The Babysitters ثلاث فتيات مراهقات جليسات أطفال مع والد الأطفال

Kimmy was watching from the window in the den, which overlooked the driveway. “He just pulled in, he just pulled in.” She squealed as she ran and jumped on the bed. Her blond hair tumbling down her shoulders and her white baby doll pjs seem to float around her. When she landed on the bed, it made a small wave in the water bed and bounced the other two girls causing them all to break into a fit of giggles.

Ginger and Diane fell onto the bed, laughing. They were wearing identical baby doll pjs – all three had gone shopping at the mall and bought matching outfits for this night. This night, just like some of their other adventures, had started as a joke. The joking had turned to planning and now, here they were. The three girls were all nervous and not sure where exactly this night would go. They had lied to their parents – each one telling their parents that they were sleeping at the other girl’s house.

The girls didn’t really have to answer to anyone – they were all going to college at the end of the summer. This was their last fling before they had to buckle down and work hard. This was their final adventure together – all three girls had picked different colleges, in different parts of the country. They had planned this for weeks, talked about him for months.

The girls had babysat for this family for years. They knew the kids so well and they also knew the family’s routine. The mother had taken the three girls to the beach for a week, leaving the dad home alone. Each of them had a school girl crush on him. He was tall, dark and handsome. An average American guy. Black curly hair at the top of his over six-foot frame. Tan from working in the sun on the construction site; and always joking and smiling. He had become the conversation at the lunch table in the cafeteria for the past several years amongst the girls.

“Girls, pipe down – we have to listen to see when he is coming up the steps.” Ginger warned quietly.

“Get under the covers, and pull the covers up to your chins. We don’t want him to see what we have on yet.” Diane said as she climbed into the bed, fanning her long black hair over the pillow.

Ginger jumped in between Diane and Kimmy. They lay there, listening and hearing only the pounding of their hearts in their ears. “He must have gone to check the mail – I haven’t heard the front door close yet.” Ginger whispered.

Diane looked out the picture window across the room from the bed, watching the sun setting. It was late June, the air was still, all the house windows were open as it was an older house and they didn’t have air conditioning. Despite the fact that is was rather warm in the room, she had goose bumps on her skin. What if they had read the signals wrong? What if he sent them packing – how humiliating it would be and having to find another summer job would suck.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound two floors below of the front door closing. The girls knew it had only been minutes since he had pulled in the driveway; but it was feeling like hours. They were ready to jump out of their skin – the waiting, the anticipation. The girls froze as they heard him whistling, ascending the stairs. His footsteps took them one step at a time closer to the evening’s festivities.

Kimmy couldn’t contain herself, the giggles overcame her and she tried to contain them in vain – her body shaking causing the waves to roll in the bed again. The waves had a ripple effect not only on the bed but in the girls themselves. Soon all three were shaking with the giggles. His footsteps paused on the landing, his whistling slowing. He had to have heard them.

As he pushed open his bedroom door, the laughter could no longer be contained. All three erupted into hysterical laughter as he stepped into the bedroom. “Well, what do we have here?” His brow was furrowed, a slight grin on his face as he looked at them.

All three girls sat up at once, the comforter falling from them in seemingly slow motion. Their breasts jiggled as they laughed and their nipples were visible to him through the thin fabric of the lingerie. He looked at their faces, the tears now rolling down their cheeks as they hiccupped and gasped trying to catch their breath. One or two giggled in between the gasps. The setting sun shining reds and yellows, purples and pinks through the picture window and shining on their blonde and black hair. Have I died and gone to heaven he thought?

The girls looked at him, standing in the doorway to his bedroom, his briefcase falling from his hands as he heard Ginger say, “Are you going to get undressed and join us? You probably need to be pampered after your hard day at work.” She purred.

He still was just standing there, staring – his briefcase at his feet.

“Let us help him out girls!!” Kimmy said as all three rose from the bed.

He watched all three rise, their baby doll pjs only covering to the top of their thighs, their naked legs and bare feet walking towards him. He could see the curves of their calves as they padded closer to him; their white matching panties just barely visible beneath the flowing baby doll tops. Three sets of breasts swinging loose underneath the cotton fabric. Ginger with her short black hair and slender neck. Kimmy with her long blonde hair, curves along her hips and thighs and Diane with her long black hair and larger breasts.

In a second there were six hands on him. Unbuttoning his shirt and unzipping his pants. He closed his eyes; this had to be a dream. He had flirted with these girls – but never dreamed they would be really flirting back. He was almost 15 years their senior.

His eyes flew open as he felt several hands pulling his jeans down and other hands tugging his shirt down his arms. Soft hands roaming his body, like silk sliding over his skin. Soft, wet lips on him that sent shocks under his skin every place they touched.

