Hannah’s Ultimate Fantasy

It had become a challenge both Hannah and her husband Gary looked forward too, every couple of weeks the two would sit down to a nice candlelit dinner and after a bottle of wine one of them would lay down the dare to try to come up with the ultimate sexual fantasy. Like most couples it was deemed fun and a little competitive, who could embarrass, shock and make the other horny enough to give in and ask the other to go to bed with them. They both knew it was about fantasy and their desires would not see the light of day, well that’s what Hannah thought however Gary had other ideas.

Gary poured Hannah another glass of champagne.

“Are you trying to take advantage of me?” Giggled Hannah.

Gary smiled, and explained he had something special in store for her and when she was ready, to undress and head into the gym room. It didn’t take much convincing for Hannah to slip out of her clothes and run into the gym room, Gary watched as Hannah’s naked bum disappeared around the corner.

Gary entered the room and led Hannah to the bench press where he sat her down; she wiggled from the coldness of the seat against her bare buttocks. Gary moved behind Hannah and blindfolded her, he lifted her arms up and tied them to either end of the weights bar and then kneeled down spreading her legs as far as her hips would allow securing Hannah’s ankles to the bottom cross bar, pausing for a second to glance at Hannah’s glistening shaved pussy.

Gary placed his hand in the small of Hannah’s back and pushed her forward until her pussy rested over the edge of the bench. At first Hannah struggled with the positioning as her back arched outward pushing her pert tear drop tits forward, after a few moments her body adjusted and she relaxed, and giggled with anticipation of what Gary had in store for her.

Hannah sighed at the touch of her nipple being suckled, she felt her breasts tighten and then the expression of confusion came across her petite face as she felt another mouth suckling on her other nipple.

” Gary what’s going on?” Hannah demanded.

The mouths stop suckling and Gary moved towards Hannah and whispered into her ear, “Trust me.”

Hannah nodded her head in agreement with some dissatisfaction, which quickly disappeared as she felt her nipples once again being stimulated by two mouths and tongues, within minutes Hannah could feel her juices flowing uncontrollably and her head swelled at the thought of a stranger fondling one of breasts, she knew it wouldn’t be long before she came as her clit swelled she tried to stimulate herself by pushing down against the bench however Gary had positioned her in such a way she was unable to do so.

Hannah felt a hot breath against her drenched pussy and when she felt a tongue part her swollen lips she struggled to free her arms.

“Stop!” Hannah yelled.

Once again the mouths stopped pleasuring her.

“I want to know what’s happening.” She demanded.

Gary removed the blindfold and in front of Hannah were three naked women a blonde either side of her and a brunette kneeling between her thighs. The blondes had identical hairstyles and makeup, almost twin like Hannah thought, they both had full but pert breasts. The brunette had short bobbed hair and dark eye shadow and makeup hedging towards a Goth look she was petite with tiny hips, she smiled at Hannah and licked her painted ruby lips showing off her pierced tongue, Hannah felt her clit harden at thought of the brunette’s touch.

Hannah felt relieved that the mouths belonged to women and not men, she glared at Gary and then burst out laughing.

“The ultimate fantasy.” They said in unison together.

“So are we okay?” Gary asked.

“We’re okay, I want my hands free so I can touch and in my ultimate fantasy you’re naked remember?” Hannah replied.

Gary undressed quickly, his large erect cock glossy with sticky pre cum being aroused at watching his girlfriend being fondled by three gorgeous naked women. The women turned their attention back to Hannah.

Hannah placed her hands on the blondes’ heads and stroked their perfect hair as they licked and sucked her erect hard crimson nipples, Hannah felt her clit enlarging as the brunette’s tongue slowly slid up and down her drenched pussy discovering her tight hole her swollen lips and hard clit, sipping Hannah’s juices.

Hannah looked at Gary and motioned for him to move closer.

“I want to suck your hard cock.” Hannah demanded.

Gary moved his cock into Hannah’s waiting mouth, she pursed her lips forcing Gary’s foreskin to roll over the head of his cock exposing his head to the warmth of her mouth, Gary moaned at the sensation and slowly rocked his hips back and forth gliding his cock in and out of her mouth.

Hannah felt the brunette’s tongue exploring her wet pussy, circling her tongue around her wanting hole and then slipping the tip of her tongue slightly inside of her just deep enough for Hannah to feel the penetration and the tongue stud touching the entrance to her love tunnel. The brunette continued for a few minutes until she could feel Hannah’s pussy tighten she slid her tongue onto Hannah’s hardened clit and flicked it with the her tongue stud. Hannah pushed the blondes heads deeper into her breasts as she let out a muffled cry as her orgasm erupted inside.

Gary withdrew his cock from Hannah’s mouth and watched as the brunette softly kissed Hannah’s swollen wet pussy whilst the two blondes gently kissed and kneaded Hannah’s tits.

Hannah looked down at the brunette, and asked. “I want Gary to fuck you, can he fuck you?”

The brunette smiled and nodded her head and then turned her attention back to licking Hannah’s pussy, she waited for Gary to move behind her and then she raised her arse upwards so Gary could kneel down behind. Gary slid his huge erect cock into the brunette’s tight pussy and she paused for a few seconds until she could take Gary’s full length and then she returned her face between Hannah’s soft thighs.

Hannah requested the blondes to stand up so she could touch their pussies they responded and moved next to Hannah’s face. Hannah gently kissed each one’s neatly trimmed pubic hair running her thumbs over feeling their softness, taking in the smell of sex radiating from their wet cunts. Hannah moved her hands simultaneously along their inner thighs until she reached their pussies and slowly slid her finger’s along them parting their puffy lips feeling their wetness until she reached their tight holes. Hannah slipped two fingers into each of them, the blonde on her right grasped Hannah’s fingers with her pussy muscles and orgasmed immediately.

