My Hot Adventure with Three Sisters

I was nineteen and in last year of my school, when a family of three sisters shifted in our neighborhood during the winter season. These three sisters, lived with their mother who was working in a bank, their father was deceased. And we often studied together for preparation of exams.

The eldest was Vandana 21 years, having finished graduation was looking for a job, second daughter Vaishali was my age and in the same class with science subjects like me, the youngest one was Vinu and was eighteen years of age. They were all beautiful and of medium built with the second sister Vaishali having the best body, nice big tits, and large fluffy bottom. The eldest sister was also well proportioned but was less developed on her tits as compared to Vaishali; the youngest one was the least developed and shortest in height as well. Since Vaishali and I had Science and as the younger one was also preparing for her ninth grade exams, we three decided to study together and I was given the honor of helping the two girls in case they needed any help. So every night we used to get together either at their house or my house to study. We all became very friendly and besides studying we were freely touching and feeling each other.

For some days this went and I was slowly but definitely designing my dreams to fuck all the three sisters. Vaishali was closest to me and had even me to cup her breasts and kiss her, the youngest one Vinu also did not object to my hugs touching her breasts or rubbing her bottom. The eldest one Vandana was the real tough one who maintained her distance with me (probably she was having an affair) and was reserved generally. One day, their mother had to leave the town for some urgent work for about a week.

When their mother left, I as usual turned up for studies at about 8.30pm at their house and we all sat down to study. For the rarest of occasion, I was surprised at Vandana offering me a welcome and even asked if I would to eat or drink something. I asked Vaishali what’s going on? Vaishali told me that she had told her elder sister that I was kissing her and also fondling her tits and that Vaishali was enjoying that along with the studies and so was Vinu. The eldest sister thought she was missing the fun and since the mother was also gone, she asked Vaishali if it was ok if she too had little fun with me. So that was the whole thing. I thought. Vandana is not getting a cock up her pussy, poor young girl of 21years in full bloom but no guy to kiss and fuck. What a pity. I told Vaishali, no problems, lets forget studies tonight and lets do some exploration (the girls of course didn’t know that I was well versed, experienced lover).

Vandana lovingly made hot chocolate drink for all of us and while we sipped the same. When we finished the hot drink Vandana asked both her sisters to join her on the double bed and get inside the quilts, as that night was particularly cold. I also joined them with Vandana and Vinu on my sides and Vinu sitting near the foot of the bed. Vandana took lead and asked me to disrobe, as they had never seen a young man in the nude. I said OK, but I too want to see her. They agreed but said would do it after I had disrobed. I started to take of my woolens and then the shirt and finally the trouser and under garments. It was real cold. My cock was in its smallest form, the winter cold having reduced it to its bare minimum.

The three girls squealed in delight and were very happy to see that after all the cock was not big at all, infact smaller than their little fingers. Vandana said they were worried that if the cock were as big as a cucumber or a large banana, how would they take it, as none of them was able to insert even their little fingers in their pussy. Girls were masturbating, you see. I was quite happy at their innocence but I guess Vandana knew that when cocks are erect, they are big because she asked me SUNNY how can you make this big. I told them I will tell you but first all of you become nude. The three of them jumped together and tore at their clothes, none of them, I noticed was wearing any under-garments. Fully nude the three beauties stood on the bed. All of them stunning in their own right with Vaishali being the outstanding not only she had the best body but God had blessed her with the prettiest of faces the pinkest and fullest lips I have ever seen. Her breasts were a little larger than a tennis ball; they were round and their tips pink with small but fat nipples. Absolutely flat stomach smoothly shaven pussy (all the sisters had shaved their pussies), a large pink clit, a nice round bottom and good legs, she was stunning. The eldest sister had small breasts and her clit too was large but not pink, Vandana was as fair as Vaishali. The youngest sister had lemon size breasts and I could not see her clit as she stood with her legs together. We all suddenly felt cold and got into the quilts on the bed.

