Mom’s in on the Marriage

Mom’s in on the Marriage (Incest-family)

***This is a story dealing with incest between members of two different
families. It is intended for adults only and is not being made
available for those under 18 years of age. All others, enjoy.***

Chapter 1

The memory of the desk clerk’s lecherous grin was still with Lauralee
as she opened the door to one of the adjoining rooms and went inside.
But she was just too woozy to wonder about the man’s lifted eyebrow or
the stupid question he had put to her when she registered. Didn’t
everybody stay all night in a motel? She couldn’t imagine many people
leaving at two a.m.

Dropping her only luggage, the overnight case, upon a chair, she
blinked around the room and heard her son and his brand new bride
laugh, through the door that connected their rooms. She frowned;
neither of them had the decency to be embarrassed, and they should be.
Not only because they had run away to Reno to get married — and both
of them so damned *young* — but also because Robbie’s beat-up old car
had broken down and he’d had to call his mother to come rescue them.

Lauralee shrugged off her sensible coat and looked around the room. She
shouldn’t have had those two strong drinks; she wasn’t at all used to
alcohol, and they had made her drowsy, so of course the only logical
thing to do was stop at the first motel along the highway. And it was
expensive. Silly newlyweds never considered expenses, or jobs, or
planning ahead; they just leapt into marriage as if it was going to be
one long and rosy romance.

She blinked at her surroundings: a huge, round waterbed over there,
entirely surrounded by blue mirrors; even the ceiling above it was
mirrored, and she thought, *how crude*. The entire room seemed to
shriek of sexuality. Lauralee’s lip curled.

Walking over to the bed, she leaned to touch it gingerly, and drew back
at the quiver of the thing. Next door, the girl giggled again, and
Lauralee bit her lips remembering her own wedding night, the pain and
ugliness, the farce that had continued throughout her marriage. But she
strongly suspected that this wasn’t the first time her son had been to
bed with Bettina, and wondered why the girl was laughing. Maybe she was
a good actress; so many women were, simply because they had to be.

Shaking her head, Lauralee walked to the bathroom and checked the
shower stall for cleanliness. It would do, so she strode back into the
bedroom, unbuttoning her blouse. Balancing primly upon the edge of a
chair, she took off her shoes and noticed the time on her wristwatch.
Time for the late news, she thought, and turned on the television set,
then slid from her skirt and pulled her slip over her head as the set
warmed up.

Her bra and panties were plain white and serviceable, nothing frilly
and fancy; she had never even worn the lacy sets that her husband had
brought home that first year. They were still packed away in a trunk.
Maybe his new wife or girlfriend wore such things.

She was reaching around behind her back and had just unhooked her bra
when her eyes fell on the TV screen. Lauralee gasped, and her knees
unhinged themselves in a total shock that dropped her back into the
chair, the bra slipping from her nerveless hand.

What she was seeing was *impossible*, but there it was, in flaming and
outrageous color — the close-up of a man’ thing working back and forth
into a woman’s organ!

Stunned, she stared in disbelief at the terrible picture, at the veined
penis sliding greasily, powerfully into a hairy mound whose lips were
puggy and inflamed, at the rhythm of the furry testicles that swung
back and forth. Oh no, she though as her head whirled — oh no! It
couldn’t be; things like that were never shown on television.

It was horrible, and she felt the muscles of her stomach go tight, her
thighs draw themselves together protectively. That penis looked so
huge, and the woman’s labia seemed to writhe. There was sound, too —
that awful, wet noise of oily meat slipping into a soapy sheath, that
damp slapping of the sack against the cleft of an uptilted pair of
rolling buttocks.

Lauralee had never seen anything like it before; she had never even
looked closely at her own husband’s thing, and, after the so-called
honeymoon, had always turned off the lights when Marshall had insisted
upon his husbandly rights. She tired to force herself from the chair,
to move forward and turn off the detestable picture, but somehow her
long legs refused to work.

The camera panned back, and she could see the couple in full. Even
though they were obviously perverted, they were acceptably good-
looking, and she was amazed that two such normal-appearing people would
dirty themselves that way, by allowing their animalistic performance to
be filmed. And the way the woman was squirming and heaving, moaning
deep in her throat, as if she was really enjoying the brutal thrusting
of the man’s thick organ.

The chill that had numbed the back of Lauralee’s neck changed subtly as
the woman called out shamelessly that she was coming, coming, and the
camera zoomed in tight again to show the man’s sack leaping
convulsively as he also reached his orgasm. Lauralee hadn’t known it
did that, and she frowned again when she realized that the nipples of
her breasts had grown erect.

She gripped her thighs, her fingernails digging into tender flesh as
she watched the penis itself, withdrawn from the woman’s vagina, the
slow oozing of creamy semen that dripped down the red and swollen
shaft. Then she gasped, for suddenly a mouth was up close to the thing,
a smiling mouth with red lips and a pink tongue darting. The tongue
lapped at the thickly sliding semen and drew the pasty stuff into her

Lauralee shuddered violently. She knew that such perversions went on in
the world, but she had never had the slightest idea that she would be
personally exposed to them. How depraved could people get? She fought
to stand up, to blot out the nauseating scene, but her legs betrayed

There! The shameless bitch was actually taking the greasy glans into
her mouth, drawing it deeply and sucking on it. Lauralee could see the
woman’s throat working and make out the in-dipping of the cheeks. How
could she stand the very idea of doing that, much less the taste, which
must be icky? It was bad enough to be forced to touch a man’s penis,
but to take it in your mouth?

Blurring back, the camera showed how the man was stroking the long,
blonde hair, how he was hunching his thing into the girl’s face; and
they were groaning together, wiggling as if what they were doing was

There were other angles, the man’s taut face, a shot of his sack
moving, and a strange one of the woman’s had caressing her own vulva as
she continued to suck lustily upon the penis in her mouth. Was she
going to — to finger herself? Yes, there it was in all its forbidden
starkness, the finger prodding the frothing labia and fondling those
obscenely gaping lips before slipping inside. She was masturbating
then, humping upon her hand and stroking the finger into her vagina as
she pulled and chewed noisily upon the man’s stiff organ.

Lauralee trembled when she discovered that she was caressing her own
mound, that its resilient mattress was pulsing beneath the wayward
hand. She jerked away her fingers and closed her eyes. Enough of this
shocking thing! She would simply turn off the set and go take a cooling
shower. She told herself that was why she was slipping her panties down
her legs.

The close-up of the finger moving within the steaming, hairy slot
hypnotized her, entranced her, and she quivered when she made little,
tentative movements across her mound. She had always been told this was
debasing, but the actress seemed to be enjoying it so, and surely it
couldn’t hurt to just see-

Lauralee shot bolt upright in the chair when her fingertip slipped all
too easily between her labia and inadvertently touched something that
flashed wet flames throughout her tensing body. It was so strange, a
queer thrill that she sought again. On the screen the other woman’s
finger was blurring swiftly now, and the entire curly-haired mound was
surging lasciviously.

Cutting to the man’s distended penis, the screen showed his sack
leaping again, and the woman spread her lips just slightly so that the
viewers could watch the veritable cascade of creamy semen that was
drenching her mouth. Thick and pearly, the heavy juice spurted far back
into her throat, and the woman choked it down, swallowing rapidly while
her super-active tongue looped over and around the geyser-like glans.

She was actually drinking the fluid down, Lauralee thought dazedly; the
otherwise stunningly attractive woman was gulping down a man’s seminal
liquid and acting as if it was the most delicious, the most gratifying
stuff in the world. Lauralee trembled upon her finger, and worked it
hesitantly back and forth.


Her husband’s thing had never felt this good; he had forced it into her
on their wedding night, had forced it into her virginal body without
regard to her sensitivity, never even considering that she might have
been repulsed by the whole thing. And even though what she was doing
was almost as bad, she was at least getting some enjoyment from it.

Just as the actress was; look how her beautiful thighs were contracting
as she rode her finger — no! *two* fingers — rotating her pelvis and
pumping her crotch with the same hungry motions she had used in
copulating with the man only a minute before. It looked so real, so
thrilling, and Lauralee found herself almost matching the woman’s
frenzy, rocking her hips in unaccustomed movements that were reaching

It was good; it was devilishly exciting and sinfully sweet. She could
feel it building, a weird pressure in her thighs and growing in her
lower groin. Lauralee ground sensuously upon her finger, cupping the
others over her heaving mound and pushing her long legs out in front of
her, practically lifting off the chair cushion as she thrust and
recoiled, stroked and pulled back.

Heat spread within her slippery vagina, and a bright little ember
fanned itself into white-hot flame at her clitoris, that little center
of passion that she had long thought was withered and useless. Eyes
fixed mesmerized upon the TV screen, Lauralee bucked in the throes of
her first orgasm, biting her lips and moaning, her head rolling limply
from side to side as she reached the hissing, tumbling crest of a
mighty, smashing wave.

She had come.

Oh lord, she had come at last. It was a marvelous release, an emotional
explosion that had loosened every fiber of her body, all the nerves
that had so long been denied this rapture. She held her finger deep
within her flexing vagina and shuddered in the swirling backwash of her
climax, her eyes closed and open, closed and open.

They were doing something else on the screen, and she thought fuzzily,
so soon? Lauralee blinked, and slowly realized that another woman had
entered the room there, a woman with different-colored hair and a
differently proportioned body, one who wore a diaphanous and revealing
babydoll nightie. As Lauralee stared, this new actress slipped out of
the gown and walked gracefully to the couple resting upon the bed.

Why, Lauralee thought in surprise, they were trying to — to do it
together, and they ought to know that couldn’t be done. They simply
weren’t built like that; one of them had to possess a male thing. But
she had to admit that it looked interesting as they thrust together,
grinding their crotches and trembling as they continued to kiss hotly.

When the camera cut to a close-up of the moving vulvas, Lauralee’s eyes
went wide. She could see a clitoris that looked very much like a man’s
rod, only much smaller, and she could also see that the two slits were
meeting, stimulating each other. It was fantastic.

It was also voluptuous, and she began to build up the magic rhythm
again, her eyes fixed upon the screen, her thighs spreading themselves
wider as she rooted deeper with the probing finger, pretending she was
one with the women.

“Ummm,” she murmured, “uummm… it’s… so good!”

Furiously, then, she rubbed her vibrant clitoris and plunged her finger
into the suctioning grip of her sizzling hole, rolling her buttocks and
gasping as the wonderful feeling came boomeranging through her vagina
once more. She had hoped it would be as wild as last time, but it was
even better. Lauralee let out a soft cry as she came, and her bare
heels drummed a spasmed tattoo upon the motel carpet.

Slowly, she came back to the world around her, to the sounds issuing
from the television set, and the flashing colors there. Her head was
spinning, and far back in a newly discovered corner of her mind,
Lauralee Jergens was beginning to wonder just where the hell she had
been all her life.

“Oh wow,” the voice said and it didn’t come from the screen.

Lauralee jerked her head around and wanted to die on the spot. Her
daughter-in-law stood just behind the chair, looking petite and
beautiful in a flowing nightie that clung to the almost childlike
curvings of her small, youthful body. And the girl was staring down at
the spot where Lauralee’s finger was still embedded into the wet lips
of her vagina. There could be no mistake about what had been going on.

Bettina said again, “Oh wow — I never would have thought it. I mean,
not *you*”.

Choking it out, Lauralee managed to say: “P-please… just let me…”

Swiftly, the girl went to her knees beside the chair and put a soft arm
around her shoulder. “Hey — I’m not putting you down for masturbating,
Lauralee; nothing like that. I was just shook up, that’s all. It’s the
TV, right? You had no idea you were checking us into an X-rated motel
and I’ll bet you never saw anything like that before?”

“I’m not,” Lauralee said, trying to sneak out her finger, “never — it
really isn’t…”

“You know,” Bettina purred, her hand sliding down the shoulder to brush
across one of Lauralee’s full breasts, “you really are a beautiful
woman. I had you figured for an iceberg, but after watching you riding
your hand like that…”

IT was all wrong, but Lauralee had no idea how to go about getting out
of it. She couldn’t very well scream and bring her son running in from
next door; not while she was naked like this. She flinched when
Bettina’s fingers began to toy with a nipple, and shivered as the
girl’s spicy, warm breath tingled in her ear. Not Bettina, she thought
wildly, crazily.

“Beautiful,” the girl whispered, “and according to Robbie, you haven’t
even looked at a man since you were divorced… or a woman, either. All
that long, sinuous body going to waste, and these lovely tits — not
big, but shaped so well.”

Lauralee tried, even though her body was weak and she couldn’t get her
mind to track properly. “Bettina, please — you mustn’t…”

“Between those porn movies and the screwing I just had, I’m already
turned on,” Bettina said, cupping both breasts now and kissing
Lauralee’s throat, “but you turn me on more. How about that? I’m
suddenly hot for my mother-in-law.”

“N–no,” Lauralee whispered, but the girl was suddenly between her
knees and the ripe young mouth was reaching up for her own. The quick
wet tongue was thrusting into her weak lips, and there was a hand, a
strange, very soft hand caressing her mound.

She felt firm breasts crushing her own, and a silken vulva burning into
her own, and the motel room spun dizzily as her tongue met Bettina’s,
as their panting breaths mixed. Lauralee knew that she was lost.

Chapter 2

That was when she caught something at the corner of her eye and turned
to see her son standing in the connecting doorway between the rooms.

Lauralee rolled off the bed and fled for the bathroom, her legs
flashing and her breasts bouncing, acutely conscious of her nakedness.

Robbie had seen her doing that with Bettina; she was sure of it. There
was no way the boy could have missed what had been going on, and
Lauralee’s insides drew themselves into shameful knots. Her son had
seen his mother making homosexual love to his new bride, and nothing
could ever change that.

Shivering, here face flushed and her heart racing, she locked the door
behind her and leaned against it, trying to regain some measure of
control over her tumbling mind. There was simply no excuse for what she
had done, for the things she had allowed to happen to her own body and
that of the girl. She would never be able to explain to Robbie, and he
would hate her forever. He might hate his wife, also there could be an
annulment, or a divorce.

Lauralee trembled again. How would that look in the newspapers–son
names own mother as correspondent in divorce action? Oh lord; she
tangled her fingers together and squeezed them, catching a quick
reflection of her tortured face in the bathroom mirror and looking away

Moving stiffly then, she fumbled for the towel rack, and wrapped a
fluffy towel around her hips; it was more difficult to cover her
breasts, but she managed to knot together enough material to hide them
reasonably. Robbie had already seen her nude, but would never be
subjected to such a spectacle again–if her ever even spoke to her

Faintly, she could hear voices in the bedroom, but they weren’t loud,
and might be the dialog from that damned television set. Maybe they had
gone back to their own room to fight it out. She wondered how she could
possibly face them now, especially Robbie, but knew she somehow had to.
She couldn’t just drive away and leave them here. It was going to be
agony, Lauralee thought, utter agony.

Checking the coverings and wishing that the towels hid more of her
thighs and that her breasts didn’t push so against them, she twice
reached for the doorknob and twice dropped her hand. At last, steeling
herself to the inevitable, Lauralee twisted the knob and slowly opened
the door.

They were sitting upon the bed, side by side, their heads together and
whispering. Step by step, she made her feet move toward them, trying to
put together some kind of apology. But all the words were weak and

He looked around first, and Lauralee flinched. She saw light reflect
from her son’s pale brown hair, and caught the full impact of his black
eyes. He sat erect, his slim body nicely shaped, boyishly molded, with
good shoulders and a flat belly and narrow hips. Robbie’s face was
calm; she dropped her eyes. The boy was taking it well, but she was
certain he would explode and call her all the filthy names she

Her lips were dry. “Robbie… I… please don’t think…”

Coming off the bed, he said, “Mom!”

Startled, she saw that he was naked from head to foot. She saw the
ebony fur of his sack, and recoiled from the image of her son’s thing,
the boy’s penis that reached out long and slim and strong, its polished
head glistening damply red. Lauralee took a backward step, and clung to
the towels that disguised her own nudity.

“Mom,” Robbie said again, and followed her. “Don’t freak out, now. I
saw it all, Mom–and it was something else. It was really great.
Bettina has been telling me everything that happened between you two,
and I think it’s terrific.”

Lauralee swallowed. “You think it’s — it’s *what*?”

“Terrific,” he repeated, so close now that the swollen knob of his
young shaft was almost touching the fluffy towel around her waist. “I
always know that Bettina was AC/DC–that she swings with chicks and
guys, too. But I always figured you were too uptight for sex, any kind
of sex. Then when I saw you going down on her, when I watched Bettina
grinding her pussy into your face and saw the way you were digging it–
I wished I could have seen it all, right from the beginning. As it was,
I wanted to jack off.”

“Robbie, you don’t know what you’re saying.” Lauralee backed away and
found her shoulders touching the wall. “I–I don’t know what got into
me, why I would do such awful things, but I can assure you it will
never happen again. Now please, I think the best thing we can do is to
get dressed and drive home, get out of this terrible motel. “

From the bed, Bettina said, “No way.”

And Robbie moved closer. Rigid with fright, Lauralee watched her son’s
hands lifting, saw them manipulate the knot that held the towels across
her breasts. They fell away, and Lauralee shrank back trying to cover
her tits with her hands. That was when the boy whipped the covering
from her hips, and suddenly she was as naked as her son. “You’re really
beautiful,” he whispered. “If you only knew how beautiful you are to
me. Oh Mom, Mom– ever since I was big enough to raise a hard-on, I’ve
been trying to get a peep at your naked body, to catch just one glimpse
of that lovely black-haired cunt. But as I grew up, I didn’t think
you’d be worth it, anyway . You were always so cold and aloof, and
never went out with guys. But now… *now*, my cock is aching all over

Horrified, she crouched before him, before this suddenly strange male
who was caressing his stiff prick with one hand, whose eyes were
licking hotly all over her body and probing at the bushy mound she
couldn’t hide with her fingers.

“Robbie, you don’t mean — you can’t mean…”

He touched her breasts with warm fingertips, and she knew the velvet
caress of his ballooned glans against the trembling skin of her belly.
“Yeah, mom, I want to fuck you, and now I’m getting the chance.”

Sucking in a deep and steadying breath, Lauralee suddenly wheeled away
from him, and darted for the bed, for help from Bettina, for her
clothing — for anything. Robbie was right behind her, and she tried to
say something to the girl. Bettina clamped strong young hands around
Lauralee’s wrists and jerked her across the bed.

“Come on,” Bettina hissed. “Fuck him. You know you want to.”

“No — no — no!” Lauralee insisted, struggling to free herself.

Then she felt Robbie against her from behind, felt the warm touch of
his body, the very hard length of her son’s prick nestling into the
cleft of her buttocks. She tried to roll away, to wiggle from beneath
his weight. But he slid off only to take a from grip upon her ankles,
and she knew terror as he pulled her legs apart.

“Don’t — oh, don’t do this,” she begged. “Robbie… Bettina — think
what you’re doing! Oh please, please…”

The girl’s face was intent, the green eyes fixed upon her.

“Don’t fight it, Lauralee. If you’ll admit it, you want to be fucked by
him as much as he want to put his meat to you.”

“NO!” Lauralee fought as best she could, her long legs flailing,
jerking at her trapped wrists and hissing between clenched teeth.

“B-bettina! He’s your husband, and my — my own son! You can’t *help*
him do this — Robbie, Robbie! It’s rape — rape; you’re trying to rape
your mother, Robbie!”

“Yeah,” he grunted from behind her. “I’ll take that sweet pussy any way
I have to get it. Just relax, Mom. Bettina — help me roll her over
onto her back.”

They wheeled her, whipped her over, and Lauralee was staring up into
her son’s face as he smiled down at her, as his knee slid between her
thighs and forced them apart, as one hand pressed down upon her heaving
belly. Robbie held his prick tightly in the other hand, and was
steering the distended bulb toward her crotch. She could see a droplet
of clear fluid shining upon the blunt red tip, and shuddered.

Her hands were drawn above her head, and even though she rolled her
hips frantically, Lauralee realized that she wasn’t going to be able to
stop it, that her son was about to force his bulging cockhead into his
mother’s quivering vulva.

When it touched her pubic hair, she lunged and bucked, but that only
helped Robbie settle the head of his eager shaft into her cunt lips.
With a single, fierce thrust, the boy crammed his meat into her, and
Lauralee knew a hot, electric shock as her son’s knob penetrated her

If only she hadn’t already been so juicy, she thought; if only she had
been dry, and not still turned on by the sex she had shared with
Bettina. He couldn’t have gotten it into her so easily then. But now
she twisted upon the impalement of stiff young cock, surprised that
there was no pain, as there had been with her husband. Instead, a deep
thrill closed her pussy around the sliding prick, and she felt its
marvelous length reaching up and up, farther than any tongue could
manage. She felt her son grunt as he buried the full length of his
strong boyish shaft into his mother’s forbidden cunt, felt the pressure
of his pelvis against the mattress of her pubic mound.

Involuntarily, her pussy lips encircled his swollen meat, and somewhere
deep within her vagina there were slippery velvet ripples. Robbie’s
balls came to rest in the mossy crack of her ass. Her son was inside
her body. Her son’s hard prick was jammed to the hilt inside her cunt.
Lauralee trembled like a leaf caught in a hurricane.

Robbie began to stroke her, working his shaft back and forth within her
oiled vagina. Her silken folds clung to him, moved with him, and
Lauralee knew a stimulation of her clitoris, an arousal there that her
husband’s prick had never been able to bring about. It was wrong, all
wrong, but she could not resist it. Jerkily at first, then with a
smoother rhythm, her pelvis started to roll up and down and her hips
swung from side to side.

Bettina let go of her wrists, and Lauralee’s arms came down, only to
wrap themselves around the boy’s slim body. Her hands found his smooth
ass cheeks. She clung to them as they gyrated, as her son maneuvered
his wondrous staff within the suctioning cavity of her flowing pussy.

“That’s the way, Mom,” Robbie panted. “Fuck me back… oh Mom, darling
— fuck me back!”

Flinging her supple legs up and around his body, Lauralee netted him
with her thighs and locked her ankles. Rocking with him, meeting him
thrust for thrust, she really screwed him, riding the boy’s driving
prick as she had never ridden her husband’s. IT was so different, so
good, wildly thrilling. His cockhead was touching every hot spot within
her vagina, and her clit leaped at each stroke of his root.

“Beautiful, hot pussy,” Robbie gasped, digging his fingers into the
surging cheeks of her active ass. “Oh, what a crazy, deep pussy… all
juicy and slick! Man, it’s just eating up my cock, biting down on it,
wringing it out — oh Mom, what a fabulous piece of ass you are!”

“B-baby… oh my baby! We’re doing it — your sweet prick is sliding
inside your mom’s cunt — I can feel your balls against my ass, and
your belly moving into mine! Oh! Oh, Robbie — I never realized that
fucking could be so beautiful — oh, stick it to me, baby — pus it
into me harder, harder! Shove it into my pussy, Robbie. Fuck you mother
— fuck your mother!”

He pounded it to her then, savagely rammed his iron-hard rod into her
gobbling snatch, and she heard squishing noises, heard the damp
slapping of his swinging balls.

Pounding her crotch into his, she raked his ass in a frenzy, and bit
the column of his throat. His cockhead drove home solidly, and she
writhed upon it, hunched upon the shaft with a feral urgency, a deep-
seated need Lauralee hadn’t imagined she could possess.

“C-close,” Robbie grunted. “I’m getting close, Mother. I… oohhh,
baby… oh, you hot-assed bitch, you beautiful, sweet-cunted bitch —
I’m going to come! I’m going to come into my Mom’s pussy!”

Swivelling her hips, rotating her vagina around his pistoning cock, she
hissed it at her son: “Let it go, baby! Shoot off inside me and pack my
cunt with your little-boy semen — ahhh! OHHHH! I can feel it squirting
up inside my pussy, darling!”

Moaning, then, she humped furiously as the boy’s discharge splashed
boiling against her womb, as her own son’s semen gushed violently
throughout her absorbing snatch. Robbie’s come was thick and very rich,
she thought, her head spinning as she shook and jerked in the throes of
the craziest orgasm she had ever known. It was a fountain of foamy
juice that bathed her vagina, and she loved every drop of the sticky

Holding him powerfully between her thighs, Lauralee knew that her cunt
was seething, turned into a cauldron by their mutual climaxes. But she
couldn’t stop moving upon his stilled prick; it was too precious to
waste, and the soapy liquids within her snatch made it even more
sensational. Blindly, without thinking what she was doing, she held her
son close and turned onto her side, then rolled over on top of him
making certain that his upright cock was still trapped firmly in her
dripping sheath.

She was straddling him then, holding him captive beneath her feverish
body, imprisoning his delightful prick within her lubricated flesh.
Lauralee felt strong and powerful, felt dominant, and she liked that.

“GO, baby,” Bettina breathed, and Lauralee remembered that her
daughter- in-law was only inches away, kneeling beside the bed and
watching the screwing with dedicated interest. “That’s the way,” the
girl said excitedly. “Ride his prick; pump it up and down on him and
make him come in you again.”

Smiling, Lauralee stretched out her hand, and the girl took it, holding
it tightly as she stared down between the bodies to where her husband’s
shaft was crammed to the balls within his mother’s inflamed cunt.
Lauralee stared into Bettina’s eyes as she rolled her hips sinuously,
as she bent forward to allow her son to take a downward-hanging nipple
into his mouth.

Robbie held her ass and stroked up into her flooded snatch as she
gyrated upon his cock. He sucked blissfully upon her tit, his eyes
closed in rapture.

Fucking lasciviously, riding her son’s hard and greasy rod , Lauralee
tugged at Bettina’s hand, and the girl came to her knees, leaning
forward with a cascade of honey-blond hair spilling over nude and
burnished shoulders. The stiff pink nipples of her nubile breasts stood
out. The green eyes were very big and very close; so were the ripe
young lips that had aroused such flames within the pussy that was now
packed with semen and her son’s meat.

Lauralee reached for that appealing mouth, her lips finding it just as
Robbie began to pump harder within her drenched cunt. Her tongue met
the girl’s, and they melted in a greedy, understanding kiss, sharing
each other passion, almost as they were sharing the boy’s body.

“Mom, Mom, Mom!” he was saying in a monotone that matched the lifting
and falling of her ass. His cock worked foamily into her vagina, and
her clit came peeping from its hood, growing more vibrant with every

Oh, this was real and lovely, and she sucked upon Bettina’s tongue,
while the girl fondled her pendulous breasts, while her son manipulated
his shaft gloriously within the wet gripping of her blazing pussy. This
was true fucking, Lauralee thought, the kind of screwing she should
have gotten from her husband, when she and Marshall were first married.
She wanted it to go on forever, to keep this beautiful, marvelous prick
slipping around in her box.

And when Robbie ejaculated into her already soaked vagina, Lauralee
just kept right on making it, caught up in the primitive beat of her

Chapter 3

The water was hot, and Lauralee’s skin tingled at the touch of soap, at
the caress of her own hands upon her wet flesh. She was still a little
numb in her mind, but her body had never been more eagerly alive, every
nerve end titillated and awake.

She looked down at herself, at the play of water over her breasts, her
nipples, then at the slightly rounded belly and below, the wet mass of
her midnight pubic hair.

It was a good body, she thought, and according to Robbie and Bettina, a
beautiful, sexy one. Her body was capable of giving and of receiving
much love. Her legs were long and supple, and her breasts shaped high
and firmly. She had always thought she was a bit too lean, but they
insisted she was just right, special in her own way.

