Jaw Dropping Moment

Jaw Dropping Moment

My Mom is something else. She will do anything for me. There is just the two of us at home now, since Dad was killed in the auto accident. She works full time, and still helps me with my homework.

I’m a freshman at state. Played guard for Kennedy High School’s basketball team. Now, I’m hoping to make the team at the State Teacher’s college, which is located about twenty minutes away, out in the sticks. Coach Brown said that if I do, that he would award me a tuition scholarship.

We have started practice. The starting center, Terry Johnson, a junior and I have become pals. He is a big sucker, standing six foot, eleven inches, and weighting two hundred and thirty five pounds. You should see him jump. He does business two feet above the basket.

It was a Friday night that I asked Terry to stay over at our house. Mom has a stiff drink as soon as she gets home, so she was a little happy when we walked in. “Mom, this is Terry Johnson. Terry, meet Mom. Her name is Julie Williams.”

They shook hands. Mom went into the den to catch part of “Doctor Phil,” before starting dinner.

When Terry and I were alone he whistled. “Your Mom is a big woman. How tall is she?”

“Six one.”

“She’s got the biggest old titties that I’ve ever seen. Have you ever seen those puppies?”

“All the time. When she has a few too many, she gets careless. I see her naked a lot.”

“Boy, I’d like to give her a good screwing.”

“Other guys have told me the same thing.”

“How big are her tits?”

“Best I can tell you is that each one is as big as her head. She says that they are a pain because they get in the way all the time.”

“Would it piss you off if I got into her pants?”

“Shit no. Probably be good for her. She has not had a single date since dad died.”

“I have an idea, Danny.” Terry said. You said that she would do anything for you. And you mentioned that getting a scholarship would really help your finances. Here is what we do. After dinner, we get her drinking. At nine thirty or so, I will go upstairs to your bedroom. You tell your Mom that whether you make the team depends on if I pass you the ball. Tell her that I told you that I would consider it a special favor if she would come to the bedroom to be with me. Now, here is the important part. As soon as you tell her that, kiss her. Tell her that you love her, and then say. Mom, I’m going to go to the mall for a couple hours. It is up to you.”

The boys got lucky. Julie drank three strong drinks. Terry left them. Danny made his speech. His mother just looked at him, with a dumbfounded expression. “Danny, I can’t do that.”

“It is up to you, Mom.” He said again as he walked out the door.

Julie Williams was confronted with a problem unlike any she had ever heard of. She sat in silence for four minutes, alone. She had sex with four guys in college, before she met and married Bob. Suddenly, in spite of herself, she smiled, and felt a tingle between her legs.

But this guy in her house was no more than a big kid. She would tell him off. She barged right into the bedroom, and switched on the light. Terry was on his back, naked. “You have a lot of nerve. Who do you think you are coming in here and telling my son that I am a bargaining chip?”

He smiled. “I told Danny that you were the hottest woman that I’d ever seen, and I wanted to have sex with you, which I’m going to do.”

He got up, walked around her, and closed the door. Turning, he took her in his arms. She tried to push him away. He towered over her. She weighing one hundred and sixty pounds, of which thirty were tits, was no match for him. He kissed her! Her breasts were mashed against his chest. His cock was pressed into her stomach.

She was drunk. A boy of his size is big everywhere. His index finger never failed him. When he ran that baby into a woman’s cunt, with the end flicking her cervix, it was all over. Women’s knees would buckle, as they thrust their hips forward so that he would get deeper inside them. Such was the case with Mrs. Julie Williams.

She just looked at him as he took off her clothes. Between her legs was a neatly trimmed snatch, with a fine red slit. Terry was now excited. His finger now told him that she was wet and ready. On his knees, he placed his cock at her entrance. He shoved. It did not go in, so he used his fingers to spread her lips. This time, when he shoved, a couple inches went into her.

“Gently. Please gently,” She pleaded.

He arched his back, placing more of his weight on his cock. Two more inches entered her. She used a hand pushing against his hip to keep him away.

As far as Terry was concerned, he intended to bury his shaft to the balls in her. Sure, she would piss and moan, they always do. But, when it all was driven home, he knew that she would enjoy his fullness, the feeling that her whole insides were being yanked and pulled. He intended to fuck Mrs. Julie Williams long and often, like for the next two years.

His weight fully on her, he drove that cock of his again and again into the silk pussy.

“You are a lot of man?” She conceded.

“Feel good?”

“Yes. I needed this.” There was a long moan. Sweat covered her. Her cunt squeezed his manhood, as her first orgasm in more then a year shook her body. They booth knew that she was hooked. Sure, she would tell Danny that she was doing it for him. But she and Terry knew that she wanted to be fucked.

They talked for a few minutes. Terry mounted her again. This time, his first shove buried his whole shaft. Julie came this time in less then a minute. “You’re a hot fuck, Lady.”

Danny, who was just outside the door, heard every word. Mom came through again, he thought. He knew that a lot of passes would come his way from Terry.

The next day, when Danny and Terry talked, Terry said that he had screwed her seven different times. She had come at least five times.

“That ought to be worth a lot of passes?” Danny said, with a grin.

“You are going to be an ace. I’ll give you a pass, and then set a screen, Man. Bingo.” They both laughed.

Julie got up, made coffee, checked to see where the boys were, and then went into her room. Standing naked, she used a hand mirror to check out the condition of her pussy. She stood before the full-length mirror, as she lifted her tits. They weren’t a pain in the ass last night. Terry had sucked and played with them any time that his cock was not in her. She, for the first time in a year, felt like a sexual woman. It had been good that she had been fucked, she concluded. She wanted more. And why not? She was a widow.

