“Is that what you did … hunted me?’ Joanne was bristling with anger now, realising that he had pursued her and then seduced her. ‘I suppose I should be relieved he didn’t fuck me,’ she thought. ‘At least, I got to come, he didn’t.’ She smiled in self-satisfaction, about the only contentment she could draw from this incident, other than getting some sexual relief, a glow that was now diminishing rapidly after being caught by Robert’s wife.

Robert had stood, turned and bent down to give her an affectionate chaste kiss on her now tightly closed lips. “Thanks, it was great. You were great. Until our next time, my dear.”

Joanne was fuming. “I told you there is no next time…” Her voice faded out because he had wheeled around and was gone, leaving her to smooth her dress down, trying to check herself in the semi-darkness to make sure that her hair and lipstick were tidy.

By the time she found her way back inside the house, all of the guests had moved into the living room and Joanne was able to quietly make her way through to a bathroom without anyone seeing her. She was so glad that she did. Her lips were quite puffy from the enthusiastic kissing, so she bathed water on them. Then reapplied her lipstick. She did what she could with her hair, which certainly didn’t look as coiffured as when she had arrived at the party.

Looking natural and beautiful again, but bearing a huge amount of guilt, Joanne slipped quietly into the living room and rejoined her husband, coming up behind him and wrapping her arms around his waist. Adam half-turned to her, “Where have you been?”

“I’ve had a bit too much to drink. I didn’t want to embarrass you in front of all your new work colleagues so I went out back to get some fresh air.”

“That was thoughtful, darling. Thank you! Did it work?”

“Yes thanks, I’m feeling a bit clearer now.”


They both diverted their attention back to Robert and his wife, hugging each other after cutting their anniversary cake. Robert was rambling a bit with a speech that was now urging the wives of the executives to fully support their husbands’ jobs in whatever ways they can. Joanne wondered if the comments were directed at her and she wished she had heard the beginning of his speech.

‘Robert Johnson is obviously a powerful identity, both in this company and in this town. For Adam’s sake, I will do well not to antagonise him,’ she thought.

The party began to break up not long after the cake cutting speech. Adam suggested to his wife that they leave now … they sought out Robert and his wife, Jane to thank them for the invitation. The hosts had still been standing, arms around each other’s waists, seemingly a perfect couple, talking to other guests. Robert broke away to shake Adam’s hand … then while Adam said goodnight to Jane, Robert leaned in toward Joanne, placing a chaste kiss on her cheek and whispering in her ear, “I will call you, you better answer.”

She froze at his words, realising that her association with Robert Johnson may have only just begun. Still reeling from his comment, Joanne found Robert’s wife Jane reaching out with her hand to shake Joanne’s. “It was such a pleasure to meet you, Joanne. I hope you’ll come again.”

Joanne pondered the words, were they intentionally phrased that way, how much did Jane see, while standing and perhaps listening just outside the rotunda. How long had she been there? Was she well aware of her husband’s indiscretions? How many other company wives had he attempted to seduce in this way? Had he told them all that they were the most beautiful woman in this town?

Joanne managed to force a smile for Jane, saying, “Thank you for having us.”

“I am sure we will become good friends.”

Joanne was even more stunned by Jane’s parting words. What would they have in common? Jane was, like Robert, in her mid forties. The Johnson’s were obviously rolling in money, judging by the opulence of the home and its hillside setting overlooking the lake. Adam and Joanne were twenty years younger, just starting out. They had managed to rent a comfortable home while they saved enough money to buy a place of their own.

Adam and Joanne walked hand-in-hand to the car. When they got in for the drive home, Joanne didn’t put her seat belt on, but instead half turned in her seat toward her husband and laid her head on his shoulder for the half-hour drive home.

“What did Robert say to you at the door?”

The question surprised Joanne … she didn’t think that Adam had noticed and she struggled to find a good answer through her alcoholic haze. “Oh that … nothing.”

“What do you mean nothing. He appeared to whisper something in your ear. You were blushing.”

“Was I? No Adam, it’s not important. He was just flirting with me.”

“Flirting with you? My boss!”

As soon as she had said flirting, she knew that it was too much information to give her husband while she was affected by the wine. She attempted to distract him by moving her hand directly to his crotch, finding his cock through his trousers … it was lying soft and dormant.

“Joanne, why was he flirting with you?”

She stared out at the road ahead through the front windscreen, her hand still covering his clothed cock, her mind spinning, trying to determine how much she should tell him. They drove on in silence for a while.

“Adam, I have a confession to make.”

He turned to look at her. “Something tells me I might not like this.”

“It’s about your boss, Adam. I think he’s a bit of a lecher.”

“There are rumours around the office. Why, what happened with Robert?”

“Darling…” she said to him hesitantly.

“Yes!” he answered cautiously, feeling that he was not going to like what was coming. His fellow executives had already regaled him with stories of how the boss had hit on all of their wives. It seemed that most of the company men accepted it as a small price to pay for having such good jobs and being so well paid. Extraordinarily, Adam had got the impression that his fellow executives’ wives went along with it too. Adam had not yet told Joanne of the rumours he had heard.

Joanne continued, “…I told you how I had too much wine to drink. I really had become very tipsy and I was afraid that I would say something to someone that could embarrass me … and you, of course! I was also feeling like I might throw up. It was quite stuffy in the house.”

“Why didn’t you come and find me? I could have left, we could have gone home.”

“I looked around for you, but you were deep in conversation with some guys, it looked important.”

“We were probably just talking about football.”

“I didn’t know that. I just wanted some fresh air, so I slipped out onto the patio, but that was noisy too. So I took a stroll out in the garden and I found a beautiful little rotunda with a swing seat inside. I just sat down and gently pushed myself back and forth and looked out on the beautiful moonlit lake. The night air was wonderful and it at least cleared away the need to throw up.”

Joanne looked up at Adam to see how he was coping so far. He looked all right, but then she hadn’t got to the bad bits yet.

“I was enjoying the still night and the quiet, so far away from the noise of the party … just alone with my thoughts. But then Robert suddenly appeared there in the rotunda. He came and sat down alongside me on the swing seat and told me it was really a love seat. He put his arm around me and told me I was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.”

She felt her husband’s body tense up with her revelation and she gripped his cock tighter through his trousers.

“He certainly has a way with words. Why didn’t you just get up and walk away?”

“That is what I would have done if I was sober. But I told you that I was quite affected and my head was spinning. Then when he started to rock the seat, I had to close my eyes … I thought I was going to throw up. Anyway, suddenly he just started kissing me…”

“And you let him?”

“Adam, he just snuck up on me. The kisses were just on the top of my head at first, in my hair. It all seemed a bit harmless. But then somehow his mouth was suddenly on mine and there was his tongue…” Her voice trailed off for a moment as tears began rolling down her cheeks. He turned his head and saw them.

“I tried to protest, Adam. I truly did. I kept telling him ‘don’t do that’, but he wouldn’t stop. He just kept kissing me and he had his tongue in my mouth.”

“So you opened your mouth to kiss him?”

“He forced it open with his tongue.”

“What was your tongue doing when he forced his tongue in your mouth?”

“It wasn’t like that, darling. You make it sound like I was enjoying it … like I was participating.”

“What was your tongue doing while he was sticking his tongue inside your mouth.”

Her voice dropped to a whisper as she confessed, “My tongue was doing it back to him, playing with his tongue and our lips were all mashed together. Adam, I am so sorry. Nothing like this has ever happened before. I was just so scared of offending your boss. I was worried about what it might do to your career here.”

“So how far did this kissing go?”

This was not going well for Joanne. How could she have thought that it would? She should never have started, she had painted herself into a corner.

“That’s all, Adam. We just kissed for awhile,” she lied.

“There must have been more. We’re talking about a serial seducer, all of my colleagues at work had warned me to keep you away from him. Apparently, all of their wives have been pursued by him at one time or another.”

“It was quite passionate kissing.”

“And you sound like you were enjoying it … playing tongues with him?”

“I didn’t say that I enjoyed it!”

“But you hadn’t stopped him?”

“I told you I tried to. I just didn’t want to put your boss offside.”

While they had been talking, Joanne hadn’t noticed – until now – that the cock that her hand was loosely draped over, had grown enormously and was now a bona fide erection, tenting Adam’s pants up.

Suddenly aware of his strong physical reaction to her embarrassing revelation, Joanne seized the opportunity to divert attention away from her. “What’s this?” she said, grasping the tented trousers firmly, tugging on his shaft. “Why have you got a hard-on when I’m telling you about being kissed by your boss?”

“No, it’s not because of what you’re saying. You’ve had your hand on me since we left their house. My cock is just responding to your hand.”

“Rubbish! My hand was there for a long while. You only got big when I started telling you about me being kissed by Robert Johnson. You are weird, why would that turn you on?”

Adam was in denial. “I’m not turned on by that. I’m disappointed in you. You’re twisting it all around.”

“You’re not disappointed. How dare you! You’re making me feel so bad that I let Robert kiss me, and all the time it’s turning you on. You are so big from what I’ve just told you.”

“No!” he said meekly and looked at her, he was embarrassed.

Her hands went to the fly of his trousers and she unzipped them, reaching in to lower his underpants and then carefully pulling out his erect cock, standing up proudly. Her head dipped over him and he felt her wet lips cover the head and she sucked vigorously, her fingers caressing the underside of his shaft.

“Ohhh, I might have to pull over if you’re going to do that.”

She paused to speak. “Keep driving!”

Her mouth formed a perfect oval and she began to slide it halfway down his shaft, each stroke bringing her lips back to the ridge so that just the knob of his cock remained inside her mouth, then the tongue would swipe across the slitted opening, teasing him.

She heard the sound of the car slowing and realised he was stopping … but she didn’t stop. She just kept sucking her way up and down his impressive shaft. His breathing told her he was getting close to a release. Abruptly, she stopped her sucking of his cock, pulling her head away before his hands could react to hold her there.

“Don’t stop!” he called out. He humped his cock up but there was nothing but air above him.

Joanne had slipped back to the far side of the car and was leaning back against the door. Her knees lifted and her hands slipped down to grasp the hem of her sleek black dress and she tugged the sides up her legs until the hem had passed her hips.

“Please Joanne, finish me. Don’t leave me like this.”

“Do you want to hear more?” she asked, her voice now low and sultry, the tears drying. His erection seemingly in reaction to her confession had changed the situation … she had taken control. With her dress pushed up around her hips, her bare legs were free and she spread them wide. Adam had stopped the car under a street lamp and the light shone through the front windscreen onto her spread thighs. Adam could see her soaked panties barely concealing her mound.

Now Adam had a tear in his eye. “You said there wasn’t any more?”

“Well there is, Adam. He did do more to me. I shouldn’t have let him, but I did because I was worried that you might lose your job. So I just let him touch me. Do you want to hear about him touching me, Adam?”

He just stared at his beautiful wife … Adam had never seen Joanne like this before. So raw, so seductive, so alluring! What had changed her?

“The size of your cock tells me that you want to hear more, Adam.” She had kicked her shoes off when she got into the car and now one bare foot reached out and rubbed the underside of his cock. Her hands were gently running up and down the insides of her thighs, heading for her spread crotch, then turning back just before reaching it. “Do you want to hear where he put his hand, Adam?”

“Yes! Yes I do!” Her husband stared at her mound as her foot stroked his cock. One of her hands now continued on to her panties and pulled the gusset aside, exposing her cunt lips, already wet and open … spread wide, exposing the pink insides. Her fingers did a couple of passes along her exposed slit.

