تربية ماما الجنسية – كاملة بالإنجليزية

Education from Mother

Thanks to the original author this story. *Meister Madman*

Mother was a wonderful woman of 34 years of age that summer of enlightenment. She stood 5 foot 1 inch in height and weighed 115 pounds with red hair. Her body was normal and hot she had measurements of 34-24-34. After going through her lingerie drawers because of strong curiosity, I learned she had a B cup for the rest of her bra size measurement. Modesty in the home was nothing, everyone walked around in underwear all of the time, or the sheer nightgowns for my mother and sister. I could see their breasts in the morning at the breakfast table. All anyone had to do was to ask to have their back washed and helping hands were there to wash the back.
I was raised around lakes from the time I could walk. I was put in a Lifejacket and an inner tube when I could walk. We went to the lakes to water ski on the weekends and on Wednesday evenings during the summer. I got free feels of my Mother’s breasts when we swam in the lakes. I could swim to her and grab her anywhere and nothing was said to stop that situation. On one occasion the top of her suit can off and all she did was tie it back on. We changed suits in the same room and I always liked seeing the Mother’s naked breasts. They had large nipples that were a deep pink.
I could talk to Mother about any subject at any time. No subject was taboo. We talked about sex at an early age, and some of the questions I asked were quite graphic in nature. Mother always had an answer to the question and the explanations normally were very detailed.
One day after a full day of water skiing at the lake, we were going into town for dinner. Everyone had to get cleaned up in the hotel room. My sister was away at Art Camp that summer. I took my shower. Dad followed and I saw that I was built similar to dad. Then mother came in to the bathroom, stripped and climbed into the shower. I caught the familiar glimpse of her bush. By now, the hot water was running low. This was the first time I got to see my mother naked without any panties on. She indicated that the water was cold. I pulled back the shower curtain and saw her heavy red bush and nipples as she washed her hair. The nipples were erect from the cold water and that sight made my cock hard. I adjusted the cold water to where it was warmer. I tried to mask my erection I knew she saw it.
That night, I sat on the balcony in a lounge chair. My head was leaned back and I was trying to stop another nosebleed, I got then all the time back then. Mother came quietly out on the balcony and saw what I was trying to do. She leaned over me and I got another free shot of her breasts from her nightgown gaping open, he was not wearing a robe that night. I wanted to touch her so bad; my cock got hard just looking at them. After a few minutes the nosebleed stopped and she sat down in the other lounge chair.
She asked, “How are you doing, son?”
“Mother you look really hot in that nightgown.” I replied to her. She was a glow from having just finished having sex with my dad who was now asleep. I could smell the musky odor of their sex. Mother had on only her nightgown and no white panties. It was about 3 am. I had watched quietly while they had sex. Mother and dad had finished then my nosebleed started.
She asked,”Do you know what your Dad and I had been doing earlier?”
I stated, “I was woken up from you all having sex in the same room, I know you were trying to be quiet. And the Nosebleed, you know.”
“You know, I will answer any questions you might have about sex,” She replied.
“OK! Mother, how do you keep from getting pregnant since I saw Dad enter you without any protection, like a condom?” I asked.
“How do you know about condoms?” She asked me.
“Mother, School work and I saw a box at the house in Dad’s shelf area and read the information in the box,” was my reply.
Mother then sat there and told me, “Condoms were not the only form of birth control. Women could take oral contraception, real good at preventing pregnancy, use a method called rhythm, not good at preventing pregnancy, or use a diaphragm or cervical cap, or spermicide foam or jellies, pretty good at preventing pregnancy.” She knew all about the differences and she told me all about the failings of each method. My cock got harder as the conversation went on.

She informed me, “I currently use the diaphragm. It is good normally if for a single session of intercourse. If the man and woman want to engage in more sex then more spermicide is needed. I still have it in since dad and I just completed having sex, and it needs to stay in until morning.”
I told her, “I saw most of the sex you all had.”
She asked, “Do you have any questions about what you saw tonight?”
I asked, “What position were you all in? Did you all have foreplay? I was wondering about it all.”
She told me about foreplay and missionary sex and everything. During our conversation my cock got real hard and poked out of my boxers, all 8 inches.
She looked over and saw my erection sticking out of my Boxers. She asked, “How do you take care of that situation?”
I responded, “I normally jack-off or let it go down on its own, Mother.”
She asked, “Have you ever been with a woman?”
I said, “Mother, I’ve just turned 16 years old, what girl is going to let me have sex with her?”
She responded, “I like what I see, of your equipment. With your size, you will have more women if you learn to use it correctly. You just need some education in the techniques of sex. I am willing to teach you all about sex. I can teach you what I know, how about that? I will be glad to take care of you any time you need relief from your male urges. You appear to be just a little larger than your Dad, I can handle that”
I had seen that he was about 6 to 7 inches when he and Mother were having sex. “Anytime?” I replied.
“Anytime! Honey, I mean It, Let me show you.” She responded without any delay by getting up and straddling my lounge chair. She pulled down my boxers and then she glided up the lounge chair. She grasped my cock in her hand. I gasped. She then rubbed it back and forth across her pussy. The feeling was wonderful. She was extremely wet from having sex with Dad. She paused after three strokes and placed the head inside her vagina and slid the rest of my cock deep in her womb in a smooth stroke.
She paused there and asked, “How does that feel, Honey?”
“Wonderful!” was my only response. Her pussy was so hot and wet that I knew I would not last long. I tried to stay still and let her work. “Are you going to get pregnant since you did not put in more spermicide?”
“Maybe not” was her response, as she started to rock and grind her pussy against me. “You are so HOT…. I know you will not last long………’Cause I’ll see that you don’t this time.”
She had me trapped inside her hot pussy. The feeling was wonderful and getting better. I felt the diaphragm each time she slammed down on my cock. The resistance was interesting. I then felt the sperm boil out of me and I started spurting rope after rope deep in her pussy. I felt each spurt. There must have been 15 of them. I had never counted them when I jerked off. She was in her orgasm now and had her eyes shut, her head was back and her mouth was open. She slammed down on my cock and just ground her pussy against me for another couple of minutes. She stopped and caught her breath. She kissed me deeply with her tongue.
She then said in a surprised tone, “My, aren’t we a real man tonight” She squeezed my cock with her pussy.
My cock was still hard. I picked her up and with my cock still buried in her pussy. As I turned us over, she removed her nightgown and I placed her on her back. I then placed her legs wide and over my shoulders and drove my cock deep into her pussy. I leaned in and started sucking her nipples.
She gasped, “You are larger than your father in girth as well as length. I like being nicely stretched, Honey.”
With that I took control and worked my cock into her with deep long hard strokes. She entered an orgasm, “I’mmmmmmmm cummmmmmmming………………..” I picked up the pace with each thrust. I could feel the diaphragm provide resistance on each in stroke. After about 15 minutes of pounding my cock in my own mother I told her “I’m cuuuuuummmmmmming” and I placed another large amount of sperm in her pussy. This time I tried counting the spurts I still had 15 spurts.
I asked her, “Mom, how many times does a man spurt in a woman.”
She gasped to me, “A normal man only ejaculates between 5 and 10 cc’s of sperm. From what I just felt when you had your orgasm, you must cum a lot more than most.”
She got up and put on her nightgown and went inside to the bathroom. After a few minutes she came out on the balcony and said, “Honey, you just put more sperm in me than any man ever has.”
I asked her “Mother, how many men have you been with?”
She told me, “I’ve been with four different men prior to you. You make the fifth man I have had.” She went in and went to bed.
The next time
The next time I had sex with my mother was to be three days after that first night. No opportunity presented its self prior to that. Mother was alone in the house after dad had left for work. She was in a nightgown and was picking up the dishes from breakfast. I walked up behind her and grabbed her in a hug. I wrapped both hands on her breasts and pulled her tight against me. All I had on were my boxers. As I nuzzled her neck I felt my cock get hard and slap against her butt. I slid down my hand and felt her bare bush against my prying fingers. Mother gasped and felt the head of my cock poke through the slit of my boxers.
She told me, “Not yet, Honey, I removed my diaphragm when I got up this morning, and am not protected right now.”
I didn’t hear that statement. I bent her over the table and probed with my cock against her pussy lips. She gasped again as I probed. I told her, “You said, Anytime!”
Hearing my statement she reached between her legs and placed her hand firmly around my cock and placed it in her pussy. I slid it the rest of the way in and felt no resistance at all.
I said, “You don’t have your diaphragm in …..maybe we should … You might get… pregnant”
With that she moved against me and pushed me deeper. Being so horny I worked my cock in long slow strokes. I grabbed her hips and pulled her against my in going thrusts.
She gasped, “You’ve had… a protected….pussy…You know…what….That felt like… Fill me, Honey, … with your …seed baby… you need… to know what…an unprotected … womb…feels ….. like …do it now.”
She placed her head on the round breakfast table and held on with her hands to the sides. I started to slap my balls against her clit. We worked against each other for some time. She gasped, “I’m cuuuuummmmminnnng!” I felt the heat in her pussy increase and the wetness flow out. I worked harder against her pussy. As the heat and wetness increased my balls slapped with more wet sounds.
I huffed, “Mother, I’m cummmmmmmmming toooooooo”
I started spurting rope after rope of potent sperm deep in her womb. As our orgasms subsided a grabbed a chair and sat both of us down, before we fell down. I kept pumping against her pussy. I reached down and fingered her pussy feeling the wetness.
Mother said, “I felt you spurt 15 times, that time. Do you do that all the time?”
My cock was still in her convulsing womb. “Yeah, I think that is what I do each time”, I gasped back as I rubbed her nipples.
She stated, “I need to go and clean up for a minute as a precaution. Go to your room and I’ll be there in a couple of minutes I have to show you something.” With that she was off down the hall leaking sperm down her legs.
In My Room
I lay down on my bed and slowly stroked my cock feeling Mother’s and my juices for lubrication. I did not have long to wait for Mother to come into my room. She had two things in her hand.
She said, “You need to see how a diaphragm is inserted as part of your education.” She then prepared the diaphragm for insertion. She then sat on the edge of the chair in my room and slid the prepared diaphragm into her vagina. During the process she explained each step in great detail. She stated, “Ready for another session with you.” She climbed on the bed and engulfed my cock in her mouth. She worked up and down on my cock with her tongue for a few minutes. She stopped and climbed on top of my cock and planted my cock deep in her flexing pussy. “Lay back honey and let mother do all of the work this time.”
She took my hands and placed them on her breasts and ground my cock deep in her wanting pussy. I worked on her nipples and breasts and then pulled her towards my mouth and licked and sucked them until the nipples were erect and nearing a flushed red color. The entire time I felt the diaphragm’s resistance each time she drove her pussy down on my cock.
She then changed position and started riding me like she was riding a horse. She was posting up and down on my cock. I felt myself go deeper in her womb. This was really fantastic. I felt each ridge in her pussy and her pussy gripped my cock each time she slid down on my cock in a milking grip. Mother was over the top in her own orgasms, one right after another. After about forever I felt the sperm boil out of me in the hard spurts.
When I finished and we slowed down for a minute Mother said, “You spurt 15 ropes each time… I think I might have to re-think my protection alternatives… If I plan to keep this up for the rest of the summer.”
I asked, “What do you mean?”
She stated, “The amount of sperm you deliver has to be above the norm for men. I think we should get a sample and have my Doctor test it and make new recommendations on the best type of protection I should be using with your large amount of sperm you deposit.”
I rolled us over and flicked my cock deep in her pussy and started a rocking motion.
Mother stated, “You need to allow me to insert some more spermicide before we continue.” She reached over to the nightstand and got the tube of spermicide and loaded the applicator up and had me remove my cock for less then 20 seconds while she inserted and deposited some more of it deep in her vagina. When finished she said, “ready for your next injection.”
With that I slid my cock deep into her pussy and displaced the spermicide. Mother started a low grunting moaning sound as we got into a ball slapping rhythm. Her eyes glassed over and she kept getting louder as she had more orgasms. We fuck like rabbits for the next 30 minutes before I informed my mother, “I’m cumming.” She did not hear me since she was having multiple orgasms and was nearly passed out. I spurted my load deep in her pussy, another 15 spurts of potent sperm. I kept my cock deep in her pussy and felt my cock relax after another 10 minutes.
I rolled off her and watched her recover. I fingered her pussy and played with her nipples. Mother slowly came out of her trance and was laying spread eagle and I saw my sperm leaking out of her vagina. She looked at me and said, “Tomorrow, I want to get your sperm sample to the Doctor first thing in the morning after your father leaves for the office. I think a blow-job will be the best way. We are going to keep educating you this summer.” She got up and had a little trouble walking to the bathroom. She came back to the bed and lay back down. She said, “I need a little rest before we do anything at all.” I leaned over and kissed her deeply and started fingering her well-used slit while I sucked on her nipples.
The next morning
I rose from bed refreshed from the previous day’s activities. I went into breakfast and Mother was in her nightgown and Dad was dressed for the office. My breakfast was at the table. I leaned over and kissed mother on the cheek and caught a glimpse of her bare nipples. I smiled at her as my cock started to rise. When I heard the rustle of Dad’s newspaper I sat down.
Dad folded his paper a minute later and said, “I’ve got to be going to the office. You all have a good day.” He got up and left the house. I took another bite of breakfast and looked towards Mother.
She said, “Wait for the sound of his car to leave.” We heard the garage door let down and the car pulling away down the gravel driveway. Mother removed her nightgown as she got up to get something. She naked ass walking across the breakfast nook made my cock complete the snap to attention. She brought back a specimen cup from the kitchen area where her purse was kept.
I asked, “Where and when did you get that?
She responded, “I dropped by my OB/GYN’s office yesterday afternoon and made an appointment for me today, since I have to re-think the birth control around here. Now move your chair back and let me get that important sample from you”
I slid my chair back and removed my boxers. She smiled as my hard-on came into view. She knelt between my legs and started kissing my cock. Then she said, “Please warn me before you cum so we can get a complete sample for the Doctor, he will want to have it all.” She then engulfed my cock with her mouth. She worked her tongue around my cock and sucked hard pulling my cock every which way.
After 10 minutes, I gasped, “I’m about……..” She placed the cup over the head and finished me by jerking me off the rest of the way. I exploded and filled the cup. I heard her softly counting “……thirteen, fourteen, and fifteen.” When I stopped cumming. She let out whistle, “Yep, I need a new form of contraception if this stuff is really potent. Impressive amount.” She held up the cup and I saw 20 cc’s in the cup. Until now, I never cared how much sperm I sprayed.
My cock was still hard. I grabbed Mother and sat her on my lap. I found out that her pussy was soaking. I slid all of the way into her on the first stroke. I ground my cock against her.
She gasped, “I need to get this sperm sample to the Doctor’s office in the next 30 minutes. This must wait until later.” She got up and moved off to get dressed. She poked her head out of their bedroom door and said, “Get dressed if you are going to watch my exam and learn what happens. It will provide an excellent learning experience for you.”

