Hannah’s Ultimate Fantasy

It had become a challenge both Hannah and her husband Gary looked forward too, every couple of weeks the two would sit down to a nice candlelit dinner and after a bottle of wine one of them would lay down the dare to try to come up with the ultimate sexual fantasy. Like most couples it was deemed fun and a little competitive, who could embarrass, shock and make the other horny enough to give in and ask the other to go to bed with them. They both knew it was about fantasy and their desires would not see the light of day, well that’s what Hannah thought however Gary had other ideas.

Gary poured Hannah another glass of champagne.

“Are you trying to take advantage of me?” Giggled Hannah.

Gary smiled, and explained he had something special in store for her and when she was ready, to undress and head into the gym room. It didn’t take much convincing for Hannah to slip out of her clothes and run into the gym room, Gary watched as Hannah’s naked bum disappeared around the corner.

Gary entered the room and led Hannah to the bench press where he sat her down; she wiggled from the coldness of the seat against her bare buttocks. Gary moved behind Hannah and blindfolded her, he lifted her arms up and tied them to either end of the weights bar and then kneeled down spreading her legs as far as her hips would allow securing Hannah’s ankles to the bottom cross bar, pausing for a second to glance at Hannah’s glistening shaved pussy.

Gary placed his hand in the small of Hannah’s back and pushed her forward until her pussy rested over the edge of the bench. At first Hannah struggled with the positioning as her back arched outward pushing her pert tear drop tits forward, after a few moments her body adjusted and she relaxed, and giggled with anticipation of what Gary had in store for her.

Hannah sighed at the touch of her nipple being suckled, she felt her breasts tighten and then the expression of confusion came across her petite face as she felt another mouth suckling on her other nipple.

” Gary what’s going on?” Hannah demanded.

The mouths stop suckling and Gary moved towards Hannah and whispered into her ear, “Trust me.”

Hannah nodded her head in agreement with some dissatisfaction, which quickly disappeared as she felt her nipples once again being stimulated by two mouths and tongues, within minutes Hannah could feel her juices flowing uncontrollably and her head swelled at the thought of a stranger fondling one of breasts, she knew it wouldn’t be long before she came as her clit swelled she tried to stimulate herself by pushing down against the bench however Gary had positioned her in such a way she was unable to do so.

Hannah felt a hot breath against her drenched pussy and when she felt a tongue part her swollen lips she struggled to free her arms.

“Stop!” Hannah yelled.

Once again the mouths stopped pleasuring her.

“I want to know what’s happening.” She demanded.

Gary removed the blindfold and in front of Hannah were three naked women a blonde either side of her and a brunette kneeling between her thighs. The blondes had identical hairstyles and makeup, almost twin like Hannah thought, they both had full but pert breasts. The brunette had short bobbed hair and dark eye shadow and makeup hedging towards a Goth look she was petite with tiny hips, she smiled at Hannah and licked her painted ruby lips showing off her pierced tongue, Hannah felt her clit harden at thought of the brunette’s touch.

Hannah felt relieved that the mouths belonged to women and not men, she glared at Gary and then burst out laughing.

“The ultimate fantasy.” They said in unison together.

“So are we okay?” Gary asked.

“We’re okay, I want my hands free so I can touch and in my ultimate fantasy you’re naked remember?” Hannah replied.

Gary undressed quickly, his large erect cock glossy with sticky pre cum being aroused at watching his girlfriend being fondled by three gorgeous naked women. The women turned their attention back to Hannah.

Hannah placed her hands on the blondes’ heads and stroked their perfect hair as they licked and sucked her erect hard crimson nipples, Hannah felt her clit enlarging as the brunette’s tongue slowly slid up and down her drenched pussy discovering her tight hole her swollen lips and hard clit, sipping Hannah’s juices.

Hannah looked at Gary and motioned for him to move closer.

“I want to suck your hard cock.” Hannah demanded.

Gary moved his cock into Hannah’s waiting mouth, she pursed her lips forcing Gary’s foreskin to roll over the head of his cock exposing his head to the warmth of her mouth, Gary moaned at the sensation and slowly rocked his hips back and forth gliding his cock in and out of her mouth.

Hannah felt the brunette’s tongue exploring her wet pussy, circling her tongue around her wanting hole and then slipping the tip of her tongue slightly inside of her just deep enough for Hannah to feel the penetration and the tongue stud touching the entrance to her love tunnel. The brunette continued for a few minutes until she could feel Hannah’s pussy tighten she slid her tongue onto Hannah’s hardened clit and flicked it with the her tongue stud. Hannah pushed the blondes heads deeper into her breasts as she let out a muffled cry as her orgasm erupted inside.

Gary withdrew his cock from Hannah’s mouth and watched as the brunette softly kissed Hannah’s swollen wet pussy whilst the two blondes gently kissed and kneaded Hannah’s tits.

Hannah looked down at the brunette, and asked. “I want Gary to fuck you, can he fuck you?”

The brunette smiled and nodded her head and then turned her attention back to licking Hannah’s pussy, she waited for Gary to move behind her and then she raised her arse upwards so Gary could kneel down behind. Gary slid his huge erect cock into the brunette’s tight pussy and she paused for a few seconds until she could take Gary’s full length and then she returned her face between Hannah’s soft thighs.

Hannah requested the blondes to stand up so she could touch their pussies they responded and moved next to Hannah’s face. Hannah gently kissed each one’s neatly trimmed pubic hair running her thumbs over feeling their softness, taking in the smell of sex radiating from their wet cunts. Hannah moved her hands simultaneously along their inner thighs until she reached their pussies and slowly slid her finger’s along them parting their puffy lips feeling their wetness until she reached their tight holes. Hannah slipped two fingers into each of them, the blonde on her right grasped Hannah’s fingers with her pussy muscles and orgasmed immediately.

The blonde on Hannah’s left bent her knees forcing Hannah’s fingers deeper inside her she ground her hips pushing Hannah’s fingers as deep as they would go. Hannah could feel the blonde’s buttocks quiver as her pussy contracted around Hannah’s fingers, the blonde let out a loud scream as her orgasm shattered through her. Hannah removed her fingers from the two drenched pussies, and licked the juices from them, she could feel the brunette’s face pushing deeper against her pussy and she looked at Gary.

Gary was slowly pumping his cock in and out of the brunette’s pussy.

Hannah moved her hands either side of the brunette’s head gently holding her as Gary started to increase his pace he looked sideways to see the two naked blonde women gently kissing and touching each other. Hannah knew with so much nakedness and sex before his eyes it wouldn’t be long before Gary would be shooting his load

“Faster.” Hannah demanded of Gary.

Gary responded pumping his cock harder and harder with each thrust, the brunette grabbed Hannah’s thighs and dug her nails into them as her body momentarily froze as her orgasm flowed; Hannah pulled the brunette’s head deeper against her pussy, her tongue worked faster against Hannah’s enlarged clit, Hannah’s breathing increased as she could feel another orgasm building deep inside of her.

“Now Gary, now.” She demanded.

Gary pulled his cock out and exploded his cum into the brunette’s silky vagina, the sight of Gary’s hot cum shooting inside of another women quickly set Hannah’s orgasm off and she screamed with ecstasy as her hips uncontrollably bucked from the sexual attention of the evening.

They all went to the bedroom, laid on the king-size bed.

Abigail, one of the two blondes, gazed up at him. Her lips inches from his balls. “Your cock is beautiful,” she signed and then licked the base. She smirked when it jumped toward her. “So hard,” she signed and licked again. Her hands remained free as the cock jerked around and tried to desperately find her mouth.

Joyce, the other blonde, slid from the bed and lowered herself to her knees. Her hands came up and she opened her left palm. She ran the edge of her right little finger down the palm’s center signaling she wanted some of Gary too.

Gary’s jaw dropped as he watched one blonde gather his balls and begin sucking on them one at a time and the other lower her mouth down on his dick.

“Fuck,” he signed and dropped one hand on each blondes’ head. He petted them both, toyed with their hair as they fucked him with timid licks and sucks. His hips started to lift and fall over and over again.

Joyce stopped her ministrations and gazed up at her lover Gary and their looks held as she rolled her tongue over his thick head and coated the top with her moist tongue. She lavished it with attention, making low strokes down the shaft, up to the head and then back down eventually she traded places with her blonde identical Abigail and suckled his balls, letting her teeth graze the sides.

Abigail deep-throated him right away, letting the head of his sex slam against the back of her throat. She repeated the motions several times, tightening her hold on his dick when she’d pull away and then forming another tight ring on her way back down. Her nose nuzzled his pubic hairs and her breath tickled his skin.Until his dick became hard again.
Whereupon, both blondes slid up his body and suckled one of his nipples before colliding in a three-way kiss (triple kiss: one man, two woman).

Gary stepped away and lifted his right hand, left it flat and moved it forward with the palm facing up.

The two women repeated the gesture of Thanks and then slid their almost twin like bodies over to the bed. Gary watched two soft, firm asses lift up into the air and sent a prayer to the heaven’s that he lived through the night. They both stayed there and winked at each other, a sight that was not lost to Gary. He moved to the bed and rubbed the sweet flesh of Joyce’s ass and slapped it hard. He watched her press back for another and he gave her what she wished.
His cock was hard again, aching to slide into the forbidden entrance of Abigail’s cunt.
The head of Gary’s cock was poised and ready. He rammed into Abbey’s pussy and felt her tighten around him. His hands grabbed her hips and he started to pound into her. His balls slapping her ass and his nails digging at her skin. At first he was fast, then he slowed, then he sped up. There was no tempo, he would just change when his body desired it. Abigail was eating Joyce and he was fucking Abigail. The group moaned to themselves, growled and whimpered for more, while Hannah and the brunette kissing, and playing with each other’s pussies and bodies. Each one reacted to scents and tastes, touches and sights, but none reacted to sounds. Sounds didn’t exist.

Gary’s body stiffened and he felt Abbey’s pussy constrict. They both came together, flooding each other with juice that mingled and slid down to mix in trails down her thighs and his balls.

Joyce licked up her blonde indentical’s come and then rolled to her back. She scooted up and lay still while her breathing returned to normal. Her lover Gary’s cock hung limp and he crawled up between the four women on the king-size bed. He kissed his wife Hannah and then the three women.

Gary lay between them and felt his wife spoon his back. He held her hand and squeezed it. After releasing it he pulled Abigail to his front, and she hugged Joyce and the brunette. Legs tangled with legs and arms tangled with arms as the five lovers fell into a needed slumber, one that would stir erotic dreams they would awaken them and lead them to play out those fantasies during the hours that were to come. Tomorrow he will fuck the other blonde Joyce, he can’t wait for that.

In the morning, Joyce wake up while Gary positioned himself for entry and pulled her hair with his hands. She let out a sexy moan/groan that came from the depths of her chest, as his wife Hannah and the two other women wake up by Joyce’s loud moans and began to watch the exciting scene. He entered her in one thrust and couldn’t believe how wet she was. Gary thrust into her again and again and was quick to cum himself. He tried to hold back but couldn’t. The night’s activities had built to a crescendo inside himself and he exploded in one powerful orgasm. His balls emptied into Joyce’s depths many times. His mind went numb and he saw stars behind his eyes. As the last of his fluid emptied into her, he laid his head on her chest.

My Hot Adventure with Three Sisters

I was nineteen and in last year of my school, when a family of three sisters shifted in our neighborhood during the winter season. These three sisters, lived with their mother who was working in a bank, their father was deceased. And we often studied together for preparation of exams.

The eldest was Vandana 21 years, having finished graduation was looking for a job, second daughter Vaishali was my age and in the same class with science subjects like me, the youngest one was Vinu and was eighteen years of age. They were all beautiful and of medium built with the second sister Vaishali having the best body, nice big tits, and large fluffy bottom. The eldest sister was also well proportioned but was less developed on her tits as compared to Vaishali; the youngest one was the least developed and shortest in height as well. Since Vaishali and I had Science and as the younger one was also preparing for her ninth grade exams, we three decided to study together and I was given the honor of helping the two girls in case they needed any help. So every night we used to get together either at their house or my house to study. We all became very friendly and besides studying we were freely touching and feeling each other.

For some days this went and I was slowly but definitely designing my dreams to fuck all the three sisters. Vaishali was closest to me and had even me to cup her breasts and kiss her, the youngest one Vinu also did not object to my hugs touching her breasts or rubbing her bottom. The eldest one Vandana was the real tough one who maintained her distance with me (probably she was having an affair) and was reserved generally. One day, their mother had to leave the town for some urgent work for about a week.

When their mother left, I as usual turned up for studies at about 8.30pm at their house and we all sat down to study. For the rarest of occasion, I was surprised at Vandana offering me a welcome and even asked if I would to eat or drink something. I asked Vaishali what’s going on? Vaishali told me that she had told her elder sister that I was kissing her and also fondling her tits and that Vaishali was enjoying that along with the studies and so was Vinu. The eldest sister thought she was missing the fun and since the mother was also gone, she asked Vaishali if it was ok if she too had little fun with me. So that was the whole thing. I thought. Vandana is not getting a cock up her pussy, poor young girl of 21years in full bloom but no guy to kiss and fuck. What a pity. I told Vaishali, no problems, lets forget studies tonight and lets do some exploration (the girls of course didn’t know that I was well versed, experienced lover).

Vandana lovingly made hot chocolate drink for all of us and while we sipped the same. When we finished the hot drink Vandana asked both her sisters to join her on the double bed and get inside the quilts, as that night was particularly cold. I also joined them with Vandana and Vinu on my sides and Vinu sitting near the foot of the bed. Vandana took lead and asked me to disrobe, as they had never seen a young man in the nude. I said OK, but I too want to see her. They agreed but said would do it after I had disrobed. I started to take of my woolens and then the shirt and finally the trouser and under garments. It was real cold. My cock was in its smallest form, the winter cold having reduced it to its bare minimum.

The three girls squealed in delight and were very happy to see that after all the cock was not big at all, infact smaller than their little fingers. Vandana said they were worried that if the cock were as big as a cucumber or a large banana, how would they take it, as none of them was able to insert even their little fingers in their pussy. Girls were masturbating, you see. I was quite happy at their innocence but I guess Vandana knew that when cocks are erect, they are big because she asked me SUNNY how can you make this big. I told them I will tell you but first all of you become nude. The three of them jumped together and tore at their clothes, none of them, I noticed was wearing any under-garments. Fully nude the three beauties stood on the bed. All of them stunning in their own right with Vaishali being the outstanding not only she had the best body but God had blessed her with the prettiest of faces the pinkest and fullest lips I have ever seen. Her breasts were a little larger than a tennis ball; they were round and their tips pink with small but fat nipples. Absolutely flat stomach smoothly shaven pussy (all the sisters had shaved their pussies), a large pink clit, a nice round bottom and good legs, she was stunning. The eldest sister had small breasts and her clit too was large but not pink, Vandana was as fair as Vaishali. The youngest sister had lemon size breasts and I could not see her clit as she stood with her legs together. We all suddenly felt cold and got into the quilts on the bed.

Vaishali my favorite lay near me and kissed me on the lips and brought her leg on top of my thighs, pressing my cold cock. Just few second had passed when Vandana pushed her away and took her place on my left side and kissed me madly, sucking my lower lip rubbing her breasts on my side her nipples were erect so they felt very nice to the touch. My cock was slowly getting enlarged and Vaishali who had gripped my cock felt the size growing and looked at me in anxiety. I told her, that it was her love, which was making it grow in size. Vandana was not leaving me and was continuing her kiss, Vaishali caught hold of my right and placed it on her tit, which I quickly pressed gently taking her nipple in my thumb and first finger and rolling it. Her nipple too became taut and I could see blood surge up her chest, neck and her face-signs of the girl going on sex heat. Vaishali was continuously holding my cock, which by now was more than erect. The youngest Vinu was only a meek spectator until now tugged at Vandana’s hand and asked her to move so that she could also enjoy kissing me. Vandana got up from the bed and went into another room to come back with a room warmer (an electric heater) which she connected the electric board and switched it on. Both Vaishali and Vinu were fighting with each for kissing me and I was finding it difficult to kiss and suck their tits and both wanted the most were. My hands though got busy exploring their pussies.

Even Vinu was quite aggressive and she held my middle finger and ran it up from her arch up to her clit – she was moist. Vaishali on the other hand took me as her sole property and wont let Vinu or Vandana to kiss or fondle me for long. I fondled Vaishali’s pussy as well and was able to insert my full finger in her pussy, which she enjoyed and she responded by kissing me harder and harder. My cock by now was getting into its very thirst urge to get into a hot moist pussy or a loving sucking mouth. With electric heater the room also became warm and Vandana pulled down all quilts and threw them on the floor.

We were all naked and the three sisters looked at my erect cock in disbelief, which few minutes ago was barely two inches was now a full six inches (well almost) long and more than four inches in circumference. No, No you cant put that in there, they said in unison with their fore fingers pointing at their pussies. I told them not to worry and if the followed my instructions and cooperated they will enjoy and nobody will complain of any pain. So the show began, I first asked Vandana (she being the eldest should lead the way and infect had the most matured pussy and I knew would be least difficult to fuck – all the three were virgins- what a lucky man, I was their super hero and the three of them eager as hell to learn how to fuck and enjoy) to come and kiss my cock. I lay down on the bed she came on my side and held my cock gingerly between her fingers (as if it will bite her) then shyly placed a very faint small peck on its head. I asked her to give it a long nice kiss as she had done to my mouth only minutes ago and that my cock won’t bite her. Her two sisters encouraged to her to do so and both Vaishali and Vinu were rubbing each other’s clits and now and then sucking each other’s nipples, Girls were keeping themselves warm.

Vandana, having come so far could not back out and had to give my cock a long kiss and in the process sucked the cock’s head inside her mouth. She turned her eyes to look at me for approval, I told her fine go ahead, try and take as much cock inside her mouth and drag on it in a sucking motion. She was a good student and followed my instructions and finally she took more than half my cock inside her mouth and started bobbing her head up and down its length, but being a fresher she was also sometime grazing my cock with her teeth, which was painful. So I told her to widen her mouth when she was coming down the length of my and then to purse her lips to squeeze the body of my cock and slowly suck upwards covering her teeth with her lips so that not to hurt my poor RAMROD. She did that and we had an expert cocksucker VANDANA. I then proceeded to pay attention to VANDANA’s body. She was sitting on the side, with her back to me and her face towards my cock which she was sucking slowly and gently I grabbed her tit from behind and pressed her nipple, it was already erect. So I shifted my hand to her ass and ran my fingers all over butt lightly brushing her ass hole and the lower end of her pussy. I sucked my middle finger and applied my saliva on to it and pushed it just very little inside her arse. Vandana took out my cock from her mouth and asked me to insert the finger in the other hole (cunt). I told her to shut up and concentrate on sucking my cock and leave the rest to me. I then pushed my finger inside her arse further up.