“His hand touched my breast while we were still kissing, Adam. He massaged it in his hand. Not actually touching the skin, I still had my dress on.” Her other hand went up to cover one breast the way Robert had done earlier and she demonstrated how it moved around and around her breast. Her eyes had closed.

“He did that for a little while, but then his hand was gone. He wasn’t touching me anywhere, but he was still kissing me with his lips and his tongue and I knew where his hand would go next. You know too, don’t you Adam?”

Her eyes were open again, watching him. He just nodded his head to her that he knew. “Do you want to tell me where you think his hand went? Tell me, Adam.”

“Your cunt, he wanted to touch your cunt.” He said it softly.

“You’re right! I knew you’d know … you’re so smart, Adam. That’s from being a man, isn’t it? All men know where any other man is going to want to touch a woman – their woman … particularly a man like Robert. But my dress was so tight and despite what you may be thinking now, I really didn’t want this to happen. You have to believe me, I promise you … I was torn between my love for you and honouring our marriage vows on the one hand … and not wanting to piss off your boss on the other hand.”

Joanne brought her thighs back together and pushed her dress back down so it just barely covered her cunt. She moved over close to her husband again, leaning over the auto change stick and the handbrake, taking his cock in one hand while lifting his other hand and placing it midway along one of her thighs.

She moved her mouth up close to his head and whispered in his ear. “I’ll tell you what he did to me, and you can do it to me again. Okay?”

Adam turned his head to look into her eyes. He nodded silently, caught up in this sensual game she was playing with him. She guided the fingers of the hand she was holding against her thigh and pushed them under her tight dress, guiding his wrist while his fingers touched her mound, the panties again covering her treasure.

“Pull them aside, Adam. You have to do it yourself. Pull them aside, just like Robert did to me out in the rotunda.” Her face still pressed up against the side of his head, she gasped in his ear as she felt his fingers pulling the gusset of her panties to one side and then stroking her moist cunt.

“Find my clit, honey. That’s what Robert did, he went straight for my clit. You do it too, Adam, just like he did. You need to know what he did to me … you need to feel me the way he felt me.”

Her hand renewed its grasp on his stiff cock, standing straight up from out of his trousers. He gasped as he felt her hand sliding up and down the underside.

“This bit is only for you, Adam. I never touched Robert, I swear. He pleasured me, but I did nothing for him. Please believe me! I saved this part just for you.” She was stroking her hand up and down his shaft.

For a moment, he got so carried away with her hand on his shaft that he forgot about what his fingers should be doing.

“Don’t forget my clit, honey. He was touching me there. Damn, I must be distracting you by touching your cock … Robert didn’t have that distraction. All of his attention was on me … on my clit.”

“Aaaahhhh!” she sighed as she felt his fingers swirl around her clitoris, just as Robert’s had only an hour ago.

“Not much room to work in with my dress so tight, is there?”

Adam nodded, his eyes closed, enjoying the touch of her soft feminine hand up and down the underside of his rampant organ.

“That’s about the same amount of access that Robert had. He could just barely get his fingers at me. Still it was very good, Adam … nearly as good as it feels with you doing it. I really didn’t want him to do it … you know that, don’t you?”

“Y-e-s!” His answer was a breathy drawn out gasping yes. Adam would have agreed with anything at this moment. He was thrusting his cock up into her palm, trying to quicken her strokes on him as he felt his arousal reaching the crest.

His fingers on her clitoris had now developed a rhythm, aided by strong and suggestive thrusting of her pelvis. Joanne knew this wouldn’t take long, she already felt the throbbing beginning again deep inside her body, just as it had an hour ago at the hands of Robert in the rotunda. Sensing her release was closing in, Joanne intensified her strokes on her husband’s cock, wanting to bring him off with her.

“You do it better than he can, honey…” Her voice rose with the sensations she was feeling and trailed off as the throbbing reached fever pitch and broke the surface right at her clitoris, her body exploding under his relentless fingers that swirled and swirled around her bud.

Her pelvis bucked and pitched, her thighs clamping together to grip his hand and lock it against her cunt.

“Now … now!” he screamed and a blast of cum spurted from his spasming cock, nearly reaching his chin and splattering back over his clothes. Joanne ducked her head down and wrapped her lips around his pulsing knob just in time for his second spurt. She allowed his milky fluid to launch into the back of her throat, then swallowed it down as a third blast slid over her tongue.

“You are too much!” he told his wife as she sucked up the last of his jism from his now deflating cock.

Joanne pulled her head up and kissed him full on the lips. Adam could taste the remnants of his cum on her lips and in her mouth.

“You can take your hand out from under my dress now.”

He dutifully withdrew his hand, the gusset of her panties snapping back to cover her mound. She eased herself back onto her haunches. “And that’s all he did to me.”

“But you didn’t touch him the way you just touched me?”

“No, I told you darling … that was your bonus. I added that bit for you because you had such an erection. I don’t even know if he had one, I never got to touch him.”

“I’ll bet he did. Kissing you like that, with all that tongue action, then touching your cunt. Boy, he’d have been standing straight up, just like mine was.”

“Yes, now let’s talk about that. Can you explain to me why you got so horny hearing about your boss touching me. You should have been so pissed off … but instead, you were turned on. I don’t know if I like that reaction.”

“Joanne, I can’t explain it. You’re quite right, I should be pissed off, because I am upset … and I’m annoyed at you for letting him get away with kissing you and fingering you. But for some strange reason … when you were telling me about Robert doing all that stuff to you, I just got so turned on. It’s like it wasn’t the woman I love that you were telling me about … it’s like it was someone as beautiful as you … but it wasn’t my wife – she wouldn’t do those things with another man.”

“Darling, don’t look now, but I think we’ve attracted some attention in this neighbourhood. We were probably both a bit noisy. I can see a couple of guys that have come out of houses across the road. Can we get out of here … quickly?”

Adam quickly started the car, put it in gear and they drove on.

Once safely back at home, they went straight to their bedroom. Adam changed into his pyjamas bottoms while Joanne went into the en suite bathroom to remove her make up.

“Honey, there is one worrying thing about your boss that I haven’t told you. He told me he wants me, but next time in a bed … he said it doesn’t matter whether its his or our bed. I told him I wasn’t interested and certainly I wasn’t available, but he was very persistent. I told him I wouldn’t answer the phone if he called. Remember, you asked me what he was saying when he whispered to me as we were leaving?”

“Oh yes, that’s right. What was that?”

“He said he was going to call me, and that I had better answer the phone.”

“Don’t worry Joanne, I’ll have a talk to him on Monday.”

“Oh no … what will you say?”

“I don’t know, but he’ll have to understand that you are mine … that I don’t share my wife … even if he is my boss and he pays me a lot of money.”

She came to him and kissed him. “Thank you Adam … you know that I don’t want him … he’s not my type. Honey, you’re the only type I want.”

“I’m sure you don’t want him, Joanne.”

They hugged and she felt that he was big again, his erection – just as hard as before – squashed between their tummies. “What’s this? You only came twenty minutes ago … and you’re up already.”

Adam pushed her back onto their bed. She fell onto her back and he moved to cover her with his body. “Oh God, Joanne … I want you now!” he said as his hand went straight to the hem of her nightdress, pulling it up to her waist. His legs pushed between her knees.

“What has come over you? I’ve seen you pretty horny before … but never this much!”

“I’ve got to have you now, I can’t wait,” he said as she felt his hard cock at her cunt lips. She was still very wet from the earlier activity … it was just as well. As he nudged his cock head into her moist slit, it found its own way to her opening and she lifted her legs to wrap them over the back of his thighs. She was just in time because, without even a pause, he thrust his pelvis hard at her, shoving his cock deep into her cunt in one long single movement.

She cried out, “Nooo … honey, I’m not ready!”

But Adam was not to be denied. He pushed again and his hard cock speared all the way deep into her.

“Adam please … just wait! Give me a minute please!” She was wet enough to take the bulk of his cock but the two sudden thrusts found her passage still tight and she had felt a twinge of pain. “Why so quick, honey? Can you just wait for me to be ready … you’re too tight in there?”

“I’m sorry, darling. I can’t explain it, I’ve just got to have you … now!” He withdrew right back until just his cock head remained lodged in her cunt and then he drove it hard all the way back in. Joanne gasped at the ferocity of his hard thrusts. Not even pausing for her to draw breath, he pulled it back again, then began thrusting hard with little thought for her comfort. He was driven by an intense desire for the powerful physical sensations he knew he would get as he thrust his cock deep inside his wife and drove it into her over and over until he could come again.

His pounding into her cunt was relentless and she gave up protesting. With her arms and legs wrapped around him, Joanne just hung on, attempting to adjust her body to receive his jolting thrusts with as little discomfort as possible. Despite having climaxed from her blow job in the car, he didn’t take long. His hard thrusts into her tight cunt were made to achieve extreme pleasure for him, and quickly. He got just that, blasting out a release that deposited streams of his cum into her passive body. It did very little for Joanne.

She wasn’t happy with her husband’s treatment of her, but she didn’t complain. She assumed that it might have been his form of revenge, paying her back for her infidelity with his boss. Since she still felt enormous guilt and remorse for allowing Robert to touch her so intimately, she had simply lain beneath Adam and accepted his cock pounding into her body.

When his pulsing cock had delivered the bulk of his milky deposit into his wife’s cunt, he pushed himself up and withdrew his still dripping tool. Adam dropped to the bed alongside her and was quickly asleep. It took Joanne at least an hour laying there in the dark, alongside her husband before she could relax sufficiently to drift into slumber.

In that hour, her mind wandered over the events of the evening. She thought of how stupid she had been to drink too much and give the party host an opportunity to take advantage of her. She did recall that a couple of the wives had warned her about Robert Johnson when they had come around with the welcome wagon.

As she mentally beat herself up, she was at least relieved that she had only let him kiss and finger her. She knew that she would have felt far worse if she had let him penetrate her. Maybe he would have if his wife hadn’t come along … what would she Joanne have done if he had tried. There was so much on her mind, she really didn’t want to contemplate that last thought.

Joanne remained troubled that Robert intended to call her up. ‘What can I say to him that will give him the message that I’m not interested in him without possibly jeopardising Adam’s career?’

Then she recalled that Adam had told her when they got home tonight that he would go in and talk to his boss on Monday morning. She knew that she wouldn’t have told Adam about the incident tonight if her head had been clear, but maybe it might turn out all right after all. She was amazed at how she had turned things around just when Adam was getting upset with her.

Yes, Joanne had used those distinctive feminine wiles to turn defence into attack and seduce her own husband, just when she was faced with trying to justify her involvement in her infidelity. It was that last comforting thought that eventually cleared her mind so she could sleep.

Chapter 2

Adam arrived at the office on Monday morning and was immediately summoned to Robert’s large office on the top floor.

Robert came out from behind the desk to welcome him with a strong handshake and a warm smile, steering Adam over to the more informal setting of coffee table and chairs off to the side.

“Adam, you’ve been holding out on me.”

“What about?”

“Your beautiful wife, Joanne … she is an absolute stunner. She would certainly be the best looking executive wife in this company. How did you get so lucky?”

“Thank you, I am very proud of her. She is indeed a beautiful woman, and smart too. Robert, we met at college. What can I say, I fell in love immediately, and I’m pleased to say that she seemed to too.”

“She is an asset, and this company should take advantage of having such a woman in our midst.”

“What did you have in mind?”

“A few things actually, but we can get down to the company’s involvement with her at a later time. Tell me, did she talk to you about anything that happened at the party on Saturday night.”