Vaishali my favorite lay near me and kissed me on the lips and brought her leg on top of my thighs, pressing my cold cock. Just few second had passed when Vandana pushed her away and took her place on my left side and kissed me madly, sucking my lower lip rubbing her breasts on my side her nipples were erect so they felt very nice to the touch. My cock was slowly getting enlarged and Vaishali who had gripped my cock felt the size growing and looked at me in anxiety. I told her, that it was her love, which was making it grow in size. Vandana was not leaving me and was continuing her kiss, Vaishali caught hold of my right and placed it on her tit, which I quickly pressed gently taking her nipple in my thumb and first finger and rolling it. Her nipple too became taut and I could see blood surge up her chest, neck and her face-signs of the girl going on sex heat. Vaishali was continuously holding my cock, which by now was more than erect. The youngest Vinu was only a meek spectator until now tugged at Vandana’s hand and asked her to move so that she could also enjoy kissing me. Vandana got up from the bed and went into another room to come back with a room warmer (an electric heater) which she connected the electric board and switched it on. Both Vaishali and Vinu were fighting with each for kissing me and I was finding it difficult to kiss and suck their tits and both wanted the most were. My hands though got busy exploring their pussies.

Even Vinu was quite aggressive and she held my middle finger and ran it up from her arch up to her clit – she was moist. Vaishali on the other hand took me as her sole property and wont let Vinu or Vandana to kiss or fondle me for long. I fondled Vaishali’s pussy as well and was able to insert my full finger in her pussy, which she enjoyed and she responded by kissing me harder and harder. My cock by now was getting into its very thirst urge to get into a hot moist pussy or a loving sucking mouth. With electric heater the room also became warm and Vandana pulled down all quilts and threw them on the floor.

We were all naked and the three sisters looked at my erect cock in disbelief, which few minutes ago was barely two inches was now a full six inches (well almost) long and more than four inches in circumference. No, No you cant put that in there, they said in unison with their fore fingers pointing at their pussies. I told them not to worry and if the followed my instructions and cooperated they will enjoy and nobody will complain of any pain. So the show began, I first asked Vandana (she being the eldest should lead the way and infect had the most matured pussy and I knew would be least difficult to fuck – all the three were virgins- what a lucky man, I was their super hero and the three of them eager as hell to learn how to fuck and enjoy) to come and kiss my cock. I lay down on the bed she came on my side and held my cock gingerly between her fingers (as if it will bite her) then shyly placed a very faint small peck on its head. I asked her to give it a long nice kiss as she had done to my mouth only minutes ago and that my cock won’t bite her. Her two sisters encouraged to her to do so and both Vaishali and Vinu were rubbing each other’s clits and now and then sucking each other’s nipples, Girls were keeping themselves warm.

Vandana, having come so far could not back out and had to give my cock a long kiss and in the process sucked the cock’s head inside her mouth. She turned her eyes to look at me for approval, I told her fine go ahead, try and take as much cock inside her mouth and drag on it in a sucking motion. She was a good student and followed my instructions and finally she took more than half my cock inside her mouth and started bobbing her head up and down its length, but being a fresher she was also sometime grazing my cock with her teeth, which was painful. So I told her to widen her mouth when she was coming down the length of my and then to purse her lips to squeeze the body of my cock and slowly suck upwards covering her teeth with her lips so that not to hurt my poor RAMROD. She did that and we had an expert cocksucker VANDANA. I then proceeded to pay attention to VANDANA’s body. She was sitting on the side, with her back to me and her face towards my cock which she was sucking slowly and gently I grabbed her tit from behind and pressed her nipple, it was already erect. So I shifted my hand to her ass and ran my fingers all over butt lightly brushing her ass hole and the lower end of her pussy. I sucked my middle finger and applied my saliva on to it and pushed it just very little inside her arse. Vandana took out my cock from her mouth and asked me to insert the finger in the other hole (cunt). I told her to shut up and concentrate on sucking my cock and leave the rest to me. I then pushed my finger inside her arse further up.