Lauralee ran soapy hands over the curving of her ass and smiled. Robbie
called it her sweet, not ass. Straying bubbled fingers across her pubic
mound, she caressed it. Rich and deep, they said; her mature pussy was
rich and deep, possessed of an intense fascination for her son. Robbie
had squirted it hot sheath full of his explosive semen not once, but

The seat of rapture, she thought; this volatile, adjustable organ she
had tried to ignore most of her life was now the center of her
existence. Probably it had been meant to be, but she’d wished she
didn’t have it, wished she never had to think of her vagina.

Until now; until she had ventured to finger herself to her initial
orgasm, turned on by seeing that pornographic film. Since then, it had
been licked and sucked, its soft juices gulped avidly, its clitoris
made a target for ecstasy. And she had known the inner workings of
another woman’s cunt, tasted the sweetness of the inner lining so
silken and juicy, known the flexing as it shuddered in vibrant climax.

Lauralee stopped stroking her mound and exposed it to hot rinsing
water, turning her body slowly so that soap would be purled away.
Better than that, her pussy had been invaded by a thrusting, hammering
cock, one that was hard and young, a prick that reached far up into her
hole and set fire to her womb. Her son’s prick; Robbie’s prick, the
very shaft that had been ridden only minutes before by the boy’s bride.
But Robbie loved to fuck his mother, just as well as the lovely,
intense girl he had married, and possibly even more.

Stepping out of the shower stall, she dried herself and looked in the
mirror, not afraid of meeting her own eyes now. She appeared much
younger, her deep brown eyes vital, her olive skin fresher,
rejuvenated. Lauralee towelled her short curls until they bounced
springily; her pubic hair was springy, too, seeming to sparkle with
life and excitement.

She found a clean towel and draped it about her hips, but left her
breasts bare. The kids — those wonderful, beautiful children — had
gone out for sandwiches and soft drinks, and she would meet them almost
without reticence, proud of her body instead of hiding its invigorated

The TV was still going, its sound tuned low, but the bright images
flashed just as powerfully upon the screen. Smiling, Lauralee lowered
herself into the chair and watched it, crossing her slender legs
gracefully. Evidently the films ran continuously, one movie replacing
another until they started all over again. Two men were fucking a
lovely girl, one of them burrowing his hard, oversized cock into her
small, furry cunt while the other held her head upon his lap and worked
his cockhead in and out of her red mouth.

Leaning back in the chair, Lauralee thought that would be nice, too. It
would be exciting to be between two horny men, taking their pricks into
her body, love and love alike. Robbie; she would first lean how to eat
a male organ by doing it to her son. It would be different from lapping
a girl’s snatch, but she should have not trouble now that she was
willing to learn it all.

Too bad there wasn’t another man around. Lauralee wanted to compare
cock sizes, to feel the differences of strange shafts, to know a
variety of orgasms when they came in her receptive box. With interest,
she watched the screen as the two men changed positions. Poor Marshall,
she thought; he would never know the sharp thrill of doing that. He had
been almost as uptight as she, knowing only one way to relieve the
pressures of his balls — brute force and always on top, always
hammering into her flinching pussy without mercy. No wonder she and her
husband separated; they had both been so stupid but she had been worse.
Lauralee knew that now.

A key rattled in the lock, and the kids came laughing into the room.

“Oh wow,” Bettina said, putting down a sack of sandwiches, “did you
know there was a swinging room off the lobby? Late as it is, there were
only two couples there, looking each other over.”

Robbie grinned and popped the tops on some cans of soft drinks. “We
almost screwed up the trade, because when they got a look at us, I
could see the wheels turning. We’re so much younger. But I wasn’t even
tempted — not with my own special older woman waiting for me here.”

Lauralee accepted a hamburger and discovered that she was ravenous.

“Do they really do that, meet and exchange wives or husbands or

“Sure,” Bettina said, taking a bite of hot dog. “Not out there in the
lobby, of course. They swap and go to the rooms; sometimes they all go
together to one room.”

Drinking a swallow of Coke, Lauralee thought that over. It would be
stimulating to make it with a man she had never seen before, and would
probably never meet again. Raw, primitive sex, and nothing more; no
entanglements, no commitments. Only a good, solid fucking and goodbye.

The kids watched the porn movie as they ate, giggling and discussing
the techniques of the actors. It was better this way, Lauralee thought;
sex had to be better when there was love like that she shared with her
son and his wife. The intimacy was unique. It was romantic, and incest
was no longer a horrible word.

Robbie was staring at her breasts. “You have wonderful tits, Mom. did I
bite them when I was a baby?”

“Sometimes,” she smiled, “but I didn’t care. I loved you then, too. I
didn’t like putting you on a bottle, but the doctor said to.”

The boy wiped his mouth with a paper napkin, “But you love me more

“That’s right,” Lauralee answered. “More than anyone; more than I ever
thought possible.”

“More than you cared for my old man,” Robbie said. “That’s for sure.
How the hell could he walk away from such a juicy, hot piece of ass
like you?”

Lauralee drank her Coke and put down the can. “I wasn’t, then. When
Bettina came in here and caught me fingering myself, that was the first
time I had ever come.”

“Wow,” the girl said softly, “That’s heavy. The porn movies — that’s
what got you started.”

Nodding, Lauralee admitted it, then said, “but you really taught me to
let go, dear — you and Robbie. At first I though I must be a lesbian,
but I couldn’t ever enjoy a man’s prick the way I revelled in feminine
love with you. I’m so glad both of you forced me to fuck. I might have
gone right on thinking I couldn’t.”

“You’re turning me one again,” Robbie said. “Sitting here and looking
at your tits is enough, but hearing you talk about screwing is getting
me a hard-on. Man oh man, what a honeymoon this is turning out to be,
what a wedding night.”

Lauralee looked at her daughter-in-law. “Bettina, are you certain this
doesn’t make you jealous?”

“No way,” the girl answered. “Robbie and I have always shared. I mean,
when he gets a good fuck, it make me happy, too. I love the guy, so
whatever makes him happy turn me on, also. He feels the same way about
me and what I do.”

“You’ve both screwed other people, then?”

“Sure,” her son said. “We’ll tell you all about them later. Right now,
I want to see my beautiful mother STRETCHED out naked on that water bed
with her long, groovy legs spread apart and her sweet, black pussy

“But Bettina is being left out,” Lauralee protested gently.

Bettina laughed. “Don’t worry about me. I’ll get in on it for some
three-way swinging.”

Lauralee stood up and dropped the towel from around her hips.
Gracefully, she walked toward the bed with her ass rolling sensuously,
knowing that both their eyes were fixed upon its rippling, provocative
movements. She felt beautiful and wanted and admired; she felt loved,
and was eager to return that love in any way, in all ways. If that was
what they wanted, she was ready to be their slave, their sex slave.

They approached her from both sides of the moving bed, both of them
naked again, their sleek young bodies glowing. Her son indeed had an
erection, and it was lovely. Now that Lauralee could look at it without
shame, she examined Robbie’s prick closely, seeing its slim length and
the veins patterning the skin, the gorgeous swelling of the cockhead in
all its darker glory. There was the tiny drop of clear fluid seeping
from its tip; there were the shaggy balls that could hurl the
compressed semen with such force.

“Robbie,” She murmured as he kneeled upon the bed, “please show me how
to eat you. I want to learn how to suck your cock, the way those women
do in the films, the way Bettina must do to you.”

“Yeah,” he whispered hoarsely, “oh yeah, Mom.”

Straddling her taut waiting body, her son bent his cockhead down to rub
it gently into her vulva, and she shivered at the spongy-hard caress
along her palpitating labia. He took his time, moving his crotch
forward an inch or two so he could caress her belly with his knob. She
trembled at the dragging of his hairy balls over her skin, at the
thrill of his knees and the fondling of his thighs.

Robbie took both her breasts in his hands and squeezed them together.
Bending her neck, she stared down to see what the boy was doing, and
watched him push his cock head between her tender globes.

“This is titty-fucking,” he explained to her. “I just dig feeling your
tits around my prick like this.”

She could see the reddened glans peep forth, then disappear as her son
worked his pelvis back and forth, exulting in the feeling of his cock
sliding. Then she felt something else — a hot breath stirring along
her thighs, a pair of soft lips kissing her skin there. Bettina, she
thought; the girl was joining in, and would be loving her pussy while
she discovered the flavor or Robbie’s stiff meat.

The cockhead slipped back and forth, each time reaching a little
closer, until it was tapping her chin. Lauralee opened her lips and
stretched out her tongue. Then Robbie released her breasts and allowed
them to fall back into position. He hunched forward so that she could
lick his knob. He took her head between his hands and aimed the
glistening bulb directly at her mouth.

This was the moment, Luaralee thought in exultation; this was the
enchanted moment in time when she could demonstrate her deepest love to
her adorable child. Curling her tongue hungrily around his cockhead,
she tugged it into her mouth. It tasted salty and sweet; it was
flavored with beauty, and she drew it across her tongue gladly, letting
it slide across the roof of her mouth.

“Don’t try to take it too far,” Robbie panted. “You might get sick.”

Never, she thought — never! She had her son’s lovely hard prick in her
mouth, and she wanted to swallow it, to suck it far down her throat.
Lauralee could feel the tips exploring the velvet supping of her
throat, and it didn’t bother her.

“Use your tongue more,” she suggested. “The sucking feels good, but
it’s the tongue that will make me come.”

Lauralee flinched when she felt another tongue, when her passionate
young daughter-in-law dabbed it down through the cloaking pubic hairs
of her cunt to find the tremulous lips.

Obediently, she rolled her son’s bulb around with her tongue, and found
that she could force the little slit open a bit. Robbie moved his
crotch back and forth in a slow, gently strokes, and she dipped her
cheeks in and out around the delicious meat as she sucked.

“That’s it,” Robbie gasped. “Oh yeah, Mom — that’s the way to give a
guy head. You’re eating my prick, Mother… you’re sucking me off, and
it’s freaking me out!”

Her mouth was a pussy, she thought; it was basically another kind of
cunt that her beloved son was fucking. but it was even more intimate;
it brought them immeasurably closer to do it this way, for her to adore
his swollen prick with her throat and lips and tongue. She loved the
slow swinging of his balls against her neck, and the way he held her
head in position.

Now Bettina was drilling that educated tongue deep into Lauralee’s
pulsing vagina; now the girl’s trained mouth was nibbling at labia, and
lapping away like a thirsty puppy. Lauralee raised her knees to make
more room. It was unbelievable, the sensations she was enjoying — her
son’s cock slipping wetly around inside her greedy mouth, her daughter-
in-law’s tongue boring into her cunt, teasing the clitoris. She was
their receptacle, and they were sharing her; her body was a vessel they
could drink from or pour into, and Lauralee’s flesh pulsed fiercely in

“Eat me, Mom,” Robbie was saying over and over. “I… ahhh! I’m going
to let it go… going to pump your mouth full of my come, the same way
I filled your crazy pussy.”

Lauralee groaned around his flexing cockhead when the boy let go, when
the spurting of his semen came bursting into her mouth and spattered
into the back of her throat. so creamy and luxurious, musky and
frothing; she swallowed it, let the thick cream slide down her throat
and sucked avidly for more.

“Drink it down,” he groaned. “Swallow my come, take it down into your
stomach and digest it. Ooohhh, Mom! You never sucked off my daddy, but
you’re doing it to me.”

Lauralee felt her pelvis surge, because Bettina had found the clit and
was tugging it, torturing the nubbin with tongue and teeth. The girl’s
face was buried in Lauralee’s crotch, and she was gulping, chewing,
devouring the humid snatch.

Keeping her son’s greasy prick tightly within her mouth, jealous of any
droplet of his precious fluid that might escape, Lauralee bucked upon
Bettin’as mouth smearing her wet snatch over the girl’s face, bringing
her thighs together to held the head just where she wanted it.

“Ummmm!” she said around Robbie’s throbbing shaft, and “ummmm,” again,
as the hot wave of a swiftly approaching orgasm threatened to engulf
her. Let it come, she thought dazedly; let it happen, and she didn’t
give a damn if her mind was shattered in the frantic climax.

Lauralee was in paradise, and when her clit thrummed like a tuning
fork, when the wild sensations cascaded through out her vagina like a
runaway water fall, she floated with them, still tugging upon her son’s
cockhead, still trying to drain another treasured droplet of seminal
fluid from it.

She didn’t know when he gently took his prick from her mouth; she
didn’t know when Bettina lifted a greasy face from between her thighs.
Lauralee only knew that she was floating, drifting, and that nobody had
ever told her that paradise was so warm and liquid.

Chapter 4

When Lauralee came back to the world, the television set had been shut
off, and the room was quiet. Blinking, she looked around, hoping
fervently that it hadn’t all been a wild, erotic dream, and knowing
immediately that it wasn’t. Then she hope her son and new daughter-in-
law hadn’t gone back to their own bed and left her alone.

Not yet, she thought; oh, not yet. There were still violent flames
raging within her awakened body, hot fires that needed to be quenched
the only way possible — by some more solid fucking. She had so many
wasted years to make up for, so many strange and exciting sensations to

Listening, she heard them next door, and slowly sat up on the water
bed, still not used to its sensuous movements beneath her nude body.
Stroking her hands teasingly over her firm breasts, Lauralee thought:
her body, what a wondrous mechanism it was, even though it had taken
her far too long to discover its potential. Before, she had accepted
it, and little more. Of course she’d been somewhat proud of her looks
in general, of the fact she had no lines on her face, and that she
wasn’t fat. But she had so resolutely kept its secret functions from
her mound, trying to deny their existence! And now they were primary to

They loved her body; both Robbie and Bettina adored her flesh and its
hot, juicy places. Lauralee could do no less than love it, also. And
she did, for the rapture within it, for the ecstasy her body could
impart to others. It was so damned *good* to be alive and functioning
at long last as a lusty, healthy female.

Licking her lips, she convinced herself that she could yet taste the
residue of her son’s semen there, and smiled in memory of its gushing
fulfillment. How marvelously it was flavored! And the matchless
intimacy of the ejaculation was beyond description. Doing that to him,
knowing the feel of his rigid shaft within her mouth, curling her
tongue around the delicious meat as it slid in and out, and
experiencing the burying of the cockhead in her throat — it was
something she had to know again and again. And she would, no matter
what else might happen. Lauralee wanted to know it, be it, do it all.
Fondling the rising nipples of her breasts, she stood up, undecided as
to whether she should break in on them in the next room. First she
would clean herself up a bit, she thought, and hurried to the bathroom.
She peed, and knew a little thrill deep within her stimulated pussy;
every move she made seemed to call attention to that newly awakened

Swiftly, Lauralee showered, and touched herself with the simple perfume
she carried in her purse, although the flowery scent didn’t suit her
any more; she’d have to buy something musky and sensuous, she thought,
a special fragrance to accent her new self. And sexy undies, babydoll
nighties, all the things she had once considered so frivolous and
senseless, possibly a different hairdo. Pants suits which would cling
to her body. There was a whole different world out there for Lauralee,
and she was going willingly into its embraces.

Toweling her hair, she started to wrap the towel around her hips, then
thought the hell with it. She was proud of her naked body now. The kids
were sitting side by side upon her bed when she strode into the room
with her head held high and her long body glowing. “Hi,” her son said.
“You’re a constant surprise to us, Mom. We figured you had crashed for
the night, that maybe we had worn you out, but here you are, fresher
and more beautiful than ever.”

Lauralee felt no flush of embarrassment, no stab of guilt. Not any
more, she told herself firmly; that kind of nonsense was all in the
past, and damned well belonged there. “You two look beautiful, too,”
she murmured. “Are you hungry, or anything? I don’t even know what time
it is, and don’t much care.”

Bettina smiled at her. “Nobody’s in any hurry, Lauralee. If you want to
stay over all day, that’s just great for us.”

Giggling, Lauralee said, “I wonder what that shifty little desk clerk
will think about that?”

‘Who cares?” Robbie asked. “Every time I look at your gorgeous cunt, I
think I could fuck it for a week, without stopping — except to eat it.
That’s what I want to do now, Mother; I have to get that wild pussy
into my mouth and suck on it.”

Lauralee felt a hot shiver climbing her spine, and a tremble began
somewhere within the silken depths of her vagina. “Anything,” she
whispered, “anything for the two people I love most.”

Bettina rose from the bed to make room, that small and shapely body
glistening like precious molten metal, but so much softer. Robbie slid
across the undulating water bed, and Lauralee stared down to watch the
rising of her son’s prick, seeing it thicken and grow longer.

The brown matting of his pubic hair looked soft and appealing, and she
remembered the touch of it against her face, the ultra-soft caress of
his sack. Lauralee couldn’t ever recall seeing his father’s hard cock
close up; she had been repelled by the very idea and now she wondered
what her former husband’s cock would be like. Shaking the thought away,
she moved to the bed and lay upon it, welcoming its gentle rolling, the
give of it beneath her ass.

She rolled toward Robbie and took his slim body into her arms. Her
mouth sought his, and she kissed her son as he so deserved to be
kissed, with a probing of her hot tongue and a gentle clashing of
teeth. Lauralee drank his breath and ran her hands in wonder over his
sleek body, finding the grace and young manhood of his shaping, the
sculptured modelling of his buttocks.

Robbie’s cock pressed against her belly, and her erectile nipples
drilled themselves into his hairless chest. She rubbed her aching mound
into his crotch, tore his mouth away and gasped, “Oh, Mom, it’s just
like touching you for the first time? You make my prick so stiff it
hurts. I love Bettina, and really dig fucking her, but I guess Mother
pussy must be the best there is.”

Wriggling along her flesh, her son dipped his face and began to kiss
her throat, her collarbone. She stroked his hair and shoulders, moving
onto her back and parting her legs so he could fit his body between her
hungry thighs. When he reached her tits Lauralee squirmed and worked
slowly on down to her belly, nipping the skin and laving it wetly with
his not tongue.

She quivered at the stirring of his breath in her pubic hair, and her
labia seemed to reach up, to part of their own accord. Groaning, her
son plunged his mouth greedily into her cunt and Lauralee echoed his
throaty sound. Her head rolled from side to side upon the pillow as
Robbie at her pussy, and her darling boy gobbled her cunt, his tongue
corkscrewing far into her flowing vagina, his teeth pressing into her
pussy lips.

Robbie’s fingernails dug into the surging cheeks of her ass, and she
rolled her hips, smearing her crotch over his cheeks and chin, against
his nose. It was maddening, but a beautiful insanity that tingled along
her nerve ends and ;made her skin quake wildly. Lauralee hunched her
cunt to him, bringing her smooth thighs close to caress her son’s head
with them.

She was gasping for breath when she felt Bettina slide onto the bed
with them. While Robbie busily devoured her snatch, the girl began to
caress Lauralee’s throbbing breasts. Taking turns upon the tender
nipples, Bettina moved tantalizingly down and down while Lauralee’s
confused mind wondered what was going on. But whatever it was, the act
had to be wonderful, and she accepted the additional caresses with

Then it happened. Bettina forced the thighs apart, and manipulated
herself into the widespread legs beside Robbie. Lauralee stared down at
the heads together, the brown one and the honey-blond one, boy and
girl. Her belly tightened at Bettina added the quick and deft caresses
of her tongue to that of Robbie’s, and Lauralee was somehow being eaten
by two people.

She could feel the feverish darting of both their tongues, sometimes
alternating, sometimes cramming themselves side by side into her
heaving snatch. They went to work on her clitoris, lapping and teasing,
their caresses sliding wet, tingling hot. Oh lord — skyrockets were
threatening to go off inside her vagina, the fuses sizzling. It was an
overwhelming sensation, and Lauralee swivelled her crotch in happiness,
pivoting her steaming cunt against first one mouth, then the other.
Deliciously, the shudders ran through her taut and writhing body.; her
vagina contracted and her ass quivered. Lauralee cried out that she was
coming, coming, but the searching tongues only speared her faster and

Locking their heads between her thighs, she churned her pussy in
ecstasy, feeling it turn into a seething cauldron, feeling the suction
being applied there. Her head whirled and she had a tough time catching
her breath, but Lauralee didn’t give a damn it she fell dead at the
height of her orgasm. Pumping and moaning, she drew the most from it,
forcing her inflamed clit against someone’s teeth, her moan lengthening
and soaring as she felt the tip of a finger forcing itself into the
tight dimple of her asshole.

It was still there when she fell back, her breasts pistoning up and
down, and sharp, darting thrills still firing throughout her pussy,
trailing liquid sparks behind. Lauralee wiggled upon the embedded
finger, relaxing as it slid father up her tube. A different sensation,
she thought in rapture, something else she was discovering. Another
part of her body was being brought into a use she had never dreamed
could be. Hazily, she wondered just how many ways of sensual
gratification there were.


The finger eased from her disturbed anus, and Luaralee sighed. One head
lifted from her steaming cunt, and another. She looked down the length
of he supine body with drowsy eyes, registering slowly her son’s intent

“Your pussy tastes like honey, Mom,” he said softly. “Did my father
ever go down on you like that? I mean, even without somebody else

Lauralee swallowed. “N-no, dear. Of course, we never did it with anyone
else around. And — well, I never enjoyed it, before. You and Bettina,
you’re both so marvelous.”

“You are, too,” he breathed. “Man, that’s really a juicy gash, so rich
and velvety. I damned near dame while I was eating you.”

“Don’t waste it, baby,” she said. “Give it to your mother.”

His swollen cockhead prodded at the entrance of her vulva, soft and
hard at once, covered with silken skin, but having that strong core of
power present only in a horny man’s turgid prick. Lauralee’s pussy lips
fitted themselves to the knob, already greasy with excitement, and her
sons bulb slid easily between them as Robbie thrust his shaft up and

The distended meat glided into her receptive cunt, far up into her
pulsating hole, and the boy’s lovely balls came to rest in the furry
cleft of her trembling ass. It was inside her again; her darling son’s
wonderful prick was buried to the root inside her greedy cunt,
throbbing there as he lay still between her thighs. Pelvis to pelvis,
his brown pubic hair blending with her curly black mattress, they
remained quiet for a while, exulting in what they both had.

Slowly then, by tacit agreement, they began to stroke, Robbie’s long,
slim cock slipping inch by inch back through the jealous gripping of
her satin-lined sheath, the upper part of the sweet meat exerting
pressure against her clit. Fabulous boyish prick, she thought, rolling
her belly against his; fantastic little-boy cock so beautiful and hard,
sawing in and out of her soupy gash. She rode it gleefully, but not
with any driving force; Lauralee wanted the gentleness now, this
special tender give-and- take of slippery meat within oily flesh.

Sensuously and almost languidly, she ground upon the moving rod,
caressing her son’s smooth hips and travelling her fingers along his
spine. Robbie reached deeply with every thrust, no more in a hurry than
she was, and she luxuriated in the penetrations, in the teasing way he
was using his charming prick.

So many things had been turned topsy-turvy in her mind. There was no
way she could possibly be jealous of this boy’s other lover, of
Robbie’s legal wife . Maybe that was because she was also in live with
the lovely Bettina, she had shared that sugared pussy as well. But it
now seemed so *right*, all very natural and normal to fuck and be
fucked by those she truly cared for.

“Slow and easy,” Robbie sighed. “It’s far out to be able to screw you
this way, Mom… without hurrying and jamming it to you, I mean. Your
cunt is so soft and deep, and so hot, too. I dig putting the cock to
you like this, with your fine ass wiggling and your belly sliding,
while I look down and watch your tits rocking from side to side. But I
don’t know how long I can hold out, so if I start to come before you
do, let me know.”

“It won’t matter,” she purred, feeling catlike and squirmy. “You can
make me come just by pumping that magic semen into my pussy darling.
Ooohh! That’s so thrilling — ahhh, my sweetheart, my horny little boy.
How you’ve grown up… oohh! I adore your cock, Robbie! I worship this
superb prick!”

Lauralee became conscious of the girl, of young Betina slipping into
position near her head. Dreamily, she turned her face, wriggling upon
the slow prodding meat within her abundant cunt. She saw Bettina’s dark
golden pubic hair, and the peerless modelling of the shapely thighs,
the rounded sculpture of the girl’s knees.

“Take me, too,” Bettina murmured. “Just keep your head straight,
Lauralee, and I’ll lift one knee across you like this — oh yes,
darling. IT turns me on so much, to watch Robbie feeding you his meat,
to see you hunching on your son’s prick, my husband’s prick.”

Staring up, Lauralee eyed the poised vulva, and delighted in the sight
of the furred mound, the peeping pink labia. A cunt could be beautiful,
too, she thought; how could she have ever considered here own to be
ugly? Gently, the girl began to lower that beguiling crotch, and
Lauralee caught the aroma of it, the spicy, exotic perfume of love

She humped a little faster upon Robbie’s gliding shaft, and her
daughter-in- law’s pussy came down, down. Lauralee opened her mouth and
fitted her lips across those humid ones so honeyed and elegant. Silken
hair pressed against her teeth, and she bored her tongue upward into
the dewy vagina that had been so artistically designed for sex with
either man or woman.

They were meshed again, when Bettina’s snatch settled snugly over he
mouth; they were mixed, locked together by prick and cunt and tongue,
all of them moving torridly together in the selfless sharing of their
love. Lauaralee twisted upon her son’s surging meant, and Robbie
started to pump it more strongly to his mother’s cunt, his greasy balls
flapping noisily against her asshole.

Bettina was very eager, and although her vision was cut off, Lauralee
could vividly imagine the girl staring wide-eyed at the prick slipping
in and out, at the curling gyrations of a black-haired pussy that was
fast approaching a climax. The girl thrust and heaved, recoiling only
to jam that juicy slot harder against Lauralee’ lapping tongue.

There was the clitoris, leaping with a life of its won, and Lauralee
drew it avidly, pulled on the feminine penis with a blind and dedicated
affection. She could hear Bettina hissing, hear the girl groaning.
Maybe it was Robbie, she thought dimly; maybe all three of them were
making the sounds.

Sucking and rolling her jaws, Lauralee hurried the job on Bettina’s
clit, wanting the girl to come with them, for she could feel the
jerkiness of her son’s reaching cockhead, and knew that orgasm was
close. Her own was blooming like a wildflower, deep within her rippling
cunt, and Lauralee lurched, pulled back, and snapped her vagina tightly
around Robbie’s embedded shaft.

The boy came furiously, jetting his semen into her pussy with spasmodic
bursts, grunting and holding his root firmly against her clitoris.
Lauralee came with him, white novas spinning inside her straining body,
and she felt Bettina shudder at the same moment. They had made it.

Chapter 5

Lauralee drove at average speed, although she wanted to hurry home. The
X-rated motel was behind them, but she would never forget the place,
and the astounding effect it had had upon her life. Rolling ahead of
her, the highway arrowed for her house, the home that had been part of
the divorce settlement when she’d parted from Marshall. The very idea
of it seemed staid and sterile to her now, the almost pathologically
tidy rooms that she realized only echoed her loneliness.

But not any more, she told herself exultantly; now there was Betina and
Robbie, and her son was closer to her than he had ever been, because he
was also her lover, her young and continually horny stud. And her
daughter-in-law was a swinging bisexual who reveled in eating pussy as
well as having her own delectable snatch chewed.