Adam was hesitant. “Yes … err, we did talk a bit about the party. She was very embarrassed, she said that she got quite drunk from the wine and did some things that she would not normally do. Wanted me to apologise for her.”

“Apologise … that’s nonsense Adam. She was great, and none of this drunk from the wine rubbish. She went off like a firecracker … it’s obvious that your wife is a very sensual woman. I was just disappointed that we ran out of time and she wasn’t able to make me feel as good as she obviously did.”

Adam didn’t know how to respond to his boss … he felt very uneasy about the reference to Joanne being a firecracker. Robert was showing no remorse for having taken advantage of Adam’s wife. Finally, Adam said, “Yes, about that, Robert. She would not normally allow any man – no matter who it was – to touch her in such an intimate way. She was just very tipsy and she told me that it would never happen again. Wanted me to make sure that you knew that.”

“Hold on Adam, no, I’m sorry for you, but you’re wrong.”

Adam looked back at his boss, stunned.

“It will happen again, Adam, and a whole lot more, because I desire your wife like I have never wanted any other woman. I have to have her, sexually, in every position known to man … and soon. Now, we can do this in a very intelligent, businesslike way, or you can be stupid about it, in which case it could get pretty messy. In terms of your future with this company, I mean.”

“I don’t believe that I am hearing this, Robert. You can’t just have a woman because you decide you want her.”

“Adam, I can … and I do, quite regularly. If you don’t believe that, talk to some of your colleagues here. I have carnal knowledge of nearly all of their wives, and the world hasn’t stopped for any of them. Their marriages go on! These men are managers who work alongside you day by day and they have all shared their wives with me. Why? Because they like working for my company and they are ambitious … and their wives are ambitious for them. Those women know what I like and they make certain I get it … regularly.”

“Joanne would never agree to this.”

“Don’t be so sure, Adam. You are walking a very thin tightrope right now. You are on the verge of offending me by rejecting my invitation for your lovely wife to spend a night in bed with me. The choice is not really yours alone to make – it’s hers too! Why don’t you call her up this morning and ask her how she feels about it? If she agrees, you get to keep your one hundred thousand a year job and we might have her join the company payroll as well. Then you two could afford to buy a home instead of renting. But if she or you say no, I’ll be advertising next week for a new Marketing Manager. It is as simple as that!”

“You can’t do that! That’s blackmail … I earned this position, and you cannot take it from me, just because I won’t let you have my wife.”

“I can, I have in the past, and I will again, if need be.” He had raised his voice and his face was deadly serious … but in an instant, a smile broke out and Robert added, “Now, can I get you a coffee, Adam?”

Robert was smiling broadly at Adam as he held the coffee pot toward him. But without answering, Adam stood up and headed for the door, where he paused, turned and said, “I can’t discuss something with my wife as serious as this over the phone. We will talk tonight and I’ll see you in the morning.”


Adam could think of nothing else all day. He was so deliriously happy when he won the big paying job, but only ten weeks in, his world was collapsing around him. He was stressing out big time … thinking about losing this job he had been so desperate to get … and thinking about Joanne’s reaction to Robert’s proposal … and then thinking about what he’d do if she agreed and he had to hand her over to Robert. To watch her go to be with another man, and knowing that man was going to have his cock where only he himself should be. Adam didn’t think he could cope with that.

He stopped off at a bar for a couple of stiff drinks on the way home. His lovely redhead wife looked as gorgeous as ever when he walked in the front door. He gave her a hotter than usual hello kiss and she pulled back and eyed him suspiciously.

“What gives? That was more than your usual hello. What’s happened to you today?”

Adam paused, unsure of whether this would be the right moment to broach the subject with his wife. “Damn Joanne, I was intending to wait until after dinner … for the right moment. But there’s probably never going to be a right moment. Its been eating away at me all day, so we might as well talk now. Have we got time before dinner?”

“Sure, heaps of time. But even if we didn’t, you’ll have to tell me now, I am curious.”

“Honey, I got called in to Robert’s office first thing this morning…”

“Oh my God! Not about Saturday night’s party?”

Adam nodded.

“What did he say, Adam?”

“He told me what a beautiful woman you are. I told him that I knew that.”

“Aaaahhh, thank you. That’s so sweet of you!”

“Don’t thank me just yet.”

“Why, what else was said? Did he want to talk about what we did out in the rotunda?”

“Well, I sort of got in first. I told him that you wouldn’t have done any of that stuff with him if you hadn’t had too much to drink, and I told him how embarrassed you were and that you wanted him to know that it would never happen again.”

“Good … thank you … so how did he take that?”

Adam’s brow furrowed. “Joanne, he turned a bit nasty. Told me that it would happen, that he desired you more than any other woman he had ever met and said he was determined to have you in his bed.”


“What do you mean wow? You should be disgusted, like me.”

“Adam, I am.” Joanne tried to reassure him, but her face showed that she was flattered that a man – any man – could desire her so much that he would tell her husband so bluntly. “Wow just meant fancy any man wanting me so much, and actually telling you that.”

There was rising anger in Adam’s voice. “Yeah, well that’s not all he told me. It seems that he has fucked the wives of all the managers in the company … I think it might be on a regular basis. Anyway, he thinks you’re next.”

“I know…”

“What do you mean you know?”

“No, I didn’t mean that I know I’m next. But after what happened at the party on Saturday night, this morning I called a few of the wives who were there, just to ask about him. They all told me what you just did, that they have all been to bed with him. Seems he thinks it’s a rite of passage. A new manager arrives at the company, so he gets to sleep with the wife.”

“I think that he’s got a lot more than sleeping on his mind.”

“Okay, I know what you mean. So what did you say to him?”

“I told him no way.”

“And he said?”

“Pretty much told me I was fired.”

“What?” Joanne grasped her husband’s hands in shock. “Oh no, he can’t do that.”

“Yes, well he seems to think he can. He said he’d be advertising my job next week if I didn’t agree. He said that I could decide whether I wanted to keep my job by handing you over for a night. And if I wouldn’t, then I will lose my job.”

“Do you think he means it?”

Adam looked at his wife directly, tears welling up in his eyes. “Yes, he means it!”

“Shit … what do we do?”

“I’ll have to start looking for another job. You can’t do it. It just goes against our marriage vows, everything we promised each other.”

“Hold on a minute, Adam.”

“You cannot be serious! Y ou’re not going to tell me…”

“I think we should talk about it some more. It’s not the end of the world … he just wants one night of sex with me. I think that I could handle it if you could. Then you’d get to keep your job and we can build a life for us here in this town.”

Adam looked at his wife incredulously. “I don’t believe you are even thinking about it…”

“I didn’t say I’d want to do it with him, or even that I’d like it, honey. I just said that I could do it if I had to. But you must believe me … I’d do that only so you got to keep your job.” Joanne leant over and gave him a deep kiss.

They continued to talk it over all through dinner and then over a liqueur in the living room. By the time they were going to bed, they had been discussing it virtually non-stop for more than three hours. But they were both decided. It would happen! This job meant so much to both of them. The good money that Adam was being paid would set them up for life … and there was also the suggestion that Robert would put Joanne on the payroll.


The next morning, Adam went directly to Robert’s office.

“Adam, good morning … come in. How is your beautiful wife?”

Adam was firm, but polite with no smile. “She is very good, thanks Robert.”

“I don’t really want her to be very good. I’d like her to be very bad,” he said with a chuckle. “What’s your answer, Adam? Will your wife be very bad for me?”

“I don’t know about bad, Robert. But we had a long talk and I do mean long … right through dinner. We’re not happy that we’ve been put in this position, but I do like working here, so we have decided that she will come to you … for one night.”

Robert’s face broke into a big grin. “That is excellent. You have both made me a very happy man, not just because I get to fuck the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, but I also get to keep a very good manager in my company. That is a very wise decision.”

Adam bristled at hearing Robert use the fuck word in referring to his wife. It brought the first direct image to his mind of Joanne lying on a bed with Robert above her, stroking his erect cock into her. He blinked his eyes, trying to dismiss the mental picture.

“What do we do next, Robert?”

“I want to have you both come over to my house for dinner on Friday night. You can go home alone about midnight and Joanne will stay all night. I’ll bring her home to you sometime Saturday afternoon. Better tell her to have a good sleep Friday afternoon because she’s going to be awake all night.”

Adam cringed as the reality of what was shortly to happen, hit home to him.

“Oh, by the way. Better check with Joanne tonight that she doesn’t have a period due this weekend. Don’t want anything to spoil the night.”

Chapter 3

Friday came around far too quickly for Adam, who was dreading the prospect of handing his beloved wife over to another man – his boss – for a long night of sex. He had talked to two of the other managers through the week about how they had handled the situation when Robert had hit on their wives. When both summarised the submission of their wives to Robert, the common thread in their stories was that he seemed to delight in humiliating the men. The other common concern expressed by the two men was that despite Robert’s arrogant cockiness, their wives seemed to secretly enjoy Robert’s style of lovemaking.

One of the men told Adam that there had been a manager who joined the company about three years ago and within a short time, Robert had made a move on the young man’s wife. This man was adamant that his wife wasn’t available for Robert’s desires and he too was threatened with dismissal, just as Adam had experienced this week. This had been like a red rag to a bull for this new manager and he sued Robert when the boss went ahead and fired him.

Robert’s lawyers were ruthless, managing to have the case constantly postponed through the court system over the next two years. All this time, the young man couldn’t get another managerial position anywhere because the rumour mill within the industry had labelled him a malicious litigator. When the case eventually came to court, the man did win a financial settlement, but a vast slice of it was eaten up in his legal fees and the judge refused to make a judgment against Robert for costs despite today’s supposed legal protection against unfair dismissal.

Adam was told the man now works on a production line because no other company would hire him for a managerial position. To make matters worse, the man’s marriage broke up anyway under the strain of the court case and his long time unemployed. Adam’s current colleague said he was passing on the story to Adam, just in case he was considering challenging Robert in the court system, but Adam and Joanne had already passed over that possibility.

Robert had issued Adam with more instructions as the week progressed. Adam was told that he was not to have any sex with Joanne after Tuesday evening, supposedly so that she would be fresh and eager for Robert’s sexual requirements on Friday night after several nights’ abstinence. Adam realised that he should never have told Robert that he and Joanne were so sexually charged that they made love most nights. Adam was all for ignoring Robert’s edict – after all, how would he know if they had followed his order. But he made the mistake of telling Joanne and she said they should respect Robert’s rules.

On the other hand, Joanne approached the prospect of her sexual sacrifice to Robert with more mixed feelings. She indeed was very compassionate for how apprehensive Adam would be feeling, both in the days leading up to Friday and as to how he would handle leaving her alone with Robert on the night. She herself was anxious about how sexually demanding Robert might be … she worried that he may want her to do things that she had never even done with Adam.

Nevertheless, she was resigned to the fact that she must give herself to Robert as a way of saving Adam’s job, so Joanne looked for some positives that may make her experience bearable. The best she could think of was that Robert was indeed quite a handsome mature man and, she assumed that with that maturity would come experience. As she had discovered last weekend in the rotunda, he was a very good seductive kisser. And, she thought, ‘He does use his fingers very well. So perhaps its not all bad.’

While Joanne and Adam had what she considered to be a very good and active sex life and they both derived satisfaction on most nights, it had not always been this way for her. She considered her husband to have been her only real lover. They met at college and were quickly an item. But her earlier initiation to sex at 17 had been a dismal failure with a local boy in her home town. The pair went a bit too far one evening and the boy took her virginity … sort of! He part broke the hymen with his cock, but in thrusting a second time to complete her deflowering, the boy was so excited that he came in her at that exact moment without gaining any further ground. Joanne had several nervous weeks waiting to see if she was pregnant and her hymen remained part broken until Adam eventually completed the loss of her virginity two years later.

