FNN Fuck News Network 9 AM

The camera went to black and when the lights came up we were in the studio of The Weather Station. Sitting behind the main anchor desk was Heather Tesch and Bill Keneely. Off to their left was Nicole Mitchell at the travel desk. The camera zoomed in on Heather and her alluring large blue eyes; “Wow that was some newscast Bill, I’m not sure we can top that or even come close to matching that.”

“Oh come on Heather, with your looks and your body, you put them all to shame, right Nicole?”

Nicole blushed, “I have to agree with Bill, Heather. Especially today you look lovelier then ever.”

There are four features about Heather that stand out when you see her. Her first obvious feature are her large full breasts, then her huge blue eyes where a man can loose themselves in when she’s lying beneath you or on her knees sucking a cock and staring into your eyes. Third would be her full pouty red glossy lips, they were make for sucking and boy can she utilize them. Last but not least is her always perfect hairdo. Her light blonde hair was impeccable done and enhanced her face to a tee.

Today she is wearing a very tight royal blue turtleneck tunic, a wide black belt tied tightly about her waist making her large breast jut out even more and a knee length full skirt. To top it off she has black patent leather high heeled shoes on to make her already long firm legs look even better.

Nicole is a miniature Heather, same features and blue eyes, breasts are a lot smaller, but very firm and suckable. She has well muscled legs and a petite ass. Her shoulder length light blonde hair today is swept back and held up by a large hairclip revealing her long slender neck which leads to a hint of her breasts seeing she is wearing a wrap-around ruby red dress and matching shoes. Her glossy lips match the color of her dress perfectly and her smile warms the entire studio. As for Bill, he’s wearing a casual sports jacket, open collared shirt and black dress pants.

Heather started in again; “Well Bill I know you were in my calendar photo shoot, but that was in an enclosed environment. I’m not sure I can do that sort of thing in front of a worldwide audience. You know better then most just how much I love sex, but I don’t think I can do this.”

“Now come on Heather, you are without a doubt the sexiest MILF I know and I just know once you get your juices flowing you’ll put all of those past telecasts to shame. So here is what I propose, you go over to the screen and start your forecasting, Nicole and I will get things started over here. What do you think?”

Both of the blondes nodded and Bill took Nicole by the hand and led her over to the couch that Bill and Dao Vu use on The Weekend View. Heather slipped off her anchor chair and headed to the screen to do her show.

Heather started; “The heat wave continues in the northeast, a cool front lingers over the Great Lakes. Oh my, um, this should…. well, oh fuck! Can you two please slow it down, oh fuck I thought I couldn’t do this, but just watching you two I know this heat wave in the northeast just came into this studio.”

Heather licked her red lips as she watched Bill and Nicole on the couch. Nicole had the heels of her shoes stuck in the edge of the couch cushion. Her knees were nearly to her chest as her dress fell away from her legs she parted her legs and began playing with her bare pussy. Across from her on the other sofa Bill had his pants down around his ankles and was stroking his cock.

Heather tried to focus on the weather map as she spoke about an early fall snow in the Rockies, she again caught her breath as Nicole started stuffing one of the remotes in and out of her dripping pussy.

Nicole was moaning and groaning as her eyes were fixed on Bill; “Come on Bill, bring that big cock of yours over here and stuff it in my pussy. I need to feel you fill me up.”

Her eyes were smoking as she watched him stroke his cock faster and faster.

Bill pulled his pants off and stood up, moved over to Nicole. She dropped her feet from the couch and sat up. She immediately ran her pink tongue back and forth along the length of his cock. Popping the head in she started bobbing up and down on his stiff cock. She looked up at him with those dark blue eyes she tried to smile as her lips were stretched around his cock. As she popped off a string of saliva was attached to her tongue and his cock. She slurped it back in and laved up his cock with her spit. Again she pounced on his cock she ran her tongue around and around his cock.

Bill moaned; “That’s it Nicole, suck it good and hard I want you to make it real hard so I can fuck you and Heather. I want to feel your cuntlips slide around my shaft and leave all of you juices on me. Then I want Heather to come over and lick your juices off my cock before I fuck her, back and forth I want the two of you before I blow my cum inside your wet pussy.”

She pulled off his cock, she smiled up at him; “Oh no Bill, when you cum I want you to paint my face and shoot in my mouth. I love the taste of cum and then I want to share it with Heather.”

Nicole went back to sucking his cock; Bill reached down and untied the dress at the base of her back. Pulling at the belt the dress came loose and Bill slid the garment from her shoulders. He drew in his breath as he saw she was totally naked under the dress. It fell to the couch, pooling around her waist. Bill caressed her slim tapered back as she worshipped his cock. He leaned over and kissed her long slender neck, running his tongue from ear to shoulder and back again. He reached down and cupped her tiny tits. He was able to contain their fullness in the palm of his hands, her tiny nipples stiffened as his hands teased them to stiff points.

“Oh Nicole, you better stop or I’m going to shot my load down your throat.”

She ignored his plea and bobbed up and down faster.

At the weather screen Heather tried to talk about the tropics, but stopped in mid-sentence. She cupped her huge tits, pulling at her nipples. It was evident she didn’t have a bra on under her tight top for her huge nipples and silver dollar sized aureoles were poking through the tight material. She wet her glossy red lips and slowly unbuckled the large black belt about her waist. Just as she started moving towards Bill and Nicole Bill pulled out of Nicole’s mouth and he let out a loud groan.

“Oh fuck Nicole, I told you to slow down, now here it cums you little slut, take my huge wad.”