And Lauralee Jergens herself, wasn’t she also a ball AC/DC chick?
That’s what the kids called her, and the label was proper. She felt a
hand upon her thigh, and smiled at the windshield. Robbie sat beside
her, his bride next to the other door. They’d wanted to travel this
way, not separate from her in the back seat, and she was glad. Her
son’s hand caressed her thigh with gentle affection, and Lauralee
trembled with a rising excitement, wondering if she would always react
this way to him, and seeing no future reason not to. Not as long as
they both could fuck, she though gaily; not while their overflowing
love was shared by Bettina, also.

“I can’t keep my hands off you,” Robbie said, “or my wife, either. but
I’ve been screwing Bettina longer. I guess you suspected that, hum,

“Sort of,” she admitted, “but I wouldn’t face the fact. Now I’m glad
you two were making it, and happier yet you were married.” From the
corner of her eye, Lauralee saw that Bettina was unzipping the boy’s
jeans, but had to shift her eyes back to the road before she could
watch that precious young cock come into view. She knew it was there,
though’ she knew it was long and slender, and that its polished head
would be ballooning swiftly, that perhaps a small and glistening pearl
of pre-seminal fluid would be gathering upon its very tip.

Lauralee quivered as her son moved his hand from her thigh to cup her
mound. “Baby,” she gasped, “Don’t do that while I’m driving. I’ll run
us off the road.”

“I won’t finger-fuck you,” Robbie promised. “I’ll just hold my mother’s
wonderful pussy like this, while my wife plays with my prick. Maybe you
ought to drive a little faster, Mom.”

Catching her breath, Lauralee nodded and pressed down more on the gas
pedal. They weren’t all that far from home now, and she was very
anxious to get there, to strip away the throttling camouflage of her
clothing and let her naked body breathe again. She was cheating on the
speed limit, but hopefully not enough to make a state trooper fall in
behind the car.

She dared to look over at the kids again, and saw Bettina’s small had
sliding caressingly up and down Robbie’s erect cock. The girl smiled at
her and aimed the adorable pinkish knob her way.

“Lauralee, have you ever jacked off a man, or seen it done? Watching
all that creamy juice come spitting out of a cockhead is really
something, very interesting.”

“N-no, I haven’t,” Lauralee answered. “And I don’t know if I could. I
think I’d have to start kissing it, and then before I knew what was
happening, I’d have it in my mouth, instead.”

Bettina laughed softly. “I know what you mean, but sometimes I do both
— jack him off and catch the semen in my mouth when he goes off.”

“You’re both driving me out of my mind,” Lauralee said between clenched
teeth. “I can feel my pussy trembling and turning damp.”

Robbie cupped her vulva tighter. “So can I, right through your clothes.
That’s a very special cunt you have, Mom.”

“Have you screwed others?” she asked “Besides Bettina I mean?”

“Sure; I was fucking by the time I was twelve, but Bettina was the
best, and she taught me about oral sex, too. Then when I got into my
first grown-up type pussy…” Robbie stopped talking suddenly, and
Lauralee glanced at him.

“I”ll tell you all about that later,” he said, and she thought that
Bettina had squeezed almost savagely upon the boy’s erect penis.
Somehow, the gesture seemed like a warning.

The familiar off ramp loomed ahead, and Lauralee swung down it,
hesitated at the stop sign, and turned down it, hesitated at the stop
sign, and turned right. Just a few more blocks, and they could run into
the house and get naked. She would lock all the doors and keep the
drapes drawn; she might even take the phone off it hook, because she
didn’t want to be bothered by anyone.

There was the street, lined with heavily leafed trees that shaded it
and the rolling lawns of the quiet, respectable neighborhood. Lauralee
zipped the car into the driveway and hit the brakes.

“Now,” she said, “Put your cock back into your pants for the moment,
Robbie. No, just leave the luggage for now; we can take it in later.”

“Mom’s in a hurry to get fucked,” he grinned. “Come on, Bettina.”

Lauralee had trouble with the key, but finally swung back the door, and
they were inside the darkened house. She kicked the door shut behind
them and turned the lock, then took only a few steps into the living
room before she began taking off her dress and kicking away her shoes.

Following her example, her son kept grinning. “Man, oh man; my father
doesn’t know what he’s missing. It’s too bad he couldn’t turn you on
like this. I’ll be if Dad could watch that great body shining the way
it is, and see your tits shaking, and your crazy pussy hair gleaming,
he’d just about come in his pants, no matter how many times he had
screwed you.”

She stepped out of her underthings and stood erect, with her legs
apart, running her fingers over her aching breasts and rolling her hips
sexily. A few feet away, she watched the golden flesh of Bettina being
exposed, glimpsing the feathery glory of the girl’s burnished pubic
hair and the outstanding little pink nipples. Then Lauralee
concentrated upon her son, focusing upon the boy’s swollen and visibly
throbbing prick; it held a hypnotic allure for her.

Lauralee said,” I don’t think your father would ever be interested in
me again. Thinking back on our life together, I guess it was pretty bad
for him. But let’s not talk about him now; I’m more interested in
getting with you and Bettina.”

He came to her with his arms outstretched, with that lovely hard prick
poking ahead of his belly like a miniature flagpole. Wrapping her own
arms about him, Lauralee kissed the boy’s eagerly opened mouth, and
their tongues met fiercely. This time she sensed that their fucking
would not be gentle, but a violently demanding coupling that would
batter them both, and Lauralee welcomed the savagery of their needs.

His hands were kneading her breasts, his fingers toying with her aching
nipples and his cockhead sliding back and forth across her trembling
belly. Lauralee could feel his balls, feel the soft pubic hair. She had
never fucked her husband here in the living room of their home; it had
always been upstairs in the lightless bedroom, and always Marshall had
initiated the action, never herself.

Robbie was bending his cock down, and she suddenly felt it jerk upward
to snuggle along the length of her pulsing labia. She tried to move him
toward the big, low couch on the other side of the room, but he
resisted, she wondered why. Then the boy stopped and his knob was
prodding upward, trying to wiggle its way into her vulva from below. He
was only a little bit shorter than she was, and Lauralee realized that
her son meant to fuck her standing up.

His cockhead nuzzled at her pussy lips, and she shifted the angle of
her crotch to help it enter, her pulse racing and her heart pounding at
this new possibility. The boy’s knob found the path, stretching her
rubbery labia and driving upward into the salved gloving of her vibrant
cunt, up into the vagina until the length of his sweet meat was crammed

I’m going to fuck you in every possible position,” Robbie promised,
arching his back and thrusting more strongly. “I mean to screw my
beautiful, hot-assed mother in every hole she’s got, and you’re going
to dig it, aren’t you? You’re going to love taking my prick every way
there is.”

“Y-yes,” she sighed, “oh yes, darling. Stick that gorgeous young meat
deeper into your mother’s pussy — deeper, baby. Sock it home and tear
me apart!”

They writhed together, and Lauralee discovered that she couldn’t get to
his cock quite as well like this, but she enjoyed the change, the
difference, and clung to the surging cheeks of her son’s ass while he
fed his shaft powerfully up into her steamy gash. Robbie’s mouth
fastened hungrily to one of her tits and tried to draw the entire mound
between his suctioning lips. Her pussy ate at his rod, gulped at the
pistoning meat, and Lauralee’s vaginal muscles clamped upon it, adored
it juicily, wetly, hotly.

When he lunged harder, she almost lost her balance, and swayed. Robbie
held to her, and moved her step by slow, fumbling step across the room,
stroking his prick steadily into her avid snatch as he did so. The
couch bumped the backs of her knees, and Luaralee sank back upon its
cushions, being very careful not to have his submerged prick slip out.
He rolled over on top of her and hammered his pelvis into her heavily
padded one; Lauralee know the rhythmic slapping of his balls and the
sweaty pressure of his belly. Robbie had to let go of her nipple then,
and transferred his mouth to her own, feeding her his tongue with the
same primitive fury that he was using to sledge his stiff rod into her
flexing cunt.

Rocking with him, turning with his thrusts, Lauralee raised her legs
and trapped his lurching body in the silken net. Writhing upon his
driving prick, she dug her heels into the cleft of his ass and bit the
boy’s lips as her climax bubbled furiously, deep within her vagina.

This was real; this demanding power was real and true, and she fought
to hold her own against it, battled to fuck him even more fiercely than
he was screwing her. Gasping and heaving, she strained against his
crotch as her clitoris exploded to send the sweet violence throughout
her quivering body.

A heartbeat later, she felt the spewing of his sizzling come, the
eruption of his semen. Heavy and searing, the treasured juice boiled
against the cup of her cervix and sprayed the vaginal walls. Her son’s
fingertips drilled into the soft cheeks of her trembling ass, and his
balls emptied themselves in successive convulsions into her womb.

Her head swimming, Lauralee fell back upon the couch, her legs slipping
down his, her breasts pumping as she choked for air, for some kind of
balance. Every time, she thought dazedly; each and every time she came
with Robbie, it was fantastic, an orgasm that screamed exultantly along
her nerves and went off inside her mind like a chain of firecrackers.

She became conscious that she was being kissed, that two pairs of lips
were soft and arm at her cheeks, upon her throat. She knew that another
set of firm breasts was pressing into her side, and that her lover’s
prick was still embedded to its thick hilt within her milky vagina.
Bettina, she thought; adorable little Bettina had stayed aside so that
Lauralee could have her pussy filled once again with an enchanted cock.

Turning her head, Lauralee kissed the girl’s tender mouth and murmured,
“Thank you, dear. I don’t mean to be greedy or selfish. It’s just that
— well, since you got me started sexually, I just can’t seem to get

Bettina drew the tip of her tongue across her lips and said, ” That
isn’t bad. In fact, it’s good for all of us.” She pulled back slightly
and said to Robbie, “I guess this is as good a time as any to tell

Gently, the boy pulled his still rigid shaft from the sleeve of his
mother’s cunt. She felt sticky juice purling down the inside of one
thigh, and blinked at her son as he sat back upon his haunches. Robbie
posed there between his mother’s spread white thighs, a smear of semen
clinging to the inflamed head of his penis.

He said, “Now don’t get worried, Mom. It’s — we’ve been making it with
somebody else, before you. Bettina thinks you can handle that now.”

“Of course,’ Lauralee said, puzzled. “You already told me about
yourself, and I an imagine how Bettina got all her experience. But I
don’t see why you should be making a big thing of it now.”

Robbie tilted his head to one side. “We didn’t tell you *who* we’ve
been screwing, and we never would have, except you’ve turned from an
iceberg into the hottest piece of ass around.”

Cupping one of Lauralee’s breasts, Bettina said quietly, “You lost your
hang- ups with me, and with your own son. So you shouldn’t get spaced
out about anything sexual, now. Robbie and I have been making it with
my folks… he’s been putting it to my mom and I’ve been fucking my
daddy. But I had a head start on Robbie, because my daddy took my
cherry when I was thirteen years old, and taught me just about
everything else I know about sex.”

Despite all her good intentions, Lauralee gasped. It came as such a
shock to think that this lovely, sweet girl had been deflowered… and
wasn’t that a hang-up expression… had been screwed by her own father
at such an early age. And Robbie: her boy, was putting that beautiful
shaft to another older woman, to his wife’s mother.

But that was no worse, if *worse* was the proper word, than him fucking
his own mother. Lauralee absorbed the information and dissected it,
growing more calm by the moment. Really, she thought, it was ridiculous
to be upset about anything like that. In a back-handed way, she was
truly grateful to Mr. and Mrs. Hartman, to the man, especially. If he
hadn’t screwed his young daughter, and evidently done a magnificent job
of breaking in the girl, Bettina might not have fucked Robbie so
easily, might not have married him. An Lauralee would still be a
frigid, bitter woman blind to all the sensuous joys of incest and

“Your father taught you well,” she said, “and I’m thankful you passed
it along, Bettina.”

“There,” Robbie crowed. “I told you she was great. Oh man, what a ball
we’re going to have.” He slid out from between her legs, his cock
drooping a little.

Lauralee propped herself on one elbow and put her arm around the girl’s
slim and nubile body. “But how did you get to screw Mrs. Hartman,

Her son grinned. “It was kind of easy, because Chris — that’s
Bettina’s father — was balling Bettina so much that he wasn’t giving
much prick to his wife, to Jessica. She thought he was getting
something on the side, but she didn’t suspect Bettina. I mean, she was
hot to trot, and looking around for some fucking of her own. There I
was, and I screwed the hell out of her, all turned on because she was
Bettina’s mom, and because she was my first grown-up pussy.”

“Let me get this straight,” Lauralee said. “You *knew* that Bettina was
laying her father, and you still meant to marry her?”

“Sure, Mom. And once I got into Jessica and got her turned on, it was
simple to set it up so that Bettina dame in and caught us fucking up a
storm. Man, I had it balls-deep into her mom’s wet cunt when she walked
into the bedroom. Jessica almost passed out and tried to wiggle out
from under me, but I held down so Bettina could explain it all to her.
After she thought it over some, Jessica could see that the four of us
would make a happy family. That night, she almost screwed Chris’s balls
off, she was so excited, and that day, the four of us got together.

Lauralee caught her breath, picturing an adult couple and this pair of
charming, sensual children, naked and squirming together… the father
fucking his tiny daughter, the mother stroking a rich and mature cunt
upon a boy’s eager cock. She could imagine the adult couple staring at
each other, seeing for the first time how the youthful lovers screwed,
watching each other rise to the wild heights of passion. It must have
been a terrifically stimulating experience for them all, an orgy of the
flesh and mind as well.

“Bettina,” she asked,” did you learn to got down on women from your

The girl laughed merrily. “Oh no; I had this thing going with another
kid for awhile, before my daddy started fucking me. That’s how he gout
up the nerve, the first time. He saw Maris and me doing some sixty-
nine; it gave him such a hard-on that he practically raped me.” She
laughed again. “But he didn’t have to struggle much; I was more than
ready to try on a prick, and from then on, we screwed every time we got
the chance. I was the first chick to eat Mom’s cunt, and mine was the
first she ever tasted. Now she digs it, too; Just like you, Lauralee.”

“Just like me,” Lauralee breathed. “Oh, I’m so mixed up; all these new
ideas coming at once, all these different concepts. but I can accept
them, because I don’t ever want to go back to what I was, and I
certainly don’t want to lose my two beautiful lovers, ever.”

Robbie swung his legs over the side of the bed and Betina kissed
Lauralee’s cheek. “That’s great, just wonderful. When I saw you finger-
fucking yourself in that X-rated motel, I just knew everything was
going to work out all right. Excuse me now; I want to go call my
parents and tell them that we’re back from the wedding. They sort of
planned on sharing our honeymoon, but I’ll explain it has to be later ,
that we have something going with you.”

Chapter 6

She cooked them a strengthening meal, steak and baked potatoes, a green
salad and spring peas. They had milk while Lauralee drank strong coffee
and spiked her final cup with good brandy. She still wasn’t quite used
to sitting around naked with her equally bare son and his young wife,
especially doing something as mundane and familiar as finishing dinner.

That would come with time, she thought, as most of her earlier
programming had already. She didn’t need to hide her body behind a
stylish shield of clothes; it was a good body, sensual and pleasure-
giving. People love it, all the hillocks and crevices, all the smooth
skin and warm flesh. Now she did, also.

Bettina helped her clear the table, and they stuffed dishes into the
washer while Robbie went to clean up. In one way, Lauralee felt
comfortable with the girl; in another there was an undercurrent of
sexual tension between them that would never allow her to be completely
at ease with her daughter-in-law. but that wasn’t bad; she felt the
identical tension with her own son, a heightening of all her senses as
their bodies struck sparks from each other.

It was probably just that way with Bettina and her father, Lauralee
thought, that closeness of blood and breaking of the taboo causing an
accelerated drive, a more intense need. Yet both she and the girl had
plenty of love left over for others, perhaps even magnified because of
the incomparable fulfillment they knew, a completeness always laced
with a certain degree of insatiability. Whatever it was, the results
were nothing short of terrific.

Bettina leaned back against he dishwasher, and its red *on* lights
seemed to accent, to outline the sleek charm of the finely modelled
body. The girl said, “Mom and Dad were really surprised when I told
them all about us. Robbie had mentioned how could you were, how you
never went out with anyone. But they’re happy it’s all working out so
well, and very eager to meet you.”

“I feel silly because I’ve only spoken to them on the phone,” Lauralee
answered. “I didn’t want to meet them because I was so set against
Robbie getting married… not only to you, but to any girl. Now I
suppose I’m a little afraid of them.”

The girl slid gracefully away from the machine, the tiny body
undulating, all honey-gold and smooth. “They’re cool people, Lauralee;
I’m sure you’ll dig them and it’ll do you a lot of good to screw
another guy, someone besides Robbie. My dad can give you a wonderful

A little tremble stirred deep within Lauralee’s body, and her skin felt
warmer, more sensitive. She wondered what the man looked like, and
about the size and shape of his prick; would it be thicker than her
son’s shaft, or longer? Would the swollen cockhead be formed any
differently, and would it make any kind of change in her sensual
enjoyment? Having a strange body fitted to her own had to be exciting,
she decided, and hoped she would be able to make the man as happy.

She reached out for Bettina and drew the slim body to her own, reveling
in the touch of the flawless skin and its eager warmth. “I’m sure he
can, dear. I just hope I can match it; I haven’t had much experience,
you know.”

Bettina snuggled close, pressing the cones of her neat tits into the
flesh of Lauralee’s ribs, pressing the satin glory of her humid mound
into a thigh. “Oh, you will, don’t worry. Daddy will go ape when he
sees you, and we’ll be lucky if we can pry his big cock out of your
sweet pussy later. And Mom… well, she’s wonderful. You’ll see, when
we all get together tomorrow. Tonight, we’ll ball each other some
more… you and me and Robbie.”

Lauralee stroked gently seeking hands over the diminutive sculpture of
the girl’s lovely ass and said, “In my bed this time; it’s been empty
too long. And with the lights on, so I can see everything, so I can
catch a glimpse of us in the mirror. My husband and I always did it in
the dark — my fault, of course. And we didn’t fuck all that often,
anyway. Again, my fault.”

Bettina came up on tippytoe so she could touch her furry little vulva
to the thick matting of Lauralee’s pussy. “It couldn’t have been *all*
your fault, darling. You’re too passionate, too hot a woman. He must
have done something to turn you off.”

“I’ll take the blame,” Lauralee said, and forced her self back from the
pulsing body. “But we’d better take our baths right now, or we never
will. Robbie ought to be done and waiting on us.”

Holding hands, they moved along the hallway, their hips and thighs
brushing with occasional quick kisses. Heat grew in Lauralee’s belly,
dampening her pussy and Making her inner thighs tense. The entire night
lay before them, beckoning and laden with erotic promises. They
separated as Lauralee headed for her own bathroom, turned a little
dizzy by overlapping expectations of tonight and tomorrow.

When Lauralee came back into her bedroom, she was refreshed and squeaky
clean, her skin powdered and perfumed, her ebony hair fluffed out. She
walked tall, her long legs swinging easily, smoothly, with her firm and
nicely rounded breasts bouncing their tips gone stiff and dark. Her
olive-toned skin was touched with rose and glowing from her bath.
Lauralee was ready for anything, knowing she looked good, that she was
appealing to the eye, a joy to all the senses. It was good to be proud,
to show all she had.

She paused a moment, looking down at the beautiful couple already
stretched and waiting for he upon the bed, and saw their eyes light up
with appreciation. They were so lovely in their youth, she thought,
both of them slim and sleek, both tapered just so, rounded delightfully
in the proper places. The girl had her slender thighs parted slightly,
the blonde hair of her small mound gleaming, the polished belly flat
and silken. Robbie’s prick was fully turgid, the blue veins a delicate
network around the hardened shaft, the adorable cockhead bulging
splendidly. Brown hair curled over and around his balls, and the boy’s
hand was gently caressing the sack.

“Wow,” he breathed. “You can make any guy jack off, by just standing
there bare-assed, Mom. I sure feel sorry for my father, not knowing
what a fantastic piece of hot pussy you are.”

Lauralee flowed toward the bed, and lay down beside him, giving him her
tits to fondle, her heart picking up its pace and pulses throbbing in
her throat. This was the bed, the place she and her ex-husband had
slept, where she had so many times lain stiff and unyielding, merely
trying to do a repugnant wifely duty and never enjoying it.

Robbie’s hand was on her snatch, one finger sliding up and down her
damply palpitating labia, and her entire body yearned to him, for him,
urgently needing the plunging of that boyish cock. But Lauralee forced
herself to pull away from him.

“Darling, I don’t want to be greedy. Beside, I haven’t watched you put
that gorgeous stiff prick to your wife yet. Show me how you fuck her,
Robbie; I’ll enjoy that as much as screwing you myself.” And she would,
she thought; she wanted to see every minute detail of their lovemaking,
to watch each slide of her son’s rigid prick into the delectable lips
of Bettina’s lovely, girlish cunt.

“Okay, Mom; I’ll still have a hard-on for you, anyway.”

His wife rolled toward him, and Lauralee gave them room, eyeing the
caressing movements of their hands and the slow writhing of their
bodies. She saw them kiss, and watched the resultant tremors that shook
them as Robbie’s hands sought the girl’s breasts, as Bettina’s fingers
crept down to heft his balls and wander along the staff of his ready

When Betina wriggled off to one side and rolled over onto hands and
knees, Lauralee blinked at the girl, but delighted in the sight of that
enticing ass that showed a peeping of hair in its cleft. Lauralee lay
upon her side, one arm curled upon the pillow beneath her head, and
watched her son move around behind his wife. Of course, she thought;
the pornographic movies had show this position, and Lauralee remembered
the scene with clarity now.

There Robbie was, also on his knees, and running his hands over his
young wife’s buttocks, around and under her smooth tummy while he slid
his distended prick up and down between the cheeks of that captivating
that ass. Long golden hair hanging down, Bettina squirmed at the
caresses, and Lauralee could see the girl’s breasts swaying, their pink
nipples like baby strawberries.

“Pretty pussy,” Robbie said. “I dig those cunt lips, baby. Feel the tip
of my cock against them?”

“Uummm,” Bettina whispered. “Give it to me, lover. Slide that nice hard
prick up into my cunt. Show your mother how we fuck.”

Turning his head, Robbie smiled at Lauralee and fingered his shaft,
angling the ballooned knob down to nudge into the girl’s tremulous
labia, into the dewy pink lips so eager to take it in. Lauralee stared
entranced at the spongy-hard bulb pressed inward and upward, as Bettina
shifted her ass slightly to get it settled. Turning upon the bed and
sliding closer upon her belly, her nipples aching against the sheet,
Lauralee was intent upon the tiniest movement. It was her first
experience at seeing fucking from close up — in real life, anyway, and
the films at that motel couldn’t come close to this flesh and blood

The boy’s cockhead slid from view, and slowly the swollen staff
followed, disappearing into the avid clenching of Bettina’s cunt lips.
Lauralee could see the labia stretched and thinned, going flat in
places away from the padding of blond pubic hair. Then Robbie’s prick
was buried to he hilt, his balls swinging down between the opened
thighs and his belly tight against the hillocks of the girl’s ass.

Fascinated, Lauralee edged nearer, her eyes fastened upon the
lascivious joining of the sexual organs. So close, she could make out
each curling pussy hair, and every matching coil of the darker hair
around her son’s stem. The prick moved back, shining with the
lubricating juices of Bettina’s velvety cunt, and the girl’s lips clung
jealously to the withdrawing meat.

As Robbie plunged it back into the shuddering vagina, Lauralee couldn’t
help herself. She stroked his ass, his back, while her face remained
very close to her son’s tenderly moving cock, to the rhythmic swinging
of his balls. She could smell the exotic aroma of the girl’s aroused
snatch, and her mouth watered.

Lauralee kissed her son’s thigh, then turned her head to plant the same
caress upon Bettina. Her had crept out to catch the pendulum sack of
Robbie’s testicles, and she held it softly while his prick moved back
and forth, slid in and out. Letting go of his balls, she turned
suddenly upon her back and moved her legs toward to head of the bed,
twisting her body until she was facing up and positioned so she could
thrust her head between Bettina’s spread knees and against Robbie’s.

Staring up, she watched the boy’s rod working greasily into the damp
pussy lips, and at every long stroke his balls brushed her forehead.
Anything was all right for them to do, she recalled; everything was
possible, it there was only willingness and need. So Lauralee opened
her lips and sucked h er son’s sack into them, rolling her head gently
with the continuing movement as he kept fucking.

IT was nice, holding the knotted machinery that created the precious
semen, but it still wasn’t enough. Lifting her head a little, she
released the boy’s balls and instead ran her tongue along the underside
of his thrusting prick. Lauralee could taste the fragrant oils of
Bettina’s open cunt then, and kept working her tongue up and forward
until she found the vibrant pussy lips themselves. This was the place,
she thought ecstatically, here exactly where the strong cock was
gliding into the stretched labia, so tasty and delicious.

Robbie’s balls moved over her nose and cheeks, and Lauralee probed
Bettina’s shivering vulva, knowing the flavors of prick and pussy
alike, relishing the steamy miasma that was like perfumed fog around
her. She probed for and discovered the clitoral hood, and added her
licking tongue tot he pressure of Robbie’s pistoning meat, teasing his
cock and the leaping clit at the same moment.

Bettina jerked wildly, rocking her trim ass from side to side, and
Lauralee could hear the girl moan throatily. Robbie was also reacting
violently, his strokes becoming more and more convulsive each time he
submerged the enlarged bud of his shaft to its fullest. Blissfully,
Lauralee licked and tapped, her mouth opened wide and her lips
stretched, wishing she could take in both their organs, but savoring
every rapturous wiggle they made as a result of her tantalizing

She was with them when they came, exulting in their heaving orgasm
because she was a vital part of it, she was giving both her beautiful
lovers more pleasure than they could get alone.

Her son’s testicles bucked as they released the pressure of their
treasured juices, and Lauralee groaned as she realized that the boy’s
creamy liquid was streaming forcefully into the blazing cavity whose
clit she was tormenting with her tongue. Bettina rocked and churned her
ass, and Robbie’s thrusting shuddered to a halt. Lauralee continued to
lick furiously against his embedded meat and into the girl’s seething
pussy, her tongue flicking and lashing for their chemical blending, the
fuse for their tremendous explosion, and she dug her tongue hungrily
into the flexing, quaking cunt.

But Lauralee sensed that Bettina was weakening; the girl’s willowy
thighs sagged, and the knees were trembling. With regret, she slid from
between them, to lie panting upon her back, licking at her lips. She
saw Bettina collapse upon her belly, saw the boy’s hard prick snap from
the juicy clenching of that golden vagina. The head was still leaking a
creamy flow of semen, a pearly string of glistening come that dribbled
down his now upright shaft to wet the brown moss of his crotch.

“Mom, oh Mom,” he said. “That was the greatest. I thought the head of
my prick was going to blow off!”

And Bettina gasped into the pillow, “Yeah… it was so wild, I couldn’t
stand it. That’s something my mother never did to us, or daddy either.
You’re teaching us something, too.”

Smiling, Lauralee closed her eyes. It was wonderful to give such
happiness, to give so freely of herself, even when she wasn’t receiving
stimulation in return.

And purely from reflex, she had shown the kids a new trick, passed
along a different sensation that had thrilled both of them
tremendously. Lauralee was proud of herself for that; her instincts
were right, and she would allow them to guide her from now on,
whichever direction they might take.

