Bi-Curious Personal Ad

I was 26 years old, and living in an apartment, just getting my career going after spending time in graduate school. I had always considered myself straight. I was never what you’d calla “babe magnet” and I was never real good at picking up women, but I wouldn’t say I was sexually deprived either. Through several one night stands and a few semi-long term girlfriends, I’d say I probably had at least as much sex as the average single male my age.

To make a long story short, I started wondering what it would be like to have sex with a guy. I wasn’t attracted to any particular guys, but the idea of gay sex was really starting to turn me on. I had never been homophobic, never disgusted by gay sex like a lot of people. I never really had any interest in it, but it didn’t gross me out.

So what does any bi-curious guy do that time, place a personal ad (the internet wasn’t that big yet).”Bi-Curious SWM 26 interested in meeting same for talking and maybe more.” The ad came with an “800″ phone number for the people to reply to, so I didn’t have to give out my address or phone number.

The day the newspaper came out with my ad, I couldn’t believe what I had done. I said to myself “I can’t do this” and decided not to check my messages. But that night I masturbated fantasizing about sucking a guy’s dick.

So of course, a few days later I just had to call the number, and my hand was shaking as I dialed the phone. There were about 8 messages, the majority of which were from people who sounded like weirdo’s – “Oh, yeah man, I wanna suck your dick and if you’re not too bug I’ll let you fuck me. Call me, man.” Stuff like that. I didn’t feel comfortable contacting someone who seemed too into this lifestyle, so I ignored most of the messages.

There was on message that sounded just like me, kind of nervous and curious. “Hi, my name’s Anthony. I’m 24, 5’10″ about 158 pounds. Average build, I guess. Brown hair. I’ve been kinda curious about what it’s like to be with a guy lately too. If you’re interested in talking, call me.” His build was a lot like mine, but I was about 15 pounds heavier. Not muscular but not fat either.

Hmmm, this guy at least didn’t freak me out. So I called him. He answered! What the hell am I supposed to say? To make a long story short, we were both very awkward in our conversation, but we managed to agree that we were both curious, couldn’t imagine ourselves falling “in love” with a guy or being a couple. We both were interested in kissing a guy, and oral sex. We decided to meet that Sunday afternoon (it was the only time he could get away from his girlfriend with no questions asked) at a restaurant near my apartment.

When I hung up, my first thought was “I can’t go through with this.” My second thought was “I’ve gotta whack off!” I jerked off thinking about him twice before I fell asleep that night.

So Sunday came. I waited in the lobby of the bar/restaurant. He was 20 minutes late and I figured he chickened out. I was sort of glad, actually. Then a guy walked in, came up to me and asked if I was Bob.

I said “Yes, are you Anthony?”

“Yeah, sorry I’m late” he said “I got a little lost.”

“I thought you chickened out,” I said. “I almost did.”

“Well, the thought did cross my mind.”

We both laughed at that and went into the bar and each had a beer. It was obviously not a good place to talk openly so we went back to my apartment. We sat on the couch, I put on the TV and we started talking – again awkwardly. A little talk about our sexual interests, but we mostly made small talk. After about 20 minutes I couldn’t take it anymore. If this was going to happen, if I wasn’t going to back out, something had to happen soon.

So I looked at him and said “Anthony, do you want to go into my room and fool around or something?” Boy was I smooth!

He took a deep breath, paused and said “Sure. By the way, my name is really Mike. I used Anthony so that if my girlfriend heard the message I could say it was a wrong number.” Smart guy I thought.

We went into my bedroom and then stopped, both looking at each other. I wasn’t sure what to do – should I get undressed, kiss him or what?

“I’m not really sure how to get started,” I said.

“Me either. Maybe we should just lay on the bed and hug each other first.”

So, we took our shoes off and laid on the bed next to each other, full clothed. I was looking at the ceiling, he had his eyes closed. I reached over and started stroking his arm. He reached over with his other hand and started stoking my arm too. I quickly started feeling his chest and latched onto a nipple and started rolling it in my hands. He moaned and tuned his head towards me, his eyes still closed. I looked at him and thought to myself, here it goes…and I kissed him!

I placed my lips on his and held them there. He stiffened up for a second then reached behind my head and pulled my face to him and opened his mouth. I immediately met his tongue. Again we were both nervous so not much tongue movement was occurring yet, just touching them to each other. I started tentatively probing with my tongue and he started to respond.

We made out like that for about 5 minutes, the whole time I’m thinking I can’t believe I’m doing this. I couldn’t believe that I started to get a hard on kissing a guy. This was unreal. Was he hard too?

I stopped playing with his chest and reached between his legs. I ran the palm of my hand over his crotch. He was hard alright! When I touched him there again he moaned. I did too.

I immediately broke the kiss and told him to sit up. He did. I took his shirt off and unbuckled his jeans. I took my shirt of and said “Are you sure you want to go further?” He looked away, but he said “Yes.” I started to slide his jeans off and saw he was wearing whit under wear – “tighty whitie’s” “Well this guy is definitely not a player I thought.

Since he was just laying on the bed I took my jeans off, and lad next to him. We were both naked. We started to kiss again. I rolled on top of him and we made out some more, grinding our pelvises together lightly.

“Do you want me to go down on you?” I asked him.

He looked me in the eyes and said “Yes!”

I slid down and got a look at his cock for the first time. It was maybe 5 inches long, and thin. I’m about 6″ and relatively thick – at least that’s what several girls had told me. Thankfully we were both circumcised – I don’t think I could have dealt with a foreskin.

I grabbed it and looked at it. I was on my knees, he was on his back and I bent over him. I kissed the head lightly. Oh my God, I can’t believe I’m doing this. I almost got scared and stopped, so I just closed my eyes and took the whole thing in my mouth. I never expected it to feel so soft and hard at the same time. It was almost spongy.

As soon as I had it in my mouth, Mike moaned. “Ooohhhh.” I stared sucking. I also started sing my hand on him, after all that’s the way I like it. I also started to caress his balls. I looked up and saw he had his eyes closed and his head back, hands clutching the bed.

“Is that ok Mike? Am I doing it right?” I asked.

“Uhh huh, yeah” was all he could say.

After a few more sucks I looked up at him again, still caressing his cock with one hand and his balls with the other and said “Do you like it?” He nodded. “It’s a guy sucking your dick, Mike. Can you believe that?”

“I can’t believe I’m doing this. It feels so good. Keep going.” He said.

“You’ve got to give me some too, Mike” I said as I turned my body so that we were in a 69 position. “C’mon Mike, try it.”

I felt his hand on my cock. He started slowly jerking it. I looked down at him and he had his eyes closed. I could tell he wasn’t sure if he could take my dick in his mouth. I slid my body closer to his, my dick closer to his mouth. He still didn’t take it.

“Mmmm, Mike that feels good. Suck me. C’mon” I said as I stopped sucking his dick and licked his balls. He moaned but still kept just jerking me off. I rolled on top of him, my dick was right over his mouth. I sucked his balls into my mouth and started rolling them with my tongue. He really started moaning now and when he opened his mouth I quickly thrust my dick into his mouth.

He froze. I froze. It seemed like an eternity, then I went back to giving him head. As I sucked, slowly his lips closed around my dick. I moaned. Then I felt his tongue circle the head of my cock.

“Mmmmm, Mike. Oh wow that feels so good” I said. He kept it up and started adding a little suction. “Mike that’s it feels good. Man, I can’t believe this I’m sucking a guy’s dick and he’s sucking mine. Mike am I a good cocksucker? Am I doing ok?”

He nodded his head as he kept sucking me. I rolled over and we were on our sides, each sucking and jerking each other off. I never moaned as much during sex in my life. Soon Mike started squirming a lot and slowly thrusting his hips. I stopped sucking for a second and put my finger in my mouth to wet it. I started sucking again and slid my finger toward his asshole. It was staring me right in my face. I started to play with it and the tried to insert it into his little hole.

He jerked back, dropped my dick from his mouth and yelled “No! Not there! No!”

I said “Ok” and I stopped and went back to sucking his dick with a vengeance. A girl fingered my asshole once while blowing me and it drove me out of my mind, so I figured he’d like it. I guess not.

Now I was on a mission. I wanted him to come, and I wanted it in my mouth. I sucked harder, and used my hand faster. He wasn’t sucking me any more, but I didn’t care. His hips started bucking and he pulled my head away from his dick! What the hell?

“I’m gonna come and I don’t want to come in your mouth.” he said, “Unless you want me to?”

“Why? Don’t you want to?” I asked.

“It’s just that my girlfriend won’t let me so I just figured…”

“Mike, I want you to come in my mouth. I want to feel what it’s like. If I go this far and don’t do that I’ll always be wondering what it’s like.”

“Ok!” he graoned as I started sucking him again. Now I had a goal. I wanted his come in my mouth as soon as possible. I was sucking him and stroking him. He was moaning like I couldn’t believe. His hips started bucking again. Now it was time. Once again I took my finger and this time I gave him no warning as I slid it up his asshole.

“Aaahhhh” he yelled “Oh my God, I’m cummmming”

Next I felt a spurt hit the back of my throat. Then another one, and another. It was coming faster than I could imagine. The taste was nice – I had tasted my own come after jerking off many times. I swallowed as fast as I could but some slid out of my mouth and down my cheeks. Now Mike was holding my head to his dick as I was sucking him and finger fucking his ass. I couldn’t have stopped if I wanted to, even though I didn’t.

With one last groan, his hips stopped bucking and his dick stopped spurting. I kept sucking and fingering his asshole till nothing was coming out any more. He started to go soft in my mouth and I stopped.

I sat up looked at him, the cum I couldn’t swallow running down my chin and said “Well, Mike, how was that? Was I better than your girlfriend?”

He just looked at me and said “Wow.”

I turned around, got close to him, took his head in my hands and kissed him. He was startled, I knew he didn’t want to kiss me with his come in my mouth, but I wanted him to taste it so I kept kissing and he soon started kissing back.

I broke our kiss, looked at him and said “Now it’s my turn to get off.”

Well, it was my turn to get off, but it wasn’t what I quite expected. I laid back and said “It’s your turn now Mike.” He looked at me nervously and lowered his head and started kissing, licking and sucking my dick. He was doing a pretty good job and a few moans escaped me. After about 2 minutes, I felt him stop sucking and he began jerking me off. At this point I knew he couldn’t go through with blowing me, but I had to get off, so I encouraged him to keep masturbating me. It only took another minute and I exploded – cum landed all over my stomach and his hands. I looked at him and said “Thanks.”

Mike then looked at me shyly, said “I think I have to go” and got out of the bed. We both silently went to the bathroom and cleaned ourselves off and got dressed. We silently walked to my door, and as he opened it he looked sheepishly at me and said “Thanks, that was great!”

As he walked to his car I said ‘Yeah, I thought it was great too!”

As I watched him drive off, I laughed to myself – this is what girls must feel like when guys get off and run. I wasn’t upset, nor did I feel jilted – hell, I got off and had fulfilled a fantasy while doing it. I still wondered what it would have been like to get fucked and more than a hand job would have been nice, but I was satisfied.

Later that night after I masturbated while replaying the episode in my head, I figured that was the last I’d hear of Mike. He seemed pretty uncomfortable when he left. I wasn’t sure what I would do. Again, I wasn’t “in love” with him, have “a crush” on him or any feeling like that, but I definitely would have like to go a little farther. However, I figured out of a bunch of responses to my ad I only got one person that didn’t sound like a freak and I wasn’t sure I wanted to press my luck – who knows, the next one could be a psychopath.

For the next week, I masturbated twice a day, most of the time about my session with Mike (although a few times the star of my fantasies was a woman I knew from the gym). Then one night while I was watching a ballgame on TV, the phone rang. When I answered, there was a pause and I began to think it was a telemarketer or a prank call. Then I heard “Uh, hi. This is Mike. Umm, do you remember me?”

I burst out laughing and said “Mike, don’t take this the wrong way, but I don’t think I’ll ever forget you.”

He laughed too. “Well,” he said, “I’m sorry for leaving in such a hurry last week. It’s just that I felt so weird, and wasn’t sure how to handle things.”

“Mike, I’m not sure how to handle things either. I still love girls. I don’t want to date you. I feel weird about having had sex with a guy, but I you made me come harder than I have in awhile, and I would definitely like to try it again, maybe even do more than last time.” “I feel the same way,” he said “But I also am not sure I can suck you off until you come, and I don’t want you to think I’m using you.”

“Mike, as long as you are willing to at least jerk me off like you did last time, we’ll be okay,” I said “but I would love it if you could suck me off. Don’t worry, you don’t have to swallow. I can get blow jobs from women, but I can’t suck their dicks or get fucked by them.”

We ended the conversation by setting a time to meet that Friday night. His girlfriend was going to be way that weekend so he made plans to spend the whole night if things really got hot.

Friday night came. My doorbell rang about 8 pm. I opened the door and Mike nervously said “Hi.” I had him come in and we talked a little. I smelled a little booze on his breath and figured he’d needed a little liquid courage, so I figured I’d help him by asking him if he wanted to get a few beers at a local bar. He agreed eagerly. I thought that if he was that nervous (hell I was still pretty nervous myself) and if we got started too early, he might leave in a hurry again. So I said “Okay, to the bar for a few beers it is. But I need to do something first.”

“Okay, what?” he said.

I leaned over to him and planted a kiss on him. He was shocked at first, but I didn’t care. I kept kissing and forced my tongue into his mouth. After he recovered from his surprise, he got into it and soon our tongues were dancing in and out of each others mouths. But I wasn’t looking for a make out session. As we kissed I unbuckled his jeans and pulled his zipper down. I release his long slim cock from his pants and jerked it twice. Then I broke the kiss and went right to it. I dropped to my knees, pulled his jeans and underwear down (blue bikinis this time). No gentle kissing, no licking, no tickling. I started sucking him as hard as I could.

He quickly put his hands on my head and groaned “Mmm, yeah”.

I jerked and sucked his cock like there was no tomorrow. I wanted to see how fast I could make him come. In about 2 minutes I found out, because he tensed up and spurted in my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could – after all if we were going out I couldn’t dribble come all over his pants.

After I made sure there was no come left, I stood up and said “Okay, let’s go.”, so he got up, pulled up his pants and followed me out the door. We got in my car and drove silently to the bar – just about 10 minutes away. We went in – it was a neighborhood type bar. Dark, kind of noisy, lots of televisions, seats around the bar and a few tables and booths. It was about half full. I grabbed us a booth away from the busiest part of the bar, with a good view of a TV. The waitress came over and I ordered us each a beer and a shot of Jack Daniels. When she brought it, we downed the shots fast, then drank our beers as we watched a ballgame. We just hung out, talked about our jobs, sports, the asses on some of the girls in the bar (it turned out we both liked our women a little on the chunky side, with small tits, nice wide hips and round asses). We each had about 4 or 5 beers and 3 shots. I was used to drinking pretty heavily on the weekends, so I had a little buzz, but not too bad. Mike on the other hand was starting to get a little loaded and seemed like he was starting to relax. At 10 o’clock we decided to head back to my place.

As we were driving, Mike spoke up. “Um, what was it like when I came in your mouth? Did you like it?”

I looked at him and said “Mike, it really turned me on. It didn’t taste bad – I’ve tasted my own come before and it wasn’t any different.”

“Yeah, I guess I’ve tasted mine too. I was curious what it tasted like,’ he said.

“Well, all I can say is that the whole thing – kissing a guy, sucking his dick, swallowing his come, is a real turn on. I don’t think I’m gay, but I guess the fact that it’s so forbidden, it seems so dirty, that it turns me on – a lot!” I told him.

There was another minute or so of silence, then he spoke up again. “Um, you said the other night on the phone that you wanted to do what we did last time, and maybe more?”

“Yeah,” I said.

“Uh, what did you mean by more?”

I pulled into my driveway, parked the car and looked at him. “Mike, if I want to see what sex with a guy is like, I want to see what it’s all like.”

He looked at me and said “Does that mean…” and looked away.

I leaned over and kissed him lightly. “Mike, I want to know what it feels like to have you in my ass. I want you to fuck me. You game?”

His eyes almost popped out of his head. “I never did that before, my girlfriend would never let me.”

“I never did it either,” I said, “I’ve finger fucked a few girls’ assholes, but none would ever let me fuck them there. And as far as my ass, I had one girlfriend who would finger mine while she was blowing me, but that’s it. So, want to get out of the car and go inside?”

We got out of the car and went into my apartment. Mike stumbled a little bit on the way. I knew he was a little loaded and that suited me fine. Hell, if I encouraged women to get a buzz on in order to get into their pants, why not with a guy? We walked in the door and I told Mike to go into my bedroom, while I grabbed a bottle of booze.

When I walked into my room, Mike was standing at the foot of the bed, and had just taken his shirt off. I walked over to him, took his face in my hands and kissed him. This time he didn’t hesitate at all. As we continued to kiss, I ran my hands over his naked chest and started playing with his nipples. I then began kissing and nibbling his neck. I slowly worked my way down and began sucking and biting his nipples. My hands dropped to his ass and began kneading and stroking his ass over his pants. He was moaning and breathing heavily the whole time.

Then I unbuckled his pants and slid them down as I started kissing down his stomach. He stepped out of his jeans and kicked his shoes off. Soon I was on my knees in front of him, kissing his cock through his underwear, nibbling and teasing his cock and balls. I slowly slid his underwear down and licked the top of his dick. He shivered and groaned. I lightly kissed and licked all around his torso and thighs, avoiding his cock.

“C’mon Bob, don’t tease me,” he said. So I began sucking on his balls, nibbling them. First sucking one ball in my mouth, then the other. Stroking and caressing his thighs. Then up and down his cock 5 or 6 times. I could tell he was getting very excited. If I kept it up he wouldn’t last too much longer, but that’s not what I wanted.

I stopped sucking his dick and slowly spun him around so he was facing away from me. As he turned I nibbled and kissed his groin, his hip, his thigh. Then I began working on his ass cheeks. I wasn’t sure if I could go through with what I was planning, but I had had a few drinks too, so that was giving me courage. When I got him completely turned around, I placed my tongue at the top of his ass crack, and slowly ran it down. When I got to his little puckered asshole, he shivered, but I went past that area and down to his balls. Then I worked my way back up. I did this three times, and on the third time, when I got to his asshole I stopped. I kissed it, I tongued it like I was kissing his mouth. He really started moaning now. Then I went for it – I pierced his asshole with my tongue. “Unnnhhhh!” he moaned, “Bob, wow, Bob that feels so good.” I tongue fucked his asshole for a few minutes, then, when it was good and wet, I inserted my index finger. He jumped. I held him still and slowly started fucking it in and out. Then I added another finger. I could tell he wasn’t comfortable, but I didn’t really care. After a minute or two, he started fucking back against my fingers. He was getting into it a little.