Vandana stopped sucking and said it was painful. I told her to continue sucking my cock and not pay attention to my finger I also asked Vinu to Suck Vandana’s nipples so that she is fully aroused and does not feel the pain in her ass. Vinu quickly took her position and slurped up Vandana’s tits. Vandana relaxed and so did her ass and allowed my full finger inside her butt hole. Vaishali who was left alone joined the party. She came and sat opposite to VANDANA and asked her to allow her to suck the cock. Vandana reluctantly agreed. Vaishali was even better on the cock and having heard my instructions to VANDANA did a nice job of sucking my cock. Vandana who had my middle finger in her ass and was having her tits sucked by Vinu brought her lips down on my mouth and gave me a real sexy kiss. She then whispered ”lets fuck, my choot is all wet and yearning for your cock” I smiled, I told her, see this is the magic of my finger in your ass. All the nerves around your pussy are also connected to the ass and since her ass was relaxed so would be the pussy and she will enjoy the fuck. So I disentangled myself from Vaishali, who protested that I should first make love to her and then to VANDANA. However, I told her first to watch her DIDI get fucked and then I will fuck her – lessons first you see?

Vandana took her position on the bed and I took mine, between her legs, spreading them. I lovingly pressed her pussy which was really wet (good I thought, lubrication will ease the little ”first time” pain) and bent down on her to kiss her and suck her tits and slowly traced my tongue from her nipples to her chest, her sides, her flat stomach and dipped it in her navel and then dragged it down to her pussy, I twirled my tongue around her clit which was now full of sexual desires. Vandana’s breath became short and it looked she couldn’t resist anymore and asked me ”meri choot me dalo, please”(put it in my cunt, please). I knew the time was right and quickly placed two pillows under her hips and asked her to raise her legs with knees folded. Having elevated her pussy I placed my cock at her entrance and slowly, gently but strongly exerted pressure.

She was tight, no doubt, I managed to barely put the head of my cock inside when Vandana’s eyes welled up with tears, she was in pain, and I stopped exerting pressure. I looked at both Vaishali and Vinu who were watching us closely to come and suck their sister’s tits, so that she is aroused. I must say the sisters were really very eager participants, both Vaishali and Vinu sucked their sisters tits and I too pressed my thumb at Vandana’s clit, which in seconds raised her sexual appetite and her juices again began flowing from and she looked at me to commence the effort to push my cock up her pussy. This time she told me not to stop but to push the full cock up her pussy, she was so hot that she didn’t mind the pain and wanted to get rid of her cherry. I was hot too, almost uncontrollable with sexual urge. I began pushing, slowly though and when more than half of my cock was inside Vandana’s cunt, she stopped me and asked to wait for a few seconds, but I knew, now there was no stopping, my cock was in a tearing mood and spray my cum inside her cunt. So I continued, she tried to get up(her sisters still sucking her nipples) but I pinned her down and pushed my entire cock in her choot. We were fully joined. Vandana was biting her lips and was in some pain but soon the pain disappeared quickly as it had come and I started working her cunt with very small pushes barely half an inch out and in and removed the pillows from under her hips(which were necessary for the ”FIRST FUCK, as the pressure from cock is also helped by the gravity to lower the cock in the pussy below) and asked Vandana to clasp my waist with her legs. She did so and I pressed my cock upwards so that I was also rubbing her clit.

She was now enjoying. Sexual excitement was written on her face. I moved my cock in longer strokes in her tight pussy, which brought lots of happy ooohhs, and aaahhhs from Vandana who asked me ”fuck my choot, move your cock harder”. I did so couple of times and having thoroughly enjoyed this virgin (also my first virgin fuck, I had up till now only fucked my aunt and my friend’s mother who were both married and much elder to me and had sex number of times, but VANDANA was special, though she was older than me, she was the first virgin I fucked), I lay on top of Vandana and took her breast in my mouth and sucked real hard, I fully emptied my cock inside her cunt and slowly withdrew my cock out. I noticed a few drops of blood on my cock, which she and her sisters noticed too both the younger sisters then kissed their sister and me on such a wonderful event. Vandana and I went straight to the toilet, where she washed my cock lovingly with soap and warm water. She then washed herself and we both returned to the bedroom to find that VAISHALI and VINU were in each other’s embrace and their fingers playing with each other’s pussies.

