I’ll Pay with My Mother

I’ll Pay with My Mother

I owed money. Janek said it was seven thousand zloty by now. I tried paying it out and failed repeatedly, tried doing him favors, failed again, and finally he said he’d forgive me a couple thousands if I “lend” him my sister.

I was desperate enough. But he priced her at only two thousands. Then, when he understood that I was going with it, he decided to have my mother. For my mother and sister together, Janek promised to forgive five thousand zloty. I’d still owe him two, but he’d give me another month to try and find it, and that would solve almost all of my problems.

When I told my older sister, she went straight to mom. They spoke for half an hour, and then my sister said they’ll do it. Neither spoke to me afterwards.

On a Friday evening, mom and sister got dressed and ready. I was going with them – to look after them, just in case.

(Note from the author: the guy who told me this story was 19, and still is – it all happened just recently. I know him personally. His name is B. Javorski. His mother, Klara Javorski, is 44. She’s gotten slightly chubby recently, wears her hair short, is soft-spoken, calm, a good housekeeper. his sister is 25, she is taller than her mother, is a brunette, which she inherited, he believes, from their father. She isn’t beautiful, but pretty in a timid kind of way. Her name is Ruta, still a Javorski: she almost got married last year, but it didn’t work out in the end for some reason.)

Mom was wearing a blue dress. She didn’t try looking like a skank, but she was wearing high heels anyway; not that I cared. She wore some jewellery and flashier makeup than normal. My sister wore black tights and a dark shirt. Her hair was done in a ponytail, she wore big earrings and slightly tasteless mascara. She never looked like that, but there she was now, painted like a babe in front of me.

Without talking to each other, we drove to Janek’s. I knocked, he opened, and so we were in.

Three other guys were waiting for us. I went and sat in a corner, and I wasn’t going to watch. But I still saw how a tall guy with stupid facial hair almost immediately cornered my sister.

“How are you?” he said.

“Fine,” said my sister and smiled nervously. She wasn’t talkative, so the guy put his hand on her legs. I saw him grope her. My sister grimaced.

“Warm, huh,” he said, and the others laughed. A short, thick blonde guy looked straight at me and kept laughing the loudest.

Janek and another guy were now standing around my mom. They sandwiched her between them and kept physical contact with her hands and waist as they talked to her.

“What a pleasure, Mrs. Javorski.”

“All mine,” said my mom, not looking at him.

The guy behind her put both hands on her bottom. She tried to evade it, but couldn’t.

“Nice weather, huh?” said Janek. “How have you been?”

“I’ve been truly great,” said my mother.

Janek smiled at her. She was getting her ass groped and squeezed from behind. I saw the guy slide his hand around her to grab at my mother’s cunt through her dress. Then he groped her ass again.

My sister was meanwhile seated on the tall guy’s lap on the couch, while another guy stood in front of her, hands in pockets. The tall guy had his hand on her breasts, another on her hips. He was asking something, she gave short replies. Finally he told her to kiss him. My sister turned and gave him a peck.

“How is that a kiss?” said the guy, looking her in the eyes. Then grabbed her hair and suckled on her mouth right in front of me. He slid his hand down her pants and grabbed her cunt. My sister gasped. She was then pushed onto the couch.

“No, stand up,” said the guy. Holding her legs together, she did. He turned her around and pushed her onto the couch face-first. My sister’s ass rose in the air. I saw lines from her underwear through the tights; maybe there was a skanky cameltoe, I couldn’t tell. The tall guy grabbed at her crotch again, groped her thighs. Tackled her ass with his crotch, and my sister cried almost tumbled, but the guy held her in place.

“Enjoying already?” he said.

“She is,” said the other guy, who was watching; I could clearly see their erections.

“Ass up,” said the tall guy.

My sister obeyed. He pulled her pants off her behind, leaving the panties on. She was wearing small white ones; I couldn’t help but see how they followed the contour, her ass crack, and clung to her pussy. I could see most of my sister’s ass-cheeks. Then the tall guy grabbed at the underwear and, with an angry movement, ripped it off. My sister screamed and grasped at her crotch, but the guy grabbed her hand and bend it behind her back; with his spare hand he dropped his shorts and trunks and in a carnivorous motion climbed on top of her.

“Turn away, it’s your fucking sister,” said the other guy, and so I did.

I heard Ruta gasp and start breathing noisily.

