Pool Boy

Pool Boy

My husband Eric and I have a fairly open marriage. We’ve both had a few regular lovers since we’ve been married, but we’ve always been open with each other about them and if one of us has a problem with someone the other person is sleeping with we end it. We are married after all and our love for each other means more than the pleasure that anyone else can provide.

A year ago I’d given up having a lover on the side so that Eric and I could have a baby with no doubt that Eric was the father. Having sex with another man was fine, but I could never stand to have anyone else’s child.

Anyway, I’m 7 months along now and I still hadn’t taken a new lover on the side. There didn’t seem to be a reason not to. I had the urge, and I even had someone in mind so one morning during breakfast I talked about it with Eric.

“You look pretty excited; what have you got planned for today?” Eric asked.

“I was thinking about fucking the pool boy.” I said.

“Oh yeah, were you just going to ask him or did you have something else in mind?” Eric asked.

“Oh I have something planned. I figure I’ll do a little nude sunbathing.” I said.

“Really? That’s hot. How do you know he won’t get embarrassed when he sees you and just leave?” Eric asked.

“I’ve been out there several times when he’s been here. Never nude of course, but he always says hi. Sometimes I pretend to be asleep. He buys it and usually comes up close for a real good look when he thinks I’m asleep. I’ve been doing it more and more lately and he’s been showing more and more interest and coming closer and closer each time. I figure if I’m out there naked he’ll be even more interested.” I said.

“And once he’s looking at you how will you seal the deal?” Eric asked.

“I’ll pretend to wake up and catch him looking at me. I’m sure he’ll be all startled and apologetic. That’s when I’ll say that I don’t mind, that it makes me feel good to have a man want to look at me when I’m like this. I’ll tell him that you haven’t wanted to look at me or touch me since I got pregnant. Then I’ll ask him for his help.” I said.

“What kind of help?” Eric asked.

“A woman that’s 7 months pregnant doesn’t quite bend as well as normal. She can’t exactly reach everything with the tanning lotion. I’m sure he’ll be all too eager to help me keep from getting a sunburn.” I said.

“In some sensitive places?” Eric asked.

“You guessed it. Once I’ve got him touching me he’s mine.” I said.

“Well, it sounds like you’ve got a full day ahead of you. Have fun.” Eric said.

He kissed me and headed for the door.

“Believe me sweetie, if things work out I will.” I said.

Kyle, the young man that cleans our pool, arrives every Wednesday at 11:00 in the morning. From talking to him when I haven’t been ‘sleeping’ I know that ours is the last pool that he cleans on Wednesdays and he enjoys his afternoon off.

At 10:30 I went out back, put a towel down on the lounge chair, set my tanning lotion by the chair and walked inside. I stripped completely naked, grabbed my bikini and without even bothering to put it on, put on my sunglasses, then I walked out back, put my bikini on the cement by the chair in a heap, put some of the lotion on in areas that I could reach, then I lay back and pretended to be asleep.

It was so exciting lying there waiting for Kyle to arrive. I knew he’d arrived because I recognized the squeak of the brakes on his truck. I had dark sunglasses on, but I closed my eyes anyway to look as asleep as possible.

I heard the gate open and the rustle of Kyle’s pool cleaning gear.

“Oh hi Mrs…Oh shit, I’m so sorry.” Kyle said.

He’d obviously noticed that I was naked. I remained silent and motionless showing no sign that I was awake.

“Mrs. Henderson?” Kyle asked.

Again I showed no response. He must have believed that I was asleep because I heard him set his stuff down and start cleaning the pool. I cracked my eyes open just enough to look towards the pool. Kyle was doing his best to clean the pool, but he kept looking at me. It was so exciting that it was all I could do to keep myself from squirming.

He’d never cleaned the pool so fast. When he was done he slowly crept closer and closer to me. My chair was about 10 feet from the pool. Pretty soon he was standing almost at the end of the chair which gave him at least a partial view of my pussy. I couldn’t be sure how much because I thought it would be too obvious to be laying there with my legs splayed wide open but I’d tried to separate them as much as possible to give him a good view.

