The Married Nurse and her Patient

I was asked to write a story by my husband about an experience about the first time I had sex with a man other than my husband. I am not a writer, I don’t pretend to be and this is it. I work as a nurse in a doctor’s office. I also have a part time job working in a facility that takes care of people who need extended care but outside of a hospital. One of my patients was an older man in his 60’s. He would joke with me and was a pleasant man. One day while I was changing some linen he put his hand on my rear. I was startled and told him to remove it and he did but not right away. If you don’t have any experience with scrubs, they don’t really hide much. He did the same thing the next visit. I told my husband who didn’t seem angry at all. After a while he surprised me by telling me to go ahead and let him do it and to tell him about it. The next time I didn’t say anything (except blush bright red, I’m sure) and he spent some time feeling my rear through my clothes. He thanked me. His erection was obvious under the blanket. I didn’t know what to say and just told him he was welcome. My husband loved what had happened. The next visit the gentleman spent a few seconds on my rear and then put his hand between my legs and onto my vagina as I leaned over him. I didn’t know what to do and just let him fondle me through the clothes for a moment before I moved my hips back away from him.

My husband loved that even more and even though I expressed my reluctance he asked as a very personal and special favor if I could let him continue to do that if he did it again. In between these visits my husband and I would talk about what took place. He was always very aroused and I have to admit that I became somewhat aroused, also. The next time when he put his hand between my legs I was expecting it and I did not pull back. As a matter of fact even after I was done with my task I stayed by the bed and let him continue. I became very wet which made me feel somewhat guilty as I could feel an orgasm coming on. His erection made a tent in the sheet and he asked me to touch him but I just could not, tore myself away and left. My husband simply loved this. I mean he was beside himself, so much so that he took me on the floor in the hallway. I still become excited thinking about that.

Afterwards, he said that I should have gone ahead and masturbated him I said that I just couldn’t. He told me that if I could not, then the next time he did it to pull my scrubs down and let him play with me “naturally”, no clothes in between. Wow. Now that was something I was just not sure I could do. But I did. I was standing by his bed looking at his erection under the sheet and he was between my legs massaging me and I pulled away and locked the door. I came back, pulled my scrubs and panties down and he was immediately there. When he pulled the sheets back and I saw his erection sticking out from his pajamas, I grabbed hold of it and pumped him up and down only a few times and then had this huge orgasm. I bent forward shaking and watched his penis erupt, spurting milky white cum onto his stomach and my hand. I continued to move my hand up and down until my orgasm had subsided. His penis had become hard again. I am not exactly sure what happened but I seemed to have lost control over myself at that point. I kicked off my pants, got on the bed and straddled him. I pointed his penis at my opening and simply sat down my vagina resting against his pajamas. I remember that I was moving my hips and had several more orgasms. At some point his hands got under my top and were massaging my breasts as I did him. In the middle of one of my orgasms I saw his face contort and knew he was ejaculating into me. My whole body shook, and my pussy clamped down on his massive member. He plowed through my tightening pussy, and I watched as his balls began to jump, and his ass cheeks clenched. He roared and began cumming! His powerful orgasm brought me to new heights, as I screamed and babbled, her helpless body lying before the onslaught of my lover, catching his cum in my womb. His pulsing cock shoot rope after rope of cum into me, and I watched helplessly as it filled me to overflowing, and escaped out of my hole, and rand down my ass. The memories are very clear for me. I don’t think I write very well and this does embarrass me a little.

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