Desert Gold

Desert Gold

My husband was being his normal agreeable self, again. We were half a day into the three day trek, and he was already moaning to me about my choice of clothing.

We’re Turkish tourists.My name is Hurie.

We had been staying at our amazing Egyptian hotel for several days, and I had had no trouble walking around the pools and buildings in my bikini from any of the local staff (except some wandering eyes of course). But my husband had some very high standards to be adhered to when we were outside the hotel grounds: arms and legs must be covered at all times.

Of course this standard didn’t apply to him; cheerfully striding around wearing his shorts and t-shirt. Oh no, it was only me that had to swelter and bake wearing my long dress and long-sleeved cardigan in the desert sun.

After a few hours I was red-faced and sweating all over. On the pretense of needing the toilet I had even asked for the caravan to be stopped so I could hide behind one of the bushes to slip off my bra and underwear. In my defence, the caravan was only us and the two guides. The other couples must have heeded the excursion organiser’s warning of the heat this time of year, unlike my insistent husband, “It’ll be fine!”. Smug short-wearing idiot.

And so I had taken off my cardigan, revealing my “culturally-offensive” chest, currently offensively bulging slightly from my dress top. The scoop top of my dress is quite low and widely cut, displaying a fair bit of cleavage even without my bra.

As we walked on I found myself noticing quite frequent glances from our guides. It was seemed that my exposed flesh was gathering a lot of attention, and perhaps not of the offended variety.

This crossed the line to glaringly obvious when I stopped to loosen my sandals for a moment. My husband was walking ahead chatting to one of the guides, with myself and the second guide further behind. I bent over attempting to make my damned shoes more comfortable by loosening the straps, and was struggling to undo the tiny buckle.

As I stood there fiddling with my sandal I noticed the second guide was waiting for me, standing slightly further ahead. I looked up at him and smiled, in the same moment realising that he was staring straight down the top of my dress!

He returned a wide grin as I quickly straightened up, and no wonder. He must have had quite eyeful of my swaying breasts, clearly unrestricted by any kind of bra. From where he was standing slightly to the side, he may well have been able to see my entire breast.

My heart thudded in my chest as we walked on. No-one except my husband has ever seen my bare breasts (although many have wanted to). I was both mortified at what the guide must think of me, while at the same time feeling slightly aroused by the thought of inadvertently giving such a show to an almost complete stranger.

The guide was still grinning happily as we walked on, I could occasionally see him eyeing up my figure out of the corner of my eye. As my husband slowed down to chat to me (“Aren’t the views amazing!”), the guide sped up to join his friend.

I thought of mentioning what had happened to him, but he was much too happy raving about the wonders of the desert. It had also crossed my mind that he was not particularly tactful in such matters, and was very possessive when it came to other men’s wandering eyes. The last thing I wanted was for him to get us stranded in the middle of the desert with an ill-advised man-rage.

As he blathered on, I could see the guides talking avidly about something, making frequent amused glances backwards towards us. They were clearly talking about my little show. Realising this made my heart start to thud. One was making lewd cupping hand gestures as he described the size and shape of my breasts, while the other watched hungrily.

I realised was walking around in the middle of nowhere wearing no underwear, being lusted over by two strangers, with my husband right next to me completely unaware that any of this was happening. The more I thought about this the faster the my heart thudded, and I could feel my bare nipples begin to harden against my dress.

Once they were hard I could feel the soft fabric rubbing gently against them as I walked, which just made it worse. I tried to listen to my husband to distract myself, but I was getting more and more flustered, and wet to match no doubt. Despite being an annoying prick all day, my husband was going to get lucky tonight.

None-too-soon, the guides said we had come far enough for today, and it was time to set up camp. They started a fire, and set up the tent… One tent. I thought I’d seen another tent in the pack, and prodded my husband until he asked about it.

“No, no. that’s the big tent. We were told there would be more of you.” the guide claimed. My husband replied “Oh, OK.” and received a stern frown from me. I was in serious need of some of attention, and was in no mood to share my personal space.

He took the hint and continued “Would it be possible to set it up? It’d be nice to, well, have our own tent. But not if it’d be too much trouble.” The guide sighed a long sigh “It takes an hour to set up. But there really should be no problem sharing; we can wait outside while you get changed for the night.”

The guide’s eyes touched on my chest for a moment when he said “while you get changed”, unnoticed by my husband. Of course he didn’t want to press the matter (not knowing what I had planned), so he dropped it.