On Friday evening, Adam and Joanne were due for dinner at Robert’s home at 7pm. Adam made sure that he got all of his work completed early even though it had been hard to concentrate with his thoughts on tonight. He arrived home from the office at 5.30 and called out to Joanne as he came through the front door, but there was no immediate answer. He walked through their house and called again.

“I’m in the bath, darling!”

He followed her voice to the bathroom and walked on in. His beautiful red-haired wife was lying in the bath, totally submerged in bubbles right up to her chin. He went over and kissed her on the forehead.

“How are you, Jo?”

“Nervous!” she answered softly.

“I’ll bet! I’ve felt rotten about this all day, I don’t know how many times I picked up the phone, intending to call you to call it all off. Each time, I chickened out. Darling, I know I’m being terribly selfish, but this job is so important for our future. This is going to be a terrible night to get through. You’ve got the worst part … you have to seem to be enjoying it, even though you probably won’t. And he’s going to want to do it more than once, so you’ve got to put up with him being very demanding. What if he wants you to suck him? Have you thought about that? Even worse for you, what if he wants to come in your mouth? You only do that with me so rarely, and I think you only do it because you love me and you know how much I like it.”

“I have thought about all of that, honey, but I’ll be all right. I’ll just face up to it as it happens. All those other wives survived. It can’t be too bad, surely.”

“I hope not, Jo. I love you so much for doing this for us. Now listen, he’s sending me home here after dinner, but I’ll be here for you. Naturally, I won’t sleep all night, knowing you’re there with him. If you don’t like what he wants to do at any point, just call me and I’ll come back and get you. Only agree to whatever you feel comfortable with.”

“Okay, I’ll be all right.”

She rose up out of the bubbles, her body slick with water, some bubbles still clinging to her shapely tanned body.

“God, you are beautiful darling. I hate to think he’s going to see you like this, he doesn’t deserve it. He’s a pig!”

“But a very rich pig who holds our future in his hands.” She reached for a towel and wrapped it around her body, touching it all over to pad her body dry, then stepped out of the bath and walked into their bedroom. He followed, admiring everything about her.

Joanne stopped at the dressing table, let the towel drop, revealing her now dry body … the perfect breasts, upright and firm without a bra … the tiny waist, her shapely arse and the thin runway in her public hair. She reached for her perfume bottle, uncapped it and tipped some of the liquid onto one finger. She parted her legs and swiped that finger down once on that part of her mound between her slit and the top of one thigh. She repeated the swipe on the other side of her slit.

Then she put another dab of perfume between her luscious breasts and yet one more behind each ear. That completed … she turned and walked to the bed where she had previously laid out her clothes for the night. Robert had called her on Thursday, told her what he expected her to wear. He said that if she didn’t have any of those items, mainly underwear, in her wardrobe, she was to go to a particular shop he nominated and buy them. They would be billed to his account.

She had done that in her lunch break. She usually only wore pantihose, had never owned stockings nor a garter belt, so she bought those in black as instructed. She also didn’t like wearing thongs, she had never liked the way the string part tugged up between the cheeks of her arse, irritating her anal ring. But she complied with his wishes and bought a thong, in a dark red colour.

Adam sat silently in a chair, watching her gently pull each item on, piece by piece. First she sat on the side of the bed while she drew the nylon stockings up each leg, one after the other. Then she tugged the thong up, a thin band of satin that barely covered her mound. Pulling the waist up high on each side, the thin strand at the back totally disappeared between her cheeks. That was until she turned away from Adam, who sat silently watching from his chair and she bent over from the waist to adjust the toe of her stockings. Her arse was pointed straight back at her husband and her cheeks parted, revealing the thin strip of the thong, separating her cheeks, only barely covering her anus and cunt.

Adam wanted to leap out of the chair and have her there on the bed. He suspected that she had purposely bent over that way with her back to him. She had a wonderful teasing streak about her. He loved that.

Next, she took the garter belt, also black and in lace, but not much of it. Just a thin band of lace that would attach around her waist, hanging low on her hips with four elasticised suspenders dropping down to attach onto the darker black band at the top of her stockings, holding them up. She stood beside the bed and watched her husband seductively as she attached each suspender, one to the front and one at the back on each stocking.

“Do I look okay, darling?”

“You look fabulous!”

“Not too cheap or slutty, I hope?”

“God no, Jo … you look very classy, I am very envious of Robert.”

“Don’t be, you can have me anytime. He will only have me tonight.”

“I could come in my pants just watching you get dressed and he’ll probably come in his when you get undressed. He better appreciate what a special effort you have taken to look a million bucks for him.”

She stepped up close to her husband. “Just remember, whatever happens tonight, I love you and only you. I am only doing this to secure our future together.”

“I know,” he told her as he lightly kissed her chastely on the lips.

She continued dressing, putting on a a half-cup under-wired bra in a two-tone black and grey … finally her dress … slim, figure hugging, a strapless deep blue creation, cut low in front to reveal her cleavage and an ample amount of both breasts. It was short, ending well above the knee to show off her long tanned legs.

“Blue is your colour.”

“Robert picked this out and sent it over yesterday.”

Adam felt a twinge of jealousy that this man – about to be Joanne’s seducer – could bestow such an expensive looking dress on Joanne as a gift.

Now dressed so seductively, she sat in her room at the dressing table mirror to apply her make-up. Adam continued to sit behind her, just staring, admiring how good she looked, his mouth partly agape. It was disturbing her … Joanne reached into her jewellery box and selected a pair of earrings for the night. Taking one in hand, her fingers pushed the other down below everything else in the box. Then she turned to Adam.

“Darling, I seem to have lost the other earring … this is my best pair. Can you be a dear and have a look around in the living room, I could have dropped it down behind the lounge, or left it on a coffee table … I’m sure its somewhere out there.”

“Okay honey, what does it look like?”

She showed him the one she held in her hand and he left the room to go and look. When he had gone, she fished out the matching piece and stuck them through the holes in each ear. Joanne was becoming more nervous having Adam sit there watching her … she had decided that, since she still had time, she needed a few minutes alone with her thoughts, sitting looking at her reflection in the mirror.

‘Yes, I am nervous, as I admitted to Adam … but along with that anxiety is a strange excitement that I know I shouldn’t feel. Forgetting that only part successful few seconds in which I lost my virginity to my home town boyfriend, Adam has really been the only cock that has ever been inside me … the only cock that has ever been close to getting inside me.

‘Adam is the man I love dearly and the only man I have wanted to spend my whole life with. We have a wonderful sex life … I think! The problem is that I have nothing to compare it with. Every other woman I discuss sex with, recalls several or lots of other men who they say were varying degrees of better or worse than their partners.

‘I don’t really want any other man in my life and I don’t want the complication of an affair. But this week … since kissing and being fingered by Robert and then having him demand to have my body … I am strangely excited by the prospect of what will happen in his bed this night. He is almost twenty years older than me, has so much experience from what I hear … I at last have a chance to experiment with another man, to find out if hooking up with Adam so early in life means that I am missing out on anything special.

‘I can never tell Adam any of these thoughts … never! It could destroy his confidence and his self-esteem, and he needs all of that to be the success I know he will be in his career. As startling as it was to see him get turned on when I told him of Robert’s sexual deeds on me, as weird as it may seem, that may be a good thing to help him cope with this evening.’

Joanne finished applying her make-up … Adam eventually came back to confess that he couldn’t find her earring only to see Joanne wearing them both. “Darling, I’m sorry, it was here all along.” They left their house at 6.30 for the half-hour drive across town to Robert’s mansion … neither talked much in the car, each alone with their own thoughts and speculation about the night ahead. They pulled up in the driveway of the luxury home right on time at 7pm. Robert answered the door himself.

“Good evening, you are right on time. I like that, very punctual.” He stood back to appraise Joanne as she came through the front door, followed by her husband. “Joanne, you are stunningly beautiful tonight. This is all for me, I am a lucky man.”

She did a little pirouette for him to show off the dress that he had bought her. He stepped forward to wrap her in his arms and deliver his mouth to hers, engaging Joanne immediately in a passionate kiss that saw his lips press hers to open. She was surprised and embarrassed in front of Adam, but she complied and his tongue dived between her teeth to insinuate itself around her tongue. Adam stood slightly behind the pair, but to the side where he could clearly see a lot of open mouth and tongue action. He wanted to look away, but his eyes remained drawn by the passion in the kiss … a passion that appeared to be mutual.

Standing just behind Joanne, Adam watched as Robert’s hands dropped to cover both cheeks of her arse and he pulled her body into him tightly. Adam knew that his wife would already be feeling the shape of his boss’ cock pressing into her stomach between their bodies. If he believed Joanne telling him that she never touched Robert at the party, then Adam knew that this would be her first contact with Robert’s cock, even though they were both still clothed.

The intensity and passion in Robert’s kiss surprised Joanne, but she confirmed to herself that she really did like the way he kissed, even though she was so embarrassed at having her husband standing behind her, watching. ‘If Adam wasn’t here, I would enjoy this even more,’ she thought, unconsciously raising her hand to lightly grasp the back of his neck, holding his head to hers.

When Robert eventually broke the kiss, she hung on to his neck for a moment longer, breathing heavily, visibly affected by the passion that he had unleashed.

“You are a very sensual woman, my dear. I know that we are going to have a wonderful night together.” He reached up behind him and took the hand that had held his head to her possessively. Robert led Joanne into a study and to a bar in the corner of the room. Adam was left to follow behind, not having even been acknowledged by Robert as yet.

“Drinks for you two?” he asked of Joanne and Adam, becoming the perfect host.

“I’ll have a beer,” said Adam.

“I’d like a vodka straight up,” nominated Joanne.

“What about I wrap that in some ice. I don’t want you as pissed as last Saturday night. I need you awake and alert all night, my darling.”

“I’m only having one to settle my nerves, then I’ll have water,” responded Joanne.

“Good girl. God, you look great,” Robert complimented her again as he prepared the drinks, his eyes scanning up and down her body. He poured himself an orange juice. “Nothing alcoholic for me either, Joanne. It is not just you in the spotlight tonight. I need to perform for you!”

Adam cringed as the words hung heavy around him, his boss discussing performing sexually in relation to his Joanne.

The door to the study opened and Robert’s wife appeared, surprising both Joanne and Adam, who both expected that he would be alone in the house tonight.

“Ah, my dear, you know our guests, don’t you? Joanne and Adam … and you both know Jane from last week’s party.”

Jane stepped forward and kissed Joanne warmly on the cheek, turned and did the same with Adam. “How lovely to see you both again. We are so pleased that you could join us for dinner tonight.”

Joanne and Adam stole a glance at each other, checking to see if the other was as stunned at seeing Robert’s wife here. The invitation had been for dinner, but Adam had assumed that he would be shown the door early in the evening so that Robert could get at his wife as soon as possible. He had also figured that to do that, Robert’s wife must have been away. Now he really was confused.

After a round of drinks and some idle non-sexual chatter that took them past 7.30, a maid appeared to advise that dinner was ready and all four adjourned to the dining room where a magnificent feast awaited. The soup was pumpkin and they all approved. When her bowl was empty, Joanne pushed her chair back and rose, announcing, “Please excuse me, I have to use the bathroom.”

