Two Weeks in Maui

محاذاة إلى اليسار

My wife Maggie and I had spent several vacations in Maui and had decided to return there for another. We had enjoyed the layed back and easy going attitude everyone has there. My wife’s sister Jan had finalized her divorce this past year and was a little depressed over the whole thing so we invited her to come along and stay with us in the 2 bedroom condo we rented. About this time Maggie and Jan’s other sister Lyn’s husband was killed in an automobile accident so the trip was put on hold for nearly a year. As we planned the trip again we decided to invite both sisters to come along and give everyone some much needed R&R.

The condo wasn’t available but I found a vacation home to rent on a cliff overlooking the ocean on the north shore of the island. It was in an area that is away from the resorts and tourists. It was advertised as very secluded with the nearest neighbors being 1/2 mile away through the jungle. It had 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, was completely furnished, with a pool and an 8 person hot tub, sun decks all around and an indoor 4 person Jacuzzi in the master suite. This sounded like it would fit our needs to a “T”.

Maggie is the oldest of the 3 sisters, with Jan and then Lyn the youngest. If you saw them on the street you would know they were sisters the minute you saw them. Maggie had lost 20 lbs during the planning of this trip, and looked just like the babe I married 25 years before. She is blonde 36, 24, 36, 5’6″, 120 lbs and skin that looked like she was 20 years younger.

Jan is 2 years younger, she is an artist who paints and sculpts, more of a bohemian type seldom wearing makeup, or dressing up. From the back she looks just like a shorter Maggie.

Lyn is 4 years younger than Maggie, a couple of inches taller, weighing about the same, is noticeably thinner looking than the other 2, and the most sophisticated of the three.

Maggie’s sisters had spent several weekends and holidays this past year at our home, so we had become close friends as well as in-laws. There was never anything very intimate between us, but being an all American male, thoughts of more often went through my mind.

We met at the Seattle airport on takeoff day for the 6 hour flight to Maui. We landed late in the afternoon, and as soon as we got off the plane the feeling of the ocean air and the smell of the flowers hit us right between the eyes. The atmosphere relaxes you and puts you at ease as soon as you start walking out of the terminal.

We got our rental car and headed out stopping at Wal-Mart for food and liquid refreshment to hold us for a few days. The key to the house was supposed to be in a lock box out side of the house. We found the house after a 20 minute ride and let ourselves in to find the place way above our expectations. The pool was like it was set right into the jungle with deck and patio completely around the house. The inside was like being in the best resort on the island.

The girls did the unpacking while I started the barbeque for the evening meal. Lyn came out of the house with a large pitcher of Margaritas just as the steaks got done. After dinner we watched the sun set into the ocean with a second pitcher and everyone was loosening up and starting to have fun. The long day of travel had worn on all of us, so we all retired to bed, Maggie and I took the master suite, and the girls took the other 2 bedrooms.

I awoke to the feeling of Maggie’s hand gentle wrapped around my cock bringing it to life. The sun was well up into the sky as I turned over onto my back as Maggie continued to work my erection to its full size. She raised her leg and slide her self over on top of me at the same time as she slide herself down onto my cock. I was surprised at how wet and turned on she was, although I shouldn’t have been because the island air always seemed to have that effect on her.

I pressed myself deep into her as she closed her eyes and moaned slightly. We lie there together feeling the warmth of each other. I watched as she opened her eyes and looked deeply into mine. As we started to move together I reached for her ass and pulled her down tightly. I rolled her over so that I was on top, and I slowly pulled my cock nearly all the way out and pushed myself completely in, repeating slowly as we looked into each others eyes. As I sped up my strokes, her eyes closed as she met each of my thrusts with equal energy. Her fingernails dug into my back and she pulled herself up to me as her orgasm started. Her vagina contracted on my cock, causing me to start shooting my cum into her.

I rolled to my side and held Maggie next to me. As we came back to reality we realized that Jan and Lyn were just 20 feet away outside on the patio by the pool dressed in there swim wear.

The patio door was open with the screen closed. I said, “What are you girls doing up so early?”

Lyn replied, “It’s time to get started on our tans, if you two don’t get out of bed soon the first day in paradise will be gone.”

Maggie rolled out of bed and headed for the shower taking the sheet with her, leaving me bare assed to the world on top of the bed.

As I walked away to the shower, Jan saw me through the open door and whistled and yelled, “Streakier!!”

Maggie and I got a quick shower, and went out to find some breakfast. We were all sitting by the pool enjoying the passion fruit and bananas and good chit chat, when we heard a car pull up in the driveway. A female voice called out, “house keeping.” I started to get up from my chair as a lady came around the corner of the house carrying a basket of pineapple and other fresh fruit.

She said, “Hi everyone my name is Laylani and, I am the house keeper for the owners. It’s my job to make sure your stay here is the best it can be. I always yell in case I surprise someone getting an allover tan. Any thing you need just ask me and I can provide it for you.”

She walked by us and set the basket in the kitchen coming back out to us as we introduced ourselves to her. She was dark skinned of Hawaiian or Polynesian decent, slim with long black hair and a bright and pretty smile probably in her mid 30’s. She asked how our stay had been so far and if we had found everything the house has to offer.

She said, “Come let me show you some things that are out of sight that you may not know about.”

We followed her inside as she went through the kitchen showing the girls where all the special pots and such were, then as we went through the rest of the house she opened a closet door and pulled out a folding massage table and a bag containing various different lotions and oils.

“You guys are free to use anything that you find in the house, I don’t do massages anymore but you guys can do each other, or I can recommend a good one from town,” she said.

Maggie piped up, “We don’t need anyone from town, this guy here is as good as anyone I ever had and he works cheep,” she laughed as she poked me in the ribs.

“Oh good,” Jan said, “I didn’t know if you shared or not Maggie”.

“I trade one for one with cute girls,” I replied.

Lyn said, “Oh no does that mean us old broads are out?”

“This trip I’ll make a special exception,” I said.

“Listen buster your mine, I get to decide who I share with,” Maggie said.

Laylani said, “OK you guys, no fighting over the man, here in Hawaii everybody must share.” She continued through the house explaining every detail. “I come by every other day usually but if you need anything give me a call; I do several other houses out this way and it won’t be any trouble at all. This house is at the end of the road and very private so you guys can get that perfect tan, just don’t get those white cheeks too much at once,” she chided as she went out the gate.

The rest of the day was spent sunning and swimming, napping and talking. The girls all wore one piece swim suits. As the day went on I teased them saying that they would all have tan lines that showed and I thought Laylanis idea of all over tans would take care of that problem.

Jan piped up, “Yea we noticed those white cheeks of yours this morning, they almost blinded us with the reflection of the sun.”

“I can fix that,” I said, “but I just don’t want to make you single girls all hot and bothered, you might not be able to control yourselves.”

Lyn chimed in, “I know Maggie never was one to share her toys.”

“I’ll have to take you girls down to Little Beach,” I said.

“What’s Little Beach?,” Jan asked.

“It’s the best nude beach on the island. It’s where the hippies in the 60’s hung out with all the free love and is rated as one of the top 10 nude beaches in the world,” I explained.

Maggie said, “I don’t know if I could ever get nude in front of a bunch of people.”

Lyn answered, “Dennis and I tried it one time about 10 years ago on a trip to Mexico and I liked it but Dennis thought that too many men stared at me so we never did it again. He was kind of possessive that way. It made me feel so free and relaxed.”

“No one would stare here,” I said. “Well maybe just me and I’m friendly.”

“Only if everybody does it, so I won’t be alone” Lyn said.

“Wow that’s 2 votes,” I said. I thought to myself things are starting to look up, this could be a vacation for the ages.

Jan said, “I’m to fat and old to do that.”

“Me too,” said Maggie.

“As a qualified member of the male gender, I totally disagree,” I chimed. “Real men like a woman with curves that are comfortable with their body and are proud to show it.” The chit chat and banter continued as the sun sunk into the ocean.

The girls decided last night that they needed a shopping trip to Kehei and Lahina to check out the tourist traps. Myself I could go a whole life time and not miss going with them on a shopping trip following them around. So they took the car and left me alone at the house. The TV didn’t have anything good on so I started looking through the books and reading material in the house and found an extended selection of adult books. There was an illustrated copy of the Kama Sutra, Tantra teachings, and other erotic reads. After yesterdays comment about my white buns I decided that this is the perfect opportunity to work on my all over tan. I picked out a book that looked interesting and settled into one of the loungers by the pool. I must have fallen asleep because I didn’t hear the car drive up and the gate open.

I heard Laylani say, “I’m sorry I didn’t think anyone was here because the car was gone.” I grabbed a towel and pulled it over me with a start.

“I didn’t think that you would be here today, you were here yesterday. Hope I didn’t scare you in my current condition,” I mumbled.

“You didn’t bother me; most people are naked the whole time they are here, once they get used to it. In fact that is one of the perks of the job getting to see people enjoy themselves au natural like we all should be,” Laylani says laughingly. “Don’t let me interrupt you, I will take care of everything; you won’t bother me a bit,” she goes on. I removed my towel and watched her through my sunglasses as she started her work.