It appeared having seen their elder sister fuck they both were also high on sexual urges and wanted to badly fuck. I wasn’t. Seeing us they both disengaged and VAISHALI pulled me on the bed and hugged me, kissing me, groping my cock in her hand said, SUNNY its my turn now and after you have fucked me you fuck Vinu. Vinu then shouted, No Vaishali didi, you promised me you will let Sunny fuck me first and in return I had sucked your pussy. Please don’t break your promise. Vaishali looked at me sadly and said, yes Sunny you have to first fuck Vinu and then me. Vandana then asked me to lie down on the bed and asked Vinu to sit on top of me in a sixty-nine position. Good idea I thought, Vinu was just eighteen and needed to worked up much more to have a pleasurable FIRST FUCK. Vinu sat astride on my chest her little hips and pussy just half an inch away from my mouth. She bent down to grab my cock and kissed it. Vandana joined her to teach ”cock sucking” while Vaishali became the spectator. Vinu took my cock in her mouth and began sucking, she then took it out and Vandana took my cock in her mouth and sucked my cock and both sisters took turns at sucking my cock. The cock rose up in fury to blast for action. When Vinu sucked my cock Vandana would run her tongue on my shaft and when Vandana had my cock in her mouth, Vinu would lick my balls. The girls were doing a good job and my ”LUND(cock)” loved it all.

I saw Vaishali was playing with her tits and pussy and trying to bring herself to TIGHTNESS (she had this word for her orgasm). I also got busy and started licking Vinu’s virgin pussy. Vinu had small hips a small pussy and a tiny butt-hole, it was cute. I licked her butt, which brought her pussy to flow with juices I then licked her pussy, inserting my tongue in and out of her very tight cunt. My cock was being raised to great sexual heights by both Vandana and Vinu who had contrasting styles and also differed in the manner of sucking, while Vandana was taking long and slow sucks Vinu was taking short and quick dips, Vandana moved her tongue up and down the shaft and sucked my balls while Vinu would gently hold my shaft between her lips and move those lips up and down the shaft. But it was a new -double suck- experience for me and I fully enjoyed that. With Vinu flowing her juices and becoming bodily hot, I thought its time for my young friend to loose her ”virginity”.

Having lifted Vinu off my chest (she was small and thin girl, light in weight) I placed her on her back and folded her legs and brought her knees on her small breasts. I parted those legs and sucked on her tit, giving her tiny pink nipples a roll in my lips and moved my tongue around it – I did the same to the other tit and moved my finger at cunt and tried to insert my finger which went in only for an inch and then her pussy tightened. I knew I had to work hard on this girl as my cock was like four fingers for her. I lapped up her tights and slowly moved my finger in and out, her juices were flowing and she was slowly moving her hips to push against my finger.

I kept on at my effort and lovingly cupped her face in my hands and asked her to give me long nice kiss. She did so this kiss was really sweet her saliva was like syrup of sugar her tongue like a piece of chocolate and her lips like rose petals. Her breath was heavy and quick, she was actually fully aroused, I tried insert my finger further and this time it was more than half inside her. I rubbed my finger on the sides of cunt walls and brought her flow her juices even more heavily, I could feel her hymen at the tip of my finger and pushed my finger a little further up and managed to tear her membrane, my finger was now fully inside her. I got out from between her legs and onto her side bringing my mouth directly on top of clit and began flicking my tongue on the clit and slowly and gently moved my finger in and out of her virgin cunt. Seeing me in this new position, Vaishali who was watching me with admiration for the display of my art of sexual foreplay got up and got between my legs and took my cock in her mouth.

Vandana also joined her and she started biting my buttocks in a very gentle and soft manner, not hurting me but pinching my butt with her teeth, she even began flicking her tongue on by butt hole – gave me a nice feeling and raised the excitement. Vinu was so aroused that she didn’t come to know that I had torn her cherry with my finger. Vinu was getting even hotter and finger and tongue did a great job in relaxing this kid. She was ready I was ready and the two sisters who were showering their attention on me freed me to see their youngest sister take my LUND in her small CHOOT.