That’s when I stopped. I stood up, put my arms around him from behind, kissed his neck and whispered in his ear, “I’ll finger or tongue your asshole later if you want me to, Mike. Do you want me to?”

He nodded, eyes closed.

“But first I need to get off, Mike. Will you help me?” Again, eyes closed, swaying as I nibbled and kissed his ear, he nodded yes.

I guided him to the bed and he laid down. I quickly got undressed and laid on top of him. We kissed, with my grinding my hips into him, rubbing my cock on his as he stroked my back and ass. “Mike, I need you to suck me. Will you do that for me? I won’t come in your mouth.”

He looked at me and nodded. I rolled off of him and onto my back. He started kissing his way down my chest and stomach. He grabbed my dick and began licking up and down. “Mmmm, Mike. That feels good.” He didn’t acknowledge me, but he kept kissing my dick and caressing my balls. With his other hand he started stroking my dick as he sucked. I was really starting to get turned on. I’m not usually very vocal during sex, but I couldn’t help moaning and groaning and encouraging him to keep going. As I felt myself getting closer I started stroking his head with both of my hands, helping control his rhythm.

“Mike, Mike, put your finger in my ass. Finger fuck my ass Mike.” I groaned. His sucking and stroking stopped for a split second. He hesitated then started working on me again, but made no move toward fingering my ass. “Mike, c’mon, please. Put your finger in my ass. You know it felt good when I did it to you.” He hesitated again, then stopped sucking me as he took his index finger, stuck it in his mouth to get it wet, then slowly inserted into my rectum. “Uunnnhh, oh God that feels good Mike.” He started slowly fucking my ass with his finger as he returned to blowing me. It wasn’t long before I was getting ready to come.

“Mike, use another finger. Put another one in,” I moaned as I gently held his head and controlled his rhythm.This time there was no hesitation. One his next out stroke with his finger, he added his middle finger and shoved them both up my ass. That sent me over the edge. As soon as I felt that second finger stretch my asshole, I started to come. With my first spurt he tried to pull away, but I held his head on my dick. After my second spurt hit his mouth, I felt him gag a little but I kept holding his head in place. With the third spurt he started swallowing as fast as he could. I couldn’t believe how hard and how much I came. I took my hands off of his head, but he kept sucking me until he had drained me completely, and cleaned up all the come that had dribbled out of his mouth. When he stopped, he laid on top of me and kissed me – hard! Our mouths clashed and our tongues danced. I could taste my come in his mouth. I knew that this was why he was kissing me, but I didn’t mind.

When he broke our kiss, I said “I’m sorry Mike, it was just a reaction, I couldn’t help it.”

He smiled and said “It’s okay. I wanted to do it but was afraid, so you just nudged me past my fears. Now I know what it’s like.”

I looked him in the eyes and said “Okay Mike, now it’s time for me to pay you back. I’ve been looking forward to this all week. I want you to fuck me. Do you want to fuck my ass?”

“Oh, God!” he said, “I always wanted to do that but my girlfriend would never let me.”

“Well, here’s your chance.” I told him, “You’ve just got to be patient and let me take control ok?”

“Sure thing” he said eagerly.

I rolled him off of me and reached over to my night table and grabbed a tube of KY I had bought earlier in the week. I bent over his and sucked his dick briefly, but I knew I wasn’t going to get it any harder than it was. I took a dab of KY and rubbed it all over his dick. The cool feeling of the gel made him moan. Once I had him all lubed up, I took some on my finger and worked it into my ass. Oh God did it feel good to do that. I put my leg across him and straddled his cock. I grabbed his dick as I slowly lowered myself down until his dick was pressed tight against my virgin ass. I leaned back and slowly his dick began to enter my ass. I felt the head of his cock begin to part my asshole and all of a sudden it slid in. The head of his dick was just inside my ass. I thought it would hurt but it didn’t. It was just a very warm, full feeling. Then I slowly lowered myself down until his cock was completely inside me. I couldn’t believe I was doing this.

Mike must have been looking at me and when my face grimaced and I gasped he asked “Are you okay? Should I stop? Does it hurt?”

“No”, I told him “it feels great. Oh, shit this feels good. I can’t believe I’m doing this. What does it feel like for you?”

“It feels incredible. It’s so tight. I’ve never felt anything like this.” he groaned.

I slowly started to rock back and forth on his cock, letting it almost slip out of me and then slowly sliding it back in. I was moaning like never before. The warm feeling that shot through my body as his dick slid out of me was incredible, and the full feeling when he was all the way in turned me on too. I slid up and down on his dick, grinding my ass into his pelvis, leaning forward occasionally to kiss him.

“Let’s change positions” I said as I let his dick slide out of my asshole. I got off him and got onto my hands and knees. He quickly got behind me and his cock slid easily back into me. Now he was in control and he started fucking in and out of me. I the feeling was incredible. I relinquished control and now he was doing the fucking, not me. He slowly increased his pace until he was hammering my ass as fast and as hard as he could. We were both grunting, moaning and sweating.

“Oh my God, this feels good! I think I’m going to come” he yelled. “Come in me. I want you to come in my ass. I want your come in me,” I yelled back. With one last thrust he came. I felt him spurt inside my ass. My ass suddenly felt warmer and very slippery. He kept thrusting until he stopped coming. I laid face down on my stomach and he laid on top of me, his dick still in my ass. In a few minutes we each began to catch our breath and his dick softened and slid out of my ass. I felt his come begin to ooze out of my stretched asshole and run down my ass and thighs. He rolled off of me and laid next to me. I told him to get up and go to the bathroom and wash his dick in case I wanted to suck it later. He did, and as he came back to my bedroom, saw the bottle of bourbon I had brought into the room earlier and took a very large swig. The he crawled into the bed and we both fell asleep.

After about an hour I woke up. My ass was a little sore and felt a little sticky. I turned to look at Mike and he was asleep on his back next to me. I looked down at his dick, and it was limp, but mine wasn’t. I was hard again. He wasn’t quite snoring, but he must have been sleeping deeply likely because of the booze. I was ready for more, so I leaned over and began playing with his nipples. They got hard immediately, but he didn’t respond other wise. After a few minutes of this, I slid down and began playing with his dick, stoking it, kissing it licking it. It stayed limp. I guess he wasn’t quite ready for another round yet. However, I didn’t need his dick for what I had planned.

I pushed his knees towards his chest and started nibbling his balls. Still no major reaction from him. Then I began tonguing his asshole. When my tongue entered him he moaned and placed his hands behind my head. He still didn’t open his eyes or speak though – he was still in a daze. I tongue fucked his asshole for awhile, then I grabbed the KY. I lubed my fingers and started finger fucking his ass. This brought more moans. As I was fingering his ass with one hand, I spread the KY over my dick with the other.

I had never fucked anyone’s ass and now here was my chance. I took my fingers out of his ass, got between his knees and pushed them towards his chest. I placed my cock on his tight little asshole. Then I leaned forward and kissed him. He groaned and kissed me back. I did this to distract him. Just as our making out started to get really hot I pushed my dick into his ass.

His eyes shot open. “No, no, no. I can’t. No. Stop,” he said as he tried to squirm from underneath me.

“Relax Mike, just relax. It’ll feel good. I promise,” I said.

“No, I can’t, no, this is too gay. I can’t let someone fuck me” he cried. He actually did start to cry a little bit. However, he was no longer fighting me. I leaned forward and kissed him again as I slowly withdrew my cock until only the tip was left in his ass. Then I slowly pushed it in as far as I could. By the third thrust, I was all the way in, and he was kissing me back. Two more strokes and he was grabbing my ass to make sure I went all the way in. I stopped kissing him and concentrated on fucking. My God, he was right.

The tightness was incredible. I had never felt anything like this before. “Fuck! Mike your ass is incredible. This feel soo good.”

“Keep fucking me” he grunted.

With his knees around his ears and his ankles on my shoulders I picked up the pace. Soon I couldn’t have slowed down if I had wanted to. I was ramming my cock up his tight ass as far as I could each stroke. The strokes got faster. Soon I felt a familiar feeling in my balls. I couldn’t stop it. I started to come in his ass. After 3 spurts, my dick slipped out and the rest of the come landed on his chest. I collapsed on top of him. After a minute I rolled off. “Are you okay?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he said “it was great. I can’t wait to tell my girlfriend about this.”

“What the hell?” I thought.

It turns out that Mike’s girlfriend knew about him and me getting together. They had been together for 4 years – she was 19, he was 24. He was her first and only boyfriend, and the only person she had ever had sex with. While Mike felt that he loved her, their sex life was not so great. Sex was almost always in the missionary position and didn’t last very long (I found out later that it was mostly because Mike was “quick on the trigger”, if you know what I mean). She would blow him, but wouldn’t let him come in her mouth. He hardly ever went down on her because he didn’t really enjoy it and she thought it was gross. They both loved making out and feeling each other up, but he didn’t think he ever made her come, except with his hand. He didn’t think she was frigid, she wasn’t a bitch and was willing to at least try different things, but sexually they just never meshed.

It was because of these problems with their sex life that Mike first began to think he might be interested in guys. He started reading gay/bisexual porn and even rented a few movies. Then one day she caught him whacking off to a magazine with guys doing guys and she freaked out! She was crying and yelling and couldn’t believe what was going on. Mike said he calmed her down and explained how he was feeling sexually, how he really loved her but he wanted to experiment, that what he learned about himself would help their sex life too. He said he had always been able to sweet talk her, and he also made it seem like it was her fault that he was doing this (this was my first inkling that maybe Mike wasn’t as nice a guy as he seemed). She agreed that he could experiment and that if he really liked it, she would try to go along with his ultimate fantasy of a threesome.

So, the week after Mike and I fucked each other, I met him and Jill at a bar near Mike’s apartment. They were standing at the bar and I was able to get a good look at her before they saw me. Jill was about 5’5″, a brunette with straight hair down a few inches past her shoulders. She was wearing a white silk blouse, unbuttoned to show what little cleavage she had – she was maybe a B-cup if she was lucky. I could see the hint of a black bra through her blouse. She also had on a black, pleated miniskirt that came down to just above her knee. While not fat, her middle was a little thick. She had rounded hips and a “bubble butt”. Her legs were gorgeous. (For Literotica readers, go to “Amateur Pictures” and look at “Sissy Exposed” to get an idea of what her body was like). She had a very pretty, very innocent face. Jill might not seem like a knock-out to guys who prefer supermodels and strippers, but I really get turned on by women with that type of look.

I walked up to them, introductions were made and we each had a drink. Jill looked very nervous and tense, and drank her drink quickly and was half way through another by the time Mike and I finished ours. I got the impression that even though Jill was not rude, she was not thrilled with the situation and was here just to make Mike happy. After some small talk, we left for Mike’s apartment.

When we got inside, Mike poured us all another drink as we sat on the couch. After Jill chugged her gin & tonic, Mike put his arm around her and started to kiss her. I took this as my cue and slid close to her and started stroking her hair. When she felt me start to kiss her neck, she froze.

“Wait,” she said as she broke their kiss. “No offense to you Bob, you seem nice, but I told Mike that I had to watch you two make it first before I would do anything with the both of you. I’m still not convinced Mike likes having sex with guys. I need to see it to believe it.”

“I understand,” I said. “No problem here. I always wondered what it would be like to have someone watch me have sex.” With that I leaned across her and started to kiss Mike. If she wanted a show, I was happy to give it to her. Jill was between us and Mike and I were swapping tongues just inches from her face. We broke the kiss and all three of us went into the bedroom.

Jill sat on a chair in the corner of the room, as Mike and I stood next to the bed, making out as we undressed each other. When we were both naked, we laid on the bed with me on top of him. I slid down and sucked on his nipples a bit, then licked my way down to his dick. I kissed the head, licked it and then sucked it into my mouth. Mike groaned.

From the corner I heard Jill say “I thought Mike said he liked giving blow jobs too, not just getting them.” In response to that, Mike pulled my hips toward him and I reversed positions so we were in a 69, with me on top. I like this position, because I can thrust my hips and “fuck” the other person’s mouth – it gives me a sense of control. As Mike and I licked and sucked and jerked each others cocks I took a peek over at Jill. She was sitting in the chair, her mouth hanging open, like she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. The expression on her face was alternating between concern (I guess from the fact that her boyfriend was getting better head than she ever gave – Mike was really moaning and writhing by now) and lust. Her right hand was in her lap, and her thighs were squeezed together, but she wasn’t playing with herself.

As much as I like getting head, I really wanted to fuck Mike’s ass. Maybe I just wanted to make him my “girl” in front of his girlfriend. I stopped fucking his mouth and really concentrated on getting him to come. It didn’t take long.

“Aaaahhhh, fuck, yeah” he groaned as he started to come. I swallowed the first part of his load, and then as a show for Jill I let the last 2 spurts dribble down my chin. I looked up at her with come running down my chin. At this point she was shocked, and after a few seconds of having our eyes locked, she blushed and turned away.

I got off Mike and turned around. I began to kiss him and as he licked his come off my chin, I heard Jill gasp “Oh my god!”

I turned and looked at her. “Do you want to see me fuck your boyfriend now, Jill? Do you want to see my dick in his ass? He likes it you know.”

She nodded and meekly said “Yes.” Between the booze and the sex, she appeared to be in a trance. She was rubbing her thighs together, squirming in her chair, but still not touching herself otherwise. Her skirt had ridden up a little, and I caught a glimpse of her black bikini panties, but otherwise she was still clothed.

I pushed Mike’s knees toward his chest, exposing his asshole to me. I lined up my dick with his little puckered hole and said “I’m going to fuck you now Mike. I can’t wait to have my dick buried deep in your ass. You like that don’t you?”

Mike nodded and mumbled “Mmmm hmmm.”

My dick was nice and wet from Mike’s blowjob, and his ass was lubed with the saliva that ran down his dick when I was giving him head. I looked over at Jill and asked her “Can you see this Jill? I want to make sure you can see my cock go into your boyfriend’s ass.” I never talked much during sex before, but I guess I was putting on a show for Jill.

She just nodded. Her face again showed total shock, with a bit of lust thrown in. With that I thrust my cock slowly into his ass. I didn’t stop until I was all the way in. “Mmmm, fuck that feels good,” I moaned. “Mike’s ass is so tight Jill. I can’t believe how it squeezes my cock.” I started slowly fuck him, and he started moaning. “I’m using your boyfriend’s ass as a pussy, Jill. Oh, man is he a good fuck!” As I continued to fuck Mike, I again looked over at Jill. By now she was breathing heavy and a few small moans slipped from her lips. I kept watching her get hot and horny, rubbing her thighs together but still afraid to touch herself – boy, she was really uptight. I kept looking back at Mike as I plowed his ass, his eyes closed with a look of pure pleasure on his face. He was moaning constantly. Looking from Jill to Mike and back again while I was fucking Mike’s hot, tight ass I couldn’t believe how turned on I was. I wasn’t going to last much longer.

With a load groan I started to come. “Jill, I’m coming in Mike’s ass. I’m filling your boyfriend with come. Oh fuck his ass feels soo good.” I looked at Jill our eyes met. I stared into her deep brown eyes as I came. I pounded my dick into his ass until I was spent. I leaned forward, kissed Mike, and my dick popped out of his ass. His eyes were closed, and he just laid there, almost asleep (you know how guys often get after sex). I, on the other hand, wasn’t done yet.

I got off the bed and walked over to Jill, who was still sitting on the chair in a daze. “It’s your turn now, Jill,” I said. “I want to see you and Mike fuck.” I took her by the hand and helped her up. When she stood, I started to unbutton her blouse. She didn’t help me, but she didn’t protest. After all the buttons were undone, I pulled the blouse from her skirt and slipped it off her shoulders. Her small breasts were being held up by a lacy black push up bra. I leaned forward and nibbled on her neck as I caressed her tits through her bra. Then I slid her skirt over her hips, until it dropped to the floor. Her panties were bikinis also black lace, matching the bra. I pulled her to me and ran my hands over her panty clad ass as I kissed and tongued her ear. Her breathing was definitely getting heavier, but there was no other response.

Then I undid her bra and let her breasts loose. Although they were small, they were firm and there was no sag to them (ah, the benefits of being just 20 years old!) I bent forward to kiss them as I slid my hand down over her panty covered pussy. When I sucked her nipples and rubbed her pussy a small moan escaped her lips. Not surprisingly, her panties were soaked. I slid my hand inside and discovered that her pussy was not shaved. I slid her panties down and stuck my index finger in her pussy. Even though she was sopping wet, it took some effort to slide my finger in – she was very tight. She bit her lower lip and moaned again.

After a minute or two of me sucking on her now rock hard nipples and fingering her sopping we pussy, I was ready for the next step. I stood up, kissed her lips lightly and said “Jill, I want to see you fuck Mike.” She just nodded absently. I led her over to the bed and helped her get on. “You have to get Mike hard again Jill, it looks like I wore him out. Suck his dick for me.” She leaned over and started kissing and licking his dick. He didn’t get hard, but she really wasn’t doing a very good job. No wonder he loved it so much when I blew him.

I took her hand in mine and placed it around his dick. I started helping her stroke it up and down. After a few strokes I removed my hand and she continued as I showed her. Mike’s dick was starting to stir. Then I told her to kiss the tip of it. She did. Next, I had her run her tongue around the tip a few times and then pit just the head in her mouth. After she sucked the head for a bit, he was completely hard.

“Jill, keep stroking him and take as much as his dick in your mouth as you can, “I encouraged her. She glanced at me nervously and then lowered her head and took about an inch more of his cock into her mouth. I figured she had to work her way up to swallowing more, but after about a minute I realized she wasn’t going any further. Because she was on her knees next to Mike, bending over him as she was blowing him, I had a perfect view of her big round gorgeous ass. I reached over and smacked it. She squealed and jumped, but she didn’t stop sucking him. “Dammit, Jill! You can fit more in your mouth. Do it! Swallow him, he’s not that big,” I growled at her as I put my hand behind her head and pushed it down further onto his dick.

She didn’t stop sucking him, but she resisted me. I pushed on her head harder and even though she still resisted, his cock went further into his mouth. I let up on her head and she came back to the tip of his dick. I pushed again. She still gave me resistance but went all the way to the bottom of his cock. I let up again, and she came up again. I paused to see if she would continue, but she didn’t. I began pushing up and down on her head. She resisted me the whole time, although to tell the truth I wasn’t pushing too hard. I guess she felt better about doing this “dirty” thing if she was being “forced”. Whatever. I never was dominant in the bedroom, never forced anyone (or even nagged or begged anyone) to do something they didn’t want to do, but this was turning me on.