She felt her son relaxing upon the bed and knew that he would require
at least a short rest. That was all right; she wasn’t in any hurry, and
they had the entire night ahead of them. Robbie would soon be horny to
get back into his mother’s pussy with tongue and prick, and Bettina
would join them, one way or another.

The girl’s parents hadn’t licked into their joined organs, but Mr. and
Mrs. Hartmann had probably done just about everything else with these
highly sensuous teenagers. Lauralee corrected herself; Chris and
Jessica; if she was going to fuck the man , she ought to be thinking of
him by his first name, anyhow. And the woman — there would no doubt be
some intriguing, thrilling love to be shared with Jessica, also.

Lauralee caressed her breasts, fingering the rigid nipples while she
squeezed her thighs together and rolled her ass just a bit. There would
be so much to see — a father screwing his daughter; the girl eating
greedily into her mother’s mature pussy; Robbie pumping his powerful
young cock into his mother-in-law; the man and wife fucking each other.

As she felt her son’s hand moving over her pulsing mound, Lauralee
thought that she was eagerly looking forward to the next day, and to
meeting her new lovers-to-be.

Chapter 7

This time, Lauralee awoke to the smell of breakfast bacon being fried
and lay still in the bed, betting herself oriented. She was alone; the
kids were already up, and Bettina was obviously cooking.

Stretching languorously, Lauralee felt the sheet slide down her
breasts, and it seemed to caress them in passing. She felt warm and
relaxed, smiling drowsily as she thought back to the long and loving
night she’d spent with her son and daughter-in-law. Nothing would do
but that Bettina try the same kind of tongue work she’d given the girl,
so Lauralee had gladly positioned herself so that Robbie could mount
her from behind.

She knew then why Bettina had gone wild, because that tongue flicking
and dipping had added so much more dimension to the fucking. Her son
had folded over her arched body, so he could get both hands upon her
down-hanging tits while he pumped that seemingly tireless prick into
her flowing cunt. Lauralee had felt very bitchy, grinding her pussy
into the girl’s mouth while taking the boy’s cock, and her orgasm had
been nothing but sensational.

Climbing out of bed, she went into the bathroom to pee, then brushed
her teeth and took a quick shower. Between herself and Bettina, they’d
gotten the idea to both eat Robbie, and the poor kid had crawled all
over the bed at the experience. They’d taken turns sucking his balls
and cock, practically devouring him, changing places in silent
agreement until he was just about ready to come. Then their tongues
intertwined around his swollen cockhead, and their lips loved it until
he spurted the starchy juices for them to share.

At the vivid memory, Lauralee looked into the mirror over the sink and
ran her tongue over he lips. Robbie had run out of gas, after that
climax, and was drained for some time, so she and Bettina had gone on
making love, screwing each other clit to clit, then finger-fucking for
awhile, and finally doing a sizzling, hunching sixty-nine, their heads
locked between each other’s gripping thighs, eating and pulling like
hungry animals.

Giving a last touch to her hair and a dab of perfume to her breasts,
Lauralee left the bath only to hesitate in her bedroom. Bettina’s
parents were due today, she recalled with a lift of her nipples and a
stirring within her vagina. She went to the closet and chose her best
robe, which wasn’t all that great. But by letting the front gape down
to the cleft between her braless tits and belting the robe tightly at
her waist so that it would cling to her belly and hips, Lauralee
managed to make it look sexy. She tucked her feet into fluffy mules and
decided they would do.

The kids welcomed her into the kitchen with kisses, and she grinned
when she saw that they were also dressed. Bettina had on a terrycloth
robe of Robbie’s, and the boy wore an older one.

“So you won’t be embarrassed at first,” he explained. “Besides, they’ll
have clothes on, and it’ll be a lot of fun when everybody starts to

Lauralee was very hungry, and did yeoman justice to bacon and eggs and
hotcakes, complimenting Bettina on her cooking. They were finishing
with coffee when the doorbell rang. Lauralee jerked bolt upright and
the kids stared at her.

Bettina said, “Don’t get uptight; just relax. I’ll get the door and
bring them in. Lauralee, darling — it’s all going to be natural and
easy; you’ll see.

Busying herself by clearing off the table and tidying the kitchen
swiftly, Lauralee hope so. Even though she had let herself go sexually,
fucking gaily and riotously in tempestuous incest, she was nervous
about meeting Bettina’s father and mother. She kept telling herself
that they felt the same about screwing, that they had made it with
their own daughter and her son, but still she couldn’t dispel a
hovering cloud of anxiety.

She heard the front door open and close, and a deep voice that mingled
with Bettina’s glad cry of greeting. Her hands gripped the edge of the
sink until Robbie came up behind her to press gently against the cheeks
of her ass.

“It’s okay, Mom; just hang loose.”

Lauralee turned to face them, but only a man stood beside Bettina, and
the girl said, “Wouldn’t you know? Mom’s sister got sick this morning,
and yelled for help. Mother said she shouldn’t have to stay over there
more than a day, at the most….”

The man was wide-shouldered and powerfully built, his chest deep and
his face rugged. Chris Hartmann was almost bald, she saw, and for a
fleeting instant compared him with her former husband. Marshall was
taller and had a heavy shock of thick hair; he was handsomer too. But
there was something compelling about this man, an aura of sensuality
and certainty that was attractive, and she thought that even if she
didn’t know Chris Hartmann had fucked his own daughter when she was
younger, she would still be drawn to him.

“Well,” Chris Hartmann said, “I know Robbie is a good-looking kid, and
I see where he inherited his looks.” He came close and held out his

Lauralee took it, feeling warm strength close about her fingers. She
was a tiny bit flustered, like a teenager meeting a blind date. “Thank
you. I… will you have some coffee… perhaps brandy with it?”

His eyes touched her body, slid down into the opening of her robe to
feel along the dusky cleft between her breasts. Luaralee drew a deep
breath, lifting her tits, and Chris’s eyes lingered upon their lush
mound, at the anticipatory stiffening of her nipples.

“Yeah,” Chris answered, “Please.” Tearing away, his eyes, he said to
the kids, “You two look as if you’ve been busier than ever, and I don’t
blame you.”

Bettina gave her father a heavy-lidded smile. “We missed you and Mom,
though. But I can wait a little longer, Daddy. You and Lauralee get to
know each other.” Taking Robbie by the hand, she led the boy from the
room, back down the hallway.

Nervously, Lauralee poured brandy and coffee, her hands shaking a bit
and a tremble moving within her tummy. It was almost like being a
whore, she thought, seeing a man for the first time, an utter stranger,
and knowing that they were going to fuck. Maybe whores had no choice,
and were forced to accept any customer, but Lauralee *wanted* to screw
this stranger, to know the feel of a different male body against her
own and penetrating her softly giving flesh. She wanted to go exploring
along the many and varied pathways of sensual love, to learn and to do.

“Here’s to the kids,” she said, lifting her cup in a casual toast. “I’m
glad they’re married.”

Chris saluted her with his own cup, and with those probing eyes. “Me,
too. Making it with a guy’s wife adds a fillip to the goodies, even
though the wife is my own daughter. Bettina told you about that?”

Nodding, Lauralee answered softly, ” Yes, she did. And it wasn’t a
confession, but a proud telling. I — I know how she feels, in

He drained his cup. “It bothered me some, at first. She’s so small and
I thought I was some kind of nut, throwing it to my own kid that way.
But I couldn’t stay away from her, and pretty soon, I admitted I didn’t
want to. Then, when Robbie came along I was kind of jealous, but not
for long; especially when he did us all a favor by laying my wife.
After that, it got even better for everybody, and I rediscovered just
what a juicy hot woman Jessica is.” He looked at her, “And now, there’s

“Yes, she said quietly, “there’s me.”

“You feel a little funny, a little edgy?” Chris asked.

She nodded, “And you?”

“Yeah… but I keep wanting to reach out and see if you’re real.”

Lauralee put down her cup. “Then do it.”

As the man stood up and began to drop off his shirt and pants, she
turned on the breakfast stool, swivelling in the chair and fumbling
with the belt of her robe. Lauralee stared at the chunky body that was
being swiftly exposed, the hairy chest and muscular belly, the heavy
bulge in his jockey shorts.

Chris’ prick was bigger than her son’s, bigger than she remembered her
husband’s being. When it leaped from his shorts, she saw that it was
thick and long, a massive shaft throbbing with energy, the puffy head
dark and engorged, a veritable club with a knotted end. His pubic hair
had reddish glints in its rich brown curls, and the hair marched right
up his belly, its thin line spreading when it reached the barrel chest.
The man’s balls swung hugely low in a wrinkled sack.

Lauralee’s robe fell open down the front, and she made a tentative
motion, as if to lower herself from the barstool, but he glided toward
her and put his squared hands upon her hips.

“Just like this,” he said huskily. “I never saw such beautiful, long
legs, and your pussy hair looks a foot deep, all black and shiny. Your
tits aren’t big, but they make a man’s hands itch to cup them.

“I… I can go to the couch in the living room,” Lauralee whispered.

“Right her is fine,” Chris said, “I don’t want to wait a second longer
to get into you, baby.” I can’t move back from that gorgeous snatch.”

His hand dipped beneath her robe and found her swollen breasts.
Lauralee parted her knees and Chris moved between them, that heavy cock
jerking hungrily as it touched the sensitive skin of her belly. She
quivered, realizing that it was going to happen right now, with no more
preliminaries, without either of them having to play coy little games.
They were going to *fuck*, right here in her kitchen, and he was so
horny that he didn’t even want her to climb off the stool. It was nice
to be needed that urgently.

Hands gentle upon her vibrant breasts, Chris moved his hips, so that
his distended cockhead slid over her tummy, and his mouth came closer
to her own. Her face was just about on a level with his, and she looked
directly into his eyes as their lips met, seeing the hot desires
flaming there. Thick and hard, slippery and hot, the man’s tongue
slipped into her mouth, and her own tongue attacked it greedily.

Rolling her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, Chris pressed
them down into the globes of her breasts, then allowed the erectile
points to spring back against he palms of his hands, cupping the
mounds, fondling them. That sturdy prick bumped her belly, and Lauralee
spread her thighs wider to feel the weighted sack of the man’s balls.
With his mouth still glued to hers, Chris let go of her tits and
slipped one hand down to her thigh. The other was tilting his flanged
knob downward and steering it blunt, sticky point into the thick fleece
of her pubic mound.

Lifting her knees a bit, Lauralee edged forward on the stool, so that
the probing glans could reach her labia more easily, and shuddered when
she felt it nudging, pushing against her dampened cunt lips. She put
her arms around his neck and her breath panted hotly steady pressure of
his cockhead.

Against her teeth, he whispered, “Oh yeah, baby. Soft, hot pussy lips,
all slidy and wiggling — opening for my prick… it’s working on up
into you, baby — sliding up into your juicy snatch inch by inch.”

She hissed back, rolling her crotch to assist the seating of the gorged
meat. “This is only the third prick I’ve ever known — my husband’s,
then my son’s, and now yours. Oh Chris, Chris… your cock is so much
bigger than either of theirs; it’s filling up my pussy, packing it so

His shaft pushed on, until her cunt lips were squeezed down around its
wide stem and the padding of their pubic hair was mingled as their
crotches ground together in mutual passion.

“Socked into your cunt,” Chris gasped then. “I’ve got it shoved home
right to the balls, Lauralee. Wrap those long, slick legs around me,
darling — just hold on because I’m going to fuck you right on through
the back of that stool!”

“Do it!” Lauralee grated. “Fuck me hard and fuck me mean, lover — try
to rip me open with that big, beautiful fat prick — screw me harder
than Robbie can, meaner than my husband ever dared — do it, do it, you
stiff-cocked son of a bitch!”

Her legs clung frantically to his waist, locked and crossed at the
ankles, and Lauralee jammed it to him, sliding her seething pussy back
and forth upon the round, strong pole, wheeling her taut ass in avid
circles and digging the points of her breasts into the thrillingly
hairy expanse of his chest.

New prick, different prick; strange lover, now with his hands upon her
waist to try to hold her in position while he fed that marvelous meat
deep into her convulsing vagina. Her body was pinned onto and against
the stool, but her pelvis could strike back at his pistoning bat, and
Lauralee twisted upon it.

“Beautiful,” Chris moaned. “Oh baby — your greasy snatch is eating up
my prick, biting down on it the same way as Bettina’s little pussy
does… oh-uh-uh! You’re a great piece of ass… great! Those long,
loose legs, the way you grind your cunt… ahhhhh, baby… lovely, hot-
assed bitch!”

His strokes pounded harder into her cunt, almost lifting her squirming
ass from the barstool and making her boobs bounce, making her head rock
back and forth in the hammering rhythm of his fucking. Chris’s balls
went slap-slap-slap into the steamy crack of her ass, slap-slap-slap
into the steamy crack of her ass, slap-slap along the seat of the
stool. Lauralee’s pussy echoed the noises, but wetly, liquidly —

Dipping her face, she clamped her teeth into the man’s corded throat
and held on, her arms tight about his shoulders now, her entire body
wriggling and humping. She laid her mattressed crotch up to him,
bucking upon the impalement of his thick, hard meat and attempting to
draw that bulging cockhead up through her pulsating womb, up into her

Chris’s breath broke away from her suctioning lips, and he gasped for
air as his thrusts became offbeat and jerky. She rode them furiously,
jack-hammering her snatch into his root as the golden radiance began to
flare around her clit and her asshole drew pinpoint tight in
anticipation of the orgasm only milliseconds away.

“Ccc-coming!” Chris groaned, hanging onto her wildly gyrating hips. “oh
baby, you’re tearing the head right off my prick and I’m fuckin’

Pivoting sinuously, lasciviously upon this new cock, feeling the
gushing of thick and bubbling semen, Lauralee clawed her for her own
all-pervading climax, coming in a frenzy of humpings, wrestling him
between her thighs as her pelvis beat into his. She came and came,
sizzling wavelets of rapture timing themselves to the spurting of his
semen, reacting with ecstasy to each spatter of live juice that hosed
her cervix, that cascaded throughout her vagina.

“Lovely, lovely!” she gasped. “Oh lover — this big prick is so hard,
nice and thick and long, and it’s still squirting come into my pussy!”

Chris sighed against her throat, his thumbs digging into her churning
hips, his submerged cock held within the fiery cauldron of her
inundated snatch, his testicles twitching as they emptied themselves in
a final spasming. “What a wild fuck,” he murmured. “You must drive your
kid right up the wall with that hungry cunt.”

“And you must freak out your daughter with that big cock,” she
answered, “as well as your wife.”

Keeping his shaft crammed into her flexing drenched cunt to the balls,
Chris said, “Between Robbie and me, we’ll keep you all busy and loving.
Oh man, I can feel come leaking out of your box and puddling into my
balls. I must have fired one hell of a big load.”

“You did,” Lauralee agreed, letting her legs slide down and moving
slightly back with her crotch, so that his prick started to glide from
it syrupy gloving. She wanted to fuck him some more, to see if his
prick tasted different, to discover how Chris went about eating her
pussy. She wanted to climb on to and ride him to have him mount her
from behind. And she would, she thought — she certainly would.

Chapter 8

After they went into the living room, Lauralee got a little high, and
Chris wasn’t far behind her, she knew. they polished off several drinks
in a row, and she no longer felt strange with him. The man was easy to
be with, and they laughed a lot. She noticed that his prick didn’t
recover as quickly as Robbie’s, but it was well on the way, lifting
slowly and growing bigger around as they sneaked fleeting caresses of
each other’s body, as they kissed tenderly between drinks.

The kids, she thought, Robbie and Betina were giving them plenty of
time to become adjusted. Lauralee wished they would come on in and join
them; she was developing some deliciously erotic ideas about what the
four of them could do together, but there would be a lot of time for
group experimentation, she realized, and meanwhile, Chris was beginning
to get horny once more. As for herself, Lauralee thought that she had
never been turned off, not since that first time when she had
surrendered to Bettina’s deft loving; and her son’s fucking had only
intensified her long-withheld desires, fanning them into a furnace that
was never banked.

They were sitting on the couch, their thighs touching, and Lauralee
began to caress the partly turgid cock, folding it gently and fondling
the budding glans, then tickling down into the sack of the heavily
furred balls. Stroking below them, fingering along the narrow ridge
that reached to his asshole, Lauralee wondered if men would like to
feel something up there, too. Remembering the weird thrill when Bettina
had eased a finger into her anus, Lauralee puzzled over what size cock
could actually be taken into that tight back door.

She discarded any idea of Chris’s large prick; it would hurt. But
Robbie’s slender tool might do very well. Lauralee felt an insidious
tremor move inside her dripping vagina. One thin cock sliding into her
ass, and another, bigger one, packing her pussy; it would be fantastic,
to be loved so by two males at the same time. Closing her eyes as she
manipulated Chris’s shaft into further growth, she rocked in
imaginative rhythm , pretending that her body was sandwiched between
them, that two stiff pricks were pumping tenderly into her flesh,
voluptuously greased and adoring. She could be so wonderfully

Tucking her legs up beneath her body, Lauralee turned upon the couch
and gazed at the fully bloomed cockhead, darker than her son’s and much
more flared.

There was a tiny smear of paste near the little slot, left over from
the roaring fountain of semen this man had ejaculated into her cunt.

Had it only been days ago when she would have shuddered in horror at
even the idea of simply handling a man’s prick, much less going down on
it? To Lauralee, that old part of her life seemed hidden in antiquity.
She felt that she had been truly born back there in that wantonly
appealing motel. Bending lower, she kissed the stubby tip of Chris’s
cockhead while her fingers continued to tantalize his balls and scrotum
and the trunk of his burly shaft.

“Did it thrill you,” she asked with her breath blowing hotly over the
swollen knob, “when your daughter first took this into her mouth?”

His fingers meandered through her hair. “It sure as hell did. You know,
I’d never have gotten the guts to even feel Bettina’s tight little ass
if I hadn’t caught her he and her girl friend eating each other. I’m
not sure if she knows it yet, but I was there in the door for a long
time, staring down at those two neat little bodies, all naked and
twisting, seeing those gorgeous young cunts pumped into mouths. Hell;
my prick started to leak, so I took it out of my pants and jacked off
right then and there. I threw a load of come halfway across the room,
and if they hadn’t broken apart just after that, I probably would have
done it again.”

Kissing the head of his prick, Lauralee asked, “What happened to the
other girl?”

Chris stretched out his legs and his glans flexed. “Oh, she was scared
out of her mind, and split. I haven’t seen her again. She tore out of
there carrying her clothes, and she won’t even talk to Bettina on the
phone. It’s a damned shame; she’s a cute little bitch.”

Lauralee licked tenderly over the distended bulb, running her tongue
below it where the small pouch of scar tissue was very soft. “Bettina
said you practically raped her.”

Chris grunted. “I had to. There was my girl’s forbidden cunt, gleaming
up at me all wet and golden, and those hard, pink nipples, and that
delicate, babyish ass — and it wasn’t like she was some innocent kid.
I’d seen her eating pussy and getting her own gobbled. So I kicked off
my pants and walked over to where she was lying on her own bed, and I
grabbed her by the knees. Spreading them wide open, I jammed my
cockhead into her dainty snatch.”

Rolling the fat knob of his big rod against her cheek, Lauralee said,
“And she loved it.”

“Damned right!” Chris agreed. “Only I didn’t know she’d never had a
cock before. She’d only been playing sixty-nine with the other girl,
and she was a cherry. I had one hell of a time getting my big prick up
that narrow little hole. She never made a sound, just held onto the
cheeks of my ass and tried to help, looking up into my eyes and smiling
and licking her lips. Well, I popped off before I could break her
maidenhead, but all that slippery come helped out a lot. When I finally
got my cock stuffed up Bettina I could give her the kind of long, deep
fucking she needed then. It was slow and sweet, and I guess the kid
came eight or ten times, moaning and telling me how much she loved her
daddy’s big prick. When I came again, I thought my backbone had melted
and was splashing out of the head of my cock. Well… from then on, my
hot-assed little daughter and her horny old man have been fucking
damned near every day and night.”

Lauralee drew the delectable cockhead into her mouth and slid it across
her tongue, dripping her cheeks in to caress it as the knob reached
back into the velvet chalice of her throat. She wished she had been
there to see this man screwing Bettina for the first time; she wanted
to see it now, to become a vicarious participant in the abandoned,
provocative loving between father and daughter. So she only bobbed her
head up and down a few times, teasing the prick shamelessly with her
now-experienced tongue and sucking delicately at it. Then Lauralee
lifted her mouth from around the tasty meat and sat up.

She had almost expected to see them standing in the entrance to the
living room, and wasn’t surprised when they were. Hand in hand, their
slender naked bodies all fresh and radiant, Bettina and Robbie smiled
and moved toward the couch. The girl’s small breasts jiggled
enticingly, and the boy’s rigid prick bobbed up and down as he walked,
the deeply pink knob like a signal.

Lauralee was happy they were close, that these wonderful kids had
sensed her urgent need for them. Robbie was nearer, and she reached out
one had to curl her fingers around his erect young cock; the other one
still had a warm grip upon Chris’s pole. Holding them both, she said,
“This is just marvelous, to be able to hold two nice, stiff pricks in
my hands, to know that both of them have pumped creamy come into my
pussy, and will again.”

Bettina sat down on the other side of her father, putting one shapely
arm around the man’s neck and kissing him hungrily. “Didn’t I tell you
she was great, Daddy?” We didn’t get to see you fuck her, but we were
watching while she was licking you cock. I was kind of hoping she
didn’t finish you off, because it’s been awhile since we made it, you
and I.” Robbie leaned forward so Lauralee could rub his cockhead up and
down her cheek. He said, “Go ahead, Chris; I can tell my mother is all
excited about seeing you put the meat to Betina. We’re all her
together, and whatever happens from there is okay.”

Lauralee felt the girl’s small hand touching the fingers she had
wrapped around Chris’s upright club, caressing both Lauralee’s fingers
and her daddy’s thick dick.

But only for a moment, because Lauralee’s hand drifted away as she
moved back. Tugging upon her son’s shaft, she said softly, “We’ll take
the floor, darling. Tell Mother… shall I go take a quick douche, or
is it all right to keep Chris’s semen in me?”

Robbie put and arm around her waist, low down, so that he could trail
exciting fingertips across her belly and play them into the humid edges
of her pubic hair. “Leave it…” he said, kissing her bare shoulder. “I
like a nice, full, slippery cunt. I dig it when I follow Chris, and I
like to jam my prick into Bettina’s pussy right after he pumped it full
of juice… or into Jessica’s deep cunt, the same way. He gets a band
out of it, too; fucking after me, I mean.”

She sank to the carpet, her thighs tingling and her breasts heavy with
expectation. ” Do you take turns on them, your wife and her mother?”

Robbie lay beside her, both of them facing the couch where they could
watch the love scene that was unfolding there between the sleek,
volatile Bettina and her burly, hairy father.

“Yeah,” her son answered, ” and sometimes we ball one of them together,
changing places from pussy to mouth and back again. It’s a blast, doing
it that way.”

Lauralee’s heart fluttered. “Have you… have you ever put your
beautiful cock into someone’s ass?”

“Jessica’s,” he admitted. “Bettina is too small.”

“Did you screw her like that while Chris was making it in her pussy?”
she persisted.

“Not yet,” Robbie said. “We haven’t had the time, but I’ve been
thinking about it.”

Lauralee watched the pair on the couch, seeing Chris cupping his
daughter’s girlish pussy with one hand, watching their tongues flick
together in urgency. “Good.” she whispered throatily, “then you can
both screw me like that, get me between you and shove both your
gorgeous, stiff cocks up me.”

“Man,” her son breathed, “I always get turned on, seeing them feel each
other up. Look how she’s massaging his big prick, and the way he’s
sliding a finger up into her snatch. Bettina has such a beautiful ass.”

“And he has such a magnificent prick,” Lauralee said. “But I’ll always
love *your* cock, darling. Let’s just lie here on our sides, and I’ll
lift one leg over you like this… can you see them okay?”

“Perfectly,” Robbie answered, his hands feeling over and around her
breasts now, his hard young tool pressed into her greasy crotch.

Hesitating, not anxious to hurry things along, Lauralee snuggled her
vulva into her son’s wonderfully hard muscle and stared at the couple
on the couch. Bettina was writhing upon the finger imbedded within her
tightly clasping pussy, hunching upon her daddy’s hand and nibbling at
this mouth while clutching his swollen prick as if she never meant to
let it go.

Robbie ground his stem lightly into her crotch and said, “That’s how it
always is with them; one touch, and they’re hot to fuck. I guess it’s
that way with you and me, Mom.”

Slowly, his cockhead searched for the always adoring gash of her
overheated pussy, the blunt tip finding its way unerringly. Lauralee
shifted her hips and felt the wondrous, gently penetration of her son’s
penis. Staring over at the couch, she saw Chris shoving that much
larger knob against the honey-blonde and silken hairs of his daughter’s
lustrous cunt.

Pausing then, Robbie waited until he could match the thrusting, copying
the man’s movements, his shaft sliding up into his mother’s volatile
cunt the same way Chris entered Bettina’s pussy. Lauralee knew exactly
what the girl was feeling, that she also gloried in the hard meat
gliding into the receptive, jellied sheath. It was her daddy’s prick,
and therefore more exciting than anyone else’s. Robbie’s cock would
always be more thrilling than Chris’s, Lauralee knew; her son’s rode,
her son’s eager tool, infinitely precious and desirable, stroking into
the pussy that clung lovingly to it.

Bettina gasped, “Oh Daddy, Daddy! Ahhh… this is my nice, bit prick; I
Love it filling up my little snatch this way! Oh, push it to me,
darling — fuck me deep and strong, Daddy; fuck your little girl.”

Lauralee could see the steady movement of the big, engorged club as it
worked in and out of the gripping cunt lips, glistening wetly now from
the hot lubrication of the girl’s juicy vagina. She saw Bettina
twisting upon the thick impalement; hunching her belly and bracing her
feet against the couch with the small, rounded knees bent and the
slender thighs spread wide. Chris’s’ pole surged powerfully into his
daughter’s convulsing hole, his balls swinging in slow, hypnotic arcs.

Her son’s prick followed the beat, plunging into the liquid depths of
her cunt, and Luaralee met him stroke for stroke, smiling as she felt
his eagerness and adoration with which her probed her suctioning box.

Bettina hammered her small fists upon her father’s muscular back. Her
crotch struck his pelvis, and tiny, beautiful girl tried to lift him in
to the air, but he continued to drive that big peter fiercely into her
snatch, holding her gyrating ass cheeks in the spread of one big hand,
with the other palm flat against her lower belly.

Grunting, Lauralee felt the sledging of her boy’s stiff meat as Robbie
tried to pile-drive even his balls up into her buttery hole. She fucked
him back with primitive urgency, and wakened bitch in full heat,
panting and corkscrewing her violent cunt all of the boy’s pistoning
cock. Her head bobbed each time Robbie drove it home to the hilt, but
that didn’t interfere with her view of the equally hectic fucking that
was threatening to destroy her sofa. She didn’t care if the damned this
fell off its legs. That couch had only been for prim sitting, or for
the snoring form of her ex-husband. Fucking gave that piece of
furniture meaning and form, and she hoped that semen would splatter the
cushions, scenting the material with the exotic stains of lovemaking.