She departed the room and before the conversation at the table could resume, Robert too pushed his chair back and rose. “I’ll only be a moment, I just want to check the menu with Maria,” referring to the maid. He too departed, appearing to Adam and Jane to head into the kitchen, but quickly passing straight through it and out another door.

Robert made his way to the bathroom that Joanne was using. He paused outside, testing the door handle and was pleased to find that she had neglected to lock it. He turned the handle and pushed it open, moving into the small room to find her just rising from the seat after peeing. Her figure-hugging dress had been pushed up so that the bottom hem was caught tightly around her hips and her thong was stretched between her legs, just above the knees. She was still dabbing between her legs with the toilet paper.

She turned at the sound of the door opening and her expression showed that she was understandably annoyed at his intrusion. “What the hell are you doing in here? God, is there no privacy … do you mind?”

“I am sorry, my dear,” he replied as he stepped toward her. “You are quite right, you would expect you could have a piss on your own. It’s just that I have something extra for you to wear. I couldn’t think of any other way to get it to you.”

“What is it?” she said, curious, her initial anger subsiding as she dropped the wad of toilet paper into the bowl and flushed.

Joanne had begun to tug her thong up her thighs by the time Robert reached her. He took something from his trouser pocket and his hand quickly moved to her crotch just in front of her thong, so that his hand holding an object got caught between her mound and the thong.

“Stop … what are you doing?”

“It’s okay, babe, I just want you to wear this for me in your panties.”

“No, what is it?” she said, backing away from him.

“It’s harmless, Joanne. Don’t panic about it … its just a little battery toy. Sort of a vibrator. We’re going to be a while having dinner, I’d just like to have you staying aroused until we can go to bed together.”

He stood close to her, his hand still trapped by the thong that she had drawn back into position. She looked into his eyes, and was apprehensive. “It’s okay, really!” he reassured her again.

Joanne felt his fingers slowly withdrawing, leaving a plastic object within her thong. His hands pushed hers aside and he grasped the two sides of the thong and hitched it up high and tight. She felt the object press against her mound. “I want you to leave it there, babe,” he told her.

“Well alright!” she nodded apprehensively. “But what’s it for?”

Robert reached his hand back into his pocket and she felt the object spring into action right up against her hooded clit. Her legs buckled slightly, but she managed to stay standing. “Oh shit, what’s that?”

The tingling sensation in her crotch lasted barely five seconds.

“I told you, just a little something to get you ready for me.”

“Oh, no way, I’m not wearing that right through dinner.”

“Joanne, you will wear that, and I’ll be giving you a little wake-up call whenever I feel like it. Now pull your dress back down and let’s get back to the dining room before we’re missed. You go first.”

Joanne wanted to debate the wearing of the vibrator with him, but she could see how determined he appeared. She knew he wasn’t about to change his mind. She grabbed the hem of her dress and wriggled it back down over her hips and thighs.

Joanne rejoined Adam and Jane and she was amused to find them engaging in some meaningless conversation. Robert took the circuitous route back through the kitchen and reappeared carrying some plates, making it look as if he had been out helping Maria the whole time.

All four of them enjoyed three courses over a two-hour period. Only Adam and Jane drank the wine while both Robert and Joanne were very circumspect, each slowly sipping water.

The dinner conversation was very general and cordial, even humorous at times. No mention was made of why Joanne was here. Outwardly, it appeared like a standard dinner party. Adam and Joanne were wondering whether Jane even knew what was to occur shortly.

Robert turned the dial on his little plastic toy quite frequently, much to Joanne’s annoyance, each hit giving her cunt a decided buzz, too quiet to attract attention. Some were just for a few seconds and seemed to go unnoticed by Adam and Jane, but on one occasion, just as Maria was serving the desserts, Robert wound the dial up high and left it there. The pressure on Joanne’s mound from the vibrations started the moisture flowing, seemingly spreading her lips and bringing her clit to the surface.

It went on so long, she began to make faces at Robert, who just smirked back at her. Fortunately, Adam and Jane were in lengthy conversation with Maria about the dessert and seemed oblivious to Joanne’s predicament. As the arousal continued, her breathing shortened and became heavier … she was certain that she would soon come, right there at the table. Joanne was embarrassed, she usually had such noisy orgasms.

Her whole lower body and thighs were trembling from the good vibes. Joanne could sense that Adam and Jane’s conversation with Maria was about at an end and an orgasm appeared inevitable for her. Robert’s timing was impeccable, he switched the vibe off just before Joanne reached the point of no return and she was left with her pelvis thrusting forward, her whole body craving a release.

Jane turned to Joanne, “Are you feeling alright dear? You appear to be sweating … and you do look quite flushed.”

“I think it’s just a bit warm in here,” answered Joanne, turning from Jane to Robert to frown in his direction.

He never gave her another long burst like that one, but he did resume the short sharp 5-second buzzes, just to keep her on edge. By the end of dinner, Joanne’s whole body was bubbling in an extremely high state of arousal. Where before she had been apprehensive about this night, now she was almost looking forward to being with Robert, if only to satisfy the sensual cravings his little toy had created in her cunt.

When all of the eating was over, the four of them retired to the deck to drink their coffees while they took in the view of the moonlight over the lake. Joanne walked over to the railing and placed her coffee down on the wide capping that topped the railing. Robert followed her across the wide expanse of deck and ignoring their respective spouses, she felt him press his body up against her back, his arms folding around to hug her.

“What about your wife?” Joanne thought she had whispered, intending the words only for Robert. She was surprised when Jane responded from the doorway, across the width of the deck.

“You don’t need to worry about me, Joanne. I’m a big girl, I can take care of myself. To answer the question that you just asked my husband and to put your mind at rest, I know why you’re here and I am perfectly comfortable with it. Robert and I have a very open marriage. I won’t be in your way tonight and no need to fear being caught up in some weird menage a trois. You see, when Robert is entertaining a young woman, I stay downstairs in one of the guest bedrooms. It’s quite comfortable there and I can’t hear anything, so you can be as vocal as you want. Robert does like his women to be vocal.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude. I was just a bit surprised.”

“Quite natural, my dear. That’s okay, I can clearly see why Robert would want to have you to himself. You are indeed a very beautiful young woman and my husband is going to be a very fortunate man tonight. I am sure that you will both enjoy yourselves. He is a wonderful lover with great endurance. He can teach you a lot.”

Jane turned to Adam. “I hope that you will be okay with this, Adam. You seem to be a very nice young man and I have no doubt that at this stage you would be feeling quite left out. It’s just one night, you will have her back tomorrow and your marriage will probably be richer for what she will learn from Robert.”

Jane fondly touched Adam on the arm. “If you will all excuse me, I will take my leave. I hope you all have a good night.” She turned and disappeared through the patio door, leaving Adam and Joanne stunned.

Joanne couldn’t turn around to verify Jane’s departure, she was pressed against the railing by Robert’s body and she could feel that he was now highly aroused, his erection fitting perfectly in the ridge between her arse cheeks. His hands came up to her breasts, one on each, fondling her through the thin material of her dress. Again, she was self conscious that her husband was left standing alone to watch this intimacy.

She managed to half turn her head toward Robert and whispered, “Should Adam go home now, he probably doesn’t know what to do. And from what your hands are doing to me and with the feel of you against my arse, I expect that things are about to get very serious between us.”

“My lovely Joanne, you are right about us … we are about to get to know each other very intimately. But my dear … no, Adam will be staying for awhile.”

“Why … for how long?”

“Until he’s watched our first fuck together.”

“What … why … we didn’t know about this. I don’t think that’s fair. This is hard enough for him to manage without humiliating him. What kind of man are you?”

“I am a man who is about to satisfy his lust for the most beautiful woman he has ever laid eyes on. But as for your husband, that’s just the way it is, Joanne. Only by Adam watching the two of us going at it, will he truly know the value of what he has given me tonight.”

“I think you’re terribly cruel!”

“Be that as it may, my dear. That is what will happen. Now, it is already past ten, I think that we might begin. What do you say?”

“I’d say that I’d like you to let my husband go now.” Joanne’s voice was firm.

“I am sorry, can’t be done. You are in my house and you are playing by my rules.”

With that, Robert pulled away from her body, releasing her to move away from the railing, but immediately taking her hand and leading her back into the house past her husband. “Come with us, Adam,” he commanded.

Adam meekly and dutifully followed the pair as Robert steered Joanne to the stairs, his arm possessively and tightly around her waist. They climbed up a flight to the master bedroom with Adam following about three steps behind the couple. He couldn’t help but admire his wife’s arse in the tight fitting dress, despite the circumstances of the evening that seemed to be about to make him an observer.

The master bedroom was a magnificent room, also opening out through sliding doors to an outside deck overlooking the lake. The bed was the centrepiece and it was round. Furniture was sparse, but a standard upright chair had been placed in the middle of the room facing the bed and just a metre (three feet) from it.

Robert led Joanne to the bed, calling back to Adam, “Take a seat, Adam.” Robert motioned with his head toward the lone chair. “I want you to stay for awhile. I think you’ll find the next hour quite entertaining.”

Adam silently walked to the chair and sat down as Robert stepped in front of Joanne. She had turned around when she reached the edge of the bed and she stood, her back to it, looking quite nervous and casting frequent glances sideways toward her husband, seated not more than 6 feet away from where she stood. ‘I wish I’d had a second strong drink,’ she thought. ‘So I could be as unaccountable as I was last weekend.’

Robert reached around Joanne to the back of her neck and she heard the zip sliding down, the front of the tight deep blue dress loosening as it fell forward. “Could you take my trousers off please, Joanne.”

It all seemed rather clinical as her hands came up and fumbled with his belt while his hands now pulled the dress forward off her breasts. She released his belt and her arms drew up self consciously to partially cover her now exposed orbs. The dress now bunched at her waist as he pulled her arms away from her breasts and placed her hands back at the waist of his trousers. Obediently, she pulled down the zipper on his fly with only her fingers, trying to avoid the back of her hand rubbing against his still clothed cock that she knew was already erect.

With his belt undone and the waist unclasped, his trousers fell in a pool around his ankles. The bottom of his shirt barely covered his tenting underpants. Robert pushed her tight dress over her hips and it too fell in a pool at her feet.

Robert took a step back to admire what he had just revealed, kicking his trousers off his feet as he did. She stood straight in high heels, proud of her young and shapely body. Although just a trifle nervous, she was all to well aware of the impact her body would be having on both men. She still wore a two-tone black and grey half-cup bra that pushed her breasts up firmly, plus a thong, stockings, suspender belt and high-heeled shoes. The high heels accentuated her long legs and prompted her arse to curve magnificently. Her husband excitedly watched her in profile.

Robert reached out and touched her bra. “Please take it off!” was all he said and her hands reached behind her back to unclasp it. Her hands then moved to hold each cup, easing them gently off her sensitive breasts before casting the bra to the floor. Robert reached out and ran his fingers down the gentle slope of her breast, stroking softly all the way to where the slope curved up like a ski jump to end in her rigid nipple.

He repeated the manoeuvre on her other breast. “Perfect … they are perfect. I knew they would be. Everything about you is perfect.” Turning to Adam, he said, “You are one lucky son of a bitch. To have this with you every night.” Robert waved his hand in a salute. “I thank you, Adam, you are a generous man.”

Humbled by Robert’s praise of her and pleased that he had at last acknowledged her husband’s generosity in allowing this to happen, Joanne smiled and lifted one hand to affectionately run it over Robert’s cheek. It was an unusual sign of affection to a man that had forced her to be here in this way tonight, about to give herself freely to him.