I had butterflies in my stomach and I was wondering how long to wait before ‘waking up’ but he gave me the perfect opportunity. He moved along the side of the chair so he could get even closer to me. He picked the wrong side though because he was blocking the sun. If he’d come up the other side he wouldn’t have cast a shadow on me, but he came up the side towards the sun. When you’ve been in the sun for a while you can feel when part of your body gets shaded and my pussy went into the shade.

I had my opportunity so I took it. I lifted my arms and stretched like I was just waking up. I heard Kyle fall over backwards as he backed away.

“Oh Kyle, is it after 11:00 already? I must have fallen asleep. Are you okay?” I asked.

I showed concern for him without any mention of my nudity or his closeness to me when I woke up.

“Mrs. Henderson, I’m so sorry.” Kyle said.

“Sorry for what? You’re sorry for falling down?” I asked.

“No, you’re…and you were sleeping…I couldn’t help myself…I had to have a closer look.” Kyle stammered.

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

I glanced down towards my bikini and pretended to finally remember that I was naked.

“Oh my. I think I understand. My apologies Kyle, I took my bikini off because my nipples are getting pretty sensitive the farther along I get and I’m afraid I’ve finally gotten too big for the bottoms. Why on Earth would you want to get a closer look at me like this?” I asked.

I tried to sound ashamed of how my body looked.

“Mrs. Henderson…”Kyle said.

“Kyle please, you’ve been cleaning our pool for over a year now, and now you’ve seen me naked, call me Susan.” I said.

“Okay…Susan.” Kyle said.

“Now you were going to say something…” I said.

“Yes…you’re a very sexy woman.” Kyle said.

“Maybe I was, but over the last few months I haven’t felt very sexy.” I said.

“Oh but you are. I’m ashamed of myself but I’ve been staring at you while you’ve been sleeping out here when I’m cleaning your pool for several months. Today, well, with you completely naked I couldn’t help wanting a closer look.” Kyle said.

“If you wanted a closer look why are you facing away from me now?” I asked.

“You were asleep then, it was wrong, but I never thought you’d know. Now you’re awake.” Kyle said.

“Yes I am awake. Are you saying that I’m okay for you to look at when I’m asleep but not when I’m awake?” I asked.

“No, it’s not that. I shouldn’t have done it before, now it’s completely inappropriate.” Kyle said.

“Do you want to look at me?” I asked.

“What?” Kyle asked nervously.

“If I were still sleeping would you still be looking at me?” I asked.

“Probably.” Kyle said.

“Did you like looking at me this way?” I asked.

“Yes.” Kyle admitted sheepishly.

“Did you think I looked sexy?” I asked.

“Yes.” Kyle said.

“Well then turn around, if you think I look sexy like this then I don’t mind you looking at me…if you want to.” I said.

“Really?” Kyle asked, peaking over his shoulder.

“Yes. My husband hasn’t told me I look sexy or wanted to look at me naked since I started showing. It feels pretty good to have someone say that I look sexy and want to see me naked. If you really mean it that you think I look sexy and you want to see me naked like this then I’d welcome you looking at me naked.” I said.

“You would?” Kyle asked.

He was turning slowly towards me.

“Yes. I may be pregnant Kyle, but I want and need to feel sexy and believe that a man finds me sexy just like any other woman. My husband hasn’t done that in a long time. If you feel that way I’d welcome the attention even if it’s for 10 minutes. Those 10 minutes would mean the world to me right now. Am I sexy enough for 10 minutes Kyle?” I asked.

“You’re sexy enough for much longer than that.” Kyle said.

I giggled happily, things were going so perfectly.

“Then come on over here and get a real good look.” I said.

Kyle looked around nervously.

“Is this one of those deals where your husband is going to come out of hiding right about now and kill me?” Kyle asked.

“No way. He’s at work. If he knew I was naked right now he wouldn’t want to be where he might even accidentally see me. It’s just you and me. So if you want to look at me come have a look, it would make me feel sexy again.” I said.

“You are really sexy Susan, you are. If your husband doesn’t find you sexy right now then he’s a fool.” Kyle said.

He pulled one of the other chairs over close even with my knees at a bit of an angle and he sat on the edge just looking at me. He looked me up and down several times, but his eyes kept going back to my pussy.