Bettina cried out: “Daddy… oh, you stiff-cocked, horny Daddy! You’re
making me come — oohhh! Ahhh! Such a big, strong prick! Oh! *OH!*”

The girl’s back arched and Lauralee could plainly see the erotic spasm
that rippled the velvet skin of the flat, sweaty belly. Bettina’s head
rolled from side to side, her eyes closed and her tiny teeth locked
into the pink lushness of her lower lip. Bent as a drawn bow, she hung
upon the apex of rapture for a long, shuddering moment, then collapsed.

Chris Hartmann hung over his supine daughter, his shaft driven to the
balls, and Luaralee watched as the man’s scrotum knotted, as it jerked
and heaved. ;He grunted then, a great exhalation of breath, and she
knew that he was ejaculating a huge, squirting geyser of semen into
Bettina’s thrilled little cunt.

Quivering, Lauralee’s eyes glazed when her son continued to jam the
prick to her pussy, and realized that the boy had turned away his face,
that he had seen the climax between his young wife and his father-in-
law, and now had his mouth fastened greedily to an aching nipple of his
mother’s breast. Robbie’s cock was going full blast now, the boy’s
testicles blurring against her inner thighs as they flung themselves

She laid the sweetness of her vagina to him, wriggling upon the
stabbing cockhead and clamping it with the hungry strength of her
vaginal muscles. Her womb gave and recoiled with the spongy bumping of
her son’s far-reaching knob, and she felt the sunburst gathering in her
straining clitoris.

“Close, close, close!” she chanted deliriously. “I’m close to coming,
baby. Come on, come *on*! Hammer that sweet prick into my cunt, you
wonderful little motherfucker!”

Robbie’s cockhead squirted like a volcano, and the sizzling, thick lava
rained throughout her vagina. His prick bounced and throbbed, and she
writhed lasciviously upon the spitting juices as her own orgasm came
whipping furiously, lashing her cunt into a maddened frenzy and
flashing in an eerie circle back to her asshole. It was perfect, and
she luxuriated in its ultimate gratification.

Chapter 9

The stereo was going, not too loudly, with one of Robbie’s Disks
thumping out a sensual, primitive beat that seemed to reach right into
Lauralee’s belly and nestle there. She was beginning to understand why
the kids like that kind of music so much; it had an insistent sexual
undertone that she had not responded to in the past; now she was
accepting the horny rhythm and flowing with it.

She looked over to where the kids were dancing, their naked young
bodies so lovely and appealing in the soft golden light from a bar
lamp. They moved with unconscious, unstudied grace, with an animal-like
beauty that was basic to their very beings. Beside her, Chris nodded
approvingly and lifted a glass in salute.

Lauralee glanced down; his prick as hanging limply against one hairy
thigh, an oozing of semen clinging to the shrunken tip. “Just imagine,”
she said quietly, “what a marvelous marriage I would have know, if
you’d been my husband. But you and those adorable children are helping
me make up for all those lost and lonely years. Tell me, Chris — did
you feel guilty, at first? Screwing Bettina, I mean, and ignoring your

“A little,” he agreed, ” but not all that much. Once I got into my
girl’s fantastic pussy and knew how much it meant to both of us, there
was no way I was going to give up fucking her — even if I had to take
her and run, leave the country. You no doubt feel the same way now,
about Robbie.”

“Oh, I do, I do,” she breathed.

“You’re still making excuses to yourself,” he said. “But you don’t have
to, Lauralee. We’re all so damned lucky — and that includes my wife;
Jessica never had it so good, from me, or from the great screwing she’s
been getting from your boy. You’ll like her, I know. At first, she had
some of the same doubts about the so- called propriety of it all, but
when she really got with it, all those vanished. From a sometime,
lackadaisical wife, she’s turned into a fucking machine.”

Lauralee poured them both another drink. “I’m not knocking what’s
happened, Chris; far from it. I want to run out into the street and
scream out my new-found happiness — but that would send the neighbors
scurrying to call the police, I’m certain.”

He nodded, and she watched the play of light in the thickly curling
hair of his crotch, wondering how she could have *ever* thought that a
man’s sexual organs were ugly. Small and limp or large and pulsing, any
prick was gorgeous, a marvel of sensual perfection. It was a delicately
constructed object that could turn into an enchanted engine of
tremendous power.

Chris said then, “Kidding aside, that’s where we have to be a little
careful. It’s great to bring new, fresh screwing into our circle, but
we can’t make the mistake of letting an oddball join us, somebody who
might blow the whistle. Maybe later on we can search out someone
compatible, but for now I think Robbie and I can give you three women
all the fucking you want. We’ll try like hell, anyhow.”

Reaching over, Lauralee patted his drooping cock. “I’m sure you will,
lover. You don’t realize how sweet that word rests upon my tongue…
lover. Before Bettina and Robbie and you, I never had a real lover. Now
I have three of you — and yet another one to come, your wife Jessica.”

He grinned at her, and slipped an arm around her waist. “The kids are
getting worked up again. Look how Robbie’s cock is standing up; and by
the time I finish this drink, I have an idea that I’ll be ready for
another round of fucking, myself. And you, baby?”

Lauralee smiled back. “Any time; all the time.”

Chris drew her closer while she kept one hand upon his prick, feeling a
slow thickening of the fabulous meat beneath her fingers. “We’ll have
to take special care of you,” he said. “Since you’re relatively new to
all the things we’ve been doing with each other. I think we should make
you the center of attraction now, the star of our show.”

Giving her a quick kiss, Chris dropped off the barstool and took her by
the hand to lead her toward the children. Robbie and Bettina had
stopped dancing, and were holding each other, rubbing their bellies

“Hey, you guys,” Chris announced, “I just told Lauralee we’d give her a
good going-over. You remember what we did to Jessica, the first time we
all balled her?”

Sloe-eyed and sultry, Bettina glanced up. “Sure; that’s a fine idea,
Dad. Who’s first?”

“Age first,” Chris answered, “then you, baby… to break the pattern,
and Robbie finishes up, okay?”

Bettina’s eyes were wickedly sensuous as she brought a sofa pillow to
place beneath Lauralee’s head, and another one to be positioned under
her ass. “Relax, darling,” she breathed then, “You’re in for quite an
experience. In fact, all of us are; it’s going to be a blast, loving
you in turn.”

Lauralee looked from one intent face to the other as they stood in line
before her inert body, all of them staring down at her ready thighs and
the lush mound of her palpitating cunt, at the ripe and trembling
globes of her breasts where the nipples were taut in anticipation.
Chris stood with his heavy shaft in one hand, caressing its powerful
club with his fingers; little Bettina fidgeted anxiously next to her
father, cupping the delicate mossy spot between her willowy thighs;
then Robbie waited, swaying back and forth, making small, hunching
movements with his stiff prick.

All of them were eager to love her, Luaralee thought; these three great
people were aching with desire to fuck her, to eat her juicy snatch, to
kiss and caress her flesh while they probed the innermost secrets of
her body. She was ready for them, quivering for them, her long legs
moving sinuously and her belly rippling as a fresh supply of
lubricating fluids bathed the satin wall of her vagina. An orgy, she
thought… a real orgy of flesh and mind, with her as the focal point,
the centerpiece for their adoration.

If Marshall could only see her at this moment, Luaralee mused; if only
her ex-husband could stand somewhere nearby and see the wife he had
called frigid, the wife he’d walked out on because she was so damned
sexless. Marshall wouldn’t believe his eyes, she thought; even the real
evidence of her open and tempestuous sexuality would not convince him
that Lauralee Jergens was doing this of her own free will. Too, he
probably wouldn’t be able to imagine that so many people could crave
her hot body so much. She blinked up at Chris Hartmann as the chunky,
hairy man kneeled between her opened legs, his massive shaft reaching
out, its flanged head glowing and a clear gem of pre-seminal fluid
dangling at its point. Once her husband had felt sorry for her;
Marshall had said so, bitterly, the day he told her he was going to get
a divorce. Now she felt a little sorry for him in turn; if he was
standing in this line, waiting his turn to dip his hard cock into her
sought-after pussy, Marshall might even be jacking off.

Chris was stroking her hips now, his blunt fingers gently caressing her
thighs and belly, trailing themselves deftly up to fondle the pulsating
mounds of her firm breasts where the nipples practically leaped to meet
his questing fingers. “Beautiful black-haired pussy” he murmured, “so
much rich, thick hair piled around it, like a deep, curly mattress. And
your cunt lips look as if they’re pouting; they’re very full and rich,
Lauralee. It’s a real privilege to aim my cockhead down into them.”

The pillow beneath her ass made her pelvis tilt upward, so that she was
spread and open for his entrance, and Chris hesitated only a second
with his spongy knob pressing into her undulating vulva before shoving
his rigid meat full length into the greasy gloving of her pussy. That
single thrust buried his shaft to the wrinkled sack of his refilled

“Ahhh!” she moaned, as she felt it crammed into her oily sheath, as she
knew the thick, veined bulk of the man’s cock burrowing deep. It was
strong and knowing, slipping back and forth within the wet fist of her
snatch and thrilling her with every minuscule activity. “Ahh, Chris…
how wonderful! I love you fat prick inside me; I adore your cock
tingling so deeply inside my pussy. Ohhh… Ahhhh!”

Of their own volition her hips took up the age-old rhythm of sensual
womankind, ticktocking gracefully in slow, grinding arcs as her crotch
fondled his pelvis, as his swollen meat imparted that electric pressure
against her aroused clitoris. Chris was holding back, she sensed,
throttling down his own needs in order to give her as much pleasure as
possible. Lauralee writhed upon the slowly moving cock, rolling her ass
and slowly moving her feet against the carpet, her knees flung wide and
her crotch churning.

She cried out when she came, when the furious seething glory broke
radiantly within her undulating pussy, white-hot and beautiful.
Squirming, she thrust greedily for more, attempting to expand the
inimitable rapture, to stretch it out into a blinding eternity, as if
beyond it, crossing some hitherto unreachable threshold, beyond which
would be like Eden upon a bed of bitten apples.

She had barely stopped spiraling her blazing cut upon him when Chris
gently withdrew his enfired cockhead. Her hotly siphoning pussy lips
tried valiantly to keep it prisoner. He moved from between her jealous
thighs, and there was only a split second of loneliness before
something took his place.

A small and greedy mouth fastened upon Luaralee’s cunt lips; a quick
and practiced tongue delved avidly into the slippery depths of her
stirred vagina, and she wiggled in swift response. Bettina was eating
her pussy again, sucking upon the silken labia and turning them inside
out. The girl tired to drain all the frothy juices as she sucked the
flexing cunt like a sugared orange.

Bettina drilled that educated tongue beneath the shuddering softness of
the clitoral hood, prodding the seat of passion itself. Luaralee arched
upon the tantalizing, driving wetness, that sweet and tingling caress,
gasping as the girl hungrily chewed and pulled, as the throbbing little
clit was drawn from its protective covering.

Moaning, she wrapped her legs around the sleek, tiny body, and her
crotch plunged itself up and down, smearing its flowing stickiness over
Bettina’s cheeks and chin, trying to force the kid’s nose up into the
churning lips of her sizzling hole. Bettina gobbled, sucked, rubbed her
teeth into the scorching gash, and her thumbs pressed down upon
Lauralee’s hipbones.

Violently, heaving and bucking in a searing frenzy, Lauralee banged her
way to another majestic climax, sobbing at the cresting of an intense
orgasm that seemed to tear her apart at the hidden seams. The girl
would not let go, but continued to corkscrew her tongue into the
bubbling reaches of Lauralee’s rioting pussy, kept right on eating the
dripping snatch, the serpentine juiciness that had become the focal
point of the universe for both of them.

Lauralee couldn’t stand it; she fought to back off that probing tongue,
to free herself of the mounting intensity, but it was just impossible.
She surrendered to yet another explosion of rapture, and she opened her
mouth , intending to cry *enough, enough*!!, something velvet-skinned
and spongy forced itself between her lips. Lauralee drew breath around
the insistent cockhead, and it slid along her curling tongue. As her
tremendous orgasm burst within her coiled pussy, she drew Chris’s meat
farther into her mouth. She sucked on his prick while his daughter at
last stilled the sweet torture of the tongue within her snatch.

Dizzily, Lauralee worked her mouth up and down upon the man’s thick,
heavy club, stabbing the tip of her tongue down into his narrow slit
and tasting the sticky fluid oozing there. Chris held her head cradled
upon his thighs, and she knew the furry caress of his balls against one

Bettina’s wet mouth was now trailing upward over her hipbone, teasingly
up to her rib cage, and the small, butterfly hands were busy at
Lauralee’s tits. Drawing fiercely upon Chris’s knob, she attempted to
siphon up his semen immediately, and the man was already trembling, his
thighs gone tense and his belly jerking. She was getting to him,
Lauralee thought hazily, and dimly knew the feel of Bettina’s seeking
mouth, the lifting of the girl’s hands.

“Suck it!” Chris demanded in a hoarse voice. “Eat my cock, baby… oh
yeah, keep running your tongue over the head, Lauralee. You’re a
natural, darling — a real cocksucker at work… ahh! Here it comes,
you hungry bitch — *take it!*”

As the foaming release broke hissing against the back of her throat,
Lauralee was barely conscious of a prodding at her pussy lips, of a
hard young knob pushing it way up into the steaming looseness of her
labia. Robbie was shoving his distended knob into her snatch, gliding
that beautiful hard young meat between her cunt lips and up into the
damp furnace of her vagina.

Lauralee gulped at the spurting come that was flooding her mouth,
swallowing hastily in order to catch her breath. The creamy fluid
flowed greasily down her throat at Chris’s bulb jerked again and again
to shoot off its delicious syrup along her tongue and the inner linings
of her dipped-in cheeks. This was her first taste of her new lover’s
semen, and she reveled in its musky, honeyed thickness, in the ultra-
lascivious sensation of taking his treasured juices down into the maw
of her stomach. Now she had taken his semen into her pussy, absorbing
its strength with her vaginal walls and the chalice of her womb… and
she had also known its savory power in her throat. Chris Hartmann had
thus made himself forever a part of her body.

Below, her son was thrusting steadily into her soapy cunt, reaching his
slender young prick far up into her quivering hole, his balls flapping
wetly into the slowly rotating cleft of her ass. Robbie was paying his
own devotion to the altar of her body, stroking impetuously into his
mother’s adoring snatch, feeding the most vital part of himself back
into the juicy cavern from which he had crawled in the beginning.

Tenderly, Chris eased his drained cockhead from the grip of Lauralee’s
lips, and only a thin trickle of come escaped her mouth to cling
pastelike to the corners. She flicked her tongue to pick it up, her
eyes closed in the ecstasy of her son’s prick sliding, grinding,
pushing fucking!

Lauralee was drifting, spinning in lotus land, carried along a perfumed
stream of voluptuous beauty, her eyes closed and her lips smiling.
Without guidance, her lower body squirmed in mindless abandonment,
giving as much pleasure as she was receiving, and she wondered briefly
where Chris had gone, where Bettina was.

As her son’s vigorous young cock pumped within her box, Lauralee
discovered where Bettina was: a humid silken mound was lowered over her
face. The girl moved gently, carefully, settling her feathered crotch
upon Lauralee’s upturned mouth. Tremulous labia met equally quaking
lips, and Bettina moved lustfully, carnally against the tongue that had
only moments ago been wrapped around her father’s cock head, feeding
her honeyed little gash into the mouth that had just accepted the
spurting of her daddy’s semen.

Symmetrical thighs positioned themselves at each side of Lauralee’s
head, and the succulent mound worked back and forth over her lips and
against her teeth as she reached far up into that girlish sheath, using
her tongue the same way the stiff cock was being used within the
slippery folds of her own feverish pussy. She was loving and loved,
being fucked and eating, her entire body vibrating with ecstasy as she
blended with the girl and meshed with the boy. Hotly, clenching and
wobbling, Lauralee’s cunt made spasmed convulsions upon Robbie’s
pistoning meat, and she came with a magic exultation that seemed to
disintegrate her entire being from within.

Bettina jerked upon her mouth, and the girl’s miniature clit expanded,
heaved and churned. At that enchanted moment, Robbie burst the
skyrocket of his treasured come within his mother cunt, and Lauralee
gasped in yet another orgasm.

Chapter 10

It was some time later when Lauralee gathered what remained of her
strength and was helped to her feet. She stood there swaying between
her two male lovers, while her female darling kissed the now flaccid
nipples of her breasts, and made light, fluttering touches upon her
dripping vulva.

“I’ll help her to the bath,” Bettina volunteered. “Maybe you guys can
get some sandwiches together before we come back. I know I’m starving,
and Lauralee probably is, too.”

She went with the girl, moving loose-jointedly and fluidly, feeling
that all her joints had turned watery. But there was a deep sense of
gratification lingering within her inflamed vagina, and a tingling that
aroused itself whenever one thigh brushed the other. Lauralee sat upon
the toilet while Bettina drew a hot bath for her, and poured in scented

“Here you are, darling,” the girl purred. “All ready for you to soak
in. I know what a round-robin fucking like that takes out of you. The
first time Daddy and Robbie did it to me, I must have passed out three
or four times, but it was even more draining when my mother joined us.
Oh wow; I didn’t think there was a bone left in my body, but I got over
it in a hurry, and was soon ready for some more of that fantastic

Lowering herself into the hot, clasping water, Lauralee propped her
head upon the rim of the tub and stretched out her legs. IT seemed
impossible that she would have hit so many fulfilling orgasms; she was
the cold-natured wife who’d never know what it was to come. She was the
uptight, rigidly programmed woman who had thought that sex was
something to be avoided altogether, or submitted to only when Marshall
became overbearing, when he practically raped her. Oh damn, she
thought, settling into the soothing water; she must have given her
husband a difficult time, a terrible time of strain and unbearable

Now she didn’t doubt for a moment that Marshall had gone out romancing
other women; he was a lusty male with hearty sexual appetites, and she
could hardly blame him for straying. Closing her eyes and relaxing her
body, she thought also that he must have loved her very much, despite
her frigidity; otherwise, he would not have remained with her for so
many years.

And how would he accept her now, in her new freedom — if ever their
paths should happen to cross again? Even though Marshall was sensual,
he was of her own age bracket, out of the same rocky soil of moralistic
upbringing that insisted one should cleave only to one other. Men, she
knew, were prone to apply the double standard, anyhow; they could swing
with various interesting girls, but they denied the same opportunities
to their own wives.

If there was the slightest hangover from that outmoded way of thinking,
Marshall would be shocked to his core by any hint that his wife was not
only balling other men, but that she had stepped beyond acceptable
bounds by fucking her own son — his son, too. Damn, Lauralee mused;
Marshall Jergens had been out of her life for quite some time now, and
she might as well also put him completely out of her mind. There was
nothing left for them.

Sit up a little,” Bettina said softly, “so I can soap your boobs. I
love to handle them, to feel them all round and giving in my hands.
Then I’ll wash your back.”

Obediently, Lauralee came upright and leaned forward from the hips. She
enjoyed the slow fondling of the girl’s slippery fingers as they moved
over her globes. The strength was coming back into her flesh, and she
realized that it wouldn’t take much to bring her well-fucked body back
to the brink of desire once more. There was still something she hadn’t
done, and she imagined the others would be happy to try it with her.

She craved the sensation of her son’s hard, slim prick moving up into
her asshole, while Chris’s swollen meat reached into her sheath; she
wanted to be packed with their cocks, to know the filling of her two
holes at the same time. In her mind’s eye, she pictured the sacks of
their testicles swinging together, touching in mutual caress as their
engorged rods enjoyed the plush openings of her flesh. As they fucked
her together, Bettina was free to do as she wanted, perhaps lick at
both sets of balls, maybe try to squeeze her head in so she could spear
that marvelously experienced tongue against Lauralee’s clitoris.

It would make her faint, Luaralee thought; so much concentrated and
intense adoration would make her shatter into a million ecstatic
pieces, and she would pass out. But even if she did, she knew they
would continue to fuck her, and would bring her back from one shadowy
wonderland into the brightness of their love.

“Lie back again,” Bettina suggested, “and I can get at your lovely

The girl’s hands were slippery and tantalizing over her mound; the soap
bubbled and added its own slow torment. Bettina said, “I know how I got
turned on at first — by playing around with another kid, and by
listening to my mom and dad in bed at night, when they were screwing. I
used to picture them making it, and I’d get so hot that I’d have to
finger-fuck myself. Then, after I hid in their closet one time and
actually *saw* my daddy sticking his big, beautiful prick into her
pussy, I just *had* to be fucked, but I didn’t know how to go about
making a boy. I mean, I didn’t dare try to turn on my father, not at
first, even though that’s what I wanted most. So I went along with this
girl and made it that way, until he caught us at it. but you, Lauralee
— you’re so sweet and passionate; I can’t understand why you couldn’t
swing with your old man.”

Lauralee said, “My fault, I guess. Marshall wasn’t very patient, and
he… her hurt me, on our wedding night. After that, It just got worse
and worse, and told myself that it didn’t matter. *You* turned me on,
darling — after those horny ;movies that so clearly demonstrated what
I’d been missing. I’ll forever be grateful to you for that, and for
bringing in Robbie to fuck me, afterward.”

“Uummm,” Bettina murmured. “There — your gorgeous pussy is all sweet
and clean, and if I wasn’t so hungry for another kind of food, I’d eat
it right now. Have you ever thought of contacting your old man again?”

Pulling the plug, Lauralee stood up while the draining water swirled
about her feet. “No, I haven’t . I know that Robbie misses his father,
but — no.”

“Okay,” the girl said quietly. “Step out on the bathmat and I’ll dry
that lovely, tall body. The guys must be eating up everything in the
kitchen by now, and I keep hoping we’ll get a phone call from my mother
before long. Wouldn’t you just know that my auntie would pull one of
her sicky spells at the wrong time? I’ll bet that Mom is going out of
her head, thinking about all the good fucking that she’s missing. She’s
really anxious to meet you, Lauralee.

Lauralee pivoted slowly, feeling regal at so much attention,
luxuriating in the devoted service being given her by her new daughter-
lover-in-law-friend. ” And I want to meet your mother,” she said. “I’m
not afraid any more. I just know I’ll love her, too.”

They kissed, their naked bodies clinging together tenderly, their
breasts and mounds seeking counterparts. Shuddering, Bettina said
throatily, “Come on; we’d better get out of here.”

Down the hallway they went, giggling together like kids, happy in each
other’s nearness. Lauralee thought this was as it should be, that they
were more than technical relatives, but blood sisters who shared the
same lovers, and shared themselves, also. She didn’t need more than
this rare closeness, more than the man and boy who would fuck her in
all possible ways, more than the woman who was yet a stranger to her,
but who was waiting in the wings to add another intriguing dimension to
the lovemaking. Certainly, Lauralee didn’t need her former husband. He
was gone, and with a little more effort, she could make him forgotten.

Going into the kitchen, she said, “Hi.”

They looked up from the litter they had created on the counter, and
motioned to sandwiches several decks high. “Dig in,” Chris offered,
pointing with a can of beer.

She and Bettina fell to, and Lauralee was amazed that she could consume
so much food, though the beer helped wash it down. She would have to
start watching her weight, she thought, but that wasn’t going to be
easy; fucking gave her such an appetite. Finishing the food, Lauralee
searched her memory for something she had read, about screwing using up
many calories. She hoped the article had been corrected; she didn’t
want to be a heavyweight.

Surprised, she saw that Chris was pulling on his clothes. “Where are
you going?”

“I’ll be back as soon as I can,” he promised. “I called Jessica over at
her sister’s place, and she things she can get away from there in an
hour or so. I’m going to pick her up, and of course I’ll bring her
right back here.”

Putting down her beer can, Lauralee said, “I’ll miss you, Chris;
*we’ll* miss you.”

He came over to where she was sitting and took her bare tits in both
hands. “I’ll hurry baby. Jessica is as anxious to get with you as I am
to have some more of that terrific pussy. The kids will keep you busy
while I’m gone.”

“Okay,” she pouted, holding up her mouths for his warm kiss, and
looking after him as he strode to the door, thinking how sensual this
mostly bald man was, how eager he was to fuck her, while remaining
devoted to his own daughter’s wonderfully trained little snatch.

Bettina helped her clean up, while Robbie wandered into the living room
and put on a tape. The primitive beat of the music reached Lauralee as
she crowded dishes into the water and turned it on; she found herself
following the rhythm with a slinky movement of her hips. Then her
breasts took it up, too.

“To dance with him,” Betina suggested. “I have to take a bath, too…
but I’d like to get in on anything you guys start.”

“We’ll wait for you,” Lauaralee promised.

The dancing didn’t last long; she was too new at it, even though her
son complimented her on getting with it and loosening up. “Wow,” he
said, as she sank down upon the couch and pushed out her legs. “Dad
ought to see you like that, with your beautiful body rolling and
wiggling. I just know he’d freak right out, Mom.”

Lauralee chewed her lip. “You’d better forget him,” she said. “Your
father wouldn’t understand… or accept… anything that’s going on
around here; especially, you and me, Robbie.”

He hesitated, then sat beside her to stroke her thigh. “You’re so
lovely,” he said, “you make a guy hurt, just seeing you bare-assed like
this. And once a man now how deep and rich your pussy is, he *has* to
come back to it, time and again, fucking it and eating it, over and
over. I never thought I’d be lucky enough to ever get my cock into that
gorgeous cunt, Mom. Now that I have, I can’t stay away from it. I’m
hooked on my mother’s far-out pussy.”

Lauralee put her arm around her son’s shoulders; her fingers played
over his flat nipple as she breathed into his ear, “I’m glad, baby.
Especially since you have such a spectacular young wife, and still want
to screw your old mom.”

Robbie took hold of his growing shaft and rubbed the satiny head along
the smoothness of her outer thigh. “You’ll never be too old for me to

Lightly, she kissed his downy cheek and watched the play of the boy’s
ballooning knob along her skin, admiring the cunning sculpture of its
design and the beauty of its coloring. Boyish prick that had dipped
into adult cunts, she thought; such a young cock, to have already
fucked two mature women and stroked so often in a girl’s alluring
little oven as well; Robbie would go on sampling women’s vaginas, she
knew, making many others happy; she hoped it would always come back to
her own.

“Hey,” Bettina said from the doorway, posing piquantly there with her
small, perfect body radiant. “I warned you guys not to start anything
without me.”

“We haven’t,” Lauralee answered. “Come here and join us, darling.”

Robbie stood up, his now-rigid meat a thin staff sturdy enough to hang
undies on to dry. “Both of you,” he announced. “I want to fuck both of
you, going back and forth in your cunts. Mom — will you lie down on
the floor? Yeah, that’s the way, on your back with those long legs wide
open so your pussy shines up at me. Now, Bettina, how about lying down
on top of her… put your sweet little snatch right over hers.”

Excitedly, Lauralee accepted this new challenge, her flesh warming as
the girl carefully lowered her negligible weight upon her. As Bettina
lay back, Lauralee held the small, hard tits and thumbed their saucy

The girl’s trim and perky ass snuggled down against her groin, and
Lauralee relished the feel of it there, the adorable dainty cheeks with
their miniature cleft.

“Man, oh man,” Robbie breathed, fondling this turgid cock. “What a
sight that is — my wife’s golden pussy on top of my mom’s black-haired
one. all those groovy legs spread open for me; Bettina’s pink cunt lips
and my mother’s full, red ones.”