Soon, Mike began to moan. I wanted to see them fuck, so I made her stop blowing him. I told Mike, “I want you to fuck her.” He sat up, kissed her and pushed her back on the bed. She laid back and spread her legs. He got on top of her, grabbed his dick, and guided it into her wet pussy. He started humping her. She just laid there. They didn’t kiss, didn’t make any noise, nothing. He just got on top of her, started humping as fast as he could and grunted as he came in about 30 seconds. He immediately rolled off of her and laid next to her breathing hard. She just laid there with her eyes closed and a frustrated look on her face. That was it? No wonder their sex life sucked! Mike was a jackrabbit, and she laid there like a dead fish.

So, watching them fuck didn’t turn me on like I thought it would. But, I had another idea. I spread her legs, and slipped a pillow under her ass. She looked worried. I kissed my way up her belly, and again sucked on those cute little breasts a bit. Soon I was laying on top of her. I went to kiss her, but she turned her head away. I grabbed her face, turned it toward me and said “Jill, do you want to come? Do you want to get off tonight or do you just want to lay there and let us use you?”

She couldn’t turn her head, but she averted her eyes from me. She meekly whispered “But I’ve never been able to…”

“Jill,” I said softly, “do you want to come?”

She closed her eyes and nodded.

“Then shut up, relax and work with me, okay?”

She nodded again. I kissed her again. She didn’t turn her head this time, but she didn’t kiss me back. After about 20 seconds I forced my tongue into her mouth. Again she didn’t respond right away, but soon we were tongue wrestling. After kissing for a minute, I reached between us, grabbed my dick and guided it to the entrance of her hairy cunt. I stopped kissing her, and looked down at her face. Her eyes were closed and she still looked nervous. As I shoved my dick all the way into her pussy, her eyes shot open and she gasped “Aaaahhh!”

I’m sure I’ve mentioned that I’m not hung like a porno star, but a few girls have told me I have a big cock, probably because I have more girth than most guys. No matter how I was hung, I was definitely a lot bigger than Mike, and considering that his was the only dick she had ever had, I filled her like she never had been filled before. God, she was tight, too! I don’t think I ever had a girl’s pussy grab my dick that tightly. I whispered into her ear “Does that feel good Jill?” She just nodded.

I began to slowly fuck her. Long, slow strokes. I would take my dick out until just the head was left in her cunt, then slowly push it all the way in until my pubic bone was grinding against her clit (that’s why I slipped the pillow under her ass before I got on top of her). When my cock was all the way in, I would rock my hips back and forth and side to side so I was really stimulating her clit. During this slow fucking and grinding I was nibbling on her neck and on her ear. I was whispering to her too. “Mmmm, Jill. You feel sooo good. Your pussy is so tight. I can’t believe how good you’re making my cock feel.” She began to breathe harder. “Jill baby, you’re so hot. I want to suck on your tits all day. I can feel how hard your nipples are, pressing into my chest.” I kept kissing her neck, blowing in her ear and whispering to her how hot she was and how good she was. I could tell she needed her ego built up if she was ever going to enjoy herself.

Even though she was breathing harder, she wasn’t making any noise, and she was still just laying there. I whispered to her to put her arms around me and hug me, stroke my back. She did. Then I reached down with both hands, grabbed her thighs and pulled the up towards my hips. “You’ve got the hottest legs I’ve ever seen, Jill. Wrap those sweet legs around me, baby.” She did that too. Then, as I would push my dick into her, I took my hands, placed them on her hips and rocked them toward me. Then as I pulled out, I rocked them away from me. After awhile, she started to let out little baby whimpers as I thust into her and pulled her hips to me. It took about 5 minutes before she finally started to rock her hips on her won as we were fucking. Finally, she had her legs wrapped around me and was fucking me back. At that point I began to pick up the pace, fucking her quicker and harder. If I hadn’t come in Mike’s ass already, I never would’ve lasted this long. Even though she didn’t know how to use it, her pussy was incredibly tight and was doing a number on my cock.

“I’m getting close to coming, baby. Are you? Am I helping you come?”

“Mmm hmm” she whispered softly.

I started fucking harder and faster. Our hips and bellies were slapping together. “Come with me Jill. I’m almost there. Let go baby, just let it go.”

Her whimpering got faster and louder. All of a sudden she wrapped her arms around me as tight as she could. Her back arched. Her hips thrust up against me one last time and stayed locked against me. “Aahh, aahh, aaaaaahhhhhhh”, she gasped.

When she started to come, that sent me over the edge. My dick erupted in her tight hot pussy. My come mixed with Mike’s. It seemed like I came forever. I couldn’t believe I came that much or that hard for my second come of the night. Wow. She had no clue what to do with it, but to me, Jill’s body was magic. I collapsed on her, both of us panting and trying to catch our breath. After a minute or so, I started to roll off of her, but she held me there briefly and whispered into my ear, “Thank you.”

As I got off her, I looked over at Mike. He was still dozing, but it looked like he was starting to come out of it. I looked at Jill and she was out of it too. I, on the other hand, still had some thing I wanted to accomplish.

I kissed Jill’s lips lightly. I moved down and kissed each light pink nipple. Then I started to nibble my way down her slightly rounded belly. I paused briefly to tongue her belly-button. I continued working my way down until I got to the light brown bush right above her pussy. It was neat and trimmed, but it definitely was a bush, not just wisps of hair or a landing strip. The hair was wet and sticky with come – Mike’s and mine. I always wanted to eat come out of a woman’s cunt, so here was my chance. I started nibbling her thighs and around Jill’s pussy. When I got to her lips, she stirred. She tried to push my head away, and murmured “No, it’s dirty,” but I just grabbed her hands and pushed them to the side. I looked over at Mike, who was now watching me start to eat his girlfriend.

“Mike, Mike, come here,” I said. He crawled over to me and I grabbed his dick. I put it in my mouth and gave it a few sucks. I wanted to get it good and wet. “I want you to fuck my ass, Mike. Do you want to?”

He nodded and moved to get behind me. While he was doing that, I scooped some our come off of Jill’s pussy, reached back and spread it all over my asshole to give us some extra lube. As I returned to lapping the come out of Jill’s pussy, I felt him grab my hips and position his cock right on my asshole. With my saliva on his dick and the come on my asshole, with one good push he slid in easily. I groaned and really started to working on Jill’s pussy, because at the rate Mike was banging away I knew he wouldn’t last long. Oh god was I feeling hot. Mike’s dick pounding my asshole felt so good, and our come mixed with the taste of Jill’s fresh young pussy was too much. The sensations attacking my body were driving me nuts!

I had licked up all the come I could from Jill’s pussy, bush and thighs. Next I went to work on her clit. When my tongue first touched it she gasped. I started sucking on it, licking it and biting it lightly. I started finger fucking her in rhythm with Mike fucking my ass. As I felt mike’s urgency pounding my ass increase, I saw Jill grab the sheet and mattress beside her and dig her fingers into it. Her back started to arch again.

“Uhhhh, Uhhhh, UUUUUnnnnnhhhhhh! She groaned as she came again.

“Ahhhh, fuck!” Mike screamed as he blew his load into my ass. I felt his dick convulse in my ass as it pumped another load of come. Jill’s pussy squeezed my tongue and fingers as her body convulsed in another orgasm,

In a few seconds, we all collapsed on the bed, spent. As I dozed off to sleep, Jill, whispered in my ear “Thank you, again.”

In the background I heard Mike say “Bob, you’re the best fuck I ever had.”

اتفقوا معاه إنهم يغتصبوا مراته

أعرفكم بنفسى. أنا اسمى إيهاب بشتغل مهندس مدنى فى شركة مقاولات وأعز أصدقائى اسمه عمرو بيشتغل معايا مهندس فى نفس الشركة ومن فترة بسيطة اتعين معانا مهندس جديد اسمه مدحت فى نفس القسم ونشأت ما بينا علاقة صداقة قوية وفى يوم من الأيام مدير الشركة عمل لينا حفلة خاصة بمناسبة انتهائنا من تنفيذ مشروع سكنى كبير وكان كل المهندسين مدعوين هما وزوجاتهم وبما إنى أنا وعمرو مش متجوزين بقينا طول الحفلة قاعدين مع بعض لوحدينا لحد لما جه مدحت ومعاه مراته ولأول مرة نشوف واحدة بالجمال ده كله .

شعرها أسود وطويل وناعم وجسمها ملفوف وبيضاء أوى وعيونها واسعة وطيزها بارزة وشفايفها تتاكل أكل وصدرها يجنن وأول ما دخل مدحت الحفلة سلم على مدير الشركة وبعدين جه سلم علينا وعرفنا بمراته وقال لنا إنها اسمها سها وقعد معانا 5 دقايق وبعدين استأذن ومشى هو ومراته وأنا زبى وقف جامد وعمرو لاحظ وقال لى : خد بالك إحنا فى حفلة .

رحت قلت له : طيب يلا بينا نمشى من هنا .

ورحت البيت وأنا قاعد أفكر فى سها مرات مدحت وبفكر إزاى أوصل لها وأنيكها ووأنا قاعد بفكر جاتنى فكرة رهيبة وهى إنى أكلم مدحت على الشات بإيميل جديد ما يعرفهوش وأسأله عن مراته شوية وأشوف رد فعله وبالفعل دخلت على الشات ولاقيت مدحت فاتح وكلمته من إيميل جديد واتعرفت عليه وما رضيتش أكلمه فى الموضوع ده من أول يوم قلت أستنى لحد لما يرتاح لى شوية وبعد 3 أيام سألته إذا كان متجوز ولا لاء ؟

رد عليا وقال لى إنه متجوز وفهمته إنى أنا كمان متجوز وقعدت أوصف له فى مراتى كده وكده وطلبت منة يوصف لى مراته وبالفعل وصف لى مراته بجد رحت قلت له : انت إيه رأيك فى موضوع تبادل الزوجات ؟

قال لى : بصراحة أنا سمعت عنه ونفسى أجربه .

قلت له : يعنى نفسك تشوف مراتك بتتناك قدامك ؟

قال لى : أيوه بس أنا مراتى ست محترمة وما ترضاش بحاجة زى كده.

قلت له : لما يحصل هترضى زى أى ست. طيب لو جبت لك حل تخلينى أنيكها .

قال لى : ياريت .

وفى نفس اليوم اتصلت بعمرو صاحبى وجبته عندى البيت ووريته الحوار واتفقنا إننا تانى يوم هنصارح مدحت فى الشغل باللى إحنا عايزينه وتانى يوم قابلنا مدحت وسألته عن سها وقلت له : نفسى أشوف مراتك على سريرى .

قال لى : إيه اللى بتقوله ده انت مجنون .

رحت قلت له : ما تخافش أنا اللى كنت باكلمك على النت واتفقت معاك على إنى هانيك مراتك قدامك .

وأول ما سمع الكلام ده اتفاجئ وقال لى : انت عملت كده عشان توصل لمراتى ؟

قلت له : بصراحة آه أنا وعمرو من ساعة ما شفنا مراتك وإحنا نفسنا ننيكها بأى طريقة .

قال لى : طيب إزاى هتنيكوها قدامى وأنا لو مراتى عرفت حاجة زى كده هتودينا فى داهية.

قلت له: ما تخافش أنا وعمرو مظبطين كل حاجة كل اللى عليك انك تساعدنا .

قال لى : إزاى ؟

قلت له: بكرة بالليل تسكر مراتك على الآخر ووهى سكرانة هانمسكها أنا وعمرو قدامك وننيكها.

عجبت الفكرة مدحت وقرر إنه ينفذها وتانى يوم بالليل رحنا لمدحت ومراته كانت سكرانة على الآخر ورحنا دخلنا عليها أوضة النوم لاقيناها لابسة قميص نوم يجنن وكولوت شفاف وسوتيانة خفيفة وجاهزة للنيك راحت أول ما شافتنا دخلنا عليها مع جوزها حاولت تقوم من على السرير وتصرخ بس إحنا مسكناها ونيمناها على السرير وعمرو مسك إيديها جامد وطلع زبه حطه فى بقها وأنا بقى طلعت زبى وقلعتها الكولوت ودخلت زبى فى كسها مرة واحدة عشان ما تحاولش تقاوم وقعدت أنيك فيها وجوزها بيتفرج علينا وإحنا شغالين نيك فى مراته قدامه ورحت أنا وأنا بانيكها قلعتها السوتيانة عشان أمص صدرها وأنا بانيك فى كسها ومستمتع وقعدت أنيك فيها نص ساعة لحد لما نزلت لبنى فى كسها .

وقمت بدلت الأدوار مع عمرو بس عمرو قلبها على بطنها وخلاها وقفت على ركبتها زى القطة ودخل زبه فى كسها من ورا وقعد ينيك فيها ويقول لمدحت : مراتك كسها حلو .

وهى قاعدة بتحاول تصرخ بس سكرانة خالص وخلاص اتناكت وبقيت متناكة وشرموطة ومدحت بيقول لمراته: ما تخافيش محدش هيعرف إنك بتتناكى من أصحابى بس أهم حاجة تخليهم يستمتعوا بكسك قدامى .

راح عمرو منزل لبنه فى كس سها وهى بتبكى ومش مصدقة اللى حصلها ده .

رحنا بعد ما خلصنا من نيكة سها رحنا لبسنا هدومنا وسيبناها على السرير منهارة من اللى حصل ومشينا .

Mother’s Milk

Salah rode home on the bus wishing he could do something about his horniness. He couldn’t masturbate on the bus, of course, and even after he got back to his apartment, it wouldn’t do him much good. Even if his cock could have gotten stiff enough, any climax he might have coaxed out of it would have been unsatisfying in the extreme. If he had a woman, that wouldn’t help either, unless she was a very unusual woman, able and willing to provide what he needed before the fucking could begin.

22-years-old Salah still lives with his parents. He is still single, never getting married yet. What he needed was milk, and not the kind in the supermarket dairy case either. It had to come directly from a breast, so he could taste the warm, delicious fluid as it trickled into his mouth, and smell the sweet, motherly aroma of the woman, and feel the rough texture of her nipple and areola on his lips and tongue, along with the soft skin of her breasts. It wouldn’t really take much more than a mouthful, but he had no woman available to provide him with even that much. There was nobody likely to become available in the foreseeable future either. The woman who had occasionally catered to his particular fetish had moved away almost three months ago and Salah’s sex life had been completely non-existent since then.

As he stared morosely straight ahead, a woman with long brown hair and a pretty face climbed aboard and started walking toward him, her thick body swaying with the movement of the bus. Salah recognized her. Although he didn’t know her name, he knew she lived in the same building as he did, just down the hall from his apartment. Once or twice, he had even chatted briefly with her while riding on the elevator, but he hadn’t seen her since a long time, an eight months ago. In the last time he saw her, the woman had been in an advanced state of pregnancy, but apparently, she had delivered the baby since then. He looked at the swollen breasts bulging her light jacket, and thought of how he would love to get one of them into his mouth and taste the delights it could provide him, although he would never consider making such a suggestion.

The bus had only a few empty seats, and one of them was next to Salah. The brown-haired woman saw it, recognized him, and smiled nicely. “Is this seat taken?” she asked.

“No, it’s not. Help yourself.”


The young woman settled into the seat and they rode in silence for a few more blocks. The bus would stop right in front of their apartment building, but the trip was still almost two miles. Although they didn’t know each other very well, they were also not total strangers, and Salah finally broke the silence.

“Hi. I’ve seen you around the apartment building and even talked to you, but I don’t know your name. My name is Salah.”

“Yeah, I kind of know you. My name is Qoot Al-Qoloob.”

“How’s the baby?”

“Oh, he’s fine. I guess.”

“Er….You guess?”

“Uh, Yeah. Look, it’s like this. I left him to my mother to take care of him.”

“I see. That must have been very heartwarming, I mean having a baby.”

“Yeah, it was. But there’s one thing that I hadn’t really thought about until yesterday. The baby was born eight months ago and now I’m producing milk. By the gallon, it seems like, and nobody to nurse. Because I feed him artificial feeding with infant formula. My boobies feel like they’re sloshing when I move.”

Salah had a sudden, wildly optimistic thought. This might be his chance. “So, what will you do about it? The milk, I mean.”

“Oh, I bought a breast pump today, and I’ll use it to pump my boobies out and let it drain down the sink. It does seem like a waste, though.” Noticing the eager look on his face, she asked “Why? Do you have a better idea?”

“Well, yeah. Yeah, I do.” Hesitating, and carefully choosing his words, Salah described his situation. It was the most embarrassing thing he had ever done, describing his needs to this woman who was almost a stranger, and presenting his proposition without putting it into words. He probably wouldn’t have been able to continue, but she seemed to be encouraging him, smiling and nodding her head, instead of slapping his face, calling him a pervert and striding angrily away.

“Well, there you have it,” he concluded. “I hope you don’t think I’m some kind of weirdo, but I wouldn’t blame you if you do.”

“Unusual, yes, but a weirdo? No. You know, you’re not the only one who hasn’t been getting any. But I’m a married woman, you know. You still want me.”

“Yes, more than anything.” Salah said.

So, to answer the question you didn’t ask: Yes, but it’ll have to be at my place. My husband is busy nowadays in an errand outside the city for a whole week.

Outwardly, he was calm, but Salah was exulting inside. “Of course. Anything you say.”

Qoot Al-Qoloob smiled and patted her seatmate’s leg. During their few brief encounters in their apartment building, she had observed him to be a handsome and personable young man, and had even thought of him as a possible cure for her increasing horniness, once she had given birth. Furthermore, she had vivid memories of suckling the newborn, but only the one time, just before she decided to feed him infant formula and brought him to her mother. She didn’t want to have a saggy breasts with breastfeeding. She wanted to get rid of the baby’s screams and responsibilities. Not only had the pressure in her breasts been relieved, Qoot Al-Qoloob had experienced a certain erotic feeling during the process, and she could now feel her pussy stirring at the memory. She smiled at Salah and moved closer, pressing her leg against his and squeezing his thigh with her hand, until the bus reached their stop.

Their building is a secure one, and Salah unlocked the front door, held it open, and followed Qoot Al-Qoloob inside. The elevator they shared was equipped with a surveillance camera and they tacitly agreed that, to avoid giving anybody the right idea, they would behave like friendly strangers until they were inside Qoot Al-Qoloob’s apartment. They were both eager to begin what promised to be an extremely enjoyable experience, but they could wait a few more minutes.

Once they were away from any possible snooping eyes, their waiting ended. As soon as Qoot Al-Qoloob locked the door of her apartment, threw the heavy slide bolt and turned to face Salah, they were hugging closely, their open mouths pressed tightly together and their tongues exploring. Qoot Al-Qoloob hesitated slightly while she kicked off her shoes, but immediately resumed kissing Salah, even more passionately, her tongue even more aggressive. They broke off the kiss just long enough to breathe deeply before embracing and kissing again. Finally, Qoot Al-Qoloob leaned away from him, eager to proceed to where they would be able to do what they both wanted.

