Like Peaches

Like Peachesan

Susan arrives home from college happy to be visiting her mom, and wanting to share everything that she had experienced in her first term. In addition to new friends, new ideas, and a new town, she had had sex with a woman. She isn’t sure if she is a lesbian, but she knows that she wants do it again.

Her mother, Joan, is not very sexually experienced, so Susan wonders what her reaction will be. But because they are close, and Susan has always been able to be open with her, she knows that she won’t keep this wonderful news to herself.

She needn’t have worried. Susan simply says, “Mom, I had sex with a woman and liked it,” and Joan just smiles and pats her hand. “You always were one to do what you wanted, dear.” They laugh, and smile with their eyes at each other.

“What is she like? What’s her major?”

Susan chats on about her friend, but while she does, she is surprised to notice that she is looking at her mother’s breasts under her robe. It shocks that her desire for women doesn’t stop at her mom. She decides to learn more about her mother’s experience. She is suddenly overcome with curiosity.

“…And, well, I really loved it when she sucked my breasts. Did you ever do anything like that with a woman?”

“The only woman who sucked my breasts was you,” her mom replied, “But it did feel pretty good.” Joan is a little embarrassed that she says that, but it’s been said and she can’t take it back. She sort of touches her daughter’s arm when she says that and their eyes meet for a second too long.

Susan says again that it felt so good to have her breasts sucked and fondled by a woman, and since she is a little drunk, she touches her own breasts in the memory of it. “Mom, when she sucked my nipples, I could feel it in my…. down there.” You’ve never felt that before? “

“Oh, no honey, your father wasn’t like that at all. I never felt anything like that. Mostly I liked when he was finished and he’d hold me from behind and cuddle.”

Susan takes another gulp of wine and leans forward. “Mom, would you like to feel that? Because I would totally like to show you want I felt.”

“Oh no honey, that wouldn’t be right. “

“Come on, why not? I sucked on your breasts when I was a baby. ” The daughter leans forward and with her finger begins to open her mother’s robe.

Joan pulls her robe tighter around her. “Now, don’t, you can’t do that. “

“Are you sure? ” and Susan pulls open the robe and looks at her mother’s full breast. “Your breasts are so beautiful. Please, let me suck them again? Please? “

“No, dear.” But Susan can tell that she doesn’t mean it. She leans all the way forward and kisses her mother’s nipple. She hears her mother take a sharp breath. Then she opens her mouth, and puts her lips around her mother’s nipple.

Her mothers’ nipple is in her mouth, and she rubs her tongue on it, and instantly feels her mother’s areola begin to tighten. She puts her other hand on her mothers’ other breast and lifts it slightly, then squeezes it, and then rubs the nipple with her thumb. She feels her mothers legs open slightly.

“Honey, ok, that’s enough. ” The daughter responds by sucking harder and squeezing harder. “Come on baby, you shouldn’t be doing that. ” The daughter pulls her lips away and looks into her mother’s eyes. She doesn’t take her hand away. “But mom, doesn’t that feel good? ” Her mother just looks back at her. Her daughter kisses her, keeping her mouth closed. She kisses her mother longer, and harder, and when her mother opens her mouth of her own free will, she knows what will happen tonight.

Susan’s tongue slips past her mother’s, and loves finding the softness there. She has kissed other women before, and she has kissed her mother, but this was the most loving and exciting kiss of her life. She feels her body heat rise, and her heart pounds. She is kissing her mother and touching her breast! Her mother pulls away a little, and Susan stops kissing her.

“Susan, I…”

“Mom, please,” and she kisses her again, moving closer to her on the couch, sitting as close as she can and pressing her mother’s body against the back of the couch. She puts her arm around her mother’s neck, and with her other hand she opens her mother’s robe, and watches her hand cradle her mother’s breast in her palm. She can’t believe she is doing this.

She kisses her mother again, holds her close, and she feels her mother’s hands on her, tentative at first, and then stronger, holding her tighter as they kiss more.

Kissing her mother is sending sparks of light down to her pussy. She has never thought of this before… well, no, she has imagined it. Now that her mother’s tongue is really in her mouth, and she is kissing her mother she has to remember that she has had thoughts, but knew they were wrong. She pulls away from a kiss so she can look at her mother’s eyes again. Her mother is afraid but not resisting. She puts her tongue all around her mother’s beautiful lips as if her tongue was lipstick, kisses her mother, and then smiles at her.