“Would you like me to open my legs a bit so you can see my pussy better? Would you find me sexier like that?” I asked.

Kyle looked up at me like he was a 6 year old and I was offering him an unlimited shopping spree in a candy store. He didn’t say a word, but I took his expression as a pleading yes.

I swung my left leg, the one closest to Kyle, off of the chair and put my foot down on the ground. I couldn’t see it over my baby belly, but with my completely shaved pussy and aroused state I’m sure I was giving Kyle quite a view. His reaction confirmed it. His eyes went wide and his mouth dropped open as he stared directly at my fully exposed pussy.

I decided to tease him a little as well as get his hands on me a little bit.

“If I’m going to sit here like this with my legs spread being sexy for you I don’t want to get a sunburn so I’d better put some of that lotion on. Would you be a dear and get that for me?” I asked.

Leaning down brought Kyle’s face down closer to my pussy. His eyes never left my pussy the whole time. He actually had to feel around for the bottle. He lifted it up and handed it to me. I squirted an excessive amount onto my belly.

“Do you think you could help me out?” I asked.

Kyle looked up at me with an excited but unsure expression.

“Could you do my legs for me? I don’t bend that well with this big belly, I couldn’t reach them earlier and I don’t want to get burned. I would be really grateful if you’d help me out.” I said.

“Uh…sure.” Kyle said.

“Thanks.” I said.

I lifted my left foot up and found that I could get my heel down on the chair Kyle was sitting on leaving him between my legs; exactly where I wanted him. Kyle squirted some of the lotion on my left leg and began rubbing it in as I used both hands to massage the lotion into my belly, working lower and lower until I got down to my pussy.

I made a big show of holding my extended labia to the side as I put lotion up all the way to the edge, then all the way to the other side, then I carefully applied it to my pussy itself. It felt good to have Kyle’s hands on me and I wanted more, but I wasn’t sure how fast to proceed.

After he’d finished lotioning both of my legs we sat there with him gaping at my pussy for a while. I don’t know if it was the heat of the sun, the heat of his stare, or the heat of my excitement but I was on fire.

“Not that I mind Kyle, I’m feeling really sexy with you looking at me like this, but you seem to be staring at my pussy. Are you not a breast man?” I asked.

I started rubbing my breasts with a little more of the lotion. Kyle’s eyes moved up to my breasts.

“Oh I’m a breast man, I’m definitely a breast man, but I want to commit every detail of your gorgeous pussy to memory since this is the only time I’ll ever see it.” Kyle said.

“Are you quitting your job cleaning pools?” I asked.

“What? No, I’m not quitting.” Kyle said.

“Then why would you think this is the only time you’ll see my pussy? I’ve got two more months to go until the baby comes and I’ll only be getting bigger and bigger and less and less attractive to my husband. I’ll need to feel sexy like this even more every week than I do now. I was hoping that since you’re making me feel sexy now you’d help me feel sexy until the baby comes. Unless you don’t want to of course.” I said.

“You mean you want me to look at you naked every Wednesday until you have the baby?” Kyle asked hopefully.

“Like I said I feel sexy with you looking at me now, and I’ll need to feel sexy even more in the weeks to come. If you’re willing to help me feel sexy every week until the baby comes I’d really appreciate it, and it seems that you’re enjoying yourself.” I said.

I pointed to the bulge in his jeans.

“Uh…yeah…sorry about that.” Kyle said.

“Don’t be sorry, it makes me feel even sexier to know that I can give you an erection. I thank you for getting an erection from looking at me.” I said.

That kind of embarrassed Kyle so we didn’t say much for a while. Finally I decided it was time to take things a little further.

“Do you mind if I flip over? I don’t want to get tanned on just one side.” I said.

“I don’t…can you flip over with the belly and everything?” Kyle asked.

“Well I can’t lie down, but I have found a position that I can tan in pretty comfortably. You seem to enjoy looking at my pussy most of all, you could still have a really good view of it.” I said.

“Uh…okay then.” Kyle said.