Despite the fact that Vinu was hot and flowing, I knew I needed more lubrication because of the great difference in the size of her choot’s entrance and my cock’s head. So I asked Vaishali and Vandana to put all their saliva on my cocks head and their sisters pussy. Both collected a great amount of saliva in their mouths and directly passed it inside Vinu’s cunt and also applied some on my cock. Vandana asked me if I required some cream or oil – I told her no, atleast for the moment. I sat between Vinu’s legs and spread them raising them and folding them at her knees and pressed her knees to her chest, this brought her pussy up. Vandana guided my cock to Vinu’s cunt and I started exerting pressure. Half of the cock’s head was inside Vinu’s cunt and I could feel the smallness of her pussy. I pressed further, Vinu was almost about to scream when Vaishali sealed her mouth. I continued to exert pressure and managed to get half of my cock inside. I looked at Vinu; she was in pain but was smiling.
Despite the winter there were beads of perspiration on my forehead and Vinu’s. Vinu pulled up to catch my hips and asked me to move my cock further up in her pussy -brave girl- but the tightness of her pussy was also bit painful for my cock, so I first pulled it out a bit and pushed it in again, I pulled it out an inch and pushed it back an inch ever so slowly and then slowly pushed my cock further up and with only half of my cock inside her I felt I could not go any further, either she was too tight or her cunt was only about three inches in length. So I stopped for while and began kissing and licking her tits to draw her attention away from the pain. Vinu was very aggressive sexually and when she was more comfortable and pain had gone down asked me to ram my cock fully inside, begged me to do it in one go, even asked Vandana to push me from behind to add to the pressure. But I knew that was not the way and I told Vinu not to worry and if she tried to hurry it up, I would take my cock out of her cunt. She stopped her insisting for the ramming and laid back to relax. I continued to play with her tits, Vandana also joined and started sucking the other tit of her baby sister.

Vaishali smothered Vinu with her kisses and they both played with their tongues This cooperative action from all of us brought her back into a HIGH on her sex. My cock inside her cunt felt her juices flow and ooze out of her pussy, tainted with her virgin blood. The sight of blood woke the animal in me and I started pushing my cock inside her and in seconds, I fully tore her hymen and almost fully inserted my cock in her. Vinu was in heaven and so was I. Mercifully there was no further pain and Vinu let me to fuck her. She moved her hips up and down, pushing out my cock and then trusting her hips to pull it back in her. She then asked me to lie on my back and let her ride. Having lost the ”barrier; Vinu was a liberated girl and wanted to enjoy her first fuck the most, but I was to disappoint her a little. I lay on my back and she astride me, she may have moved up and down on my cock maybe four or five times, when I shot my cum in her cunt. I held her tight and pulled her down on me, inserting my cock as far as it would go and squirted my cum in her insides her juices too gushed and flowed out of her pussy making a big mess on my cock and the bed. She then boxed me gently and asked why I finished so quickly and made me promise that I would fuck her long enough to bring her atleast ten times. Vandana accompanied both of us to the toilet and washed us clean.

Asked me if I needed some chocolate drink or something to eat. Asked her for a cup of coffee. Vaishali, who by now was so, aroused that she couldn’t wait for any foreplay and asked me to simply sit between her legs and fuck her. I was amused and happy as such a demand from such a beautiful girl and instinctively knew she would be the best fuck (though both her elder and younger sisters were excellent fucks). I told her am waiting for the coffee and after the coffee break it would be her turn; Vaishali refused to listen and insisted we begin it. I showed her my limp cock and said this required atleast ten minutes’ rest. She said no and got up from the bed to drag me there. She then fell on top of me and began kissing me feverishly, playing with my tongue, biting my lips, bringing her firm tits to my mouth, then rubbing her tits all over my body with an extra rub on the cock, which came half alive with Vaishali’s tits doing the trick. Vaishali grabbed my cock and straightaway sucked it. Gripping it in her mouth, she pulled my cock upwards, then went down on it, taking the half erect cock fully in her mouth and then roughly pulling at it with her mouth. Her efforts were immediately rewarded and my cock jumped back to life. I It grew big and was hard and ready to fuck my dear Vaishali’s pure/unfucked pussy.