“My bedroom is down this hallway,” she whispered, and hooked her hand into the waistband of Salah’s pants as she led him to their destination.

He was no less avid than she, and removed his jacket during the short walk. As they stood beside her bed, their mouths sharing another long kiss, Qoot Al-Qoloob’s hands were busy unzipping her jacket and unbuttoning her blouse. After completing those necessary tasks, she ended the kiss, shucked off both garments, and turned her back to let Salah unfasten her bra, which he did quickly and with great alacrity. When she turned back around, she was naked above the waist, except for the bra that her hands still held in place. Seconds later, that was gone too, and she presented her full, luscious breasts to the man who was lusting so much for what they could provide to him.

Almost reverently, he held one of the lovely twins in either hand. They felt heavy and full, and he even saw some drops of milk oozing out of one nipple. Quickly, he bent over and licked off the ambrosia, relishing the erotic sensation that flooded his body as the warmth of even those few drops of milk filled his mouth. He could even feel his cock starting to stiffen, for the first time in months. Although she wanted very much to continue, and wanted no more delays, Qoot Al-Qoloob pushed him away, in order to get more comfortable.

“I love the way that feels, but let me lie down on the bed first.”

Replacing his hands with her own, Qoot Al-Qoloob sat on the edge of the unmade bed. Still holding her breasts to prevent any more leaking, she lay on her back and scooted over to the middle, positioning her head on one of the pillows. After removing his shoes and socks, Salah joined her, once again gently filling his hands with the lovely globes that were about to give him what he craved.

He had waited a long time for this moment, and he couldn’t wait any longer. Although eager, Salah used extreme delicacy in taking Qoot Al-Qoloob’s nearest breast into his mouth, and began running his tongue over the pebbly areola and feeling the hard ridges of her nipple as it quickly became erect. Gently, he sucked and, after a few seconds, he was rewarded by a slow trickle of her deliciously warm milk onto his tongue. While he savored and swallowed the special treat he had been without for so long, he could feel his cock was growing and hardening, and soon would be fully erect. Wanting all he could get, he continued sucking and swallowing. Qoot Al-Qoloob’s milk was the most delicious thing he could remember ever tasting.

The first breast was still firm and almost full, but he switched his attentions to its lovely twin. This one seemed to produce milk faster than the first one had, and it was every bit as warm and delicious and satisfying. As wonderful as the milk from her breast was in his mouth, it felt even better and more comforting in his stomach. Her breast was still firm with the magic potion that had restored his virility, but he took it out of his mouth. His cock was hard, as hard as it had ever been, and he was ready to fuck.

Of course, his body was not the only one that was reacting. The gentle suction on her extremely sensitive breast, combined with the tip of Salah’s tongue caressing her nipple, caused a stirring that Qoot Al-Qoloob had been forced to avoid for a long time. She could feel a connection being established between the nipple and her clit, and she reveled in the feel of fresh moistness collecting in her pussy.

“Mmmmm, that feels good,” she murmured to Salah, whose mouth was too pleasurably busy to respond.

It felt even better when Salah’s mouth moved to her other breast. The connection with her clit became a three-sided one and Qoot Al-Qoloob could feel currents of pleasure flowing through her body, and the moisture inside her pussy formed drops, which trickled onto her crotch. As wonderful as the man’s hands, sucking lips and caressing tongue felt on her breasts, what she really wanted was to get his stiff cock driving in and out of her pussy. To make sure they would both be ready at the same time, she started unbuttoning his shirt. When she was through with the buttons, he moved his hands and arms to allow her to remove the garment one sleeve at a time. With Salah as bare above the waist as she was, Qoot Al-Qoloob started on his pants.

He had no objection. Even the relatively small amount of milk he had sucked from Qoot Al-Qoloob’s breasts had been enough to give him a raging erection and an urgent need to use it. After she loosened his pants and pushed them down around his hips, he moved far enough away from her to pull them down the rest of the way and let them fall to the floor. Before kicking them aside, he bent down and peeled off his socks. Wearing only his jockey shorts, which were severely stretched in front by his stiff cock, he got back onto the bed.

While Salah was removing his pants, Qoot Al-Qoloob had been busy with her clothing too, stripping off her skirt and stockings. When he rejoined her on the bed, she smiled delightedly at the distended condition of his shorts. She could see his cock was long and thick, more than enough to give her the fucking she needed.

Gently, she slipped her fingers into the waistband and pulled the garment down, easing it around his stiff cock, pulling it the rest of the way off, and tossing it onto the floor. With Salah naked and almost ready to fuck, Qoot Al-Qoloob rolled onto her back and spread her legs to welcome him. He knelt between her knees and gazed raptly at her white cotton panties, which were so wet as to be translucent, and he could see her pale, clean-shaven pussy, with its lovely pink lips. Qoot Al-Qoloob raised her ass from the bed and Salah pulled her last garment down and off, dropping it to the floor, leaving them equally naked.

The horny man and the equally horny woman wanted nothing more right then than to fuck. He did’t use any silly condom. He wasn’t really worried about impregnating Qoot Al-Qoloob, nor was he afraid of STD’s or AIDS. When his cock was ready, he guided it into the dripping pink hole that Qoot Al-Qoloob was holding open for him.

Although this was their first time together, they were both experienced enough to begin their coupling easily. With his left hand splayed on the mattress beside Qoot Al-Qoloob, he leaned forward and pressed the tip of his cock against the opening that she was creating for him. Before making the initial penetration, he rubbed it against her dripping juices, spreading the lubrication. With a short, firm push, the head wedged its way into the tight and very welcoming pussy.

Qoot Al-Qoloob watched and felt the head of Salah’s cock squeeze into her, sending pleasure rippling through her body. She breathed in sharply between her teeth and continued to hold her pussy open, wanting everything he had to give her. Salah shifted his weight and thrust forward again, driving two more inches into where it was most wanted.

“Oh, God! Oh, my God, that’s good,” she murmured. “Give it to me!”

Wanting more than anything else to do exactly that, Salah leaned over her and slid his hands forward until they were under Qoot Al-Qoloob’s arms. With one more thrust, almost all his cock was imbedded in her tight pussy, sending waves of bliss flooding her body. Her wet channel clamped onto his shaft, one of the most wonderful places his cock had ever been. She spread her legs wider, letting another fraction of an inch of his stiff cock squeeze into her pussy, and hooked her legs around his. Salah was still above her, supporting his weight on his hands because he was reluctant to put any pressure on her sensitive breasts, especially because he knew they still contained his magical treat. Qoot Al-Qoloob reached up, wrapped her hands around his upper arms and smiled at him.

Slowly, Salah drew his cock most of the way out of her pussy, paused, and drove it back in. She flexed her arms and legs and fucked back to meet him, their bodies coming together with a soft “smack”, and tiny droplets of her pussy juices spattering on both of them. They moaned in unison from the exquisite pleasure, both of them happy to finally be doing what they had done without for so long. The second stroke was even better than the first, and the third and fourth and the many that followed would have better yet, if they had been bothering to count.

“Oh, my God, Salah, your cock feels so good, and I’m so horny! I’m almost ready to cum.”

Salah felt the same way after his long period of involuntary abstinence, but he hoped that this would be no more than the first of several couplings between them that day. “Me too,” he said.

He moved forward on her body, so his face was directly above Qoot Al-Qoloob’s, and started driving his cock into her faster. With the slight change in position, his thick shaft was plunging almost straight in and out of her pussy, massaging her clit with every stroke.

“Yes! Yes!” she encouraged him. “Fuck my clit! Fuck my clit! Make me cum!”

That was Salah’s intention, both her and himself, and he started fucking Qoot Al-Qoloob even harder and faster. Her body thrashed on the bed and her head rolled from side to side on her pillow as she thrust her pussy up to meet him. They both knew they were seconds from cumming and that it would be a memorable one.

“OH!” she cried. “Yes!” Qoot Al-Qoloob pulled her upper body against Salah’s, and wrapped her arms around his neck, while her legs squeezed him tightly around the hips. “I’m cumming!” she shouted into his ear, quite unnecessarily.

Salah pounded his cock into Qoot Al-Qoloob, slamming her against the mattress at every stroke, while she clung tightly with her arms and legs, imploring him to keep fucking her. Abruptly, her back arched, driving her pussy against him even harder, and her whole body spasmed as she climaxed. After her orgasm, Qoot Al-Qoloob relaxed under Salah, but he kept ramming his cock into her until he felt his own pleasure well up like a fountain and burst out. He climaxed, ejaculating a whole-century buildup of semen into her pussy depths and womb in a series of gushers, before he also relaxed, sprawling on top of Qoot Al-Qoloob, but keeping his weight off her breasts, the source of his virility.

“That was wonderful,” Qoot Al-Qoloob murmured, looking up at the man who had just brought her to such a great orgasm.

“Was? I hope it still is. I mean, I hope you don’t want to stop yet.”

“Not if you don’t want to. Do you want to keep going?”

In answer to her question, Salah eased his still-hard never-limp cock from her pussy and, thrust it again in her pussy and started to fuck her for the second time.

ساعدتُ صديقى على اغتصاب زوجتى وأخذها بالقوة

لم يكن يوما عاديا .. فقد كنت أنتظر ذلك اليوم منذ أكثر من عشر سنوات فلكم كنت أتوق لأن أرى زوجتي وهي تتمتع تحت رجل آخر.

فلقد كانت القصة بتفاصيلها كالتالي :

منذ أكثر من ثلاث سنوات وأنا أطلب من زوجتي أن تتعرف على رجل يطيب لها وتعشقه حتى أراها تنام معه وتستمتع به وكانت ترفض الفكرة رفضا قاطعا ولكن في النهاية وبينما كانت في البيت لوحدها فقد أعطيت رقم تليفونها لصديقي وكانت لا تعرفه من بين أصدقائي ولكن هو يعرفها ويعرف جمالها وكنت أعرض عليه صورها وهي شبه عارية فكان يستمتع بها وأتمتع عندما كنت أرى زبه ينتصب من تحت الملابس عندما يراها وكنت أقول له : سيأتي اليوم الذي تنيك به تلك الملكة .

وبعد هذا اليوم فقد اتصل بها تلفونيا وبدأ يتغزل بها بطريقته الجاذبة ولقد كنت مسرورا عندما تجاوبت معه وبدأت تبادله الكلمات الحلوة ..

وبعد أن ذهبت للبيت رأيتها وقد لبست ملابس متفرعة فقلت لها : خير .. ما الأمر ؟

فأخبرتني أن لديها قصة جميلة وكان تعرف أنني أتهيج وأثار عندما تخبرني أن أحدهم قد تغزل بها أو عاكسها أو لمس يدها أو غير ذلك وكنت أعرف ما يدور في رأسها فخلعت ملابسي وعانقتها وقلت لها : تكلمي ..

فروت لي ما حدث على الهاتف وأخبرتني أنها قد أحببت ذلك الشخص وبدأت تفكر به فكنت أقول في نفسي : يا بختك يا صديقي .

وقد بدأت أمص شفاهها وصدرها وهي تقول لي : أشعر وكأن ذلك الشخص هو الذي فوقي.

وبسرعة بدأت وبلا شعور أدخل زبي في كسها الصغير الضيق وهي تقول : إني أحبه .

وأنا أتهيج أكثر ..

وفي اليوم التالي أخبرتُ صديقي بما حدث فجن جنونه وصار يفرك زبه وهو يقول: حبيبتي إيمان …. .

وأنا أقول له : سوف أساعدك ..

وبدأ يتصل بها يوميا ولمدة شهر كامل إلى أن رتبت لقاء بين بسام وإيمان – طبعا دون علمها أنني من رتبه – وكان ذلك اللقاء في حديقة عامة وكانت مسرورة كثيرا للقائه .. وأما هو فقد جلس على الكرسي ووضع يده على كتفها وبدأ يشدها إليه وأنا أنظر من بعيد وأدعو لهما أن يعشقا بعضهما .. وبالفعل فقد حدث ما كنت أصبو إليه, و ظهرت أنا في الحديقة على أساس بالصدفة وعرفتني زوجتي على بسام ودعوته على منزلنا ليتناول طعام العشاء.

وكانت إيمان بأشد الفرحة حينذاك وجاء اليوم الموعود وأتى بسام وكانت إيمان قد جهزت نفسها..

أما إيمان بالوصف فهي أقرب لأن تكون ملكة جمال فهي طويلة وطولها 180 سم وزنها 65 كيلوجرام شعرها طويل لآخر ظهرها وأملس وأسود ومائل قليلا إلى البني .. أما عيونها فلونها أسود مائل للبني .. بشرتها بيضاء وصدرها متوسط .. وكانت تعتني كثيرا بنفسها وتنظف جسمها دائما من الشعر لذا فكانت تبدو وكأنها من الحور العين وقد قامت في ذلك اليوم بتنظيف كل جسمها بما في ذلك كسها الوردي وقالت لي : ماذا ألبس فاليوم سيأتي عشيقي الذي طالما حلمت أنت به ؟ .

ففتحت الخزانة وأخرجت لها قميصا أحمر مفرغ (عبارة عن خيوط مشبكة ويكون قصير حتى يظهر البطن) وجونلة قصيرة لنصف فخذها لونها أبيض فأخذت الملابس من يدي بكل قبول وقامت لتلبسها وتبعتها بكولوت لونه أصفر وعليه نقوش حمراء فتبسمت وأخذته من يدي وراحت لتلبسهم .

وبعد دقائق دق جرس الباب فقمت وفتحت ورحبت بصديقي وكانت هي مستلقية على الكرسي فعندما رآها قال : يا سلااااام ما هذا الجمال .

وقامت وسلمت عليه فضمها إليه فورا وبدأ يقبلها في فمها فأخذت تتملص من عناقه وقبلاته بشدة وكادت تنجح فعلا في إبعاده عنها وطرده من المنزل ولكنني ضممتها من الخلف وأمسكت يديها بقوة بيدي وأعقت حركة رجليها برجلي ومنعتها من المقاومة فاستمر بسام في تقبيلها ووضع إصبعه على شفتيها وضغط فاضطرت لفتح فمها فأخذ يمص لسانها بقوة وينيك فمها بلسانه ، ثم نزل يقبلها من رقبتها وكنت قد أخبرته مسبقا أن رقبتها هي نقطة ضعفها فحاول الوصول لها سريعا .. وما إن بدأ بمص صدرها – وأنا لا أزال أقيد حركتها من الخلف – حتى أغمضت عينيها وبدأت تتأوه وقد شدها إلى صدره ولامس بيده أفخاذها الناعمة من الخلف ثم أجلسها في حضنه وبدأ يدخل أصابعه في كسها تارة وفي طيزها مرة أخرى وأنا أتفرج وأتهيج إلى أن طلبت منه أن يذهبا معا إلى غرفة النوم وهناك استلقت على السرير على ظهرها ورقد فوقها وعانقها بكلتا يديه وقد حاول أن يخلع ملابسه فمنعته وقالت له : لااااااااااا مرة ثانية .

فتركها وتراجع إلى خارج الغرفة ولكنني طلبت منه أن يعود ووعدته بالمساعدة .. فرجع وهو شبه عاري وكان يلبس فقط الكولوت ورفع لها الجونلة البيضاء وحاول أن يخلع عنها الكولوت وهي تقول : لاااا .

وتتهرب منه .. وهي محقة فقد كانت المرة الأولى التى تضاجع بها رجلا غريبا وكان في موضع يراني به ولكن هي لا تراني فأومأت له بأن ينزل الكولوت فأشار لي أنها لا تريد فتدخلت أنا وأمسكت الكولوت وخلعته بشدة عنها فرفضت تصرفي و حاولت الهروب إلى خارج الغرفة فأمسكت بها من يديها وألقيت بها على السرير وصديقي ينظر وقد انتصب زبه لدرجة كبيرة فأمسك يدها ووضعها على زبه فاستكانت قليلا وتجردت من ملابسي بشكل نهائي وأمسكتها من الخلف . وكانت تتحسس زبي وهدأت قليلا حتى استلقيت على السرير وسطحتها فوقي وأمسكت يديها بيدي ورجليها برجلي فأصبح كسها من فوق وأنا تحتها. ولكن لم أدخل زبي في كسها، فقط بقيت تحتها أقيد حركتها.

وعندها اغتنم بسام الفرصة وخلع كولوته وخلع عنها ما تبقى من الملبس وأنا أمسكها بقوة ورقد فوقها وبدأ بفرك كسها بزبه وهي تصرخ وتقول : ابتعدا عني هل هذا اغتصاب ..؟

ونحن نضحك ونقول : يا مجنونة هذا أجمل شعور وما عليكِ إلا أن تتمتعي بزب حبيبك بسام .

وبدأت أفتح رجليها برجلي وهي تحاول ضمهما إلى أن دخل زب بسام في كسها وهنا صارت إيمان تبكي وتبكي وتصرخ وتتأوه لا أدري من الانبساط والمتعة , أم من الوضع الجديد..

وقال بسام لها : إنتي معترضة ليه . دانا بانيكك برضا جوزك .

وشعرتُ بأن بسام قد بدأ يسرع بحركته وأنا ما زلت مستلقيا تحتها ومثبتها بكل أطرافي وشعرها ملقى على وجهي وكان بسام يمص شفتيها الناعمتين كلما حاولت أن تتكلم إلى أن أسرع في حركته وازدادت وتيرة أنفاسه ثم ضغط عليها ضغطة قوية أول مرة وثاني مرة فعرفت بأنه قد أفرغ لبنه بداخل كسها فأفرغت أنا أيضا من شدة المتعة وكان زبي بين أفخاذها. ونهضتُ من تحتها وقبض بسام على يديها ورجليها لئلا تتملص واستمرت في الصراخ والمقاومة وزاد ذلك من هياجنا أنا وبسام كأنني أساعده على اغتصابها وأخذها بالقوة وكأنه يغتصبها فعلا.

ولكنها لم تكن تتظاهر بالرفض والمقاومة وإنما كان رفضها حقيقيا ومقاومتها حقيقية بل وكما قالت لي لاحقا بأنها لم تكن تظن أن الأمور بينها وبين بسام ستبلغ هذا الحد ، وكانت ستكتفي ببعض المغازلات والقبلات ثم تصرفه فقط لإرضائي ولكنها لم تكن تنوي ولا تريد استكمال الأمر حتى نهايته بل كانت ترفضه فعلا ولا تزال ولذلك تكرر مشهد الاغتصاب عدة مرات بعدها وإلى اليوم. ولم ينيكها بسام برضاها أبدا.