It was interesting to her that Danny knew that his friend had fucked her. There would be no need to hide what she did from him.

She was a very happy woman when she reported for work on Monday. Terry had screwed her Friday night, and Saturday night.

He boss, Jim Duncan could tell that something was different. He was married, but his wife had become complacent. Her weight was now over one hundred and eighty pounds, which made her impossible to fuck. He wanted to fuck Julie. In the past, when he had made suggestions, she had said, “Jim, I’m not ready.”

“You look very nice today, Julie.”

“Thank you, Jim.” She said warmly.

At closing, he said, “Join me for a drink?”

“Love to.” She said, giving him a warm smile.

Julie called Danny. “I’m going for a drink with Jim Duncan. There are some dinners in the fridge.”

“Okay, Mom. Going to have another Terry night?”

She got all red. “You’re awful, Danny.”

“Hey, Mom, Terry said that you were better than a rabbit. Maybe Jim will give you a big raise? If you put out for him.”

“That is not why I’m doing it.”

“Yes, but it could be a perk?”

Three drinks and a short ride later; Julie was on her back fucking Jim Duncan at his lakefront cabin. “Holy shit, Julie, I love holding onto your tits, when we fuck doggy style.” He said as his shaft pistoned into her from behind.

The following Thursday, Jim said to Julie, “John Black, my big boss will be in town tonight. He has asked for both of us to join him for dinner.”

That wasn’t exactly what had been said. The conversation setting up the dinner went like this. “Jim, John Black here. I will fly in this afternoon. Have a meeting with one of the stockholders. After, I could go for some excitement.”

“What kind of excitement, John?”

“Something like that big tit secretary of yours. I would love to tango with her.”

Jim got a leer on his face. He knew just how to make some great brownie points. “John, we will invite her for dinner. If we get a few drinks into her, I think that she will join us in a room, for a little tag team fun.”

Julie was enjoying the dinner and the attention no end. When Jim suggested that they go upstairs, she guessed that she and Jim would go to one room, while this John Black would go to his room.

All three entered a room. Julie, somewhat drunk, looked from one to the other of the men as both were removing her clothes. She was placed on her back on the bed. Jim held her arms above her head. She didn’t realize that she was being restrained. She thought that he was exposing her tits for this John Black to play with. That too, but John Black started to lick her pussy. Now, that felt good.

He slid forward, plunging his shaft into her waiting cunt. He was using her for his enjoyment, self centered son-of-a-bitch that he was.

When finished, Jim pulled her legs up next to her sides, and ran his cock every which way in her soggy, open slash, movements that drove her to orgasm twice. Jim comes.

John buried his cock into her again. This time he took more then twenty minutes before spending himself in her. No thought had been given to birth control. No matter, she had just had her period. Julie was smiling at being well fucked.

Both Jim and Julie got raises. It was understood, of course, that she would be John’s companion any time that he was in town.

Danny made the team. In fact became the starting guard. A six thousand dollar scholarship followed. “You’ve got a valuable pussy, Mom.”

“My hooters help out, don’t you think?”

“You know, Mom, that it is very dangerous for a guy like me to have sex with a college girl. If she gets pregnant, I’m on the hook to support the kid for eighteen years.”

“I agree.” Julie said, wondering where this was going.

“A guy like me gets horny, just like you do. Tell you what. How about you letting me feel your tits, and play with your pussy?”

It was another jaw dropping moment. Danny had planned it well. She was gunned again, and was wearing just her robe, since she intended to take a long bath. Terry had told him to get a finger into her right away. He pulled her robe off her shoulders, which pinned her arms to her sides. Her finger found and entered her cunt.

Her eyes were like a deer caught in headlights. Her mind said that she shouldn’t but her pussy was screaming, yes, yes.”

Drunk, she went down. He fumbled for a moment and now with his pants below his knees, he drove his cock into his mother. Again and again he explored her pussy. Her tits did not escape his attention. Hell no. By Saturday night, they were beet red from his sucking. Sunday at sunrise found her on her back with Danny lazily, slowly sliding his cock in and out of her. She was half awake, enjoying the cock.

During Christmas break; Danny brought his coach Ed Brown home to meet his mother. “Mom, this is Ed Brown, my coach. Coach, her name is Julie Williams.”

“What brings you to see me, Ed?”

“We want to hold on to your son, so I am offering a full-boat, four years scholarship for Danny.”

“My goodness, that is wonderful.”

“I’ve heard a lot about you, Mrs. Williams. Do you think we could have dinner, just you and I, so I could get to know you better?”

At dinner, Julie learned that Ed was divorced. She liked him, he was soft-spoken and very professional, like so many university people are. He, like Terry, was huge, standing at six foot, eight inches. She was curious as to if he was as big down there as Terry.

When at his condo, she found out all about his down there. He was a patient, thoughtful, lover who gave her a delightful night in bed.

They became a regular thing. She, of course, did not tell him that Jim, John, Terry, and Danny all had access to her pussy. But he knew, everything! He had overheard Danny and Terry discussing fucking her.

Ed offered to marry her, which she accepted gleefully. The next spring and summer Ed took her along on his recruiting trips. She had quit her job.

The routine is that they meet with a recruit. They offer to take him back to the campus for a visit. Ed has a van. As they are tooling down the thruway, Ed is driving, singing a song. On the floor where the last two seats normally are, Julie is naked. A very happy young man is between her legs, sampling what he has been promised for the next four years. Ed never looses a recruit. Big schools have their eye on Ed. There is talk that UCLA has contacted him.

Ed will take that job. He knows that his really big men will transfer. So does Julie.

I’m Softly

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