I notice that she stole glances at me as she went about her job. My cock seemed to notice also as it started to grow slightly. I decided that it was best to roll over on my front just to keep things out of sight in case things continued to grow.

“Do you have plenty of sun screen on? You will get a bad burn on those white buns if you don’t. The sun here is very intense and will burn you until you get tan enough to not burn,” she yelled out to me. “I can put some on your back if you want me to.”

“That might be a good idea. I don’t want to be a crispy critter the second day here,” I replied eagerly.

“There’s some good stuff in the house, it lets you tan without getting burned,” she said as she disappeared back into the house.

My mind came alive with the thought of this lovely lady rubbing lotion on my naked body. I turned my head as she came out of the house and watched as she put a towel down on the patio and knelt down by my side squirting some lotion onto my back.

We chatted about our lives as she spread the lotion over my back and legs. She worked her hands up and down my legs and over my cheeks and up to my shoulders. As she kept working her hands moved farther down between my legs and closer to the twins. My cock half responded to this in a predictable way becoming semi ridged.

As she ran her hand down the crack of my ass, she said, “Turn over and I will get the rest of you so you turn the same color on both sides”.

Who was I to argue with an expert? As I turned over I watched her eyes look up and down my body, coming to a halt on my semi ridged cock. She went about putting the lotion on me like she had done it a hundred times.

“Do you want to do your privates or should I?” she asked.

“It’s up to you, you are doing a great job making sure everything is covered,” I replied.

Without another comment she proceeded to cover my cock with lotion and rubbed it in as she spread it all over the front of my body. My cock became fully ridged at this point and very sensitive. I looked at her face and saw a smile from ear to ear as she looked at my cock. She continued to spread the lotion up and down my body stopping at the twins every few passes to make sure everything was covered.

I started to move with her hand when she passed over my cock. Her eyes turned to look at mine as she kept smiling. Her hands both slid down to my cock as she took her eyes away from mine. Her lips parted as she bent over me and took my cock in her mouth. I pushed myself up as she took me deep into her mouth. Her tongue swirled on the under side of my cock driving me crazy. I ran my hands through her hair as she moved up and down bringing me closer to the end.

Suddenly she went down deep and sucked from the back of her throat. That’s all I could take and erupted with shot after shot which she swallowed all of.

“There all done,” she said as she gave my cock a final squeeze and got up. “You won’t burn now,” she said as she walked back toward the house.

I was speechless, and didn’t have the energy to move. As I recovered from the best BJ I ever had she came out of the house and asked, “Do you mined if I work in the nude while I clean and take care of the pool?”

“Please do,” I said as I sat up on the lounger. “Would you like something to drink?” I asked.

“Something cold would be good,” she replied.

I got up and went to the fridge to retrieve two beers. When I came out of the door again she had already shed her clothes and was skimming the pool. I walked around to the other side of the pool where she was and handed her a beer. I looked over her body and saw a beautiful pair of c cups, a luscious round ass, and a small landing strip of hair on her mound.

She kept working as we chatted. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her body. My cock would have been like steel if she hadn’t just taken care of that. I followed her along as she finished sweeping the pool. I took the empty beer bottles back to the house and heard a splash in the pool as she dove in and swam the length of the pool under water. I was standing at the edge when she came to the surface.

“Come on in and cool off.”

I don’t need a second invitation so in I went. We swam and talked for awhile then she sat up on the edge of the pool. I swam over between her legs and rapped my arms around her legs. I reached up and kissed her nipples and continued down her belly. Her hands reached around the back of my head and she ran her fingers through my hair. I looked up and saw her eyes closed as I kept kissing her belly.

As I kiss lower she lifted and spread her legs, inviting me to keep going. My hand reached up to the bottom of her slit. I ran one finger over her slit and brought my tongue to the bottom of her landing strip of hair. My tongue followed my finger back down as I tasted her for the first time. My tongue found her clit as I slid two fingers into her pussy. Her hands gripped my hair as she pushed hers self to me. I stroked her G spot as my lips wrapped around her clit. Her taste was like sweet nectar honey.

As I sucked slightly on her clit she whispered, “Yes.”

My fingers were deep inside her as I licked and sucked harder on her clit. Her orgasm started with the pulling of my hair and the squeezing of my fingers with her vagina. She shuddered over and over as I kept licking and sucking. Her vagina trapped my fingers inside so I could hardly move them except between spasms. As I pulled my fingers across her G spot to remove them, she came again pulling my head back to her pussy with her clit sticking out like a mini cock. I sucked it back into my lips and flicked the tip with my tongue. She seemed to shake forever. Her hands released my head and I lookd up at her eyes as she opened them.

She slid off the edge of the pool into my arms and we held each other as I rubbed her back and bottom. We climbed out of the pool and walked to the outside shower at the edge of the patio. We soaped and washed each other without saying a word.

“I better go, I have things I need to get done, and if I stay any longer I may never leave,” she said. We dried each other off and she got dressed gave me a kiss on the cheek and out the gate she went.

I pulled on a pair of shorts and went in and lay down. The next thing I know the chatter of the girls woke me from a very sound sleep. They had there arms loaded with all sorts of bags. They began unpacking, but they hid some things, with a giggle and showed me what else they had bought. I tried to get them to tell what the secret was all about, but all I got was, “later.”

They showed me all the souvenirs and trinkets they had bought. I asked where the grass skirts and coconut shells were as I was ready to see a Hula dance. The answer was another giggle and they changed the subject. As they had been in town all day they were hot and sweaty.

“Fix us some margaritas while we change,” Maggie said.

I had finished the drinks and was out by the pool when Jan came out in a bikini that almost made me drop my drink. Right behind her was Lyn in one that was even smaller. She turned around and my mouth dropped open as I saw it was a thong!

“Put your eyes back in old man,” Maggie said as I looked up and saw she was in one also.

“What do you think?” Jan said. “Which one do you like the best?” Now this question is loaded with trouble so I thought.

“Line up so I can judge properly.” They lined up and began to turn around. That was when I noticed that all of them were thongs. They all appeared to have had bikini waxes and maybe more. Lyn’s camel toe was very pronounced making my cock think about coming to life.

“Wow,” was all I could say.

“Come on you have to chose,” Maggie whined.

Deciding that I better think fast to stay out of the dog house, I said, “They are all special in there own way. I like the cut of Lyn’s bottoms the best (I wonder why) and the cut of Jan’s top the best (she filled it out the best) and the color and fit of Maggie’s is superb. The best part though is the beautiful ladies wearing them.”

That seemed to get me out of jail for the time being as they all said thank you and picked up a glass and started drinking and chatting about how they fit. Maggie walked into the pool first and swam slow and easy with Jan and Lyn close behind. They stayed in the pool while I BBQ’D some fish that Laylani had left.

When the fish was done they all started out of the pool and I noticed that Maggie and Jan’s suit’s had turn nearly invisible when they got wet. Lyn’s not so much so but still left very little to the imagination. It was nearly dark and they didn’t seem to notice. But my cock made a tent in my shorts that was hard to hide. As the suits dried and we ate they were more and more visible and the tent went back down.

One of the tours we decided to go on was a Bicycle ride down the volcano that made up the center of the island. They picked you up at 3:00 am and took you to the top where you watched the sunrise over the ocean and then you rode the bikes the 38 miles back down the volcano coasting most of the way to the town of Pahia.

The sunrise was absolutely spectacular, a very moving and spiritual experience. The ride down was not hard but sitting on a bike seat for 38 miles does make your butt sore. We had lunch and a bottle of wine at the bottom and by the time we finished the girls were stiff and sore, and wanted to go back to the house.

When we got home they all wanted to sit in the hot tub and loosen up as it were. Lyn said something about a massage would feel good.

“Hey big boy are you up to a few massages?” Maggie called out.

“No problem, who is first?” I got the massage table and oils out of the closet and set them up on the deck on the ocean side of the house away from the pool and in the shade from the afternoon sun. Maggie was first to come out with just a towel wrapped around her. I have given Maggie many massages over the years and she knows my style is very sensual often ends with very hot sex or at least a total release at my hands.

She lay down with the towel over her butt which seemed out of the ordinary for one of my massages. I started to work my magic on her legs and back leaving the towel in place for the time being. I rolled the towel off of one side of her butt much like a professional would have. I could feel the heat from her cunt as I worked the sides and center. I let my hand slide down between her thighs and pulled up towards her butt letting my fingers slide over her lips and up the crack of her ass.

“No time for that right now buster,” she said as she wiggled her butt. I finished her back and asked her to turn over. As she lay down on her back I noticed that her mound had been trimmed when she got the bikini wax. I finished her massage without any fanfare. As she sat up on the massage table she put her arms around me and gave me a long wet kiss that had me wondering if I had time to give massages to the other two.

“Next,” I yelled out to the other two. Lyn came around next still in her thong.