“Susan, honey, this doesn’t bother you? I don’t want to do anything that…”

“Bothers me? Oh Mom, can’t you feel it?”

“Yes, honey, I’m feeling…. it, but it’s wrong.”

“What’s wrong about this? I’m grown now. I’ve already had sex with a woman–and men!”

“I know but a mother isn’t supposed to….”

“Mom, let me suck your breasts again; please, I have to.”

Susan turns and lays in her mother’s lap, putting her mouth to her mother’s breast like a baby. She lays cradled in her mother’s arm, one hand on her mother’s free breast, rubbing the nipple, squeezing her breast, pulling on it. And with her mouth, she nurses, she pulls, she sucks, she gently bites. She looks up at her mother, and her mother smiles, not a mother’s smile, but a lover’s smile, a smile of love and desire.

Joan watches her daughter’s mouth on her nipple, and is caught in a memory of two decades before when this same grown woman was a tiny child, and remembers the love and connection she felt then, the protection she felt. She has done a good job as a mother; her daughter is healthy, and strong, with a sense of herself and her value to the world. She is well on her way into womanhood. Joan gently moves Susan’s hair away from her face and caresses her cheek, and runs her hair through her fingers. She is actually watching her daughter at her breast again, and it is the most beautiful and stimulating moment of her life.

“You are so beautiful there, my girl,” she says. Susan sucks harder and Joan throws her head back with a gasp. Susan pinches her nipple and she thinks that she might soon have an orgasm. She has had them, but never from another person before. She breathes faster, and moves her hips under her daughter’s body.

Susan does not let her go higher, though. She slows her touches, and her lips, and takes her mouth away from her breast. She turns onto her back and pulls off her sweatshirt to reveal her own full breasts.

“Have you ever seen my breasts, mom? “

“No, I haven’t Susan, not since you were a girl.”

Susan picks up her breasts in her hands. “Didn’t I tell you how much I loved having them sucked? Didn’t that feel wonderful?”

Joan stares at her daughter’s breasts, and thinks of peaches, large peaches. They were so much rounder than she thought breasts could possibly be, and with tiny nipples that already seem very erect. Suddenly, she doesn’t know what to do with her hands. She wants to touch her daughter’s breasts, but can’t bring herself to do it.

Susan reads that desire in her mother’s eyes. “Please mom, they are aching for you.” She takes her mother’s hand and strokes across her hard nipple.

“Oh my god, mom. Oh!”

Joan lets Susan move her hand as she wishes, and she moans. Then on her own she grabs her daughter’s breast and squeezes it.

“Oh, it is so soft,” she says with surprise. “So soft, and…”

Words stop. She is fondling her daughter. She is feeling her up. She is molesting her daughter? No, not this. Her daughter is old enough, but it still feels wrong. And it feels perfectly right.

She watches her fingers on her daughter’s body, stroking and pressing and holding, and touching her like she shouldn’t but is anyway. Susan moans and gasps, sighs, and smiles. She pulls her mother down to her and they kiss again.

Joan slides her body down so they lay on the couch together. Susan presses one leg slightly between her mother’s legs and she opens them. They wrap their arms and legs around each other and pull each other close, their breasts pressed against each other, their hands all over each other’s backs, waist, heads, breasts. Their mouths opened wide and Susan presses her tongue into her mother’s mouth, over and over again, as if she were fucking her mother with her tongue. Joan opens wide to her daughter’s lust, and presses her pussy bone against her daughter’s. Susan pulls her tongue back between her own lips, and Joan’s follows.

Tentatively at first, she fucks her daughter’s mouth with her tongue, then gives into the desire. She presses her tongue into her daughter, over and over again, and Susan opens, she opens everything. She feels her lips down below opening, opening to what will come, soon, from her mother, her mother’s desire for her own daughter.

While they kiss, so deeply, mother and daughter, Susan pulls her mother on top of her and opens her legs until Joan’s bone is resting against hers. Susan’s tongue slides in and out between her mother’s open lips and she gently rocks her hips against her mother’s body. She is surprised to feel her mother’s body begin to move with hers, and soon she is lost in the dance of it. Tongues and bodies together.