Vandana stopped sucking and said it was painful. I told her to continue sucking my cock and not pay attention to my finger I also asked Vinu to Suck Vandana’s nipples so that she is fully aroused and does not feel the pain in her ass. Vinu quickly took her position and slurped up Vandana’s tits. Vandana relaxed and so did her ass and allowed my full finger inside her butt hole. Vaishali who was left alone joined the party. She came and sat opposite to VANDANA and asked her to allow her to suck the cock. Vandana reluctantly agreed. Vaishali was even better on the cock and having heard my instructions to VANDANA did a nice job of sucking my cock. Vandana who had my middle finger in her ass and was having her tits sucked by Vinu brought her lips down on my mouth and gave me a real sexy kiss. She then whispered ”lets fuck, my choot is all wet and yearning for your cock” I smiled, I told her, see this is the magic of my finger in your ass. All the nerves around your pussy are also connected to the ass and since her ass was relaxed so would be the pussy and she will enjoy the fuck. So I disentangled myself from Vaishali, who protested that I should first make love to her and then to VANDANA. However, I told her first to watch her DIDI get fucked and then I will fuck her – lessons first you see?

Vandana took her position on the bed and I took mine, between her legs, spreading them. I lovingly pressed her pussy which was really wet (good I thought, lubrication will ease the little ”first time” pain) and bent down on her to kiss her and suck her tits and slowly traced my tongue from her nipples to her chest, her sides, her flat stomach and dipped it in her navel and then dragged it down to her pussy, I twirled my tongue around her clit which was now full of sexual desires. Vandana’s breath became short and it looked she couldn’t resist anymore and asked me ”meri choot me dalo, please”(put it in my cunt, please). I knew the time was right and quickly placed two pillows under her hips and asked her to raise her legs with knees folded. Having elevated her pussy I placed my cock at her entrance and slowly, gently but strongly exerted pressure.

She was tight, no doubt, I managed to barely put the head of my cock inside when Vandana’s eyes welled up with tears, she was in pain, and I stopped exerting pressure. I looked at both Vaishali and Vinu who were watching us closely to come and suck their sister’s tits, so that she is aroused. I must say the sisters were really very eager participants, both Vaishali and Vinu sucked their sisters tits and I too pressed my thumb at Vandana’s clit, which in seconds raised her sexual appetite and her juices again began flowing from and she looked at me to commence the effort to push my cock up her pussy. This time she told me not to stop but to push the full cock up her pussy, she was so hot that she didn’t mind the pain and wanted to get rid of her cherry. I was hot too, almost uncontrollable with sexual urge. I began pushing, slowly though and when more than half of my cock was inside Vandana’s cunt, she stopped me and asked to wait for a few seconds, but I knew, now there was no stopping, my cock was in a tearing mood and spray my cum inside her cunt. So I continued, she tried to get up(her sisters still sucking her nipples) but I pinned her down and pushed my entire cock in her choot. We were fully joined. Vandana was biting her lips and was in some pain but soon the pain disappeared quickly as it had come and I started working her cunt with very small pushes barely half an inch out and in and removed the pillows from under her hips(which were necessary for the ”FIRST FUCK, as the pressure from cock is also helped by the gravity to lower the cock in the pussy below) and asked Vandana to clasp my waist with her legs. She did so and I pressed my cock upwards so that I was also rubbing her clit.

She was now enjoying. Sexual excitement was written on her face. I moved my cock in longer strokes in her tight pussy, which brought lots of happy ooohhs, and aaahhhs from Vandana who asked me ”fuck my choot, move your cock harder”. I did so couple of times and having thoroughly enjoyed this virgin (also my first virgin fuck, I had up till now only fucked my aunt and my friend’s mother who were both married and much elder to me and had sex number of times, but VANDANA was special, though she was older than me, she was the first virgin I fucked), I lay on top of Vandana and took her breast in my mouth and sucked real hard, I fully emptied my cock inside her cunt and slowly withdrew my cock out. I noticed a few drops of blood on my cock, which she and her sisters noticed too both the younger sisters then kissed their sister and me on such a wonderful event. Vandana and I went straight to the toilet, where she washed my cock lovingly with soap and warm water. She then washed herself and we both returned to the bedroom to find that VAISHALI and VINU were in each other’s embrace and their fingers playing with each other’s pussies.

It appeared having seen their elder sister fuck they both were also high on sexual urges and wanted to badly fuck. I wasn’t. Seeing us they both disengaged and VAISHALI pulled me on the bed and hugged me, kissing me, groping my cock in her hand said, SUNNY its my turn now and after you have fucked me you fuck Vinu. Vinu then shouted, No Vaishali didi, you promised me you will let Sunny fuck me first and in return I had sucked your pussy. Please don’t break your promise. Vaishali looked at me sadly and said, yes Sunny you have to first fuck Vinu and then me. Vandana then asked me to lie down on the bed and asked Vinu to sit on top of me in a sixty-nine position. Good idea I thought, Vinu was just eighteen and needed to worked up much more to have a pleasurable FIRST FUCK. Vinu sat astride on my chest her little hips and pussy just half an inch away from my mouth. She bent down to grab my cock and kissed it. Vandana joined her to teach ”cock sucking” while Vaishali became the spectator. Vinu took my cock in her mouth and began sucking, she then took it out and Vandana took my cock in her mouth and sucked my cock and both sisters took turns at sucking my cock. The cock rose up in fury to blast for action. When Vinu sucked my cock Vandana would run her tongue on my shaft and when Vandana had my cock in her mouth, Vinu would lick my balls. The girls were doing a good job and my ”LUND(cock)” loved it all.

I saw Vaishali was playing with her tits and pussy and trying to bring herself to TIGHTNESS (she had this word for her orgasm). I also got busy and started licking Vinu’s virgin pussy. Vinu had small hips a small pussy and a tiny butt-hole, it was cute. I licked her butt, which brought her pussy to flow with juices I then licked her pussy, inserting my tongue in and out of her very tight cunt. My cock was being raised to great sexual heights by both Vandana and Vinu who had contrasting styles and also differed in the manner of sucking, while Vandana was taking long and slow sucks Vinu was taking short and quick dips, Vandana moved her tongue up and down the shaft and sucked my balls while Vinu would gently hold my shaft between her lips and move those lips up and down the shaft. But it was a new -double suck- experience for me and I fully enjoyed that. With Vinu flowing her juices and becoming bodily hot, I thought its time for my young friend to loose her ”virginity”.

Having lifted Vinu off my chest (she was small and thin girl, light in weight) I placed her on her back and folded her legs and brought her knees on her small breasts. I parted those legs and sucked on her tit, giving her tiny pink nipples a roll in my lips and moved my tongue around it – I did the same to the other tit and moved my finger at cunt and tried to insert my finger which went in only for an inch and then her pussy tightened. I knew I had to work hard on this girl as my cock was like four fingers for her. I lapped up her tights and slowly moved my finger in and out, her juices were flowing and she was slowly moving her hips to push against my finger.

I kept on at my effort and lovingly cupped her face in my hands and asked her to give me long nice kiss. She did so this kiss was really sweet her saliva was like syrup of sugar her tongue like a piece of chocolate and her lips like rose petals. Her breath was heavy and quick, she was actually fully aroused, I tried insert my finger further and this time it was more than half inside her. I rubbed my finger on the sides of cunt walls and brought her flow her juices even more heavily, I could feel her hymen at the tip of my finger and pushed my finger a little further up and managed to tear her membrane, my finger was now fully inside her. I got out from between her legs and onto her side bringing my mouth directly on top of clit and began flicking my tongue on the clit and slowly and gently moved my finger in and out of her virgin cunt. Seeing me in this new position, Vaishali who was watching me with admiration for the display of my art of sexual foreplay got up and got between my legs and took my cock in her mouth.

Vandana also joined her and she started biting my buttocks in a very gentle and soft manner, not hurting me but pinching my butt with her teeth, she even began flicking her tongue on by butt hole – gave me a nice feeling and raised the excitement. Vinu was so aroused that she didn’t come to know that I had torn her cherry with my finger. Vinu was getting even hotter and finger and tongue did a great job in relaxing this kid. She was ready I was ready and the two sisters who were showering their attention on me freed me to see their youngest sister take my LUND in her small CHOOT.

Despite the fact that Vinu was hot and flowing, I knew I needed more lubrication because of the great difference in the size of her choot’s entrance and my cock’s head. So I asked Vaishali and Vandana to put all their saliva on my cocks head and their sisters pussy. Both collected a great amount of saliva in their mouths and directly passed it inside Vinu’s cunt and also applied some on my cock. Vandana asked me if I required some cream or oil – I told her no, atleast for the moment. I sat between Vinu’s legs and spread them raising them and folding them at her knees and pressed her knees to her chest, this brought her pussy up. Vandana guided my cock to Vinu’s cunt and I started exerting pressure. Half of the cock’s head was inside Vinu’s cunt and I could feel the smallness of her pussy. I pressed further, Vinu was almost about to scream when Vaishali sealed her mouth. I continued to exert pressure and managed to get half of my cock inside. I looked at Vinu; she was in pain but was smiling.
Despite the winter there were beads of perspiration on my forehead and Vinu’s. Vinu pulled up to catch my hips and asked me to move my cock further up in her pussy -brave girl- but the tightness of her pussy was also bit painful for my cock, so I first pulled it out a bit and pushed it in again, I pulled it out an inch and pushed it back an inch ever so slowly and then slowly pushed my cock further up and with only half of my cock inside her I felt I could not go any further, either she was too tight or her cunt was only about three inches in length. So I stopped for while and began kissing and licking her tits to draw her attention away from the pain. Vinu was very aggressive sexually and when she was more comfortable and pain had gone down asked me to ram my cock fully inside, begged me to do it in one go, even asked Vandana to push me from behind to add to the pressure. But I knew that was not the way and I told Vinu not to worry and if she tried to hurry it up, I would take my cock out of her cunt. She stopped her insisting for the ramming and laid back to relax. I continued to play with her tits, Vandana also joined and started sucking the other tit of her baby sister.

Vaishali smothered Vinu with her kisses and they both played with their tongues This cooperative action from all of us brought her back into a HIGH on her sex. My cock inside her cunt felt her juices flow and ooze out of her pussy, tainted with her virgin blood. The sight of blood woke the animal in me and I started pushing my cock inside her and in seconds, I fully tore her hymen and almost fully inserted my cock in her. Vinu was in heaven and so was I. Mercifully there was no further pain and Vinu let me to fuck her. She moved her hips up and down, pushing out my cock and then trusting her hips to pull it back in her. She then asked me to lie on my back and let her ride. Having lost the ”barrier; Vinu was a liberated girl and wanted to enjoy her first fuck the most, but I was to disappoint her a little. I lay on my back and she astride me, she may have moved up and down on my cock maybe four or five times, when I shot my cum in her cunt. I held her tight and pulled her down on me, inserting my cock as far as it would go and squirted my cum in her insides her juices too gushed and flowed out of her pussy making a big mess on my cock and the bed. She then boxed me gently and asked why I finished so quickly and made me promise that I would fuck her long enough to bring her atleast ten times. Vandana accompanied both of us to the toilet and washed us clean.

Asked me if I needed some chocolate drink or something to eat. Asked her for a cup of coffee. Vaishali, who by now was so, aroused that she couldn’t wait for any foreplay and asked me to simply sit between her legs and fuck her. I was amused and happy as such a demand from such a beautiful girl and instinctively knew she would be the best fuck (though both her elder and younger sisters were excellent fucks). I told her am waiting for the coffee and after the coffee break it would be her turn; Vaishali refused to listen and insisted we begin it. I showed her my limp cock and said this required atleast ten minutes’ rest. She said no and got up from the bed to drag me there. She then fell on top of me and began kissing me feverishly, playing with my tongue, biting my lips, bringing her firm tits to my mouth, then rubbing her tits all over my body with an extra rub on the cock, which came half alive with Vaishali’s tits doing the trick. Vaishali grabbed my cock and straightaway sucked it. Gripping it in her mouth, she pulled my cock upwards, then went down on it, taking the half erect cock fully in her mouth and then roughly pulling at it with her mouth. Her efforts were immediately rewarded and my cock jumped back to life. I It grew big and was hard and ready to fuck my dear Vaishali’s pure/unfucked pussy.

By the way Vaishali had the biggest clit in the three sisters. I played with it while she sucked my cock. Having felt my cock fully erect in her mouth, she quickly got down to her fours and asked me to fuck her from behind (she told me she had seen pictures of people doing it that way). Variety, I thought is the spice of life. I got behind her. Vaishali’s round full hips were in the air. Her brown butt hole was quite inviting and the parted lips of her pussy were all put together the most beautiful sight of this world. Vaishali was not only beautiful but was a good friend of mine and I wanted our first fuck to be the best. I sat down behind her cupped her hips and lowered my tongue on her butt hole, first lightly licking it and then pushed the tip of my tongue in her butt while my fingers worked up her pussy and gently stroked her clit my other hand caught her breast and gently pressed and rubbed its nipple. Vaishali, purred and moaned asking me to love her, to be her man, to kiss her lick her pussy and ass and maul her breasts.

Vaishali who was already aroused and over sexed couldn’t take my love anymore without the cock tearing at her pussy. Vaishali’s pussy had a wonderful fragrance and it raised my sexual urge to maddening height. Vaishali was by now even more wet, with her juices flowing down her thighs. I inserted my finger in her pussy that had no problem, I then added two fingers which also went in fully with some effort. Vaishali told me she had worked hard to get ready for my cock and had worked two finger masturbation for sometime. Was I pleased no I was happy for her, as she will not have to bear the pain. Vaishali is my age (about two months younger to me) and was larger than both her sisters. My cock, which was already raising hell to get inside Vaishali’s cunt, was only too pleased when I brought its head to meet the nether lips of my lovely girl friend. I pushed the head of my cock into her pussy and then bent over her to catch her breasts in both of my hands. I whispered to her that she simply great and the most beautiful girl of this world and that I was actually in love with her. She turned her face towards me and said she too loved me and wanted to be fucked by only me in this world. I told her I would love and fuck her as long as she wanted and maybe later on marry each other.

She agreed and said, though for sometime, please make my sisters happy too as I don’t want them to be fucking every tom dick harry. I accepted that gleefully and glanced at the two sisters who nodded in approval and joined us on the bed. Both Vandana and Vinu kissed every inch of my body licking at my balls, digging their tongues inside my mouth, sucking Vaishali’s tits and even sucking and rubbing my nipples. All this was maddening in real terms with the sex fever at its highest peak -literally Vaishali and I were dying for the fuck. I again started pressing forward my cock into Vaishali’s cunt and she pressed back to take the cock inside her pussy. Gradually I managed to fully insert my cock in her pussy penetrating her cherry and making her scream with pain and when I stopped pushing she looked at me and asked me to commence the fuck, fuck her hard and mercilessly, she wants it to be the greatest fuck I ever hard, she asked me forget that it was her first fuck but to enjoy her body without any gentleness. I was surprised at her intentions; sex was really riding high in her head.

I started moving my cock slowly and gently in and out of her. The slapped my behind and asked me to move faster and deeper. I picked up the speed but was still gentle when she yelled at me to make mince meat out of her pussy and to ram my cock right up to the hilt and so it faster, faster, faster, harder. She forgot her pain and repeatedly asked me to continue my onslaught on her choot. Apart from her juices her blood was also flowing, Vandana quickly brought a towel and placed it under her, but Vaishali kept on asking me to push harder. I did that HARDER and FASTER ramming my cock up her choot, grabbing and pulling her tits inserting my thumb in her ass (which she loved). Vaishali was a great lover, she was meeting my thrusts with her pushes as well and my full cock was now going in and out. She came, once then again when I moved my thumb in her ass hole, third time when I old her that I would like to fuck her all the night and yet again when slapped her bottom red. I was far from cuming and knew a long fuck was ahead of me. I asked her if she would like to ride me. She agreed, quickly we changed position; Vinu in the meanwhile had a good sense to bring warm wet towel to wipe my LUND and Vaishali’s choot, to clean the blood and juices. I laid on my back and Vaishali on top of me while she leaned forward Vinu caught hold of my cock from behind and gave it a small suck and then put it into her sister’s pussy. With my cock inside Vaishali, she began to jump up and down and then bent forward on my body kissing my lips sucking my tongue and asking me to push my cock up pussy.

Vaishali came for the fifth time but continued her working her choot on my lund and soon came for the sixth time. She was now visibly tired. I asked her to slow down and why not let me up again. She took the doggy position again and asked me to enter her from behind. I put my cock in her cunt and bending over her caught her breasts with my hands and started ramming my cock in her tight pussy. Vaishali was continuously coming every few seconds and I cud feel here pussy muscles ripple and squeeze my cock alternately. Vaishali’s pussy was on fire an with my cock not in a mood to spray yet, I continued with my pushing’s for another five minutes and then I fell dead on here, my cock had washed her insides with my heavenly cum. Vaishali, quickly got out from under me and took my cock in her mouth giving me suck, drawing out even the last drop of my cum. Satisfied she left me to go to the toilet and returned with a towel and some water, cleaned me and the three girls then left me in that room to sleep. But barely ten minutes had passed when Vandana turned up with a glass of coffee and asked me to drink it and to feel refreshed. Oh what an hour of sex we had, three virgins. Vandana told me, that she enjoyed every bit of sex I had with her and asked if we could do it again.

I thanked GOD for his bounty for me and told Vandana yes I would like to fuck here again. This made her happy and after I had finished the coffee she sat near my head and loving took my head in her lap, her pussy smell, fresh from first fuck was great. She asked me to suck her tits while she fondled with my cock. Vandana’s tits were nice to taste, though small in size her tits were very sensitive as I cud smell her getting ready for sex (the cock and pussy have unique smell when they are ready for sex or during arousal – My mausi was a great teacher really). Her nipples became taut and she started rolling when she kissed me. Its not just the pussy, which gets its juices, but the mouth as well, gets a load of saliva when sex is on the anvil. Vandana then asked me if I was ready, I said yes. She then lay on her back and I entered her and fucked her nicely bringing her to come two three times before I came. We had just finished when Vinu and Vaishali entered the room again and wanted to have another as well. I fucked them, this time with lights off, Vandana also as member of the game. I told them I will not finish in anybody’s pussy, but in a mouth and that I will give five strokes of cock in the pussy to each of them and they were to take turns till I finished in the last one’s mouth. So the first was Vinu (tightest and cutest of the three) five strokes (she tried to stop me when I took my cock out) then Vandana who kissed me and kissed, five strokes and I got out of her and then Vaishali, my dear one, as an extra I sucked her tits, no lights so nobody saw this extra favour, five strokes and another five strokes when Vinu yelled that I was doing extras then I gave Vinu five strokes and then Vandana when I was about to get out of her, she asked Vinu and Vaishali if I could fuck her to a finish and if they both will help her to come by sucking on her tits. They agreed and I continued to fuck Vandana who kept on saying she was grateful to me for having made her experience heaven on earth and said I could fuck her when ever I wanted, even after she had been married etc etc – promises and more promises.

I fucked her hard this time and rammed her pussy with full force bringing her to come quickly. Vandana was at last satisfied. It was now Vinu’s turn whose cunt was he most difficult to enter and once I finished the five strokes, she asked for another five which Vaishali said give her ten, ten turned to twenty, maybe even this little girl also wanted a hard fuck so in and out, up and down, harder faster deeper rode my cock in her pussy but Vinu wouldn’t come. I knew she was holding back and not flowing with me. I decided to pay more attention to her. I licked her tits, flicked my tongue on her cunt and worked hard till she too was satisfied.

