Cuckold to an Emperor

Cuckold to an Emperor

Metellus publius was scared. He felt shame at such a feeling, very unseemly for a Roman patrician and Senator. But he had learnt many years ago that such fear while unbecoming, was not uncommon. During the treason trials of Julius and Augustus Cesear, everyone had realised that the only thing a Roman had to fear in the world were other Romans.

Metellus left the Senate early in the afternoon and made his way through the winding streets and alleys of Rome. He was greeted as he walked by the citizens of the city but his mind was too occupied for than than a cursory and polite smile in response. He thought and weighed his options. Suicide would bring him an escape but he doubted he had the heart for it. He could flee, go into exile in the provinces or even in Gaul or Germania. But his list of clients and patrons outside of Rome was limited and he had little support to draw upon. One thing for certain was that he could not refuse the Emperor’s invitation, despite knowing full well the man’s intentions.

By the time he reached his home he had not reached a conclusion as to an appropriate course of action. Ashe entered the vestibule of his home, he paused and let his head drop. He realised that the reason he could not find a solution to his circumstance was that there were no solutions. The problem was if this fate was his alone, then he would simply accept it. But the fact his young wife Julia also shared his fate was almost more than he could bare.

Metellus pushed his fears back and striking a pleasant expression entered his home. Immediately upon entry he was met by his wife. At 19 Julia was far younger than his 42. Metellus had married once before with his first wife dying in child birth when they were both young. Metellus, a closet romantic, swore never to marry until he again was struck by love. He accepted the barbs and jibes from his fellow Senators at his refusal to marry, preferring instead to stand firm by his convictions.

From the moment he had met Julia 2 years ago, Metellus knew they would be married. She was a stunning woman, with a young fresh innocent beauty. She possessed a womanly body, with wide child bearing, a tight waist and long supple legs. Her beauty and their love made bedding her on their wedding night one of the greatest pleasures of Metellus’ life. Her vigorous and active participation made the entire experience highly erotic and Metellus tried his best to repeat the experience regularly.

Yet he had to admit that upon meeting Julia, ones eyes are immediately drawn to her breasts. She had an overly large bust disproportionate to her slight size. Her breasts were round and full, the size of grapefruits with a soft yielding firmness. And thanks to her youth, they sat high and prominent on her chest. When he held them in his hands, either while bedding her or simply when it took his fancy, he found them each too large for a single hand to accommodate. It was a pleasant difficulty to deal with and one that Metellus guarded jealously.

He took his wife into his arms and held her for a moment, trying to settle his nerves and concerns. When he disengaged he looked down at his wife’s attire. She wore a white toga draped loosely over her body. However as was required, it was arranged to hang from the shoulders, allowing for quick removal. It was an ominous sign of things to come.

“we must leave now my love to ensure we are not late.” Metellus declared to his wife, attempting to be brave. She simply nodded, not saying a word, before following her husband out onto the streets of Rome.


Julia sat next to her husband at the banquet table, closest to the head of the table where there host would be seated. There they were joined by three other couples, from the look of their robes, all Senators and their wives. It was quite an aristocratic dinner party, one that should be full of chatter and gossip, as was the custom. Instead, they all sat quietly, their heads lowered, their expressions sullen and depressed. Julia waited for Metellus to introduce her to them, but he did not, instead adopting a similar demeanor to the rest. More than anything, Julia was angry at this, it was her, not her husband who would be making a sacrifice after all.

She was just about to speak when a collection of people entered the room. Their was a couple of members of the Praetorian Guard, the official protectors of the Emperor and several personal slaves. Julia sat and watched as each of the four slaves moved around the large table and stood directly behind each of the wives. Then the lead Praetorian Guardsman spoke.

“In preparation for the arrival of the supreme Imperator of the Roman Legions and Consul of the Roman Republic, Caligula, all wives are order to disrobe.”