She lay down on the table face down and said, “My back and calves are very stiff from the bike ride. If you are really as good as Maggie says I’ll be able to sleep good tonight.”

“I don’t want to get oil all over your suit, I’ll be as careful as I can not too,” I said. I started on her calves and heard her sigh as I started my work.

I finished one calf and started to do the other when Lyn said, “You really are as good as a professional.”

“Thanks,” I said. “I’m glad you approve”.

“I’ve never had a man do a massage on me before, your hands are much stronger than the women I’ve had.”

As I worked I couldn’t help but admire her body lying before me. I finished her legs and moved up to her back. She reached around and untied the top of her suit, letting the straps fall to her sides.

“That should help you,” she said. I stood at the head of the table and worked down the middle of her back spreading the oil lightly on her smooth skin. The naked female back has always been a turn on for me, maybe not like a naked chest but very erotic. Lyn’s moans told me I was doing the right thing. My hands slid down the center and returned up the sides, brushing her breasts.

After about 20 minutes she said, “If I don’t stop now Jan won’t get a turn.” She sat up holding her top over her breasts and gave me a peck on the cheek and said, “Maggie is a lucky girl to have your talent any time she pleases,” and with that walked away around the house.

“Your up Jan,” I called out. Jan was still wearing her bikini also.

“I’m kind of ticklish, so I don’t know how this is going to be,” she said. “The one time I had a massage, I couldn’t relax at all.”

“Just let me know what kind of touch doesn’t bother you,” I replied.

“Try just pressure points to start with,” Jan said.

I started with the neck and shoulders, pressing the tight muscles and tendons, working my way down her back pressing on each vertebra. When I got to her lower back she moaned, “Yes, that’s what works for me.”

I could tell that she was relaxing more because her breathing was slow and steady. I continued down to the top of her suit and got on top of the material on down to her tail bone. The center of her thong just started to disappear at this point.

“Do my back some more and then all the way up my legs,” Jan said.

After a few more passes on her back I moved to her feet and started the pressure points then moved up the back of her calves. I was using both hands on each leg, one on the inside and one on the outside of center. She spread her legs slightly as I worked up the back of her thighs. I could see where her thong reappeared at the bottom of her butt crack. When my thumbs reached the top of her thigh, my inside hand was very near to the thin strip of cloth that covered her pussy. On each pass I came closer to her pussy. On the last pass on each side I pressed my thumbs to the base of her ass cheek and let my inside hands touch the strip of cloth that covered her pussy.

“Wow that feels great,” she responded. She sat up on the table and faced me with her top hanging low and crooked revealing one nipple of her ample breasts. She reached her hand up to her top to fix the problem. I looked up to see her looking at my eyes. I’ve been caught staring at her bare nipple. She was smiling with a grin that seems to say it’s Ok.

“Sorry but they are very beautiful and I am a man, and pretty women make me stare,” I said.

She jumped down off the table and put her arms around my neck and gave me a hug, pressing her breasts into my chest tightly. “Thanks, I needed that. Dave never did say things like that to me. When I left him he told me I was fat and ugly and no man would ever want me again.”

“Believe me all you need is a little confidence, you have all the parts and personality it takes to make a man want you. Dave was a big jerk who still doesn’t know how to treat a woman. I never did see what you saw in him,” I answered.

“Thank You, That makes me feel so much better.” With another hug and a peck on the cheek; she walked away leaving me with a growing cock and no help.

It was dark when I got back by the pool and I said, “Ok, each of you owes me a massage; just make sure you are on call when I’m ready.”

The sun was setting as Maggie said, “It’s time for bed. Three am was a long time ago.” Maggie and I showered together and slipped into bed. She cuddled her naked body tightly next to me and said, “The girls really liked your massages; they said that your touch made them feel great; all warm and sexy.”

“They are very sexy women and any man would be lucky to have them,” I said.

“Sexy Huh! Does it turn you on to massage them?” Maggie asked with a big grin.

“Not like when I do you, because I don’t get to do the same massage that you get,” I answered. She rolled over on top and sat on my soft cock. I could feel the heat of her hot wet cunt on my cock.

“What makes you so horny?” I asked.

“Just you being you,” she cooed as she slid down my body and put her hand around my swelling meat. She pulled it to her mouth and licked the head and slid her mouth down on it. Maggie had never enjoyed giving BJ’s so this was a special occasion. Her ministrations brought me to full erection quickly. She licked the precum off the tip and slid up and kissed me sharing the taste with me.

Without touching me she impaled herself on my manhood and sat up cowgirl style and started rising and falling with her eyes closed. My hands went to her breasts, twisting and pinching her nipples. Her hands covered mine as she pulled them tighter to her.

“Yes, Yes, OH GOD YES!!” she yelled as she came. The yelling made me start to cum also. She collapsed onto my chest.

“I love you,” she whispered as she slipped off to my side. My mind was racing because not only did she give me oral encouragement, the vocal was completely out of the ordinary. Something had turned her on today and she seemed changed, more liberated and free.

I woke to the sun shining. I looked over at the clock and saw it was nearly noon. Maggie was still asleep by my side and I didn’t hear anyone moving. I rolled out and walked to the window admirering the view of the ocean. The house was quiet, as I walked back to the pool side of the room. A dip in the pool seemed like such a good idea; I walked out of the room with nothing on and dove into the pool.

Skinny dipping had always been the best way for me to enjoy the water. I don’t know what I was thinking; going out there with out even a towel to cover me should anyone come out, but sure enough after a few laps here came Lyn out rubbing here eyes and yawning. She was wearing shorts and a t shirt. She sat at the table beside the pool. I stayed in the water wondering how this was going to work out.

“Morning,” she said.

“Morning to you too,” I said

“How’s the water this morning?” Lyn asked


“Just about perfect for skinny dipping,” I said


She was looking at the water when she realized that I didn’t have anything on. “Caught ya!” She yelled. “How are you going to get out of this one big guy?”

“Hello everyone,” Laylani called as she walked through the gate. Now this could be bad with me in the pool and the Laylani episode only a few days ago; would she spill the beans about what we had done?

Maggie and Jan came out of the house with breakfast in there hands. “Come and get it,” Maggie called out.

“We got your hubby in a pickle,” Lyn said. “He’s skinny dipping this morning and has no way out, without giving us a free look.”

“Come on big guy show us what you’ve got,” Jan called out.

“Come on throw me a towel or something,” I said.

“No way, we want to see it all,” they called out in unison.

“Alright you guys asked for it,” I chided as I walked out of the far end of the pool with my back to them.

Laylani came out of the house at that time, smiled at me and said, “Finally someone with the true Hawaiian spirit, free to be themselves.” She doesn’t say a word about what we did a few days ago, only smiles as she walked by me.

“Turn around we want the full Monte,” the girls cried. I turned my head to see Maggie smiling and clapping her hands.

I turned and walked towards them and sat at the table with them and said, “Lets eat breakfast, I’m hungry.” I saw Lyn and Jan stealing glances at my body and Maggie smiling the whole time.

Laylani finished the house keeping and stopped by the table and stood over my shoulder. “You girls should take the advice of this guy and loosen up, before your vacation is over.” I looked up and saw her smiling down at me, but she is not looking at my eyes she is looking at my cock.

Lyn said, “I’ve been waiting for someone to go first, what do you say girls?”

“Go ahead,” Maggie said. “I’m not ready yet.”

“Maybe later,” Jan chimed in.

With that Lyn pulled her T shirt over her head, stood up and started walking towards the pool pulling down her shorts as she went. Wow, I said under my breath, she looked even better than I thought she would when I saw her in her thong. She dove into the pool and surfaced on the far side.

I felt my cock start to take notice when Laylani said, “Don’t let your eyes pop out pal.”

“Yea,” Maggie said. “We don’t want you to go blind.”

“Well if I had more to look at I might not have to stare,” I replied. My cock reacted to the views and conversation, becoming slightly swollen.

“I would even join in if I didn’t have more work to do,” Laylani said as she walked out the gate. I got up from the table and walked over to one of the loungers and put on my sun glasses just so I could stare without being to obvious.

Lyn climbed out of the pool and sat at the table with the girls. Her mound was not completely shaved but only had a small strip up the middle. I could see now why her camel toe was so pronounced. Her pussy lips were very large compared to Maggie’s. As she stretched out in her chair I could just begin to see the hood of her clit start to show.

The girl’s conversation turned to what they were going to wear to dinner tonight as we had planned to dine at a famous fish house on the island. They went into the house to try on the Hawaiian dresses they bought on there trip to town. I napped, swam and sunned away the afternoon. I could hear a lot of talking and giggling in the house, but I couldn’t understand most of it. About 4 pm they all came out of the house naked as could be.

I pulled down my sun glasses and said, “What an incredible view,” as they walked over to the pool and climbed in.

Lyn said, “I finally convinced them that nude is good.”

“We’ll see about this,” Maggie said. I looked at them as they walked by and saw Jan’s C cups swaying as she walked. Maggie’s bush was bigger than Lyn’s small strip but Jan’s was completely gone. I closed my eyes to think about what I had just seen.