He kneeled upon the carpet and got himself set between their thighs,
caressing both sets with trembling hands, bending to kiss each of them
in turn. Lauralee flinched when her son’s mouth found the dewy opening
of her pulsating labia, when his hot tongue slid wetly along them. But
he was soon gone, and she could tell by the tightening of Bettina’s ass
that Robbie was paying the same adulation to the girl’s mound, too.

Next, she knew the delightful nuzzling of his cockhead, that rubbery
yet firm bud of his young manhood as it felt into her eager, humid cunt
lips. Robbie shoved into them gently but steadily; forcing them to give
way for the sliding comfort of his hard meat. The boy’s prick worked up
into Luaralee twitching vagina then, and her son began to stroke
slowly, penetrating, into her body.

His belly must be rubbing into Bettina’s pussy, she thought, and
squeezed down upon her daughter-in-law’s nubile breasts. Robbie must be
taking care to add his weight to his wife’s, but she couldn’t see how
he was handling the situation; she could only feel, and that was truly
the only sense she required. Her vagina wriggled over his thrusting
shaft and her clit quivered.

Suddenly, almost painfully, that enchanted cock was gone, yanked from
the clenching of her moist depths, and Lauralee’s cunt was lonely.

“Ooh!” Bettina groaned, the delicate ass rolling as Robbie inserted the
head of his slippery prick into the girl’s smaller, tighter snatch.

Lauralee felt her son’s fuzzy balls against the wet mouth of her
deprived cunt, the slow back-and-forth swinging of the sack as Robbie
pumped his insatiable rod into his wife’s wriggling body. Four
lingering strokes, five — then the greasy knob was back below,
reaching blindly for the welcoming embrace of his mother’s cunt. He
jammed it home, and Luaralee took it breathlessly, joyfully.

Containing himself, controlling his pent-up emotions, Robbie was giving
them both a magnificent fucking, a priceless screwing they would both
remember for the rest of their lives. His flanged cockhead reached and
withdrew , rolled around inside Lauralee’s feverish hole and brought
her jerking, heaving to a culminations that made her drum her heels
upon the floor.

His magical staff was gone again, plunged once more into the sweet, hot
glove the girl’s churning pussy, driven to the veined hilt inside her
sinuously rolling snatch. In and out, his balls caressing Luaralee’s
steamy cunt with every stroke, Robbie pumped his distended tool
strongly into Bettina, and Luaralee could feel them, too. The girl
jerked with every burying of the slick meat, her tremors passing
through her straining body and into Lauralee’s sensitive flesh.

She knew the exact moment when Bettina came, and rocked the darling
girl lovingly in her arms as the tiny ass bucked in hectic spasms.
Robbie was coming, too, she thought; the boy’s scrotum was shuddering;
all that creamy richness was spewing into the childlike vagina,
drenching it with his bubbling juices.

But Robbie sensed that his mother craved to share that ultimate moment,
and pulled his spitting cockhead from his wife’s wringing pussy.
Luaralee gasped as she felt the downpour of her son’s semen, the
splattering of the oystery fluid that rained upon her own cunt lips and
soaked her pussy hairs. They were both being rewarded with the fluids
of the boy’s wondrous balls, his some purling inside and our of
Bettina’s shivering cunt, and smearing itself into Lauralee’s pulsating
box. She loved him for his thoughtfulness, and her ass twisted as the
starchy rivulet oozed down the crack of her excited ass.

“You’re both dripping with my come,” Robbie said. “both my beautiful
fuckable cunts are all milky with my semen… my wife’s pussy and my
mother’s pussy. That’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Sighing, Bettina disengaged herself from the tangle, rolling from
Lauralee’s body and off to one side. “Don’t let it all get soaked up,”
Lauralee herd the girl say. “Here, baby — let me scoop some of it into
my hand…”

Lauralee started to move, bringing her legs together as she felt her
son backing from between them. Bettina nudged her hip. “Roll on over,
darling… onto your belly, and bring your knees under your body, so
your ass pokes up. You want it like this, don’t you?”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Lauralee moaned, and realized why the girl had
collected the semen. IT was to lubricate the head of Robbie’s cock, so
that it would be easier to get into the tightness of her tube. She was
panting against her folded arms when she felt warm, greasy fingers
working the lguey stuff into the rim of her asshole, and a violent
thrill pierced her, all the way up to her throat.

Then her son’s sudsy knob was at the hairy ring, his hands braced upon
the cheeks of her ass, his knees between her own. “Take it easy, Mom,”
he said from behind her. “Relax as much as you can and stay loose;
don’t tighten down on me, and it’ll go fine.”

Closing her eyes, Lauralee waited, her pulses racing insanely. Would it
hurt? Could it feel as good as that fleeting moment when, in the
squirming heat of passion, someone had slipped a finger into her anus?
The slippery tip of her son’s glans pressed into the equally greasy
knot of her asshole, pushing tenderly. And slowly, every so slowly, the
reluctant circle began to give, to stretch.

“Easy,” he murmured, “just hang loose, baby. The cockhead is going in
you… and wow! It’s really hot and tight in there.”

‘She felt it; she knew the strange, almost frightening sensation and
fought to keep from tightening. Inch by exploring inch, the boy’s
spongy, hard-cored bulb eased into her ass, and suddenly the length of
his stiff prick slid up, up, and his balls settled into the parted vee
of her thighs, his pelvis against her cheeks.

It was in her; her son’s beloved cock was really *in* her ass. Lauralee
wiggled upon it, testing, experimenting, and her pussy contracted

“It… it’s fabulous,” she groaned. “oh, I cant’ believe it, Robbie;
you have your sweet prick buried all the way into my ass.”

Stroking her cheeks, he began to move back and forth, very gently and
slowly, taking great care hurt her. Lauralee didn’t give a damn if he
did hurt her; anything that happened within her narrow hose would be a
wanton rapture, and she slid around upon the meat socked so firmly
inside her tail.

Her nipples dug into the carpet, and she liked the small pain. Every
tender stroke he made into her impaled body was a loving movement, and
she could feel the juices of her cunt oozing from her labia to wet her
thighs. Flames seared her vagina and her asshole was wiggling steam
hose; Robbie pumped more strongly into it, and she could hear his
breath, harsh and uneven in his throat. He was fucking his mother from
behind, sticking that young boy meat into his mommy’s ass, taking the
cherry there that no man or woman had ever touched. She exulted in what
she was able to give him like this.

Rolling her ass, Lauralee lifted her tits from the rug and dug her
fingers into it, arching her back, swaying her hips and taking him,
loving him, backing fiercely into him while her cunt leaped and
trembled as her maddened clitoris tried to break out of its hood.
Robbie bent over her, reaching down and around to take hold of her
swinging tits, his pelvis grinding hungrily into the soft pillow of her

Without warning, his cockhead flexed to spray a burning rain of come
into her tubing, and he squeezed her breasts as he let go. Lauralee
churned her ass around his meat, coming and coming as he sagged.

Chapter 11

By pushing and pulling, Bettina had managed to get them to roll over
onto their sides, and Luaralee clamped down with the cheeks of her ass
so that Robbie’s hard meat would be held trapped within the rubbery
ring of her tube. The girl had gone after he dripping cunt as if it
were a hairy pie and she was starved for its creamy sweets. She’d eaten
and lapped furiously, and Luaralee soon convulsed in one climax after
another, until she could stand it no longer, and begged off.

When she staggered to her feet and made it to the bar, she looked back
to see her son and his bride locked in sixty-nine, Robbie’s face buried
in the honey-blonde mound between Bettina’s slim thighs, the girl
sucking lustily upon his softened rod. Luaralee splashed bourbon into a
glass and downed it straight; after the shot quit burning her tummy she
had another, drinking this one more slowly, letting its strength and
warmth spread throughout her drained body.

Oh lord, she thought; it might not be long before Chris came back with
his wife, and here she was, all fucked out. Each of her orgasms had
been shattering, and now every small movement of her body sent flaming
lances of sensitivity screaming along her nerve ends. Could she stand
another series, yet another different, horny coupling? Lauralee wasn’t
at all certain as she finished her second shot of liquor.

Feeling better then, more up, she straightened her back and took
several deep breaths. Maybe she was truly getting old, and wouldn’t be
able to keep up with her much younger lovers.

But minutes later, when she climbed down, Lauralee saw that both the
kids were asleep, their heads snuggled into each other’s lower bellies.
They looked calm and beautiful like that; she smiled down upon them and
walked slowly back down the hall to her own bed. Stretched there, she
closed her eyes and watched the pictures forming against the lids. A
little rest, she thought; a bit of complete relaxation, and she would
again be available.

Warmly, she slipped into drowsiness. Surely now she had been fucked in
all possible ways one man could put it to her! There were no more holes
left for a cock to explore, not by itself. She wondered if it was
humanly possible for a woman to get two pricks into her vagina at the
same time. Chris’s big meat packed her own cunt fully, and there
wouldn’t be room for another.

Maybe, just maybe, two slender shafts like Robbie’s might be able to
squeeze in there, side by side. But Lauralee didn’t know of another
cock like her son’s. She could be reaching too far afield, she
realized. It would be more than enough excitement simply to be stuffed
with one up her ass and another bulging within the slippery folds of
her stimulated vagina.

And one in the mouth? Like that, she would be the centerpiece for three
men, binding them together through the juicy hotness of her flesh,
giving each of them, all of them, the completeness of orgasm. IT would
be very nice, she thought fuzzily, and turned over on the bed to
snuggle against her pillow. It might take some planning and a bit of
physical contortion, but Lauralee was sure she could somehow manage it.

Another man, then — and it didn’t matter what the size of his prick
might be. Someone who would fit in with the easy, open swinging of
these two families that had luckily combined into a single unit without
jealousy and trouble. It might be difficult to find someone else who
possessed the proper qualifications. Lauralee slept then, drifting in
and out of warm dreams where she saw a long line of erectly throbbing
cocks, where she saw them spurt at the same moment, firing geysers of
milky juices high into the air…

She slid into the silver rain, bathing in the hot, soapy fluid, feeling
it greasy upon her skin and between her legs, feeling the marvelous
richness, the thrilling thick syrup, lifting her face to taste it upon
her tongue. It was gently against her face, and she was swimming in

Lauralee’s eyes fluttered open. The warmth against her was real, but
not liquid; it was plumply rounded and softly resilient, shaped and
modelled into hillocks and valleys. She smelled perfume and felt the
feathery brush of silken hair against her nude shoulder. Gentle hands
began to stroke her flesh, roaming over her belly to linger upon her
breasts. Light fingers teased her nipples into aware erection. Hot
breath stirred against the back of her neck.

The voice was satiny, whispering. “I just couldn’t wait not after
hearing all about you, Lauralee.”

“J-jessica? Yes. You feel so wonderful, tall and lean and willowy.”

“Hey,” Jessica murmured. “They were right; you’re really a lovely
woman, built like a magazine fashion model, but a lot more real and

Opening her eyes the, Lauralee saw the woman’s reason for hesitating.
There on the bed, poised behind his wife’s upthrust and shining ass,
was Chris Hartmann. Lauralee hadn’t even heard him come into the room,
or felt the difference his weight made upon the bed.

Looming chunky and wide, hairy-chested and taut, the man was
maneuvering his swollen cockhead into his wife’s scarlet-mossed mound
from behind. Feeling the spongy thrust, Jessica had been startled for a
moment, but now Lauralee felt the slippery tongue stabbing, Lancing
again and again into the vibrancy of her clit. Jessica had recognized
the shape of her husband’s knob, and was squirming in obvious delight
as the man fed his meat up into her clenching slot.

“Take it,” Chris grunted, as he shoved his rigid meat clear to the root
between his wife’s opulent thighs, “take my cock, you sweet, hot bitch!
Couldn’t stay away from her, could you? know you’d come sneaking up
here to eat Lauralee’s pussy, even it you had to start it while she was
asleep — oh baby, shake that nice, round ass for me! Oh yeah, yeah —
keep on licking that hairy black cunt, while I jam my prick into yours,
Jessica — like this — like this…”

Staring, Lauralee could see the grip Chris had on the cheeks of his
wife’s luxurious ass, and feel the woman’s folded body to where Jessica
was nuzzling even more avidly into her snatch. Shifting her gaze, she
found her eyes locked with his, and Chris smiled voluptuously.
Jessica’s educated tongue regained it frenetic rhythm, and Lauralee
found her self pivoting upon it, humping to the buried face, her thighs
sliding up and down beside Jessica’s head.

“Beautiful, hot bitches!” Chris grunted. “what a pair of juicy cunts —
sweet asses, gorgeous boobs… you love your old man’s cock, don’t you
baby?” You love my prick as much as you adore that steamy gash you’re

Jessica moaned an answer into Lauralee’s flexing vagina, and the
teasing, tantalizing suction upon Lauralee’s clitoris, became too
intense to bear. Shivering, she let go of the woman’s head and fell
back upon the bed, her entire lower body swinging wildly, her pelvis
reaching brutally up into the chewing, siphoning mouth.

“I — oh, I’m coming!” she cried out. “Fuck her, Chris — fuck the hell
out of her! Screw your wife while she’s going down on me — make her
come as- -AHHH! come as insanely as I’m coming… coming!”

The fireworks went off deep within her wrenching vagina, flaring
pinwheels of ecstasy around her bursting clitoris, sparklers showering
golden hot rain up through her tumultuous belly and a spitting fuse
burning itself savagely out through her fluttering asshole.

Lifting her smeared face from the sizzling wet hairs of Lauralee’s
quaking mound, Jessica groaned in sharp rapture, humping back upon her
husband’s pounding shaft. Her head jerked upward as she came, and she
rocked from side to side as Lauralee stared at her contorted face and
the mesmerizing pendulums of the swinging balloon tits.

Immediately, Chris stopped hammering his hard meat into her. With a
swift and agile movement, he slipped his cockhead down and out of the
clinging grip of his wife’s snatch, and sat back upon his heels. As
Jessica collapsed softly to one side, Lauralee could see the light
glistening upon that reddened and puffy glans, see the golden rays of
the bedlamp reflected upon the oily juices of the woman’s pussy that
clung like glue there.

“Your turn,” Chris said. “There she is, with her plump legs all spread
out. My wife’s pussy is all heated up for you baby, so just crawl
around her and go to it. Point your sweet, lovely ass up at me and
spread your thighs, so I can screw you like I just stuck it to her. My
cock is all greasy with her juice, and it’ll slip right up into your
tight hole.”

Lauralee moved to do his bidding, her heart thudding and her own snatch
becoming flooded in her excitement. She kneeled between the pale, ripe
legs and ran her hands up and down the rounded calves as she gazed
raptly down into the inflamed cunt lips surrounded by so much deep,
curly red hair. Jessica’s labia had turned scarlet, and they were
dripping. Lauralee caressed the lavish thighs, and angled her body down
so that her buttocks would be presented to the man who waited
impatiently behind her, his gorged prick in one hand, his hairy balls
filled with new semen.

She was about to go down on a woman’s mature pussy, while that woman’s
husband fucked her from behind, She had learned to love a vagina
through the teachings of Jessica’s daughter, and now she was on the
verge of making the full round of the family — man and wife and child.

Trembling, Lauralee bent down and kissed the silken belly, working the
end of her tongue into the dimpled navel. Jessica twitched, and the
padded nest of her mound moved back and forth. Lauralee licked into the
outer fringes of humid pubic hair, feeling its stiff coils against her
lips and tickling her tongue.

She burrowed through the matted hair and into the jelly-dripping pussy
lips, tasting an exotic flavor there, an odd muskiness that thrilled
her. Luaralee covered the pulsing snatch with her mouth, and at that
moment Chris poised the soapy head of his distended prick against her
vulva, felling upward for the torrid slit that was yearning for him. As
she drove her tongue between the softness of the elastic lips, Chris
drove his knob into Lauralee’s labia, and both reached as far as they
could into hot, soupy cunts. They were joined, deliciously interlocked,
flesh within flesh.

While Chris poled his hard meat into her filled pussy, Lauralee muzzled
deeper into the rippling snatch she was exploring with her teeth and
tongue. When she had probed the sheath as far as she could, and tickled
its buttery velvet walls, she withdrew her tongue and sucked in. The
rubbery labia came into her mouth, and Lauralee toothed it gently,
drawing a warm rivulet of juice down her throat and swallowing it

There was the fresh, unknown clit, leaping to greet her drilling
tongue, parting the folds of its tender hood. The size of that intense
organ surprised Lauralee; it was constructed like a little cock, but
much, much bigger that her own, and a giant compared to Bettina’s’s
tiny nubbin. By pressing down into the upper labia, she was able to get
the vibrating growth between her teeth, and held it there while she
tortured it with her lashing tongue.

Behind her, Chris panted as he thrust heavily into her own seething
hole. “Baby — oh, baby — you’re so hot and juicy that your sweet cunt
is overflowing and wetting my balls! Ahh — you’re tight, though, and
my big cock is making those pussy lips stretch like rubber bands…
grind it, Lauralee — shove that ass up to me!”

She gave it to him, seesawing her rear and wheeling her avid vagina
upon his thrusting club, but she continued to worry the pulsating
clitoris held captive by her teeth. Jessica’s pelvis spasmed and the
ripe thighs jerked uncontrollably. The woman shrieked softly and
pounded the mattress with her hands as she crested upon a roaring tidal
wave of ecstasy.

Holding her breath, Lauralee convulsed in her own orgasm, and felt the
jetting cascade of Chris’s semen blasting into her pussy.

Chapter 12

Physically they were quite different, Lauralee thought; inside, they
were the same, the identical operations of their passionate natures at
odds with their bodies. But those bodies complemented each other…
Jessica’s plump and ripely rounded, very lush and generously developed,
her large, heavy breasts a comfort for any man, and those lavish thighs
a welcome. Lauralee looked down and checked out her own physical
qualifications: she had always thought she was a bit too long and lean,
but admitted there was a certain grace about her willowy frame, that
her legs were beguilingly long and supple.

Variety seemed to attract men, she thought, and there was plenty of it
in this room now. Little Bettina was so tiny and childlike, a superbly
modelled young girl constructed like a miniature Venus. One tall and
sleek, one warm luxuriantly fleshed, and a girl who was the epitome of
anyone’s sensuous daughter; the men had to be content with what they
had, because the choice was pretty special.

“It’s kind of weird,” Jessica sighed, crossing her mellow legs and
propping one elbow upon the bar top as she toyed with her drink. “I as
always somewhat of a loner, until we all started fucking each other.
Now I’d like for us all to be under the same roof, living together all
the time. Now wait a second, Lauralee — I know damned well it probably
wouldn’t work, because women really need to manage their own homes. but
I can dream a little anyhow.”

Luaralee sipped her bourbon and water mixture. “T know how you fell,
darling. But it will be fun, visiting back and forth. I’d like to be
fucked in your bed, by your husband, and you there with us.”

“What about *your* husband?” Jessica asked.

Glancing away and over at the couch where Chris Hartmann sat beside his
lovely daughter, where Robbie pressed his thigh against the girl’s from
the other side, Lauralee said, “I only have an address for Marshall; we
haven’t been in touch for years. He send the monthly checks, and
sometimes makes arrangements to take Robbie on a short vacation
somewhere, but that’s all. I don’t even know if he’s remarried. But I
have to admit that I”ve been thinking about him lately, wondering how
it would have been between us, if I had been as passionate as I am now,
if he had been a little more thoughtful and patient. But I guess it’s
all done.”

Jessica rattled ice in her glass. “Too bad; we could have used another
attractive man. Not that I’m dissatisfied with the screwing I’m getting
from Robbie and Chris, but there are times when all us gals could have
a prick where it would do us the most good, one on one — if we had
another horny, understanding guy to ball with us.”

On the couch, both men were caressing the slender body of the naked
girl, cupping her small, tidy breasts and fondling Bettina’s sleek
thighs. The girl had her head back, and her arms relaxed at her sides,
giving up her body to the adoration of her lovers, not participating,
but simply accepting their worship. Bettina looked exceptionally
beautiful like that, Lauralee thought.

And there was a quiet horniness about the man and boy who were about to
make love to her, an ease and caring that showed in their movements.
Lauralee watched the slow circles of their hands as they petted the
girl’s warm, silken body, seeing them take turns cupping the gorgeous
little pussy they had so often shared before.

Now Chris was lowering his head, his red tongue flicking over his
daughter’s pertly modelled tit, laving its saucy nipple. Then Robbie
joined his father-in-law, his face only inches away from the older
man’s as he licked Bettina’s other breast. The girl began to squirm a
bit, her trim hips shifting daintily from side to side upon the sofa
cushions, the supple, babyish mounds of her ass lifting and falling as
she pushed her downy snatch against her daddy’s palm.

“They look so damned wonderful together,” Jessica said, her bare knee
brushing against Lauralee’s thigh. “Sometimes I just enjoy sitting and
watching like this. The first time I actually *saw* my husband putting
his cock to our daughter, I came about the same time they did, and
without even fingering myself. It was so hot and wild and exciting.”

Lauralee nodded, her eyes fixed upon the trio of lovers. “With me, it
was thrilling to see my son fuck his new wife, to watch that hard young
prick slide in and out of her adorable little cunt while she wiggled
and hunched on it. After Bettina taught me to make love, that first
time, she became *my* daughter too. I imagine you think of Robbie as
your son, too.”

“I pretend,” Jessica answered, “and he calls me Mom when we’re

There on the couch Bettina was writhing lasciviously in the caresses of
her father and husband. Chris had inserted a finger into the girl’s
mini-pussy, and she was humping upon it while both men sucked her tits
and fondled her thighs, her hips and the cheeks of her ass. As Lauralee
watched, Robbie let go of his wife’s nipple and lifted his mouth higher
to kiss her open lips. Now Bettina’s arms moved, and she curled one of
them about the boy’s neck as she passionately met his tongue with her
own. The other hand worked blindly down to clasp thin fingers around
her daddy’s veined and turgid shaft.

Jessica said softly, “There’s not enough room on that couch. They’ll
soon be on the floor.”

“What do you say we get down on the carpet, also?” Lauralee asked. “Not
to join them, or hassle them in any way — just so we’ll be closer and
can see it all.”

“Sure,” the other woman agreed, and took Lauralee’s hand.

Kneeling together, their thighs brushed, and Lauralee felt a quick, new
tingle, skittering along her tensing skin. Bettina twisted gently free
of the finger that had been embedded within her minute snatch, and
moved to the center of the room. One by one her lovers followed, their
stiff cocks waving out ahead of their bellies.

Bettina looked like a fairy-tale princess, golden and poised, utterly
graceful in her polished nakedness. Even her gestures were imperious as
she motioned to the men who were about to fuck her, either together or
in turn.

“Daddy, lie down on your back and spread your legs, so your big prick
stands up for me,” Betina commanded. “And Robbie… you like down next
to him. It’s my turn now, and I’ll screw you the way I feel.”

Wordlessly the guys obeyed her, and Lauralee stared in wide-eyed
fascination as the two pricks rose into the air, her son’s a slim and
obviously rigid tool with a small pink bud, the man’s much thicker and
heavier, its swollen head dark and throbbing. both of them had little
jewels of wet diamond lubricant glistening at their blunted tips.

Jessica murmured, “I wish that girl had a long line of hard cocks to
ride. I’ll bet she could make very one of them come, before she even
considered moving on to the next one. Her little cunt is so tight and
hot, so juicy, that nay guy who isn’t used to it will go off before he
takes more than a few strokes in her.”

Bettina stood with her feet apart as she straddled her father’s supine
body. Chris fondled the girl’s slim ankles as he stared up at the pussy
he worshipped, that honey-blonde feathering of childlike pubic hair and
the glossy labia. She smiled hotly down at her daddy, and lowered her
body, crouching as her smooth knees unhinged to drop her astride him.

All eyes were upon the girl as she played her fingertips teasingly over
her father’s bulging cockhead, as she skipped them up and down the
veining of his thick shaft. Bettina was concentrating upon that turgid
prick and closing out everyone else, a junior goddess about to take the
sacrifice due her.

Using both small hands to guide her father’s glowing bulb up into the
humid mounding of her girlish pussy, Bettina brought her crotch down,
settling her tiny labia against it, rolling her neatly formed ass.
Lauralee watched intently as the flanged cockhead pressed up into the
pink cunt lips, spreading them and being forced into the slippery gash
of the vagina itself. Slowly the thick meat penetrated and Bettina came
down farther, until she had the entire club jammed into her narrow
sheath, until the cheeks of her artistically sculptured ass were
nestling against her daddy’s pelvis.

“Sweet, Daddy prick,” she whispered huskily. “Oh, what a nice Daddy
prick — so hard and thick, so long. My little pussy has to stretch
itself around your cock, Daddy darling. I love it so much.”

“Baby,” Chris said, “Oh baby…”

Lauralee watched the girl rock tenderly upon the man’s submerged shaft,
and admired the deft suppleness of the slim body grinding so
voluptuously. Robbie was eyeing them also, she noticed, the boy’s face
proud and his eyes shining. Lauralee put out her left hand and felt
down into the lushness of Jessica’s thighs to cup the luxuriously
haired mound. In a moment, the other woman’s hand came straying over to
fondle Luaralee’s vulva.

A few feet away Bettina gyrated faster upon her father’s hard meat,
panting and trembling. Lauralee saw that the girl meant to have him
come, that she wouldn’t leave his cock until it had spurted her tight
little glove full of his sticky juices.

Jessica said, “She’s fucking him all the way, this time. She wants
Robbie to have a slippery cunt to screw; Robbie likes to get into a
pussy that’s just been flooded with come.”

Bettina pumped harder, whipping her dainty ass back and forth, her
hands flat against her father’s heaving belly while the man clung to
her opened thighs. “Come in me,” she insisted. “Come inside my little
cunt, Daddy — ahh, yes, yes! I can feel your cockhead jumping
around… oohh! Here it is, Daddy… here it comes, all your beautiful
semen spitting up into my cunt!”

Chris’s sack leaped and tightened itself to send a hissing stream of
his vital fluids leaping high into his daughter’s spasming womb.
Lauralee saw the wrinkled bag folding in upon itself and envied the
child who was receiving that milky fountain of semen. She felt along
Jessica’s labia, and slid one finger into the rich, hairy lips. Jessica
responded in kind, working into Lauralee’s clenching hole and pressing
upward against the aroused clitoris.

The girl quivered in the rippling throes of her own climax, stiffening
out as she came, her head thrown back and her tiny teeth biting down
upon her lower lip. But Bettina didn’t remain upon her father’s prick
for more than a second or two thereafter, twisting h er delicate ass as
she lifted it, so that Chris’s dribbling cockhead was snapped out into
the air. Curiously, Luaralee watched the slow purling of the man’s
creamy fluid as it dripped down his pulsing rod.

“Here, baby,” Bettina said, moving over to straddle her young husband.
“Here’s my pussy just the way you like it, darling… all gluey with my
Daddy’s come.”

Maneuvering her finger gently inside Jessica’s snatch, Lauralee eyed
the new coupling as Bettina crammed the other cockhead up into her
fiery little box and wriggled down upon its stiffness.

“Fuck me, Robbie!” the girl hissed. “Fuck me just like my Daddy did.
Ahh, baby… feed that nice hard cock up into my greasy cunt and pump
me, screw me unit you shoot off and mix your come with his.”

“Hot and soupy,” the boy panted. “Like I’m fucking a jar full of
boiling oysters — lay it to me, Bettina. See if you can fuck my prick
off at the roots.”

