The Seduction of Gulliver

History is a funny thing, seemingly ancient and unchanging, there are so often discussions, disagreements and arguments regarding the interpretation of the events mankind have recorded as history. Often as not, we also learn of previously unreported history as more diligent research is undertaken and, on occasion, scandalous behavior is finally discussed among more polite society.

One of the more shocking incidents of scandalous behavior long held secret from laymen and historians alike was the matter of “The Seduction of Gulliver.” As we well recall, Jonathan Swift’s famous adventurer was a daring explorer, a charming visitor, and an adept diplomat, who escaped many trials and challenges during his travels. Unfortunately, Gulliver did not escape all of his predicaments entirely unscathed, and with the recent discovery of a first hand account that confirmed what were only previously considered rumors, the secret was exposed.

It happened during the time Gulliver found himself staked and tied down to the beach where he had landed after a shipwreck. You may remember he awoke from the harrowing storm to find himself tied down to the beach. The first hand account of what followed was written by Willomena (Willie) Bank, who learned of the giant man on the beach from a local constable who happened to visit the brothel after his shift:

Walking onto the beach I saw it there. I say it because I first thought it was the wrecked ship itself, not a man there on the beach. But getting closer the form seemed right and as I walked up between his legs, I could smell his “man-smell,” you know the one, not unpleasant, but heavy, traced a bit with sweat. Yeah, I’d know that smell, I knowed it most my life.

“Come on Willie, we got to move fast before anyone else gets here,” Maddie shouted. Madeline, by her proper name, was the one to lead the group of us girls out to see the giant. She had cooked up some plan that, whatever it was, it had to get finished before anyone else arrived.

Maddie had already directed several women to climb up onto the legs of this giant and they were helping the other ladies to climb up. When one throwed me a rope, I had to try a number of times before I could climb up, but in the end, all twenty or so of us girls were standing on the giant’s leg.

“Wadda we do now Maddie?” Susie cried out.

“Quickly ladies, grab those fasteners and try to untie them. We need to remove his codpiece.”

A murmur ran through the other women and they quickly began pulling and tugging at the codpiece, each one giddy with excitement.

“Never seen one so big in my life, specially right here in the flesh.”

“Yeah, imagine the nuts on this tree,” another shouted.

“Ladies, it’s the jism we are after,” Maddie called out. “Yes the jism. You know how we work to save what we can from our customers, selling it as hand cream. Well imagine the jism from just one randy moment with this giant schlong,” she yelled, trying to wrap both arms around the obvious bulge in the codpiece.

We all were so excited we tore that codpiece off in no time, and with the massive snake exposed we began doing whatever we could to awaken it. Well we had barely started when we heard the man awaken and could feel him begin to struggle against all the ropes that held him down. Lucky for us, the people who tied him did a good job. Not of the ropes pulled free.

Besides the man awakening, his organ began to rise too, soon standing nearly four times the height of Cathy, the tallest of us ladies.

“Yes, keep working it ladies,” Maddie bellowed, extending her arms out as far as she could to grasp and then slide the skin up and down his massive shaft. “Remember his skin is thick, so you must stroke hard, hard, yes even harder.”

We all continued, groping the soft flesh and moving it as best we could. I imagined it might have felt like the eyelashes of twenty or so giant women fluttering across his emboldened cock. It would take time, but what man could resist the thought of twenty women lashing the entire length of him.

The giant spoke out, mumbling, “No, no, I can’t do this. I am a God fearing man.”

Well, most of us girls spent plenty of time with God fearing married men, some of us have spent time with men of the cloth, so there was no way we were stopping. In fact, we moved even faster, soon feeling him begin to move his hips. We had to hold tight as he lifted his hips, pushing his scepter to the sky.

“No, no, no, no, don’t stop, please don’t stop!” he shouted as his cock suddenly seemed to get thicker and he came, sending his steaming jism splashing onto his curly hair with the first spurt. The second and third spurts didn’t go as far and two of the ladies got absolutely covered in his sticky goo.

“I ain’t never seem as much man juice in my entire life,” Cassie said, running her hands through her hair, squeezing the warm white jism from the soaking locks.

Maddie quickly organized a bucket brigade as we all scooped up the “hand cream” and passed the buckets down to a wagon. When we filled all our buckets, we clumsily refastened his codpiece and left, with the giant man simply moaning, “No, no….”

We were silent most of the trip back until Cassie said, “I feel sorry for the bloke.”


“Yeah, he didn’t want it to happen.”

“Now Cassie do you really believe that. What man do you know could ever resist having twenty women all at the same time?”

Maddie added, “And not just any women, we got the best hand job women in the business right here.”

“Well, looking at it that way, maybe he was saying, ‘No,’ because he wanted us to stay. Why I bet the letch wanted another go,” Cassie said as she laughed.

“And all without paying a single dollar,” I added, dipping my hand into the sticky hand cream. “Well, least we got us plenty of hand cream.”

“That we do ladies, that we do,” Maddie said, as the horses pulled up to the brothel.

Miss Banks’ report confirmed earlier rumors regarding the state of Gulliver’s codpiece and clothing. The suspicious stains on the pants were not, as some speculated, from an encounter before he came ashore, no the stains were from a different type of coming, which occurred after he was restrained.

The brothel’s sudden rise from a back alley whorehouse to one of the finer establishments in Lilliput certainly lends credence to Miss Banks’ tale, and the house came to be known world wide for its hand cream. In fact, one has to wonder how the house was able to keep selling the hand cream for so long after the incident; one might think with its popularity, the initial collection would have run out long ago. Ah, there may be another story there, who knows, we may need to change our history once again.

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