“Dinner reservations are at 6,” I said. “Are we going like this or do you think it might cause a stir.”

“We better get ready,” Jan said as they all climbed out of the pool. Seeing them all nude walking across the patio was something to behold. As I followed Maggie into the bedroom to get dressed I put my hands around her and held her breasts hugging her with my growing cock pressed into the crack of her ass.

“You Ok with this,” I asked her.

“Yea it’s better than I thought it would be. I’ve gotten comfortable with you guys, I still don’t know about a beach but this is cool.”

The Hawaiian dresses they bought were just a big piece of cloth that they tied around them selves in different ways to make different dresses. I was putting on my shorts when I noticed that Maggie was tying her dress so that it had a large slit up the side. I watched as she redid it and saw that she had no panties on at all.

I finished dressing and walked over and gave her a pat on the butt and said, “You look fantastic tonight, very sexy.”

“Thank You,” she said. “Lyn talked us out of wearing underwear tonight I hope I don’t flash anyone.”

“Oh so none of you will have any on tonight, my imagination will be busy all night,” I answered.

We met the others at the car and went to dinner. We had some of the best fish I have ever eaten together with a couple of bottles of wine. I was driving so the girls drank most of the wine. They had dancing in the lounge and it was my job to dance with all these sexy women. They held on tight when we danced slow tunes and I could feel there breasts against my chest. Lyn kept putting her leg between mine and pressing on my growing cock. She would press her leg in there and look up at me and smile and I knew she could feel my semi hard cock on her leg.

It was late when we got home and I headed to bed as soon as we got there. The girls talked quietly and laughed a short while before Maggie came to bed.

I don’t know what time it was when I felt Maggie get up out of bed and use the bathroom. I felt her return and spoon me from my back. Her hand went to my belly and slowly stroked my belly and chest. I was mostly asleep but thought at the time this was odd. She didn’t usually do it in just that way. My head was clearing from sleep and I could feel her bare breasts against my back.

Something didn’t seem right but I couldn’t figure out what it was. I didn’t care very much as the hand rubbing my chest and belly had moved down and was tracing the outline of my cock lying on my leg. It was a moonless night and there was no light at all in the room. My cock was growing and was nearly at full staff.

I began rolling towards Maggie and as I did she rolled away from me so I was spooning her from the back. This also didn’t seem right but I was still not fully awake. I reached my hand over her body and found a breast with a very hard nipple. I pinched and rolled it between my fingers and she pressed back into me with my hard cock between her cheeks. My hand slid down her belly to find a small strip of hair above her mound. That is when I woke completely and realized that this was not Maggie but Lyn instead.

I continued to stroke her body while I thought about what was happening. Was this a planned out thing or was this a spur of the moment decision. I decided to see where this would lead to without letting anyone know I knew what was going on. I continued to stroke Lyn in much the same fashion as I would have Maggie. My cock pressed between her cheeks as I slide down slightly so it would fit between her legs. I pulled her close and slide my hand down to hold her pussy as my cock went between her legs. My cock found the folds of her cunt and slid in slightly. My fingers could feel her swollen clit pressing out against them.

She raised her leg allowing my cock to slide in farther. I started stroking slowly in and out. Because of the position I was not reaching in as far as I would like. I pushed her over farther until she was on her front. Without pulling out I lifted her rear end up and slide completely in doggie style. She moaned as I pulled out and reentered.

She was pushing back with each stroke with more energy. I reached around and felt her breasts swinging in the air. I rolled her nipples between my fingers and she began to shudder with her first orgasm. I slowed down and let her regain her strength. She lied down, face down with me still inside her and on top of her. I pulled out and roll her over.

She met me as I slid into her missionary style. Her hands grabbed my ass as I began to stroke in and out. Her legs wrapped around my ass at the same time. I slid all the way in and moved from side to side and rolled up and back. Her orgasm started with a shudder and increased to near convulsions. Her shudders were too much for me and I started to cum.

“Oh fuck yes”, she whispered as I emptied my balls into her. We kissed as we lay there intertwined with each other. Nothing has been said between us. I rolled off of her and cradled her in my arms as we started to relax. I felt her slip out of my arms and get out of bed. I wondered what might be next.

A few minutes later I felt a body sliding into bed with me. She cuddled up to me and kissed me on the neck and said, “I love you.” The voice as Maggie’s and I knew then that she had shared me with her sister.

I woke up and realized that I was alone in bed. It was late in the morning as I sat up and looked around. I walked out towards the pool and saw the girls all sunning themselves in the nude.

As I walked down into the pool Jan said, “Good morning.”

“Morning,” I replied. “You guys sure are easy on the eyes this morning.”

After swimming a few laps I got out of the pool and went by the table and got a glass of juice and a banana for breakfast when Lyn got up and came over beside me and said, “Let me get you something more substantial so you can keep your strength up. How about some granola and passion fruit?”

“Sounds good to me,” I said.

Lyn looked into my eyes and smiled as she prepared the cereal. Her breast brushed the side of my face as she bent over to set the bowl on the table. Her hand squeezed my shoulder as she returned to her lounger.

After I finished my meal I went over to the outside shower and begin to take a shower. I had my hair all soapy and my eyes closed when I felt a hand on my back and Jan saying, “Need some help washing your back?”

Her hands proceeded to soap my back, butt and legs as I rinsed the soap from my eyes. I looked over my shoulder and saw that she was on her knees washing the backs of my legs. I looked over to where Maggie was and didn’t see her or Lyn. Jan stood up behind me and reached her arms around me to rinse off her hands. Her breasts were pressing against my back as she hugged me with her hands on my chest.

“Turn around so I can rinse off your back side,” she said.

I turned and she stayed where she was so that we were standing face to face with her arms around me. She rinsed the soap from my shoulders and back and slid down the front of me until my cock was even with her face. I was fast becoming aroused. She smiled up at me as she reached between my legs to make sure all parts were soap free. She stood up and slid her hands up the back of my legs and butt and pressed my now semi ridged member between us.

“Your turn,” I said as I started to soap up her back.

Her eyes closed and she rested her face on my chest. I soaped and massaged her back and butt as far down as I could reach. As I slid down her body her hands went to the back of my head. When my eyes reached the level of her smooth pussy, I could feel the heat from her pussy when I rested my cheek against her mound as I washed her legs. I turned my face so my nose brushed her smooth mound as I slid up her body. My face slid between her breasts as I stood. My semi hard cock slid against her clit and pussy as I reached full height. Her eyes were still closed as we hugged each other. I was surprised when I felt her begin to quiver, and whimper. Her body barely shook as I held her tightly.

She lifted her head from my chest and looked up into my eyes and smiled and mouthed, “Thank you,” and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

She turned me around so her breasts were against my back hugging me as she reached for my hard cock. She stroked it a few times, and then slipped away as Maggie and Lyn came out of the house.

I stayed in the shower until my cock relaxed at least most of the way then grabbed my own towel and walked back to the girls. Maggie took my hand and gave it a squeeze as she smiled up at me, not acting like she had seen anything. After this, nudity around the house was the norm. We each enjoyed the tropical setting in the buff. When Laylani came to do anything, and saw us in the nude she immediately shed her clothes while she worked.

The girls were gabbing about the jungle flowers and plants, and the sun was intense, so I went around to the ocean side of the house where it was shady and sat in a large lounger there. I was at peace watching the sea and thinking about what had been happening. My mind wondered what had brought Maggie to this point.

It was about an hour later when Maggie came around the house and sat between my legs and curled up with her head on my chest. “How are you doing?” She asked.

“I think I died and went to heaven, living in paradise in perfect surroundings with the most beautiful women on earth.”

“Are you Ok with all of this?” She asked.

“Yea, are you?”

“Yea, I love you and I love my sisters. It seemed a little weird at first but you and me and they just seem so perfect with each other.”

“I know, I love you,” as I kissed her on the forehead. She turned and crawled up and gave me a wet hot kiss on the lips. She put her legs on the out side of mine and teased my cock with her bush. My cock got hard as she pressed it against her belly. She slid herself up and took my cock into her pussy. We laid there not moving, feeling each other breath. I could feel her vaginal muscles grip my cock as we remained in union with each other. We kissed deeply and looked into each others eyes and began moving our bodies together. Slowly we pressed into each other as our bodies molded together. Maggie’s orgasm came quickly as her body shuddered on top of me. I held her until she fell asleep. I was still hard inside her, the perfect union for lovers.

I don’t know how long we were there when something woke me. Maggie was still asleep when I opened my eyes and saw Laylani naked at the foot of the lounger staring at my cock still buried in Maggie. She must have seen my eyes move because she looked right back at them. I smiled as she smiled back. Her hands slid down over her breasts to her pussy.

She knelt at the end of the lounger and reached her hand up to my balls and using one finger starting at my ass hole slowly drug it up between my balls to where my cock disappears into Maggie. She repeated this again making my cock become completely hard again. She stopped when Maggie stirred.