نعود إلى قصتنا : ثم أسرعتُ وقيدتُ يديها بأربطة ساتان حريرية لئلا تؤذيها في السرير ، وركعتُ على صدرها معطيها ظهري ورفعتُ ساقيها لبسام لينيكها مرة أخرى ، وباعدتُ بينهما ، وأدخل زبه المنتصب من جديد في كسها وهي تقاوم وتصرخ وتشتمني وتبصق في وجهي دون جدوى. وأخذتُ أداعب بظرها وزب بسام يدخل ويخرج في كس زوجتي إيمان. وناكها هذه المرة مدة أطول وأخيرا صاح وقذف في كسها لبنه وفيرا غزيرا للمرة الثانية.

ثم وبعد أن هدأت الحركة وما زال بسام ينظر في عينيها السوداوين البراقتين .. وما إن انتهت النشوة وعادت إيمان إلى رشدها سألتنا : زب من كان في كسي ؟

فقلت لها : زب عشيقك الجديد في المرتين .

فتبسمت وقالت : يا لها من ليلة رائعة .

Her Adventure With Four Men : Muharram, Ragab, Sha’aban, Ramadan

My name is Muharram. Hoda and I were a Tunisian healthy young couple in our late twenties, and had been married for four years. Ever since our marriage we had been trying to have a baby, but our efforts had been in vain. Finally we had resorted to medical advice, only to find out that the problem was me. The doctor informed us that my sperm count was abnormally low, probably due to a childhood illness — it was very unlikely that I could father a child. He suggested that we consider a fertility clinic and a sperm donor, or adoption.

After some consideration we decided against both those options — Hoda wanted to be a real mother and bear a child, but the idea of a clinic and a sperm donor was not appealing, and the cost was another factor. Instead, we agreed that there was another more natural way she could become pregnant — we would find our own donor who could deliver the goods in the traditional way. Being a broad-minded young couple neither of us had any problem with this idea. I even confessed to Hoda that the prospect of watching my beautiful wife being mounted by some big-cocked young stud turned me on — she was well aware that I had a distinct bi streak!

However, we decided that finding a suitable donor close to home raised all sorts of potential problems, and it would be better if we took a vacation overseas and found someone who we would never be likely to see again after the necessary encounter. As we are both brunette and black-eyed , one of the Arabian countries seemed like a good choice if we wanted a child who would look like us, and we picked Egypt. There should be lots of potent black-eyed brunette Pharaohs around, and the famously easy-going Egyptian attitudes to sex would also fit our plans.

Which is how we found ourselves, a few months later (at Hoda’s most fertile time of the month), on a fairly secluded beach not far from Alexandria, which we had scouted out the day before . Now it was a beautiful sunny morning, and as we walked along the beach from where we had parked our rental car, we passed other people enjoying the sun and the sea. There were family groups, single men and women, and several couples.

We undressed, rolled out our blanket in a little hollow among the sand-dunes, and waited for likely prospects. We agreed that if we saw a young man who looked like a possible candidate, we would put on a little show to indicate our interest. It should not be difficult for Hoda to attract virile young men. We both sported all-over tans, and her perky large-nippled breasts, slim waist, long legs and shaved pussy made her quite delectable.

Only a few minutes passed before Hoda, who was sitting up on the blanket, hissed, “There’s somebody coming.” She quickly laid down and I rolled on my side to take her nipple in my mouth, while moving my hand down to caress her shaven pussy. She reached over and stroked my cock, which rapidly rose to a steel-hard erection, the foreskin rolling back off the head. Our visitor soon appeared — the young guy who had been giving an expert blowjob. He stopped a few yards away and smiled at us, while unabashedly stroking his long thin cock.

“You like we play,” he asked me, kneeling down and stretching out a hand to gently stroke my straining erection. “Maybe your lady like to watch, yes?”

“Not right now,” I replied, “Maybe later, if you are still here.”

“OK,” the boy replied, “No problem-maybe I come back later and suck your very nice cock.” He stood up, waved his long dick at us with a broad grin, and sauntered off.

“Well,” Hoda said, giggling, “That was interesting. He was funny, but I think a bit too young- and was obviously more interested in you than in planting his seed in me! Would you have liked him to give you a blowjob?”

“You know me, ” I said, “If we were not here for other serious business I probably would — and maybe give him one, too.”

After a short while we heard the sound of voices, and three young brunette men came down the beach, dribbling and passing a soccer ball.

“Hmm,” Hoda said, “This looks hopeful.”

All three guys wore only tight white shorts. The oldest of the three, probably in his early twenties, was tall and lean. He had straight black hair, and his muscular chest and limbs were covered with a fine dusting of golden hair. The second man was a younger version of the first, also with straight black hair — I thought they were probably brothers. The third was much stockier and shorter. His black hair was curly, he had a short beard, and his body, legs and arms were very hairy.

As they came down the beach the three saw us, once again in what we hoped was a “come and have sex” pose, and veered towards us. Stopping about twenty feet away they waved to us, then dropped their shorts and ran down into the sea. There was a lot of splashing and horseplay for several minutes, then they walked back towards us, giving us a good frontal view. The two brothers sported nice-sized cocks with long uncut foreskins, but the stocky guy had a truly enormous one, long, and as thick as a beer can. He was also uncut, but the plum sized head peaked out as he grinned cheekily at us and stroked his impressive weapon.

Hoda was sitting up beside me, taking in the view.

“I think we should try now,” She whispered, gazing at the three baby-makers displayed before us, “You go and talk to them.”

I stood up and strolled over to where the three guys were kneeling in the sand.

“Can I speak with you and be friends,” I asked, and the tall guy replied, “Of course- I am Ramadan. This is my brother Ragab (Rajab) and our friend Sha’aban.”

I quickly explained our problem and our baby-making plan, and asked, “Would any of you help us out?”

After a short conversation in whispers, Ramadan turned back to me. “Your wife is very pretty lady. We all three would like to make sex with her, if she would like, even Sha’aban, who like boys more than girls. We don’t mind too much, we make sex with everyone- boy and girl, boy and boy, girl and girl.” While Ramadan was speaking, Sha’aban sidled over to me and took my cock in his hand. As he examined it, he whispered something to Ramadan. “Sha’aban says your sex looks OK, and he feels it getting stiff (which it was!)- it is pity it can’t make baby, but he thinks we have lots of fun anyway.”

The four of us walked back to Hoda.

“They all want to help,” I told her, “Think you can handle all three?”

Nodding her head vigorously she replied ,”Oh yeah, I am sure I can Even the monster one!”

Laughing, Ramadan gestured at Sha’aban, who was still molesting me, playing “swords” with his stiff cock and mine, which he had caressed to a full erection.

“Sha’aban, he always sex playing. We know he can make baby, too. Last year, when Ragab and his-how you say-twins sister Hanaa had eighteenth birthday, we had big party here on the beach. Big fire, lots of friends, lots of drink. I ask Hanaa if there was anything else she wanted for present- she said to make sex with friend with biggest cock. There were several big, but Sha’aban was biggest. He said OK, but because everyone knows he like boy, too, for sex, he would make sex with both twins. So right here he fuck Ragab with big cock, then he do Hanaa, by the fire, where everyone can see. He had done Ragab before, they have been friends since primary school — but it first time with Hanaa. He use condom with Hanaa, but condom was too small, and broke, so lots of sperm go inside and she not wash out. So then she start getting big stomach with baby. She had to go to clinic and remove — but now we tease Sha’aban, call him always Father Sha’aban.”

During this recitation the incorrigible Sha’aban had moved over behind Ragab and was pretending to fuck him.

Ramadan now appointed himself master of ceremonies. He said to Hoda and I, “For making baby it should be both of you making sex, too, even if sperm coming from other person.”

He guided me to sit on the blanket, propped up on our backpacks, and said to Hoda, “Now you sit on Muharram’s cock up behind and we put sperm in pussy — all have fun together”

He grasped my erection — these guys were totally uninhibited about touching parts I had previously considered private– and guided it up Hoda as she sank down.

“Now Ragab- you come and put cock in front and make baby.” Ramadan spat on his hand, grasped his brother’s now rampant dick, and guided it into Hoda’s eager cunt.

“Oh yes,” she gasped as I could feel Ragab push into her wet sheath, our cocks only separated by the thin membrane. As he started to stroke in and out I could feel his big balls rubbing over mine, and Ramadan’s hand was in there, too, caressing and tickling. Ragab was kissing her, and I was pinching her nipples, which were rock-hard. It was incredibly erotic, and soon Hoda started to move spasmodically as her orgasm approached. With loud cries she pounded herself up and down on our two cocks, and then I felt Ragab’s shaft throb against mine throb as he emptied his balls into her.

“Oh wow,” Hoda exclaimed, “That was intense! But I am ready for more. Ramadan, are you going next?”

“I think Sha’aban should go now, “Ramadan said, “If you are OK with big one?”

“Right now I think I could fuck an elephant, “She replied,” I am so horny.”

Sha’aban moved in front of her and things got really tight inside Hoda as his huge prick worked its way into her. He grabbed my hands and put them on his hairy chest so that I could pinch his nipples, and leaning his head on Hoda’s shoulder he insisted that I kiss him, pushing his strong tongue between my lips. He whispered something to Ramadan, who stood up and guided his cock between my lips and Sha’aban’s.

“It’s good, yes?” Sha’aban mumbled, “Fuck girl and suck cock.”

“Oh God,” Hoda cried, “I have never been so stuffed with cock. Cock, cock — big cocks- Ahhhhh!. ” As she orgasmed Sha’aban’s thrusts grew more urgent, and then I could feel the throbbing sensation as he flooded her womb with his cum. Pulling his cock from her cunt he scrambled to his feet and thrust it at our faces. We both eagerly lapped at the sticky shaft and I closed my lips over the plum-sized head.

“Mmmmm,” Ramadan said, looking on, “I think Muharram like cock, too, Hoda. Maybe you get him boyfriend with big cock when you get home?”

“OK, now my turn to make baby,” He continued, “But maybe do a little different. Now Hoda used to big cock we can do this.”

Pulling Hoda off me he redirected my still rigid cock into her very squishy pussy, and said, “Now you hold my cock and push into pussy with yours.” I did just that- grasping the warm silky column and feeding it in alongside mine. The feeling of Ramadan’s cock rubbing against mine, skin to skin, inside Hoda was electric. We humped and hugged and kissed as the orgasmic crescendo built. I was vaguely aware of Ragab and Sha’aban caressing and stroking the three of us, but the center of everything was the sensation of my rampant cock sharing the slippery sheath with this beautiful man-tool. It finally had to end, and I felt the warm gush of Ramadan’s seed washing my shaft as I had the most intense orgasm of my life.

“I think Hoda have baby now, no trouble,” Ramadan said as the five of us walked back along the beach. “If you want more baby you come to Egypt again and we have more fun, yes.”

Nine months later Hoda delivered a healthy, brunette, black-eyed son. Of course we didn’t know for certain which of the guys was actually his father, but when I look at his lean physique and perfectly sized and shaped cock with the long foreskin- I think I know!

المتزوجون والمتزوجات .. متزوج ينيك متزوجة

أعرفكم بنفسي أنا روميو من القاهرة عندي 32 سنة متزوج منذ 6 سنوات القصة تبدأ منذ زواجي تزوجت من امرأة جميلة ذات عيون واسعة أبهرني جمالها وكبر ثديها كانت مولعة بجمالها والتفيت عليها حين تزوجتها ونكتها ولحست العسل من كسها وبعد فترة وبعد ما أنجبنا طفلنا الأول مات الجمال وأصبحت باردة جنسيا مع العلم أنني في مقتبل العمر وأملك زبا قويا وكبيرا جدا كانت لا تتحمله وبدأت تضايقني وتمنعني من إقامة العلاقة الجنسية معها وأصبحت أفرغ شهوتي بيدي كل يوم وأصبحت حياتي تعسة بسبب هذا الموضوع إلى أن كانت المفاجأة .

يشاء القدر أن أعمل بوظيفة في إحدى شركات القطاع الخاص غير القادرة على تحمل كثرة الموظفين وكانت شركة جديدة تريد أن تبدأ عملها بواحد أو ثلاثة على الأكثر من الموظفين وكان صاحب العمل يعتمد علي في هذا الموضوع فتم عمل إعلان في الجرائد عن بنت محاسبة تدير العمل معي في الشركة فقط ونتحمل أنا وهي وصاحب العمل أعمال الشركة كلها . في يوم جاءت بنت جميلة جدا ترتدي الثياب القصيرة ذات عيون واسعة ذات خدود وردية وجهها كالقمر عندما تنظر إلى وجهها تنسي الدنيا وما فيها ترى في عيونها الحنان والحب والدفء والرغبة ذات ثدي صغير لكن كان جسدها وعيونها تميل إلى الشهوة وبالفعل عندما رأيتها عينتها ولم أختبرها في الوظيفة وبدأت التعامل معها كملكة
وبدأنا نتدرج بالحديث إلى أن عرفت أنها متزوجة وغير منجبة لأطفال كانت عندها 23 سنة في أحلى وأرق وأجمل مراحل العمر والشباب والحيوية والقوة الجنسية بطبيعة العمل .

كنت أنا وهي في الشركة فقط وكان صاحب العمل دائما مسافرا ولكن خوفي من ارتكاب الخطيئة يرعبني فكنت أذهب إلى زوجتي وأتوسل إليها من أجل إقامة العلاقة الجنسية الشرعية فترفض فاحترق من داخلي في قلت لزوجتي انك بهذا الشكل ستجبرينني على النظر لبره فكانت لا تسمع إلى كلامي وتتركني على أنها تعلم أنني لم أخنها أبدا ولم أجد أجمل منها لكن نار الشهوة عندي لا تنطفئ فكلما أذهب إلى عملي وأجد هذه الفتاة وهي تتحرك في الشركة يمينا وشمالا أموت غيظا وفي يوم جاءت وطلبت مني أن تنصرف من العمل مبكرا فقلت لها : ليه ؟

قالت إن زوجها عنده إجازة اليوم وتريد أن تقضيها معه .

فبدأت أغير عليها من زوجها وأفكر الآن ماذا يفعل بها وبدأت نار الشهوة تأكلني ونار الحب تحرقني وعندما ذهبت إلى البيت لم أجد الدفء أو الحنان الذي يبرد نار شهوتي وبت طول الليل جسدي مولع نار وأحلم بهذه الفتاة وكنت أفرغ شهوتي مرة في كسها ومرة في فمها وهي تضحك وتقول : زدني نيكاً .

فقمت وأنا مفرغ شهوتي وبدأت أتعلق بهذه الفتاة طول الليل أفكر فيها ولم تجد لعيني نوما أو يغمض رمش عيني . فذهبت إلى الشركة يومها وعندما رأيت هذه الفتاة بدأ جسدي يرتعش ويموت غيظا كلما ضحكت وكشفت عن صوتها الرقيق وكلما تحركت يمينا وشمالا يقفز زبري إلى أن انتفخ وتورم غيظا حتى إذا أمسكت بزبري بيدي افرغ شهوته فقلت وكيف أصل إلى هذه الفتاة وفكرت ودبرت وحددت الموعد الذي سنلتقي فيه ويشاء القدر أن الظروف تساعدني على ذلك فكان صاحب العمل مسافرا ويقضي أسبوعا في الإسكندرية في عمل بالميناء فتقربت من الفتاة وقلت لها ما أخبارك مع زوجك وزواجك منه ؟ هل أنتِ سعيدة ؟

فقالت إن زوجي دائما مسافر وأنا لا أقضي إلا يوما واحدا معه في الأسبوع .

فتدرجت معها : وكيف تكون علاقتكما الجنسية ؟

فخجلت من الجواب وذهبت فأمسكت بيدها وكانت يدها باردة جدا فقلت : ما هذا ؟

قالت : لا أعرف .

فقالت هذه الكلمة وهي تتعتع بالكلام لا تقدر على الكلام فعلمت من هذا أنها غير مبسوطة فتركت يدها ولم أكلمها كلمة واحدة في هذا اليوم وهي لم تتحدث ولا ترفع عينها في عيني فجاء اليوم التالي ويشاء القدر أن السماء تمطر وبلا حدود فتأخرنا في العمل انتظارا لأن تفرغ السماء مطرها وبدأنا نسكت عن الحديث مرة أخرى فوجدتها ترتعش من البرد فأمسكت بيدها فتنفست نفسا عميقا وقالت : نفسي زوجي يمسك يدي هكذا إن يدك تدفئني.

فقلت لها : وهل زوجك لا يمسك يدك ؟

فقالت : لا يعرف شيئا عن أي شئ .

عندئذ وجدت نفسي أجذبها بيدي وأحضنها في صدري حضنا أنسانا كل مشاعرنا أنسانا أننا متزوجين بآخرين وفجأة دمعت عينها وقلت لها : لماذا تبكين ؟

فقالت : إن زوجي لا يصلح للزواج أبدا إنه ليس رجلا إنه بارد جنسيا وأنا نفسي زوجي ينام معي كل يوم .

فأحسست أنها تتكلم عني أنا وليس عنها هي كل كلمة تخرج من فمها كأني أنا اللي باقولها فأحسست في هذه اللحظة بالحب والمشاعر الذي أفتقدتهم مع زوجتي فبكيت أنا الآخر وقلت لها : تعالي ندفئ نار الحب والشهوة وننسي أننا متزوجين بآخرين.

فقبلتها قبلة لا تنساها إلى اليوم ولا أنا وإذا هي تسقط علي الأرض ويغمى عليها فوجدت نفسي أحملها على ذراعي وأنمتها على الأنتريه وبدأت أخلع ملابسها قطعة قطعة حتي جعلتها كما ولدتها أمها وبدأت هي تخلع عني ملابسي وإذا بزبري ينتفض وعندما رأته صرخت وقالت : ما أجمل زبك القوي الكبير اللذيذ .

وبدأت تمصه بفمها ولا تقدر علي تكملة خلع ملابسي إلى أن أفرغت لبني في فمها وبدأت أنا أبوس وألحس شفايفها وأمص بزازها الجميلة البيضاء الناصعة ذات الحلمات الكبيرة البنية الغامقة فكانت واضعة بارفان (عطر) على كل منطقة في جسدها وواحدة واحدة نزلت إلى كسها الأحمر الوردي الذي عندما رأيته أحسست أن زوجها لم يلمسه أبدا وألحس فيه وهي تصرخ فأمسكت زنبورها الطويل بفمي وأخذت أعضعض فيه بشفتي وهي تصرخ إلى أن زبري وقف مرة أخرى فقمت به وأدخلته في كسها دخلة قوية إلى أن كانت لا تقوي علي التنفس عندما دخل فيها وإذا بها تجذبني إليها جذبة لا أنساها إلى اليوم فرفعت رجليها علي كتفي وجلست بين أفخاذها وزبري في كسها أخرجه وأدخله بقوة حتي كلما فعلت ذلك تصرخ وتقول : آه ه ه ه ه ه ه ه ه ه الـلـهه ه ه ه ه ه ه ه ه كمممممممممممان همووووووووووت.