The rest of the evening carried on without further event. The food was strange but edible, and the conversation mostly driven by my husband’s need to talk at people. A couple of times I thought I noticed one of the guides discreetly eyeing me up as I reached over to serve myself, each time causing my heart to flutter.

A few times the guides managed to get a word in edgeways, and in one of those small opportunities they mentioned their names. The one who’d seen my bare breast to was called Mohammed, who my husband decided to start calling ‘Mo’ for some reason that amused only him. Both of us struggled with the other’s name until he eventually sighed “Just call me Ak”.

After a while everyone was getting noticeably tired, and after a couple of theatrical yawns from Ak “Oh GOODNESS am I TIRED!”, we took the hint and went to get changed.

The tent was quite small, probably big enough to sleep six (friendly) people. The floor was covered in rugs and cushioned mats (like mattresses, but thinner), and was surprisingly comfortable.

As we got ready for bed, I was annoyed to find that my husband had found it amusing to pack only my nightie for me to sleep in: “I thought we’d have our own tent!”. After a hushed argument, made so much worse because by our need to be quiet; he huffed, stomped the short distance to one end of the tent, led down, and pulled the blanket over his head.

Sighing at his immaturity, and because I now couldn’t sleep at the edge of the tent with him between me and the guides, I changed into the short silk nightie and got under the blanket next to him.

A wicked thought suddenly crossed my mind; I turned towards him, smiling, and was about to use the few minutes of privacy we had to ‘apologise’ his tiny little brains out (he wouldn’t know what hit him), when Mo said “Knock knock” outside.

The guides came in and changed as I led with my back to them, wishing their sudden and horrible deaths. At that moment I would have happily have been stranded in the middle of the desert with just my husband if it meant I could get some satisfaction (he was banned from talking when we were making up).

They eventually settled and fell asleep, leaving me wide awake and frustrated next to my now snoring husband. I rolled onto my back, and stared into the darkness above me. I bit my lip and decided I would have to satisfy myself.

I quietly moved my hand down to the bottom of my nightie, and lifted it up. I slid my cool fingers over my swollen slippery clit, and gasped quietly at the sensation. My sex was hot to my fingers, and more sensitive than I’d felt in a long time. Warms throbs rippled through my body as I rubbed my fingers in circles.

I heard a movement to one side of me, and froze in position, my clit aching for my fingers to carry on. I realised it was Mo (who I’d glimpsed laying down nearest to me), and he appeared to be moving closer to me.

My heart started thudding as hard as it had just a few hours ago, and I felt a cold sweat. Did he know what I was doing? My mind raced, had I been unknowingly sighing in pleasure?

There was the sound of more movement, and the back of a hand rested innocently against the bare skin of my free arm. I stayed completely still, unsure of what I should do, and desperately wanting to bring myself to completion.

After a few moments the hand moved, gently stroking across my arm, and then onto the silk material of my nightie. I held my breath as the hand moved up my breast, gently cupping it and taking my hardened nipple between thumb and finger.

I wondered if he could feel my heart pumping, but was quickly distracted by the sensation of my nipple being gently pulled and squeezed, the weight of my breast cradled in the palm of his hand. I could feel my will drifting away, as I was groped by this strange man, my fingers beginning to firmly circle my clit again.

He must have felt me playing with myself, because his took his cue to be even bolder. He pulled my strap down my arm along with the blanket, causing my nipple to spring out into the cool air. He shifted his body closer, his hard cock resting against my spare hand as he took my nipple into his mouth.

His hand slid down to join mine at my sex, and he began rubbing his fingers across my entrance, quickly becoming smothered in my juices. I gripped his eager hardness in my hand, and began to slowly stroke down its length, admiring the fullness of his erection. This was the first man other than my husband to get this far, but I was too lost in the moment to realise it.

The wonderful warm sensation of his suckling was interrupted by a whisper from behind him, which he quietly replied to, both in Arabic. I was about to say something when his mouth covered mine, and his tongue slid into my mouth. At the same moment his fingers plunged inside me, causing me to moan onto his tongue and buck upwards towards his hand.

I turned towards him, putting my leg over his hip as he continued to thrust his fingers inside me, causing wet sucking noises. I started to use the deliciously smooth head of his hardness to rub my clit, feeling him tense with pleasure as I did so.