Her body shivered self-consciously and she whispered to Robert, hoping her husband would not hear. “I’m still very nervous, I only had one stiff drink … perhaps I should have had two. It might calm me down if you could kiss me again please … the way you did at the front door when we arrived.” She couldn’t believe that she had uttered those words … she was taking the initiative.

Robert stepped close to her again and wrapped both arms around her, pulling her to him as his face descended and his mouth opened to kiss hers, once more with passion. Again, there were duelling tongues and she didn’t hold back, her lips and tongue responding enthusiastically, Joanne unconsciously bringing one arm up to affectionately drape her hand around his neck.

The kiss was another marathon and when it ended after perhaps two, maybe three minutes, her breathing was fast and her face was flushed. “Do you feel better?” he enquired.

“Much!” was all she could say as her arm remained locked around his neck, keeping him close to her.

“I think you might be ready?”

She never verbally responded, just blinked her eyes demurely and nodded her head slowly in agreement, her head turning to ashamedly steal a glance at Adam, looking to judge his reaction. When Joanne wouldn’t look away from him, Adam resignedly nodded his silent okay.

Robert took the hand that was hanging by her side and led her to kneel on the bed. “Get in the middle,” was his only instruction.

She slipped her high heels off and the pool of material that was her dress and did as he commanded, shuffling on her knees to the centre of the round bed from where she stopped to look back at Robert. He just stared at her retreating figure on hands and knees, mesmerised by the sight of her compact arse, the cheeks split by the thin strand of satin that barely concealed her anus and cunt.

For a moment or two, she almost seemed to be posing that way in the middle of the bed, allowing Robert – and Adam – to take a good long look, then she let her body flop down flat on the bed and rolled over onto her back, raising her knees. Robert knelt on the bed and then did as she did, crawling on his knees across the wide bed to Joanne. When he reached her, he placed a hand on each raised knee and pushed them apart and she spread her feet well apart too.

All the time, she took regular furtive sideways glances at Adam, who sat silently in the chair, watching the scenario unfolding before him. The bed, being round, had no head and no foot, so Robert had placed Adam’s chair at a point furthest away from the wall. When Joanne crawled across the bed and lay down in the middle, her body was parallel to the wall, as if she was lying across the bed if it had been a conventional one. Therefore, she lay side-on in profile To Adam.

Robert knelt upright in front of her widely spread legs, slowly unbuttoning his shirt, then peeling it off to reveal to her a dominant spread of dark hair on his chest. Only his underpants remained, tented by his erection. He put his hands in the waistband and drew them down over his cock, revealing his hard-on to Joanne – and to the watching Adam – for the first time. Robert lifted each knee, one by one, to get his underpants off his legs.

Joanne had been anxious to know what Robert’s cock would be like … size, colour, texture. As she gazed down between her raised legs, all the answers were revealed. The biggest difference was that his cock was circumcised, she had never experienced one like that before. She was pleased that his size was not a lot different from Adam’s … and she knew that Adam would also be happy that this man would not be carving out a wider path within her.

Robert bent his head forward bringing his face in close between her spread knees, then his head turned and he first licked, then kissed her inner thigh through her stocking on her right leg, working his way up her thigh toward the best part. As he neared the top of her thigh, his lips moved on to the bare skin above her stocking top. An inch from her mound, he switched to the other leg, starting just beyond her knee, again on her stocking, licking, then kissing his way up her inner thigh. Joanne closed her eyes to shut out her sight of her husband watching her. She also moaned quietly.

Robert, on his knees between her thighs, shuffled closer, his hands reaching up to her waist to grasp her thong and he pulled it down. She helpfully raised her arse to release it … Adam saw the little vibrator disc fall to the bed and wondered what it was. When Robert had pulled her thong clear of her legs, he grasped the skimpy garment in his palm, feeling how wet it was. “You have soaked this through. Fuck me, you are some kind of horny lady.”

“If I am, then it was helped along by that damn thing you put in my thong,” she reminded him.

She had opened her eyes and was smiling down at him … he smiled back. She watched with surprise as he lowered his head into the gap between her thighs and his mouth zeroed in on her mound. His lips parted and she felt the swipe of his tongue at her cunt from bottom to top, licking up her juices, the tongue stroke just barely reaching her clitoris before it withdrew and went back for a second swipe.

He licked at her cunt again and again, each stroke of his tongue now lingering briefly at her clit before beginning the next swipe. Her breathing quickened, escaping her lips in gasps as her hands reached down between her legs and her fingers entwined in his hair, pulling his head and in turn, his mouth, hard onto her pubic mound. She let out a guttural keening sound, “Uuunnnnhhhh!”

Robert was now unable to pull back for each new licking stroke because she gripped his head so tightly to her … her thighs were locked around his ears. He formed an ‘O’ with his lips and closed them over her budding clit … sucking on it to draw it up hard and erect in his mouth while the tip of his tongue licked it gently.

“Oh God … yes!” she screamed as she felt the throbbing begin deep inside, rapidly rising to the surface. She knew that she was now seconds away from a pulsing climax and she wantonly thrust her pelvis up greedily at his enveloping mouth as her orgasm hit. “Unnnhhh … unnnhhh! Oh yes … yes … unnnhhh!”

She took her whole body weight on her shoulders and feet as her back arched up clear of the bed … her arse suspended two feet up, his head wedged firmly in a vice-like hold between her thighs that continued to grip him … his mouth mashed against her throbbing, pulsing clitoris as her whole lower body spasmed.

Robert’s head and upper body were taken on a wild ride by her pelvis as it shook and quivered … his mouth clung to her clitoris, sucked in between his lips as he felt the ongoing spasms rocking her lower body. Adam shifted uneasily in his seat, his hand surreptitiously dropping to his groin to shift his now large, stiff erection around in his pants, attempting to ease his discomfort.

Joanne moaned deliriously, her arse dropping back to the bed and her body rolling around, her thighs and hands now relaxing their grip on his head, allowing Robert to ease back, letting her clit pop from his mouth. The pulsing was lessening.

She opened her eyes and looked up at Robert, who was still kneeling between her spread thighs. “Wonderful … that was wonderful … God, after your friggin’ vibrator, I really needed that release!” she told him softly, intending it only for his ears, but Adam was near enough to hear her too. “So quick, I can’t believe I came so quickly!”

“We’ve only just begun, my sweet. That was the first of many, consider it just an appetiser for you.” Then, turning around to look at Adam, Robert asked, “Did you enjoy that, Adam? Did that ring your bells too?”

Joanne frowned at Robert. “Please don’t! Don’t spoil it! Don’t talk to him like that! Just leave him alone … he shouldn’t really be here now … you could have let him go home.”

Robert smiled back down at her, with no acknowledgment of her latest plea on Adam’s behalf. Then he then placed his hands on her stockinged knees and pushed them back together, moving his body up to lay alongside her. He reached out and his fingers lazily roamed lightly over both breasts, teasing in circles around each nipple without making direct contact. Joanne’s breath caught in her throat at his gentle caress and she gasped out loud from the tingling sensations.

“Fantastic, your luscious body is so sensitive to my touch.” Robert raised his head and rested it on his bent arm, watching her shiver under the sensations caused by his fingers on the bare skin of her milky breasts. He leaned over her and tongued one extended nipple into his mouth, sucking long and hard on it, and then lightly biting her until she cried out in pleasure/pain.

He worked first one, and then the other nipple the same way and her breathing increased again. His fingers trailed lower, passing over her indented navel and her garter belt, continuing on to play with her fine pubic hair. Her thighs fell open as if on demand and without protest, then one of her hands raised up to stroke his hair affectionately. Realising what she was doing, she stole a glance at her husband, embarrassed at how much affection she was showing Robert.

Adam just sat impassively watching her, his hands together in his lap. Joanne felt Robert’s fingers sliding along the lips of her cunt and in a spontaneous sign of acceptance she spread her thighs further apart. But his fingers didn’t stop at her cunt, they kept on going, stroking on down her inner thigh, stopping at her stocking top.

“Roll over!” he commanded her and she willingly complied, lying face down on the bed with her head turned to the right so she could see her husband sitting in the chair, just beyond the edge of the round bed. Joanne felt the soft fingers touch the back of her thigh at her stocking top, then start upward, coming to the point where the round cheek of her arse began, rising up from the top of her thigh. The fingers trailed across the smooth skin of her arse cheeks and she shivered again at his sensual touch.

After making a soft pass over each cheek, his fingers slipped to the cleft formed by the juncture of the top of her arse cheeks and her back and he traced down her arse cleavage. Nervously, she clamped her cheeks tightly together at his fingers’ feather-light touch.

“Don’t!” he told her and she momentarily closed her eyes, forcing herself to relax her arse, thus allowing his fingers to resume delving into her arse cleavage. She felt his other hand pulling one leg away from the other, causing her cheeks to spread further apart. She was apprehensive, knowing that the spreading of her legs would expose her whole public region to his gaze and his fingers. He pushed his fingers deeper and they reached her anal ring and she tensed again, unaccustomed to being touched there in such an intimate way.

“No,” she whispered, it was loud enough for both men to hear her.

“Yes!” he told her and she felt his firm hand on the back of her thigh, pushing her legs still further apart, her arse cheeks now spread so wide that her anus was completely exposed to his view. “That’s better!”

“No, please!” she begged. “I don’t like being touched there.”

“Did you wash yourself thoroughly down there tonight?”

“Yes!” she whispered, embarrassed at having to say.

“Then it shouldn’t matter.”

“I just don’t like it. Even though I had a bath, it still seems dirty!”

“You will learn to like it! I have to have all of you … and I will – before you go home tomorrow.”

His finger lightly circled the wrinkled rim of her anus and she tensed again, but not enough to repel his finger. “We’ll come back to your gorgeous arse later tonight.” She felt apprehension at his suggestion that his fingers – and maybe even more of him – would be back at her arse before this night was over.

She was jolted back to reality when she felt his moist lips touch the inside curve of her buttock and she tensed again at his mouth being so close to her anus. His tongue slipped out, licking her, then turning it into a kiss which became quite firm and she thought that he may have given her a love bite on the inner cheek of her arse.

“Okay, you can roll back over now,” he said and she did, thankful that her arse had a reprieve. Once more, she checked the face of her husband as she lay on her back on the bed and Robert rose above her, his body at her waist and to one side. “Touch me, Joanne” he commanded and she reached out one hand and stroked her fingers along his stretched hard-on, pointing straight out. His cock was circumcised, it seemed very smooth … it was the first that she had seen up close – and touched – without an overhanging foreskin.

“Does it meet with your approval?” Robert asked as she tested its girth by forming an O with her fingers and running up and down his length.

She smiled at him. “I think so, can I tell you in a little while.”

“You are a cheeky little minx. I thought that you’d be a shy one, but you are hot for it.”

“No I’m not,” she told him, glancing anxiously at Adam, concerned that her husband may feel let down by her eagerness to please Robert. “It’s just that I haven’t seen a smooth one like this before.”

She continued to stroke Robert’s shaft.

“So how does it measure up?” he asked her, his eyes half-closed, enjoying the soft caress of her fingers on his cock.

“I wasn’t comparing size … only the type.”

“Yes you were … so is it bigger – or wider – than his?”

“Don’t flatter yourself.”

“Well, well, aren’t you a touchy one, eh?”

Joanne’s attention had been on her fingers caressing Robert’s cock, so it was a surprise when she suddenly felt his fingers sliding along her moist vaginal split, separating the lips of her labia. She was still wet from his tonguing of her, so when he pushed one finger into the opening of her cunt, it slipped in easily and it stroked the upper inside, searching out her g-spot. The intruding digit had taken her by surprise and her body arced in her pursuit of pleasure and her eyes rolled back in her head.