وبدأ زبري ينتفخ غيظا كأنني لأول مرة أنيك ويكبر ويكبر إلى أن حسيت أني سأخرج أحشائها – أحشاء البنت – بزبري الكبير وكلما قالت : آه ه ه ه ه ه ه ه ه ه ه ه ه ه ه ه ه كمانننننننننننننننن.

أضغط بقوة علي كسها وأمص بزازها بعنف وإذا بها تقوم واقفة ونائمة علي بطنها وأنا من ورائها وأدخل زبي في كسها وهي تتلوى تحتي ولا أسمع إلا صوت كسها وزبي وتنفسها إلى أن جعلتني أرقد على ظهري وبدأت هي تصعد فوق على بطني وعانتي وأدخلت زبري في كسها بيدها وأخذت تقوم وتنزل عليه بقوة وعنف وتمص شفايفي وأنا أمص بزازها إلى أن فوجئت بأنها تصرخ تصرخ وتقول : آه ه ه ه ه ه ه ه ه ه ه .

وقامت من على زبري وجعلتني أمص في كسها إلى أن أفرغت لبن كسها في فمي . امتلأ فمي باللبن الأنثوي وفي تلك اللحظة أدخلت زبي في كسها وأخذت تفرغ لبنها الأنثوي على زبي وبطني وتشرب لبن كسها من فمي . ثم قمت أنا وأنمتها على ظهرها وأدخلتُ زبي في كسها وبدأت أنيكها مرة أخرى حتى ملأتُ كسها لبنا غزيرا وفيرا من زبي فإذا هي تصرخ وتقول : تعالى يا عرة شوف النيك .

وأنا أردد : الـلـه يسامحك يا زوجتي .

ومنذ هذه الليلة إلى الآن ونحن نمارس الجنس سويا وفي كل مرة أحس بلذة جميلة لا أنساها طول حياتي .

The Married Nurse and her Patient

I was asked to write a story by my husband about an experience about the first time I had sex with a man other than my husband. I am not a writer, I don’t pretend to be and this is it. I work as a nurse in a doctor’s office. I also have a part time job working in a facility that takes care of people who need extended care but outside of a hospital. One of my patients was an older man in his 60′s. He would joke with me and was a pleasant man. One day while I was changing some linen he put his hand on my rear. I was startled and told him to remove it and he did but not right away. If you don’t have any experience with scrubs, they don’t really hide much. He did the same thing the next visit. I told my husband who didn’t seem angry at all. After a while he surprised me by telling me to go ahead and let him do it and to tell him about it. The next time I didn’t say anything (except blush bright red, I’m sure) and he spent some time feeling my rear through my clothes. He thanked me. His erection was obvious under the blanket. I didn’t know what to say and just told him he was welcome. My husband loved what had happened. The next visit the gentleman spent a few seconds on my rear and then put his hand between my legs and onto my vagina as I leaned over him. I didn’t know what to do and just let him fondle me through the clothes for a moment before I moved my hips back away from him.

My husband loved that even more and even though I expressed my reluctance he asked as a very personal and special favor if I could let him continue to do that if he did it again. In between these visits my husband and I would talk about what took place. He was always very aroused and I have to admit that I became somewhat aroused, also. The next time when he put his hand between my legs I was expecting it and I did not pull back. As a matter of fact even after I was done with my task I stayed by the bed and let him continue. I became very wet which made me feel somewhat guilty as I could feel an orgasm coming on. His erection made a tent in the sheet and he asked me to touch him but I just could not, tore myself away and left. My husband simply loved this. I mean he was beside himself, so much so that he took me on the floor in the hallway. I still become excited thinking about that.

Afterwards, he said that I should have gone ahead and masturbated him I said that I just couldn’t. He told me that if I could not, then the next time he did it to pull my scrubs down and let him play with me “naturally”, no clothes in between. Wow. Now that was something I was just not sure I could do. But I did. I was standing by his bed looking at his erection under the sheet and he was between my legs massaging me and I pulled away and locked the door. I came back, pulled my scrubs and panties down and he was immediately there. When he pulled the sheets back and I saw his erection sticking out from his pajamas, I grabbed hold of it and pumped him up and down only a few times and then had this huge orgasm. I bent forward shaking and watched his penis erupt, spurting milky white cum onto his stomach and my hand. I continued to move my hand up and down until my orgasm had subsided. His penis had become hard again. I am not exactly sure what happened but I seemed to have lost control over myself at that point. I kicked off my pants, got on the bed and straddled him. I pointed his penis at my opening and simply sat down my vagina resting against his pajamas. I remember that I was moving my hips and had several more orgasms. At some point his hands got under my top and were massaging my breasts as I did him. In the middle of one of my orgasms I saw his face contort and knew he was ejaculating into me. My whole body shook, and my pussy clamped down on his massive member. He plowed through my tightening pussy, and I watched as his balls began to jump, and his ass cheeks clenched. He roared and began cumming! His powerful orgasm brought me to new heights, as I screamed and babbled, her helpless body lying before the onslaught of my lover, catching his cum in my womb. His pulsing cock shoot rope after rope of cum into me, and I watched helplessly as it filled me to overflowing, and escaped out of my hole, and rand down my ass. The memories are very clear for me. I don’t think I write very well and this does embarrass me a little.

Ralph Selects My Next Partners

Ralph and I have been married for 4 years but in this time we have become accomplished swingers and I had been fucked so many times by other men I have lost count completely. My name is Sharon and I want now to tell you about the latest partners Ralph has selected for me. First I should tell you I am a very thin woman. I only weigh about 85 pounds and although I have long legs and reasonable sized tits I don’t have much about me that would class me as a beauty. Perhaps it is because I am not beautiful that Ralph is always bringing men home to fuck me! I certainly don’t mind how many men he brings home – at least if any man is fucking me I feel wanted at that time!

I have had my fill of black men, tall men, white men, Asian men and just about every possible combination between them. I have to say that although I have been fucked so much I am thrilled when every one of them tells me I have a tight cunt! I put that down to muscle control as I have always done plenty of workouts at the gym over the years. I keep on saying it but I am very thin! When I am fucked by a man with a big long cock I always think it should be poking out my back but I guess it just goes inside my cunt and then up into my stomach but where ever it goes I like it!

This Thursday evening after Ralph arrived home from work he greeted me with a kiss and hug and then, because I could see this great smile on his face I knew he had arranged for someone else to fuck me! This was always the sign I got when he had arranged someone new for me! Ralph is a labourer and doesn’t get well paid but usually he gets a good fee when he lets some man fuck me. We have been lucky with no diseases so far but quite a few of the men wear condoms because they know I fuck around a lot and don’t want to risk catching something. I love the taste of cum and when the man has finished fucking me I always insist on taking off his condom and, much to their delight, I hold the condom up above my mouth and drain the contents into my mouth. I love to swallow cum – it feels so soft and juicy as it slips down my throat.

Anyway back to Thursday – Ralph couldn’t wipe the grin off his face and he just had to tell me what he had arranged. He said, “Darlin’ you just aren’t going to believe what I have in store for you! I was talking to a chap I knew in a bar and he told me there is a troupe of midgets performing in a pantomime in the city and I have already talked to their manager and I have booked them to fuck you!” I was stunned! I couldn’t in my wildest dreams have thought I would ever be fucking a midget but I could always rely on Ralph to do something out of the ordinary. I had a few reservations about these midgets – although I wasn’t prejudiced I did wonder about having these men fuck me! I thought they would be misshapen and have little cocks to match but boy oh boy was I wrong.

The performers (6 of them) were working all day Saturday but were free on Sunday morning and would be coming to a motel room, already booked, to be with me and Ralph would be there to watch. It was all arranged and all I had to do was have a shower, shave my underarms and legs and wear something which could be easily removed! Those were Ralph’s instructions for Sunday morning.

On that Sunday morning I did as I had been told. I showered and shaved my underarms and legs and wore just a simple frock which, for the summery weather we were having, would be enough clothes. I am quite accustomed to going out without my bra or panties so this wasn’t any different. Although perhaps I should wear a bra I don’t like them and besides my tits don’t sag very much anyway even considering they are a bit bigger than normal. I guess they will begin to sag soon.

Ralph told me I looked good and we walked over to our old car and climbed in to drive to the motel. Ralph told me there were no rules and the midgets could do what they liked with me. I didn’t mind this because a bit of rough stuff turns me on but I don’t like being slapped or punched and Ralph told me that wouldn’t happen.

We parked in the motel carpark and walked up to the door of the motel Ralph had previously booked. He had a key and opened the door and we walked in. I was expecting to see the midgets waiting for me but we were the only people in the room. Ralph told me to get myself ready – that means, in Ralph’s terms, that I have to get out the KY and he gets me to lie on the bed with my legs wide apart and pulled up around my ears and he starts squirting the KY into my asshole! This is, of course, to make sure I am lubed up enough for any ass fucking which might take place. Ralph also stuck his fingers up inside my cunt and told me I was certainly wet enough but if I wanted he would also squirt some KY there too! I told him it wouldn’t be necessary but to my surprise he insisted so again with my legs wide apart he poured some of the KY into my cunt and then followed it in with his fingers making sure it was spread around inside me. I thought this was unusual but didn’t ask why he had lubed me up so much.

Ten minutes later there was a knock at the door and Ralph walked over to open it. In came 6 very small midgets, one after the other, and they all shook hands with Ralph and then came over to me, sitting on the bed and kissing me lightly. They seemed very friendly and happy men but I couldn’t judge their ages although I thought they would be in their 30′s. The men all introduced themselves to me but I quickly forgot their names. The man who seemed to be the leader came over close to me again and kissed me again only this time it was much more passionate. His kiss seemed so sincere and I couldn’t help but kiss him back. I was sitting on the bed and he was kneeling alongside me because he was so short and he was just right to kiss me there. Next he placed his hand on my tit and gave me a squeeze and asked if he could take off my dress. Of course I told him that was why we were there and, quick as a flash he had my dress off over my head, helped of course by myself. Now I was sitting naked on the bed next to the midget. He started caressing my breasts and for the first time I realised his hands were really normal sized hands. They certainly covered my breasts and the way he was playing with me was certainly exciting me. He almost laid in my lap so he could suck my nipples and I can tell you he knew what he was doing. I felt very excited with him doing that to me and I hugged his body to me.

This midget then sort of pushed me backwards on the bed and wriggled down between my legs and, after wiping away some excess KY, he started sucking and licking my cunt and my clit. I loved the way he was doing this and also realised his tongue was normal size too. It seemed there had been some discussion beforehand about who was going to fuck me first. One of the midgets came over and tapped the first man on his shoulder and took his place sucking on my clit! I came a couple of times while they were sucking me and then, for the first time, I saw most of the midgets were naked! They had very distorted bodies and were sort of misshapen but the amazing thing about it all was the size of their cocks! They were not only normal sized cocks but also quite long and thick cocks! This was a total surprise and suddenly it dawned on me why Ralph had lubed up my asshole and cunt with the KY. These cocks certainly weren’t the biggest I had taken – the largest had belonged to a big black brute whose cock was at least 15″ long and I just couldn’t take it all in my cunt although I did my best. I did, however, take it all up my asshole after Ralph had lubed me up but I was sore up inside my rectum for about a week afterwards.

There wasn’t really any foreplay unless you consider the sucking of my cunt and clit by the two men but now I was about to be fucked by the first man and he sure knew what he was doing. He gently pushed his huge cock into my cunt and because of the lube it slid in rather easily but the length of it had been deceptive and I immediately felt him hit my cervix. Hitting my cervix was something most men didn’t do but this one certainly did. It excited the hell out of me when a cock is big enough to touch my cervix and I started having orgasms straight away. They were huge orgasms and after a little while of this pounding I was getting from this midget I knew he was about to cum inside me because of his change in stroke action. He had an enormous orgasm and he came inside me pumping a huge load of semen filling me more than I could remember. He pulled out and the next man immediately took his place not even allowing time for the first load of cum to start running out of me. I guess he liked very sloppy seconds. I was then fucked for the second time again receiving a huge load of cum. And so it went on for the whole morning, me sucking big cocks and swallowing their loads and being fucked in my cunt and my asshole. They just didn’t let up and their recovery powers were amazing – I had never seen any men able to fuck me, push their cocks into my mouth and then cum again, and, following a further sucking to make them hard again, they fucked my asshole! That was three erections in a row and I had never taken so many cocks inside my body in such a short time.

I had been well fucked at least 60 times before lunchtime when they all declared they were hungry and so Ralph went off to get food for all of us. I was an absolute mess. They had all fucked me without any condoms and they managed to shoot huge loads of cum every time. Their supply of cum seemed to be inexhaustible. I had cum leaking out of my cunt and asshole making a terrible mess on the bed but they didn’t seem to mind and kept on fucking me.

We all stopped for lunch and I wanted to shower and clean up but they insisted I remain as I was and as soon as lunch was finished they began fucking me again. I just couldn’t get my head around how they could possibly recover so quickly and keep on fucking me. By the late afternoon when I was so sore and every orifice had been filled with their cum they told me they had to leave. They all kissed me and hugged me and particularly thanked me for not complaining about their excess fucking! They explained they didn’t get to fuck many women because most women were biased against midgets but I had done everything they wanted and they were very pleased with me.

Ralph collected over $1,000 from them as they left and I just staggered to the bathroom. My cunt and asshole were both dripping so much cum it was leaving little pools on the floor as I walked. I squatted over the toilet bowl and just let it pour out of me! It seemed to flow out for ever and I didn’t know where it was coming from there was so much of it! After several minutes it stopped flowing and I wiped myself and made a dash to the shower. The cum was still running out of me as I showered and I stayed a long time under the water waiting for the flow to cease. At last I could leave the shower and dry myself. Ralph was still counting the money when I came back into the room and he just looked at my naked body and smiled at me. He asked me if I had been fucked enough and my reply told him I was completely satisfied with the fucking I had received.

Despite the flushing I had done in the toilet and the shower I was still dripping cum when we left the motel and I made quite a mess on the seat on the way home. Ralph didn’t seem to mind – he had the money and also the satisfaction of watching each man fuck me! I had seen him jerk off several times while I was being fucked but knew he needed some relief after watching me. I had been amazed at the stamina of those midgets and would never hesitate to fuck another midget. They may have small and distorted bodies but their hearts are in the right place and their cocks are huge and they deserve all the attention they can get.

I wouldn’t let Ralph arrange another fucking session for me for more than a week – it wasn’t that I was too sore, although I was sore, it was more I wanted to savour the experience of having been fucking by those gentle, kind-hearted men. I genuinely felt sorry for them because none of them were married and always had to rely of prostitutes so they told me and I felt honoured that they seemed to enjoy fucking me so much! I had offered them the use of my body if ever they toured around our city again but they told me they were constantly on the move and probably wouldn’t be back for years. They did say, however, they would ring me perhaps in few months and they would pay for my airfare to where ever they were staying if I would like to service them again! I can tell you I get excited every time the phone rings but so far they haven’t rung but I am sure they will ring one day! I certainly hope so!

Dr. Alyssa Carson Meets Soccer Hunk

An 18-year-old male was sitting on the examination table with his injured ankle up on the table as well. He was a very cute guy with short light brown hair and blue eyes. He was wearing a t-shirt and soccer shorts because he came straight to the hospital from playing a game with a soccer team called the Knights. I, Dr. Alyssa Carson, came in with x-rays in my hand.

I examined the x-rays and said, “Well, Ken. It looks like you have a really bad sprain. I’m afraid you might have sit out this year.”

He looked down brokenhearted, muttering, “Perfect timing. The championships are coming next weekend.”

Not only were the Knights getting ready for the championship the next week, but Ken was also the captain of the team and they were on a winning streak. Ken was really looking forward to playing, though it looks like he’ll be sidelined for the year.

I said to him, comforting “I’m really sorry, Ken.”

He said, looking up to me “Is there anything you can do, Doctor Carson?”

I said as I smiled, “Well, I can give you therapy.”

He instantly perked up and said, “That would be great doc! Anything to get back in the game.” as his eyes gazed locked on my brown eyes then gazed down my neck over my voluptuous breasts.

He asked, “What kind of therapy do you have in mind?”

I replied, “I have something that’s like a combination of massage and physical therapies.”

He said, “Mmmm, sounds very nice doctor.”

With my gentle hands, I began massaging his badly sprained ankle.

“Ok doctor” he added as he moved his ankle toward me.

His eyes were never leaving my chest as it moved up and down. I started taking off his shirt. His hands began moving to the sides of my large breasts. I looked at him and softly licked my lips. I slowly began unbuttoning my white doctor jacket. He licked his lips and moved to kiss me. He kissed my lips as I touched his ripped abs. His tongue was parting my lips. I lightly moan as his hands began squeezing my breasts, pinching my nipples through my blouse. Then, he was kissing my neck, nibbling it softly.

His hands moved over my soft skin and nibbled up to my earlobe. That gave me chills. My hands ran through his hair. He unbuttoned my dark green blouse, giving him a glimpse; his hands reached around and undid my lacy black bra. His lips worked their way back down to my jaw and kissed me passionately. I slipped my tongue into his mouth. His tongue slides against mine as his warm hands cupped my full breasts and his thumbs were rubbing all over my nipples, pinching them and rolling them lightly. He moved his mouth slowly down my neck and chest. He kissed down my chest and over the tops of my 42D chest, kissing around the soft flesh of my breasts, kissing in even smaller spirals around my nipples, closer and closer to the center. He took a hard nipple and sucked it hungrily, grazing the nipple with his teeth as his hand moved down my stomach to my skirt.

He moved down to reach further and pulled down my somewhat-slutty-for-a-doctor black skirt and rubbed my panties. He switched the nipple he was sucking on; he rubbed my wet slit up and down my dampening thong. He sucked on the nipple hard and moved my thong to the side to rub my wet lips. He slid a finger deep up and down my slit between lips and then slipped it inside me. I was near orgasm as he worked a second finger inside my wet cunt, moving them in and out.

He nibbled my ear and seductively whispered, “How does that feel, doctor?”

I said, “Mmmmm, that feels so good. I’ve never been so wet before.”