It was a really exhausting experience for a single man to satisfy three sisters in one go.

The Babysitters ثلاث فتيات مراهقات جليسات أطفال مع والد الأطفال

Kimmy was watching from the window in the den, which overlooked the driveway. “He just pulled in, he just pulled in.” She squealed as she ran and jumped on the bed. Her blond hair tumbling down her shoulders and her white baby doll pjs seem to float around her. When she landed on the bed, it made a small wave in the water bed and bounced the other two girls causing them all to break into a fit of giggles.

Ginger and Diane fell onto the bed, laughing. They were wearing identical baby doll pjs – all three had gone shopping at the mall and bought matching outfits for this night. This night, just like some of their other adventures, had started as a joke. The joking had turned to planning and now, here they were. The three girls were all nervous and not sure where exactly this night would go. They had lied to their parents – each one telling their parents that they were sleeping at the other girl’s house.

The girls didn’t really have to answer to anyone – they were all going to college at the end of the summer. This was their last fling before they had to buckle down and work hard. This was their final adventure together – all three girls had picked different colleges, in different parts of the country. They had planned this for weeks, talked about him for months.

The girls had babysat for this family for years. They knew the kids so well and they also knew the family’s routine. The mother had taken the three girls to the beach for a week, leaving the dad home alone. Each of them had a school girl crush on him. He was tall, dark and handsome. An average American guy. Black curly hair at the top of his over six-foot frame. Tan from working in the sun on the construction site; and always joking and smiling. He had become the conversation at the lunch table in the cafeteria for the past several years amongst the girls.

“Girls, pipe down – we have to listen to see when he is coming up the steps.” Ginger warned quietly.

“Get under the covers, and pull the covers up to your chins. We don’t want him to see what we have on yet.” Diane said as she climbed into the bed, fanning her long black hair over the pillow.

Ginger jumped in between Diane and Kimmy. They lay there, listening and hearing only the pounding of their hearts in their ears. “He must have gone to check the mail – I haven’t heard the front door close yet.” Ginger whispered.

Diane looked out the picture window across the room from the bed, watching the sun setting. It was late June, the air was still, all the house windows were open as it was an older house and they didn’t have air conditioning. Despite the fact that is was rather warm in the room, she had goose bumps on her skin. What if they had read the signals wrong? What if he sent them packing – how humiliating it would be and having to find another summer job would suck.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound two floors below of the front door closing. The girls knew it had only been minutes since he had pulled in the driveway; but it was feeling like hours. They were ready to jump out of their skin – the waiting, the anticipation. The girls froze as they heard him whistling, ascending the stairs. His footsteps took them one step at a time closer to the evening’s festivities.

Kimmy couldn’t contain herself, the giggles overcame her and she tried to contain them in vain – her body shaking causing the waves to roll in the bed again. The waves had a ripple effect not only on the bed but in the girls themselves. Soon all three were shaking with the giggles. His footsteps paused on the landing, his whistling slowing. He had to have heard them.

As he pushed open his bedroom door, the laughter could no longer be contained. All three erupted into hysterical laughter as he stepped into the bedroom. “Well, what do we have here?” His brow was furrowed, a slight grin on his face as he looked at them.

All three girls sat up at once, the comforter falling from them in seemingly slow motion. Their breasts jiggled as they laughed and their nipples were visible to him through the thin fabric of the lingerie. He looked at their faces, the tears now rolling down their cheeks as they hiccupped and gasped trying to catch their breath. One or two giggled in between the gasps. The setting sun shining reds and yellows, purples and pinks through the picture window and shining on their blonde and black hair. Have I died and gone to heaven he thought?

The girls looked at him, standing in the doorway to his bedroom, his briefcase falling from his hands as he heard Ginger say, “Are you going to get undressed and join us? You probably need to be pampered after your hard day at work.” She purred.

He still was just standing there, staring – his briefcase at his feet.

“Let us help him out girls!!” Kimmy said as all three rose from the bed.

He watched all three rise, their baby doll pjs only covering to the top of their thighs, their naked legs and bare feet walking towards him. He could see the curves of their calves as they padded closer to him; their white matching panties just barely visible beneath the flowing baby doll tops. Three sets of breasts swinging loose underneath the cotton fabric. Ginger with her short black hair and slender neck. Kimmy with her long blonde hair, curves along her hips and thighs and Diane with her long black hair and larger breasts.

In a second there were six hands on him. Unbuttoning his shirt and unzipping his pants. He closed his eyes; this had to be a dream. He had flirted with these girls – but never dreamed they would be really flirting back. He was almost 15 years their senior.

His eyes flew open as he felt several hands pulling his jeans down and other hands tugging his shirt down his arms. Soft hands roaming his body, like silk sliding over his skin. Soft, wet lips on him that sent shocks under his skin every place they touched.

He stared for a moment at Ginger, her erect nipples holding the material of her baby dolls so it floated around her, he could see the silhouette of her breasts and flat stomach as the light from the picture window shone through her baby dolls.

Kimmy kissed him quickly and then all three of them pulled him to the bed. As the girls crawled onto the bed, he saw the open cooler with beer – his beer out of the fridge – chilling by the bed. Diane followed his eyes and pulled a beer from the cooler. She twisted off the cap, he watched the cold water running down her wrist and drip onto the comforter. She held the beer out to him. He looked past the beer, watched her chest rising and falling.

“Lay down Mr. Jamison.” Ginger’s hands in his, pulling him onto the bed.

Diane quickly added, “We thought you might like a full body massage after working all day.”

He laid down on his stomach, pulling a pillow under his folded arms, propping up his chin. Kimmy handed him the cold beer and he took a long pull. What did these girls really expect? He suddenly felt self conscious in his boxers, surrounded by hot, young flesh. He heard movement, the water moving beneath him and the girls moving around him. He jumped slightly as he felt something warm and liquid being dripped onto his upper arms, back, legs and on the soles of his feet.

“Relax Mr. Jamison.” Whispered one of the girls, her hot breath in his ear.

Hands, so many hands on him; rubbed the oil into his skin. The oil warmed on his skin even more as they breathed and touched it. Their hands massaged his shoulder muscles, running down his arms, pressing into his flesh and then massaging back up the base of his skull. More hands on his lower back, starting at the middle of his spine, fingers running out to his sides. Hands massage his aching leg muscles, moving down to his feet and thumbs moving in small circles over his soles. It felt like twenty women in the room instead of just three.

He started to relax, the warm oil all over him and hands tracing patterns.

“Hope you are enjoying this. We bought a book at the store about massages and have been practicing on each other for a few days.” One of the girls giggled – Diane he thought.

They had him at “practicing”. He felt the hands which now seemed to be moving all the blood to his aroused cock. He was glad he was lying on his stomach. Thoughts of all three of them, naked, rubbing oil on each other to get ready for tonight, kept flashing through his brain. He was still waiting to wake up from this dream.

A warm mouth on his ear brought him back to the bed. “Would you like to turn over and rub some oil into us?” Hands on his shoulders pushing and pulling him onto his back, Kimmy climbed onto his thighs. She was openly glancing at his evident erection sticking up in his boxers; and then Diane and Ginger were staring. Diane said, “Pass me the oil please.”

Diane held the oil high over his torso, dribbling the oil over his chest and down his stomach and all along the edge of his boxers. Ginger tentatively leaned forward and touched his collar bone with the tips of her fingers. They felt like a bird’s wings fluttering over his skin. She lightly began rubbing the oil over his chest, Diane’s hands joined in as well. The girls’ cheeks were red as their fingers pressed harder.

Kimmy ran her hands up his hips, dipped her finger into his navel in the oil pooled there. She began to circle his navel with her fingers, forming a wider and wider circle, massaging his stomach. He glanced from one girl to the next, noticing their increased breathing, hardened nipples and flushed faces. He reached up and cupped one of Diane’s breasts and one of Ginger’s breasts; lightly pulling on their nipples through the thin fabric.

“Hmmmmmmmm…” Escaped Diane’s lips as she reached across him and pulled Ginger’s top over her head. Ginger’s smallish, perky breasts fell free of the material. He cupped her breast again, feeling the smooth skin and hard nipple against his hand. As he pinched her nipple, Diane licked the nub between his fingers, her hands planted on his chest as she sucked on Ginger’s breast.

“Let me have some oil please girls.” He said while holding out the hand not attached to Ginger. Diane unlatched her lips from Ginger and slipped her top over her head as Kimmy poured some oil into his palm. He rubbed his hands together as Diane and Ginger helped Kimmy out of her top. Kimmy sat back and watched as he rubbed oil on both of the other girls’ breasts. The nipples shining in the fading light as he stroked and fondled them. He felt hands pulling his boxers off as Diane pressed her nipple against his lips. He opened his mouth and felt her nipple on his tongue, the taste of the oil, not all that unpleasant on her skin.

Diane blocked his view with her body as he felt heat on his cock. Warm tongues licking up and down both sides of his fully erect cock, making him want to explode right then. He gently pushed Diane away as he pushed himself up on his elbows. Watching the short black hair and long blonde hair draped across his thighs, the feeling of their mouths on him, the saliva leaving trails along the length of his cock.

Diane moved down his side, flicking his nipple with her tongue as she took her place across from Ginger. Then there was three. Three tongues and three sets of lips and all those hands caressing him. He has to cum now.

“Ahhhh, I can’t hold it!” He thrust against them and they responded by licking him faster and harder. Ginger took all of him into her mouth as Kimmy tongued his balls. Diane licked the base of his cock, her tongue finding Kimmy’s tongue and then their tongues licked in unison. He came into Ginger’s mouth, his hands on the girls, squeezing their flesh as he moaned.

Ginger swallowed most of him, as she sat back on her heels he watched some of his spunk run down the sides of her chin.

“Mmmmm, that looks good.” Kimmy said with a sly smile as she and Diane moved forward and each one licked a corner of her mouth.

His tentativeness was gone. He sat up and patted the bed. “Who wants me to taste them first?” Kimmy rolled into the spot he patted lightening fast. As Diane lay down on one side of Kimmy, and Ginger the other, he watched as he ran his fingers up and down Kimmy’s thighs, then pulled her panties aside. His eyes moving from her pink pussy lips and light blonde hair, that he could see was already damp, to Diane and Ginger each sucking on Kimmy’s tits. The girls all were kissing each other as they played with Kimmy.

He placed his hands on the outside of her pinkness and spread her open as he lowered his mouth to her. He licked her, her taste flooding his mouth. He fucked her with his tongue as he reached his hands up on either side of her until he felt the other girls. He pushed their legs apart and slid a finger under their panties and into each one as he felt Kimmy pressing into his face. He couldn’t tell who was moaning and making the noises; he could only taste pussy and feel the wetness against his fingers. As Kimmy came on his face he fucked the other two faster and faster. His arms aching from the position he was lying in; until they caught up with their girlfriend and orgasmed one after the other.

He pushed himself up on his elbows, looking at the heap of panting, womanly flesh lying in his bed. He licked first one finger and then the other to taste all of them in his mouth at once. Their flavors mingled in his mouth, he smiled as Kimmy opened her eyes. He looked between her legs, her wetness dripping onto the bed. He felt his cock under him rebounding from the group blow job.

He stood and plucked another beer from the cooler. He drank half of it as he turned on a light by the bed and looked toward the picture window. The sun had fallen from the sky and twilight was outside his window, casting soft shadows on flesh.

The girls disentangled themselves from each other. He cracked beers for everyone and then all sat drinking and laughing on the bed.

“So whose idea was this?” He asked with a smile.

Diane giggled. Ginger blushed and Kimmy spoke. “It was a combined effort. We have all watched you for a while.”

“We flirted forever I think, and you didn’t notice.” Diane laughed.

Kimmy drained her beer, stood and walked to him. “So, did you settle for the blow job or might you want more?” Kimmy asked as she stood and climbed onto his lap straddling him. Her kiss was cool, her mouth tasted like beer. Kimmy felt his erection throbbing against her panties. Her naked breasts rubbed against his oil slicked chest. They slide against each other as he slid his hands down her back and into her panties, gripping her ass.

He felt someone nibbling at his ear lobes and he turned his head as Ginger kissed his mouth. Kimmy and Diane were kissing. He watched them kiss. Diane slipped her hands in Kimmy’s long, blonde hair, pulling her further into her so she could kiss her deeper. He felt his erection at full attention again.

“On your knees, face down, on the edge of the bed. All three of you, right next to each other.” Kimmy rolled off him as he stood. Ginger kissed him as she crawled onto the edge of the bed.

All three girls knelt on the bed. Their wriggling asses and milky skin wait to be touched. He walked up behind them; his hands shaking.

“Sir, should we get undressed or do you want to do that?” Ginger asked in a soft, sexy voice.

“I will undress you.” He said.

He stepped behind Diane and hooked his fingers in the top of her baby doll bottoms and slid them over her ass and down her thighs. He gently pushed her down on the bed. He stared for a moment at her beautiful round ass – waiting – she was waiting for him to slide his hard cock into her! He looked at Kimmy who had her face slightly turned to him; she drew in a breath and pulled her shoulders back, her breasts pushed out even further.

He moved behind her, placed his palm on her lower back and pushed her down onto the bed. She moaned slightly as he pulled her bottoms down to her knees. It was all he could do to contain himself as he looked from Diane’s waiting body to Kimmy’s. He ran his hands through Kimmy’s long blond hair, pulling it into a ponytail and continued to move down her back, caressing her backside. He paused for a moment, already feeling the cum building inside him. If he touched her could he hold it back? He had to know how she felt.

He touched the inside of her thighs, she moaned softly again. Diane and Ginger were both watching, nervous smiles on their faces. He moved his hands and touched her outer lips. She shivered as his fingers slide between them, her heat radiating against his skin. He pulled his hands away and could smell her scent, her wetness glistening on his hands.

He moved over to Ginger. Her head was turned towards him and he put his hand on the side of her head and kissed her. She responded back, her mouth hot on his.

“I have to tell you something.” Ginger murmured.

The other two girls giggled, obviously knowing what she would say.

“You have to take it slow with me; I am still a virgin – unlike the other two.” She said with a wicked smile, looking directly into his eyes as she spoke.

Diane and Kimmy began laughing as Ginger said, “Kidding, I’m just kidding.”

His breathe caught in is chest. He froze again; staring at her soft lips that had just spoken to him. He watched as Kimmy pulled Ginger face down onto the bed. Ginger reached back and pulled her own panties to her knees. All three girls’ flesh glowed in the soft light, on his bed.

He looked from one to the other, trying to quickly decide in which girl he wanted to slide his hard, throbbing cock into first. He moved and stood between Diane’s legs. She arched her back, squirming as he placed his hands on her ass. He rubbed the head of his cock up and down, feeling how hot and wet she was, how ready she was for his cock. She pressed back with her body as he pushed forward and slide into her. She threw her head back as she moaned. He began slowly, thrusting into her. She picked up the pace rocking back into him.

“God you are so hot.” He said aloud.

He moved a hand to Kimmy’s slit. He felt her fingers already toying with her clit. He pressed two fingers into her and watched as Kimmy and Diane rocked in unison; one impaled on his cock and one impaled on his fingers. He looked to Ginger’s cunt and saw her hands already between her legs as well.

He felt his orgasm building too quickly. He pulled out of Diane and stepped behind Kimmy. He pulled her ass cheeks apart and licked her opening. He ran his tongue along her entire slit, from her clit slowly all the way up the crack of her ass. She quivered as he touched the head of his cock to her wet opening. He held still, waiting to control himself a bit more. Kimmy pushed back hard, hitting his thighs with her ass. She began riding his cock like a porn star.

“Fuck – me – Mr. – Jamison, – fuck – me – faster.” She said one word at a time in between filling her cunt with his cock.

As she continued to ride him, he placed one hand on each of the other girls. He strummed their clits as he wriggled his fingers into them. Soon all three girls were moaning and fucking parts of him. Sweat ran down his back, part from the fucking and part from trying to restrain his impending orgasm.

Kimmy began fucking his cock faster and harder as she moaned with every buck. He thrust into her hard as she screamed and grabbed the sheets, popping the ends of the fitted sheet off the bed. She pressed her ass into him and he could feel her cunt grabbing at his cock with her orgasm. He quickly pulled out. His head was going to blow off. He couldn’t hold it back. His heart was racing.

Kimmy collapsed on her side, her blonde hair covering most of her breast; he could see her nipple moving in and out between the strands of hair as her ribs rose and fell with her breathing. Diane kissed her gently.

“Ginger’s turn.” He said as he moved between her feet. She moved her feet up and down against the outside of his legs. He ran his hands from her feet up to her thighs. He traced his finger tips along her inner thighs. Touched her between her legs and smiled as he felt the total smoothness there, she was completely shaved. He stroked the soft skin, touched the tip of her crevasse, brushing her clit with his fingers. Her entire body twitched with his touch.

His cock throbbed against her thigh. His pre-cum glistened there. He slowly eased the head of his cock into her. Leaning back and watching it disappear into her tight velvet cunt. He stopped and felt his cock throb and her pussy tighten with each jerk of his cock. He pulled out of her and then slide half way in again and stopped. He knew if she rode him like Kimmy had he would cum instantly.

He pressed his entire length into her as he bent over her. His body shaped on hers and whispered into her ear, “Slow pretty girl, take me slow.”

He moved slowly in and out of her, pulling all the way out with each stroke. The cool air hitting him and then the contrast of her heat as he re-entered her was driving him crazy, even at the slow pace.

Kimmy’s hand disappeared under Ginger’s swaying tits. Her head came up fast as she turned to look at Kimmy. He could see her flushed face as her hair moved back and forth on her cheek. He felt Diane’s hands slide between his legs from the back and fingers on either side of his cock as he pounded Ginger.

“I can’t hold it back any longer.” He said loudly as he pulled out of Ginger. He stroked his cock one more time as he shot his cum all over Ginger’s ass, Kimmy’s chest and Diane’s hands. Diane rubbed his essence into Ginger as he watched Kimmy’s hands rubbing him over her chest. He turned and collapsed on his back on the bed next to the girls.

“You girls are trying to kill me I think.” He muttered breathlessly. The response was rolling waves on his bed and giggles from the girls.

“Can we get you anything Mr. Jamison?” Diane asked.

“I’ll take another beer from my bitches.” He said with a laugh.

Our Massage Parlor أخصائية المساج والتدليك – قصة أخرى وأخصائية أخرى

“Let’s go to Chinatown.”

“Why?” I asked, cradling the phone between my head and shoulder as I finished stirring some guacamole.

“I need to do some research for my ethnography class. We’re supposed to interview someplace every week for the entire quarter and then write a paper on it. It’s boring by myself. Come on, go with me. All the really cool kids are doing it…”

I did a mental checklist: my readings were done, I had started my paper due next week… “Sure, I’m free. Want me to meet you at the Blue Line, Kate?”

“That sounds good. I’ll see ya there, John.”

I hung up and took the bus to the Blue Line subway station. Katelyn was already waiting for me and waved wildly as I got off the bus. I gave her a quick hug and we made our way to the platform. I had to bat her long, violet scarf out of my face a few times as the wind blew it around chaotically.