Janek then took my mom by the hand and led her past me to an adjacent room. Her dress was already tucked up at her waist, black panties down almost to her knees. I couldn’t help but see her backside as she walked. She got chubby, or maybe always was – I never bothered looking as she walked around the house in her pants or nightie or even her underwear – asking if I’m feeling like having a snack, or if I’ve done homework, or if I need something else. Her behind was round, seemed soft, ass cheeks moved and touched as she walked. There were pink marks from squeezing. one of her breasts was hanging out of her dress.

They didn’t close the door. Listening on as my sister had sex on the other side of the room, I witnessed my mother get thrown on the bed and saw her legs forced open. The guy got on top of her, licked her mouth, bit her breast. He grabbed at my mother’s cunt and pulled. Then he directed his dick into her, and after that I could only see my mother’s crotch, her ass squished against the bed sheets, as pussy swallowed a thick, veiny penis. The guy pushed. I actually knew him – I went to school with him until he went to college and I dropped out; so we must have been the same age. He pulled, almost turning mom’s cunt inside out, and pushed his penis back in again. The bed started creaking. My mother held onto the bed sheets. Mom complained in a low voice. The guy said, “Shut up.” I saw her struggle and get overpowered. Now he held her hands to the bed, held her legs apart with his body, and never stopped plowing. I saw him bend forward and bite at mom’s breast. She screamed again. The guy bit at her breasts repeatedly, holding mom down and fucking her, until he groaned like an animal, pushed the whole way inside and held it in my mother for quarter a minute. I saw his ass cheeks tense and tremble. Then he pulled out, got off my mother, and I saw her lay there, legs spread, crotch now stained, holding her right breast with both hands. The guy moved towards her chest, sat over it, squeezing breasts with his ass, and, I think, he made mom fellate him.

I was sitting in my corner, and I was harder than ever. I felt so angry and sorry for mother and Ruta and myself, that I, as sometimes happens to me, began to wish for us to get hurt even more. I wanted them both to get taught a lesson, like my mother was just a minute ago. I wanted to see it happen.

I turned to my sister almost shamelessly, and saw that she was still bent over, face down in the pillows, ass up, pants and panties down to her ankles. The second guy was now fucking her. I couldn’t see her crotch, but I could see her legs: one shoe fell off her bare foot, the other dangled on. My sister held her knees together and feet apart, bending them more when the guy got rougher. Her toes were spread wide apart. I clearly saw it.

The tall guy was resting next to them. He noticed that I was looking and winked at me, then rolled his eyes.

“Your brother’s watching,” he told my sister.

She didn’t move her body, but turned to face away from me.

“Hah, show him,” said the tall guy.

They man fucking Ruta looked back at me and stopped pumping. He stood aside and spread my sister’s ass cheeks.

“That’s what I’m doing to your pretty sister,” he said, looking down at me and stroking himself. Ruta’s hand reached from between her legs and covered her pussy, but the guy grabbed it and forced it away. My sister’s ass was sweaty, squeeze marks were all over it. Her pussy was wet and very pink; around it there was caked foamy semen. I caught her glance from between her legs, before she turned away.

“That’s no good,” the tall guy said.

He grabbed my sister’s hair. She let out a painful moan as she was pulled off the bed and up on her legs. Tripping over her panties, she walked towards me. I looked on incredulously as the tall guy threw my sister at me, forced her to grasp at my shoulders, and grabbed her thighs again. On his face I read how into this he really was – getting off on fucking a person’s sibling.

Her tits were hanging out. Hair was a mess. She was clenching her teeth. Her lip went up and she squinted, and then we started to rocked pathetically, as Ruta was being fucked again. She stared at me. I saw her grimace as cock pumped up in her. She saw that I saw, and now she was hating; but a muscular hand gripped her hair, another reached around for her tits; she had to squint and bleat, because he was starting to get too rough.

Suddenly, Mom had a coughing fit in another room. I turned; so did Ruta. Mom was on on the bed, in a spit roast between Janek and the other guy. She was coughing and pushing away with both hands, but couldn’t even spit his penis out.

Ruta turned to me. Oh god, she was hating me now. She hated my guts. For a second, I saw that she wished me dead. Then she gasped and spat in my face, gulped saliva and spat again, twice, sprinkling my face with wet foam. Then she let out a scream and pushed herself off me.

“What the?” said the tall guy, grabbing her. “What, you don’t love your brother? What’s wrong? You fucking slut.”

He grabbed her and threw her on the floor, mumbling “Teach you a lesson…” Ruta turned to defend herself, but he held her hands, turned her over, and forced her to kneel. My sister was put on all fours.