Susan becomes aware of her clit, and wants it to be touched. She realizes she is still wearing her jeans skirt, but it has been folded up around her thighs. She gently puts her hand on top of her mother’s which is on her breast. Her mother pulls a away a little.

“Oh, should I…”

“No, mom, I love that, I just want…”

And she holds her mother’s hand and strokes her waist with it, down to her leg and the edge of the skirt. She pushes her hips up, pressing her pussy into her mother’s.

“Touch me,” she says, and moves out from under her mother a little so Joan is lying next to her. Her mother tries to speak again, but her daughter kisses her and puts her mother’s hand up her skirt and her fingers against her pussy. Her thong is soaking wet, and hot. Her mother again tries to say something, but her daughter holds her tighter against her mouth with one hand, and rubs her mother’s fingers against her clit. She shakes with pleasure, and then puts her mother’s fingers right in her pussy, and rubs them up and down.

Joan gives in. Her daughter wants this, obviously, and will tell her when to stop. She begins to kiss her daughter more gently, as she explores her daughter with her finger. Her slender finger touches the inner lips, up and down, and she kisses her daughter’s face, her daughter’s eyes, her cheeks, her neck. She finds her daughter’s clit, and strokes one side and then the other very lightly.

“Oh Mom, that feels so good.”

She slides her fingers down into Susan’s wetness and brings up more juice, moving her finger in a circle around around her clit.

“Oh mom, that feels so good.”

More circles.

“Oh, don’t stop.”

More circles, and Susan moves her clit in coordination with her mother’s finger tip.

“Yes, mom, yes. like that.” More touching, more juice.

“Mom, you’re going to make me come.”

Joan is dazed. She is touching her daughter as a mother should not, yet she would never stop. Her daughter is about to come under her fingers, and she is listening to her. Listening to her words, so sweet as they are whispered, “Mom, yes, like that, please, don’t stop, yes, so good, so good.” And she is listening to her daughter’s body. Her clit presses up into her finger, and then away. She doesn’t need to know how to do this, she just needs to be receptive.

“Mom, yes, oh, oh, I’m going to come. Make me come, mama, yes, mom, mama oh. “

Joan, kisses her daughter as she moans and comes, gasping and crying, holding on to her mother as she shakes and dances, pressing her clit into her mother’s finger and then pulling away as she rides her orgasm’s waves. Joan can’t believe her ears, to hear her daughter’s sighs of pleasure. Love swells in her, and she covers her daughter with kisses. As the waves subside, she cups her hand around Susan’s pussy.

But Susan is not about to stop now. Her first orgasm always gets her started. Joan lies on Susan’s chest, her hand on one perfect breast. But after just a few minutes rest, Susan asks, “Mom, can we go to your room? ” Instead of protesting, as she was about to, she simply says, “Yes.”

Joan gets up off the couch and looks down at her daughter, flushed, topless, skirt around her waist, naked legs open. She holds out her hand.

Susan takes it, rises, and steps out of her skirt and thong. Her mother looks at her naked body, even her hairless pussy. She pulls her robe around her.

“Come here, honey.” She takes Susan’s hand and leads her into her bedroom.

Susan enters her mother’s bedroom, and notes that it is as it has always been, but will never be the same. Because she is about to get into her mother’s bed as a lover, not a child. Her mother is at the bed, folding back her blankets, and opening them. She takes off her robe and climbs onto the bed, holding open the sheets.

“Come in honey.” Susan climbs in under her mother’s arm, and the sheets descend around her, so comforting, and warm. Her mother kisses her again, and with desire. Susan opens her mouth to those kisses and in seconds mother and daughter are again kissing and stroking everywhere, squeezing breasts and ass and pushing legs between and over. They roll around, sometimes Susan on top, sometimes Joan. They both say to each other, “I love you” and kiss deeply each time they do.

Susan puts her fingers into her own pussy lips and then in to her mother’s mouth. “Taste how wet I am for you, mother.”

Joan sucks on Susan’s fingers. She has never tasted a woman’s juice before, not even her own. She realizes what Susan is suggesting. Her own pussy is yet untasted by anyone, yet her daughter wants her to kiss her there. To put her mouth on another woman’s vulva, her own daughter’s. She knows she will. She will be like her daughter, and do what she wants to do.