I rolled over on the chair so I was on my knees, leaning forward so I was resting on my elbows. I made sure to spread my legs as far apart as I could to give him the best view that I could with my ass stuck up in the air.

“As you can imagine it’s almost impossible to put lotion on my back from this position so would you be a dear and do my back, the back so my legs, and my butt for me?” I asked.

“Uh…sure.” Kyle said.

He stood up and leaned over me as he squirted the lotion onto my back and then he worked it in with his hands. From there he moved down to my legs. He worked his way from the bottom of my feet up my calves to my knees then worked his way up towards my ass.

The closer he got to my ass the closer his face got to my pussy. He took an especially long time working the lotion into my ass. He became more and more daring getting his hands closer and closer to my pussy as he worked the lotion in. Just like I was hoping. Finally he was done and I heard his chair move so he could get a better angle to start at my pussy and my asshole.

“Susan, are you sure it’s okay for me to be looking at you from this angle? I mean when you were on your back and we could look each other in the face while we talked was one thing, are you sure this is okay?” Kyle asked.

“You didn’t spend much time looking me in the face Kyle, you spent most of the time staring at my pussy anyway, and I loved it. We can still talk when I’m like this.” I said.

“Well as long as you’re okay with this.” Kyle said.

“I’m okay with it Kyle. In fact, as long as you don’t block too much of the sun, you can get closer if you want.” I said.

“Really?” Kyle asked.

“Sure, it felt really sexy when you had your head right down close to make sure you were getting good coverage with the lotion.” I said.

I could feel Kyle shift closer to me. I couldn’t help smiling, it seemed that he was on the hook now; all I had to do was reel him in.

“I’m really surprised that you even wanted to look at me like this in the first place. I’d have figured a cute guy like you would have his choice of girls just begging you to look at them.” I said.

“I wish that were true, but I haven’t had a girlfriend in over a year.” Kyle said.

“How is that possible? Girls should just be throwing themselves at you.” I said.

“Well they aren’t.” Kyle said.

“Wait…if you haven’t had a girlfriend in over a year does that mean you haven’t had sex in over a year too?” I asked.

“Yeah.” Kyle said.

“You poor thing. I thought I had it bad. When we found out I was pregnant 5 1/2 months ago my husband stopped having sex with me, but it’s been over a year for you. I can’t imagine that.” I said.

“He hasn’t had sex with you either? No offense Susan but your husband has to be a real idiot. If he doesn’t think you’re sexy like this AND he hasn’t had sex with you in over 5 months he might be the dumbest man alive.” Kyle said.

“Oh God, it’s so sexy to hear you say that. It’s been so long since I’ve had a cock inside me. You’ve made me feel so sexy that I just can’t help myself.” I said.

I moved my right hand back between my legs and started rubbing my pussy. I used to fingers to spread myself open. I know Kyle was watching because of his reaction.

“Oh my God.” Kyle said.

“Kyle, you’ve made me feel so sexy, you’ve helped me so much. Maybe we can help each other with another problem. From what I saw in your pants you’re as turned on as I am. Would you fuck me Kyle? Please fuck me Kyle. I need it bad and it sounds like you do too.” I said.

“Susan….? What about your husband?” Kyle asked.

“What about him? He hasn’t touched me in over 5 months. That’s too long Kyle. I need it. You’ve made me feel way sexier in the past few hours than he has in months; I want to thank you for that for helping you with your problem. Fuck me Kyle. Fuck me please.” I begged.

“Are you sure?” Kyle asked.

“It’s not like you’re going to get me pregnant Kyle. We both need it. I would have to doubt how sexy you find me if you would stare at me for hours but pass on the chance to fuck me.” I said.

Kyle was silent for a moment.

“Should we do it out here or should we go inside?” Kyle asked.

“Do me right here Kyle. I’m ready and I’m begging for it. Give me your cock Kyle. I need to get fucked bad. I need you to fuck me bad Kyle.” I said.

I could feel Kyle moving around behind me and I heard him unzip and pull down his pants. I felt him move up behind me on the chair and I felt his cock at the opening to my pussy.

“Are you sure about this?” Kyle asked.

“Yes damn it! Fuck me.” I begged.