By the way Vaishali had the biggest clit in the three sisters. I played with it while she sucked my cock. Having felt my cock fully erect in her mouth, she quickly got down to her fours and asked me to fuck her from behind (she told me she had seen pictures of people doing it that way). Variety, I thought is the spice of life. I got behind her. Vaishali’s round full hips were in the air. Her brown butt hole was quite inviting and the parted lips of her pussy were all put together the most beautiful sight of this world. Vaishali was not only beautiful but was a good friend of mine and I wanted our first fuck to be the best. I sat down behind her cupped her hips and lowered my tongue on her butt hole, first lightly licking it and then pushed the tip of my tongue in her butt while my fingers worked up her pussy and gently stroked her clit my other hand caught her breast and gently pressed and rubbed its nipple. Vaishali, purred and moaned asking me to love her, to be her man, to kiss her lick her pussy and ass and maul her breasts.

Vaishali who was already aroused and over sexed couldn’t take my love anymore without the cock tearing at her pussy. Vaishali’s pussy had a wonderful fragrance and it raised my sexual urge to maddening height. Vaishali was by now even more wet, with her juices flowing down her thighs. I inserted my finger in her pussy that had no problem, I then added two fingers which also went in fully with some effort. Vaishali told me she had worked hard to get ready for my cock and had worked two finger masturbation for sometime. Was I pleased no I was happy for her, as she will not have to bear the pain. Vaishali is my age (about two months younger to me) and was larger than both her sisters. My cock, which was already raising hell to get inside Vaishali’s cunt, was only too pleased when I brought its head to meet the nether lips of my lovely girl friend. I pushed the head of my cock into her pussy and then bent over her to catch her breasts in both of my hands. I whispered to her that she simply great and the most beautiful girl of this world and that I was actually in love with her. She turned her face towards me and said she too loved me and wanted to be fucked by only me in this world. I told her I would love and fuck her as long as she wanted and maybe later on marry each other.

She agreed and said, though for sometime, please make my sisters happy too as I don’t want them to be fucking every tom dick harry. I accepted that gleefully and glanced at the two sisters who nodded in approval and joined us on the bed. Both Vandana and Vinu kissed every inch of my body licking at my balls, digging their tongues inside my mouth, sucking Vaishali’s tits and even sucking and rubbing my nipples. All this was maddening in real terms with the sex fever at its highest peak -literally Vaishali and I were dying for the fuck. I again started pressing forward my cock into Vaishali’s cunt and she pressed back to take the cock inside her pussy. Gradually I managed to fully insert my cock in her pussy penetrating her cherry and making her scream with pain and when I stopped pushing she looked at me and asked me to commence the fuck, fuck her hard and mercilessly, she wants it to be the greatest fuck I ever hard, she asked me forget that it was her first fuck but to enjoy her body without any gentleness. I was surprised at her intentions; sex was really riding high in her head.

I started moving my cock slowly and gently in and out of her. The slapped my behind and asked me to move faster and deeper. I picked up the speed but was still gentle when she yelled at me to make mince meat out of her pussy and to ram my cock right up to the hilt and so it faster, faster, faster, harder. She forgot her pain and repeatedly asked me to continue my onslaught on her choot. Apart from her juices her blood was also flowing, Vandana quickly brought a towel and placed it under her, but Vaishali kept on asking me to push harder. I did that HARDER and FASTER ramming my cock up her choot, grabbing and pulling her tits inserting my thumb in her ass (which she loved). Vaishali was a great lover, she was meeting my thrusts with her pushes as well and my full cock was now going in and out. She came, once then again when I moved my thumb in her ass hole, third time when I old her that I would like to fuck her all the night and yet again when slapped her bottom red. I was far from cuming and knew a long fuck was ahead of me. I asked her if she would like to ride me. She agreed, quickly we changed position; Vinu in the meanwhile had a good sense to bring warm wet towel to wipe my LUND and Vaishali’s choot, to clean the blood and juices. I laid on my back and Vaishali on top of me while she leaned forward Vinu caught hold of my cock from behind and gave it a small suck and then put it into her sister’s pussy. With my cock inside Vaishali, she began to jump up and down and then bent forward on my body kissing my lips sucking my tongue and asking me to push my cock up pussy.

