Her Adventure With Four Men : Muharram, Ragab, Sha’aban, Ramadan

My name is Muharram. Hoda and I were a Tunisian healthy young couple in our late twenties, and had been married for four years. Ever since our marriage we had been trying to have a baby, but our efforts had been in vain. Finally we had resorted to medical advice, only to find out that the problem was me. The doctor informed us that my sperm count was abnormally low, probably due to a childhood illness — it was very unlikely that I could father a child. He suggested that we consider a fertility clinic and a sperm donor, or adoption.

After some consideration we decided against both those options — Hoda wanted to be a real mother and bear a child, but the idea of a clinic and a sperm donor was not appealing, and the cost was another factor. Instead, we agreed that there was another more natural way she could become pregnant — we would find our own donor who could deliver the goods in the traditional way. Being a broad-minded young couple neither of us had any problem with this idea. I even confessed to Hoda that the prospect of watching my beautiful wife being mounted by some big-cocked young stud turned me on — she was well aware that I had a distinct bi streak!

However, we decided that finding a suitable donor close to home raised all sorts of potential problems, and it would be better if we took a vacation overseas and found someone who we would never be likely to see again after the necessary encounter. As we are both brunette and black-eyed , one of the Arabian countries seemed like a good choice if we wanted a child who would look like us, and we picked Egypt. There should be lots of potent black-eyed brunette Pharaohs around, and the famously easy-going Egyptian attitudes to sex would also fit our plans.

Which is how we found ourselves, a few months later (at Hoda’s most fertile time of the month), on a fairly secluded beach not far from Alexandria, which we had scouted out the day before . Now it was a beautiful sunny morning, and as we walked along the beach from where we had parked our rental car, we passed other people enjoying the sun and the sea. There were family groups, single men and women, and several couples.

We undressed, rolled out our blanket in a little hollow among the sand-dunes, and waited for likely prospects. We agreed that if we saw a young man who looked like a possible candidate, we would put on a little show to indicate our interest. It should not be difficult for Hoda to attract virile young men. We both sported all-over tans, and her perky large-nippled breasts, slim waist, long legs and shaved pussy made her quite delectable.

Only a few minutes passed before Hoda, who was sitting up on the blanket, hissed, “There’s somebody coming.” She quickly laid down and I rolled on my side to take her nipple in my mouth, while moving my hand down to caress her shaven pussy. She reached over and stroked my cock, which rapidly rose to a steel-hard erection, the foreskin rolling back off the head. Our visitor soon appeared — the young guy who had been giving an expert blowjob. He stopped a few yards away and smiled at us, while unabashedly stroking his long thin cock.

“You like we play,” he asked me, kneeling down and stretching out a hand to gently stroke my straining erection. “Maybe your lady like to watch, yes?”

“Not right now,” I replied, “Maybe later, if you are still here.”

“OK,” the boy replied, “No problem-maybe I come back later and suck your very nice cock.” He stood up, waved his long dick at us with a broad grin, and sauntered off.

“Well,” Hoda said, giggling, “That was interesting. He was funny, but I think a bit too young- and was obviously more interested in you than in planting his seed in me! Would you have liked him to give you a blowjob?”

“You know me, ” I said, “If we were not here for other serious business I probably would — and maybe give him one, too.”

After a short while we heard the sound of voices, and three young brunette men came down the beach, dribbling and passing a soccer ball.

“Hmm,” Hoda said, “This looks hopeful.”

All three guys wore only tight white shorts. The oldest of the three, probably in his early twenties, was tall and lean. He had straight black hair, and his muscular chest and limbs were covered with a fine dusting of golden hair. The second man was a younger version of the first, also with straight black hair — I thought they were probably brothers. The third was much stockier and shorter. His black hair was curly, he had a short beard, and his body, legs and arms were very hairy.

As they came down the beach the three saw us, once again in what we hoped was a “come and have sex” pose, and veered towards us. Stopping about twenty feet away they waved to us, then dropped their shorts and ran down into the sea. There was a lot of splashing and horseplay for several minutes, then they walked back towards us, giving us a good frontal view. The two brothers sported nice-sized cocks with long uncut foreskins, but the stocky guy had a truly enormous one, long, and as thick as a beer can. He was also uncut, but the plum sized head peaked out as he grinned cheekily at us and stroked his impressive weapon.

Hoda was sitting up beside me, taking in the view.

“I think we should try now,” She whispered, gazing at the three baby-makers displayed before us, “You go and talk to them.”

I stood up and strolled over to where the three guys were kneeling in the sand.

“Can I speak with you and be friends,” I asked, and the tall guy replied, “Of course- I am Ramadan. This is my brother Ragab (Rajab) and our friend Sha’aban.”

I quickly explained our problem and our baby-making plan, and asked, “Would any of you help us out?”

After a short conversation in whispers, Ramadan turned back to me. “Your wife is very pretty lady. We all three would like to make sex with her, if she would like, even Sha’aban, who like boys more than girls. We don’t mind too much, we make sex with everyone- boy and girl, boy and boy, girl and girl.” While Ramadan was speaking, Sha’aban sidled over to me and took my cock in his hand. As he examined it, he whispered something to Ramadan. “Sha’aban says your sex looks OK, and he feels it getting stiff (which it was!)- it is pity it can’t make baby, but he thinks we have lots of fun anyway.”