He grinned as he pulled his hand out and shoved my slutty skirt and thong over my round hips and ass and rubbed his wet fingers on my clit. He pinched and rubbed my clit while kissing me deeply. He fingered my clit in hard circles and sucked my nipple hard in his mouth. Ken maneuvered me around so that I’m on the table and he’s facing me, kissing down my soft flesh. His lips traveled lower and his strong legs were dangling over the side and slid down the table. He kissed and licked my belly button, then moved lower still causing me to arch my back. He kissed lower and lower reaching my smooth shaved mound. He sucked it into his mouth, and then kissed down my right thigh to my knee, then working his way back up my left thigh, kissing and nibbling.

He took a long, slow, deep lick up and down my soaking slit. He sucked my lips into his mouth and nibbled on them gently. His hands moved up to my breasts. He slid his tongue in my folds, licking around my opening. Ken was slipping his tongue in and out of me, and then moved up to my enlarged clit. He grazed his teeth on it, sucking it in and out swirling his tongue around it as he slid two fingers back into me. My hands were holding on to his head. He was sucking and slurping on my clit, my juices were coating his chin.

He looked up at my body, sinfully smiled, and asked “What do you recommend, doctor?”

I looked at him and said, “Other than resting and icing your ankle, I do make house calls.”

He still smiled when he asked, “Is that all you recommend, doctor?” as he licked up and down my slit some more, licking up my juices and my cum.

I couldn’t take more of this. I feared his mouth would be so sore from performing cunninglinus on me, almost making me cum.

I said, “There’s more.” as I pulled myself up, kissing his lips and slid my hand down his soccer shorts.

He leaned back, looking up and down my body.

I whispered, “Touch me.” as my lips were kissing his upper body.

His hands moved over my face, through my long, dark brown hair, and down my large tits, his eyes were taking in my beautiful large, round ass. I softly licked his ripped stomach all the way up to his neck. I can feel his erection against my tits. I softly sucked his fingers. His hips were grinding into mine. He could feel my wet pussy against his soccer shorts. He turned to kiss me deeply. My hands moved down his back. His hands squeezed my tits and rubbed my pussy. I softly nibbled his ear.

He moaned in my ear, “I have to have you, doctor.”

I sat on the examination table and wrapped my arms around him. He wrapped his arms around in response. My hand moved down to feel his round, firm ass. His hands were on my hips, moving my pussy over his hard cock. I let out a moan. He reached down and slid his soccer shorts down his hips. He reached and guided his head into me, sliding into my tight pussy as I pressed into him. I gasped as his cock plunged deep inside me. Ken moaned into my neck at the warm tight feel. I wrapped my legs around his waist. He started to rock in and out of me, biting and sucking my neck, moaning how good I feel. I moaned in his ear. His hands were gripping my ass as he slid deeper in and out, making me moan more as he started to fuck me harder. The table was moving beneath us.

I moved my head back, moaning louder. He was kissing my lips and neck as he felt my pussy squeezing him as my clit grinded into him as we fucked faster and faster. I felt his cock get even harder inside me. I held on to him as I moaned louder and louder. He moaned into my neck asking me if I want to cum.

I panted, “I’m ready.”

Pre-cum started flowing in my pussy as he started thrusting even faster. He repeatedly moaned into me “Oh doctor”.

He felt me as I started to spasm around him. He lightly kissed my lips and moaned that he was going to cum. I was loudly moaning and groaning as he thrusted hard and deep into me. I felt thick rope after thick rope of cum shoot deep inside me.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh” I moaned as I lightly sucked his neck, nearly collapsing from my orgasm.

He held me close with his cock still inside me, kissing my lips and neck softly.

He then whispered, “What is your recommendation now, Doctor?”

I said to him as I wrote down my number and his prescription on paper, “I recommend that you see me every week. Add weight and ice your ankle. Here’s my phone number if you need me for more physical therapy.”

He kissed my neck again and said, “Can I schedule a therapy appointment for tonight?” with a wicked grin on his face.

I said “Of course”

He kissed me softly on the lips as he wrote down his phone number and address and said, “I’ll see you tonight.”

“I’ll be there.” I said as I kissed him back while putting my clothes back on.

He rearranged his clothes and grabbed some crutches from the corner; he deeply kissed me and gave my ass and tits a squeeze.

I said “Tonight” as I gave his ass a rub once he left. I got a feeling once he follows doctor’s orders, he’ll be better in no time.


Getting the Story


Instinctively, the young reporter jumped at the sound of her editor’s voice as he entered his office. She grabbed a notepad and pen, nearly fell over her chair, and scurried across the room.

“What is it?” she asked at the doorway.

“Sit down.” The order wasn’t even combined with a gesture, one of Phil Gibbons’ most annoying habits, she thought to herself.

“The CFO of Lilt Financial was just indicted. I want you to do this one. It’s big, Callahan,” Gibbons said emphatically. “Bigger than anything you’ve done for us. Want it?”

Lindsay Callahan looked up from her notepad, nodding at the same time. “Of course.”

Gibbons looked at her as if giving her one more chance to think it over. When she didn’t blink, he said, “Have the guys in Business help you if you need it. They should know her.”


“Yeah. A babe CFO. No wonder the economy’s in the can,” he said without a hint of remorse.

Lindsay fought back a chuckle, angered by the aging editor’s unrelenting sexism.

“I’ll get on it.” Almost to the door, she turned and added, “Thanks.”

Somehow she knew he’d be watching her. He always watched her. She was used to having men stare at her near-perfect twenty five year old body. But his was a perverted gawking every time they crossed paths.

‘Pig,’ she mumbled under her breath once outside his office.

Back at her desk, Lindsay allowed the magnitude of her assignment to sink in. In her six months with the paper she’d never been given a story any more interesting than a suspicious house fire. Even that turned out to be nothing more than an overly curious cat who learned the hard way not to chew on electrical wires.

Now she was faced with real news. She’d have to do her homework. Lilt Financial was big in town…real big. She knew that much, but the actual players and inner workings would have to be studied. And she didn’t have much time.

Lindsay’s first call was to Jim Adams, the paper’s beat writer at the court. He’d know the process and maybe the name of somebody who could give her some inside information.

Her presumption was right. In fifteen minutes she had the phone number of the lead investigator in the case and Caroline Hunter’s attorney. But first, some research was in order regarding Lilt’s Chief Financial Officer.

A quick search of the paper’s picture archive resulted in numerous shots of Caroline Hunter. Each one made Lindsay stare even more intently at her computer monitor. Ms. Hunter was one of the most stunning women she’d ever seen.

She stopped at one particular photo which showed the CFO at a crowded formal affair. Caroline stood with a drink in one hand, talking cheerfully to three men in tuxes. Her long gown accentuated every faultless curve of the tall woman’s body. Tiny straps drew Lindsay’s eyes down to a plunging neckline, highlighting a pair of full, firm breasts that Ms. Hunter obviously had no qualms about displaying.

The midriff of the gown was pulled in to showcase Caroline’s flat stomach and tiny waist. Below that, the fabric followed the swerve of her hips and ass, and then flowed to her ankles.

‘How old is this woman?’ Lindsay asked herself silently.

A second search for stories related to Hunter revealed she was forty one. Botox was the first word that popped into Lindsay’s head, but further examination of a dozen pictures of Caroline Hunter convinced her the woman was all natural.

‘Bitch. Serves you right,’ Lindsay thought, dismayed a little by her sudden jealousy.

Which reminded her that she needed to get moving on the most important matter at hand: What did the gorgeous Caroline Hunter do to raise the ire of the authorities?

The lead investigator basically read from the prosecutor’s news release: ten counts; securities fraud and conspiracy; tax evasion; forgery. Ms. Hunter likely did not act alone. The investigation continues. No further comment.

Persistent questioning by Lindsay was met with increased levels of frustration by the investigator until the young reporter chose not to push it any farther, in case she needed this guy later. She thanked him and dialed the attorney for Caroline Hunter.

“My client will be proven innocent of all counts in the indictment,” Charles Hood told Lindsay immediately after she introduced herself. “In fact, it’s our intention that this case never go to trial. The evidence and testimony used before the grand jury concentrated solely on Ms. Hunter. She was a pawn, manipulated by people at Lilt Financial to conceal their own illegalities.”

“Who would that be, Mr. Hood?” Lindsay asked.

“Needless to say, we can’t name those names at this time,” Charles Hood said with all due solemnity. “But given a chance to respond to these indictments, the truth will be known. And the truth is: Caroline Hunter was USED.”

Five additional questions by Lindsay resulted in a dozen variations of the attorney’s previous remarks. Sensing a dead-end, she ended the interview.

But Mr. Hood’s unrelenting pointing towards others within Lilt Financial forced Lindsay to pull up their web site and, eventually, a copy of an annual report. She got names and titles, but that wasn’t what she was after. Lindsay needed to put faces with the names.

She called Julie Wells in Business, an occasional drinking partner with Lindsay and overall straight shooter. A promise from Lindsay to buy two rounds the next time they went out produced an e-mail from Julie containing pictures of every officer and board member at Lilt. It was worth the price, Lindsay decided.

She began to scan the montage, beginning with CEO Charles Oster. Lindsay had already decided she would attempt to talk to him first. When she saw the tall, surprisingly young looking man standing by his desk overlooking the city, her decision was reinforced. In fact, it might now require an in-person interview.

Next was the ever-lovely Caroline Hunter in a glamour shot that would have made any aspiring model proud. Assorted VPs and Directors followed, mostly middle-aged white males except, of course, for the HR and Marketing Directors.

Then the Board of Directors were shown individually and in a group. Nothing about the pictures seemed out of place to Lindsay. None of the names caught her eye: Mark Abel, Barry Black, Nelson Eldridge…a baker’s dozen people she knew nothing about…yet.

She sighed, filed the e-mail in the appropriate folder for future reference, and made up her mind to get hold of the boss. Lindsay was amazed that she was put on hold by the secretary in her first attempt to reach Charles Oster. Surely, the secretary would come back and ask if she could take a message. Instead, Lindsay was being transferred to him in less time that it took her to open a diet Mountain Dew.

“Charles Oster.”

The booming voice caught Lindsay by surprise. “Hello. Mr. Oster, this is Lindsay Callahan of The Journal. May I ask you a couple questions about the Caroline Hunter indictment today?”

“Certainly,” he replied.

Lindsay took a deep breath. “Mr. Oster, what can you tell me about Ms. Hunter?”

Charles Oster smiled to himself. It wasn’t the question he expected and appreciated the approach taken by what sounded like a very young reporter. “Well, she’ll be missed by this company until the situation is settled. I know very little about the details of the case and can’t comment on the specifics, but Caroline was…is…a fine CFO.”

“What details DO you know?” Lindsay asked.

There was a pause. “I’m afraid I really can’t say.”

“Mr. Oster, her attorney told me today that, quote, she was a pawn, manipulated by people at Lilt Financial to conceal their own illegalities, end quote. How do you respond to that?”

“Is that what he said? Really?” Charles Oster asked. “Interesting.”

“What do you think he meant by that?” Lindsay inquired, not expecting any CEO in his right mind to answer with anything substantial.

“Ms…Callahan, did you say? Perhaps we need to do this somewhere besides over the phone. I hope you understand.”

It didn’t matter if Lindsay understood or not, she jumped at the chance to get a face-to-face interview with Charles Oster. While trying to hide her enthusiasm, she replied, “Sure. If you’re more comfortable with that—when and where do you suggest?”

“We should do it here; not in public. I’ll find a conference room. Are you available at…let’s say, three o’clock tomorrow afternoon?” Oster said.

Lindsay made herself available. “Yep. Should I come to your office?”

“Well, you won’t get past the first receptionist. Just tell them you have an appointment with me.”

“OK. Three tomorrow,” Lindsay confirmed.

She couldn’t help but think she was on to something. The CEO’s sudden desire to tell her something, but not have it captured on a potentially bugged phone, excited her. If she had to admit it, the idea of meeting him in the first place excited her. Could he be as good looking as he was in the photos?

Lindsay reported to work the next day in her best black slacks, which hugged every curve of her tight ass and youthful thighs. Her blouse was sheer and taut around her generous chest. She spent extra time fixing her blonde hair and applying just the right makeup. Basically, everything she would never do for a normal day at work.

The morning crept by and she barely ate at lunch, nervously anticipating the ‘showdown’ with Mr. Oster. At two forty-five she headed out the door for the short walk to the corporate offices of Lilt Financial. As expected, she was stopped at the first desk by an efficient, if not overly friendly, receptionist who had Lindsay sit while she phones the CEO’s secretary. Less than five minutes later, the young reporter was sitting in a plush conference room, admiring the paintings and expensive furniture.

She stood to get a closer look at one particular painting. Her back was to the door when it opened noisily, causing her to jerk her body around clumsily. She didn’t know if Charles Oster recognized her embarrassed look or her gaze of approval. All she knew was, the man entering the room was perhaps the most attractive forty year old man she’d ever seen.

“Ms. Callahan? I’m Charles Oster.” He strode towards her, holding out his hand. She took it while thanking him for taking the time to meet with her. All the while, absorbing with her eyes his dark features, gorgeous eyes and sturdy frame.

“Please sit down,” he said, gesturing to one of the gigantic, high backed chairs.

Lindsay felt as if it swallowed her as she sat, grabbing her notepad at the same time. She crossed her legs and tried to breathe normally before saying, “Mr. Oster…”

“It’s Charles. Please.”

Lindsay smiled faintly and nodded. “OK. Charles, I know you’re busy so I’ll only keep you a short while. But I have several questions for you after talking to Caroline Hunter’s attorney.”

“Yes. He made some interesting accusations in your discussion with him, it sounded like. But let’s set some ground rules, Lindsay, if I may call you that.”

The reporter nodded.

“I’m not naïve enough to believe I can ask you to keep certain things off the record. So I’ll ask this. If I give you certain information that could have come to you from any number of sources, do you agree to not associate my name with the information?” he asked Lindsay.

She nodded. “Fine. But don’t be offended if I ask you when I can or cannot use your name.”

“Agreed,” Oster said. “Now, let me tell you this about Caroline Hunter, which most anybody can tell you.”

Lindsay understood his meaning and returned his inquisitive glance with one of acceptance.

He continued: “Caroline, as you may or may not know, is a very attractive woman. She’s also a very smart woman. It’s not uncommon for smart, attractive women in executive positions to be accused of using their…well, their sexuality, to gain favors. Caroline Hunter took it to another level.”

He paused apparently for effect, and Lindsay looked up from her notepad and raised her eyebrows in response. She suspected she caught him looking at the substantial opening at the top of her blouse, but gave him the benefit of the doubt for now.

He went on: “It was more than a game with her. It was an art form that resulted in her becoming one of the most highly compensated CFO’s in this state, if not the entire country, despite the size of our company. Her salary was not the entirety of it, Lindsay. She got benefits no other CFO could every dream of getting.”

Oster leaned forward in her chair. The tone of his voice reminded Lindsay of a master storyteller, but she had to admit he had her attention.

“Obviously, I was concerned,” he said, leaning back once again. “I began paying more attention to her associations within the company both during working hours and when she was away from the office.”

Lindsay looked up. “You spied on her?”

Charles smiled, almost to the point of laughing. “Now that’s a strong word to use, Lindsay. And I didn’t say that. I paid more attention.”

“What did you find?” Lindsay asked next.

The grin on his face made Lindsay believe she had fallen into Oster’s trap.

“It’s amazing what people, especially men, will tell you about women when they’ve had a little too much to drink,” he said. “And after a while it quit surprising me that so many men had similar stories about Caroline. They normally went something like this.”

Another pause succeeded in getting Lindsay’s undivided attention.

“Caroline would get the object of her immediate need in an office or conference room…alone. The two of them would talk serious business for a few minutes. Then Caroline would turn the conversation in a more casual direction,” Oster said. “She would hint at favors few men would, or could, refuse from a woman like her. She was known to willingly show skin in excess.”

With that remark, Oster rose from his chair and walked slowly behind Lindsay. She watched him with growing trepidation, but made no outward movement to reveal it.

“Imagine, Lindsay, a middle-aged or older man being tempted by the beautiful and powerful Caroline Hunter,” he said.

Lindsay was just about to turn her head when she felt his hands on her shoulders, caressing them with strong fingers. He massaged her, pulling on the material of her blouse at the same time.

“She would openly flirt with them, seeming to offer her body to them if the right deal could be struck.”

Oster’s hands slid down Caroline’s arms even as she tried to take notes. He pulled his hands back up until they were on her neck, under the blouse.

“All of the guys I talked to—every one of them, Lindsay—told me they eventually received some sort of sexual gratification from her.”

His hands moved down Lindsay’s chest until reaching the first button of her blouse. He opened it casually.

“Sometimes it was as little as a feel under her skirt, or a touch of her breast.”

At the moment he said it, Oster’s fingers slid on top of Lindsay’s breast and under the thin material of her bra. Lindsay made no attempt to continue taking notes. Her heart pounded and she feared he HAD to feel it.

“The lucky ones, Lindsay—the ones she really, really needed something from—got more.”

Both of Oster’s hands were inside her bra, the fingers searching out and finding her nipples. He squeezed them and pinched them tighter when Lindsay let out a gasp. She tried to will them not to harden, but her body revolted and Oster felt the buds grow stiffer.

“It’s hard to say who got the better of these deals, Lindsay. Certainly, Caroline Hunter was a sex addict and conniving manipulator of men. But the men clearly gained as well. Need I explain?”

Caroline shook her head, all but unable to speak. Oster kneaded her breasts one last time before pulling out his hands and re-buttoning her blouse.

“So, you see, Lindsay, Caroline Hunter was not the little angel she may have appeared to be,” Oster said, returning to his chair and looking the reporter in the eyes for the first time since the groping.

Lindsay screamed at herself inside for allowing it to happen. However, the moisture in her pussy screamed something else. The aching nipples bulging against her bra said even more.

“How many men and who were they?” she asked in a weak voice.

Oster smiled in a manner that Lindsay knew foretold a non-answer was imminent. “Ah, if I only could. Perhaps we need to meet again someday, Lindsay.”

So many things flashed through the young reporter’s mind that she could hardly keep up with them. This story could make or break her career. She needed this guy to talk. But what was she willing to pay for it? Could she separate her personal feelings from her professional responsibilities?

“Perhaps,” she finally answered. “Can I call you if I have follow-up questions?”

“I’m sure you will,” he said with confidence.

She hated him. She hated his power. She hated how he had touched her. She hated the fact she wanted to call him as soon as she got back to her desk.


Lindsay spent one more day attempting to find somebody, anybody willing to fill in more details about Caroline Hunter. Or possibly, but not likely, confirm Charles Oster’s claims. It became evident to her that Oster was, in fact, her primary source at the moment. The good and bad aspects of that fact weighed heavily on her mind.

She could simply follow the legal proceedings and write a series of perfectly acceptable stories regarding Hunter’s indictment and trial; or, she could chase Oster deeper into the inner workings of Lilt. But at what cost?