“So where are you doing your research?” I asked as the train jerked to life, taking us towards Chinatown.

“At this massage parlor: Paradise Massage. At first I was thinking of doing a restaurant, but the employees don’t really have time to just sit and talk with me, but there, they’re stuck with me anyway, so I can talk to them all I like.”

“Do they know you’re researching them?”

“No, I’m worried they won’t be as open if they know. It’s easy to get them to open up, though. From what I can tell, they don’t really have many female clients, and since we’re all Chinese, I think they’re just happy to have someone to share their stories with.”

“Ya, I doubt many of the people who go there really care much about their life-stories.” I paused and bit my lip. “So, um, is this is ‘happy ending’ kind of massage parlor, or?”

She laughed. “Jonathan! Do you only think with your dick? I haven’t really asked. I don’t want them thinking I’m a cop or anything, and it’s not as though I can benefit from it, anyway. Maybe I’ll talk to some of the guys there one day, ask them about it. I’m sure they’d love to brag about their exploits to a cute, curious Asian girl.”

“Well if you want, I’ll go undercover and try to find some stuff out for you,” I offered.

She lit up. “Really?! You don’t mind?”

“No, I’ve never had a real massage before. It’ll be a nice experience. Would you want to come in and observe, or should I just tell you after?”

“Hmm…how about I observe one, and then you do another alone?”

“Won’t they be suspicious if you’re watching me?”

“I’ll just say you’re nervous going in alone. They know me there, anyway. I don’t think it’ll be a problem. Or I can pose as your translator. A lot of the masseuses don’t speak good English.”

“Sounds like a plan.” I checked my watch: 12:00. “Want to grab a meal first?”

“Sure, it’s on me. Thanks for being my undercover agent, John.”

“It’s quite a sacrifice to be massaged by beautiful women, but for you, I’m just willing to do it.”

She punched my shoulder and laughed. “Jerk. You better do it. It’ll help my paper, and I won’t have to talk to any sketchy guys hanging out at the parlor.”

“Alright, alright, for you.”

We found a nice restaurant in Chinatown and ate. After we finished, she led me to Paradise Massage

“Alright, this is the place.”

I examined it. The windows showed medical charts in Chinese, presumably extolling the health benefits of massage. The building was nondescript. Just a plain, two-story, brick building on a fairly busy street. I followed Katelyn inside.

There was a stairwell to one side, and a desk as soon as we entered the door. A middle-aged Chinese man sat behind the desk. He was clean-shaven and his hair was graying at the temples. Katelyn and he began speaking in Mandarin, and since I couldn’t follow a word, I just took in the décor. It was simple, but nice. The walls were warm, with bamboo designs. The downstairs area looked more like a barbershop, with a number of cushy chairs connected to washing basins. I grabbed a paper menu and looked at what they offered. Swedish massage, Thai massage, table shower, foot massage, scalp massage, that must be what the basins were for, hot stone massage, interesting stuff. I wondered what made a Thai massage Thai and a Swedish massage Swedish. Was one hot and spicy and the other cool and serious? And what was a table shower? Why would you want your table to have a shower? Maybe whoever translated the term did a bad job…


“Huh, ya?”

“He says it’s OK for me to go in with you. He told us to head upstairs and ask for Mei. Oh, and take your shoes off here,” she said, pointing to a wall of cubbies, several of which had shoes in them. “They’re not allowed upstairs.”

I slipped out of my sneakers and followed Katelyn upstairs. It consisted of a central room, connected to two long hallways. In the central room were chairs and couches, oriented towards a large TV. Right now a few girls were sitting there, ranging from their 20s to their 40s, chatting away in Chinese, taking a break between massages. We were there on a Thursday afternoon, so I wasn’t really surprised by the lack of other clients.

Katelyn asked for Mei, and a petite girl stood up from her couch and came over to us. She was wearing gray sweat pants, a low-cut white shirt, and bright pink flip flops. She was youngish, with a pair of red glasses, and a mildly entertained smile. She was about a head shorter than me and thin, although her arms were wiry from her work. She spoke to Katelyn and brought us to an empty room, gestured us in, and shut the door.

The room was bare: a wooden floor, a covered massage table, a small shelf full of oils and towels, a chair, and a stereo in one corner playing quiet oriental music designed to relax. “What now?” I asked Katelyn.

She pointed to a row of hooks near the door. “She said you should get undressed and get on the table. By the way, when I told the guy at the desk I wanted to go with you, he asked if I was your girlfriend, and I said yes.” She shrugged, “It seemed easiest to just go with the story they gave me. Hope you don’t mind.”

“No, no problem,” I said, taking off my shirt. “How much do I have to take off?”

“Everything,” she smiled.

“Do you mind?”

“No, not at all,” she said, watching me take off my socks.

“You know what I mean, Kate,” I countered, averting my eyes from her mischievous smile.

“Oh fine, such a buzzkill,” she complained, turning around to face the wall. “Is this better?”

“Yes, thank you.” I hurriedly took off my pants and boxers and got onto the table, covering myself with a far-too-skimpy-to-be-practical white towel. God, it barely covered my butt. “You can turn around now.”

She giggled. “It’s a good look on you,” she commented, sitting down. There was a knock on the door, and Mei peeked her head in. Seeing that we were ready, she came in. I turned my head to get another look at her as she prepared, rubbing a fragrant, flowery oil onto her hands, rubbing it into her skin. She was dressed for comfort, not sexiness, yet her tanned, glowing skin, large brown eyes, and sleek, long, raven hair made for a stunning figure before me. Her cheeks were rouged and she had a slight bit of turquoise eye shadow on. And she was going to be massaging my naked body, our forms separated by only a thin, skimpy, white towel… I adjusted myself on the table, trying to keep myself from getting hard immediately.

She turned around, and I realized she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her shirt was distorted by two hard, dark points, poking eagerly through her almost translucent t-shirt. I buried my head in the face pillow, trying to keep naughty thoughts out of my head and failing.

Mei began caressing my body, light moving her hands across the length of my back, coating me in oil as she talked with Katelyn. I closed my eyes and relaxed, letting myself be drawn into the massage. She began to press down on my shoulders and back with more force than I would have guessed she could muster. I felt like I was melting into the table. She stroked up and down my back, and with each downstroke, I could feel my towel being pushed further and further down, an inch at a time.

“Does it feel good? Is it too hard?” asked Katelyn on Mei’s behalf.

“It’s perfect,” I replied, ready to fall asleep, I was so relaxed.

After a while, she stopped her pretenses and began to rub my ass, kneading its muscles, running her hands along my inner thighs. I parted my legs instinctively, letting her work her magic. I was blushing, I was sure of it. I didn’t dare raise my head out from its pillow. I didn’t want to see Katelyn’s face right now. I was sure she’d be grinning maniacally. She was the most sexual person I knew who didn’t seem interested in actually having it. She just loved nudity and sex and being openly brash around anyone who was the least bit prudish, yet I had never seen her actually make a move on anyone. Was it possible to be an asexual pervert?

Mei starting rubbing her strong hands along my thighs, her fingertips brushing torturously close to my manhood. I was certain she was doing it on purpose. She was only a hair’s breadth away, over and over and over again.

“Oops!” Mei giggled, as I shuddered from the electric touch of her fingertips against my cock and balls.

“Um, it’s OK,” I said, my heart pounding, embarrassed warmth spreading through my body. She gave it a gentle, apologetic pat and kept working. She and Katelyn exchanged some more Mandarin and the both of them giggled girlishly. Great, I bet they’re trading stories…

After finishing rubbing my legs, Mei patted me on the butt. I looked up, confused. “She wants you to turn over,” explained Katelyn.

“Oh, thanks.” I awkwardly reached behind me, pulling the towel back up to where it could do some good, and slowly turned over, trying not to expose myself any more than necessary. I prayed the towel would be heavy enough to keep myself from embarrassing myself any further.

Mei leaned over my head and pressed down on my upper chest, placing her breasts mere centimeters from my face. Her cocoa-brown nipples were easily visible, stiff and hard as they drilled through her delicate top. I was mesmerized by her petite breasts. She leaned down more, reaching her hands to my abdomen, lowering her chest even further. Her shirt hung against my face for a moment before she pulled herself back up and moved to my side to continue her massage. God, I hope this place is a happy ending massage. Either that or they better have an ice cold shower.

She resting one hand on my hip while her other pressed down on my stomach and abs. I could feel her fingers crawling, inching towards my crotch. Our eyes met and she tried to contain her smile. I could only imagine what she’d be like if Katelyn weren’t here.

Another giggling staccato of Chinese from Mei, another schoolgirlish response from Katelyn, god I wish I knew Chinese… I craned my neck and saw Mei making a fist towards Katelyn, with only her index finger out, jutting skyward. I looked down at myself and cursed.

It hadn’t been a problem while I was on my stomach, but now that I was on my back, my cock was free and there was now a giant tent in my towel. I tried to pretend I couldn’t hear or see them, and attempted to will my hard-on away.

Mei moved her hand, wrapped around an invisible cock, up and down questioningly at Kate, but she just giggled and replied, “Bu, bu,” shaking her hand. Mei shrugged and moved to my legs. Her shirt was too large for her and when she bent down to rub my thighs, I had a view clear down her top. Her breasts were small, almost immature. She probably couldn’t have filled an A cup completely, but her nipples poked out like dark little pills.

Again, she played her teasing game, bringing her hands as close as she could to me without actually touching my aching cock. Her hands would vanish under my white towel, then retreat without giving me any relief. It went on for endless hours of torture, before she patted my leg and said something to Katelyn.

“Your hour’s up, John,” she relayed. She held up her hand, shielding her eyes, and turned slightly. “Put the towel back on, she says there’s a shower for you to use.”

I got up and wrapped the towel around myself as best I could. It was barely long enough for a miniskirt, and with my raging stiffie, the front was raised up as my hard, swollen head and part of my shaft peeked out the bottom. Mei led me out the door with a smile as I tried to pull down my towel far enough to escape a public indecency charge. We had to walk past the common room, where I heard masseuses snickering in our wake. Luckily, we soon reached the shower, and she led me inside.

As soon as the door closed, the pulled my towel off of me and patted me on the butt. “You are a good boy, John. Come back again and ask for me,” she said, walking out the door with my towel, leaving a clean one on the hook by the door. All that time she could speak English? Ah well, I was glad I hadn’t been able to understand her, anyway. Would have made it even more embarrassing.

The shower was a large stall, each of its walls made of clear glass, except for the rear. A ring of chrome was directly above me, and when I turned on the shower, water poured down, hot and strong. I had to get one like this for home. The water was heavenly, and soon the room filled with steam.

That damn masseuse had been such a cocktease. My balls were sore and my cock wouldn’t go down. Well, I was alone in here, right? I grabbed some soap and lathered myself up, pumping away, my eyes closed, images of Mei and her delicious, flat chest in my mind. Her tan skin was gorgeous and her smile so inviting… I wished Katelyn hadn’t been there. What would have happened had we been alone?

I was so caught up in my fantasies, I didn’t hear the door quietly click open as someone entered the room and walked up to the transparent glass.

“Wow,” said Katelyn, “she wasn’t kidding when she said you were getting over-excited.”

Jerked out of my daydream, I struggled to cover myself, clapping both hands over my dick. “Katelyn! Showers are private…”

“I need to interview you before you forget anything,” she protested.

“I’ll remember, trust me. Get out, get out, I need to shower,” I said, turning away from the glass and continuing to wash up.

There was silence behind me. Good, she was leaving. And then the door to the shower opened. I turned around, wide-eyed, and got an eyeful of Katelyn, stepping daintily into the shower, wearing only a mischievous grin.

“Kate!” I screamed, trying to keep my eyes off of her peach-yellow, round breasts, much larger than I had imagined they would be. Her sleek, wet hair was now resting gently against the swell of her breasts, almost hiding her nipples, but they resolutely poked out, eager to be seen.

She turned me around and pressed her firm chest against my back. I could feel their insistent pressure, her hard peaks grazing against me… I felt her bald pussy pressed against my butt, as she wrapped her arms around me and began to rub my chest. “So how did you feel during the massage,” she asked, her fingers playing along my front.

I gulped deeply. “Um, well, it was very relaxing. I sort of felt like modeling clay, like she was molding me, or like dough?”

“Interesting…and why did you get this?”

I gasped. “The masseuse had her breasts in my face, and she kept teasing me. She was rubbing my thighs, getting closer and closer to my dick, ‘accidentally’ brushing up against it, over and over, I felt like I was going to burst…”

She softly handled it, leaning into my ear and huskily whispered, “She offered to take care of it for you, you know.”

“I saw her making the motion…why’d you say no?”

“I’m supposed to be your girlfriend. It’d be strange if I let her do that right in front of me, don’t you think?”

“Well that’s true… Did she say anything about it?”

“What, like, ‘Wow, it’s so huge!’?”

“Well that’d be nice to hear.”

“Hmm…she said a few things about it, but I don’t think I can quite remember…” She hmmed, thinking, while she slowly stroked my manhood. I was helpless in her hands. I could feel the end coming. Her hand was just barely moving, tightly gripping my just below the head, pumping back and forth until the pleasure was too much to bear.

“Um, Katelyn, you should probably stop because it’s feeling really good so you should-” I moaned. Pleasure overwhelmed me. My knees buckled. My cock spasmed as thick jets of cum splashed against the glass, dribbling slowly down. Katelyn sighed happily as she milked my cock dry, gently rubbing the upper shaft to get out every last drop.

I was embarrassed. I had cum in front of her, and so quickly… She had barely been rubbing for half a minute before I finished.

“Wow, you had a lot of pressure built up, huh?” I weakly nodded, watching as she slid her finger up the glass, collecting some of my cum on her finger. As I watched, amazed, blushing furiously, she stuck it between her lips and suckled her finger clean. “Hmm, pretty tasty. I’ll be sure to tell Mei.” She washed her hands in the shower and got out, drying herself off with her towel. “I’ll see you in the main room, John. Don’t be late.”

I watched her get dressed and walk out. I washed myself clean, dried off, grabbed my towel, and went back to the room.

Kate was talking to the girls as I passed. I got dressed in the room and went out to find her standing and saying goodbye. She led me downstairs, I put my shoes on, and we left. We went into a bubble tea place, grabbed some drinks, and talked for almost an hour as she interviewed me about the massage.

“Would you be willing to get another one alone?” she asked, as we walked towards the subway to go home.

I thought back to Mei’s teasing, and her offer for me to return. “Sure. Anyway I can help.”

“Well you do owe me after I helped you out in the shower…” she giggled.

The next week, I went back to Chinatown and Paradise Massage. I was alone this time. Katelyn would meet me to get bubble tea again in an hour so she could debrief me, but I was going to be on my own in the parlor. I took a deep breath and stepped in. The same man was at the desk, but Mei was downstairs, scrubbing someone’s scalp. She looked up, saw me, and smiled.

“You came back…” she cooed in slight-accented English, before saying something quick to the man at the desk.

“She recommends a table shower with a Swedish massage to follow. Is that alright with you, sir?” he asked.

“Uh, sure. I’m sure she knows her stuff.”

“Perfect. Go upstairs to room 5 and she’ll be with you shortly,” he instructed me. I paid, took off my shoes, and went upstairs. I found room 5 after a bit of searching and went inside, where I stripped and got onto the table. I decided not to bother covering up this time, instead just waiting bare and towelless.

I wondered what would happen today. Was I just a customer? Was she flattered that I had gotten hard with her last time? Scared? Did she think I was a pervert, or just an easy mark for some big tips? What was a table shower? Well at least I’d find that one soon enough; the guy at the desk said that’s how we were starting today.

After a while, there was a knock on the door and Mei walked in. I turned and greeted her. Her long hair was in a ponytail today, and she was wearing a think, pink shirt. She smiled at the sight of me and gave me a gentle pat on the butt. “Put your towel on, Jonathan. It’s time for your table shower.”

I sat up and wrapped the towel around myself. “What is a table shower?”

“You’ll see,” she teased, leading me out of the room. She took me to a door marked “Table Showers” and led me inside. The walls and floors were all tiled in blues and greens. There was a large drain in the center, towards which the floor was slightly slanted. Above it was a large massage bed, surrounded by a gutter that emptied onto the floor, and on the wall near it was a large, detachable shower head. Near the door was a shelf filled with soaps and other mysterious jars and bottles.

Mei pulled my towel off of me with relish and set me down onto the table with my face down. She stepped out of her flip flops, and pulled off her sweatpants, hanging them on a nearby hook, before putting her footwear back on. Her legs were long and tan, leading up to her red thong. She turned around, lifting her shirt off, and giving me a perfect view of her toned, round ass. She turned back around and I hid my head in the cushion, hoping she hadn’t realized I was staring.

Hot water sprayed on my back before she began to rub liquid soap onto my back, moving her hands in broad, long strokes down my back. The scent of strawberries filled the room. After she rubbed the soap into me, she grabbed the shower head again, using its strong, hot water against my flesh, massaging my neck, making me moan softly.

“Turn over.” I eagerly complied. She got onto the table with me, straddling my thighs. Her hands caressing my chest as she lathered me up. There was no teasing this time. She grabbed my cock firmly and pumped away, while she continued rubbing me with her free hand. She was as fast as lightning; her hand was a blur as she stroked my shaft. I was worried I was going to cum, but right before I was about to pass the point of no return, she stopped suddenly.

“You tease,” I choked out.

She pressed her body against mine. Her nipples poked firmly against my chest and her pussy wiggled against my hard cock. “I’ll make it up to you. I promise,” she whispered, pulling down the shower head, and washing my body clean. I lay there, paralyzed. Water ran down her small breasts. Her hard, dark nipples poked out boldly.

“You’re a good boy, Jonathan. Most guys just paw and grope at me. You have good self-control. Usually by now, guys try to grab my ass, like this,” she said, taking my hand in hers and resting it on her butt. I gave it a gentle squeeze, testing its firmness. “Or they’ll grab my chest, like this,” she said, placing my palm on her breast. I could feel her tender flesh, I could feel her hardness against me… “But you’re good. You haven’t done either of those things. I think that deserves a special reward, don’t you?”

“Yes,” I said, drunk on hope.

She swung herself off of me and helped me up. “Do you want your towel back?”

“Aren’t we going to have to walk past everyone else?”

“They’ve seen guys naked before, Jonathan. You shouldn’t be shy. Not with that, big boy,” she said, nodding towards my crotch.

I blushed. “Well, if you think it’s OK…” I couldn’t resist her.

She opened the door, still wearing only her thong and flip-flops. Her ass swayed like a metronome as she walked, and my eyes were glued to it. We passed the main room, where the gaggle of masseuses giggled and pointed. Their faces showed a mixture of amusement and envy. I enjoyed the attention. I slowed my pace slightly, giving them more time to stare. Mei, with faux exasperation, pulled me into the room, closed the door, and locked it. The bolt clicked as loud as thunder in the empty room.