“Try not to be too loud okay? I don’t think either of us wants someone to come investigating a noise.” Kyle said.

“I’ll keep as quiet as possible, now please fuck me.” I said.

Kyle slid his cock into me. I was so turned on that there was no problem with him sliding in because my pussy was just dripping. I had not yet seen his cock, but I could tell it was of respectable size at least. God it felt good.

Kyle fucked me good and hard. He pushed into me hard and pumped his cum into me after just a few minutes, but to my great surprise he didn’t pull out like a lot of young men would. After he’d finished cumming he went back to fucking me.

“Oh God…it feels…so good. Fuck me…yes…fuck me…so good…yes.” I panted.

“Damn Susan…your pussy is so hot…and tight…he must not have touched you in a while.” Kyle said.

“Do I feel good?” I asked.

“God yes.” Kyle grunted.

“Am I sexy?” I asked.

“You’re the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen.” Kyle said.

“Then show me how sexy I am. Fuck me hard and make me cum. I haven’t had an orgasm in months Kyle; I need to cum so bad. Fuck me good…make me cum.” I said.

Boy did Kyle ever deliver. About 5 minutes after he’d cum I had an orgasm. Five minutes later I had another. Five minutes after that I had a third as Kyle pumped his cum into me for the second time. He needed to rest so he pulled out and sat on the other chair. I rolled over and sat up on my chair. We looked at each other and smiled.

“My God Kyle, that was amazing.” I said.

I looked at his cock for the first time. It was in the 6-7 inch range, not huge, but very respectable.

“I hope you didn’t mind me not stopping after I came the first time.” Kyle said.

“Are you kidding? I’d have been disappointed if you had. You had me so close to orgasm if you’d stopped it would have been a real let down. Could I suck your dick? See if we can wake him back up so you can fuck me some more?” I asked.

Kyle looked at me like a kid on Christmas morning and leaned back on his chair. I moved to my knees and took his cock into my mouth hungrily. I’d have gladly sucked him off in my mouth, but I needed fucked more so once he was good and hard I moved back onto my chair, lay on my back, spread my legs wide, and motioned for Kyle to mount me.

“I want to see your face as you fuck me so I can see how sexy I am in your eyes.” I said.

Kyle moved up over me and slid his cock into me. He started at a much slower pace this time. He remained leaning away from me, which frustrated me.

“Kyle, don’t you want to kiss me? Don’t you want to suck on my nipples?” I asked.

“Yes…yes of course I do…I just wasn’t sure.” Kyle said.

“Kyle sweetie, anything you want to do I’ll do as long and you fuck me good and hard.” I said.

Kyle leaned down carefully over my baby belly and I bent forward to kiss him. We kissed each other hungrily. It was pure lust. He moved his mouth down to my breasts and sucked my nipples as he continued to fuck my pussy.

“Oh God Kyle…I’m gonna cum…I’m gonna cum…I’m cumming.” I said.

There was a smile on Kyle’s face as I had another orgasm.

“God thank you…Kyle…you make me cum so hard.” I said.

“You’re welcome.” Kyle said.

“Do it again…make me cum…over and over. Fuck me hard…make me cum…shoot your cum into me.” I begged.

Kyle responded well to my urging. I had two more orgasms then he pumped his cum into me a third time. Again he kept going. I had two more orgasms within two minutes.

“You’re a horny little slut aren’t you?” Kyle asked.

“Please don’t call me a slut.” I said.

“Okay you’re not a slut. You’re a horny thing though aren’t you.” Kyle said.

“Yes…God yes…” I said.

“And you want me to show you how sexy you are by fucking you every Wednesday until the baby comes don’t you?” Kyle asked.

“Yes…God yes…you’re fucking me so good…it feels so good.” I said.

“But what about after?” Kyle asked.

“After what?” I asked.

“After the baby comes. Am I gonna get to fuck you after the baby comes?” Kyle asked.

“I don’t know. After the baby comes my husband will…” I said.

“He’ll what? Start fucking you again? So what? A woman as horny as you seems like she could handle two lovers.” Kyle said.

“Kyle…I don’t know.” I said.

“Well then…if this is just gonna be for the next two months I’m not sure I want to do this anymore.” Kyle said.