Maggie pressed herself tightly onto my cock and settled back to sleep. Laylani again stroked my balls and cock, causing me to inhale and begin shooting my cum into Maggie. Maggie stirred again and moved with me. I came over and over emptying my over loaded balls as Laylani watched from the foot of the lounger.

Maggie didn’t know we were being watched her eyes were still closed. I could feel my cum running down my cock and balls as I came down from my high. Laylani used her finger to wipe my cum from them and put it to her mouth as she stared smiling into my eyes. She stood, turned and walked away. Maggie’s eyes opened and she lifted her head.

“What was that, I though I heard something?” She asked.

“It was just Laylani peeking around the corner, she’s gone now,” I said. My softening dick slipped from Maggie as she started to get up.

“My Oh my, you devil you,” she cooed as my cum started to run down her leg. “You had a big load saved up for something,” Maggie said as she went into the bedroom and turned on the shower.

My cock still glistened with our juices as I walked around to the pool and dove in. Jan lifted her sunglasses and watched as I climbed from the pool, got a beer from the cooler and sat at the table beside her.

“Laylani said that there is going to be a big crowd at Little Beach tomorrow,” Lyn said. “It might be a good time to check it out.”

“Sounds good to me as long as you guys want to go,” I said. “If anyone is uncomfortable, they don’t have to get naked.”

Maggie came out of the house and said, “Ok I’ll go but I’m going to wear a suit just in case I feel like I’m too old for the crowd there.”

We awoke in the morning and got dressed for the first time in a couple of days. The trip to Little Beach was only about 45 minutes, but then you have to walk, carrying all your stuff for about a half mile, over a rocky ridge. The sand and water were perfect as we descended down the ridge to the beach. There was a steady stream of people walking that way, but there was plenty of room to set up about half way down the beach. We got our stuff set up and looked around to see all kinds of people, big and small, fat and skinny, everything from down right scary to perfect 10’s both male and female. Some are nude and some are only topless and some have swim suits on.

“What do you think girls?” I asked.

“I can see why they say this is a great beach, the water is clean the sand is perfect and it isn’t very crowded, yet anyway,” Lyn said.

“How can someone that fat get naked, and show off there rolls of fat like that,” Maggie said as a big man with a huge belly walked past on his way up the beach.

“You can’t even see his package,” Lyn remarked.

“I see what you girls are here for now,” I said. “It’s to see what kind of equipment might be available.”

I got a poke in the arm from Jan who said, “Yea, and don’t tell me your here just for the sun.”

I took off my shorts and shirt and laid down on a beach mat with my head propped up so I could watch the people come and go. Lyn got nude right after me but Maggie and Jan only stripped down to there bikinis and took up residence on there mats also.

The morning went quickly as we swam and people watched. The beach was getting more crowded as the morning went by. Jan and Maggie took there tops off but left there thongs on.

Every time a well hung man walked by the girls had to point them out to each other. A particularly well built man with a huge cock that hung half way down to his knees went by but the girls decided that that one was too big. So they started to talk about what size was the best. They would point out one that each thought might be the best until another came along that looked better to them. The uncut ones were the ones that brought the most comment. They wanted to see one up close and get a good look at one. I told them to call one over as I was sure that the lucky fellow would surely oblige them. They decided that that was too embarrassing, but they kept up the running commentary anyway.

As for myself I would comment on a particular large or pretty set of boobs or ass, and occasionally a pussy that struck me as good looking. One that got me going was one that had been shaved and the clitoris stuck out along way. The shaved men also got a lot of comment.

As the afternoon went on Maggie and Jan shed what was left of there clothes as they got more comfortable with themselves.

A couple on one side of us kept putting lotion on each other and were getting very intimate as they did it. He would rub the lotion on her butt and legs leaving no spots uncovered. She would do the same then roll him over and do his front side also. His cock was uncut but not very large when soft. I watched the girls steal looks and giggle quietly as she rubbed lotion on it. As she did this it grew to a semi hard state. One could see that it could grow to a fat 8 inches if she kept it up. They got up and walked to the ocean and as we watched, I am sure made love in the surf right before our eyes.

Lyn took notice that they weren’t the only ones doing it in the water. “Wow can you believe that!! That is such a turn on I can’t hardly stand it.”

I decided that maybe a closer look was in order so I got up and headed for the water. I swam and floated in the surf enjoying the ocean and the occasional lovers in the water.

The girls followed after a short time, and Jan started a water fight as soon as she got in the water. Jan and Lyn grabbed my legs from each side and flipped me up side down in the water. While under water I saw a pair of legs beside me so I stuck my head between them and stood up. Lyn screamed as I lifted her from the water.

I could feel her smooth thighs against my cheeks and her small bush against the back of my neck. I spilled her into the surf as Maggie and Jan grabbed my legs and dumped me again. I reached out and caught Maggie’s leg while I was under water. My hand slid up her leg and I cupped her pussy with my hand from the rear.

I was lifting her out of the water when a hand went between my legs and took hold on my balls. I dropped Maggie and turned to see Lyn behind me. She smiled and let go of the boys and grabbed my cock instead. Her hand gave me a couple of strokes making my cock start to grow. I could feel another hand on me and turned to see Jan reaching down there also.

I was standing in chest deep water with Maggie in front of me. She put her arms around my neck and looked into my eyes. Jan and Lyn continued to work on my cock until it reached full staff. Maggie lifted her legs and wrapped them around my waist. Jan and Lyn guided my cock into her cunt. With Jan on one side and Lyn on the other and Maggie wrapped around me I couldn’t even move.

The surf raised and lowered her as we remained united. Maggie looked into my eyes and said, “Jan’s turn,” and slipped off of me and Jan moved to the front. Maggie came around to my side and helped Jan into her former position.

Jan closed her eyes and whispered, “Yes,” as she impaled herself on me.

Her pussy was so hot it felt like it might burn me. Her fingers were full of my hair as she pulled herself on to me and the surf moved us. Suddenly she pulled herself tight to me and began to orgasm. This time it is no quiet shudder. She shook and convulsed over and over.

Her hands loosened there grip on my hair and her eyes opened as she smiled and said, “Lyn’s turn.”

When she had her orgasm I nearly lost it. I didn’t know how much longer I could last. Lyn stepped in front of me smiling. She never looked away from my eyes as she pulled herself up and slid down on my cock without any help from the others. Maggie reached down my back between my legs and found my balls. Jan also did the same, each with a ball in there hand.

The feeling of the surf moving us was incredible. As Maggie and Jan squeeze my balls I was very close to loosing it and cumming. I reached around Lyn and found her rose bud. I pressed my finger against it and it yielded to my pressure. As my finger entered she gasped and began to cum. She fell back into the water with my cock still inside her. I couldn’t see my cock as we were too deep in the water. Her pussy gripped my cock over and over. The wave action pulled my finger from her ass and she floated away.

Maggie stepped in front of me again and said, “I think you’ve got something for me.”

She pulled herself up and found my cock and slid down on it. Jan still had one of my balls in her hand. Lyn came around where Maggie just was. Her hand slid down my back and found Jan’s. Someone started probing my ass hole with there fingers. I turned towards Lyn and saw the smile and realized it was her. She pressed her finger into my ass as Maggie, and the ocean moved her up and down. Lyn’s finger was pressed on my prostate. Lyn worked my prostate as Maggie worked my cock.

I couldn’t hold out anymore. My cock began to pump my cum into Maggie. My first shot started Maggie’s orgasm. The waves lifted and settled us as we shook and shuddered together. My cock kept pumping until everything was empty and was still pumping.

Maggie was hardly breathing, only shuddering and convulsing. I could feel her cunt milking my cock. Jan and Lyn each reached up and kissed me on the cheek. Maggie pulled herself to me and kissed me on the lips and sucked my tongue into her mouth. We kissed as Jan and Lyn hugged and kissed each of us. My now soft meat slipped from Maggie and we floated away from each other. We rinsed ourselves off and walked back to the beach.

As we picked up our towels to dry off the couple that we watched before started clapping, then several others clapped also. “Very good show, the hottest thing we’ve ever seen,” they said.

The girls looked at each other and turned beet red.

“I think you should get this guy some vitamins and protein drinks so you girls don’t kill him,” another girl that had been clapping said.

“It’s time to take him home so he can get some rest,” Lyn laughed. We picked up our things and headed back to the house.

I slept like a rock and awoke sometime in the morning to find myself alone. The car was gone but there was a note that let me know that they all went to town. After swimming a few laps I plopped down on a lounger and went back to sleep.

“Hey wake up big guy,” Laylani said as she shook my leg. I opened my eyes to see her naked body standing beside my lounger.

“You all wore out after yesterday?” She asked. “I saw you guys at the beach yesterday that was very hot what you did to those girls.”

“You mean what those girls did to me don’t you,” I said. “They started it all”.

“Your dick looks to be all worn out,” she replied.

“Yea it might take a bit to recover,” I said.

“I know of some herbs and spices that will give you back your strength.”

She disappeared into the house and came back out with a bottle of lotion and a cup of tea.