The Doctor’s Office
Mother and I walked into the Doctor’s office and I sat down in the waiting room. She approached the check-in area. She handed over the paper bag with my seed in it. The Nurse smiled and said, “We will get right on it. Please have a seat and we will call you.”
Mother sat beside me and smiled. She picked up a magazine and started to read. It seemed like an hour. The Nurse came to the door and called “Mrs. Adams.” Mother rose and motioned for me to follow. The Nurse asked, “Is he coming in?” Mother nodded yes. We stopped while Mother was weighed and had her temperature taken. Then she and I were shown into an Examination room. The Nurse said, “Mrs. Adams you need to disrobe and put on the gown and sit on the table. Son, you need to sit over there.” pointing to the corner stool. She left and closed the door.
Mother disrobed, she was naked, and my cock started getting hard and strained against my shorts. She then put on the gown and then sat on the table. She told me, “Keep your cock in your pants, we’ll take care of you later at home.”
The Doctor walked in and said, “Good Morning Mrs. Adams, I see we have a visitor today.”
Mother said, “This is my son Ben and I am educating him in what happens at a woman’s appointment. Could you explain the exam to him?”
The Doctor replied, “Not a problem. I wish more Mother’s would do this for their children it would take care of some of the mystery of the OB/GYN. Now we had a sample that we ran through the LAB. The results are really quite amazing. The sample had to be two samples.”
Mother stated, “No just one sample, I took it myself. How potent is it?”
“Well, the sperm count is quite high, higher then normal. Your husband seems to have increased his output quite a bit. It was 20 cc’s and the last count your husband had was only 10 cc’s.” Replied the Doctor. “What has changed in his diet?”
“It is not my husband’s sample. It is Ben’s sample. I told you that I was educating him this summer.” replied my Mother.
“Then, we do need to talk in private after the exam.” stated the Doctor.
With that he motioned for me to move closer and he explained the Exam process to me. He inserted a device called a speculum in to Mother’s vagina. He maneuvered the speculum around and opened Mothers vagina. He then took a swab of her cervix and said they would be sent it to the LAB for a PAP Test. I looked and watched the Doctor work on Mother. Then the Doctor removed the speculum and inserted her fingers for an internal Exam. He told me he was feeling the ovaries and the uterus. Then the Doctor asked, “Have you been giving yourself breast Exams.”
Mother stated, “Yes and could you show Ben how we do that as well?”
The Doctor opened Mother’s gown and felt up her breasts for any lumps. Boy, was my cock getting really hard in my pants. The Doctor completed her Exam and indicated to Mother, “Please get dressed I will be back.” The Doctor left the room. Mother asked me, “Please hand me my purse.” I thought she was getting a tissue to clean off all of the KY jelly. She reached in and pulled out the diaphragm kit. She loaded up the spermicide and inserted it into her pussy.
“Come over here, and drop your pants.” she instructed me. “Now take your erect cock and fuck me right now! Be quick and fast! I want it hard!”
I slid into her in one smooth motion. Her pussy was open and ready and slick. I thought I felt her cervix.
She explained to me, “Most women are nervous with male OB/GYN’s since they could end up being raped by the Doctor this easy. The Stirrups and the position of the woman open vagina are perfect for a Doctor to take advantage of the relationship. Now finish quickly before the Doctor returns”
I could not believe what Mother was allowing me to do. I was fucking her in a near public place, a turn-on. People were around we could get caught, another turn-on. It sent me over the top. I exploded my load into her vulnerable vagina. I pulled back up my pants. Mother got dressed. The Doctor returned.
“Please wait here while your Mother and I talk in private.”
Mother and the Doctor left to talk. I waited in the Exam Room. After a few minutes Mother returned. She took me to the Doctor’s office. As I entered The Doctor motioned me to sit down.
The Doctor said, “Son, your sperm count is so potent you need to make certain to utilize at least a condom, if not the Pill with every young lady you have sex with in the future or you will have the girl in trouble by getting her pregnant. We would like to propose to you to get a collection of your sperm once a week. We will pay you $300 for each sample. . You can be a donor for many women so that they can have babies. You are of exceptional potency and the amount of sperm in your semen is very high. You and your Mother should discuss this proposition and let us know. Please make certain you utilize condoms or that the girl is on the Pill before you have intercourse.”
Mother and I left the office. I had a new feeling of power. My cock was still hard from watching my Mother’s Exam and hearing what the Doctor said about me. Mother waited until we were in the car before speaking. “Ben, I now know how extremely potent you are. We have to be certain of the birth control measures you employ with other females. I will stop at the store and pick up condoms for you.”
“Does this mean I have to use them with you while you are educating me?” I asked.
“I hope you have not made me pregnant with what we have done so far. If I am pregnant I don’t know if it would be yours of your father’s. You and I will call it your father’s if I am already pregnant.” She stated. “I will make sure that you know how to use the condoms correctly, meaning I will show you how to use them, twice should do the job. Then I will continue to use the diaphragm until my period, if I have one. After that I will have to start taking the Birth Control Pill. I can’t just stop not having your perfect cock and that vast potent seed you explode with. I will be picking up the prescription the Doctor just wrote me for a strong Birth Control Pill.”
We stopped at the Drug Store to get a few things. We got back to the house. I went to my room. I wanted to lie down and relax. Mother came in naked 10 minutes later. She tossed me a large box of condoms. “Want to try these?” In her other hand was her diaphragm kit. “Your choice, baby”
I chose the condoms for this time. She placed the kit on the table and told me, “I will teach you how they should be put on” The opened the box of condoms and the opened the package and rolled on my erect cock. She then did not place load of spemicide inside her pussy. She lay back on the bed and motioned me to enter her. As I slid into her I felt less sensation. We rocked back and forth for 30 minutes. Mother was having orgasms I could not feel how wet she was with my cock. I got near and blew my load in the condom.
Mother instructed me to remove the condom with my cock. Then she eased it off me. I was amazed at what she did next. She turned it up and let it run into her mouth and swallowed all of the sperm in the full condom. She exclaimed, “I will never waste your sperm. You will cum in me or I will swallow the seed of my son. I will be right back.” She left the room.
She returned to my room and lay down on my bed. She kissed me on the mouth and caressed my manhood. I asked “What did you did you just do?” Her reply was “I douched to be fresh. Will you lick my clit?”
“Sure, I would love to” I responded. She straddled my face and presented her pussy for my licking. She took hold of the headboard. I started licking her warm pussy paying attention to her entire pussy including he clit. I took it into my mouth and sucked on it. She started to moan and she got wetter as she neared orgasm. As she entered her orgasm I felt her juices flow into my mouth. She climbed off my mouth. She placed a load of spermicide in her pussy, while I rolled another condom on my erection. I then climbed on top of her and slide home in a smooth stroke. She gasped and moaned into her orgasm. I pounded her womb for all it was worth. We did it for 30 minutes. The sensation of the condom was not good for me. I blew my next load into the condom. After a moment I pulled out and she unrolled the condom and gulped down my semen. She then placed her diaphragm in and sucked on my cock. She lay back and asked, “Please fill mommy full again.”
“My pleasure”, I stated as I slid home. “I prefer the natural feeling of skin on skin. I don’t like the feel of condoms at all!”
“Most men do like the feel of sex without a condom”, Mother stated flatly. “Now send me to the stars, baby! Fuck me deep and hard.”
I started pumping my cock into her wet and ready womb. I started slowly. Pausing at the opening and quickly sliding to the bottom and feeling the resistance of her diaphragm as I got to the bottom. I slowly picked up the pace of the thrust and she worked her hips thrust against me. Soon she started her orgasms. They rose and continued to rise and then went one on top of the other. When they rolled on top of each other her eyes rolled back and she seemed to pass out. I kept pounding her pussy for all it was worth. After a while I neared my own orgasm. I blew another 15 spurts of potent semen deep in her pussy. I collapsed on top of her and we lay there recovering.
After 20 minutes I rolled to one side and my cock popped out of her pussy. I then rubbed her nipples and then fingered her pussy. I slid one finger in and felt around. Then I tried 2 fingers. I rubbed the topside of her vagina. She started to moan again. I slid a third finger in and then tried a fourth finger. I felt her diaphragm. She seemed to like all of the movement since she was still having orgasms. I slid deeper. I worked there for a few minutes. She had at least three more orgasms. I then started “French” kissing her deeply. This sent her over the top. She grasped my wrist and pulled more of me into her pussy. I started fisting her deeply. She kept fucking my fist until she passed out. I removed my fist slowly. She seemed to be asleep.
A weird thought passed through my head. I thought about removing her diaphragm and dumping a load of semen deep in her womb. I wanted to make sure she was pregnant with my child. Then I knew that she and I should talk that over at some length before I tried to make her pregnant. Still I wanted to drop another load deep in her womb without any protection. Temptation was really tugging on me. My cock was again hard and I started stroking it. I thought about the feeling of her unprotected womb, if I removed the diaphragm. With each stroke I wanted to blow a load deep in her, it really turned me on thinking about it. I sucked on her nipples and stroked her pussy while on my knees and stroking my cock. The better got me; I removed the diaphragm from Mother’s vagina. A great amount of liquid came out. I kept finger her and licking and sucking on her nipples, while stroking my cock.
I moved between her legs and eased my cock into her now unprotected womb. I was playing with fire. I kept the thrust slow and built up the thrusting. I knew I might make her pregnant. I really did not care. She was responding with soft moans. I moved deeper and felt her cervix. I knew what I was doing was very dangerous. I was hoping to keep her in a passed out state. I felt every ridge and her pussy was milking me. As I neared my orgasm, Mother was still moaning softly. I knew I could not hold back any longer. I started spurting my potent seed deep into her womb. When I stopped spurting I eased out. I replaced the diaphragm and went top get a drink.
I came back and Mother woke up as I eased back onto the bed.
She asked, “How did you like that session?”
“It was wonderful. When can we do it again?” I replied.
“I’ve got to go and clean up and douche that last load out,” She stated. “Next time just leave the diaphragm out, it’s easier. We will talk about getting me pregnant in the future. We have to get through this period first.” She got up and moved to her bathroom.
I thought I had made a very bad mistake. But my education continued the next day.