The four of us walked back to Hoda.

“They all want to help,” I told her, “Think you can handle all three?”

Nodding her head vigorously she replied ,”Oh yeah, I am sure I can Even the monster one!”

Laughing, Ramadan gestured at Sha’aban, who was still molesting me, playing “swords” with his stiff cock and mine, which he had caressed to a full erection.

“Sha’aban, he always sex playing. We know he can make baby, too. Last year, when Ragab and his-how you say-twins sister Hanaa had eighteenth birthday, we had big party here on the beach. Big fire, lots of friends, lots of drink. I ask Hanaa if there was anything else she wanted for present- she said to make sex with friend with biggest cock. There were several big, but Sha’aban was biggest. He said OK, but because everyone knows he like boy, too, for sex, he would make sex with both twins. So right here he fuck Ragab with big cock, then he do Hanaa, by the fire, where everyone can see. He had done Ragab before, they have been friends since primary school — but it first time with Hanaa. He use condom with Hanaa, but condom was too small, and broke, so lots of sperm go inside and she not wash out. So then she start getting big stomach with baby. She had to go to clinic and remove — but now we tease Sha’aban, call him always Father Sha’aban.”

During this recitation the incorrigible Sha’aban had moved over behind Ragab and was pretending to fuck him.

Ramadan now appointed himself master of ceremonies. He said to Hoda and I, “For making baby it should be both of you making sex, too, even if sperm coming from other person.”

He guided me to sit on the blanket, propped up on our backpacks, and said to Hoda, “Now you sit on Muharram’s cock up behind and we put sperm in pussy — all have fun together”

He grasped my erection — these guys were totally uninhibited about touching parts I had previously considered private– and guided it up Hoda as she sank down.

“Now Ragab- you come and put cock in front and make baby.” Ramadan spat on his hand, grasped his brother’s now rampant dick, and guided it into Hoda’s eager cunt.

“Oh yes,” she gasped as I could feel Ragab push into her wet sheath, our cocks only separated by the thin membrane. As he started to stroke in and out I could feel his big balls rubbing over mine, and Ramadan’s hand was in there, too, caressing and tickling. Ragab was kissing her, and I was pinching her nipples, which were rock-hard. It was incredibly erotic, and soon Hoda started to move spasmodically as her orgasm approached. With loud cries she pounded herself up and down on our two cocks, and then I felt Ragab’s shaft throb against mine throb as he emptied his balls into her.

“Oh wow,” Hoda exclaimed, “That was intense! But I am ready for more. Ramadan, are you going next?”

“I think Sha’aban should go now, “Ramadan said, “If you are OK with big one?”

“Right now I think I could fuck an elephant, “She replied,” I am so horny.”

Sha’aban moved in front of her and things got really tight inside Hoda as his huge prick worked its way into her. He grabbed my hands and put them on his hairy chest so that I could pinch his nipples, and leaning his head on Hoda’s shoulder he insisted that I kiss him, pushing his strong tongue between my lips. He whispered something to Ramadan, who stood up and guided his cock between my lips and Sha’aban’s.

“It’s good, yes?” Sha’aban mumbled, “Fuck girl and suck cock.”

“Oh God,” Hoda cried, “I have never been so stuffed with cock. Cock, cock — big cocks- Ahhhhh!. ” As she orgasmed Sha’aban’s thrusts grew more urgent, and then I could feel the throbbing sensation as he flooded her womb with his cum. Pulling his cock from her cunt he scrambled to his feet and thrust it at our faces. We both eagerly lapped at the sticky shaft and I closed my lips over the plum-sized head.

“Mmmmm,” Ramadan said, looking on, “I think Muharram like cock, too, Hoda. Maybe you get him boyfriend with big cock when you get home?”

“OK, now my turn to make baby,” He continued, “But maybe do a little different. Now Hoda used to big cock we can do this.”

Pulling Hoda off me he redirected my still rigid cock into her very squishy pussy, and said, “Now you hold my cock and push into pussy with yours.” I did just that- grasping the warm silky column and feeding it in alongside mine. The feeling of Ramadan’s cock rubbing against mine, skin to skin, inside Hoda was electric. We humped and hugged and kissed as the orgasmic crescendo built. I was vaguely aware of Ragab and Sha’aban caressing and stroking the three of us, but the center of everything was the sensation of my rampant cock sharing the slippery sheath with this beautiful man-tool. It finally had to end, and I felt the warm gush of Ramadan’s seed washing my shaft as I had the most intense orgasm of my life.

“I think Hoda have baby now, no trouble,” Ramadan said as the five of us walked back along the beach. “If you want more baby you come to Egypt again and we have more fun, yes.”

Nine months later Hoda delivered a healthy, brunette, black-eyed son. Of course we didn’t know for certain which of the guys was actually his father, but when I look at his lean physique and perfectly sized and shaped cock with the long foreskin- I think I know!

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