Getting Even with Yehia

I was sitting at home alone, as usual. The kids are in bed, the husband is away at a ‘friends’ house, watching the football game, yeah right, what football games are on at 11 o’clock on a Friday night. Anyways, I don’t mind being by myself, see I have a little addiction. I love to surf the web late at night, reading erotic stories, entering discussion and blog forums, anonymously of course, but the excitement is very palpable for me.

Let me tell you a little about myself before I continue, see I think of myself as decent looking, I mean I work out, not obsessively but enough that my stomach is flat, thank god, no rolls here. I have measured myself for bras and such and I run at a 36 D, not overly large, and even though I breast fed two kids, my titties still look pretty good, my nipples are the pretty part of them, bright pink, and the areolas are the size of a coke cans bottom, and the nipples stand up when erect about an inch long. I love the way I catch guys looking at them on a cold day.

My waist measures in at 25 inches around, but my hips, they drive me crazy, I measured them at 48 inches around, and they are huge! I can never find pants that fit me properly; instead it forces me to wear skirts all the time. But men are always complimenting me on my ass, one time at the grocery store this big black guy followed me around for the entire time I was there, he kept whistling and smacking me on the butt. I was so turned on, but the hubby was at home with the kids so I had to rush. For the next week I played with myself non stop thinking about him, wondering if he had a big dick, if he would do all the dirty things my husband couldn’t accept. I mean hey, can a girl help if it she wants it in the ass all the time, my husband is always complaining like “come on honey, just let me cum in your pussy and go to sleep, I have to wake up in the morning.” It’s boring.

So back to that evening, I was home alone as usual, surfing the web, looking at pictures of thongs wondering if I should do my usual Friday night, and play with myself then go to sleep, when I heard a knock on the door. I had just gotten out of a nice long hot shower, that’s one benefit of waiting to shower until after the kids go to sleep, I can really enjoy my time, getting to do all the things that are hard for me during the week, like washing my hair and shaving my legs. I was fairly decently dressed, I had on a pair of cute orange boy shorts, a white muscle shirt, but still I threw on a robe before I answered the door, for decencies sake. Didn’t want to give the neighbors too much of a show.

I cracked open the door, peering into the darkness, it was 3 of my husbands best friends, the same ones he was supposed to be hanging with at that very moment. Instantly worried something had happened I pulled open the door wide.

“Magdy, guys what happened, please tell me Yehia didn’t get arrested again?” My husband had already had two arrests that year; one was for a DUI the other for a drunk in public.

Magdy stepped forward, grabbing me by the bicep. “No Mohga, nothing like that, we just stopped by, and well we have to talk to you.”

“Okay, come on in, do you want a drink, the kids are down for the night already.”

I lead them into the kitchen, pouring iced tea into my nicer cups, waiting for them to start talking. Everyone glanced at each other, trying to decide who would go first. That’s when Shawqy stepped up.

“Look Mohga, we all love you, you are great, a good wife, and damn, sexy as hell…” I felt myself blush, Shawqy was very attractive, tall, and lean, and he boxed so his nose always looked slightly off centre from being broken so many times. “Mohga, Yehia is cheating on you, he has been for the past year, maybe longer, at first we didn’t want to say anything guy code and all, but…”

Tears started to form, “But what?”

Wageeh stepped up, wrapping his arms around my shoulders, “But he is using us, and we don’t like it, we love you, all of us guys do, more then we even like Yehia. We don’t want him hurting you any longer.”

I sniffled, leaning into Wageeh, he wasn’t as big as Magdy and Shawqy, only a couple of inches taller then me, but he was heavily muscled, my husband owned a gym, we all had free memberships. I had seen the guys there almost everyday since I married my husband five years ago.

I walked around the counter sitting on one of my barstools ungracefully, the robe split up the middle, but I didn’t even notice, I was deep in thought, thanking of my future, the kids, the house, I couldn’t loose everything just because my husband couldn’t keep his dick in his pants, but I couldn’t sit idly by while he ran around on me. Suddenly Magdy was in front of me kneeling, parting my legs. Shawqy was behind me rubbing my shoulders. I gasped looking at both of them wildly.

“Guys what are you doing?”

“We are trying to make you feel better, Mohga we can’t stand to see you hurting.”

I looked into Magdy’s eyes, heat was spreading through me, I loved these guys too, more then I did my husband, each one of them had been apart of my fantasies for a very long time. I slid my legs open further, sighing at the heat of Magdy’s hands on my thighs. I suddenly knew what I wanted more then anything.

“Alright, lets get a few things settled guys, 1. We don’t tell Yehia, 2. This doesn’t go any further then the four of us, and 3.remember my kids are upstairs, be quiet respect my house.”

Each man agreed in unison, I off the barstool, stripping the robe off, loving the way their greedy eyes ate at me. I tried to be sexy as I strolled into the living room. Wageeh was there first, he kissed me deeply, pulling at my shirt; I pulled back long enough to get the t over my head. Shawqy’s hands snaked in between us, weighing my breasts, rubbing my nipples. I gasped when from behind Magdy stripped me of my panties, suddenly I was standing stark naked in front of three men.

“Alright boys, now it’s your turn.”

The men began stripping I was starting to feel drunk from the power I held over them, and the sensuality I was holding. I had never felt sexier. They all finally stripped down and I gasped in delighted surprise. Wageeh’s cock was long, probably ten inches, and curved sharply to the left. Magdy’s cock was shorter, but had to be as fat as an eggplant, and almost as dark. But Shawqy’s was by far the greatest, had to be a foot long, as thick as his fist, I started to drool thinking about how it would feel in my mouth, pussy, and between my tits.