Robert gathered up some juices from within her slippery cunt and lathered his fingers that slipped back out of her cunt and next slid up to urge her clitoris to reappear. It did so quickly and he rolled three of his fingers over and around the little nub, drawing out throaty groans from the naked woman writhing in front of Robert on his bed.

His head lowered over one breast and his lips, tongue and teeth attacked her nipple and areolae with gusto while the clutch of three fingers seemed intent on an unrelenting assault on her defenceless clitoris. His fingers seemed to be on a mission and they quickly moved into overdrive, swirling around and over her erect button.

The two pronged attack produced a predictable response, her breathing became gasping, staccato grunts as another orgasm built quickly from deep in her body … her torso writhing under his ministrations as Robert showed both Joanne and Adam how masterfully he could control her passion.

She gave up her release in a screaming, gasping, panting explosion that saw her lower body raise itself off the bed, anxious to not lose contact with his fingers at her clit and his mouth at her breast. Until her spasms eventually faded and her body fell back flat on the bed … sweat beading on her forehead.

When her body was still again, Robert kneeled beside her, gazing down at her beauty, her flowing red hair framing her head that lay on his white pillow. “How was that?” he enquired.

She seemed thoughtful before answering. “I don’t know if there is a word to describe it… maybe awesome … definitely more than wow!” Her hand lifted to again stroke his solid erection.

“Was it better than when I went down on you?”

Again, she paused to think before answering. “I think so! Only because the pleasure was in two places at once this time.” Her whole body shivered, probably an after-shock. “It was so intense … I can’t believe that I could come so heavily that way … twice!”

“If my tongue and my finger can bring such a response from your body, imagine what’s going to happen to your body now.”

Robert moved down the bed, disengaging her hand from his erection and he grasped an ankle in each hand and pulled her legs wide apart again, shifting across to kneel between her thighs, his frame towering above her. She sensed that the moment of truth had arrived. For the first time in her marriage, she was about to give her body to a man other than her husband … but in full view of her husband. Even with her husband’s approval, albeit reluctant.

She braced herself on the bed, unsure of how demanding a lover he would be and she raised her knees again. It had been at least nine years since any other man had entered her body … and that was such a failed encounter that it didn’t really count. Joanne had met Adam at college when she was nineteen and they had been a couple ever since, marrying two years ago.

Robert lowered his body over hers, fitting his torso between her raised knees, dropping his erect cock closer until it hovered at her cunt, just barely touching her entrance. As she felt his cock’s light touch, her pelvis shifted up, indicating her eagerness for contact.

His face hovered over hers, his eyes watching hers, his mouth slowly descending to kiss her yet again. She opened her mouth early to accept his tongue, revelling in the way his lips made her feel. There was passion in it, but it was only a brief kiss before Robert dipped his head down and his mouth again found one of her nipples and he sucked on it fully, arousing a passionate groan to slip from her lips.

Robert switched to her other breast and suckled that nipple too, drawing it out to full extension. Adam watched his wife from his lone chair in the middle of the room … she was a picture of sublime beauty, laying on her back in the middle of the bed, her knees raised. Her perfect breasts looked good and firm, even laying on her back, and both nipples stood proudly erect, pointing at the ceiling.

She felt Robert’s erect cock brush against her very wet slit and she thrust her cunt forward again, trying to ensnare his cock into her moist passage, but Robert pulled back, managing to avoid the supreme connection they both anticipated. She whimpered aloud, the passionate sound expressing her frustration and need to him, her eyes looking up into his, imploring him to mate with her. Fortunately from where he sat, Adam could not see the carnal desire in her pleading eyes.

Joanne accepted that it was useless for her to try to dictate the timing of his entry into her. This was his game and he wasn’t about to relinquish control to her. Joanne gave up and let her body relax back onto the bed, waiting for Robert to make his move.

Just as she relaxed, he caught her off-guard as she felt his cock shove forward and gently nudge the head into her passage. The coupling had begun and she answered by lifting her arse momentarily up off the bed, thrusting her pelvis up at him, her cunt lips locking on the knob of his cock and she tightened the muscles of her cunt to secure a hold on him.

“Fill me!” she tried to whisper. He had aroused her to a fever pitch in such a short time, needing his body so desperately but not wanting her husband to hear her wanton desire.

Robert spoke louder than she, “What do you want, Joanne? Tell me!”

She looked up into his eyes, her need evident to him. “Fill me up!” she whispered again.

“Say it loud!”


“I want to hear how much you want me.”

His cock head was wedged just inside her cunt, teasing her, arousing her deep-seated passion, causing her to push her cunt at him, trying to impale his cock beyond the short one-inch he had so far given her.

With her own arse back flat on the bed, she lifted her feet up and locked her ankles behind his arse, her heels digging into his cheeks, attempting to push him into her. Her arms wrapped around his back, hugging him to her. The squeezing of her cunt muscles was maddening to him, teasing him to give her more.

“Please! I want you inside me!” she begged. This time it was loud enough for Adam to hear her too.

Her arse was now hovering just above the sheet, her body hanging below his, held there by her legs and arms, wrapped around his body, only one inch of his cock embedded in her cunt. Without warning, Robert shoved his cock forward, pushing it steadily all the way into her cunt in one slick continuous movement. There was momentary pain from his sudden continuous invasion and she screamed out, “Unnnhhh! Oh dear God, yes, do it!”

His hard cock bottomed out inside her, paused for her to experience the complete fullness of him within her, then he drew it back, sliding it out right to her exit point before reversing direction and plowing his erection all the way back into her depths. She was being driven along on a wild and furious ride, her arse back flat on the bed, driven down hard with every inward thrust of his hard cock.

Again and again, his shaft penetrated her passage, driving into her without care for her readiness, yet not encountering any resistance on her part. Joanne loved it, so much more animalistic than sex with her husband had ever been. She embraced Robert’s body warmly and clung to him as he continued to drive his cock relentlessly into her supple body.

Minutes went by and she adjusted her body several times to cope with his angle of entry and the force of his thrusts. She felt her body melting inside, responding to him and she welcomed the pounding of his cock that was provoking her to a welcome release. She had long forgotten that her husband was curiously watching her wanton surrender, this wild and violent ride was only about Robert and Joanne.

As the wave began beneath her cunt and rolled inexorably to climax in a pounding, throbbing, noisy orgasm, she cried out between quick gasping breaths. “Unnhh … unnhh … unnhh … unnhh … oh yes, I’m there … unnhh … unnhh … oh, it’s so good!

Joanne relaxed every muscle and allowed her body to enjoy the ride. Her lover smiled broadly and confidently as he gazed down at her face … proud of his ability to sexually satisfy women … Joanne was proving to be no exception … another notch in his belt.

Robert never even paused to give her time to savour her intense release, never missed a stroke, he just went on pounding his cock into her cunt. Now, he closed his eyes to better concentrate on not losing his control. Its not like he didn’t know Joanne was climaxing … her breathing was short, sharp and loud and her pulsing movements were wild.

After sucking her to her first orgasm and fingering her to her second, there had been a long gap before his driving fuck brought the third. But now, her fourth came so quickly upon the preceding one that she barely noticed where one finished and the next one started. The telltale sound of Joanne gasping and panting and eventually shamelessly calling out, “Oh Robert, fuck me!” filled the vast room.

Robert never paused, he was showing no sign of wilting. Joanne had no idea how long this marathon of lovemaking had been going on in her body, she just knew it was longer than she had ever experienced before. Strangely, Adam had looked at his watch when he saw Robert first shove his hard cock into Joanne, so he was well aware that the couple on the bed had just passed the 15 minute mark and were showing no signs of ending it.

Adam wondered how long his wife could endure the pounding of Robert’s cock into her cunt … like a piston in an engine. The boss was so mechanical, running at about 30 thrusts per minute. Joanne was hanging on to Robert’s body, being dragged along a path of rolling and continuous satisfaction. She was beginning to wonder whether this session was ever going to end. Through hazy eyes, she stole a sympathetic glance sideways toward her husband sitting alone on the chair, watching, and was shocked to see him holding his hard cock in his fist, pumping it furiously in search of his release.

Drawing her attention back away from her husband, Robert’s lips sought out Joanne’s again and he secured his mouth to hers, his tongue exploring within hers, stirring this passionate woman still further. She felt the signs of yet another orgasm building and wondered how it could be possible. Her lips broke the kiss to implore him. “Please Robert, just come now, come with me … I’ve got nothing left … I can’t come any more.”

“Of course you can, your beautiful body is full of orgasms” he commanded and demonstrated perfectly by increasing the pace of his thrusts. That was all she would need to trigger her biggest explosion yet. Her pelvis humped up at him, her cunt tempting him to deliver his seed into her.

“No, not yet!” he screamed out desperately. “I don’t want to come yet!” he added as Joanne felt the all too familiar signs of a man’s impending release, his movements quickening but with shorter thrusts. Robert was losing control to the woman beneath him whose cunt gripped his pistoning cock in a velvety glove.

“Fill me up … n-o-w,” she gasped to him quietly, not wanting Adam to hear the passion and lust in her voice.

And he did, Robert’s cock spewed forth its rich creamy fluid, depositing it deep inside her cunt, the spasming release triggering another minor tremor in her loins. Together, their bodies jerked and spasmed around the tight coupling of his cock in her cunt. Joanne slumped back into the bed, Robert falling heavily on top of her, squashing her body flat as his cock pulsed within her, completing the pumping of his last drops into her receptive cunt.

The room was at last silent. Adam had easily managed to beat his hard cock to a satisfactory release, driven to it by watching the spectacle of his beautiful wife giving herself fully and shamelessly to Robert.

Despite her slender but curvaceous body being flattened by Robert’s weight, the two of them on the big round bed slumbered for nearly an hour. The whole time, Adam just sat staring at the couple on the bed, mesmerised by what he had just witnessed. At college, he had once watched a couple fucking and found it quite arousing. But to sit nearby watching while your very own wife – the love of your life – so enthusiastically copulates with your boss, her cunt being plundered by this man … it was strangely awesome, somewhat painful … yet still amazingly arousing to Adam.

It was somewhere around midnight when there was stirring on the bed. Robert rolled off Joanne, allowing her to breathe fully. Her first thought upon opening her eyes was of her cuckolded husband. She turned her head to see him sitting staring sadly at she and Robert, his hand still clutching his now deflated cock.

“Can Adam go now, please?” she turned to Robert, imploring him. “I think he’s seen enough. In fact, he’s seen more than he should have.”

Robert lifted his head to look at Adam still seated facing the bed, cock still in hand and dried cum stains on his clothing. “You can go home if you want, Adam. It looks as if you may have got some satisfaction from what you saw.”

Adam stood, tucked his cock back into his pants and walked to the edge of the bed. He ignored Robert and addressed his wife, “Will you be okay?”

His naked wife lay spent, much of her long flowing red hair was wet, still plastered to her forehead from the sweat and exertion of her marathon session of passion. Her body was wantonly spread across the bed, legs still wide apart from where Robert’s body had lain between them while they slept … her cunt still leaking Robert’s cum. She looked lovingly up at her husband, Adam hoped that the love in those eyes was for him. “Yes darling, I’m okay … and I’m sure that I’ll be fine. You wait at home for me.”

Robert spoke, “I’ll bring her home about 3 tomorrow afternoon. Wait there for us, Adam.”