“Get onto the table,” she panted. I started to position myself face-down, but she stopped me. “On your back.” I got onto my back. A red flash passed over me. I turned to see Mei now entirely nude. Her pussy was bare and dusky, its lips swollen. Already it glistened with dew. She grabbed a bottle of oil, ripped off its top, and poured it luxuriantly all over her front. Golden oil trailed down her body. She rubbed herself, massaging the oil into her breasts, her stomach, her thighs… She glistened a golden tan, and then she practically leapt onto the table.

She slid herself over me, using her own body to massage me. She slipped over me easily, thanks to the oil. It was ecstasy feeling her entire body caressing me. I could feel her nipples grazing against the length of my chest. Her whole body slid over my cock, teasing it, torturing it. She moved herself over me back and forth, over and over. She writhed her body over me, moaning loudly as she caressed her wet pussy against my hard cock. The way she twisted and stretched over me was almost feline, like a wild cat. I wanted to explode.

She gave me a deep kiss and sat up on my waist. “I wasn’t kidding about you being a good boy, earlier,” she said, as she adjusted my cock against the waiting lips of her pussy. “You’re the first guy here who’s shown me any respect.”

“You’re beautiful, what guy wouldn’t respect you?”

“It’s easier than you’d think. But no more talk.” She gripped the base of my cock and guided me inside her. “Fuck me. Fuck me hard, big boy.”

Her pussy tightly gripped my cock. Without removing herself, she bent forward slightly, grazing her fingertips all along the length of my front. Slowly, oh so slowly, oh so torturously, her fingernails teased me, going from my neck down, down, down to my thighs, and back. I grabbed her hips roughly and guided her. She giggled with delight and began to ride me, pressing down my chest for leverage. Her tits jiggled. Her head tilted back as she moaned my name loudly. I knew everyone in the building could hear her. God, what a turn-on…

My hips bucked as I tried to work my way deeper and deeper inside her tight pussy. I thrust my cock into her. She rode me like an animal, moaning, screaming encouragement in Chinese. I never wanted us to part. I felt as though we were one flesh, that our pleasure and bodies were one. The pleasure grew, crashing over me like a tsunami, and I was powerless to resist as I felt orgasm wash over me.

Mei and I climaxed together. I could feel her pussy clenching around my cock as it spasmed, shooting forth my hot cum into her. Again and again, I released my load into her. Pearly white cum dribbled out of her pussy. Panting, we stayed there in silence for a moment, regaining our breath and our strength.

Mei leaned down and kissed me on the lips, briefly. “Thanks, John. That felt great. Come back anytime…”


“Mmmm, really. I haven’t had an orgasm like that in too long, big boy. Get dressed, don’t want anyone walking in on us,” she said with a conspiratorial wink. I blushed and toweled off as much oil as I could before getting dressed, while Mei did the same.

She walked me down to the door, gave me a tight hug, and a last kiss on the cheek. “Promise you’ll come back to me?” she said, pouting, slightly worried.

“I promise,” I said, returning the kiss. Her pout melted into a broad smile, and she let me leave happily, standing in the doorway as I walked away, watching me leave.

I met Katelyn at the café. “How was it?” she asked.

“Incredible. Let me tell you all about…”

Oil Be Damned أخصائية المساج والتدليك

After the longest week I could remember, I came home to drown my sorrows with a long, hot shower. I stripped down and stepped in, feeling my cares begin to melt away under the hot droplets cascading down my body.

As I slowly soaped out the aches and pains from my tired muscles I suddenly decided to see if I could get in a session with my massage therapist. This would just be what the therapist ordered, so to speak, after such a long week.

I tried to call but there was no response. Damn. A sure sign they are either overbooked or busy. With the idea already set in my mind I quickly toweled off, threw on some jeans and a t-shirt and took a short drive to the therapist’s studio.

My fears were confirmed as Julie, the usually bright and sparky secretary, gave me a pained look and told me that all therapists were fully booked for the rest of the evening and most of the next day.

By then my legs and back were paining mercilessly and in urgent need of attention.

“Nothing to do but take an early night,” I sighed. “Thanks, I’ll see you.”

I began to move towards the door before she stopped me in my tracks.

“Hang on, if you really need to be seen tonight, I can recommend a place that offers… similar specialist treatments.”

When I asked her what she meant exactly, she cocked her head coyly to one side.

“Go find out, tell them I sent you” she whispered, handing me a card. “But don’t forget to come back of course!”

She collected her appointment book from her desk and with a flick of her auburn locks strode away down the corridor, leaving me to stare at the card. ‘Touch Therapist’, an address and phone number was all that was printed in a silver typeface on the otherwise blank card. Decisions, decisions.

I could feel the muscles in my lower back starting to cramp as I stepped outside into the car park. Decision made. I hopped into the car and pulled away.

I pulled up outside the address a short while later and stepped out onto the street. The building was plain and ordinary with blacked out windows. A discreet sign hung above the door, stating simply ‘Therapist’, and a small plaque on the door read ‘Ring Bell to Enter’. I remember thinking I must be insane, turning up without an appointment and not really knowing who I might be letting myself in for.

I rang the bell and stood restlessly, a little nervous perhaps. A speaker on the door frame crackled to life.

“Yes, … can I help you?” came the confident and professional voice of a young woman.

I explained I was referred from my usual studio and that Julie had sent me. Her tone softened as she invited me to come right in. The door buzzed and I stepped inside.

The room was dark, with only a small lamp on beside a waiting bench and several tea lights illuminating the counter and cash register. I glanced down the corridor that lead off into complete darkness from beside the counter as enticing smelling oils filled the warm air, adding to the calm and comforting atmosphere.

I went to take a seat but straightened up immediately at the sound of a door opening. Light spilled from the opening down the hall.

The slender but shapely silhouette of a woman strode purposefully towards me, dark wavy hair cascading over her shoulders, partially covering her face. Slim tanned fingers fastened a couple of missed buttons on her short blouse as the almost see-through wrap around her waist rusted lightly over her shapely hips.

“Hi. I don’t think I’ve seen you here before. I’m Mel.”

She offered her hand which I gladly took. I could feel a tingle shoot up my spine as she held my grip and tossed her hair to the side, revealing her gorgeous olive features in the glare of the tea lights.

“You’re here for a one hour touch session, yes?” she asked with a coy smile, which left far too much to the imagination.

“Uh, yeah,” I uttered, feeling slightly off guard. “Some deep tissue work is what I need actually.”

“Of course,” she said, breaking our gaze and moving behind the counter. “Please sign the book. You can pay when the session is complete.”

She curiously fumbled with the book momentarily, and then without hesitation turned and retreated back down the hall.

“Just take a seat for a moment or two, I’ll be right out,” she said over her shoulder.

I stood motionless for a second watching her firm Hispanic butt disappear back into the room. Weird set up, but who was I to argue?

I sat down, picked up a magazine from the side table and began to casually thumb through it, occasionally glancing up to look for any sign of my hostess. I noticed the magazine was mostly full of adverts for lingerie, dancing and massage oriented adult businesses in the area.

As I continued to look through I noticed a seductive photo of a striking blonde middle-aged woman, with the words ‘Touch Therapist’ in a familiar silver typeface printed above. She stood leaning forward, cupping her ample breasts and pouting at the camera.

The caption underneath read, “I am here to make your wildest dreams cum true”. I immediately noticed the word “cum” was emboldened. The penny finally dropped. Julie really did mean “specialist treatments”.

After a short while Mel stepped out from the doorway and beckoned me. I tried to keep my eyes level as she ushered me in but couldn’t help noticing the fullness of her breasts straining through her blouse. She definitely wasn’t the woman in the photo but was equally as inviting.

The room was dimly lit by candles surrounding the massage table in the center. The thick, warm aroma of oils filled my senses as tranquil music played in the background. I felt my heart rate quicken slightly – this wasn’t the clinical set my usual therapist used. Never had it been so alluring.

“You can pop your clothes on the chair in the corner. Just make yourself comfortable on the table. There is a towel to cover yourself if you want one. I’ll be back in one minute.”

The anticipation was beginning to build. An hour previously I’d been in the shower longing to be touched and now the reality that I might be about to get more than I bargained for was hitting me in all the right spots.

Mel closed the door and moved away, her soft footsteps padding on the tiled floor. I quickly undressed and stretched a little, feeling the tense knotting in my shoulders and lower back. I was also beginning to feel a different kind of tension lower down.

Control was never usually a problem, but as this situation seemed anything but usual to me I lay myself front side down on the table and draped one of Mel’s warm towels over my buttocks. I could feel a pulsing sensation running around my groin and through the length of my shaft as I imagined her touch.

I could faintly hear her talking on a telephone in mumbled tones and when I heard her say good-bye and hang up I breathed in deeply and let my body relax completely, despite my growing arousal.

Mel let herself back into the room.

“All comfortable, warm enough?” she asked as she picked up a bottle of oil and began pumping some into her hands.

“Yes, fine thanks,” I uttered. “Couldn’t be better.”

She chuckled and rubber her hands together, warming the oil.

“Place your head into the face rest and relax. Leave the rest to me,” she murmured, as she walked over to me and began massaging my neck and shoulders.

She worked her hands firmly across the tops of my shoulders and down the length of my spine, relieving my tight muscles almost instantly. I groaned slightly as she worked the knots around my neck before moving further down my back, stopping just short of the top of my ass.

Her touch was mesmerizing, so much so I could feel my body melting into the table as she began working her fingertips deftly up and down my sides. I could sense her hips pushing against the edge of the table, almost touching me as she continued working her hands. She began moving her palms slowly across the cheeks of my ass, kneading them in a very sensual way.

“Hmm, you’re definitely firm in all the right places. Work out much?”

“When I get time,” I replied, battling to concentrate as she channeled her sensual energy into my body.

“It makes my job a lot easier when the form is firm and the muscles stand out on their own,” she continued. “It’s hard…you know, rubbing oils into naked flesh without feeling, well… a little turned on.”

“I think I know what you mean,” I stammered, feeling my balls jump and my cock begin to harden.

Mel began to gently but deliberately slide my legs apart and I could feel the cool air on my balls as the towel slid off me. She continued working her way across my cheeks and down my legs before firmly moving her hands up my inner thighs.

By now I could feel my shaft hardening underneath me and straining against my stomach. Mel’s touch was turning me on and I knew, to my embarrassment, it was just a matter of time until she uncovered my throbbing erection.

I felt her drizzle more oil across my ass before working her way into the crevice between my cheeks, pausing slightly as she massaged round my hole. She took three fingers together and rubbed the opening for just a second, making my hips jump involuntarily.

“Everything alright?” she cooed, moving her fingers down further and gently massaging my balls.

“Uh huh,” was all I could manage as I tried to cover my surprise.

I could feel my hard length pushing against my stomach more intently as her hands slide once again down between my cheeks, only this time with one finger she stopped and pressed firmly on the opening before sliding down.

She spent no more than a minute or two massaging my legs before moving back up to gently squeeze and tease my balls, then lifting her oily hands completely from my body.

Thinking she was done I lifted my head off the table and asked if she wanted me to turn over.

“Not yet, I’ll let you know when,” she said, pushing my head back down and immediately returning to my cheeks. Her hands felt just a little more persistent this time.

She reached again for the oil and slurped her hands between my legs using even more force this time. I was really starting to get into it. Mel moaned a little as she continued rubbing before taking one of her fingers and resting it right on my asshole.

“Can I continue?” she whispered.

“Yeah, just be easy …”

She put a bit more oil on her finger and slowly started to slip it in my ass. It felt tight and painful as she gradually pushed in deeper.

“Just try to relax, I can tell you’re new to this. Don’t forget to breath.”

With that I could already feel myself start to loosen up and it began to feel better. She slowly slid her finger in and out and then with her other hand encouraged me to raise my hips slightly before reaching underneath and wrapping her slender fingers around my now extremely hard cock.

I let out a deep sigh as she began stroking slowly up and down feeling the smooth hardness of my shaft. With one final thrust of her fingers she withdrew.

“Now it’s time to turn over,” she said, which I did eagerly.

Of course my cock was fully erect, standing straight up in the air when I lay down on my back and pulsing with each beat of my heart.

To my surprise and delight I saw that she had already stripped completely while massaging my body. My mouth gaped as I took in the sight of her large, fulsome breasts. Ample, yet pert, they practically stood straight out from her body. At first I thought she had implants – surely nature has never been to kind.

“Completely natural,” she smiled as if reading my mind. “I grew them myself.”

She leaned forward again between my legs and lightly gripped my cock before enveloping the head with her lips. She seductively climbed up onto the table, crouching between my knees before sliding her tongue from my balls to the tip and back down again.

My God, I thought, this girl knows exactly what she’s doing! She slipped the head back into her mouth, letting it slide all the way in to the hilt. I gasped loudly in ecstasy, marveling at how hot her mouth felt around my cock and how deep she was taking me so soon.

She pulled back up releasing my pulsing member from her lips and slid her oiled body up across mine, dragging her breasts across my face until she was straddling my chest and began massaging my neck and face.

Mel’s skin smelt so sweet and looked so tempting that I couldn’t resist trailing my fingers up the back of her thighs as she worked her magic. Her skin was cool to the touch and even softer than I imagined. I glanced up and saw her coy smile had returned as she held my gaze.

“That feels good,” she cooed, before closing her eyes and tossing her hair back.

She began moving her body up further until her firm, toned stomach grazed across my lips. I slipped the tip of my tongue across the surface dragging it as far up as she would let me without moving.

She slid her hips further down my body, allowing my tongue to trail up her stomach and between her breasts. Feeling her body begin to react, her breath quicken, I wrapped my arms around her pulling her body closer into mine until her firm large breasts almost smothered me.

I flicked the tip of my tongue across her left nipple, catching it between my lips and swirling it around, sucking lightly. All the while I could feel her hands running down and massaging my stomach.

I continued to tease and gently bite Mel’s nipple while reaching up to caress and massage her right breast. She began to moan softly and reached down even further, running her hands along both sides of my cock and balls continuously. Locking her fingers together she began to pump my cock firmly, making me ache and forcing my pre-cum to start pouring down the shaft.

Cupping both breasts I swirled my tongue around each nipple in turn and caressed and teased the undersides of her gorgeous tits, squeezing them together and massaging deeply.

With my eyes closed I could feel my heart thumping harder and harder in my chest. Sensing my increasing excitement Mel began to slow down.

“You have a gorgeous prick,” she uttered. “But you need to do something for me before we go any further…”

With that she pushed me down flat, spread her slim, toned legs and hoisted her hips over my head.

“Oh my god”, I heard myself saying as I took in the sight of her beautifully waxed pussy just inches from my face. She’d left a cute landing strip extending from just above her clit, short pubes glistening with oil.

She smelt so sweet and sexy leaving me no choice but to quickly flick my tongue over the hood of her clit. She gasped as I folded my lips, taking her clit into my mouth and sucking lightly, all the while exploring with the tip of my tongue. So hot and musky.

Releasing her clit, I slowly snaked my tongue up and down over her lips, tasting her juices already trickling into my mouth. I reached up and began massaging her clit with my thumb in a smooth circular motion as I slid my tongue back between her lips and into her pussy.

“Oh yeah, work me baby,” Mel murmured and began moving up and down in rhythm as my tongue sank deeper.

It didn’t take long before she was practically humping my face, gyrating and thrusting her hips against my mouth, making me increasingly breathless. Her taste, smell, passion and energy was driving me crazy.

My cock throbbed like never before and was in desperate need of her attention. I needed to be inside her and I knew she needed it too.

“Take me..I want you..in me,” she groaned.

She couldn’t have said it sooner.

I gripped her hips firmly and pushed her back down my body, the oils providing the perfect assistance, until her pussy glided straight onto my cock. We moaned deeply together, loving the feel of me inside her, before Mel immediately took control.

She began bouncing up and down in a short sharp rhythm, keeping my cock shallow but deep enough for her to grip me with each thrust of her hips.

I reached up and began squeezing her breasts again and rubbing her rock hard nipples between my fingers, making her gasp once more. I tried to thrust upwards but she squeezed her thighs together, keeping the rhythm just the way she wanted.

“You’re so hot and tight,” I panted as her juices started running down my balls.

With that she rose up, threw her head back and sank down completely, my shaft filling her to the hilt. Squeezing her firm oily thighs I began slamming up into her in long deep strokes as she mimicked the motion, griping my cock and grinding back down onto me.

She suddenly leaned forward, cradling my head in her hands and planted her lips on mine, slipping her tongue into my mouth and kissing me deeply. I reached back to squeeze and massage her ass as we began thrusting harder and faster together. She broke the kiss, whispering

“Don’t stop, don’t stop…I’m so close, I’m so close.”

I could feel her walls tighten and knew she was just moments away from orgasm. I wrapped my arms around her back, pulling her into me and began thrusting up into her as hard and deep as I could.

“Mmmm yeah, oh yeah,” she moaned into my ear, until suddenly she started whimpering, “I’m cumming… oh God I’m cumming…”

Her pussy gripped my shaft hard, sending a wave of pleasure through the length of my body, tipping me over the edge. She moaned loudly as her body began to shudder, her tight slit beginning to ripple up and down my pulsating member. I couldn’t hold back any longer.

Holding her tightly I thrust into her as far as I could go, shooting hot jets of my creamy cum deep inside her. I let out a long moan as my orgasm flooded across me, the spasms from Mel’s pussy milking me of my load.

Hot, panting and still holding each other tightly, we took a few moments to recover from our almost frenzied session. Mel eventually pulled herself up and let my cock slip out of her.

“My legs are shaking!” she exclaimed, trying to steady herself on the table before hopping off and wrapping herself in a towel.

I let my head rest back on the table and closed my eyes in bliss as my breathing began to calm.

“I’ll leave you to get tidied up and get yourself together” she said, picking up her scattered garments and heading for the door.

“Oh, and don’t worry about payment. The real masseuse finished early tonight. I’m just here to lock up,” she giggled, closing the door behind her.

Wife is Taken and Fucked at Party

I should share Rachelle’s first experience getting it outside of our marriage.

We were at a Luau party when she had so much fun that Rachelle finally lost enough inhibitions to go a little further. It was actually a Yacht Club party. It was a different club than the one we belong to now.

Being that it was a Luau theme party, she was only wearing a small flowery wrap type mini skirt and a tube type top that left the bottom of her tummy bare. Her shoes were low heeled beach sandals with a strap between her toes. They were kind of a casual to dressy flip flop if you will with small straps. I will never forget how sexy she was. Rachelle is a cute little petite thing. She likes her toes brightly painted and loves sexy feet. Her hair was up at the beginning of the night with flowers in her hair. I admit that she had an, “I’m fuckable” look to her. Or an attitude look that said “I’m sexy and I know it.” Her skirt was short enough that her panties could be seen when she bent over good.

That club had a history of wild parties, but we weren’t usually among the wild participants. I had heard of sexual escapades, but never planned to take part. There were two known swinging couples. People didn’t say too much about them and their lifestyle, but both of the husbands confirmed it by trying to invite us to the lifestyle. Actually, those two have nothing to do with what happened with my wife.

We aren’t regular heavy partiers, but I guess there are always exceptions. Rum drinks were flowing, and Rachelle was drinking Margaritas. She isn’t used to drinking much tequila. We were all having an exceptional amount of fun. People’s judgments and inhibitions were soon pretty loose.