“Yeah Bill, give it to me I want to….whooo, of fuck, yes more, oh fuck yes, Mmmmmm you taste so good and hot!”

Bill shot load after load all over her face and neck. Some dribbled down to her tiny tits and once spent Bill fell back to the other sofa.

Heather came into view and dropping to her knees lapped at the cum dripping from Nicole’s pert tits. Heather ran her tongue around and around her stiff nipples getting each and every drop of Bill’s cum. Heather licked her way up Nicole’s slender neck and chin scooping up all of the cum and covering Nicole’s mouth exchanged Bill’s cum with her.

Nicole dug her fingers in Heather’s perfect hairdo, combing her locks with her fingers and gripping her hair roughly crushed her mouth harder against her own.

When they broke their kiss Heather looked over at Bill; “Hey Bill, why don’t you go over and tell everyone the forecast for the next seven days?”

He chuckled; “Fuck that Heather, and miss all this? Here is the forecast, bright during the day, dark at night, all seven days. Now back to you two, now this is hot!”

Cum was smeared all over both of their faces. Bill sat there slowly stroking his already reawakening cock. Bill scooted over to the edge of his seat and tugged at the hem of Heather’s skirt pulling it up to expose her full rounded ass. She also wasn’t wearing any panties and moisture was bubbling out of her full lipped cunt.

Bill knelt down behind her and stiffening his tongue slipped it into the bottom of her pussy and slowly took a long swipe up to her asshole. His tongue was covered in thick gooey hot juices that seeped out of boiling cunt.

Heather pulled back from kissing Nicole and let out a long animal like groan and pushed her ass harder against his magical tongue.

This gave Nicole the opportunity to lift the tunic from Heather’s upper body and slipping it over her head tossed the garment aside.

Heather’s huge tits swayed from side to side as Nicole let out a tiny moan and buried her face in those enormous globes of flesh. With Bill attacking Heather from below and Nicole from above Heather was nearing an orgasm quickly. She crushed Nicole’s head to her tits and pulled the hairclip from her head. Nicole’s blonde tresses cascaded about Heather’s tits and Heather moaned constantly digging her fingers in Nicole’s tangled locks.

Heather threw her head back and shook as she exploded on Bill’s fantastic tongue. She fell against Nicole and lay there gasping trying to regain some composure, which was a long time coming seeing Bill scoot up behind her and gripping his once again stiff cock drove it home into Heather’s still spasming pussy.

Heather threw her head back and let out a loud scream; “Oh Bill, fuck me, stuff that big cock in my hot wet pussy. Make me cum again! I need to feel you shoot your boiling hot cum deep in my pussy, yes, yes just like that fuck me harder. Don’t stop oh fuck I’m cumming again. Ahhhhhhhhh, fuckkkk meeeeeeeeeeee!”

She squirted her cum all over his belly and thighs as she shook and quivered. Sweat was dripping off her once neatly done face. Her hair stuck to her face and her fell against Nicole’s petite form.

Bill slipped his still stiff cock from Heather’s oozing cunt, his entire lower body covered in cum and sweat. Seeing this caused Nicole to turn into a sexual demon. Her eyes were a glaze and she licked her lips and kissing Heather deeply slipped out from under Heather. She approached Bill and roughly pushed him onto his back. Climbing between his legs she began licking all of Heather’s juices from his cock and balls, sucking on his nuts roughly he nearly had to pull her mouth from them. She was in a constant state of arousal moaning, groaning and spitting out unintelligible sentences.

Nicole slid up his body, her body glistened with sweat and cum reached back and grasping his slimy cum and saliva covered cock she slammed her tight red hot cunt down on his cock.

“Oh fuck me Bill, oh shit I never needed a cock as much as I need yours right now. Fuck me till my eyes pop out!”

Her hands were everywhere running through her disheveled locks. Nicole was squeezing her tiny firm tits and nipples, running them over Bill’s hairy chest, tweaking his nipples and finally settling down between her legs playing with her stiff clit as she rode his cock.

The entire studio was filled with the sound of her wet thighs and ass slapping against his sweaty crotch and thighs. She was moaning uncontrollably as she whipped her head from side to side.

“Oh fuck me hard Bill, yes just like that, please don’t cum yet, I’m so close!”

She was gasping for air as sweat poured from her face and chest.

Heather finally regaining her strength slipped in behind Nicole and guided her trim hips up and down on Bill’s cum covered cock. Heather worked her hand between Nicole’s compact ass cheeks and violently shoved her index finger deep into Nicole’s puckered asshole.

This sent Nicole over the top; “Oh my fucking god, that’s incredible, oh fuck I’m cumming, oh please Bill cum with me, please shoot your cum deep in my pussy now!”

She collapsed against Bill covering his mouth with hers as she shook and came all over his cock. He rammed his hips upwards again and again as he felt her tighten and cream all over his cock. Along with Heather’s, Bill stuffed a finger up Nicole’s ass and as she screamed out that she was cumming again he emptied his swollen nuts deep into her pussy. The room was silent except for the sound of the two lying together breathing loudly, trying to come down from the best sex either have ever had.

Heather pulled her finger from Nicole’s asshole and looked into the camera, slowly licked it let out a long; “Mmmmmmmmmmmm, I guess I can do this on screen, can’t wait till tomorrow to see if we can top this. Remember in the Midwest look out for afternoon thunderstorms. From The Weather Station, we’re Nicole Mitchell, Bill Keneely and I’m Heather Tesch saying good morning. Now to Heidi Collins and Tony Harris on location at the capitol interviewing Nancy Pelosi.

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