Susan feels her mother’s tongue on her fingers, and her body shudders as she watches them disappear between her mother’s lips. She could never tell anyone about this, to have sex with your mother is supposed to be so wrong, but feels so good and seems so right. For the two of them.

She has ever dreamed she could be this turned on. Her own scent is in her mother’s mouth as she pulls back her fingers and kisses her mother again, their tongues caressing each other, their bodies pressed as close as they can be, their arms and legs holding each other tightly. Susan begins to rub her pussy hard against Joan’s thigh, and gently pushes her on her back so that she can press her bone more insistently against her.

“Oh, God, Mom, I’m so hot. I’ve never felt like this before. I’ve never wanted to touch anyone as bad as I want to touch you.”

“Honey, you are so beautiful,” Joan whispers into Susan’s ear. “I want to look at you you; sit up, will you?”

Susan pulls herself up from Joan’s embrace and sits with her pussy, hot and dripping, resting above her mother’s bush. She rubs her lips against it, and raises her arms above her head to stretch out the sexual energy that is almost too much to bear.

“Oh, Mom, this feels so good.”

“Honey, oh honey, just look at you. Do you realize how beautiful you are?”

Joan reaches up and holds Susan’s breasts in both her hands. She rubs her daughter’s small pink nipples with her thumbs and squeezes the soft, tender globes, hypnotized by the sight, and the pleasure of touching her daughter this way. She unconsciously raises her hips into her daughter’s pussy.

“Your breasts are so perfect, your body is so beautiful. You’re just perfect, and I can’t believe that you’re my little girl all grown up.”

Susan leans down, her breasts still cupped in her mother’s fingers.

“I never felt as beautiful as I do right now, Mom.” She rubs her cunt against her mother’s some more. “Oh please, I need your mouth. “

Susan leans forward pulling her breasts from her mother’s hands and swinging them into Joan’s face. Joan kisses one nipple and then then other.

“Oh yes, Mom, suck them, suck my titties.”

Joan moans and takes one of Susan’s nipples into her mouth. She sucks hungrily, and massages Susan’s other breast in her hand. Susan moans, Susan gasps. “Oh God, Mom, Oh God.” Again she feels the rush from her nipples down to her pussy.

Joan does not know what it is like to put her tongue to a clitoris, but she thinks of her daughter’s clit as she sucks on one one nipple, and then the other, while her daughter sighs and gasps above her.

Susan holds herself up on her arms and watches one breast and then the other pleasured by her mother’s lips and tongue. She knows she wanted to start something, but she had no idea making love with her own mother would be this transcendent of any experience she had ever imagined. She rocks herself against her mother’s body.

She wants more.

Susan puts her hands on the headboard and pulls her pussy up to her mother’s face. Joan’s eyes grow wide, and she looks up at her daughter. Holding each other’s gaze, Joan opens her mouth, and Susan presses her cunt lips to her mother’s mouth. Her pussy is so open and wet and Joan’s tongue slides smoothly and hot between her lips.

Susan cannot believe this is happening. Her own mother, going down on her. She presses into her mother face, and Joan responds by finding her clit and sucking hard on it.

“Oh, oh Mom, yes, like that. Oh, Jesus. Yes, suck my clit just like you are.”

Joan circles the tip of her tongue around her daughter’s clit and sucks it. She can feel how this makes her daughter feel, and she does exactly as she wished had been done to her but never was. It is as if she’s been waiting for this her entire life, to experience vicariously what she had always wanted, by doing it for the woman closest to her.

She holds her daughter’s hips in her hands, and lovingly strokes her waist, her curving butt, and her lower back. All the while, her tongue weaves between her daughter’s cunt lips, her tongue goes up inside, around her clit, and then sucks, sucks her clit until her daughter moans and cries, calls her “Mom,” and “Mommy,” and says “Oh my God, oh my God” and rocks her body against her face.

Susan’s rocking quickens, and she presses her clit harder into Joan’s mouth. Joan rubs her clit with her tongue harder now, and Susan responds by pressing back against her mother.

Joan loses herself in the reality, she is lost in all her senses soaked in her daughter’s sex: her daughter’s skin, the taste and smell of her daughter’s womanhood, her daughter’s sighs of ecstasy, the looking up and seeing her daughter’s perfect breasts, her dear familiar face, and catching her eyes dark with pleasure.