The next day
When I got up the next day Dad had already left the house for the office. Mother was having tea at the table and my breakfast was waiting for me. I sat down after kissing mother good morning.
Mother started the conversation with, “We need to talk about what protection we plan to take after my period, if I have one this month at all, I hope I do have one. I really should go on the Pill with the amount of semen you shoot when you reach orgasm.”
“Mother, I really want to make you pregnant with my baby making sperm!” was my reply.
“I love the feeling of a man exploding his semen in my womb. However, what will your Dad say when I tell him I am expecting your child?” she asked.
“What were your going to tell him this month if you don’t have a period this month?”
“That the diaphragm failed some how and that we are going to have a baby,” she said in feeble response.
“You are a beautiful 34-year old mother of a daughter and son. You can get pregnant with my child and tell Dad that he is going to have another mouth to feed. Then afterward you can start taking the Pill, so I won’t make you pregnant again. Or I could try to make Cindy your daughter pregnant by raping her at the right time of the month.”
“You would do that to your own sister, wouldn’t you?” she asked. “This is blackmail. Either I let you try to get me pregnant starting next month, or when Cindy returns from her camp you will wait until 2 weeks after the start of her period and the rape her.”
“I guess that about describes me, I’m a horny potent male rapist or incest is always best,” I replied. “I want to discuss the situation that your Doctor said I might want to get involved with.”
“You mean you want to be a sperm donor for other women?” Mother asked.
“I want to get you pregnant, first. Then I want the Doctor to know I made you pregnant. Then I want to become a real Stud and get as many other women pregnant as possible. He is willing to pay money for donor sperm. He should be willing to pay for my services as a breeder.”
“The Doctor only wants samples of your sperm for donations to women who have problems conceiving. He won’t let you have sex with the women directly.” Mother included.
“He might if he could charge more for it. I want you to let me get you pregnant, to prove just how potent I am.” I stated.
“Makes sense that if we prove you are potent, the Doctor might want you to do both. I will think about it after my period this month, if I have one.” Mother stated.
She moved to me and started sucking on my cock with her mouth. She licked the head and kissed the shaft and kissed and sucked my balls. She paid a lot of attention to my cock. It got really hard. Then she went down on it all the way. I knew I could not take much more of it. She swirled her tongue around my cock. It felt wonderful. I told mother, “I’m going to cum real soon. Like now” I started spurting and Mother swallowed all of it.
Ten days later
I woke up this morning and went to breakfast. Mother was sitting at the table since dad had left for work. I sat down after kissing her good morning. I noticed that she was wearing panties today. I asked, “How are you this morning?”
Mother said, “Good news my period started today.”
“Mother, I think that’s great,” was my response. “Have you considered my request? You’re still very young and beautiful.”
“If we prove to the Doctor how potent you are you might be able to fund your college education with the proceeds,” She started off with. “I would be able to get on the Pill afterward and not worry your father with the non-use of the diaphragm or the sudden start of the Pill. I was going to explain that I had to start the Pill as a cure for a problem. However, I am leaning towards letting you give me a baby. I will let you know after my period.”
Six days later
I woke-up and went in and took my morning piss. I then went to down to breakfast. I saw Dad had left for work already. I leaned over to kiss Mother good morning. As I was dong so I noticed that she was not wearing panties. I got a good look at her breasts and my cock sprang to attention. I said, “Good morning, Mother! I see your period is over. Any decision?”
She stood and removed her nightgown. I embraced her in a passionate hug and deep kiss. She slide my boxer’s down. “Son, I want your cock in me now!”
I placed her on the table and moved my cock towards her waiting pussy. She leaned back and presented herself to me. I rubbed my raging cock between her legs and slide the head just inside her pussy. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled me deep into her pussy.
“How does that feel, Baby?” She inquired. “Does it feel any different today?”
“It feels wet and wonderful” was my only response. Then I remembered that the resistance of her diaphragm was not there.
“You are going to get your wish, Baby. I’m not wearing my diaphragm for you,” was her response. “Fill me with your potent seed and make me pregnant, Baby!”
This drove me to new heights in passion. I started pounding her pussy with my long cock strokes. I did not feel the resistance of the diaphragm and hopped I would make her pregnant within the month. I knew I could. I felt every ridge of her pussy. Mother stated, “Put the fire out on my womb with your fire hose.” She was in a continuous orgasm right when I started blowing my load deep in her womb. I ripped through that orgasm and kept pumping my cock deep in her womb with no rest. We kept at it for the next 30 minutes. Mother moaned every orgasm and then I blew my second load into her pussy while I had her legs draped over my shoulders.
When we both finished we took a pause. I kissed Mother deeply. “That’s just a sample of what you’re going to get for the next month! You will be so pregnant, that the kid will be born pregnant if it is a girl.” What I did not tell her was that I was going to knock up my sister as well.
Her response was, “I know, I know.”
We moved to her bed for the next potent sperm injection.
A week later
I woke up to a blow-job. Mother was working on my cock. I knew that dad was already gone for the day. She then moved her pussy to my mouth. I started licking her woman hood. I licked her clit to orgasm. She turned around and placed my throbbing cock in her flowing pussy. I glided into her as she ground her clit against me.
“The next three days are real important towards our goal. This is my most fertile time of the month. Give me all of your loads deep in me.” She told me.
I grabbed her and rolled us over and thrust deep into her and stated, “I will give your womb such a cum shower you might be pregnant for the rest of your life.” I spread her legs wider and pushed her knees up to her breasts and pounded her pussy for 20 minutes. She was on the verge of passing out from orgasms. I was so close I told her, “This load will knock you up so much.” I blew 15 ropes of potent seed into her waiting fertile pussy. I lay deep in her pussy holding my sperm in her so it would not escape. She started moaning in an orgasm, “I know you just made me pregnant!” Her pussy just started to milk ever drop of sperm out of me. I stayed still enjoying the feeling of her pulsing vagina. Then, I just had to stroke in and out because of the milking her pussy was doing to me. When I started to move, the feeling was too much because I blew a second load deep in her womb.
We lay together for a while this time, because when I woke my cock was inside her keeping the semen deep in her. I rolled her on top of me and she started to move her hips wanting more. She rode me for 20 minutes while having orgasms, boy could she have orgasms.
After a few more minutes, I could feel my own orgasm building to a peak. I told her, “I’m ready to cum any time now.” That’s when she changed positions to where she was squatting over my cock and then she drove my cock deep in her womb. I could feel I was deeper. I felt her cervix rub against the head of my cock and this sent me over the top after 3 deep penetrations. I blew my third load deep in her pussy.
After we caught our breaths we got up and noticed it was 2 PM and we were both hungry. We had lunch and went to my bedroom for a last deposit of the day prior to Dad getting home.
Over the next 2 days I gave Mother’s womb a sperm bath to end all cum baths. We slacked off to twice a day for the rest of the month. Needless to say Mother missed her next period. She was happy about knowing I had made her pregnant.

At the Doctor’s Office Two Months later Mother had made the appointment the prior month. The Doctor wanted to make sure she was pregnant. Mother and I went in for the appointment. The Doctor looked me in the eye and asked if the baby was mine. Mother answered, “He is the only male I have been having unprotected sex with since my last period. With my husband I used my diaphragm.”
The Doctor asked, “What was the purpose of getting your Mother pregnant?”
I responded, “I want to be a sperm donor and breeding stud.” Mother laughed.
The Doctor asked, “How many times did you all have sex?”
Mother said, “I just could not stop having him filling my womb with sperm each day.”
The Doctor indicated, “I need to examine you to see how far along you are with your pregnancy. Please get positioned for me.” Mother was already in the gown. She positioned herself on the table. The Doctor found out what Mother meaning about having her pussy filled with my sperm when he saw my load leaking from her pussy. He responded with a smile, “Well, I guess you filled her this morning.” He continued his exam of Mother.
After a couple of minutes, the Doctor did a breast and pelvic exam and Mother was still on the table. “Well, Mrs. Adams you seem to be about 3 months pregnant. You will be due in April.” Indicated the Doctor. “Son we need to talk about what you propose. I am looking for Sperm Donors to help with my fertility clinic. Mrs. Adams I need some relief from your exam, I seem to have gotten rather aroused.”

I heard a zipper being unzipped. The Doctor let his pants drop to the floor and I heard Mother gasp. I moved to the side of the table and watched as the Doctor’s cock was entering Mother’s waiting pussy. He was not any larger that I was.
Mother stated, “OK Doctor, this time only and only since I cannot get anymore pregnant.”
The Doctor said, “I’ve been waiting to make a deposit in you ever since you started coming to this practice. I just needed a good reason, thanks son.”
With that he crammed the rest of his cock into Mother’s vagina. He started with quick thrusting movements. I knew he would not last long. In about 5 minutes and prior to Mother having her first orgasm the Doctor blew his load in her already pregnant pussy.
As the Doctor zipped up his pants he said, “We need to talk in my office about the service your son might be able to contribute to this practice.”
We moved to his office and he closed the door. The Doctor continued, “Son, I need to know what you can do with only one placement of your sperm in a woman. I need a sample of your semen. I will place it in a woman and see if you get her pregnant. After that, we can see if you will be able to workout in this practice.”
“How about I have sex with my 18 year old sister once in mid-cycle and see if she gets pregnant.” I responded. I knew I would make two deposits in a single session with my sister. Mother’s eyes light up with the thought of her virgin daughter getting pregnant. I saw that she really like the sound of that proposal.
The response from the Doctor was a nodding in agreement. He added, “I should examine her just after her next period, Mrs. Adams.”
Mother responded, “She will be having one in two weeks. I will make her appointment before I leave.”
The Doctor said, “The exam will be an education for her. I will make sure there are no problems.”
Mother looked at me and said, “She is a virgin, unless something happened while she was at summer camp. How are you going to get her to have sex with you?”
“The easiest way, walk in on her while she is changing clothes and rape her!” I indicated.
“That happens more than you think, Mrs. Adams”, the Doctor stated. “Sister’s are often raped by their brother’s at least once. Incest happens more often then most people think. Nice plan son, you only get one time to prove your potential to my practice. I expect to see her the following month after she is pregnant.”

Sister’s rape
About 2 weeks later Mother took Cindy to the OB/GYN for her first exam. Mother told me later that Cindy was a virgin and that the Doctor gave her a clean bill of health. She then told me to make the calendar, as today was the start of Cindy’s period. Mother and I were still having sex each day.
Twelve days later, Mother was going to make breakfast and stuck her head in my room. “Your Dad’s already left for work. Cindy is in the shower. She is on a 28-day cycle. Today should be the best day. Are you going to do it?” I nodded my head and stroked my cock in front of her. She said, “I will be downstairs fixing your breakfast. I would recommend you do your normal morning things with the stereo” With that she left the room.
I turned on the stereo on like always. I then heard the shower stop. I moved to Cindy’s door down the hall. I paused and listened and heard her open the dresser drawer and then the bedsprings. I opened the door quietly and moved in. Cindy looked up and shrieked. I moved quickly and pinned her back to the bed. She had a leg in her panties and nothing else on.
I told her, “Cindy, I have wanted to fuck you since you got back from camp. I know you did the guy’s there. I want to do you too.”
Cindy screamed, “I did nothing with the guy’s at camp. The Doctor told me I was still a virgin. I’m saving myself for marriage. I’m not on the pill! Get off me right now! I’ll scream for Mother and Rape!”
I held her there pinned to the bed legs spread open and poised my cock at her virgin opening. Pressing forward I felt my cock head slip in the opening and the about 2 inches in it met her maidenhead. She was kicking and screaming causing my cock to go deeper in her. I took her all the way then. I then stopped and held her down. I looked at her and said,”I’m going to have sex with you today and when I cum I will not pull out. I will put the whole load deep in your fertile unprotected womanhood.”
“You’ll make me pregnant! I have no birth control! Please pull out now! Before it’s too late!” Cindy cried.
I started to pump slow strokes an inch or two at a time. “Too late baby! You are going to get the whole load!” This was so I could keep her from getting away. After about 5 minutes she seemed to relax and was moving with me. I then opened up and started stroking in longer and longer strokes. After 10 more minutes Cindy came, it was small. I kept the motion up and told her, “Feel the heat of my cock? I’m getting close!”
Cindy pleaded, “Please, don’t cum in me. I’m not protected from pregnancy!”
“Cindy, here it cum’s. Count the number of spurts, baby!” as I started blowing my load. I spurted 15 ropes of potent seed into her womb. I held my cock deep in her stretched womb. I pinned her shoulders to the bed. Her pussy was pulsing and grasping my cock I felt her vagina milk me as I held her down on the bed.
Cindy tried to get up. “I need to get your sperm out of me so I won’t get pregnant!” Her pussy continued to spasm as I held my cock deep in her.
“Your pussy is saying for me to keep my cock planted right where it is, Cindy! I think you stand a good chance being pregnant today we should stay here for 15 minutes.” I told her.
After about 10 minutes she started bucking against me, to get me off her. She begged, “Please, get off me! Mother is downstairs I won’t tell her if you get off me now!” Her body was telling me the real truth. I flexed my cock deep in her womb. She kept up the pelvic thrust back against me now thrusting motion. She even drew her legs wider opening her pussy as wide as it would go. We got into a ball slapping motion in quick time. We rutted like I was the bull and she was the cow. After 20 minutes I blew my second load deep in her womb. I held her there on the bed, while she was having orgasms, for about 10 minutes. I pulled out of her with a pop. She lay there as I left the room. I saw that she was leaking my sperm from her devastated virgin pussy
I walked naked downstairs to the breakfast table. Mother looked at me and saw the cum on my cock. “I will be right back, son. I’ve got to see her!” Mother started to leave the table and I grabbed her. I sat her down on my lap and kissed her deeply while I rubbed her nipples, growing belly and pussy.
“I just knocked-up my sister. Let her be for a minute. You need to taste my cock now. Cindy was a virgin.”
Mother got to her knees and slipped my cock in her mouth. She swirled her tongue around my cock and breathed life back into it. She kept up the blow-job until I had a raging hard-on. She then climbed on my cock and slid it into her warm ready pussy. We kissed for a while.
“I fucked her so deep that she will not get all of my seed out of her, no matter what she does, or how many time she douches.” I told Mother as we broke the kiss. “You have not taught her how to douche yet have you? I kept her on the bed for at least 20 minutes with my cock plugging her womb. She will be leaking cum for at least a day.”
Mother gasped, “I know what that is like. I hear her coming. Maybe we should stop.”
“Nonsense, let her see who really got you pregnant this time. What can she say and to who?” I told her. I pulled off her nightgown and dropped it to the floor. I wanted Cindy to see just who was in charge. I then started licking Mother’s growing breasts and sucking on her larger nipples. Then, I moved her to the table and started pounding her warm wet pussy for all its worth.
Cindy screamed, “Mother, he just raped me. Now he is raping you ……. “
“Cindy, your brother has the best cock I ever have had. He has more potent seed than any man I’ve had. He is the father of the baby in me. He will be the father of the baby you might have growing you right now.” Mother told her daughter. “Sit down and watch him work his wonders. He enjoys the pleasures so much.”
I was in a long stroking motion and just about ready to blow my load. Mother was watching her daughter watching me pound her with my cock. I thought the sight was wonderful. I leaned back and started pumping and counting and I made my deposit deep in Mother.
Mother said, “Yep, 15 spurts son. That is the number of spurts of seed your brother leaves deep with each of his orgasms. Now come between my legs and look at my used pussy Cindy. You need to see just how much that is in me. Sit in that chair and cup your hands next to my vagina opening. ”
Cindy moved to the chair between Mother’s legs and sat. She watched as Mother expelled as much of my sperm as she could. The size of the puddle in Cindy’s hands was over flowing for just one hand. Cindy just looked stunned at it flow out of Mother.
“Cindy, your brother left at least that amount in your womb. He was trying to make you pregnant. The reason is simple. If you catch, become pregnant that is, He will start working for the OB/GYN we go to. He will be able to pay for your college and his as well.” Mother stated.
“Mother, It is wrong to just take what is not his. He raped me. He raped you. He got you pregnant. What will Dad say?” Cindy stated.
“Dad will not know. You will not tell anyone anything!” Mother ordered. “The Doctor, You, Tim, and I will be the only people that know about this. We keep it here period.”
I smiled. “Cindy, here’s the deal. I will not touch you again, unless you want me to. Not willing to make the deal. I will take you any time the opportunity presents itself. Mother and I will confirm any story you want other than the truth. You want to tell that you were raped anywhere we will back you up. Mother is happy with my service; you might enjoy further service from me in the upcoming months. I’m here for you too.”
“Cindy, you need to understand that he is offering you a lot of pleasure in the future. I’ve been educating him most of the summer. He is real good and lasts a long time. He is willing to keep both of us happy. Let’s work something out. I’ll raise the child.” Mother said.
“You are telling me that was both of your ideas to rape me once and hope to get me pregnant?” Cindy asked.