Holding her hair, the tall guy crouched over her and pushed the tip his cock up against her asshole. I saw her anus contract. She said, “No, don’t,” but the tall guy kept pushing. I was feeling sick. Her sphincter bulked, then blanched, and her asshole relaxed. The head of the tall guy’s cock slipped in. Ruta swore like a sailor, then bawled.

Now the tall guy was sliding in and out of my sister’s anus, ignoring her screams. The other guy was standing in front of her, holding his cock up and rolling his sack on her face. In under a minute, the tall guy ejaculated and let himself slip out of Ruta’s anus. He wiped his cock on her ass cheeks. Then he let go of my sister and went to the bathroom.

The other guy glanced about, stood up and went into the other room – where my mom was. Ruta sat on the floor for half a minute, then stood up and started putting her clothes on. Without trying to clean herself up, Ruta pulled her panties back on, then pulled her tights up. Sperm stains on her ass seeped through the fabric of her tights.

The tall guy was back from the loo.

“Where are you going?” he said to my sister.


Grabbing her by the hand, he slapped Ruta’s ass and took her to the adjacent room.

I saw Ruta stand at the door and look on at our mom. Mother was sandwiched between Janek and the short guy. Then the tall guy pushed my sister onto the bed and told her to “kiss mommy”. Then I saw my sister’s ass in the air as she bent down, and heard her kiss our mother. The broad blonde guy walked behind my sister, pulled her pants down, and started fucking her. I could barely see anything.

Soon, Janek and his crony ejaculated. One after another: before he ejaculated, Janek started fucking my mother’s ass twice as fast, and that made the guy in her pussy orgasm, too. Janek stood up.

The other guy rolled mom off him onto the bed and also stood up. He left the room; walking past me, he said, “Go clean up your mommy.”

I smiled like an idiot.

He said, “She’s a mess.”

I didn’t go.

Meanwhile, the three guys left in the room grabbed Ruta and pushed her face at our mother’s crotch. They wiped my mom’s cunt and ass with my sister’s mouth, and the tall guy was jerking off while looking at them. He was muttering under his nose – I heard “Yeah, lick your mom, lick her, you’re her daughter, you love her, good girl…” and the like. When he was ready to spill, he fed it all to my mother.

“I’m… done. Thanks, Janek,” he said finally. “I’m gonna go, fine with you?”

“See you,” said Janek, knuckling his shoulder.

Having seen his friend out of the room, Janek got on top of my sister.

“What’s you name, anyway?” he said to Ruta, spreading her ass cheeks with two fingers.

She told him.

“Ruta,” he said, “Be a good girl…” and pushed.

My sister started to sob again.

“Dear god, no, just let her go,” said our mom.

Janek ignored them both. He was riding my sister like a horse. Ruta kept spreading her legs, but I think it still hurt to the end. I could see Janek tear into her anus. His cock had a few blood drops on it. His balls were dirty from slapping her pussy. Janek pulled out and began to fuck Ruta’s ass crack. Her ass was still gaping; semen oozed from it and onto her cunt hairs. When Janek was almost done, he got off my sister, pulled her face towards him and painted her face with semen.

He said, “Having fun, Miss Pornstar?”

Ruta whispered something. He slapped her across the face.

“Yes,” she moaned.

He pushed her back on the bed and left her for the short blonde guy.

“Going to take a piss,” he said, walking by me. “Tight shitters on your girls…” He looked at me. “Just tell your mother to work out some.”

“What about my debt?” I said.

“You don’t owe me, buddy.”

And I almost loved the crook who raped my mother.

It was almost over: even the blonde guy was getting bored. He threw Ruta on top of my mother and had their pussies and asses, in any order he liked, from behind. Then made Ruta turn over and, on his penis, fed her semen from her mother’s cunt – she resisted, but was made to do it. Then he sat Ruta upright and fucked her throat, until she started slapping his thighs like mad. The guy knew his moves: he fucked my mother and sister’s four breasts, calling them whores, sluts, meat. Soon, he was tired, too. Ruta and mom were done.

Mom found her panties and pulled them on, let her dress down, did something to fix her hair. My sister wiped her face, front and back on the sheets and pulled her pants on again. I was watching them do all that and, for some reason, imagined that I was taking more money from Janek – the feelings as I took them, the look on his face, the pathetic bulge in my pants. Of course, I wasn’t going to. Then I thought, “What if I borrowed twenty thousand zloty from him? What if borrowed a hundred thousand?” and suddenly, last of all the men in this place today, without touching a woman, I, too, had an orgasm.

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