It wasn’t long before two of our friends who were also married were flirting with Rachelle. I don’t dance much, but Rachelle loves dancing. I always dance to a few favorites which are mostly slow ones and that’s about it for me. I never minded her dancing with other people who we know, because she likes it so much. Rachelle is a bubbly bundle of high energy. Ron and Gordon continued asking her to dance. As the party got crazier, they began both dancing with her at the same time.

They were soon clearly fooling around with her while dancing. We were also making excuses for her to bend over. We were all playing with her and she seemed turned on by the attention. Time went by with only flirting and teasing, but soon they were touching her when they were dancing. They kept holding her closer and trying to feel on her. She resisted a little at first, but soon she allowed more and kind of played along.

Later in the evening when the only ones left had little sense of judgment, things continued to progress. Her short wrap skirt made things easy for the guys. Rachelle had danced with several people, but these two spent a lot of time with her. Finally they two were dancing with her at the same time. Then I noticed her panties were pulled down below the bottom of her little skirt. They took turns dancing close to her. Between the two of them, they succeeded at shielding the view, and I couldn’t see exactly what was going on. I could see that their hands were under her skirt, and they obviously were fingering her. I saw her push them away a few times, but she didn’t seem to mind that they kept doing it. I’m sure the other people who were dancing could see what they were doing to my little wife. I was so turned on that I really didn’t mind.

Before I knew it, they had her sandwiched between them and lifted up with her feet off the pool deck. One guy facing her and one guy was behind her. Anyway, Gordon, who was facing her was pumping his hips into her. At first, I just thought they were kind of dirty dancing or whatever. His pants weren’t down. But then I noticed them adjusting her like he was trying to get his dick in her. Rachelle struggled with a little resistance, but it also kind of looked like they were playing. I was a little concerned, but I really thought they would respect any real protest from her.

I was caught off guard and stunned, but I was also so hard that it hurt. Then her mouth came open and her eyes were big. She began to wriggle and squirm trying to get down. As she squirmed, Ron just held her tighter like he was trying to hold her for Gordon to fuck her. He also pulled her top down exposing her bare tits. Gordon was trying to get her panties off, but they only went to her knees. Rachelle was trying to keep them on. Although I couldn’t see that his dick was in her, It was clear that he was fucking my little wife right in front of our friends. Gordon had a hand full of her hair. The others were just now beginning to pay attention.

Gordon is over six feet, and Rachelle is only about Five two. She had been allowing so much all night. Therefore, I didn’t know if she wanted down because it was hurting her or because she was ready to be fucked.

Ron continued to hold her up and push her against Gordon. It was also appeared that Gordon had more concentration on what he was doing to her. This didn’t go on for long before he had a noticeable facial expression and seemed finished in her. Then I saw him flip the front of his waist band up, so I know he at least had his dick between her legs even if he wasn’t able to fuck her.

I couldn’t see for sure while he was in her. Her legs weren’t spread much with her panties on her thighs. I could clearly see that her panties were down and her skirt was up a little.

When Gordon had finished in her, he loosened his hold on her. Rachelle started to try to get away but not with too much effort. Although she looked very concerned in the face, she actually had a slight smile.

Next, Ron is doing the same thing from behind her while Gordon continued to help hold her up. He had her pretty tight. I think it was semi violating her with barely sufficient consent. The look on her face wasn’t anger or real disapproval. It was more surprise and maybe a little fear because of surprise. I also think she liked it because her face also included a hint of pleasure and ecstasy.

When Ron was doing it to her, he seemed even more determined. He had easier access from behind her. He had one hand on her breast and the other on her waist. I could clearly see glimpses of her butt checks from under her lifted skirt. Rachelle had managed to get her panties up some, but it was easy to see that her panties were still below her butt. I still could not see that he was in her, but the front of his elastic shorts were definitely down, and I caught a glimpse of his dick. He was bouncing her up and down and pumping his hips. Her eyes were big as saucers and her mouth wide open.

Ron obviously wanted to get further in her and was trying to adjust her so he could. Another couple came over. She took Rachelle’s hand and the guy had his left hand on Rachelle’s back and his right on her tummy. Ron was trying to bend her forward, and Rachelle’s left foot made it to the floor. Her shoes had come off. Her right foot curled up behind her as they held her. Ron’s dick was now visible nailing in and out of her. The third guy reached for her butt cheek trying to make it easier for Ron to fuck her. The girl put her face up close to Rachelle’s face and cuddled her while Ron fucked her hard.

When he finished in her, they let her go but kept her close between them for a minute. Her titties were out of her top. I saw her pull her panties back up then adjust her top.

I don’t think she was expecting what happened, but she didn’t seem to be mad. Soon they came from the dance area, but she acted in a hurry and seemed really nervous for ten or fifteen minutes. When she settled down, she brought a Margarita for both of us.

I told her what she did was hot and erotic. When I said it was in front of everyone, she didn’t reply at first. She was uncomfortable, and I didn’t want her to be. I didn’t push it, but I did add, “I could see them doing it to you.”

All she said was, “Really? Really? Well, they have been trying to get my panties off all night.”

I said, “Good. It’s okay. I hope they get them the rest of the way off,” and left it at that hoping it would make her more comfortable.

She was still horny. I guess it was a wham bamb quickie for her, and she needs more than that so she could cum. She disappeared for a little while. When she did turn up, She seemed more subdued and disheveled.

I had been flirting with one of Rachelle’s girlfriends and was hoping to fuck her if I could have my wife soon. This is an excellent accurate description of exactly what happened in front of me. However, I speculate that she was had again while she was missing again for over a half hour. Gordon let it slip that she had been taken into the men’s shower room. I tried my best to get more out of him. I even told him how hot I thought it was and hoped she was good. I added that I hoped she was getting it again if she was in the shower room Gordon then said that they had grabbed her and carried her in. Then he said, “Come on let’s check on her.”.

The door was locked when we got there. Gordon knocked a said let us in. I heard the latch click and he opened the door.

Several guys had her in between the dressing benches. They were holding her hands up above her head. Two older gentlemen had each of her legs. Ron kissed her as he fingered her through the leg of her panties. They were all telling her what a hot little fuck doll she was going to be. Ron then had them all felling her. Rachelle squealed when Ron went down to pull her panties off. Her hand got free, and she grabbed at the waist band of her panties.

“Okay,” one of them said. “If she doesn’t want her panties off, she can get it with them on.”

They had her hands above her head again. They left her panties at her knees.

They pulled her skirt up and pointed out to her, “Everyone here is going to see your naked pussy and feel your ass. Half of the men in the club will see you naked and see you getting fucked. They will all know what you are like when you are being fucked. You might be the little fuck doll at this club. When we see you eating dinner in your pretty little black dress, We will all know what you look like with it off.”

“We are all going to fuck this hot little wife,” another added.

Then they bent her over and held her tight. “Relax baby!” they told her. You’re going to get it a little hard. Just let it go in you. As soon as someone cums in you the rest will be easier for you.”

Her skirt was flipped up on her back. She squealed again when the first guy violated her from behind. He wasn’t in her long before the next guy took a turn in her.

“It’s too much,” she screamed. “Please cum in me.”

“Ask for it,” the one fucking said. “Don’t hurt her!” another one said as he stroked her hair rubbed her back.

“Oh please!” she said again. “I can’t take it that much!”

He came in her. Before the next one went in her, they pulled her top off. She had lost her shoes in the fucking she was getting. Then they took her panties. She was now completely naked except for an anklet bracelet.

“She needs to be pregnant anyway,” they were saying as they came in her. Two made her swallow, but the rest were trying to make her pregnant. She was now on her back on one of the benches. I had to fuck her, but I came before I was ready. I fingered her clit and kissed her while the last two came in her. Rachelle came while the next to the last guy was in her.

Some had already left, but most were asking her if she was okay. “I’m okay,” she whimpered out with a little cry.

I held her naked body and asked her again. She was okay. She just didn’t want to walk. The guys gathered her clothes. An older man said, “She wants her panties and put them on her. Then he stood there with the rest of her clothes. They wrapped her in a towel and carried her to our boat with her giggling. I think she thought she was going to get some more. She was pleading, “I just can’t do it anymore. Not tonight anyway.”

They placed her on the berth in the aft cabin. She was soon asleep. They said they would check on her in the morning and kissed her on her cheek.

I hope this doesn’t make you think bad of her. Sometimes things just happen. Sexual energy was also extremely high that night.

Getting Even with Yehia

I was sitting at home alone, as usual. The kids are in bed, the husband is away at a ‘friends’ house, watching the football game, yeah right, what football games are on at 11 o’clock on a Friday night. Anyways, I don’t mind being by myself, see I have a little addiction. I love to surf the web late at night, reading erotic stories, entering discussion and blog forums, anonymously of course, but the excitement is very palpable for me.

Let me tell you a little about myself before I continue, see I think of myself as decent looking, I mean I work out, not obsessively but enough that my stomach is flat, thank god, no rolls here. I have measured myself for bras and such and I run at a 36 D, not overly large, and even though I breast fed two kids, my titties still look pretty good, my nipples are the pretty part of them, bright pink, and the areolas are the size of a coke cans bottom, and the nipples stand up when erect about an inch long. I love the way I catch guys looking at them on a cold day.

My waist measures in at 25 inches around, but my hips, they drive me crazy, I measured them at 48 inches around, and they are huge! I can never find pants that fit me properly; instead it forces me to wear skirts all the time. But men are always complimenting me on my ass, one time at the grocery store this big black guy followed me around for the entire time I was there, he kept whistling and smacking me on the butt. I was so turned on, but the hubby was at home with the kids so I had to rush. For the next week I played with myself non stop thinking about him, wondering if he had a big dick, if he would do all the dirty things my husband couldn’t accept. I mean hey, can a girl help if it she wants it in the ass all the time, my husband is always complaining like “come on honey, just let me cum in your pussy and go to sleep, I have to wake up in the morning.” It’s boring.

So back to that evening, I was home alone as usual, surfing the web, looking at pictures of thongs wondering if I should do my usual Friday night, and play with myself then go to sleep, when I heard a knock on the door. I had just gotten out of a nice long hot shower, that’s one benefit of waiting to shower until after the kids go to sleep, I can really enjoy my time, getting to do all the things that are hard for me during the week, like washing my hair and shaving my legs. I was fairly decently dressed, I had on a pair of cute orange boy shorts, a white muscle shirt, but still I threw on a robe before I answered the door, for decencies sake. Didn’t want to give the neighbors too much of a show.

I cracked open the door, peering into the darkness, it was 3 of my husbands best friends, the same ones he was supposed to be hanging with at that very moment. Instantly worried something had happened I pulled open the door wide.

“Magdy, guys what happened, please tell me Yehia didn’t get arrested again?” My husband had already had two arrests that year; one was for a DUI the other for a drunk in public.

Magdy stepped forward, grabbing me by the bicep. “No Mohga, nothing like that, we just stopped by, and well we have to talk to you.”

“Okay, come on in, do you want a drink, the kids are down for the night already.”

I lead them into the kitchen, pouring iced tea into my nicer cups, waiting for them to start talking. Everyone glanced at each other, trying to decide who would go first. That’s when Shawqy stepped up.

“Look Mohga, we all love you, you are great, a good wife, and damn, sexy as hell…” I felt myself blush, Shawqy was very attractive, tall, and lean, and he boxed so his nose always looked slightly off centre from being broken so many times. “Mohga, Yehia is cheating on you, he has been for the past year, maybe longer, at first we didn’t want to say anything guy code and all, but…”

Tears started to form, “But what?”

Wageeh stepped up, wrapping his arms around my shoulders, “But he is using us, and we don’t like it, we love you, all of us guys do, more then we even like Yehia. We don’t want him hurting you any longer.”

I sniffled, leaning into Wageeh, he wasn’t as big as Magdy and Shawqy, only a couple of inches taller then me, but he was heavily muscled, my husband owned a gym, we all had free memberships. I had seen the guys there almost everyday since I married my husband five years ago.

I walked around the counter sitting on one of my barstools ungracefully, the robe split up the middle, but I didn’t even notice, I was deep in thought, thanking of my future, the kids, the house, I couldn’t loose everything just because my husband couldn’t keep his dick in his pants, but I couldn’t sit idly by while he ran around on me. Suddenly Magdy was in front of me kneeling, parting my legs. Shawqy was behind me rubbing my shoulders. I gasped looking at both of them wildly.

“Guys what are you doing?”

“We are trying to make you feel better, Mohga we can’t stand to see you hurting.”

I looked into Magdy’s eyes, heat was spreading through me, I loved these guys too, more then I did my husband, each one of them had been apart of my fantasies for a very long time. I slid my legs open further, sighing at the heat of Magdy’s hands on my thighs. I suddenly knew what I wanted more then anything.

“Alright, lets get a few things settled guys, 1. We don’t tell Yehia, 2. This doesn’t go any further then the four of us, and 3.remember my kids are upstairs, be quiet respect my house.”

Each man agreed in unison, I off the barstool, stripping the robe off, loving the way their greedy eyes ate at me. I tried to be sexy as I strolled into the living room. Wageeh was there first, he kissed me deeply, pulling at my shirt; I pulled back long enough to get the t over my head. Shawqy’s hands snaked in between us, weighing my breasts, rubbing my nipples. I gasped when from behind Magdy stripped me of my panties, suddenly I was standing stark naked in front of three men.

“Alright boys, now it’s your turn.”

The men began stripping I was starting to feel drunk from the power I held over them, and the sensuality I was holding. I had never felt sexier. They all finally stripped down and I gasped in delighted surprise. Wageeh’s cock was long, probably ten inches, and curved sharply to the left. Magdy’s cock was shorter, but had to be as fat as an eggplant, and almost as dark. But Shawqy’s was by far the greatest, had to be a foot long, as thick as his fist, I started to drool thinking about how it would feel in my mouth, pussy, and between my tits.

I sank down to my knees holding my hands out, they all approached me, cocks already straining, I took two in my hands, and one in my mouth instantly loving the feeling. A hand roughly pulled my head down, making me choke, drool spilling over my chin.

“Yeah sweetheart take that dick, damn guys she sucks dick like a pro.”

“Give us a turn then, move.”

They switched, and I laughed in delight as another dick entered my mouth, this one tasted sweet, smelled like sweat and man. I sucked hard, and then suddenly I was pushed down on all fours. Someone sank down in front of me and I immediately gobbled his dick deep down my throat, I felt someone else slowly sink deep into my pussy. I groaned, the feeling of being seesawed between two dicks is indescribable, I was so wet, cum was streaming down my legs.

“Shawqy, you just going to stand there and watch or you going to come get a piece of this luscious ass.”

I saw Shawqy smile wickedly, “That’s exactly what I want, who’s going to get bottom?”

“I will!”

The cock disappeared from my mouth, and I was lifted up like I weighed nothing. I found myself looking down at Magdy as I impaled myself on his thick cock, Wageeh pulled my head up sharply, dipping his cock deep into my throat, then I felt a massive head at my most tender entrance, my asshole. I pulled back with a gasp.

“Shawqy go easy, you are so big, and I’m not real experienced at this.”

“OK baby, I got this, keep sucking that dick, honey.”

I did as he asked, sucking Wageeh greedily. Shawqy pushed himself in slowly the burn of my asshole spreading was intense, I cried out on Wageeh’s dick and he laughed.

“Shawqy man do that again, she’s humming on my dick.”

Shawqy laughed, as he shoved himself deep inside my ass. I screamed, feeling like I was being ripped in half, everyone was still for a moment, then without another thought, all three men began pounding me hard, Wageeh grabbed my hair, shoving his cock down my throat making me choke, Shawqy held me up while he rammed my ass, allowing Magdy to swing his hips us and fuck my pussy hard. I screamed as I orgasm again and again.

Still reeling from the feeling of being stuffed so tight, I barely noticed as the three switched, this time Wageeh was digging his skinny dick in my ass hole, Shawqy was under me, shoving his super fat cock deep in my pussy, and Magdy was holding me by the jaw, fucking my mouth with fast deep strokes. Every couple of minutes the guys would switch, when suddenly and idea came to me. I had always wanted to try a DP but never had the guts to ask Yehia, he would have said no anyways. I pulled away from the current dick in my mouth, looking up at Shawqy.

“I want to try something, want to be naughty with me?”

“More naughty then this, hell yeah, damn baby you are something else.”

“Good, now I want 2 dicks in my pussy at the same time.”

Shawqy leaned back looking at me curiously, I felt my cheeks heating with embarrassment, then he grinned, “Guys you heard the woman, got to give our sweetheart what she wants, but we are going to need to do some rearranging here.” Shawqy laid down, motioning for me to come over to him, I crawled over to him, quickly impaling myself down on to his thick cock, then I felt a dick pushing into my pink wet cunt’s entrance, I was stretched but I knew I could get more in me.

Wageeh come up to my face, grinning widely, “Put some spit on it baby, get it real wet.”

I did as he asked, swallowing him deep, making sure I drooled all over him, till he was dripping wet, he pulled out of my mouth and approached me from the back, for a moment I could only feel the cock in my pussy shifting a little then I began to feel another entering. My eyes went wide with the sensation, it’s delicious and also felt so good, I couldn’t think as another orgasm quickly came upon me. Shawqy held my head down to his shoulder as I spasm, crying out at the fullness of the two dicks inside my pussy at once, while I sucked Magdy’s cock in my mouth. I knew I was changed forever at that point my husband’s boring six inches would never satisfy me again.

Finally the guys announced they were going to cum, I begged them to fill my pussy with all of their hot cum, Shawqy and Wageeh pumped my womb full of their cum. Shawqy was the most brutal forcing my body way up, and practically stabbing me deep in the vagina with his overly large dick, I was filled with what felt like gallons of their cum. Then I laid on my back and Magdy got his cock between my boobs. He lubricated his dick and my boobs with his spit, and began to fuck my boobs with his cock, while I gathered them around his wonderful tool. “Ohhhhhhhhh, I’m cumming, baby.” he said finally as he spurted rope after rope of his cum on my chest. He was still hard afterward so he fucked me too in my twat and filled it with his cum. My pussy was just tingling with all this attention.

Everyone stood around for a moment, breathing hard, all the guys were looking at me, I realized for direction. I began to slowly pull my robe around my sore and sweaty body.

“Okay, so that was fun.”

We all giggled nervously.

“Just remember guys, I am your best friend’s wife, and the mother of his two children, please let this stay between us.”

Shawqy stepped forward hugging me to him, “Of course, but….could we do it again sometime.”

I threw my head back laughing hard, “How about next weekend?”

I was charmed by their quick yeses. It was close to 2 in the morning by the time everyone left, I was sore, but also felt a little devious; I knew my husband would be home soon. I didn’t drink or eat anything even though I was famished from the workout the guys had given me. I sat in the kitchen waiting for Yehia to return home. Finally he stumbled in the door, drunk as usual, but I didn’t care. I rushed to him, pulling him into a deep embrace, kissing him hard on the mouth.

I grinned slyly, “So how where the boys tonight?”

He drunkenly mumbled something about Shawqy picking up a chick at the bar, and all I could do was giggle and lead my very intoxicated husband to bed.