He pulled out his fingers and took me firmly in his arms, still kissing me deeply, our tongues sliding and playing together. He lifted me over his body, and then down onto the other side, his hardness never losing contact with my sloppy entrance.

I wondered what he was doing, until I felt a soft kiss on the nape of my neck, which sent shivers down my spine. I was much too far gone to object as two of Ak’s fingers slipped inside me, a solid feeling resting against my back to match the one in my hand.

Mo’s hand free hand began to knead my breast and pull at my nipple, adding to the sensations coursing through my body. Ak nibbled at my ear, one of my favorite feelings, and I felt my orgasm build.

Ak’s fingers were slipping and sliding in and out of me with no resistance, and as if to compensate, he added another finger, and then another. Stretching me open with his four fingers. This sent me over the edge, and I could feel myself gripping his fingers tightly as I was overtaken by my orgasm. The waves of ecstasy and relief shuddered through me, as the men continued to please my body.

As my grip on his fingers relaxed, Ak moved his body so that he was resting himself against my entrance. He pushed forwards, and in one thrust spread my entrance open and entered me down to the hilt. The sudden fullness sending aftershocks tingling through my body, making me shudder again.

He held his thick member deep inside me, holding me still by my hips, as I tensed and gripped my sex around him, wanting desperately to cum again with him inside me.

Mo took his now rock hard shaft from my grip, and began to rub firmly against my clit, pushing up against me. I revelled in the sensation as he pressed harder against me, slipping towards my entrance. I felt his head press against my pubic bone, and then the sensation of my swollen lips being stretched wide open, as he entered me alongside Ak!

I moaned into his shoulder as he continued to push deep inside me, filling me up like I had never felt before. Finally I felt his pubic bone press against mine, I lay there whimpering at the feeling of being stretched and totally filled by two men at the same time. I convulsed as my muscles tried to grip these two invaders, wriggling in the two men’s arms as they held me firmly still.

Slowly they began to pump in and out of me, keeping rhythm together. I buried my face in Mo’s shoulder, feeling like I was a virgin being violated by some giant monster. I squealed as they sped up, my sex clutching at them as the wonderful sensations built once again.

The wet sucking noises of them penetrating me became louder as their pace increased further. I could still hear my husband snoring mere feet away, innocent to his wife’s muffled moaning, her sloppy sex being forced wide open and filled by two men they barely knew.

Still held firmly in place I could do nothing but accept their invading thrusts that were causing me so much pleasure. My world became the feeling of body being so wonderfully abused as a warm tingling spread to my toes. My thoughts were becoming a blur, the kissing on my lips and neck, the solid grip on my hips, and the firm pulling at my nipple melded together.

The shudders of orgasm began overtake me, my shuddering causing the thrusting deep inside me to become frantic. I dug my nails into Mo’s back as their pace became a fierce animal penetration. I writhed and bucked to their furious pace and finally pushed my face into Mo’s shoulder to muffle my scream of both pain and intense pleasure as they hardened, spewing their seed deep inside my convulsing body one powerful thrust after another.

My body became limp in their arms as the most intense orgasm I had ever felt slowly subsided. I lay trembling, sandwiched between their bodies as they gently stroked my bare skin and legs.

I have rarely felt as content as I did at that moment, my needs sated at last, being softly kissed and caressed.

Having filled me with their cum they softened inside me, my poor stretched pussy twitching as each slipped out leaving a dripping trail across my leg. I could have stayed there all night, but guilt began to nag at me, and I knew I couldn’t have my husband find me in this depraved position.

I eventually willed myself to get up, pulling my body from the tangle of arms and legs I had been so pleasurably caught and used in. I straightened my nightie, covering my so recently groped breasts and my pouting, dribbling sex. I carefully found my way back to my sleeping husband. He was still snoring as I fell asleep beside him, slipping into dreams of sordid satisfaction.

The next morning we continued our walk as the dunes became deeper and sandier. Having no fear of offending anyone I had left my bra in my bag, but skipping underwear was definitely not an option.

My husband walked with me as we started out, commenting on how much cheerier I seemed today. I simply smiled a sweet smile, the guides’ cum still leaking around my sodden knickers, and mentioned that I’d had a particularly satisfying night’s sleep.

The sandy dunes gave plenty of excuses to adjust my sandals when my husband was distracted, causing wide grins and promising bulges. Smiling to myself I considered that my darling husband wasn’t going to get lucky for a while yet. I however, may have struck gold.

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