Mother explained, “Our OB/GYN has tested Tim’s sperm. The Doctor stated that it was the most potent sperm he has seen. The amount of fluid is not average. It is well above average. There are women who have husbands that don’t produce enough good sperm and can’t get pregnant. The Doctor knows Tim is the father of my baby. The Doctor needed to know that Tim could get a normal woman pregnant with a single servicing. You know like a breeder. If you are pregnant, we have that proof. You carry the baby to term and I will raise the baby for you. You can go on with your life. Tim will educate you and the child. Deal?”
After thinking for a few minutes “OK,” Cindy said. “Tim, you will not touch me again, unless I want it, Right?”
“That’s the deal. Unless you want me to pleasure you I won’t. One other thing is you can’t just go out and get anyone to screw you from now until we know you are pregnant with my child. No dates until you either have your period or not.” Tim stated.
“You will not try again, just to make sure?” asked Cindy.
“No. I will keep Mother busy.”
“Cindy, when is your next period?” asked Mother.
“A couple of weeks, it seems to have been about 2 two weeks since my last one.”
“OK, then we will find out then. Now let me see that load of Tim’s. We have to do something with it.”
I thought to myself that the two loads already in Cindy would be enough. Cindy and Mother did not know just how many I deposited in Cindy. I was happy to have completed my goal of having both Mother and Cindy. I knew Cindy might want more of me with Mother’s help. I knew I could get Mother to have sex in front of Cindy. I knew it would only be time.
“Cindy, don’t let of that wonderful sperm drop. We could put more in you. Just kidding, Honey! The Doctor only wanted a single load in you. Let me have it.” With that Mother swallowed what was in Cindy’s hands.

Over two weeks later
I came down to breakfast and both Mother and Cindy were eating. I sat down after kissing Mother good morning. “What are the plans for today?” I asked.
“Well, Cindy and I have to go to the Doctor. It seems that she is two days late and we did a pregnancy test this morning and the rabbit died. Cindy must have gotten raped in the last month.” replied Mother smiling at off-hand comment she had made.
I smiled at Mother and Cindy. Cindy glared at me. “When is the appointment, Mother, seems I just got real horny,” I said to her.
Mother and I left the table and went to my room, leaving the door open. Once there I stripped off Mother’s nightgown and started kissing her deeply. I sucked her nipples and worked my way down her belly to her waiting pussy. I licked and sucked her wonderful pussy until she pleaded with me, “I have to have your cock in me right now, my pussy’s so hot knowing you have made both of us pregnant.”
I moved into position and slid my cock into her in a smooth motion. I knew I was going to have a child with her and after that more children with her. I knew she was my sex slave. Next was to get my sister as my sex slave as well.
While I pumped my cock deep into Mother a heard a noise outside my door, maybe Cindy was watching. I continued to pump my cock in and out of Mother for 10 minutes. I was driven with the thought of Cindy watching and soon blew my load deep in Mother. She had so many orgasms; I thought she might pass out. Since she became pregnant, Mother’s pussy was getting wetter, when we had sex. Her breasts were getting larger and the nipples were getting darker and larger making them really nice to suck and lick.
She got up from my bed and said, “I need to get Cindy to the Doctor for her appointment. We will finish this later.” She walked out the door to her room dripping cum from her pussy. She was having a slight problem walking as well.
I sat on my bed making plans for later that day, with Mother. I had four days earlier turned 15 years of age. Things were going great from my standpoint. I was having great sex with my Mother. I had gotten her pregnant. I had had sex with my sister, who was a duplicate image of my Mother. I had gotten my sister pregnant with a single session of sex. The Doctor was going to enlist my services for having sex with different women, many of whom I would never see again, after getting them pregnant. Life was wonderful!
I heard Mother and Cindy saying good-bye and then heard the Car leave the driveway. I took time for myself. I got up and took a long shower and relaxed around the house until Mother returned with good news and her pussy for me to have another time. Cindy would take time, but I would get her again as well.
Later that same Day
As I lay on the bed, daydreaming of making women pregnant with my potent seed and making plans for the future, I heard the car come down the driveway and park, it had to have been Mother and Cindy back from the Doctor’s office, since Dad was at work. I had taken a shower and made plans for getting as many women pregnant as possible.
Mother rushed excitedly into my room. “Cindy is going to keep the baby. I know I will end up raising both babies. I just hope she helps with the nursing of hers ‘cause I plan on breast-feeding both if she does not. The Doctor wants you to read these procedures and contracts. He was impressed at you hitting the time just right with getting Cindy pregnant.” She handed me the stack of papers. I started leafing through them reading some of the shorter ones. I saw that mother started ripping off her clothes while I read the papers.
She took my cock in her hands and licked the life into it. As I read the procedures, I asked, “Have you read these?”
Mother looked up at me and said, “I read them while Cindy was getting her exam. The Doctor wanted to fuck her during the exam, but he held back. He said he had appointments to handle this afternoon. Read the contract, I think the money will be fantastic!”
She licked and sucked my cock. I started to get hard. I read the contract. I was to get $500 for each time I was to have sex with a patient. I was to know the schedule a week prior and would have no more than four appointments a day and no more that 4 days a week. I would have to limit myself to mother and Cindy prior to any marriage. I didn’t like that clause. I knew I would get around this restriction some how. “Mother, You know that I have a potential of $8,000 per week? Wow!”
Mother stated, “Why do you think I am so horny. I’m going to drain you. I wish I could get pregnant again just thinking about what you are going to do with those women.”
“Mother you don’t have a problem knowing I am having sex with 16 different women a week? The contract states that I will get about 30 to 45 minutes with each patient. You are going to get jealous?”
“You have got to be kidding!” Mother stated. “I am going to be busy getting the books and appointments taken care of. We have to keep track of every penny you earn. I will keep great records. Then when our babies hit the house I will be nursing them and you if you want some milk. And then will be getting you ready for the next sessions. I will be planning your workouts and meals to make you the most potent stud in the world. I think Cindy will come around with time, you will get to have her again.”
Mother climbed on my hard cock and asked, “Please, suck on my nipples and get them ready for nursing. Don’t be gentle, ‘cause the babies won’t be gentle.” She slid her soppy cunt down the entire length of my cock and paused a long time while I latched onto a nipple. I lick and sucked her nipple making her moan with pleasure.
Mother had left the door ajar. She told me, “Son, I want to thank you for making me pregnant. I had forgotten just how sensitive my nipples are when I am pregnant. I know that you will love getting milk when it comes in.”
I switched nipples and sucked and licked her even harder. Mother started driving her pussy in a fevered pitch up and down my cock. She had had at least two orgasms and the flow from her pussy was drenching my lap. I just loved the wet sounds of sex. I started to drive my cock into her womanhood and lightly bit her nipples. I noticed that her breasts were getting larger. “Mother is it normal for your boobs to be getting larger at this time?”
“You will see that I will have very large breasts very soon. I should go from my normal 34B cup, which is starting to get tight to maybe a 36C or D cup, when my milk comes in. and the nipples seem to be getting larger already. You will see all of the changes in Cindy’s and my bodies. I plan on nursing for a long time after the babies are born.”
“What will happen to Cindy? “ I asked.
“She wears a 36C bra and that will grow much larger than I ever will. I will make sure that you get to see her changes. It makes me horny just thinking of the changes.” She hammered my cock moaning as she entered another orgasm.
I was getting ready to blow my load deep into Mother. “You just got really hot son. Blow that pent up load deep into my womb.” was what she said to me as she started moaning really loud, in her orgasm. I made it just two more full strokes and blew my load deep in her womb. I kept pumping my cock into Mother as we cooled down. The wet noise of our sexes mating was wonderful. My mouth never quit working on her nipples I sucked really hard on them. Mother seemed to want to keep me inside her, by clamping and squeezing every drop out of my cock. I licked and sucked her nipples harder while she did this.
I kept driving my cock deep into her pussy as I rolled us over to where Mother was on her back. She was still in her orgasm. I put a hickey both nipples to make sure she was going to know who her lover was. I hoped that I would get to have Cindy again. Who was I to doubt mother? I pretended that it was Cindy I was burying my cock in. I quickened that pace and intensity of my thrusts into her sloppy and drenched tunnel. As we drove each other into a frenzy I noticed that Cindy was at the door watching. I put a show on for her; I slowed down and pulled mother’s legs over my shoulders. I then used full strokes. This sent mother over the edge. She went glassy eyed and I took no mercy on her. As she neared passing out I exploded in her pussy with my next load of hot semen. Rope after rope ended up in her womb. As we finished I noticed that Cindy had left the door.
Mother said, “the Doctor said if you agreed to the contract we should sign it and get it back to him. He said that as soon as we get the contract back to him we would have a meeting and start the procedures.”
I asked, “Do you see any problem with the contracts or the amount of time I will be spending? “After seeing her indicate No I said, “Then schedule the appointment with him. I can’t wait on getting a lot of women pregnant and being a stud.”
Mother, in a glassy eyed stare, said, “It probably won’t be anyone you know. You most likely will never see them again. But, you will have me anytime.”
I left mother on my bed and walked down to Cindy’s room and knocked on her door. She told me, “Come in.” I walked in naked with my cock slick with mothers and my juices. I saw she was lying on her bed and asked “How she was feeling?” “Pregnant and my stomach is not good,” was her reply. I offered to get her some soda and crackers from downstairs. She said no. I sat on the bed and comforted her.

The Doctor’s meeting- Day One
We met the Doctor a few days later. The same Nurse, from Mother’s appointment, escorted us to his office and told us, “The Doctor will be with you in a few minutes. Welcome to the practice.”
The Doctor walked in, “Welcome to the practice. I do need some help. I have a woman coming in a few minutes. She wants to get pregnant really bad. Her clock is ticking. She wants to have the procedure. We need to refer to you as Dr. Benjamin for the purposes of the practice. Ready to jump in and get started?”
I spoke up, “I am ready to get started when you say so. The contract seems good. When does she get here?”
The Doctor said, “Your white coat is in the corner. You must wash your hands before you touch any patient. She will have only a gown on and be on the table. The Nurse will be in with you. You need to do the procedures like I show you the first time. You will move in and take my place and drop you pants and then breed the woman. Once completed you and the nurse will leave the room and let the patient get dressed. The nurse will take you to another room and help clean you up.”
I said, “Agreed. I want to knock up as many of the women you want me to.”
The Nurse came in and stated, “Mrs. Carter is waiting in Exam Room 8.”
I put on my White coat and followed the Doctor. We entered Exam Room 8 and greeted Mrs. Carter.
“Mrs. Carter this is Dr. Benjamin and will help in the procedure today.” The Doctor said.
We washed our hands and put on gloves for the physical Exam. The Nurse placed Mrs. Carter’s feet and legs in the stirrups.
The Doctor reached for the speculum and examined Mrs. Carter. My cock got hard thinking about what was next, it bulged in my pants. The Doctor talked to Mrs. Carter and asked, “When was your last period Mrs. Carter?”
Mrs. Carter stated “I started my period about two weeks ago.”
The Doctor motioned to me. I moved into his place. I did my own digital exam of her and dropped my pants and removed the speculum, handed it to the Nurse and replaced it with my cock. Mrs. Carter sighed as I entered her pussy. The Doctor said, “Mrs. Carter you are in very good hands for the rest of the procedure. Nurse Anna will stay and make sure the procedure goes well.” He left the Exam room.
I started pumping my cock into her pussy in slow deep thrusts. Her pussy was tight; I guessed that her husband was smaller than I was, in the cock department. Mrs. Carter slipped her gown down so I could see her breasts. I examined them for lumps. Sighing, she asked, “Please suck my nipples.” I leaned in and sucked both nipples they were about an inch across and a dark pink when I started licking them. Mrs. Carter liked that and responded with a orgasmic groan and a flood of pussy lubricant. I increased my thrust speed just a little when her moans increased. The Nurse stood at the door nodding in approval as I pumped my cock in and out of Mrs. Carter’s vagina. I kept up the jackhammer pace for about 15 minutes. And Mrs. Carter was in her third orgasm when the pressure started to build in my groin. I thrust harder, deeper and faster. Mrs. Carter pleaded with me, “Please fill me with a baby. I need one so bad. Please!”
I went deeper and started to spurt my seed into her womb. My cock spurted 15 ropes of my potent seed, in the next 15 strokes. Once I was complete with my orgasm. The Nurse said, “You need to remain in place and let it soak into her. “ So I finished the licking and sucking of her erect nipples. Her nipples were a real dark pink when I finished with them. She kept milking my cock with her orgasms.
Mrs. Carter lay there and looked into my eyes with her glassy eyes. “Thank You for making me pregnant, Doctor” I stayed still for the 15 minutes. Mrs. Carter did hip circles on my cock. The Nurse handed me a diaphragm and I slid it into place for Mrs. Carter. And said, “Keep this in place for 24 hours and let the my seed do its work. You may get dressed and leave at your leisure.” I pulled up my pants and the Nurse and I left the Exam Room and walked down the Hall.
We entered a Room and I stood waiting for her to indicate what was next. “Drop you pants and let me clean you up. You have about an hour before the next appointment.” She walked over and dropped to her knees and licked my cock clean. Once it was clean she looked at me and said, “Your cock is beautiful and you’re not full grown yet. I would like to have it sometime after you are through for the day.”
I looked at her and asked, “Are you on any birth control? I thought you were the Doctor’s private Nurse.”
She stated, “Now that you are part of the practice you can have any Nurse or staff member here. We all know that big rule. The only stipulation is we only put you or the Doctor off until after all procedures are completed, for the day. We are not allowed to be on any form of birth control and be part of the practice. We do have to make sure that you and the Doctor are taken care of and sometimes we do get pregnant, we know the risks of unprotected sex. But the Doctor does not like to have the staff using birth control pills, IUDs, or diaphragms. Well you see how we use the diaphragms in a correct manner, now you don’t have to insert one with the staff, unless you really want to or they really want to get pregnant. When that happens we are to carry the child to term. Then, if we do not want it, we can place it up for adoption, we have ways for that. But usually we raise the child in our families. All women have to understand the rules and risks. We are all under contract. Wha!
t goes on in this practice never gets out the walls. The women of the practice like to think of it as a sisterhood. The older ones help with the younger ones. All the women are well compensated extremely well for their services, about twice what they would make in other practices.”