Suddenly, Joan’s mouth is flooded with Susan’s juice, and she is coming again. “Mom, oh god, Mom, Mommy, I’m coming, I’m coming, Oh Mom, it’s so good, so good. “

Still shaking with pleasures, Susan lowers herself and kisses her mother deeply. Joan holds her close, and strokes her back while she continues to shudder with the aftershocks.

“Oh, baby. Oh baby girl.”

Susan kisses her mother again, loving the taste of pussy on her face.

“Oh mom, that was so wonderful. I loved looking down at you while you were there on me. “

“Susan, besides giving birth to you, this is the best thing I’ve ever done.”

“Well, I’m glad I get to remember this one!” They laugh, and kiss again, and Susan sits up and puts her hands on her mother’s breasts, fondling them, and gently rubbing her mother’s nipples. Joan puts her hands up and touches Susan’s breasts at at the same time. They smile at each other for a while, enjoying the gentle mutual pleasure.

“Mom, I love your breasts. I’ve been staring at them all night. I couldn’t believe it, but I was.”

“Susan, I need to tell you something. When you told me that you had had sex with a woman, I was so happy for you, and so happy that you could tell me. I don’t want… this… us… to ever get in the way of you being with your friend.”

Susan is about to tell her mom that she doesn’t want to think about anyone else right now, but the look in her mother’s eyes is so serious, and Susan knows what she is saying is right.

“Ok, Mom.” Susan leans forward, and puts her mouth lightly on Joan’s lips. “I feel so loved right now. Do you know how I love you? Can you?”

Susan begins to rock her hips, and Joan responds. With their mouths so close together, they begin to breath in unison, in and out, while their pussies undulate together.

Susan puts her hand down and between them, and touches her mother’s vulva. Her lips are already open, and Susan presses her fingers into her mother’s vagina. First two, then three.

“Susan, oh Susan is that….should you? “

“Yes, Mom, I need to. I need to be inside you. Don’t you want me to? I need to I love you. Please don’t say stop now. You have to let me.”

Susan kneels back so she can watch fingers in her mother, and see Joan’s face while she’s entering her. Joan looks down at Susan, and Susan meets her eyes, and smiles. They don’t look away, their eyes are wide with love and desire for each other.

“I’m fucking my own mother,” Susan thinks, “And no, I will never, ever forget this moment for as long as I live.”

“Mom, I’m inside you.”

“Oh yes, you are, and …. I’ve never felt…..”

“I can feel you all around my fingers, I can feel you here.” Susan’s hands curl up and stroke Joan’s vagina behind her clit.

“Oh… oh, Susan, what is that? “

“That’s your g-spot, Mom.”

“Susan, don’t stop, keep doing that. That’s incredible. “

Susan’s fingers curl around her mother’s pussy bone and stroke that spot behind the clit that she had only recently learned about herself. The effect on Joan surprises them both. Joan lifts her legs and opens her thighs as far as she can, and Susan leans over her, her round breasts brushing her mother’s belly lightly as she continues to both fuck in and out and curl her fingers inside stroking the place there where Joan’s body seemed to tell her to touch.

Pleasure overtakes Joan, she presses her head into the pillow and closes her eyes. She exists only in this moment, and these sensations that her daughter is giving her. With her hands, she holds her legs up and open, holding herself open to whatever her daughter wants to do to her, because the ecstasy is everything. She breathes deeply and and her exhalations become louder and louder.

Susan is amazed by her mother’s abandon and she slides in another finger, so that all four of them are now inside, and dancing against her mother’s pleasure spot. She is amazed by her mother’s black bush of hair, and she is blown way that she is actually doing this.

As her mother’s breathing deepens, Susan begins to fuck her mother more forcefully, pressing her fingers up against the top of her vagina hard and fast. Joan crys out, and Susan knows it’s not from pain.

“Oh Mom, this is so fuh…fricking hot.” Even though she is fucking her mother, she knows that she wouldn’t like it if she said the word.

“Oh, Honey,” Joan puts one hand up to Susan’s shoulder. “Keep doing that, don’t stop, don’t stop. Keep fucking me.”

“You want me to fuck you, Mom?” Susan is surprised, and even more turned on that her mom is talking dirty.