“Here you drink some of this everyday day and you’ll have those girls wondering where the super man in you came from,” she said.

“Let me give you a massage to help ease your tired body.”

I drank down the tea and rolled over on the lounger as she started rubbing the lotion on my back. Her hands were like magic as they worked the muscles in my back and legs. The tea seemed to wake me up; I felt a warm glow in my loins. The lotion tingled my skin as she rubbed it in. I rolled over when she said and looked into her eyes.

“What’s in the tea,” I asked.

“Just a few secret herbs and spices from an ancient recipe that together have the desired effect. I could tell you what they are but then I would have to kill you,” she laughed.

“I’ll mix up some for you while you are here and if you want I’ll make up some more for you when you leave,” she replied.

“The lotion is a combination of tropical oils that make the skin very sensitive to the touch,” she said as she continued to massage the lotion into my body.

“I thought you didn’t do massages any more?” I asked.

“Yea I know I said that but sometimes when I get into a certain mood and someone looks like they need one I just can’t resist,” she answered.

She worked my body like the best professional I ever had. The difference is the sensuality of her touch. She used her whole body to work the lotion in. Her hands, arms, breasts, legs all touched me at some point. I could feel her warm breath blowing softly on my skin.

The tea must have worked because my cock was at half staff when she wrapped her warm mouth around it. She was looking straight into my eyes as she sucked and pulled on my manhood to full length. She didn’t stay there for long and slid her naked body up mine and kissed me, giving me a full body press.

I reached my hands down to her ass and found her crack and ran my finger up and down it. She slid her body down and sat up on my right thigh. I could feel the heat coming from her pussy on my leg. I reached for her beautiful breasts and cupped each in a hand. She took one of my hands and pushed it down her belly to her mound. I stroked her tiny strip of hair with my thumb.

She stood and turned then stepped over the top of the lounger and knelt down over my face in a 69 position. I reached up and tasted her pussy as she took my cock into her mouth. My hands found her tits and found nipples rock hard. I pinched them slightly and twisted them in my fingers. I sucked her lips into my mouth and licked the length of her slit.

She lifted her head off of my cock and said, “OH YES, twist my nipples and suck my clit.”

I pinched harder and stuck my tongue into her slit. She devoured my cock, taking me completely down her throat. Her clit was rock hard and I sucked it into my mouth. We ate each other like we were starved. She started to cum as I flicked the end of her clit with my tongue. Her juices flowed onto my face and I tried to lap them all up.

She stood and turned around then lowered herself onto my cock. Her hands were on my chest as she pinched my nipples. Her clit was still sticking out like a mini cock. I reached down and touched it sending her into another orgasm. Her cunt was pulling my cock like I have never experienced. Her pussy muscles gripped it so tight I couldn’t move.

I don’t know where my cum came from; I thought I had been drained the day before. Her cunt had pulled it from deep inside me. She lied down on my chest as we recovered.

She raised her head and kissed me on the lips, “That will get the herbs and spices into the parts of your body that they need to get to.” I was surprised that my cock did not go down.

“Let’s go take a shower,” I said. We turned on the warm water and soaped and caressed each others bodies. My cock shrank to half staff as we cleaned each other. We dried each other off and she got dressed. She went back to the kitchen and returned with another cup of tea.

“Better drink this so you can get caught up and keep your strength up,” she said as she kissed me and went out the gate. I don’t know what was in that tea but I felt like a new man, 20 years younger.

The phone rang and the girls said that they were on there way home and wondered how I was feeling. I told them I was feeling great and they should hurry home. They laughed and said that they figured I was all used up and wondered if they needed to find a replacement, so I could get my strength back.

“No need for that,” I said. “Super man is here.” I wouldn’t tell them about the tea, this should be fun.

The girls came through the gate laughing as I sat in the hot tub. They had a few packages with them. They started stripping as soon as they set them down.

“What you girls been up to?” I asked.

“Just shopping,” they said with a giggle between them.

My thoughts went to what have they come up with now. I climbed out of the pool and walked over to the table and got myself a drink.

My cock was semi hard. The tea kept it that way ever since Laylani left. The girls each stole a look at it as I sat down. The table top was glass so I could see across to where Lyn was sitting and watched her hand resting between her legs. I noticed the slight movement of her fingers and figured that she was touching herself slightly. I looked up to her eyes and saw they are also looking through the table at my cock.

I dropped my hand to my lap and ran my finger down the side of it. I was looking directly at her face when she raised her eyes and looked directly at me. I smiled as she put both hands on the table and looked away. After dinner I decided to brew a cup of tea and go to bed early. I was half asleep when the girls were saying good night to each other.

A warm naked body slipped into bed with me. I reached over and pulled her to me. As she lay next to me with my arm around her and her head on my chest I realized it was Jan. I caressed her face with my hand as she slid her hand across my belly. Her hand found my cock still in a semi hard stage. I rolled towards her and touched her breasts with my other hand.

We kissed, tongues pressing into each others mouths. She released my cock and pulled me over on top of her. Her legs wrapped around me. I broke our kiss and started kissing my way down her body, stopping at each breast and sucking her hard nipples. As I continued down I could feel her hot pussy against my chest, then my neck, then my lips.

Her bald pussy was a new feeling for me. I licked each side starting at the bottom, up until I felt her clit. It was not large but was hard. I sucked on the end and licked the tip. Her orgasm was intense. I continued to lick and suck her gushing cunt as she came over and over. I lifted my body and crawled up between her legs until my cock was at the entrance of her pussy.

Her legs were over the top of mine and I teased her slit with the tip of my cock. My hands reached for her breasts and twisted the nipples gently. Her arms reached around my neck as her legs reached around my ass. With one swift movement she pulled me all the way into her pussy and my chest down to her breasts. I pumped my cock deep into her pussy, over and over.

“Oh God Yes, Yes,” she yelled with each stroke.

Her legs pulled me into her so I couldn’t pull back out as her orgasm started. Her body shuddered and convulsed as my balls emptied into her cunt. I rolled onto my side holding her body tight to me, my cock still deep inside her body. Her arms were still around my neck, we kissed. We lay together as my cock softened slightly but stayed in her pussy.

As we rested she said, “That’s the first time I’ve ever had an orgasm with a man inside me. Dave was never a lover, he satisfied himself and rolled over and went to sleep. He refused to eat me, but he made me suck his cock until I kicked his ass out of the house.”

“That’s too bad, every women needs to have a lover who will satisfy her every itch,” I said.

“I’ve fantasized about having a lover for years but the opportunity never came until now.”

“I feel privileged to be your first,” I said.

I pulled my cock out of her and kissed my way down her body until I reached her pussy. I licked my cum from her lips and kiss my way back up to her face. She placed her hands on each side of my face and kissed me deeply, tasting her juices with my cum.

“Thank you lover, thank you, thank you, thank you.” I heard a door creak and realized someone had been watching. We slept entwined in each others arms.

I woke as Jan slid out of bed and turned on the shower. The sun was bright and her body was glistening as I opened the shower door and joined her. I shampooed her hair and soaped her body from top to bottom. Her eyes stayed closed as I rinsed her and teased her clit with my fingers. She washed my hair and soaped my body.

As she rinsed my body, she knelt in front of me and took the head of my manhood between her lips. My cock responds quickly. She took the full length of it into her throat. Her head bobbed up and down as her eyes looked into mine. She squeezed my balls and ran her finger over my ass hole. This started my cum pumping into her mouth. She sucked all of it and squeezed my balls again for more, leaving me completely empty feeling. As we kissed she left the taste of my cum in my mouth. I think I need a cup of tea.

Maggie and Lyn had breakfast ready when we walked out to the table by the pool.

“That smile on Jan’s face is great to see. She hasn’t looked that happy since high school,” Lyn said to Maggie. Maggie just smiled at us and took a bite of banana.

I grabbed a cup and made myself a cup of tea. I found a lounger and sat down. Maggie came over and lay down with me giving me a kiss.

“Thanks for making my sister so happy,” she said.

“No, thank you for giving me the chance to,” I replied. “You were watching weren’t you?” A kiss on my chest was my answer. We slept the day away.

The nudity, Laylani’s tea, and the sexually charged atmosphere kept my dick in a continuous state of arousal. Sometimes just barely but on occasion for no apparent reason I would get a full blown woody out of nowhere. The girls would always take notice and smile or make a short comment when this happened.

I was lying on a lounger this afternoon reading a book when my cock decided to come to attention. Maggie was the first to notice and came over and pulled the book from my hands and lay down next to me with her head on my chest. She started to run her finger up and down the under side of my cock just barely touching it. Lyn noticed what was going on and got Jan’s attention as they sat at the table by the pool. Maggie continued to lift, touch and trace her fingers around my manhood. The girls got up quietly and walked over next to the lounger and watched as Maggie inspected me.

“Do you mind if we join in,” Lyn asked? Maggie hadn’t noticed them watching and turned with a start.

She turned back to what she was doing and said, “Have you ever noticed how sensual a hard cock is. Come and look.”