With that somewhat strange declaration, the other women of the table slowly stood, resigned expressions adorning their faces as they slipped the soft white togas off their shoulders. Julia suddenly felt embarrassed, realizing that she too was required to do the same. After a moments pause and a displease expression from one of the guards, Julia slipped her toga off her shoulders and allowed it to fall to her feet. There she stood, completely naked, her body adorned only by the heavy golden necklace that lay on her heavy chest and the sandals on her feet. She noticed the eyes of the men around the table lifted from their sullen expressions to glance at her body, making her cheeks blush with embarrassment. But she did not have long to consider it for within moments, Caligula entered the room.

Music began to play as the Emperor of the Roman Empire entered the dining hall. Metellus and the other Senators stood, joining their naked wives in respect to the tyrant dictator who ruled Rome with an iron fist. Caligula had been emperor for several years now and his reign had so far bought nothing but torment to the people of Rome. All did as he declared if only to spare themselves of his wrath.

He was dressed in finery of jewels and silks from across the far eastern lands. He wore a golden wreath adorned his dark, oiled hair, which was slighting thinning. His face was plain with a boney asymmetrical nose. But people called him beautiful and handsome, such was their fear of his power and sadistic nature.

Immediately upon entering the room, Caligula moved towards Julia. Within moments, Metellus’s young bride found herself before the Emperor of the know world. His hand raised from his side and began to cup Julia’s full breasts.

“These are amazing my dear,” the Emperor declared as he roughly groped and squeezed at Julia’s bust while she stood naked. He began to pinch at her nipples, which had become erect from her embarrassment and the attention she was being shown. Her body bucked slightly at the pain and pleasure of the action but Caligula cared not for her reaction. Caligula turned to Metellus as he continued to run his hands over Julia’s body, holding her naked form against his..

“Metellus,” Caligula began, a wry smile adorning his face “thank you for joining me for dinner. And thank you for bringing your lovely wife with you. She is a most pleasurable sight to behold and feels wonderful. Do you think she would enjoy sucking on my cock as we have dinner?”

Metellus let his eyes drop for a moment and despite his best efforts, could not respond. He knew what he wanted to say and what he had to say and the conflict kept him silent. Caligula smile grew at Metellus’ obvious discomfort and displeasure.

“Well my dear,” Caligula turned to Julia, “would you enjoy the privilege of sucking the cock of the emperor of the known world.” Julia turned to her husband momentarily and saw that he continued to withdraw to his sullen state. She really had no choice.

“Yes, Ceaser,” Julia replied. And so as Caligula sat, gesturing for his guest to follow suit, Julia stepped out from her seat and kneeled on the floor. Caligula worked to remove his cock from his robes and within moments, Julia’s came face to face with his member. It was not overly large, and certainly was not as large as her husband. Julia paused for a moment before taking the Emperor’s member in her hands. As she held it, she looked up at her husband and was surprised to find him watching her intently. She looked at him with a puzzled face before realizing that despite his misgivings, a part of her husband wanted to see her pleasure the Emperor. She didn’t know how to react that that — part of her was angry that her husband would find pleasure in such a debasing and humiliating act. But she could not deny, that part of her was excited by it.

So as she turned back to Caligula, she did not hesitate but to take his member into her mouth. The Emperor gasped as all of his manhood slid across Julia’s tongue and hit the back of her throat. Julia began to pump with great vigor as the Emperor grasped the table so as not to be overwhelmed by the pleasure. As Julia began to establish a steady and rhythmic pace, Caligula turned to Metellus who continued to stare at his wife’s naked form kneeling between the legs of another man.

“I see you are enjoying the show, Metellus,” Caligula quipped. Metellus looked up at the emperor and became embarrassed. He did not know what had come over him. All that he knew was that as ashamed and humiliated as he was by the fact his young wife was pleasuring another man, he had never been more aroused before in his life and wanted nothing but to continue to watch his wife act in such a erotic way.