I sank down to my knees holding my hands out, they all approached me, cocks already straining, I took two in my hands, and one in my mouth instantly loving the feeling. A hand roughly pulled my head down, making me choke, drool spilling over my chin.

“Yeah sweetheart take that dick, damn guys she sucks dick like a pro.”

“Give us a turn then, move.”

They switched, and I laughed in delight as another dick entered my mouth, this one tasted sweet, smelled like sweat and man. I sucked hard, and then suddenly I was pushed down on all fours. Someone sank down in front of me and I immediately gobbled his dick deep down my throat, I felt someone else slowly sink deep into my pussy. I groaned, the feeling of being seesawed between two dicks is indescribable, I was so wet, cum was streaming down my legs.

“Shawqy, you just going to stand there and watch or you going to come get a piece of this luscious ass.”

I saw Shawqy smile wickedly, “That’s exactly what I want, who’s going to get bottom?”

“I will!”

The cock disappeared from my mouth, and I was lifted up like I weighed nothing. I found myself looking down at Magdy as I impaled myself on his thick cock, Wageeh pulled my head up sharply, dipping his cock deep into my throat, then I felt a massive head at my most tender entrance, my asshole. I pulled back with a gasp.

“Shawqy go easy, you are so big, and I’m not real experienced at this.”

“OK baby, I got this, keep sucking that dick, honey.”

I did as he asked, sucking Wageeh greedily. Shawqy pushed himself in slowly the burn of my asshole spreading was intense, I cried out on Wageeh’s dick and he laughed.

“Shawqy man do that again, she’s humming on my dick.”

Shawqy laughed, as he shoved himself deep inside my ass. I screamed, feeling like I was being ripped in half, everyone was still for a moment, then without another thought, all three men began pounding me hard, Wageeh grabbed my hair, shoving his cock down my throat making me choke, Shawqy held me up while he rammed my ass, allowing Magdy to swing his hips us and fuck my pussy hard. I screamed as I orgasm again and again.

Still reeling from the feeling of being stuffed so tight, I barely noticed as the three switched, this time Wageeh was digging his skinny dick in my ass hole, Shawqy was under me, shoving his super fat cock deep in my pussy, and Magdy was holding me by the jaw, fucking my mouth with fast deep strokes. Every couple of minutes the guys would switch, when suddenly and idea came to me. I had always wanted to try a DP but never had the guts to ask Yehia, he would have said no anyways. I pulled away from the current dick in my mouth, looking up at Shawqy.

“I want to try something, want to be naughty with me?”

“More naughty then this, hell yeah, damn baby you are something else.”

“Good, now I want 2 dicks in my pussy at the same time.”

Shawqy leaned back looking at me curiously, I felt my cheeks heating with embarrassment, then he grinned, “Guys you heard the woman, got to give our sweetheart what she wants, but we are going to need to do some rearranging here.” Shawqy laid down, motioning for me to come over to him, I crawled over to him, quickly impaling myself down on to his thick cock, then I felt a dick pushing into my pink wet cunt’s entrance, I was stretched but I knew I could get more in me.

Wageeh come up to my face, grinning widely, “Put some spit on it baby, get it real wet.”

I did as he asked, swallowing him deep, making sure I drooled all over him, till he was dripping wet, he pulled out of my mouth and approached me from the back, for a moment I could only feel the cock in my pussy shifting a little then I began to feel another entering. My eyes went wide with the sensation, it’s delicious and also felt so good, I couldn’t think as another orgasm quickly came upon me. Shawqy held my head down to his shoulder as I spasm, crying out at the fullness of the two dicks inside my pussy at once, while I sucked Magdy’s cock in my mouth. I knew I was changed forever at that point my husband’s boring six inches would never satisfy me again.

Finally the guys announced they were going to cum, I begged them to fill my pussy with all of their hot cum, Shawqy and Wageeh pumped my womb full of their cum. Shawqy was the most brutal forcing my body way up, and practically stabbing me deep in the vagina with his overly large dick, I was filled with what felt like gallons of their cum. Then I laid on my back and Magdy got his cock between my boobs. He lubricated his dick and my boobs with his spit, and began to fuck my boobs with his cock, while I gathered them around his wonderful tool. “Ohhhhhhhhh, I’m cumming, baby.” he said finally as he spurted rope after rope of his cum on my chest. He was still hard afterward so he fucked me too in my twat and filled it with his cum. My pussy was just tingling with all this attention.

Everyone stood around for a moment, breathing hard, all the guys were looking at me, I realized for direction. I began to slowly pull my robe around my sore and sweaty body.

“Okay, so that was fun.”

We all giggled nervously.

“Just remember guys, I am your best friend’s wife, and the mother of his two children, please let this stay between us.”

Shawqy stepped forward hugging me to him, “Of course, but….could we do it again sometime.”

I threw my head back laughing hard, “How about next weekend?”

I was charmed by their quick yeses. It was close to 2 in the morning by the time everyone left, I was sore, but also felt a little devious; I knew my husband would be home soon. I didn’t drink or eat anything even though I was famished from the workout the guys had given me. I sat in the kitchen waiting for Yehia to return home. Finally he stumbled in the door, drunk as usual, but I didn’t care. I rushed to him, pulling him into a deep embrace, kissing him hard on the mouth.

I grinned slyly, “So how where the boys tonight?”

He drunkenly mumbled something about Shawqy picking up a chick at the bar, and all I could do was giggle and lead my very intoxicated husband to bed.

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