Lyn and Jan kneeled at the side of the lounger we were on. They took turns inspecting me just as Maggie had done.

“I’ve never watched a man cum before,” Lyn said. Maggie took my cock in her hand and slid it up to the end and back to the base.

She lifted her head and looked at me and said, “Show us how you like to be touched sweet heart.”

She sat up then turned and sat at the other end of the lounger. My hands were free and I took my cock in hand and stroked it slowly as the ladies all kept there eyes glued on it. With my other hand I lifted my balls and squeezed gently. A small drop of precum appeared at the end and I wiped it on my finger and held it up to show them. Maggie took my finger and licked it clean and released my hand.

Jan had her hand between her legs and was touching her self as she watched me speed up my strokes. Lyn was still watching with big eyes. Another drop of precum appeared and Maggie wiped it from my cock but this time she brought it to my mouth and I licked it clean.

Lyn was no longer still. Her hands were massaging her breasts and tummy then down to her slit as her eyes were still glued to my cock. Jan was breathing heavily as I continued to stroke myself. Maggie was also aroused and was twisting her nipples with one hand and rubbing her mound with the other. I was getting close to cumming.

Suddenly I couldn’t hold back anymore. My first shot hit me in the chin and the second landed on my chest. The third, forth and the rest landed on my belly. The contractions continued even after I was empty. Jan brought her fingers from her pussy wiped the cum from my chin and put them to her lips licking them clean. Lyn leaned over my chest and cleaned the second shot with her tongue. Maggie went to the head of my cock and cleaned it and my belly.

“Wow that was the most erotic thing I’ve ever seen,” Lyn said.

I sat up and the girls all stood and I could see all three pussys were wet and swollen.

“Ok It’s my turn now,” I said. “I want to watch each of you show me how you do your selves.”

Jan and Lyn looked at Maggie for her permission. Maggie pulled me up from the lounger and took my place. I sat on the end of the lounger between Maggie’s legs as she slid her finger up her slit. Her eyes closed as two fingers disappeared into her cunt. Her thumb slid down over her clit and back. Her fingers pumped in and out. I placed my hands on her thighs and she exploded bucking and spasming as her juices flowed, soaking her hand. As she recovered she took my hands from her legs and pulled herself up and kissed me.

“Love you,” she said.

Jan said, “I’m next, I can’t wait any longer.”

She took Maggie’s place with me still sitting in my place. Both hands went straight to her cunt. A finger from each hand disappeared into it. Her clit was sticking out from under its cover. I was tempted to bend over and lick it, but her hands were moving her swiftly to her conclusion.

Her orgasm started with a tremble and a whimper. The trembling increased as her legs squeezed around my back. Her eyes were closed and her whimpers were slowing. As her hands slid out of her pussy one finger touched her clit. A second orgasm started only this time her hips rose up and her whimper turned to a scream. Her palm rubbed her cunt as she bucked her hips into the air. In my position her pussy was only inches from my face.

Maggie was standing behind me with her hands on my shoulders. I wanted so much to bury my face in Jan’s pussy. When Jan’s orgasm subsided, her eyes were still closed and her hand was still covering her pussy. I picked up her hand and she opened her eyes as I brought her soaked fingers to my mouth. I sucked her juices from her fingers as she sat up and put her arms around me and kissed me. Maggie reached around us both and hugged us.

Lyn had been watching from my side. “I don’t know if I can compete with this,” she said. “I usually need a little mechanical help to get off.”

“That’s Ok, just show me what kind of touch does it for you,” was my replied.

Lyn changed places with Jan and looked down and saw that my cock was starting to rise again. She looked into my eyes and touched her nipples, pulling and twisting. She locked her eyes on mine and slid one hand down her belly to her pussy. Her vaginal lips were very pronounced and were wet and swollen. Her fingers slid up her exposed slit and uncovered her clit. Every time I looked up her eyes were locked on mine. Lyn’s legs were wrapped around me and my hands were resting on her thighs. She pulled herself closer to me with her legs making her pussy open even more.

My cock was back at full attention only inches from her wet cunt. Suddenly I heard a buzzing sound and looked to my right where Jan was standing. She had a vibrator in her hand and she handed it to Lyn. “I’m sure glad we found these when we went shopping the other day.”

It is rather large and long. Lyn took it and slid it up her slit and over her clit. She pointed it back down over her clit and slid it down her pussy lips. She turned it and pointed it into her cunt. As she did this the bottom end of it touched my cock. I felt the vibrations shoot through me as it disappeared into her vagina. For the first time her eyes closed and she broke her eye lock. Each time she pulled the vibrator from her pussy she made sure that it touched my cock. I was going crazy with Maggie’s head over one shoulder and Jan’s over the other.

Maggie reached down and took hold of my cock and helped Lyn make sure the vibrator touched longer each time it came out of her cunt. I couldn’t resist any longer, I slid my hands up the sides of Lyn’s torso and to her nipples. I twisted and pulled just the same way that she had done earlier. She pulled herself closer with her heels. The vibrater was now buried deep in her and also pressed against the base of my cock. The sensation was incredible. Maggie continued to stroke my cock as Lyn humped herself against the vibrater that was pressing against me.

My dick ached it was so hard. Jan reached down and put her hand on top of Maggie’s. They both stroked me as Lyn increased her humping and I twisted and pulled her nipples. Lyn’s clit was bulging out from its hiding place as she rubbed it with her free hand. I took one hand from her tits and put it on her mound and stroked her clit with my thumb. I could feel the vibrations on my hand as she humped the vibrator. The vibrations were bringing me close to my end. Lyn was also beginning to orgasm. Her humping slowed and her mouth opened as she convulsed and shook. My balls were near empty but I started to shake and convulse as a small amount of my cum shot on to Lyn’s belly.

Maggie was kissing my lips and Jan was licking my ear. Lyn was shaking and trying to catch her breath. I was barely able to sit up. The vibrator was still buried in Lyn’s cunt. I leaned over Lyn and rested my head on her chest. Maggie and Jan rubbed my back and continued to kiss my neck and shoulders. Lyn ran her fingers through my hair as we recovered from the most sensual experience of my life.

I pulled the vibrator from Lyn and helped her up and we all headed for the outside shower. We soaked and washed, kissed and licked each other until the hot water was gone. Everyone was completely worn out.

Maggie and I started to head towards our bedroom when the thought occured to me that the bed is big enough for more than just us. I turned and said, “Please join us, we love you guys and want to share our bed with you.” Maggie looked up and smiled her approval as we all headed down the hall to bed.

The sun was high again when I woke. I looked around and saw Maggie on my left resting her head on my belly, and Lyn right behind her with her head resting next to mine on the pillow. Jan was on my right facing away from me with my arm wrapped around her and her backside against my side. I shifted my legs to get more comfortable.

Maggie stirred and rubbed my soft cock with her hand. I could feel her breath on it as she breathed. Jan also moved and rolled over on her other side so she was resting her face on my chest and her leg over the top of mine with her warm pussy pressed against my thigh. Lyn didn’t move and continued to sleep.

With Maggie’s head on my belly I couldn’t see what she was doing but I could feel her slowly pet my cock and balls with her fingers. I could see Jan’s eye lashes fluttering as she woke up. I ran my fingers through Jan’s hair and she turned her face to look at me. She smiled and kissed my chest.

Maggie’s fingers had brought my cock to a semi hard state. When Jan kissed my chest Maggie turned her head and looked at me then Jan and smiled at us. We lay there feeling the warmth of each other. My left hand was caressing Maggie’s face when she rose up on one elbow and came up and kissed my lips and slipped her tongue into my mouth.

“I don’t know about you guy’s but I’m starving,” Maggie said as she took her tongue away from mine. Lyn agreed that some nourishment was in order. They both got out of bed and headed for the kitchen.

Jan’s eyes opened as they left. “I’m cold,” she said as she moved over next to me and cuddled up.

I rolled over on my side and put my arm around her and pulled her tightly to my body. I began to rub her back and neck with my right hand. As my hand reached her lower back I continued on down her ass and then back up to her neck again.

“Umm that feels wonderful,” Jan said as she kissed my cheek.

I kissed her back on her neck as I gave her ass cheek a squeeze. I brought my hand back up to her neck and as I did I let my finger tips slide up the crack of her ass. Jan rolled onto her back and pulled me toward her. We kissed each other, tongues battling for room in each others mouth. My right hand rested on her belly, then slid up to her breasts. I caressed each and let my hand slide down her body to her mound. She pressed her mound into my hand.

I slide my fingers down over her breasts and gently caressed her pussy. I kissed my way down her body stopping at each breast to roll the nipples between my lips. Her nipples swelled and became hard as I continued to kiss and suck them. My fingers were getting wet from her juices as she humped my hand with her pussy. I left her breasts and kissed down her belly until I found the narrow strip of hair above her vagina. I slipped a finger into her wet cunt as my lips kissed her pussy.