“Fuck me, Susan, Oh, Susan, fuck me, fuck me.”

So Susan fucks her mother, push, push, push, with her strength and desire behind every stroke. Joan raises up her hips, and in her excitement begins calling out wordlessly as Susan fucks her steady, ceaselessly, and with the stamina of youth.

“Oh Susan, oh honey, baby, baby girl, Oh, Susan. Something is, oh, oh honey…..”

Joan’s vagina contracts around Susan’s hand, and Joan soaks the sheets under

herself with juice. Susan slows her stroking, then tenderly draws her hand out.

“Oh honey, that was amazing. I’ve never felt that before.”

“You’ve come before, haven’t you, Mom?”

“Yes, I have, but nothing like that. It was so deep and inside.”

“Oh, mama, that was so awesome. I have never seen anything like it before. You came all over my hand. I want to….”

Susan bends down to finally taste her mother. She lays flat between her mother’s legs, her Joan now exhausted in the afterglow. She puts her face up close, and breathes in deeply. Oh, the scent of a woman, and this time, the first woman, her mother, and now her lover. She brushes her mother’s hair against her face, damp with juice. She opens Joan’s cunt with her hands and looks into it, its swollen and open lips, and her clit hard and under its hood.

Susan stretches forward and puts her lips on the hood hiding her mother’s clit. She just holds her lips there, feeling the clit slightly between her lips. Then she presses forward her tongue and touches it lightly. Joan startles.

“Mom, is your clit too sensitive? Is it too soon? ” “No, please, do whatever you want. Do everything, I’m yours.”

Joan woke up and checked the time. 3 am. Susan slept curled under her arm, their legs spooned up together like–well, like lovers. Images of last night’s love making filled her mind, and then shame rose up from her belly like a fever.

Oh god.

What had she done?

Joan slipped out of bed as carefully as she could and made her way to the bathroom. She sat down on the toilet to pee, and held herself, rocking, tears rising up, and the heat of shame literally making her skin crawl. Why had she done this? Oh God. Oh God. Oh God. She had had sex with Susan. How could she face her in the morning? This was wrong, wrong, wrong. Then, a memory of Susan’s smile as she looked down at her mother’s pussy.

Susan will be damaged. They must never speak of this. The taste of Susan’s pussy in her mouth, the insistence of her clit under her tongue. Joan shivered, wiped herself– oh God, she’s still so wet–stood up and looked at herself in the mirror.

“You have had sex with your daughter. You are a pervert. You’ve violated her,” she said to bleary-eyed self. And as she heard herself say these self-incriminating words she did not truly believe, her imagination was overwhelmed with the memories. The intensity of her fingers deep in her daughter’s vagina, how her nipples stayed hard in her mouth, and the joy of her cries when she came. She came. Susan came from her touch.

Now she was getting cold. Should she go back to bed? Maybe she should sleep on the couch? Oh! the couch, where they first kissed…

Despite Joan’s care, Susan had awoken just as her mother slipped from their warm sheets. It took her a few seconds to realize she was in mom’s room. And what they had done. She had had sex with her mom. And it was so hot. Susan’s body immediately warmed with excitement as the details became clear of where she was and what they had done. Her memories flooded with the sight of her mother’s dark eyes, and her full breasts, the feel of her clit under Susan’s finger, the sounds of her mother’s whispers in her ears. She trembled under the sheets as a bolt of excitement shot through her. She turned and put her arms into the empty place where Joan had lain, and waited for her to return to bed.

By the time Joan returned, Susan had fallen asleep again, but she woke enough to open her arms, and pull Joan toward her. Susan slid her legs between her mother’s to hold her close, then closer. She felt that Joan may have pulled back just slightly, but Susan pulled naked warm body close to warm Joan’s chilly skin. Holding her tight against her, she felt Joan shudder, and then gasp as she began to cry.

“Mom, what’s wrong?”

“Oh Susan, what have we done? How could I have done

this?” she whispered desperately.

“Shhhh, shhh, Mom, don’t worry.” Susan was shocked that her mother would be feeling responsible for anything. Not only did she feel ecstatic to have made love with her mother, but she felt that she had seduced her mom herself.

Joan sobbed into Susan’s neck, saying something that Susan couldn’t understand.