He stared for a moment at Ginger, her erect nipples holding the material of her baby dolls so it floated around her, he could see the silhouette of her breasts and flat stomach as the light from the picture window shone through her baby dolls.

Kimmy kissed him quickly and then all three of them pulled him to the bed. As the girls crawled onto the bed, he saw the open cooler with beer – his beer out of the fridge – chilling by the bed. Diane followed his eyes and pulled a beer from the cooler. She twisted off the cap, he watched the cold water running down her wrist and drip onto the comforter. She held the beer out to him. He looked past the beer, watched her chest rising and falling.

“Lay down Mr. Jamison.” Ginger’s hands in his, pulling him onto the bed.

Diane quickly added, “We thought you might like a full body massage after working all day.”

He laid down on his stomach, pulling a pillow under his folded arms, propping up his chin. Kimmy handed him the cold beer and he took a long pull. What did these girls really expect? He suddenly felt self conscious in his boxers, surrounded by hot, young flesh. He heard movement, the water moving beneath him and the girls moving around him. He jumped slightly as he felt something warm and liquid being dripped onto his upper arms, back, legs and on the soles of his feet.

“Relax Mr. Jamison.” Whispered one of the girls, her hot breath in his ear.

Hands, so many hands on him; rubbed the oil into his skin. The oil warmed on his skin even more as they breathed and touched it. Their hands massaged his shoulder muscles, running down his arms, pressing into his flesh and then massaging back up the base of his skull. More hands on his lower back, starting at the middle of his spine, fingers running out to his sides. Hands massage his aching leg muscles, moving down to his feet and thumbs moving in small circles over his soles. It felt like twenty women in the room instead of just three.

He started to relax, the warm oil all over him and hands tracing patterns.

“Hope you are enjoying this. We bought a book at the store about massages and have been practicing on each other for a few days.” One of the girls giggled – Diane he thought.

They had him at “practicing”. He felt the hands which now seemed to be moving all the blood to his aroused cock. He was glad he was lying on his stomach. Thoughts of all three of them, naked, rubbing oil on each other to get ready for tonight, kept flashing through his brain. He was still waiting to wake up from this dream.

A warm mouth on his ear brought him back to the bed. “Would you like to turn over and rub some oil into us?” Hands on his shoulders pushing and pulling him onto his back, Kimmy climbed onto his thighs. She was openly glancing at his evident erection sticking up in his boxers; and then Diane and Ginger were staring. Diane said, “Pass me the oil please.”

Diane held the oil high over his torso, dribbling the oil over his chest and down his stomach and all along the edge of his boxers. Ginger tentatively leaned forward and touched his collar bone with the tips of her fingers. They felt like a bird’s wings fluttering over his skin. She lightly began rubbing the oil over his chest, Diane’s hands joined in as well. The girls’ cheeks were red as their fingers pressed harder.

Kimmy ran her hands up his hips, dipped her finger into his navel in the oil pooled there. She began to circle his navel with her fingers, forming a wider and wider circle, massaging his stomach. He glanced from one girl to the next, noticing their increased breathing, hardened nipples and flushed faces. He reached up and cupped one of Diane’s breasts and one of Ginger’s breasts; lightly pulling on their nipples through the thin fabric.

“Hmmmmmmmm…” Escaped Diane’s lips as she reached across him and pulled Ginger’s top over her head. Ginger’s smallish, perky breasts fell free of the material. He cupped her breast again, feeling the smooth skin and hard nipple against his hand. As he pinched her nipple, Diane licked the nub between his fingers, her hands planted on his chest as she sucked on Ginger’s breast.

“Let me have some oil please girls.” He said while holding out the hand not attached to Ginger. Diane unlatched her lips from Ginger and slipped her top over her head as Kimmy poured some oil into his palm. He rubbed his hands together as Diane and Ginger helped Kimmy out of her top. Kimmy sat back and watched as he rubbed oil on both of the other girls’ breasts. The nipples shining in the fading light as he stroked and fondled them. He felt hands pulling his boxers off as Diane pressed her nipple against his lips. He opened his mouth and felt her nipple on his tongue, the taste of the oil, not all that unpleasant on her skin.

Diane blocked his view with her body as he felt heat on his cock. Warm tongues licking up and down both sides of his fully erect cock, making him want to explode right then. He gently pushed Diane away as he pushed himself up on his elbows. Watching the short black hair and long blonde hair draped across his thighs, the feeling of their mouths on him, the saliva leaving trails along the length of his cock.

Diane moved down his side, flicking his nipple with her tongue as she took her place across from Ginger. Then there was three. Three tongues and three sets of lips and all those hands caressing him. He has to cum now.