Lauralee began to squirm upon the knowledgeable finger buried within
her pussy, the feminine finger that was so deftly screwed and wisely
diddling her clit. They leaned together, she and Jessica, Finger-
fucking each other while they stared at their children making it so
wonderfully together.

Chris moved then, cupping one of his big hands over the churning cheeks
of his daughter’s trim ass, helping her to shove down harder with every
stroke. And with each corkscrewing thrust she made Robbie’s testicles
bounced upward in a wetly sensuous rhythm.

Jessica head turned her head and was now wiggling her hot, wet tongue
into Lauralee’s ear, sending wildly exulting thrills spearing through
her body. Hunching upon the woman’s tickling finger, Lauralee worked
her own finger deeper, twirling it against the swollen clit and feeling
Jessica plunge madly at the tantalizing stimulation.

“Sweet little bitch,” Robbie gasped. “Gorgeous little daddy-fucking
bitch… you’re chewing on my prick, grabbing it with your pussy
muscles… ahhh, baby… baby… uh… uh… UHH!”

Her son was coming; his marvelous young shaft was flexing to send his
semen boiling out of the cockhead trapped by slippery velvet, cascading
upward to mix his come with that deposited there by his bride’s horny
father. And Bettina — spectacularly passionate Bettina was jerking
insanely as she crested upon her second orgasm within a matter of a few
hectic minutes. Her tapered thighs clenched Robbie, and she
jackhammered her steamy crotch violently into his pelvis, reaching down
to rake his churning belly with her nails.

Biting her lips, Lauralee felt her own snatch doing tricks upon the
finger sliding around within it. She re- doubled her efforts to bring
Jessica to a climax, tormenting the outsized clitoris until the other
woman’s soapy glove turned into a greedy cauldron, and Jessica
shuddered to a gasping completion.

Only then did Luaralee come; she had struggled to hold back the
rapture, so she could be a vicarious part of all the other orgasms. She
had waited until her son and Bettina had made it, until Jessica and
Chris had also reached those ignitable peaks of eroticism. Then she let
go and the thunderous frenzy dissolved her very backbone.

Sighing in the tingling backwash, she clamped tightly upon Jessica’s
hand, holding it captive between her taut thighs and reveling in the
tremulous finger pressure. IT was so wonderful, holding the other close
and massaging a melon breast, catching the exotic scent of feverishly
damp flesh and the rising odors of both their inflamed snatches.

She looked with slightly glazed eyes to see Robbie and the girl glued
together in motionless adoration, the man turned upon his side and
rubbing his cockhead into the cleft of Bettina’s fragile ass. Chris was
the only one moving now; the rest of them were held in loving stasis.

Her voice low and whispery, Jessica said then, “He just can’t help
himself. Chris can fuck that girl over and over again, and be just as
horny to get into her sweet little box the next time. If I hadn’t made
it with Robbie, if I had come up on them while they were fucking, I
might have blown it all up. Then they would have run away together; I’m
sure of it.”

“But you didn’t do anything so foolish,” Lauralee said, slipping her
finger from the oily grip of the woman’s hairy mound. “You were very
sensible about it all, and now your husband loves you more that ever.
IT was different with me, but I could have very easily been stupid and
I don’t know what would have happened. As it is, we’re all together,
nobody angry and nobody jealous.”

Jessica withdrew her own finger, and Luaralee’s cunt felt lonely. The
woman leaned forward, lifting her rounded knees and pressing her
resilient, large tits against them. “I know; I keep reminding myself
how fantastic this is, being able to fuck either of them, and making
love with my daughter, with you, too.”

Cradling Jessica close, Lauralee kissed her cheek. “We’re all very
fortunate people, darling. And it gets better all the time; every new
blending is more exciting, more stimulating, so much so that I feel as
if I’m going to explode and go whizzing off into far spaces. Even if I
do, wouldn’t that be a marvelous way to go?”

“Perfect,” Jessica agreed. “And when the men get their strength back,
let’s try and make it happen.”

Chapter 13

There was a warm buzz in Lauralee’ head, and she pushed back her glass.
Any more whiskey and she’d be smashed. She didn’t want that; she wanted
to be able to feel every new sensation, to experience all of them
without any numbness of mind or body, to keep just this edge. All the
couch pillows were on the floor now, scattered about the carpet
haphazardly, fallen wherever anyone had needed one for support or

Lauralee shook her head, realizing what fanatically neat housekeeper
she had once been, and knowing now that it had only been a cover-up for
her loneliness, a justification of the uptight morals she had carried
upon her back for too damned long. If Marshall were to walk in, she
thought, and grinned lopsidedly, he wouldn’t believe it. She’d always
been after him to tidy up his messes, harassing the poor guy about beer
cans and ashtrays. As if, any of that, had been important.

Her ex-husband would fall over if he could see the two deliciously
naked women on the living room carpet now — the maturely rounded
redhead with the big tits and the exceedingly hairy snatch. The tiny
girl looking as if she had been lovingly polished from head to foot,
every beguiling inch of that childlike body radiantly lovely. Would
Marshall get a hard-on? Would he grunt as if he had been kicked in the
balls, and run to call the cops?

Lauralee giggled; even her thought patterns had been changed. Hard-on
and kicked in the balls hadn’t been in her metaphorical file before.

Chris sat on the stool to her right, sipping a strong highball. On her
left was Robbie, finishing off a soft drink. Both their cocks had
sagged to limpness after their last furious screwing by Bettina, but
Lauralee knew they’d grow again, renewing themselves in eager
stiffness. She was more glad than ever that she was a woman, because
once her pussy turned juicy, she could just keep on fucking unit she
tired herself out. The poor men had to pump so much of their strength
out with their ejaculations, and needed time to recover.

Bettina and her mother now — they were stroking each other’s bodies,
fondling breasts and sometimes lightly touching fingers into the mossy
shapings of their mounds. Bettina didn’t need time to get again; the
kid stayed turned on, and Jessica was almost as passionate.

They looked terrific together, mother and daughter, built differently,
both of them highly attractive, but in varied ways. One of them was
bubbling over with youthful vitality and the other simmered with

Chris said then, “My wife is almost as eager as me to get into our
kid’s pussy. Some people may think that’s pretty weird, but I like it
to happen. I only wish we’d had a couple more daughters.”

Lauralee stirred, “And a son?”

“Yeah,” he answered, “so he could dick the hell out of his mom while
I’m screwing his sisters. We could change around more, too. But Robbie
here makes up for us not having a boy; he’s our boy, as well as yours.
It took guts for him to fuck Jessica that first time.”

Robbie leaned around his mother and grinned at the man. “Not really;
just balls. I wanted to see if she was a good lay, and I was hungup on
trying some adult type pussy. Jessica was really ready for it, too.”
“Because I was spending all my time sticking the cock to our kid,”
Chris said. “It sure as hell got better between me and my wife, after
we both found out what the other was doing. Now look at her — loving
up Bettina.”

They fell silent then, watching the sensual tableau unfold as the girl
and her mother were squirming together, rubbing their crotches
hungrily, the nipples of their breasts kissing, then smuggling into
valleys between the soft globes.

Lauralee inhaled a deep breath. Such a short time ago, she would have
been terribly shocked by even thinking about such a scene, about two
women making lesbian love. And it would have been more horrifying to
her, knowing that they were mother and daughter.

Now it wasn’t shocking or terrible; it was interesting and exciting,
and she was happy for them, applauding their honesty and open desires.
Sex ought to start in the family, she though; mothers should teach
their sons how to fuck, and fathers should instruct their daughters in
screwing. With love and care, the kids would reach adulthood without
hang-ups. Then, when the kids married, they could bring their new mates
home and introduce them sexually to their parents. Honeymoons would be
a hell of a lot more thrilling, she thought.

Lauralee flinched when her son put a warm hand upon her bare shoulders.
Robbie said quietly, “maybe now is the time, Mom; you know — for us to
do what you were talking about? Me slipping it into your ass, and Chris
putting it to your pussy, making a sandwich out of you.”

Her throat tightened, but she said, “All right. I… I’ll go find some
cold cream to grease you with give me just a second.”

Quivering with anticipation, Lauralee hurried into their bedroom and
found the jar on her dressing table. Whirling, her long legs flashing,
she sped back to them and stood uncertainly, the jar of lubrication
clenched tightly in one hand. She wondered just how they were going to
go about it, what kind of position each of them would have to take. If
things became too complicated, perhaps the fun would go out of it.
“Robbie?” she said helplessly, and her son came to take the cold cream
jar from her hand.

As the boy smeared the white stuff copiously over the head of his
rising prick, he said, “I guess it would work out better if Chris lies
down, and you mount him. Then, once his cock is packed into your cunt,
you can lean over on him and that’ll open your ass to me. I can squeeze
in between both your legs and careful about how I feed my meat up you.

And Mom — if it hurts, just let me know and I’ll back right off,

Chris came close and ran his hands softly over her taut body. “It’ll be
all right, baby. You’ll see. And I’m just as excited about it as you
are. It’s something new to me, too.”

She knelt beside the broad and hairy man as he stretched out on the
carpet and spread his legs wide. Chris’s thick shaft was lifted
powerfully, the heavy, flanged head throbbing and looking bigger than
Lauralee remembered. She was just a little afraid that something might
happen, that her vagina couldn’t stretch far enough, with added
pressure being put upon its delicate sheathing by another cock being
shoved into her tube. But she meant to try it; oh yes, she was going to
try, in spite of her fears.

Smiling, Chris Hartmann held up his hands to her, and she moved to
straddle his body. He pussy was damp, turned oily inside and ready for
the acceptance of his knob. She set her wet labia against his cockhead
and slid down, gasping with pleasure as the sturdy meat pierced her

There; his prick was firmly embedded within her feverish body, and she
ground gently upon it before lying down upon Chris and boring her stiff
nipples into the man’s broad chest, scraping their sensitive points
across the curly hair there. “You’re hotter than ever,” Chris said.
“This sweet pussy is jumping all over the place and boiling around my

Lauralee squirmed gently upon the embedded shaft. “I — I’m just so
excited,” she answered, and felt the cheeks of her ass flexing

And behind her, Robbie began to fondle her hips, stroking his hands
down the insides of her thighs, touching the far end of her labia where
it was stretched around the heavy root of Chris’s cock. Maybe he
touched the man’s meat, too, she thought, and shivered deliciously.

Then she knew the slippery caress of her son’s finger as it smeared
lubrication into the puckered ring of her asshole.

“Just like before, Mom,” he said. “Take it easy and don’t tighten up. I
think we’re going to make it just fine. I’ve got room enough to get to
you, and wow … but your beautiful ass sure looks good to me.” Chris
stirred restlessly beneath her heated body. “Hurry up and stick it to
your mother, kid. Her cunt is playing games around my already.”

Lauralee held herself very still, forcing her muscles to relax so that
her anus would remain loose. Nuzzling her face into the side of Chris’s
corded throat, she welcomed the initial kiss of her son’s cockhead. The
boy was holding her buttocks apart as he steered the rounded tip of his
swollen glans, that liberally greased young bud, against he rubbery
little opening.

The ring gave imperceptibly, spreading itself very slowly, and Robbie
was careful, gentle as he worked the spongy bulb into her body,into
that special opening of her tender flesh. She knew the deep, pulsating
thrill of it sliding up into a tube that was tighter than ever before
because of the pressure from below, the distension of another hard
prick buried within her vagina. An inch of boyish meat was manipulated
into her anus, and a little more; expanding slightly and without pain,
her hole gave, and Robbie’s cockhead slipped into its tight, slippery
grip. Lauralee gasped in sublime shock when the rest of her son’s
stiffly throbbing shaft eased full-length into her narrow hose. She
felt a new, excitingly strange combination of pressures, a mixture of
fullness below and above as the two marvelous pricks practically met
within the secret confines of her flesh, separated only by a thin

“Ahh,” she moaned, “Ahh, yes, my darlings, my pair of wonderful lovers,
my two beautifully hard pricks… this is fantastic! It’s so… so…”
and words failed Lauralee in the sweet and hungry violence of such
powerfully unleashed emotion. Below her, Chris moved experimentally,
and when Robbie tried a tentative stroke, their rhythm was jerky,

“No,” Lauralee said. “Let me do it all. Just lie still, Chris; and
Robbie, darling… you keep your cock buried in your Mom’s ass, without
even wiggling.”

She had to improvise a new motion, a lifting, squirming and slow thrust
that caused her flesh to glide back and forth upon both their embedded
cocks. She was slippery within, her pussy filled with lubricating jelly
and her ass greased by the cream her son had used so copiously upon his
lovely, swollen knob. Every small movement was doubly intensified, and
her clitoris began to leap, sending hot thrills darting through her
hunching, grinding body. Chris’s hands were turned palm up, to basket
her tits; Robbie held to the cheeks of her ass, to keep himself in
balance. As she eased backward, she could feel the joining of their
sacks, the young, downy container resting upon the more bulging,
hairier scrotum below. There must be a special arousal in that, for
both of them, she thought.

It was impossible to heave herself madly around, even though it was
what she wanted to do. A sudden twitch too far, and one or the other of
those exquisitely shaped pricks would slip from its hotly adoring hole
and be lost to her, at least until it was fumbled back into its juicy

So Lauralee fucked carefully, in slow, exceedingly sensuous grindings
that barely moved the ballooned glans within her snatch and up her ass.
But she was turning them on more and more; the man’s hands trembled
upon her breasts, and the boy’s fingers dug into the silken mounding of
her buttocks. She could hear the ragged gasping of their breaths, and
feel the quick shudders begin to wrack their tensed bodies.

For herself, she had never know such filling, this fabulous packing of
her most intimate openings, this dedicated and bewitched love. Before
Lauralee realized what was happening, she came. She crested with a
convulsive and honeyed beauty that seemed to spray meteors inside her
vagina, sparkling bits of liquid flame that found a secret entrance to
her asshole, and seared there, also. They held to her, stayed hard
inside her, but without trying to work themselves. Her mind spinning,
Lauralee knew what a strain it must be on them, and struggled to be as
lascivious, as devouring, as she possibly could. She used her double
entrances in grinding wiggles, with spasmodic humps, feeling their
combined balls lurching in echo. “Uhhh!” her son grunted, and held more
tightly to her gently churning ass. Chris muttered deep in his throat,
and the man’s chest lifted a reflexive raising of his crotch.

They were about to come; they were very close to ejaculating, and
Lauralee hurried to help them, to join them in what had to be one of
the most glorious sexual explosions of all times. Her clit thrummed,
and she caught her breath, holding it when she felt the gush of her
son’s semen as it boiled foaming into the snug constriction of her

A split second later, Chris’s’s cockhead leaped and his entire club
seemed to expand as the sizzling fury came roaring up from his
testicles to spew like heated starch throughout her vagina. Lauralee
luxuriated in the loving torrents, in the spitting come, rolling her
ass, her crotch swinging in wider arcs. And she clawed for her second
orgasm, gritting her teeth in the tumult of a majestic coming.

There was an eternity passing then, a motionless, sun-blazed
timelessness when their triangle melted one side into the other, and
they were not three separate individuals, but a single entity, fused
and welded and soldered. Lauralee was dazzled by a thousand upheavals,
as if miniature volcanoes were continually erupting inside her flesh,
but their lava as only tenderly searing.

Slowly, she became aware that other hands were passing over her skin,
soft, feminine hands that were caressing her in wonder. She lifted her
head from the hollow of Chris’s throat, and saw the others… Jessica
at her right, Bettina at her left side. They stroked her, and fondled
the crotches of the men, cupping Robbie’s scrotum, probing a dainty
finger where Chris’s meat was lined to the lips of Lauralee’s pussy.
“Oh wow,” the girl said in awe, “You really gave them a fucking. I wish
my ass was big enough to take a cock that way.” And Jessica murmured,
“Mine is, and it will. I just wish these guys had more pricks to use on
us.” With care, Robbie started to back out of her anus, and Lauralee
felt he son’s weakness, the uncertainty of his legs. She knew he was
spent by the force of his orgasm.

She moved back and down, when his meat was gone from her tube, sliding
her breasts down the man’s heaving chest until h is cockhead left her
snatch and instead trailed a sticky glob of semen between their
bellies. Lauralee rolled over then, to lie between her son and this
passionate husband of another woman, this horny daddy of the girl who
was staring at them all. Lauralee felt bigger than that.

Chapter 14

The three were gone — Chris and Jessica returning to their home, and
taking their daughter with them temporarily, so Bettina could gather up
her things. Of course she was going to move in with Lauralee and
Robbie, but there would be much staying over at each family’s home, for
days and nights at a time, Lauralee knew.

In fact, the other couple would return before long; there were certain
arrangements they had to make locking up their house, making business
calls and the like. Lauralee was glad of some time for herself, for the
chance to get things cleaned up and; meals planned. And, she was happy
to have an hour or so alone with her son

He was in the shower now, using her bathroom instead of the other one,
wanting to stay near her and share the things that had been her private
domain, and Lauralee was glad for that. She knew a certain lassitude in
her limbs, a good kind of tiredness that felt warm within her belly.

The kitchen was clean and the living room tidy, although not with the
fantastic, dust proof cleanliness that had driven her before. Her own
body had been freshened, her hair washed and fluffed with the dryer,
and she lay relaxed upon her king-size bed clad in a pale pink negligee
that caressed her skin with beguilingly sensuous draperies. Looking up
at the ceiling, Lauralee smiled to herself. She felt so — so worldly
now, experienced and adept at anything sexual, sure of her sensuous
appeal and the power of her freed body

But despite all her newfound confidence, Lauralee found herself
thinking of her husband. It was strange that Marshall should come so
often to her mind, that the memory of him and the unhappy times they
shared would occupy so much of her thoughts. Sex had never been good
with him, never exciting and stimulating only a distasteful duty to be

Even now it might be no different, she realized. Liberated as she was,
there could still be a barrier of habit and dislike between them that
no amount of habit and dislike between them that no amount of frenzy
and pumped-up desire could eliminate.

But — and Lauralee turned restlessly upon the bed — but something
kept nagging at the back of her mind, an insistence that she had been
at fault all throughout the marriage, and that Marshall at least
deserved a chance

Would he pay any attention to a call from her? She wasn’t even sure the
phone number she had was still good. The, what would she say to this
man she hadn’t seen for so long — Marshall, darling, please hurry on
over, because I want to see if we can really fuck the way we should
have been fucking, from our wedding night on? Her eyes opened as her
son, *their* son, came glowing from the shower, walking slim and proud
in his arrogant sensuality, his beautiful penis swinging softly between
slender thighs. It was shriveled now, but Lauralee knew that a mere
touch could bring that glorious young meat springing erect again.

Inside her head, she addressed her husband again: you see, Marshall,
I’ve learned how to screw by balling our son. Oh yes; I’ve fucked him
in every way possible, and what do you think of that? “Mom,” Robbie
said, sitting naked upon the side of the bed, “you look terrific, all
sultry and kind of smooth.

You also look thoughtful. Not worried about anything, are you?”
Lauralee put one hand lightly upon her son’s bare thigh.

“Darling, you don’t know exactly where your father is, do you? He
glanced away. “Yeah, I do. I… I’ve been keeping in touch with him.
Dad is still in town, and before you ask — he hasn’t married again.”
She stroked his thigh, her fingertips barely touching the marvelous
softness of his pubic hair, so brown and curly. “How’d you know I was
going to ask you that?” Robbie turned slightly toward her. “I guess
we’ve both been thinking about him a lot… and maybe worrying a little
bit.” “Because of you and me,” Luaralee said, and now her fingers
wandered over the yielding softness of her son’s flaccid prick. When he
was so close, she couldn’t help touching him there, could not resist
fondling the adorable boyish cock that meant so very much to her. “I
know, dear. It all depends upon how he takes it — learning about our
fucking. But he can’t really complain, since I’m not his wife anymore.”
His shaft began to stretch, lengthening and growing rounder, the lovely
dark pink head spreading like a meaty blossom.

Robbie said, “I guess you want him back with us, as much as I do. so
we’re just going to have to take the chance that Dad won’t freak out
about his kid fucking his wife — his ex-wife.” Lauralee caressed the
expanding meat, realizing that she would never get enough of its sweet
hardness and eager beauty, that screwing her own son meant more to her
than fucking anyone else, in whatever wildly stimulating combination.
If Marshall couldn’t accept that fact, then her former husband would
have to return to the limbo where their divorce had relegated him. And
that would be too bad; she was really interested in him now

As she had always been, she admitted. There had been something every
good between them, at the beginning, before sex had turned them against
each other. Marshall had tried so hard, but perhaps he had also been
uptight in his own way, too brutish and demanding for the frightened
girl she had been then. For years now, Lauralee had accepted his going,
even though she had been so damned lonely. So, if Marshall Jergens was
shown how much she had changed, and given the opportunity was shown how
much she had changed, and given the opportunity to taste her new, fiery
flavors, and *still* turned them down because of his shock or disgust,
then the fault would no longer be hers.

She would never stop fucking Robbie – never.

“All right, baby,” she murmured. “You can contact your father but
later; after you and I have had ourselves a long, easy fuck, just the
two of us.” Tilting her head, Lauralee rubbed her cheek into the boy’s
crotch, feeling his pubic hair against her face, knowing the rigid
erectness of his enticing shaft that seemed to be covered with the
smoothest velvet.

Unfurling her tongue, she drew it around the stem of Robbie’s cock,
then worked it lingeringly upward along the veined staff, finally to
bathe the throbbing cockhead

Just before closing her lips over the pulsing knob, she whispered, “Oh,
how I love your prick, darling. It’s the sweetest, loveliest cock in
the entire world.” Stroking her hair, he murmured down to her: “And I
dig have you eat it, Mom. But please don’t make me come. Just roll my
cockhead around in your hot mouth for a little while. I don’t want to
blow off down your throat right now. I’d rather fuck you, get back into
your deep, rich pussy.” So Luaralee only curled her tongue a few times
around that succulent bulb, only dipped her inner cheeks around it a
bit, and drew it back to the satin cupping of her throat. Then she
reluctantly let it go. Urging her over onto her back, Robbie ran his
hands warmly over her taut body, reassuring himself that her breasts
were as firm and up-thrusting as he’d learned them earlier, re-
exploring the thick hair of her mound and gently touching the soft cunt
lips that quivered beneath the mossy covering. He fondled the marble
columns of her lean thighs, and passed one fingertip tenderly over the
flinching knot of her anus

She was rocking, palpitating, as eager as if this wonderful boy had
never touched her before, as if this was the very first time she would
know the hard, hungry thrusting of his young prick. Lauralee’s pussy
was wetting itself, getting ready for the meaty insertion, turning
slippery and hot inside. He son groaned, and was suddenly between her
spread thighs, hurrying the shove of his glans.

The exquisite cockhead popped into her cunt lips, popped on through the
outer and inner labia to reach with a single, strong thrust up into the
oiled sheath of her vagina. His hard prick nestled there within his
mother’s loving pussy, and Luaralee clenched it, nudging the tip of the
knob with the spongy shaping of her womb, feeling her pelvis tight
against his, feeling the pliable sack of his testicles covering the
cleft of her uplifted ass.

Slow and easy she thought ecstatically, gently and with wonder, and
Lauralee rode that magnificently stiff meat with grinding twists that
were hesitant and tender. “It… it’s always fabulous,” she panted

“Always the very best, mar darling… my beautiful, stiff-cocked son

Fuck me lovingly, Robbie — fuck you mother deep and slow.” “Oh Mom,
Mom — your pussy is the hottest, the richest — it’s so juicy and
wiggly, and the way your roll it around on my prick drives me crazy. Oh
wow, wow! Daddy never had it this good from you, or he’d never have
left us. You lay this crazy cunt on him just the way you’re screwing
me, and he’ll never split again.” In a spreading, glowing rapture, she
squirmed upon the deeply pistoning length of her boy’s slender rod, and
found herself thinking how Marshall’s bigger, thicker shaft would feel
inside her snatch. With a flash of insight she also realized how much
Robbie wanted his mother and father to make it, how he craved to pump
his hard cock into the blazing cunt his daddy was fucking. It would
make their screwing even better for the boy — and probably for her,
also. Wrapping her long, supple legs around the small of his back,
Lauralee picked up the beat of their screwing

“Then pound your cock to me, baby!” she commanded. “Come in your
mommy’s pussy and go get your father. You can fuck me right after he
does; you can slide your prick in on top of the big puddle of come your
daddy will pump into my cunt, and mix your semen with his. That’s what
you really want, isn’t it darling? You want to fuck the same pussy, to
show your daddy that I love your cock as much as his.” “Y- yes!” Robbie
grunted, slamming his rigid meat home now with savage strokes. “Oh yes,
Mom! I want us both to fuck you and eat you, and you to go down on both
our dripping pricks. I want to shove it up your tight ass while Daddy
gets it into your cunt., the way we balled with Chris… uuhhh!
Mother… Mommy… you hot-assed bitch, you beautiful, horny cunt…
her it *comes*!” His ejaculation geysered high into the shivering glove
of her flexing vagina, the bubbling juice flying about her vaginal
walls and inundating her cervix with greasy little oyster. Lauralee
shuddered in her own frantic completion, her cunt seething and her
crotch turned into a greedy basket of hair and flesh and gasped
together, and her lean legs passed slowly down along her son’s tensed
thighs. For along, throbbing moment, she cuddled him, crushing her
aching tits against his hairless chest and running her hot tongue into
the boy’s ear. Forcing herself then, Lauralee struggled away from him,
using the recently learned flip of her pelvis that snapped his dripping
cockhead from the steamy confines of her flooded box

Robbie rolled off her trembling body, and came wobbling to his knees.
She stared at her greatest lover and tried to get herself together, to
send him on the errand that would make a big change in their lives, one
way or another. The change might not be for the better.

But the boy moved crab-like up the bed and took her head in his hands,
poking the leaking head of his prick at her face. “Suck it off,” he
said softly, “clean off my prick with your tongue, because I know you
want to.” She did want to; Lauralee always hated to see a single
precious drop of that enchanted fluid go to waste outside her body.
Greedily, she wrapped her mouth around that oozing knob and sucked
avidly upon it, draining the final vestiges of semen from it hidden
little tube

Sighing then, he sank back and swung his legs off the bed. Looking back
over his shoulder at her, Robbie said, “I’ll take the car and see if I
can talk him into coming back with em, even if I have to lie like hell
to him. How are you going to handle him, Mom?”

Lauralee shook her head. “I just don’t know; not yet. When I see him,
I’ll just have to sort of play it by ear. He might not want me, and I”m
not certain about how to prepare him about us, about you and me and
Bettina; and the other, too. I was a virgin until I married your
father, and you were the first other man I ever fucked. He — well;
something will happen.” Nodding, the boy stood up. “I’ll warn off the
others, for a little while; then I have an idea for Daddy.” Moving
swiftly, he scooped up jeans and tee shirt and was gone from her room,
from the bedroom she had shared with his father only, before she
started fucking other men and women.