“Shhhh, shhh, Mom, it’s ok. I’m ok.” Susan kissed her lips, and kissed her tears. They looked into each other’s eyes in the dim light. Susan kissedher face, saying, “It’s ok,” “Don’t worry,” and “I love you, I love you,” over and over. Susan gave her mother consoling kisses on her face, on her throat. Joan’s protests ceased. Susan cupped her mother’s breast, and then slid down her body so that she could suck it.

She held her mother’s breasts in her hands, and nursed. Just nursed. Joan stopped crying.

Joan held Susan’s head, her fingers entwined in her hair, and she wiped away the last of her tears.

“Oh baby girl,” she said, looking down as Susan sucked, and nursed, with intensity, at her nipple. Susan stroked Joan’s back and settled in to a rhythmic quiet sucking, and Joan relaxed into the pleasure of holding her girl again, being alone in bed with her, comfortable, warm, and surrounded in a bubble of love.

Susan continued to nurse, and Joan dozed. She dreamed of other mothers who made love with their daughters. Of mothers and

daughters who were lovers in every nation, speaking every language, today, right now, and going back to the beginning of history.

Joan shifted a little, holding Susan closer, and Susan turned so that she sucked on Joan’s other nipple, and settled again into a rhythmic nursing, nursing, nursing; opening and closing her jaw so that Joan’s entire areola was surrounded by her lips. Joan fell back into a dream of mothers and daughters making love everywhere, a secret circle of love and pleasure, where mothers and daughters shared in an unending chain of life, and sex, motherhood and daughterhood melding into complete womanhood where life force and sexual energy flow from vulva to vulva, over and over, healing and strong, down through the generations. A chain of love, sex, and vulnerability binding women generation after generation.

Why is this a taboo? Why do not mothers and daughters share their bodies and their sexual desire as they share grooming, and cooking, and the other household arts? Who would be harmed by this? It is not as if Joan had preyed upon a child who did not know herself. Now that Susan was grown, with lovers of her own, what harm could there be in being lovers with her mother?

Oh girl, Joan thought. You have taught me so much. Susan continued to nurse, and Joan dreamed of many faces of mothers and daughters throughout history. She saw them all, all kinds of faces buried in each other’s pussies, all shapes of women, all colors of skin, in the simplest of huts to the grandest palaces, all of them making love. Mothers and daughters open to each other, rising in sexual excitement together, coming into each other’s mouths and knowing the ecstasy of sexual love between women who could be no closer.

Who would this harm? Why would this be a taboo? Who would make this a sin and a crime?

As Joan dozed, and dreamed, Susan nursed, and became more and more aware of the excitement that was building inside her the longer she nursed. Joan stroked her shoulders slowly and lovingly, and Susan moved her hands around her mother’s body, until her hand moved around her mother’s ass, and then inside her legs. As she nursed, she lightly touched her mother’s vulva. Susan began pulling harder on Joan’s nipple, and Joan opened her legs slightly. Susan’s fingers pushed in further, touching her mother’s wetness. Her lips parted, and Susan stroked between them, pressing against the opening of her mother’s vagina.

Joan’s mind separated from the reverie of mothers and daughters as she felt Susan’s fingers begin to slowly fuck her. She opened her legs more and Susan began to fuck her deeper and faster as she sucked more sexually on her nipples, moving back and forth between them. Joan moaned, “Oh baby, oh, Susan, fuck me. Oh, I love you, fuck me, Susan. I want it. I need it. “

Susan pulled herself up to her mother’s mouth, and continued her powerful fucking of her mother’s pussy with her long, strong fingers.

“Mother I can’t stop. I need to fuck you, Mom. Oh Mom, you are so beautiful and sexy. She fucked Joan harder, pressing up against the inside of her clit. Joan pulled up her legs, fully open to her daughter’s lustful hand. She bore down against her daughter’s pounding with her entire body, knowing nothing but the pleasure of the hand stroking her with all of her love and strength.

“Oh, oh Susan, I love you,” she said, and came in a throbbing arch of joy,pleasure, and relief, spending out small squirts of her fluids into her daughter’s hand.

After the release, Susan, returned to nursing on her mother’s breasts, her fingers still cupped around Joan’s vulva. Joan wrapped her arms around her, and soon they both slept, any taint of shame purified by the power of their love.

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