“Ahhhh, I can’t hold it!” He thrust against them and they responded by licking him faster and harder. Ginger took all of him into her mouth as Kimmy tongued his balls. Diane licked the base of his cock, her tongue finding Kimmy’s tongue and then their tongues licked in unison. He came into Ginger’s mouth, his hands on the girls, squeezing their flesh as he moaned.

Ginger swallowed most of him, as she sat back on her heels he watched some of his spunk run down the sides of her chin.

“Mmmmm, that looks good.” Kimmy said with a sly smile as she and Diane moved forward and each one licked a corner of her mouth.

His tentativeness was gone. He sat up and patted the bed. “Who wants me to taste them first?” Kimmy rolled into the spot he patted lightening fast. As Diane lay down on one side of Kimmy, and Ginger the other, he watched as he ran his fingers up and down Kimmy’s thighs, then pulled her panties aside. His eyes moving from her pink pussy lips and light blonde hair, that he could see was already damp, to Diane and Ginger each sucking on Kimmy’s tits. The girls all were kissing each other as they played with Kimmy.

He placed his hands on the outside of her pinkness and spread her open as he lowered his mouth to her. He licked her, her taste flooding his mouth. He fucked her with his tongue as he reached his hands up on either side of her until he felt the other girls. He pushed their legs apart and slid a finger under their panties and into each one as he felt Kimmy pressing into his face. He couldn’t tell who was moaning and making the noises; he could only taste pussy and feel the wetness against his fingers. As Kimmy came on his face he fucked the other two faster and faster. His arms aching from the position he was lying in; until they caught up with their girlfriend and orgasmed one after the other.

He pushed himself up on his elbows, looking at the heap of panting, womanly flesh lying in his bed. He licked first one finger and then the other to taste all of them in his mouth at once. Their flavors mingled in his mouth, he smiled as Kimmy opened her eyes. He looked between her legs, her wetness dripping onto the bed. He felt his cock under him rebounding from the group blow job.

He stood and plucked another beer from the cooler. He drank half of it as he turned on a light by the bed and looked toward the picture window. The sun had fallen from the sky and twilight was outside his window, casting soft shadows on flesh.

The girls disentangled themselves from each other. He cracked beers for everyone and then all sat drinking and laughing on the bed.

“So whose idea was this?” He asked with a smile.

Diane giggled. Ginger blushed and Kimmy spoke. “It was a combined effort. We have all watched you for a while.”

“We flirted forever I think, and you didn’t notice.” Diane laughed.

Kimmy drained her beer, stood and walked to him. “So, did you settle for the blow job or might you want more?” Kimmy asked as she stood and climbed onto his lap straddling him. Her kiss was cool, her mouth tasted like beer. Kimmy felt his erection throbbing against her panties. Her naked breasts rubbed against his oil slicked chest. They slide against each other as he slid his hands down her back and into her panties, gripping her ass.

He felt someone nibbling at his ear lobes and he turned his head as Ginger kissed his mouth. Kimmy and Diane were kissing. He watched them kiss. Diane slipped her hands in Kimmy’s long, blonde hair, pulling her further into her so she could kiss her deeper. He felt his erection at full attention again.

“On your knees, face down, on the edge of the bed. All three of you, right next to each other.” Kimmy rolled off him as he stood. Ginger kissed him as she crawled onto the edge of the bed.

All three girls knelt on the bed. Their wriggling asses and milky skin wait to be touched. He walked up behind them; his hands shaking.

“Sir, should we get undressed or do you want to do that?” Ginger asked in a soft, sexy voice.

“I will undress you.” He said.

He stepped behind Diane and hooked his fingers in the top of her baby doll bottoms and slid them over her ass and down her thighs. He gently pushed her down on the bed. He stared for a moment at her beautiful round ass – waiting – she was waiting for him to slide his hard cock into her! He looked at Kimmy who had her face slightly turned to him; she drew in a breath and pulled her shoulders back, her breasts pushed out even further.

He moved behind her, placed his palm on her lower back and pushed her down onto the bed. She moaned slightly as he pulled her bottoms down to her knees. It was all he could do to contain himself as he looked from Diane’s waiting body to Kimmy’s. He ran his hands through Kimmy’s long blond hair, pulling it into a ponytail and continued to move down her back, caressing her backside. He paused for a moment, already feeling the cum building inside him. If he touched her could he hold it back? He had to know how she felt.

He touched the inside of her thighs, she moaned softly again. Diane and Ginger were both watching, nervous smiles on their faces. He moved his hands and touched her outer lips. She shivered as his fingers slide between them, her heat radiating against his skin. He pulled his hands away and could smell her scent, her wetness glistening on his hands.

He moved over to Ginger. Her head was turned towards him and he put his hand on the side of her head and kissed her. She responded back, her mouth hot on his.

“I have to tell you something.” Ginger murmured.

The other two girls giggled, obviously knowing what she would say.

“You have to take it slow with me; I am still a virgin – unlike the other two.” She said with a wicked smile, looking directly into his eyes as she spoke.

Diane and Kimmy began laughing as Ginger said, “Kidding, I’m just kidding.”

His breathe caught in is chest. He froze again; staring at her soft lips that had just spoken to him. He watched as Kimmy pulled Ginger face down onto the bed. Ginger reached back and pulled her own panties to her knees. All three girls’ flesh glowed in the soft light, on his bed.

He looked from one to the other, trying to quickly decide in which girl he wanted to slide his hard, throbbing cock into first. He moved and stood between Diane’s legs. She arched her back, squirming as he placed his hands on her ass. He rubbed the head of his cock up and down, feeling how hot and wet she was, how ready she was for his cock. She pressed back with her body as he pushed forward and slide into her. She threw her head back as she moaned. He began slowly, thrusting into her. She picked up the pace rocking back into him.

“God you are so hot.” He said aloud.

He moved a hand to Kimmy’s slit. He felt her fingers already toying with her clit. He pressed two fingers into her and watched as Kimmy and Diane rocked in unison; one impaled on his cock and one impaled on his fingers. He looked to Ginger’s cunt and saw her hands already between her legs as well.

He felt his orgasm building too quickly. He pulled out of Diane and stepped behind Kimmy. He pulled her ass cheeks apart and licked her opening. He ran his tongue along her entire slit, from her clit slowly all the way up the crack of her ass. She quivered as he touched the head of his cock to her wet opening. He held still, waiting to control himself a bit more. Kimmy pushed back hard, hitting his thighs with her ass. She began riding his cock like a porn star.

“Fuck – me – Mr. – Jamison, – fuck – me – faster.” She said one word at a time in between filling her cunt with his cock.

As she continued to ride him, he placed one hand on each of the other girls. He strummed their clits as he wriggled his fingers into them. Soon all three girls were moaning and fucking parts of him. Sweat ran down his back, part from the fucking and part from trying to restrain his impending orgasm.

Kimmy began fucking his cock faster and harder as she moaned with every buck. He thrust into her hard as she screamed and grabbed the sheets, popping the ends of the fitted sheet off the bed. She pressed her ass into him and he could feel her cunt grabbing at his cock with her orgasm. He quickly pulled out. His head was going to blow off. He couldn’t hold it back. His heart was racing.

Kimmy collapsed on her side, her blonde hair covering most of her breast; he could see her nipple moving in and out between the strands of hair as her ribs rose and fell with her breathing. Diane kissed her gently.

“Ginger’s turn.” He said as he moved between her feet. She moved her feet up and down against the outside of his legs. He ran his hands from her feet up to her thighs. He traced his finger tips along her inner thighs. Touched her between her legs and smiled as he felt the total smoothness there, she was completely shaved. He stroked the soft skin, touched the tip of her crevasse, brushing her clit with his fingers. Her entire body twitched with his touch.

His cock throbbed against her thigh. His pre-cum glistened there. He slowly eased the head of his cock into her. Leaning back and watching it disappear into her tight velvet cunt. He stopped and felt his cock throb and her pussy tighten with each jerk of his cock. He pulled out of her and then slide half way in again and stopped. He knew if she rode him like Kimmy had he would cum instantly.

He pressed his entire length into her as he bent over her. His body shaped on hers and whispered into her ear, “Slow pretty girl, take me slow.”

He moved slowly in and out of her, pulling all the way out with each stroke. The cool air hitting him and then the contrast of her heat as he re-entered her was driving him crazy, even at the slow pace.

Kimmy’s hand disappeared under Ginger’s swaying tits. Her head came up fast as she turned to look at Kimmy. He could see her flushed face as her hair moved back and forth on her cheek. He felt Diane’s hands slide between his legs from the back and fingers on either side of his cock as he pounded Ginger.

“I can’t hold it back any longer.” He said loudly as he pulled out of Ginger. He stroked his cock one more time as he shot his cum all over Ginger’s ass, Kimmy’s chest and Diane’s hands. Diane rubbed his essence into Ginger as he watched Kimmy’s hands rubbing him over her chest. He turned and collapsed on his back on the bed next to the girls.

“You girls are trying to kill me I think.” He muttered breathlessly. The response was rolling waves on his bed and giggles from the girls.

“Can we get you anything Mr. Jamison?” Diane asked.

“I’ll take another beer from my bitches.” He said with a laugh.

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