As it became obvious that the other executives, including the entire Board of Directors, were not going to be as forthcoming as Oster, the question kind of answered itself. She needed him.

“Charles Oster, please,” Lindsay said when she made the call.

“Who may I tell him is calling.”

“Lindsay Callahan of The Journal.”

“One moment please.”

The music lasted less than a minute. “Hello, Lindsay.”

The friendly tone of his voice should not have surprise Lindsay. But it did and she stumbled on her response.

“Uh, hello Mr. Os…Charles. Thank you for taking my call.”

“It must be important,” he said with sincerity that sickened Lindsay. “What can I do for you?”

“I’d like to schedule a second meeting with you if I can?” she said.

She could have sworn she heard him smile that revolting smile.

“I’ll have to check my calendar, Lindsay. What do you want to discuss?”

“Caroline Hunter.”

Oster countered with, “What more is there to say?”

“To be honest, Charles, nobody will confirm your story. Don’t worry. I never mentioned your name, but the gist of your accusations have been unsubstantiated so far,” Lindsay said, gaining confidence. “I need names and places. I need facts, Charles.”

“You’re asking me to rat on some of my best friends and colleagues, Lindsay,” he said.

“Bullshit!” Lindsay exclaimed, deciding to risk it all but suspecting Charles Oster wasn’t going anywhere. “You can either give me more details or you can wait for it all to come out in Hunter’s trial. She’s ready to lay this in your lap and you know it.”

The pause was brief. “It’s not my lap she laid in. But if you want to meet, we can discuss that.”

She didn’t believe him for an instant, but if she could get just one confirmable story out of him it would be worth it.

“So what does your calendar look like?” she asked.

Lindsay heard him pounding on the keyboard of his computer. A few seconds later he said, “Tuesday afternoon. One o’clock. But it has to be my place. I don’t trust anybody, anywhere at this point.”

Lindsay’s heart was in her throat. The consequences seemed clear, but the choice was even more obvious.

“Give me the address,” she said.

When it seemed the conversation was ending, Lindsay added: “I want a specific name of a specific Lilt executive who did a specific thing with Caroline Hunter so that one of them gained something substantial.”

“We’ll discuss it, Lindsay.”

The dial tone that followed made her shout “Fuck” loud enough to be heard through half the office.

Lindsay Callahan would generally die before wearing a skirt. She owned two. A longer, fuller one for weddings and funerals. A shorter, tighter one for clubbing with Julie. On Tuesday she wore the latter along with a v-neck sweater and no bra. She wanted details from Charles Oster.

Lindsay had never been in a gated community before. She wasn’t sure the surly guy at the gate would let her and her battered Honda Civic in. But after accommodating his prolonged, blatant looks down her sweater, she was allowed to enter.

Where Lindsay grew up, there were five houses to every acre. Here, there was one house for every five acres. The driveways were tree-lined and long enough to have their own street names. Luckily, the extravagant mail boxes had numbers and Lindsay eventually found the Oster mansion.

The semicircular drive enclosed a pond inhabited by ducks she could only assume were wild, but Lindsay wasn’t betting on it. All around her, towering trees let just enough sunlight in while, at the same time, providing a totally isolated atmosphere. As she got out of her car, the magnitude of the house itself finally struck her.

The brick exterior reminded her of the old courthouses she had seen in New England villages. However, the Oster residence was much, much more massive. On either side of the center door windows seemingly stretched forever. She could only imagine what was in the back, unseen up to this point.

Lindsay pressed the doorbell, taking it for granted nobody ever snuck up on the Oster front door without being observed first by some elaborate security system.

It surprised her when Charles Oster himself opened the door and welcomed her. Perhaps she expected a butler or maid from having watched too many old movies. Regardless, she found herself inside the mansion, trying not to act like a kid entering the gates of Disney World for the first time.

“I’m sorry we couldn’t do this over the phone or at my office, Lindsay,” Charles said as he lead his guest deeper inside the house. “But I think you understand that I’m a little paranoid right now.”

“I understand,” she replied, refraining from asking the obvious question of why he should feel that way.

They entered a lush family room with huge windows overlooking another pond in the back and additional wooded paradise. The entire room looked like it was transplanted from the most expensive furniture store she’d ever been in. The couches, chairs and tables were natural, but elegant. The various paintings and wall coverings were perfect highlights.

“Have a seat,” Charles said.

“You have a very nice house,” Lindsay said, placing her notepad on top of her crossed legs.

“It’s all Helen’s handiwork. I have no creativity when it comes to design,” he said, apparently referring to Mrs. Oster.

Lindsay allowed herself a split second to think about what Helen Oster thought of Caroline Hunter. An image of two competing beauty queens awkwardly smiling at each other on stage came to mind. Then she said, “Join the club. I could never do this.”

“Can I get you anything?” Charles asked politely, making no effort to leave his chair.

“No, thanks. I won’t keep you long.”

“Actually, it’s alright. We’re alone,” he said. “We have lots of time.”

His grin was not as comforting for Lindsay as he probably supposed it to be. She opened her notepad and asked, “Can we begin?”

“Of course.”

“Charles, why do you think Caroline Hunter’s attorney was so emphatic about saying she was used?” Lindsay said.

Charles leaned back in his chair and looked out the immense windows, and then turned back to Lindsay. “Caroline had a unique influence over people. Her intelligence was unquestionable. Her knowledge of the financial markets was undeniable. All of that paled in comparison to her sensuality. Men who were otherwise highly qualified and professional turned into jello around her. I watched colleagues have tantrums about a financial matter privately, and then find themselves unable to adequately express a single objection in front of Caroline.”

Lindsay nodded.

“So it should come as no surprise to you that certain men within the organization attempted to, uh, hook up with her,” Charles added.

When he paused for Lindsay’s acknowledgement, she asked, “Were you one of them?”

He chuckled. “The thought crossed my mind. But the line was too long.”

“Who was first in line, or at least who was first to succeed?”

Without wavering, Charles said, “That would have been a former VP. He’ll go nameless. He’s not with the firm anymore and he’s irrelevant to the current situation. Except for the manner in which he approached Caroline and how she handled it.”

Lindsay jotted down a few key words and looked up at the CEO, who said, “This guy’s mission was clear to everyone from the start. I guess he considered her some kind of prize and that we’d all respect him or something if he got her. Anyway, he was pretty open about his intentions and Caroline led him on, most certainly with no goal of ever making it a long-term relationship.”

Charles smiled. “One thing I have to say about Caroline: she has a great sense of humor. Maybe a little bit of the actress in her. She knew damn well where the security cameras were in our building. She positively knew there were several sprinkled throughout the finance department for obvious reasons.”

Lindsay wrote her notes and prepared for what she thought was coming.

“We never found out if it was the first time they ever had sex, but Caroline made sure this guy was in plain sight of the cameras on this occasion,” Charles said. “They were in the office at about nine at night. Nobody else in sight. She takes him out in the middle of the room by a somewhat clean desk and they start kissing. His hands were everywhere, opening anything on her that was buttoned or zippered. Her blouse was hanging open and her skirt was around her ankles by the time she got his cock out.”

Lindsay looked at her host, desperately hoping her ever-increasing pulse wasn’t obvious to him. She wondered what purpose this all had; where he was going with it, since it was all so ‘irrelevant’.

“Caroline took off her blouse and kicked the skirt aside, and then she sank down to take him in her mouth,” Charles proceeded. “Not with his back to the camera, or her back to the camera. The perfect side view, Lindsay. She had it all figured out. And for nearly five minutes she gave him the best fucking blowjob I’ve even seen in my life.”

Lindsay crossed her legs in the opposite direction, feeling the moisture in her panties building. Now, for sure, Charles had to know he was affecting her, damn it.

“When she stood up, his cock could have penetrated a wall. He pulled down her bra without even taking it off and sucked on her incredible tits for a few seconds. Then he pushed her down on the desk, shoving stuff in all directions. He yanked off her panties and pushed himself between her legs. The camera had the perfect view from above and slightly behind him. Caroline spread her legs like a pro and took that cock like it was nothing. The rest was pure security camera magic.”

When he delayed for a few seconds, Lindsay found herself almost begging him to continue. He must have seen the look in her eyes.

“We saw his cock sliding in and out of her soaking wet pussy. There was no sound with the tape, but we saw Caroline plainly saying, ‘Fuck me. Fuck me. Harder.’ And he did. Her legs wrapped around his waist and her tits shook in all directions. The only question was whether he’d cum in her or not.”

Lindsay was breathing through her mouth, unconscious of the fact she hadn’t taken a note in several minutes.

“He lifted her ass off the desk, Lindsay. And just when it looked like he was ready, he pulled out and beat himself off until cum shot out of his cock like a hose. We saw strings of cum landing on her tits, her neck, her stomach…the desk. He must have cum a dozen times until she was covered in it.”

This time when he stopped, Lindsay all but gave up hiding her stimulation. She took a deep breath, switched the position of her legs again, and sighed audibly. The look of surrender in her eyes must have been evident.

“I know, Lindsay. We felt the same way the first time we saw it. You should have seen him cleaning her up with his undershirt. It was priceless.”

The attempt at levity had little effect on her. Her main concern was whether or not he noticed the rock hard nipples pushing against her sweater.

“Why are you telling me this, Charles?” she asked in the weakest voice she ever heard come out of her body.

“As background for the pertinent information I have,” he said. “Don’t you newspaper types all want the background info? Isn’t a pattern of events more significant than a single event?”

“What pertinent information do you have for me, Charles?”

“Ah, yes. Why we are here,” he said. He looked at Lindsay with the most unashamed look of the afternoon. His eyes scanned her from the smooth blonde hair on her head to the calves of her legs.

“Stand up, Lindsay.”

The young woman’s internal struggle over how far she was willing to go with this had finally come to a tipping point. Her brain all but hurt from the countless thoughts and endless decision making. She said, “Charles, I don’t…”

“Lindsay, don’t blow this opportunity. I have information you need to take this story to another level. People are tired of corporate fuck-ups ripping them off. They never tire of sex.”

“But I don’t have to…”

“But you do, Lindsay. You do if you want it all,” Charles said, leaning slightly forward in his chair. “You do want it all don’t you?”

“You make me sick,” she replied.

“I make you horny. You were squirming like a teenager during that story. Your nipples grew harder every minute, Lindsay. I bet your panties are soaked,” Charles said in a firm, self-assured voice. “Now stand up.”

The words bordered on an order. Lindsay threw the notepad on the couch in defiance…and then stood up.

“Get undressed, please.”

For one fleeting instant she considered leaving. In the next, Lindsay was pulling her sweater over her head. She flung it on the couch behind her as her ruffled blonde hair settled back over her shoulders. She made no attempt to pose for him. Yet, the fact she was stationary in the middle of his family room, alone, resulted in the same outcome.

Charles studied her keenly, taking in every inch of her body from the waist up. For the first time, Lindsay thought she detected a bulge in his crotch under the expensive pants. She had looked there out of habit and he couldn’t have missed the stare. When their eyes met again, nothing was said.

Lindsay unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. She removed it and her shoes at the same time. Now it was a matter of whether or not he could, in fact, detect the wet panties he had correctly predicted. His eyes seemed to pierce through her and Lindsay struggled to figure out what to do with her hands.

After what seemed an eternity, he said, “The panties.”

This wasn’t what she wanted her hands to be doing, but she slowly pulled the panties off. Now she stood naked in front of Charles Oster, ostensibly for the purpose of gaining information from him for her story. Charles, of course, only saw this as a down payment.

“Turn around, Lindsay.”

A lot of pretty women worked at Lilt Financial. Charles Oster knew them all. Few, if any, could compare to the one standing in front of him now. From Lindsay’s delicate shoulders, to the curve of her spine, to her gently bowing ass and firm thighs…she matched up with the best of them. Even Caroline Hunter, Charles thought to himself.

He rose from his chair and walked the two steps it took to get close enough to Lindsay to touch her. His fingers started at the bottom of her ass and traveled up her body in an intensely methodical pace. Only when he reached Lindsay’s shoulders did Charles reach around her.

He purposely traced the outline of her breasts without ever truly touching them. He teased her by finally running a single finger over both breasts, but avoided the nipples. Not until he thought she was ready did he allow his hand to touch the ultra-sensitive tips.

But when he did, he cupped the breasts firmly and tugged Lindsay back against his body, causing her to gasp.

“Do you feel it? Do you feel how hard you make me?”

Lindsay nodded.

“You’ll get your information, Lindsay Callahan. But this type of information is expensive. The interesting thing is: you can afford it. Will you pay?”

If he expected an answer, she didn’t give it. At least not verbally or with a gesture. Charles worked her nipples between his fingers, stopping only to knead her full breasts with his large hands.

“I bet Caroline likes having her tits played with. Don’t you think?”

Another nod.

“I bet it makes her wet. She was wet in the security tape, Lindsay. You should have seen how that cock slid into.”

With that, Charles’ hand was between Lindsay’s legs. She spread them without even thinking, a reaction that would have disgusted her if it hadn’t been for his fingers searching out the opening to her cunt. He found it quickly and slid a solitary finger from her pussy to her clit, lingering there while Lindsay’s body stiffened.

“Of course you are,” he whispered in her ear. “You were wet half way through the story and you got wetter stripping for me. Now you’re dripping, Lindsay. Just like Caroline was.”

So, there it was. Lindsay was no better than Caroline Hunter. Perhaps she would learn of details that made Caroline a worse person. But at the moment, they were basically the same—sexy women who contrived a course for themselves, only to be derailed in the end by more manipulative men.

Charles rubbed Lindsay’s clit harder. “Shall we negotiate?”

“Uh huh,” Lindsay acknowledged feebly.

A finger entered her cunt and probed her until she felt his knuckles against her pussy. “The price is steep, Lindsay. Are you willing to make a deal?”

“Do you have anything worth giving me?”

Intended or not, Charles took the question two ways. He took hold of Lindsay’s wrist and pulled her hand back to his crotch, where he laid it directly on top of his rigid cock. Lindsay’s impulse was to grab the cock through his pants. Charles pushed forward to signal his approval.

“I have lots to give you.”

“Then let’s have it,” Lindsay said.

“Good girl,” Charles said. “Now lay down on the couch for me.”

Lindsay’s legs were unsteady as she moved back to the couch. Then she settled down onto the cushions and rolled onto her back. Charles had already removed his shoes. He unbuckled his belt, pulled down the zipper and lowered his pants. Lindsay watched intently as the thick erection under his boxers came into view.

Once he was naked from the waist down, Charles strode to the couch. He didn’t believe it was possible to get any harder than he already was, but looking down on the beautiful young reporter–flowing blonde hair sprayed out on a pillow and large breasts filling her chest–did cause one last twitch in his cock as he settled between her legs.

Any thoughts of regret Lindsay had a moment ago were overshadowed now by her desire to feel Charles Oster’s impressive cock in her cunt. She spread her legs and awaited his next move.

There were few preliminaries. Charles positioned his cock at the entrance to Lindsay’s cunt and lowered his body for a better angle. He did manage to look into Lindsay’s anxious face for an instant before driving forward. Charles’ eyes remained locked on the young woman to capture her expression of astonishment as his substantial cock made its way inside her body. It was one of the little pleasures in life he enjoyed so much.

Lindsay tried to act as if this was a routine fuck. But the sheer magnitude of what had just happened to her pussy resulted in an involuntary intake of breath, followed by an exhaled sound she had never made before. It took three or four thrusts of his cock for Lindsay’s body to adjust. When it did, she relaxed as much as she could and just enjoyed the ride.

Charles would never admit that Lindsay was a good partner. He’d probably never have to. But he had a tendency to rate fucks and each passing moment moved her higher and higher up the list. When she finally wrapped her legs around his waist and tightened her grip on his cock, she was in the top three.

He bent down and took a breast into his mouth, sucking and nibbling on the nipple until her cries of joy filled the room. A short repeat on the other breast had her hips driving wildly up towards his body.

“Is this what you wanted, Lindsay? Or should we just stick to the facts?”

Lindsay moaned, but didn’t answer.

“Tell me. Tell me what you want?”

“Oh God, Charles. Don’t…don’t make me…,” she tried to mutter between near-violent shoves of his cock inside her cunt.

“What, Lindsay? Tell me!”

“Goddddd, no!”

The couch rocked fiercely, threatening to knock against the end table behind Lindsay’s head. The sound of Charles’ balls smacking against her ass got louder and louder.

“Tell me!” he almost shouted.

“Fuck me, bastard! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Lindsay grabbed the front of Charles’ shirt and hung on for dear life as they both picked up the pace and intensity. Charles began to kiss the side of Lindsay’s face before eventually allowing his mouth to cover hers. Pure lust alone caused her to open her mouth and accept his tongue, returning the favor with vigor.

Seconds later, while the kiss was its most passionate, Lindsay screamed out and her orgasm began. Her heels dug into Charles’ ass. A button flew off his shirt as she clutched at it with both fists, but neither of them noticed nor cared.

“Oh God! Oh God!” she cried out repeatedly.

“That’s it, baby. Cum harder! C’mon, Lindsay.”

He held out as long as he could, but the pressure applied by her tight cunt on his cock took its toll. With a mammoth grunt and a powerful thrust, Charles drove his cock deep into her cunt and began to pour out shot after shot of warm cum.

Lindsay put her hands on top of his ass and pulled him closer. She wanted to feel every inch of his throbbing cock while Charles came. Lindsay flexed the muscles in her pussy the best she could to squeeze each drop out of him, and it prolonged the orgasm by a few seconds.

Finally, Charles collapsed onto the couch, his cock still inside her. Their legs were intertwined; their bodies at awkward angles to allow Charles to remain in Lindsay’s cunt.

“Names and places, Charles. Dates and times. You promised,” Lindsay said.

“I sent an e-mail to you when I saw you pulling up. All you need is right there,” he replied, rolling her nipple between his fingers.


The drive back to the newspaper offices was a blur of images from the brief ‘interview’. Lindsay couldn’t deny the pleasure she experienced, but questioned her ethics and morality. She tried to convince herself that information was information and how it was obtained was secondary…kind of. Would she ever do it again? She couldn’t answer that question.

She hurriedly got to her desk and opened her e-mail. Sure enough, there was Charles’ message. Her hand shook as she double-clicked on it. When it opened, she froze in her chair.

Expecting a long message, or perhaps a list, she wasn’t at all prepared for what she saw. On two lines were written:


“What the fuck!?” Lindsay mumbled.

Her initial shock was quickly replaced with growing anger. She slammed her fist down on the desk.

“Damn you, Charles. Damn you! Damn you!”

She kept to herself all thoughts of how he had used her, fucked her, and promised her information…only to give her THIS.