The blonde on Hannah’s left bent her knees forcing Hannah’s fingers deeper inside her she ground her hips pushing Hannah’s fingers as deep as they would go. Hannah could feel the blonde’s buttocks quiver as her pussy contracted around Hannah’s fingers, the blonde let out a loud scream as her orgasm shattered through her. Hannah removed her fingers from the two drenched pussies, and licked the juices from them, she could feel the brunette’s face pushing deeper against her pussy and she looked at Gary.

Gary was slowly pumping his cock in and out of the brunette’s pussy.

Hannah moved her hands either side of the brunette’s head gently holding her as Gary started to increase his pace he looked sideways to see the two naked blonde women gently kissing and touching each other. Hannah knew with so much nakedness and sex before his eyes it wouldn’t be long before Gary would be shooting his load

“Faster.” Hannah demanded of Gary.

Gary responded pumping his cock harder and harder with each thrust, the brunette grabbed Hannah’s thighs and dug her nails into them as her body momentarily froze as her orgasm flowed; Hannah pulled the brunette’s head deeper against her pussy, her tongue worked faster against Hannah’s enlarged clit, Hannah’s breathing increased as she could feel another orgasm building deep inside of her.

“Now Gary, now.” She demanded.

Gary pulled his cock out and exploded his cum into the brunette’s silky vagina, the sight of Gary’s hot cum shooting inside of another women quickly set Hannah’s orgasm off and she screamed with ecstasy as her hips uncontrollably bucked from the sexual attention of the evening.

They all went to the bedroom, laid on the king-size bed.

Abigail, one of the two blondes, gazed up at him. Her lips inches from his balls. “Your cock is beautiful,” she signed and then licked the base. She smirked when it jumped toward her. “So hard,” she signed and licked again. Her hands remained free as the cock jerked around and tried to desperately find her mouth.

Joyce, the other blonde, slid from the bed and lowered herself to her knees. Her hands came up and she opened her left palm. She ran the edge of her right little finger down the palm’s center signaling she wanted some of Gary too.

Gary’s jaw dropped as he watched one blonde gather his balls and begin sucking on them one at a time and the other lower her mouth down on his dick.

“Fuck,” he signed and dropped one hand on each blondes’ head. He petted them both, toyed with their hair as they fucked him with timid licks and sucks. His hips started to lift and fall over and over again.

Joyce stopped her ministrations and gazed up at her lover Gary and their looks held as she rolled her tongue over his thick head and coated the top with her moist tongue. She lavished it with attention, making low strokes down the shaft, up to the head and then back down eventually she traded places with her blonde identical Abigail and suckled his balls, letting her teeth graze the sides.

Abigail deep-throated him right away, letting the head of his sex slam against the back of her throat. She repeated the motions several times, tightening her hold on his dick when she’d pull away and then forming another tight ring on her way back down. Her nose nuzzled his pubic hairs and her breath tickled his skin.Until his dick became hard again.
Whereupon, both blondes slid up his body and suckled one of his nipples before colliding in a three-way kiss (triple kiss: one man, two woman).

Gary stepped away and lifted his right hand, left it flat and moved it forward with the palm facing up.

The two women repeated the gesture of Thanks and then slid their almost twin like bodies over to the bed. Gary watched two soft, firm asses lift up into the air and sent a prayer to the heaven’s that he lived through the night. They both stayed there and winked at each other, a sight that was not lost to Gary. He moved to the bed and rubbed the sweet flesh of Joyce’s ass and slapped it hard. He watched her press back for another and he gave her what she wished.
His cock was hard again, aching to slide into the forbidden entrance of Abigail’s cunt.
The head of Gary’s cock was poised and ready. He rammed into Abbey’s pussy and felt her tighten around him. His hands grabbed her hips and he started to pound into her. His balls slapping her ass and his nails digging at her skin. At first he was fast, then he slowed, then he sped up. There was no tempo, he would just change when his body desired it. Abigail was eating Joyce and he was fucking Abigail. The group moaned to themselves, growled and whimpered for more, while Hannah and the brunette kissing, and playing with each other’s pussies and bodies. Each one reacted to scents and tastes, touches and sights, but none reacted to sounds. Sounds didn’t exist.

Gary’s body stiffened and he felt Abbey’s pussy constrict. They both came together, flooding each other with juice that mingled and slid down to mix in trails down her thighs and his balls.

Joyce licked up her blonde indentical’s come and then rolled to her back. She scooted up and lay still while her breathing returned to normal. Her lover Gary’s cock hung limp and he crawled up between the four women on the king-size bed. He kissed his wife Hannah and then the three women.

Gary lay between them and felt his wife spoon his back. He held her hand and squeezed it. After releasing it he pulled Abigail to his front, and she hugged Joyce and the brunette. Legs tangled with legs and arms tangled with arms as the five lovers fell into a needed slumber, one that would stir erotic dreams they would awaken them and lead them to play out those fantasies during the hours that were to come. Tomorrow he will fuck the other blonde Joyce, he can’t wait for that.

In the morning, Joyce wake up while Gary positioned himself for entry and pulled her hair with his hands. She let out a sexy moan/groan that came from the depths of her chest, as his wife Hannah and the two other women wake up by Joyce’s loud moans and began to watch the exciting scene. He entered her in one thrust and couldn’t believe how wet she was. Gary thrust into her again and again and was quick to cum himself. He tried to hold back but couldn’t. The night’s activities had built to a crescendo inside himself and he exploded in one powerful orgasm. His balls emptied into Joyce’s depths many times. His mind went numb and he saw stars behind his eyes. As the last of his fluid emptied into her, he laid his head on her chest.

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