Special Occasion Unmentionables and the Hot Bodystocking

Jake had made a decision—his wife’s luscious, pale, creamy flesh deserved more than just an occasional brush with satin and lace. He knew it was just their hectic schedules. Her drawers reflected the chaos of their life. Literally. She had her “period” panties and her regular panties—and there were only a few pairs of nice panties, worn on “special occasions,” those ones tucked in the way back.

He lifted the criss-cross fishnet bodystocking out of the box on the bed—all sexy black trim with the tag still dangling from the edge. He gently pulled off the plastic tab and smiled, knowing it was just her size. Tucking the tag into his pants pocket, he traced the seam where the legs of the fine, black material met.


The thought made him hard.

He put it back into the box with the rest of her surprises, jumping when he heard the door slam downstairs. “Dad?”

“Don’t come up! I’ll be right down!”

His daughter’s defiant tread pounded up the stairs, taking them two at a time as she always did, as if something special waited for her at the top.

Note to self: tell the seventeen year old the opposite of whatever you want her to do.

Jake edged out of the bedroom, shutting the door and meeting Brynn at the top of the stairs. She blew a long wisp of bright red hair out of her eyes as she smiled up at him.

“Can I sleep over at Tina’s tonight?” She gave him a one-armed hug as she slipped by.

“Sure.” He started, surprised at how well that had worked out, although he shouldn’t have been. It was the weekend, after all, and she seemed to spend every waking moment attached at the hip to her best friend. “Your mother and I planned a night alone.”

“Ewwwwww.” Brynn wrinkled her freckled nose, and Jake smiled. She looked exactly like her mother when she did that.

“Hurry up!” he called back over his shoulder as he turned the corner toward the kitchen. Jake leaned against the counter, wondering how Rachel was going to react. Just the thought of her opening the box he’d left on the bed made his pants feel too tight again. He shifted, getting the bottle of wine from the counter.

He set up two glasses and sat down at the table, willing his heart to stop beating so fast. The headlights of Rachel’s Intrepid appeared on the garage door, and he smiled, imagining her gathering up her purse, her bag with all her lesson plans. It was such a sweet moment of anticipation, the time between knowing she was home and waiting for her to appear.

The side door opened and she swept in, unslinging purses and bags from her shoulder and hanging them over a kitchen chair. “You won’t believe the stuff I have to do this weekend. I hate this new policy. Homework for kindergartners is—uh, what’s this?”

Rachel stood staring at the glasses and the wine and looked up at him. Jake had used the corkscrew when he got home, careful to avoid some unmasculine display, just in case. He uncorked the bottle and began to pour them each a glass.

“It’s a special occasion.” He offered her a glass of wine.

“It is?” She lifted the glass to her nose.

He waiting, watching her sip it, her eyes surprised as she took her first taste. “It’s good, isn’t it?”

“Yes… but what’s the occasion?” Rachel sat at the kitchen table, toeing off her heels. As often as she complained about them, she still wore them, and Jake liked imagining her standing in front of a classroom of kindergarteners in those heels.

Brynn bounded down the stairs, interrupting the moment, swinging a bag over her shoulder as she kissed Jake’s cheek and then her mother’s. “I’ll be at Tina’s — bye!” Like a whirlwind she was gone and they were alone again.

Rachel raised her eyebrows at him. “Special occasion?”

Jake took a gulp of his wine. “Go look upstairs.”

“What did you do?” Rachel stood and set her glass on the counter.

“Let’s just say it’s…naughty…” He stood, too, and put his arms around her waist, kissing the creamy part in the middle of her auburn hair. She raised her eyes to meet his and Jake felt an urge kiss her full, perfect mouth in a way he never had before—he wanted to smear her pale pink lipgloss over her face and grind his hips into hers until she gasped.

She was so naturally beautiful, her eyes like green glass, her cheeks already slightly pink at the mention of what she termed “naughty stuff.” It was an endearing term, and she was dear to him, her lush curves still as breathtaking as they’d been the day he married her.

“Go look!”

She relented, grabbing her shoes and flashing him a bewildered smile as she passed. He thought of her sifting through the delicate material, discovering each like a veiled secret, layers of thin, airy material he anticipated showing her deliciously rich shape to full advantage. His pants were enormously tight, now, the anticipation almost too much, and he drained another glass of wine in one shot.

“Jake…” Rachel called to him, her voice different, throaty. He straightened, putting his glass down on the counter and heading through the kitchen door. He stopped when he turned the corner and looked up the stairs, seeing her wearing nothing but the body stocking and a pair of heels — the very same ones she stood and taught kindergarten in every day.

“Oh my god…” Jake didn’t have any more words. Her pale, creamy flesh showing through the fine mesh had all of his attention.

“Like it?” She cocked her head, her hair spilling like fire over her exposed, generous breasts, and smiled. “I sure do…”

Jake didn’t answer. He bounded eagerly up the stairs. This time he, too, took them two at a time, knowing there was most definitely something special waiting for him at the top.

Peering under her arm Rachel see Jake unzip himself urgently with his other hand, letting his trousers and boxies fall to reveal his amazingly huge hardness.

It feels slightly odd, the almost-but-not-quite skin-on-skin through the gaps in the lace. He’s there, fully inside, but the rest of him isn’t. It’s just his cock Rachel feel, while his body ghosts nearby, not quite tangible apart from the push-her pull-him of his thrusts. Propped on one elbow as he pound her. Rachel can’t see his face but try and imagine his expression as he look at her, hunched there, clad in black lace. His hands creep over the thin fabric, inch round and under to where her boobs are hammocked in nylon. Fingers tug at the scoop neck, widen it and caress her nipples, take hold while he start thrusting again.

It’s almost a vibrator kind of sensation, just something inside and not much else besides the gentle grip of his hands, pretending to be a bra, and the rocking rhythm they have. It lulls her into lust… what was that he said about just being penis while Rachel’s just cunt? Separated from him by the bodystocking, except where their sexes meet, that’s almost how it feels. Raw isolated intercourse, partitioned penetration. It’s wild and fun, like he taking her quickly and quietly unseen over the bosses’ desk at work, but while Rachel enjoy being fucked over the stairs by just his cock, she miss the warm reassuring touch of the rest of him.

With a moaning gasp, he cum fast and furious through the bodystocking, squelching slushily and soaking the stretchy slit. It’s nice to be filled but better to be felt. Clenching my thighs together as he withdraw so his rapid release doesn’t leak out too much, and hobbling up the last few steps, Rachel finally get him to the bedroom and peel off the slightly-soaked stocking as he lose the rest of his clothes.

“Not keeping it on?” he ask, “I really rather enjoyed that… “

“I know, Jake darling.” Rachel purr, pondering his sharp sudden climax, looking at the dribbles of aftersex on the lacy mesh.

أنا ووالد زوجى

تذكرت كريمة، وهي في الخامسة والعشرين من عمرها، أن متابعتها مقرر الدراسات الأوروبية في الجامعة كان فألا حسنا بالنسبة إليها لأنها تعرفت خلاله على “معروف” ووقعت في غرامه من النظرة الأولى. بعد تخرجهما من الجامعة بفترة قصيرة، تزوجا وأخذ كل منهما طريقه نحو العمل.

كانت كريمة جالسة أمام المرآة غارقة في أفكارها وذكرياتها. قالت لنفسها :

- يا إلهي، من يصدق أنه قد مضى على زواجنا سنتان ! … لقد مر الوقت سريعا … منذ سنتين فقط كنت كريمة منصور محمد ، طالبة في كلية الآداب، … والآن، أنا كريمة حسين، زوجة معروف حسين … كما أنا سعيدة بمتابعتي لهذا المقرر … وإلا لم أكن لأقابل معروف وأتعرف عليه … ما أشكو منه فقط هو أن عمله يفرض عليه الغياب عن المنزل أحيانا كثيرة … يا إلهي كم أشتاق إليه عندما يكون غائبا … إن البقاء وحيدة لفترات طويلة أمر يصعب احتماله ….

تنهدت كريمة وهي تخاطب نفسها :

- الحمد لله أن أباه هنا، فهو يُكلمني بالهاتف دائما ويعرض علي أن يساعدني عندما يغيب معروف … قدم لي مساعدة مهمة الأسبوع الفائت عندما صحبني لشراء المقاعد الجديدة التي وضعتها في الصالون …

في هذا الوقت، رن جرس الهاتف ليعيدها إلى أرض الواقع.

- صباح الخير يا عمي.

- كيف حالك ؟

لم يتأخر جوابها :

- أنا بخير، غير أنني احتاج منك أن تـُساعدني هذا اليوم … أريد أن أعيد ترتيب الصالون، غير أن الأريكة ثقيلة الوزن بالنسبة إلي وحدي … أتساءل إن كان بإمكانك المجيء حوالى الساعة الرابعة والنصف لمساعدتي. سوف أحضـّر لك عشاء لذيذا لشكرك على المساعدة التي تقدمها لي في غياب معروف …

عادت كريمة إلى أفكارها الحزينة وقالت لنفسها :

- آه يا عمي ! لو كنت تعلم أي مساعدة أحتاجها أكثر ! … مضى أسبوعان على غياب معروف وكسّي يرتجف من الحرمان ….

وهنا تذكرت كريمة أن عمها أو حماها حسين ، والد زوجها وليس شقيق والدها طبعا، أرمل من ثلاث سنوات، ويُقال أنه بحاجة إلى امرأة.

- أتساءل عن آخر مرة ناك فيها حماي امرأة. يبدو أنني لا أساعده بإشغالي له نهاية كل أسبوع. أحس بالذنب لإثارته بهذه الطريقة. أعلم أن غريزته الذكرية تدفعه للبصبصة على سيقاني في السيارة،. هل علي، بسبب هذا الأمر، أن أتقصد وأتعمد إثارته طوال الطريق ؟

أغلقت كريمة عينيها وعادت بها الذاكرة إلى نهاية الأسبوع الماضي. تذكرت كيف فتح لها عمها باب السيارة لتصعد كونها كانت تلبس حذاءً عالي الكعب.

تذكرت موجة الإثارة التي اجتاحت جسدها من رأسها إلى أخمص قدميها عندما رأته يُبصبص ويتلصص على ساقيها محاولا رؤية ما تـُخفيه الجونلة.

في البدء، انزعجت كريمة من أن والد زوجها ينظر إليها هذه النظرة، غير أنها أحست برعشة الإثارة، العائدة بدون شك إلى حرمانها، تجتاحها من جديد.

بعد أن صعد حموها حسين إلى السيارة وجلس خلف المقود، تركت كريمة عن قصد تنورتها تتراجع لتكشف عن فخذيها. من جديد، نظر حماها إلى فخذيها نظرة شهوة.

مررت كريمة لسانها على شفتيها وحوّلت نظرها إلى نافذة السيارة كأن شيئا لم يحدث، مـُبعدة فخذيها عن بعضهما البعض وهي تعلم أن عيني والد زوجها لا تتحولان عن ما يوجد بين فخذيها.

استراحت كريمة على مقعدها، أصبح فخذاها الآن مكشوفين بالكامل، بررت ذلك لنفسها بالقول أن إثارتها له سوف تدفعه إلى التحرّق والخروج بحثا عن النساء.

غير أنها تلوم نفسها الآن على هذا التصرف الذي قامت به نهاية الأسبوع الماضي.

- لماذا فعلت كل ذلك ؟ فحماي المسكين لم يقرب امرأة منذ سنوات وأنا، كنـّـته، زوجة ابنه، أتسلى بإثارته عن قصد …. لماذا استمريت في إثارته ؟ …. مع علمي بأن ذلك سوف يدفعه إلى الجنون … يبدو أنه كان على عجلة من أمره، كان يريد أن نعود وأن نرتب الصالون…
يا الله، لو مددني على الأريكة واغتصبني، لن يلومه أحد ! … بعد كل حركات الإثارة التي قمت بها في السيارة … لماذا تتملكني الرغبة في النيك ؟ تساءلت كريمة. عندما يحتاج أقارب للنيك … لماذا لا توجد حلول ! … تنهدت كريمة بحزن.

بعد الانتهاء من إعادة ترتيب الصالون، توجهت كريمة إلى المطبخ لتحضير العشاء. كانت تشعر بالذنب لأنها أثارت هذا الحما المسكين في الأسبوع الماضي. أما الآن، فإنها تقوم بما هو أسوأ. فهي قد ارتدت تي شيرت مفتوحا بشكل واسع على الصدر. وعندما انحنت لتساعده، رأى والد زوجها صدرها ومتع نظره طويلا.

كانت كريمة خجلة من نفسها. تنهدت عميقا وهي تنظر إلى الحوض.

وبينما هي غارقة في أفكارها الكئيبة، لم تسمع حماها وهو يدخل إلى المطبخ ويقف خلف ظهرها.

- هل من أمر يا كريمة ؟ سألها متعجبا من صمتها.

تفاجأت وهي تحس بحميها يُمسكها من الكتف، ارتعشت وجمدت في مكانها، استدارت نحوه مبهورة وقالت بتلعثم :

- آه يا عمي، إني آسفة على إثارتك في السيارة الأسبوع الماضي … كان تصرّفي سيئا وأحس بالذنب … يعود ذلك إلى غياب معروف منذ فترة طويلة مما جعلني أحس بالحرمان … كم أحتاج أن يُهتم بي ! …

لم تكن كريمة متحضرة لما سيجري : داعبت يدا والد زوجها ذراعيها بنعومة، استدارت ببطء وارتمت بين ذراعيه، أما هو فقد أخذ بتمرير يديه على جسدها.

وبينما هي ترتعش، أحست به يُطوّق خصرها، فأحست مباشرة بحلمتيها تنتصبان، بينما كان حماها يعصر نهديها بيديه عبر القميص والسوتيان.

لم تتحضـّر لهذه المغامرة، كانت ترتعش، لكنها لم تـُبد إي ممانعة ! …

أدارها حماها بحيث التصق ظهرها بصدره وأخذ بمداعبة ثدييها بلطف. وبينما كانت تلهث بسبب الإثارة، سحب والد زوجها قميصها من تحت الجونلة، ثم ضاعت يداه تحت القميص. أصبح السوتيان الرقيق وحده يفصل الآن يدي حميها التائهتين عن ثدييها اللذين انتصبا تحت تأثير المداعبة كما انتصبت الحلمتان.

- أوووووووه ! أووووووووووه ! يا عمي …… تنهدت كريمة بينما كان والد زوجها يُمرر يديه تحت السوتيان عاصرا ثديا عاريا أخذت حلمته تولد الألم من انتصابها.

بعد ذلك، تلقى الثدي الآخر نصيبه من المداعبة.

كانت كريمة تزقزق من اللذة، تاركة والد زوجها يلعب بثدييها، بعد ذلك ترك أحد الثديين وانزلقت يده داخل كولوتها الدانتيل.

- أوووووه ! …… أووووه ! ……… أوووووووووه ! …….تمتمت عندما وصلت أصابعه إلى مركز أنوثتها، وعندما أخذت هذه الأصابع بمداعبة كسها، قالت وهي تئن وتغنج بدلع :
- أووووووه …. أوووووه، يا عمي ……… إنك …. إنك سوف تجعلني …… تجعلني أبلغ متعتي ! …..

وارتعشت طويلا وهي على مقربة من المتعة التي طالما اشتهتها.

بعد أن عادت من متعتها وقد هدتها، ضمّت كريمة حماها بذراعيها واقتربت شفتاها من شفتيه وضاعا في قبلة ملؤها الولع.

لم تـُبد أية مقاومة عندما فك والد زوجها السوتيان ونزعه عنها بالإضافة إلى القميص محررا بهذه الطريقة نهدين طريين تحبب جلدهما من الإثارة، كما نزع عنها الجونلة والكولوت فأصبحت بذلك عارية لا تلبس إلا حذائها العالي الكعب.

أخذها بين ذراعيه وقادها إلى الغرفة التي تتقاسمها مع زوجها.

منذ لقائهما الأول، كان والد زوجها يشتهي كل ما يزخر به جسد كنته. غير أنه حرص، حتى اليوم، على إخفاء مشاعره تجاهها.

تعرّض صبره الأسبوع الماضي لامتحان عسير، فقد انتصب أيره بألم في السيارة عندما رأى محاسن زوجة ابنه مكشوفة أمام ناظريه. عض على شفتيه، وهو يتصور نفسه يلحس فخذيها الأبيضين كالقشدة قبل أن يدفع لسانه بعيدا في كسها المليء بالعسل. تعذب كثيرا قبل أن يقذف قذفات كبيرة ولاهبة عندما حلب أيره في الحمام ليريح نفسه ويقلل من توتره.

مدد زوجة ابنه الجميلة على السرير، نزع حذاءها وتعرّى بدوره.

كان معروف قد أهمل زوجته طويلا، حتى أنها أخذت تفقد الأمل بأن يأخذ رجل على عاتقه تهدئة رغباتها الجنسية.

لم يكن والد زوجها ليقبل، بالطبع، أن تبحث كنته عن متعتها عند أغراب. فهو، بقيامه بذلك، يُبقي الأمر داخل العائلة ! …. سيحرص على تأمين متعتها شخصيا ! ….

حبا والد زوجها نحو رأس السرير ووضع نفسه بين فخذيها اللذين باعد بينهما، مال عليها وأخذ بين أسنانه حلماتها وأخذ يعضهما برفق بينما كانت الحلمتان تنتصبان بين شفتيه.

بعد ذلك، قام بمداعبة الثدي الآخر كي لا يغار من أخيه، فحصل على النتيجة نفسها، حلمتان منتصبتان حتى الألم، كانت كريمة تلهث تحت تأثير مداعباته البطيئة. بعد ذلك، ترك ثدييها وانتقل ليهتم بمركز أنوثتها، الآخذ بالتفتح، واستعد لتذوّق عطره.

احمر وجه كريمة من الحيرة عندما أيقنت ما يرغب والد زوجها أن يفعله بها. فهي لم تسمح أبدا لزوجها القيام بمثل هذه الأعمال الإباحية، وها هو والده يدفن وجهه بين فخذيها بهدف تذوّق كسها.

- أوووووووه ….. يا عمي ………. لا …….. لا أريد ذلك ……….. آه ه ه ه ه ه ….. آه ه ه ه ه ه ه ….. تنهدت منحلة وتشبثت بالمخدة بينما كانت تنفجر متعتها بقوة غير مسبوقة.

رفعت ساقيها وحوّطت بهما ظهر والد زوجها في الوقت الذي كانت تضغط بيديها على رأسه في دعوة له أن يبقى بين فخذيها.

تقوّست مستندة إلى قدميها، كانت كريمة ترتعش بينما كان نهر من العسل يُغرق كسها الملتهب وصولا إلى فم والد زوجها.

كان والد زوجها، بدوره، يرعى العشب الأسود حول كسها، وكان يشعر بلذة لا متناهية لقيامه بذلك.

كانت كريمة تبلغ متعتها مرات ومرات تحت تأثير اللسان الخبير رافعة طيزها ليلتصق كسها بفم عمها أكثر فأكثر :

- أوووووووووه …… يا عمي ……. إنه يأكل كسي ….. إنه يجعلني أرتعش …. أيضا وأيضا ……… أووووووووه …….. بلغت النشوة ……. نعم م م م ………..آه ه ه ه ه ……..