Lauralee lay there until she heard the car motor in the driveway, then
made herself up and go into the bathroom. Her hands shook as she did
unnecessary thing to her hair, as she touched her armpits and the
valley between her breasts with fresh perfume

She felt uneasy and excited, as she once had felt when readying herself
for a date with her major boyfriend — the man she’d married. Would
Marshall have put on weight, had his hair thinned a little? More
important, what would he think of her? Other men could be maddened by
her pliant, amorous body; women were also turned on by her thigh,
nicely firm breasts and sleek legs; both adored the fluid surging of
her luxurious pussy and the things she had learned to do with her mouth
and tongue. But just knowing that she had succumbed to being fucked by
Robbie and Chris, that she had shared her love with Bettina and
Jessica, might very well turn Marshall off, for keeps

Lauralee sighed and smoothed the semi-transparent hangings of her
negligee. If it did, then she had lost no more than was already missing
from her life, and she could mark ‘closed’ the file of her marriage

After a final check of her face in the mirror, she slid her feet into
furry scuffs and went into the living room, deciding against donning a
robe. Marshall might just as well get a good look at her as she truly
was, a woman unashamed of her own body and reasonably sure of its

Chapter 15

She fretted through a cup of coffee that cloyed the top of her mouth,
rinsed the cup and put it away. Then Lauralee said the hell with it and
poured herself a drink. Out at parties with her husband, she had
managed to nurse a weak drink most of the evening, and only took two,
at most. Now she didn’t mind a jolt or three, to loosen things up;
another surprise for Marshall

Oh lord, she thought; what a miserable, uptight woman she had been,
slicking off all her little pat answers as to what was right and what
was grievously wrong, and never imagining that she could be mistaken in
anything. It was a wonder that Marshall put up with her for so long. He
must have loved her. Lauralee had another drink, sipping it slower this
time, and wandered about the room, at last slipping one of Robbie’s
soft rock discs into the player.

The primitive beat echoed at throbbing within her body, and she felt an
anticipatory tingling, the rising of her nipples against the delicate,
whispery material of her gown Marshall wouldn’t refuse her; she would
damned well see to that much. She would show him a tempestuous,
volatile woman she had become, demonstrate all her newly acquired
skills in ways he couldn’t resist

Then, after she had fucked him down to a limp nub, after she had
drained the semen from his balls in the furious wildness she was now
capable of, *then* if he was able to walk our on her didn’t deserve all
she could give him, and the hell with him.

Swaying to the music, rocking her svelte hips from side to side,
Luaralee dampened her lush lips with a pink tongue and waited

When she heard a rattle at the front door Lauralee flinched and quickly
finished her drink. A pulse hammered in her throat and she felt her
tummy jumping. With an effort, she made herself be calm, even though
she knew she didn’t have any idea what she was going to say to
Marshall. Maybe he hadn’t been home; maybe Robbie couldn’t find him.

But suddenly there he was, standing uncertainly in the entrance to the
living room where he’d once watched ball games on TV and napped after a
hard day. Luaralee’s breath hung in her throat; he hadn’t changed at
all. He was still tall and wide at the shoulders, and Marshall hadn’t
put on a belly, didn’t seem an ounce beyond his usual two hundred
pounds. His hair was still light brown and unruly, and his hazel eyes
were nervous

Why, she thought, he’s as scared a I am, and stood up to move
undulating toward him, holding out her hand. “Hello, Marshall. It’s so
good to see you.” Behind his father, Robbie murmured about having to go
down the street. He winked at her before slipping away to leave them
alone, and there was a world of meaning in the gesture

“Lauralee,” Marshall said in his deep void. “I didn’t expect… and
when Robbie said you insisted on seeing me…” Warm and strong, his
hand closed over her own, and Luaralee clung to it. “I wanted you to
see *me*,” she said. “I’ve changed, Marshall.” His eyes swept over her
long body, taking in the diaphanous negligee and the way it clung to
the modeling of her breasts, how it snuggled to her hips and dipped in
beguilingly at her crotch. “Yeah,” he said. You look different,
somehow.” She led him to the bar and brushed her hip against his thigh
when she went around to pour him a drink. “Do I look sexy?” He nodded,
then frowned. “But you always did. It was like icing on a cake, but
empty inside; no goodies beyond the froth.” Lauralee leaned over the
bar top and the gown fell apart to give him a good look at her breasts.
“I didn’t know, Marshall. Now I do”.

Here’s to knowing.” Drinking hurriedly, he said, “I don’t know what the
hell this is all about, why you’re coming on like this, and…” She
tossed down her own bourbon and slid back around the bar

Whipping off the filmy negligee, she stood with her legs apart and her
arms out from her sides. “This,” she said throatily. “This is what it’s
all about, Marshall — me. You and me. Look at me; I’m aching for you;
my nipples are so stiff they hurt, and my pussy is wiggling inside. I
want to fuck you, Marshall… right now.” Stunned, he could only stare
in disbelief at her transition, at the words she used, at the nakedness
she had always kept hidden from him before.

Lauralee moved to him and picked up his hands to cup them against her
tits, holding them in place while her belly rolled suggestively and her
mouth reached for his. She pried apart his lips with her tongue, and
ran it far into his mouth, sliding it over his own and clashing her
teeth against his, mixing her excited breath with his gasp of shock.
His hands tightened upon her breasts, and Lauralee ground her hairy
snatch into him with savage, hungry arcs.

Hotly searing flames leaped within her, and she tugged at the man,
yanked him from the barstool and dragged him to the center of the room,
her hands ripping at this slacks. Marshall couldn’t get himself
together, but when she pushed him to the carpet and stripped away his
pants, his shorts, her ex-husband’s prick leaped out strong and thick,
the rosy head glowing and blue veins bulging along the swollen shaft.

“It’s a perfectly beautiful prick,” she breathed. “I never knew how
lovely it was, how powerful and big!” “Ll-lauralee…” She didn’t even
let him get his shirt off. Fiercely, she pried his legs apart and
kneeled between his hairy thighs to bit his belly.

Marshall twisted in surprise, and she took a good grip upon the base of
his rigid shaft, plunging her mouth over the distended cockhead,
sucking it along her flicking, coiling tongue, pulling it back to
caress the velvet chalice of her throat

Lavishly, she fondled that pulsing knob, bobbing her head up and down
in a steady, lascivious rhythm. She felt this new-old prick responding,
this wonderful hard meat she had never before tasted. For a shivering
moment, Lauralee considered blowing him all the way, eager to know the
spurting cascade of his semen in her throat. But she wanted to be
screwed more. There would be time later to give Marshall all the hotly
siphoning head he might crave. Lifting her mouth from around his
slippery rod, she crawled astride his body, coming up on her knees and
clinging to his pole

“Now,” she panted, “now I’m going to show you how I can fuck, baby. I’m
guiding this big, sweet cockhead up into my cunt lips, into these hot
lips that are wet and slidy for it.” Pushing the bulb into her labia,
Lauralee gyrated sensuously, forcing her weight down upon it and
knowing the sensation of the sponge- hard glans moving into her

It was familiar in shape and texture, but different now, strange and
exciting because she want it,*wanted* it. “So hard,” she moaned, “so
good baby.” His upright cock slipped on up into the greasy clenching of
her aroused vagina, and the satin glove caressed it, drew it full
length, until her crotch came down upon his pelvis and it was buried to
the stem

Rotating her ass, churning her belly, Lauralee whirled upon the
embedded meat, forcing the ballooned knob around inside her pussy,
grinding the thick trunk against her inflamed clitoris and pumping,
pumping. Marshall was gasping, and his hands fumbled out to find and
hold on to the swinging cheeks of her trim ass. He was thrusting back,
lifting it up into her, meeting her driving strokes with his own and
being screwed as she had never laid it to him before in all their
married life

But before he could get too turned on, she pulled at his hips and; made
him roll over on top of her. Now, she though dizzily, now it feels
deeper and longer, and it’s possible to get legs around him. Long and
sleek, smooth and lean, her legs made a net over his heaving body, and
Lauralee tilted them up as she went back upon her shoulders.

“Fuck me, fuck!” she chanted, trying to squeeze him ever deeper into
the seething cauldron of her snatch. “Jam that meat hard into my pussy,
darling… harder — harder! Ah, that’s the way!” Seesawing up and
down, swiveling her hips and banging her greedy pelvis into his,
Lauralee screwed her lover furiously, demandingly, wringing her juicy
snatch around his pistoning club and humping him with animal hunger

“Lauralee!” he grunted. “Oh baby — never before… ahhhh, I can’t hold
back… your pussy is too hot and slippery, too damned good… all soft
and gripping… -un-un- un… UN! Coming, baby… I’m coming!” “Squirt
your hot come into me!” she hissed, raking her clawed fingers into the
cheeks of his ass and biting into the base of his throat

“I want to feel your semen, lover… Ooohhh!! Yes, yes, that’s it…
all bubbling and frothy, all thick and creamy — oohhh! You’d doing it,
darling; you’re pumping me full of your wonderful come and I’m coming,
*ttoooo!*” His cockhead continued to flex convulsively as spate after
spate of boiling liquid rinsed down her twitching walls and drenched
her womb Lauralee could feel his balls leaping into the cleft of her
ass and his breath sobbing, feel his chest lurching .

His ecstasy was her own, and she squirmed wantonly, voluptuously upon
his spitting prick When Marshall sagged, all his power momentarily gone
from his body and his cock stilled while the syrupy milk bathed it
inside her caressing snatch. She cradled him in her arms and crooned
wordless love sounds into his ear, punctuating them with dartings of
her tongue.

An eternity later, Marshall sighed and said, “Oh damn; that was the
finest piece of ass I ever had. It was something I always wanted from
you, Lauralee… that fire and fury, to go with your gorgeous body. But
I never thought it would happen, baby. What… how the *hell* did you
manage to change so damned quick, and so completely?” Lauralee
hesitated, grinding slowly upon his still hard shaft, relishing the
greasy, slippery feel of it. She had practically raped this man she
used to be married to, hammered him and screwed him with feral
savagery, and Marshall had adored it. Should she tell him now, describe
what had happened to her through Bettina and that X-rated motel, the
wanton scenes with their own son? Later, she decided, and backed off
his throbbing club, kissing his chest and licking hotly at each of his
nubby nipples, biting gently at this hairy belly and sliding down, ever

There it was, sturdily upright against her throat, and Luaralee rubbed
her cheek against the distended meat, exulting in the soapy residue
that was still dripping from Marshall’s cockhead

Nibbling at the stem of his rod, she licked around into the wet hairs,
and tenderly drew his balls into her mouth, tugging upon them as she
bathed them with her actively seeking tongue. He flinched and
shuddered, and she began to lick a tingling path up the length of his
prick, tormenting the underside of the foamy glans with the tip of her

“Now,” she breathed, “Now I’ll eat you, darling. It’s something we’ve
never done before, and we’re long overdue for this. Ummm — your cock
really looks delicious.” His voice flowed down upon her. “Lauralee, are
you sure…” Then she gulped at his turgid cockhead, pulling it between
her eager lips to cram her tongue tip into the sticky slot. She knew
how to do this, and do it well; her son and Chris called her a natural-
born cock sucker, and she loved to perform the act, to know the private
flavors, to feel a man writhing and heaving as she brought him to

Concentrating upon Marshall’s pulsing meat, she went to work, bumping
the blunt glans tip into the ultra- softness of her throat, fondling
the shaft with cheeks that dipped in and out, and always, always, her
trained and highly educated tongue was busy

His hands pawed down and tangled themselves in her hair. Luaralee
moaned around his knob, picking up the rhythm through the bobbing of
her head and quicker stimulation of her tongue. She sucked and
released, tantalized and promised, her fingers deftly adding more
arousal through caresses of his balls and the stem of his slowly
churning shaft

“Ahhh, baby!” he gasped, “Oh, Lauralee… I can’t believe you’re —
ahh! YOUR tongue is driving me out of my head… darling, darling…
quick! I have to pull out, or I’ll let go into your mouth.” When
Marshall tied to yank away his throbbing prick, she fought to keep it,
to hold it prisoner, clinging to his balls and gobbling furiously, even
ringing his club with her teeth in warning. Marshall was so new at this
that he didn’t realize she *wanted* his semen to explode in her mouth
and slide down her avid throat. Jerking and wiggling, her ex-husband
tugged at her hair, but the pressure building to a frenzy within his
testicles was too much for him. Lauralee felt the thunderous release of
his come as his cockhead went off like a blasting cap. His semen
ricocheted within her siphoning mouth, splattering into her throat and
drenching her tongue, so that she had to swallow time and again, in
order to catch her breath

Perfect; it had been a magnificent climax for him, she knew; he was
still drawn taut in a form of exquisite torture, his body arched and
straining. Even Marshall’s skin seemed to be twanging, and Lauralee
continued to draw upon his oozing glans, to lap for a final sweet
droplet, of slippery juice. She held to his prick for a long time,
adoring it gently, tenderly, until the last waves of his orgasm
subsided and the man fell back, panting

Marshall’s overworked prick was already turning soft as she allowed the
knob to slide from her lips with a final kiss. She craved to do so much
more to him, go all over every quivering inch ofhis body, fuck him from
every angle, draw his head between her own thighs and feed him the
flowing honey of her cunt. But the poor man was all pooped out, at
least for the moment, shaken and surfeited by more aggressive sex than
she’d ever shown him before, possibly more than he’d ever experienced
from any other woman.

Lauralee smiled her way back up his supine body lingering to nuzzle his
chest hair, pausing to tease each nipple with her teeth before
progressing to his mouth. Forcing her tongue between his lips, she
allowed Marshall to learn to flavors of his own missed having your
sweet prick,” she murmured. “I just didn’t know how much, because I was
so damned dumb, Marshall. But no more; no more. We’ll do it all,
darling; I’ll make up for all the pain I cause you, all the
frustration.” When she slid away from him and climbed to her feet, he
blinked up at her, his eyes still a bit out of focus. “I still don’t
understand how or why you got turned on,” he said as she sway-hipped to
the bar to pour them drinks. “but whatever… or whoever — did this to
you, I’ll be eternally grateful.”

“Good,” she said. “I feel the same way, but I wasn’t so sure about your
reaction. You won’t be jealous, or shocked, or disgusted, it I tell
you?” Marshall sat up, his sated prick dropping to one side.

“Well, I figure you found some guy who taught you how to ball, really
ball. I guess I ought to be jealous of him, because *I* could find the
right buttons to push.”

Lauralee titled the bottle of bourbon over their glasses and hesitated,
frowning down at the amber liquid. Marshall had his own ethics, of
course, his own brand of morality; would knowing that Robbie was the
male who got her going upset him too much? It was possible; a couple of
quick and passionate fucking might not change that. Her frown,
deepened, because how that she had Marshall back she certainly didn’t
want to lose him again. There was so much she could share with him

A shadow moved in the hallway and she glanced at it, to see Robbie
hiding there and beckoning to her. Composing her face, she passed the
whiskey to Marshall just as he struggled erect. “Be back in a moment,
“she said. “Little girl’s room.” Catching Robbie at their own bedroom
door, she hissed at him. “I don’t think your father is ready to learn
who…” The boy cupped her tits. “Wow’ what a fucking you gave Dad. He
was really shaken up.” “Robbie…” He cut in on her. “I’ve got the
other tucked into my bedroom; brought them through the garage, just in

I figure we ought to turn Bettina and Jessica loose on him, too… with
you, of course. You three hot cunts should be able to change his mind
about anything. He’ll need to catch his breath some, but after that…”
She kissed her son on the mouth. “you’re right, darling

Especially when your father discovers he’s been fucking his own
daughter- in-law in the orgy. Marshall won’t have a comeback then;
he’ll *have* to accept the fact that you and I are fucking.

Wait until I feed him some more booze, and titillate him a bit, then
send them in to us.” Smiling, she went to pee and hurried back to where
her former husband was sitting slumped on a barstool. He brightened and
straightened up when he saw her still nude, and rolling her sleek hips

“Thought maybe I’d been dreaming,” Marshall said, “but I see you’re for
real.” She poured him another drink and saluted him. “More than you
know, darling.”

Chapter 16

The other two women came gliding down the hall, Marshall was high on
bourbon, but drunker on sex and the renewing of his love. And by
teasing and caressing him, Lauralee had managed to bring his cock to a
semi- hardness once more, realizing where Robbie had inherited his
staying power. For his age, Marshall was going to be one hell of a fine
lover, able to screw often and for extended periods of time

She had him on the couch, toying with his prick, and felt him jump when
his eyes fell upon the strange women who were suddenly standing before
him, naked and beautiful, their breasts high and proud, their hips
undulating “W-what the hell…” Lauralee steadied him, stroked his
thighs and belly.

“Don’t get nervous, darling. Aren’t they lovely? The girl is Bettina,
and the redhead is Jessica; they’re very good friends of mine. You
might say they’re part of the family.” She could sense the changes
taking place within him, the alertness and desire leaping through his
veins. A pair of sensuous beauties like these would arouse any man,
worth the name. And Marshall came well equipped with balls. Luaralee
murmured into his ears: “We’re all yours, baby — all three of us, any
way you want us.” Bettina led the way, the girl’s small, shapely body
gleaming golden as she kneeled between Marshall’s spread thighs and
bent to kiss his groin. Her mother, rounded and lush, took up her
position next to Marshall, rubbing big, soft breasts against his

“Glad to meet you,” Jessica purred. “Let’s fuck.” And Bettina said,
“His prick is almost as big as Daddy’s.”

Shaken, Marshall said, “Who are these…”

“Just your lovers,” Lauralee answered, “As I am. Lie back, dear; Look
at the lovely young pussy and the ripe, plump pussy. They’re throbbing
for the touch of your cock.”

Robot-like, the man allowed himself to be pushed back, his stricken
eyes whipping back and forth over the three adorable mounds presented
to him, glancing unbelievingly at the sets of shapely tits and he
thrusting nipples. It was, Lauralee thought, as if he had been trapped
in some erotic dream, something he had been trapped in some erotic
dream, something he had never thought would actually come to pass, and
Marshall Jergens didn’t quite know how to handle it.

But he was reacting with admirable reflexes, his prick climbing to its
full and turgid length, his balls working overtime to pump themselves
full of precious fluids once again. The cockhead that had so recently
spewed creamy juice into Lauralee’s mouth was now spreading itself in
eager blooming, radiant with expectancy and starting to gather a clear
pearl of pre-seminal liquid upon its tip

Lauralee didn’t know if her husband — her ex-husband-had ever gone
down on a woman’s pulsating and hairy snatch, but realized that he
would soon have the experience, in multiples. He was staring wide-eyed
at the tiny body of the very young girl who was poising her honey-
blonde crotch above his still pole, and Lauralee went around to the
head of the couch as Bettina stroked the swollen meat

When the passionate child directed the cockhead into her small,
volatile labia, Lauralee climbed upon the couch and placed a knee at
each side of Marshall’s head. Looking down into his surprised face, she
said, “There’s a close-up of my pussy, darling. It’s hot and wet and
greasy, but I’m told it tastes like honey. You’re about to find out.”

She gave him time to feel the damp electric jolt of Bettina’s mini-
snatch widening it pink lips to take in his knob waiting until their
daughter-in-law slid wiggling down his shaft to lock it within the
tight rubbery glove of an enchanted young vagina. Then Lauralee brought
down her own crotch, quaking with a feverish need to know the feel of
his mouth, his tongue

Marshall gasped once before her satiny thighs snuggled his head and her
furry crotch covered his face. Lauralee trembled at the scraping of his
teeth, and rocked up and down, reaching out her hands to curl her
fingers into Bettina’s for support. When his tongue reached
experimentally up into her juicy sheath, she pumped upon it, twisting
until she presented her clit to him

Bettina was smiling lasciviously as she seesawed her supple pussy upon
the man’s submerged prick, revelling in the sensation of riding new,
fresh meat, getting more kick from the fact that this particular cock
belonged to her husband’s father.

Hurriedly, Lauralee gyrated against the tongue that probed her
clitoris, making herself climb the dizzying heights swiftly. She didn’t
want to be greedy, and Jessica was standing by, awaiting her turn

Lifting her flowing mound from Marshall’s hungry mouth, Lauralee
stepped off the couch and watched little Bettina hammer herself to a
violently surging climax. They were thinking together, operating alike,
Lauralee saw, intending to wring the most out of screwing the man who
should become an integral part of their joined families. They meant to
give him all the rapture they could, and so bind him strongly to the
fabulous lure of their glossy bodies

The girl crawled up over his heaving chest, leaving the reddened knob
of Marshall’s prick pulsing in the air, letting it cool for a moment
before the next slippery cunt enveloped it. Bettina straddled his head
and manipulated her steaming little vulva up and down over his chin and

Behind her Jessica mounted him, using one deft hand to cram his meat
directly into her red-haired, opulent snatch. The man shook when he
felt her velvety lining close upon his rigid club, and Jessica pivoted
lustfully upon it, grinding and surging. It was complicated and
beautiful, Lauralee thought; Marshall must think he was caught in a
paradise of erotica, and if he had any sense at all he would never want
to get out. Damned few men would ever be as fortunate. She hoped he
could hang on to her for a while longer, that the fucking and eating
she had given him earlier would hold back his ejaculation and allow him
to fully enjoy the multiple screwing he was getting, as well as the
changing flavors of hot cunts forced into his mouth

“Great cock,” Jessica panted, wheeling her ripe ass and bucking upon
his shaft. “Nice and hard, and so different inside me.” Marshall’s
prick was new to the others, Lauralee realized; it was strange and
different, and that made it more exciting for Bettina and her mother.
As she watched, Jessica quivered to a jerking, leaping orgasm that
clamped her rounded thighs against his hips and had her mellow ass
pumping furiously

Had Bettina come again, too? Lauralee looked at the girl’s delicate ass
churning slowly and wantonly, at the way Marshall was holding to the
fragile thighs while he ate into that young, ravishing box. He didn’t
even know she had married his son, nor did he understand that while he
was sucking Bettina’s cunt her mother was shivering upon his embedded

The tableau grew static then, freezing into non movement when the girl
hit her crest and Jessica’s was ebbing. Then Bettina climbed from
around his head, and her mother slid that plush body up to take her

That left the greasy, polished cock for Lauralee, but she hesitated,
and motioned for Bettina to go ahead. Marshall would revel in letting
go his load into that suctioning little hole.

But why wait until Jessica had been eaten? Lauralee kneeled beside the
couch and turned her neck so that her face was against Marshall’s
forehead, her nose brushing the thickly curling hairs of the woman’s
cunt every time Jessica made a rolling stroke

“Marshall,” she said. “Listen to me, darling. Keep your long tongue
working inside Jessica’s pussy, but listen to what I have to say.” His
answer was a smothered groan, and after diddling into Jessica’s pubic
hair, Lauralee went on: “The cunt you’re eating belong to Jessica
Hartmann… and the schoolgirl pussy you’re fucking is her daughter’s.

Bettina is also *your* daughter-in-law; she’s married to Robbie, our
son.” Marshall stiffened, but he didn’t release the plump thighs that
were pinning his head between their silken roundness

Lauralee continued: “Bettina broke through all my uptight defenses,
when she went down on me and taught me how two passionate women can
love each other. It was her wedding night, Marshall. And — and I
learned to fuck, to really fuck, from Robbie.” The man made a strangled
noise, but Bettina was writhing upon his prick, and Jessica was pumping
faster into his mouth, forcing his tongue to whiplash beneath her
clitoral hood.

Lauralee moved he lips across his forehead and said, “We’re all
screwing you, so you can discover for yourself how wonderful group sex
can be, all the juicy fucking you can possibly want, without jealousy
or stupid taboos. We want you to be with us, Marshall; *I* want you.”
Jessica cut in with a thin wail, “oh! Oh, baby… dig that tongue into
my pussy… I’m coming, *coming*!”

And Marshall’s body convulsed as Bettina wheeled and drove upon his
hard cock. His balls climbed upward and contracted, and Lauralee knew
that he husband was spitting a hot stream of come into the girl’s
tightly gripping vagina, into the youngest cunt head had ever fucked.

It took a while before Jessica recovered enough to lift her rich snatch
from Marshall’s face, and when she did, there were glistening streaks
of her juice left upon his cheeks and chin. The man’s eyes were closed,
and he didn’t move when Bettina drew her caressing pussy from around
his pole. A smear of milky fluid seeped slowly from his cockhead

Lauralee placed her lips upon his, tasting the exotic musk Jessica’s
mature snatch left there, and he didn’t resist the gentle probing of
her tongue. She stretched out the deep kiss, trying to tell him how
much she loved him, truly loved him now

Then she moved back and waited for him to say kneeling there as the
others moved across the room. Out of the corner of he eye, she caught
glimpses of Robbie and Chris lurking in the hallway. Lauralee hoped
Marshall’s answer would be the right one, the only acceptable one. If
it wasn’t it he somehow could put aside the glorious fucking he had
just undergone and play the role of outraged father and former husband,
she would be sorry. They would all be sorry, but Marshall himself stood
to lose by far the most.

“Lauralee,” he said at last, weak-voiced and shaky, “Lauralee?”

“Yes, Marshall?”

“You-you actually screwed the kid? And I suppose you went down on him,
too? All that stuff, with our own boy?”

She nodded.

“Just as you did it to his wife and her mother.”

Jessica’s husband is over there, you know; he was watching it all with

With feeling, Marshall turned his face toward her and said, “I’ll be a
son of a bitch. I couldn’t even get you to keep the light on when you
were bare-assed, and now you tell me you’re fucking the boy, and
balling with everyone else?”

“Not everyone,” she answered. “Just the in-laws and Robbie’ and now
you. But get this straight, Marshall Jergens… if and when I decide to
screw some other man, or make it with another woman, it will be my
decision. Now, suppose you tell us what yours is; do you want to put on
your clothes and run on out of here, or do you want to stay and become
part of our combined families?”

Slowly, he propped his head upon his palm and stared at her. Lauralee
saw his eyes reach past her, where four naked people were poised,
listening. “Robbie,” he said

The boy came forward without hesitation, his young prick bobbing its
pink head before him, and came up beside him to take her husband’s
hand. Lauralee saw how utterly gorgeous they together, so slim and
fresh and Exciting.

“Robbie,” Marshall said, “So you’ve been screwing your mother? With all
this other pussy, including that lovely girl, you still get into your
mom?” “Yes,” the boy said proudly. “Mom’s is something very special to
me. I’d like for you and me to share it together, to get between us and
pour the meat to her every way we can. but if you don’t want that… -“

“Wait a,” Marshall said. “I didn’t say that. I’m only trying to get
things straight in my head, son. And — I never had it so good in all
my life. Besides, since I just dicked your wife, it’s only a fair trade
you to fuck mine, right? I’m sorry, kid, but they’ve screwed me down to
a frazzle, and I won’t able to ball her with you — not right away. But
you can be damned sure we’ll get on her and in her, soon as I can raise
another hard- on.”

Robbie grinned hugely. “That’ great, dad! I always hoped you two would
get together again, and it’ll be better than ever.”

Marshall pushed himself to a sitting position. “Well, you’ve got a good
hard-on. What are you going to do with it?”

Lauralee bent over, bracing herself hands and knees, seeing Chris and
Jessica approaching, hearing them laughing with relief anticipation.
She didn’t have to say anything to Robbie; he knew what was expected of
him, and the boy was obviously eager to demonstrate his sexual prowess
to his father, to show the he was a horny young stud capable of
bringing mother’s cunt to a boil.

Dropping to his knees behind her, Robbie set the velvet head of his
cock into her quivering labia, and stroked the cheeks of Lauralee’s
smooth ass when h e pushed slowly but steadily up into her receptive
pussy lips from behind. While his rod was sliding home, Lauralee placed
upon her husband’s knee and said, “Welcome home, darling.”

Marshall grinned, “Who ever you’re talking to, it’s all right with me,”
he said.

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