Fatima and Ahmed

I’d like to read a hot sex story or novel about woman named Fatima, an Egyptian Muslim married mother in her thirties, buxom, lived in 6th of October City , Giza, Egypt.She was originally from Fayyom.Her face features are pure Egyptian , like ancient Egyptian queens,women,and naked Pharoahnic dancers.Beautiful like Nagwa Fouad, and Sohair Zaky, the bellydancers.Her vulva is very delicious and honey-sweet like none of European or American women can do.

Her husband Hussein is alive and they had three children, their elder son Ahmed is in the final year of secondary school.She was always and still very beautiful in Ahmed’s eyes.And he always loved to take his mother in holidays and went to Masbeero st (Corniche el Nil) in Cairo, and sat with her in front of the most beautiful River Nile and remember the book Maqamaat el Seyooty and Abdul-Wahab songs about the Nile like el nahr el khaled (The Immortal River) and el neel nagashy ( The Nile is an Abyssinian Emperor)

Fatima was always the most beautiful woman alive in her son’s eyes.She is a Capricorn and he’s a Virgo.And as he always wished to make love to her or her to seduce him.He knew she is a professional seductress.He noticed it with his father.But she was always very cold and modest with him never like she always was with her husband.And the young man wished too when he noticed the continuous admiration looks from the foreign tourists that passed in front of them at Maspeero st , toward his mother and he always wished to see his mother full naked between an European or American blonde guy’s arms.He always wished his mother Fatima to be fucked by a foreign Christian tourist! And to see her feed
her foreign lover with the traditional Egyptian foods like Fool Modammis with lemon and red pepper and linseed oil ( Fava beans),Flafil,Tabeekh such as Lobia (Cow beans) and Fasolia (beans) and Besella (peas) and Bamia (Okra) and Mesaqqaa (Fried sliced eggplants with fried sliced green pepper and tomatoes sauce) and Molokheyya (Jew’s staff or mallow), Mahshi Waraq el Enab ( Grapes leaves filled with spiced and sauced rice)

Now I wish you share the imaginations with me and to tell me about your opinions for the Egyptian women .. the Egyptian tits .. the Egyptian cunt..the Egyptian beautiful faces of the Muhajjaba girls.And to tell me what you wish to do with an Egyptian woman like this?. If you are a tourist in Cairo and met a peasant Egyptian woman in Tahrir Square or a govermental officer worked in Ministry of Finance in Lazoghly square , Ministry of Justice, and she is very beautiful, her white wheaty skin, her beautiful delicious juicy tits.In her melaya and tarha or in her blouse and skirt.?

How you will seduce her ? And what is your imaginations about her?. And her delicious Egyptian dishes: Koshary, Mahshy, and Molokheyya?

And what if you are in KSA ? What about a beautiful Arabian Khaliji woman? With her famous Saudi dancing and her Saudi clothes? What about a woman or girl
of the UAE also?

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