ألقى نظرة المنتصر على زوجة ابنه الرائعة وهو يلحس ما علق على شفتيه.

سوف يتمكن من إشباع رغباته التي كان يكتمها منذ سنوات. انزلق بين فخذيها المنفتحين واسعا له، واضعا رأس أيره الملتهب في وسط مركز أنوثتها الذي لم يعد يقوى على الصبر.

- أوه يا حبيبتي الصغيرة … إني أنتظر هذه اللحظة منذ سنوات. قال لها بصوت ساخر.

ثم دفع بزبه الغليظ بين شفتي كسها المنتفختين، ارتعش عندما أحس أن كسها الضيق يضم بقوة أيره الضخم.

- أوه يا حبيبتي الصغيرة … إنك ضيقة جدا … ضيقة جدا جدا …. قال بصوت متهدج وقد غمرته اللذة.

- هم م م م …. تنهدت كريمة بحنان بينما كان يغرس أيره بكامل طوله في كسها الضيق.

أخذ في نيكها دخولا وخروجا، موفرا لها نياكة تاقت إليها منذ وقت طويل ! … تبادل العشيقان القبل بجنون في المخدع الزوجي، الذي لم يشهد من قبل إلا كريمة وزوجها.

طوّقت كريمة ظهر والد زوجها بفخذيها بينما استمر ساقاها بالشد عليه. تقوّست لتـُعاظم إحساسها بضربات الأير في كسها المجنون.

كانت سعيدة بأن تحس أخيرا أن رجلا ينيكها بمثل هذه القوة.

أحست به يندفع في أعماقها الحميمة وتذكرت أنه لم يضع واقيا على أيره.

لم تهتم كريمة، حتى هذه اللحظة، إلا بالمتعة التي يوفرها لها والد زوجها من دون أن تقدّر الأخطار المحتملة لمثل هذا التصرّف.

في بداية هذا الشهر، كانت كريمة وزوجها قد قررا أن يؤسسا عائلة بسرعة، غير أن هذا الأمر لم يكن أكيدا نظرا لغياب معروف المتكرر.

انتبهت كريمة إلى أن والد زوجها قد يوفر حلا لهذه المسألة.

- أوه كريمة …. أوه يا حبيبتي …. سوف ينزل حليبي …. سوف أنزله في كسك الصغير …. أوه يا حبيبتي …. سوف أعطيك الحفيد الذي رغبت فيه دوما …. قال والد الزوج بصوت متهدج وهو ينيك كريمة.

عاد ليضرب كسها بقوة مدخلا أيره، ذهابا وإيابا بكل هياج في كسها الذي كان يستقبله بكل سرور، كانت تشد عضلات كسها لتـُحيط أيره بيد من حديد في قفاز من مخمل.

كان ذلك من اللذة بحيث تخطى جميع أحلامه الشبقة، لم يأمل يوما أن تتحقق هذه الأحلام الشهوانية.

- أووووه …. إنه شيء لذيذ …. حبيبتي …….. إنك ضيقة جدا …….. أووووه … كريمة …. كريمة …. إنه شيء لذيذ …….. تماما كما تخيلته في أحلامي العابقة بالشبق …. قال والد زوجها بصوت متهدج وهو ينيكها بقوة لا تكل.

- أوووووه يا عمي ….. أوووووه كمان ……… كمان ……. نكني …… كمان يا عمي ……. نكني حتى العظم ….. تمتمت كريمة وهي تتقوّس تحت والد زوجها الشهواني.

وبينما كانت لا تزال تشد على خصر والد زوجها، تصلـّب فخذا كريمة مساعدة له حتى يدفع أيره إلى أعماق كسها المنفلت من عقاله، كما تصلّب والد زوجها بدوره عندما بدأ ينتفض وضمها بشدة وضمته وهو يقذف لبنه الوفير الغزير في أعماق كس زوجة ابنه. واسترخى فوقها ، ثم بدأ جولة جديدة من نيك كنته كريمة .

أنا وزوجتى وابن البواب

قد تزوجت منذ سنتين من امرأة عادية الجمال ولكنها فائقة الأنوثة وكنت أسكن بالطابق الأخير وكانت شقتى تقع تحت السطح مباشرة وهى تأخذ ممر يمين شقتى وشمالك سلم لسطح العمارة وكان للممر باب خارجى مثل باب الشقة وأى حد من سكان العمارة حب يطلع يعمل صيانة مثلا للدش فكان لازم يرن علينا الجرس أنا أو مراتى تفتح له الباب وكان فى أوقات كتيرة فى الصيف نجلس فى هذا الممر نشرب الشاى ونخرج التلفزيون ونستمتع بنسيم الصيف أو نصعد على السطح ونجلس وأوقات كتيرة كنت بانام مع مراتى بره الشقة ونمارس أجمل الجنس وكان بواب العمارة عنده شاب ولكن هذا الشاب به عته قليل فعندما نريد أى شىء من أى ماركت نتصل بعم سالم البواب ويطلعها مع ابنه عطا بالأسانسير وعادتنا كانت ماجدة مراتى بتستقبله بقميص النوم أياً كان شكله فكان عطا يخرج لسانه ويبرطم بكلام ويشاور على بزازها مثلا فكانت تضحك وتقول لى : الواد عطا عينه منى.

وأضحك أنا أيضا وبى قليل من الشبق وفى يوم كنت طالع الشقة وقبل أن أدخل تذكرت بأن أنظر على الخزان وهل يحتاج إلى نظافة أم لا وفعلا صعدت وسرعان ما سمعت صوت الأسانسير وبصيت من جزء من السطح يكشف الممر وباب شقتى ووجدته عطا فقلت أكيد ماجدة مراتى كانت عايزة حاجة.

وفعلا كان عطا معه كيس خضار ورن الجرس الخارجى للباب وخرجت ماجدة ويا له من مشهد كانت تردى بيبى دول مشجر أحمر فى أسود قصير يدوبك مغطى طيازها وكانت فاردة شعرها مع فتحة بزازها اللى يدوبك القميص مغطى الحلمات ونظرت ماجدة من العين السحريه من الباب الخارجى فوجدته عطا وفتحت وقالت : إزيك يا واد يا عطا ؟

وعطا لما شاف بزاز مراتى اتجن لم ينظر لها بل كانت نظراته موجهة على بزازها فضحكت ماجدة وقالت : بتبص على إيه يا واد ؟

وشاور عطا وبلغة الخرس على بزازها وأشار بيده مع شفتيه بأنها حلوة وضحكت ماجدة وقالت له : قول لأبوك أنا عاوز أتجوز أنا كبير جوزنى .

ودخلت ماجدة الشقة وقالت له : استنى أجيب لك حاجة حلوة.

ودخلت وجابت له حتة جاتوه وخطفها عطا وقطم حتة منها وأخذ يشاور على بزازها وعلى شفايفه وماجدة تضحك وتقول له : عاجبينك ؟

ويشاور عطا بهز رأسه آه .

وتضحك ماجدة وتشاور على بزها تقول له : عاوز تعمل إيه فيه ؟

ويشاور عطا بيده إنه عايز ياكله وفجأة طلعت ماجدة بزها وقالت : أهوه هاتعمل ايه ؟

وهجم عطا على بز ماجدة مراتى يلتهمه ويتغير وجه ماجدة من شدة المحن وتخرج له البز التانى ويأخذه أيضا يلتهمه ويبتعد عطا عنها ويرفع الجلابية ويخرج زبره واتفجعت ماجدة من منظره الرهيب فهو طويل وعريض ونظرت ماجدة فى تردد وقالت : يخرب بيتك يا عطا إيه دا كله ؟

وسكتت قليلا واقتربت منه تتحسسه بيدها ونزلت ماجدة على ركبتيها وأخذته بين شفتيها ثم تراجعت وقالت : لا باقول لك إيه يا واد انزل روح لأبوك يالا .

وفضلت تزق فى عطا وأخرجته من الباب ودخلت الشقة وقد رأيت عطا يمسك زبره ويضرب عشرة.

دخلت بعد عطا ما نزل ووجدت زوجتى ماجدة وجهها محمر ومتلهفة جدا للقائى فقلت لها: مالك إيه اللى هيجك كده ؟

فقالت : لا أبدا شهوتى قامت عليا لوحدها .

فوجدتها تقلعنى البنطلون والكولوت وتمسك زبرى تقطعه مص ونيمتنى على الأرض وقلعت كولوتها وجلست بكسها عليه إلى أن أنزلتهم وجابتهم واحتضنتنى بقوة وفرح إلى أن دخلت أخدت الدوش بتاعى وأنا أفكر فى مزيد من الإثارة وجاءتنى فكرة وقد نفذتها فعندما خرجت للعمل وعدت تانى يوم ناديت على عطا أعطيته أشياء يطلعها لماجدة زوجتى وقلت له أن يحضر أشياء أخرى من الماركت القريب وطلعت أجرى بعد ما عطا مشى إلى الأسانسير وطلعت على السطوح وكلمت ماجدة من الموبايل فأخبرتها بأننى هاتاخر فى الشغل ساعتين وأن عطا هايجيب لها حاجات ويطلع يديهالها .

وأغلقت الموبايل واستخبيت وراء الأخشاب أراقب ماجدة وبعد دقيقة وجدت ماجدة طالعة عارية تماما تنظر من الممر على الأسانسير وبعد خمس دقائق طلع عطا وخبط على الباب وفتحت ماجدة الباب وهى خلفه ودخل عطا وأغلقت وراءه الباب ورآها عطا وخبط رأسه بيده ، خبط بيده على رأسه وقالت ماجدة : إيه يا واد يا عطا عاجباك ؟

وأشار عطا بيده على شفتيه ووضع قبلة وردت ماجدة: مش عايز ده ؟

وأشارت إلى كسها ثم أدخلته إلى الشقة ونزلتُ إلى الباب أستمع ولم أسمع غير آهات ماجدة العالية ولكننى كنت أريد أن أراها وهى بتتناك من كسها المهم مر حوالى ثلث ساعة وسمعت ماجدة بتقول له : يالا انزل روح .

وجريت أنا إلى السطح تانى ورأيت عطا نازلا وهو يبعث قبلات فى الهواء إلى ماجدة وماجدة تقول له : أخ لو انت عاقل يخرب بيتك يالا انزل .

ومرت حوالى ساعة ونصف وأنا على السطح أفكر كيف أرى ماجدة بتتناك من عطا قدامى وخاصة أن عطا عقله على قده غير مقلق لى ودخلت شقتى واستقبلتنى ماجدة وهى سعيدة وكانت مرتدية تريننج سوت عادى.

ومرت الأيام عادية إلى أن جاءت ماجدة فى يوم وقالت : حبيبى بكرة عايزة أنفض الشقة وهاتصل بأم السيد عشان تيجى تنضف معايا .

وفرحت جداا فقلت جاءت اللحظة اللى انت عايزها فأم السيد امرأة فى الأربعين عادية كأى ست ولكنها تملك طياز يسيل لها اللعاب ده غير أنها مايصة شوية وذهبت إلى العمل ولكننى مشيت بدرى ورحت إلى البيت فوجدت أم السيد لسه داخلة البيت وكانت ماجدة ترتدى بنطلون قديم قماش ضيق جدا عليها وتحججت بأن الإدارة خلصت بدرى استعدادا للجرد السنوى وطلبت ماجدة منى أن أدخل آخذ دوش قبل نضافة البيت وعشان أم السيد تغير هدومها وفعلا أخذت دوش سريع وخرجت ودخلت أم السيد وهى ترتدى جلابية بيضاء قديمة ولكنها تبرز طيازها بكولوتها الأسود الشبيكة واتجهت أنا فى ركن من الشقة وأخذت الجورنال معايا وقعدت أقرأ ولاحظت بأنهم يريدون أن يحركوا بعض الأثاث فقلت لماجدة : ما تندهى على عطا .

فردت أم السيد : صحيح فكرة .

وسكتت ماجدة قليلا وتكلمت عبر الإنتركوم ونادت على عطا وصعد عطا وهو سعيد وجاء وسلم عليَّ بترحيب الأطفال واشترك معهم فى تحريك الأثاث وفجأة وماجدة بتاخد حاجة من على الأرض البنطلون اتفرتك من ورا وظهرت فلقة طيازها كاملة وضحكت وقالت: طيب أغير إزاى دلوقتى ؟

فقلت : وعلى إيه دا عطا وأم السيد هااااا .

فضحكت ماجدة معايا ولكن عطا لم يبرح فلقة طياز ماجدة بعينيه وانتصب زبره من تحت الجلابية بتاعته ونادتنى ماجدة وقالت : شوف الواد .

ونظرت وضحكت وكأن شيئا لم يكن ونظرت أم السيد وقالت : يخرب بيتك يا عطا هاتهيجنى بعد خمس سنين بعد موت جوزى .

وضحكت أنا وقلت : يالا يا أم السيد عريس اهوه.

فضحكت وقالت : لا أنا هاخده معايا وأنا نازلة .

فضحكنا كلنا ولكن عطا أشار إلى ماجدة بأنه عايز ينيكها تانى وتعمدت ماجدة أن تتصنع عدم الفهم وأنا أيضا ولكننى سخنت إلى درجة الاحمرار فأخذت عطا من يده وأنا أضحك متجها إلى ماجدة وأم السيد تشاهد فقلت له : عايز إيه منها ؟

وأشار على طيزها فقلت لماجدة : لفى يا روحى .

وردت ماجدة : أحيه لا .

فقلت : لفى يا بنتى الواد هايعيط .

ولفت ماجدة وأعطتنا طيزها فقلت : آهى عايز إيه تانى ؟

وأشار بيده على زبره أن يدخل جواها فقلت : يالا طلعه .

وقلع عطا الجلابية وظهر زبره فشهقت أم السيد من منظره فقالت : مش خسارة يبقى عبيط .

وضحكنا ولكن ماجدة كانت فى وادى تانى فمزقت البنطلون أكتر لكى نرى كسها فأخذت ريقى ووضعته على كس ماجدة وامسكت زبر عطا ووضعته على كس ماجدة واقتربت أم السيد منا أكتر ومسكت طياز مراتى وفتحتهم أكتر ووضعت راسه بين شفايف كس مراتى وقلت لعطا : يالا ادخل .

فدخل عطا بكل قوة وصرخت ماجدة وأخذ عطا يدخل ويخرج فى كس ماجدة مراتى واتجهت ناحية أم السيد دون أن أتكلم وميلتها على الكنبة ورفعت الجلابية ونزلت كولوتها الأسود المخرم وأنزلته ويا لها من طيز كبيرة وطرية جدااا وفتحتهم عن آخرهم ووضعت وجهى داخلهم وتركت فلقات طيازها تقفل على وجهى وأنا أخرج لسانى وأدخله داخل كسها فصرخت أم السيد وقالت : دخله أبوس إيدك بقالى خمس سنوات ما فيش حد جيه جنبى أرجوك .

وعند دخول زبرى بكسها قمطت بكسها عليه وأنزلتهم فعرفت فعلا بأنها من زمان لم يقترب منها أحد وأخذت أنيك فيها وهى تجيب ، ونزلت لبنى فيها . وفضل زبرى واقف فقلت لها : أنا نفسى أنيكك كمان مرة فى كسك .

وهى بنار تقول : أنا خدامتك .

وفعلا أخذت السوائل التى تنزل من كسها ودهنت زبرى تانى وحكيت بصوابعى فى زنبورها وابتدات أدخل زبرى بالراحة فى كسها . كل هذا وعطا ينيك ماجدة من كسها ثم يقف ويذهب ويرضع لها بزازها واحدة واحدة ، ويقطع بقها بوس ، ويمص لسانها فى بقه وتمص لسانه فى بقها. دخلت زبرى فى كس أم السيد للمرة الثانية والتى كادت أن تسقط مغشيا عليها من الفرح والمتعة . وأخيرا أنزلت فيها لبنى للمرة الثانية. وخليتها تروح تتشطف فى الحمام وتنضف كسها من اللبن وترجع نضيفة. وفضلت أتفرج على عطا وهو بينيك ماجدة وشغالة بلغة الخرس وهى بتضحك وتوشوشه وهو هيتجنن .. وأخيرا شدها له جامد وفضل يتنفض .. كان بينزل لبنه الغزير والوفير فى مهبلها ورحمها.

وفعلا راحت أم السيد اتشطفت وغسلت كسها من جوه وبره ورجعت كأنها ما اتناكتش. وأمسكت عطا وشديته وأمسكت زبره ووضعته على فتحة كس أم السيد فدخله فيها وهى تغنج وهو يصرخ بلغة الخرس ، ويشدها لجسمه جامد ، وشغال نيك فى كسها . وكان على زبرى بقايا سوائل مهبل أم السيد فقلت لهم : يالا ندخل أوضة النوم نكمل هناك .

ودخلنا واستلقت أم السيد على السرير ورفعت رجليها لفوق وفشخت وأدخل عطا زبره فى كسها مرة أخرى واتجهت أنا إلى ماجدة وقد استلقت هى الأخرى ورفعت رجليها جوار أم السيد فقلت لها هاخليكى تجربى تتناكى من طيازك فأمسكت سوائل أم السيد التى كانت على زبرى ووضعتها على فتحة طيز مراتى ماجدة ولكن لم تكن كافية فأخذت من سوائل كس ماجدة ولبن عطا فيه وأمسكت عطا وأخرجت له زبره من كس أم السيد.

ورأت ماجدة ذلك فأنزلت سائلها مرة واحدة وبغزارة ووضعت زبر عطا على فتحة طيازها وابتديت أدخله ببطء ولكنى استعجلت ودخل نصفه وصرخت ماجدة وابتعدت متألمة وقالت آه ه ه ه مش ممكن . بلاش . خرجه بيوجع.

فهدأت من ماجدة قليلا وأبعدت عطا عن طيزها ، وأخذت ماجدة بعض المناديل الورقية ومسحت كسها الضيق المحبوك بها ، ثم أشارت ضاحكة إلى عطا ، فاعتلاها وهو يصيح وهى تضحك وأخذ ينيكها ويتقافز فوقها كالقرد ، ويدعك بزازها وحلماتها بيديه.

وبقيت أنا أدلك زبرى المنكمش الذى اكتفى بنيكتيه لأم السيد . وكان عطا قويا يمتلئ بالفحولة بدرجة عجيبة ، وظل ينيك ماجدة لنصف ساعة وهى تغنج وتشهق تحته حتى أنزل سائله المنوى فى أعماق كسها ومهبلها ورحمها. وبقى منتصبا فاعتلى أم السيد على طول وناكها فى كسها لنصف ساعة أخرى ثم قذف منيه داخل كس أم السيد التى اتناكت لدرجة الشبع وقد شبعت من رؤية ماجدة وهى تتناك من عطا حتى عندما جابهم وضعت زبر عطا الملطخ بسوائل أم السيد وماجدة فى فمها لكى تلعق آخر نقطة لبن من زب عطا وتلعق سوائلها وسوائل ماجدة من على زبره.

وهكذا كنا نحتفل فيما بعد نطلع عطا ينيك معايا ماجدة وكانت أم السيد بتيجى علشان تتناك بس وهكذااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااا.