Oil Be Damned أخصائية المساج والتدليك

After the longest week I could remember, I came home to drown my sorrows with a long, hot shower. I stripped down and stepped in, feeling my cares begin to melt away under the hot droplets cascading down my body.

As I slowly soaped out the aches and pains from my tired muscles I suddenly decided to see if I could get in a session with my massage therapist. This would just be what the therapist ordered, so to speak, after such a long week.

I tried to call but there was no response. Damn. A sure sign they are either overbooked or busy. With the idea already set in my mind I quickly toweled off, threw on some jeans and a t-shirt and took a short drive to the therapist’s studio.

My fears were confirmed as Julie, the usually bright and sparky secretary, gave me a pained look and told me that all therapists were fully booked for the rest of the evening and most of the next day.

By then my legs and back were paining mercilessly and in urgent need of attention.

“Nothing to do but take an early night,” I sighed. “Thanks, I’ll see you.”

I began to move towards the door before she stopped me in my tracks.

“Hang on, if you really need to be seen tonight, I can recommend a place that offers… similar specialist treatments.”

When I asked her what she meant exactly, she cocked her head coyly to one side.

“Go find out, tell them I sent you” she whispered, handing me a card. “But don’t forget to come back of course!”

She collected her appointment book from her desk and with a flick of her auburn locks strode away down the corridor, leaving me to stare at the card. ‘Touch Therapist’, an address and phone number was all that was printed in a silver typeface on the otherwise blank card. Decisions, decisions.

I could feel the muscles in my lower back starting to cramp as I stepped outside into the car park. Decision made. I hopped into the car and pulled away.

I pulled up outside the address a short while later and stepped out onto the street. The building was plain and ordinary with blacked out windows. A discreet sign hung above the door, stating simply ‘Therapist’, and a small plaque on the door read ‘Ring Bell to Enter’. I remember thinking I must be insane, turning up without an appointment and not really knowing who I might be letting myself in for.

I rang the bell and stood restlessly, a little nervous perhaps. A speaker on the door frame crackled to life.

“Yes, … can I help you?” came the confident and professional voice of a young woman.

I explained I was referred from my usual studio and that Julie had sent me. Her tone softened as she invited me to come right in. The door buzzed and I stepped inside.

The room was dark, with only a small lamp on beside a waiting bench and several tea lights illuminating the counter and cash register. I glanced down the corridor that lead off into complete darkness from beside the counter as enticing smelling oils filled the warm air, adding to the calm and comforting atmosphere.

I went to take a seat but straightened up immediately at the sound of a door opening. Light spilled from the opening down the hall.

The slender but shapely silhouette of a woman strode purposefully towards me, dark wavy hair cascading over her shoulders, partially covering her face. Slim tanned fingers fastened a couple of missed buttons on her short blouse as the almost see-through wrap around her waist rusted lightly over her shapely hips.

“Hi. I don’t think I’ve seen you here before. I’m Mel.”

She offered her hand which I gladly took. I could feel a tingle shoot up my spine as she held my grip and tossed her hair to the side, revealing her gorgeous olive features in the glare of the tea lights.

“You’re here for a one hour touch session, yes?” she asked with a coy smile, which left far too much to the imagination.

“Uh, yeah,” I uttered, feeling slightly off guard. “Some deep tissue work is what I need actually.”

“Of course,” she said, breaking our gaze and moving behind the counter. “Please sign the book. You can pay when the session is complete.”

She curiously fumbled with the book momentarily, and then without hesitation turned and retreated back down the hall.

“Just take a seat for a moment or two, I’ll be right out,” she said over her shoulder.

I stood motionless for a second watching her firm Hispanic butt disappear back into the room. Weird set up, but who was I to argue?

I sat down, picked up a magazine from the side table and began to casually thumb through it, occasionally glancing up to look for any sign of my hostess. I noticed the magazine was mostly full of adverts for lingerie, dancing and massage oriented adult businesses in the area.

As I continued to look through I noticed a seductive photo of a striking blonde middle-aged woman, with the words ‘Touch Therapist’ in a familiar silver typeface printed above. She stood leaning forward, cupping her ample breasts and pouting at the camera.

The caption underneath read, “I am here to make your wildest dreams cum true”. I immediately noticed the word “cum” was emboldened. The penny finally dropped. Julie really did mean “specialist treatments”.

After a short while Mel stepped out from the doorway and beckoned me. I tried to keep my eyes level as she ushered me in but couldn’t help noticing the fullness of her breasts straining through her blouse. She definitely wasn’t the woman in the photo but was equally as inviting.

The room was dimly lit by candles surrounding the massage table in the center. The thick, warm aroma of oils filled my senses as tranquil music played in the background. I felt my heart rate quicken slightly – this wasn’t the clinical set my usual therapist used. Never had it been so alluring.

“You can pop your clothes on the chair in the corner. Just make yourself comfortable on the table. There is a towel to cover yourself if you want one. I’ll be back in one minute.”

The anticipation was beginning to build. An hour previously I’d been in the shower longing to be touched and now the reality that I might be about to get more than I bargained for was hitting me in all the right spots.

Mel closed the door and moved away, her soft footsteps padding on the tiled floor. I quickly undressed and stretched a little, feeling the tense knotting in my shoulders and lower back. I was also beginning to feel a different kind of tension lower down.

Control was never usually a problem, but as this situation seemed anything but usual to me I lay myself front side down on the table and draped one of Mel’s warm towels over my buttocks. I could feel a pulsing sensation running around my groin and through the length of my shaft as I imagined her touch.

I could faintly hear her talking on a telephone in mumbled tones and when I heard her say good-bye and hang up I breathed in deeply and let my body relax completely, despite my growing arousal.

Mel let herself back into the room.

“All comfortable, warm enough?” she asked as she picked up a bottle of oil and began pumping some into her hands.

“Yes, fine thanks,” I uttered. “Couldn’t be better.”

She chuckled and rubber her hands together, warming the oil.

“Place your head into the face rest and relax. Leave the rest to me,” she murmured, as she walked over to me and began massaging my neck and shoulders.

She worked her hands firmly across the tops of my shoulders and down the length of my spine, relieving my tight muscles almost instantly. I groaned slightly as she worked the knots around my neck before moving further down my back, stopping just short of the top of my ass.

Her touch was mesmerizing, so much so I could feel my body melting into the table as she began working her fingertips deftly up and down my sides. I could sense her hips pushing against the edge of the table, almost touching me as she continued working her hands. She began moving her palms slowly across the cheeks of my ass, kneading them in a very sensual way.

“Hmm, you’re definitely firm in all the right places. Work out much?”

“When I get time,” I replied, battling to concentrate as she channeled her sensual energy into my body.

“It makes my job a lot easier when the form is firm and the muscles stand out on their own,” she continued. “It’s hard…you know, rubbing oils into naked flesh without feeling, well… a little turned on.”

“I think I know what you mean,” I stammered, feeling my balls jump and my cock begin to harden.

Mel began to gently but deliberately slide my legs apart and I could feel the cool air on my balls as the towel slid off me. She continued working her way across my cheeks and down my legs before firmly moving her hands up my inner thighs.

By now I could feel my shaft hardening underneath me and straining against my stomach. Mel’s touch was turning me on and I knew, to my embarrassment, it was just a matter of time until she uncovered my throbbing erection.

I felt her drizzle more oil across my ass before working her way into the crevice between my cheeks, pausing slightly as she massaged round my hole. She took three fingers together and rubbed the opening for just a second, making my hips jump involuntarily.

“Everything alright?” she cooed, moving her fingers down further and gently massaging my balls.

“Uh huh,” was all I could manage as I tried to cover my surprise.

I could feel my hard length pushing against my stomach more intently as her hands slide once again down between my cheeks, only this time with one finger she stopped and pressed firmly on the opening before sliding down.

She spent no more than a minute or two massaging my legs before moving back up to gently squeeze and tease my balls, then lifting her oily hands completely from my body.

Thinking she was done I lifted my head off the table and asked if she wanted me to turn over.

“Not yet, I’ll let you know when,” she said, pushing my head back down and immediately returning to my cheeks. Her hands felt just a little more persistent this time.

She reached again for the oil and slurped her hands between my legs using even more force this time. I was really starting to get into it. Mel moaned a little as she continued rubbing before taking one of her fingers and resting it right on my asshole.

“Can I continue?” she whispered.

“Yeah, just be easy …”

She put a bit more oil on her finger and slowly started to slip it in my ass. It felt tight and painful as she gradually pushed in deeper.

“Just try to relax, I can tell you’re new to this. Don’t forget to breath.”

With that I could already feel myself start to loosen up and it began to feel better. She slowly slid her finger in and out and then with her other hand encouraged me to raise my hips slightly before reaching underneath and wrapping her slender fingers around my now extremely hard cock.

I let out a deep sigh as she began stroking slowly up and down feeling the smooth hardness of my shaft. With one final thrust of her fingers she withdrew.

“Now it’s time to turn over,” she said, which I did eagerly.

Of course my cock was fully erect, standing straight up in the air when I lay down on my back and pulsing with each beat of my heart.

To my surprise and delight I saw that she had already stripped completely while massaging my body. My mouth gaped as I took in the sight of her large, fulsome breasts. Ample, yet pert, they practically stood straight out from her body. At first I thought she had implants – surely nature has never been to kind.

“Completely natural,” she smiled as if reading my mind. “I grew them myself.”

She leaned forward again between my legs and lightly gripped my cock before enveloping the head with her lips. She seductively climbed up onto the table, crouching between my knees before sliding her tongue from my balls to the tip and back down again.

My God, I thought, this girl knows exactly what she’s doing! She slipped the head back into her mouth, letting it slide all the way in to the hilt. I gasped loudly in ecstasy, marveling at how hot her mouth felt around my cock and how deep she was taking me so soon.

She pulled back up releasing my pulsing member from her lips and slid her oiled body up across mine, dragging her breasts across my face until she was straddling my chest and began massaging my neck and face.

Mel’s skin smelt so sweet and looked so tempting that I couldn’t resist trailing my fingers up the back of her thighs as she worked her magic. Her skin was cool to the touch and even softer than I imagined. I glanced up and saw her coy smile had returned as she held my gaze.

“That feels good,” she cooed, before closing her eyes and tossing her hair back.

She began moving her body up further until her firm, toned stomach grazed across my lips. I slipped the tip of my tongue across the surface dragging it as far up as she would let me without moving.

She slid her hips further down my body, allowing my tongue to trail up her stomach and between her breasts. Feeling her body begin to react, her breath quicken, I wrapped my arms around her pulling her body closer into mine until her firm large breasts almost smothered me.

I flicked the tip of my tongue across her left nipple, catching it between my lips and swirling it around, sucking lightly. All the while I could feel her hands running down and massaging my stomach.

I continued to tease and gently bite Mel’s nipple while reaching up to caress and massage her right breast. She began to moan softly and reached down even further, running her hands along both sides of my cock and balls continuously. Locking her fingers together she began to pump my cock firmly, making me ache and forcing my pre-cum to start pouring down the shaft.

Cupping both breasts I swirled my tongue around each nipple in turn and caressed and teased the undersides of her gorgeous tits, squeezing them together and massaging deeply.

With my eyes closed I could feel my heart thumping harder and harder in my chest. Sensing my increasing excitement Mel began to slow down.

“You have a gorgeous prick,” she uttered. “But you need to do something for me before we go any further…”

With that she pushed me down flat, spread her slim, toned legs and hoisted her hips over my head.

“Oh my god”, I heard myself saying as I took in the sight of her beautifully waxed pussy just inches from my face. She’d left a cute landing strip extending from just above her clit, short pubes glistening with oil.

She smelt so sweet and sexy leaving me no choice but to quickly flick my tongue over the hood of her clit. She gasped as I folded my lips, taking her clit into my mouth and sucking lightly, all the while exploring with the tip of my tongue. So hot and musky.

Releasing her clit, I slowly snaked my tongue up and down over her lips, tasting her juices already trickling into my mouth. I reached up and began massaging her clit with my thumb in a smooth circular motion as I slid my tongue back between her lips and into her pussy.

“Oh yeah, work me baby,” Mel murmured and began moving up and down in rhythm as my tongue sank deeper.

It didn’t take long before she was practically humping my face, gyrating and thrusting her hips against my mouth, making me increasingly breathless. Her taste, smell, passion and energy was driving me crazy.

My cock throbbed like never before and was in desperate need of her attention. I needed to be inside her and I knew she needed it too.

“Take me..I want you..in me,” she groaned.

She couldn’t have said it sooner.

I gripped her hips firmly and pushed her back down my body, the oils providing the perfect assistance, until her pussy glided straight onto my cock. We moaned deeply together, loving the feel of me inside her, before Mel immediately took control.

She began bouncing up and down in a short sharp rhythm, keeping my cock shallow but deep enough for her to grip me with each thrust of her hips.

I reached up and began squeezing her breasts again and rubbing her rock hard nipples between my fingers, making her gasp once more. I tried to thrust upwards but she squeezed her thighs together, keeping the rhythm just the way she wanted.

“You’re so hot and tight,” I panted as her juices started running down my balls.

With that she rose up, threw her head back and sank down completely, my shaft filling her to the hilt. Squeezing her firm oily thighs I began slamming up into her in long deep strokes as she mimicked the motion, griping my cock and grinding back down onto me.

She suddenly leaned forward, cradling my head in her hands and planted her lips on mine, slipping her tongue into my mouth and kissing me deeply. I reached back to squeeze and massage her ass as we began thrusting harder and faster together. She broke the kiss, whispering

“Don’t stop, don’t stop…I’m so close, I’m so close.”

I could feel her walls tighten and knew she was just moments away from orgasm. I wrapped my arms around her back, pulling her into me and began thrusting up into her as hard and deep as I could.

“Mmmm yeah, oh yeah,” she moaned into my ear, until suddenly she started whimpering, “I’m cumming… oh God I’m cumming…”

Her pussy gripped my shaft hard, sending a wave of pleasure through the length of my body, tipping me over the edge. She moaned loudly as her body began to shudder, her tight slit beginning to ripple up and down my pulsating member. I couldn’t hold back any longer.

Holding her tightly I thrust into her as far as I could go, shooting hot jets of my creamy cum deep inside her. I let out a long moan as my orgasm flooded across me, the spasms from Mel’s pussy milking me of my load.

Hot, panting and still holding each other tightly, we took a few moments to recover from our almost frenzied session. Mel eventually pulled herself up and let my cock slip out of her.

“My legs are shaking!” she exclaimed, trying to steady herself on the table before hopping off and wrapping herself in a towel.

I let my head rest back on the table and closed my eyes in bliss as my breathing began to calm.

“I’ll leave you to get tidied up and get yourself together” she said, picking up her scattered garments and heading for the door.

“Oh, and don’t worry about payment. The real masseuse finished early tonight. I’m just here to lock up,” she giggled, closing the door behind her.

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