“Yes, Ceasar,” Metellus replied. Her husband’s admission of his secret enjoyment sparked a reaction from the other guests but most obviously from his young wife. Julia, upon hearing her husband’s desires, began to frantically work the Emperor’s cock with her mouth in a desperate attempt to bring him to climax. One of her hands lowered from Caligula’s members and began to massage and knead her breasts. It was a display of wanton desire that did not pass without Caligula noticing.

“That’s enough girl,” Caligula declared laughingly, “I want a go at your body before I finish.” And with that he withdrew from Julia’s mouth and stood up. He gestured over to one of his Prateorian guards who walked over to the table and lifted Julia off the ground to her feet. He then moved her so she stood in front of her chair and then bent her over her table. He then kicked at the inside of Julia’s ankles and she instinctually stepped her legs apart. Caligula then waved his Guard away before walking around and standing behind Metellus’ wife. His hands immediately went to her hips. His erect cock was still uncovered and was already prodding and probing at Julia’s womanhood. Julia instinctually arched her back and pressed against the emperor seeking her inevitable penetration. But Caligula had another idea.

“Metellus,” Caligula began, “would you do the honour of guiding my member into your wife?” Metellus knew that while it sound like a question, it was in fact an order. He certainly liked the idea of seeing his wife with another man but actively helping that man penetrate his young wife was another thing. Yet, he had no choice.

“Of course Caesar,” Metellus replied. He leaned over and with his thumb and forefinger grasped hold of Caligula’s member. As the emperor leaned forward, he guided the head of his cock towards his wife’s womanly opening and watched it part as Caligula slipped inside.

Julia moaned as the emperor plunged himself deep inside her and held himself at the apex of this thrust.

“This is wonderful,” Caligula declared, as he commenced to pump himself in and out of Metellus wife. Metellus sat back in his seat and watched intently as the emperor of the know world had his way with his willing wife. With each slap of Caligula’s hips against Julia’s round buttocks reverberated through her body, causing a wonderful violent swaying of her ample bust. It was interrupted only when the emperor’s hands moved around to grasp and squeeze her breasts and pinch her nipples. After several minutes of pumping, the Emperor quickened his pace and with several forceful thrusts, flooded Julia’s womb with his seed. Julia panted and moaned as she received the “gift” from the emperor, her body still on fire after the orgasms she had received from Caligula’s actions and her husband’s attention. As Caligula finished, and her wits returned to her, the realization of the presence of the other guests, the soldiers and the servants returned and she was again flushed with embarrassment. She had just been fucked before at least 10 people and had enjoyed it thoroughly. Her husband’s wanton expression during her oral activities had given her all the permission she needed to accept the Emperor into her and from that moment she had been blinded to her circumstances and surroundings.

As Caligula withdrew from Julia, Metellus watched as his thick white seed flowed from Julia’s nether regions and onto the floor below. She had been thoroughly filled by the Emperor and watching it flow from Julia’s well used pussy was almost enough to make Metellus climax himself. Metellus watched as Caligula wiped his member clean on his toga before retaking his seat. Julia remained bent over the table, still trying to come to terms with the experience while coming down off the incredible orgasmic high she had reached.

“So Metellus, what do you say about that?” Caligula enquired. At first, Metellus was confused, not knowing how to respond. Caligula grew impatient for a response as Metellus continued to pause. Then it dawned on him what Metellus wanted.

“Thank you Cesaer for fucking my wife,” Metellus said, bowing his head as though a deep honour had been bestowed on him. Caligula’s expression suddenly transformed, pleased and triumphant.

“Now let us eat”, Caligula declared and with that a stream of servants entered the room, carrying platters of sumptuous foods. Within moments, Caligula dived in, gorging himself on the decadent food. His guests consumed little, their appetites lost to nerves and concern as to what to the rest of the night held. Despite the surprising enjoyment that both Julia and Metellus received from the events so far, both new it was nothing compared to what the rest of the night held.

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