Vaishali came for the fifth time but continued her working her choot on my lund and soon came for the sixth time. She was now visibly tired. I asked her to slow down and why not let me up again. She took the doggy position again and asked me to enter her from behind. I put my cock in her cunt and bending over her caught her breasts with my hands and started ramming my cock in her tight pussy. Vaishali was continuously coming every few seconds and I cud feel here pussy muscles ripple and squeeze my cock alternately. Vaishali’s pussy was on fire an with my cock not in a mood to spray yet, I continued with my pushing’s for another five minutes and then I fell dead on here, my cock had washed her insides with my heavenly cum. Vaishali, quickly got out from under me and took my cock in her mouth giving me suck, drawing out even the last drop of my cum. Satisfied she left me to go to the toilet and returned with a towel and some water, cleaned me and the three girls then left me in that room to sleep. But barely ten minutes had passed when Vandana turned up with a glass of coffee and asked me to drink it and to feel refreshed. Oh what an hour of sex we had, three virgins. Vandana told me, that she enjoyed every bit of sex I had with her and asked if we could do it again.

I thanked GOD for his bounty for me and told Vandana yes I would like to fuck here again. This made her happy and after I had finished the coffee she sat near my head and loving took my head in her lap, her pussy smell, fresh from first fuck was great. She asked me to suck her tits while she fondled with my cock. Vandana’s tits were nice to taste, though small in size her tits were very sensitive as I cud smell her getting ready for sex (the cock and pussy have unique smell when they are ready for sex or during arousal – My mausi was a great teacher really). Her nipples became taut and she started rolling when she kissed me. Its not just the pussy, which gets its juices, but the mouth as well, gets a load of saliva when sex is on the anvil. Vandana then asked me if I was ready, I said yes. She then lay on her back and I entered her and fucked her nicely bringing her to come two three times before I came. We had just finished when Vinu and Vaishali entered the room again and wanted to have another as well. I fucked them, this time with lights off, Vandana also as member of the game. I told them I will not finish in anybody’s pussy, but in a mouth and that I will give five strokes of cock in the pussy to each of them and they were to take turns till I finished in the last one’s mouth. So the first was Vinu (tightest and cutest of the three) five strokes (she tried to stop me when I took my cock out) then Vandana who kissed me and kissed, five strokes and I got out of her and then Vaishali, my dear one, as an extra I sucked her tits, no lights so nobody saw this extra favour, five strokes and another five strokes when Vinu yelled that I was doing extras then I gave Vinu five strokes and then Vandana when I was about to get out of her, she asked Vinu and Vaishali if I could fuck her to a finish and if they both will help her to come by sucking on her tits. They agreed and I continued to fuck Vandana who kept on saying she was grateful to me for having made her experience heaven on earth and said I could fuck her when ever I wanted, even after she had been married etc etc – promises and more promises.

I fucked her hard this time and rammed her pussy with full force bringing her to come quickly. Vandana was at last satisfied. It was now Vinu’s turn whose cunt was he most difficult to enter and once I finished the five strokes, she asked for another five which Vaishali said give her ten, ten turned to twenty, maybe even this little girl also wanted a hard fuck so in and out, up and down, harder faster deeper rode my cock in her pussy but Vinu wouldn’t come. I knew she was holding back and not flowing with me. I decided to pay more attention to her. I licked her tits, flicked my tongue on her cunt and worked hard till she too was satisfied.

It was a really exhausting experience for a single man to satisfy three sisters in one go.

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