He stopped fucking me and was about to pull out of me. I wrapped my legs around him and held him inside me.

“Okay. We can keep fucking after the baby comes, but only on Wednesdays when you come to clean the pool and nobody ever finds out.” I said.

“That works for me. If fucking you while you’re pregnant is this good I can’t wait to fuck you when you’ve got your perfect body back.” Kyle said.

He started back to fucking me. I had two more orgasms including one while he pumped me full of cum for the 4th time.

To my surprise and elation he didn’t stop after cumming in me for the fourth time. He just started back to fucking me. God his stamina was amazing. He seemed to be getting stronger and stronger as he went.

“Yes…yes…so good…fuck me…yes…so good…I’m gonna cum…I’m gonna cum…oh GOD…yes…yes…fuck me.” I said.

“Damn Susan you’re amazing. I’m giving you all I’ve got and you’re begging for more.” Kyle said.

“It’s been…so long…it feels…so good…fuck me…fuck me…please God fuck me.” I said.

From the look in his eyes and the way his breathing was becoming more labored that he was just about spent.

“Come on baby…fill me up…give me your cum…one more time…I need it…give it to me…I need to feel it inside me.” I said.

That was all the inspiration he needed and Kyle grunted hard as he pumped his cum into me for the 5th time. I knew he was probably spent when he fell forward onto me and gasped for breath.

“Kyle sweetie, could you get off of my baby.” I said.

“Oh, sorry. I didn’t hurt you did I?” Kyle asked.

“No, but I don’t want to risk that you might.” I said.

He got off of me, moved onto his chair and flopped onto his back.

“You look just about spent.” I said.

“I’m not sure I’ll be able to walk to my truck.” Kyle said.

“So I guess I can’t get you to fuck me one more time then?” I asked.

“My cock is willing, but my body just isn’t able to answer the bell for another round.” Kyle said.

“Well then I guess I’ll have to do the work this time.” I said.

“What?” Kyle asked.

I didn’t answer; I just stood up off of my chair, threw my right leg over his body and lowered myself onto his cock. I didn’t want to shake the baby too much so I went nice and slow and built both of us to one last orgasm. I reached mine right before Kyle did, but he grunted and I got a 6th injection of his cum into my pussy.

I sat there on top of him for a minute. Kyle looked at his watch.

“Oh shit, it’s 4:00. We’ve been here for 5 hours. I should get out of here before your husband or neighbors start coming home from work.” Kyle said.

“I suppose so. Same time next week?” I asked.

“Yes. Hell yes. This was incredible.” Kyle said.

I got up off of him, he quickly got dressed, I kissed him and he grabbed his pool cleaning stuff, jumped in his truck, and took off. I cleaned up the mess we’d made, walked inside, got up on the island in our kitchen facing the door from the garage and waited.

At 4:30 the door opened.

“Well, I guess I don’t have to ask what’s for dinner do I? I take it things went well.” Eric said.

“Better than expected. He filled me with cum 6 times and he wants to fuck me every Wednesday, even after I have the baby.” I said.

“Well, that’s great news. It sounds like you really enjoyed him.” Eric said.

“I love a man with years of experience, but the enthusiasm of youth is great too and he was VERY enthusiastic.” I said.

“I can see that. Your pussy is red and swollen; it looks like he pounded you pretty good.” Eric said.

“Oh he did. I totally played it up for him too. I told him you hadn’t touched me in months, I kept begging him to fuck me, I told him how good it felt, I was a total slut for him and I loved every minute of it.” I said.

“I’ll bet you did.” Eric said.

“So how was your ‘lunch’ with Kelly?” I asked.

“Great. That girl has that enthusiasm of youth you were talking about.” Eric said.

“Well I’m happy for you. You’d better hurry up and eat dinner before it gets cold.” I said.

Eric licked his lips, pulled up one of the bar stools and started slurping Kyle’s cum out of me. I hadn’t had a lover besides Eric since we’d decided to try to have a baby a year ago so it felt good to have him licking another man’s cum from me again.

With Kyle’s stamina and eagerness to fuck me as much as possible I think he’ll work out great.

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