Her legs spread and she pulled her knees up. Her fingers were entwined in my hair as I kissed and licked her sweet pussy. I slid another finger into her hot wet pussy and licked from the hole where my fingers disappeared, up to her clit. She pulled my hair and pressed my face into her humping cunt. My fingers pulled on her G-spot as I sucked her swollen clit into my lips and flicked it with my tongue. Her taste was magnificent. Her orgasm started with a shudder and she was pulling my face tightly to her pussy.

I pulled my fingers back across her g-spot and she exploded, “OH Fuck, Yes, OH Fuck, Yes.”

Her body convulsed and shook over and over. As her body calmed and began to relax, I kissed up her belly to her lips where she kissed and licked her juices from my face.

My cock was as hard as stone and was pressing against her pussy. As we looked deeply into each other’s eyes my cock entered her wet pussy. I stroked in and out slowly.

“Roll over,” she said.

We rolled together remaining united. When I got on my back she sat up and put her hands on my chest and she rode me cow girl style. I watched as my cock disappeared and reappeared as she rose and fell on my cock with increasing speed. Her breasts bounced and swayed before my eyes.

She closed her eyes and screamed, “Oh God, Yes Oh God Yes,” as her body shuddered and shook again. My cum pulsed into her pussy as she collapsed onto my chest. I could feel my cum dripping from her cunt down my balls and ass. We laid there exhausted.

“Aren’t you two going to eat,” Maggie called from the table by the pool.

Jan looked into my eyes and said quietly, “I think you already ate, but you might need some nourishment to keep your strength up. I think I owe you one.” We got out of bed and headed for the shower where we washed and dried each other and went for breakfast.

After breakfast, Maggie sat down and pushed the full cup of coffee in her hands towards me. I drank from it in silence and let her look directly into me eyes and into me.

Jan made my heart rush even more, “Finish your coffee. You’re coming back with us. We’re cupping you.”

Jan guided me with a hand in the small of my back into a tiny, narrow, bedroom.

The lights were off but there was dim morning light coming through a rice paper shade. The lavender walls and clean scent of orange and almonds almost made me forget myself. The door shut silently behind me, but the lock didn’t catch. It surreptitiously crept back open a slight amount.

Jan was on her back on the single bed as Lyn slid her hands along Jan’s arms. Slowly up and down. Jan’s eyes were closed and Lyn looked and smiled at me through the dim blue glow of the room.

Maggie’s lips were right behind my right ear. No part of her touched me, but I could feel her breath as she whispered words I couldn’t hear. Again, for what seemed like the sixth time since everything began in the café, I became intensely aroused. Maggie kept whispering as I turned my head to see her. Her lips barely grazed cheek and lips. It was pure torture. I knew enough not to cross the line, that this was some part of some game or ritual or some event that I knew nothing about, and that if I just went with it, that if I just fought every response to act out, that if I trusted Maggie, that they would all take good care of me and guide me the right way.

Maggie’s eyes ate my eyes in the blue darkness. She whispered a little more loudly, but it was in her natural language. It was so incredibly sexy.

Maggie’s breasts were the first part of her to touch me in her whispers. At first she barely brushed them against me, but as she whispered and I melted she pressed them harder. I leaned forward and it was as if her soft exotic words and smooth sensitive chest held me up. Our chests slowly, ever so slowly, began to grind into the other. Through the fabrics of our tops, our chests were massaging each other. While she clearly had the lead, my masculinity began to growl, and I would push and rub harder.

Her whispers mixed with sighs and our lips came so close that our breath passed from our lips and directly into the mouth of the other. We established a rhythm and breathed in and out, directly giving and directly taking from the other. We didn’t kiss, we didn’t touch except for our chests, but I was dizzy with her, and I was drunk with her.

Four hands carefully undid my pants and slid them down my legs. Four hands did the same to Maggie. We continued to make love with eyes and breath.

Four hands slid up shirt and twenty fingers lightly scratched and caressed my chest, my back, and my nipples. The buttons on my shirt slid away and my shirt disappeared down my back, brushing my ass. Four hands crawled under Maggie’s shirt and I pulled back to clear her chest. She gasped disappointed that I stopped and pulled away, but four hungry hands seized the chance and cupped and pinched at her chest. Maggie smiled and showed me the slight tip of her pink tongue.

Jan and Lyn guided her top off over her head, and then our naked chests pressed back together. Lightly again, at first. Our nipples nudged against the other, making tiny circles, caressing side to side, becoming firmer in the joyous play with the other.

Our faces came closer. Our lips danced and darted forth and back in a little game of ‘you can’t kiss me yet’ but I’m going to devour you when you do.

Jan, behind me, and Lyn, behind Maggie, slid their hands across our ass, and over our sex. Jan rubbed and tugged on me through my underpants as Lyn did the same to Maggie. My arms rose and slide beneath Maggie’s. I needed to touch her in some way. My aching sex craved her touch. She knew I knew that she was leading me, but she also knew and accepted the animal in me that crouched in waiting. She was going to feed me, and she knew I was ready to tear her apart deep inside the jungle.

Our arms locked around each other around our shoulders, our lips still played the cat and mouse game, and our chests solidly rubbed and pressed into the other. Lyn and Jan now alternated hands on each of us. Lyn squeezed me and then would run a firm hard finger against Maggie, and Jan took her fingernails to me swelling balls or would grab a handful of Maggie’s throbbing mound and massage it hard. All of this set the stage for the most electric moment.

Without warning, amidst all of the hands, Jan and Lyn slid our underpants off and rubbed their own soft naked bodies against our backs. My cock, freed, sprang firmly against Maggie’s hungry bush as her mouth kissed me like red licked candy.

My cock slid between her milky soft thighs beneath her pussy. She was already so wet, and the heat radiating from her womanhood made my cock throb thicker and longer than I had known.

Jan and Lyn kissed our backs, the backs our necks, ran their fingers all around and through Maggie’s short hair, and Maggie and I stood in a long firm embraced and kissed and kissed and kissed.

I found myself pulled to the narrow bed by three women. Atop of Maggie I wanted my cock sucked, but I wanted to be inside of her more. I pushed my upper body up and looked down at this whimpering aching beast. My cock hovering just atop of bush. My tip brushed it. She softly gasped. Her eyes gently shut and both of her hands slipped between her thighs and guided my cock to her softly shining glory.

I pushed inside of her in slow rhythms, feeling as much as I could, taking my time, getting to experience it all, the depths, the sensitive spots, the thin folds. It was too much to bear. With opened eyes drifting into mine like smoke, all of her crawled into all of me and there were no walls. We were making love, and for the first time I would do whatever a woman wanted. I was free.

Deep into her, my cock settled down, my brain settled down, and I started to increase the pace. A quickened pace turned to a harder pace turned to rougher pace where grabbed her legs and shoved them over my shoulders. My arms engulfed the rest of her as my body pressed her knees well behind her ears. I pounded her little pussy. Her ass bounded atop the bed and I was deep, deep, inside, feeling warmth and wetness, electricity, and gentleness. We both started to sweat onto the other. She smiled wide with her lips and she screamed high with her eyes. Her hands came up to my chest and she whispered to slow down, slow down.

She knew what she was doing.

Jan and Lyn crawled behind us. As Maggie and I slow fucked, the two friends tongued each of deep inside. The rimming made me swell harder, and it was all I could do to hold on. However, hold on I would. I cum into her pussy, spurting rope after rope of hot jizz inside her womb.

“Now it’s my turn to get fucked!” Lyn exclaimed. “You have one more in you, don’t you, darling?”

“I’m ready anytime for you, baby!” Then I had an idea. “Come on, all three of you, bend over the bed!”

I arranged them so they were kneeling on the floor, with their bodies resting on the bed, Lyn in the middle and the other two on either side of her. This position exposed their bare asses to me, and I took my position kneeling behind Lyn. I positioned the tip of my hard cock by Lyn’s pussy and put a hand on each of the other’s asses. Without warning, I thrust my rock hard prick into Lyn, jamming it in to the hilt and thrusting in and out as hard as I could. At the same time I penetrated the other two girls’ cunts with a forefinger with my hand turned down so that my thumb was on her clit. While I was stroking in and out of Lyn, I used a similar motion with my hand in and out of both Maggie and Jan.

Very soon all three of the girls were screaming in ecstasy as they came and then I felt my orgasm approaching again, and as my cock spewed forth half of another load of cum into Lyn’s cunt, then I pulled out of Lyn quickly, and thrust my cock into Jan’s cunt and continue cumming the rest of my cum inside her ! I fell back on to the floor, completely exhausted but fully satisfied that I had done my best!

Our stay was coming to an end. Tomorrow we had to catch the plane back home. It had been a vacation to remember forever. Laylani came by for the last time. We all sat in the hot tub naked, touching, drinking, chatting, watching the sun set into the Pacific Ocean. Laylani said her goodbyes and left into the darkness. We all retired to the king sized master suite and slept the night away.

My dreams on the red eye flight back home were about where this would lead Maggie and I in the future. The one thing I was sure of was that family relations would continue to be Great!!!

Maggie whispered in my ear “Want to join the mile high club?”

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