Adam blew his wife a kiss and turned to leave the room. As he reached the doorway, he turned to take one last look back at his wife, her lover’s hand had already claimed one breast and was fondling it, indicating that he may be about to resume his possession of Joanne. She called out to her departing husband: “I love you Adam.”

Joanne lay on the bed, still exhausted despite her nap, but already enjoying the touch of her new master lover’s hand on her breast, her nipple erecting under his palm. It brought back the memories of the night so far and she turned to Robert when she was comfortable that Adam had left the house, reaching up to kiss him on the cheek and telling him, “That was amazing … no … you are amazing. You just blew my mind away. I have never been loved like that before. It was so hard and furious that I should be sore, but I don’t think I am.” She sent two fingers down to her cunt to test.

“I’m glad you approve. Just give me a couple of minutes, the late show will be starting.”

“What? You’ve got to be kidding. I’ve got nothing left, I am totally exhausted. I’ve never come so much either … each one seemed to roll into the next. At this moment, I am one very satisfied woman.”

“I’m glad … but what did you think happens next? I told you not to expect to sleep tonight. I’m only just getting started.”

“How could you stay up for so long?”

“Just something I’ve worked on most of my life. A long while ago, I decided that making love to women was going to be my number two priority in life … making a heap of money has always been number one for me.”

“Well, you have obviously mastered it, I never knew that any man could go on that long.”

“Thank you! I’m beginning to think that you have led a sheltered sex life with Adam. I can see a very sensual woman emerging.”

Joanne rolled against his warm body and cradled her head into his armpit. She lay still for a while, her eyes looking along his body. She could not believe the reaction in herself. She expected that she would come to this house, into this man’s arms only to fulfil an obligation to help her husband’s career. Along the way, she thought that she might get to compare how another man makes love to a woman, not having experienced anyone else.

But from the moment that Robert had kissed her at the front door, she had been strangely drawn to this man. After the episode with the vibrator in her panties at the dinner table, by the time she reached his bed she knew that she wanted to experience everything he could give her. Maybe Robert’s wife’s words about learning from him had influenced her. Whatever it was, she had loved every moment so far. Now that Adam had gone home, Joanne felt more comfortable in letting Robert have her whenever he wanted until she returned to her husband on Saturday afternoon.

Nestled against his warm shoulder, her eyes looking down his body detected some movement in his cock. She lifted her arm and placed her hand over the object of her interest. At her touch, there was an immediate reaction within his cock. It began to stiffen, prompting Joanne to give it some help, stroking her hand tenderly along his shaft. It took just a couple of minutes to become semi-hard. “Ummm, I like what’s happening!” she told him, lifting her head to look at his face.

“I like too, you gorgeous woman. You are making all the right moves.”

Joanne continued to rub her fingers gently over his cock and it just kept growing. When she had it back to a full-blown erection, she smiled at him and let out a mischievous giggle. Then she raised herself up, throwing one leg across his body to straddle him, not sitting but perching with her cunt just above his proud boner. Her thighs tucked in against his body on either side of his hips, her knees bent with her feet tucked back beside his thighs.

Fixing her eyes on his, a smile on her face, she lowered her body slowly above his until she felt the knob of his cock nudging her spread labia lips, the entrance to her cunt still needing some juice. Several quick strokes along his shaft brought forth the juice that her body needed and now his cock, slick with juices from both of them, was slicing along her pink slit.

Sliding her moist open slit along his shaft, Joanne felt Robert’s fingers at the entrance to her cunt, adjusting the position of his cock and spreading her cunt lips. Then on her next stroke, she realised he had tucked his cock head into the slot that was the opening to her cunt. Switching from sliding along his knob, Joanne stilled her movements and instead pushed her body down hard over his cock, the move welcoming his hard knob into her cunt.

“Aaaahhhh!” she gasped at the feel of his hard cockhead probing into her depths. She pushed her body down on his again and was rewarded when his shaft penetrated half its length into her. “Oh God, that feels incredible!”

“You are all grown up now, Joanne … this one is your game to play. I’m just gonna lie here and enjoy the feel of your body!”

“You lazy man,” she said, giggling as she pressed her body down harder on to him, the velvety lining of her cunt totally enveloping his entire shaft and she let out an expressive sigh of delight.

She was now sitting upright, her arms forward, her hands on his chest, steadying herself as she was held upright in a sitting position on his body by six inches of solid cock wedged tightly up her cunt. Using her hands to help push, her thigh muscles tensed and Joanne raised her body upward until only his cock head was all that remained still tucked inside her.

She smiled down at Robert with surprising affection, inquiring “Does that feel nice?” before letting her body slide back down his hard shaft, slickened by her juices.

“Feels fuckin’ great!” he told her expressively, his eyes half closing in lust, as his cock bottomed out inside her cunt. She paused only long enough to savour the wonderful sensations of being filled by his cock again before pushing her body up and almost clear off him. So the pattern was set with Joanne setting the pace. She maintained long slow up and down movements of her body on his shaft.

She was in no hurry, her movements were slow and deliberate and through the thin membranes within her cunt, she felt every fibre of his hard cock, filling every inch of space inside her, then slipping out as she lifted her body, only to plunge back down over him.

Her pace may have been slow, each drive of his cock probing so deep into her cunt, but it was only a quarter of the speed of when Robert was on top. But her body’s throbbing reaction to the physical sensations of his cock inside her were coming just as quickly as it had been the first time when Robert was calling the shots. She would only have been a few minutes into this slow second fuck when she already felt the pulsing from deep within her, signalling yet another orgasm coming.

The excitement of another sensual release spurred Joanne on to put a stronger effort into each stroke, trying futilely to seduce her new lover into joining her in a rapturous climax. Robert would have none of that as he lay passive beneath her, allowing her to make the running and minimising the stimulation on the sensitive spots on his shaft. He smiled back up at her, silently acknowledging that he knew what she was trying to do.

Her breathing was now in short staccato bursts, and so was her voice. “Come … with me … please come, Robert!”

“Too soon for me, babe! We’ve only just begun, but that’s okay, just let yourself go!”

Joanne tried to keep her eyes open to watch him, but the sensational feelings within her cunt and the emotion of yet another crashing finish forced her eyes shut as her upper body tumbled forward on to his chest. “Unnhh … unnhh … unnhh … unnhh!”

But it wasn’t the climax of this session … for either of them. She had orgasmed in another thundering release, but he was still solid and in for the long haul while she selfishly wanted more … and more. After just a couple of minute’s rest, she pushed her upper body upright again, her hands out in front of her, lightly touching his chest. She resumed her up and down movements over his cock.

Now, Robert pushed his hands down to touch her spread thighs, wrapped on the outside of his hips. His fingers gently traced that soft sensitive part of her inner thigh, just where it meets her body. Her loins began tingling. She smiled at him, “You won’t make me come again!”

“You’re a certainty … I would put money on it!”

In no time, her breathing was shortening again. “No, I can’t!”

“Don’t fight it,” Robert increased the pressure on her inner thighs, a finger on each hand stretching to lightly touch the soft sensitive skin just outside her labia as her body rose and fell rapidly over his shaft. The powerful throbbing intensified from deep within her cunt and then with very little warning, there it was again, a spasming explosion that forced her again to fall forward on to Robert’s chest.

“No,” she screamed as it hit. “Unnhh … unnhh … unnhh … oh my God, I can’t keep doing this.”

She lay longer this time, savouring every last twitch of the muscles within her cunt and he was content to just lay there, enjoying the clutch of her moist cunt tightly gripping his whole cock. Finally, she pushed her tired body back up again, the movement tightening her cunt’s grip around Robert’s rock-hard cock. “God, you never come, do you?”

“Are you complaining?”

“No way … just an observation.”

The ritual started again. Joanne was tired now, but she was determined to draw the cum up out of this man again. After all, she was on top … she believed that she was in the position of control. Her body pushed itself into action, she drew on her pelvic exercises to try to bring on his release, but he held firm. It took a bit longer for it to happen to her this time, but as inevitably as the sun would rise in the morning, Joanne’s body was soon throbbing and jerking its way to another orgasm. The muscles around her cunt gripped his cock in a vice-like hold attempting to unleash a load of cum from out of his balls.

“Give up?” Robert asked from beneath Joanne, her exhausted body flopping down upon his again.

“I think I’ll have to,” she conceded dreamily.

He gave a little chuckle, then she felt herself being rolled over on to her back. She opened her eyes and smiled contentedly up at Robert as he assumed his position above her, ready for more action, his cock still buried to the hilt in her cunt. Her hands slid up his arms affectionately, feeling the biceps and one hand continued on over his shoulder to cup his head in her hand. Firmly, she pulled on that hand, urging his head down to her nearest breast, where his mouth opened and his lips and tongue devoured it.

For something like a quarter hour, his hard cock never moved, never wilted, just stayed rigid, jammed into her cunt while Robert worked on both breasts until her nipples were sore and until … yes, that now all too familiar tingling and throbbing had started again deep within her cunt. “No … please no … just come for me … please!”

But Robert wasn’t about to come and he had masterfully brought Joanne’s luscious body to the point where she was now orgasming without any movement of his cock … just from his lips and tongue working her nipples into a frenzy while his hard cock was held wedged in her cunt.

Robert allowed her time to recover from her latest release, but Joanne had no idea how many times she had come this night. When her head was clear again, she spoke to him. “I have never had multiple orgasms before. I don’t know why it’s happening with you.”

“I bring out the best in you, babe!”

“You must!” she told him, her eyes closing dreamily to savour the moment as she clamped her vaginal muscles around his cock and lifted her tired legs to again lock over his arse, pinning his body to hers.

She felt his cock starting to move again, the first time his hard shaft had pushed in and out through her cunt since he had rolled her over onto her back some twenty minutes ago.

“Can I have a rest please?”

“No!” he answered firmly, his cock picking up the pace. Joanne didn’t press it, she just settled back on the bed and allowed him to take charge again. This would turn out to be a long one. He had not expended any energy while he lay on his back with Joanne above him, so it was like he was just starting their second fuck of the night.

On the other hand, Joanne’s body was exhausted. From sitting on his cock, having tried to be the dominant partner and from having had four orgasms – and that was just in this session. She had lost count the first time that he was in her.

A gradual build-up as Robert got serious about fucking her, driving each thrust hard into her cunt, only to withdraw right back until only the knob clung to her cunt lips. From his vast experience with women, he knew that he could probably get two or perhaps three more orgasms out of this woman before he would get anywhere near his climax. But he also knew that her body was tiring fast, she had not been loved a lot – or this well in the past. Her reactions indicated that she had obviously never experienced loving on this scale before.

Robert gave up trying to hold back, he plunged hard into Joanne and he allowed himself to savour the delicious feelings of the warm, soft tissue of the walls of her cunt as it rubbed the sensitive underside of his cockhead. His cock surged forward powerfully, urging his balls to release their cargo to him so that he might carry it and deposit his cum inside her cunt. Along the way, Joanne’s body gave up another powerful release, exploding violently on the bed under Robert, who didn’t pause this time. He just powered on to encourage his own finish to come quickly, tagging onto the end of hers, unleashing another torrent of cum into the beautiful redhead whose body responded beneath his.

“Thank God!” she screamed out when she felt his blast of warm cum filling her cunt and she tightened her legs around his butt enthusiastically, her heels kicking on his last thrusting spasms like a jockey urges a thoroughbred until she had milked him dry.

They both slept peacefully, and despite Robert’s wish to continue loving her all night long, they slumbered long through the early pre-dawn hours of the morning.

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