“Are you married? How many children have you had?” I asked.
The Nurse said, “I have been married for ten years and have had 5 children. My husband cannot have children and I have kept all of them. Some of the other Nurses and staff are not married; remember anyone will service you when you want them, no exceptions. You ask they will deliver. Any problems come to me, they will perform or they are out. I will introduce you to the rest of the practice later. Please sit down and relax. I will send in a soft drink. By the way, Mrs. Carter will be back tomorrow for another appointment. The problem is her husband’s sperm count. I know you will make her pregnant. I think you are wonderful to be the sperm donor.” She tossed me a towel and said I should wash my hands again.
I got up and turned to the sink and washed my hands. I moved back to my chair and the door opened. In walked another Nurse a little younger than the other one, but with the same hair color, light brown, and a similar build and height. “Hi, I’m Mary.” She handed me my soft drink. She turned and started to leave.
“Could I ask a few questions? Mary?” I asked.
“Sure. I’ll do my best to answer your questions.”
“I noticed you and Anna have near the same build and coloring. Are all the Nurses like you two?
“Anna is my older sister, by three years. It has been great working here. The other Nurses in the practice have similar builds. Some with the same hair color, some different.”
“Did the Doctor hire you all for that reason? Or what?”
“The Doctor wants the patients to be comfortable with the Nurses and we are to blend in and not be noticed. We all wear the same color uniforms and hairstyles. I understand you are the new donor for our fertility side of the practice. Could I see your equipment?
I unzipped my pants and pulled out my semi-hard cock, which was about 7 inches at this state.
“Nice equipment, no wonder Anna said I would like it. I understand you are quite potent as well. I ran the sperm count tests on you. You have a lot of sperm and they are active.”
“Mary, are you married? And how many children have you had?” I asked.
“I’ve been married for about 3 years and have 1 daughter. My husband had an accident when he was in the service. His sperm count is low. But the child is his. Anna brought me into the practice after I completed Nursing school. I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, during my employee exam. The Doctor saw the lab tests and then fucked me on the Exam table knowing he could not get me pregnant. I loved it. The Doctor delivered my baby.” Mary said.

“I understand that everyone in the practice can’t use any form of birth control. How have you kept from having more than one child?”
“Just have not been serviced at the right time of the month, I guess. However, I think some how you will cure that situation,” was her reply as she winked at me.
Anna walked in and said, “Your next appointment is early by about 15 minutes. Are you recovered for the next procedure?”
“Yes” as I zipped up my pants. The two Nurses looked at each other. “I will get Mrs. Carlson and her chart and escort her to Exam room 8.” stated Mary.
I looked at Anna and asked, “Who is going to get Mary pregnant next?”
Anna said, “Might be you stud if you play your cards right. She wants to have at least 6 children. Her husband cannot provide that much. You and I will talk about it later. You need to focus on Mrs. Carlson. She is 30 years old and wants a child so bad. Her husband is older and was married before and has had a vasectomy, back in the 1970s, nonreversible. You are their best bet for children.”
“Well, let’s go make her pregnant.” was my response.
We walked into Exam Room 8. Mrs. Carlson was seated on the Exam Table in her gown and a bare back. I saw that she was talking with Mary.
“Good afternoon, Mrs. Carlson I am Dr. Benjamin. I will be doing your procedure today.” I greeted her.
She looked at me and looked at Anna, “A little young isn’t he?”
Nurse Anna said, “This Doctor has the experience for this procedure and is beyond his young looks with skill.”
I had washed my hands and had pulled on the latex gloves. I reached for the speculum and turned to the exam table and said, “Nurses will you assist Mrs. Carlson into correct position on the table for the exam and procedure.”
Anna and Mary helped Mrs. Carlson into position. I moved between her legs and inserted the speculum and did a digital exam just like the Doctor had shown me. I then handed the speculum over to Nurse Mary and inserted my fingers again and then undid my pants and placed my cock at her opening to her vagina. I looked at Mrs. Carlson and asked, “Ready for the procedure?”
Mrs. Carlson said, ”I came here to get pregnant.” She reached between her legs and pulled my cock into her vagina. “Now, do the procedure and blast your sperm in me. I sure hope it is potent.”
Nurse Anna said, “We made sure he was very potent before asking him to join the practice. The LAB reports say his sperm count is very high and the amount is well above the norm.”
I started to pump my cock into Mrs. Carlson in slow deep thrusts. Her pussy was so wet I knew she had just had a small orgasm. I pumped at this pace for about 10 minutes.
Mrs. Carlson spoke, “I’mmmmm cuming NOW!!!!!!!” With that she flooded my cock with her juices. Her pussy really got sloppy. I picked up the pace and started pounding her pussy deeper and harder with each stroke. The pressure started to build and I knew that I was about to explode. Mrs. Carlson was in her own world, her eyes were closed and her head was moving from side to side. I knew that I could not last any longer. I exploded in her drenched pussy. The first blast of my hot sperm caused her eyes to jolt open and her head rose off the table.
“God, that is hot. Really Hot! I am feeling each blast, OH GOD! DON’T STOP! Make me pregnant, Please!”
I blasted 14 more hot ropes of sperm into her waiting womb. After I was complete, I held my cock in her to allow my seed a chance to soak in and work. She looked me in the eyes and said, “Fifteen blasts, I counted fifteen that felt wonderful.” I felt her womb clamp down and milk my cock. It felt really good. I enjoyed a woman who could milk my cock. After the right amount of time, I turned my head to Nurse Ana and held out my hand. “Diaphragm”
I eased my cock out and inserted the diaphragm into her vagina. Nurse Anna said,”Mrs. Carlson, you need to leave that in place for 24 hours and let my seed soak in. If you think you need another procedure tomorrow please stop by the front desk before you leave and make an appointment? You may get dressed at your leisure and checkout.” I had pulled up my pants and zipped up and was going to the door.
Before I left Mrs. Carlson said, “Young man thank you.”
I turned to her and said, “My pleasure, Mrs. Carlson. You’re welcome. Hope to see you again.”
Nurse Mary led me to the room where I was last cleaned up. She opened the door and allowed me to enter. I stopped and turned. She had closed the door behind her. “It will be my pleasure to clean your cock up from your last appointment. I’m impressed with what Mrs. Carlson said.” Nurse Mary knelt, unzipped my pants and held my cock in her hands. Then she started licking and sucking my cock clean, just like Nurse Anna had. Once clean she replaced my cock in my pants and zipped me back up.
Nurse Anna knocked and entered the room, with a sandwich and cold drink on a tray. She looked at Nurse Mary and asked her to return to her duties. She sat down and said, “You have time to eat and rest for about 90 minutes. Mrs. Carlson will not be back tomorrow for another filling. You make her pregnant from the one procedure she might want more for pleasure. I will be impressed as well. Your next appointment is another woman wanting to have her biological clock answered. Her husband has a very low sperm count. We have been trying to collect his sperm and get as much in her at the right time, no luck so far. She is 32 years old and has been trying for 4 years.”
“Seems that my services might just fit the bill Nurse Anna, how do you think I’m doing so far?” I asked.
“I’ll tell you, I want to try your cock after your last appointment today. I have been impressed with your recovery and the technique you have seems quite good. I know how you got your mother pregnant and then your sister. I have made a decision to help you as much as I can and with anything you need, and I mean anything. That includes any techniques you want to learn, school work you have or workouts you need. Do you want anything else added to the list? I do mean anything; nothing is taboo for you or the Doctor.”
“Does that include introductions to women outside the practice?”
“We take pictures of all women, both Mothers and Daughters that are in the practice. If the Mother of the Daughter has signed the correct release forms, then we can make arrangements for the daughter to enter your service. So, an introduction within the practice is available. You and I will make our own rules in our relationship. I might do just about anything outside the practice as well, we will see and make the rules as we go, how about that?”
“Wow! Can I see the pictures? Or what do I do?”
“Let’s focus on one step at a time. I need to introduce you around the rest of the practice today. I want you after your last appointment tonight. Can we do that today?”
“Sure, how many Nurses are in the practice?”
“There are 8 Nurses in the practice. You also have access to the office staff as well; there are 6 in that part of the practice. I know you will want to try some of them.”
“I might want to do all of them. But right now we can make the rules up as we go along. Make sure I see your chart before the end of the day.”
We finished our lunch and soft drinks. Nurse Anna got up and left the Room. About 5 minutes later she returned. She had three women with her. She introduced them, “you will see that all the Nurses are in this blue uniform. And the Office staff has to wear a Pink uniform. The two Nurses are Nurse Beth, and Nurse Judi. The Office Manager is Brenda and will make sure you are introduced to the rest of the staff as well.”
I noticed that Nurse Beth was about 5’6” and 120 pounds. The uniform like the others was loose fitting and you could not judge the size of breasts. But when Anna and Mary had cleaned me up I saw they had really nice breasts from the top, about a large B or C. Both did not have a bra on either. It was going to be nice to find out the looks of the women.
Brenda said, “I need a couple of signatures on forms before your next appointment.” She had a folder with her. I motioned for her to sit down. She laid the folder down and opened it and showed me where to sign. She handed me a real nice pen to sign with and I signed the forms. They were already filled out. I closed the pen and handed it to her. “No, that is yours to keep. We will get you anything you need.” She said. I pocketed the pen. She then pulled out a tape measure. “I need to get measurements for your scrubs and glove size.” I stood and she measured my waist, chest hips and hand. Then she took an inseam measurement pausing to cop a feel of my cock. She wrote down the measurements and left nodding to herself. I knew she wanted me. I would take my time once I got to her.
Nurse Anna said, “You might like to wear scrubs instead of slacks or suits. They are easier to drop when you need to do so. There will be women you want to have and that need to be tricked with procedures. The Doctor or I will teach you those ropes. You noticed that sometimes the Doctor wears them. Some patients are difficult, but can be had. I we will get you ramped up slowly. Just to make sure you know all of the ropes.”
I got hard just thinking of having the access to 14 women at the drop of the hat at the end of each day. I knew that this was going to be wonderful. I asked, “Will the staff know who got them pregnant during the month since the might have a husband and the Doctor and I in the same month?”
“We know most likely the pregnancies will be either you or the Doctor. A simple blood test at birth will narrow down the candidate. You have Blood type AB+ and the Doctor has blood type O-. We have all the blood types of the staff and husbands as well. Your appointment should be ready. Here is her chart. I will go and check, be right back.” She left and closed the door.

I looked through her folder. A naked picture was included. This woman was not beautiful. She wasn’t ugly, either. I saw that she was right in the middle of her cycle from the charts of her cycle. She was not real heavy. I knew that didn’t matter. I would get anything pregnant.
Nurse Anna came back and said, “Mrs. Brady is ready.” I got up and followed.
I entered Exam Room 8 for the third time that day. I greeted her, “How are you today Mrs. Brady?” I shook her hand. Then I washed my hands. “Nurse will you help with Mrs. Brady.”
Nurse Anna said, “Certainly.” She walked over and positioned Mrs. Brady on the table and got her legs in the stirrups. I turned after washing my hands and put on gloves. Then I reached for the instruments and KY.
I opened Mrs. Brady’s vagina with the speculum and started the exam. Nurse Anna walked behind me and reached around and unfastened my pants. They dropped to the floor. I slipped out the speculum while still doing the digital exam. My cock was hard and ready. Nurse Anna grasped my cock and placed my cock in Mrs. Brady’s vagina. I slid the rest of my erection into Mrs. Brady. Nurse Anna then caressed my butt and walked to the door. Mrs. Brady’s pussy was very tight. I thought she might have been a virgin, but she was married. I then reached up and pulled down her gown to get a look at her breasts. They were nicely shaped about a B or C cup and the nipples were about 1 inch across. I started stroking into her very slowly.
Mrs. Brady let out a quite sigh as I reached for her nipples to roll between my finger and thumb. Her pussy was quiet wet, tight and hot. She seemed to be into the procedure. I say this because she worked against me as I thrust into her. Nurse Anna watched the procedure continue. Slowly I felt the sperm rise through my cock. I had repositioned my hands just before I started to erupt. This was to lock her hips to the exam table. I pounded her pussy like there were no tomorrow. Then I exploded into Mrs. Brady’s womb. With her pussy being so tight I felt the explosion of my first spurt hit her cervix. I spurted a total of 15 times and then my orgasm subsided. I stayed close to Mrs. Brady for a few moments this kept my cock deep in her next to her cervix and kept the sperm in her. I then reached out for the diaphragm that Nurse Anna handed towards me. I slid it into place. Things were getting less awkward. I pulled up my pants and looked at the Nurse.
“Mrs. Brady needs to keep the diaphragm inside her for at least 24 hours. Please help her Nurse Anna.”
Nurse Anna stayed with Mrs. Brady for just a few minutes. I walked back to the room I was using for the day. Then she entered my room. My cock was out waiting for her. She kneeled and engulfed my cock and cleaned my cock thoroughly. I looked at the clock.
“When is the next appointment?” I asked Nurse Anna.
“You have about an hour. Do you want to rest?” was her reply.
“No, I want to talk with you for a while.”
“OK about what?”
“First, get your chart and bring it here. I want to review it.”
“I’ll be right back”
Two minutes later she walked in with some juices and her chart. She handed me her chart. I opened it and started to read. It listed all of her information, height (5’4”), weight (124lbs), measurements (35-27-37), diaphragm size, exam results, and her last delivery, a little girl about 9 months ago. The interesting thing was a complete chart on her cycles and when her last period was.
“Your little girl is 9 months old. Your last period started 2 weeks ago. You know you are near your ovulation, right?”
“I know I will ovulate in the next three days. Like I said earlier, if we get pregnant, then we get pregnant. I have not been with the Doctor this month. He is focused on another Nurse.”
“Are all the Nurse’s charts as detailed? I even see naked pictures here, what are these for?”
“The staff’s files all have that information. I will bring them to you tomorrow. You want to make your mark, don’t you? The naked pictures are for our private use. Some of the patients don’t know about that part of their private file. If they don’t sign the release then the picture is from the hidden camera in Exam Room 3, where we have the exams of those that don’t pose for the nude picture.”
“To tell the truth, I want to knock up as many of the Nurses and staff. I want them to be carrying my children. We will start with you tonight. Then we will take it one day at a time. You ready for me to knock you up with your next child, Anna?”
She opened up her uniform. I saw that she was naked. “Are all of you walking around like that under the uniforms?”
“All the better to service you quicker, you know when the need arises. We know that sometimes you get really horny and might not last long enough to finish your desires. We are here to service the practice and make sure the cocks are ready for service. Only during a Nurses period is she allowed to wear panties. She can wear a bra if she is nursing a baby. Those are the only exceptions. Be discrete and gentle. The office staff has different rules, but has the same order, service the practice.”
“Your nipples are really large and erect. May I suck them for a few moments?” She walked over and positioned her breasts in my face. I felt one then the other. I rolled each between my fore finger and thumb. I then slipped one in to my mouth and licked and sucked. She moaned. I switched sides and sucked on her other nipple. More moans.
She stood up and presented her pussy for a digital EXAM. I slid my finger in and found wetness. She was really ready. I rubbed her clit. She stiffened and moaned. When I finished rubbing, I slid my finger into her pussy and it felt much wetter. I pulled my finger out and more it to my nose and sniffed. I then licked the juices off it. “You are ready for me.” I looked at the clock. “Please get the next appointment ready. I will follow in a minute.”
“Yes sir.” After she buttoned her uniform she picked up her chart and left.
I checked the chart of my next appointment. Mrs. Frost was 29 years old. She wanted a child and had been trying with her husband for 5 years. Nothing was wrong with her. Her husband had the problem. He was older and had an illness, an STD, that effected his sperm production, from before the marriage. I knew she was ovulating today from the test results and charts. I would make her pregnant, today. I was very sure of that point. I got up and closed the chart. Washed my hands after all I had fingered Nurse Anna. I thought about the firm body of Nurse Anna and knowing I would have her with in 15 minutes of finishing with Mrs. Frost.
I walked to EXAM room 8 just like the last ones. I knocked and entered. Mrs. Frost was sitting on the table, in the gown. I introduced myself and washed my hands. Mrs. Frost was on the heavy side, small breasts and short legs. I knew that I would still fuck her and plant my seed deep. I was after the money and the thrill of making as many women pregnant. The Nurses and Mother were going to get my rocks off. I put on the latex gloves and started the examination. I tried to make Mrs. Frost comfortable. I did the digital Exam and then placed my cock into her pussy for a good fucking. When she saw my hands appear she gasped.
I looked at her and said,”Mrs. Frost I am bout to inseminate your womb with very fertile sperm. Please lower your gown so I might see your breasts.”
She slowly, in a shy way, lowered her gown. Like I figured her breasts for a heavy woman were small. The nipples covered most of them. She lay there not moving as she closed her eyes. I guess she didn’t want to watch me fuck her. I slid my cock into her deeper and held her hips and then started thrusting deep and slow. I built up the pace slowly. She moved her arms over her eyes. I thrust deeper and harder picking up the pace with each thrust. After about 10 minutes I was dripping sweat and slowly I felt the sperm swell from my loins. Nurse Anna had that smile on her face. I smiled back and kept up the pace. Sliding in and out, I thought to myself, this is work on the heavy ones, but they knock up too. I wished she would move. Then I moved my hand between us and rubbed her clit. Slowly she responded.
Nurse Anna started to adjust her uniform. I saw that she was trying to help by unbuttoning a few buttons. I kept rubbing Mrs. Frost’s clit, and kept thrusting. After 5 more long minutes I exploded deep into Mrs. Frost’s womb. I counted the 15 spurts and kept my cock burred for 10 more minutes while I recovered a bit. I saw that she was covered with sweat; as well she had to have an orgasm. I motioned for the diaphragm and slid it into place. I looked at Mrs. Frost and said, “Keep the diaphragm in place for the next 24 hours. Take your time and you may leave.” I zipped up and started to leave.
Mrs. Frost looked at me and said meekly, “Thank you for helping to try to get me pregnant.”
“It was my pleasure to be of service to you Mrs. Frost.”
I left and walked to my room. I got there and sat down, took a long sip of juice, and shook my head. I turned my head and looked at Nurse Anna a she entered. She tossed me a towel. She then kneeled and undid my pants and cleaned my cock. When she was finished she stated, “You did that just like a good stud should. Mrs. Frost has always been hard to get to move. She did have an orgasm. The Doctor wanted you to try since she has been at it so long. Let me make sure the office is closed. I will be back in no more than 10 minutes. You rest.”
I closed my eyes and place the towel over them. After a while I heard the door open and Nurse Anna returned. ”How are you? Recovered? Let me see.” With that she dropped to her knees and started to suck on my cock. I was amazed the life came back, just like always, I was rock hard in about 2 minutes.
“Where are we going to do this?”

Nurse Anna said, “Exam Room 8 is ready.” and she turned around and left the room. I followed and we entered Exam Room 8. As soon as the door was closed Nurse Anna stripped off her uniform and sat on the table. I stripped off my clothes and walked over to her. I kissed her on the mouth for a long deep kiss. I moved to her breasts and started to suck and lick them. I moved between the two of them and admired the size of the nipples and the firmness of the breasts. I kissed Nurse Anna deeply again and moved down her body. As I did this she lay back on the table and positioned her feet in the stirrups. When I got to her pubic area attention was paid to her vulva and clit. I licked them until she moaned “Please, oh please fuck me, soon.”
I moved between her legs and positioned my cock head at the opening of her pussy. I slid the head of my cock up and down her slit teasing her. I slipped it in and moved slowly with a long thrust to the bottom of her vagina. The heat was amazing. She clasped and squeezed my cock with her vagina as I paused at the bottom. I then pulled out slowly the entire length of my cock. I paused at the opening and looked into her eyes. She exhaled a long breath. Her eyes were glassed over. I plunged my cock into her with a sudden thrust that caused her to gasp and moan with pleasure.
My movements were quick and hard. I pounded her pussy with abandon. The speed of the thrusts increased with each stroke. I had her to an orgasm in less than 2 minutes. After four orgasms I knew I was going to last for more than 20 minutes. I wanted to increase the pace until I was over the top.
The wetness of her pussy told me that she had more than one orgasm. I pounded her with long hard and deep strokes. I used the entire length of my cock. We were not loud for a while. We were into each other and the movement of Nurse Anna was making me wanting more.
As I neared my orgasm, she stated, “GOD, your cock is so hot. Give it to me baby.”
I changed the position of my hands and threw her legs over my shoulders. This got me to a different area of her pussy. I thought I felt her cervix. I thrust against it. She went over the top, and the moaning got louder with each thrust. I knew I couldn’t last very long. A couple of minutes later I exploded against her cervix. I thrust 14 more times and spurted the rest of my 15 ropes of potent sperm deep in her womb.
She moaned loudly, “Your sperm is so hot. I felt it splashing against my cervix. I’mmmmm Cummming!” With that she tensed up for a long orgasm.
I stopped thrusting after my orgasms subsided and then she went to work on my cock with her vagina clasping the entire length of my cock. I lowered her feet to the stirrups and held my cock deep in her pussy. She kept milking the cock for more sperm. We stayed that way for at least 10 minutes. I slowly pulled out and looked at her pussy. My sperm was leaking out. She moved her hand and spread her pussy lips and said,”Get the flashlight and speculum and look inside.”
I inserted the speculum and opened her vagina. I took the flashlight and peered into her pussy. Sperm was every where. She moved her knees closer to her breasts and asked, “Get a mirror so I can see, too.” I positioned the mirror and she whistled. “Boy is that a lot of sperm.” With that she reached for her uniform and retrieved a plastic case. She opened it and placed a diaphragm in her vagina. “We have to follow procedures, you know,” she stated in a natural state of enthusiasm.
We were dripping sweat. She sat up and kissed me deeply. When she came up for air she said,”Thank you for the wonderful donation of sperm. Anytime, anywhere, God I hope you got me pregnant, you are my stud.” My response was, “If not today then another day. I’ll get you pregnant.” She then kneeled and took my cock in her mouth and sucked and licked me clean. We got dressed and left the office. That was my first day.
Back at home after – Day One
I got home and saw that Dad was not home. Mother asked me about the day. I told her, “I knocked up 5 women today and have 4 more scheduled for tomorrow.”
“Who was the fifth?” Mother asked.
“Nurse Anna. I asked for her chart and saw it during one of my breaks. She then stated that she would be ovulating either today or tomorrow. She and I got together just after the office closed. Did you know I have access to any Nurse or Office staff working at the office?”
Mother replied, “No, I did not know you had access to the entire staff of the office. You can fuck any of them?”
“Any of them, anytime, and they can’t use any birth control and work for the Doctor. He has several children with most of them. Now I get to knock up as many of the staff as possible without having to worry on who is going to raise the off springs. What do you think about that Mother?”
“Now, let me get this straight, you can have sex with anyone in the office. They are not using any form of birth control. You don’t have to support the children from any of these relationships? Right?” was her response back to me.
“Right, I get to plant my seed in their unprotected pussies and let nature deal with the rest. I get paid for knocking up women and I get to have pleasure from anyone on the staff. Works for me, Mother. I intend to keep you happy as well.”
“Well, I guess that might take some of the edge out of you. I still need your services. I want to get Cindy to need them as well. But that will be my task, not yours. You just be nice to her. Let me and the other Nurses work on her.”
“Mother, it is in your hands. I think my desires will be taken care of when I need them taken care of. I know you and the Staff will see to my desires. When is Dad due home?”
“Soon honey. I can take care of you later,” was her response. We heard a car drive down the driveway. “Why don’t you go take a quick shower to freshen up and wash the day off? Dinner will be ready in an hour or so.”
I went to my room and hopped into the shower. I just knew the rest of my life was going to be great. I was learning so much from Mother her education this summer. Now I had the staff of the practice to learn from as well. I was feeling so much power from everything so far.
The Next day – Day two
I woke up to the normal sounds of the house. I was eager to face a new day and the new schedule for the rest of the summer. I heard a knock on the door. I said, “Come in, I’m awake.”
Mother swished in the room in an eager mood. She was wearing just her robe and asked, “What do you want this morning for breakfast?”
My response was, “I’ll have the normal breakfast due the world’s greatest Stud.” With that Mother removed her robe and showed off her growing belly and breasts. The nipples were erect and hard, ready for my attention. She climbed on the bed and presented them for my tongue to bath them. I sucked hard on them and as I did Mother told me about the schedule for the Day. She told me, “You need to workout this morning with weights and on the exer-cycle, unless you want to run a few miles. Then you have appointments today just before afternoon at the practice. Nurse Anna called to confirm the times. You have a choice on your activities up to that time. God! I need something from you this morning, dear. Good you are ready!”

With that she climbed on top and guided my cock into her waiting vagina. She slid down the entire length. When she hit bottom she said, “now honey don’t explode this morning. You need to hold back and save this load for your appointments. We need to get you to practice self-control. You need to hold out as long as you can.” She rocked back and forth on my cock. I worked on her nipples, they made her wet and she moaned very loud. Of course the door was open and I noticed that Cindy was watching from the door. She noticed the nipples darkening from the work I did on Mother. Mother started bucking harder as she had an orgasm. She then slowed down just as I was getting hot and close to blowing my load. She eased off me and cleaned my cock while I ate her pussy. She looked up and saw Cindy had left the door and said, “Cindy is staying a little longer each day. I think she is warming up. It is just going to take some time.”
She then got up and put on her robe and motioned me toward the bathroom for my shower. I told her, “after my workout and before I go to the practice.” She responded with, “Breakfast will be ready in about 1 hour enjoy your workout.”
At the Practice – Day Two
After scanning my badge and keying in my personal code I walked in the employee’s entrance. I noticed that everyone said a warm “Hello” as I passed. I got to the Nurses station and Nurse Anna said, “And Good morning to you, the charts for today are on your desk. Let me show you.”
I followed her down a hall and we walked in to my small office. The desk was to one side. Nurse Anna closed the door and asked, “Anything you want this morning, Coffee, Tea, Orange Juice?”
“Juice will be fine. How was your night with my special injection?”
“I know we made a baby yesterday. I just got that feeling. Thank you for allowing me to your first impregnation within the practice. Your first appointment will be here in 15 minutes. I’ll get your juice.” She smiled and left the office.
I picked up the file on top and started to review it. I noticed this one was thicker than the others from the day before, this woman was having problems keeping a baby. What was I supposed to do? I liked the detailed information. She even had a picture in the file. Nurse Anna returned and placed the juice on the desk. “Questions?”
“Yeah, It seems that She and the Doctor have a long past and she keeps losing the pregnancy. What am I supposed to do?”
“Mrs. Taylor has more money that sense. She will keep getting pregnant until she has a baby. Just do the procedure. She will catch and then miscarry. We just have to keep her happy. She should be here, I’ll check.”
Nurse June knocked and poked her head in and said, “Your appointment with Mrs. Taylor is in Exam Room 8. Ready?”
“Yep! Let’s see this woman.” I got my LAB coat and followed Nurse June to the Room.
We entered Exam Room 8. Mrs. Taylor was sitting on the table in the open back gown. “Good morning Mrs. Taylor, Nurse June will you aid Mrs. Taylor to get into correct position?” I asked as I washed my hands and the put on the rubber gloves.
“Doctor, aren’t you a little young?” was Mrs. Taylor’s response as she got into position on the table with the help of Nurse June.
“The Doctor has a specialty in this area Mrs. Taylor. He has just joined the practice and has a wonderful track record with fertility issues.” was how Nurse June quick response.
I moved over to the table and peered at Mrs. Taylor’s pussy. It had to be the hairiest pussy I had ever seen. I inserted the speculum to stretch her vagina open and then started the digital exam. Nurse June crossed behind me and helped me with my pants as I felt them drop to the floor. She then stroked my cock a few times. It was already hard and ready. I slid the speculum out and placed it in Nurse June’s open hand. She then helped me again by placing my cock head into Mrs. Taylor’s pussy. I slid the rest of the way into her in a smooth single stroke. Nurse June placed the speculum on the counter and opened the diaphragm case so she could hand it to me once I was complete with the procedure. She then walked over to Mrs. Taylor and lowered her gown for a breast exam.
Mrs. Taylor was quite wet as I entered her vagina and slid to the bottom with my first stroke. She closed her eyes as she felt my hands feel her breasts. They were really soft and the nipples were real small and dark. I heard the slurping noise from my cock and her pussy working together. I tweaked her nipples with hopes of more arousal. This did not happen. So I moved my hands to her hips and started my thrusts harder and deeper. I kept at it for another 10 minutes and exploded my nuts deep into her waiting womb. The sudden heat from my sperm splattering into her womb caused Mrs. Taylor to moan loudly with an orgasm. I felt her vagina clamp down and milk my cock as I sent my 15 ropes of potent sperm to her service. I stayed still in her pussy for 5 more minutes. I then removed my cock and placed the diaphragm in Mrs. Taylor saying, “Keep this in place for 24 hours and allow the sperm the fertilize you. You may get dressed and leave at your leisure.” I pulled up my pants and!
left the room.

I went back to my office followed by Nurse June. I turned in my office after hearing the door close and dropped my pants again. Nurse June kneeled licked my cock clean and sucked it deep into her warm mouth. I looked down and watched seeing that she was not wearing a bra just like the other nurses. The nipples were dark brown and getting hard as she sucked my cock. When I was hard again she stood and said, “You have nice technique and equipment, I’ll be glad to service you anytime. I will get you another glass of juice. Your next appointment is in 45 minutes. I will get that chart.”
As she turned to leave I said, “All of my appointments are here on my desk. I would like to see your chart Nurse June, please bring it to me with the juice.”
I sat down and started to review the next chart. My mind was elsewhere when I heard a knock at the door. “Come In” I said bringing me back to the world. It was Nurse Anna.
“What did you think of Nurse June?” asked Nurse Anna when she closed the door.
“Nice breasts and nipples. She sucks a good cock. She liked my technique. I told her to bring me her chart and more juice.” I retorted.
“You will like all of the nurses and staff. I want you to get a shot at each one of them when they hit ovulation.” Nurse Anna replied.

Just then a knock at the door and in walked Nurse June. She set down a tray with my next juice glass, some pills in a cup and then she handed me her chart. She smiled at both of us and said, “I’ll let you know when your next appointment is ready.” Then she left.
I opened her chart. And scanned it quickly stopped by the naked picture. “Not a stretch mark on her. She has been with the practice for 9 weeks. She is not married,” responded Nurse Anna. I flipped to the ovulation chart and noticed that it only contained information for the current month. She had just had her period the week before. I went back to her picture. “Nice, really nice, she should be in prime time either today or tomorrow. I want to plant my seed in her and as many others as well. So what are these pills?”
“They are vitamins and a male enhancement pill. You’ll get her if I can arrange it. Since you have the chart the Doctor has not seen it and won’t know that she is near her peak time. He normally lets the nurses have two or three months before he pursues them. She would be a good notch in your belt. I’ll see what I can do,” stated Nurse Anna making sure that I took the Pills with my juice as she left the office.
I closed the chart of Nurse June, put it to one side and returned to the next patient. She was a young wife of an older man. She wanted to get pregnant. She and her husband had been trying for three years before she came to the practice. I reviewed her charts and everything was in good order. The measurements were small. I got the impression of a small petite woman, a china doll. There was not any picture.
As I closed the chart I heard the door open and Nurse June came in. “your patient is ready in Exam room 8. Are you ready?”
“Come in and close the door. This patient has the measurements of 32-28-32, that of a child. You sure that she is a woman ready to breed?”
“I helped in her prior exams. The Doctor made sure with the labs. She is ovulating and should be from the chart she supplied. Are you going to have problems getting it up to do the procedure?”
“Come to think of it you could show me your breasts. I saw just the tops of them while you cleaned me last time.”
With that she removed her top and showed me her near perfect breasts. She then moved closer to me and presented them to me for my pleasure. I reached and felt then and then placed a dark nipple in my mouth. It seemed to grow as I licked and sucked on it. As I moved to the next nipple Nurse June placed a hand in my lap and felt my cock grow in her hand. She said, “Your procedure is waiting. You seem ready for it.” She then put her top back on and we went to Exam Room 8.
As we entered, I saw that Mrs. Wilson was seated on the Exam Table in just the gown. I greeted her, “Good day Mrs. Wilson. How are you today?”
“Just fine, Doctor?” was her reply as she saw I was young.
I washed my hands and put on the latex gloves. “Nurse June will you help Mrs. Wilson into position?” I got the speculum and put KY jelly on it and my gloves. I moved into position and saw that Mrs. Wilson was small in all ways. The amount of hair on her pussy mound told me she was mature. This was going to be tight. I took my time and eased the speculum into her vagina and opened it gently. I then put in one finger and worked her open further. Then I placed a second finger in her and moved them around. I thought she was a virgin but the maidenhead was long gone. Nurse June walked behind me and undid my pants and they fell to the floor. My cock was ready for entry. Nurse June placed the head into Mrs. Wilson’s vagina as I eased my fingers out. It was tight, really tight. I slid in a little further. It seemed to open as I moved in each inch. It was tight and wet. This was going to be fun.
Nurse June walked to the door and stood there. I worked my cock into Mrs. Wilson deeper and the felt bottom. I had another 2 inches left. I eased out and then back in. I felt the cervix rub against my cock. This was going to be great. I kept working into her with my thrusts. I moved my hands to the top of the gown. I pulled it down and felt her breasts. They were small and almost all nipples. I dreamed that she was one of the girls in my school. I then felt that with each thrust I went deeper. I worked on her for about 20 minutes and she slowly got into the motion of out sex. Her hips thrust back against me with each of my thrusts. However she never made a sound. Sweat was glistening on her as I felt that urge to explode. Five more deep strokes and I felt her tighten on my cock and milk me hard, had to be her orgasm. I exploded against her cervix with each of my 15 ropes of semen. Her pussy got hotter with each rope I deposited in her. When I finished I paused and held my co!
ck deep against her cervix. She bucked against me for a few minutes. Then we stayed still for a while. As if on queue Nurse June handed me the diaphragm. I eased out my cock and placed the diaphragm in her to keep my potent sperm in her.

“Mrs. Wilson make sure you keep that in place for 24 hours. You may leave when you are ready, after you get dressed.”
“Doctor, thank you for being gentle and thorough with the procedure,” was her only response as she lay back down.
I pulled up my pants and left the room. I went back to my office. I sat down and closed my eyes for a few minutes rest. I heard the door close and Nurse June opened my pants and pulled my cock out she proceeded to suck and licked it clean. I grabbed her head and helped her deep throat my hard cock. When she finished she stood and asked, “More juice between your appointments?”
I heard a knock on the door. In walked Nurse Anna with a tray with a couple of sandwiches on it. She sat the tray down on the desk and pulled up a chair to sit down. She then motioned Nurse June out with a head turn and a look. She took a seat and picked up the sandwich, but before she took a bite she asked, “What do you think of Nurse June?”
My reply was “A nice body to go along with her personality I might like to plant a baby in her. The chart says she is close to her time. Do you think she would let me plant a baby in her?”
“She has no choice if you make the move on her she has to let you cum in her unprotected pussy, remember practice rules. I think the Doctor wants her to get pregnant by either you or him. My opinion is you should get that privilege since she is so new to the practice. The Doctor had his chance with her when he gave her the normal employee exam, I was the Nurse there. He has been focused on another Nurse this month. You want her you got her. I will make sure you get to her first.”
“Let’s plan for tonight after work. When does the next appointment get here?”
“You have got an hour for lunch prior to your next appointment. Need more information?”
“First, the male enhancement pill, what is that for? Second, do you need another injection after work?”
“You are young and it might make your cock longer and wider. It will not hurt you. I would love to take you anytime, anywhere, and any situation. I think you want to catch Nurse June, don’t you? I will be willing to wait and see if I’m pregnant just so you can get her.”
“Really? You want me to get her pregnant don’t you?”
“Honey, I want you to be the father of the next batch of children in the practice. I will point you to each woman as they are near their near peak. I want you to be able to reach your peak in male endowment. Bigger is better.”
“Deal! You point me in the right way and I will fit you into my personal harem. Just like my mother, anytime, anywhere.”
Nurse Anna smiled at me and I knew she was on my side. I would get Nurse June after my appointments. I would plant my seed in her unmarried womb and she would have my child just like all the women in the practice. I was going to like doing these jobs a whole lot. Nurse Anna moved over to me and knelt and pulled my cock from my pants. She then measured the length while it was soft in length and around. Then she started sucking my cock. I had to ask, “What are you doing?”
She stopped sucking just long enough to say, “My baseline measurements on you. You are still growing. You know that male enhancement pill.” She slid her mouth down the length of my cock. I started to respond by getting hard. When she had me hard as a rock she took more measurements. When she was finished I asked, “Well?”
“You are just over 7 inches in length and 6 inches around, today. I want to measure you every month while you are growing. Just for my personal records,” stated Nurse Anna.

A knock on the door and Nurse June peeked in and said, “Your next appointment is in Exam Room 8.”
I walked in and greeted my next pussy by saying, “Good day Mrs. Edmonds how are you doing today?” I shook her hand and noticed it appeared older than some of the women that I had done the procedure on, but it was as strong as my hand. The face showed that she was an outdoor person. The body was firm and healthy. “You appear to be in good shape. What do you do for work Mrs. Edmonds?”
“Doctor I raise and train horses for a living, mostly Quarter horses. So I’m outside for long periods and ride a lot.”
I looked at her legs. They were firm and young looking. Her chart had her at 33 years old. I turned to wash my hands and put on the latex gloves. As I did this I said, “Nurse, will you help Mrs. Edmond into position?”
After preparation I turned to the exam table to gaze at a wet pussy open and ready for entry. I followed procedures with the speculum and the KY. I did the digital exam and noticed that her pussy was quite large and wet. Nurse June then crossed behind me as she had done previously and eased my pants down. She placed my erect cock head into Mrs. Edmonds vaginal opening. I pressed forward in a smooth stroke right where my balls slapped against her ass. I noticed the aroma coming from her it was strong.
I slid my cock out to the point of almost leaving her pussy. I then drove it to the hilt again. The sound was nice and slurpy as well. I started off with a firm steady pace. She responded with a slight moan after a few minutes. Her pussy instantly lubricated even more; she drenched my cock and sprayed my pelvic with her lubrication. I pulled down her gown at this point and stared at nice firm breasts with near white, really light pink nipples. I noticed that they were starting to harden. I reached up and massaged her breasts and focused on her nipples. I wanted to lick them. She moaned as I pinched them lightly. I leaned in and took one in my mouth and sucked hard and flicked my tongue over the nipple in a firm fashion. She moaned louder, my crotch got another spray of her lubricant. That was two orgasms and her pussy was getting wetter and hotter.
I moved to the other nipple and noticed that a red color was in the first nipple after I left it. It stuck out almost an inch. I made a note that this was larger than any of the other women I had had. I worked on the second nipple and started circling my hips as I thrust in and out of Mrs. Edmonds. The slurping sound was real loud. I looked up and saw that Mrs. Edmonds eyes were glassed over. And noticed that Nurse June was smiling and rubbing her nipples with crossed arms, to hide what she was doing.
As I neared my orgasm I noticed that Mrs. Edmonds was gasping for breath in her own long orgasm. I heard a wetter sound as we shifted into a ball-slapping pace. I raised and thrust harder and faster. I still did not reach her cervix. Mrs. Edmonds rose up and clasped her hands around my neck and thrust against me and pleaded, “Fill me full with your potent sperm, knock me up my stallion!”
I held back for ten more hard strokes. I started to blow my load as deep as I could, a rope with the next 15 strokes. She met me with each stroke. I slowed my thrusting down to a slow and easy pace. My cock was still hard. Nurse June showed me she had erect nipples through her uniform as she dropped her hands and moved to the counter to hand me the diaphragm. Mrs. Edmonds eased back to lying on the table. I stopped and held my cock firmly in her.
I noticed that the diaphragm was larger that the others I had been using. I removed my cock and slid the diaphragm into her soaking vagina. It went in easy. “Mrs. Edmonds, keep the diaphragm in place for the next 24 hours. Afterwards you can remove it.”
“Doctor, I want to invite you out to the ranch for a tour and a ride anytime. You’ve got my number. Just wanted to show my thanks, come on out.” Mrs. Edmonds said as I pulled my pants up. The view of her well used pussy and firm ass was very fine.
“Nurse June follow me when she is ready. I’ll be in my office.”
I walked to my office and dropped my pants then sat down in my chair. My crotch was soaked. I closed my eyes and took a long drink of water from the glass on the desk. I leaned back with my eyes closed and my hard cock drying in the open air. The next thing I heard was the door open and close. I then felt a warm mouth slide down my cock. It felt different from either Nurse June’s or Nurse Anna’s technique. I opened my eyes and found a different color hair bobbing up and down my cock. The uniform was a Nurses color. I shifted my seat and true to form I could see the bra-less breasts down the front of her uniform. She licked me clean and the raised her head and said, “Hello, I am Nurse Becky. The other Nurses were busy so I thought I would introduce myself at this time.”
“Thank you for the attention,” was all I could get out of my mouth before my tongue became tied in a knot. The face I was looking at was near the same as to woman I had just left my last load in. “You look like…..”
“Mrs. Edmonds is my older sister. Yes we do look alike. My other sister’s look the same as well. I referred her to the practice for her situation. After we determined the cause of her lack of getting pregnant, her husband had a STD and rendered him sterile. Thank you for providing the donation. She seemed to make a mess of your crotch.”

I pumped in 15 ropes of my sperm as I was being massaged and fucked. I held my cock inside Brenda while Nurse Anna worked on my prostate and Brenda milked my cock with her vagina. I was spent. Nurse Anna kissed my neck and whispered, “Here is her size diaphragm slide it in and tell her to keep it in for 24 hours.”
I replaced my cock with the diaphragm and said, “Brenda, you know the rules keep this diaphragm in place for at least 24 hours so my sperm can have a chance. I might not get you pregnant this cycle since it so late but we will have another child planted in you soon.”
“Yes Sir! I will do what you ask. Anna you said he was a stud, He is. I will bring in my 16 year old daughter for her first exam this week.”
“Bring in the 13 year old as well. She needs an exam if she is having periods. Right Doctor!” added Nurse Anna.
“Your right about that Nurse Anna, if she has had a period she needs to be checked out and added to the practice,” was my response.
Brenda said, “I will make appointments for them tonight before I leave. Thank you for your input. Is there anything else I can do for you?”
“Pull the charts of the office staff and the rest of the Nurses. Place them on my desk. I want to review them.”
“It will be done before you leave.” Brenda got off the table and gingerly walked out of Exam Room 8.
Nurse Anna kneeled and licked my soft cock clean. Then she stood up and kissed me deep. “Please take out my diaphragm, it has been 24 hours.”
“Sure! Hop on the table.”
Nurse Anna hopped up on the table. I inserted my finger and felt around for the diaphragm and found it and removed it. I leaned in and licked and sucked her clit until she had an orgasm. I place the diaphragm on the counter. When Nurse Anna had her orgasm she stated, “Go to your office and I will clean up here. I’ll give you a ride home.”
I went to my office and noticed that the charts were on my desk with a note from Brenda. It read
My chart is on top. I might be wrong about my cycle. The rest are in order of cycle standing since Nurse Anna told me your desires. I hope you succeed. I will help out where I can. Love Brenda.
I started to look at the charts. I might have missed Brenda’s ovulation by a day from the extensive chart on file. Oh well I would get her planted soon if the note was accurate. The next file was Nurse Mary who was due to ovulate the next day, followed by Nurse Becky on Friday. I noticed that the next was a single staff worker age 18 on Saturday, I made a note to ask Anna. I worked my way on the rest of the stack making motes.
“You ready for a ride home Stud” asked Anna.
Looking at the clock I responded, “We can talk in the car while you gives me a ride home.” I closed the charts and picked up my notes.
“Anna, your sister is scheduled to ovulate tomorrow, then Nurse Becky on Friday. The next is Saturday, an 18 year old staff worker. How can I get her when the office is closed?”
“We could do it on Friday, or maybe Brenda can make arrangements for the worker to come in on Saturday. I’ll work on that. You are quite a cocksman young man. With Brenda and me working for you the number of children in the practice will be on the increase. I will make sure Mary is ready for you after work tomorrow. Becky is not a problem. I want to get you the one the Doctor has his sights set on.”
When we drove up to the house Anna leaned over and kissed me good night. I slid a finger in her pussy for a quick working over. She sighed as I pulled out and got out.
At Home – Day Two
I walked in to the house and announced, “I’m home any else here?”
Mother poked her head from upstairs and said, “Come up and see what I’ve got arranged for you.”
All I saw was her head when she said this. Intrigued by her statement I bounded up the stairs. I went into my room and nothing. I went to Mother’s room and found her standing in front of the mirror naked. I saw that she was showing more from her profile. Then I looked to one side and saw Cindy standing without a stitch of clothes on. I had to ask, “Cindy, are you saying I get you again?”
Her response was, “Mother wants you to document our pregnancies on film. She went and bought a new digital camera and wants you to take pictures of our bodies. She has also asked me to let you take measurements each week. I will allow this since The Doctor wants a report.” She had a tape measure in her hand extended to me. I took the measurements and recorded them.
When I was finished with Cindy I looked at her and asked, “Could I have a hug?” Cindy opened her arms and allowed me to hug her. I kissed her on the cheek. Then Cindy left the room.
I turned to Mother and asked, “Dad out of town? Want to know how my day went?”
“Your father left town just after you went to the office. How was your Day?”
“Well, I got to have a repeat session with Mrs. Carter, and three new sessions. Then I got a new Nurse today her name is June and I might add she has not had any children yet. That will change after today. And I got the office manager Brenda. Both staff employees should be pregnant after what I left in them.”

“Anna is taking good care of you. What are your plans other than going through the entire practice and making them all pregnant?”
“Anna wants me to father the next batch of children with in the practice. I found out that Brenda has a 16-year-old daughter and a 13-year-old daughter. They will have exam appointments within the week. I think Brenda is going allow me to make them pregnant.”
“No way is that going to happen. You must have not understood her.”
“Anna told her the present them to the practice for exams. Anna told me that I might get to have any daughter if the mother signs a release. I think it is a done deal. How did you get Cindy to allow the measurements?”
“It is the first step in getting her to allow you to fuck her again, one step at a time, son; one step at a time.”
I finished taking pictures and measurements. I saw that her measurements went back a month. I walked over and hugged her naked body. I then kissed her on the mouth. “You smell like you just got done having sex. You need to work out the shower.” Mother said to me.
I went to my room and changed and went down stairs and started my workout. When I finished I went to my room and stripped and climbed into the shower. A minute later Mother climbed in and proceeded to suck my cock back to life. I knew she would sleep with me tonight since dad was out of town. I sucked on her nipples to mark them up. I would get her pussy tonight. We left the shower and dried off and got dressed for dinner. Robes only, Cindy too, Mother’s new house rule when Dad was out of town.
We had dinner and went to my bed, with my door open. I fucked mother long and deep. She wanted me to last as long as I could. We fell asleep in each other’s arms.
I woke the next morning with her sucking life into my cock. I had a full day at the office. I was not forced to have an orgasm. We had breakfast and I took my pills and went to work.

Two Pregnant Ladies

Everyting was going great. I was spending 4 days initially but later we came to one or two practice a week. I was spendingmore time with mom . Neetu went back to her campus, we decided her to let study till the pregnancy effect start showing up on her. Also if she would come back later we will be able to explain father that some bad guy made her pregnant, and she cant be with her any more, but she want to gave birth to baby, So all was set up.

Weeks had passed by and Mom was three months old pregnant. Some women look overwrought when pregnant, showing the weight of the demands pregnancy places on their bodies. Other women bloom like flowers, glowing with the radiance of the life growing within them. Mom was in the latter category. Her face was positively beaming with the promise of life, and her slender figure blossomed into Rubenesque proportions with Mom’s already large breasts became heavier and fuller.

Her buttocks had it’s new pear-shaped looked. She was no longer wearing blouse but nightgown. She had stopped wearing panty and bra due to the pregnancy effect and discomfort. She was getting weaker as, I was doing all the household things. She was very grateful with me, not even dad would do this when he’s around. During that time dad was working on a major project in company. Which was very inportant for Company and dad as well. I told Dad that I really want to take care of mom during this time as I am done from my junior school and free for almost two more months. So i can better take care of mom . Since i am growing up, it would be good for me to learn taking responsibilies. for next two months dad rarely stayed in home, Some time he had to go out for week, many times. Mom and i was having lot of time to spend together. Our relationship was getting closer both i and Mom lived and slept nude in the house, during dad’s absent. Although she was pregnant with my baby we were fucking like crazy. We were living like husband and wife.

Month been passed. One day Sister called Mom and told that she is three months pregnant. Mom told she could come home immediately,so that we can take care of pregnant her. Mom had told me that I should take very well care of Sister since there is no one except us. When dad came to know he was very angry with sister, but she explained everything as we already planned, that she was cheated by his boyfriend and nw she wanted raise the child. Initially dad oppossed, we also supported sister, so he could not do any thing. Dad was angry with us for supporting sister. Week later Our grandparents came to home, to take care of two pregnant women in the house. After they came I and Mom began to wear clothes around. I started to share rom with grandpa. Mom,sister and grandma were in same room. But whenevr i got chance me and mom had our time, sometimes in bathroom, or some time in lawn outside the house.

A month later, Sister was complaining saying she needed a bigger bra. She removed her shirt showing me her trapped breasts inside her tight bra. Her breasts have taken a new shape since the last time I saw. Much more bigger and a strong pointed nipples which I could see pointing through from the fabric of her bra. I suggested that she could uses mom’s bra. On that night, mom, me and grandpa, were all in the living-room while gandma was in kitchen making dinner. Sister requested for mom’s bra. Casually mom slid her nightgown below and took off her silk black bra. Being shocked that mom actually took off her bra in front of grandpa made me sexually excited, grandpa had a good look at mom’s breast. Mom breasts was gigantic, slightly saggy but her nipples were dark brown and big. Her areola was a bit rough not smooth like Sister’s. Casually like mom, Sister took off hers and put on mom’s. It did fit well but I could not get the glimpse of her breasts since it was too fast. “You know Sister, it better to sleep without clothes when your are pregnant. It may relieve whatever pain you have during the night.” Grandma advised as she came in. A sudden tightness in my shorts occurred by gramm’s statement. “Already I and Netuu have been like that only,we are shy to be naked before you.” Mom stammered. “There’s nothing to shamed off, YOu should sleep naked atleast in you bedroom avoid tight cloths” Grandma pointed out. When mom shed her nightgown her breast were fully exposed in front of everyone, and then she removed her underwear facing toward wall, giving every look at her butts. I saw Grandpa staring at mom’s butts carefully. Each of Mom’s Butt halves were equal to one Jack fruit. Then she put her gown on her body. After that we had dinner and we went to sleep, grandpa went to guest room and grandma and sister went to bedroom. I talked to mom about grandpa, that how he was staring at her butts and all the dinner time his eyes were on her breast.

Then She told me” its normal for him, as your grand ma is no longer fun for him.” Then i told mom that its our responsiblity to make grandpa feel happy.

” So go to your room, idont sleep early, just act”, by saying that she went to her room her bedroom, i came to room where grand pa was sitting on the bed and reading book. i went to bed , said goodnight and laid on bed, acting to sleep.

After sometime I heard mom coming in the room. “Is raj sleeping” said mom.

After giving a look at me grandpa” I think he is asleep”.

“What shoud i do now”,mom said.

“waht are you talking about”, grandpa asked. “My breast are aching, mother said they need to be sucked, so that pain can be releaved. ” Mom Replied.

” I can help you, if you want ?”, grandpa said hesistatedly.

“Can you? Oh thanx dad, that is so kind of you.”

“Oh its nothing dear, just com here.” grand pa saying and Mom came closer to grandpa. As mom was in nightgown, mom just exposed her left breast making situation more erotic. her mouthful breast was out to be sucked. Grandpa put his hand on her breast and made his face come closer to breast and started sucking. Initially he was nerves but then he was sucking like a child. Mom was standing near the bed and grandpa was sitting on bed.

Mom said,” We are very thankful to you and mother, since you are helping us while Raj’s dad is out.”

“Oh its nothing dear”,saiyng that he exposed mom’s right breast and started sucking that one.

“Oh….” Let me make it easiier for you, she let her nightgown go down. Now she was fully exposed in front of grand pa.

“Why dont you sit on bed?”

I think its better if i lay down on bed so that yuo can suck while lying on bed.” Saying that mom laid on bed next to me and then grandpa next to her. Mom was fully naked lying between me and grandpa. facing towards grand pa and her butts towards me.

I put my penis out between her buttchicks. Ganpa was sucking her breast and was breathing hardly. After some time i felt mom’s butts’ slipeed away, found Greandpa pulled her toward him, and then mom was on top of grandpa. They started making love. In dark i could not see much, but scenery was clear. I was enjoying their fuck. Watching my mom being fucked by grandpa turned me on. Then they did doggy style. He fucked mom for almost half an hour, then he reached his limit. After that mom and i had our fucking session, after we made sure grandpa fall sleep. I was just filling mom’s pussy and heard carry on grandson, fuck session is always good for pregannat women it helps them delivering baby. At first i was shocked, but the tone with which grandpa was talking made me easier. Rest of the night was hard for mom, she was switching between me and grandpa, when one of us is feeling her, other got recovered. And then all three of us naked in bed, having mom sandwithched between us, lied on bed got sleep.

Next morning, everything went on fine. We were having our breakfast. Mom told grandma that she felt rather uneasy around 5 am. Grandma comforted her saying that was normal for a pregnant lady. Granny in fact suggested that she should go for a mild massage. Mom agreed and granny took her to the room to gave her massage. Grandparents were doing helping us a lot, granma with mom’s pregnancy and grandpa helping mom at night and day whenever they got chance.

We fucked mom till the day when she gave birth to a Boy. One day after three months, when I was fucking my mom hardly, She screemed wildly.I was afraid but ganma came for help ,She told mom was having her labour pain”.That was the first time I am going to see a woman giving birth to a baby.I saw mom shouting making her hips wide and pulsating with her buttocks heaving up and down. After some time the baby started to come outside with the head first out. Blood was all the bed and when the baby came out,we found it to be a baby girl. Now she had started to produce milk from her breasts. Daily at morning My Mom would feed me with her milk. Gramma was taking care of child and sister, but Grandpa had to left. Gramma had to staying till sister gave birth to child. which was three months due, probably.

Meanwhile mom was recovering from pregnancy effects. She was recovering very fast.

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